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Aluminum-Free MoM (Milk of Magnesia) Roll-on Deodorant

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We have heard from many readers that MoM (milk of magnesia) makes a terrific deodorant that does not irritate the skin. Our aluminum free roll-on is easy to use, gentle, effective and contains no aluminum whatsoever.

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Product Description

We developed People’s Pharmacy MoM Roll-on Deodorant with milk of magnesia as its main ingredient thanks to countless testimonials from our readers. This deodorant is now completely aluminum free. We proudly present The People’s Pharmacy MoM Aluminum Free Roll-on Deodorant with absolutely no aluminum.

  • Roll-on bottle is convenient and easy to use
  • Gentle, effective deodorant
  • Absolutely no aluminum
  • Gentler than most commercial products
  • Unscented, fragrance free
  • Contains 2 fluid ounces (59 ml)

Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Magnesium Hydroxide, Lithium Magnesium, Sodium Silicate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Caprylyl Glycol

Product Reviews

  1. I miss MoM


    When do you expect the MoM, unscented, will be available?



    I love the unscented MOM deodorant. Please please get it back in stock!!

  3. When is MOM going to be avaialble again??

    Santa Monica

    Great Product — is it discontinued? When might it be available?

  4. Great, but. . .


    Used it for a year. It works under normal circumstances, such as working at the office or light housework at home. I have found that if a lot of physical activity is involved, or it is hot, that it does not work as well as conventional deodorant. If I have to go somewhere that it absolutely can’t fail, I used conventional deodorant. I’ll continue to use it, but do keep the “regular” on hand for certain times.

  5. A+++++ Product


    I have been using MoM for almost two years, and I just love it! I am very allergic to deodorants that contain aluminum, so MoM has been a life saver for me. I especially like that it is a roll-on, and it is not messy. Another great feature is that is dries quickly and doesn’t leave a stain on clothing. I was disappointed to learn that it is presently out of stock and hope you will have more soon!


    Pam M.
    US, IL

    I have found this product (actually the Pink labeled one for women) to be the most amazing product I’ve ever used!

    I have suffered for years with sweating under my breasts and in the groin area. I was using products with antibiotics in them (prescriptions) but my skin became so thin I had to stop using.

    I tried MoM, and it’s amazing! It smells very nice and keeps me from breaking out into a burning rash. It would get quite severe, but since I began using MoM, I’ve had very good success and LOVE it!

    I see it is out of stock (the unscented) and none of the pink labeled listed. Please tell me it will be back in stock soon!!! I’m getting low & don’t want to run out!!! Thank you for an amazing product, and PLEASE get more in stock!!!

  7. Works Great!

    North Carolina

    I had an underarm rash that I just couldn’t get rid of. When I saw this I thought it would be worth trying, I wasn’t disappointed! In just a matter of days the rash began to disappear and within a few weeks was completely gone. I really love it and use it daily. I just hope it’s back in stock soon as I usually buy two bottles at a time and I’m almost out.

  8. Great Product!


    This is the best deodorant ever! It’s like a switch that turns off body odor forever. Now, why is it out of stock? I’m down to my last one!

  9. Works great for me, even with tradeoffs.

    Charlotte NC

    I purchased this after a mammogram result that meant I needed something removed. Not cancerous, but the doctors suggested I do what I could to minimize risks. Since aluminum compounds may (or may not) be connected with both breast cancer risks as well Alzheimer’s I figured it couldn’t hurt to try this. In my experience, it is not fragrance free (or at least, not on me). It also is NOT an antiperspirant. So, I was a little taken aback at wetness after decades of deodorant/antiperspirant use. It goes on wet, which takes a bit of time to dry – I try to remember to put it on earlier than I used to in my morning routine or else I “flap” my arms (must look very odd when this occurs!) but eventually it does dry and I can get dressed. For now, I will stick with this product. I miss the dryness of prior products, but I think the trade off is worthy.

  10. MoM Roll-on Deodorant

    Ricci J.
    Poulsbo, WA

    In the past, I’ve tried at least five different “natural” aluminum free deodorants, with disappointing results. They were all too weak. This will be my second re-order of the Mom product. I’m very pleased with the performance and have recommended it to several women. I sweat a lot at our gym three times a week, but do not suffer the embarrassing odor that I did with the other brands. My only criticism is that I have to dry my underarms with the hair dryer after application, otherwise the roll-on rubs off on my clothes, leaving me unprotected. That takes less than one minute and is well worth the time. The Mom is a life saver!

  11. Thank you for creating MOM deodorant


    Thank you for bringing the aluminum-deodorant issue to your listeners. I have been using the MOM deodorant since I became aware of the issues surrounding aluminum. I am a breast cancer survivor. There are many reasons why I prefer to use MOM for my health and safety.

    I also like the product. Thanks, Terry and Joe!



    Love this product! I am 79 years old and have always had problems with wetness and odor. This and the MOM for women is the first product that prevents this. And there is no irritation like I have had with some antiperspirant’s. It really works!

  13. The only deodorant that works for me.

    Carol Coile
    Winter Haven, FL

    Antiperspirants, which I used for years, gave me a rash. I switched to a brand formulated for sensitive skin, which left me rash-free but not odor-free. When I read about MoM, I was elated. I tried it. No rash and no odor, even after 24 hours! Thank you, Peoples’ Pharmacy!

  14. Not for me

    Penny H.
    United States

    My problem with this product is the packaging. Roll-ons are messy, you have to wait for it to dry and it’s way to easy to apply it unevenly. I’d be glad to try it again if it came in a solid but for now I’m using something else.

  15. MoM Love it!


    This is, without a doubt, the best deoderant I have ever used! I wish I had known about this 60+ yrs ago. I tried everything, even prescription, but this holds me all day without any scent or odor.
    I buy it 4 at a time so I never run out!
    Thank you, People’s Pharmacy!!!

  16. MoM


    I have always suffered with bad underarm odor. I tried this deodorant and it really does work. I can go all day without going to the bathroom to wash and re- apply a deodorant. I am going to take 6 bottles back with me to the UK. If you are worried about the rubbing off on your cloths, wait until it dries before dressing. Great product.

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