A Canadian company reports that it has come up with another way to deal with the complications of a C. diff infection. Researchers have created an artificial stool that provides purified intestinal bacteria grown in the laboratory. This material is called RePOOPulate and the company claims that it is safer than fecal transplants and less yucky. The synthetic stool offers a standardized treatment without the risk of introducing unknown pathogens from a human donor.
[Microbiome, Jan. 9, 2013]

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  1. EZB

    Is “repoopulate” available in Canada yet? If yes where?

  2. dp

    Until our drug companies begin to manufacture this clean “poop” and see money to be made, we won’t be able to get it.
    Why can’t large doses of intestinal flora be taken orally by people who have their intestines sterilized by antibiotics? People who suffer from diarrhea, which also removes normal flora, frequently resort to replacing them with triple strain probiotics orally. I use this whenever I take an antibiotic, and it has always worked for me. One can buy them at any reputable health supplement store. There are several brands. Health suppliers in the store usually are a great resource.

  3. js

    When will this product be available in the US? Or will will have to fly to Canada to get it. Is it given as an enema or is it infused via nasogastric tube. Cost?
    PEOPLE’S PHARMACY RESPONSE: Most likely it would need FDA approval before it became available in the US. We doubt that will be very soon.

  4. TT

    This is good news. As a healthcare worker its nice to know that i wont have to collect stool and risk infecting myself with c-diff.

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