Q. My siblings have had varicose veins. I don’t yet, but my legs used to ache from being on my feet too long at work. In addition, I work in areas with tall weeds and need a way to keep ticks from attaching to my legs.
My lady friend suggested pantyhose. Wearing them solved both problems.
A 100 percent nylon leg (ultra sheer) with a control top actually offers better support than expensive support hose.
They itch if I wear them for hours, so I tried wearing them inside out. That improved comfort to such an extent that I forget I’m wearing them. They’re great for eliminating chafing in the thighs when I ride my bike. With a little care I can get two weeks from one pair.

A. We first heard about men wearing pantyhose for leg support several years ago. Your solution may seem a bit unusual, but you are by no means the only man who finds this helpful.
Here’s one reader’s comment: “There is no reason to buy really expensive support hose if you can find a good pair of women’s pantyhose that give the support you’re looking for. I’m a 6-foot tall male who weighs over 200 pounds. I have found two styles that fit and feel great: firm and medium leg toning support. I wear size F.”
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  1. D B

    I have been wearing pantyhose since 2009 after my open heart surgery at the suggest of my Doctor and my Cardiologist to help prevent blood clots and to massage my legs, my VA Doc even supports this as well, my wife has no problem with it and supports me to no end. About a year after I started wearing them, I shaved my legs at my daughters suggestion and started wearing them with shorts, I live in WA State and wear them year round under shorts(even in the snow). I find them very comfortable and a joy to wear, even the ladies in town that know me and my wife tell us my legs should be insured and I tell them they are for $8.00. Not one person in our town of 600 has said a word not made a joke about it, Some of the men have even started wearing them. But not openly yet. I hope that someday they are recognized as men’s clothing as well.

  2. tanklegs

    I love wearing full support pantyhose they fit my legs so nice and very comfortable and they help my bad leg circulation and they totally take care and control my intense back pain.
    I encourage all men to wear them if they need or just want to wear them because they truly work wonders for u and never feel ashamed at all because there is a very high percentage of men wearing them with no problems at all so all men need to do what ever they have to or want to do. No matter what anybody thinks at all.

  3. Scott S

    I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. But I do know what works well in eliminating the swelling in my lower extremities … and it ain’t pantyhose!
    Due to the diagnosis of damaged valving in my veins, I have worn support hose for the past three years. I doubt that “ultra sheer” pantyhose would provide the same degree of support. I also see no added benefit whatsoever in constraining the thigh when most issues occur below the knee.
    I’m also very “snug” (cheap), and would much rather pay ten bucks or more for a good pair of black support hose that last YEARS, over the endless expense of replacing pantyhose. My wife is envious for this reason alone.

  4. Cindy B.

    I really can’t understand why sheer or, especially, “ultra sheer” pantyhose could possibly provide support for varicose veins. You have to get the “support hose” variety of pantyhose, which is thicker and tougher, and fits more tightly, so as to hold in the varicosities and give the leg the structural support it needs. Would this not be correct?

  5. DJG

    Wish I could find pantyhose that fit well! LOL! If I were smart I should start a business making pantyhose for men.

  6. Rick B.

    I know men that have been using panty hose for years in scuba diving including myself. The panty hose provide a couple of advantages – first of all they allow the wet suit to go on substantially easier and it comes off easier. Secondly they keep a person warmer when diving, especially in cooler waters and in cooler weather. I have also seen men use panty hose when using dry suits in extremely cold waters. They look a little strange but they work so who cares how they look.
    Once I started wearing panty hose when I was diving made me realize how smart females were to wear them when bearing their legs in different outfits such as dresses and skirts.

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