Interview with Dr. Tieraona Low Dog

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Listen now to Tieraona Low Dog, MD, discuss the use of DGL by people who want to stop taking acid-suppressing drugs.


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I was unable to hear the broadcast; however, I have larngopharyngeal reflux and am taking Prilosec 40mg 2x/day to relieve swelling and production of mucous. I want to find some natural anti-inflammatory beverages that I can ice and drink. Any suggestions?
I was considering chamomile tea (brewed and chilled) and rosemary tea.

I was taking prevacid every day and was diagnosed with GERD. I was not improving and was told to double up on the medicine. When I did, I became severely ill. I had nothing but organic yogurt for almost 2 weeks, slowly adding other foods to my diet. I have been totally medicine-free for months now, but I still start my day with yogurt and have it for lunch and snacks. I feel the probiotics are better than any medicine with no side effects.


My husband's 70-year-old uncle George was on prevacid for years. This past spring he became very ill, weak, no balance, no strength in his arms and felt like he was dying. Finally, after much testing, it was determined that his B-12 level was so low he was in grave danger. He was ordered to return to the Dr. who immediately began B-12 injections daily until his level came up. This took over a month. He will need to receive them on a monthly, and sometimes more frequent, basis indefinitely. The culprit was determined to be the longtime use of prevacid. He didn't even have GURD anymore. He says he is still not functioning like he did and has good days along with days when the same symptoms return.

I have been taking Prilosec 20 mg for approximately 9 years. I started having abdominal pain with intestinal spasms a year after I started the drug. I now have daily abdominal pain. Some days the pain is horrible. My gastro specialist tells me that I have IBS and the prilosec is not causing the problem. I don't believe this. I want to get off this drug, but the burning and pain I experience is intolerable without the daily dose.

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