Zolpidem is one of the most popular sleeping pills in the pharmacy. According to IMS Health, an organization that tracks such things, nearly 40 million zolpidem prescriptions were dispensed last year. It is sold under a variety of names including Ambien, Ambien CR, Edluar, Intermezzo and Zolpimist.
Ambien was first approved by the FDA as a sleeping pill in 1992. It was initially perceived as safer and perhaps more effective than prior “hypnotics.” But after more than two decades, the FDA has issued a brand new warning and an unusual dosage adjustment.
On Thusday, January 10th, the Food and Drug Administration announced that women should avoid the 10 mg dose and instead take no more than 5 mg of the standard release zolpidem tablets. The reason is that some women may end up with higher blood levels of zolpidem that could persist longer in the body and possibly lead to morning hangover and slower reaction times. Although many people might not realize it, they could be impaired during the day and more susceptible to accidents. The FDA is also suggesting that women avoid the zolpidem slow release 12.5 mg dose (Ambien CR) and use the 6.25 mg dose instead. The FDA is encouraging doctors to prescribe lower doses of zolpidem for men as well.
Do you not find it fascinating that it has taken the FDA more than two decades to discover this problem? It just reinforces the reality that it often takes years (or decades) to discover some adverse drug reactions.
We began to suspect that there were some unusual problems with Ambien a long time ago, thanks to readers of our syndicated newspaper column and visitors to this website. Here are just some of the scary stories we have received over the years:
This Q&A came to us six years ago:
Q. I had a terrible experience with Ambien about a month ago. I took the drug at bedtime, then had hallucinations and got in my car to escape. I don’t remember a thing, but the police stopped me and my boyfriend had to bring me home.
A short time ago, I tried taking Ambien again. This time too I had terrible hallucinations and got in my car and drove. I don’t remember a thing about it, but I was arrested and spent 24 hours in jail. Because of the Ambien, I slept almost the entire time. I had to have an attorney and have lost my job as an RN. Have you heard of other people who have had such serious problems with Ambien?

A. There are reports of hallucinations, sleepwalking and sleep-driving associated with the sleeping pill Ambien. In one case a woman (another nurse) walked out of the house on a cold Colorado night wearing just a thin nightie. She got into the car and drove until she had an accident. When she was being arrested, she became violent with the officers, but later could remember nothing about the event. Sleeping pill-induced amnesia has been reported for years.
Q. What do you know about the sleeping pill Ambien?
A friend of mine has been taking it occasionally for years. The other night she took one and when she awoke the next morning, she saw signs that she had done things during the night but had no recollection of doing them. She was so alarmed that she crushed her pills and threw them out.

A. We have heard from many others who report unusual behavior after taking Ambien. One woman wrote that her husband began sleepwalking after taking this sleep aid:
“He woke me saying there was something terribly wrong with the computer. I got up and found coffee spilled all over the desk and the cords to the keyboard and mouse cut with scissors. He did not remember doing this.
“On another occasion, he thought that someone had kidnapped his brother and put him in the trunk of a neighbor’s car. He’d gone out in his pajamas and jumped up and down on the car, screaming for someone to let his brother out. He had smeared chocolate pudding on his face like a commando. The neighbors called the police and we had to pay the damages, nearly $1,500.”

“I got ready for bed around 10:00 pm last night, took Ambien and fell asleep. The next morning my dog woke me up to let him out. As I passed through the kitchen I realized I had been sleepwalking/driving that night. I found a doggie bag full of food from a restaurant in the trash, my car was scratched up, my front door wide open.
I don’t understand how I could drive to a restaurant, order food, eat the food, ask for a doggie bag and pay the check (that’s if I even paid for it). I called my doctor to change medications and let her know what happened. I must have been very hungry.”

“Doctors have given me two drugs. One is Sonata, which only helps for about three hours. The other is Ambien, which seems to affect my balance the next day and make me light-headed.”
“Here’s an interesting event that happened to me two nights ago: In my “mind” I took one 10 mg Ambien and went to bed. The next morning I woke up around 9:00, got a call from a coworker and finished packing for a business trip. I met him downstairs and told him I had to go to the bank to transfer some money to my wife’s account.
“When I called her to ask for the acct #, she asked me how I was feeling. I replied, “I’m fine. Why?” she tells me “Hon, you were in the hospital for almost 8 hrs last night after you wrecked your car!”
“Apparently, I got back up about 1 hour after going to sleep, got into an argument with someone at the front desk of the hotel I’m staying in over god-only-knows what, then I drove 2 miles to a gas station (why, I still don’t know) and when I left the gas station I drove over an embankment where my car got stuck.
“The police showed up and I have no idea what happened but they took me to the ER, gave me a CT scan, almost put me on the mental ward for telling the doctors that I was going to have them killed because my wife is a ninja (no kidding!). I told them it was 1997 and we were in Georgia (this happened in NC…), and I tried to “escape” dozens of times over the next 8hrs.
“I have no memory AT ALL of any of this! I’m sore as hell, probably from fighting doctors, cops, and security guards and I’m scared to death I’m going to have legal charges leveled against me. I don’t drink or use drugs and ALL I took WHILE LAYING DOWN was ONE 10 mg Ambien. All the hospital found in my blood was ONE AMBIEN. I didn’t drink before or after taking it, or mix it with any other prescriptions.
“The warning label on this stuff should read “Close supervision required” because I almost killed myself and nearly wound up in a mental hospital —> all for doing something while I was dead asleep.”

“My doctor prescribed Ambien for sleeplessness after my husband died. I found a whole pill was too much, as I could not wake up in the morning. I tried cutting the pill in half and slept well. After reading all these horror stories I decided I did not want to take Ambien any more and switched to one Tylenol PM. I sleep well and wake up more refreshed.”
These are just some of the stories we have received over the last few years. One other warning about zolpidem that is underappreciated is heartburn. It may seem like a minor problem compared to the stories you have read above, but many people have reported severe reflux symptoms associated with zolpidem.
Here is just one example:
“I was prescribed Ambien for insomnia, then began experiencing reflux and heartburn nightly. After a few weeks, it occurred to me that the heartburn began about the same time I started the Ambien.
“As I was only instructed to take the Ambien ‘as needed’, I stopped immediately and went online to research this. I found many, many instances of people who’d experienced the same thing. Of course, my doctor was surprised, as she had never heard of this before.”

Other people have reported problems with certain generic formulations of Ambien. That is to say, some generics just don’t work as well for them as the brand name.
“Without my approval, I was given a generic substitute for Ambien. The generic drug simply did not work for me. I was awake till 7 AM. The pharmacist insisted that the generic version was the same drug, only with different fillers.”
“I was surprised to read the information about Ambien vs zolpidem. I have complained to my Dr. and pharmacist ever since being switched, and they act like it is in my head. Now I know it is not after reading all of the posts. There is a difference.”
If all this is getting you down, why not consider some other ways to get your zzzs. Our Guide to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep offers some non-drug approaches, along with pros and cons of many sleeping pills, including zolpidem. The download version is available for $2.00
If there is a moral to this story, it is that it can take the FDA a VERY long time to discover serious adverse drug reactions. Do not assume that the side effect information you get along with your prescription is the last word on the safety of your medicine.
If you have had experience with zolpidem, please share your story below. And if you have successfully treated your insomnia without drugs, please let us know how you did it.

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  1. Mea

    I have been on Ambein cr for about a year, but was only taking 4-8 times a month if that at first. But the past two months I have been taking every night and have been having a lot of bad side affects. Fast heart rate, sinus stuffiness, chest pains, anxiety, headaches, blurred vision, a weird feeling like I’m high all the time, forgetfulness and the past few nights I have not been sleeping but 3-4 hours even on it. So I am stopping it I never thought of all these things being the Ambein, but it is the only medication I take and all my symptoms are listed as side affects now reading all these stories online have me scared and now I am stopping the use of this for good. It’s a bad drug for me, thought I was dying.

  2. PFG

    I have used ambien, the generic zolpidem, and take 10 mg at bedtime. It takes 30 minutes to go to sleep. I can get up and do something and remember it the next day. I have had no problems with it. I sleep well, and wake up refreshed the next day. I do not have any side effects.

  3. Pauline

    I’ve taken ambien for 5 years. I only take 5 mg and sometimes split them in two. No problems. Just peaceful sleep. This is my second time to comment.

  4. JP1

    This comment sounds like it’s me writing it… I don’t see the dangers and I’ve been taking 10 mg for over 6 years and sometimes I break one in two and have 15 mg in my system… I’m having a really hard time getting my pharmacy to fill this script. My doctor called in a script for a few 5 mg to get me thru the occasional night when the 10 was not working as well and the pharmacy would NOT fill it… just getting nuts…

  5. Pauline

    I have been prescribed 5 mg and I am 88. I now split the tablet and take remeron and magnesium along with it.. Works fine.

  6. pattisun

    I was finally told NO by my doctor on the 10 mg Ambien. Now with the 5 I will only get 1/2 night’s sleep. I am adding Melatonin and a muscle relaxor (flexerol) and I take my 5 mg right when i feel myself falling asleep. It’s only been a week but so far, so good.
    I will try and ween off the flexeral but I know I have to keep using the melatonin to keep the ambien working long enough.
    Good Luck!! My doctor knows I’m disabled so I don’t have to be up early and driving to work. But it’s a DEA controlled substance so she’s very careful.

  7. LHK

    JT, reading your comment was like looking in the mirror. I am a school teacher= high stress w/ testing and have been in an accident with my lower back. Bottom line I hurt at night so bad and could not sleep at all so I needed ambien. It was the only way for me to get any kind of pain free sleep. I’ve taken this pill for 10 years at 10 mg. trying hard to cut down to 5 mg.
    Thank you for making me feel better and not alone! My husband goes to bed late and I go a lot earlier. He has said I don’t do anything but sometimes talk out loud. Probably talking to some of my students LOL.

  8. KS

    I have been using ambien/zolpidem since 2004, every night. Before that I slept at best 4 nights out the week and it was bad sleep, waking every hours. I have primary insomnia caused by neurological sleep apnea. Ambien or Zolpidem (generic) have probably saved my life. I have chronic Lyme disease and I guarantee, one does not get better until one can sleep. So for almost 10 years, the only odd episode is when I went in the kitchen to eat and went back to bed. In the morning, while making coffee, I noticed the half a cheese tortilla just sitting out on the counter, nothing put away. I had to laugh when I remembered doing that myself.
    That was in the early days of taking it, I remember everything now, but mostly I just get awesome sleep every night and as long as I sleep 8 hours after I take the pill, no hangovers… period. This drug may very possibly be one of the primary reasons I’m still alive. I was so sick, because I could never sleep. When I started taking it every night in 2004, I started to be able to function, think, remember, have energy. It’s been a godsend for me, and it still works just as well 99.9% of the time.
    Going through my divorce, on a few extremely stressed out weeks, even ambien was not working, aside from that it is a yes “miracle” drug, for me at least.

  9. RAL

    I have taken Zolpedim for 6 years with no problems other than a good night’s sleep! I work unstructured hours and, therefore, cannot establish any kind of sleep pattern. Now, the Dr. has prescribed two different medicines, increasing each to double, with no success. I think this entire issue should be a Doctor/patient one and the government should keep their noses out of my business!!

  10. rfr

    Insomnia started a few years ago, but with the birth of my first child it really got bad. At first I figured it was the normal ‘new mom’ period with getting up with the baby at night, even though my husband would alternate getting up. Then the baby started sleeping through the night, but I didn’t. In my case the stress from not sleeping was combining with stress at work and financial stress into an awful cycle without sleep.
    I’ve been on the generic ambien for about 2 weeks now with no problems. I take it seriously when it says 7-8hours and go to bed to give myself that 8 hours. On work nights I cut the 10mg pill in half and thus take 5mg which seems enough that I can sleep but still get up if the baby starts crying loudly. Weekends I may take the full dose if I can sleep in.
    It’s cut my anxiety/depression remarkably and I just feel better. Everyone is different though and chemistry different. So keep good and bad reviews of ambien in you mind, but have a serious discussion with your doctor.

  11. Maria

    I briefly took ambien for insomnia. I began noticing that I could not remember students’ names (these were children I had taught for several years!) The final straw was when I woke up and realized I had driven my car to a local store and purchased items. I was getting ready to go to the store to buy these items and found they had already been purchased by me in an Ambien blackout. No more Ambien for me! Has anyone else started to forget words for common items or names of people they know? My memory came back completely once I threw the remaining pills out.

  12. sleepless

    SO what are we to do…. I have been on 10- 20 for 13 years. I asked for brand name and got it because generic never worked the same. Ins. suddenly now refusing to pay and my dose of generic down to 5mg. This is my 6th night up…. I am WAY worse off with out my sleep than “may have” some left in my system in the morning. I don’t drive in the AM… Never had any issues with the med but a GREAT night sleep! Some peoples chemistry is just different than others! What can we do???????

  13. TRT

    I have been on Ambien for 13 years; I’ve been on 30mg for 12 of those years, approved by my doctor. I remember the very first night I took a 10mg, after being in ER for hours with my usual back pain (had a botched back surgery fusion) – I did see angels around my daughters head… I thought it was cool. However, never since that night have I had hallucinations or anything like that. Nor have I ever been tempted to get in my car & drive.
    The ONLY side effect I have is, I eat at night – sometimes I remember, sometimes I don’t. The benefit of this medication, in my case, totally overrides any negative (which is the eating… if that’s even a negative). When I don’t sleep, my chronic pain is SO bad the next day, and I usually am in the hospital by the third day. Since Ambien, and my ability to sleep (granted… some nights I only sleep a few hours, then my pain is so bad that it wakes me & I have to turn over every 15 min or so), along with pain management and exercise, I am able to manage my pain.
    NOW, since this new FDA announcement, my doctor is wanting to lower my dose down. I’m very upset by this because I know 20mg and, especially 10mg, will not work on me. I am pleading with my doctor at this point. It makes no sense since I’ve been on the same regimen, without any incident and/or side effects, for 13 years – why would he want to change what’s working?
    I understand medications affect different people, different ways – but what about the people that AMBIEN has been a complete blessing for? It’s so unfair to us, the people who it helps (as well as other medications) especially when a drug has been used for recreational purposes which makes the FDA re-exam that medication & then place stricter guidelines on it for their irresponsible behavior, then they take it away from the people who it helps, and who takes it exactly as prescribed. I won’t take this new guideline, in my “unique case”, lying down. Once again, I’ll have to advocate for myself, as I had to do for many years about my chronic pain.

  14. wonda a.

    I just wish they had left the Ambien alone. I started using it because of losing my day shift job and having to work at night.
    It worked well for me, I would take at the same time and sleep 8 hr straight. Then the pills changed shape and from then on I would wake up in 3 or 4 hr. and most time have to take another and this is when it started a life of trying to figure out how to get and stay on a sleep schedule.
    I think they make cheaper product after they get folks to buying in and what makes me mad is they are messing with my life and ability to use their help.

  15. Maria

    Fda need to find some other more work to do and stop messing up with ambien. I’ve been taking ambien more than 10 years and no problems at all… Fda should concentrate on more important issues.

  16. JS Smith

    I have been taking 10 mg Zolpidem at bedtime for the past three years. I am a female, 61 years old. Prior to taking Zolpidem I’d been given the 30 mg generic for Dalmane for sleep and it was absolutely and utterly wiping me out the next day and had been doing so for some time. I’d done a titration from the 30 mg generic for Dalmane to the 15 mg generic for Dalmane and then my pdoc switched me to the generic for Ambien at 10 mg after about one month. The generic for Dalmane had been doing terrible things to and for me. I rarely slept through the night and always woke up feeling hung over for hours. Driving in THAT condition? Scary, indeed.
    I have never (repeat NEVER) had any of these hypnotic episodes of memory lapses that people have written about while taking the 10 mg dose of Zolpidem. I’ve not taken the brand name medication, because my insurance will not pay for any medication that has a generic “equivalent.” Zolpidem does not leave me feeling draggy or hung over.
    I have a form of Autism with a lot of general and specific social anxiety, Attention Deficit and PTSD — and I take medications PRN to manage things that become problematic for me. One of the most problematic features of the disorder I’ve lived with my whole life is insomnia. This is a classic symptom and it is very unpleasant, indeed. I am not like Bipolar people who enjoy the feeling of some level of mania and do not mind functioning on little or no sleep for days on end. It is, in fact DANGEROUS for me to go without at least six hours of solid sleep each night. I become very stressed. I get more easily distracted. I have an increase in these nasty little seizures which tend to occur when I’m stressed and overtired. For the FDA to suddenly put what sounds like a DEMAND for women to cut their Zolpidem dosage in half is very suspicious. Can I hold the FDA responsible for what happens when I begin to have seizures because I’ve suddenly cut my dosage to half of what is prescribed?
    The FDA cannot tell me that it is healthier of better for me to lie awake all night or sit at a computer or read books all night or sit up playing a musical instrument all night and then get behind the wheel of a car and drive than it is to take medication (typically, I take the Zolpidem on an empty stomach at least 10 – 11 hours prior to when I’ll need to wake up the next morning, just to play it safe). If I don’t feel all right to drive, I do not drive. But then again, I haven’t had problems with insomnia for a number of years. I guarantee that losing consciousness while crossing a street or climbing a staircase and losing all muscle control and hitting the floor is not something ANYONE would look forward to… and suddenly cutting a dose of someone’s sleep medication in half is NOT a rational thing to do. A reasonable titration schedule IS what is called for. Don’t believe me? Google “The Ashton Manual” and read the titration schedules.

  17. LGE

    A Dr put me on Ambien many years ago and when I tried to stop it I couldn’t without serious drug withdrawal effects. I finally made stopped with the help of another Dr. as I changed Drs because he was a “big pill pusher”. New Dr listened to my problem and helped me get through my health problem without drugs. So, take heed when a Dr immediately prescribed pills that may be addictive. Try going solving your not sleeping with natural ways. I did, and it worked. Hope what I’ve written helps a lot of people. OH, yes, be careful of the OTC sleeping pills too. Not the way to go unless they’re natural ingredients. Please check those out carefully too.

  18. Gaby

    I’ve been taking Ambien every night for around nine years, I guess. I take one half of a 5mg pill at bedtime. It seems to calm a mild anxiety I’ve had for years and I sleep for 2 hours, usually, when I get up to go to the bathroom. Often I will take the second half pill then, or depending on how sleepy I feel, many nights I don’t take the second half. Together, they usually give me 7-8 hours sleep, which works for me.
    When I was prescribed the extended release version and took one dose, I had the only hallucination I ever had. I threw that batch away without taking a second dose. Oddly, I have found that if I am really not sleepy at all–if I’ve read or watched something stimulating–a whole pill will not work. In fact, it almost seems to have a reverse effect.

  19. Sharon

    I have used Ambien and Ambien CR for a couple of years with only great results. No sleepwalking, no sleepdriving, no hallucinations, no grogginess in the morning. Only restful sleep.

  20. J.

    I take a half or even a third of a 10 mg most nights and have a good sleep. If I don’t I usually have a harder time falling asleep, wake up once or twice, and have lots of weird dreams. I don’t like taking pills, but I think I’m healthier with good sleep.

  21. EC

    Thanks once again to the FDA for deciding that ALL patients, especially women, need to be reduced to taking only 5 mg of Ambien (zolpidem). I have been taking zolpidem 10 mg and have been doing quite well with that dosage. Again, they are sticking their noses where it doesn’t belong.
    Each patient needs to be evaluated individually. When 10 mg is too much for one patient they should inform their doctor and ask for a reduced dosage. If 10 mg is working leave it alone. Same with Wellbutrin XL.
    My insurance only covered it for one month and then insisted I take the generic bupropion. What a nightmare that was. Due to the class of drug Wellbutrin is no one believed me except for the other patients I met online, a program Dr. Oz had specifically stating the same facts, and an article in Allure magazine stating that Wellbutrin XL 300 mg was NOT the equivalent of the generic. No one would listen to me.
    Now everyone is listening. What an awful experience that was. I think the FDA needs to clean house and start over and doctors need to start listening to their patients. Insurance companies need to listen to the people who are paying their premiums when they say the generics don’t work. Plants needs to be inspected. America needs to wake up!

  22. KFH

    I have taken both Ambien and Zolpidem for occasional difficulty sleeping – I am happy to report that I have not had a single problem with either – with the exception that Zolpidem is simply not as effective.
    Other than that, it is excellent for me – I sleep soundly and awaken refreshed – no grogginess/sleep hangover, odd sleepwalking, etc……

  23. DMG

    I, also, had bad effects from Ambien. I stayed groggy almost all day, and found that I was quite depressed. It was very difficult withdrawing from the medication, but I decided that being tired was better than being so groggy. I often stay awake for hours, and get up and read, play solitare, or just daydream. Ambien was not a good drug for me.

  24. JT

    I have been on Ambien/ Zolpidem for about 15 yrs. I take it 3 alternate nights a week in order to receive at least 6 hours of sleep each time so I can function properly the following day, as no other sleeping aid helps as much. I do take 1-1/2 of 5 mg = 7mg, as 5mg isn’t enough, and 10 mg keeps me drowsy the following day. I also find that if I take it 2 nights in a row, I am lethargic. I take an hour before bedtime in order to start being effective.
    Upon first taking this 15 yrs ago, I had about 3-4 times an hallucinations effect – which would last for about 15 minutes before bed. Then no more. Unfortunately I have tried many other sleeping aids, prescribed and otherwise, plus numerous other ‘sure remedies’ through various Doctors’ suggestions, books, articles, and in order for me to maintain my sanity by at least getting 3 nights per week of good sleep, I am afraid I see no other alternative. I follow all the steps in regards to exercising, no caffeine after noon, meditating in evening, take melatonin, no naps, healthy diet, etc. I have to take Tylenol PM, or ZZZquil on alternate nights in order to get a few hit and miss hours of sleep. My husband can’t understand how I can continue to function with this problems.
    I am currently 69, but have had lack of sleep problem since mid 40’s, but at younger age I could cope. Yes, I have had apnea testing. SO, for the time being, I stay on this worrisome sleeping aid, but will continue to keep up with the alarming facts that are being reported. I won’t recommend this aid to anyone else, due to the numerous serious complications it causes, but I’m thankful it does work for me– for the moment.

  25. SSM

    I have taken Ambien 10mg strength for as long as 10 years and have done none of the ridiculous things others have written about. I tried Zolpidem when the price of Ambien went up so ridiculously high but found it did not help me. I have no aftereffects in the day time and function very normally. I might not have started with the strength that I’ve been taking but I can be sure it’s been the same for at least the last 6 years.

  26. Louie b.Free

    Thank’s to YOU, Terry and Joe…AGAIN…. for providing us with such important information.
    As you both know, i’ve had a lot of sleep issues and it was YOU TWO talking about some of these meds ‘scrambling the brain’ that led me to stop taking them.!!!!!
    I, and my family and friends are ever grateful……

  27. W.D.Brown

    Been taking Ambien for 5 years now with no side effects. My question is what other medications these people are taking along with the Ambien that could interact with each other. I am 71 years old, Had 5 lung collapses, left and right lung operated on, Aortic heart valve replaced with a mechanical one and through all that I needed a little something to help me sleep.

  28. Pauline

    I am 88 years old and have taken 5mg of zolidem occasionally since 2008. I get 6-8 hours of peaceful sleep and awake completely. These stories sound so foreign to any kind of experience I have had. You must go to bed promptly after taking the pill. I certainly cannot take oxycodone in any form.

  29. Betty

    Interesting!!!! I am put on 10 mg Zolpidem, up from my usual prescription of 5 mg. But after knee replacement eight weeks ago, I need sleep. It strangely works but only for 4 hours. It works well for its 4 hours, but then there I lay wide awake from 1 or 2 a.m. until morning. Should I take another? Certainly not. Should I get a boring book? Maybe. Should I lay there and feel sorry for myself? That’s too easy, and I end up in uncontrolled crying too often with a severe death desire.
    Last night at 8:30 I tried sleeping on my own and woke up at 11 and took the 10 mg of zolpidem, and slept okay until 4 a.m. That is a nuisance but passable.
    Hallucinations no. Escaping (perfect description!) into a foot of cold snow at night without my walker, OMG..I would be probably dead as I can’t drive now. But it does cross my mind! So often the nights need escaping, they are so horrid.
    All this from just my knee just stuns me. How can my knee, my simple knee, cause all this. I am trying so very hard not to let ‘something’ take over my mind. I am off the oxycodone except a pill an hour before therapy three times a week. Can this be contributing? Three pills a week. But they still won’t let me drive! I believe I am very glad my car is at a relative’s home after reading the stories above because it does seem a source of escape.
    I wonder if I should maybe switch my nights to days, reverse my living style. Might work. Or maybe leave all my lights on full blast all night. I am also considering music but that involves a radio beyond my cheap furry sounding radio. I have hearing problems and radios sound furry. But I haven’t tried the expensive one yet…

  30. VF

    Since the 70s the FDA has pulled better sleeping meds off the market…Generic Ambien is NOT the same……and some generics are different….FDA make the brand affordable and stop defrauding the public!
    People born in the last 35 years….but I at 61 know the total difference.
    Not only is there fraud going on with generics…but the pharmacies as well
    No wonder people still go to Mexico to get drugs…they are better than the us version
    However I paid 11.00 for one RX and the same RX at well known pharmacies like rite aid and CVS charged me over 100!

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