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Q. I have a suggestion for the person who wrote about being addicted to nasal spray. I was hooked on Neo-Synephrine for more than 30 years.
Then I read that a prescription for Flonase could help. I was very skeptical but my doctor had no problem writing me a prescription.
I put one spray in each nostril and by that evening I had not used the Neo-Synephrine and threw the bottle away. That was in 1999. I had tried every method I heard about and nothing worked until I used Flonase, which I still use occasionally. I have shared my experience with other folks who are hooked on nasal sprays.

A. Fluticasone (Flonase) is a corticosteroid nose spray that helps reduce inflammation. It’s usually prescribed to treat seasonal allergies such as hay fever. It can also ease the rebound congestion that causes such misery when a decongestant nasal spray is halted suddenly.
Gradually reducing the concentration of the nasal spray by diluting it with saline works for some people.

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  1. Robert H.

    I suffered from nasal congestion for 3 months that was cleared up temporarily with a saline rinse. Couldn’t sleep through the night without getting up to rinse. Found the solution was generic Flonase (fluticasone propionate). Cleared me day and night with 2 sprays/day.

  2. pat

    re: flonase or any cortisone nasal spray
    I found that using it nightly overtime to relieve nasal congestion, caused me to have nose bleeds! It was destroying the nasal membranes. I now use neo-synephrine 3x a week with no negative results.

  3. tm

    I used Flonase for years. I developed cataracts on both eyes and had to have them removed. I am only 61 and the cataracts were both removed when I was still in my fifties. They don’t tell you that Flonase and other steroid nose sprays can contribute to the early development of cataracts but I found that out after it was too late. Also, for me, Flonase stopped working after awhile so it was back to the addictive nose sprays.
    I have tried everything and while some remedies work for some periods of time nothing has worked consistently over the years better than the addictive nose sprays. My congestion is always at night so it’s either use the sprays or I can’t sleep. I have tried decongestants and they clear up my nasal passages but the ingredients keep me awake. Some have suggested Bendadryl but this doesn’t decongest me.
    I wish there was a remedy that would help with my severe night time nasal congestion while letting me sleep through the night! I have also tried “breathe right” strips with little success.

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