Q. I took clonidine for several years to help with both blood pressure and hot flashes. I took the pill only at night. The nightmares didn’t start right away, but after they did, they became progressively more frequent until they were occurring about once every week or so. I became afraid to go to bed anymore, not knowing if I’d wake up in a panic from another nightmare. I also suffered sleep paralysis, which is very scary.
A. Clonidine (Catapres) is a unique blood pressure drug that was first approved by the FDA in 1974. It was first available as a tablet and then later also as a transdermal skin patch (Catapres-TTS).
Although the FDA has approved clonidine only for treating hypertension, physicians prescribe it for a number of “off-label” uses to:

  • Ease symptoms of withdrawal from narcotic pain relievers
  • Ease symptoms of withdrawal from nicotine
  • Relieve hot flashes of menopause
  • Alleviate nerve pain associated with diabetes (diabetic neuropathy)
  • Help control pain caused by cancer
  • Help control symptoms of ADHD

How well clonidine works for these off-label uses remains controversial. Without large-scale, long-term, well-controlled scientific trials it is hard to really know.

Clonidine & Nightmares:

If you check most monographs or standard references for clonidine you will not discover nightmares or sleep paralysis as a side effect. But if you dig a bit deeper into the official prescribing information you will discover that “sleep disorder, and vivid dreams or nightmares” are listed. How common these symptoms are is anyone’s guess. In one informal, web-based study, we found that this side effect may take several months to show up. As a result, it would never have been reported in clinical trials and consequently it isn’t in the standard list of side effects.
Sleep paralysis is another side effect that could easily be missed in clinical trials. That’s because investigators rarely question subjects about this sort of adverse reaction. It can indeed be a terrifying experience. Sleep paralysis sometimes happens upon awakening, when the person just begins to regain consciousness but has no muscle control and feels paralyzed. To get a sense of what this scary situation is like, you may wish to read this account from one of our visitors.

Other Side Effects of Clonidine (Catapres)

  • Dry mouth (40% of patients may experience); dry nose
  • Drowsiness, sedation, fatigue (one third of patients may experience)
  • Dizziness (16% of patients may experience)
  • Constipation (10% of patients may experience); stomach pain, loss of appetite
  • Low blood pressure, especially upon standing (dizziness)
  • Blurred vision, dry eyes
  • Headache
  • Anxiety, nervousness, agitation, restlessness
  • Delirium, delusions, hallucinations, depression
  • Hair loss, rash, hives, itching
  • Fever
  • Sexual problems, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, urinary difficulties
  • Slow pulse, arrhythmias, irregular heart rate
  • Blood disorders
  • Muscle cramps, leg cramps, joint pain

Does Clonidine Have Anticholinergic Activity?

One of the more disconcerting complications of clonidine is its anticholinergic-like activity. Many health professionals are not aware that this blood pressure drug might alter the way the body reacts to the neurochemical acetylcholine (hence its possible anticholinergic action). But when you see symptoms such as dry mouth, dry eyes, constipation, drowsiness, blurred vision, difficult urination and confusion, they are red flags that the drug could have substantial anticholinergic activity. That means that older people (over the age of 65) could be extremely vulnerable to brain fog, delirium or hallucinations. And such complications could lead to a false diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. To learn more about this under-recognized problem we suggest either our Guide to Drugs and Older People or the chapter on senior citizens in our book Top Screwups Doctors Make and How to Avoid Them. There is not yet adequate research to prove clonidine has strong anticholinergic action, but the common symptoms of this drug are so suggestive that we think researchers should examine this possibility seriously.

Clonidine Withdrawal: A Potentially Deadly Reaction

NEVER stop taking clonidine suddenly! Missing a dose of clonidine can cause a serious or even potentially life-threatening withdrawal reaction. Symptoms can include anxiety, agitation, headache, tremor and worst of all, a sudden spike in blood pressure. The blood pressure elevation can be so great as to trigger a stroke. Although the FDA advises a gradual withdrawal if clonidine must be discontinued, the agency doesn’t provide much detail. Here are the FDA’s recommendations:
“When discontinuing therapy with CATAPRES [clonidine] tablets, the physician should reduce the dose gradually over 2 to 4 days to avoid withdrawal symptomatology.”
The FDA also warns that if a person is taking clonidine and has to undergo surgery:
“Administration of Catapres® (clonidine hydrochloride, USP) tablets should be continued to within 4 hours of surgery and resumed as soon as possible thereafter. Blood pressure should be carefully monitored during surgery and additional measures to control blood pressure should be available if required.”


Clonidine comes with a lot of unpleasant baggage. Although it may be a good choice for some patients, we think it should rarely, if ever, be prescribed to older patients. It is on the “Beers List” of drugs older people should generally avoid. (Other medications on the Beers List can be found in both our Guide to Drugs and Older People and our book Top Screwups Doctors Make and How to Avoid Them.
Have you ever taken clonidine? How well did it work to control your blood pressure? Did your doctor prescribe it for one of the off-label uses listed above? If so, did it work? Did you experience side effects? We would like to learn more about your experience, so please use the space below to enter your comment. Thanks for sharing your story.

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  1. Dr. Mike

    My 15yo special needs daughter was put on clonidine by her mother who took her to a neurology clinic where a physicians assistant (my daughter was never examined by the neurologist) prescribed clonidine to sedate my daughter at night. For several months following her initial dosing, my daughter suffered from a cognitive decline that eventually tapered off (somewhat). My daughter is unable to verbally indicate if she suffers side effects from this drug but when I have her, I have noticed she has now has trouble with constipation and is often talking gibberish, which she never did before. In my daughter’s case, this is a medically unnecessary drug which, due to its powerful effects on the sympathetic nervous system, should not be administered to any patient unless the medical necessity for it overweighs any and all potential harmful effects. Patient (consumer) beware! And, BTW, I am in the midst of a legal fight to have this prescription discontinued before some yet to be determined complication does arise. My little girl has enough problems as it is and doesn’t need any more from a drug.

  2. Renee

    I have been using Clonidine 0.1mg. I.R. as an SD junction for neuropathic pain relief secondary to phantom pain following bilateral 10th rib amputation for spinal bone grafting. It seems to significantly reduce the constant burning pain that radiates everywhere. The one drawback is the issue with rebound hypertension that can occur if a dose is missed or if the drug is stopped, suddenly. I also take several other medications for my chronic intractable spinal pain. I’m sure to my doses would be higher if I wasn’t taking Clonidine. In the past, I have tapered off and stopped taking it for a time, finding the meds that I continue to take
    , less effective. Though many pain management organizations do not sanction the practice, for myself, I firmly believe in ,”drug holidays”, where I wean myself off my meds, relax and try to do a day or two pain med free. This usually means staying pretty activity free, but, for me it has helped, over my 40+ years of chronic intractable pain, to keep from becoming tolerant to my prescription dosage, thus requiring much fewer increases in dosage amounts.

  3. Barbara
    Piedmont Triad, NC

    I’ve been taking clonidine for six months because I had a stroke. I was already on 3 BP meds and did not realize my BP was up enough to cause a problem. Clonidine may have brought my BP down some for a while, but a trip to the cardiologist proved I had extreme HBP, so he added Amlodipine. Since all doctors I’ve seen since the stroke think my HBP is from stress, I’ve been going to biofeedback therapy as well.

    Amlodipine helped bring my BP under control, but not without its side effects. I now have numerous broken veins in my feet and legs, and the swelling it causes has me in compression hosiery. But CLONIDINE is my worst nightmare of the whole scenario. It makes my eyes so dry, my eyelids stick to them. My mouth stays so dry sometimes, I can barely speak. I have weird dreams now, sluggish as all get-out, and fall to sleep each time I sit down. My legs, hips, and calves hurt to the point I don’t care about going anywhere anymore. Clean house? Forget it! I can barely move most days! Still, I am told to walk. If it weren’t for the support bars on my treadmill, I would have already broken a hip. I have been so constipated from that devil of a medicine until I had to see a gastroenterologist for tears! I’ve NEVER had a constipation problem! On days I am able to function and something rubs me the wrong way, I am quick to shoot off my spout. I feel like breaking something sometimes and that’s just not me. I fell to sleep while driving, so I have stopped going anywhere alone. Feeling I have no life left in me, I asked my doctor to take me off the amlodipine and clonidine and try something else, but she will not do it. I see my nephrologist next month, so I’m going to see what he suggests. I told my primary care doctor that my heart rate has been down as low as 42 BPM and how afraid I was to fall to sleep because of it (I read an article about medicines killing people during naps because of this) and she said not to worry because our hearts have built-in pacemakers. Then why all the horror stories about slow heart rates? I also take toprol, losartan, clopidogrel, and HCT. I suspect the toprol is responsible for low blood sugar sometimes. I would love any feedback that might be helpful.

  4. Kyra E

    I’ve been prescribed clonidine oral tablets to help ease my toca associated with Tourette’s syndrome. I’ve taken it for almost a month but now I’m starting to have hallucinations and nightmares but I’m not sure if it’s the clonidine or the trazodone I started on Friday.

  5. Nancy

    I have been taking clonidine for about one year. It causes depression and my heart rate spikes when it wears off. I take .1×3 day. No one, including my doctor knows what to do to help me taper off this nightmare

  6. Carol

    I have been on clonodine for 10 years .01 3x day.
    I am 64. I do not have any of these side effects.
    When hospitalized tried something else and they
    Nearly killed me. Tried another med and it made my body swell
    Up and they then prescribed a diuretic. Quit oth of them.
    Maybe some things just work with some people

  7. Letty

    I am 73 years old and and female. I had an operation to my right foot November 2014.
    Fantastic surgery, a pin and plate has been inserted and the overgrowth of arthritis has been removed.
    I was prescribed Percocet for pain relief.

    I am now in the miserable process of withdrawal. Not doing very well, so, my Dr suggested Clonidine 0.1 mg twice a day. My reaction is unbelievable: I cannot stop crying, I am falling over, aggressive, the night tremors have increased, vivid dreams, dry mouth, constipation, lethargic and depressed. My husband has been most tolerant so far, but now is telling me that the Clonidine must stop. I agree with this.
    Please friends, be careful of this medication. Once I have mastered the withdrawals, I intend to detox my body and go back to clean eating and exercise.
    I wish you all the best of luck in your fight. Keep going onward and upward.

  8. Hilda

    I was put on .1mg Clonidine by an ER doctor to be taken every 8 hours. However I found it too strong and cut the tablet in half cos of side effects. I only take it morning and evening. It works just as well at half dose. I’ve tried dozens of BP pills and all have terrible side effects. I take Bisoprolol as well. The Clonidine works amazingly well but only keeps my Bp down for max 3 to 4 hours. .1 mg only lasted the same time.

    I also had dry mouth but not since only taking half the dosage. I sleep well but do have to get up 2 or 3 times a night to empty bladder. This is caused by Bisoprolol not Clonidine. On half the dosage I do not have any side effects. I sleep well wake early and do hard physical work during the day. I do need to take a nap some days but not always but more due to how hard I’ve worked. I came across this article because I was considering taking Clonidine 5 times a day and stopping Bisoprolol as Clonidine does not mix with other meds and some Vitamins as well.

    I highly recommend you ask your Doctor to try you on a lower dose to cut side effects. The only real side effect I have with it is that I am a little off balance when I walk but only some days. When I can afford to see a Doctor I will ask about the patches as it may last the day.

  9. Valerie

    My doctor just prescribed this medication for ADHD since I can’t take the stimulants due to a congenital heart defect. I had my first dose and was asleep within minutes, the next day I noticed that I was very calm and focused with no appetite. The headache that persisted for three days was also gone. I’m not sure I feel so confident with taking the meds after reading everyone’s comments.

  10. C B

    I started taking clonidine when I was 3 years old and I didn’t take a single break from the drug until I finally took myself off of it last year before I hit 21. I highly advise you do not take this drug. Originally I had started using it to alleviate my tics from Tourette’s syndrome and my ADHD symptoms. But for as long as I can remember I cannot ever recall it doing anything to help either issue. In fact, my throat became so overwhelmingly dry that before you knew it a new tic had formed, because I constantly felt like I had to clear my throat. To this day I still have this tic which sounds like a louder than usual clearing of the throat. it’s really just me hawking loogies and snorting them up my nose and back down to repeat the process. I was never able see any results in my Tourette’s either because they didn’t exist or because of the fact that I had to take my 4 pills at night since I would almost immediately pass out upon using them. I don’t ever recall feeling more focus or less hyper on the medication, and I was taking a fairly high dosage. For my entire life. The horrifying dreams and paralyzed sleep I was experiencing on a weekly basis were nothing like I’d ever seen. I was convinced I was possessed by a demon because of how realistically painful and purely scary the paralysis felt and for how difficult it was to snap out of it. When I quit clonidine it came as no shock that there was no change at all and now I’m officially a lifetime insomniac thanks to becoming dependent on it for sleep. Do not give this drug to your children. Especially for long term use. Use me as an example

    • Hanna

      I was wondering if you are still a lifetime insomniac 2 years after stopping clonidine? I have been on sleeping pills since I was 8 years old (I am now 23) and have taken clonodine every single night for as long as I can remember. I really want to get off of them and learn how to sleep naturally. (If I don’t take the pill, I literally can not fall asleep. I’ve been awake for almost 48 hours before, until I finally gave in & took a pill cuz it felt like I was dying.)

  11. Jerry H.
    Atlanta, GA

    I just started taking Clonidine a few weeks for blood pressure and I am already going to speak to my Doctor next week about changing medications. After taking a dose, 0.2mg twice daily, about thirty minutes later I start feeling loopy and out of it. Hard to focus and concentrate. Get very sleep and mouth dries up. On top of that the rest of the day I feel weak to the point of being winded just by walking a short distance or doing a small task such as getting up from sitting. I go to the gym and I have no energy to do much. Not a good experience at all.

    • Renee

      You might talk with your doctor about decreasing the dosage to 0.1mg. Clonadine should not be stoppedabruptly, and is usually given in conjunction with another B/P med to avoid rebound hypertension.

  12. Cheyenne Y.
    United States

    I have been using clonidine for roughly 5 and a half years. I was prescribed due to prolonged insomnia and hypertension. The first two years it worked fine, I used a dosage of one 0.1 mg a night and this helped me to rest until I became accustomed to the drug and it took hours to take effect. Currently, I am on a one 0.2 mg a night, and now two 0.2 mg a night does not affect me until about an hour or so. I noticed when I used 0.2 I began to have really bad nightmares, almost every night, and I could not escape them, until I found a solution to whatever my nightmare was about. Also, if I stayed moving after taking clonidine and took a shower, when I came out I felt disoriented and my heart rate increased immensely and I almost passed out. Anxiety attacks commonly occur with me currently now.

    Overall it is not a terrible drug, but it is easily accumulated to, and is a pain once your body becomes used to it and needs more. I will be switching medications very soon because increasing the dosage is no longer working. By the way I’m 17. It is a good drug for a short term, but not for a long duration.

  13. Fiona
    United States

    I have been diagnosed with depression and an overactive flight or fight part of the brain. My psychiatrist prescribed clonidine about 6 months ago. 3 months into taking it I woke up one morning feeling dead. It was hard to walk, my limbs felt like they were asleep, it was awful. I took a shower and when I got out, no more than 5 minutes, I passed out. My mom came in and checked to see what happened and she has hypertension so we have a BP checking thing so we checked my blood pressure and it was 70/50. I am a 17 y/o girl whose normal bp is 120/80. We went to the doctor and they just told me to stop taking it, they didn’t wean me off. I had low blood pressure for about a week. It was not a good experience for me.

  14. al
    United States

    I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2012 my bp was all over the place and all attempts to get it under control with other bp meds was no help plus the side effects were so bad it just made dealing with the lyme disease almost unbearable along with several antibiotics, I felt I was losing the battle.
    I was sent to a kidney specialist? and he put me on Clonidine 0.1mg
    2 to 3 times /day, this was another failed attempt to control the bp.

    The next thought was to try the patch at the same dose so there would a constant level of med instead of the up and downs of the pills, I always took the pill at 8:30 am same time each day. This did the trick!!!! I change the patch once a week and since that time, my bp has been for the most part controlled.
    I don’t know of any side effects I have experienced since being on the patch. I am so thankful this is something that is doing the job, just hope it continues without repercussions later.

    I do wonder if the patch would have been a better choice for others with a lower dose? It is frightening to read the problems others have had and does concern me, but all other drugs were tried included the 0.1mg tablets, the patch has worked for me.

  15. shiv

    thank you I have just started this therapy…….the info is extremely profound…….I will abide by it…….very grateful to you.

  16. Ruth

    I have been on Clonidine for 6months. I am becoming more depressed and irritable by the week along with fatigue and other minor side effects. I have always been a very happy and positive person but that has all changed since I started this drug. I had the horrible cough with the alpha blockers and had hot flashes so was given this to fix both problems. I hope there is an alternative as I am very sensitive to any med and nearly always end up with the nastiest side effects.

    • Stacy

      Reading these comments, especially yours, I am in shock. So many of these comments are me! I too, have always been an upbeat happy 50 year old woman. I have been taking this for 2 years. Never did I think of the bp med as being my issue. Thank you, I am scheduling an appointment now. I have been in this depressed, not wanting to leave our house “funk” for far too long.

  17. Bob G
    long beach, calif.

    I hate this drug. When taking it with amlodipine I thought I was going to die. I quit the amlodipine and felt fine. Then I wanted to get off the clonidine after reading all of the negatives about it. I notice if I don’t take it I get extremely anxious with a real sense of uneasiness. I hate it. Also I have a really tough time urinating especially in the morning on awakening. My blood pressure is all over the map this morning but I refuse to take this drug anymore… I take a small spoonful of peanut butter in the morning and try and have something on my stomach through the day and that seems to help. However, the feelings of fear and anxiety remain. I should mention that my diastolic pressure is pretty normal in the low 80’s range but the systolic is all over the place. ie; 156, 144, 160, but mostly in the 140 range… Why I was prescribed this drug for high blood pressure is beyond me. This is a drug for heroin addicts and the withdrawal symptoms from clonidine are worse than withdrawal from heroin which is terrible in itself. I don’t know what’s going to happen today but i’m not touching this drug again… I got through yesterday without it and we’ll see what happens today.

    • Michael
      Boston MA

      hey Bob yes I TOTALLY agree with you my doctor just started me on this medication and im up to day 4, I suffer from a pre stage of hypertension (recently) and also from anxiety. I’m also on clonazepam very low dose but the clonidine does work wonders for me for my shakiness that I feel and so on. I don’t like the side effects I’m noticing on my day 4 that I’m feeling very depressed today I really dont like it. I get really bad dry mouth, it’s bad, all these medications are not good for your body. Exercise and eat healthy!

  18. Jennifer J.
    hardinsburg ky

    I have been taking clonidine for 2 years now. I don’t have any side effects that I am aware of. Yesterday I was finally sent to a cardiologist, because nothing seems to bring my bp down. I am on clonidine .1 mg 3x day, atenolol 100mg once daily, cozaar 50 mg 2x daily and low dose aspirin. Nothing works. I told my cardio I need help with stress, and he laughed and said stress doesn’t affect bp. I should probably find a new doctor…

  19. Melanie

    I am a 44 year old female and have been on this medicine (0.4mg per day, twice daily) for almost 5 months now. After initially seeing my physician for mouth ulcers and feeling very wiped out, this is the solution he came up with. I don’t have low blood pressure or any of the typical illnesses this drug is prescribed for but have been going through multiple tests and am seeing a internal medicine specialist next to hopefully get a diagnosis. Prior to being put on Clonidine I was in bad shape. At the start of taking Clonidine I did experience a lot of side effects others in this conversation are or have experienced but they have gradually subsided and overall have helped immensely with my pain and other symptoms. I now function quite normal throughout my day with work, school etc. Hopefully it will work for others like it has for me.

  20. Paul
    United States

    I’m 38 and have been taking it for the past 1 1/2 years. I am now being weaned off after months of telling my Doctor how bad the medication is. I have lost a lot of weight and my BP is dropping fast after I take it. I also have been suffering anxiety really bad around the time my next dose it due. Thank God my Doctor is finally answering my prayers. I only take .1mg in the morning and at night. To wean me down he has me taking it in the morning and not night for 1 week and then for the second week only taking it every two days. I hope it does the trick! I have notice that since I don’t take a dose at night… my anxiety seems to be less now. I hate this drug with a passion.

  21. vicki

    Why does my Clonidine make my head hurt? I take it at night because makes me sleep, but when i awake the next morning I have this awful headache.

  22. 48 yo Dad
    United States

    clonidine at night 0.1mg…dry mouth, red itchy eyes, and now anxiety and general melancholy not GOOD since I have mild depression and take Celexa…

  23. Jon

    I’m taking .1mg 6 times a day .3 morning .3 at night for high blood pressure. I was taking Losartan 100 mg and a beta blocker Metoprolol 25mg along with the clonidine per day. I took myself off all but the clonidine so far.

    I have been slowly trying to get off this stuff. have had great success by changing my diet and lifestyle. But this clonidine is horrible. when I take it and hour after I cant function. I feel so lethargic and weak I can’t stay awake. I sleep for at least and hour. Then it takes hours after waking up to shake the week lethargic feeling.

    Then when I finally break the fog I become completely anxious. As soon as I start to decrease the dose my BP goes high. It has taken me over two weeks to take just one .1mg off per day. I wish I would have done research before I started taking this drug. I hate it. can’t function. I’m working hard to get off this drug can’t wait to be free of it. Wish me luck.

  24. jae

    I am a 73 yr old female and have been taking 0.1mg clonidine twice aday for 8-10 years. I had a bilaterial carotidendarectory and this drug was the only drug that controlled my wild blood pressure swings after surgery I would go from 200/100s to50/40s in no time at all.
    I am a retired nurse and had to do my own research to find this drug as my drs didn’t have a clue what to put me on. Yes I have the side effects of extreme fatigue, dry mouth nightmares where I actually dive out of bed and hit the bedside table almost losing my eye and by the bruises you’ think I got beat up.
    I now sleep on the floor but if it wasn’t for this drug I wouldn’t be here now so I will put up with the side effects. Does anyone know of any other drug to try for this condition?

  25. DM

    I take clonidine for high b/p. The side effects are terrible, I fell and developed a bleed in the brain. The medication has so many side effects. I feel so strange on the medication, I wish there was other medications that I could try. I am afraid of the side effects.
    My son has Lennox Gaustaut syndrome , he has taken Clonidine for sleep for 5 years. He is only 8, he does not have the side effects I do. It concerns me because he is non verbal, what happens if has happens is having problems and does not have the ability to relate concerns.
    I have been in ICU 6 times this year, I finally realized it is due to the clonidine . Scary drug.

  26. pc

    I am 64, female, clonidine 0.1 twice daily for 5 years to lower GP. I am allergic to lisinopril. I tried to quit cold turkey with terrible results. DO NOT TRY IT.
    Now I’m in my third week of tapering off. BP is down but my heart rate is in the 90’s with evening BP spikes. I will never again take clonidine when I finally get this nasty task accomplished. I can’t believe doctors prescribe this for children.

  27. Joan

    I have been on Clonodine for 2 years after suffering from a stroke. Every time I take it I feel very lethargic, and can fall asleep at the drop of a hat. I hate feeling so lifeless. I also take Prozax which I think is not a good mix with Clonodine, the two medications interact in a very negative way.

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