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Aluminum-Free MoM (Milk of Magnesia) Roll-on Deodorant

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Quick Overview

We have heard from many readers that MoM (milk of magnesia) makes a terrific deodorant that does not irritate the skin. Our unscented aluminum free roll-on is effective, gentle, and contains no aluminum whatsoever.

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Product Description

We developed People’s Pharmacy MoM Roll-on Deodorant with milk of magnesia as its main ingredient thanks to countless testimonials from our readers. This deodorant is now completely aluminum free. We proudly present The People’s Pharmacy MoM Aluminum Free Roll-on Deodorant with absolutely no aluminum.

  • Roll-on bottle is convenient and easy to use
  • Gentle, effective deodorant
  • Absolutely no aluminum
  • Gentler than most commercial products
  • Unscented, fragrance free
  • Contains 2 fluid ounces (59 ml)

Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Magnesium Hydroxide, Lithium Magnesium, Sodium Silicate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Caprylyl Glycol

Product Reviews

  1. mom


    Great stuff. Very effective, no aluminum and no irritation. Wish I had found it sooner.

  2. MOM (Unscented) works great for me as a deodorant

    TX Gulf Coast

    I’ve become allergic to virtually every combination antiperspirant deodorant on the market. MOM (Unscented) works great for me as a deodorant, but most of us in the humid subtropical South desperately need an antiperspirant as well! Is there any chance that People’s Pharmacy knows of a lab that has a good one in development?

  3. Love it!!!

    Willow Spring, NC

    Love it! First time in 60+ yrs I don’t have an odor. Even tried prescription deodorant, didn’t work.

  4. Surprised

    Columbia, SC

    Call me surprised. But I should have known coming from Terry and Joe. The coverage lasts all day too. The roller is something I hadn’t seen in years but it works. All good.

  5. Pretty effective


    I found that it is pretty effective, though not quite as long-lasting as aluminum-based products. I had not used roll-ons for a long time, and was doubtful, but that turns out not to have been a problem. I like that it is safer than the mass-market products. I wish it were less costly.

  6. Good product

    Adkins tx

    Works well but is pricey. Send an email when you have a sale.

  7. excellent -- please rename!


    Fantastic to be able to avoid crystal deodorants and their alum — I’m so angry that I was mislead by them into thinking that they had no aluminum! This works JUST as well, even on tough days when I have to speak to hundreds of people and really sweat. Please make an unscented version with a new name so that I can give it to my son for PE class and he won’t be embarrassed in the locker room! Thanks!

  8. Never a whiff of body odor

    Brandon, SD

    It is not like I have not used MOM before. I have been using actual MOM and I bought yours because of no Alum.
    Never a whiff of body odor. Yours is also thinner and I like that. It works very good. You don’t need heavy soap to wash your old deodorant out and it does not ruin your shirts with deodorant that turns hard and does not wash out.

  9. We will never use any other product

    Judy and Bill

    We tried various aluminum free deodorants and always gave up….. they simply did not work. I still wanted aluminum free and ordered MOM….. it works perfectly for both of us….. no matter the weather or activity…. we will never use any other product. Thank you for it!!!

  10. MOM works for me

    Kalamazoo, MI

    I have used MOM for over six months and have not been disappointed. My granddaughter, a gymnast, needed a nonaluminum deodorant while wearing her leotard and she was happy with MOM.

  11. MAG not MOM

    Sharon A.

    Maybe the men’s deodorant should be renamed “MAG” instead of “MOM.” My men were not too crazy about carrying around mom deodorant!
    My husband and I do use it and it works very well. I hardly use any other kind.

  12. Who Knew!

    For Sure

    I could not believe this would work but ordered it and was amazed. I have dealt with odor for about 7-8 years and purchased so many products that have not worked. When I ran across this, my thought was what do I have to loose. I lost several years trying the wrong products. This works for me. Yes it is wet and cool at first and takes a minute to dry but the results do work. Don’t know how but don’t care… works.

  13. I do like the product

    Linda P.
    Charlotte NC

    I do like the product and find it works. I prefer the no fragrance variety. Thanks for making it available although I would like a lower price.

  14. This works pretty good!


    This works pretty good! I’m so glad there is no aluminum in it. I was pretty ticked to find out those rock crystal “natural” deodorants I have been confidently using for 7 years were actually Aluminum! o my gosh! How dare they! I’m really glad I found you guys and this product. Thanks again.

  15. Mom roll on deodorant


    It goes on wet and cold, but it does work. I use it for under arms and under breasts, and it is effective.

  16. MOM

    Frank G.

    I have ordered this deodorant for the last year and both my wife and I find it truly does as good as advertised.

  17. MoM

    Rachael C.

    I waited until I had not used my regular brand for a few days and had had shaved under my arms for several weeks before I tried it. When I gently rolled it on I felt a burning sensation and have not tried it since.

  18. Love it. Have been using this product for 3 years and will buy nothing else!

    Denise K.
    Alpine Lake, WV.

    Wonderful product. Will not use anything but this deodorant.

  19. Awesome

    Sophia Er K L

    This comes in handy… works well for me only thing is that after applying it is very wet and took quite sometime to dry up…

  20. MoM deodorant

    Charlotte, NC

    I LOVE this product. I have been trying every natural deodorant under the sun for years with mostly stinky results. Although I hate that I still sweat, I love that I don’t have body odor any more! Can’t recommend it enough.

  21. I love this product


    I love this product. The ingredient list is short. Especially when it is compared with the traditional deodorant you can buy from the supermarket. I feel I am exposed to fewer chemicals by using this product. It does leave a bit of a white residue on my clothing if I put it on before I put on my shirt. However, I have never used a deodorant that did not leave a white residue, even the ones that claimed not to. One bottle lasts a long time. I am glad I found this deodorant.

  22. Does the Job!

    Sharon H.

    My husband and I have been using this product for a couple of years and both find it very satisfactory. One bottle lasts a long time .

  23. It Did not work for me.

    Matthew F.
    li ny

    I felt a weird feeling as soon as I put it on and broke out the next day. Back to the drawing board.


  24. did not work for my body odor


    I was quite excited to try this deodorant, but sadly it did nothing to eliminate my underarm body odor.

  25. Great Product for My Needs and Body Type

    Northern California

    Have tried many ‘safer’ products over over 6 decades and MOM has been my best find of all. I started using straight MoM out of a bottle and spreading underarms -hard to control amount that way but it worked until I found your product. I’m on my 4th bottle at this point and have not been disappointed. Only one afternoon in all that time had it lost a bit of its coverage -and that only a slight amount. I’m amazed at how long it lasts for me and I don’t have problems with stained clothing either. Once dry, I brush my hands lightly over the arm pits and the ‘loose particles’ which might coat clothes brushes away and what remains protects me for many hours. Your product is much more convenient than my old process but, I must agree with a few users who would prefer a bit better bargain. I buy when it’s on sale and buy ahead. Thank you for carrying this product.

  26. Works Well


    I’ve been using for quite a while now, it works well and I can feel good about whats in it.
    Thumbs up!

  27. MoM


    I love MoM – it works for a day but not longer. The price has gone up and seems expensive at over $6.

  28. MOM Deodorant

    Pittsboro, NC

    I have used MOM deodorant for several years as an alternative to aluminum-based deodorants. Not only does it dry quicker after I apply it, but it keeps me feeling fresh all day long!

  29. A great, effective product!


    Several years ago, I was looking for an alternative, non-aluminum underarm deodorant online and found the suggestion to try using Milk of Magnesia. It worked like a charm, putting it on in the shower, slightly wiping it off, then drying. About a year ago, I found People’s Pharmacy, learned about MoM, and happily realized that this was the original website I found relating other peoples’ experiences of MoM. Of course, I sent for the roll-on deodorant and have been so pleased with the results. Sometimes it lasts for two days, and I sure notice when I forget! Thank you for creating this fantastic healthy product with such huge benefits!

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