“I was placed on statin medication in 2004.  Shortly thereafter, I had difficulty walking, had a toe that was ischemic and developed terrible leg pain (both calves) that persisted 24/7.  

“Eventually, I was diagnosed with PAD [peripheral artery disease]. I have had my abdominal aorta and iliac arteries stented.  Despite having my blood flow restored to normal, I have continued to have terrible leg pain, achiness, charley horses and weakness in both legs.  The leg weakness has progressed.  At one point my Pharmacist informed me that my chronic leg pain could be associated with statin use. She suggested I might try muscle relaxers to help with the discomfort. I stopped the statin and consulted my doctor.  She prescribed the muscle relaxers and changed the statin to Simvastatin.

“She contacted me later and said that my cholesterol went from 150 to over 200 in just one week and said she did not think the statin use was causing my pain and that I should not discontinue it.  She stated that the pain was from a bad back.  I did many tests but none of them seemed bad enough to cause pain 24 hours a day seven days a week. My back did not hurt nearly as much as my leg pain.  I could not tolerate the muscle relaxers during the day and they did not help the pain anyway.  I did take them at night to help me sleep.

My doctor treated me as a chronic pain patient and diagnosed me with chronic back and leg pain.  Within the last year, I developed kidney problems.  As soon as I finished a prescription of the antibiotics, the “UTI S” returned.  Also, I began to experience numbness in my right foot and am awakened almost every night with pins and needles in both arms with complete loss of sensation down to my fingers.  I have to shake my arms vigorously to get the blood flowing again.  I usually have to sleep sitting up to get at least five hours of sleep.

“Within the last three months, one of my legs has begun to “give out”.  I take a step and my knee bends as though I am about to fall.  Fortunately I have enough strength to catch myself, but the weakness in both legs in addition to the pain is really of grave concern to me.

“Since these recent and most troublesome symptoms, I stopped taking the Simvastatin. It has been three weeks.  I am concerned that this drug has caused so many problems, particularly leg pain that I just don’t know what else to do.  Now that there is severe numbness in both upper extremities and yet another kidney infection, I feel that I cannot continue taking a statin until I have some cause for all these symptoms which have either worsened or come about gradually over time.

“Prior to 2004, I never had to take pain medication except for trauma or after a surgery so the continued leg pain just does not add up.  I do so hope I can find answers as if I continue to deteriorate at this rate, I won’t be able to function even a little bit.  I hope someone out there has some good advice for me.  I am at a loss for answers.

“I have started taking CoQ10 within the last four months or so and I could swear I feel better pain wise.  However, my doctor also changed the pain medication and that may be part of the reason that some of the pain has decreased.  My life has been a living hell for 8 years now. I want to keep working, get more active and just feel better for everyone including myself.” Mary


We clearly cannot diagnose your discomfort as we are not physicians. Nevertheless, for your doctor to assume that your leg pain, weakness and peripheral neuropahty (the pins and needles and loss of sensation) were due to a “bad back” and not the simvastatin seems a stretch to us.

There is no doubt that statins in general, and simvastatin in particular, can cause muscle weakness (possibly accounting for your leg to “give out”) and severe muscle pain. There is also no doubt that statins can cause nerve pain and neuropathy. Were your leg to actually give out and were you to fall, the damage could be extreme.

Here are some other statin side efects:



• Headache

• Muscle aches, muscle cramps, muscle pain, spasms:
(anywhere in the body, including legs, shoulders, back, arms or neck)

• Fatigue, weakness

, lack of strength, loss of energy
• Arthritis, joint pain, joint stiffness
• Abdominal pain, digestive upset, nausea, constipation, diarrhea

, flatulence
• Blood sugar elevation, diabetes

• Sore throat, flu symptoms, sinusitis

• Dizziness

• Itching, rash

, hives
• Liver damage, liver failure, kidney damage

, blood disorders
• Insomnia, sleeping difficulties, nightmares

• Forgetfulness, memory problems, amnesia, confusion

, cognitive dysfunction
• Peripheral neuropathy, nerve tingling, nerve burning

• Pancreatitis

• Cataracts
• Sexual problems, erectile dysfunction, low libido

Many people tolerate simvastatin with no side effects. For those with heart disease, this drug can literally be a life safer. But you are not the first person to report serious complications with simvastatin (or other statins such as atorvastatin, lovastatin or pravastatin). Here are some other stories from visitors to this website:

“I was on Lipitor and them Simvastin for a number of years. I became “an old man” according to my wife. I had great difficulty going up stairs, had a loss of memory, was constantly tired, lacked energy, etc. My cardiologist would not believe that the statins were the fault. Another medical issue arose and that doctor took me off statin drugs. Within one month, I returned to normal.” C.L.W.

“I was put on simvastatin several months ago. The side effects were debilitating. I was always in a fog, could barely walk and had to go in a wheel chair if I would walk for any length of time. I felt no energy the pain in my body was horrendous. Joints, muscles, kidneys.

“I was told I would have a stroke or heart attack if I did not take these drugs. I finally had enough when my kidney function started to become affected. I found myself a integrated doctor who has done more for me in two months then the Doctors could do in a year.

“They push these drugs that do permanent damage to you and your quality of life is terrible. I have been left with trigger finger and something in the heal of my foot. Since I did not have these symptoms before taking
this drug I know this drug had something to do with this.” M.F.

 A few weeks ago I was prescribed simvastatin. After a few days I started with ankle pains and cramps. These continued over the next few days to my knees, then thighs, then hips.

“After two weeks and three days I felt reduced to taking pain killers so that I could sleep, as the pain kept me awake. Long term this was not a good idea, so, at this point I decided to stop taking the statin.

“It took a further 3 weeks for the aches and pains and cramps to go away. I went back to the doctor to report on what had happened and was prescribed another statin, this time Lipitor. Meanwhile I had been doing research into the side effects of statins. I came to the conclusion there were too many very unpleasant side effects reported by too many people over too long a period and they could not all be wrong. I will not be taking any more statins!” Liz

“My mother, age 80, took Lipitor [atorvastatin] for almost a year. Rhabdomyolysis may be rare indeed, but my mother GOT it.

“She went to take a bath, and was so weak she was unable to get out of the bathtub – for over eight hours. She sat in the tub, cold, weak, and without the body strength to get out. When my sister could not reach mom via phone, she got a neighbor to enter mom’s home with an extra key.

“Mom is not ‘big’. She is 5’4″ tall, 125 lbs, and had been in relatively good health. If she had been in that tub 2 more hours, the emergency room doctor said she would have died. Mom spent a week in the hospital before she was strong enough to return home.

“Lipitor caused her illness. She stopped taking the statin, but the drug did enough muscle damage that she has never been the same. Her muscle strength is gone, she tires easily, and she can no longer do the things she once did with ease.” C.H.L.

To learn more about the pros and cons of statins and some of the ways people have managed to overcome statin complications AND lower their cholesterol, check out our book, Best Choices from The People’s Pharmacy. You will learn about Laura Effel, who managed to make amazing progress in controlling her blood lipids without statins. 

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  1. Carole M.

    I have been on statins for many, many years and I have indured almost every symptom I have read here. Drs just put it off to anything but a Statin. They need to be better versed on the drugs they prescribe. I will eat like a rabbit before I ever take a Statin again…

  2. Bailey

    Hi M.A.D.,
    I too still have cramping in the legs and other parts of the body. I have been told that standing when the cramps are in the legs gets that blood flow to the affected muscles and that helps. Sometimes I just start walking around the house as fast as I am able and it helps. Those contorted muscles do look like something out of the movie, The Exorcist.
    When it comes, I don’t know if I should call the doctor or a priest. LOL When it happens, I know it is not funny and is very painful. I have had episodes so bad, that I was sore for two or three days. I have certainly learned a lot since I began my quest to figure out why I had so much pain.
    I thank God that I got off the statins and hope to God that I don’t end up with any other serious neurological diseases. I understand it can happen even now or some time in the future. For now, just educate yourself as much as possible. I hope you begin to feel better and that your course is smooth. We all understand how and where you are coming from!!
    God Bless

  3. M.A.D.

    I took simvastatin and pravastatin for over 2 years when I developed the horrible cramping. These were usually in my lower extremities but could also occur in my hands, ribs or arms. Once I watched in disbelief as my thumb contorted in a position I thought impossible. When my legs cramped it was never in one place… the cramping would move up and down my legs even in my feet. As fast as one cramp eased another would start in a new place. I could not walk, sit or stand. The pain was unbearable… and I’ve delivered 3 children naturally! I’ve cramped in places I didn’t know I had muscles to cramp. After complaining to my doctor, I stopped the medicine on my own I had some relief but it took almost a year to be cramp free! I am convinced I still have some muscle weakness but fortunately the nightmare is over.

  4. suki65

    hi I have come off statins but have started to take b12 and vitamin D with calcium to help with numbness and tingling and also cramp ever since taking these I do not have this trouble I also take ubiquinol.
    I intermittent fast to keep my cholesterol down eating between 11am and 7pm every day this works at keeping my cholesterol down and it doesn’t have side effects.
    good luck with your results.
    my side effects : swelling, ear trouble, bones sore, thighs changing shape, arms unable to use mostly left arm, shattered falling asleep, very low and upset for no reason, cramp, tingling and numbness in toes and feet.
    I never had these before taking statins will never take them again

  5. Bailey

    Yesterday, I went to my doctor. He is ordering additional blood work to test my CK levels which were by July 5 times normal. The CT of the head showed nothing, the x rays and heart testing were also negative. He now wants to re-check those levels. He said after being off the statins for some four months now, my levels should not be this high. He wants to see where it is coming from. By the way, my CK levels were never checked while I was on Simvastatin. They were checked by happenstance when I had an unexpected hospitalization.
    I do hope everything is okay as I still have weakness of the lower extremities and some pins and needles/numbness down both arms on occasion. I am hoping and praying that it was just because of an infection, but who knows?
    I will have my answers soon. Only then can I develop a treatment plan with my doctor to see how and to whom I may be referred. So, although the pain is getting better, I have upped my dose of Ubiquinol. I do believe it has helped.
    Good luck to all of you out there and hope your troubles are minimal. This is a tough condition and hopefully all these stories will help the medical community to WAKE UP!!

  6. DEC

    I’ve made the decision that I’m not taking anymore statins and doc can turn his face all sorts of horrible colors and shake it at me all he wants. I’m not eating any more of them. Period.

  7. Nancy R.

    I started Simvastatin 3 weeks ago and have had terrible side effects. I have never had reactions to medication. I hesitated taking it because I have high liver enzymes, HTN and diabetes. I am 53 years old. Dr. Insisted I take it because my cholesterol went up during my last check up. I got terrible stomach pain, nausea, tenderness in the breast area, muscle pain, I felt tired and could barely get up in the morning to go to work. I stopped taking it 3 days ago. I feel a little better but my blood pressure is high, tenderness is going away but the stomach pain is worse. Before I took it I felt fine. I will not be taking anything in the Statin family. There has to be a healthier way!

  8. crandreww

    @ Jean…I recall when I was in nursing school in 1988 or so, normal Systolic Blood Pressure should be no more than 100 + your age…now they are pushing less than 120/80…And the bottom line is $$$$…it is so terribly sad what has happened to American Health care…it is truly the Almighty Dollar that rules with an Iron Fist…Very sad indeed…

  9. crandreww

    @ Bailey….I think it is a tragedy how patients and doctors are fooled into believing that by taking a statin drug, one will drastically cut the chances of a heart attack or stroke…as a former critical care RN, I was fooled into believing this nonsense as well. I also have a neighbor who is a retired teacher, he had a stent placed for a blockage on his heart, and of course he was started on lipitor. Nearly one year later, he re occluded the same artery right where the stent was…when I asked him how come he had another blockage, he told me his doc said he wasnt on a high enough dose of lipitor…one of my primary jobs as an RN, was to ensure my patients understood the risks and the benefits of any “treatment” they were receiving,it is called Informed Consent, if only we as medical professionals understood the true risks and benefits!

  10. Jean J

    When I was in nursing school in 1975 normal cholesterol was 250. In 2000 normal was 220. Now Drs push for less than 200. Why? Money. When statin drugs were invented drug companies petitioned the FDA to lower the “normal” values. This put millions more Americans on the drug boosting the bottom line of these companies.
    Have Americans not noticed the connection between erectile dysfunction and statin drugs? The first commercial on TV says “I lowered my cholesterol with Lipitor”. The next commercial says “I take Viagra for my erectile dysfunction”.
    Every hormone in the body is made from cholesterol. If some one has cholesterol values significantly less than 200 they are in trouble. I have talked to many people who experienced the pain and weakness in the legs that comes with statins. A few who also experience memory issues. Get off those drugs.
    Go to a naturopath or nutritionist. The cause of heart disease is rarely cholesterol. Inflammation is the culprit, and that comes from sugar, HFCs, and processed foods. Eat coconut oil, Real butter, Nuts and whole foods. Do as Bill Clinton did and ditch the low fat diet. Switch to a Mediterranean style diet. There are many ways to get healthy cholesterol levels with out the drugs. Good health to you!

  11. Bailey

    I was amazed to read your story about your Godfather. Wow!!! I just had to write to you to say I just got off the phone with my daughter. She told me her husband has been on a statin for five years. He is 37 years old!!!!! I asked him what his cholesterol numbers were and he said he did not know!!!!
    Here I just talked about young people being warned about the dangers of statins and I found it in my own back yard. So, I don’t even know where to start. I told her I would send some information and that if he chooses to stay on them, he better make an informed choice. He suffers with back pain and has for quite some time. He was also diagnosed with diabetes insipidus (cant spell it) but close enough.
    I knew he was on medications for that, but not a statin. He is the picture of health. He is active, a coach, etc. He sleeps on the floor because his back flares up. He has never known why. So friends I guess I have work to do!!
    I can’t even imagine this young kid having very high cholesterol levels. Every other person I know is on statins. Most of them have not even had any evidence of coronary problems. Is this their idea of preventive medicine? I know for certain when I began to feel pain 24/7 and it was right after I was placed on statins. I retraced my medical background and found some old records. Cran, I own a medical case management company and was used to keeping records. I kept all my important diagnostics which have all the medications I was on in the narrative section of the CT, MRI, ANGIO’S!! I have never had a back injury, never had an accident to cause any back injury. My back always showed mild degenerative disease consistent with my age. I never sought treatment of my back. It was initially a complaint of terrible bi-lateral leg and right hip pain. Amazing!!!

  12. crandreww

    @ Bailey and others…I have a Great uncle, 95 years old, had a physical when he joined the army in WWII. He was told he had high blood pressure…never did anything about it..then when he was about 88 his wife wanted him to go to the doctor for a check up, which he rarely ever did except which he has only seen when he fell off his roof, and other urgent times. His doc immediately put him on Blood pressure meds, which he told me made him feel horrible, so he would quit taking them, then next time he saw his doc..he would give him a new one, which he would quit taking for the same reason, and this went on for about 5 years or so, when I said to him , uncle Jim, if all these pills are just making you feel terrible, why still take them (I know, I would be a bad RN if I were to practice again)I told him, I want my Godfather to enjoy all the time he has left on this planet, whether its one year or 10 more years…he decided to stop going to the doctor…he now controls his BP with Beet Juice, and Ubiquinol…and feels like living every day…if you are going to make it to 95, that is the only way to do it..he lives alone (since Aunt Gert passed away)he still drives, and he is as active as one can hope to be at that age…I would not put too much hope in the FDA, I mean they are the ones who approve these Statin poisons in the first place…I am quite certain there is a TON OF CASH that changes hands between the FDA and big Pharma…. I wrote to Pfizer after Dr Golomb told me that my Mitochondrial DNA mutations and the Apoptosis (Holes in my brain) were an effect of Lipitor. The reply I got, was we are so sorry you think Lipitor may have caused your unfotunate illness, but as you may know Lipitor has been extensively studied…blah, blah blah…On another side note, I had shingles 4 years ago, the worst pain I could ever imagine!! I went to my doc, she diagnosed me, and said I could take an antiviral drug, which may or may not help, I said no thanks, and she said I could take the Shingles vaccine, which may or may not help…again, no thanks. I went home, and researched, and found several people who got substantial relief of pain using Apple Cider Vinegar, both Orally and Topically. Rancid stuff that is, and not sure if my immediate relief of pain was a placebo effect or not, but it WORKED…and when the pain would flare up again, I would take another shot and immediately the pain abated….there is a whole world of Natural and over the counter cures out there…but we as consumers a forced to dig to find them…

  13. Bailey

    I was reading your blog about your husband. My mother had an incident in her mid seventies which the doctors thought might be a mild heart attack. An angiogram was performed and the doctors did not feel she need any stenting or open heart surgery. However, they placed her on statins.
    Initially she was placed on Baycol (later taken off the market for causing so many deaths) but was on it for a fairly long time. Thereafter she was placed on other statin drugs. My mother was the most energetic, vivacious 70 something person I have ever met. She wore my sister and I out on shopping sprees and the like. She never napped during the day and was just a bundle of energy.
    After these past few years on statins, she has had congestive heart failure (with pacemaker implant), two stents and can barely walk. Her legs are so weak that now I worry she can not live alone any longer. Her memory has been severely compromised. She has just gone downhill way too fast.
    She is a shadow of her former self. Within the last few months it has occurred to me that her downhill spiral just does not make any sense. She has a kind of amnesia that is not explained by alzheimer’s disease and has tested negative for that. I forbid her to take any more statins and she is in agreement.
    I believe that it is just too late for her. As soon as the elderly show any signs of heart problems or cholesterol levels above 150 they are put on statins. I may or may not be wrong, but I just do not think she was meant to be this disabled in just a few short years.
    Her older sister who is not on statins is as sharp as a tack and as mobile as mother was only a few years ago. It is a mystery. So these comments I see from people about their elderly friends and relatives being affected by statin use make a lot of sense to me.

  14. Bailey

    So beautifully said Crandrew and perfectly expressed were your words. I struggle daily to figure out why I have felt so badly all these years. I went to doctors begging for answers and only came home feeling somehow that it was my fault for not being able to stop this pain and weakness that destroyed my life, my career and my dreams. My whole existence has centered around my trying to tiptoe around the pain and weakness that has plagued my life.
    Now, I am trying to exercise regularly regardless of the pain which still persists. I have not even worked up to 8 minutes. I cannot believe that I only just a few short weeks ago, finally got off the statins after being on them with no break since 2004.
    When I emailed my doctor that I felt the statins were hurting my overall health, her response was that I would have to stay on a low fat diet. I have had so many problems with this clinic. One of the doctors chewed me out saying I should have a pain stimulator placed in my back to deal with my leg pain. When I refused and told him I did not want to treat with him, he falsified my records and placed a diagnosis of “hardening of the arteries of the heart”.
    I DON’T HAVE THAT AND NEVER DID. I HAVE HAD AN ANGIOGRAM AND MANY STRESS TESTS. I complained and they removed the diagnosis. Then when I went in to see why I kept getting kidney infections, my discharge papers said I had COPD. I don’t have that either. I never did.
    I am baffled by what is going on in the medical field and feel victimized. I have to find another physician and fast. For now, I plan to report these negative side effects to the FDA and hope to God that something is done so that all these people who are placed on statins as a preventive measure don’t end up ruining their lives.

  15. crandreww

    @ Bailey…again I am so sorry to hear of this. My heart goes out to you and your family,
    I had an Aunt, who used to tell me of the latest and greatest drug her doc had her on…she died suddenly last Dec, at 69, and a few months before, she told me of a new diabetes drug she was taking, and how well it worked…when I found out about her death, I Googled Sudden Death and Byetta…lo and behold I found several cases ..if I ever were able to work again, I could never return to my nursing practice…talk about feeling betrayed…I am so ashamed of our western medicine in this country…Hippocrates known as the father of medicine said, “let thy medicine be thy food and thy food thy medicine” I think he was rather brilliant!

  16. Bailey

    Thanks so much for your kind words. I have to chuckle when I think about my late husband’s father. My late husband’s poor liver just manufactured cholesterol at very high levels. He has his first MI at the tender age of 32. His father and mother both had the genes. His mother died of a massive stroke at 55. His father had his first MI at age 55.
    My late father in law’s doctor told him that his heart was so bad, he had about six months to live. At that time no one was prescribing statins. He was told to stop smoking (he did) and to watch his diet (he did) despite the fact he thought he only had six months to live. Well my father in law lived to be 82 and actually outlived his cardiologist. His poor son, (the love of my life) who tried every new medication and surgical intervention known to man, died at 50.
    Lifestyle changes are crucial to longevity and many times it is just in the genes. I feel DNA testing will prove to be the best indicator for what medications, if any, will help those who have genetic predispositions to coronary problems among other devastating illnesses. Of course those tests in themselves will prove controversial one day and as a society we will have to deal with them as they arise.
    Yesterday’s wonder drugs oftentimes end up being tomorrow’s poisons. These things are just the facts of life we all have to face as we wonder if we are doing the best we can to ensure long healthy lives!!

  17. crandreww

    @ Bailey…I am so sorry to hear of your husbands untimely death. You are correct, statins do not prevent heart disease in more than the ABSOLUTE risk redution, of about 3% of patients…hardly worth the risks. As you may be aware, Cholesterol is an ABSOLUTELY vital nutient, which is present in each and every cell in our body…whether you are a creationist or an evolutionist, Cholesterol is, and always has been in each and every one of our cells. I for one, do not believe God messed up by putting it into our bodies, and indeed giving us the ability to MAKE it ourselves.

  18. suki65

    hi, have you tried intermittent fasting? I eat between 11am and 7pm. I only drink water or sugar free brews and I take only opti omega 3 capsules my levels 7.9 to 6.2 and triglyceride 2.9 to 2.5. This is in 2 months goodbye statins they have wrecked my bones and muscles, I have just ordered ubiquinol to repair. My vitamin d is also low 17 due to the statins I have had every side effect from simvastatin, rosuvastatin, pravastatin and fenofibrate.

  19. Bailey

    Please continue to speak to as many as you can. You have enlightened me more than anyone. I was always proud of my great cholesterol levels of 220. My poor late husband fought his cholesterol levels all his short life. Despite the best of care and getting those “numbers” under control, he still died of a massive heart attack at 50. So, it is just another example of how statins do not prevent heart disease from progressing.
    Many thanks to all for your comments,

  20. suki65

    hi IB, have you tried ubiquinol? it is supposed to be good for your bones I struggle with my left arm due to statins I will let you know how I feel when they come.
    Can he try intermittent fasting for 2 months and try to cut down a little on the statins taking one every other day.
    I was told I would have to take statins for the rest of my life I’m 48 and if I carried on with statins I would be unable to walk.
    I eat between 11am and 7pm and only have water or sugar free brews in between and my levels have come down from 7.9 to 6.2 in just 2 months my doc is amazed. if you can just for 2 months it is worth trying.
    dr mercola why eating breakfast might make you hungrier it is worth reading.
    I wish you all the best let me know how you go if you try it I will never take any statins ever again.

  21. IB

    In 2007 my husband at 79 had a blood test with a Cloresterol of 117. (He was on Lipitor). The very next day he had a heart attack which resulted in his second bypass. (First one in 1996). Go figure for high colesterol. He is now 85 and the Dr. still has him on Pravastatin 5mg. for a reading of 115. He is very weak and strugles walking. We hang in there but wish there were more answers.

  22. suki65

    hi, have you tried intermittent fasting? I eat between 11am and 7pm. I only drink water or sugar free brews and I take only opti omega 3 capsules my levels 7.9 to 6.2 and triglyceride 2.9 to 2.5. This is in 2 months goodbye statins they have wrecked my bones and muscles, I have just ordered ubiquinol to repair. My vitamin d is also low 17 due to the statins I have had every side effect from simvastatin, rosuvastatin, pravastatin and fenofibrate.

  23. Bailey

    May I also say that I had no heart or vascular problems in my family. I still have never had an heart issues. However, the first test I had done for any vascular issues was well after I started on statins.
    In two short months, the blockage went from a 60% to 98% blockage. So, if the statins were doing the job intended, would that have happened?
    Since stopping the statin, my cholesterol levels have gone from 111 to a healthier 160. (Prior to taking statins my total cholesterol was never over 216.
    The other new and alarming thing is that my liver enzymes are off, but not enough to be worrisome at this time. That is just one more reason to stop the statins.
    I have begun to feel better daily. I am beginning to think the statins did more to cause overall health problems than resolve anything. For instance, every time I went to the doctor, my blood pressure was high. My blood pressure was high because I was in so much pain. Prior to statins my blood pressure was low and my resting heart rate about 70. This had been the case for me for some 30 years. I was not prescribed B/P meds until I started on statins.
    I just hope young people read these latest blogs and studies and begin to think twice about statin use. I have at least 15 contemporaries of mine who said they stopped the statins because of terrible leg pain. It is too under reported!!
    I began to buy into the notion that I had a bad back. But, I never once told any doctor I had a bad back in all the years I went to a doctor. I never needed any medications either.
    Now, hope I do not sound like a broken record!!

  24. SalW

    I forgot to mention in my previous post that current typical cholesterol tests don’t actually do a very good job of predicting heart disease risk. A more important test today to determine heart disease risk is the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) lipoprofile test which tests LDL particle number and determines the risk for heart disease. You can have low or normal LDL or total cholesterol (due to statins) and still be at high risk for heart disease (such as Bill Clinton). Also, you can have high or normal total or LDL cholesterol and yet be at low risk. So many people are not getting enough treatment and many others are getting too much. Doctors have relied too long on a compromised cholesterol study of 2004.

  25. SalW

    Lowering cholesterol levels for the sake of lowering cholesterol does not make any sense at all! In 1994, the Scandinavian Simvastatin Survival Study showed for the first time that statins, by lowering LDL levels, could not only prevent heart attacks but could generally prolong life. That was then, but this is now when there is growing evidence that statins provide little or no benefit for healthy patients and can trigger dangerous side effects. New studies question whether there really is any link between cholesterol levels and heart disease. Statin drugs don’t reduce the risk of death for most people and have dangerous side effects and complications. Fifty per cent of people who have a heart attack do not have high cholesterol/LDL.
    Further, “a University of Arizona research team recently has made a novel discovery in brain cells being treated with statin drugs and discovered unusual swellings within neurons that is a more severe version for what is happening in some peoples’ brains when they take statins. Clinical reports note that statin users often are told by physicians that cognitive disturbances experienced while taking statins were likely due to aging or other effects. However, the UA team’s research offers additional evidence that the cause for such declines in cognition is likely due to a negative response to statins.”
    The FDA is now encouraging more people to report adverse drug side effects to their FDA MedWatch. Doctors certainly don’t have the time to do it, or don’t acknowledge many side effects, so it is up to the patients. This is how the FDA revises their prescribing information.
    New cholesterol guidelines will be forthcoming later in the year by a board of 15 cardiologists. Perhaps none of them are under the payroll of the pharmaceutical companies making the statin drugs as were the “experts” on the panel in 2004 when the majority financially profited from their decisions to lower the guidelines not based on any clinical studies. We all deserve better!

  26. J. V. Isaacs

    After I used food and supplements to rid myself of the pain of osteo-arthriitis, and bursiitis, I discovered I had pains in the nerves of my legs, and numbness of, and tingling in my extremities, which I realised was caused by Lipitor, which had been prescribed to lower high cholesterol.
    I stopped taking it, and the pains disappeared. Later, I began taking Crestor, which caused pains in the muscles of my shoulders, arms, and numbness of my fingers. Luckily, I was now going to a doctor who believed in natural remedies, and had faith in my ability to use them reliably.
    Using information from “The People’s Pharmacy Quick & Handy Home Remedies”, within a month I had reduced the total cholesterol; raised the HDL above the normal range; and, reduced the Triglycerides, and the LDL. She was amazed at the results.

  27. HJL

    I sound like a broken record but the key fact is Mary’s cholesterol went from an unhealthy 150 to a healthy 200 when the meds stopped for a week. 250 used to be considered normal and cholesterol below 220 is associated with higher death rates. Moreover, if you really think you need a statin, the smallest dose gives the maximum proportional effect.
    Restated: a small dose of statin will probably lower your cholesterol a lot and piling on more just reduces it a little more.
    Folks, ask why you are being prescribed a statin. Total cholesterol is unimportant. HDLs should be high and triglycerides low and this can happen with more protein and fat and less sugar. No fruit drinks and no soda. Eat berries and whole fruit if you must and eat lots of salad with dressing you make since commercial dressing is high in sugar.
    Cut out prepared food; cook whole food, it isn’t that hard. It takes about a minute to make healthy salad dressing, olive oil, lemon juice or vinegar and some spices. For Greek use oregano and add feta. Ditch the statins and speak up if you are hurting. What is life worth if you can’t enjoy it??

  28. crandreww

    Keep in mind, that ALL STATINS and RED YEAST RICE block an enzyme (ACETYL COA REDUCTASE) in the Mevolonate Pathway, and in blocking this crucial step in the beginning of this pathway, you inhibit everything else from happening in this nearly 200 step process…Lipitor (low dose, 10mg) caused Neuronal Apoptosis (Brain Cell death) Mitochondrial DNA mutation, and Peripheral Neuropathy in me, at only 34 yrs of age…been basically unchanged for 10 years now…Wish I would have learned of the very real side effects in my 10 years of Critical Care Nursing

  29. Susan W

    One of my older relatives has many negative symptoms that I attribute to long-term statin use. Once the statins have been stopped, could she reasonably expect these symptoms to abate? I am especially interested in the symptoms relating to muscle weakness and neuropathy of the feet.

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