Q. I took clonidine for several years to help with both blood pressure and hot flashes. I took the pill only at night. The nightmares didn’t start right away, but after they did, they became progressively more frequent until they were occurring about once every week or so. I became afraid to go to bed anymore, not knowing if I’d wake up in a panic from another nightmare. I also suffered sleep paralysis, which is very scary.
A. Clonidine (Catapres) is a unique blood pressure drug that was first approved by the FDA in 1974. It was first available as a tablet and then later also as a transdermal skin patch (Catapres-TTS).
Although the FDA has approved clonidine only for treating hypertension, physicians prescribe it for a number of “off-label” uses to:

  • Ease symptoms of withdrawal from narcotic pain relievers
  • Ease symptoms of withdrawal from nicotine
  • Relieve hot flashes of menopause
  • Alleviate nerve pain associated with diabetes (diabetic neuropathy)
  • Help control pain caused by cancer
  • Help control symptoms of ADHD

How well clonidine works for these off-label uses remains controversial. Without large-scale, long-term, well-controlled scientific trials it is hard to really know.

Clonidine & Nightmares:

If you check most monographs or standard references for clonidine you will not discover nightmares or sleep paralysis as a side effect. But if you dig a bit deeper into the official prescribing information you will discover that “sleep disorder, and vivid dreams or nightmares” are listed. How common these symptoms are is anyone’s guess. In one informal, web-based study, we found that this side effect may take several months to show up. As a result, it would never have been reported in clinical trials and consequently it isn’t in the standard list of side effects.
Sleep paralysis is another side effect that could easily be missed in clinical trials. That’s because investigators rarely question subjects about this sort of adverse reaction. It can indeed be a terrifying experience. Sleep paralysis sometimes happens upon awakening, when the person just begins to regain consciousness but has no muscle control and feels paralyzed. To get a sense of what this scary situation is like, you may wish to read this account from one of our visitors.

Other Side Effects of Clonidine (Catapres)

  • Dry mouth (40% of patients may experience); dry nose
  • Drowsiness, sedation, fatigue (one third of patients may experience)
  • Dizziness (16% of patients may experience)
  • Constipation (10% of patients may experience); stomach pain, loss of appetite
  • Low blood pressure, especially upon standing (dizziness)
  • Blurred vision, dry eyes
  • Headache
  • Anxiety, nervousness, agitation, restlessness
  • Delirium, delusions, hallucinations, depression
  • Hair loss, rash, hives, itching
  • Fever
  • Sexual problems, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, urinary difficulties
  • Slow pulse, arrhythmias, irregular heart rate
  • Blood disorders
  • Muscle cramps, leg cramps, joint pain

Does Clonidine Have Anticholinergic Activity?

One of the more disconcerting complications of clonidine is its anticholinergic-like activity. Many health professionals are not aware that this blood pressure drug might alter the way the body reacts to the neurochemical acetylcholine (hence its possible anticholinergic action). But when you see symptoms such as dry mouth, dry eyes, constipation, drowsiness, blurred vision, difficult urination and confusion, they are red flags that the drug could have substantial anticholinergic activity. That means that older people (over the age of 65) could be extremely vulnerable to brain fog, delirium or hallucinations. And such complications could lead to a false diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. To learn more about this under-recognized problem we suggest either our Guide to Drugs and Older People or the chapter on senior citizens in our book Top Screwups Doctors Make and How to Avoid Them. There is not yet adequate research to prove clonidine has strong anticholinergic action, but the common symptoms of this drug are so suggestive that we think researchers should examine this possibility seriously.

Clonidine Withdrawal: A Potentially Deadly Reaction

NEVER stop taking clonidine suddenly! Missing a dose of clonidine can cause a serious or even potentially life-threatening withdrawal reaction. Symptoms can include anxiety, agitation, headache, tremor and worst of all, a sudden spike in blood pressure. The blood pressure elevation can be so great as to trigger a stroke. Although the FDA advises a gradual withdrawal if clonidine must be discontinued, the agency doesn’t provide much detail. Here are the FDA’s recommendations:
“When discontinuing therapy with CATAPRES [clonidine] tablets, the physician should reduce the dose gradually over 2 to 4 days to avoid withdrawal symptomatology.”
The FDA also warns that if a person is taking clonidine and has to undergo surgery:
“Administration of Catapres® (clonidine hydrochloride, USP) tablets should be continued to within 4 hours of surgery and resumed as soon as possible thereafter. Blood pressure should be carefully monitored during surgery and additional measures to control blood pressure should be available if required.”


Clonidine comes with a lot of unpleasant baggage. Although it may be a good choice for some patients, we think it should rarely, if ever, be prescribed to older patients. It is on the “Beers List” of drugs older people should generally avoid. (Other medications on the Beers List can be found in both our Guide to Drugs and Older People and our book Top Screwups Doctors Make and How to Avoid Them.
Have you ever taken clonidine? How well did it work to control your blood pressure? Did your doctor prescribe it for one of the off-label uses listed above? If so, did it work? Did you experience side effects? We would like to learn more about your experience, so please use the space below to enter your comment. Thanks for sharing your story.

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  1. Jen

    I just started this drug as an attempt to treat horrible constant anxiety disorder and to help with insomnia that seems resistant to all other sleep meds and therapies (probably due to the stress of the anxiety). I just took my first tab a few hours ago, and it gave me some acid reflux but I don’t feel tired or dizzy or anything. But all of these stories are freaking me out. How common is it to have such horrible reactions?

  2. Sally

    I have high blood pressure and after many different drugs did not work, my M.D. prescribed clonidine. It was the only thing that worked. I have been taking it for several years (2 together in the morning and one before bed) and am now 83 years old. Never had dreams or hallucinations, but have low energy, very dry mouth, and had dry eye before taking it so it has made that worse. Recently moved and new M.D. wants me to stop taking it. So reduced it to one a day. B.P. soared to 200/110 pulse 115! I took 2 more spaced over a few hours as I was afraid of having a stroke. It came down in a few hours. My feet have been hurting and they and my ankles are very swollen all the time. Can’t wear any of my regular size shoes. Hard to walk now.I have had very good health up until i had a mild stroke . One M.D. gave me a diuretic which caused terrible gout in my fingers, ruined my finger joints and caused trigger finger. Now am totally allergic to all diuretics. Some other b.p. meds caused various other bad side effects and didn’t bring my b.p. down, so clonidine has been just about the only thing that has worked.

  3. Netttles

    My last comment was meant to say that I have have NOT experienced these symptoms prior to taking Catapress.

  4. Netttles

    There is definitely something going on with Catapress. I don’t think it is a safe drug and it clearly affects people in many different ways and that is what scares me. I have been taking it for high blood pressure and hot flushes for just over three weeks and it is already having a very strange impact on me.Of a day I feel out of it, unmotivated and at night I constantly wake up in a panic with my heart beating really heavily and fast. I actually feel that my body is asleep but my brain is awake. I dream constantly and can’t turn my brain off. I also understand the comments about it affecting your mental abilities. I have suddenly had trouble adding numbers and fiddle around, unable to make simple decisions. This isn’t me. I screamed and yelled at my kids tonight and threw a plastic cup on the floor in anger, Where is this coming from? I am a quiet, placid person. I have a really dry mouth and throat and my breath is awful. My eyes are foggy and I am constantly straining them to make them work. I have also developed restless left leg which drives me to the point of insanity. I have strange sensations in my chest – nothing specific like a knot – it just feels tight and I have been getting unusual sharp pain in my head. I need to be off this drug but other medications have not reduced my blood pressure. I have experience these symptoms prior to taking this drug. I am so happy to have read the above comments and know that others are experiencing similar difficulties.

    • Jen

      I have severe panic attacks, not because of this drug, and it certainly sounds like that is part of what this is doing to you. The drug may not be compatible with your chemistry.

  5. Donald
    Carmel Valley calif.

    I just jad a double bypass and the docs put me on clondine. I had severe burning skin, became emotional and saw hallucinations when I closed my eyes. Also I would pass out for two hours when I’d take it. I could go on about the horrible side effects I had from this crappy drug but we stopped it and replaced it and I feel much better.

  6. Sheryl

    I was given this medication by a pain therapist” to help with pre-menopause, who I was referred to’ from my Family physician. I should of done the research first on this medication before taking it. I am only 9 weeks in and the side effects are just few to many. I already have insominia and this medication wakes me up at least 3 times through the night, I get stomach aches, leg cramps, head aches, mood swings, blurry vission and worst I gained 12 pounds from 125 to 137 in only 9 weeks also loss of sex drive which was just fine before!

  7. Frankie

    I’m being treated for bilateral breast cancer and have recently had my ovaries removed. As a consequence, I went straight into menopause and the night sweats were awful. Just one pill a day, 0.1mg was enough to stop them and reduce my daytime flushes too. I have had nightmares and a dry mouth but I’d rather have those than sweating profusely morning, noon and night.


    Hello my name is Alberta and I have been on clonidine for a numerous of years for hbp. In fact I have been on some many different hbp medications I could fulfill someone’s prescription.

    I have been on 0.1, 0.2, 0. 3 mg. presently I am on 0.2 mg. My only reaction to clonidine is that I have to sleep at least 12 hours of more to come down of it.

    I say come down because clonidine gives me the same feeling I felt when I used heroin 47 years ago (I kicked cold turkey). about 5 minutes after taking this pill I am in la a land.

    I have never had any adverse reactions and it does keep me sedated and at ease. I am 64 years of age and its has bee about 20 years I been taking it. I read a few of these posts and I have never encountered any of the symptoms that were posted and I surely hope I won’t. I am still presently on this med as I post this.

  9. Joanne
    beloit, wi

    I take clonidine .2 mg 4 times a day. I’m 75. I also take Isosorbide 10 mg 4 times a day. I experience a little dizziness, but what I’m mostly experiencing is “loss of words.” I can’t think of the word I want, very often. I’m a former college teacher with 2 master’s degree and a fine vocabulary which I think I’m losing. On the other hand, clonidine works wonders for the anxiety (ptsd) that goes with my high blood pressure. Does anyone know a good alternative to clonidine? Thanks Joamnne

  10. Deb

    My 77 year old husband has been dealing with hpb this past year. First he tried Atenolol (tired and hard to get off), then a diuretic which was not helpful and finally diet which seemed to work, but inconsistent and he went off it while I was away for 3 weeks (can’t force anyone). So his doctor put him on clonidine about 2 months ago 0.1mg 2x day which worked at first, but after a month, it was up to 184/101. So his doctor did not even try to get him off the clonidine, but put him on Losiprinol minimal amount and that brought him to a level 140/80. However the side effects of the clonidine are horrible! From brain fog to vertigo to sleepiness, tinnitis/hearing loss to really irritable. His doctor is not willing at this time to try to get him off the clonidine. When he missed one AM dose he was really nasty and his bp very high. Since Losinopril acts to prevent potassium loss, I believe he could control his bp without meds on 5 servings of potassium-rich foods per day. But we may never know if he is stuck on the clonidine. Help. Does anyone know how to wean off this gracefully?

  11. Deb

    Husband 77 on 0.1 mg 2xday clonidine for hpb after trying Atenolol (horrible and hard to get off), a diuretic (NG), then diet which worked for a while but he went off the diet. Doctor prescribed Clonidine which worked for about 3 weeks, then bp up to 184/101 so doctor rxd Losinopril minimal on top of the clonidine which had stopped working. I believe the lisinopril is working tapered off at 140/80 (and probably all he needed was potassium-rich foods instead of even Lisinopril). but he is experiencing the side effects of the clonidine and they are nasty – tired, irritable, brain fog, vertigo, hearing loss/tinnitis, paranoid and negative!

    Doctor not interested in weaning him off and when he missed a morning dose of Clonidine, he was horrible, BP up again and attitude worst I have seen. Weaning him off does not look like an option. I hear this drug not recommended for over 65 since some side effects resemble Alzheimers and dementia. Anyone know how to get off? Something I can show his doctor?

    • Terry Graedon

      He can’t afford to miss doses of the clonidine. His body would react as if he were stopping cold turkey, and that can be quite dangerous with clonidine.

    • Judy

      My wife uses the clonidine patch. She was taking the tablet form of clonidine but it made her so tired after each dose she would have to lay down. The patch has made a world of difference without the blood pressure going up before each dose and she is not tired all the time. She uses 2- 3mg patches weekly. Her only problem is the patches seem to only last for 4 to 5 days rather than the prescribed 7 days. If this happens to you please let me know.

  12. Venkat

    I have had hallucination quite frequently on it, but it was not like an anticholinergic hallucination I have had with Flexeril. It a different type of hallucination, but I still continue to take this medication and ignore the hallucinations which happen more when I go to sleep (Hypnogogic). These happen more when my blood pressure drops too low and too quick and I go to bed.

  13. Carole
    Perth Australia

    I started taking Clonidine for excessive perspiring of my face and chest area. The face perspiring was the worst. I would just pour. It would drip off my chin in a few places and often get into my eyes where it stung like crazy. Of course worse in summer but if I overheated in winter was nearly as bad. After 63 years, and symptoms getting worse I needed help.

    The Clonidine did have to be upped from 50ml a day then to 150m to 300ml over a period of six weeks. I get about 75% relief from my symptoms now. It makes me drowsy which I can cope with, as I have insomnia I think it helps with that. I have a dry mouth, if I get thirsty it is severe.

    Low bp of 100/60 (my doc will be decreasing my other bp meds next week. My pulse is 60 (used to be about 55 10 years ago). I have less of an appetite and am also on a diet, although I initially lost 1.6kg in 6 days on the diet (which I started three weeks ago) in the last three weeks my weight has gone up slightly (all extremely puzzling to me!).

    I will continue with Clonindine as no on e could know what it is like trying to enjoy a hot day and sweating so profusely you actually need paper towels to mop it up and people are staring at you, often asking if anything is wrong and because of being so hot having a red face, as I have red hair! Thank you.

  14. Joanne
    West Yorkshire

    I began taking clonodine/dixirit 3 years ago and have suffered minor side effects or dry eyes and mouth I am now beginning to think I should come off them as my hot flushes are just as bad as when I first began does anyone else feel this .

  15. Tammy

    My son started taking clonidine to help him sleep a few years ago. He takes methylphenidate during the day for ADHD. After taking it a few years he started having myoclonic seizures in the morning right after he got up. That led to tonic-clonic seizures. All of his seizures have been during the night or first thing in the morning. Seizures are listed as a side effect for clonidine, but all the doctors tell me the clonidine isn’t causing his seizures. Does anyone have any experience with this issue?

  16. Annie

    Cardiologist wants to put me on Catapress or clonodine patch to lower my blood pressure. My endocrinologist wants me on something to lower my heart rate because I am on high dose of Synthroid. The side effects of clonodine that people are having sound awful. Could you still take an occasional Valium for sleep while on this drug? Please anyone have any experience with the patch type of clonodine/Catapress? Do you think the brand name would have less side effects? Please tell me: if you had a choice between Toprol XL and clonodine which would you choose? Thanks. Annie

  17. julie
    United States

    I started it about 20 days ago. It was prescribed with the dual intention of helping with insomnia (didn’t) and helping with hot flashes (totally did!). But I already have fairly low blood pressure and I’ve started feeling short of breath on exertion. Wondering if BP is low enough my body is having trouble perfusing adequately. I actually was looking for side effects when I found this page. Doesn’t sound like it’s a normal side effect from what I can find. I also had no idea it was a drug you have to taper off of. That would have been nice of my doctor to mention. In spite of all that though, it has made a huge difference with my hot flashes, which were constant, so I’m going to continue to take unless I start having more issues.

  18. Antoinette

    I have only taken clonidine for 3 mths to treat perimenopausel symptoms, my physical syptoms suggest I am at that stage yet my blood test say different. My first month of taking 2 twice a day worked a treat on the hot flushes, anxiety and palpations but by the second month I was back to normal. I have been reducing my dosage and woke in the early hours to my heart racing and feeling like it was going beat out of my chest, I had a very intense agitated state earlier in the evening following 3 days of anxiety and to be blunt the urge to scream and at times a very aggressive which has resulted in me taking a Tramadol as it calms me. I have four more days of reducing my tabs to 1 a day before I drop them to every other day. Can I expect the above to continue?

  19. Bridget

    I have a very different sort of story. I had nearly a lifetime of debilitating post traumatic stress disorder with severe anxiety. I needed an antihypertensive, and asked my pcp to prescribe clonidine, because it is an alpha blocker and I knew many of my symptoms were due to a chronically overactive “fight or flight” response. The result was almost immediate, and for me, quite miraculous. I am pretty much a new person now. So simple.

    • Carole
      Perth Australia

      I am so pleased to read such a positive response to this drug. I am going to continue taking it even though I get a handful of side effects. It works well for my excessive perspiration.

  20. T.J
    New Orleans

    3 and a half years ago I had major back surgery, a spinal fusion. I had been on every amount of oxy’s you can imagine. As of last friday I stopped cold turkey because i felt as though i wasnt myself anymore and Ive been in hell. On about day 4 i went to the E.R. because I couldnt take the pain. The doctor prescribed .1mg of clonidine 2x a day for five days with no instructions. My question is can I become dependent in five days? Or do i need to taper? I already suffer hereditary high blood pressure. Can someone help me?

  21. jennifer
    United States

    My doctor prescribed me CLONIDINE HCL 0.1 MG TABLET back in August 2015, after I told him I discontinued taking TERAZOSIN 2 MG CAPSULE. Every night since I’ve taken the Clonidine, I wake up severe headaches, and I wake up constantly throughout the night. I’ve experienced terrifying nightmares.
    When I tell my doctor these things, he brushes it off and makes jokes about the fact I’m allergic too so many medications.
    When I don’t take it at night, I don’t experience the headaches.

  22. Brad

    I have been on this medication for 7 years. Turns out back surgery that was successful eliminated my pain. My BP prior to surgery was 210/110 on good day. This was with taking chlonodine and 320 diovan. After surgery and pain was 90% gone, my BP shot to normal, then very low. Where I became dizzy, confused and exhausted. Called Cardioligist office with BP and told to go er. They didn’t even listen to me about chlonodine. Never went er and cut pills in half. Was obvious was meds.

  23. Mike

    I was involved in 2 near fatal car accidents over the past 6 years; both times I was hit by a drunk driver. I was in Pain Management for the entire time taking Dilaudid or Morphine or Opana or OxyContin for the entire 6 years. Although these drugs did control my pain, they also controlled my life. The side effects were awful. I asked my physician to taper me off and he did although he wasn’t confident I could function without pain medication. He suggested Clonidine .1mg BID to start. I tried it for a month. It did help my migraines I started having after the first accident, but no notable pain relief. At my last appointment, he prescribed .2mg TID. Within 2 days, I noticed a significant (not all, but noticeable) reduction in pain and I was having no opiate withdrawal. He was concerned about my B/P bottoming out, so he asked that I make a journal wherein I recorded my B/P 2X a day for a month. In 3 months, if things remain stable with my B/P, we are going to go to .3mg TID. For me the minor side effects of dry mouth, partial insomnia and occasional dizziness are well worth it to remain off opiate based medications. I should add that I do have hypertension so it helps that condition as well. Clonidine has worked miracles for me.

  24. Jerry

    Dry mouth is much worse at night especially when getting up in the AM. Dreams, although not hallucinations, are like watching a bright movie and creating a script at the same time. Furthermore they are in color. I have been waking up with Heavy Legs and it takes a bit of walking to rid the feeling. I started taking a Magnesium supplement and it seem to help a bit. I am 75 and the tablet seems to be making me feel washed out.

    I tire easily and cannot even do half my walking routine on a treadmill that I could do before taking this med. For me this was the med of last resort as I am allergic to all the others. I was on Amlodipine for two years and developed a severe case of Bradycardia with irregular heartbeat. It is non recoverable so now I have a pace maker.

  25. Jerry

    Dry mouth is much worse at night especially when getting up in the AM. Dreams, although not hallucinations, are like watching a bright movie and creating a script at the same time. Furthermore they are in color. I have been waking up with Heavy Legs and it takes a bit of walking to rid the feeling. I started taking a Magnesium supplement and it seem to help a bit. I am 75 and the tabled seems to be making me feel washed out. I tire easily and cannot even do half my walking routine on a treadmill that I could do before taking this med. For me this was the med of last resort as I am allergic to all the others. I was on Amlodipine for two years and developed a severe case of Bradycardia with irregular heartbeat. It is non recoverable so now I have a pace maker.

  26. Julie

    This drug definitely causes weird sleep issues for me. I often wake up suddenly and see things that aren’t there. A few times it’s been spider hanging down over my bed, and last night I woke up suddenly and thought there was a purse on the end of my bed that wasn’t there. It usually takes me about 5 seconds to realize the these things aren’t there and I can’t touch them. This only happens on nights I take it, I’ve never had any sleep issues before. I tried stopping the pill for a few weeks just to make sure and last night I had the weird purse dream after taking it. So weird!

  27. Jennifer
    Reno, Nevada

    My 6 year old was prescribed Clonidine for ADHD about 3 weeks ago. My main concern prior to medication was his inability to control his behavior (impulse control) and he was like a ping pong ball (but GREAT in school and EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT!) It has been 3 weeks since he started and I don’t know who my son is – it’s like he is possessed. Has anyone else experienced this? He now argues over everything, is constantly angry and has begun to physically fight me and his Dad.

    His personality that used to light up a room has disappeared and I am devastated and scared and worried! This isn’t my child!!!

    He also has nightmares every single night and is up constantly and before he never had any issues with sleep.

    Can anyone help with any advice? He started out on 1/2 of a 0.1 tablet and after 4 days we moved up to 1 full 0.1 tablet every night. Last night and tonight I have decreased it down to 1/2 of a 0.1 tablet again in hopes to get him off of Clonidine – My amazing son has disappeared and it is absolutely frightening.

    • Mike
      New Hampshire

      Jennifer – I was your kid about 23 years ago. I’m 29 now and I’ve been all over the map with various medications for ADHD (and anxiety) since I was younger as well. I just started taking Clonidine a few nights ago because I have trouble sleeping (it’s always been that way since I can remember). I take Vyvanse during the day to “treat” my ADHD and I’m sure at some point you’ll be offered something similar for your child. The Clonidine was designed to “wind me down” at night (I took the HCL which is immediate release) and my doctor also mentioned that it’s used in an extended release format for ADHD in primarily children.

      What you’re seeing in your 6 year old is the human brain reacting to the suppression of the natural flow of chemicals through their body (Clonidine is an alpha-blocker). In some cases this is necessary, but for ADHD I wouldn’t touch this stuff with a 10 foot pole. I took it for 3 nights and I’m done. I literally felt so dumb yesterday, I can’t believe I made it through the day without making a complete fool out of myself. I was presenting a slide deck during a meeting and completely blanked on what I was going to say a couple of different times for probably 10 seconds – this doesn’t happen to me – even when I’m stuck, I can always find SOME word(s) to move a presentation forward.

      I’ve come to recognize through my own research that many intelligent people/kids need to learn and be taught differently than everyone else. The correct terminology in schools these days is ‘activity based learning’ and I would do everything within your power to get your child involved in this type of a curriculum. My wife is a preschool teacher and she’s all for activity-based learning because quite frankly, most kids are impulsive to a certain degree and this helps them focus. Maybe it won’t for your child, but don’t just give up and go for another medication. It’s okay if your child is a space cadet – trust me when I say they have something very special if they’re very intelligent as you stated and are exhibiting ADHD symptoms. The wheels are turning – let them turn! Have you ever seen the Einstein poster that says “It’s okay kid, I failed Math too”? Well, the poster is a bit misleading, but it’s true that Einstein did fail Math, but he didn’t fail because he didn’t understand the material – he failed because he was learning in your standard classroom format that is NOT conducive to creative and above-average intelligent minds which seem to be prone to ADHD.

      I meet with a cognitive behavioral specialist every other week and one of the most important things that I’ve learned through him is that my ADHD can be harnessed to a degree by setting aside time to be creative. Us ADHDers – we’re dreamers, we’re visionaries, but we have trouble organizing our thoughts at times and sure we’ll tend to misplace our keys or forget our jacket at school (at least twice a week). We forget to do these simple things like create checklists, remember where we put things or remember our jacket, because our head is in the clouds. Embrace it. We’re too busy thinking about the ‘next big thing’ and given the right resources and fostering the natural talent, we can leverage this thinking and translate that over to a successful career. I sense your child could be a future entrepreneur. Embrace it.

      I’m convinced that ADHD is a gift that needs to be harnessed and if I could somehow go back in time and tell my parents what they could change – I would advise them to find schools or programs that cater to my unique learning needs and stay the hell away from medication. When you start taking pills at age 6, it’s really easy to start taking ones you’re not supposed to when you get older. I’m unfortunately speaking from experience, although those dark days are now over.

      I’m not trying to scare you, I’m simply trying to help you help your child – my credentials are NOT that of a Doctor, but that I have the same brain chemistry that your child had/has. Develop the brilliance and potential your child has and do whatever it takes to foster their natural abilities or you may wind up with your child writing to another parent 20+ years from now trying to tell them the same thing I’m telling you. I’m doing just fine and make good money, but I often wonder what could have been. There’s still time, but it frustrates me daily that I’m making up for lost ground.

      • The People's Pharmacy

        Some families find that medication is very useful as part of the package of helping a child with attention differences; for other kids, medication does not offer more benefit than harm. Mike’s perspective of ADHD as a gift can be helpful. Check out Dr. Ned Hallowell, expert on ADHD, for a very similar perspective.

      • Eugene

        Mike- I have to reply to your ADHD statements due to in my life time I have never had someone tear at my heart in such a truthful way. I’m 54 and I had these same problems growing up but mine were not dianosed. I had a son who was diagnosed with ADHD and was put on Ritalin at the age of 7 which I now feel he never recovered. In high school his meds went from prescribed drugs to street drugs. He was so bright and had a heart of no other. He struggled from his life time of drugs and died when he was 33 of an accidental overdose. All he ever wanted was to do right but he was subjected to so many narcotics as a child his chance for success and servival were very slim. You hit the nail on the head but my god it sure hurt to hear it.

    • lisa

      Hello. I just came across your post and it is scary how similar our experiences with our children being on chlonidine. It was awful. We have since weaned him off the chlonidine and he isn’t taking anything right now. We also tried straterra and that was bad on him as well. Don’t know what to do next. Any suggestions? would love to talk to you more. Thanks!!!

  28. Doris

    These comments have been so helpful as I have been prescribed clonidine twice daily for migraines when I have eventually come off Topamax which is attacking my immune system so I ended up getting glandular fever and now I have chronic fatigue. Topamax is a drug for epilepsy that has to be reduced slowly or it can cause fits etc. I was not informed of its dangers when I was prescribed it two years ago, have been sick ever since till a natural path helped me. I haven’t had any migraines yet but I just started taking half of one of the .25mg clonidine tabs to help me sleep as I have severe sleep problems but have been waking with a headache and after reading these comments I don’t want to use it every night long term. Used to work well short term for migraine.. to help sleep.

    • Kay

      My 11 yr old son recently started clonidine for ADHD. He was on seroquel, but the weight gain was alarming, so we tapered off of it & slowly added clonidine. This morning he reported seeing a man over his bed with a knife. Seems he was either hallucinating or having a nightmare. I instantly suspected a side effect of clonidine & will call the psychiatrist today to get him off of this drug.

      • Aimee

        Hello, all of your comments are very helpful! I went to see a new doctor yesterday, he barely knew me and randomly asked if I had sleep problems or restless and anxious. I responded saying I have a two year old son i’m lucky if I get an hour of sleep or a minute to relax and yes i’m always anxious. Immediately he told me he was prescribing me Clonidine,I am to take one half tablet twice a day(.1mg tablet) .Doctor did not explain medication at all,didn’t say what it was for,how it worked or side effects, I had to learn all info through pharmacy and online.Literally all doctor said was “it for the heart not the brain,no street value” like WTF is that supposed to mean? Anyway I took half tablet bout 12pm it is now 2:44am and I dnt feel anything nor am I tired,after reading everything I think I’m just going to bring my meds to a medication drop off.
        If any one has another story or advice please let me know!!
        THANK YOU😀

        • Carole

          Do you think you could maybe give these meds a try. For every story of ten side affects there is someone like me who has about three side affects and they are not worrying enough to stop the meds which are helping my awful symptoms. I have very excessive perspiration when it is hot. That is the only reason I take them. They are improving the problem about 75% – good enough for me.

          I used to get many headaches – gone. I have Anxiety and take Duloxetine for that, Clonidine also settles me down. I get a dry mouth but not all the time. I have a lack of appetite, all good.

          Medication needs time to work, not all is like headache relief which works in 10 minutes – may I suggest it may help for you. DON’T stop these meds abruptly, about a week if you do.

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