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Q. Years ago, you wrote about an enzyme in pineapple juice that helps with arthritis pain. At that time I was in my early 40s and already having pain in my hands and feet from arthritis.

I started drinking one glass of pineapple juice a day and my symptoms cleared up. I may eventually develop arthritis, but hopefully it will not be as severe as it would have been.

A. Pineapple juice contains bromelain, which appears to have anti-inflammatory activity. One study found that a product containing bromelain (Phlogenzym) was effective in easing discomfort from hip arthritis (Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology, Jan-Feb, 2006).

Another study (Arthrtis and Rheumatism, Aug 15, 2009) found that Canadian postal workers who were suffering from shoulder pain (rotator cuff tendinitis) for more than six weeks benefitted from naturopathic care. It involved dietary counseling, acupuncture and Phlogenzym. This group had better outcomes (greater improvement in shoulder function) than a comparable group that received physical exercise as their primary treatment.

Researhers are increasingly interested in the anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating activity of bromelain. Although pineapple and pineapple juice have been used for decades to relieve joint pain, investigators are just now starting to unlock the cellular mechanisms behind this natural approach (Phytotherapy Research, Feb, 2013).

Anyone who would like to learn more about natural anti-inflammatory spices such as ginger, boswellia and turmeric as well as foods and beverages like grape juice, blueberries, coconut and pineapple may wish to read our book, Quick & Handy Home Remedies from The People’s Pharmacy. We have a whole section on anti-inflammatory foods like pineapple.

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  1. Egyptiononion
    Rural Illinois

    Does the pineapple juice need to be fresh, or can it be canned? Thank you.

    • Amethyst

      I have read in research that canning destroys the enzyme in pineapple, so fresh would be best. I, myself, have bought organic, cold-pressed juice at a natural food store and that helps me.

      I don’t have the room for a juicer, nor the time to do it myself at home. Or you can try bromelain supplements.

  2. Annandale El
    Annandale, VA

    I love Pineapple slices and was eating them for my arthritis. Had to stop as it had a diuretic effect on me.

  3. Heather

    Have started (2 weeks) on organic Turmeric, seems to give some relief and have also lost some weight on it. I do get relief from pineapple juice too although something has happened to Australian pineapples and they are awful. Pineapples all come from Thailand now.

    I found SAMe methionine also helps my Rheumatoid. About to get a blood test for ESR/CRP. I was told they don’t test Rh.Factor any more as they don’t know how it works ?

  4. Helen M
    Modesto, CA

    There is a lot of sugar in pineapple juice, may be a problem for some people, especially those keeping to a low carb/GI diet. The fruit might be better because of fiber, factors other than bromelain.

  5. Margie

    I can’t drink that much pineapple juice, although I do love it! I started taking Bromelain 500 mg after sinus surgery. I do not take it every day but two or three times a week. It is great for any kind of inflammation. It helps with constipation, sinus blockage, pain management.
    It is something to look into. Not everyone can take it due to allergies to pineapple.

  6. Peggy

    About a year ago, my husband complained about our morning walks because his hips hurt. He started eating several pineapple chunks each morning, which he continues, and his pain quickly went away and has not come back.

  7. Alton
    Arkansas Ozarks

    Bromelain is the enzyme in the fresh pineapple and especially the fruit core. Bromelain is available in a capsule form and you can avoid the calories and sugar that you get in the fresh fruit. I found it on line and is sold in servings equivalent 2,000 GDU per cap. Inexpensive and it works for me. Dr Andrew Weil recommends taking on empty stomach 90 min before meal or 3 hours after that is working for me. Lots of good anti-inflammatory natural supplements to block the Cox-1 & Cox-2 enzyme. Just search and listen to your body it will always tell you what works for you and what does not.

    I am 84 and told 15 years ago that I was ready for a shoulder replacement then 8 years ago that my right hip was gone and I was ready for a hip replacement and then that both knees would be right behind that. I sought a second opinion on the shoulder replacement and honest Orthopedic surgeon suggested that as long as I could control the pain to avoid the surgery. His reasoning was I should suffer some pain before because he could stop the pain but unless I did his PT after that his work was wasted and I understood that and have taken his advice. I try to research the natural remedies as much as possible and my lab numbers are perfect for my age. Good care is available if you are willing to do your own research and learn listen to your body, it will always tell you. Since all of our bodies different you have to try maybe won’t work for you, listen to your body, my theory is if I don’t have a reaction give it 3 weeks before making it a part of my routine.

    Consider a good Ginger Complex, Turmeric/Cur-cumin, BioPerine, Fish Oil, Boswellia, and many other remedies in the People’s Pharmacy publications maybe you can avoid all pain blocking drugs & blood thinners, I have.

  8. Marilyn
    Lawrenceville, NJ

    Am avoiding all fruit but berries. Can I use a supplement containing the same enzyme in pineapple juice? As effective?

  9. Jb

    Some recommend Wobenzym for joint pain and inflammation. I know it contains pineapple and papaya enzymes. How effective is it? Should I just drink a glass of pineapple juice each day? Would that be just as effective?

  10. Tom H.

    How much pineapple juice is recommended?

  11. Lisa H.

    I use Curcumin… it seems to help. Though due to high lab reading on my RH Factor recently, will be seeing a specialist in a few months. All other labs were normal..go figure.

  12. JBG

    “[In] our book, Quick & Handy Home Remedies from The People’s Pharmacy. We have a whole section on anti-inflammatory foods like pineapple.”
    Looking at my copy (National Geographic, 2011 — almost didn’t find the date since it’s hidden at the end of the book), I could not find the “whole section on anti-inflammatory foods”. There is a long list of foods that includes some anti-inflammatory ones, but there is no obvious cue as to which are which. (Did you mean them all??) There is no entry beginning “inflam-” in the index. There does seem to be at least one related recipe.
    People’s Pharmacy response: You’ll find them in the section on joint pain and arthritis.

  13. nazir l.

    this information has been very helpful to me.

  14. msc

    Boswellia seems to be practically a miracle drug for my arthritis pain. Have been able to cut way back (from 2/day to 1 or 2 per week) on Celebrex.

  15. Rob

    I have also been using pineapple since reading about it on your site several years ago. For some reason it is effective for the joint pain in my hands, but not hips/knees/shoulders – but I’m grateful for help! As I can no longer have juice, I have substituted a slice of fresh pineapple each day.

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