Eczema in children is common and often becomes more troublesome in the winter. Investigators in Boston conducted a pilot study to see whether vitamin D supplements would benefit children with persistent eczema. The youngsters were randomized to receive 1,000 IU of vitamin D or placebo daily for a month. The results were inconclusive but promising.

[British Journal of Dermatology, July, 2008]

There is further information on vitamin D in our Guide to Vitamin D Deficiency. But parents may be more interested in some of the home remedies for eczema that others have found helpful. A single study a decade ago (Archives of Dermatology, Jan., 2001) found that oolong tea is helpful, but since then quite a few visitors have reported success with this simple approach.


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  1. Paula

    As a 70 year old adult who got eczema several years ago due to very dry skin in winter, I had to use various prescriptions medicines to calm the itching – until I started taking Vitamin D during the winter because we live in a Northern environment. I have now made it through 2 winters without having to use any creams and there has been no itching! I didn’t make the correlation until reading your article.

  2. Donnie

    I’ve had atopic dermatitis (eczema) all of my life. And it is triggered by my allergies and sensitive skin. I have to avoid nickel, perfume, fragrances products and harsh chemicals. Most laundry products cause severe flare-ups of eczema, including the ones recommended by dermatologists. And many soaps, shampoos and cosmetics do, too. I’ve found some natural products that are chemical, corn and perfume free that are safe for me. I did see benefits for my skin from taking more Vitamin D3 and getting some sun exposure.

  3. Kahleen

    my doctor has me taking 2,000mg Vit D3 every day. I don’t know how that is different from just regular Vit. D

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