A bottle of generic delayed-release Duloxetine (Cymbalta) 30 mg

Cymbalta was originally approved by the FDA in 2004 for the treatment of major depression. It is officially an SNRI-type antidepressant. In doctorspeak that means it is a serotonin-norepinehprine reuptake inhibitor and is somewhat similar to other antidepressants such as Effexor (venlafaxine) and Pristiq (desvenlafaxine).

The FDA also approved Cymbalta to treat nerve pain associated with diabetes in 2004. In 2007 the drug got a green light for anxiety and in 2008 the FDA agreed that it could ease the discomfort associated with fibromyalgia. It was also approved to treat musculoskeletal pain associated with arthritis and lower back pain in 2010. In other words, here was a drug that could relieve your blues and your aches and pains. And the drug company that makes Cymbalta (Lilly) has been aggressively marketing it as a good way to deal with chronic low back pain and osteoarthritis. Perhaps you have seen the commercials on TV promoting the pain relieving power of the drug with the slogan “Cymbalta can help.” It sounds almost too good to be true.

Ah…and there is the rub. Although there is a long list of serious side effects mentioned during the commercial, the video images seem quite reassuring and trump the scary message the FDA requires for this medication. So, let’s set the record straight. Here, without visual interference, are a list of potential complications associated with this medication.

Cymbalta (Duloxetine) Side Effects

  • Nausea, stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea, decreased appetite, vomiting
  • Dry mouth
  • Insomnia, anxiety, tremor
  • Dizziness, fatigue, sleepiness
  • Sweating, hot flashes
  • Blurred vision
  • Headache
  • Sexual dysfunction, lowered libido, erection difficulties, lack of orgasm
  • Liver damage
  • Serious skin reactions, rash, hives (requires immediate MD assistance!)
  • Glaucoma
  • Irregular heart rhythms
  • Bleeding problems
  • Blood pressure problems
  • Interaction with other drugs (leading to serotonin syndrome among other reactions)
  • Pneumonia
  • Seizures
  • Depressed mood, suicidal thoughts and behavior, suicide

Such a long list of side effects makes your eyes glaze over after the top 3 or 4. That is why we have included stories from real people so you can better understand what these complications feel like.

Even though such side effects are scary, there is another problem with Cymbalta. When people try to stop taking this drug they frequently report unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. An organization (QuarterWatch) that monitors the FDA’s database of serious adverse drug events has noted that:

“We observed a signal for serious drug withdrawal symptoms associated with duloxetine (CYMBALTA), a widely used antidepressant that is also approved to treat arthritis and back pain, anxiety, and fibromyalgia. In the first quarter of 2012 the FDA received 48 case reports of drug withdrawal identifying duloxetine as the suspect drug. They described a wide spectrum of withdrawal effects that began when the patients stopped the drug, including blackouts, suicidal thoughts, tremor, and nausea. Several cases involved hospitalization.

Probing deeper into the scientific record for duloxetine we found that withdrawal symptoms were reported in 44-50% of patients abruptly discontinuing duloxetine at the end of clinical studies for depression, and more than half of this total did not resolve within a week or two. In addition, we identified a serious breakdown at both the FDA and the manufacturer, Eli Lilly and Company, in providing adequate warnings and instructions about how to manage this common adverse effect.”

Doctors have taken to calling this “discontinuation syndrome.” These clinical words do not do justice to what it is like to stop antidepressants like Cymbalta, Effexor (venlafaxine), Paxil (paroxetine), Pristiq (desvenlafaxine) or Zoloft (sertraline) suddenly.

Sudden Withdrawal Symptoms

  • Brain “Zaps” (electric shock-like senstations in the brain)
  • Dizziness, light-headedness, vertigo, feeling faint
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety, irritability, hostility
  • Nausea, diarrhea, digestive upset
  • Tremor, hands shaking, nerve tingles, strange sensations
  • Fatigue, tiredness, lack of energy
  • Visual disturbances

Again, a list of symptoms does not do this problem justice. Below you will read some stories from people who have posted their comments to this website. We would love to hear your story, positive or negative. Share your experience with Cymbalta or any other antidepressant below.

Should you wish to learn more about dealing with depression through some other strategies, we offer our Guide to Dealing with Depression. You will also find a whole chapter on prescribing mistakes doctors make when treating depression and fibromyalgia in our book, Top Screwups Doctors Make and How to Avoid Them.

Cymbalta Withdrawal Stories from Readers

“My lovely, young daughter-in law, who was about to celebrate her 29th birthday, was prescribed Cymbalta, Klonopin, and Ambien and has committed suicide.

“She told her physician and her therapist that she’d had thoughts of suicide but no one took her seriously. She suffered from depression, as well as an eating disorder, and had very low body weight. She also used alcohol.

“Please remind your readers of the potentially disastrous effects these chemicals can cause when taken carelessly or in combination with alcohol.”
– D.G.

“I have been on Prozac over the last 20 years off and on and it finally stopped working. The last time I took it about 2 years ago I was taking the generic from Barr – the blue and white capsule. I was feeling as if I were in the deepest dark hole there ever was.

“My doctor put me on Cymbalta from which I had a lot of side effects such as palpitations, feeling constant dread, panic attacks, sweats, lightheadedness and general feeling of not being well.

“She added Abilify which put me over the edge. I was in the worst depression I have ever been in. Finally after living like this for several months, I asked to be put back on Prozac. I was taking the generic from Sandoz. When the prescription ran out I ended up on the big blue and white capsules from Barr.

“Over the last couple of weeks it has been constant crying spells, arguing with everyone and feeling pretty low. I talked to my doctor and she wrote the prescription for Sandoz only generic. The blue and white capsules are like taking a placebo. My doctor said she had had other patients who complained of the same thing and she had to write prescriptions for a certain generic or name brand.”

– P.J.

“I took Cymbalta for 3 days and thought I’d go nuts. I’m off it now and refuse to try any other drug like this. My main complaint was extreme hot flashes that estrogen wouldn’t help. I thought I’d be given Prozac, but was given Cymbalta instead. It was a rough 3 days and I stopped it last night. I am extremely tired yet cannot sleep at night. I think I was sweating even worse and my legs started feeling like I had Lyme disease again. And to be honest, within those 3 days of taking it, I didn’t contemplate suicide, but I had this crappy attitude of “who would care?”

– R.P.

“It took me 18 months to get off Cymbalta, with no doctor’s help. I can hardly believe that doctors have no exit strategy for this dangerous drug. I had to find this out on my own from reading and as soon as I weaned off that – about a month, the tinnitus that had occurred decreased almost completely. No doctor told me this.”
– Nancy

“My daughter experienced severe side effects when trying to come off Cymbalta – she had nausea, vomiting, lost peripheral vision for 24-48 hours, had shaking, etc. This was while she was doing a clinical in a hospital for college. Had she known she would have stayed on it until after clinical. I called the manufacturer and they acted like there were no such side effects from withdrawal.

“She too took apart the capsules and it took awhile, but finally she is free from that drug. I think it is a crime that the manufacturers don’t publish more detailed information concerning withdrawal. They could even make money selling a one month or two month step down prescription so individuals aren’t taking the capsules apart themselves.”
– J.K.

“I just turned 52 today. I went on a very low dose of Zoloft about 8 years ago to treat generalized anxiety disorder. It really did help for a long time. I recently have been pretty depressed (however I can cover it up really well) and my psychiatrist switched me to Effexor which was terrible for me. Now I’m trying Cymbalta which has not done anything either except make me feel more anxious and headachy and weird.”

“I am a registered nurse and I do not understand what the long term effects of these meds are and I am concerned. I really want to get off and see what I can do naturally for myself.”
– P.C.

“Getting off Cymbalta is challenging but not impossible. I, too, experienced the light-headedness, dizziness, and “brain zaps.” I described it as being able to “hear my eyes move.” It sounded like the light sabers on Star Wars. Very strange and disconcerting.

“The key is to do it very very slowly. Take the capsules apart and begin by removing 5 or 10 of the tiny balls inside. Do this for a week or so, then slowly increase the amount you remove each week or two as you can tolerate it.

“Your doctor will probably be no help at all. Mine wasn’t. He instructed me to wean off over a two to three week period and I almost lost my mind. I did it myself over about a YEAR or more. Be patient. I am completely off now and feeling GOOD.”
– K.T.

“I took Cymbalta for fibromyalgia and have just stopped taking it because of acute liver and GI pain- yes, pain! My liver poured bile into my gut and protested loudly! Cymbalta worked great on the fibromyalgia, but I had to stop.

“I agree that doctors don’t always realize how prescription drugs can alter your life so we must continue to advocate for ourselves.”
– V.C.

“I was prescribed Cymbalta ‘off-label’ to manage fibromyalgia pain When I stopped taking it because it wasn’t delivering on the promised effect of reducing my pain, I became so horribly depressed that I required hospitalization as I had become SUICIDAL!

“I will NEVER take another anti-depressant for an off-label purpose….such as Elavil/amitriptyline as a “sleep aid” which is very commonly prescribed.

“I believe it should be criminal to prescribe ANY drug for a purpose other than the one it was approved to treat.”
– Karen

“I’m a 76 year old man, my libido was very low. Taking Cymbalta for peripheral neuropathy added ED as a side affect of the drug. I had a testosterone blood test; it was 1/3 what the minimum should be. So I’m taking Androgel to raise testosterone levels and it is magic. I have great libido now and am working on minimizing the Cymbalta pills. In the meantime I have been prescribed Cialis for the ED. Each pill solves the sex problem for a couple of days.”
– R.H.

“I have the exact symptoms as everyone else and it’s been a week. I only took Cymbalta for 2 months, but the side effects from stopping it are horrible. My doctor didn’t, nor did anyone else tell me, about any side effects and I did read the insert. Most of the time the listed side effects of meds don’t bother me, so I figured no problem.

“From reading other posts on this website and on other sites, the drug seems to affect every person the same way. I would never have taken it for my neck pain if I had known about the likelihood of side effects. The worst part for me is the dizziness, the brain zings and the sudden burst of tears for no reason. I would never take this drug again. I think the FDA needs to do longer studies on all drugs and be honest with their findings and that doctors should be honest and tell their patients what really happens when you take Cymbalta.”
– M.O.

Please add your own experience below in the comment section.

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  1. Nancy

    Reading all of your emails about being on and stopping Cymbalta are both reassuring and unsettling. My nurse practitioner prescribed cymbalta in December as a replacement for effexor. I also take wellbutrin. In January I noticed being light-headed but didn’t think much of it. As the weeks went by I became constantly light-headed, dizzy, experienced those brain “zaps”, have been irritable, and have had difficulty sleeping. The ringing in the ears got worse with each week, which I didn’t realize was connected to this drug also. Then the nightmares started. I truly thought I might be losing it. Then it dawned on me it was the cymbalta. My NP wanted me to taper off for a month from 60mg to 30mg but I want this drug out of my system. I’ve been off of it for 6 days and the dizziness has not improved, and digestive issues have started. I feel like I’ve got the flu. Some days are worse than others. And I cry so easily it’s ridiculous. Now I’m wondering how long these symptoms will last? This drug should definitely not be prescribed, unless absolutely necessary, i.e. the benefits definitely outweigh the negatives. The side-effects are awful. Glad to know I’m not alone.

  2. Mary

    I just started this drug and overall have noticed no difference other than an increase in my fibro pain, but I assume that is stress related. I missed my 60mg dose for the first time in 2 months yesterday and had a complete break down. Rage, crying, loneliness. Total freak out. Can this happen after a day of withdrawal? I took my regular dose last night and still have a headache. Now my boyfriend is worried about me and I don’t know how to explain about the drug. Sigh.

  3. Lore

    Thank you all for your contributions to my education. I have been taking Cymbalta for 8 – 10 years for Fibro. I remember once I ran out for 5 days and was the crankiest/angry person you have ever met.

    Recently I went to a pain clinic doctor to see if there was something else I could be doing. He suggested Lyrica. My translation was stop Cymbalta and start Lyrica. Within 3 days I was dizzy and really foggy, not safe to drive and then there were the brain zaps. My mood did not change nor was I suicidal, but I have the worst ongoing headache and back pain. I now understand why that is. I have been off for 2 weeks and was thinking about going back on and then tapering off, but I think I will gut it out. I dropped the Lyrica after 5 days and the fog went away – don’t know if that was a coincidence or the drug. Hopefully this will fade in time, it is hard having a headache and back pain every day all the time. I did read the side effects on the pharmacy paperwork, but none of it addresses withdrawal.

  4. Tina

    I have been on Cymbalta 30 mgs. for over a year and this is the second round. I have suffered depression for over 30 years due to abuse and I injured my back at my employment and the back pain was debilitating and the doctor prescribed Cymbalta. He stated that it works for depression and should help for the back pain. The Cymbalta worked like a charm. My doctor was happy that we had found an answer. Now, a year later, due to stomach lining issues, blood in my stool, several more x-rays, scopes done on both ends, and stomach pain so bad that it caused an ambulance ride to emergency, my doctor has stated it was the Cymbalta and that I should discontinue its use. Taking his advice, I started to ween myself off the drug using this process – one week, one pill per day, the next week, a pill every other day, next week, a pill every two days until I would not be taking any. Doing this, I now have new problems, the side effects- nauseated, loose stools, ears ringing, exhaustion, mood swings, irritability, lack of sleep, weeping, hot flashes worsened, hands tingling, body aches, and finally bad migraines. If anything, I find it very frustrating as I am losing friends due to the irritability and snapping at people. I have one friend that keeps hanging in there. It is good that work has cut hours back because honestly, I could not work full time hours with all this going on.
    I, myself, found that the drug works great but being on it for any length of time will sure screw with your insides and coming off it screws with your mind. I am slowly adjusting to life without meds and hoping for the best. I know I will be ok. People, I advise everyone to check the withdraw symptoms of any drug that is prescribed to you for anything before taking it. Good luck to you all and keep the faith because you will be ok. Just wait it out.

  5. kim

    I was looking on here because my daughter was feeling real dizzy after a week of 20 ml of cymbalta but after reading I realize I was on 60 ml for a year and I too felt the swoosh every time I turned my head, cry fast, tired, weak and very depressed. I stopped taking all pills they had me on and I suddenly got hot flashes but cold, nausea, diarrhea, running nose, and very weak. Thanks everyone now I know 2 things… I’m not crazy and get my child off these pills!

  6. Debbie

    I have been on Cymbalta on and off for 10& yrs. I have had some problems when a Dr had me take Savella along with it. Just a hand out sample pack! I had a Serotonin over load. Thought I was going to die! Racing heart and absolutely no sleep for 3-4 days! My Dr. Didn’t know what was wrong.

    I called my pharmacist & was to this could be deadly to get to the hospital! I slowly weened off Cymbalta and was scared from that day forward! Needless to say back on Cymbalta. My decision to get off of this since my libido well there is none. I had to be put on a heart medicine for severe palpitations, sweats and anxiety!

    I am on my 1st week of no Cymbalta and thought I had a vicious flu! I have had bad headaches and even though I had just eaten the other morning when I became nauseous and did vomit it was all a heavy bile! TMI sorry but I thought this was strange! I had been sick for 3 days. My worst complaint is my vertigo has become extreme. Having weird feelings I my chest like I am going to lose consciousness. Heartburn, bad numbness in my lips and around my mouth! I am tired of medications and side effects.

    I am hoping I won’t have to take my heart medication once this crap is out of my system. Hopefully my relationship status will definitely improve after this! Thanks for letting me share. I am going to try the fish oil hoping it will help from a comment from above! Hoping to lose this ungodly 40 pounds that has been impossible to lose! Prayers and hugs to anyone going through this mess! This information from all of you has been very helpful!

  7. JC

    My doctor prescribed Cymbalta for depression and anxiety. I was placed on a 30 mg regimen once per day. Due to the cost of the medication, I used a generic duloxetine. The drug started working after about 3 weeks as stated in the informational packet given with the prescription.
    I did well on the drug. There were some side effects, such as loss of sexual interest, general feeling of laziness, weight gain. I also lost my hearing in one ear about 6 months into the treatment. I have no idea if there is a connection here.
    I decided that I no longer needed this medication any more, my doctor suggested I cut down by taking 3/4 of the dose for 5 days, then 1/2 for 5 days, 1/4 for 5 was days. I was taking a generic brand (black & white capsule) which was easy to cut back since the capsule is made up of small 5 mg pills ( 30 mg = 6 pills). I believe Cymbalta brand meds. are more difficult since the little pills inside the capsule are much smaller so one would need to use a very sensitive scale. I decided to do this at a slower pace than the doctor suggested. I cut 5 mg out of my dose for 7 days. Then cut 10 mg for 7 days and repeated the process reducing 5 mg every 7 days. It worked for me. My stamina’s back. I don’t feel depressed. The only things I’ve noticed are a sensation of tiny pulses in the ear that has been deaf for the last 12 months. The pulses cause my vision to jarr for a split second when they occur.
    Does anyone know if deafness may be associated with duloxetine? Also, are the pulses I’m feeling the “brain zaps” that have been listed as a side effect? I don’t recall noticing them before I completely stopped taking the medication about 2 weeks ago.

  8. E

    I was taking Cymbalta for Neuropathy and Fibromyalgia. My liver enzymes are elevated. I am coming off of Cymbalta. Yes it is a struggle, but it is affecting my liver. People please do your own study on medications. I have learned the hard way.

  9. J.DeL

    I’ve tried Cymbalta for a year off and on, it didn’t seem like it was working at all. So recently I figured I’d give it another shot , dumb move on my part. This is one of those pharmaceutical sales rep thing’s where your doctor of death gets a free steak dinner for every fool he/she prescribes it to.

    Now I decided to cold shoulder myself off of this horrible medication in which I find wasteful to you. My “withdrawal ” side effects as of now are a swollen tongue as if I bit it pretty good, other than that my head is a bit foggy and out of focus. I’m not sure if I’m making the right move going rogue, but I am tired of being a slave of criminal doctors and their diar solutions to problems they know they can help the public with. I’ve lost all hope in the Healthcare system.

  10. Linda

    I have been on Cymbalta for several years now. I ran out of it, called my doctor. They told me I would have to take the generic now.
    I decided to give it a try. My prescription was not called in yet. It is the weekend and I will have to wait until Monday now. I have been off the Cymbalta 60 mg for 4 days now. Headache tonight and one yesterday for about an hour. Almost started crying over a sewing project today. Earlier tonight I caught myself being irritable somewhat. There have been times before when I would forget to take my medication for a day or two and had terrible nightmares, dizziness and vertigo. Its Friday night and not bad. No nightmares so far. Hope the rest of the weekend goes well.

    • Ann

      I have been taking Cymbalta for 2 years now after a long struggle of being a caregiver for my father with Alzheimer’s and losing him. Because of high insurance copays, I asked my doctor to change me to a different antidepressant. Needless to say, I am waiting for an appointment and in the meantime my prescription has run out. The withdrawal symptoms are terrifying. The brain zaps and vertigo are constant. I had no idea what was happening to me until I Googled these symptoms. No one should ever have to wait for an appointment for these types of med changes. Dangerous. Hopefully the next couple of days go by quickly.

  11. shawn

    I stopped cymbalta 7 days ago. No weaning. So I was good for several days but now I feel like what was said prior. horrible brain zaps, more depressed anger and rage and I feel like I can’t think or do barely anything.

  12. Sue

    I had been on Cymbalta 60 mg for about 7 years. My doctor recommended it when I was going through a very difficult relationship breakup. Over those years, I had come to think that I had really grown as a person and I was on an even keel. Due to no insurance, at the beginning of 2015, I had less than a months’ supply, so started taking them every other day or every third day, since I had heard about the withdrawal. As of February 1, I was completely out and decided that I just wanted to be off this medication anyway. Well, the fun began! UGH! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but as of now, February 17th, I still do not feel like I am done with the withdrawal. The first 3 days were the worst, feeling like my brain was in a fog and that I could “hear” my head/neck move, and the nightmares were horrendous. On the 4th day, those severe symptoms decreased for the most part, but I still get the occasional “woosh” when my head moves and a bit of the fog. Thank goodness the nightmares stopped. So, along with those physical side effects, came crying at the drop of a hat! Anger and rage flaring up. Nausea. Hot flashes (but I am past menopause for several years). MAD that I thought I was becoming a better person in that I wasn’t so easily angered, just to find out it was the drug masking it and I have been living a lie…..I could have possibly received therapy to get through the grief of the breakup and my anger issues all those years ago and REALLY made progress with my life, not just thinking I was doing better. It doesn’t help that it is winter and we’ve only seen the sun twice this month. So, I don’t know how long it will take to feel like I am not still going through withdrawal. I am nauseated if I don’t eat and nauseated if I do eat. I wish I had never been on this drug.

    • J.DeL

      The rage factor is the worst, I am completely hostile for no reason. Best of luck to you.

      • karin

        I thought I was losing my mind but after reading all the comments on the withdrawal symptoms I have a sense of relief. I have been off Cymbalta for a week after being on it for 2 yrs. I have been having nausea, headaches, gas, heartburn, fatigue, shakes, and bouts of anger where I lash out at my family. I have gone back on prestiq which I was on before Cymbalta

  13. Carrie

    Please do not think you are going crazy… it’s just the drug. I stopped taking Cymbalta as well after many years for depression. The withdraw was horrible. I am glad I did not have a job that I had to go to at the time. There is no way that I would have been able to function in society. It was that bad. Please give yourself time. Eat well. Cry. Talk. Yell. Get it out of your system if you can and find something else. I did. I would never go back to Cymbalta. EVER.

  14. DIane

    I was diagnosed with Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome—which is similar to Fibromyalgia, minus the depression, fatigue, emotional trauma and intestinal issues. I was prescribed Cymbalta and have taken it for about 9 months. It was effective for pain relief, but with a caveat: I am 50, active and happily married, but thanks to Cymbalta my libido packed up and went South. I love my “quality-time” with my hubby, but Cymbalta took the bang right out of it! :-(

    So after several months of experimenting with lower dose alternating higher dose, or skipping doses on weekends for the sake of “quality time” (which worked reasonably well), I was getting tired of other symptoms. I had flank pain, diarrhea, and started to worry about what the drug was doing to my liver, even if it did help with chronic muscle pain.

    Withdrawing was harder than I expected: I tapered off very slowly–low doses over several weeks. But there were brain-zaps, dizziness. The worst part though is the agitation, which I’m hoping will go away soon! I feel like I have some sort of negative adrenaline pooled up in my chest cavity that makes me irritable and agitated. I’m really having to keep myself in check. Now I am doing the anti-inflammatory diet/Paleo to see if I can solve my pain issues organically/Systemically. I hate antidepressants. They are truly a mixed bag!

  15. nichole
    seattle, wa

    About a year ago, I “got sick” with what is currently an undiagnosed autoimmune condition. My psychiatrist kept asking if I was depressed, but I wasn’t, just frustrated and stressed. Finally in October I broke down and agreed to try Cymbalta 30mg. At the end of 30 days I felt worse, but didn’t blame the Cymbalta, just my health. However, I discontinued because I felt no benefit and did not want to add any unnecessary drugs to my already impressive repertoire. By December I felt I truly was depressed and listened to people who said that 30 days was not enough to feel the good effects of Cymbalta; I should have gone six weeks. So I refilled the prescription and by the end of December I was having suicidal thoughts every day. However, I thought I better be good and ready before doing anything drastic, and my prescription ran out and about a week later I was feeling normal. I have heard that many antidepressants have suicidal thoughts as a side effect, but it always seemed like it was the .002%, like a fatal allergic reaction or something. I searched for more information and came here.

    Unlike many of you, my issues with this nasty drug were from taking it, not from withdrawing from it. I don’t think I had any withdrawal symptoms. I’ve always been very open to trying new drugs, but now feel wary…depression is treatable, suicide is not!

    One thing that really jumped out at me after reading these comments is that it seems like insurance companies have a lot to answer for, not just the pharmaceutical companies. To unknowingly switch you to a generic or to withhold or deny medication when you have run out is completely irresponsible. My mail order pharmacy gives me and my doctor such a hard time every time I try to refill my Ambien that I have to order it a month ahead of time, and even then I often don’t get it on time. It’s not (all) the pharmacy’s fault, but my insurance company’s, who makes my doctor justify a higher-than-FDA-approved dose.

  16. Melissa

    Reading some of these comments has really shocked me. I had been on Cymbalta for about 18 months. I ran out of the medication 5 days ago. And starting yesterday I started having withdrawals it started (as I found out) brain Zapps, hands kinda shaking, dizziness, nerve tingles, irritability, lack of energy, strange sensations thru out my body. Now in a couple of days I will be out of my neurotin. I’m really scared. If I only knew what all these meds would do to you when you go off them. And in my case going off them abruptly.

    • Ann

      Take Omega 3 fish oil to ease withdrawal symptoms!

  17. Julie

    I have been on cymbalta for a year, other meds before that, it was the best depression wise, but the twitiches sheesh. So my doc told me how to come off it. Last one I took was last Thursday, it’s now Tuesday, and I’m as sick as anything. Aches and pains all over, nauseau, heart palpitations weak etc. Sheesh, I don’t care what happens, I won’t be going on meds again.

  18. Justin

    I took Cymbalta and later the generic since about 2005. I think the drug worked properly and helped with anxiety and light depression. I always took the minimal dose that I could splitting a 60 mg and sometimes just taking 20-30mg. I felt good for about 10 years. I decided I would try to stop taking generic due to the cost and the fact that I did not want to be on a drug all my life. So I started splitting the capsules which I had done for 10 years so I know that was safe. So I was taking 30mg got down to 20mg and 10mg and felt FAIR. As I got down to the 5 mg or so after say 3 weeks things got hard. So a week ago I stopped and wow it has been a hard week. I feel a great deal of rage and anger. I cry thinking about anything sad or emotional and the worst thing is the lightheadedness. I feel like I have low blood pressure or vertigo. (my pressure is normal though) It is awful. I can say that for the last 10 years I had a hard time with ejaculating quickly and NOW I have no problem whatsoever. I am going to see my doctor tomorrow to tell him what I have done. See what he says.

  19. Alivia

    First off, I want to thank everyone in this forum!! I started seeing a pain management Dr 2 days ago and he prescribed CYMBALTA 30 mg daily and oxycodone 5mg every 4 hours. The first day I was drowsy but my back pain was decreased as well as my anxiety. Second day I had a constant headache and felt like I was drunk all day. After taking my 3rd dose last night the fun started. Severe migraines, itching, vomiting and I’ve been in bed all day. I called my Dr but no call back so decided to come online. Thank God I did. The pain management is supposed to improve my quality of life but this drug is completely disabling. I can’t believe 3 30mg doses can cause this much hell. After reading this I know I will never take this med. Good luck and God bless you all. Thankful I found this before I was too far in. I’ll stick to my as needed Percocet.

    • D Passarelli

      Be careful with Percocet too. Every pain drug has the tendency to be abused. More needs to be taken to achieve being pain free. Doctors stop writing RXs even worst withdrawal symptoms occur…….

    • Karen

      Please reconsider the oxycodone— This is the NUMBER ONE abused drug that leads to addiction- SO MANY PEOPLE are on methadone because a doctor prescribed percocet for chronic pain. PLEASE find another way to deal with your chronic pain- perhaps TENS machine?, also consider Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) – a scientifically proven therapy for chronic pain management.

      I am so sorry that this Dr jumped to such a serious medication as Oxycodone for you. And as a fibromyalgia sufferer with low back pain as well, and currently still suffering from withdrawal symptoms from being on Cymbalta 30mg for 3 months (weaned down by taking apart the capsule for 2 weeks), I share your concern re Cymbalta. (RN for 30 years, Mental Health Specialty)… Good luck and stay strong…

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