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Are Some Statin Side Effects Irreversible?

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When Mevacor (lovastatin) was first marketed in 1987 it quickly became a game changer. That's because it was perceived as extremely effective for lowering cholesterol with far fewer side effects than existing drugs.

Prior to this first statin-type cholesterol-lowering medication there was a certain amount of ambivalence about cholesterol lowering drugs. Lopid (gemfibrozil) was one of the best known and most successful medications prior to Mevacor. It lowered bad LDL cholesterol a modest 11 percent. Although it appeared to reduce the risk of heart attacks, it came with a list of side effects including gallstones, indigestion, stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea, flatulence, dizziness, blurred vision, headache, numbness or nerve tingling, lowered libido and erectile dysfunction.

Mevacor seemed like a fabulous alternative and it quickly became the hottest cholesterol-lowering drug on the market. Its success spawned lots of other statins including Atorvastatin (Lipitor)
, Fluvastatin (Lescol)
, Pitavastatin (Livalo)
, Pravastatin (Pravachol)
, Rosuvastatin (Crestor)
, Simvastatin (Zocor)
 and Simvastatin + Ezetimibe (Vytorin).

Initially, most doctors believed that statins had few, if any, side effects. Tens of millions of people were prescribed these drugs even if they had hardly any risk factors for heart disease. In some cases doctors encouraged people to take a statin "just in case," even if their cholesterol levels were relatively "normal." The assumption was that the drugs were so safe there was no reason not to take them even if the person was in good health.

When we started hearing reports from people that they were suffering muscle pain and weakness, memory problems, erectile dysfunction, peripheral neuropathy or blood sugar elevations, we were told by some health professionals that these were old folks just showing signs of normal aging. These physicians insisted that such side effects could not possibly be due to statins.

We didn't buy it, but it was hard to convince some statin enthusiasts that the drugs might be taking a toll on otherwise healthy people. Over the last two decades we have received so many stories from individuals that we could have written a book. In fact we did! We included these stories in two books, Best Choices From The People's Pharmacy and Top Screwups Doctors Make and How to Avoid Them. There are also hundreds or reports on this website.

Most physicians now agree that statins can indeed cause muscle pain and weakness. Some acknowledge that there can be cognitive dysfunction for certain patients. There is even data to suggest that statins can cause fatigue, especially after exercise (Archives of Internal Medicine, Aug. 13/27, 2012).

The unanswered question, though, is do some side effects persist, even after the statins have been discontinued. There have been very few studies even examining this issue. One intrepid researcher, Beatrice Golomb, MD, PhD, has suggested that some individuals are especially susceptible to statin side effects. For them, adverse reactions can be devastating and may linger for a very long time. To hear Dr. Golomb describe this scary scenario, click on the arrow at the top of this page.

We just received a poignant comment from a visitor to this webiste. We felt compelled to share Donna's story:

"Everyone needs to know that statins can do permanent nerve and muscle damage!

"I stopped taking them more than a year ago and I am still in pain, still can't walk upstairs without pain and my CK (muscle enzymes) are still elevated; so are my liver enzymes.

Those meds need to be taken off the market. Some people develop rhabdomyolosis from taking statins and some even die from it. They are harmful and there's no getting around that.

"I have permanent damage to my muscles and they continue to deteriorate. I am frightened and I have undergone many tests, EMG's (electromyography); MRI's; multiple blood tests and a deep muscle biopsy. The results of the biopsy were "unspecified inflammatory myopathy". Since there was no absolute diagnosis of any disease I am left with no treatment.

"The doctor told me not to lift anything heavy and to drink lots and lots of water. I used to walk 2 miles a day and lift free weights to stay in shape. Now I can no longer do that. I can't sleep soundly anymore. I wake up throughout the night from anxiety now, which I never had before this. I'm scared and don't know what to do.

I go for a blood test every 3 months to monitor the CK levels, which were at 2010 (the highest they've been yet) and that was in July of this year. I'm due for another blood test this month for my annual physical and I'm so afraid they will be higher.

"I hurt all over most of the time but I continue to go to work and try not to think about the pain. There should be a law against this sort of thing. My doctor frightened me into taking them. She told me if I didn't take them I would die of a heart attack or liver disease. Please pray for me. I'm afraid."

Even after 25 years of statin experience there is a lot we do not know about such drugs. A recent study revealed what we have worried about for a long time and that is that statins may increase the risk for cataracts. Whether these drugs contribute to ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) or permanent muscle problems such as those described by Donna above, we do not know. We do know that for otherwise healthy people, there are alternate ways to reduce the risk of heart disease, heart attacks and strokes. You can learn about them in our books and guides.

Anyone who would like to share a story (positive or negative) about statins may do so below.

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Not Helpful ..... Very Helpful
Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4.4/5 (407 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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I took Zocar for about a year and then finally realized it must be responsible for the very worrisome neck pain I was having. Finally got to where I couldn't lower my head to look at the numbers on the scales when I stood on them. At first I thought it was a "crick" in my neck but it persisted for weeks. Then I read about this being one of the possible "rare" side effects of statins. I never took another one. It took nearly another year for the pain to go away, but it finally did. I'm just thankful there appear to be no permanent side effects. The stuff is vicious. I agree, it should be taken off the market. No doctor or pharmacist ever warned me about side effects.

I went on a gluten free diet in 2005. My erratic colon habits subsided immediately, my hemoglobin and hematocrit numbers rose from anemic to normal for the first time since age 4, but, my LDL cholesterol rose. A lot. I was fired from my GP's practice when I refused to take statins. I had, and still have, low blood pressure and was very active, walking or hiking 3-5 miles a day. I did agree to red yeast rice suggested by a subsequent doctor.

Some 6 months later I suddenly was not able to rise from a chair without using my hands. There was no muscle pain ( then,) but the loss in strength was sudden.

I have never regained the ability to stand unassisted. I exercise daily as I now also struggle with hip osteoarthritis caused, at least in part, by weakness in surrounding muscle.

But I only made the connection between the red yeast rice and the loss of strength recently. The red yeast rice was discontinued years ago.

My cholesterol is now excellent. My theory, ( correct me if I'm wrong,) is that back when I was eating gluten, my body had activated some mechanism to absorb all fats possible from my diseased colon. After my guts began to heal that mechanism persisted for a time until some other biofeedback loop kicked in and my body stopped absorbing all available fats. My cholesterol numbers are now excellent with both LDL and HDL numbers in the " excellent" category.

But I now have dramatic left hip osteoarthritis. I also have APLS so a hip replacement is a bit dicey for me.

I do not know if the red yeast rice has the same negative effects as statins. I suspect that it does since it serves the same purpose. But perhaps the sudden inability to stand was merely the first substantial osteoarthritis symptom?

I await any enlightening comments!

I took Zocor for a week and developed polymyalgia rheumatica. Three years later, I am finally off prednisone. My cardiologist told me to add statins to my list of allergies.

Commenting so I can view what others have to say about this......

My cholesterol was climbing out of the safe zone (it had climbed to 255) It had been under 200 a few years ago. Now, after taking Pravastatin (20mg.) for 2 or 3 years, it had dropped to about 200 or less. I have had no side effects from it. I know this is only one persons experience, but it could work entirely different for someone else as it did for Donna. Yes, I will pray for you, Donna.

Donna's story is heartbreaking and frightening. For so long, doctors refused to take their patients seriously when they brought up side effects from statins, and I know that some doctors still think they're a harmless miracle drug. I even remember a doctor saying a couple of years ago, on the radio, that he thought statins should be in our water supplies.

My story is nowhere near as bad as Donna's, but I did develop severe muscle pain in my legs while on Lipitor. I finally convinced my doctor to let me stop taking it, about five or six years ago, and have not taken any statins since then. The pain is not as bad, but has never gone away, and if I'm on my feet for any length of time it gets much worse.

Especially frustrating in all this is that statins have not been shown to reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke in most people, but they're still prescribed to millions of people. I told my doctor that I would rather take the risk of dying younger than be immobilized by the pain caused by statins.

I was on a statin for a number of years and had an onset of many of the symptoms described in this article. It wasn't until I had blood work done that showed elevated liver enzymes and uric acid that I was taken off of the statin. I was on 10mg Lipitor and don't know if that is considered a low dose or not. I saw a rapid improvement with some symptoms while some lingered for up to one year. I have been off of them since the later part of 2008 and then put on a different statin in late 2010.

Within two weeks symptoms began to appear again specifically cramping in the feet. I should mention here that one problem I had while on the statin previously was a Dx of Plantar Fasciitis and was given orthodics inserts. I was told I would need these for the remainder of my life. This was at age 50. I asked the Podiatrist if he thought statins could cause this and he said no. My point here is that the Plantor Fasciitis went away after stopping the statins.

I felt the doctor that prescribed the statins was not hearing me when I complained as my symptoms came on gradually. This is the first time in my life that I had a problem with a medication and it has left me very nervous when someone says they want to put me on a new medicine. I am taking Zetia now for my cholesterol and seem to tolerate it well but will never take another statin. Doctors need to listen and patients be aware of subtle signs and symptoms over time.

Most of my side effects went away after a few months off of Vytorin, but they are not 100% gone. I still occasionally have trouble swallowing, and occasionally have peripheral neuropathy and trouble sleeping. But in general I'm 97% back to the health I had before I started the statin; my memory has even mostly recovered. But you won't get me on any more statins.

I know dozens of people who take statins. Most of them were always active at work and home. Now everyone of these people, me included, complain of aches and pains in muscles and joints. Some days my legs feel like the won't support me. My arms and shoulders feel like I climbed a mountain. I don't even feel like weeding my rose garden.

Now my doctor, my wife's doctor, and my mother's doctor (all different people) all swear that the statins are not causing the problem. Side effects listed on all statins include muscle pain - guess they can't read. Other problem we all have is extreme fatigue. This group of people was other wise healthy and active, but now some of them feel like they should be in the old folks home.

Since my cholesterol is very low now, I trying to talk my doctor into weaning me off the statins. I'm hoping he does and I can feel like a human being again instead of a zombie.

I have taken pravastatin for over 2 years to lower my cholesterol after it reached 255 which was way out of safe range. I have had no side effects from it. But this may not be the case for lots of people. This is just my personal experience.


My husband's doctor, an internal medicine specialist, prescribed a statin drug which he was on for about 1 year. My husband had horrible aches and pain every day, had trouble sleeping and he also developed neuropathy. He has been off the statin for over a year and still has all the problems related to it.

My concern is that his doctor just puts his patients on a pill and does not take any side affects into consideration simply just says pop this pill. My husband won't question his doctor but I certainly do.

@ Thelma Your Cholesterol is 255... which you say is way out of range..Who's range? The NCEP National Cholesterol Education Program established in 1985, came up with these numbers... the NCEP is LARGELY funded by Pfizer, who makes upwards of $18 billion per year since Lipitors release in 1995... that is a HUGE reason to call cholesterol the devil and scare the world into a mass panic to lower cholesterol, which has been present in each and every cell in our body since mankind began.

Cholesterol is most abundant in our brains... for good reason too, 1 it coats the neurons, so to speed the transmission of thoughts/actions from one neuron to the next... I for one do not think we should be playing God and try to "correct" his mistake... If you analyze the "clinical data", and sift through the information, and decipher the "relative risk reduction" which is the data the Pharma company uses, and translate it to "absolute risk reduction" which is the only FACTUAL date you can achieve in a clinical trial, you will find that the risk of heart disease goes down a VERY MODEST 0.3%.... not quite the pretty picture painted on the Statin Manufacturers multi million dollar commercials...0.3%!!!! Why do people not know this?

There is a LOT of cash making sure you don't... Advertising, Bombarding Physicians with so much information, they cannot possibly read and interpret the actual data, but have to rely solely on the drug reps, who GET PAID TO SELL A DRUG.. and a little FACT your doctor probably does not know, is that since Statins were unleashed, the incidence of heart disease was reduced by a mere 0.3% while the incidence of CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) has doubled... Food for thought

I took SIMCOR which is a cobination of Niacin & Simvastatin and got all kinds of aches and pains ESPECIALLY MEMORY LOSS === which really scared me.

And now I just had to have 2 CATARACTS ( 1 in each eye) and I wonder if the SATINS had anything to do with that.

When I told my Cardiologist and my family doctor I stopped taking them and they BOTH told me I WAS GOING TO DIE IF I STOPPED--I told them we are all going to die sooner or later.

I made some changes to my diet (more to the VEGAN side) and now my numbers are coming in range.

I warn anyone about statins!

I have been having periodic "attacks" of all-over muscle pain ever since I was on Lipitor many years ago. When an acute episode happens the pain level is equivalent to the worst fever malaise you can imagine.
None of my doctors have given any credence to the idea that statins can cause lasting damage that continues long after going off of statin drugs.
This led me to research the idea that, in some people, statins can increase the expression of a gene that causes long term problems. After a couple of years of research the following research was published-

There have been more papers since then but it's a start and this new information about mitochondrial dysfunction may be a critical piece of the puzzle!

I have had similar side effects to those of Donna and I was on the lowest dose of Pravastatin for just 3 months. That was a year ago and until recently I had trouble sleeping due to the awful feeling in my thighs and hips. It felt like squiggling worms underneath my skin and I could not sleep on either side. I am unable to sleep easily on my back.

Well, sam-e to the rescue! My doctor told me to try it a couple of years ago for mood enhancement as I was depressed sometimes. It didn't seem to work so I put it in the cupboard. It was expensive and I didn't want waste it. Recently I was cleaning out cupboards and I couldn't remember why I had bought it... now over 2 years expired. I googled it and researched a little and the research showed it helped joint pain. Then it said if it doesn't work, it is probably because my vitamin B levels are too low. Well I have been taking B for sometime and within a few days I was feeling great.

I take 200mg twice a day. My hip pain is gone and the stiffness is almost gone. I might try upping the dose to 3/x a day. I cant take glucosamin as it raised my blood sugar and cholesterol... just want to share my good fortune.

After reading these terrible results of taking statins, I am concerned about my husband. He was on Lipitor for about a year and had to stop due to muscle aches and pains. His doctor put him on Niacin, but I understand this is a form of statin. His doctor would like to increase the dosage. Are there similar side effects with niacin, especially if taken long term?

Thank you. Rebecca

People's Pharmacy response: Niacin is quite different from statins and has different side effects.

I took Zocor for about 8 years without any side effects. I was switched to Crestor to further reduce my cholesterol 2 years ago. I started developing some slight numbness and tingling in my toes and soles of both feet. It did not go away and seemed to be getting worse. A nerve conduction test showed that I have peripheral neuropathy and that the nerve damage is permanent. I stopped taking the Crestor and am controlling my cholesterol by changing to a new diet. I was not told about this " rare " side effect.

Muscle pain can mean different things to different people. I was on statins (Lipitor) for years and complained to my doc about muscle pain. The long muscles from hip to ankle are so sore that I can't bear to touch them. I have been off statins for two years and there is no relief to the pain. Leg muscles are also weak, making stairs very difficult. Will this muscle sensitivity ever go away?

Dear Lynn, I feel compelled to tell you that the choice to be on statins is yours not your Dr's. If you are making a connection between the statin you are taking and the side-effects you are experiencing, you need to be in charge of the decision. It is not his body and he is not experiencing your problems. Gradually ween yourself away so you do not experience rebound of your cholesterol numbers. I hope you are willing to stand up to your Dr. before it is too late. DP

@JT For me, my bilateral leg pain started Oct 2002, next month it will be 10 years, Pain unchanged, Neuropathy unchanged, Profound Fatigue a bit better since Dr Golomb suggested doubling my Ubiquinol dose until I felt an improvement, Bilateral Ankle and Knee Myoclonus unchanged, I wish I had better news for you, but for me, most everything is unchanged, which I know could be a lot worse...

@Lynn...your doctor is employed by you...when you are unhappy with your plumber...what do you do? You find a new plumber

Folks....we are the lucky ones, as we can still tall about our statin effects... there are many who cannot because of their statin induced disorder such as ALS...100% fatal
We NEED cholesterol and all of the other substances made in the Mevalonate pathway...don't be bullied by your doc who only knows what the SALESMAN tells him in order to sell a drug.

@everyone I do care deeply for each of you
...and I never want to see another person go through what I am going through...

To Lynn
For God's sake Lynn, why are you waiting for your doctor's permission to take you off statins. You know what they are doing to you.
You and only you have control of your health. Take control of it NOW before it is too late and you reach a point in your health that it cannot be restored by stopping statins.
Listen to the audio file above. It is most enlightening.
Best Regards to you

I have taken Simvastatin 20 MG for around 7 to 10 years. For the last 2 years my knees, hips and calfs have been hurting. Sometimes it was the hip, other times the knees and calfs. Went to my orthopedic doctor several years ago to see if I needed a hip replacement he said no. Then months later my knees started hurting. The next year went back to him as I do have one knee replacement in 2001 but he said knee looks find could not find anything wrong.

Now it is the calfs hurting so bad at night that sometimes my pain pills do not help. Went in for my yearly physical and they called me saying that my cholesterol was 280! and they asked if I was taking my medicine. Told them know that I knew lots of my friends complaining about the same problems with satin drugs so I quit taking them. The nurse said that she would tell the doctor and get back with me. A month later and no phone call.

I tried taking aguggul but it gave me indigestion. I really don't know what to try now, am trying to eat more vegetables and fish but would like to know if anyone has found any other type of relief for this problem.

Hello RJG,
I looked up Niacin in a medical enclycopedia and here's what they say.

Niacin is a type of B vitamin. It is water-soluble, which means it is not stored in the body. Water-soluble vitamins dissolve in water. Leftover amounts of the vitamin leave the body through the urine. That means you need a continuous supply of such vitamins in your diet. Niacin helps the digestive system, skin, and nerves to function. It is also important for converting food to energy.

Niacin and Cardiovascular Disease
For many years, doses of 1 - 3 grams of nicotinic acid per day has been a treatment option for low HDL cholesterol and high LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Side Effects A deficiency of niacin causes pellagra. The symptoms include:
•Digestive problems
•Inflamed skin
•Mental impairment

Large doses of niacin can cause:
•Increased blood sugar (glucose) level)
•Liver damage
•Peptic ulcers
•Skin rashes

So Niacin seems to be totally different from statins.

Why do people just blindly accept any pill that the doctor pushes? I had a doctor once who wanted to put me on statins. I did not know anything about statins then, but my instincts said not to take them. I told the doctor that I would try diet and she just shook her head.

I went to the library and got a book about lowering cholesterol. It involved making bran muffins and a low fat diet. I ate a muffin before every meal and ate low fat meals. At the end of 8 weeks, I went for a cholesterol check and it had gong down from 300 to 211. Today I take Metamucil and eat Cheerios or oatmeal and my cholesterol is 120. (I don't eat much meat either.)

Unless your numbers are extremely high, you can do it with diet. I never let my doctor give me anything I don't want. She hasn't fired me yet. You have to participate in your own healthcare. Know what they are trying to get you to take. Doctors are NOT gods.

I too took simvastatin for 7 yrs and started having trouble with legs. Could not sit
and could only stand. Went to my doc and she knew right away what the problem was.
however, I thought that docs were to report to FDA or gov. but found out that it is the
patients responsibility to do so. This is why we do not have enough data on side effects.

I started taking Zocor several yrs ago and started to have a gradual muscle weakness and aches come over me. My secretary noticed it the most ane mentioned it. As a healthcare professional, I started doing research on why this subtle but increasing weakness was happening. No info on USA pages but I finally found good biological data on a few Canadian websites! It all made sense. The main thing is that statins rob your body of an enyzyme it needs to produce ATP of the energy producing cycle. You can off-set the effects of many statins by taking a supplement called Coenyzme Q10 -take 200 mg in the am. Statins are to be taken at night.

Ask any pharmacist about CoQ10 & they will tell you it is great for heart function! Also--be sure to google your statin with ANY meds you take & see if there are side effects. Many Drs dont do or know the meds well enough & they certainly do not know their supplements like CoQ10.

All of you need to read The Dangers of statin drugs-WHAT YOU HAVEN'T BEEN TOLD ABOUT CHOLESTEROL LOWERING MEDICATION by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig. These statins have destroyed my body. I kept telling doctors for 2 years about pain in legs and body. All I got was you are just getting older and after 2 years I had the biggest heart attack. So why didn't it save me? Been off for 10 months. I have to ice my back down my spine and legs. I asked doctors how to come out from under effects of statins.

Well guess what. They don't know. taking 400 mg. of co-q-10 ubiquinol and numerous other supplements daily. having to pay chiropractor 4000 dollars to help get inflammation out of my body. You need your cholesterol in your body to heal your body. This myth that the drug companies have invented will go down in history and the greatest hoax ever committed on mankind. Also look up SPACEDOC and read this physician astronaut account of what statins did to him.

Thank you for the information on SPACEDOC. I went to that site and read what he had to say. Wow, to say the least.

I know for a fact that my husband's doctor never reads what this stuff can do to you nor does he care (and I'm referring to all the medications he puts my husband on). He just plays by the numbers and to hell with the side effects. This is my doctor also but if he tries to put me on anything I don't think I need I'll let him know there's no way I'll take anything I research it and make my own decisions.

I read about the Co Q10 and there's a lot things about it that are good, at least for me. But there are some negatives also. Would have to weigh those negatives against the positive.

I've always found it funny that statins are taken by people mainly to (supposedly) ward off heart attacks and that myopathy is a serious side effect. Uhm, the heart is a muscle. A very important muscle. What does that "rare but serious side effect" do to heart muscle tissue?

@ JAM CoQ10 is an absolutely essential component in nearly every cell in our body. Especially in the heart. Because of the energy demand. As for my research, the only side effect I have found is some mild insomnia, usually relieved by taking the CoQ10 earlier..

@ Gary Excellent point!!!

Hi Dee,
Red yeast rice IS a statin …

I took Simvastin for seven years and got so stiff that I could barely get out of a chair. My right leg ached and was weak. I could barely walk. I changed doctors and was immediately told I could discontinue the drug. It's been about six months now and gradually my leg has improved and the "plantar facilitis" that I thought I had is gone. I can now go up stairs with two legs working rather that the hobbling I was doing. Meanwhile I have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and the beginning of cataracts.

I'm seventy-two so some of this may be normal but I'm convinced the statin is a culprit. I went on a different type of cholesterol medicine and seem to have developed an allergy to it. I'm now trying a very strict diet and hoping it will work as my cholesterol was less than 220 when all this started!

@DDM While some of this may be absolutely normal for a 72 year old....none of it was in the brochure. I would strongly advise against anything that interferes with your cholesterol levels... completely irrelevant.... if you want to ward off heart disease, consume plenty of anti oxidant rich fruits and veggies... Raisins, Cherries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries and Strawberries, etc. Almonds and other nuts. Spinach are all foods with a high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity).

I became disabled at 34 years, due to statins, and I do not want to see anyone else go through the hell I am going through... Pain, Fatigue, Neuropathy, Cognitive Delay, if I would have known the real risks versus the MINIMAL benefits, I certainly would have chosen to run the hell away from my ex doctor... Please heed my warning, and if you want proof, or other information please send me a message, I will be happy to share any and all information I have with you and anyone else who would like it.

the drug companies in 1991 knew the needed to add Co-Q-10 with statins. look up patent number 4,929,437 filed with FDA by Merck & Co. and see what it says. they could have saved so many people from this great pain.

I had to go off statins and my dose was very low. As a result of these drugs and possibly the ryr I took before the statins, I now have terrible weakness in my hips and surrounding muscles. I have found sam-e to help the pain and stiffness. I also take turmeric which also helps. But I wonder if I will ever be back to normal.

I have been taking atorvastatins 10mg for nearly a year now and am having bad muscle pain in me thumbs elbows and knees I never had all this before is it one of the side effects of the cholesterol tablets don't know which I would rather have the high cholesterol or the joint pains which in the future may stop me working and I love my job. What can I do?

@Naureen...may or may not be statin related, but I would consider this a warning to heed.... Wish I would have been so lucky as to have a warning before the permanent and totally disabling effects of Lipitor hit me.. RUN AWAY! If you tell your doc, more than likely he will discount this as age or some bull s**t like that..and switch you to another statin, which works the EXACT same way. At any rate, buy some Ubiquinol and begin to take it 2x/day.

I was healthy at 40 with the exception of high cholesterol, so i was put on statins I took them over a year until I kept complaining about all my joints hurting.

I did not hurt until i started taking I stopped taking them. Now at 53 all my joints still hurt and they say I have mild arthritis and fibromyalga. My hands hurt so bad I cant make a fist and my fingers get stuck opening. When x-rays are taken they see mild arthritis..mild arthritis is not going to hurt this bad. I am convinced it was statins and I will always believe that.

In 2006 I was put on simvastatin 10mg by my GP. and gradually felt more fatigued, but I put this down to getting older [I was 61 and working 12hr shifts]. In the summer of 2007 the dosage was increased to 25mg. My health deteriorated and in a couple of months I was having to crawl upstairs on my hands and knees I watched the "Tonight"programme in November 2007. About serious statin damage to some patients, and realised what my problem was so I immediately came off Simvistatin and informed my GP.

He agreed I also came off all other medication. My condition continued to worsen and I had to cease work in Jan 2008 my condition slightly improved but the muscle weakness continued to be a problem did some research of my own and found that the dark urine I noticed when on statins is a symptom of rhabomyolysis which could cause fatal kidney failure as they become blocked by muscle fibres. My condition gradually improved until 2011 but has started to worsen.

In a blood test my testosterone was found to be very low [this is another bad statin side effect] and I'm being treated for that. A lot of statin side effects are permanent and get worse in time causing premature aging,the Doctors say what do expect you're getting older.

I hope I never need to take drugs again after my 3 month experience with Pravastatin. Even a low dose caused major pains in my hips and thighs. I went off them as soon as I suspected the problem and my doctor agreed. I am now on Niacin and that is helping. Since medicine is not a one fits all situation, my doctor wanted me to get a cimt test to see is there was any plaque in the carotid artery. Insurance doesn't pay for that so I paid for it.. it was cheap enough and it made both my doctor and I more comfortable with a 215 LDL. That came out great.. almost no plaque.

I take Sam-e for my hip pain and that is wonderful! Also helps lift your mood. For the kidney my doctor put me on Renelix to clean the kidneys and that has worked well according to my blood tests. But it has been over a year and I don't know if my muscle weakness in my right thigh will ever be gone. I did find something else that works well to lower cholesterol and that is activated charcoal. Make sure you it's not made from petroleum products but it really works well and is wonderful for stopping any stomach issues like ibs, stomach flu, etc.

If your doctor prescribes a medication for you then it's in your doctor's best interest for you to take them. Statins need to be taken exactly as your doctor prescribes.

My doctor told me that I was high risk and that I need to take Simvastatin for life or I could die. Sure I have quite a lot muscular pain since being on my statin, but I believe that I wouldn't have made it these last 2 years if it wasn't for these life saving statins. I'm 42 so I'm an old guy of the post boomer generation, and at my age aches and pains are the norm for many.

My Dad is 60 and has been on Lipitor for 12 years. He had a heart attack 6 years ago and another one 2 years ago. He's basically in a wheelchair but he's lucky to be alive since his doctors told him if it wasn't for his Lipitor he wouldn't have survived the two heart attacks he's had. My Dad is also on 7 different meds for his heart condition, and he's doing pretty good now.

I believe truly in science and that no OTC supplement can duplicate what real medicine does to keep you alive. Doctors know just about everything these is to know, so don't ever doubt them!

I see a lot of you talk about nerve pain but please describe it to me. I was on simvistatin for 2 years and had a heart attack with 4 stents put in. I quit the statins in march 2011. Everything went to hell. I got so weak that I could hardly walk. Then one day heat started coming up my legs. Then it went all the way up to waist and right side of body to right side of face. Stayed in hospital for 3 days and they told me they could not find what was wrong.

Finally heat left body and now left with burning from feet up legs to inside thigh into crotch. I go to v.a. and they would not hear anything about statins doing this. They gave every std test and blood test and could find nothing. Going to neurologist and she said I had short strand neuropathy. I made them do a muscle biopsy but know how that is going to turn out. Burning is worse at night but I have about reached the end of my rope.

I have not felt good since the first day I put that drug in my body. It left me with all this burning pain in legs plus ungodly ringing in ears. Tell me about your nerve pain.

James E. I think everyone's statin issues come in different forms. I was on Pravastatin for only 3 months. I would be sitting watching tv and all of a sudden I would get this terrible ache in my thighs that would literally roll on and then it would get worse. I would jump up and try to exercise when it got really bad. I could no longer sleep on my side for the same reason. My hips started to hurt while sleeping so I couldn't roll over without help from the headboard. The doctor took me off the drug after 3mos and much of the pain was gone after 2 months but I still 2 years later have weakness in my thighs. My mother was taking Zocor and she had a terrible pain all the way up one leg so much that it made her cry. She could barely move.

Now I take Sam-e and that helps with the left over pain. Good luck.

@ James I am so sorry to hear of your experience. I have had neuropathy for more than 10 years now...for me its a constant burning cold feeling in my feet...I have had EMG studies done which confirmed Neuropathy.

I do know that everyone describes what they feel in a different a former RN, I have cared for many patients with neuropathy, but I never truly understood it. I get it now, it is a relentless, never ending burning/cold feeling that is extremely bothersome 8 months of the year, and the other 4 months just bothersome. As for your hard headed know it all doctors, tell them to do some research ie. and stop listening to the Pharma reps who are paid very handsomely to sell a drug....

I also have severe myoclonus of both legs, r ear tinnitus (ringing) profound fatigue, severly impaired short term memory loss....and all of my docs, from my neurologist to my internal med doc, completely refute the notion that Lipitor caused my illness/disability.

I fired all of them, and now see one family doc, who told me after reading my health history etc...that she would never ask me to take a statin...I said, as long as we share that same feeling, you will be my doc for a long time.....again James, I am so sorry every time I hear of someone else with a statin problem...and I am doing my best, to get people to be educated before agreeing to take these poisons..

James E.

The neuropathy pain goes on forever. My husband was on statins and developed the neuropathy pain. Then his GP sent him to a specialist who said, you have neuropathy and it is inherited. No, it was not inherited and neither was his diabetes which, per articles I've read, can be caused by statins.

Not everyone has problems with statins and that's good. A friend of mine started statins about 3 months ago and hasn't had any problems. But I did warn her about the side affects and said to keep an eye on things.

CoQ10 seems to help with the aftermath but it's sad there has to be an aftermath.

I was on Crestor for about 2 years and stopped 2 months ago due to rapid growing cataracts in both eyes. They came on in 3 days to where I can't see out of one and the other is halfway gone. My wife had noticed a personality change and said my temper and violent behavior was unbearable and I can now attribute this to the medication. I was passing out all the time and was even diagnosed with vertigo due to my loss of balance with the spells.

My biggest scare which caused my wife to start researching the side effects was a 5 hour am am Amnesia where I apparently chased my wife and son with a loaded handgun because I didn't know who they were. I was at the mental capacity of a 5 year old. I'm now experiencing extreme fatigue, ringing in my ears, disorientation and a lack of coordination and have been for a week and my doctor can't find anything wrong the same as the other times after 100's of tests. I just hope nothing more comes as a side effect from taking that medicine.

Hello Stan,

How horrible for you and your family. Have you printed any of the posts here and taken them to your doctor? That might help him understand the problems with statin drugs.

I know a lot of people take statins with absolutely no problems but when people do have problems with statins they are horrible and, for the most part, they cannot be reversed.

Some people like the CoQ10 and say it really helps. Maybe you should ask your doctor and give it a try?

Let's hope you don't have any more bouts of Amnesia and that your doctor pays attention to the side effects reported here and can help you.

I am 73 and had been taking simvastatin for some years. Early last year I began to feel pain in my leg and arm muscles, and this quite quickly got worse until it was agony to get up in the morning.

At first I thought this might be due to my age but the intensity of pain convinced me there was something else wrong. I went to the doctor who told me that it was well known that some statins caused these problems, and allowed me to stop taking the drug, since my cholesterol was not abnormally high.

However when the symptoms persisted for a few weeks he proposed that I should take a steroid to deal with the pain. I think that steroids only bring down inflammation, they don't cure the underlying cause.

I think I need physiothrapy to help restore the strength to my now very weak muscles, but am aware that this is an expensive option. Any thoughts?

I was on Statins for about 6 years, with the doctors slowly increasing the dose to 80mg over time, at the time I was a keen cyclist and rode 12-18,000 km a year. I started to get tired all of a sudden when riding, a few months later I could not ride more than a few hundred meters without needing to sleep from the fatigue, I also developed a very strong dry cough when exerting myself.

Fast forward a year or so and I was having trouble even standing up from the level of fatigue, my memory became very poor, I had amnesia bouts where I would lose 1/2 hour or so of what I had been doing, balance became difficult, breathing was also difficult, if I used the internet for 1/2 an hour I would need to sleep for a couple of hours to recover.

This continued for a few years until I stopped taking the Statins, the improvement was almost instant but not complete, it took about a year for the doctors to accept it was the statins causing it, they experimented with dose and brand with the same result every time.

I ended up on Ezertrol but a year later all the above symptoms reappeared along with muscle pain, I now take no cholesterol meds, but have never recovered fully, fatigue, cough and intolerance to exercise among others are still present and showing no sign of going away years later. I can now occasionally ride an electric assisted bike for short rides, it is so frustrating as I was very fit before the Statins.

My Doctor still encourages Stain use to his patients but has high cholesterol himself now and admitted to me that he will not take them.

Hello G.B.

Isn't it amazing how doctors use their patients as guinea pigs? Yes, guinea pigs or maybe lab rats. Too bad they don't want to follow their own advice. Maybe that's why they call it a practice because doctor practice on their patients. And we have to pay for the honor of being lab rats?

I was on statins for 12 months. Started having pain in major muscles that only got worse during workouts. I am 50 and before statins I walked 3 miles a day and lifted weights 3 x a week. Now I can't get up my stairs without severe pain. I am up for an hour down for 3. I have been off statins for 2 months and see small improvements to my memory and my right side is getting stronger. Left side has not shown any improvement to date. I have tingling in my face and extremities. Muscle biopsy showed damage and inflammation.

Dr wants me to go through further testing for ALS. More research needs to be done on the side effects of statin drugs. I would encourage people to share your experience and report it to the FDA. I am taking double doses of CoQ10 Ubiquinol as well as Carnitine and that seems to be helping. I will never take statins again and have encouraged family and friends to read up on statin damage.

My name is Eric and I was on Lipitor for about 6-8 months. During that time I went to the emergency room twice because I thought I was having a heart attack.

Additionally my neck and back began hurting a lot and I felt generally run down all the time, kind of like having a bad cold/flu that won't go away. Also do not drink or eat grapefruit while on statins, it can magnify the effects!

I told my doctor what was going on and he seemed to think it was all in my head and prescribed 10mg of Citalapram a day. I'm about forty seven, 170 lbs, don't smoke, exercise a respectable amount and eat healthy. It wasn't until I mention to my pharmacist what was going on that I immediately stopped taking the statin.

Doctors typically do not understand as well as pharmacists how drugs work in the body. On the other hand physicians understand some things better than a pharmacist. I was surprised that my doctor didn't pick up on what was going on. When you google side effects of statins the three most common issues tend to be muscle pains, fatigue and problems breathing. The ER always asked me what I was taking and I told them about the lipitor and they never seem to put it all together. Even after doing a bunch of lab work and finding nothing, urrr.

I've been off of it for about six months and feel a world better but not all the way yet. So if you do not feel right on any statin don't just take your doctors word for it, ask your pharmacist and read a lot of other peoples posting to help you decide what's going on. Also don't be worried about hurting your doctors feeling by telling them you think they are wrong because it is okay to question them, we are all just people.

I too had the inflammation as the result of statins, but astaxanthin, a miracle supplement has been bringing it down. You can now purchase it in 12mg sized pills. I have been taking them for almost 6 months and my inflammation markers are almost into the normal range. Two years after statins stopped I still have weakness in my right thigh. And I was on them only 3 months. I can't even imagine what would have happened had I been on them longer. There are so many natural ways to get cholesterol down.

I am so sorry that your father passed away. However I have my doubts about the doctor saying if "it was not for statins he would have died earlier". Yep, that is definitely doctor nonsense and no less then what I would expect from the medical clowns, "glorifying themselves for a job well done"! I think statins may have contributed or caused his early death. After 8 years on statins I am almost disabled and the first reactions I had to statins was its bad effects on my heart. Little did I know that was the beginning of my torture. Doctors will never be God, I just wish they were human.

Started Zocor 80 mg. 4/2004 following a stroke. Had generalized weakness, fatigue which I contributed to the stroke.

12/2012: Developed extreme muscle pain, weakness, drop in BP, dizzy; symptoms subsided in 3-4 wks. Resumed Zocor reduced at 40 mg. Symptoms resumed. 1/2013 started Atorvastatin 20 mg.; with 1 dose symptoms resumed.
2/2014 Triclycerides 316, ( up 150 points from 12/12, LHL,DHL up 100 points; started back on Atorvasatin 20mg. After 3rd dose had chest pain, sob, muscle pain, weakness, could not stand or walk for long, had to go to ER; chest, ekg, lab normal including c test for permanent muscle pain all normal. Today 3/1/13 I am better but still weak, pain in lungs, tightness in chest, extreme weakness. Started on Vascepo 2 gm bid, cQ10 400 mg. bid.

This kind of comment (Donna's story) is not helpful,

it is simply unsubstantiated opinion, the lady in the article has no evidence that the statins are responsible. They may well be, but where is the proof?

There may be other factors involved. What's needed here is documented research from a controlled test.

I am diabetic (type 2) my BG got out of control recently and I developed Pulmonary Embolism, I was put on multiple medication, Metformin, Lisinopril, Warfarin, Atorvastatin (initially 10mg) then Simvastatin (40mg). Within weeks of being on the Simvastatin I have extreme fatigue after exercise, Neck pain, sleeplessness, and muscle pain in my left thigh and left forearm, however I don't have any proof it's the simvastatin, the evidence is merely circumstantial.

It is my intention to come off it, as I don't have high LDL cholesterol, I was put on it as a extra protection against heart attack.

I have been on gemfribrozil for 2 weeks... my body is so week I stopped taking it today.. my dr seemed annoyed that I don't wanna take it anymore... I have never had a high triglycerides before I had blood work done 6 times since Nov to check my thyroid this time and only this time my triglycerides levels were off... the dr put me on gemfribrozil right away... when blood work is off isn't that the bodies way of saying something else is wrong...?

All I know is I feel awful... I've been in bed for 2 days, now I'm running a fever & the anxiety is terrible...

Anyone know how long this will last..?

Chris, The "controlled studies" that have been done have mostly been done by the drug companies. You don't really expect them to find a problem with their own products, do you? It would reduce their billion dollar profits.

You seem to have the same symptoms that most of the others have, and you didn't have them before taking the statins.

Talk to your friends and neighbors who are taking statins and I'd be willing to bet that at least 90% of them are having problems.

I am 5ft 6 inches tall and on a good day, weigh 140 pounds. At my job, I could comfortably lift over 200 pounds over my head. After a few year on statins, I struggle with 40 or 50 pounds. I was on my feet 6 to 8 hours a day, now have to work hard to stand for 30 minutes.

I am slowly weaning myself off of statins since my numbers are good. I am seeing some improvements already.


Whether or not you think this is an opinion I can say, emphatically, it is not. My husbands doctor put him on statins and within a few weeks he was in pain which grew more severe as time went by. I told my husband to quit statins but he wanted to wait to see his doctor. My husbands pain got progressively worse until he went to his doctor. When he told his doctor about the pain the doctor said,"Oh my God go off these statins immediately". My husband did and the pain started to decrease. At times my husband still has some intense discomfort but none of the severe pain he was experiencing when he was on statins.

I am aware there are a lot of people who take statins and have no problems what so ever. Actually I have friends who take them with no side affects. So statins, like so many other things out there, work for some people and not for others. I would say that not all people can eat peanuts because of allergies. So maybe it's best to pay attention to your body when taking any drug, vitamin, supplement, etc to make sure it's okay for you. I knew a woman who was allergic to poppy seed and ended up in the emergency room because she couldn't breathe. Everything is subject to one's own tolerance or maybe physical make up.

Some people never learn. I might suggest you find a doctor of Integrative Medicine, Orthomolecular medicine of Functional Medicine so that they can get you off all the drugs. It was the best thing I ever did for myself. I do mean a real MD and not a chiropractor, although some of them are great too.

I have found a cure for high cholesterol naturally and I hope it works for you all. I had a terrible time after 3 mos on pravastatin and I still have muscle weakness in one thigh after 2 years of being off the pills.

1 500 mg niacin just before bed (make sure it is nicotinic acid) and 2 charcoal pills in the middle of the day. Make sure you don't take any other pills within 2 hours of the charcoal. I will try to go off niacin soon and just stick to charcoal. It's wonderful for cleaning out the bowels as well.

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: Niacin is known as a cholesterol medication that lowers LDL a little and raises HDL a bit better. The usual cholesterol-controlling dose is higher than you are taking and should be monitored by a health care professional. Some people have trouble with flushing, but it can be controlled. Learn more in our Guide to Cholesterol Control and Heart Health.

Hi, I stopped taking statins in 2008, I took them for 4 years in the early part of 2008 I started having bouts of vomiting and fever, this would last about 24 hours. Later on in the year I got a virus and started getting pain in my hips, this pain became chronic, I went to the GP who had not got a clue.

I then developed fever st GP had not got a clue, gave me repeated blood tests had it down as post viral infection. Back to GP more blood tests, he accused me of drinking too much as my liver count had gone sky high. Back to GP as now having difficulty getting out of bed. This time my GP was ill himself and I saw a locum, she listened to my story and knew it was the statins. I have not taken them since beginning 2009 and I am still suffering side effects, my immune system has broken down, developed hayfever at age of 50, still get pain in hips.. CAN ANYONE OUT THERE ADVISE ME WHAT I CAN DO?

I am starting acupuncture this week and would be pleased to receive any advice of any other treatment I can add to it. Still take the CO Q100 100 mg a day.

@Ladyliza You make it sound as if Cholesterol is a disease, when it is an ABSOLUTELY VITAL substance, critical to some of the very basic fundamentals of life, DO NOT BE DECEIVED by the Drug companies, multi billion dollar advertising campaign, to make a patient out of every person in this country...CHOLESTEROL IS NOT THE DEVIL as we hear daily on the evening news....that statement is as laughable as Oxygen causes wear a mouth and nose plug to avoid oxygen....

@ Cabby I am sorry to hear of your problems..I myself have found very little in the way of relief for my statin effects, however, I did change my CoQ10 to Ubiquinol and doubled the dose twice when I noticed I was much more alert and had some more energy than prior..I also take Acetyl L Carnitine with Alpha Lipoic Acid which I had been taking since my illness in 2002...So I am not sure whether that will help or not...

I have been on 20 MG of simvistatin for awhile at least 4-5 years. I am 62; my LDL is 48 HDL 56 and overall cholesterol 136. I arbitrarily cut my dosage in half and my numbers I think are good. No muscle problems yet but my problems are erectile dysfunction and cold feet. Does anyone have similar issues?

Triglycerides are my issue 160 and they should be lower than 150.

Question does anyone ever say anything about your cholesterol being too low and how do you get your triglycerides down.

I was placed on Atorvastatin in January and took it for 6 weeks. I have Fibromyalgia and soon after noticed 'this' getting much worse, especially in my legs, wrists and hands, to the point that I started taking prescription pain medications to help. When the pain increased, I started wondering, if the statins were to blame and googled this drug, and found lots of supportive information.

I immediately stopped taking the statin, however, the pain, especially in my knees, is unbearable. It is 3 weeks since I stopped taking the drug, and I am now worrying that the damage is irreversible. My doctor is new and never warned me about these possible side effects, even though she knows that I have Fibromyalgia (and I neglected to read the accompanying paperwork). I want other people to be aware of these possible problems.

Controlling triglycerides is usually diet related. Do you eat a healthy diet with vegetables, fruit and meat? And do you watch how many carbohydrates you eat? Carbohydrates (including sugar) usually raise your triglycerides so if you are not watching your carbohydrate consumption that might be a place to start.

A friend said he went in for a check up (including a blood test) and had high triglycerides. So he decided to eat a large salad every night for supper and when he went back to the doctor his triglycerides had dropped significantly which meant under 150. May be worth a try?

My mom was given Baycol (the one taken off the market due to deaths) about 12 years ago and had muscle weakness, fatigue, pain all over within a week and it has never stopped. She went off the statin 2yrs. later against her doctors instructions after multiple hospitalizations trying to test her to understand the extreme weakness and pain. Dr's would ask her what she thought it might be and she said statins but not one ever believed her.

12 years later she is in bed about 20 hours/day with severe pain, spasms in lower back and pelvic floor and every major muscle in arms and legs. We have tried every type of dr. more than once.

A month ago my 50 year old cousin was hospitalized for acute muscle weakness brought on by a statin she had been taking for 2 years. In this case the Dr.s all concur that this was a statin effect brought on by an antibiotic drug interaction (Levoquin). Her muscle biopsy (a 10inch incision down the front of her thigh) showed severe inflammation and destruction. Her liver enzymes are still over 9,000 and she can walk a little but cannot brush her hair.

She thought she was tolerating it well but in retrospect she sees that she has developed Type 2 Diab., had strange rashes and allergies (no prior allergies) and severe gout. The hospital bills will be more than this family will ever be able to cover.

Why take statins at all as long as there are natural methods to lower it? Side effects don't actually show up right away. Sometimes, it is years later as it happened to my mother, and by that time everyone forgets about the statin side effects, so the doctor then prescribes more drugs for the side effects. I have watched more incompetent doctors spin their wares. My suggestion is to anyone on any pharmaceuticals, get yourselves to a doctor of Integrative Medicine and ask to be taken off all the drugs. These doctors know about all the natural substitutes but so does the internet.

I am a boxing coach in Austin where I own a small boxing gym. Had been taking Lipitor (Atorvastatin) for the last several years and my GP gradually has increased the dosage until I reached 80 mg in late 2011. In early 2012 I began to notice weakness in my shoulders and arms and stiffness in my knees. Thought it was arthritis and went to a sports medicine specialist who gave me Cortisone shots and prescribed Celebrex. Symptoms did not improve.

I tripped and fell in November 2012. Had much difficulty getting up on my own. This caused me to do research which revealed that the statins might be the culprit for my symptoms. I had been healthy all along until being put on Lipitor. I told my doctor that I believed I might have statin injury. She did not comment too much but did order some blood tests which revealed that my CK levels and liver enzyme levels were highly elevated (also symptoms of statin toxicity). I was hospitalized in early February with the fear that I had rhabdomyolysis. Thankfully, my kidneys were not damaged.

It has been almost 5 months since I have been off of the statins and while some days are tolerable, other days are horrible. I still have severe stiffness in my legs and feel weak after a few hours of working in the gym. I have been tripped three times (by accident of course) while at the gym and getting up on my own is still challenging.

I found an interesting documentary on YouTube called Statin Nation. I do my best to continue to recover but I do not trust doctors anymore. I have been told that statin injury recovery time can be anywhere from 6 months to to 3 years. I will be 53 in three years time. I will continue to push towards recovery.

We have tried EVERY kind of dr. during my mother's 10 year ordeal with statins. I have taken several members of my family to see Dr Langsjoens since March. He is trying very high doses of CoQ10 and Vitamin D on my mom.

My cousin was put on prednisone because her CK tests were over 10,000. Her numbers ARE coming down but no improvement in her physical symptoms. She is also on CoQ10 but she is still in very bad shape with pain and weakness.

In 2010, I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. I found one doctor who told me it could have been caused by a flu shot. The neuropathy has slowly improved and I could walk again without the use of a walker, but the bottom of my feet were still numb. In Sept. 2012, another doctor prescribed 40 mg. Simvastatin for my high cholesterol. When I started to complain of pain in my right leg and hip, the Dr. told me it was the neuropathy returning and gave me a prescription for gabapentin for nerve pain.

In less than two weeks, my ankles became extremely swollen, which I read was a side effect of the gabapentin. I quit taking that and went to a chiropractor last week. He told me that 30% of the people taking statins have leg muscle pain and weakness. After reading people's complaints about statins, I have also quit taking the Simvastatin. Without doing any tests, the doctor told me I had nerve pain. In reality, I have muscle pain caused by the Simvastatin he prescribed.

This Dr. knew my past history and that I had peripheral neuropathy. Why would a Dr. prescribe a statin with its side effects to a person known to have peripheral neuropathy?

Why is it anyone ever takes a drug just because the doctor says so? Everyone should be doing their own research before they fill a prescription. Long gone are the days when you could trust a doctor. They no longer have you in their best interest. Much of the time they just listen to the biased version that the drug rep tells them. And sometimes doctors receive compensation for the drugs they prescribe.

Pharmacists know much more than the doctors do regarding drugs today. And they always give you a flier with each drug... people, if you aren't reading the paper inserts then you only have yourselves to blame when something affects you adversely. Doing research will give you a better perspective on the damage these statins can do. The forums and blogs are what puts the side effects in perspective. See what others are saying about their experiences. Everyone has a different experience, but the bottom line is you will recognize the familiar symptoms.

Hello ladyliza,

My mother was one who always questioned anything that was prescribed for her. She looked things up on line, in the PDR all physicians have and spoke with her pharmacist first. She would question what the drug would do for her and what the drug would do to her and then she made up her own mind whether to take it or not.

I think there are so many people who think doctors know everything and never, ever question them because they have gone to medical school and have graduated as physicians. But medical school cannot possibly cover every thing and sometimes doctors need to learn as they go and listen to their patients. Pharmaceutical companys are in the business of making money and so push their products. People who use the drugs are a better judge of what the drug does than are the companies who make them.

After being prescribed 1,000 mg of Niaspan April of 2012 and taking it faithfully and then switching with my doctor's consent to Niacin, 1,000 mg, I began having horrible muscle cramping. At first it was without pain - my muscles in the calves of my legs, thighs and around my knees drew up every time I tried to go for a walk or even got up and walked through the house. My primary care physician sent me to a neurologist to have me checked for Myanthenia gravis - I am still being checked for that, but none of the physical testings or blood testings for antibodies that help them diagnose that have ever shown up in testing.

However, on April 4 of this year my muscles were not only drawing up so bad, but I had begun having pain each time I walked and could only walk with the use of a cane and some days I could not walk for 15 minutes. These things had been going on since August 7, 2013 and getting worse and worse as time went on. I know from what I have looked up myself and from what others have written that niacin does not affect others in adverse ways. However, I also know from research I have done that in rare cases high dosages of niacin can cause these problems and this past week in particular has proven that to me and I am so thankful.

I can now walk without a cane, have been able to carry things up from our basement and out to the garage, stand on my feet for prolonged periods of time, etc. for the past week.

It did take from April 4 until then for the muscle cramping and pain to go away. As a female who will be 70 in November, I do still have aches and pains from doing things I have not been able to do for so long, but those kinds of things are a joy after being so close to being an invalid for all of those months. Two of our neighbors have been amazed at how much better I am. They had seen me trying to go for walks and even thought from what I looked like that I was close to dying and trust me, the problems that were involved because of the 1,000 mg of Niacin had me wondering how long I was going to be able to endure the pain.

Muscle relaxers that were prescribed did not touch any of the pain, so I did not use them after the first few times I tried them. Anyone who cannot take statins and has been put on high dosage niacin or Niaspan (and some people are on 2,000 to 5,000 mg. to try to control cholesterol) and are having these kinds of problems, do as others have suggested and research the stuff. Yeah, the side effects I have had are rare, but when you are the person having those side effects, they are still side effects. I feel better now than I have felt for more than a year and even though the doctors did not want me to stop taking the niacin, I am very thankful I stopped taking it!

ladyliza I wholeheartedly agree with you on the blindly taking a pill just because your doc says so. But with all do respect, I do have to disagree somewhat on the pharmacist statement. Many of the pharmacists I have discussed statins and their effects with, denied the FACT that statins can do that... sort of a how dare you say such nonsense about our "wonderdrug." What's sad is that for the most part, the people we have entrusted with our lives, do not have our best interest at heart. Medicine has become a business, a money making business, and when money is involved, that changes all the rules.

Sure there are many providers who work in the career they have chosen, who do have a heart for helping people, but they too are blindsided by pharma "numbers manipulation" and how do they have the time to verify all of the sales hype themselves? What a sad turn for western medicine... Bottom line, we need to take charge of our own health... and as far as statins go, our each and every cell in our body has cholesterol in the cell walls, each Neuron (Brain Cell) in our brain has a myelin sheath. A thick waxy coating which allows messages to transfer from one neuron to the next at lightning speed, this Myelin Sheath is made up of among other things, Cholesterol.

Cholesterol is so very important in our body, that we manufacture it, it is a precursor to Vitamin D, Ubiqionol (CoQ10), Steroid hormones, Testosterone, Dolichols and about 200 other essential elements. I for one do not think God screwed up when he made us. Heart disease before processed foods, Chemical laden foods, etc was a non issue. Stay away from processed foods, Drinks, and SUGAR. As in Corn Syrup, High fructose corn syrup, Sucrose, Fructose, Maltose, Dextrose, and all the other names it is given. While sugar is essential to life, we get WAAAYYYY too much of it.

I started to take Simvastatin 20mg about 6 years ago through the V.A., and about 10 months started to have a lot of muscle pain, and pain would pop up in different areas all over the place. I have chronic lower back pain for many years, and this seemed to make it worse. I now have polyneuropathy of a serious nature, kidney pain, shoulder pain knee pain, and other areas pop up at times.

I decided to stop taking this drug, and started to get a little better, and then my memory went bad at times. I had been diagnosed with P.T.S.D. many years ago, and that is worse also. I am 66 years old , and I keep a good diet, but this drug has had a profound effect, and I still have symptoms after going off of this about 6 months ago.

Around August 2012 they had me come in for blood tests twice, and drew a lot of blood both times, but my primary didn't say anything, and then about a week later they said that I didn't have to use the statin anymore, and I told him that I had already stopped. I read that the V.A. hands out this stuff like candy, and from all of my experiences it makes sense.

I recently had a comprehensive blood tests for brain peptides, and other issues, and then I found the truth. I feel like I am 90 years old at times, and there is no question that this drug is the problem. I think that it manipulates your liver in a way that is unnatural, and that is why so many people get into trouble using these products.

I was in decent physical shape before all this happened, and now after many bad years because of other psychological issues I still managed to do a lot of charity work for the desperately poor for the last 18 years, and this is the way it ends for me while people that make billions off of these drugs, and don't give warnings as they do in Europe, and recommend taking supplements like CoQ10, and Acetyl L Carnitine. It has been one hell of a ride for me.

I've been taking statins since 1995. I've gone through 5 of them because of side effect problems. In 1999 I experienced a C3/C4 neck injury causing a great deal of nerve pain. Since then until 2 months ago I basically took acetaminophen and ibuprofen daily for almost 14 yrs.

At age 56 I went gluten free d/t digestive problems, developed pervasive fatigue, Dx of fibromyalgia, and "foggy Brain. I've been taking Niacin, Omega 3's and Garlic for 8 months and yet my cholesterol was still slightly elevated. The CoQ10 I was taking wasn't helping. I finally had enough and went off the last stain- Ezetrol - 2 months ago.

The results, a whole lot less overall pain, with rarely needing any pain pills, less nerve and muscle pain, improved cognition, blood pressure has reduced, food cravings have also decreased. Upper abdominal bloating and pain has decreased. And surprise I can eat small amounts of wheat without painful side effects (cramping, diarrhea). Continued fatigue and weakness is still an issue, but am trying some exercise hoping to improve energy.

I'm continuing the NIacin, Omega 3 and Garlic, am restarting the CoQ10. Also am eating more vegetables and fruit to help heal my liver. Statins can cause so many issues. A more modest approach to cholesterol management is needed. Elevated cholesterol is a sign of inflammation. Identifying the inflammatory cause may be more beneficial.

I wish the doctor that did the audio file was my doctor.

I am a 44 year old male. I work out regularly and eat pretty well. High cholesterol, blood pressure, etc... seems to run in my family. My doctor recently prescribed Lovastatin (20mg) and after about 6 months I have decided to stop taking this poison! Fatigue, severe muscle pain, etc... everyday. Horrible!

IMO - This is all junk. I have been moving to a plant based diet, and more pescatarian based, and weight is regulating and I am feeling 1000% better. I am no doctor, but I feel medicine is in our food and how we eat. Stay away from processed foods, smoking, etc...move to a plant based diet (80%+) people.

I sold my business about 4 years ago at about the same time the doctor put me on Simsavitin. I started as a taxi driver and shortly after started to get stiff sore muscles that I blamed on sitting in a car all day. After 7 months I got a new job as a computer operator (sitting behind a desk all day) and the weekness and discomfort of my muscles and joints continued. I simply put this down to lack of excerise.

Now, 4 years later, my wife wanted me to join a gym to try and loosen up. After going for about 6 weeks my pains got worse so I decided to go back to my GP. He told me to stop taking the statin and go back to him in a month. I've been off them now for 3 weeks and these is no change in my symptoms. I am wondering if this is now permanant discomfort and pain or will it pass with time.

because they want you for a patient. doctors can not cure anything. all they can do is keep giving drugs to hid a symptom until they kill you.

I tried Lovastin in 2010 as my cholesterol was a little high. After 2 weeks my muscles hurt so bad I could hardly get out of bed. I stopped taking them and in three days pain was gone. I tried again for two weeks and the same thing happened. Because I was going to the gym I thought may I had done something wrong so tried them again with same results but once I stopped the pain did not go away.

My muscle pain is a deep aching pain that runs down both cheeks of my butt and both legs and the front of my thighs. I used to walk 2 miles a day and worked out 2 0r 3 times at the gym. The pain get getting worse and was on some pain meds as needed.

By 2012 I was in such pain that I had every test in the book done, seen every kind of doctor. I would roll on the floor the pain was so bad. Went back to my physician and just sobbed and she agreed that the Lovastin was the problem because of it being bilateral.

I was put on 2 stronger medications and ended up with pudendal neuralgia which is inside the vagina. I was in so much pain had to quit work, could only lie down and moan in pain. I barely could walk, I could not sit or stand. I have had steroid shots in my pudendal nerve which I get a small amount of relief in my vagina but my muscles from the waist down still are very painful.

I am in physical therapy that specializes in pelvic problems. But as I've told all the doctors that I was fine until I took Lovastatin and that was only for 6 weeks. I am so afraid the pain will never go away. I don't have a life anymore.

My husband retired and we wanted to start dancing again and go on trips but I can't ride in the car very far little alone dance. I hope nobody ever has to go through what I am going through and would never tell anybody to take a statin drug.

I have read up on this and what other people have suffered and these statin drugs have not been studied enough and have not even been proven to help especially women.

I hope this helps someone else who is going through what I am.

Jam, This is a good point. I think part of the problem is that most people don't question their doctors. Maybe this is why there aren't more reports of joint and muscle pains and other side effects being reported. If the doctor says it isn't a problem, they don't question it. They just keep taking the pills.

Fortunately my doctor is patient because I question almost everything. I used to be a trouble shooter for a large company, so I'm used to asking questions. Every test he wants to run, I insist on getting copies of the report from the lab, not the doctor. Blood work,x-rays, EKG's, - I have copies of all of them.

I just listened to the audio report from the doctor about the side effects of statins. I may have missed some things. I didn't hear any mention as to the size of the group or ages of the people in her study. She did make quite few references to older people and their problems. I realize that some problems may be difficult to pin down, but it seems like more studies must be done, and not by the big pharma companies.

One of my problems is that when my cholesterol comes down, so does my hdl. When my cholesterol was at 200, my hdl was 39. Now my cholesterol is 100, and my hdl is 32.So far, nothing I've tried had raised my hdl, and the niacin cure sounds worse than the disease.

I agree with all of you about questioning the dr. I have been on statins for about 5 yrs and had a few side effects in the beginning but didn't think much about it. First of all my feet got real sore under the bottom and could hardly walk and heard that your pads on bottom of feet could wear out. That didn't sound right some how to me but that went away after it was in my system for awhile.

I would get pains in my feet at times and then my legs were stiff after sitting for awhile but then all of a sudden after I got flu shot last fall,my fingers became stiff and my shoulders hurt and down my arm and also pain and stiffness in my knee.

Some days I don't have any energy and some days my energy is fine.Went to dr and my liver was elevated so I got off the statin right then and has been 2 months and when I went back to check my liver, it was fine. My cholesterol was always good while on statins but can't take chance on liver damage or feel the way I have been feeling. I have heard so much about statins and their terrible side effects from so many people.

I have now been taking atorvastatin for 3 months, I suffer very bad calf cramps, joint and muscle pain, and the new one now is anxiety and unable to sleep. I've told my doctor I want to stop them and he has said no. I'm only taking them because of family history, my cholesterol is not high. What should. Do??????

@JAM I am sorry to hear of your unfortunate statin event! I am not a doctor, but I do know one thing with 100% certainty, and that is as statins block your body from making cholesterol, they also block Dolichols, Vitamin D, Testosterone, Steroid Hormones, and Ubiquinol among a host of other essential elements. I would take some high quality Ubiquinol (CoQ10 in its reduced form) This is absolutely essential in order for your cells to produce energy. What Dr Golomb recommended to me is to take 100mg twice daily, and if after a couple weeks, double to 200mg twice daily, and to keep doubling until you are at a level which is satisfactory to you. I currently take 300mg twice/day and that has given me a substantial relief in my constant and profound fatigue. She informed me that she has patients who are taking upward of 1000mg twice/day. I have found absolutely ZERO in the way of side effects. If you do decide to try it, I hope it gives you good relief of your symptoms.

I would recommend to stop taking them, especially since your cholesterol isn't high. I was on prevastatin for just 3 month it has left permanent damage. My doctor told me to get off right away. Your doctor sounds like he's getting a kick back as many doctors are. If your cholesterol starts to rise eventually there are plenty of natural ways to bring it down. And I would find another doctor.

@LLE I was 34 when I became disabled due to Lipitor. I was in the Statin Effects Study, run by Dr Golomb, the study's website is

Just a word of warning regarding Ubiquinol/CoQ10, I took it and it gave me a measurable increase in strength, massive increase in libido (probably back to normal) and I felt a lot better, BUT after 6 to 8 weeks on it I became fatigued felt very ill, swollen neck and throat, dizzy, headaches etc, stopped taking it and in 48 hours was almost back to normal.

I am a big believer that people should not be taking anything without a doctor, nutritionist or naturopath's approval. Have your doctor test you for COQ10 deficiencies. Maybe you didn't need it. How much were you taking? If people are interested in natural medicine, then they also should find a doctor who thinks along those lines. There is integrative medicine, orthomolecular medicine and other areas, but the laymen need an experts advice, or people are going to take too much or too little of what they need. Then there is the brand name to consider. I use, an independent lab. I pay 30/yr for this service, but it tells us what brands are ok and which brands are not. It is worth every penny.

Hi, I recently started taking Crestor (2 months ago) I suffer with arthritis and it affects most of my joints. I have noticed over the last month increased fatigue which I put down to my job as I have done. Lot of traveling recently. However last weekend I developed muscle cramping which started in my back region and I put it down to my back problems, attended doctor Monday as it was quickly escalating, he gave me some strong pain meds and told me to start thinking about physio when it settled.

It was really the obvious as my joints are not great. By Wednesday I thought I was going insane every muscle in my body was cramping including my jaw muscles, I went back to the doctor who immediately stopped my Crestor and did some blood tests, I was informed yesterday that my CK levels were elevated and this was due to the breakdown of my muscles attributed to the Crestor.

I had been taking CoENZYMEQ10 as my pharmacist recommended it. I cannot believe how quickly this developed and how debilitated I feel, just wonder how quickly this will resolve (just grateful my doctor was so quick to stop the meds really).

Hi, I recently started taking Crestor (2 months ago). I suffer with arthritis and it affects most of my joints.

I have noticed over the last month increased fatigue which I put down to my job as I have done a lot of traveling recently. However last weekend I developed muscle cramping which started in my back region.

I put it down to my back problems, attended a doctor Monday as it was quickly escalating. He gave me some strong pain meds and told me to start thinking about physio when it settled. It was really the obvious as my joints are not great.

By Wednesday I thought I was going insane. Every muscle in my body was cramping including my jaw muscles. I went back to the doctor who immediately stopped my Crestor and did some blood tests.

I was informed yesterday that my CK levels were elevated and this was due to the breakdown of my muscles attributed to the Crestor.

I had been taking CoENZYMEQ10 as my pharmacist recommended it. I cannot believe how quickly this developed and how debilitated I feel. just wonder how quickly this will resolve. (just grateful my doctor was so quick to stop the meds really)

Just to leave an update on the progress of my cousin (posting April 17) who has had an acute muscle myositis condition develop after 2 years of taking crestor (low dose of 5mg). She was hospitalized in early March due to weakness and muscle ache and deep muscle biopsy confirms a toxicity to statin and exacerbated by combination with an antibiotic (Levoquin given for bronchitis- not a drug contraindicated for use with Crestor).

Her CK enzymes are still fluctuating around 6000 after a peak of 12000 one month after hospitalization. She can walk about 20 steps and barely touch her hands to her shoulders. She cannot hold a phone or a cup of coffee for more than a a few seconds.

Neuro-muscular specialists have placed her on a low dose of Prednisone which HAVE reduced her CK numbers but also contribute greatly to her muscle weakness.
Doctors guess that improvement (not full recovery) will take one to two years.

She thought she was tolerating this drug fairly well but in retrospect she has developed Type 2 Diabetes, allergies (triggered autoimmune response?). Deep, itchy rashes on her arms, asthma-like bronchial symptoms and chronic gout. My Mother is still debilitated, on pain killers and in bed about 21-22 hours/day and in pain all the time.

Newer Doctors who have experience dealing with statin damage have placed her on 800micrograms/day taken every few hours then discontinued so she can sleep after 6PM, and on Vitamin D at 15,000IU/day. I scoffed at supplement therapy for someone in such bad shape but after 2 months we are finally beginning to see a tiny bit of improvement.

Folks, do not dismiss these symptom,do your research, cholesterol is not bad for you and there is no such thing as a good/bad (HDL/LDL) type because your body needs BOTH. Go out and spread the word to Doctors, pharmacists and friends and take information to substantiate this. There are many articles and studies confirming the damage that statin drugs do. We have been convinced of an idea that's the equivalent of bleeding by leaches to get rid of "bad blood".

Do not let anyone get away with dismissing these drug side effects because they are rare, we are not talking about a case of diarrhea or a rash they are life-altering. Find doctors who have experience dealing with statin damage and be sure that your doctor reports your symptoms to FDA/Medwatch.

There does seem to be a genetic component to statin sensitivity so if you, or someone you know has had a bad reaction to these drugs be SURE to tell their children and siblings to avoid them completely.

Great website. Wonderfully supportive thread here. I went onto a statin when my brother died in heart surgery (at 51) as a preventive measure. Our family has hereditary cholesterol. Now 10 years later after years with bouts of extreme muscle spasms/cramping in all leg muscles, I have had severe leg muscle pains as well as weakness. I was at a point where I exercised 2 - 2.5 hrs. a day - lots of fairly robust cardio, but weight-lifting, yoga, outdoor bike tours, classic core exercise etc. At that point in my life, 2 years ago, I just had to leave my exercise groups/classes in tears, again and again.

Couldn't understand it. Just couldn't perform or had severe pain in trying to perform. Finally after lots of testing etc. a cardio doctor told me it could be the statins I was taking. Mind you, my doctor had taken me off and on any number of statins - suspecting the acute spasms were caused by the statins. So.... have finally figured out that given that nothing else is wrong with me... and my symptoms are so like others suffering from statins usage...

I am wondering just how long before I can start exercising again. Can't find any information on this... I want to get started up again, but fear further muscle damage and a further downward spiral. I have been off statins for 5 months and see only very small positive changes. Anyone??? How long do I have to wait before I can get back on track, before my muscles are repaired? (also severe sleeping disturbances)

Stay off the statins and then have your cholesterol checked again. There are several natural cures for high cholesterol so check the natural cures websites for directions if your doctor doesn't know them.

I too have the same symptoms that you have and have been off of statins for over 5 months. I run a boxing gym in south Austin, Texas and this has been a challenge for me. The only good thing is that running the gym forces me to stay active. You should continue your workouts but only at a very moderate level. Don't so any heavy lifting but work on your cardio conditioning. This was the advice given to me by my functional neurologist.

I have heard that it can take up to a year for the symptoms to resolve. So, hang in there!

This drug almost killed my mother. The damage does not show up on a blood test. The simvastatin was feeding on her enzymes and muscle tissue. I thought she had cancer.

This drug company knows full well the drug is dangerous. This should never be prescribed to the elderly without strict supervision and verbal warnings from the pharmacist.

I would advice not to take this drug. The side effects and damage do not show up until it's to late!

I was placed on statin medication in 2004. Shortly thereafter, I had difficulty walking, had a toe that was ischemic and developed terrible leg pain (both calves) that persisted 24/7. Eventually, I was diagnosed with PAD. I have had my abdominal aorta and iliac arteries stented. Despite having my blood flow restored to normal, I have continued to have terrible leg pain, achiness, charley horses and weakness in both legs. The leg weakness has progressed. At one point my Pharmacist informed me that my chronic leg pain could be associated with statin use. She suggested I might try muscle relaxers to help with the discomfort. I stopped the statin and consulted my doctor. She prescribed the muscle relaxers and changed the statin to Simvastatin.

She contacted me later and said that my cholesterol went from 150 to over 200 in just one week and said she did not think the statin use was causing my pain and that I should not discontinue it. She stated that the pain was from a bad back. I did many tests but none of them seemed bad enough to cause pain 24/7 and my back did not hurt near as much as my legs. I could not tolerate the muscle relaxers during the day and they did not help the pain during the day anyway. I did take them at night to help me sleep.

My doctor treated me as a chronic pain patient and diagnosed me with chronic back and leg pain. Within the last year, I developed kidney problems. As soon as I finished a prescription of the antibiotics, the "UTI S" returned. Also, I began to experience numbness in my right foot and am awakened almost every night with pins and needles in both arms with complete loss of sensation down to my fingers. I have to shake my arms vigorously to get the blood flowing again. I usually have to sleep sitting up to get at least five hours of sleep.

Within the last three months, one of my legs has begun to "give out". I take a step and my knee bends as though I am about to fall. Fortunately I have enough strength to catch myself, but the weakness in both legs in addition to the pain is really of grave concern to me.

Since these recent and most troublesome symptoms, I stopped taking the Simvastatin. It has been three weeks. I am concerned that this drug has caused so many problems, particularly leg pain that I just don't know what else to do. Now that there is severe numbness in both upper extremities and yet another kidney infection, I feel that I cannot continue taking a statin until I have some cause for all these symptoms which have either worsened or come about gradually over time.

Prior to 2004, I have never had to take pain medication except for trauma or after a surgery so the continued leg pain just does not add up. I do so hope I can find answers as if I continue to deteriorate at this rate, I won't be able to function even a little bit. I hope someone out there has some good advice for me. I am at a loss for answers.

I have started taking CoQ10 within the last four months or so and I could swear I feel better pain wise. However, my doctor also changed the pain medication and that may be part of the reason that some of the pain has decreased. My life has been a living hell for 8 years now. I want to keep working, get more active and just feel better for everyone including myself.

JS.... I read about your mother... wow. but what was she being given at "800micrograms/day taken every few hours..." a supplement of some kind? I have also taken simvastatin....

Tell me about your mother's case. I am interested. My parents both take statins and both have developed all kinds of "issues"...

My father especially has breathing issues (he does lots of cardio exercise, daily... so we can't figure out why he is breathing hard with the slightest bit of effort), he has huge memory issues, which, mind you at 87 could be senility... but I am dubious. I think that when I obviously have statin reaction issues, it is logical that my parents might also. It turns out we have all been on statins for 10 years. My mother has all kinds of neuropathy in hands and feet. My mother has reduced her statin usage by 50% for starters.

Coach Art! I tried to answer you yesterday, but fear I didn't submit correctly: just want to say that I found your reply encouraging. When you say you are active, I am wondering if you mean just moving around kind-of-active, or do you mean real exercise kind of active? I have lived in fear of re-living the severe, debilitating cramping and muscle pain and spasms that I have had after exercise... so I want to be sure I am going into rehab the right way....

I wrote to a research doctor in California and asked about rehab in the aftermath of this life-changing trauma.... and he said after just a few weeks off of the drug that I could start exercising again... seems dubious that exercise could be feasible so quickly. I have been off of this stuff for 5 months and can hardly walk to/from my bus stop let alone do any real exercise... but if he says so, I will give things a more serious try. What is your take on real exercise Coach Art?

I took statins for a long time... 10 years. I cannot remember any side-effects (except for severe, disabling, ad hoc "attacks" of spasms/cramping - which lead to screaming bouts til they subsided).... I also got some kind of serious muscle relaxant which I took on these occasions. Never knew what it was, nor did I associate it with the statins. BUT four years ago I got into great shape, lost weight and was just going 100mph when slowly, but surely I went into an inexplicable decline. I also described it as a muscle weakness, but the PT I consulted said usually people stop exercising because of pain. OK. I kept up all the "movements' but with little effect (I keep statistics with a heart rate monitor) for about 5 months, in the end, movement and exercise became increasingly painful. To the point where I could not get back and forth to work with public transportation without crying most of the way.

I started using crutches because my legs just weren't reliable. I avoided every step that I absolutely didn't have to take. Walking back and forth to copying machine at work had me in tears. I know what the difference is between exercise induced soreness/pain and this was just not the same at all. It was constant, it increased, it kept me awake all night, I became more and more disabled. AFTER untold number of investigations from specialists, and untold number of hours searching for symptom matches .... I have reached the conclusion that this disabling pain I have is the result of the medication I was taking. Now I have been off of it for 5 months and maybe, just maybe I am doing a tiny bit better. I was told by a specialist in California that 600 mg of COQ10 daily could possibly be useful. I always took 100mg. I have held out somehow for going on two years, but it has taken a toll on every aspect of my life. The doctor in California also said a patient would need to make sure there is not some other underlying cause for the pains before drawing conclusions.

I feel confident that I have been tested for everything under the sun - all tests negative. I am not a hypochondriac - I was doing the best I have done in my adult life when the side-effects kicked in. Do I really need to take a statin? No - I took it as a preventive measure because I got so scared when my older brother died of heart complications 10 years ago. I don't drink or smoke either.

Kate. I certainly cannot exercise like I have in the past (in terms of endurance and strength). I have had to make modifications in my workouts. For example, I can no longer run like I used to when I was a competitive boxer, but I still can walk so I do that. I cannot lift the same amount of weight that I used to before I starting taking statins but I still workout with weights (just more reps now and less weight.).

I am seeing a functional neurologist who is helping me in my recovery. He has prescribed several natural supplements to assist in the detoxification process. The statins have caused cellular damage (which is why for me there is constant pain, stiffness, and weakness in my legs and shoulders).

Seek a functional neurologist out if you can. They are certified neurologists who specialize in chiropractic care, and natural supplementation. They do not do surgeries or prescribe pharmaceutical drugs. You still have to remain as active as possible but do not overdo it. People who exercise regularly are more prone to statin injury so be patient as you recover. It takes time.

I can feel myself getting stronger a little each day and my endurance is increasing a little each day. Hope this helps.

Bailey, you sound like you are a mess. I really feel for you. But it's time to take over some of the medical decisions and start doing the research yourself. This is what I would do if I was you. I would find a doctor of Integrative Medicine in your area. There is an organization in DC that has a list or just google it.

Make sure he or she is an MD. Tell him you want to get off the pharmaceuticals and give him all your details. It sounds like you use only doctors who work either for a hospital or a medical group. You need doctors who think "outside the box".

In the meantime for pain: 2400mg of turmeric, 400mg Sam-e divided... once in the am on an empty stomach and once before bed also on an empty stomach. Turmeric is also a natural blood thinner so if you are on coumadin or warfarin, ask your doc how much you can take.

Coach Art, Thank you. This is a huge uphill struggle and I think everyone in this kind of situation needs all the help and support they can get. Now that I have identified the problem, I am searching for solutions, and those are even fewer and far between to find. I live in Norway, so not sure we have those kinds of specialists.... but will certainly try to find a functional neurologist!

Otherwise, I have since discovered that my extremely knowledgeable PT sister has in fact had patients with statin injury, but she is off-line just this week and next, so I'll have to wait to find out what she has to say. She is stationed in Austin too! It is a small world.
I really feel touched that you have followed up on my input. I feel very vulnerable but want to get back to being strong again. Thank you.

You are welcome Kate. On another positive note, I have a retired physician who attends my boot camp classes every now and again. She has been monitoring my recovery as well. She told me from the onset that it takes 6 months to a year to recover from statin injury. Patience, again, is of the essence along with moderate exercise, good nutrition, and rest.

If you have a chance go to You Tube and check out the documentary called Statin Nation. It is an insightful documentary which will shed some light as well. Also, one more resource is a website entitled This doctor is an advocate against the use of statins and her website has a lot of good information too. Stay positive. Things will get better.

Coach Art!

I ordered the entire documentary from Amazon UK... so look forward to watching that. I checked out the first 13 minutes on Youtube. Good start. will also check out the drcate link. I have since found info that the muscle myelin CAN be repaired again... found articles about how it gets damaged in diseases such as MS. But understand that it can in fact be restored if you don't have MS. So I think there is a real hope we can get back on our feet. Literally. Yeah... rest too. I feel just getting out of bed takes Olympic strength I feel so exhausted. But, still I do have real hope. Thanks. When I find more concrete information about rehab, I will get back to this site!

I am one of the many that is still not fully recovered from statin poisoning but I read Dr Dwayne Graveline's piece on the case for low dose statins. I guess that one of (if not the only) good thing about statins is that they reduce inflammation in the arteries. So I started (with my Dr. say so) taking 2.5mg a day of Lipitor.

So far, I can detect no side effect although it has only been two months. My cholesterol decreased from 210 to 148 with LDL from 123 to 70. HDL remained about the same. This reduction is more dramatic than when I was on 10mg of Simvastatin. Because of having two stents installed, I have to take Plavix for three more month (a year total I hope). I do not know if the combination of statins and Plavix result in lowering cholesterol. I will know more in six more months.

I do know that Plavix and Omeprazole lower BP dramatically even though nothing is stated in the information from the pharmacist. Does anyone have anymore information on low dose statins. I may be all wrong here but it seems to me that because the body makes LDL to heal inflammation in the arteries that if you reduce the inflammation then cholesterol will go down.

I stopped taking lipitor 1/31/13. At that time I have awful diffuse pain and severe pain walking upstairs or putting on my socks and shoes. These have gradually improved, but I still have twitching pain with straightening up and although I don't feel weak, my stamina is limited.

I think I am continuing to improve, but I have lost a half year of normal life-no skiing last winter, limited bike riding this spring and summer.

It's June 10. I stopped taking the 1,000 mg Niacin each night on April 4 and even though I have been able to do a lot of things I couldn't do since being put on the Niacin in April of 2012, it is still tremendously hard for me to go for a daily walk even though I walk slow. The pain in the muscles of my calves, knees and thighs is terrible and there is no way I can walk faster than a very slow pace or for very long - 17 - 23 minutes is the longest and even with that, I have to make sure I always take my cane with me as there are a few places where the sidewalk slopes and even though the slopes look minimal, to me they feel like I am trying to climb a mountain.

I'll take my chances with cholesterol rather than any of the so called medicine that is supposed to be good for you. I have been watching my diet and making sure I eat healthy, nutritious food - no soda pop or energy drinks, etc. and plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, poultry, fish, etc.. It's still a long hard road and at this point I feel like it will never change, but I am very thankful I had sense enough to stop taking the niacin even though the doctors didn't want me to.

The niacin, by the way, was also keeping my sugar up and I was diagnosed as diabetic, I had heart palpitations and my pulse frequently ran in the 120s - I don't have those problems now, even though it's only been since April 4 that I stopped taking the niacin. My sugar now runs at 97 - 107 and my bp is down to 116/68 and it was running a lot of the time at 168/92. I've been able to cut one bp pill in half and my primary care doctor thinks with continued diet and the exercise, even though it is minimal (and no niacin) I am able to do, that I may be able to eventually eliminate that pill. Again, like everyone else has been saying, do your research! A lot of doctors don't want you to do that, but it's your life and you are the only one who knows what you feel like and what the medicines they prescribe are doing to you and you know that because of how you feel that is so much different from before you took their pharmaceutical drugs for cholesterol. It's sad that so many of us have to get to the point where the suffering is unbearable before we wake up, but that is what it took for me. Hopefully, never again!

I too am improving but it is slow. I stopped taking statins (simvastatin) this last April. As I stated in an earlier comment, I had symptoms for a long time but didn't connect it to the statins until I started hearing about the problems it can cause and also I went for my checkup and my liver was elevated so I have not taken any since and went back in and my liver test showed normal again.

I would like to know if anyone else has trouble with their feet being so sore that it hurts to walk. It is just one foot. Started with my shoulders, arms and hands. Now they are much better but went to my knees and now moved to one foot. At times I have not had much energy but lately most days now that seems to be improving also. I have been eating more fruits and vegetables and think diet has a lot to do with it. I get some exercise but need to do a lot more.

Jam, I do have pain in my feet when walking, especially on cement. Mainly the pain is in my heels, which feel almost crunchy when I step out. This has developed over the past few months. Doctor wanted me to double the dosage on my atorostatin because my levels were up a bit when I had my last blood work done. After the second day, I began having cramps at night which started in my toes. then to arch of my foot, then to the ankle and up the shins. I don't do that anymore and the cramps are less, but still there.

Some days I have to force my self to move, but I figure if I stop for too long, I'll never get started again.

Jam, my feet also hurt but I don't know if it was related to the statins. I am carrying extra weight and I had a recent mri done which shows a cyst on one of my bones. But two years later I still have issues.

I will tell you though what has helped me. I take 12mg/day of astaxanthin. It is a super antioxidant and helps with pain. I also take 200mg of COQ-10(ubiquinol, not the cheaper version) Costco has a great brand with a red label and it has good reviews on, an independent lab.

I also take 400mg SAM-e divided. This latter supp has been a godsend. It takes away depression and knocks out joint pain. My hips and back no longer hurt unless I have been sitting long, and then I am just a little stiff when I first walk around. I am now 64yrs old and feel like a new person. You don't have to suffer with aging issues. Good luck!

Ladyliza, you are right. I am a mess. I have slowly started taking myself off some of these pain meds. I was on a long acting one and weaned off it and am feeling just great. I do not think the statins caused any circulatory problems. However, I feel the continued long term use has caused me numerous problems. Now, I am feeling better everyday with use of a low dose pain medication. My pain is better, but I feel weak.

I am going to take your much appreciated good advice and find the specialist you spoke about. Thanks for reading this and I so hope it helps. My husband bought me a treadmill for my birthday and I am on it everyday. I have not gotten past five minutes, but I will. Thanks so much!!


I wish I had listened you my Pharmacist who told me years ago that the statins were causing my leg pain 24/7. They kept telling me it was "referred" pain from my back. I had never gone to a doctor for back pain. I had all the tests and none of them could account for the chronic leg pain. My doctor changed my meds because she did not believe that was causing the leg pain. She changed me to another statin and the pain persisted.

When I started having pins and needles and numbness in both upper extremities (with no neck pain), I started getting really scared. I began to research and got off the statins asap. I am feeling better everyday. My legs are so weak. But I agree that my problems with chronic leg pain began when I was placed on statins in 2004. It has taken me this long to realize what the problem is. Thanks for your post.

Bailey, thanks for your response. Your heel pain suggests that you might be suffering from plantar fasciitis, which is fairly easy to cure. You may or may not need a podiatrist. I would start first by going to Walmart and buying orthotic inserts for your shoes. Everyone in my neighborhood suffers from it because we all have tile floors in our houses. Look in the pharmacy area..there is a machine you stand on that tells you which ones you need.

Dr Scholls also has a machine and some drug stores have it. There are stretching exercises that also heel it.

Actually I have many of my old records. I found that I was placed on statins when my cholesterol was barely over 200. There was no history in my family. In a short amount of time, they suspected I had a blockage. The first CT showed a 60% blockage in the abdominal aorta. Within 6 months it was 98% and I had to have it stented. More recently I read a study from October 2012 that showed many participants of this study had occluded abdominal aortas. I have never understood this until the last few days. It has never made sense to me until now. Until then, I was relatively healthy. I took no medications. I am now certain my circulatory blockages are related to statin use.

I am feeling better everyday. Thanks for the info on the inserts. I tried to find a Functional Neurologist in my area with no success. Any other sites you can direct me to? The one you told me about would not come up!!

Thanks and good health to you!


Lady "L",
I forgot to say to you that yes I did think I had Plantar Fac. but since I have been off the statins, my feet are starting to feel better. In fact each day that passes I feel better. My cholesterol levels as I told you before are well within normal range as they had been for the last twenty years or more long before statin therapy.
You really are a first class lady and thanks.


@ Bailey...doctors are trained to go for the easiest, most obvious diagnosis, which is NEVER the case in a statin injury, which range from mild muscle aches and pains, to Lou Gehrigs disease (ALS) to Mitochondrial Encephalomyopathy with Lactic Acidosis and Stroke Like Episodes, which has left me disabled for more than 10 years...Since I can no longer practice Nursing, I have resided myself to EDUCATE as many people publicly to the absolute DANGERS of these drugs....Good luck Bailey and all!!!

I am so glad you are feeling better. Unfortunately it takes a lot of pain until people wake up and start taking control of their healthcare. Even though I love my doctor, I never trust him 100%. We all know our own bodies the best.

Hi Cran,
I saw an old post of yours and have to say that my mother was on Baycol. She was taken off that statin and placed on Simvastatin. She developed Congestive Heart Failure. No one in her family had heart problems. I may have posted this before, but she is so debilitated way beyond what I would have thought she would be for a (formerly) vivacious 70 something year old.

@ Bailey,
I am so sorry to hear how the health of your mother has declined since beginning a statin. What I find truly sad, is how sharply the incidence of congestive heart failure has risen, since Statin Drugs (HMG CoA Reductase Inhibitors) were unleashed. By blocking HMG CoA Reductase, you also block among many other things, Ubiquinol (CoQ10). CoQ10 is absolutely vital for Cellular Energy production, and what is the hardest working muscle in the body? The Heart is. And by limiting its energy supply, the heart muscle becomes weak, and unable to contract and pump efficiently, leading to a backup of fluids, back into the heart and lungs, which is Congestive Heart Failure. ALL STATINS work the same way, as does Red Yeast Rice, my blocking the HMG CoA Reductase enzyme, which subsequently blocks EVERYTHING else from being produced, in this process. FYI No study has EVER PROVEN statins to be beneficial for women of any age. You may want to ask her doc why she was prescribed a statin..

does anyone know the mechanism of prologed statin effects? I am now 5 mo from my last lipitor and still get muscle twitches after exertion; and my stamina, which continues to improve, is not at all back to normal. I don't dare go on a hike or long walk for example.

also, is there any reason to think that co Q10 would be useful this far out?

Dear a sereen,
I have been off statins for two years and I still have back and muscle pain and leg weakness as well and my feet muscles twitch, recall word memory loss also. I am taking co Q10 but as before, I see no improvement. I started to take very low dose of statins (2.5 mg) a couple of months ago and have stopped as I started to have side affects such as very bad dreams and at least one episode of Transient Global Amnesia as I have had several before. Not a pleasant thing.

I read that there would be no side affects to low dose... wrong. So based on my experience, co Q10 may not help but does help some people as I understand. For me, I can't seem to get ride of the back and leg pain and weakness so no more statins for me of any strength no mater if it lowers my cholesterol of not.

I hope you get better soon but sometimes the side affects may last a long time as I understand. I am going to continue co Q10 for a while to see if it helps at all.


you need to go back and read these entries... Coach Art and I have among others, written about exercising. There is every indication that COQ10 helps. The big question is how much you tolerate it.

I started off on 100 mg. and increased gradually to 600mg/day (on a doctor's advice) - but that was too much for me, started getting horrific itching and had to cut it out for a week.

Will start up again with 100mg and take it more slowly. I have also understood that this healing process takes forever (like maybe years).

I have been off of simvastatin since Dec. and oh my goodness this is taking time. The other day I did "too much" which wasn't much at all by my old standards and wham - awake 3 nights in a row with cramps, spasms, pain in my legs. So, go very slow and easy.

I am trying to find out what it is that actually happens to your muscles. It appears to me that the sheaths that cover the nerves get damaged as do the actual muscles... and that we are trying to reverse a negative process... it feels like turning a tsunami around.

Go back and read the previous entries in this thread. Liten to the 40 minute interview at the top of this thread with Dr. Golomb. Google statin myopathy and also "Are Physically Active Individuals Taking statins at increased risk for myopathy", by Thomas L. Lenz. (the short answer is "yes") But I am still looking into what actually is going on... still not 100% sure.

Seems like people get into accidents and damage muscle and then get back on their feet again, why can't I? Is it because there is an on-going battle taking place still?? Anyway, read that article it is interesting.

Hello everyone,
Today has been the worst day since I stopped taking statins. Every muscle in my body feels so fatigued. My legs and arms feel so heavy. When I stand for a long time or walk, I have difficulty. I don't have that horrible aching in my legs that was there since 2004. This is altogether different.

Can someone give me some tips to help this pain? I have muscle relaxers which do not help. Is this normal? I just feel so weak and have no energy. My muscles won't move. I am still having some numbness and tingling in both arms when I sleep. Could it be the exercise? I have taken it very slowly.

I am to have an emg nerve conduction study done on July 17th. The doctor is aware of my choice to stop the statins. My memory problems are somewhat better. With the feelings I am having now, it is hard to say how I feel any place else because of the overall muscle fatigue and lack of energy. Gee I hope I am doing the right thing.

I am taking CoQ10 however. But maybe I need other supplements. I take a one a day for now.


I literally can feel your pain. I have been off of statins for about 7 months now and some days are horrible. I have sought the help of a functional neurologist who is helping me to recover. A functional neurologist is a neurologist who does everything that a traditional neurologist would do with the exception of surgery or the prescribing of pharmaceuticals. Instead they use other therapies such as chiropractic therapy and supplementation. My functional neurologist has prescribed the following for me since I had such a severe reaction to statins:

PQQ Caps
Glutathione Recycler
B-12 vitamins

He has performed other therapies on me. I have been undergoing treatments for over a month now and I am seeing good results. I am not 100% but more like 60% recovered. If you can, find a functional neurologist in your area. Hang in there, things will get better with time.

Mary A. I agree with Art C. - I can relate to your pain. I do think it is wise to get tests done just so you can eliminate major diseases... that really is important. For the longest time I thought I had MS. But no. The doctors scratch their heads.... the neurologist said I was the single most sensitive person she had ever tested - she couldn't believe how sensitive my muscles were to the most innocent touch. Tears poured down my cheeks all through the test. She said 8 month old babies didn't react that way. What can I say? It has been a nightmare.

But I know now that "the start" of "all of this" was ad hoc and severe cramping - debilitating cramping that was diagnosed as restless leg syndrome.... which it wasn't at all. No one really believed how much pain I was in. Even when I called the ER. So, we all have a tough row to hoe.

I have a sneaking suspicion that 100mg of COQ10 is not enough for our problems. I was taking 600 mg/day - which turned out to be too much for me personally - but boy have I noticed the difference this past week when I went off of it to calm the allergic reaction. WOW. back to sleepless nights, cramping and pain that no ordinary pain killer will take care of. I'm not surprised that you are struggling and that you are perplexed.

I am going to start up again now and work up to a higher dose more slowly - and most likely I don't tolerate much more than 300 - 400 mg/day. I have been told by a reliable doctor that is interested in these issues that cod liver oil (not krill or fish oil) of a high quality is also important and I have heard that COQ10 should be taken with fat... so it would make a good combination.

I also suffer from acute fatigue which might be the result of living in constant pain with sleepless nights for almost 2 years... but it might be a direct result of the statins too - hard to say - I get up and eat breakfast and could just go right back to bed. I never manage a normal day at work. I fall asleep at my desk. God knows what I would have done if I were in another kind of job. Friends call up to invite me over for a cup of coffee and I just don't have the energy to do it or enjoy any social gathering.

I have also worried that the reason I am so grotesquely tired is because of blockage... yeah, that worries me. It is hard to keep cholesterol levels down with little real exercise. I try to keep up my swimming and most days get in 40 minutes of walking - not at the same time. If I do a tiny bit more, I am a wash rag. I assume it is vital, VITAL to eat right when we are in this situation - at least that is something we have control over. I suggested some reading in my last entry. Check it out. Breathe. Go easy on yourself, this is no walk in the park.

Zocor 10mg. I called it my "nightmare pill" because depth and duration of sleep was significantly reduced. I was closer to being awake while dreaming, leading to frightful reactions I never had before. My libido went also went to zero. It only had a minor effect on my cholesterol numbers, so I declined the doctor's advice to double the dosage. Having quit taking it for a month now, the diminishment of side effects is as distinct as was their onset.

Your pain sounds horrible. I have pain even when during the night as well as during the day. I haven't seen any other messages pertaining to damage to muscles done by Niaspan/Niacin, but that is what I was on for a year before the pain got so bad and I got so exhausted that I couldn't do hardly anything. My energy level has gone up, but virtually every step I take is filled with pain in the muscles in my thighs, around my knees and at times down the calves of my legs and even down my shins.

When I am on my feet too long my mid back hurts horrible and if I use my arms very long, the muscles in my arms hurt. I started seeing a neurologist last Dec. He may do the electrical muscle testing at my next appointment with him in October. Meanwhile, I do my best to take at least a 17 minute walk each day and some days walk for 30 minutes, but as I said, every step is filled with pain and I can't help but wonder if it is going to be here forever.

Like so many others, my doctors don't want to believe it is from the niacin, but that's the only thing that was different from before. I am making sure I eat healthier than I ever have and have taken off some weight, but like others have said - it is hard to get the right kind of exercise when you have to walk at a snail's pace.

I do hope everyone finds relief - and answers and that you don't have blockage. I think our worry about cholesterol is what has gotten all of us to the painful situations we are in.

update of comment from April 17
My cousin was hospitalized in March after 2 years on a low dose of Crestor. She can still barely walk, cannot raise her hands above her head, take even ONE step up on to a curb etc. After her initial hospitalization where a biopsy determined that she had MUSCLE DAMAGE DUE TO STATIN DRUG TOXICITY the drs. gave her 2 courses of Prednisone to reduce inflammation of muscle tissue.

The outcome of the first treatment was a reduction of CK Enzyme by almost half (this is why they gave her some more of it) but she had increasing muscle weakness. After the 2nd course of steroids she was much much weaker, and her CK levels were going up again. The Dr. that gave the Prednisone then prescribed IVIG Therapy which is given for autoimmune disease. Her arm strength improved slightly from this but she developed kidney failure and was re-hospitalized for a period and CK levels were back at 10,000.

Kidney failure is now controlled and a new Dr. believes that this has indeed triggered an autoimmune disease and that more, perhaps many more, IG Infusions will be required to help her to regain her strength. These treatments are astronomically expensive.

My Mom still has debilitating pain after 12 years - (10 years off of statins)

Be sure that you understand what Dr.Goulom was saying, that the ONLY people who have been shown to be helped by statin drugs are middle-aged men who have already had a heart attack/event.
Women, in general, should not be on Statins. -Not even low doses.

Statin drugs have NOT lowered morbidity due to heart related illness.

The morgues are full of people who have died of heart attacks but still have low cholesterol.
There are healthy people walking around who have cholesterol at 300-500, this level is normal FOR THEM.

Sensitivity can be definitely genetic and therefore run in families, there are several (at least 3) genetic tests that can be given to predict your sensitivity if you can find a Dr. who will give them.
Doctors do NOT know this stuff and are provided all their current information by the pharmaceutical companies.


Wow. Like I have been saying to friends... the warnings with the statins do not say: at risk of debilitating pain... it just says possible side effects, muscle pain... wow. That is such an understatement.
Anyway, I was wondering if you could give the names of the 3 tests you mentioned? If anyone else can help... also wondering about the name of a test that checks particle size of something in your blood that can indicate potential cardiovascular issues. I ran across this once, but haven't been able to identify it again.

I wondered if Dr. Golomb in fact really was as absolute as your interpretation of her message.... that no women should be taking statins....and really not older people either. I asked my parents' family doctor about my parents taking statins and he immediately reduced their dose by half. I'm wondering if they can go off it completely. Will ask. I wasn't as sure as you in what Dr. Golomb was saying. Will listen to the interview again.

Reading this is so scary. I have been off statins after nine years for less then two months. I want so badly to feel better. I do so hope you cousin and mother get better. On the fourth of July, I was hospitalized for kidney failure. I am not sure why but my kidneys have been a source of aggravation for the last year. This is just one more reason I saw to get rid of the statins. The highest my Cholesterol was when I was placed on statins was 220. The lowest was 111. The lower it got, the worst I felt pain wise and energy wise. I so hope I will get better. I still suffer leg pain and weakness. I will go for an EMG STUDY soon and hope I have no permanent damage. It is important to share these stories as this is awful!!

Keep talking!


The testing for particle size is done by having a 14 hour complete fast (except for small sip of water with night time medications). It is called NMR LIPOPROTEINS WITH LIPIDS. I had blood drawn July 2 for this test, got the results back on the 8th saying they could not do the tests (there are 15 of them that they do) because there was either improper gel barrier tube used for specimen collection or some other unknown interferrent. Needless to say, Monday when I found this out, I contacted my doctor who had me contact the director of the lab who said she would investigate immediately and let me know what she found out. In less than an hour I had a phone call from the lab person who was in charge of helping a new employee with the testing (I had blood drawn for several other tests that day too). She apologized over and over again and when I told her I would begin fasting again that night, she said she would personally make sure the test was ordered and that when I got to the hospital the following morning she would make sure they would take me in immediately when I got there. Long story short, I got to the hospital and there was no order for the blood to be drawn - after calls to and from the doctors, it was found that she had requested the test, but the doctor had forgotten to sign the order.

When I got to the lab there were no other patients there waiting, but I still had to wait a half hour before anyone came to begin calling patients back. By this time it was nearly 9:00 am - close to a 15 hour fast and the woman who drew my blood made me feel like I was in a torture chamber as she twisted and turned the needle trying to draw blood with a loose tourniquet on my arm and refusing to let me make a fist so she could make sure she was in the right vein. Finally she told me to try pumping my hand like a fist and letting go and the blood flowed. She had shown me that the test ordered said right on it to use a red topped tube and she didn't know how anyone could make a mistake, but once she got the blood flowing she drew three tubes, two red topped, one gold topped. When I asked her why so many when they only drew one for that test the last time, she told me she wanted to make sure they had enough blood so I wouldn't have to go back again.

I should have asked her why one tube had a gold top on it, but I was in pain like I had never had with blood being drawn before and I just wanted to get out of there. Long story much, much shorter, if/when you go for the LDL particle size blood draw do everything you can to make sure the person drawing the blood is using the right tube for the blood. IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE and if it is sent in the wrong tube the wrong test will be run and you will have to repeat your 14 hour fasting all over again.

I am so sorry for you, Bailey for the kidney damage and horrible pain. I wish doctors would research things better before prescribing them to their patients! My thoughts are with everyone suffering such pain and bad health and I hope and pray continually that the pain I have will one day go away.

Confused by your experience. I have my blood drawn 2 weeks before my doctor's appt every 3 months. I have to fast the night before but I can eat until 8pm and water til midnight. I have the particle size test done every 3 months since we are trying without drugs to change my particle size to large and fluffy. My blood is drawn right in the doctors office. Why would you have to go to the hospital to do that? Doesn't it cost a horrendous amount by going there? I know my doctor uses a heart lab to analyze the blood. And the doctors office only uses butterfly needles, and not regular size. I might suggest that you demand that. It is far easier on the patient, but it might take a little longer to draw. There is no pain this way.

Ladyliza, so the million dollar question: how are you and your doctor getting your particle size to be large and fluffy? and just confirming.,...

CJ....the name of the blood test is NMR LIPOPROTEINS WITH LIPIDS to determine particle size.... ??? blood testing is a science and there are lots of ways things can go wrong, be done wrong etc. - wise to be aware of issues related to any given blood test. That is for sure.

Thanks for input.

Some of my lab work is done in the doctor's office - other lab work I am sent to the hospital. For this test my orders were to go to the hospital's lab and both the doctor's and the lab's instructions were for me to do a total fast for 14 hours with nothing but the sip of water with my night time medicines and wait until after the blood draw to take my morning medicines.

I too am working to change things without medicines, mainly by making changes in my diet - eating like I should have all the years prior to problems. Just wish I could get the exercise I need that would help me get to where I need to be weight-wise and healthwise, but with the muscle problems I just can't do it. I will be anxious to see if the changes I have made are paying off, but even if they aren't, I will never let anyone put me back on a statin or on niacin.

In 2011 my doctor sent my blood tests to the Berkeley Heart Lab. You can look it up by going to I was given a beautiful color brochure with easy-to-read charts and recommendations for the results I was given.

Then the doctor switched to Health Diagnostic Laboratory. He won't use one of the standard labs for something so complicated as the heart. It is so easy to track my progress with these results. There is a lot of good information with the results on how to improve my results.

At first I was put on Pantethine twice a/day. You can find it online. I think I was taking 600mg twice but can't remember. Now I am on Citrus Bergamot. The doctor likes us to use what he sells, but it's so expensive I try other quality brands first.

I have an appt in September to check my results.Why use pharmaceuticals when there are natural alternatives with no side effects. After being on statins briefly a couple of years ago, I hope never to go back on any pharmaceutical again. There are natural replacements for just about everything out there.

OK, I just reread your first entry, and I think we need to get you out of pain first. I have been on niacin, but I would never take the pharmaceutical grade, which is Niaspan. Most pharmaceuticals are too strong for a lot of people. In order to get FDA approval the manufacturers make them very strong in order for the results to show up.

If you take niacin, the only one that works is nicotinic acid. Get your liver enzymes checked every 3 months for toxicity. You can also take milk thistle for 3-6months to help your liver handle the load. Artichoke extract works well also.

Back to the pain. First I started on niacinamide. Try that for 3 wks and see if you notice a difference. My doctor suggested it. Then I would highly recommend
turmeric, start with 2200mg/day, and increase after 1 month if you still have pain. I get Swanson's since I don't like the taste. But if you like the taste, buy it at an Indian grocery store and take 1 heaping tsp/day for 1 month. It can be a blood thinner so make sure you aren't on coumadin or warfarin. It's a huge antioxidant and people that want to be healthy should take it for life.

Now the last thing I tried, without the doctor's knowledge at first, is astaxanthin 12mg/day. That has taken away all the remainder of the pain. Its the grandaddy of all anti-oxidants and over time it has helped me immensely. After my next appt and I see my CRP test results, I will back down to 6 or 4mg/day. I have seen the CRP scores go back to almost normal, so they should be good by now. Make sure you are taking 200mg of Ubiquinol/day. That will bring life back to your cells and help with any fatigue you may have. Anyone on statins should be taking it.

Tell you doctor you want him to test you for deficiency. I take Qunol Mega COQ10, which is ubiquinol and I get it at Costco. My scores are high now but my doctor says that's ok with this supplement with my history. I feel great for 64, just overweight and I need to exercise more.

You know fellow statin injured, we live in a push button world. We wanted not to cook to long in the kitchen?... bam the microwave!!! We want information...don't go to the library...go to your computer. We have information thrown at us at the speed of light. And when we get sick...we want a quick fix.

People want a pill to solve all their problems including their inability to curb their appetites for the things that destroy our bodies and make us vulnerable to every new fad on the market. We as a society need to start thinking of food, lifestyle and habits changes as medicine. I am as guilty as the next person, I must admit. If this statin ruse has done anything for us, it has taught us to pay attention to our bodies, what they say to us, and when. That is the key. I hate going to the doctor anymore. They throw a pill my way for everything.

But I am taking back control of my body and refuse to put anything in my mouth that does not need to be there. I am so hoping my pain gets better and that I can heal this body. I do feel that if my will is strong enough and if I believe can happen.

Thank you Ladyliza. They started me on Niaspan first and then I changed to pharmaceutical grade Niacin that was recommended to me by the pharmacy I go to because it is much cheaper than the Niaspan was. I do take milk thistle daily - have never heard of or tried artichoke extract. I also take Turmeric daily, but it is just 450 mg of Turmeric and 50 mg of Turmeric Extract and I only take one capsule a day, so it sounds like I need to increase that. I get most of my supplements through Puritan Pride, but have bought some things through Swansons.

I have never tried Astaxanthin, but have read good things about it. I also take CoQ10, but not the kind that is ubiquinol, so it sounds like I need to make a change there too.

I have been able to cut two of the four bp pills in half since watching what I eat and getting what little bit of exercise I can get, but I am still overweight. I've managed to lose 16 lbs in the past 6 weeks, but it has been (is!) hard, but worth the struggle. I go back to the surgeon on Aug. 16 who replaced both of my knees 4 1/2 years ago to see if he thinks my knees might be causing a lot of my pain. I hadn't realized until recently that anyone having implants of any kind, including pacemakers, etc. should have a metal allergy test first, especially if they are allergic to nickel, which I am, because many of the materials used for implants of all kinds have nickel in them and can cause serious health problems. In Oct. I go to the neurologist for electric needle testing of my muscles to hopefully rule out Myasthenia gravis, which, from what I have read, can be caused or aggravated by niacin, so I'm still very, very leery of niacin.

Thank you very, very much for all of your advice and I wish you well in regard to being able to get more exercise to help you with your weight too. That is so hard to do when you are in pain with every step you take! I am making note of the types and amounts of things you are suggesting, so I can have them to refer to.

Peoples Pharmacy response: you are so right that it is a good idea to watch out for metal allergy. Here is a link to an article about precisely that problem:’s-perspective/

My experience is that nerve damage CAN be reversed over time using a number of approaches all at once. a) stop lipotor ! b) yes, drink plenty of water. c) clench and unclench hands, feet and do a range of motion of exercises (similar to ballet actually) d) increase raisins (iron), calcium (tums brand), eat kale daily (vit C, K, B12 etc), some fruit daily (ie banana, orange, pears), lower your dairy intake (cut back on cheese and milk as they inflame muscles), and e) meditate daily (listen to music, or do a guided light hypnosis such as Kelly Howell's 'Universal Mind Meditation'...Tell you muscles when you are in this ultra relax center-of-self mindspace: that your body is healing day by day and perfection of your muscles in every way is already yours to claim. See pure LIGHT infusing from parts of your body where it doesn't hurt TO the hurting areas. I also found working with purple/violet for clearing pain was useful and blue light for further protection-healing. Oh and WALK, move around every single day ! And: don't take pills like a obedient sheep just because you are told it is 'good for you'. Lesson ought to be learned about mindless compliance (without your researching any meds first) and how it can harm your health if you are uninformed. :)

Thank you, Bailey. What you are doing and saying is so right and I too have been guilty for far too many years of wanting instant gratification not only in regard to what I have eaten, but in regard to getting well, but also like you, I am doing my very best to be vigilant in regard to everything and even though every step I take is hard, I try to make sure I get at least a short walk in every morning and stick to only what is good for my body when I am eating and drinking. That doesn't mean I am perfect at either things yet - it just means I am doing my best to be diligent while hoping, praying and watching for positive changes in whatever form they may come and being thankful for those changes. Being able to cut two bp pills down to 25 mg. instead of the 50 mg. that I have been taking for more than a year is a major step for me and I am grateful even though I am still on one other at the same amount as usual, 25 mg. Your message helps remind me that others are struggling to do the same things - especially when it comes to wanting to give in to "special treats" too often that I know I don't need and shouldn't have.

I also have used Simvistatin for two years before I said, what is going on with me,? I finally decided to not take it no more and found that I felt a lot better. That has been a year or two ago. I also started walking with an unusual gait. My legs hurt like crazy, but I also worked as a server in a restaurant, so I just thought maybe it was my age at 53. But this has been messing with me for at least two years. My muscles and joints ache like crazy most of the the time. I go through bouts of flu like symptoms and the they will go away for a little bit or until something triggers it. I finally had surgery for a pinched nerve in my back, but my abnormal gait still persists. I go to a doctor tomorrow for a 3 mo. Check up and am going to mention this to him. I also had some blood tests done with my other doctor on Thursday. She wants to test for Parkinson's, ALS, MS, but I think it is all due to long term use of Simvistatin. I also have Hypothyroidism and just read that taking this drug and having this could enhance bad side effects. I m not sure what to think any more. I want answers and am pretty upset at the thought I might be fine had it not been for this drug!

My partner was put on simvastatin following a stroke (cholesterol was 6 - UK reading). He almost immediately suffered side effects of extreme joint pain and memory loss and confusion (which wasn't present immediately after the stroke).

He's now stopped statins as we were horrified that his GP refused to believe memory problems were a side effect and his stroke consultant did not know about needing CoQ10 and said we shouldn't believe everything we read in the papers.

Hi Debbie,
As I might have told you all, on July 4th, I was hospitalized. My B/P was 38/70, I was severely dehydrated, had fluid on my lungs (pneumonia), and my kidneys had shut down. My oxygen levels were dangerously low. I had an EMG nerve conduction study done that showed peripheral neuropathy. When I did follow up with my GP, I was told that my Potassium levels were way too high. Yesterday, I went back for to give more blood to double check the potassium levels. I have not received the results yet. My feeling is that my kidneys may very well be irreversibly damaged. I have gotten off virtually all medicines.

I take my B/P daily and it is always high. That could be, in part, due the pain that lingers in my legs. However, the good news is that the pain is so much better than it has been in nine years. I seem to feel a little better daily. There are times, when I feel like I have a bad case of the flu. My calves and thighs ache still. I can only hope and pray that any kidney damage is reversible or treatable and that the pain continues to get better with time.


I wish to state to anyone considering these drugs be very careful I believe doctors ignore a lot of the signs these cause the only drug to help my utterly devastating condition has been a drug named pregablin it has taken the misery of chronic pain and helped a little which means a difference in a huge way my memory is dreadful I'm in constant pain cant walk far and my legs and feet are ruined yes I'm aware statins help millions but I think in certain cases like mine the damage is tremendous.

Roseanne and all, I am very sorry to hear of your statin effects..I want to convey to you and everyone else, that per ALL of the statin studies the best impact they have shown is a 1% ABSOLUTE RISK REDUCTION of coronary events. Drug studies use the RELATIVE RISK REDUCTION when publishing their data. A simple explanation between ABSOLUTE and RELATIVE REDUCTIONS is. "When two out of one hundred get the disease and are on the drug compared to three out of one hundred that is the absolute risk of 1% difference. It is a relative risk of 33% because 2/3-1 equals 33%.

Essentially, the relative risk is the percentage difference between those who receive treatment and those who did not. It wildly inflates the benefit compared to the absolute difference. A true difference of 1% suddenly becomes a difference of 33%. Relative risk is always used in drug studies to magnify benefit - sadly, few know or understand this. And then relative risk is the number on the drug who develop the disease vs. the number not on the drug who develop the disease and not the number out of 100 who develop the disease and comparing the percentage difference.

Complicated, but the drug companies like it that way as most just give up and quote the relative risk. Lipitor helps one person out of 100 which is 1% but they publish 33% because the difference of 2 vs. 3 which is 33%."- This explanation was given to me by Christopher Nagy, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon who has become an advocate for the true effects of statin drugs.

@ Roseanne and all
Statins DO NOT HELP MILLIONS...the most favorable statin studies, reveal an Absolute Risk Reduction of less than 1%..which means that less than one person per hundred has avoided a coronary event..

I have not commented in a very long time. Since my last post, I underwent an EMG Nerve Conduction study. It was positive for damage at l4-5, S-1.

Needless to say, I have stayed away from statins. I have also done away with almost all the medications I was placed on.

I had chronic kidney infections and a recent hospitalization where my kidneys were failing, I was dehydrated, had pneumonia. My B/P tanked. It took hours but the amazing doctor who was at the ER literally brought me back from the brink of death.

This is yet another example of how nine years on statins have destroyed my body. With each day, I feel I am better than I was before simply because at least I have good and bad days. My memory is not what it used to be but I keep reading to combat those "blocks" where the very simplest of words just wont come. I do still take CoQ10 but I am not back to what I believe I was meant to be had I not taken statins.

I am exercising but just simple work tasks leave me exhausted. I still hold out hope that I will get better with time, but sometime feel that I will never get there. I take supplements instead of all these prescriptions and try to eat healthy. I don't fear high cholesterol. At last count it had come up from 111 to 166. The higher my cholesterol, the better I seem to feel.

I have been an advocate to so many of my family members who are on statins. I have one Aunt to was started on 80mg. of a statin. Since then, she is on a walker and a wheelchair, cannot drive, is in constant pain. She is cognitively impaired. Just a few years ago, she was spirited, worked all day cleaning her home and cooking meals for the dozens of visitors she received since she is so loved. I have tried to talk to her daughter and begged them to take her off the statins. But they do not listen. I don't think she will last long at this rate. And by the way, she has no heart or circulatory problems and was placed on statins because she had a panic attack. Go figure.


@Bailey...Despite Dr Golomb and the Statin Effects Study, confirming the fact that it was Lipitor that caused the holes in my brain, as well as the Mitochondrial DNA mutations, I have found that all I can do as a former RN, is give people the information, and they can at least make an informed decision as to whether or not they want to take a drug. Some do and some do not, But I cannot/will not force someone to do something. Most Drs I have shared this info with, have completely dismissed the info I share, so I do not bother with them anymore. (God complex, I guess) As for your Aunt, she was probably never made aware that NO STATIN study, EVER showed ANY BENEFIT for WOMEN at ANY AGE...Why doctors do not know this is beyond me..
Good luck in your fight!!

The more I find out about your condition, the angrier I get. Your medical situation is far more devastating than most. You are far too young for this. But you will go down in the annals of statin history as a real hero. The price you have paid is dear, I know. I am so sorry for your loss.

That is all I can say. Thanks again for your words of wisdom, research and support!


I took Lipitor for 3 months. Got up in the night and my knees gave in! It has been two years now and I can walk upstairs painfully, I no longer have to literally crawl up. Going down the stairs is holding on and slowly. This has been the worst experience. We moved in this lovely home and in two months I became a cripple. Yelping in pain as the muscles literally "grabbed" me while standing.

I ate Aleve like M&M's and now gave that up and eat aspirins instead! Will I ever be my light hearted painfree self? I have no idea and my doctor doesn't ask about it anymore. Can you blame him? There is nothing he can do and he apparently knew nothing about it before me!!! I was like a first. I sure hope if a break comes in the healing of this horrible pain it will be made public. Why was the warning not made stronger to let us know our lives could be altered forever??

Hello Crandrew,

I just got my latest test results back that showed my ck levels are still over three times the normal limit. Is there anything that can be done to lower them and what does it mean in terms of statin use or "injury"? I have been off the statins for over 2 months. I still suffer with leg pain but not as bad. Has anyone ever tried cortisone injections for help in recovering from statin damage in the lower extremities?


@ Bailey...Sorry to hear your CK remains elevated. I am unclear as to why it is that way, other than the potential Statin induced Muscle problems.. Did you ever have your CK checked prior to starting a statin? or During the time you were on the drug? As for lowering your CK, that should not be considered until you can determine the CAUSE for the Elevated level...abnormally elevated CK levels are a SYMPTOM of a problem which can be caused by several potential things, which you need to find out before considering any treatment...Good luck, and keep after your doc, until you are satisfied!

I've been taking Lipitor since 2006 with NO side effects and immense benefits. In 2013, after a number of doctors and pharmacists insisted that all statins are the same, I switched to a generic to save money.

After taking the generic, I experienced a sudden onset, severe muscle pain and I thought I had the flu. It turns out, the generic was the cause. Blood tests showed that my liver and muscles were inflamed. When I switched back to Lipitor, my body would no longer tolerate it. So, after six weeks of being off statin drugs, I can not climb stairs, golf, sit, stand, walk, get in and out of a car without severe pain. Also, I am now a prime candidate for stroke and heart attack due to a genetic component predisposing me to such. (My cholesterol shot up 70 points after three weeks of being off the statins.)

I just retired after 37 years of teaching high school English, and it looks like the side effects may be permanent. I cannot believe my health providers denied a special rate on Lipitor, (instead of the $300 per prescription), since it was working for me.

My quality of life and prospects for future good health are grim. The ongoing costs of caring for a patient after a stroke or heart attack will be much more than taking the preventative action of providing a lower cost brand drug that works.

After a stroke/heart attack in October, 2012, 2 stents were placed, and I was put on many drugs, one being Lipitor. After one month, I was experiencing excruciating pain in my legs and was having difficulty walking. My GP (who did not prescribe the drugs) told me to stop taking the lipitor. Almost one year later, I am still having the same difficulties, and am getting worse. Exercise did not help, and in fact made me feel much worse. Many tests have been done, but nothing is pinpointed, so I firmly believe, that Lipitor is the culprit.

I can certainly empathize with all the people who have written to this website, and wholeheartedly agree that this drug should be banned. No one knows until they take the drug how it will affect them, and far more people are negatively affected than those who are helped. I feel as though I have M.S., and can only say this because I have two neighbours who are affected with MS, and know the symptoms. I can only hope that all of us who are suffering the effects of this drug will one day begin to feel better.

To Chris,June, and Adams, each of your stories breaks my heart. Actually, I had an appointment today and my doctor had to cancel. I will see him next week. I have been off statins since June (I think) and have experienced a decrease in the degree of pain. My pain is mostly in the calves but is generally the worst in my legs all over. It is the kind of pain that resembles a bad case of the flu.

I have stiffness and joint pain as well. I still take CoQ10 and my vitamins. I am taking a very low dose pain medication but don't want to take them unless I just cannot stand it. My goal is get off all of it, but we will see. For now, I am taking one B/P med and Gabapentin at night. I was on about 12 medications and I just stopped taking all of them. I really feel better being off all that stuff.

Since my cholesterol is up to 166, I actually feel mentally better. I recall feeling so depressed for years. I never thought it was the statin. But apparently, it can injure virtually every part of the body.

You all are in my thoughts and prayers. After being on statins for 9 years, I cannot expect an overnight change, but I do feel better. Recently, I spoke to my Pharmacist about the leg pain. She suggested Welco. I did not find anything online, but it supposedly reduces cholesterol through a different avenue. I want more blood work soon to address the CK levels and elevated liver enzymes. I am constantly thirsty and now worry I may be developing diabetes. But, I really don't think so. I have avoided sugars like the plague but occasionally have to have something sweet. When I exercise, I feel terrible for days, so I am backing off from that until I feel better.

If anyone has heard of Welco, let me know. I am interested in learning more about it just in case.


I am now 84 years of age. Some 7 years ago my doctor put me on Lipitor. About 2 years into taking this drug I developed 5 muscle knots in my right thigh. It was total agony. My doctor could offer no explanation for my pain. X-rays and CT-scans showed nothing. I could only walk after I was placed on morphine. At times even that did not control the pain. Scouring the web provided me with the answer--muscle knots. I located them and was able to release them myself. Then came a pain in my left shoulder muscle. Doctor's evaluation "rheumatoid arthritis". Specialist's finding: "nothing like that in my body". Web search: "rhabdomyolisis". I took myself off of Lipitor. After about 5 years I still suffer joint, muscle and bone pain. Sometimes these, even though lasting a mere 15 seconds, are excruciating. My wife had been put on Crestor. It nearly turned her in a zombie.

John L, my heart goes out to you and your wife. My mom is your age. They put her on Baycol in 2000 or 2001 (it was taken off the market because of reported cases of rhabdomyolosis). AS I look back over her life...that is when she began to fall apart like a two dollar suitcase. She would be driving and pull over and start crying because she did not know where she was. She began with terrible back pain and difficulty walking. She developed cataracts. She never had significant heart problems, but developed congestive heart failure just a few years later. Her memory is terrible. Her sister has suffered the same fate since they put her on them two years ago.

I am glad you got off those drugs. I joined this site because I was put on them when I was only 50. My cholesterol was never higher than 220 but usually was around 200. Because I developed a blue toe (which one doctor attributed to a blockage somewhere in my body), my GP put me on them as a precaution just in case. Very shortly after, the pain started. It is that constant leg pain that feels like the worst case of the flu you can imagine. Since starting them I did develop blockages in the Abdominal aorta and iliac arteries. I don't know if there is a causal relationship there. I was scared into staying on them.

During my last visit, my cholesterol was 111. The lower my cholesterol got, the more tired and badly I felt. After doing some research, I finally took myself off these poisons in June, 2013. I do feel better but there are days where I can barely walk and I still suffer with calf pain. I take CoQ10 and keep hoping all the pain will go away. It is not completely gone but I am remaining positive it will with time. My Pharmacist recently told me that it could take six months to get all of it out of your system. The question as to whether these symptoms are reversible is one that is different for each person. I find the older one is when on them, the more difficult it is to recover. I do so hope you and your wife do well and again, I am so sorry for your problems.


@ Bailey I think your pharmacist meant "Welchol" another RX which like the statins, very discretely informs us on their website and the pamphlet you get when you open your rx....states "Welchol has not been shown to prevent heart disease or heart attacks" so WHY TAKE THIS GARBAGE!! Cholesterol is absolutely vital to a healthy life. Do not be bullied into taking anything to reduce your cholesterol! The only person in any clinical study, to have had any benefit from Cholesterol lowering drug, are older men, with a prior history of heart disease....NOBODY ELSE HAS EVER BEEN SHOWN TO HAVE BENEFITTED FROM ANY CHOLESTEROL ALTERING DRUG. See for yourself

Hi folks. back again. 10 months off of Simvastatin. 3 months of various supplements, including krill oil, Vit. K, Juvenon (mitonchondrial support) and, not least of all...Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 with BioPQQ (LIfe Extension). THEN I went OFF of the last ingredient because it is outrageously expensive... I thought, hey, it can't make THAT much difference. BUt for those of you rolling in money, I tell you, it makes a huge difference in pain control. WOW.

So, I had gone over to a high quality, but not nearly so expensive ubiquinone product, and again, I am kept awake all night with cramps and spasms, aching like a tooth ache pain. So frustrated. It makes no noticeable difference - even though I am taking 600mg/day which is what I was told to do...

ANother interesting issue is that I was travelling and missed a 36 hour period of taking this stuff and WHAM... right back to exactly where I was a year ago in terms of pain and mobility. I thought for sure these supplements would actually help me to HEAL. But it appears they 'only' help with the pain management. That is something of course, but I was so hoping I would be getting better... healing. It appears I am not. I am reaching the sad conclusion, that if I want to be mobile at all, I will have to get a wheel chair. Tough, tough, tough.... before this started, I was very physically active - 2+ hours of varied exercise 5 days a week AND I bicycled huge hills to/from work. Now this. just thought I would share the helpful supplement for those of you who can afford it.

I was diagnosed with high cholesterol approx 8 years ago and my physician put me on Lipitor. While it did lower cholesterol levels within 2 months bu three months I'd wake up in the morning with my shoulders up by my ears due to muscle spasms.

I left several messages for my physician regarding the symptoms and whether to discontinue. After a week I finally received a response from her nurse to come in for blood work and found my CK (Muscle enzyme) levels were through the roof.

I immediately discontinued Lipitor but to this day 7 years later I still suffer extreme back muscle pain 24/7 as a result of this drug. I had never had back issues prior to Lipitor.

The best I have been able to do is stretch with an inversion table and Precor stretcher as well as roll on foam rollers and lacrosse balls in a sock for spine realignment several times a day. This is now my life.

As a full time piano teacher my entire career has been greatly affected as well as quality of life.

Since this drug my entire life has revolved around pain control.

It has affected relationships, activities, work etc... I have even contemplated suicide due to the feeling of hopelessness and loss of a future without pain.

I am a fighter so I continue fighting on trying to maintain as healthy a lifestyle as possible however after 7 years of constant pain it does wear down the fighting spirit.

In only three months time this one drug left me permanently disabled.

You don't have to be permanently disabled if you check out alternative improvements for your pain. Try 2200mg of turmeric for 1 month and see how you feel. You can take a lot more than that so if you are till in pain then up the dosage. I have taken 4800mg/turmeric for 6 months to reduce the pain from pravastatin. It helped about 75% and SAM-e took care of the other 25% taking 200mg every morning and again at night. I am now virtually pain free and I am 65 years old. Let me know how that works for you.

Thanks I will give the turmeric a try and let you know how it goes.

Hi Crandrew,
I thought as much as I asked the Pharmacist what "whelcol" does. She said it reduces the cholesterol by a different mechanism than the mevalonate pathway. That sounds so strange, but hey, I figured I would get someone here to explain. I say, give me cholesterol or give me death. Look I am so over the numbers game doctors play with our blood levels. I am continuing to feel better with time. I do however have some really serious charley horses. One was in my hand/wrist where it felt like someone was trying to break my wrist. I had to use my right hand to unfold my wrist and fingers. Those are the scary moments. As always Crandrew, you have come to the rescue. I have not gone back to get my CK levels checked since I am so afraid of what I will find. After all, what are they going to do? Another pill? No thanks. My kidneys are dysfunctional again. I drink tons of water daily. The main pain control I use now is Gabapentin, which I take at night only since it makes me so loopy. But, it helps with the pain and sleep.

Crandrew, I got a call from a friend who used to love to dance 3-5 times a week. She was always active moving around and entertaining. When she called out of the blue, she began to tell me of all her health problems. She says she cannot dance any longer. She has some kind of lung issue that cropped up within the last few years. She has to stay on oxygen most of the time. She further stated that she can barely walk. I was amazed!!!! I asked her if she had been on statins by any chance. She said yes, Crestor within the last few years because her doctor wants her cholesterol to be below 70!!!!! Her cholesterol is at about 70 now. No wonder the poor child cannot walk!!!!

I promptly began my usual speech about the dangers of statins. She listened intently took down all the information about websites, scholarly articles and studies, etc. She thanked me for telling her this and said she would research and talk to her doctor. I simply said this, Beckie if these statins are supposed to save your from not being able to walk or breathe, then why the hell do you feel so bad? Your cholesterol is 70? ...and he wants it lower? Girlfriend you already have one foot in the grave. OMG, I could not believe what I was hearing. I just told her that for me the lower my numbers got, the worse I felt. And I consider myself lucky in that my pain has improved with TIME, CoQ10 and other supplements. My friend is 66 by the way. She could run circles around us all. It was like I was talking to someone in their 90's. All I can do is what you have taught me. That is, to spread the word and pray for the best.

These stories are all too familiar to me these days as I see how widespread the use of statins are. Even physicians I meet (through work) listen with widened eyes as I recount my own story of unending agony and pain for the last 9 years. My biggest complaint now are the kidney problems I have. Something just does not feel right. Who knows? I do hope I don't have permanent damage as that was my first clue that something was terribly wrong with me. I just pray for every day that is good and pray to get me through the bad days. I certainly appreciate the advice on all the natural remedies, too folks.

God Bless you all!!

Alex.... the "S" word.... I am so depleted and down I think I truly understand now why people choose to just put an end to "it all". I can't be that selfish since I have a lot of family members relying on me in 100 different ways... fortunately my brain still works... but oh...oh...oh... do I find it hard to dig up the strength to just get out of bed and get going. I told my best friend I just wanted to lie in bed with my dogs. The slightest bit of exercise/movement/normal walking and I am in throbbing spasms and cramps all night. Unbelievable what a huge change this is for me, I was an ultra dynamic, passionately involved in life kind of person. Jeeze. Kind of like having survived a major car crash. I think I hear that same desperate frustration in your message and my heart goes out to you.

I try hard to think : this is the life I have and I'm going to find the most joy in it that I can given all the limitations I face now. But of course that is easier said than done. I just assume none of my friends and family want to hear me complain - so I don't, but I feel so lonely in my struggle. Just unbelievably alone in this world. I keep reading these posts hoping to find information about healing, so I haven't given up completely.

Oh Kate, I know you are just venting but please keep the faith and don't give up. I have been off statins now for some 4-5 months. I refuse to believe this won't get better! I believe that you just have to hold on to your faith. There is always hope and fortunately we live in a time when there are medical treatments that can make a difference.

I know that feeling of wanting to just escape the pain and anguish. But things are better and I tell myself that daily. I have even noticed a great deal of change in my mental attitude. Then there are the bad days when I wonder...will I ever feel okay again??? But, all I have to do is harken back to those days when I was in pain 24/7 and felt like I was losing it. I felt so alone and that I was the only person in the world who had this kind of torture. My mother prayed daily that I would be healed. I prayed for myself. And yes, I too, wondered if everyone would be better off without me as I could feel how difficult it was for them to watch me in agony and depressed day after day, year after year.

Had it not been for several miraculous events in my life which led me to meet some wonderful friends, I would have stayed on those poisons duped into feeling that if I did not take them, I would be worse off. I have met some wonderful, supportive people like all of you who kept trying to find answers and offered me the hope that I was not alone... and that others fought the same or worse battles than I did.

You know, a good old fashion dose of self pity never really killed anybody and it is normal to have those feelings of anxiety and depression when you have chronic pain and fatigue. Like you have said... I guess you have some glimmer of hope because you keep listening and reading trying hard to be brave and optimistic and still trying to find hope from those who understand. I say, complain, cry and get it off your chest when you feel then need. But, when the dust settles and the sun shines in the morning, hit the ground running because that is the real you. Well... maybe you won't be running (lol) but you can get through each day.

You can do this and you will have more good days to come. Don't lose heart. Things are going to look up and you will find that peace that no one can take away. Use your pain as a source of strength for others to see. I have certainly been uplifted by so many (I will never forget the story of Donna) who have shown me that it could all be worse. So... keep researching and keep trying. There are lots of people who love you and need you are not alone in this world. Part of the healing process is learning to be your own best friend.


Bailey, that was beautiful, thank you.

Crandrew and friends,
As I have told many of you, my former husband discovered he had cholesterol levels of over 384 when he was only 32. Shortly thereafter and on the day of our wedding, he called me while the movers were at his home moving him from his home to my apartment in the next state over. I was shocked. He could not raise his arms, had a painful feeling in his chest/upper abdomen area and felt just absolutely exhausted.

I made an appointment with a well known gastro doctor here for early afternoon as he had been diagnosed with an ulcer shortly before. Well, the doctor told him he needed to be hospitalized immediately that day. He refused saying he was to be married that day at 6:00pm. But, her advice was to be admitted the first thing the next day for a series of tests to see what the pain was about. Some of his pain subsided, we got married, but I could see he was somewhat distracted and just did not feel good.

We appeared at the hospital the next morning. After running a plethora of tests over a week's period, we finally found that he had blockages but the heart attack he apparently had was mild. It was not a bad one but enough to cause the angina he felt constantly. After a couple of months he had a triple by-pass by one of the foremost authorities on heart disease.

Naturally over the years, he was put on stronger and stronger cholesterol medicines. They never could get his cholesterol under 250. To make a very long sad story shorter, two months post Katrina (we stayed home and almost died from the damage to our home) I awakened early that morning to find him peacefully sitting in his favorite chair. He died of congestive heart failure.

My husband had the best medical care money could buy. He had many stents and a second by pass surgery, and of course, loads of cholesterol medications. But... what actually killed my 50 year old husband was congestive heart failure. Had I known that all those medications would actually shorten his life rather than extend it, I would have done something. But I just did not know.

That is why I will do what I can to stay away from these drugs because I know first hand how they can affect the most important organs in our bodies. This is a testament to how they work. His heart just slowly gave way. I am remarried but I tell you, it has taken me years to recover from the loss of my dear husband. So, realize now that not only have these medications not decreased the incidents of heart attacks, the incidents of congestive heart failure have actually increased despite the fact that these meds are supposed to extend our lives. Do your homework and make food and lifestyle changes your medicine.

Hugs and Good luck to you all!!!


I began taking a statin (Atorvastain 10 mg) at the end of June and at the beginning of Sept, got up and felt a POP and could not move my shoulders/arms. It felt as tho the muscle separated from my bone. I KNEW it was the drug. I started taking one every other day or maybe 4-5 times per week and it got worse. I've had neck pain since then and also headaches on a regular basis.

I took myself off the drug, Friday, November 8, 2013 and notified my doctor. He agreed with me. He told me to get off of it immediately and that I was having a violent reaction to the drug and should never take a statin ever.

My upper body is weak... arms, especially, the shoulders, the upper back, tho pain the lower back as well... nearly daily headaches and neck pain, too. this was simply my experience and I certainly hope my upper body strength comes back... I began taking this June 26, 2013 and stopped November 8, 2013... not a good drug. For me anyway.

I had a serious heart attack 10 years ago and was saved by ICU work. I was put on statins by my cardiologist. I have been on them for the entire time except for the past few weeks. I started having muscle pain in my legs and hips that after about 4 years was enough to keep me from sleeping many nights. Every time I would bring this up with my doctor, he would either ignore me or tell me to see an internal medicine dr. Extreme fatigue and fainting and more heart episodes forced me to take long-term disability and then social security disability. I asked the dr if the statins could be responsible for the pain, but again was ignored. The pain was worse and if I did much activity, the pain was involving my entire body as if I had a high fever.

I also started having problems with numbness in my hands and feet. By the time I had been on the statins for about 6 years, the pain was bad enough that I had to sleep in my recliner almost half of the time. As I said this went on the entire ten years until I decided to change cardiologists 2 months ago. Between this new cardiologist and my primary physician, they ordered tests and sent me to an endocrinologist.

I am now finally diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, and have been taken off the statins. I suspect that I may also have some kidney damage because the pain has moved to just about exactly where they are located. This is proof to me that the statins were and are very damaging to your body. The irony of all this is I have never had any high cholesterol, but dr. insisted that I needed to take the statins to make sure I didn't have any problems. The pain has not lessened at all, but I can only hope that it may lessen with time. My final irony is: my heart attack was caused by a well-known medication for arthritis which has been taken off the market, only 2, so you have 2 guesses.

After all the damaged lives that statins cause, the doctors still have their collective heads in the sand and are in lock step with Big Pharma and the FDA. I know my doctors are, including my cardio guy.

I just heard that new statin guide lines have been issued and as a result, FDA now states that at least twice as many people should be on statins. God help us all. I guess the Big Pharma push to give statins to children fell through as I have not heard any more about it.
Big money from Big Pharma has an affect whether it injures people or not.

I also heard my self a claim on the news that statins will prevent heart attacks and strokes. Boy, what a out right lie. But then as I said money talk louder that reality. I guess 120 Billion profit from statins is not enough. Look for several new very high priced statins to come on the market in the next year or so.

Hello GRD,

My husband, who is suffering with the affects of the original statins and is now on a 'new much more expensive' one called Livalo, said he heard the same thing about doctors putting more people on statin drugs. Said the news he heard was that the number of people on statins would double. I however will not be one of those people because I will simply refuse to take statins, period.

After my husband shared his news I received some more information from a site called WebMD. They are talking about the same thing, almost. WebMD explains that doctors are going to look at this in a different way and that it will be an overall heart attack/stroke risk factor instead of just the cholesterol numbers. Anyone with diabetes will be put on statins as well as those with high blood pressure. Doctors will make it a package deal in that the doctors want you to reduce your cholesterol and adopt a healthier life style. Some people will just need to eat better and exercise while others will need statins to go along with the healthier lifestyle. Oh, smoking is one of the risk factors for stroke/heart attack.

I took Lipitor for a few months and my body started falling apart in that time. I don't know why I didn't realise sooner that this drug was wrecking my body. It felt like my body was going stiff and I had started ageing quickly. Since I was in my late 40s I thought it was normal ageing.

I woke up when my foot pain became severe. I did some Googling on statins and saw that others suffered the same symptoms.

I stopped the Lipitor and things improved greatly, but my right foot kept hurting. Just when I thought I had almost recovered my right leg started twitching, which happens now almost throughout my body. I am being tested for ALS.

All my statin side effects I believe were caused by muscle and nerve damage. I had breathing trouble at rest, heart palpations, scary periods of fast heart beats, frequent urination, leg stiffness and pain, low energy and strength, and I blew a disk in my back, probably because I was walking with a stoop from back stiffness.

All this went away when the statin was stopped, except the right foot pain.

I may die from the effect of Lipitor; it has certainly ruined my life. The damage is progressing, yet I have been off the statin for many months. I am going to be tested for statin autoimmune myopathy but by the time I get to see a specialist here I'll probably already be crippled.

I have two beautiful baby girls and a lovely wife, and our life has turned to hell. I refused to take statins for years but eventually gave in to the hype and constant requests from family doctors because I had slightly elevated cholesterol. So I guess I had a small win, in that this could have happened much earlier.

How ironic that heeding medical advice can prove fatal.

Dear Probably dying.... I try hard not to go there.... with those kinds of thoughts..though it happens that I just want to die. However hard it is, I try to be oh-so-optimistic on a daily basis. THAT takes energy, but at least I don't depress everyone around me. I read your post with interest though. You mention that you are going to be tested for statin autoimmune myopathy...however much I have read, I haven't come across anyone who has referred to that particular test. What is it, how is it done, what kind of specialist does that?

Another thing you said that no one else has touched on... that I've noticed anyway... is that you think the condition is progressive. My cardio says it isn't.... but I really, really wonder. It could be that I am just less tolerant of pain after going on 2 years of this ....but I too think it seems progressive. I try to make mental notes of all kinds of indicators of progress/ backlash... and darned if it doesn't seem as if concrete, nearly measurable incidents are in fact occurring much more frequently.

Most peculiar. I have been off statins for 1 year now (after using them for 10). I have also been tested for everything else under the sun - and am actually super healthy if you want to look at things from a blood test result point of view! So, you got to wonder what this is all about. There are of course a million reasons for why people get myopathy... so it would take a serious analysis to really figure out what is going on with each individual...but certainly there are indications that the statins have done damage. Big time.
Would be interesting to hear what makes you think your condition is progressive and tell me more about that test! Thanks.

Hello Probably and Kate,
I sure hope that at your young age "Probably" that you can re-bound from this. I, like Kate, was on statins and other cholesterol lowering medications for about nine years. The pain for me started out as flu like leg pain. It would awaken me in the middle of the night. Just to give you a brief history, I developed a blue toe. I was referred to a Vascular Doctor who thought I "threw a clot" to my toe and did not see much on an in office Doppler exam.

My GP thought I had Reynauds (I had broken the bone on my right foot that runs down from the right toe) and thought all this was related to the trauma of that broken toe, but out of an abundance of caution, put me on a cholesterol lowering medication and a blood pressure medication. I was shocked. My B/P had always been low.

The only thing I can think of that elevated my B/P was the pain I reported each time I went to ANY doctor. As it turned out, they found a 98% blockage in the abdominal aorta. I had one risk factor at the time... smoking. As time progressed, the pain worsened despite the fact that the toe resolved after a stint on Plavix. I underwent an angiogram. My heart was in excellent condition but the abdominal aorta was much worse than originally thought.

I could not wait to get that thing stented. I did, but the pain never went away. That leg pain just got worse even though the difficulty with ambulation was 100% improved. That was 2004.

It was not until about 6 months ago after much digging, reading, and finding others with my condition that I saw myself. Some stories made me think they were written by me. I initially broke the statin in half, which did nothing. I started taking CoQ10 and stopped the statin completely. My doctor was somewhat hesitant about my decision. When I explained my reasons, she simply put in my file that I was "statin intolerant". She knew all along I think, but did not ever tell me that the statin could be the culprit.

The only one who had told me a few years earlier was my Pharmacist. So slowly I have felt less of that flu like pain in my legs. I have a lot of pain on ambulation, weakness, and peripheral neuropathy. My kidneys don't function well and I have numbness in both arms that awakens me in the night. I can't sit for long periods because my right leg goes completely numb. If I am not careful, I will fall flat on my face. But, I do feel better.

If I had been advised of this long ago, I would be in a much different place right now. I can never get those years back, but I do so hope I can rehabilitate myself for the future. None of us knows, but thank God for those who do. It never ceases to amaze me that some people can take statins which no noticeable negative side effects. What a mystery. What I do know is that statins have done NOTHING to decrease the overall number of heart attacks or congestive heart failure.

Good luck Probably and don't despair, I hope you continue on and try to get healthy through your diet and life choices!!


well... actually, I went back to read the original post about Donna... and lo and behold, she also maintains that the problems worsen over time. Dang. .... still I would like to hear others comments about the conditions progressively getting worse... contra remaining stable. I would like to think that cautious physical exercise might turn things around, but each time I push the limit of what I normally do without debilitating pain for days.... (usually because of bad planning).... I regret that I tried to do more since I am laid up for days afterwards. So, I am not terribly optimistic about more physical exercise, though NORMALLY exercise is the answer to just about everything. So... what to do?

My family doctor started me on statins in August of 2013. After being on them for only 3 months, I have developed plantar fasciitis in both feet. My heel pain is so severe I can barely walk. Fourteen years ago I had a similar incident in one foot, but I pretty much caused that episode myself. We lived in Hawaii, and I jogged barefooted on the beach almost everyday. My foot took about 8 months of no running to completely heal. I visited a podiatrist friend of mine yesterday. During his exam he asked if I was on any statins, and told me there might be a suspected link between plantar fasciitis and these drugs. Now after a couple hours of reading different forums and websites, I'm pretty much convinced that they are the source of my pain. Just made an appointment with my family doc to discuss this; as of NOW I am quitting the statins and hoping for the best.

Ben, just want to note here... I too have had horrific pain for years with plantar fasciitis (causing severe heel pain) BUT after I started swimming 2x 2 - 3 hours a week, plus lots of stretches of leg muscle after swimming... the problem disappeared... within 6 - 8 weeks I would say. As long as I keep the swimming and stretching up... I haven't had a remission....even though I was still on statins... HOWEVER the severe, muscular pains, cramps, spasms in my legs worsened with exercise and have not let up even though I stopped the statins a year ago...

Still hoping to hear from "Probably" about being tested for statin autoimmune myopathy... as well as his analysis of the conditions getting progressively worse....


I commented back a little over a month ago regarding the crippling effects Lipitor has had upon me for a the past 8 years as a result of only 3 months of use.

LadyLiza responded with a recommendation of adding 4800 mg of turmeric as well as Sam-E to my diet to help alleviate muscle inflammation.

Since then I've religiously combined these with a few other recommendations such as bone broth and MegaREd for joint pain. In addition I improved my overall diet and increased my exercise to a daily routine of non impact cardio and strength training.

As a result in 35 days I've dropped 12 lbs, increased muscle tone and definition and have noticed enough of a decrease in spasms and pain that I now am in control of the pain rather than the other way around.

I assume pain will always be a factor in my life as a result of the statin but it is encouraging to know that a lifestyle change plus these added supplements has made a positive change in such a short time.

I still have to stretch and use rollers and balls to alleviate muscle tension as it regularly occurs but the difference now is that I can minimize pain as it happens while I watch my overall physical condition continue to improve.

I'm 54 and am starting the come back to life. Thanks for the recommendations LadyLiza

Thank you LadyLiza for the suggestions. I hope the followup helps some of you other guys.

My doctor prescribed Simvastatin when I turned seventy. I was on the drug for twenty months. I never associated the medicine with all the bad side effects. My LDL was 134 and the rest of my lipid panel was all in the medium range.

I started at 20mg and my LDL level went down to 120. The doctor raised then raised it to 40m because as he he explained later he wanted the reduce the 120 reading by fifty percent. The results are that now, at age seventy-seven, I am in severe pain and I am getting a Spinal Cord Stimulator installed.

I suffered all the bad symptoms such as muscle weakness, muscle pain, loss of libido, memory loss and trouble urinating. I had a muscle biopsy but I suspect that the results were sanitized by my Health Care Provider. They can not find anything but before I stopped taking the medicine five years ago I felt something crystallizing in side my leg muscles.

My doctor, who I had for thirty-five years dismissed my concerns. If you are on the drug be very careful to have yourself monitored. It can be nasty. It was for me. My wife took the medicine also and she developed trouble with her eyes. She was told that the muscles around her eyes have become weak. It is nasty stuff.

John B.

OH dear. I'm sorry to hear about your troubles too. Something you said was really interesting... about FEELING crystallizing in your leg muscles. Can you describe that more, or say more about it? Otherwise, you most likely realize that these inflammation tests/muscle biopsies aren't completely reliable, and I do believe the experts are aware of that.

My cardio is at least. As far as your doctor is concerned, I guess I would ask for a special appointment to really talk to him/her and let them know how important it is for you that he/she listen, really listen to you. Doctors are stressed out and always in a hurry. It could just be that they need to slow down to listen to you this one time. Wishing you well. Please tell me more!

I have been reading all of your posts, and I am very sorry for you all. My dad was given Lipitor, 10mg, since 2002. He had some muscle aches and pains, but were all written off as age, even by us. He was always active, so we just thought he had maybe worked hard.

At some point, his Lipitor was increased to 20 mg. He had some personality changes, but we all thought it was stress from retiring and going to another job. He was short tempered and always had smart replies. He was never like this. His eyelids started drooping and he had the surgery to raise them, because they blocked his field of vision. We still never thought statins.

About 7 or so months after Lipitor went to atvorastatin, his pupils stopped dilating. They are always constricted. When he would look at you he would look an inch or so above your head. He has been dizzy everyday for at least a year. We started looking into what he was taking and he was only on atvorastatin, 20 mg.

We stopped that this past January, when we put it all together. He stopped driving in early March. Keep in mind, he had just turned 61. His GP did CT scan, came back normal. He was referred to neurologist, one of which did no testing, said he has a parkinsonian syndrome. We chose to get a second opinion and went to another neurologist.

This one said he could not diagnose daddy with parkinsonian syndrome, because his only symptom is his eyes going up. We started taking him to chiropractor, who is wonderful. He has been seeing him since about Feb, and sometimes we could see a difference, but it wouldn't last long. Another chiropractor, came from out of town and worked with him. He said daddy had sleep apnea and needed a mouth piece or oxygen machine.

Funny, we had a sleep test done and they wouldn't give him oxygen, although oxygen level would dip down to about 85% during sleep. His resting oxygen level is around 93%. Daddy will look straight ahead but when he sees something that attracts his eyes his head will follow it. His eye muscles are to weak to even look away.

The chiropractor said he has no cholesterol in myelin sheaths. My daddy will be 62, and walks and moves like he is 90. By the way, since we got a second opinion from neurologist and took him off of statins, his doctor is mad, which trust me, we don't care. His last words to us was, he needs statins, he has parkinsonian syndrome.....Deal with it! With timeline, we don't believe this is true.

Hi John B,
Could you tell me what kind of problems your wife had with her eye muscles? My dad has problems with his. He has developed a cataract, pupils wont dilate, eyelid drooping and muscle weakness. His eyes get fixed on something and he cant look away. His head follows his eyes. The only way for him to look away is to shut his eyes.

Dear Dawn,

What a wonderful daughter you are to try to get a handle on this. I am suffering from the side effects of statins (I am 61), but it has taken untold number of tests and detailed analysis of my statin usage compared to symptoms/related to time frame of usage. My cardio has also analyzed all of the blood tests and other neurological testing I have had to try to reach a conclusion that my problems indeed are statin induced. There are so many factors that can come into play for why someone suffers from X or Y... It is also important to know if your father ever took another medication while taking a statin, and if there were any drug interactions that exacerbated the side-effects. It is entirely possible that he does have some condition or disease - it doesn't sound like you have run the gauntlet of tests yet (mind you, the muscle tests are not reliable, but other tests can eliminate MS etc.). Complicated stuff until you have ruled out all the eventualities.

I have often wondered why I seem to suffer a number of the same symptoms that my older mother also started suffering from when she turned 85. Why would I get these symptoms at a much younger age than her? I attribute a number of my problems to statin side effects, and I believe that SOME, but not ALL of her symptoms are also the result of side effects. We both started taking statins when my brother died 10 years ago due to complications during heart surgery. So interestingly enough, we both have some of the same issues. Are these genetic? Maybe. But it is rather special that we got these weird symptoms at about the same time in relation to how long we had taken the statins. Maybe we both are predisposed to statin side-effects and maybe we each have the same weakness so get affected in more or less the same way. Maybe.

I have negotiated a 50% reduction in statins for both my parents, but am having a hard time getting them OFF statins completely. Got to wonder what the purpose is when they are in their late 80s. Ah well. I try not to bulldoze them or their doctor, but keep making notes of various issues/ pain patterns and keep raising questions. I think it is a tough call: obviously older people get cataracts... happens on or off statins, and obviously people who don't exercise get muscle issues and aches and pains. It is also not unusual to have eyelid muscle issues as one ages. How to sort it all out?

I would ask for your father's medical journals, and start making a spreadsheet about medications, comments made about symptoms, changes in amounts of medications/ changes in symptoms etc. Potential interactions. It took me weeks and weeks to put something like this together from the past 10 years. So be patient. I had some interesting revelations. Not least of all, there are so many details to follow up for a doctor - it must be neigh impossible to keep it all in mind when they see you for 15 minutes at a shot. Their job is pretty tough. Nobody wants to have a stroke either... so taking responsibility for taking a patient off of a statin is huge. I do see that. So, the patient has to be "with it" enough to make the call and take the consequences. If you yourself decide it is statin damage without a thorough investigation, you might be wrong and your dad might not get the help he really needs. Figuring this all out is not a simple matter. That is for sure. Kate

Hi Kate,
Thanks for the reply. We have looked into all of his medical records, all the way back into the 90's. The only thing he has been on is Lipitor since 2002, until it went generic, then switched to atvorastatin. He had pneumonia one time, about 5 or 6 years ago, so he took a round of antibiotics for that. Other than that, he hasn't been on anything. No meds at all. When we looked back, his hemoglobin has slowly increased. Before we stopped the statins it was 17.1, which is too high for a man his age.

From everything I can find, it should be no higher than 14.9. By the way, the other chiropractor that saw daddy specializes in neurology. We told him about the other neurologists and what each one thought and then asked if it could possibly be statins. After lots of time testing, he said he definitely believes it is statins. He said he believes that daddy has very little, if any, fatty coverings in his brain. It just seems funny to me, that most of daddy's symptoms can be side effects from statins, but when you ask a doctor, all they say is no and deal with it. When you get a second opinion, which is recommended, they close your file and are done. Just like daddy's did.

Your very thorough review of your medical records and those of your parents is admirable. I really thought surely my problems were caused by the statins and other cholesterol meds I was on when my own pharmacist suggested that my pain MAY BE due to statins. However, I stayed off the medications for a short time, had no change in my pain status and asked my doctor to check my CK levels.

When the results came back negative years ago, my doctor sent me a letter that stated in all caps NO ELEVATION IN CK LEVELS and put me on simvastatin. My pain did not change at all. In fact, the lower my cholesterol got, the worse I felt. I think in reviewing the overwhelming data on statin side effects, it is hard to refute that many people have been injured by statins.

It is amazing to see that some people are on them for long periods with no reported side effects. However, if it had not happened to me, I would not have believed it. I did not ask my mother's doctor to take her off statins, I told him. She is almost 85 and has had more problems post statin usage than before. And the severity of the side effects are particularly alarming. She has congestive heart failure (and a pacemaker), severe memory problems, undergone cataract surgery in the past, peripheral neuropathy and the list goes on.

It is the nature of the side effects that are alarming. Her long and short term memory is so affected and has been for so long that it is hard to deny. Her sister started with similar symptoms directly after she was started on 80mg. statins at age 83. Prior to that, she was running around the kitchen, driving, cooking and cleaning with more energy and company than most people 1/3 her age. She had no vascular disease!!! Her memory was shot overnight as well as her reports of leg pain. I have visited her for years and never did she complain of pain. During a recent hospitalization I begged her daughter to have her attending M.D. reconsider the statin she was on. He agreed with me that she should never have been on a statin to begin with. She had a panic attack a few years back and was taken to the ER. Despite the fact that there was no evidence of heart problems, she was put on that high dose statin and her life fell apart like a two dollar suitcase soon after. That is pretty powerful evidence.

Each of us needs to stand up and be counted. If you have had any side effects, contact the FDA. There is a way to report any adverse events from any medication. The FDA is there to protect the public. It cannot do it's job if you do not speak up.

As I say this, I harken back to the powerful tobacco industry and its lobbyists. It took a long time, but the hidden facts eventually came to light and those responsible for the "cover up" paid a dear price. Those of us who thought smoking was glamorous paid a dear price, even when we gave it up. So, do something with the information you have if you truly believe in it.

God Bless all,

HI Bailey,

Oh I hope I didn't give anyone the impression that I DIDN'T think statins were at the root of my present problems... for sure, they are. Have my parents suffered from side-effects of statins? I'm convinced, but they are stubborn souls and what the doctor says goes... so I try to appeal to him as best I can. I am taking part in a research program at the UCSD and have answered massive amounts of detailed questions and will also send my excel overview to the FDA as you suggest. It was a lot of work so someone else should benefit from it. My point was though, that until you have carried out a thorough analysis of all kinds of health issues, you can't really say with certainty that the cause was a statin... but for sure, the cause IS a statin for lots of people, not least of all as evidenced by dialogues like this one. I am still hoping that John will tell us more about the crystallizing in his legs. I am wondering what that was, how it felt, if he could do anything about it.

In a way, that is where I am at now... what can we do about this? Where are there any experts on rehab after these side effects?? Anybody?

I don't know a lot about how it works however the Mayo Clinic has within its cardiovascular department a separate clinic for those who are statin intolerant.

I believe that is a good place to start where you may get some ideas for what to do now. I have asked that question so many times. Some say (like my Pharmacist) that it can take six months to one year. Others say they never recover (even on short term use) so I am with you on that one. I always ask, okay, now what am I to do? If one suffers from peripheral neuropathy, that does not go away.

It seems the older one is when starting the medications, the more pronounced the "damage" and the more bleak the outcomes regarding recovery. I do believe that people should complain to their Congressional Leaders. Recall why many people were placed on these statins to begin with... the dreaded tobacco industry.

Eventually people became learned enough to understand the horrors of cigarette smoking. But, it took a while. The tobacco companies really took it on the chin. Just look how long it took for the Surgeon General to place his warnings on packs of cigarettes. By that time so many were hooked and so many died. One place to start is the complaint, then try the Mayo Clinic site. I think it is quite eye opening.

Good Luck Friend,
Your post is excellent!!

Hi Mary,

You said the pain went away after a year. What did you do to help the pain go away? What type of doctor did you visit? I've been having this problem for months, and I stopped taking zocor two months ago. I will never take it again (as I feel it's cause me many issues).

"I have been having periodic "attacks" of all-over muscle pain ever since I was on Lipitor many years ago. When an acute episode happens the pain level is equivalent to the worst fever malaise you can imagine.

None of my doctors have given any credence to the idea that statins can cause lasting damage that continues long after going off of statin drugs.

This led me to research the idea that, in some people, statins can increase the expression of a gene that causes long term problems. After a couple of years of research the following research was published-

There have been more papers since then but it's a start and this new information about mitochondrial dysfunction may be a critical piece of the puzzle!" it's not the statin's fault, it's the gene's fault. A gene that has been around a few billions years before statins came into the picture is to blame. Explain to me how it's the fault of the gene? Really...I just can't figure this one out.

This is the problem I am seeing in these comments. People still think that the lower the cholesterol the better and this just isn't true. Higher cholesterol is associated with longevity, people!!

Find me a veg*an who has been a veg*an for a lifetime and is robust and healthy. Remember that skinny is NOT robust and skinny doesn't mean healthy.

High cholesterol IS NOT A DISEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It COULD be an indicator for an underlying condition (i.e cholesterol to the rescue!). It could be an issue with the body's cholesterol making/absorbing process (yes our body recycles and reabsorbs our cholesterol, it's that important).

Why? High cholesterol is associated with longevity, especially in the elderly.

Dear Heather!
Thanks for that article. I too have come across information indicating that a genetic PREDISPOSITION (here identified as the atrogin-1 gene) to statin muscle/nerve damage leads to the debilitating problems you (and I) and many others, obviously, have experienced when taking a statin. So, it is the statin in the sense that if we hadn't taken the statin, we wouldn't have had these horrific muscle problems.

But this also explains why not everyone suffers. Most people don't have this gene. I'm going to follow up these researchers names to see if they have anything more... this was after all from 2007. Dr. Golomb who is interviewed at the very beginning of this dialogue also mentions this issue. She is conducting research on this in San Diego.

I love it when folks find real research results, and not least of all, NOT funded by pharmaceutical companies. Yeah Heather.

You are right about the cholesterol... it is not the problem, it is just at the scene of the crime so to speak... and gets blamed. the problem is inflammation that causes the veins to collect whatever is going through them... like cholesterol. I have understood that inflammation is caused by not least of all sugar. Maybe other things too... not sure about that. Might also be genetic predisposition.

Now... to find the answers... how to rehabilitate these damaged muscles. I find that the slightest bit of walking... just getting back and forth to work (on public transportation) and then sit at a computer... just ruins the next couple of days for me. THEN I can hardly even move around in the house, let alone go anywhere. I was in super good shape when all this kicked in.

THAT is another issue I have found: a genetic predisposition, coupled with frequent, robust exercise and a statin = muscle/ nerve damage. What a joy. Keep sending links to good research. I love it.

Hello AMW5,
I think you might have misunderstood. I thought I had responded to you before. I stopped the statins some 6-7 months ago. I started by cutting my 20mg pill in half. That was ineffective. I started using CoQ10 before I quit taking statins and thought I may feel better. After several months, I do feel better.

However, it has not come overnight and I still suffer from bouts of pain that feel like the worst case of the flu you can imagine. However, at least I have good and bad days. That is the difference. I had constant pain for many years and now seem to have pain some of the time. I take a multi-vitamin everyday and CoQ10 200 mg. It is my hope that all the pain will diminish with time. I started taking a supplement that has turmeric in it and it seems to help as well. My memory and cognitive abilities are much improved.

Thanks and good luck!


Heather, you are right on spot with your comments. Cholesterol is not the enemy. I was on cholesterol lowering drugs for many years. The lower my cholesterol got (lowest was 111), the worse I felt. You know, Cholesterol is necessary for every normal function in the body, including heart, muscle, and brain.

So, if you are on a drug and you are in pain all the time or you can't think your way out of a wet kleenex, then that is a sign something is wrong... terribly wrong. I do so hope my cholesterol is back where it should be and where it was which was never over 216.

Heart disease and a plethora of other disease processes start with oxidative stress and accompanying inflammation through a variety of internal and external factors. For some it may be in their DNA. There are many reasons why we have these problems, but cholesterol is part of the solution... not the problem. Lifestyle choices are at the core of many preventable diseases. I read the Harvard article. Some of us may have more sensitivity to the statins (via our DNA), that may be true. Others seem to take them without negative incident. But it may strike you at any time without warning.

I have been forewarned and I do not think high cholesterol is the villain it has been made out to be!!! My fear is that I may have permanent damage due the length of time I was on statins. But, that is life. And, I have made some poor choices with my health in the past. But, whatever choices I made... I certainly did not deserve or expect these quite negative side effects from a drug designed to "lengthen" my life. Statins have the ability to ruin lives. I believe that with every molecule in my body!!! I believe low cholesterol is a sign of disease!!!
Good luck Heather!!


I was on Pravastatin until a client of mine (I am a long term care insurance agent) introduced me to Dr. Joel Fuhrman's
dense nutrient green dietary approach. My total cholesterol when from 233 to 183 in three months and it remains in that range and all sub ratios are good. My doctor who originally prescribed both the cholesterol and blood pressure meds I was
on looked at my lowered numbers and said great just keep doing what you are doing (free of meds). I still have some tinges
of muscle/joint pain even though I have been off the statin for 6 months, but the bottom line is I am off them. I encourage others to eat differently and get off the meds with adverse side effects.

I'm only 35 and I was put on simvistation 6 yrs ago. I was on 40mg and had no problems with it. This past March I got a call from my DR stating that your cholesterol numbers are good but their not quite where we want them to be. So they increased me to 80mg of atorvastatin. I did not think anything of it at the time bc I didn't know the side effects of these drugs. Stupid me!!!! I weighed 220 pds and went on a diet during the summer and lost 35lbs and got down to 185lbs by September. Right after I lost the weight I started to experience pain in my left knee for no reason. I'm guessing that my body after losing the weight could not handle an 80mg dose. The pain started to creep up my thigh and into my hamstring as well. After a week the other began to hurt as well. Soreness, tenderness, and stiffness in both legs. Not so much in my calves just the thighs and hamstrings. My lower back and waist area are hurting. Along with soreness in my triceps and sometimes in my forearms. I went to the drs in September and they told me to stop the statins. I had all the blood test done that pertain to the muscle enzymes and all came back normal. The dr told me that even though they came back normal you can still have a myopathy. I also have some burning sensations in my thigh areas every now and then. They told me that it could take up to a year for it to get out of your system. They never told me about the side effects and about taking coq10. I am really pissed. This better not be permanent or I'm suing. It's been over 4 months since I stopped the statin and still not feeling better. They also want to send me to see a neurologist to make sure it's not something else. I don't have any weakness. Just sore and stiff. I am currently taking 300mg ubiquinol, vitamin b, l carnitine, d ribose, magnesium, and vitamin d. No help yet.....this sucks!!!!

My recommendation is go stop this drug right away before it does more damage. I was only on pravastatin 3 months, but it took almost 2 years to reverse the damage. And oh, the pain I had in my legs, hips, and back. The COQ10 is a start to recovery, but not all of it. I started on Bioastin astaxanthin, a super powerful antioxidant found in salmon and took the 12gram pill once a day.

For pain, I started on 4800mg of turmeric/day, which helped a lot. Then after 3 months I started Sam-E, 200mg morning and night. That pretty much took care of the pain. I would also recommend large doses of vitamin C. Buy the powdered variety at Trader Joe's and work up to 8000mg/day. You have to work up to it as it can cause diarrhea. I forgot to mention when you take Sam-e it is recommended that you take a complex vitamin B at the same time. Otherwise, it may not absorb enough. Some of the this info comes from my physician, who also has a phd in nutrition.

Dear Nick.

Ditto experience. This really does suck. Be glad you have a doctor that knows about the limitations of the testing and believes you.

So... same situation as you... on various statins for 8 years and have been off of this tiny dose for 1 year now. Still a basket case, though symptoms are somewhat alleviated by taking: 200mg x 3/ daily COQ10 bioPQQ (Life extension), wheat germ and cod liver oil. Religiously. Hold off on real exercise. Statins CAN make your muscles exercise-intolerant. Try to keep moving, but easy does it.

You will know when it is too much, then you will have to cut back. I have gone into a no exercise at all (just walking around the block)phase for 2 months and that has really helped me manage ordinary things so much better at home.... but not a good situation. I need to get back to exercising. Will try with swimming soon.

If I walk 900 feet (I have measured it, because I couldn't believe it) I can hardly move at all in any way for 3 days. Jeeze. I was in great shape before all this started. If it has only been 4 months you might have some residual "conditioning" you are still benefiting from, but I am at zero.... be patient.

I have been told by research experts I have contacted that it could take up to 3 years, and yes, could be permanent. I am trying to find rehab recommendations, but thus far have found none. I get the feeling that rehab is going to be tricky. It seems the muscles have undergone a mutation. So. the key is to rebuild the/new? mitochondria (ergo the PQQ). Breathe. Be glad you can breathe. Try to keep moving forward slowly. Don't give up and keep in touch.

I am so sorry to hear about the medical problems you have endured. With so many people reporting similar side effects, you would think by now the FDA would have taken it off the market. You can have normal CK levels and still have damage from these poisons. Although, one month after I stopped taking simvastatin, I had a terrible incident where I lost balance, began talking out of my head and started twitching. I was rushed to the hospital. My CK levels were six times normal. All vital signs had tanked. It took 24 hours but they finally managed to get me back to normal. I have been completely off Simvastatin for 6-7 months. I had chronic pain the entire time I was on them. It was awful.

I am finally starting to feel better with good and bad days. However, I still hope and pray that it gets better with time. It can take anywhere from 6 months to one year to recover, if at all. You have done the right thing. My cholesterol was 111. Yet, the lower it got, the worse I felt. My cholesterol was only 216, at the highest. It is tough to face, but keep telling yourself that it is good to be alive. I also take turmeric and it helps a great deal. I started taking CoQ10 before I stopped the statins. I think it may have helped, but we will never know because I will not take them again.

I was ridiculed at every turn by the medical professionals. I believe they all know other patients who have had similar events. However, they have to only prescribe FDA approved drugs. For some odd reason, cholesterol has gotten a bad rap. The truth is cholesterol is not the problem, but is part of the solution. You need some cholesterol. Most of the diseases we see running rampant today are actually brought about by oxidative stress. I would go online to and read Dr. Duane Graveline's story. He also has some great books. The Great Cholesterol Con by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick is another I would highly recommend. You will learn a lot and understand how important cholesterol is to the body.

Good luck friend. I do so hope you get better with time. You are not alone unfortunately. Keep a positive attitude and believe you will get better. You may also want to follow up with a neurologist. Statins can cause many neurological conditions. Now is the time to find out.

I took simvastatin for 6 months lost my leg muscles right away. Soon I lost muscle in my arms and I have neurop. in my feet my shoulders hurt
My back hurts my knees hurt I'm in pain all the time now my hands are in pain as well. Can anybody help me at least a little bit?

William, your story though short speaks volumes about your current condition. Hopefully, you have gotten off statins by now. How long have you been off the Statins and what mg were you on? I think at this point, you may want to have a full physical to determine if you have any serious neurological diseases or even diabetes, which can cause the kind of pain you describe. I believe that you may very well get better with time, but if you have something that can be treated, it is better to find out now. If you are in CONSTANT PAIN, then it is important for you to see a doctor right away. I was prescribed some pain meds, but as time has progressed, I have felt better and do not take the majority of them except for occasional really bad days.

At least, I have good days and bad. That is a huge improvement for me as for nine years, I cannot recall a day without terrible pain. I take non opiod pain meds like Gabapentin. It is an excellent medication for neurological pain like the kind you describe. Many people who develop diabetes take Gabapentin. I can only take it at night as I have taken it for years but get very very lethargic after I take it. I take it only at night. If I miss that night time dose, I feel it the next day. Many doctors I have seen online say CoQ10 is effective as that is what statins can deplete your body of. I take it daily. Actually I started taking it long before I stopped the statins altogether.

I also take a good quality multiple vitamin. You really need to see a doctor and address all these physical complaints. My pain was primarily in the lower back and both legs and feet. I don't recall actual pain in my upper body, but I have developed numbness and tingling in my arms and hands. That,too comes and goes. Your whole body complaints need attention. Please let us know how you do. What works for one person may not work for another so seeing a physician is your best bet!!

God Bless and Good Luck,

Nick...I strongly you to STOP the offending drug, I was on Lipitor for 3 years, when I become permanently disabled 11 years ago now, at the age 34...My life/health has been a living hell, while the doctor who prescribed this poison to me, is enjoying his 6 figure income, building up a good retirement and loving the hell out of life. NOBODY cares more for your health than YOU ALONE!!

I was a fairly active mother as of approximately 20 years ago, my family Dr prescribed Lipitor for me. Not long after that my legs and arms started hurting really bad I could barley walk my muscles felt like rubber. Pain was so bad I didn't even want to go out side to work in my garden!

On one rare occasion I was on the ground pulling weeds As I tried to get up my legs were so weak I had to call my husband. Even with him pulling me up He recently had heart surgery.

I had MRI'S nerve conducting tests. You name it . Then I thought could it be the new drug ? [Lipator] I asked my Dr. She told me definitely no.
My gut instinct was yes So I stopped.

My legs hadn't got better. Only enough that I could say stopping them did help a little. Now many years later I can barley walk a block with my dog or go up steps!! When I was in the hospital for a heart attack one of the technicians asked me what does Lipator do to you. I told him and he asked why are you still on them? I said I am not. He told me all cholesterol lowering drug are the same as Lipator.

Now I know why my legs are worse I don't know how to tell my Cardiologist I stopped taking them. He is such a good Dr. He is like a big Teddy bear.
Oh Cholesterol drugs are to prevent a heart attack
I had 2 None of my family has a bad heart !!

All these years that I have been on statins and not knowing My cholesterol count has always been high Not to mention 2 heart attacks.


You sound like you were between a rock and a hard place: heart issues and reactions to statins too.... I can relate. I wonder though if I would look at things differently if I had actually HAD a heart attack (which it sounds like you have), or stroke... would I consider debilitating, disabling pain and muscle weakness preferable to lying in a nursing home bed catatonic and unable to communicate with the world after a stroke? I reflect over this, but it is hard to wrap your head around.

I really find it strange that health professionals, including physical therapists, don't know about the potential consequences of statins, not least of all on those who exercise a lot. I find it strange (to say the least) that these professionals don't inform the patients more clearly - nobody knows in advance who is predisposed to these side effects and who isn't.

I don't blame my doctor (though I DO blame all the PTs I have had who thought they were treating some weird condition and said nothing about it being because of statins) who is considering the whole picture, that many people in my extended family have and have had heart issues and a brother close in age who died at a young age due to heart issues.

Obviously, I am one of those people considered a classic candidate for a statin. So if you too come from that kind of background, it is no wonder your doctor put you on a statin. But it brings us back to the dilemma: what to do when your body doesn't tolerate a statin and your family has genetic heart issues? I have recently read that 3 minutes of motion/ like stationary biking - 4 times a day is a place to start rehab. Obviously a super healthy lifestyle with good food choices is of life/death importance for people like us.

So the challenge is to wrap our heads around THAT. I assume you have read all the contributions in this forum - lots of great suggestions for supplements that help a bit. I would read things carefully and consult again with your doctor before taking anything OF COURSE.

I find that I have developed a totally new relationship to HOPE.... never realized before just how powerful still having hope can be... so I am very discouraged by your story of many years of disability.... because I still have hope that I will be able to return to my former life... even though your story (and others') seems to indicate that it might not be possible. It is that hope that keeps me going all the same.

My cardiologist has also asked me to take rosuvastatin (Crestor) - which I find just unbelievable. I have tried 3 different kinds of statins over the years, all with the same side-effects... I just can't work up the courage to take something that I fear will cause me yet more pain, though of course a heart attack causes a lot of pain... like I said... between a rock and a hard place.


Loraine C.

Your story is all too common and familiar. I was on cholesterol lowering meds since 2004. Immediately thereafter, I began to experience leg pain (mostly at night) where I would be awakened from a dead sleep with pain similar to that you get with a bad case of the flu. That was what I thought I had. I would get into a very hot tub, take an aspirin or Tylenol and try to go back to sleep. That worked for a while.

Slowly, the pain became more intense and frequent. In a few short weeks, it hurt 24/7. Most of my pain I recall was in my lower extremities. I developed a blue toe. They put me on Plavix and the toe resolved. During that time, I was put through many tests for autoimmune diseases and finally for vascular disease. MY first cat scan showed about a 60% blockage in the abdominal aorta. The vascular doctor suggested an angiogram. It took two to three months to schedule. That indicated I had a 98% blockage of the abdominal aorta. It was stented some two months after that.

I was sure that all the leg pain was due to lack of adequate blood flow to the lower extremities. And, I thought like someone who has a coronary stent, that I would feel so much better immediately post op. I did not. In fact, the pain seemed to get worse over time. I went through all kinds of tests. I was told that I had nerve damage due to lack of blood flow and that I had pathology of the lumbar spine. I suffered for years.

I was put on Simvastatin to see if that changed anything. I felt even worse. The doctors treated me as though I was not telling the truth. I knew then as I know today what my character is and I began a quest for truth. I was led to CoQ10. I began taking it immediately. Finally after months of reading and digging, I realized the statin was likely the problem. I weaned off the statin.

It has been 7 months now. Although I can say that I am better, it is a disappointment that the pain is not completely gone. What is sad is that my cholesterol at its highest was 220. At its lowest, it was 111. That was when I felt my worst. I am not sure what life hold for me. I try to keep a positive attitude. However, the fatigue is the part that is hardest for me to handle.

I have bouts of brain fog where I just cannot think of words that heretofore were a breeze for me to recall. I have good days and bad. I developed more "other medical conditions" while on statins. It is strange that not one doctor ever told me it could be a side effect of statins. I was on two kinds of B/P meds, had numerous UTI'S, developed numbness and tingling in my hands and arms and have total numbness on the top of one of my feet. I am exhausted most of the time.

I still take CoQ10, an aspirin a day, occasional pain meds and other non opiod pain meds. But, I do not take all the many others I was prescribed because I just do not think they do anything except make me feel like an invalid. I am taking my chances. I have not had any heart or vascular problems in a long time. I actually took the good advice from others on this site and take natural plant extracts in addition to CoQ10. I feel these have helped me as much as anything.

All the doctors disagree with me (my husband developed diabetes and many other complaints of pain while on statins) and my husband for getting off them. The doctor who always did testing in preparation for angiograms said "I was too young to get off statins." No one in my family takes them any longer... at least the ones who have any sense.

I don't know what is in store for me, but I know one thing... it beats the hell out of what I have been doing. I wonder at all if the statins did not actually contribute to my artery disease. I was a smoker and that was the worst. But, I was told that was my ONLY RISK FACTOR. No one in my family had coronary or peripheral vascular disease. However, I was the first to be placed on statins at such a young age. The chronic pain thing just never added up for me.

I do hope you are able to deal with this horrible condition. Try to be positive and keep trying to live as normal a life as possible. I know easier said than done, but all you have is the present. And, you can make your life meaningful if you can... like our friend Crandrew use you life as a means to help others. His friendship on this blog has taught me so much.

God Bless,

Every time I read your story, I think about all the poor people who don't know which came first, the chicken or the egg. I just can't understand how people can overlook the overwhelming statistics via scientific evidence and patient reported outcomes of people who are diagnosed (subsequent to statin therapy) with medical conditions and problems related to inflammation and oxidative stress.

The very medication that is supposed to treat vascular disease seems to be the root cause of many other toxic medical conditions. There is a dramatic increase in serious auto-immune, neurological and muscular degenerative diseases (including congestive heart failure) for which there is no other clear cut reason. It makes no sense.

The fact that statins are the most widely used medications in the history of modern medicine and the FDA makes it more frightening. Now, there is a push to have even more people take them as preventative medicine even for those quite young. The side effects for so many are devastating and I believe we have only just begun to see the tip of the ice burg.

One prominent physician and professor in San Diego is Dr. Beatrice Golumb, who has studied statin side effects for many years. Her work is quite eye-opening and thorough. Dr. Golumb, among many others, believes people should sign a release prior to statin therapy initiation so that they know just what the health risks are.

When these prominent and well respected scientists present evidence to the public, they do so with a sense of duty and a conscientious mentality which should be at the heart of every doctor's duty to live up to their original oath to "do no harm!" The "Hypocratic Oath" seems to have emerged for many as the "hypocritic oath." A not so well informed public is being harmed on a daily basis.

I hope and pray that those who defy "Big Pharma" and speak the truth can be heard before many more lives are harmed. However, at least in the present circumstances, that prospect does not seem very close at hand. We should avoid the tendency, however, to say that all FDA approved drugs are bad for people as many lives have been saved through medical science and research. I happen to think that on this one, though, there is a real problem that needs to be corrected sooner than later.

God Bless All,

I was a long term user and had more side effects than I can believe. Even though I complained to my health team, not once did they recognize any link with the Pravistatin I was taking. Being a retired senior I initially thought it was old age. That is what they believed as well.

In my case the statin more or less attacked my central nervous system. It affected all my senses, smell, taste, hearing, sight and muscular-skeletal, loss of drive and concentration, short term memory was shot, (could not remember the names of the streets in my own subdivision which I walked daily with my dog), sinking spells I had to take a lot of naps, sometimes up to four in one day, E.D. and such pain I sometimes had to crawl out of be on my stomach to the floor and then push myself to stand, flu symptoms.

I had to lean against a wall to put my pants on because of loss of balance. Unfortunately all these things happened slowly. The lucky (?) ones have an immediate reaction and hopefully link it to the statins. I stopped the statins when I did a bit of research. I could not believe what I read. I stopped twenty-six months and eight days ago. I feel reborn. But I know that I am not 100% and now have some new issues which is telling me that some of the damage is permanent.

Life changes are now the norm and thanks to my dog I have always done my cardio with him for an hour and a half each day. I take lots of supplements. I continue with my research to find ways to overcome the damage.

Fortunately got my brother to stop and he is a new person. Enjoying teaching and life like he has not in many years. Oh, and I discovered that cholesterol is not the cause of heart attacks. And the best preventative of heart attacks is meditation. And it won't cost you a nickel!

I lost years to that drug and I plan to spend the rest of my time on this planet making the most of what I have and enjoying a life almost totally pain free.

OH YEAH Carl!!! I was so encouraged to read your entry. 26 months and 8 days is a long time ... but coincides with estimates I have from reliable sources... possibly up to 3 years to recuperate. What I want to ask you is this: you said you walked your dog every day. I am wondering if walking gave you more pain or not? How far would you say you walked?

Also, do you have any other details about how you increased your mobility? Did you go to rehab, a physical therapist?? I am also wondering if you could say more about the supplements you take. What do you take, what happens if you don't take them? Have you reduced the amount these past months or not? You say you are pain free, are you pain free if you do harder exercise too - like a long walk, or a long swim, etc.??

I have resigned myself to letting time heal me as well as taking supplements, but haven't found much in the way of guidance about rehab. I am sooooo sensitive to any form of exercise, yet when all this started, I was an exercise fiend!!! Any details and reflections you might have would be greatly appreciated. So glad SOME ONE has some good news.... even if it is not 100% perfect. I love your positive attitude. I work hard at that too. It doesn't come for free. Hoping to hear back from you. Kate

Carl, why don't you let us all know what exact symptoms are yet remaining. Perhaps some of us have overcome some of your same symptoms. It's worth a try.

This is a very helpful thread!

I'm 58 and have been taking statins (mostly Simvistatin) for over 15 years. It was "only" 10mg but looking back - boy what a mistake. My muscle pains and weakness were gradual (occasional unexplained tendinitis and stiff neck). In 2012 I had a flare up of intense leg pain and they admitted me in the Hospital and found a bulging lumbar disc. Looking back, while that may have been part of the issue (that was resolved with surgery) the burning feeling of the calfs and achillies tendons then is what flared up again now. The reason (in my view) it diminished in 2012 was that my physical activity dropped to almost zero and they had me on pain pills (for the back).

But now the pain is back with a vengeance (since Jan) and I know it is not another disc because it has spread to any muscle I use. Arms muscles ache if I pick up a gallon of milk. Thigh muscles ache if I get up from a seat too often. Stairs get both thighs and calfs. And my neck muscles ache if I swivel my head too much (while driving). It is totally muscle usage dependent.

The other hint is that they all got worse a month after the Doc switched me to 20mg simvistatin (Jan 1). 6 weeks ago (after 2 months of 20mg) I insisted that I get off of them and he agreed. But of course, the pain has gotten worse and he thinks I should see a shrink now. My CPK and CRP were normal a month ago, but that was only 2 weeks after stopping simvistatin. Based on the pain now, I bet they must be higher.

I started various supplements also 6 weeks ago (CoQ10, Magnesium, L-Carnitine, Vit D). No relief yet. Off to the pain Doc tomorrow.

Please continue to post what steps you have taken to diminish the pain and reduce the inflammation or sensitivity to muscle movement.

I am 57 years old. I am a dog groomer and had a lot of foot and shoulder pain before starting Lipitor. I have been on it 2 years and the pain I already had has increased but I chalked it up to age and hard work. My bloodwork has been fine all along but lately my pain seems worse along with foot and leg cramping and I am tired all the time. The Dr. does my boodwork every 6-8 months and suddenly my CK levels went from 98 to 1641!!!!! He says that 1641 "Really Freaks Him Out" (Great bedside manner?)

I fell on my already sore shoulder/arm a year ago and the pain has been really bad since. I had normal CK levels a couple months after the fall but the Dr. seems to think the CK levels could be from the injury? He says if not than I might have an Inflammatory Muscle Disease? I am very frightened that this CK level will affect me heart? I stopped the Lipitor yesterday!!!! He is doing more bloodwork to see if stopping Lipitor helps, if not than I just have a disease???????????????? Would appreciate comments and advice?

Has anyone ever developed severe leg pain & weakness from the BP med Losartan? my Dr believes it can and he took me off of it but the pain while better, is not gone.

I am touched by your story. However, those CK levels are really high. I would not get too overly excited but would follow through. I can only tell you that I suffered from unexplained pain in my legs for years. I did have PAD, HOWEVER, never had cholesterol over 216-220. My only other risk factor was the dreaded smoking, which I regret.

I have been off statins for 7-8 months now after many years at 20mg. I can only tell you that time will tell. I do feel better. There are days that are awful, but I cannot explain that. I only know that until I stopped statins, my leg pain was 24/7 at rest or active. They kept telling me it was my back. I did not have a lot of back pain. I had some with exertion but not like the leg pain.

I have muscle wasting. I cannot even explain the suffering I endured. I was beginning to think I needed a shrink. It was not until I found this sight and others that I researched enough to know I should try getting off the statins. In fact, everyone I love who was on them has quit as well. I am feeling better but it has taken many months. I was so depressed about the pain. I now have hope that I have good days and bad. But, when you come from pain 24/7, it is welcomed.

You see, the lower my cholesterol got, the worse I felt. Mine was down to 112. The month after quitting the statins, it came up to 166. Try to eat healthy. Protein and veggies and colorful fruits are your best allies. Get healthy on your own. No pill can do that for you. I think CoQ10 helped me a lot.

Ask you doctor about increasing the dosage. I wish you well my friend and please let us know about your CK levels. It is alarming. I was told that they can jump to high levels if you have had a recent accident or were jostled about. You should check them again soon.

God Bless,

PT, I know you must be so frightened. I am happy you got off the Lipitor and that you have only been on it for a couple of years. But those CK levels are alarming especially if you have not had any recent injuries. Keep testing them. Your doctor may want to refer you to a Neurologist to get a handle on this issue soon. But, I can only tell you that stopping statins and the associated pain that may have resulted from them will not go away overnight.

Please give yourself time. I am sorry I got a little confused by the person who posted right before you, but ck levels that high could be a lot of things. Be patient and see how things go for you. CoQ10 is a great supplement, because statins block their production. In fact I was on CoQ10 for a while before I stopped the statins. I first broke them (statins) in half. The next month I quit altogether. My pain was awful for years and years. I feel so much better now. I have bad days, but not the 24/7 I had before. Above all things, be can get better. I wish you well and so hope you find answers.



Thanks for your comments. Note: I am not the one who mentioned CPK of 1641. My CPK was normal (under 200) at the time I stopped the statins (7 weeks ago). My CRP was also normal.

I do know all about the 24/7 pain. If I don't move it can lessen a bit but if I climb stairs or walk outside my legs begin to burn.

My rheumatologist does tell me to keep up my CoQ10 and he just started me on prednisone today. We'll see what that does, but it is a short term process.

I am hoping the time will help. I am counting the weeks since I stopped the simvistatin.

Thx, JerseyPhil

I took 1,000 mg. Niaspan/Niacin from April of 2012 until April of 2013 with increasing muscle tightness and pain and reaching the inability to be able to take even 10 minute walks without the use of a cane. So many articles that I "googled" said the same thing you read in the Medical encyclopedia, but I also found information that said that in "rare" cases the Niacin had the same detrimental effects on people as statin side effects. A month ago I went to my cardiologist and he also said that in rare circumstances Niacin causes the muscle problems just like statins do.

However, yesterday I saw the post from the person whose doctor told her that Losartan for blood pressure causes these problems and took her off of the Losartan. While I haven't checked with my doctor to see when I was prescribed Losartan, I am fairly certain it was also in April of 2012, so I have very possibly been struggling with the terrible side effects of both of these prescriptions. At this point I cannot remember for sure what BP medicine I was on prior to the Losartan, but know it was changed because of a massive nose bleed that took me to the ER with a BP of 236/156. I take a multitude of vitamins and supplements each day, including Turmeric, CoQ10, Black Cherry capsules, Vit. D3, B vitamins, C, etc.

Some days the pain is nearly unbearable, other days it is not as bad, but even stepping into the tub and standing to shower and then stepping back out causes the muscles to pull and hurt in my thighs and legs. There are days I will give in and take Extra Strength Excedrin (I am allergic to iBuprofen)and I use a lot of BioFreeze/Performa products, plus Kinesio tape like the people in the olympics use. The tape helps and my doctor explained to me that the way it helps is that it lifts the skin up and allows my blood to flow easier through the areas I put it on.

I had both knees replaced in Jan. of 2009 and there are times I must put the tape on and below my knees because of the severe pain and swelling and the tape truly helps. I have spent a lot of money on boxes of tape, but have used it around my feet in the area of my arches, across my back, on my shoulder, and a week or two ago I actually had 7 places on my left leg and foot with tape on it, plus the tape on my lower back, shoulder and my right knee. I don't know what else to do besides keep reading all of the posts I get from here and trying the things other people try and hope and pray the problems and pain will go away.

I am 70 years old. My parents lived to the ages of 90 and 98 and were in much better shape at my age and older than I am in now. Since I also struggle with depression, there are some days that are much harder than others, but with the help and encouragement from the posts on here, prayers and the love of my husband and children, God helps me to survive and continue to strive to believe things will get better. I hope everyone will get off of statins and other prescription medicines that cause the problems we are all struggling with. God bless.

It has been a while since I have written. My mom has been permanently damaged by statins she took over 10 years ago and has never had a doctor who has believed her. Her pain is in the form of tremors or muscle spasm that affects the pelvic floor and lower back and she is in bed about 18 to 20 hours a day.

My cousin took Crestor for two years until she took an antibiotic and it initiated a severe failure of muscle strength. She could hardly walk. In the hospital, they took her off the statin right away and after deep muscle biopsy and many other tests the dr's. confirmed her weakness was caused by the statin drug.

Only in retrospect can the Dr.s see how poorly her body was tolerating these drugs as she had many new health issues during this period that they did not understand were being caused by the statin (pain in her legs, weakness, skin and nasal allergies, rashes, gout, diabetes, racing heartbeat during the night). Her ck levels have not been under 4,000 in a year and have been as high as 7,500.

A year has passed and she now has a great team of Dr.s who have determined that the statin drugs have caused an autoimmune disease. Drug induced Myocytis. She now takes IVIG therapy every two weeks which seem to finally be helping. She goes every two weeks to an infusion center to receive the immune cells of 1,000 people that work to confuse her own immune system and reduce the focus of her immune cells that are attacking her muscles.

There are genetic tests available that indicate whether or not you will be likely to be harmed by statin drugs (which she has). Statin drugs are the highest money making drug in the industry and our doctors receive bonuses for prescribing them. Most never read any studies NOT made by the drug companies.

In many general practices (mine included) doctors are REQUIRED to keep at least 50% of their patients on statins so the whole practice receives additional bonus dollars. All tests to determine an individual's ability to tolerate these drugs have now been dropped as a requirement. Doctors do exist that see the harm these drugs are causing. Be diligent and find one.

Phil, please accept my apology for getting you confused, but both stories were fascinating. I guess I was trying to get the information out and received these close together. I, too, was on Simvastatin 20 mg. I started with pain shortly thereafter that turned into pain 24/7. It was only last year that I realized statins could cause so many of these side effects. I was afraid to move as when I did, it got worse. I was beginning to think I was looney tunes. Now, I realize I knew that I was just a person looking for answers. I was never inclined to have any kind of muscle pain or weakness. I worked hard all my life. I could work circles around anyone and traveled a lot for my business.

Now, I can barely get through the day and I have sleep difficulties. However, I do have good days and bad. The pain has gotten better, but I can never get those precious years back... those years where my life was literally stolen from me. But, I have to go forward because it is what it is and it cannot be changed unless I help others and keep a positive attitude.

God Bless,


Thanks for your reply and interest.

Besides the CoQ10 what else have you found that helps? I take a bunch of vitamins (D, L-carnitine, magnesium, alpha lipoic acid,..) and a little Lyrica (similar to gabapentin). The Doc switched me from Celebrex (a prescription NSAID) to a two week course of Prednisone. I'm not sure if that will help. The Celebrex helped a little.

My only out of normal blood test result was my Vitamin D at 15 ng/ml. They say the minimum normal is 30. And of course, statins can lower Vitamin D and D deficiency can also cause muscle and bone pain. Peachy.


Bless you Bailey,
I have come to the conclusion that there is little we can do to combat Big Pharma on Simvastatin except get the word out as you are doing. Doctors will not listen to anyone except Big Pharma and their salesmen. With 120 billion a year in profit, they can buy off any doctors organization, the A.H.A, and other Government health organization.
I credit PP for saving my life but lately they seem to be going over to the "dark side" on the statin issue according to what I read in their section of our paper but I may be wrong.

I took Simvastatin 10Mg for two years and shortly after I started taking it, I developed lower back pain that was so bad I could hardly breath. Because of PP, I stopped taking it and my back pain lowered to about half what it was. It is still with me. It has been about three years since I stopped but many problem are still there. Weak legs, back pain, memory loss mostly peoples names that I have known all my life.

Worse part is the Transient Global Amnesia (TGA). I have had five episodes so far even after stopping statins. The last one almost caused a car crash and I don't remember anything about it except suddenly seeing the car coming at me. Scary stuff. I believe Dr. Graveline in that just because you stop taking statins, the reaction to it may not go away. The muscle and brain damage has already been done. It may take me years to recover and I don't have that much time left. I do take COQ-10 so maybe that will help.

I feel blessed that I read PP before I became an invalid. My doctors be damned. They still want me to take statins.

I tried a supplement that has curcumin, green tea extract, ashwanda root. I can't remember all the ingredients. However, I had a friend who suffered from chronic pain. It was not statin related. But, after a month, she started feeling really good with lots of energy and a significant decrease in pain. She has a lot of back issues and was on so much pain medicine, it was scary. I thought it was worth a try so I got it.

I don't know if it is coincidence or just the passage of time or if the product really does what it says, but I really do feel better. I started on it three months ago. Supposedly it helps with oxidative stress and inflammation. It up regulates something I heard Dr. Duane Graveline talk about, Glutathione. It is called Protandim. You can get it from the Better Back Store and I think on Amazon, but I get it from my friend. GNC used to carry it. My whole family uses it. However, I asked my doctor, let her see the ingredients and she said it could not hurt, so I tried it. My other friend uses it too and she is an Endocrinologist, a medical doctor. She thinks it is the greatest thing since penicillin. You will have to look it up online to see all the ingredients and what each does. They are not vitamins. They are supplements from ancient Chinese and Indian medicine. I take a multivitamin daily. I took a lot of pain meds for many years. I take Gabapentin and Tramadol ER 100 mg. day. That is a non opioid pain medicine.

I hope you find your answers. None of us is alike in every way. But, I will continue to take CoQ10 and vitamins and Protandim. We shall see over the next several months.

I still have days where my legs just ache. I still suffer from fatigue. I have had high ck levels, too, but nothing like what was described here. Mine were about 6 times normal. That was when I got off the statins. It seemed the lower my cholesterol got, the worse I felt. It got to 111. That is just not normal. I want my cholesterol left alone. Lol

Good Luck my friend,


Pravastatin is considered one of the safest statins out there. Even Dr Sinatra said that. My husband has taken it at half the dose his Dr prescribed. So far he has had no ill effects. But I watch him like a hawk:)

And bless you, as well. To my way of thinking and after exhaustive research and dusting off some old biology and chemistry books, I was able to understand how statins interfere with CoQ10 and other vital life substances, as well as the true causes of heart and vascular disease. We lose CoQ10 steadily as we age anyway, so taking it can only help with those muscle aches and pains. One friend on this site said that curcumin is great for pain. The truth has been hiding in plain site for over 15 years, except the food industry and the American Heart Association have just not caught up. Oxidative stress and Inflammation are the true causes of heart and vascular disease as well as a plethora of other "age related" diseases like diabetes.

If you research the National Institutes of Health, you will see that they AHA still promotes a low fat diet and low cholesterol. The fact is over 15 years ago, people far ahead of their time, began to realize that many of these "low fat" or "fat free" meals are loaded with sugar. It turns out that sugar is the real culprit. Processed sugars are the worst. Just take a look at a book published first over 15 years ago that speaks to the increase in diabetes cause from processed sugars and those carbs that turn into sugar (white Potatoes, white rice, white breads). The book was called "Sugar Busters". Fresh veggies rich in color are your friends. So is animal protein. Now I will get off my food soap box and give the rest. I also do a lot of massage and am exercising more. I move about more. I have noticed more back pain, too. In fact, I never had these problems before. But, as soon as I rest, the back pain subsides.

If statins damage muscle, they you can hurt just about anywhere. Did you ever wonder how so many people these days are dying of congestive heart failure? It is because the heart is a muscle that requires CoQ10 24/7. Your heart never gets a rest until you are six feet under. After all these statins, heart and vascular disease still stands as the number one killer of Americans. So if this 29 billion dollar a year industry were so effective, why do we not see the miracles at Lourdes? You cannot because you cannot pill pop your way to good health.

At the expense of sounding conspiratorial (I am not paranoid in any sense unless it is a real threat), I can't help but believe that Big Pharma, our government, and others are engaged in a political conspiracy of dysfunction. There are the "powers that be" in this country that dictate a lot of what is advertised, seen on the television and in movies, and yes, in your health care, just to name a few. I know it for a fact. So, just ride this out.

Keep telling yourself that you can and will be better. Surround yourself with positive upbeat people and situations. Life is for the living. And you are here for a reason.

Good Luck my friend and keep the faith!!


I too had pain from Lipitor and stopped it but it has been 2 weeks and I am worried now as I've read stopping can give you a heart attack. Has this happened to any of you that stopped it?

I have heard that you should taper off statins. I actually started taking CoQ10 for a while before I quit. I cut statins in half for a while. I don't recall the amount of time, but I am thinking it was at least one month. I then stopped them altogether. Slowly, I have begun to feel better. The hardest part is watching what I eat, especially sugar because many experts say that sugar causes a lot of inflammation and this inflammation causes heart and vascular disease. So, to me, smoking and sugar were always two of my worst enemies. I had quit smoking some time before.

I learned that statins are powerful anti-inflammatories so maybe that is why people say you are more apt to have a heart attack if you stop abruptly. I have never heard this. I have heard that it can take a minimum of 6 months and up to 3 years to feel better pain wise. So, I think I stopped some 8-10 months ago completely. I have felt much better pain wise. I still have peripheral neuropathy, but at least have good and bad days. I used to be in pain 24/7. I read recently that the combination of Losartan and Simvastatin cause a lot more pain. They had changed my B/P medication to Lopressor before I quit Simvastatin. My cholesterol was 112. The last test it was 166. I am not worried though as I feel higher cholesterol means better health as long as you eat protein, veggies, and healthy carbs, like brown breads and rice and sweet potatoes instead of white.

My point is that I have not had any more problems with my vascular health. So far, so good. I have come to believe that healthy eating is the most important thing you can do. I also will always take CoQ10 since we lose it as we age and statins also block it. I take a good multi vitamin.

Hope you do well. I would wean off the statins though in which ever way you feel most comfortable.

Good Luck P.T.

I second this comment. I love my doctor but I do the research and basically tell the doctor how I want to proceed, and only ask for his opinion. He keeps me from hurting myself but I make the decisions.

I was on 40 mg Lipitor initially from 1998-2003, then Crestor from 2003-5. I had increasingly bad leg pains with Lipitor. Stopped and restarted and pain returned. Switched to Crestor with no pain until 2005. Discontinued Creator in 2005 but the pain remained. If anything it increased.

I was taking max dose Lortab with no help. Went to the Mayo pain clinic in MN Feb 2006 to get off Lortab. Pain stopped but only for a while. It returned before the end of 2006 to my dismay. Restarted opiates and sought more info. My Dr tried Tramadol on me, and at max dose it stopped the pain without any apparent side effects! This was too good to be true.

A 2010 trip to UCLA (head of Neuro) said they have seen cases like this and do not have answers. Said the Tramadol would "blunt". It did about 6 months later. I then started with Oxymorphone ER (not Opana ER, which did not work) with Vicoprofen for breakthrough. I am now on Duragesic 50 mcg- 1 patch per 48 he's, and using oxycodone 15s for breakthrough. I could easily double the Oxy dose to reach a pain free level but my pain Dr will not allow.

I read Dr Graveline's books and then Dr Hannah. I am going to start his recommended diet changes in hopes of some improvement.

Any known adjuncts, antioxidants, or similar that help with recurring leg pain is appreciated. I suspect my leg muscles were damages by the statins (CPK was never way high) but that less obvious neuro damage occurred and remains. My Dr says it's like a broken record. Nerve systems fire and react even after stimulus is removed. I strongly suspect specific neuro damage from Statins but I probably will not live to see the day they can diagnose and cure this.

I don't think this article was helpful AT ALL - in fact, I think it's downright scarey and should be taken off the Net. If my son-in-law reads this, he will never recover because as it is, he is unnerved by his whole experience of a heart attack. He is 45 yrs. old. He doesn't need any advice other than what he is getting from his own doctor.

Thank you all for your comments! It helps to know you're not alone. Please,please, if you know someone who has experienced problems from statins convince them to get off the statin.

"Usually" a person can recover after a few months. BUT, never,ever let anyone talk you into taking a statin again.

At 70, 2000, I was in PERFECT health - NO pills except vitamins. The "so-called" Dr decided MY Cholesterol was HI so put me on Pravachol & 2-3 weeks later, upped it to 40Mg. Every time I went for blood-work "I" kept telling her - SOMETHING IS WRONG !! The "tingling" started in my toes, ankles & gradually up my legs BUT - - she paid NO attention to me. Because of the price, she changed it to LIPITOR & MORE PROBLEMS!! I was loosing my hair, in gobs, "excess" gas & pain around the ribs. I could NOT get on my knees or "squat" - the pain was SOO bad!!

To a Chiropractor - "you have curvature of the spine!!" - For months, "I" wasted MY time & MY money !! He did NOTHING for ME !! After 18 months of this, I went to a Neurologist who told me - "you ARE allergic to the STATINS - get off them NOW!!

2007 I had Triple Bi-Pass (told later, a friend had it & HIS DR said it was from the LIPITOR). That Surgeon put me on ZOCOR "AND" ZETIA (read on the internet, later, the 2 together can cause BAD problems). It sure did !! Now the "tingling" is in my hands, mainly the right with numb fingers, back muscles effected, NO bladder control & "weeping" ears -( they run, scab over & I pick & scratch.)

"4" months later I had "Angeo-seal" in my left leg, after plaque removed & now the Dr says my arteries are blocked, today!! ?? So, where do "I" stand?? I am TOTALLY DISGUSTED with the Medical Field!! All they care about is the ALMIGHTY BUCK - - TO HELL WITH HELPING PEOPLE GET BETTER!!

I resisted my doctor pushing Statins for years, until he sent me to an Endo who put me on 5mg of Crestor. My LDL was less than 120 at the time, but my HDL was less than 40 and my Aorta is mildly calcified. I thought a low dose would be safe and I could stop if I noticed any symptoms, well I was wrong. The first thing I noticed was pain and a bit of weakness in my upper arms, which I put down to working out, until my knees got so sore that I couldn't walk. I was on Crestor for about a year, and I stopped taking the poison about two months ago, but my symptoms have continued to get worse. It's like the worst case of the Flu you have ever had, muscle aches, fatigue and severe stiffness. I can no longer work out, getting out of bed is a challenge some days and stairs are a real b@tch.

Before the drug I lifted weights 4 days a week and did cardio at least 4 days a week, but the statins are going to make me so much healthier. LOL.

I went to see my doctor about my knees and he told me I was getting old. I didn't bother to tell him I'd already stopped taking his drug. I've been going to the walk-in trying to figure out WTH is going on with my body, but the only thing they've found is elevated liver enzymes. I guess I'll try to get am EMG and a biopsy next, so I can identify the cause. Then I plan to bring the rain on my quack's backside.

I was on ubiquinol while taking the statin, but it did not save me. I've also tried Sam-e as I have arthritis in my low back.

I have just read your comments and feel exactly the same. I am 55 years old and since taking statins for a number of years I spoke to my gp yesterday and said I feel completely disabled! I'm stopping them for good and working on my diet. I have been diabetic for 42 years but my cholesterol was only slightly raised before I started statins. I reckon my total inability to exercise is just as damaging to my body.

I feel terribly for all of you, knowing exactly how you feel. I was a keen sportsman from the age of six when I started training to be a tennis professional. My other sports included squash, swimming, cycling and running 14 km per day.

On one visit to the doctor, my cholesterol was 314 ( hdl - 34). I was initially prescribed Lipitor 10 mg and when that had no effect the Dr changed me to 20 mg Zocor. I took it for 2 months and as per Drs orders was to have a break of 2 months before starting again. At the end of the 2 months I was convinced there was something wrong and did not resume the Zocor.

Within 6 months after stopping treatment I was so weak I could not run more than 500 metres and then the pain stArted, firstly in my thighs and hands and then in my feet and finally I ended up with severe stabbing pains all over my body. When the stabbing pains reached my brain, I went to the Dr and said that if he didn't do something now I would have brain damage. He gave me Neurotonin and off I went.

The weakness became so severe that when I ate food my lips quivered so, one year after I discontinued statins , I went back to the Dr. My CK was 1140 and I was told I could have a heart attack at any moment and 'No, it was not to do with the Statins. And anyway, Statins come with a warning that they can cause muscle weakness', which I took as 'Dont even attempt to sue me because I am protected by the warning in the Statins box.' By this time I could no longer walk bare foot around the house or stand for more than 10 minutes as the pain in my feet wAs so severe.

I then visited a rheumatologist and I was put on low dose amitryptaline to reduce the pain and 3000 mg calcium, 50 mcg vitamin D and a B vit mixture. About 5 months after that my thyroid started to fail.

Once I started thyroxine the pain eased somewhat. Now I can only work part time as I get exhausted so easily. Having been able to work 48 hours in a row without sleep, it has been a terrible adjustment period.

I know my life has been shortened by statins and my work has been ruined. What I dont understand, is that with so many people suffering damage from statins, how can the companies get away with this?

No patient can judge whether a medication will suit them or not. My symptoms appeared after I stopped taking Statins. Every medication has a warning on it. It is up to the doctors to judge whether a patient truly needs it or not. I was told that only people who have suffered a heart attack or who have a total to HDL ratio of above 6 or 7 and who do not have a history of thyroid disorders in the family could benefit from taking statins, otherwise it is totally unwise to take them.

I do hope thAt you all find ways of reducing the pain you are in. My only consolation is that I have not yet been run over by a bus and I hope that I never will! God Bless and keep safe.

A number of research projects (there are only a few on this subject that I could find) have found a strong connection between genetic predisposition to side-effects - AND an exacerbated side-effects in those who take part in robust training. I was going 100/mph at 60; had lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of muscle....and then the side-effects kicked in.

I found myself leaving exercise classes in tears and not being able to make my usual bike ride up steep hills on my way home... and finally I have given in and applied for an electric wheelchair. It is just so devastating.... and I was taking statins as a preventive. So unnecessary.

I took them for years before this development occurred. I will say though that having been off of the statins now for 18 months, I am doing somewhat better. I don't often get death-defying cramping and spasms over hardly any movement at all... which is a good development. I found a rehab research project out of Japan that advised starting at 2 minutes on a stationary bike with no resistance, with a 4 minute break and then repeated 4 times and repeated twice a day. Build up from there. I can manage that. It sounds pathetic, but you have to start somewhere.

I took Pravastatin for 3 months. My doctor also said it was the safest. I was experiencing pain in my hips, feet and knees. I finally gave it up and it took 2 years and a lot of supplements to get me out of pain and back to normal health.

I took simvastatin for about a year before I developed muscle and joint pain. I've been off it for 18 months with only a slight improvement. What supplements did you take to get better? Thanks for sharing.

Red Yeast Rice??? I have symptoms including muscle cramp, memory impairment twitching in legs, some severe muscle spasms. I took Red Yeast Rice that had a small amount of Co G 10 in the pill. I was afraid of statins and ignorantly thought the 'natural' form would be OK.... anyone else take RYR or know of anyone? I have not improved yet and its been over 3 weeks since my last pill. I also only took 1/3 the recommended dose.

I am just sad and angry that my Dr. did not warn me to get off of them if muscle pain started. I put up with the pain for 3.5 months still taking the RYR statin off an on the whole time having no idea what was wrong. I finally went to a sports medicine Dr. in the same clinic and he immediately knew what it was and told me to stop taking the RYR immediately.

I think I have effectively poisoned myself. I am afraid. I am 65 and was healthy as an ox before this. All my blood test numbers were excellent except cholesterol when I started the statin

Lady Liza.... we wait in anticipation for your response about the supplements you took. I personally see a difference with (i) acetyl L-Carnitine HCI 1000mg (ii) Alpha Lipoic Acid 400mg (iii) CoQ10, ubiquinol with bioPQQ 600mg (iv) e-Methyl L-Selenocysteine, 200 mcg
Vit. E 1,3 g (viobin wheat germ) and (v) Cod Liver oil 1000mg THOUGH I don't believe the supplements HEAL... I just think they help me tolerate a bit more activity - they help reduce the constant aches and I am not as "tin-man" stiff; I don't get the horrific spasm attacks.

I recently conducted an experiment, dropping all supplements for 4 weeks and noting pain levels etc. Definitely a difference over time.... my mother takes a generic COQ10 and says she notes NO effect... so availability is a huge issue, therefor I buy an expensive brand.

I did a lot of research and started taking high doses of turmeric. For pain, you have to start with 2200 mg and every three weeks up the dosage until you reach 7000mg or out of pain. I took Swanson's brand because they have high dose pills and I didn't have to take as much. (720mg each Then after a month my internist put me on niacinamide.) I can't remember but it was either 500 or 1000mg/day/divided doses.

It also helped but didn't erase all the pain. About a year into this I stopped the niacinamide and started Sam-e. This was wonderful for me because it also helps with depression and when I get into a lot of pain, I get depressed. Make sure you are taking a vitamin B complex at the same time so that all the effects of sam-e are apparent. It has taken several years to erase all the weakness in my right thigh and then of course I didn't feel like exercising all this time so I got out of physical condition. Recently I have been interested in enzymes. My favorite is serrapeptase. Research it and after you have tried all the other things, I would begin taking this for a year or two. Good luck!

Red yeast rice is essentially a statin. Note that I am taking 600mg of COQ10.... though many advise between 200 - 400 mg.... sounds like the sports doctor was in the know, wonder what kind of advice he gave you. Sports doctors DO know, because athletes are told NOT to take a statin since you cannot combine statin usage with robust exercise.... certainly not if you have any signs of side-effects - but I have understood that no one can combine robust exercise with statin usage. Nobody thought of me as an athlete... yet I exercised 15 - 20 hours a week... next week I get a wheelchair... wow. I am trying not to be totally traumatized by this, but to use it as an opportunity to get to the exercise pool at least.... I would go back to the doctor who knew something....

I was on Pravastatin a few years ago, and like you, just for 3 months. The pain and muscle spams were terrible and my hips were so bad that I couldn't sleep on my side anymore. It took a couple of years and several supplements until the pain left me. But I am fine now. I would absolutely stop and clean yourself out of the toxicity before starting again. My cholesterol went from 229 to 170 taking 1 or two pills only at night before bed. I get the RYR at Costco.

You might want to check the dosage you are taking and make sure you are taking COQ10. I take 200mg/day of that but my doctor checks my levels through blood tests a couple of times a year, and since I am 65, he likes to keep my levels high. To help with your pain: turmeric 2200/mg day divided. My doc also recommended niacinamide, which also helped. About a year later I stopped niacinamide and started Sam-e with a vitamin b complex with it. Then I was good. I take astaxanthin every day and probably will for the rest of my life. I would take 12mg/day of that initially until the pain and weakness are gone and then go back to 6 forever.

I have been on this site and others and many people who go the 'natural" way by taking Red Yeast Rice have essentially the same damage as those who take statins. I believe that lowering the cholesterol BY ANY MEANS is harmful. For example, my cholesterol was about 210 to 220 at the highest. When I began what one doctor thought was vascular problems in the legs, my doctor put me on Antara. This is a cholesterol lowering drug.

Almost immediately my cholesterol dropped to 166. Big drop. However, I began to have terrible leg pain which began by awakening me throughout the night. It continued to get worse over time. I could barely stand it. As chance would have it, I was told I had a blockage in the abdominal aorta. It was stented. I thought surely my pain would go away. It did not. Finally a Pharmacist told me that the number one "rare" but serious side effect of Antara was flu like pain in the legs that was persistent and unabated.

I told my doctor. She put me on Simvastatin. I took that for about 4-5 years. I felt even worse. The pain increased. I was treated like a crazy person and told that I had injured my back somehow. I could not understand how. There was nothing in my history to suggest that. Finally I met some very kind people who directed me to There I found a lot of information. I weaned off the statins slowly, began to take CoQ10, and I have been off for about one year. Yet, I still suffer from spasms in the hips, calves, and terrible pain. I know you are afraid, but stay positive and try to do what you can to get your health back. That is all you can do. I wish you well. Anything that takes away cholesterol is just not good for anyone.


I was on statins (Pravastatin) following a mild heart attack for 11 years. I slowly noticed muscle and joint pain after about 5 years. Any exercise left my muscles sore instead of strengthening them. My knees felt as if I had arthritis, but xrays found no problems. I finally took myself off of statins after 11 years, against doctor's advice, I feel better in general, but still, after 6 months, have some muscle and joint problems. I'm hoping they will eventually resolve with time but who knows. I take CoQ10 and eat a healthy diet. No statins for me again. My experience is: if you think statins cause muscle problems, they probably do.

I too was devastated by the effects of prevastatin, but after only 3 months. It took me two years to get rid of all the pain, after much research. I have found a miracle enzyme that probably would have worked much faster had anyone told me about it. Its called serrapeptase, and it really eats up all the inflammation you have in your body. My sinusitis is gone and my arthritis is pretty much gone. It only took a few days before I started feeling it work. I have been on it a month now. I would also make sure you are taking about 200mg of COQ10 Ubiquinol and 12 mg of astaxanthin to help rebuild your body. After about 6 months you can lower the dose of astaxanthin to about 6mg. Make sure you are also taking a powdered vitamin C.(4000mg/day) Good luck.

LadyLiza gives some excellent advice. I have been off statins for a year. I weaned off them. I do take turmeric but maybe not enough because I still suffer. My short term memory is shot. But, I am okay. It always surprises me when I can't recall words when I am typing or when I see my mistakes in typing. I invert numbers which is something I never did before. But, I am feeling somewhat better.

I hope I continue to feel even better with time. There is one thing for sure I believe with my whole being. That is...don't mess with your liver's production of cholesterol. We get maybe 10-15% of our cholesterol through the diet. Your liver knows what it is doing. We need our liver to do the work of dusting and cleaning so to speak. Whatever your cholesterol is may change depending on your mental or physical stress levels, hormone levels, and adrenal gland levels as well. The last thing you want to do is mess with your liver. It knows what it is doing.

There are many studies out there to prove than cholesterol levels have very little to do with heart or peripheral vascular disease. Other things cause our bodies to buckle under the stress of too much oxidation or inflammation. The body balances its needs with the production of various enzymes, proteins, fats, and sugars.

What we all need to understand is that you can not pill pop your way to good health. Eat the animal proteins with fat when cooking, use butter and whole grains and brown rice. Eat fresh vegetables. Don't buy a bunch of boxed foods that are already digested by some food manufacturer before it gets into your mouth. That causes insulin levels to go through the roof and sets off a dangerous cycle of inflammation that causes the body to lose function. Processed sugars like white sugar is just not good as an every day occurrence. Stick to the foods man has eaten for eons on this planet.

jf, I wish you the best. Stay positive and believe you will get better. And, you are so right. If your body tells you you are in pain since starting a cholesterol lowering is telling you the truth.

Where can you find this serapeptase and astaxanthin? You sound so much better. I have been off completely just under a year, I think. I take CoQ10 or Ubiquinol daily. My pain is better, I have to say.

Please forward that to us.


Have any of you seen the recent admissions that Niaspan/Niacin prescribed for those who can't take statins causes the same damages to some people as statins? I quit taking 1000 mg Niaspan/niacin a year ago last April after taking it for just 2 weeks under a year. I have pain in the muscles in my legs, especially my thighs daily and sometimes so bad it makes me cry. I take CoQ10 @ 200 mg a day and a long list of other supplements, but not the enzymes listed or the Ubiquinol. It was only this spring that my cardiologist acknowledged that in "rare" cases the problems are the same as the ones from taking statins.

He and my family physician both knew I could not take statins, but they believed the pharmaceutical representatives while all the time I was telling them my pain and my ability to even go for a short walk were both getting worse. Now here I am with the news and New England Medical Journal, etc. announcing what I had been trying to tell the doctors, but I wanted so much to believe the doctors that I continued taking the stuff until I could not handle the thoughts of becoming totally handicapped, as that is where I know I was heading. I

I have not read one post from anyone else on this forum who has had problems with Niacin, so maybe it does just happen in rare circumstances, but if it is used for lowering cholesterol, it stands to reason for me that it would have the same side effects, but once again in my life, I let the "professionals" convince me to do what they said and not worry about it. I should have worried more. I am beginning to wonder if the pain and problems with the muscles will ever change.

Bailey, this one's for you with your memory loss. Try 2 tablespoons of UNREFINED coconut oil every morning. Eat it off the spoon or in cerael. Try it for 3 mos and see if you have improvement. Dr. Mary Newport has been treating her husband in Florida with Alzheimers, and it has helped him immensely. There are some youtube interviews with her and its nothing short of miraculous. Again, I am curious if it works for you.

I would never trust most pharmaceuticals anymore. I understand in order for the FDA to approve them, manufacturers make them very strong. I would have purchased on the open market Niacin, and I took it for a while. You just have to make sure you get the right kind and there are several and they don't all work. But there are also many other ways to curb cholesterol, and I suspect that the latest guidelines were also written by the pharmaceutical industry.

With niacin you have to watch your liver, as it can be toxic. (like everything else)

Hi Lady,
My daughter uses it on toast in the morning. I have also read and heard on a video about our worldwide Statin Crisis that eating lots of eggs with butter in the am. is great for memory loss associated with statin use. Her theory is that you should NEVER mess with your liver and that it knows what it is doing.

My late husband had diabetes, "hypercholesterolemia", and a plethora of other diagnoses on his death certificate. However, he actually died of congestive heart failure. He had no damage to his heart per se since his health care providers were excellent at preventing or treating acute episodes of angina and blood pressure. However, with all the statins he was on, his heart just gave out. He had high cholesterol. However, maybe his high cholesterol was what his body needed to function. He was always under enormous stress with his job. He traveled out of state and out of the country in the oil industry. Just working for that particular company and the jerks who were his supervisors/managers was enough to make that cholesterol high if you believe in the theory that your liver understands what it needs to put out and why.

After Katrina, he was very stressed because we could not get a contractor out here to begin to fix our roof. It was tarped for six months and we had trees all over our property, many of which stayed on the house until we could get help. Insurance did not cover it.

Please let me know where I can get the other supplements. Thanks for your help!!

Actually, I have seen posts from others who claim that Niaspan/Niacin lowers cholesterol. I also believe that lowering cholesterol by any means is dangerous. The actual group where that may be an exception to the rule is hypercholesterolemia of those who have already had or who have family members who are dying or have heart attacks at a very young age.

The anti-inflammatory properties of statins may be what helps those in that population. Other than that, they don't seem to do any more good at preventing heart attack or any vascular attacks better than a coated baby aspirin.

Our President, Ronald Reagan, took Niacin as a supplement for many years while he was president. Well, we all know what he died of... Alzheimer's disease. He and Nancy both believed in natural remedies for a number of reasons. It must have been torture to see the former leader of the free world just disappear from sight through this slow, insidious disease.

I am trying but again, another lifestyle. I am trying to stay away from processed sugars and those foods that are so processed before you get them to your mouth, they cause an insulin problem. There is ample reason to connect statin usage with type one and two diabetes.

Dr. Uffe Ravnskov, has some interesting information on genetic testing that associates familial hypercholesterolemia with vascular disease. Among one genetic test is the Factor 8 gene. If you search the website, you will find his theories on two others than can detect genetic reasons for an association with vascular disease and high cholesterol.

Thanks for you thoughts and questions.


I just do not think bringing cholesterol down is the answer. People who take statins as a preventive measure do not NEED them in my opinion. I think we need cholesterol for everything from thinking to heart rate to using our spinal cords and the various muscles and nerves everywhere. How could man have existed on this planet without the liver before we were taking statins. It is just not the answer. Far too many people have permanent damage and ongoing issues. I just don't buy into it any longer.

As kids, we ran around outside all day long. Mom did not slather sunblock on us. We were barefoot. When I think of all the diseases we were exposed to and DID NOT GET, I know our bodies are amazing. We have gone from doctoring after we are sick to preventive care. We are the losers. We take so many medications, it is just overwhelming.

Good Luck All,

I have been taking simvastatin for years and have just found out the danger of taking them with daily grapefruit!!! I am going to stop taking them but need to know how long the drug will be in my system so that I can start with my grapefruit again... can anyone help??

I would suggest you ask a pharmacist that question. Doctors rarely know for sure... just what the sales rep has told them.

I am a 63 year old female who has taken Crestor, at my doctor's order, since I had a heart attack at age 44. I had high cholesterol at the time, but also had a kinked major artery ... literally .... which got clogged because of the kink.

I have not suffered more than intermittent muscle pain from the statin .... More troublesome for me is the effect that Crestor has had on my mentation. I was an attorney ... and could not go back to practicing law when I wanted to, because of the profound effect that Crestor has had on my memory. I cannot remember things from one minute to the next .... and have suffered this side effect almost from the beginning of my experience with Crestor.

I recently got permission from my doctor to go off the Crestor, and substitute red yeast rice (combined with CoQ10). We are going to see what happens to my cholesterol levels, and my mentation. My doctor, a dear family friend for many years .... said that I was the first patient to complain about the memory impairment from Crestor.

However, recently.... here in NYC .... there were two articles in the NY Times which talked about this side effect extensively.

I read many of the experiences of others .... entered on this website above .... and not many seem to be related to the memory loss .... I would be anxious to learn of others' experiences .... and want to know if there is any hope of my mentation returning to it's normal state. I used to have a high IQ!!!! Can't wait to see if my memory sharpens once again.....

I suspect a lot of people don't attribute their memory loss to statins, but something else. My boss got memory loss from red yeast rice so they are all statins. Cataracts is another side effect, and I have no intention of having that surgery, so I am finally watching what I eat.

Dear Grig!
Just quickly! There is a lot of literature, research and books out on cognitive disturbances dues to statin usage... memory loss mainly. I do believe, it is considered one of the top 3 side-effects including diabetes, and muscle spasms/cramping/weakness/pain... just be aware that red yeast rice ALSO is a statin.... so in my opinion, you are just substituting one statin for another... I take 600mg of life extension COQ10 with special uptake additives to make it more accessible (an issue with COQ10)... many suggest taking 200mg. just to let you know. I have been of of statins for 18 months and do have some improvement, but not total... have been told it can take 3 years and might be permanent. Regards, Kate

Hi Lady,
I purchased the coconut oil and have used it each day. It is good on whole wheat toast, or on eggs as well. I will let you know how the memory thing goes. Thanks for you excellent advice.


Wonderful! Make sure you research Dr Mary Newport (Florida). There are some videos on youtube regarding the coconut oil for Alzheimer patients.

Thanks so much Lady. My mom had cataracts as well. Just about every side effect you can read about, mom has had it. It breaks my heart. I am so afraid. I still have pain as well. I am taking 400 mg. of Ubiquinol daily. I hope it is helping. I do feel somewhat better. It has been about a year post statin. I thought I would be feeling no pain at all, no spasms (charley horses), or weakness and fatigue by now. But, I was on them for so long. When I approached the subject of statin involvement with my doctors, they seemed to mock me. They still do but not out loud.


Bailey, don't you think it is time to find another doctor? What city do you live in? There are doctors of Integrative Medicine all over the US. Their main organization is in Washington DC and they have a website which includes a list of some of them.

These types of doctors don't mock anyone. They usually live and breathe what they preach. The most difficult thing is to find one that takes your insurance. I don't know if you are on medicare yet. Traditional medicare gives you the ability to get the best choice of doctors. PPO's are your next best thing. There are many medical schools that now have these departments. (Harvard and UCLA and I'm sure many more) If you tell me where you live, maybe I can help you.

I have been on and off statins for many years. The pain numbness and weakness has become unbearable. I cannot exercise because of the pain so I have gained weight due to bad food choices. Thanks for sharing your experience. For a while, I thought it was just me. Now, I know it is not and I know how to proceed. Thank you all and best of luck to each of you.

VM, and others: I have been off the statins for 18 months (after 10 years usage of 5 - 20 mg/day) ... started with a rehab routine that goes like this: stationary bike lowest resistance, 2 minutes spinning, 4 minute rest (better have a book/ music etc.) 2 minutes spinning, 4 minute rest with 4 rounds like that, twice a day. Then after a week or two, I increased it to 3 minutes spinning x 4 x twice a day etc. until I got up to 4 minutes spinning, 4 minute rests, and then I started over again, at 2 minutes with a cranked up resistance.... it seems pathetic, but there is slight improvement, snail-style.... and with this kind of small steps forward, I don't get horrific cramping and spasms, I'm not awake all night in pain.

I tried to get back to swimming, and tried doing 40 minutes (I used to swim 60 minutes non-stop 3 x a week) but 40 was WAY too much and I could hardly move at all for 4 days. Have to take a big step backwards there too. I have a paper that I cross off, otherwise I would be too unmotivated.... but seeing the progress, visualizing it helps me. I had to start using an electric wheelchair to get around. Believe me, this hurts a lot.... to see what I have become... I nurse hope that I can recover eventually.... I just nurse that hope and make my progress snail style. Regards, Kate

Where do I begin?... I am 61yrs young, I was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes about 8 yrs ago. Its not in any other family member or known family history. I was promptly put on Metformin and Sitaglyptin,. My work as a master baker involves me working with sugar every day, It was decided to put me on a long lasting insulin and a rapid prior to meal insulin... so far so good, my normal working day was 10-14 hrs.

3 years ago the doctor put me on Simvastatin, as a cholesterol busting drug, just in case I get a cholesterol problem! so far I have Type 2 diabetes, no blood pressure or cholesterol or any other known problems.

I told my doctor of pains I was getting in my legs, at times so serious that whilst out at a Dinner and another time whist on a day trip, I could not walk another pace and the wife had to get the car to take me home, after a short sleep the immense pain would go and action came back in the legs, I found that the sitting position was worst of all, and when I stood up I would have to stand supported for 3-15 minutes before I could walk again, . My working day was reduced to 3-4 hrs a day, I would go to bed and rest then try to work another 3-4 hours.

My district Diabetic nurse wrote to my Doctor very concerned about the muscular pains, nothing was done about it, other than a series of blood tests and retest took place over a 12 month period. Eventually the results showed that I was not medically unwell, apart from type 2 and a minor under active Thyroid. Most nights I would wake from deep sleep in pain, my wife would hear me waking after only 2-3 hrs sleep, this had gone on now for over 2 years!

From having what I consider a very healthy active marriage, ED set in and nothing would arouse the penis. Mentally we would want to, physically nothing happened down below. Having been told that I was not medically unwell, laying in bed thinking things through I decided to stop taking the Simvastatin. After 3 nights I slept soundly for 5 hrs, it was Heaven!

Within a week my walking and ability to climb stairs has greatly improved, after a month of not taking Simvastatin, thing have greatly improved and 4 weeks ago I decided to stop taking All my medications except the Insulin, I have my energy returning, have been able to work several long shifts and things are looking up, I await my next blood tests to see what difference if any the results are, and if they are ok, I will continue until the next main blood test are due in 3 months time, and then if they are ok, I will tell my Doctor what I have done, when and why.

Life has come back down below, the difficulty is, having been celibate for the past 2 years, it's not easy for my wife now! and its like starting afresh with its complications!!

We have had 7 years of our lives seriously challenged.

I trusted my Doctor, in future I will ask many more questions before taking any drugs. Does the Doctor always know best?.

BAZINGA! Dr. Glum nailed it for me. Off statin for 1 month. Initially felt better. Not now. Taking 300mg of ubiquinol (souped up coq10) and 300mg Krill oil(souped up fish oil). Hope it reverses damage.

Bio: 69yr old type 1 diabetic for 46yrs. 1999 & before tested great on lipids. 9 stents so far since yr 2000. Still great lipids & better on low dose statin. Diabetes & smoking created atherosclerosis not bad lipid readings. Heart attack 12/25/2013 led to 80mg Lipitor prescription reduced to 40mg @ my demand, after 3 months.

Heart rehab (increased exercise weekly) Had to stop 5/10/2014. ENDURANCE GONE, MUSCLE PAIN INCREASED. 170 POUNDS 1/1/2014 to 149 pounds 8/20/2014. Was in great shape before statin increase. Not now.

Cardo dr. said I needed increase to clean out arteries. MISTAKE! Originally thought problems were do type 1 diabetes(automatic neuropathy, anemia), then heart attack, then infected tooth extraction, then Lyme disease. Something new: breathless, swallowing, choking & phlegm residue in throat.

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