We really messed up last week when we offered The People’s Pharmacy Roll-On Deodorant “start-summer smelling-sweet sale.” Readers of our newsletter were given a 15% discount off our aluminum-free deodorant using the code MOM15.

Ooops! Due to a technical glitch the discount code did not translate into an actual discount when people went to the shopping cart and checked out. Everyone who ordered from us last week has now received the promised discount. That said, we are so sorry for this mix-up that we are re-offering the discount through the end of June and increasing it to 20%.

Anyone who would like The People’s Pharmacy Aluminum-Free Roll-On Deodorant will get a 20% discount by using the code GOOF20. This time we promise that the discount code will work and you will save 20% off the purchase price, which will be automatically calculated before you pay.

We apologize for this error and hope this new offer makes up for any inconvenience or frustration we may have caused. Here is a link to the shopping cart. Don’t forget to put GOOF20 into the discount code box when you check out to take advantage of this offer.

Joe & Terry Graedon

The People’s Pharmacy

As the heat and humidity prove that summer is really here, it’s time to think of those around you. You do not want to offend family, friends or co-workers.

Most people turn to commercial antiperspirants to solve this problem, but as we have pointed out many times, they all contain aluminum salts. That is an FDA requirement or you can’t call your product an antiperspirant. The aluminum plugs sweat glands in order prevent perspiration. Some people report that aluminum is irritating and it leads to a rash. Others fear absorption of aluminum from their underarms. One reader was convinced that her antiperspirant affected her brain:

“Aluminum chlorohydrate present in many underarm deodorants causes my short term memory to be flaky. I proved it to myself by using and not using it before I heard of aluminum chlorohydrate being in the products; the results of bad short-term memory were quite dramatic…I could not hold a fact for long enough to walk across a room.” D.B.

Many visitors to this website have offered a variety of non-aluminum tips for controlling body odor.

“I have had antiperspirant itching and irritation for years. Then I tried taking clove oil and a carrier oil (I use argon) and put on a drop each day. I love the smell of cloves and it really works. The amount of each will depend on your tolerance.” S.W.

That seems a bit messy to us and we’re not sure whether clove oil (and argon) would be safe for everyone. Some people may be allergic to clove oil. Here is another suggestion:

“I believe in KISS [keep it simple stupid], so here is what works for me as a deodorant, which I only apply every four days or even less frequently. The solution of white vinegar is diluted 1 to 1 with water and applied with a small piece of reusable cloth (which I store in a small plastic bag between uses). This works, as near as I can figure, by greatly reducing the odor-causing bacteria (which I believe are alkaline loving) due to the vinegar’s high acid level. The cost of the vinegar used is only pennies. A liter of vinegar would last me probably 3 years.
“Giving credit where credit is due, I heard about using vinegar as a deodorant on The People’s Pharmacy.”Russ

Then there is milk of magnesia. We heard about using this old-fashioned laxative topically on the underarms several years ago. Since then many people tell us it is a safe and gentle solution to the body odor problem. Here is just one such message.

“I have been using the People’s Pharmacy MoM deodorant for over a year now and although I sweat, I do not have much of an odor.  I am not allergic to the ingredients in it. So far so good!

“I just wish I wouldn’t have to order it online every time. I would like to be able to purchase it OTC where I live.” Renee

We wish we could get more retailers interested in The People’s Pharmacy MoM Roll-On Deodorant so that you could buy it locally at any pharmacy or discount store. So far, only a couple of health food stores have shown any interest. Please talk it up at your favorite pharmacy and maybe we will be able to move MoM mainstream. In the meantime, we are offering a start-summer smelling-sweet sale! Till the end of June we are offering 20% off our aluminum-free MoM Deodorants, either unscented or scented for women.

To take advantage of the sale just put GOOF20 into the discount code box upon checkout. And if you like MoM already, why not give a bottle to a friend? You might be surprised how much she appreciates it. At the least, email this page to someone you think might appreciate an aluminum-free deodorant. Here’s the discount code: GOOF20 and a link to our body care products.

Here is a new comment from Elizabeth we wanted to share:

“MoMs deodorant is the best thing ever! I was skeptical before I tried it but it really does work. I still sweat on hot days but the odor is gone. There’s one other thing I do daily that helps especially on hot summer days: after I shower I swab my underarms with the original, gold Listerine which kills the bacteria, then I use the lightly scented MoM’s.”

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  1. Michelle S.

    I just made a deodorant with coconut oil, some baking soda, some arrowroot powder, a few drops of tea tree oil. It works great. I heard about it on Wisconsin Public Radio show discussing a company that makes a bacterial spray with beneficial bacteria.

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