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I'm an RN and your podcasts help keep me informed. Your voices are so pleasant and kind that I really look forward to each new episode. The world needs more folks like you. You guys are a great team. Keep up the good work.

You need to get on the radio in Chicago. My mom lives there, and would like to hear your show every week.


We would LOVE to be on public radio in Chicago. Our syndicated newspaper column is in the Chicago Tribune. Perhaps you mom could talk Torey Malatia (the emperor of WBEZ-FM) in chicago to carry the show!

By the way...our show is FREE to all public radio stations in the country. Anyone who would like to hear it can just ask the local NPR affiliate to contact us!

Joe & Terry Graedon

04/29/10 Read your article in today's San Bernardino SUN Re: "Doctors sometimes deaf when patients reveal their med side effects". Found it most interesting and informative as I am experiencing side effects that our family doctors seem to be "deaf" to my complaints. I have been prescribed Coumadin, Sotalol, and Simvastatin, and have been experiencing balance problems, leg weakness, loss of strength in my hands, and so on.

The doctor's response is that these meds are not the cause, but offers no positive remedies; all claim these meds are not responsible. In spite of their reactions, I am continuing to experience balance problems, leg & hand weakness, being jittery, unsteady walking. Although I am now 80 years old, I still am looking to water ski this Summer. Last summer, I was unable to ski due to losing the ski rope attempting my deep water starts. However, after stopping the Coumadin, I was able to then make my starts and skied around the whole lake to celebrate my 80th birthday. Interesting!!!

That's a great job, its so pleasant and kind that I really look forward to each new episode. Keep rocking.

Pharmacy News


I often listen to your program. #790 11/6/10 on acid reflux was very interesting.

I really love the People's Pharmacy weekly radio show and I listen it when I have the occasion to do it. When I miss it, I download it on my iPod. Nice show.

I was so delighted to hear your program today on "red yeast rice." I have been taking it for about a month, and have had my cholesterol reduced 20 points as a result of that and also, exercising every day for at least 30 minutes.
Your programs are great, thank you.

Hi - I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy listening to your program and being able to listen via podcast is a real boon. Thanks for making this available. Keep them coming! Elizabeth

Thanks you for providing these podcasts - I've downloaded a few of them through iTunes and listen on the way to work. Good stuff.
Dan with water damage davis

You guys rock. I listen to KFPR Redding on Sundays and it's great. Now podcasts will allow me to listen any day of the week - thanks guys.

I have listened several times. Your show is a thoughtful combination of traditional and holistic wellness treatments. Your guests are articulate and knowledgeable. Downloading your podcasts now.

thanks your instruction to get podcasts were clear and worked. I listened to the podcast and found the info I wanted. now I can talk to my doctor intelligently.

Learned about you two when we lived in Chapel Hill - you've given us some invaluable tips, advice and reports! I've been on grape juice and Certo now for 14 years (started when I was 70) and I have yet to be troubled by arthritis - maybe partly luck, but I think it was wisdom in following the tip you passed on. Now we live in D.C. and unfortunately WAMU doesn't carry you - I've tried to get them to, but at least the computer keeps you within my reach. Thanks mille fois for all you contribute to our well-being.

I enjoyed your interesting program on the wildlife in our bodies today. I think there is something to that point that the more we try to isolate ourselves from natural bugs, such as the discussion on farm kids exposed to manure etc being much less prone to asthma and other ailments than city kids, the more prone we are to certain ailments is important. Thanks for a good program.

I throughly enjoy listing to your Satyurday morning broadcast(s). Looking forward to receiving information from you that will allow me to live a productive life!

Though I listened to the whole discussion on vertigo, I still have an unanswered question. I have a persisting problem of imbalance (years), was diagnosed as having BPPV, had 18 sessions of vstblr therapy with minimal help. I also have a left leg muscle weakness or nerve problem which seems ??? connected to the balance issue. Keep going from one doc to another, I'm a 72 yr old female with otherwise great health. Would like to talk to the doc re: who to see next to get this problem addressed. Thanks. Jan

I just got through listening to the most amazingly informative program on Diabetes (Sun 07/29). It seemed that every question I knew I wanted answered (and even some I didn't ) was answered. It also gave me a new appreciation for my primary care physician, who has been telling me exactly the same thing for the last few years.

Thank you for your devotion to this program.

I really like listening to The People's Pharmacy. I have used many of the cures and information to live a healthier life.


I work in a Medical Clinic and I listen to your program every Saturday morning. It is my favorite radio program- It is so informative!! I always share information learned with my co-workers and I look forward to each new program. I was listening to your program on 2/2/13 and heard a message about changing the computer background according to the outside lighting in order to lower the blue lighting effect. Melatonin was mentioned in the program. I could not remember the name of the website to download this program. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks :-) for your informative program. I will follow you in the future

Thank you so much for your shows, I've listened for years! It's so nice to get a more practical perspective along with medical research from both of you and your guests. Keep up this much needed work.

This is the best podcasts to listen to on health that I have found. After two plus years it is still number one.

After moving to Europe four years ago, I realized that one of the things I missed the most about home was listening to your weekly show. I was delighted to learn that I could listen to your podcasts via iTunes. I have learned so much from you, thank you for your great work!

Hi Lucy,

I did download the app; it is called f.lux & the website is:

hope this helps : )

I find that washing mosquito or bug bites with soap and water ASAP will take the itching away - amazingly effective!

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