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Cilantro Banished Bad Case of Psoriasis

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Q. I have a home remedy that is amazing. I used to have severe psoriasis on my knees, elbows, eyes, forehead, wrists, feet and scalp. It would crack and bleed, itch and flake.

One day a man commented on my raw patches and asked about the treatments I'd tried. I explained about the numerous prescription treatments that had next to no success. Steroids gave short-term relief but the problem usually came back worse than before the treatment.

This man said to cure my skin problem all I needed to do was eat raw cilantro. He said I should eat enough to turn my stool green.

I found that it takes a bundle each day for 10 to 15 days. I mix it in a green salad with my favorite dressing and find it an interesting flavor. My skin has been completely clear for six years. If I notice a small patch starting to get rough once or twice a year, I eat a bundle of cilantro for two or three meals and have no more skin problems!

A. You've found a remedy we've not encountered before. We searched and were unable to locate studies pertaining to this herb for psoriasis, but it certainly is inexpensive and low risk.

Not everyone likes the taste of cilantro (coriander leaf), but it is a favorite seasoning in Chinese, Indian and Latin cuisines.

Another possible natural approach involves turmeric. Readers have reported surprising success with this spice. Read their stories at

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Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4.6/5 (165 votes)
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It makes sense - cilantro is an anti-inflammatory. Thank you for posting.
Detoxify heavy metals and soothe chronic inflammation with cilantro, a powerful 'superherb'; May 02, 2012, Jonathan Benson

(Why is there such a big gap between each post and the comments for that post on your website?)

Using dandruff shampoo with gentle scrubbing is another alternative, particularly for dark areas of psoriasis.

I've used it on rough and dark elbows and, to my surprise, it also helped reduce callus formation on my feet.

I wonder if this would work for eczema too? I suffer from that on my hands for YEARS.... tried everything and most "solutions" make it worse! but I also have throat problems so...bundles of a leafy herb... don't think I could do that either!

My brother enjoyed using lots of cilantro in his salsa only to realize it is high in Vitamin K. It affected the dosage he needed for Coumadin (warfarin).


Dear JNH,

Thank you so much for sharing this critical piece of information. It is something we worry about with natural approaches. A number of green leafy vegetables contain vitamin K and can disrupt the effectiveness of blood thinners like warfarin. This is an important warning for anyone on an anticoagulant like Coumadin!

Question - Is it important to eat this quantity of cilantro as one of your meals or spaced out during the day? I ate an entire bunch this morning to kick this off and it was a chore but not too bad if only for 10 - 15 days.

the juice of Comfrey plant applied topically has always worked for me but my plant died so I definitely want to try cilantro.

I'm not crazy about the taste of cilantro but I am interested in trying it to combat my psoriasis. Would cilantro capsules work the same way as fresh cilantro? And if so, how many capsules would be equivalent to a bundle per day?

RE: Cilantro for psoriasis

I have a rather delicious recipe I have concocted for myself, it might be appreciated by 'others' as well, so here it is. I use V8 (or any drink of such nature) and I stick a bunch of cilantro in about a cup and a half of the juice. I sprinkle in some cayenne (cause I like a bit of heat), & I squeeze half a lemon in as well. Then I pulsate it all in my blender. It doesn't look very appealing, but the taste is quite delicious,
I will continue to drink this whether I need it or not.

Hope this is useful, and I have heard that taking Chlorella at the same time is important.... as it helps to remove metals that get released. Any feedback re: that?
Thanks, Maggie

I started drinking Haiku brand seneca organic Japanese green tea to reduce inflammation (arthritis pain). To my surprise it cleared up 90% of my psoriasis by drinking just 3 cups a day. And it's a great tasting tea if people have an aversion to raw cilantro. My "derm" said, drug companies are now experimenting with the compounds in green tea to make a drug for psoriasis.

The benefit of Cilantro in treating psoriasis may be explained by its highly alkaline reaction within the body. Many people, including myself, have had good success in treating psoriasis by adopting an alkaline diet. There is much good information on the web about the benefits of an alkaline diet. Reducing acidic reacting foods such as soft drinks, sweets, red meat, etc helps a lot. A highly alkaline alternative to Cilantro is granular lecithin (available at health food stores) which can be easily mixed with cereal, salads, cooked dishes, etc.

I did a Google search and found some highly concentrated liquid cilantro extract. I wonder if this would work in the same manner or better and how much you would need to take each day to get the same effect. It comes in a medicine dropper bottle so I guess you could put a few drops in a smoothie or something and see how it goes? Things that make you go hmm...

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: If you try it, let us know if it works.

Oolong tea also helps.

I have had psoriasis all my life. The sun used to help, but not so much any more. I have been eating a bundle of cilantro everyday now for 7 days..I add half to a salad, for lunch, then the other half I add it to a banana, blueberry, coconut juice and blend it for evening. The drink is very good and the cilantro is very mild tasting in the drink. Will try it with v8 next. Thanks.

Hi Peggy,

Please let me know how the cilantro works for you. My son has had psorasis since age 13 (now age 24). Lots of treatment with various doctors. Nothing does too well unless on the meds all the time. I saw the article in our local paper and promptly bought some. Not real sure how much he should take but we are underway. Fingers crossed!!


A 'follow through' in reference to the "cilantro -for- psoriasis'. I have been testing this out, as I have bouts of psoriasis, but mostly it is manageable, as I have a few things that seems to work well for me. However; this winter I wasn't surprised to wake up sporting quite a few spots on my thighs. I know how quickly this stuff can multiply so I thought I would test out this 'cilantro'. I can say that it is having an affect. I have been only using it for 12 days & I plan to go a good 30 days straight. I will cut back after that.

The psoriasis on my legs is all gone, my torso has lightened up and is now fading. So I am very pleased. I am doing nothing else, cremes & pills don't work, but I like that Udder 20 moisturizer. So, I will continue with the cilantro and my old stand by;
which is a light 'no sun self tanner'. Works like a dream in the winter months, but must remember to use it. I slacked off, thus the need for the cilantro now. (TanTowels work really well, fools the skin to release melatonin ...something like that).

I would recommend trying this cilantro! I use a full hardy bunch with a full lemon (cleans the liver) and 2 chlorella pills before hand. Blended with V8. It is working well for me.

I have been eating one bunch of cilantro in a salad for lunch every day for about two weeks. It worked. My psoriasis subsided just like it does in the summer after exposure to the sun. No other drink (oolong tea, green tea) had any notable effect. No other topical (many creams and dollars tried) had any notable effect. My scalp is not perfect, but skin is revealable. Thank you.

Cilantro still working for me after one month. I am afraid to stop eating it for fear psoraisis will come back again.

I have had psoriasis for 40 yrs. It has gotten worst since I developed diabetes. I started eating one bunch per day of the raw cilantro 6 days ago. To date maybe a slight improvement. However, I'm much more tired than normal. Is anyone else feeling tired?
Thank you for the help.

In response to "D" on 2-6-13 feeling tired after eating raw cilantro 6 days ago. I have never felt tired from the cilantro; actually I have more energy and feel the best I have ever felt. I think it is because I mix it with V8 in the blender and I am eating more servings of vegetables than I have before. I have always ate a very healthy diet due to my arthritis and psoriasis, so this Cilantro is the frosting on the cake for me! I am so glad it is keeping me away from being on any prescription drugs.

Trying this - some improvement but don't want to start another problem by trying to solve the psoriasis..... Also had a strange occurrence of swollen lymph node in my neck this week - with no apparent reason. Anybody got any thoughts on any of this?

Sue - I was concerned about the same thing when I started the Cilantro. I have now been making the V-8 smoothie for over a month once a day and have had no side affects. I am going to keep it going because it is making a difference for my psoriasis which I only have on my scalp (thank heavens). I have broken out with a rash in my arm pits from using a topical medicine (on my scalp) from the Dermatologist for the psoriasis on my scalp.

I have eaten the cilantro for 16 days and my psoriasis is worse than it has ever been... I have broken out in places that never have seen psoriasis, now maybe it will get better after it gets worse, but today I can say I am so sadden that I am now covered in it. I don't want to say the cilantro doesn't work, but so far I am looking at an overwhelming amount of tiny red spots that blossom into big ones. I will keep trying the cilantro though in hopes that this is just the storm before the calm.

I used to lay in the sun and they would go away, but it hasn't helped at all in the last few years. I am surprised that self tanner helps you. I will have to give that a try. Thanks..

@Peggy --- I would stop now. Your body must be having an allergic reaction to cilantro. I saw results the first time I made the smoothie with V-8 juice. Hopefully someone will post something new that will help you.

Thanks Kathleen, I am wondering if it is a reaction from the Cilantro or from all the ingredients I was making my smoothy from, which was a lot of different fruits and coconut milk, yogurt... I thought I might try the V8 and Cilantro.

Thank you so much for writing in about cilantro for psoriasis. I have had it for over three years, and no medicine or salve cured it. The medication had bad side affects. Cilantro worked after about 22 days and it was gone from my hands, and now after 34 days it is disappearing from my feet. I wish I could buy you lunch or thank you in some way for bringing this to my (and other's) attention. I missed my 1/3 bunch at each meal a couple of times, and I truly missed having it. Thank you so much and I hope you have continued positive results forever.

@ RO --- how are you eating your cilantro? In a salad? I only have time to make it once a day. I pull off the leaves (about 1 cup), put it in the blender with V-8 and make a smoothie. It has not cured my scalp psoriasis completely, but helps tremendously!

I have been eating cilantro for 30 days, also having homeopathic medicine for last 1 year for psoriasis. I can say I am 90% clear. Homeopathy medicine never worked so fast. May be it is an effect of cilantro. I will continue to eat cilantro till it get finally cured.

I am so happy to hear this for you. I have stopped doing the cilantro to see if they subside, as it got worse instead of better, but will give it another go later. I just can't believe it did the opposite on me... if in fact it was the cilantro and me having a reaction to cilantro... just can't believe it would react by more psoriasis instead of a normal allergic reaction. Oh well..

I believe I will try just the leaves, I was eating stems and all, maybe that is why. I was blending it with juice and fruit at night and salad during the day. A bundle a day. But I shall try without stems... can't hurt. My scalp only responded to Clobex, cleared it completely up... and everywhere else, but its a powerful drug and I hate thinking it was going into the blood stream... one reason I was sooo excited about Cilantro. I will try it again just with leaves and V8 juice.

Thanks very much.

@ Peggy L --- I used Clobex (topical) on my scalp and it caused a very bad rash on the inside of my arm pits. I stopped it and the rash went away. Did you use a topical Clobex? I was so glad to read about the Cilantro. It has not taken away my scalp psoriasis completely, but is the only thing that is helping. I am glad it is something natural. No side affects so far and I have been eating it for over a month now every day.

Over the years I have found that the cilantro must be fresh, not dried, once the skin is clear you may notice every 90 days or more that a small patch starts up, I usually eat 2 or 3 bundles and the patches disappear in less than a week.

I am so glad to hear that others have found relief, it has been a life changing blessing for me.

I eat stems and leaves, be sure to wash the bundles quite well as they usually have sand mixed in them.

@ Bill, I feel like I should buy you lunch this has made such a difference in my life! I cannot thank you enough for sharing the information about cilantro. I have just been using the leaves in a V-8 smoothie which takes me quite a while to prepare. I will not be afraid to use the stems as well now. Thank you for the added information!

Has anyone tried cilantro in a pill? I want to try cilantro as my psoriasis just keeps getting worse and worse but the taste of cilantro is literally my least favorite taste in the entire world.

any thoughts on if the pill might work the same?

I am the 'subscriber' that suggested the V8 smoothie, & when I read Peggy's dilemma I couldn't help but question whether it might be the 'V8' that is causing her a problem. It is a 'nightshade' vegetable & it is not an uncommon allergy.

Perhaps try a different 'smoothie mix' would be worth a shot. Another one I have concocted is:


White Grape juice
Apple juice
1/2 to 1 full lemon
Ground Flax (optional)
Pulsate it & enjoy.


I was excited to read about this new psoriasis remedy in our local paper. Unfortunately, the taste and smell of fresh Cilantro is more than I can stomach.... literally. Salads, smoothies no matter.... I just cant do it. Has anyone found a way to make it more palatable ?


@ dp --- the original post by Bill stated that the Cilantro had to be fresh. Good luck. My psoriasis has not disappeared completely, but it is helping immensely! I think if I could stop scratching it at the end of the day, I would be much better too.

Hi Maggie,

I did not use the cilantro in V8, but I did mix it with juices and banana's and other fruit. I am tempted to try it with V8. I am just so surprised that mine got worse and everyone else has had good luck, it was heart breaking. I am gonna give it a go with the V8 and see what happens. But of course I am a bit worried. I haven't seen anyone else comment that cilantro made theirs worse so...maybe it was the fruits or the coconut juices..not sure.

The clobex was a topical spray. It worked very fast and very well. I didn't have any reactions to it. But as I said I wanted to try something natural. I am going to give the cilantro another try and this time just in V8 juice.

Hi Peggy,

Not to complicate matters, but perhaps the sugars (juices and high-sugar fruits) in your mix is the issue. Sweets and starches have ALWAYS aggravated my psoriasis.

Just a suggestion.


@ Alex --- I have also limited my sugar intake as well as artificial ingredients, nitrates, salt. All have made a difference. I try to stick to "real" food as much as possible.

The cilantro does have a distinctive taste. The only way I have found to get it down is in a V-8 smoothie.

Hi to all drinking the V8 (I am the lady who suggested the blend).

Well, if you are ready for a little yummy change; I have a great salad dressing that gives a very palatable option. It is Springtime in BC, & we are quick to get our salad bowls out, as we have a lot of local produce & many of us also have a 'square foot garden' of our own. So, the dressing is basically this (but play with it and add your
own herb choices).:

Greek yogurt -3/4 CUP
Buttermilk or sour cream -3/4 CUP
Cilantro -2 BUNCHES
Dillweed - 1 tsp (or to taste)*

*This last ingredient can be changed to suit your mood, as in Oregano (Italian),
Chile past (Thai), Salsa (Mexican)...etc.

I usually give a good squeeze of lemon on the salad as well, very alkaline.

This can be refrigerated for a good 4-days and I have V8 one day and salad the next.
Or 1/2 a V8 drink in the morning and a salad in the evening. Very nice to change things up and get creative.

Peggy I really do think it it's getting worse before better! Continue eating cilantro just fresh and I think you might see the results because your skin flared up before it will clears. Pagano explains that!

Also I'd recommend not doing it with V8 juice because tomatoes are a nightshade veggie. I'd do it first without.. and then maybe experiment later with the V8 and see how your skin responds to that. Best of luck!

Hi...if I boil cilantro in water....then cool and sip it throughout the day...will that help the psoriasis ?? Eating one bunch a day doesn't sound very encouraging....

Hi from Maggie,

I have posted a couple of recipes for 'cilantro friendly drinks & a salad dressing', & now I have a new 'dessert' option that is very palatable.

Greek (flavoured) yogurt is a nice option for a cilantro taste treat. I use my own vanilla for the flavouring and then I add some orange /lemon zest (if I want it a bit sweet then I dash some stevia in the mix), I use a full carton and I add in a bun & a half or two.... depends on the size of my cilantro bunch. This tastes quite nice for a breakfast (with a bit of pineapple, or what have you).

I also just have a bit here & there throughout the day. Very pleasant and easy to the palate. I do like a bit of flax seed or lecithin tossed in as well (1 or 2 tbls.) but that is an option. It thickens it and gives me a boost of alkalinity and omegas. This also works as a dip with apples, lots of 'play' room here. I was getting tired of my V8 recipe, although I do enjoy it, it is good to have a change & I don't like too much tomato product as I get sensitive to it.

A note re: scalp psoriasis. The very best treatment I have ever used is organic apple cider as a rinse on my scalp.

I prepare about 1/2 a cup and put in enough water to soak my head completely. I let it sit there for a minute of two and then just rinse off. It might take a few times, but this works like a charm. You must use the organic apple cider with the 'mother' in it. I occasionally do it still, but I have never had a bad case of it again.

In another email publication from Peoples Pharmacy someone wrote in to use Organic apple Cider Vinegar "With the Mother" written on label. I only had generic apple cider vinegar in the house and used it. It worked great. when I got a chance to get to the store I purchased the Organic Apple Cider Vinegar "With the Mother" noted on it. It worked even better and was well worth the $6.00. This is the best remedy that I have tried for my psoriasis!!! Thank you whoever you are that wrote in to the Peoples Pharmacy.

Can I boil it, and have it in vegetable soups or this must be raw??
I will start tomorrow! Do I have to it a bunch once a day, or twice? Any suggestion?

The original posting said it had to be raw. I have found the bunches to be all different sizes. I put it in my blender with V8 when it is fresh, then put this liquid in the frig. I drink a full glass every day. Good Luck!

I tried today to eat the cilantro in a salad and I couldn't!! I think I was going to throw up! How can you eat a bunch of cilantro in a meal or smoothie!? I'm from Argentina, we don't have here V8 (we used to have, but I can't find it in the market). Any suggestion to make the cilantro thing more easy??
Another question! How much is a bunch? Like a full cup?

@Kari - I also do not like the taste of Cilantro. I tried putting it in and on everything that I loved thinking I could disguise the taste - NOT! Finally found that the only way I could get it down was in the blender with V8. Maybe you could try tomatoes, some other veggies, & water in the blender with the Cilantro? (If all else fails, mix it with icecream LOL! Good Luck.

@KATHLEEN V. hahaha ice cream would be great ;)
I´ll try with some vegetables and I'll let you know!
Did it work for you???
thank you!!!

I am so excited about this. I will try this cilantro remedy today and I'll keep you guys posted on the result after 2 weeks! I hope it works so I can finally wear shorts (its all over my legs) outside the house and go to the beach!

Everythin g that I do in the Remedy line helps a little and makes it tolerable to get thru another day. Unfortunately for me, nothing has taken away my psoriasis completely. But I'll keep trying anything that is not a medicine and says it helps someone because you never know what is going to work for you. Cilantro in V8 and Oolong tea both seem to be the things that are helping me most now. I switched from coffee in the AM to the tea and to my surprise my blood pressure is back to normal. A nice side affect, huh!)

Hi Again,
I am the recipe originator of the V8-juice (to help make eating a full bunch of cilantro palatable...ha ha).
I have posted a few other 'recipes' and my easiest and most palatable recipe drink for summer is this:
1 cup vanilla yogurt
1 banana
1 bunch cilantro
Blend & drink....delightful.

I also posted a solution for psoriasis on the scalp, on a different site. It works like a dream.
Use about 3/4 cup of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with the Mother)
Add equal parts water
Dip head in and saturate
Let sit for about 5 minutes
Do about rwice a week for about a the most.
I have never ever had my scalp psoriasis return after using this method.
Hope that is useful for others.
Maggie M.

On my last email, giving another recipe for a delicious 'cilantro' drink (aside from my V8 recipe ,/ which is fine for winter....but not quite as palatable for a morning drink in the summer).....
So on the last post (above), I posted a 'summer drink', but I left out an important ingredient;
I will just reprint the recipe in full:
1-CUP of Yougurt
1-to 2 bunches of CILANTRO
1-to 2 cups of ORANGE JUICE
BLEND and enjoy....this is delicious, taste like a creamsicle.

@MaggieM. Did it work for your psoriasis? When you can see results?
Do you chop the cilantro or you just put the whole thing in the blender?

I cut it with scissors, probably not necessary, as I use a full size blender. The cilantro has given me results; it is not a perfect result for me.... But I
get enough to make it worth my while. I read that someone had a complete resolution. I imagine it will have different results for all. For now, I will keep
It on the menu.

I'm really excited about this remedy; I've suffered for 10 progressively worse years. I have Psoriasis on my ears, elbows, and knees. Randomly on feet and arms as well. I am three days into the regime. I either eat the cilantro as a hearty salad with a dressing of lemon juice and olive oil or I blend it with water and the juice of one lime and down it. Both of these methods of ingestion require patience/persistence, but I have a feeling taking in the cilantro as close to raw/unaltered as possible is the right thing to do. I will post with results as they emerge.

I am not sure why at 43 years old I would get psoriasis, it doesn't run in my family. Although I did have a stressful 3 years (long story) and have reached menopause wondering if all these contribute to it (probably). I have been using cilantro now for 18 days and I have to say that it has definitely helped my psoriasis!!!

I always thought it taste like soap to me but I thought I would give it a try anyway, the first few days were the worst. I used V8 but it bothered my stomach so I have mastered a combination that tastes good to me. I bought a nutria-bullet... I wash the cilantro well then put half of the bunch into the nutribullet with some water, once that is juice I add the remaining cilantro and blend it again... then I add a cup of peaches (like kids have in their lunches) and blend again... finally over ice I pour the cilantro juice and then I bought some protein smoothy (naked brand) and pour a little on the top and drink.

I can get it down much easier than eating it raw. I have taken pictures to document the progress and there is totally a difference... but it isn't totally gone, yet. Being out in the sun helps me too... I try to lay out if I have time in the afternoon about 3:00 for a half hour on each side....

The only thing I'm wondering now is how long I should keep going....????????
I have read a few things that have freaked me out on the internet that too much cilantro is bad for you.... something about it with your brain and stripping too many metals from your system.. has anyone else heard of this effect???

one more question... anyone with psoriasis out there have problems with thrush (candida)???? because I have read it can be related.

@ Silver Apples - good luck to you. Keep us posted. I think you are correct to keeping the cilantro as close to the unaltered state as possible. You will get the most benefit that way. I myself am only able to get it down by making a V-8 Smoothie in the blender.

For optimum health, stop sugar, stop cows milk,go organic as possible,take chlorella with the cilantro.

@Diane T---I think the Cilantro flushing the metals out of your body is a good thing? Maybe someone with more authority could clarify this for us. Excessive metals in your body are bad for your brain.

Hi Diane,
Re: Heavy Metals and Cilantro.
The cilantro releases heavy metals and perhaps this is why the 'cilantro' inclusion helps work its magic for psoriasis.

I personally take a 'chlorella' supplement or two, before I drink my cilantro cocktail. The point of the chlorella supplement is to 'escort' the heavy metals out of the body (once they have been released by the cilantro). They work well together.
I have been working in the natural health field for a number of years; and this is my understanding of the question you have presented. It is good that you are so thorough.

Yes you are correct.... just wondered if I could over dose lol

Does anyone know if we can use parsley instead of cilantro. I simply cannot stand cilantro. But I love parsely. I'm also concerned that kidney issues will develop from consuming so much of this stuff. Google it. But I've had terrible scalp psoriasis for at least 10 yrs (psoriasis runs in my family). I've noticed that UVB rays help. Am in Toronto, so we can only get that for a few months (may-oct) at certain times of day.

Two weeks in and no detectable improvement as of yet. I have randomly missed about 3 days of doses though. I'm going to try and be more diligent. I'll post more updates later.

Has any of your psoriais spread to your face? Just wondering. I also have scalp psoriasis and this scares me.

2 weeks and nothing? Not even a little better? I tried once and I couldn't eat a bite. I don't know how you all do!!! I just give it up!

have you tried mixing the cilantro with something you like to make it more palitable (maybe yogurt)? The only way I can get it down is to put it int he blender with V-8 and make a smoothie. The green-brown color looks gross, but I can swallow it down.

Hi everyone, I just want to follow up about my parsley question. I decided to go ahead and use parsley instead of cilantro. It has been four days and my p has not improved but I do feel like I'm about to get my period (2 weeks early) -- sorry if this is too much info. The reason I bring it up is bc parsley is a known emmenagogue -- well, now I believe it. So I won't be continuing the parsley experiment. Something pre-menopausal females out there should consider. I wonder if cilantro also has this quality? Can anyone in my category speak to this? Don't want incessant uterine contractions. Probably not healthy in the long run.

No change since last post. I'm going to give this 2 months and then reconsider. No spreading of psoriasis: but in my case that has always been very random in progression. If this remedy is capable of at least arresting the progression/profusion of lesions, then it is worth its weight in gold, right?

Someone posted today on this site, but another thread that "Sencha Green Tea" was good for psoriasis, also "Oolong Tea". I tried the Oolong Tea and saw no difference in my psoriasis, but it did lower my blood pressure (maybe because I switched from coffee as well). I'm going to watch to see the results of "Sencha Green Tea" and probably give that a try.

Does this work for guttate Psoriasis or Plaque Psoriasis?

People's Pharmacy response: The person who first reported success had plaque psoriasis.

hello all,
I was wondering what a bunch means for you ? like 10 stems ? Thanks very much in advance, once I have the answer I'll give it a try !

That's about right. I only have used the leaves, but others have used the stems as well. I have gotten all different size bunches from the grocery store. I usually pay $2. for a very large bunch, which I separate. It only last fresh a couple days. I put the stems in a bowl of shallow water, like you may do for a little bunch of flowers. It keeps them fresh without getting the leaves soggy and mouldy. Good luck.

*****Hi Peggie, It might be poisons, herbicides or pesticides on the cilantro. eating it in such large quantity they could really add up. try organic, or grow your own. I've heard that skin problems are sometimes toxins looking for a way out.

i've been reading about how important it is to care for the gut wall and intestinal flora. a lot of seemingly unrelated problems are from what's called "leaky-gut". large molecules of undigested proteins and other toxins get through the damaged gut wall and into the bloodstream. of course doctors don't see the connection so they treat symptoms as best they can, but the underlying cause isn't addressed.

it would be good to google this. i've made a start by taking ginger capsules now with meals to help heal my gut wall. there are also foods to avoid. it's interesting. i'm trying the cilantro starting tonight, but thanks to you it'll be organic, just in case!

It has worked for me. I did it a few months ago and it was all gone. Then i stopped eating it and it came back. I have started agian and its on its way out agian! i also just ordered cilanrto capsules to see if it would work ok. Has anyone tried the capsule route?

Be sure to let us know how the capsules work. I am very interested because I have used the cilantro, but do not like the taste.

The capsules did not work as good as eating the stuff :( started coming back after I stopped eating the cilantro.

I have moderate Psoriasis that can get severe in the winter months. My breakouts can turn up literally anywhere on my body when it's bad like that, including my scalp - eyebrows - nose, and jaw line. I use a prescription cream called Cloderm on all sensitive areas where the skin is thin, and it usually clears up fast until the next breakout. The scalp is very difficult to treat, especially with a lot of hair, and I use to get fairly heavy patches to deal with. I tried creams and shampoos and nothing worked very good for my scalp until I spoke with a friend of mine who said someone she knew with scalp psoriasis tried OLIVE OIL.

I took her suggestion and bought a bottle of "extra extra" virgin olive oil, which means it is about as pure as it can get. I soaked my entire scalp, and just towel wiped the excess oil off before I went to bed that night. The next morning when I woke up, it was as if a miracle happened, nearly all the patches and swelling were gone! The patches did come back several times, after that first treatment, but each time it did, I repeated the oil treatments and it worked with the same great results. Now after several years, I still get occasional patches on the scalp, but not enough to need the olive oil treatments regularly. I really look forward to trying this cilantro and pray it works as good for other areas I can't keep cleared up.

To those who hate the taste of cilantro, it is most likely a matter of adjusting your taste buds. When I moved to SoCal from the Midwest, I literally thought the restaurants were adding strong soap to all of their fresh salsas! A few months later, I loved all things flavored with fresh cilantro. In addition to the ideas listed above, it is very popular added to soup.

Here, Mexican soups are most authentically served with fresh chopped cilantro, diced fresh onions, and lime wedges, as well as hot sauce -- squeeze the lime juice into the soup to cut any grease and enhance flavors, then add the other items to taste. Try with tortilla soup, any combo meat or chicken and vegetable soup, or posole, which is a soup made with dried corn kernels and chicken or pork. Also, a popular salad made with cilantro uses green goddess type dressing, lettuce, tortilla strips, and pumpkin seeds.

I encourage you to start with adding it to fresh salsas and just force yourself to eat it a few times -- you may not be able to stomach a bundle a day for the first few weeks, but if this could be your solution, I think it's worth it's worth investing a couple of weeks. As a result, you will also have the ability to enjoy superb, authentic Mexican foods!

I love the taste of cilantro. I use it all the time when I cook and I feel that it enhances the flavor of the food. It's a bonus that is has properties that combat psoriasis. I guess I need to eat more cilantro.

Hi all, I am the guy that originally posted about my luck with cilantro over 2 years ago. It makes me feel very good to read that so many of you have had good results from this treatment. I have been using this as needed for over 10 years. When I first notice the small red patches, usually on my legs, I get 2 bunches and eat them over the next 3 days or so. The red spots go away in just days.

The question was often asked about what size a bunch is. My store usually has them in a bundle where the stems would be about 1.5 inches across, maybe the diameter of a half dollar or more.

After your patches clear up try to cut back or stop use of cilantro and see how long it takes for your symptoms to show up. It may take months, if or when they come back just try a few doses and see how much you require.

Your thanks is all the payment I would ever need.
Good luck all!

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