Gin Soaked Raisins for Arthritis

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We have received more mail about this "raisin remedy" than any other home remedy we have written about.

We don't know how it got started or why it works, but many readers swear it relieves arthritis pain.

Ingredients: golden raisins and gin.

Empty the raisins into a bowl and pour in just enough gin to cover the raisins. Allow the gin to evaporate (about one week) and then place the moist raisins in a jar with a lid.

Eat nine raisins a day. They go well on cereal!


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I would like to let you know that the Gin & White Rasins are the best..I have been using that recipe for years now. Before I stated eating those rasins, I had to have my Wedding Band cut off because my knuckles were so swollen, I was at the point that I might have lost my finger, due to the swelling.. My finger was turning blue caused by no circulation... Once I started the rasins, the swelling went down and it`s been good ever since..




Yes, I have tried the gin and raisins and I think it works for me! I recommend it to all my friends, saying, how can it hurt you?


I have chronic lyme disease which is mostly in remission. However, last fall I experienced an increase in joint pain and tried the gin soaked raisins and have been pain free or pain reduced ever since. I will not go a day without my raisins and have recommended them to others. One friend used to use a knee brace most of the time. Since using the raisins, she has not had to use the knee brace once. Both of us are thrilled with the results.


This did not work for me


I had terrible pain in my left leg and hip and often had a hard time getting up the stairs. I read about Gin and Raisins somewhere and tried it and the relieve was astonishing. I have been taking it for the last 3 years and it is still working. I have recomended it to my friend and they all say it helped them too.


I tried gin & raisins this time using golden (or white raisins). The results were very good. I also would note that they taste delcious and I see no reason to limit oneself to nine a day. A few tablespoons full a day worked well for me and as mentioned, they are delcious.

One person said the raisins were so delicious, why would she have to limit them to 9 a day.
I know of a person who must have been of the same mind: I told her about the gin-soaked raisins, told her 9 a day, and I began noticing that when she arrived in church, later than others, she would go down one aisle, waving at all the folks, then return on the other side and wave at all the folks on that side before taking a place to sit. I asked her one day if she was still taking the raisins, and she said, "Oh My Yes! I wouldn't miss a day. I feel so good taking them." And that may be the reason for only nine a day.

Reasons Gin-soaked raisins may help arthritis.
1.Gin contains juniper berries, rich in Vitamin C and terpenes (an essential oil , which in large quantities is manufactured into turpentine. For centuries, medical usage favoured using them in anti-inflammatory prescriptions.
2. Some think it's the sulphur or sulphides used in the process of making the "white" raisin - referred to as the "bleached raisin."
This is an incorrect term, as the dark raisin is not bleached - rather the enzymatic browning that normally occurs in a fresh grape is slowed down by the treatment of sulfur dioxide gas. The raisin is preserved in a glimmering "golden" color. We call this a "golden raisin."
3. Some think it's the raisins
- the raisins do you more good than the gin. Grapes and raisins contain many pain relieving, anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory chemicals (stated in the Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook on
4. Some think it's the placebo effect. Arthritis symptoms have periods of flares and remissions. You may attribute feeling better to the gin and raisins when it is truly a remission.
June Russell -
htm?nl=l (2006)


i have been using the raisins for the last several weeks. i can say without a doubt that my pain has lessened at least 50%. i am looking forward to 75% in future days. on my way to 100%. God is good as His creation is marvelous!

I have seen this kind of info. on the Internet before and have to say that for some reason, in my mind anyway, it makes sense. We have many juniper plants around our house. We love the smell of them. There is something healing about the plant.

Asian countries use them to make some Bonsai trees and the English have used them (The berries) to make Gin. A favorite of mine when I used to drink. And now they find that they may be helping at alleviating arthritis pain.

For some reason (Don't ask me why) Juniper and Rosemary seem to me to be related in some way (One a plant and one an Herb, I know). I have long ignored my feelings on herbs and plants and their healing properties. I get hunches on things and think it must be stupid. I (for some reason) get a conformation in my heart that some things are good and some things are not.

So in my new renewed spirit of adventure, I have a statement about Brandy and Figs.
I believe there is some great Health benefit to consuming this mix.

My grandmother and grandfather were from Italy. My Grandmother used to always keep an expensive jar of Figs soaked in Brandy in their home. For reasons unknown to me, they ate them at special occasions (Christmas, Easter, Etc,,). Now I know, they might have just had them just because they liked them like that. But from an early age, I sensed that they had some Healthy Significance. Again, it is just a hunch. But I have felt this since I was very, very small. I believe that in the near future they will find that eating figs in brandy will help heal an ailment.

Just a hunch.

My husband has been using golden raisins soaked in gin now for about two years. He has never had to use a drugstore product for his joint pain ever since, and I am hoping he never will. The mixture is definitely a keeper for us, and I would recommend it to anyone who is suffering from joint pain or arthritis of any sort. As always, these sorts of self-prescribed remedies should be discussed with your doctor, just in case it conflicts with a medication you are taking, or a condition you may have at the time.


Someone had written in awhile back stating the gin soaked raisins helped her restless legs. I suffered nightly with RLS and figured I had nothing to lose. I only soak the raisins overnight until they plump, and eat about a dozen. I SWEAR by this! I can finally sleep! I believe it has something to do with the sulfer in the raisins.


I gave gin-soaked raisins to my husband, who has deteriorated discs and lower back pain. He has been taking them for a little over a month, and I asked him the other day how his pain was. He said that he hasn't had any pain for some time--he just hadn't realized that it could be the raisins. He'd had pain almost daily for several years.

A friend of ours has constant pain in his knees, and has been taking medication for years. We told him about the raisins, and he started taking them less than a month ago. He said that the pain has been significantly reduced.

I want to try this. I have osteoarthritis (the common type). However, most of the people posting seem to have rheumatoid. Does this work for osteoarthritis?

This has worked for me for over two years. When I forget to eat my raisins for a few days, or especially a week or more, my arthritis gets so much worse I can't believe how much better I feel when taking them. Since I do not tolerate medication for imflammation at all, the raisins are my only relief. I am so grateful for your helpful remedies.

I would like to know if any of these people who are having the pain relief have diabetes?

I've had chronic neck pain for years, and learned to live with it. I watched my Mom for years hobble off the couch and walk funny until loosened up. I just noticed recently that I've been doing the same for some time now.

Up until last week I was taking 800mg of Motrin just about every day, because the pain was so intense and I couldn't sleep.

A friend of mine in conversation mentioned that a patient told her about this gin and raisin remedy he tried because he had been taking Motrin every day for about a year for his arthrits.

I figured it was worth a shot. Within three days I felt remarkably better. It's been about six days and I feel 80% better. I can't wait to see what happens in a month... I just called my Mom and told her about it. I'll keep you posted.


I just heard about the gin-soaked raisins, and I can't wait to try them. I am soaking them now, but I have a question. Do you keep them in the refrigerator while they're soaking, or doesn't it matter?
Thanks for any help.

l would like to try the gin-soaked raisins, but as I am from Australia, we do not seem to have golden raisins. Could I use brown ones instead? Does anyone know where I can get golden raisins in Australia?

Someone asked if the gin-soaked raisins need to be refrigerated while soaking. I didn't see a response. Do they? Also, will covering them while soaking delay the time in which the gin evaporates? I can't wait to try this!

I have two questions. 1) After one week, there is still a small amount of liquid remaining in the bottom of the bowl. Will this harm the raisins or make them go bad? 2) Should the jar/container of raisins be refrigerated?

Does this remedy work for osteoarthritis? Should the raisins be at room temperature when being soaked, covered or uncovered, kept in a jar in our out of the fridge?

I am 69 years old and started the gin-soaked raisins about a year ago to relieve pain in my thumb knuckles. It works!! I am literally pain free. The only problem I had was when we were on vacation and I did not use the remedy for 10 days. The pain returned in my knuckles. I resumed using it and have no more pain.

A neighbor of mine was so crippled with arthritis she had to use a walker. She and her husband had over a hundred beautiful azaleas that she could no longer care for.

While out walking, I passed her house and thought I was seeing things. There she was, down on her knees, working in her flower beds. I said, "Nancy, have you experienced a miracle?" "No," she said, "just gin and raisins!" I began taking the recipe and was able to stop going to the arthritis clinic, which wasn't helping anyway. My osteoarthritis subsided and I stopped taking the remedy. Now, 10 years later, I'm 67 and it has come back in the last joint of my little fingers with redness, pain and swelling. I remembered about the recipe but forgot to let the gin evaporate. It turned into the most delicious raisiny brandy... and helped the joints to be less painfull and swollen. The next batch I used black raisins and for whatever reason, it isn't helping as much, and the gin doesn't taste like brandy. Guess I'll go back to the yellow raisins.


I'm dying to try this but I don't like raisins. Yellow or brown. Is there any other fruit I could use?

I have been using gin-soaked raisins for years, but have found it is not necessary to eat them daily. I keep them in a mason jar in the refrigerator and only eat them once a month or less often.

My husband has been having shoulder pain lately, and I would like him to try this, but he is a recovering alcoholic. I have tried boiling the mixture to get rid of the alcohol, and even lit a match to it, stirring it like cherries jubilee, but have not been able to get rid of the alcohol.

Has anybody ever tried to make this by steeping juniper berries as a tea? Would that work?

Is it better to use sloe gin or regular gin?

I am having a terrible time with gout. Does this remedy work for this arthritis problem as well?

I just found out that I have arthritis in my index finger, and osteoarthiritis in my hip, ankle and throughout my body. Sometimes it is very difficult getting up or down. And the doctor prescribed medicine which I refuse to take because it has too many side effects. So I suffer with the pain and discomfort. Sometimes I am ok and sometimes I am extremely crippled. I found this gin & raisin recipe; do I cover them while the raisins are soaking up the gin? Do they need to be refrigerated? How long do yo take them? Thanks for your help.


I would like to know if any of these people have diabetes?
How it affects them... plz tell me... thank you.

do the gin-soaked raisins need to be in fridge while gin is evaporating, & do the raisins need to be in fridge after you put them in a jar?

I am a prediabetic, and would like to know if anyone with this condition has tried this or if it would hurt to try this.

I started taking the gin-soaked golden raisins about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I have already seen a difference. The most notable improvement is in my hands and shoulders, but even my knees are somewhat better. I have osteoarthritis and this seems to be working for me. I will keep taking them!

It's like a miracle since I don't want to take the medicines for arthritis--either over the counter or prescription. I would recommend that anyone with arthritis give it a try.

I just heard about the gin-soaked raisins yesterday from my nutritionist. I first had reservations regarding the gin. However, at this stage of the game, what do I have to lose. Not being a drinker all my life I find it hilarious to think that at this stage of my life I am going to have gin in my daily diet... too funny.

However after reading all the testimonies I am happy that I set out yesterday to purchase the rasins and gin. Yahoo... My wellness is soon.

Can anyone post if I am to cover the raisins until the gin evaporates or leave them uncovered until it dries out? I did the soaking yesterday... how long does it take? I read that someone just soaked them overnight... however I want to have this be effective so I will leave it to soak on its own... if anyone has any info can you post it... thank you.

Pour the gin over just till it covers the raisins. Yes, the golden raisins are the ones to use (for the person in Australia, maybe you can order them online). Leave the open bowl out on the counter until the raisins are plump with gin and the rest has evaporated. If there's a little left in the bowl, just drink it. Put the raisins in a jar with a lid, not necessary to refrigerate them, but it won't hurt them if you do. The alcohol is a natural preservative.

I am a 42-year-old athletic female who was diagnosed with Rhuematiod Arthritis 7 months ago. The pain and the swelling were getting unbearable as was the fatigue. After a couple rounds of different medication which really didn't work, my mother told me about the raisins and gin.

Thank goodness for this miracle cure. I have been doing it for two weeks now and I have no pain or swelling. Most importantly the fatigue is gone and I feel like myself again.

I didn't see a response about covering the bowl while the raisins soak. I had the same concern, only because I didn't want bugs to find the raisins and try to eat them. But someone suggested I take cheesecloth, fold it over just once, then drape it over the bowl and secure with a large rubber band. The air will still get to it, and no bugs will beat you to the raisins.

I finally started the raisins today (11/14). My only question is, how long should I give these raisins to start helping my RA?


My 79 year old mom, who lives with me, suffered from a degenerative spine and knees. She read an article about the raisins several months ago, and we decided to give it a try. Prior to that, the routine was: out of bed, to a recliner with cold packs behind the back, Darvocet, then blood pressure meds and vitamins. After about 30-45 minutes, she could get up and walk around, with limited range and motion.

Two weeks of eating the gin-soaked raisins, she doesn't need the cold pack and has even started a small garden. And, as a bonus, since the pain is all but gone, her blood pressure meds have been cut in half! I would really like to know if there has been any research on the compound interactions of the two, and how it affects the arthritis.

My Mom and I are swearing by it.

Thanks for listening.


I started having terrible pain in my hands, just to touch anything hurt. I remembered how gin & raisins had helped in the past. I got some sloe gin & raisins to soak. The pain was so bad I started taking it the next day, a couple times a day to start off with. After 3 days the pain started to subside and now after a month I have no more pain. It sure helped me.

I can't have the gin everyday and would like to know if there is a substitue for the gin? thank you jenny

I have sarcoidosis. Most of the damage is in my lungs. However, I have a spot on my brain and RA also and fibro. My mother and sister told me about gin-soaked raisins. I doubted it at first. Then thought what do I have to lose? I was in constant pain. These have helped me. No I am not pain-free, but I do have less pain. Anything that helps a little in my situation helps a lot.

I tried this remedy for my husband. He doesn't have arthritis yet, but is in his early 40s and has had knee surgery on both knees. They are in almost constant pain.

Fourteen days ago he began eating the gin-soaked raisins. A few days ago, I asked him about his knees. He got a thoughtful look on his face and then it lit up! He said, "Honey, I haven't had any pain for a few days now... it's just that until you asked me, I didn't realize why I've been feeling such a sense of relief!"

This remedy cost me less than $10 and he has stopped taking his prescription ibuprofen. I say "give it a try... what can it hurt?"

2nd request.

I would like to know if any of these people who are having the pain relief suffer from diabetes?

i am insulin dependant, have osteoarthritis, has anyone with these symptoms used this treatment?


According to some people's question: I just started the raisins soaking in the gin today for my husband, who has diabetes. I see no problem, because on the box, it said 27 grams of sugar for 1/4 cup of raisins, so I measured them out and counted them and there are 92 raisins in a fourth cup, so do some math and it figures out to only 3 1/2 grams sugar for nine raisins. Milk has 12 grams of sugar, so this, I think, is or will do no harm.

I have had swelling in both of my knees for about 4 yrs now. It doesn't ever go away--every now and then it might decrease slightly, then it swells back up again. It is somewhat difficult to get up from the ground. It is not an injury. Prior to this, I had blood poisioning.

Anyway, I saw this and thought I would try it. The only problem being I don't drink hard liquor, so I am trying it with Sherry--Madeira to be specific. Anyone have any input on using anything other than gin?

Thanks guys, I appreciate the suggestions.

You don't have to keep them in the fridge. The gin prevents them from spoiling. Have a lid on the jar, though, otherwise the gin will evaporate.

Recently I got a headache and so I know that the gin and raisins are not a pain killer because the gin and raisins still worked on the arthritis, even with the headache. So I think that they actually cure the arthritis instead of covering it up as an aspirin does, otherwise it would have covered up the headache too.


Has anyone with fibromyalgia tried this? I also have 2 bulging disks in my lumbar spin and chronic arthritis in my knees. My pain is chronic and severe. I am on more meds than I care to mention. I am going to try this, and keep you posted. It would be great to dump some of the meds that have made me gain 30 pounds in weight.


I've suffered from fibromyalgia pain, two herniated lumbar disks and arthritis in my left knee for over 4 years. I can't quit work because my husband is disabled from heart failure and diabetes. You can imagine how many drugs I take.

A coworker of mine saw the Wilen sisters advertising their natural healing book on TV in which they mentioned the gin and raisins therapy. My coworker had a lot of wrist pain from carpal tunnel syndrome. She was pain-free after 3 days of eating the raisins.

I am desperate as I do not know how much longer I can continue working and caring for my husband with this pain. I went to the store today and bought the raisins and gin. I will keep you posted. Please pray for me that this remedy works. I am only 50 years old and don't have many options left.

I have very painful thumb joints, and arthritic hips. I want to try this, but I hate the taste of any kind of alcoholic drink. Can I take the gin-soaked raisins with water, like pills?

I have begun using these inebriated raisins and have found that I have significantly greater relatively pain-free mobility in my shoulders than I had a month ago before I started the "treatment." Previously a whole pharmacopeia of pain meds didn't give me the same relief.

I don't know physics but I do know there's a reaction! I can sit and work at my computer for hours now without a sore lower back or shoulder pain. And my joints are not a cold-weather warning. A box of raisins and a bottle of gin will be a staple in my pantry!


I was told by an herbalist, that I should soak the raisins in brandy. I bought brandy and have been on them for 4 days now. Does it matter to use brandy or gin? Please someone let me know. Thanks.

I also want to know if anyone used the raisins/gin who had diabetes. I am a borderline diabetic and would like to know if I can substitue anything or just a solution for my question. thank you. ajg


Do I leave the bowl out of fridge while soaking? Do I put in fridge after soaking? I am anxious to try this. Thanks.

I was fearful that the raisins would TASTE like Gin and if they did I knew I wouldn't eat them. However, I am pleasantly surprised that the soaked raisins only taste like good, soft raisins! Enjoy, with no fear of nasty tasting hard liquor, not even the SMELL of liquor!

I also tried the golden raisins in gin, and it works. Once I grabbed the wrong bottle and used vodka, and that does not work at all. My joint pain has subsided over 80%. I tell everybody.

To Florence Cecce Australia: Sultana's are golden raisins. Hope you can get sultana's. Good luck!

The gin-soaked raisins really work for me. I was on Celebrex for arthritis in my knees. I stopped taking it, and my doctor put me on Diclofenac, and last year I read an article that it might also be linked to heart attacks and strokes. I stopped taking it and started taking the gin and raisins. The best thing I ever did!!! Thanks bunches. Phyllis

I suffered arthritis pain in lower back and hip joints for more than 15 years, with Dr's prescriptions doing nothing for me. Tried golden raisins and gin and am living pain free again after soooo many years. What a God send.

Has this been tried on children with RA? My 5yr old has RA and is currently suffering from pain all over her vertebral column.

So with the gin-soaked raisins, how much alcohol is actually in the 9-10 or 1 tsp of raisins?

Can you use brown raisins, and where do you store them -- in the fridge?

I have read your article in the newspaper about gin and raisins. Will start using this remedy in a week after the process. Will let you know how I progress.


After many months of oestoarthritis pain in my hip, especially trying to sleep and when rising from a chair, I decided to try the gin-soaked golden raisin remedy. What an easy way to get rid of all pain. Can't wait to tell my physician -- expect him to poo poo it! I'm telling all my friends to try it!

I was hopeful but, unfortunately, they failed to help me. Tasted good though.


I sent for the recipe and received it, but would like to know if they have to be refrigerated, as some have turned brown. I have in airtight container, but did not refridge. So far it's been a month, and my husband says he hasn't felt any differance. Help!!!! Do they need refrigeration?? Thanks


Thank you for the gin and raisins recipe. I will begin this immediately. Is there anything that will free up the joint so that it will recover its normal range of motion??? MB

I was getting truly worried. The pain in my ankles and feet was so severe I would hobble everywhere. I make my living doing landscape maintenance. I tried the raisins. Within the first week I noticed I was not limping anymore. I don't miss a day. I have recommended them to many. One friend wrote back saying, "Thank you, Thank you. She has had years of pain greatly reduced. She put her aged mother-in-law onto them. That woman says they have turned back the clock for her because of pain relief. ~ Cindy

I just started the Gin & raisin remedy two days ago.
I have been dealing with a lot of pain in my spine,legs & hands & was hardly able to work. The first day I took the raisins I was able to work without a back brace. The second day I was amazed at how well I felt. I will continue to eat those raisins & may even increase the amount per day. OH Happy Day!!!

Just started using the raisins and gin and feel at least 75% better. Just curious, once raisins have absorbed gin, do you refrigerate or leave out?

Does this help rhematoid arthritis patients- gin soaked raisins? Do you put the raisins in the fridge while they are soaking and after they are soaking? Thanks for any information about RA patients.

Do you put the raisins in the fridge while they are soaking and after they are soaking?

Has the gin and raisin recipe helped anyone with RA that is not on RA medicine?Thanks!

I have had both my hips replaced due to arthritis, and have been an avid golfer for over 40 years. I thought I was going to need one of my hips redone this spring due all the pain that has come back. A few days before my spring golf trip to Nevada in mid March, I started taking the gin and raisin remedy.

I used Fleischmann's Gin and dark raisins--didn't know about the golden raisins--took 7 a day in the AM and 7 a day before going to bed. I have been pain free ever since--this is going on 3 weeks now--and I was in agony before--even waking up in my sleep due to the pain. Try it--you've got nothing to lose but the pain! My pain was gone in 48 hours from the first day I tried it--actually I felt relief the next day!

Question: When allowing the raisins to soak up the gin (a week) are the raisins refridgerated or placed on the kitchen counter top? Thank you in advance for the answer! Have an excellent day !!

I started on the gin soaked raisins 3 weeks ago. I was actually pulling myself up stairs by the hand rail. Now, I can climb the stairs normally again. Thanks ever so much.

I read the questions and
comments here and find a lot
of questions but few answers.

I am also not sure weather
to refrigerate while the
raisins absorb the gin.
I'm going to leave half out
and the other half in the
refrigerator. I'll see if
there is a difference.

Someone asked if you can
just take the raisins with
water, like a pill. I don't
know if it would make a
difference. I know that
if you crush garlic before you
eat it or use it when cooking
there is some sort of
reaction. The garlic is
more intense.

Weather the same thing will
happen with chewing the
raisins or just swallowing,
you'll have to try and see
if it makes a difference to

Sloe gin is gin infused with
sloes (the berries from the
Blackthorn tree) and sugar.
The alcohol generally less then
gin. There is also a difference
from gin and distilled gin.
for more information try:
It seems the better quality gins
are more aromatic.

If gin is the thing that makes
this remedy work, then I would
think it's because of the
juniper berries.

The raisins have to contain some
alcohol after the process. My
guess would be less than 5% of
each raisin is alcohol. I would
think that there is more alcohol
in a half teaspoon of vanilla
extract then in nine gin soaked
raisins. Just a guess.

My grandmother who passed away last fall due to Alzheimers took the raisins-in-gin recipe for years. She had previously been given many cortisone shots in her knees, and she couldn't even walk up her stairs.

Now, at this time she was around 72-75. She began taking the recipe, which she got from a bible study friend, and when she was 78, I saw her jump up and click her heels together.

Now my grandmother was a very hard working woman, who was up at 4am every morning and in the garden in the dark at 430am. She loved her yard and she loved her garden.

It absolutely devistated her when she couldn't do her work. I saw her pain with my own eyes, and then after a while I was fortunate enough to see the releif the recipe provided. She never once more had any other arthritis treatment. I am only 26 and I yet have had pain as a result of arthritis, but I know for certain that if I ever have arthritic pains I will indeed take the very same recipe she did for so many years.

I Love you Ma and miss you dearly!!!

I am about to start using the Gin Soaked Golden Raisins for arthritis in my hips. I am optimistic.

To the person who posted (or anyone else) who is experiencing gout. Get some 100% Black Cherry juice (not cherry cider or something else with other juices mixed with the cherry). Drink a small glass or two per day. The cherry juice breaks up the uric acid crystals that form in the joints causing your gout.

I did this 20 years ago, and the Black Cherry Juice worked for me within a few days! The gout was dissolved and has not returned. Since then, I occasionally go through a quart of Black Cherry juice every six months or so anyway just because it is so delicious. Can't hurt!

Does this work for fibromyalgia? There were some earlier comments from someone with fibro who was planning on trying it, but has anyone else with fibro had any success with this remedy?

Why only 9 raisins a day? Would there be a problem in taking 9 in the morning and 9 more at night?

I have been eating gin soaked raisins and it took a little over 1 month before I felt relief from osteoarthritis. I don't let the gin evaporate but keep it sealed.


I laughed my sides off first then I called my sister in the medical profession. She sent me to a web site. I still laughed. Gin & raisens? What a goofy blast! I now have a quart jar of soaking raisens. Two teaspoons in the morning and two before bed. I don't know if I am happy because of the gin or the raisens, or because they just make me happy. My sholders and elbows no longer complain!

About the gin-soaked raisins: What brand of gin is best?
Gin has the most varied recipe for ingredients... it could explain why it works better for some people based on whether you used Geneva Bold gin or Beefeater, for example. What's your take on that...?


I have been in constant knee and back pain for awhile now. I will try this home remedy and get back with its effects--hope it will work for me.

Thanks to Nina, my co-worker, who is very well read and helpful with suggestions.

do you keep the gin and raisin in the refrigerator for 9 days, or do you keep them on your counter for a week? Do you keep them covered or uncovered in a warm place?

I started using the white raisins soaked in gin 10 days ago. At that time severe arthritis pain in my thumbs would wake me in the night. Since taking the raisins I have not awakened in the night with the thumb pain.

After just returning home from the Dr. due to internal bleeding for the second time in six months due to Celebrex I guess I will have to rely on this. I have been doing it with the Celebrex for the last 4 months so now will see if it works by itself. We soak it in a container on the counter with the lid just sitting loosely on top and then refrigerating them after they are soaked. I use a tablespoon full on my morning oatmeal daily for osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis and just lately, bursitis.

Still see lots of unanswered questions but "in a nut shell" seems to be: no need to keep in 9 raisins a day...any gin works...??????????

I'd dearly love to get off my expensive meds so I can afford to retire (lose my insurance) & to get away from the hassle of certain pills in morning & certain pills in evening, etc. etc.

My husband heard this on the Paul Harvey Show around 1994. He started taking the gin-soaked raisins and has continued all these years. I started taking them as well, and we both are nearly pain-free from arthritis and other joint pains.

Question: Since this gin is so good because it's made from Juniper berries, then why not eat the Juniper berries and eat the raisins, separately or together according to your preference? Why the alcohol? No one explained it, and I'd like to know if possible. Thanks. Rosa

I note that some people are convinced that it is the sulfite in the golden raisins that is helpful for their arthritis as much as the juniper berries in gin. Since I try to eliminate foods containing sulfites, I am wondering if I did the wrong thing when I purchased the ones without preservatives at the health-food store today. Also I need to know what gin is the brand that has the appropriate amt of juniper berries to use with the raisins. Please answer ASAP as I am in pain! Thanks!

I have another solution, which is tried and helped to my friend and me.

Every morning you are going to add a half lime's juice to your regular coffee (half a cup) and after 1/2 hour you can have your breakfast. It stopped my friend's buckling hands and after drinking two days, I am pain free. She says she uses it once in a while now.

Does this work for osteoarthritis?
Should they be soaked at room temp? Covered or uncovered? should the raisins be refrigerated after?
How long could they be stored for?

I heard your recent show on gin-soaked raisins, but heard that only certain brands of gin work. I really want to try since even my toes ache from arthritis. Can you help?

I've had RA for over 20 years. Was diagnosed in my early twenties and have taken every pharmaceutical known to man. The side effects have been horrible. Years ago I tried some homeopathic remedies and got no relief. A few months ago I researched and began trying some herbal remedies, including the gin/raisins, and have experienced significant improvement in both pain and inflammation levels.

I use Bombay Sapphire Gin because of the blend of botanicals and the distillation process used (it's on the bottle). In addition to the Juniper berries, there is Angelica and Licorice, which are both herbal anti-inflammatories. I think the gin/raisin remedy works because the gin is in effect an herbal "tincture" --the grain alcohol extracts the beneficial/medicinal qualities of the botanicals.

When you soak the raisins in the gin, you are in effect making another "tincture", wherein the gin (alcohol) is extracting the beneficial actives from the raisins. Some beneficial qualities of certain botanicals are not water soluble and can only be extracted by way of the tincture process. That's why making a "tea" with Juniper Berries or raisins would not be as effective, or may not be effective at all. Also, the longer the soak, the stronger the tincture, so it's better to make a large batch of gin/raisins that takes a while to eat, than to keep making smaller batches. It won't spoil, alcohol is a natural preservative. No need to refrigerate. Do cover. A cookie jar works great.

I couldn't make it beyond the awful taste. I threw it out.

I learned from a folk medicine specialist the gin and raisins recipe: soak golden raisins in BOMBAY gin in a shallow dish in a single layer until the gin is absorbed. This takes only a couple of days. Leave them uncovered during this process. Then transfer them to a jar with a lid. No need to keep in the refrigerator. The specialist is emphatic about the Bombay gin. She says that the ingredients in Bombay are different from other brands, and that Bombay is the most effective. No, she doesn't have any ties to the Bombay Gin Co. She also said that most of the alcohol evaporates during the soaking. And yes, 9 a day seems to be the magic number, but no reason for that, really.

I have been using the recipe only for about 2 weeks, and my neck pain is completely gone and I can almost get a ring on my right hand ring finger now. I have not been able to wear one for months. I am eating about 12 a day. Try it--you will not believe it! I do not drink any alcohol, and I cannot taste any gin in the raisins.

I am going to try this, and didn't know what golden raisins, or Sultanas were for sure, so I looked them up... for all the others wondering, they are Thompson Seedless here in the States!


Hello: I have had joint pain issues in my hips & shoulders for years now. Then I recently have had knee pain that darn near kept me from working. I have been hobbling around wondering how much more I could tolerate. My wife & I were talking about my accelerated usage of the pain meds (which were doing hardly anything!!) and she remembered a home remedy her mother & father had used. The GIN & RAISINS. So we went & got the saphire gin. I mixed up a batch and have been taking them for 3 days now and the hip pain is gone and my knee pain is darn near gone. Call me crazy but I feel wonderful & don't dread getting up from a chair or going on a walk w/ my wife. So far so good!!! P.S Thanks Mama Vicari, we all miss you dearly!


I've tried this recently and I am feeling less pain. I'll continue treatment and send you a more detailed message. I've been doing this for about a 2 weeks and yesterday I began to notice some relief.

Why only 9 a day?

Have had RA in my knees for years, I'm 79. It was difficult to get up and out of a chair or sofa. After one month on gin & golden raisins I am compleatly free of knee pain. I also have spinal stenosis but haven't had any relief from that pain but am hoping for some relief even though it isn't RA. Will post again if it relieves my SS.


I am soaking my raisins now, sure hope this helps me, wish I didn't have to wait so long for the process though. I got Gilbey's Gin, hope it works, I should have read further to find out about Bombay, will try it to. Way off subject of this......I am plagued with fruitflies & tried everything, I mean EVERYTHING does n-e one have a solution I maybe haven't tried, I would be most grateful I am tired of living with the little pest Thank you

I had a total knee replacement & have been unable to walk. In addition to experiencing a great deal of pain. No wanting to remain on the prescribed pain medicine I gave the gin/raisin remedy a shot..and works...( now while I still have not been able to least I am pain free. I highly reccommend it and I have to anyone who listens to me.

Since I have gotten older I find that old man Arthritis has come and for several years I have prayed for some relief.

A friend told me about the Gin-Raisin theory and I am just now soaking my first batch. Of course I sneaked a couple of tastes ahead of time and I really have found some relief. I'm hoping that maybe it will have some effect on my poor back where Osteopemia has taken over. It is quite painful. Hope fully the gin-raisin theory will help there also.

I hope those of you who try this remedy will find the relief that I have already found. Good Luck!


I started my raisins 07/26 as they looked kinda plump after 3 or 4 days I started eating a few before the week was up, it has helped a little, waiting for it to help a lot. I'm already soaking 2nd batch, gonna let them get a full soak this time. I am scheduled for a colonoscopy on 08/26, if the raisins don't work very well wonder what that will reveal. Still need help with the little pest(fruitflies) if anyone has any. Thanks Have a good day

My mother who is 79 yrs,old has been suffering with arthritis for many years. Two weeks ago she started taking gin soaked raisins, It's like a miracle, she is moving around like use too! She claims to be pain free. She told me about it, I suffer with alot of neck pain especially when I try to sleep at night. So today I will begin taking the GSR. I am hoping to be pain free soon. I am looking forward to a good night sleep!

I just finished reading the gin & raisin article. Lots of questions were brought up but where are the answers? Like, should the jar be refrigerated after the gin evaporates, and
is it ok for diabetics to use it. Are the answers somewhere in the article, I couldn't find any? Thanks, Geo.

I've had terrible pain in my hips while trying to sleep on my side for years. I've had MRI's on both hips and my back, physical therapy, trigger point injections, steroid injections, pain pills, pain patches, etc. Nothing worked until I tried the gin and raisins. I'm on my 2nd batch and plan to continue. I eat 2 tsp of raisins every day. I also read where red seedless grapes are good for arthritis, so I'm eating at least 1/2 cup of those every day also.

My front foot pain (both feet) is bordering the unbearable. I am looking to find a solution which will give me some relief. I have taken BOTH gin and raisins
separately but never combined the two.
I will report my progress.

Maureen T (or Geo?), you're right. There are lots of questions without answers, but it seems the answers here are left up to other posters. Years ago I read that sloe gin was the key, not regular gin, but apparently they both work, according to the posters here. In a container with a lid, I just barely cover with sloe gin a large box of golden raisins.

There's no excess to pour off till I get near the bottom, so I let 'em keep sucking it up. I leave the bowl covered in the refrigerator and dip out about 9 raisins every day. They taste wonderful, and best of all, it works for my arthritic thumb (or maybe vice versa!). Don't bother buying the smallest gin you can find or you'll be back in the liquor store buying more before long.

I read about the raisins and gin on this site and have been doing it for months now. My knees are like new. I could hardly bend my knees and if I had to kneel down it was painful. I use golden raisins and eat them at night before bed.

Just put my raisens to soak. I can't wait to try this. I know of someone that has been doing this for 2 years and it has helped a great deal. Hope it works for me I want to get rid of this pain.

I am an senior care attendant who is currently assisting a 91 year old gentleman who is using this remedy for arthritis in his thumb/s. He first heard about it from his wife over 10 years ago. As he says "I originally scoffed at the idea". However, after trying it he experienced relief and continues using this remedy daily.

He pours 9 raisins and a little of the liquor over his morning bowl of cereal and milk with a bannana. Yesterday, he finished a half quart container but already had another one marinating and ready to go. I helped him prepare another half quart to continue the cycle/rotation. By the time one container is finished the next one is ready to go. He just covers the golden raisins with a store brand gin and keeps them covered in the 'fridge.

Since I too have arthritic joints, which are apparently worse than his even though I am 49 years his junior, he has offered to establish my first batch when we go on his next shopping trip which includes replenishing his stock of gin. I will soon be able to test this remedy on myself.

If it doesn't work I will add the red grapes mentioned in one of the postings. If that doesn't work I will add the cherry juice mentioned earlier since there is a possibility some of my pain [esp. in the feet] may be coming from gout and not arthritis. Hope to repost with results in a reasonable amount of time. Best to you.

To get rid of fruit flies: Pour enough water and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a saucer or shallow dessert dish to a depth of 1/2 inch or so. Add a drop or two of liquid dishwashing soap such as: Joy Liquid. The dish washing soap makes it so the flies will break the 'skin' of the water easily and drown when they touch the surface. Within a couple of days I'll bet that all your fruit flies will be drowned. Put the dish near a light source in order to attract them with light as well as with the smell of the vinegar.

For those of you who wanted to know about golden raisins, we call them sultanas in Australia, NZ and the UK... now I'll have to try this!

Has anyone w/ fibromalygia tried gin raisins for pain management? Saw that it was asked previously on this site, no response from anyone regarding this.
Anxious for non-drug approach. Thanks!

This works. I'm 45 yrs old just 8 months ago, I found out I have DDD in my spine and there's only two spots in my spine that's not riddled with arthritis. I thought sure It was because I been so tiny all my life and got cold very easy, who knows, but I can tell you that this works. I forgot to take them for two days and I could not move. This is keeping me on my feet for now and that's all that matters. I'm not too fond of the gin taste but it works.

is it okay if i eat more than
nine pieces? I soaked three big jars, and i thinking the more i eat the raisin the sooner i get better.
Please let me know


I just wanted to comment that I started eating the gin soaked raisins for arthritic knees over 6 months ago. And it works for me. I also wanted to add that I don't use golden raisins just the plain brown ones. And they seem to work for me.

Started my first batch tonight. Will give update when I get results or not.

Hi, I had gastric bypass surgery and still suffer from arthritis because the damage was already done. Could the gin and raisins help me? I can't have a lot of sugar.

I just talked with my 65-year-old mom who has been doing the 9-raisin thingy for 3 months now. She reports that her hands and back no longer hurt like they used to, and she is taking no other painkillers. She had to stop taking meds for her arthritis and AS because of liver damage. She's sold on this remedy. And whatever works, I say go for it!

After x rays, my doctor told me that I had stage 4 arthritis in both wrists - it couldn't get any worse;and he suggested surgery. I was on Motrin and heard of the white raisin treatment, so I started on it and within 6 weeks was totally off the Motrin. That was 4 years ago and I still take them every A.M. and am totally comfortable. Did you know that Arnold Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz, his Auntie Em took hers faithfully every day when he spent summers with her on the farm as a child. When was that? Early 1900's?

If you cut out ALL artificial sweeteners, you will also see that arthritis pains diminish significantly.

Gin and Golden Raisins mixture,as directed, WORKS.
I went to a liquor store years ago and told the clerk I needed something for my arthritis.The clerk from India told me, "we got the gin. Go to the other store and get the raisins."

Same recpt. "Do it every fall & throughout the winter."
Never took prescribed medicine.
Sometime I eat the raisins for energy.

Diabetic-seen questions of effects if take the gin/raisin combo. I am on insulin plus I take additional oral diabetic medication. I have notice absolutely no difference in the blood sugar readings I get since going on the mixture several months ago. I only take less than a dozen raisins a day. I use sloe gin and golden raisins.

I have just had a steroid injection for extreme arthritis in the thumb. Was told by the doctor that surgery was inevitable. After reading this article, I plan to start soaking gin & raisins tomorrow because there has been no relief from the injection and brace that I'm wearing.

I used this remedy for my dog and it is amazing! However, I would NOT recommend this for dogs, because raisins & grapes are toxic to dogs. I didn't know this when I started him on them!

He has been taking them for a year and is fine, but again, I would not recommend them for other dogs. I left the raisins on the counter to soak and also stored them on the counter in a glass jar. I use the cheapest gin I can find. The raisins must be Golden raisins. And according to a study done by UNC-Chapel Hill, there is less than one drop of alcohol left in the 9 raisins, so that is not the reason it works!


I have been using gin soaked raisins for a couple of years now and the difference is amazing. I still have some days that I have pain, but not nearly as bad or as often. It used to be constant. I soak the golden raisins (I lived in Australia for years and I know they were available there as sultanas) in just enough gin to cover them. I don't refrigerate them, I just keep them in a plastic sealed container or jar or ziplock bag if I'm traveling. I've been taking the recommended 9 a day, but will try a few extra when I'm feeling more pain. I've told all kinds of people about it (most think I'm crazy). The ones that have tried it swear by it as well.

i have extreme arthritis-tried this because my husband heard of it and kept bugging me until i would try it.
Did NOT work for me. :{
i really wish it had.

WOW!!!!!!this stuff really works. and yummy:)

didn't read all the comments but have a question. My father has arthritis and I want him to try this - but he's an alcoholic and has not touched a drop in about 7 years. Will this trigger something to make him drink again?


I just put my raisins to soak. I have pain in my right arm, shoulder and neck. I am hoping that this remedy works for me. I will keep you posted.

It must be Gin, not Vodka. The Juniper Berries in Gin are a main ingredient. Juniper Berries are a natural diuretic, this is why it helps blood pressure and is one of the components of decreasing inflammation.

Golden Raisins have beneficial Sulphur.

Hard to believe that this works beyond placebo effect.

I find this interesting particularly since a British friend of mine used to tell me to spend my money on good Gin not good Vodka because Gin was the only RECIPE spirit and each house has its own combination of Juniper and Orange Peel and all the other wonderful herbs that go into making Gin. No two are alike, so this begs the question, will any Gin do or are some better than others? I am hoping some are better than others because then it is something in the Gin that is helping. If any Gin will do maybe the placebo effect is dominant or perhaps just the thought of the alcohol since most of it will have evaporated by the time of use.

I found through experimentation that if you cover the raisins they evaporate more slowly and leave more syrup than if you leave them uncovered. The raisins tasted better to me with more evaporation, but they are good either way. I left them on the counter to soak and they seemed to do just fine. If you wait a day to consume them, the time seems to combine the gin and raisin flavors nicely into a mellow, lovely, lightly sweet flavor. I am considering using the soaked raisins as a garnish on some of my dessert recipes. (I would inform my guests of the contents, of course.) I have no idea if the jar should be refrigerated or not. More experimentation will let me know!

I have started using this raisin & Gin method now for (4)days. I know it's to early to tell right now. But waiting to feel something different. I am taking the (9) a day method. Who came up with the 9 a day? Why not 10 or 12?? Hummm.. Curious...

Answers to questions:
Quoting home remedy experts Joan and Lydia Wilen, this is the Amazing Gin-Soaked Raisin Remedy
1 lb golden raisins
Gin (approx 1 pint)
Glass bowl (Pyrex is good-crystal is bad)
Glass jar with lid

Spread the golden raisins evenly on the bottom of the glass bowl and pour enough gin over the raisins to completely cover them. Let them stay that way until all the gin is absorbed by the raisins. It takes about five to seven days, depending on the humidity in your area. (You may want to lightly cover the bowl with a paper towel so that dust or insects don't drop in) To make sure that all of the raisins get their fair share of the gin, occasionally take a spoon and stir the mixture, bringing the bottom layer of raisins to the top of the bowl.
As soon as all the gin has been absorbed, transfer the raisins to the jar, put the lid on and keep it closed. DO NOT REFRIGERATE. Each day, eat nine raisins-exactly and only nine raisins a day. Most people eat them in the morning with breakfast.
This recipe was tested by for alcohol content and it was found that less than one drop of alcohol was left in nine raisins, so it is not the alcohol that is relieving the pain. They caution against use of this remedy by anyone with iron overload in their bloodstream, and advise against use by children or pregnant or nursing women.

I would like to know if any of these people have diabetes ?
What is the effect of GIN Soaked Raisins for Arthritis?


I saw where you said it could cause kidney damage to canines. I just wondered if it can cause kidney damage to humans as well. The reason I ask is that I've had problems with my kidneys this past month. I am anxious to try this though as the arthritis in my knees and feet hurt soooo much. I'm looking for relief.


question: should the raisins be put in the refrigerator after they have soaked for the week or just in the air tight container, on the counter?


About 20 years ago i had a very bad car accident, my left leg was severely injured. somehow they saved it and for the longest time my leg was fine in the past 2 years now, I've had terrible knee pain. I'm on my feet all day the weather changes really affect it, and the only thing that keeps pain away is a prescription of ketoprofin, and taking acetaminophen 8 hr time release. I am going to try this raisin remedy, my knees (both now) are so bad. I will definitely know if this makes a difference. But i would like to know, if they should be refrigerated, covered while soaking, and also is there any possibility of intoxication,? need to know


Will the raisin/gin cure have any effect on the bumps on my fingers? Also heard there is some kind of cherry cure for bumps. Do you know anything about this?

Just spoke with my mother in law who has taken these for at least 7 years now. Do not refrigerate when they are absorbing the gin. Actually you don't have to refrigerate at all. But....after the raisins absorb the gin... you do need to cover. My husband and I did refrigerate them at first but found better results not refrigerated. I don't know if the cold temperature takes away from the medicinal value. So we rotate the soaking. Soak l weeks worth as we intake one weeks worth. Make sense? Hope so.. and good luck and happy joints. :0)

I used to live across the street from an ancient lady. She did the GSR thing for years and years. A marvelous creature, she lived to be about 100, and was active her whole life. Until recently I had no use for the cure, but recently started and she was right. Saw my GP today, She had never heard of it.

Heard about this on Peoples' Pharmacy on NPR - figured what the heck, girl, go for it. Have been on GSR for 2 weeks and have noticed reduced pain in joins and greater ability to navigate stairs, et al, w/o feeling "creaky". But I also have a theory re why this works. White raisins plump more than dark ones and yes, the sulphur may play a part. But what I think the secret is is that the 9 raisins are the "delivery system" for just the right amount of gin (juniper). Can't wait to tell my internist about this.

I bought what I thought were golden raisins at the local farmer's market store. They were larger than regular raisin. They soaked up the gin in about 3 days and then began to mold. Why would that happen?

I let my raisin supply run out. I've gone 2 weeks without. I'm finding that my fingers are swollen and sore in the morning, I'm noticing more knee pain. I'm going to replenish my supply tomorrow and never going to be without "my raisins in gin" again. They taste wonderful with cereal every morning.

In another article I read, it says NOT to refrigerate. It also said to just leave the raisins soaking for up to a week before transferring to an airtight container. But, while soaking the raisins, I loosely put a cover over them to keep out dust or whatever.

I forgot one thing in my previous post. I put the raisins in a mason jar, fill it with gin and just close the lid down tight and begin to use after a week. I also refrigerate without any adverse affect on the concoction.

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