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Tramadol Side Effects and Withdrawal are Daunting

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Q. I have been taking Ultracet (tramadol) for several years for back pain. I was taking 100 mg three times a day as prescribed. The pain is better and I tried stopping the tramadol and had a terrible reaction.

I went to my internist who advised that I stop taking the tramadol over a period of time. I am now taking 50 mg three times a day but cannot get any lower than that without experiencing nerve twitches in my legs and intense jitteriness that interferes with my sleep.

Have you heard of similar problems and know of any way to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms without getting hooked on another medication?

A. Tramadol (Ultram, Ultracet, Rybix ODT, Ryzolt) is a strong pain reliever that was originally thought to have opioid-like activity without the same potential to cause addiction as morphine or similar narcotics. To quote the "experts," tramadol was thought to have a "low potential for abuse." In other words, it wasn't supposed to cause physical dependence or produce a "withdrawal syndrome."

It turns out the drug is a lot more complicated than many experts first believed. In addition to its analgesic action via opioid receptors in the brain, tramadol exerts a profound effect on other neurochemistry. That means that brain chemicals like serotonin and norepinehprine are profoundly impacted by tramadol. Sudden discontinuation can bring on a host of symptoms including:

Tramadol Withdrawal:

Anxiety, mood swings, irritability
Brain zaps (shock-like sensations), tingling
Sweating, chills, goose bumps, shivering
Insomnia, sleeping difficulties, nightmares
Flu-like symptoms
Nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite
Hallucinations, unusual thoughts

Some of these symptoms may persist longer than many health professionals realize and there is no one-size-fits-all tapering program. People vary greatly in the way their bodies adapt and recover. It may take several months to gradually wean yourself from tramadol. You should not attempt this on your own. A health professional who understands the complexity of the drug may be essential.

Many of the withdrawal symptoms associated with tramadol are reminiscent of those linked to sudden discontinuation of antidepressants like sertraline (Zoloft), paroxetine (Paxil) or venlafaxine (Effexor). The FDA has not provided physicians with clear guidelines on how to phase off such drugs. We frequently see recommendations like "gradual withdrawal," but no one bothers to provide clear instructions about what that really means. We're really sorry that we don't have any great insight on this process either.

Although many people can relieve their acute or chronic pain with tramadol, here are some symptoms to be aware of while taking this medication.

Tramadol Side Effects:

Nausea, vomiting, indigestion, diarrhea
Drowsiness, dizziness, fatigue
Restless legs
Dry mouth
Sweating, flushing
Loss of appetite
Difficulty sleeping, insomnia
Skin rash
Serotonin syndrome

Please note serotonin syndrome above. This can be a life-threatening situation and can be precipitated if tramadol is combined with other medications such as "triptans" prescribed for migraine headaches or antidepressants that affect serotonin. ALWAYS check with a pharmacist about the drug interactions before combining tramadol with any other medication. To learn more about serotonin syndrome, click here and here!

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  • Currently 4.4/5
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Not Helpful ..... Very Helpful
Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4.4/5 (628 votes)
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I have been on Tramadol or Percocet for the past year and some of the time previous to that for diabetic osteomyelitis. I have been undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy with great success.

However I am allergic to many pain medications as well as tramadol and had to taken benadrylo with it. Later I started having nausea and vomiting with the pain meds as well as the three IV antibiotics for 18 weeks this year.

I wondered if the symptoms I had been having, the N&V, as well as headaches, muscle cramps, jabbing pain and numbness in my leg, had been caused by the meds. I am also fighting cervical degeneration causing headaches, neck, arm and shoulder pain.

Medicaid won't approve a new class of pain med that I might not be allergic to because of the expense and I guess it's not on the formulary.

Probably should have a pharmacist think through this recommendation before posting (!): if "twitchy" and "jittery" are the symptoms that are keeping the poster from being able to get off Tramadol, would additional Magnesium supplementation be part of the solution?

Not sure of what exactly happens with Tramadol w/drawal. Magnesium -- either orally, or transdermal in the form of an epsom salt bath -- calms my legs when they get twitchy.

Tramadol is sometimes effective for treating Restless Legs Syndrome. The brief description of "nerve twitches in my legs" and sleep difficulties suggest the possibility of RLS. The tramadol may have been controlling the RLS until the dose was reduced. Since there is no "test" for RLS, as it is a diagnosis based upon a person's description, a conversation with their doc, or a sleep doc or a Neurologist would be worthwhile.

I take Tramadol occasionally when my back bothers me--the one I have found is that it doesn't help me much unless I take 150mg at a time. The other strange thing was when I first started taking them I would take them before I went to bed-- then they kept me awake for half the night unlike the pain medicine I took when I had my knees replaced.

I never take any Tramadol after 4pm in the afternoon.

I use tramadol, 50mg, 4X daily and have noticed lately that I can't sit still. Since I have a multitude of conditions, with an accompanying multitude of pills, I thought it might be from the thyroid hormone. After reading this article, I think I will reduce my tramadol just a wee bit. Cutting pills will provide the way. I also have a lot of problems with constipation and was wondering if tramadol, along with the other pain meds, could be a contributing factor. Now I know it is. I found this article filled with a ton of information that has to do with me and plan on keeping it.

I took Tramadol for just over 30 days prior to having a hip replacement. I then took them for a week after surgery and then stopped. The withdrawal for me was worse than recovery from the surgery. I had flu like symptoms and was depressed (something I had never experienced). I took about 3 weeks to feel somewhat normal. I would never take this drug again!

Several years ago my dad, age 93, was prescribed tramadol for back pain from compression fractures. He went nuts. He became belligerent, irritable and refused to go to the ER. One of my sisters finally talked him into going, as I was afraid he was stroking. As I was gathering his meds to take to the ER, it occurred to me that this med could be the culprit, but I was too afraid not to take him for evaluation. He was actually clearing mentally soon after our arrival.

The doc said anyone over 60 should not be prescribed this drug. When I asked his PCP about it, he said he gave it routinely to his nursing home patients. Yikes! When I talked to a pharmacist about the drug, he told me about its actions. As a practicing hospice nurse at the time, I was ever after very cautious about its use, especially w/ opioids.

I took Tramadol for about 2 weeks when I injured my back in Dec. 2010 (shoveling). Over a two week period, I was hungry but could not eat!! I lost ten pounds and would NEVER take Tramadol again! Maryann T.

My vet prescribed Tramadol for my cat after knee surgery. It seemed to help the pain, but she got bad tremors from it. She was on Tramadol for about 4 wks for pain, then another 4 wks to wean her off. Not a good experience, but benefits out-weighed problems in this case.

I was on tramadol from August 2011 until April of 2012. (50 ml) as needed. I only took it once a day. I wouldn't allow myself to take it any more then that because I don't like taking pills. Some how I still became addicted to it.

Most of the time I was trying to figure out a way to get myself off of it. It was great for the the recovery but horrifying to get off. The symptoms left me feeling like a drug addict, I even felt like I would loose my mind.

I tried cutting down by taking it every two days that seem to only work for a short term. I did some research on how it connects with your brain and realized I had to trick my brain to start letting go of the chemicals. So I cut the pill in half for 7 days, I then cut the pills again into quarters for another 7 days, again I cut the pills into eights for another seven days. (they were tiny but still effective) Then I took ibuprofen for three days.

It's been two weeks and I have not needed to take another tramadol since. I assume if your on a higher dosage I would add more days so that your brain / body can adjust. I found that after I stopped my body would actually give false symptoms as if I had taken the pill. I would just ignore it. Other times I would get symptoms of withdrawal but they were manageable I would pace around the house a little or just dance it off and then go to sleep.

Because I reduced the dosage to such an extreme I was able to manage any side affects or symptoms that came after. I drank a lot of water to flush my system of all toxins it's only been a couple of weeks but I am in no need of needing to take tramadol. I would only take tramadol again if I had no other choice but at least I know now how to ween myself off. I still get false symptoms but their getting weaker every time.

I take Tramadol 2-3 times a day, but found that the naproxen I also take is the one that causes constipation.

I was prescribed tramadol for fibromyalgia pain as well as pain from my neuropathy & gastroparesis.

I was on it about a month and a half. I decided to quit cold turkey & it's been awful. I suffer from depression, and although I take cymbalta the tramadol somehow worked better. I also happen to b taking lamictal xr, Klonopin, clonidine, gabapentin, & Lyrica. I'm on day 5, when will this nightmare end?

After having a breast lift and augmentation I was prescribed vidocine which made me sick so I called the hospital and they switched me to tramadol. I googled it but only looked up what it was for. I never read about withdrawal. I have been on it for 5 days. All seemed well I had no pain so after 5 days so decided to stop taking it and see how much it would hurt without the drugs. That was at 7am this morning.

It is currently 5:40am I cant sleep and am having tremors with my left arm every 30 to 45 seconds. After reading this blog I took another tramadol and ten minutes later my tremors stopped. I was terrified when they started nothing like that has ever happened. So I googled again and found this blog. It is so crazy you have to ween yourself off something that is suppose to be helping you in a time of need.

I'll be calling my doctor in the morning to see why they would have prescribed this horrible drug to me and what do I do next... ween myself off? How ridiculous! I am a stay at home mother with two young children!

I had some Tramadol 50mg left over from a surgery. I never really used it as over the counter Ibuprofen did the job. Then I tweaked my back severely, and I decided to take 100mg 3 times a day for a few days. And I have been trying to ween myself off for a month now. My withdrawal symptoms are primarily psychological, including severe anxiety, claustrophobia, depression as well as insomnia and heat flashes. I had gotten down to 1/4 of a pill every 24 hrs and that's been about 5 days ago. And while the symptoms are tapering off, I am still having these symptoms severely enough to be debilitating in some cases.

Now some folks may think that I didn't take enough to spawn real symptoms and normally that may be right. But about 6 months ago I had my initial surgery to install some hardware for a broken bone. They prescribed me Hydrocodone. And after 2 week, I was suffering from withdrawal as my doctor didn't warn me of stopping cold turkey. So it took 2 months to ween off of that.

I believe my previous reaction to the hydrocodone conditioned my body to treat the Tramadol in a similar fashion, leading to a much quicker dependency on a much smaller dose. And the funny this is, my doctor KNEW I had issues with the Hydrocodone and didn't warn me of any issues of the Tramadol.

SO.... if you have had any issues with any opiate like drug, then it stands to reason that you can expect your body to remember that and react similarly to Tramadol. One thing that has been helping me with the anxiety and claustrophobia is doing physical activity. Take a walk, run on a treadmill, lift weights, play with the dog. ANYTHING to a) get your pulse pounding naturally and b) focus your mind on the task at hand might help and is beneficial in its own right.

I have been on suboxone for years and recently got off (been off for over a year now) I recently had to get a ton of fillings done because of the erosion and decay sub caused. Nevertheless, my doctor (not dentist) prescribed Tramadol for me as I was getting pain from my ear all the way down to my jaw. It was horrendous. The worst part however, was after a week, I was trying to get off cold turkey and suffered very similar withdrawals as when I got off suboxone-Restless arms and legs, chills, nausea, dry heaving and cough, sneezing non stop.

I could not believe here is a drug that supposedly is not a narcotic. How could tramadol though not be considered one especially considering that although it only may bind weakly to the mu receptor, it still does, whether it acts selective or not, I'm not sure of. Tramadol may also have antagonistic and agonist values, unlike pure opiates, but more like suboxone. It also releases serotonin and acts as an SSRI and Norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. I'm just shocked by the lack of either knowledge doctors are receiving when they learn about drugs such as tramadol through either drug sales rep, or taking courses so they can prescribe medicines like suboxone with no clue for the most part of what they are actually prescribing.

I hope for the best for anyone suffering from Tramadol withdrawals. I know that doctors refute the fact many times that Tramadol can cause WD symptoms. Those more prone to exhibit WD after even short term cessation are individuals who genetically have potentially low serotonin levels, have prior history of drug addiction/dependency (I use addiction loosely as we all know sometimes many people post op taking heavy duty drugs build tolerances they can't control and need more of the drug to relieve chronic pain.

Tramadol is a mysterious, and yet dangerous drug in my opinion because it seems many are dealing with issues getting off it, whether a combination of psychosomatic, and physiological or both. The mind and body work in sync many of times. This may just be one specific case that it does.

I had been taking Tramadol 2 years for chronic pain, then I needed to up my dose from 50 mg tabs 3 x a day to 50 mg 4 x a day, but my doc would only prescribe me the Tramadol ER 200 mg once a day. The Tramadol ER did not work at all for me and I experienced withdrawal within hours of taking the Tramadol ER. This is very dangerous when you don't know what is happening, it was day 3 of taking the ER tabs that I figured it out, on day 4 I did not take a ER tab and by that time I was over the worst of it.

I called my doc 3 days in a row and explained to them I was very ill from the Tramadol ER tabs. I got no response until day 6. I am going to find a new doctor after that BS. I have digestive issues and my guess is that I poop out the Tramadol ER tabs before they dissolve. Its been 3 weeks since I have taken any Tramadol and all the pain is back and I have headaches everyday now.

I do not want to take the Tramadol again because of the withdrawal and I am also still having withdrawal systems. I did feel a lot better when I took the Tramadol 50 mg tabs, but I don't want to have to take that my whole life.

I just got off the phone with my doctor regarding terrible withdrawal symptoms. She said tramadol does not cause withdrawal and didn't believe me! It's about time doctors get educated about this drug and it's side effects.

@Julie H
I think that is your doctor simply covering her ass. With everyone being sue-happy these days, I bet it was a knee-jerk reaction to claim ignorance. But nonetheless, I'd consider finding another physician and letter her know why. She's more interested in asserting her opinion than listening to her patient.

I will say I have been off them since Sept 22nd and not feeling any adverse side effects now, but I've only been about 3-4 days withdrawal-free. It gets better people, stay strong, stay active and have faith that you are stronger than you think. Having the knowledge that others have suffered as much or worse than I was a motivational factor for keeping off them. Though I only suffered the psychological effects, not the physical manifestations as some have (so who knows how I'd be if I had those too).

I'm currently in a hot bath with my cell phone reading this webpage. Its day two since Ive stopped taking tramadol after being on it for 2-3me months for chronic pain. This stuff is terrible!! I've had 3to hours of sleep in the last 56 hours. Flu like symptoms. Sweats, fevers, RLS, irritability, tingling, nausea, phantom goes on people. I can't believe my doctor gave me this med for long term pain management. I'm going to seriously consider medical weed! I used to smoke it daily for fun and when I didn't have any for a few days I never felt close to anything like I do right now! Now that I'm a father of two boys and have not smoked pot for years... I can't believe I'm considering weed as medication! That is how messed up it is when coming off tramadol. I'm just so totally wrecked right boils my blood!

I have been taking Tramadol for about 8 months and I've got up to 500 mgs. I have tried in the past to go cold turkey and I did but had terrible withdraws. One thing was my skin literally hurt to be touched I had jerks at night when trying to sleep. Once again I have about 50 pills left and no more coming until the end of the month. I want to just quit but so scared of the withdraws they are awful! Any suggestions?

Did you wean off? How long were you on them originally? In a similar situation myself and am open for advice.

Don't just go cold turkey... or you'll have physical or mental manifestations (or both) that will make you wish you hadn't. Decrement the dosage by 1/4 pill every few days OR increase the time in between dosages. That's something you don't need a medical person to help you through. But I would highly recommend keeping a journal of when you take them, how much and any associated symptoms.

As for weed.... I've seriously considered that over the years for a variety of ailments. I say go for it, kids or no kids. If my son ever knew I smoked weed, I'd just tell the truth as to why.

It's tough. I've had kidney stones several times and I'd welcome those over having to deal with the withdrawal symptoms of this crap! Hang in there folks, you will get better, just stay the course and stay strong!

I have been taking tramadol for two years. First it was prescribed to me as a pain killer, then I used it for fun as I loved being high on it. The first withdrawals were awful sine I didn't know what they were. Worst were the sleepless nights with twitchy legs. I tried to get my sleep by taking Xanax but that only made it worse. But then I tried stilnox and it worked wonders.

These days, when I get off tramadol, I take 50 mg on the first morning. That night I'm exhausted and sleep like a log. The following two days I know I'll be tired and grumpy. Contrary to all instincts going swimming or to the gym helps. At night I take one pill of stilnox and sleep about six hours which allows me to get up reasonably fresh in the morning. On day four I still feel a bit tired but thanks to the good sleep I am reasonably rested. That night I usually sleep without problems but I keep a pill of stilnox on my bedside, just in case. And that is pretty much it.

The week after stopping tramadol I might feel a bit moody but the whole affair is worlds apart from the horrors of unassisted withdrawal. This might not help everybody but I'm sure some of you might find some relief with this method. Good luck!

I have been taking Ultram for over five years. I never abused the drug and never took more than prescribed. The highest dosage that I was ever on was eight a day. After taking the drug for about a year, I quit cold turkey for about three months. My shoulder pain soon returned and I started taking it again. I had no problem quitting after a year so I figured that it was not very addictive. Boy, was I wrong. I had taken Lortab for a year before starting Ultram and quit cold turkey, no problems. I then tried a stint of Effexor, to help heal nerve ending's, we thought.

It was pretty rough getting off of that, but it only took about a month. About a year ago, I started dropping my dosage of Ultram. I went from eight to six a day. I experienced sleeplessness, bowel problems, night sweats. restless legs. The worst being the way that the medicine messes up your brain chemicals that allow you to sleep. I trudged on and after two months. I cut the dosage to four a day. Two months later, I went to two a day. Two months later, I went to one a day.

It worked better for me to cut the pills in half and take half in the morning and half at night. That is still where I am at after a year. The withdrawal is easing up quite a bit and sometimes I just take a half a pill a day, at night. I itch like crazy at night and that is one of the side effects and still sleep only every other day. The seratonin levels are really messed up with this drug. I do see light at the end of the tunnel as the buzzing is subsiding daily.

I hope this information helps someone who is trying to get off of this drug. The main thing is, don't hurry. You can do it over time but allow yourself and your body a chance to regroup. Good luck and God Bless

I had severe chronic migraines for over 15 years. My Dr started me with norcos and then that just kept increasing the mlg and dosage for almost 7 months. So she also added morphein. I was taking 4 morhein 60 mlg and 3 norcos 7.5 mlg in between the morpheins. I was taking this for a year as prescribed. I never had a headache since. I would go see my Dr every month when it was time for refills and I mentioned my I was divorcing so she puts me on zoloft too once a day.

I recently lost my job of 8 years. I go to see my Dr at refill time to find out I have no more insurance. My Dr had a cow trying to tell me how dangerous it is to quit cold turkey. I was confused and that's when I learned about withdrawals... I thought I would be ok. Holy smokes people it crashed down on me on the second day. I was a wreck. Shaking, sweating, chills and insomnia. I didn't get sleep for 5 days then the vomiting began. I vomited for 3 days all day and all night. I haven't had nothing to eat since this all started.

My neighbor finally called the police. Cops gave me no choice. They took me to the hospital. I had all kinds of needles in both my arms. I finally fell asleep there and its almost been 9-10 days with no sleep or food. They sent me home and I felt better but I still felt so ill. So my buddy gave me Tramadol to ease the pain of withdrawals. It is working. I feel no withdrawals like I did so I want to stop this pill but I'm having the God awful rls and it wont let me sleep. I was taking 2 a day but I'm weening off it... I only took half of Tramadol to stop my legs tonight. I just want to be free of all this stuff but I'm scared this Tramadol is starting a whole new withdrawal symptom.. I cant believe what I am going through.

They only question I have is how long does the rls last and is it the Tamadol. PLUS now I have brain zaps.. How much longer till it all stops? Ive been on this withdrawal since Sept. 23rd. I never in my life could believe this and why didnt the Dr tell me before hand about withdrawals? All pills are horrible and I will never touch them again..

I am so glad I found this website. I thought I was seriously sick until it finally dawned on me that my "sickness" started right after I stopped taking Tramadol. I had been on 100 mg three times a day for about 2 months. My need for it (the pain) was long gone, but I had continued to take it "recreationally" at the same dose. I had heard it was completely non-addictive, so I never thought twice about stopping cold turkey. I had done that in the past after being prescribed Vicodin or Percocet for a couple of sports injury-related surgeries. I was a little sad when those had ran out, but never had any withdrawal symptoms.

But when I stopped the Tramadol, I became very, very sick. I went to the urgent care doctor after a few days and was told I must have just had a virus. But the symptoms just weren't going away. I had terrible body aches, severe chills, and lost my appetite. But the worst part by far was the feeling in my legs and feet. It started out as sort of an "antsy" feeling that I couldn't get past, but progressed to full blown restless leg syndrome, and insomnia to go along with it. I also became very depressed and felt hopelessness like I never had felt before in my life.

I am currently on day 10 with no Tramadol, and although things have improved tremendously, there are still withdrawal symptoms present. The flu-like feeling is gone, but my legs are still very restless and I'm still having trouble sleeping without Benadryl. Like I said, I just finally Googled "Tramadol withdrawal" on a whim, and found that so many others had gone through this. I was seriously afraid that I had Lyme Disease or cancer or something really bad because of the lingering symptoms.

I feel so much better now, and I'm encouraged by the number of people who have said that the withdrawal only lasts a few weeks. I can't wait to get back to feeling normal again. If nothing else, this experience has made me seriously reconsider my "recreational" use of anything that gets prescribed to me. One thing is for sure. I'll NEVER touch Tramadol again!

I have been suffering with tramadol withdrawal and finally figured it out with the help of the internet. I found that many of your posts have helped me a lot. I am just checking in to see how everyone is doing. I feel very connected to tramadol is NOT supposed to be addictive... I hope everyone is doing better.

I was on tramadol for 15 years for FLS and chronic back and neck pain. Unexpectedly suddenly my Doc stopped it. I knew I was going to go through hell and I did for maybe 2 weeks. I went through all of the withdrawal symptoms. I made it through. It's been 4 months but I would much rather be back on it knowing how it effects me and my problems. My RLS has been severe since before taking this. Tried everything for it.This worked and takes pain to manageable level. I would rather take this and face withdrawals again than the pain I have 24/7 now.

I was just prescribed Tramadol after going to the ER for chest pain, fluttering in my chest, and tightness in my chest. I took 1 50mg tablet at 9 pm and it is now 8 am and I'm still feeling it like I just took it I was not able to sleep. I'm not sure if I should keep taking it I feel like I have just taken some caffeine pills with rock-star chasers. I've read the posts on here and feel like I have nothing to complain about you guys and gals have it way rougher than I just wanna know if this is normal from the very first dose ever taken normal pain meds have never done this to me and this stuff makes me feel as if I have been bitten by a million mosquitoes its unbearable. Any input would be great

Thank you

I have been using tramadol for several years now, and one of the first and most pronounced withdrawal symptoms I experience is restless legs. In fact, it's the fear of suffering the RLS that keeps me using the tramadol. I'm sure it can treat RLS, but it most certainly makes the RLS much worse upon stopping the use of the drug

I have been on tramadol over 9 years. It's a drug that is so hard to stop, the withdrawal symptoms are also unbearable. I need help.

I'm lying on the couch wondering if this hideous rash that I have just broken out in (from head to knee) is something to do with my attempt to reduce my tramadol intake. I'm so over the nausea and vomiting; sweats; restless legs, feet and arms; insomnia; muscle aches and I'm fairly certain my partner is over my mood swings! 100mg twice a day for chronic back pain - new GP is trying to reduce my intake to 100mg a day until they figure out what to do with my back, and I am finding the cut back ridiculously hard. It's been five days and I can only cope with cutting back to 150 mg or I am unable to work. Seems impossible at the moment but I will get there eventually.

The first time I leared that I had developed a dependency was after I skipped a day and woke up the following morning with what I thought was the flu. Not sure why, but I googled tramadol withdrawal and after reading the symptoms thought I'd humor myself and take a dose to see if it would change the way I was feeling. Voila! Two hours later I was well. I told my former GP of this and he laughed it off - saying the dose I was taking was hardly habit forming.

I was perscribed Tramadol for 4 months for kidney stones. I had stents put in my kidneys until they could do the blasting. I took 400mgs a day (100mgs 4x day). They took me off of it when I went into the hospital this month for surgery but put me on Dalodid for a week every 6 hours. I stopped all pain meds the day after surgery. I am home a week now and have been sooooooooooo depressed! Facial ticks, muscle spasms, diarrhea (comes and goes), deep depression, skin hurts to the touch, flu like symptoms,insomnia, and the list goes on!!!

I am taking Cymbalta and have been on it for a number of years for migraines (that I don't have any longer). I want to get off of it too but that is a whole different story!! These doctors have no idea what they have put us through with medication that even THEY wouldn't take!!!

I was prescribed Tramadol for a frozen shoulder. I am allergic to ibuprofen and any of its relatives. I was told it was non-narcotic and was better for me than hydrocone which sometimes made me nauseous. I took only one of the doses recommended daily-at bedtime. I had the best night's sleep I had in a long time. I am post menopausal so it was a relief to not get up in the middle of the night to urinate! When I tried to stop after only 3 days I became very agitated and impatient. I felt angry, like I was jumping out of my skin and very lifeless at the same time. My doctor told me I as withdrawing and to come off it with 1/2 pills.

I ignored the advice and just stopped. Now a year later I have a fractured knee. Again an ortho doc this time, wanted to give me Tramadol. I told him that 18hrs after I take one I feel terrible. He said that is not usual and I could tell he did not believe me. I did take it a couple of times and on of those times I was miserable the next day. After reading these posts, I am tempted to empty the bottle into the toilet. I hope that enough people persist in telling their doctors what harm this drug is doing -so they will think twice before prescribing it!

This is nonsense and tramadol has helped so much for me. There are heinous drugs out there. But this is not one of them. Works for me and I am so grateful. When nothing has helped, this one did. And does. If your body doesn't like it, stop it, and move on.


Everyone is different. For some it works great. For others, not so well. Anyone who decides to discontinue tramadol must do so under medical supervision with gradual withdrawal. Sudden discontinuation could lead to severe side effects!

I've gone cold turkey from Vicodin and tried with the Tramadol and the Tramadol withdrawal side affects are twice as bad and last twice, if not three times as long. This isn't conventional but it worked for me. I started taking the Vicodin in place of Tramadol for a week or so and then quit the Vicodin. I had an uncomfortable couple days but nothing like the Tramadol hell. Its weird because my Dr gets nervous prescribing Vicodin, but prescribes Tramadol like candy. Says the Tramadol is better for "long term" pain. I told him he needs to pay more attention to what the people taking them say and less to the people selling it..

My doctor prescribed Tramadol for migraines in March 2012. Because I had been taking up to 8 excedrin a day he felt the Tramadol would be much better. After about 4 months I started feeling like crap and couldn't figure out why. He had also given me Effexor XR 150 mg and I thought that was why I was feeling so crappy. I stopped the Effexor and the crappy feeling continued. Flu like pains, bottom of feet hurting something terrible, sweating then chills, feeling like I was going to crawl out of my skin...... then had to go see a psychiatrist and he said this feeling was a normal part of my depression issues.

Bull shit...I have tried several times not to take the Tramadol and same thing as above. When I say the hell with it and take the Tramadol against my better judgement, I feel better. Pretty obvious the problem is the Tramadol and I have no idea how to get off this stuff. My doctor told me not to take it more than 3 days a week. Right doc...... Fine for you to say but shame on all the medical people that get people hooked on this awful shit.

I have no idea where to go from here. I thought getting off Xanax was horrible. That was a piece of pie compared to this crap. Good luck to everyone and wish me luck too. Appears we have a tough road to travel........

Have been on Tramadol for 7 months--during illness and then post-op. The past 2 months I've been reducing drug intake as frequently as possible to get down from 250 mg daily. Was down to 1x100 mg slow release daily. Then switched to 37.5 tramacet, chopped into halves, taking them every 3.5 hours to try to replicate the slow release pill. Sweats started immediately, as did the jaw clenching and anxiety and aggression/mood swings. No sleep.

Also have unbearable gas pain in abdomen, but this could be post-surgery, or maybe all the healthy flora in my intestines has been destroyed? I decided yesterday morning that if I am going to have withdrawal symptoms regardless, it's time to stop completely. I'm on Day 2, and I'll be going to my doctor's today for a sleep aid and something to help with anxiety. At this point, all I can do is hold on for the ride, and ask my family to be patient! I'm so upset that a non-opiate drug can be so horrible to kick. Did it help with my pain? YES. But I quit drinking 3.5 years ago as a health choice and the irony is that I'm now saddled with a drug withdrawal. I never abused this drug--only taking as absolutely necessary.

We need to educate our doctors and the drug makers that this IS NOT to be taken without big warnings. And drug reduction/weaning--as in my case--only gets you partway there.

for me epom salt baths five times a day help a little. I took 2mg of CLONazepsm and only sleep 4.5 hrs I'm calling my doc for a 6 day steroid pack I think it helps with the restless legs last time when I had shoulder promblems.

I am 23 years old been on tramadol for 3 years. Finally came to realize how horrible it is. My doctors told me it had no withdrawals and was not a narcotic or habit forming. I am now only 14 hours sober from it but I already feel like hell I'm very weak hot flashes and a migraine. Idk what to do with myself I have a 2 year old baby girl what do I do. Is this going to get worse? What vitamins can I take to help me I'm scared and crying. This is horrible.

My doctor put me on tramadol a few years ago for back pain. I really thought something was really wrong with me. I didn't want to go with the family anywhere, and never wanted to leave my bedroom. I called my doctor, and he said tramadol isn't addictive. I was dumb enough to believe him. But I finally did my own research and found out that taking the drug may be the worst thing I have ever done.

When I quit taking them, I couldn't sleep for the first 3 days: my legs would not quit moving, and I had the craziest thoughts. I had a full bottle, 120 pills, and I sat them where I could see them. I knew that if I took even one, I wouldn't be able to quit. After 6 days, I started getting better. It was really the first three that were the worst. To get through it, I drank water, and took lots B12, B6, iron, and my multi vitm.

This drug should be banned. I pray that you get better soon. Living on tramadol isn't living. God Bless you. I pray your pain stops and soon.

I would say the first thing is know to what the drug does to you personally . I think your age and pain tolerance is the main factor. What ever amount you are taking try cutting it in half and if you can take ibuprofen tell your doctor to give you 800 mg 3 times a day. A positive "yes I can" attitude is the only way to get off of this crap. You have to look at it as if you are climbing a very scary hill in which once you start you must not stop.

This stuff works on your thoughts more than healing the problem. I took 50mg 2 times a day for a shoulder impingement and low back pain after two months it didn't work so my doctor said take 4 pills a day. My soul and spirit just felt like it was in limbo. If you can do any kind of physical therapy with out making more pain you have to push your self but don't hurt your self just try to make one step at a time.

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: The dose of ibuprofen you have suggested may be too high for some people. Physical therapy as appropriate and working with the prescriber to taper off the drug are certainly good.

I am sitting here in the midle of the night doing this. I have been on tramadol for 9 months after having a hip replacement,in april 2012. I am getting my other hip replaced early 2013.

I decided yesterday to go cold turky. I have tried a few times. I cant sleep, twitching, pains in all my joints,head aches, this is the first time I have looked for help.

Its the 22/12/12 I am not going to get any other medication off the doctor untill after christmas. What do you recommend try the cold turky or not.


NOT!!! Do not go off tramadol "cold turkey." The withdrawal is likely to be very unpleasant and possibly dangerous. Discuss this with your physician and make this a team project. It is not a do-it-yourself kind of thing.

I was put on tramadol for back pain because codeine was not really touching it. Within a week I was taking more than necessary because of the 'high'. I realised this was stupid and dangerous so threw them away. For three days now I have been nauseous and twitchy and have had weird dreams. I know this will pass and that what I am going through is nothing compared with most people on here are, but I will never take this again

My doc gave me a script for tram, I have taken it for a week, should I stop now before I am addicted? I am very scared... the doc told me to finish the script, but now I am scared.

Your doctor is an idiot! After you being on Tramadol for 15 years,You cant just suddenly stop like that. And HE should especially know this. You can go through seizures and horrific W/Ds. He should put you on a s-l-o-w taper process. I cant believe that

Your doctor is an idiot. HE of all people should know that after taking Ultram for 15 years,he shouldn't stop giving this to you suddenly.He should taper you off S-L-O-W-L-Y over time. You could have seizures and horrific W/D symptoms. I'd definitely find a new doc. Good luck to you.

I'm so glad I came across this as I see now I'm not going crazy or am a hypochondriac. I have been on the max dose of tramodol now for five years and went to my doctor to get a stronger script. I have serious back and neck problems along with arthritis. My doc prescribed percocets instead of tramodol, and am wondering why he did not mention to ween off the tramadol.

I seem to have all the symptoms that most are mentioning and then some. So I just wanted to ask if people were experiencing some of the symptoms that I feel are not so common. Does anyone have trouble with speaking? I stutter now from time to time or seem to have problems getting the words out. Also my legs feel so heavy that I can't hardly move around. Now I know that it may be possible that these could be symptoms from my back and neck problems but thought it would be good to ask. I also have quite severe pain in my right shoulder as if it was being pulled out of its socket, this is accompanied by the restlessness, extreme pain and fatigue in my legs and rest of body. This is absolute hell and I would not wish this on anyone.
Please let me know if anyone else feels these symptoms.
Thank you!

I've been taking 300mg of tramadol for a spinal growth for 3-4 years with no visible side affects until recently. I've survived on 3 hours sleep and can't sleep at night. I tried staying up all night then going to bed early the next night but once in bed my mind was racing. I don't know if its the tramadol or stress related (my car recently broke down and I only have 5 days left on the hire car but can't afford to repair or rehire, I also need a car for mine and my partners work).

I'm dreading speaking to my doctor as the last time I went to see him he suggested I switch to gabapentin which did nothing for the pain and gave me some seriously dark thoughts and lucid nightmares. So I gave them up and went back to tramadol. I've tried to ween myself off them but the moment I miss a day I'm crippled with pain, feel sick and like someone previously mentioned I feel like a druggie.

So here we go again, 60 hours awake, 5 more days until car goes back and I'm supposed to be back to work.

Everyone is different but for me I have never had any "bad" withdrawal symptoms when just stopping tramadol. I abused it for about 13-15 months often 750 milligrams most days. Then,when I felt no real pain benefits for both knees and hip problems I just went quickly to about 300 milligrams and stopped. Benzo's certainly helped as does neurontin but also positive re- enforcement from 2 surgeons, my internist, and 2 great pharmacists convinced me nothing worse than some insomnia or headaches would maybe hit me.

Bottom line, I got off within 7-9 days and only had brief episodes of insomnia and extra knee pain. Still, I would never want that anxiety and fear that stopping Tramadol gave me. Stay away from it if you are a past or present drug abuser. For others just stay on prescribed dose. None of the folks I met in NA or drug friends even thought tramadol was close to true opiates like percs or vicodin. Just stay away from horror stories as these are the people who post very frequently and can be ridiculous! Like 2 weeks or 1 month causing terrible withdrawal! C'mon now, stay positive and stay away from doing a major and foolish number on yourself. I tell the truth. Smoking is easily much much harder to quit. And never use street drugs. You know the ones such as king heroin... that has 100% withdrawal hell but even that is for only a few miserable days.

I never was an addict before so I am relaying my story along with some terrific and highly educated folks in both NA and AA (not a drinker but great knowledge is there about pills etc. Make 2013 your best year. It is totally possible.

I had cervical fusion surgery about 6 weeks ago. I don't do well with any vicodan type painkiller. I was given Tramadol to take 50 mg every four hours. I took them as prescribed for the first three and half weeks and my prescription was done. I got it refilled by my surgeon after my check at this time. It was for 50 mg every 6 hours at that time. I was taking it about every five hours for another 3 weeks. At this time the pain was gone or at least manageable. So I quit taking them cold turkey.

Right afterward I started having problems with sleeping and RLS. Starting to go nuts. I took another pill a little while ago after a second night night of not being able to sleep. It seems like it might be going away for the first since I quit taking the pills. Talking to my GP tomorrow to see if he will write a refill so I can start tapering down. This sucks.

I have been on tramadol for three years now. It was a wonder drug as far as my RA. And it gave me tons of energy... something that is otherwise non-existent with Rheumatoid arthritis. Recently, I have been needing to take more of the medication for any relief but the relief that comes seems very short lived, and I find myself looking at the clock, anxious for my next dose. There are days also when it's seems to not work at all, and I forget my dose. When I first weaned myself off the drug, I had horrible symptoms... but I don't think that would be the case this time, as when I've forgotten, it wasn't the WD symptoms to remind me, but my typical RA pain. I think that it becomes ineffective after long term use... if it has lost it's effectiveness, the WD symptoms seem non existent. I lost weight on this drug, but suddenly started gaining weight after the drug started to lose its effectiveness.

Wish I'd known all this while I was working off this. I went from percocet, to vicodin, to tramadol over the last 6 months. I ended on the tramadol cause the doc said "non addictive, non-narcotic." I was down to 2 a day, and then stopped - no pain, no tramadol, right? Hah.. I'm an athlete and have had restless legs from exertion, but nothing like this. Last night was one - slept fine, tonight I went to 1/2 after not being able to lay still. Waiting an hour and trying to go back to bed. I only have 3 1/2 left, so that's the end of the road. Hope this weening works.

Don't take it!! I only took it for a few month for back pain.... 50mg. twice a day. I was told I could go up to 200 mg. a day but I never did, thank goodness, even though the 100mg. wasn't working as well as it was at first. I started having stomach pain and decided to quit. No one had told me how addictive it was, even at my low dose.... I'm a lightweight when it comes to medications. No one had told me to wean off of it, so I just stopped taking it and got very sick! After going on line I realized that I needed to come off slowly. It was hell and my pain was twice as bad after I quit the Tramadol as it was before I took it. I was off of it for 3 months.
We moved and my new doctor told me that if I took the orally disintegrating tablets that I wouldn't get the stomach pain so I agreed to try it because my back was hurting so bad. Once again I was only taking 100mg a day and I started getting burning abdomen from it. It's been about 6 weeks and I'm once again weaning myself off of it. I should have stayed off of it the first time.

I unfortunately have had a few run ins with surgeries over my shorter life and have gone through the usual suspects of different pain relievers. Hydrocodone of all degrees, Oxycodone, Oxycotin (hated these) and others for my pre and post op treatments. I also have gone through another set of attempting to find a way to deal with my chronic pain from my hips (while also going to PT, chiropractic, acupuncture, and other forms of sports medicine) such as amatriptaline, nuerotin, gabapentin and finally Tramadol. He prescribed 1-2 50mg/ 3-4 times per day as needed. When I first took this drug I was stoked!

It was if ibuprofen got a make over and started working the way it used to. I didn't get any of the "happy feelings" that the stronger narcotics gave, and was able to think clearly. Basically I thought I had found a drug that could get rid of my every burning pain that limits my 27 year old body's ability, with out the scary numbing business.

Well, let me say, I MUCH rather wish I was still on the other stuff. I never had a problem beyond the missing of the relief and happy space, which would only last a few days anyway. Tramadol on the other hand... One weekend a few months ago, I ran out on a Sunday and it was horrible. I was hot I was cold, I couldn't sleep, but when I was asleep I unknowingly would flail in the bed and kick my poor boyfriend in the back... and that was with an ambien!

My new doctor (we moved states) doesn't want me to take it all because of my nasty side effects of nausea and sometimes extreme vomiting, which I agree with, so I figured I had 80 50mg pills left and I would just space them out and wean off.. Well.. weaning didn't work and I now am at 36 hours with out it and my boyfriend literally at 4 am made himself a bed on the couch because I was so restless and soaked in sweet and chills at the same time. I don't know what else to do. The other part is now I don't have anything AT ALL for my hip pain.

While I am not trying to just replace one drug with another, I would take one of the "more dangerous" pills less frequently if it meant I didn't have to go through this. It also seems that no one knows how long this is going to last.

I can tell you as a full time student taking 18 credit hours plus working 2 serving jobs, I don't have time to feel like this. Any herbal or vitamin supplements anybody suggests? Any long term pain management ideas that don't include having you body become dependent on something you didn't even feel normal on?

I was diagnosed glandular fever positive November 2012. This lead to arthropthy (viral reactive arthritis) I've been prescribed regular tramadol 50mg 3 times a day - double dose if pain is bad. I've been keeping a pain diary as in fifty percent of cases this arthropthy is permanent. My pain seemed to slowly fade so I felt able to abandon the need to take tramadol. I tried to leave doses as far apart as I could tolerate withdrawal symptoms. My last tramadol was Wednesday 13 Feb. Tea time on the 14th of Feb I instantly came down with flu like symptoms.

Virtually no sleep due to restless legs, sweats then chills. My nose Is red raw. I will not give in!!! It's tough omg. I have come off true opiates easier (chronic sciatica/spondylitis) Whilst the tramadol has done what was required pain relief wise it had left me with shocking withdrawal symptoms. I'm drinking wine tonight in a hope that I can effectively knock myself out and have a half decent rest. The bottom line.... My GP will be informed of this plain agony in a hope that others won't go through the same "without due warning". Best of luck all you guys dealing with this and trying to get off tramadol. YOU CAN DO IT !!! X

All hope is not lost :>) After seven years on this drug, I can finally say that I am off of it. It took a year to wean myself off of it but it worked. It took six weeks alone to wean myself off of a half a tablet a night so that will tell you how powerful its draw is. Remember, go slow. Cut pills in half and don't be disappointed if you fail a few times. It has been over a month now so I have licked it but I do still have some sleep complications from taking it. It really messes up the seratonin levels in your brain. Good luck to all and remember, you can do it. I feel so much better with more energy now.

I've been on Tramadol for a broken bone for over a week now.

I wasn't feeling too well on it, nausea and stomach pains and like everyone else here... hard to get to sleep, with jumps in the nite and when I did sleep exhausting dreams. I decided to stop taking it. That nite I was exhausted and went to bed at 8pm (unheard of for me) slept til 4am when I woke feeling like I was going to die. My heart was sooo slow, blood pressure definitely down, I felt very sick, had an almost fever, sweats and dizzy head. I was on the toilet more times than not.

That morning I got a call to have a dye injected MRI and also had a dinner date that nite, so consumed some red wine thinking it would be ok. I didn't have a lot of wine but it has left me on Day 3 of not taking Tramel, with exhaustion, vertigo, headaches, achy body, non stop toilet visits, can't be bothered doing a thing even thinking is too hard to do. I just have no focus... feel bleary eyed and vague. I found I couldn't put words together feeling like it was affecting my speech at times. I couldn't seem to shape my mouth to speak. I am so out of sorts its not funny.

This drug DOES have withdrawals. Prior to this I have never had any of these issues. So something was definitely not right with his drug and I will never take it again.

I have been on tramadol for about 2 years now. Take 1 50mg every 6 hours for a botched hernia surgery which causes chronic pain. Sometimes when the pain is bad I take more. Thus I expire my script sometimes a few days before it can be refilled. In those days I don't have it I experience sleeplessness, flu like symptoms and irritability. But this only lasts for me for a few days.

It works better for me than Vicodin. I have gone through percocet withdrawal many years prior and I can tell you that this is mild compared to opiate withdraw. I tried to stop taking it to see how I would fair, but after a week the pain was too bad and had to refill the script. To me this right now is the only safe solution to my chronic pain that works. It works the same as any opiate type pain reliever, adhering to the opiate receptors in the brain. But because it doesn't give you a euphoric high, they don't label it as controlled substance or narcotic. But it will definitely still give you withdrawal symptoms!

Having suffered the worst night ever, I was glad to read the feedback on this site. I am recovering from a shoulder operation and was given tramadol. I took 1 x 50mg for 7 nights. Last night I made the decision to stop taking them. I cannot believe the night I suffered. I experienced severe leg pains with shocking shooting pains in my groin area. My legs moved the whole night involuntarily, my eyes were dry, my body really hot, headaches. I spent most the night moving and strangely felt a little better in the fetal position. I felt aggressive and wanted scream really loudly. I have ever experienced or felt like this before. This is the first time I have taken tramadol. I will never let it cross my lips ever again. Nightmare...

I am now taking multi vitamins in the hope of riding my body of this drug. I hate the thought of taking pills, paracetamol is the only thing I will take now. People need to be more aware of the side effects of this drug.

I've been on tramadol for over 4 years now due to ruptured disc or small tumor-MRI is not sure which-also take long acting narcotic and meloxicam. The tramadol works very well. I take 100mg 4X per day. Sure, any time I've missed doses I get the brain zaps within 18 hours, but I have no intention of stopping this drug since it helps so much. I find it best to take regularly on schedule and keep a constant, even blood level. In my opinion, it's a great drug for pain and I have no noticeable side effects any longer. I give it a thumbs up. If and when the time ever comes to stop, I'll just do it very, very gradually. This is one drug that is foolish and potentially dangerous to stop cold turkey

I took Tramadol, 400mgs a day, for four years for chronic neck and back problems. ion was told it was a safe way to manage long term pain and not habit forming. When I wanted to stop, the severe withdrawal took me completely by surprise.
As of today I'm totally off - I took my last 50mgs yesterday. Even with tapering from 400 to 300 to 200 etc I feel awful. I have a temporary rx for very low dose Valium which is making the nights barely survivable.

It's an outrage that this drug has been marketed as a non-addictive long term option for pain mgmt. I've got 3 young kids and I'm staggering through my day with brain shocks, chills, sweats, horrible edginess and impossible mood swings. A frickin coffee commercial made me cry. I'm a total mess.

I know I'll get through this and I have a supportive new doctor. I hope this message will help someone else. I feel for all of you. Gonna go cry some more...

This is really helping, reading this. I'm 67 and I've been on tramadol about eight years for osteoarthritis and neuropathy. Suddenly a new dentist said "You don't need so much medicine" and told me to stop it, and told my primary doctor to refuse to refill it, after eight years. I think they really believe this "non-addictive" stuff. For me, in addition to the pain, it's sleeplessness, diarrhea, chills, and I'm still taking 150 mg a day because I haven't run out yet. I read somebody above who said their "skin hurt" and it DOES. My primary doctor has refused to see me or talk to me about it, so I can't do the withdrawal with the help you recommend. So you all are IT for me.

I am so relieved to have found this site. I have Been taking Tramodol for at least six years, along with Cocodamal 30/500 and Citalopram 10mg. for anxiety. I'm always tired, can't wait to get to bed at night, and feel generally demotivated. I know I don't require all this pain relief! I was a registered nurse before retiring and should no better. But I'm terrified of the side effects when I start to cut down and don't know how to approach it. My G.P. is a lovely guy and will prescribe me anything practically! It all started prior to a knee replacement which has been fantastic, so why do I think I need these? My foggy brain tells me it's for headaches, and to make me feel better generally. I'm in such a pickle. Has anyone any suggestions? I've brought a tablet cutter so there's a start. Sally

I really think this is what I must do! I won't bore you with the history but I started taking them for knee pain about six years ago. I know that they are the reason for me not wanting to do anything! I'm so demotivated. I'm in bed now thinking I need just to concentrate on getting off the bloody things! Instead I always put it off for another day. But not today. I'm determined now after reading that the doom and gloom will lift eventually !

I am a 55yr old male who has cold turkeyed off of Vicodin 3 times. At my worst, I was taking 25 of the Vicodin Extra Strength at a time. I could get a bottle of 100 on a Monday, and Tues afternoon be needing more. I had a system of 2 yellow pages books one turned to pharmacies and the other to Doctors. It was easy for me to get it cause I have some hardware in my knee from a knee surgery. I cold turkeyed it.

Now I am addicted to Tramadol (50mg) capsules which you can buy otc here in the Philppines. I am back to 25 (50mg) Tramadol at a time. I am really scared. I have had Grand Mal seizures from cold turkeying off of Xanax and ended up with a non-depressed skull fracture from falling and cracking my head on a cement floor.

I really want to be pill free for the first time in a long time, But I am afraid of the seizures I am reading about from quitting cold turkey. I also realize I was very lucky to not have a seizure from the high doses of the Tramadol. This HAS got me so Scared about detoxing from Tramadol which I MUST DO AT HOME. There are no good detox places here in the Philippines.

I am taking 10mg Valium, and 2mg Clonazepam (Klonopin) 4mg at night cause I have Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease. Please I need all the advice I can get, because I am very frightened. Can I cold turkey at home from this? Open to any suggestions. Please Help!

I have been taking Tramadol due to a back operation in mid April. My doctor warned me they were addictive. When I felt I didn't need to take as many as pain is slowly reducing I decided to start cutting down the amount of tablets per day. I soon noticed a change in my mood (I already suffer from depression) and was feeling really depressed and was in tears a lot. I mentioned to the doctor that this was happening and she basically said that Tramadol wouldn't affect the anti depressant medication, I told her it was and I knew that it was as this was the second time I had tried to reduce the Tramadol with the same effects. I still don't think she believed me but it makes me so angry, everyone is different and has different reactions, just because they were taught that there was no interaction doesn't mean it can't happen.

I have been doing research online and tramadol is listed as reacting with my anti depressants so I am slowly reducing my Tramadol over weeks (I am on 4 x 50mg per day, now down to 3, about to go down to 2. I think it is better to wean off than go cold turkey, I am just writing this in case anyone has the same depression problems when coming off Tramadol as doctor's don't tend to believe a lot of what we tell them when we are the ones going through it so we know what our bodies are feeling. It is very frustrating.

I was prescribed Tramadol for Fibromyalgia after trying many other meds this was the only one that helped......or so I thought. I was also told it was non addictive...I was on 300mg day for 10 years...I assumed the pain & restlessness I felt when I went past time to take it was due to the was actually addiction...took me a while to figure that out. I never told my rheumatologist bc I was sooooo mad that I was misled I was affraid Id get arrested for assaulting my DR.

I quit taking it cold turkey.....I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS OPTION. I am a VERY strong willed & stubborn person & I was determined to not be a slave to a pill. BUT IT WAS HELL...& I had to continue to work & take care of my daughter as I am a single mom. I didn't sleep at all for the first week...spent my nights in a HOT shower, had really bad rls, diarrhea, sweats, chills, skin crawling, etc. I have been off it for 6 months & although I still battle the Fibro I WILL NEVER TAKE ANOTHER TRAMADOL & wont EVER trust another DR....SAD

I went on Tramadol ER last year for my chronic back and neck pain. The doctor was having to step me up so fast to the next higher dosage, I got frightened. I worried about what was going to happen when i reached the highest one. And I quit it cold turkey. Having got through that with plenty of suffering, I would say don't do that, at least not with the extended release version.

I became very sick with flulike symptoms plus restless legs and brain zaps. It took a couple of weeks to feel like myself again. I have gotten back on 50 mg tramadol for use when my pain is at its worst but now that I know what it's like coming off it, my prescription lasts a very long time! It's a useful drug but be careful.

I have been on tramadol for 8 months. At first taking 8 50mg per day. I cut this down to four a day and stopped three days ago. I have had insomnia, tickly cough eventually causing dry heaving and nerve end tingling as well as feeling generally very under the weather. Has anyone else had the coughing and heaving symptoms?

I have been on Tramadol for a year after back surgery. I tried first to reduce a while ago and now to stop and found out how horrific this drug is. Shivering chills, sweating profusely, acute paranoia and really lethargic with a very short concentration span. I really thought I was going crazy. My doctor backed this up and prescribed Xanax for anxiety and Effexor for the craziness and Hypnodorm to sleep. What a messed up person I have been from Tramadol.

The Tramadol and Effexor collide and turn you into a madman so I have now been told to stop Tramadol right now. Well today is the first day and it is hell on wheels. Hot showers then wrapped up in bed sweating like a pig and freezing to the core. I tried exercise which helped a bit and what seems to help also is Panadol Forte.

Good luck out there with Tramadol. I will never ever touch this disgustingly addictive drug. The way doctors put it is like a sheep but it is a wolf dressed up as a sheep, very deceiving.

Hello Norman I took Trams for the past 6 months 400mgs a day I stopped taking them 8 days ago, I stopped cold turkey , I understand what your going though day 1 I felt like a junkey that needed a fix, all the symptoms restless legs was the worst in the beginning, day's 2, 3, 4, the same it was my own HELL.

Day 5 a little better no sleep, still restless legs, feel like i have the flu, always tired but can't sleep,Day 6 felt ok still can't sleep, the restless legs are a little better but still there. Day 7 still no sleep and when i say no sleep I mean 3 maybe 4 hour's a night, got out for a walk about 1/2 mile head still not clear.

This is day 8 for me. got out today cut the grass, restless legs gone, i hope to get a good night sleep tonight. This is the worst drug i have been on in my life, it's like a never ending withdrawal. I wish you the best. keep up the fight I'm a little ahead of you in my recovery, so if you have any questions PLEASE ask. GOOD LUCK

I had a prescription for Tramadol for knee pain related to osetoarthritis but I did not take it. I was worried about constipation! I had a partial knee replacement 4 weeks ago and took Oxycodone for about 10 days post surgery and then took the Tramadol 1-2 50mg tablets several times a day because the pain was decreasing with PT and general healing.

The Tramadol did seem to help with the pain. I finished the pills I had and refilled it. My pain was greatly decreased so I decided to start taking an over the counter medicine. I have had night sweats, nausea, stomach pain over the last few days. For some reason I decided to read up on Tramdol withdrawal. I know I didn't take it for a real extended period, but after reading the posted comments, I think I may be experiencing some of the symptoms.

I don't think I'm going to take any more Tramadol and I'm going to tell my primary care about my experience.

I am so scared to stop taking Tramadol because of the severe withdrawals I have had in the past! The only reason I don't and have not quit is because of how bad the withdrawals are. I am up for at least 3 to 4 days straight after stopping Tramadol. I cannot function, have RLS, flu like symptoms, headaches, body aches, irritability, etc. I am going to try and wean myself off of them this time. I cannot believe that doctors will not help. They will help heroine addicts though! This is ridiculous! Nothing helps the withdrawals except to take more Tramadol!

I'm on day 28 of ultracet withdrawals and was doing better after 2 weeks of hell. Cold turkey. No other choice. Now it's like withdrawals are starting all over again. No sleep. Heart palpitations, nausea, anxiety and twitchiness 24/7 the past 3 days. What the hell is going on?

I am suffering really badly with knee problems that were keeping me awake at night. After trying many tablets the doc put me on tramadol. Again this didn't seem to work so he said rather then take it regularly I cold take 4 before bed. I slept like a log! So I continued to do this, not every night and varying doses depending on what I had on the next day as it did wipe me out and make me feel nauseous.

Funny thing is it still never reallY stopped the pain but I was grateful just to get a nights sleep. Anyway after another weekend written off cos I was so tired and slept most of it I decided to stop taking it. As night was last time I took any and I think I took 3 or 4. Yesterday, Monday, I had to come one from work. Felt overwhelmingly like I couldn't cope and was a bit hysterical. So I went to see doc straight away as frightened the hell out of me.

He said it could be drugs but wasn't convinced and has prescribed a different tablet for me. It's now Tues and I've had to phone in sick again. I haven't slept well but I am just so unbelievably anxious it makes me feel sick and very twitchy... I don't know what to do with myself. Having read all these posts I am relieved that it does seem to be tramadol withdrawal and not depression or similar but I am a single mum and if I don't work I don't get paid, plus I am struggling to hide all this from m kids.

I have been asking it for a month ish. please can anyone tell me how long this anxiety will last? I just want to feel me again, knee pain or not that now seems the least of my worries. And this site feels like my only friend so relieves me.

Hi all

Just looking for some re-assurances, that I'm not going crazy!
Never taken any significant pain meds previously until Dec 06/2012 started taking 240mg Dihydrocodeine,30mg Diclofenac, 10mg Amitryptiline, Diazepam 10mg(1 week only). Prescribed for 2 herniated lumbar spinal discs. All above discontinued after pain subsided significantly at end of Feb 13. GP prescribed 50mg Zydol(Tramadol) for residual pain, started 06/03/13 and stopped taking them on 06/05/13.
Suffered with Cold sweats, shaking, terrible insomnia and other sleep disturbances which still continue and some days, depression and anxiety levels are terrible(never previously suffered). Can anyone advise how long I can expect these terrible effects to wear off and subside please?
My heart goes out to anyone who is or has withdrawn from Tramadol.
Many thanks.


I was up all night because I was scared it was too early to get my prescription filled today! Just the thought of the withdrawals causes extreme anxiety. Maybe the person who owns this site will take these posts to the right people so we can all get the help we need. Regardless of how we came to be on Tramadol, we all need help getting off of it! When someone dies from these withdrawals, I guess someone will listen!! Sick and tired of this monkey on my back!!

I was prescribed Tramadol for Shingles. 50mgs every 4 hours but the 50mgs was not helping so I started to take two for about 3 weeks til my shingles cleared. This is the first 24hrs that I have gone with out them. Yesterday I was so tired that I could barely stay awake. Then a friend came over to watch a movie at my house and about an hour into the movie I started to feel so anxious and hyper that I almost didn't know what to do with myself.

I tried pacing outside to calm myself. Then I went to sleep and had multiple, bizarre, and terrible nightmares. I woke up early in the am to a foggy feeling or a daze about me. which forced me back to bed with more nightmares.

I am just waking up now (3:00pm) and feel almost delusional and depressed. And to think my doctor assured me that this was non narcotic and not addictive. I feel like complete death.

I have been on and off Tramadol for several years. I was taking it for bulging disc and kidney stones. Over the past few months I started trying to stop and every time left me feeling helpless and hopeless, so I would get another script. This past Saturday I took my last three. It has been sheer terror of emotions. I want so badly to get a refill but don't let myself.

I am 37 and want to be enjoying my kids this summer not feeling lazy and beat down. I started taking L-Tyrosine at the advice of a friend and have found it has helped a lot. Still not sleeping and still using lots of Imodium. I think the hurt I feel with drs telling me it's ok to take and it's not addictive to people is the worst hurt.

I pray for everyone here trying to stop. I'm on day 6 and while I feel better i am still nothing like I was. Good luck to all and I will be checking in to see how all are doing.

ML I am 61 and also took Tramadol - 3 times a day - 50 Mg. Each. I took my last 1/4 tablet the 5th of May 2013. It is July 5th and I am still having side effects from coming off this drug. Mainly I have off and on cramps and diarrhea almost like someone with Irritable Bowel!

My food never seems to digest right now. I'm also sneezing and have allergy like symptoms I never had before. The edginess and restless legs are better now and sleep is a little better. I think when you have been on this drug for a long time, it just takes longer to feel normal again.

I am taking Immodium and beginning to take Probiotics, Soluble Fiber, a good Enzyme product and will start Milk Thistle to aid my liver and Curcumin for inflammation.

You have to attack the symptoms with a Synergistic blend of herbs and supplements. I'm hoping these will make a real difference over the next few months. Good luck to you!

This is it for me. I am tired of being sick. I am quitting taking ultram for good. I want to feel like me again. It has run my life for a long time. I cut my dose in half yesterday and felt like my old self a little bit. I had more energy. The reason I haven't gotten off it yet is out of extreme fear of withdrawals! Good luck to everyone and may God be with you.

Hi I have been on 300ml of tramadol and 400 of marol (a slow release of tramadol) for 2 years sometimes more this was giving me problems mainly lack of ability to get a erection so I came off cold turkey, I can now get a nearly erection after 3 days but even though I can not feel any pain anywhere I can hardly walk. Can this be connected with the stopping of tramadol?

Hello all, I have been taking Tramadol for over 3 years for Fibro and other aches and pains. I started at 50MG twice a day for abt. a year and then upped my dosage to 50MG three times a day. A few weeks ago I went to see my Dr. and told her I wanted to get off of Tramadol because I don't think it's effective in treating my pain anymore. She said fine but don't torture yourself by going cold turkey. She said, take one dose in the a/m and one dose in the p/m for 5 days. Then one dose in the a/m for 5 days and then you will be off. REALLY!!!

At first I stupidly did go cold turkey for two days. The withdrawls were horrific so I did it exactly as she said and the withdrawls were still horrific. It literally gave me RLS soooo bad, flu like symptoms, heart palpitations, burning of skin (including my feet). Night before last I paced for 10 hrs and peed every 10 mins. for those 10 hours. It was horrific.

Finally after abt. hour 16, I took 100MG to get my system regulated. I'm going to have to "trick" my body into getting off this stuff. I am at my wits end with this. It has been debilitating, not only physically but mentally too. It took its toll this weekend. I will continue to taper and taper and taper no matter how long it takes. I don't want to take this drug anymore.

Dr. says in 10 days I should be off it. Well, I wonder how many Dr's know how brutal the withdrawls are??? and in most cases should be tapered off in months, not days. Good luck to everyone trying to get off this stuff as this journey for me will be over when I don't have to be chained to this drug any longer. I don't care how long it takes me, I will get off it.... :)

Thanks all of you people for letting me know just how bad tramadol really is. I stop taking tramadol on 7-15-2003 and I had the worse night sleep. today my stomach feels queasy and I don't feel right, I know I have to get away from it and I know as time goes by I'll get better.

Yes I was told by my doctor it [tramadol] is a non addictive, BALONEY. I think tramadol is worse than Tylenol with codeine. I went thru knee surgery to repair broken knee cap and had 2 disc problems in my lower back. I can't believe those little pills are whipping my butt. I'll let you all know

If that's the help you get from your doc... find another doc. Mine's working with me to slowly taper off and is supportive because he seems to understand that Ultram is NOT a great fibromyalgia med. Any MD who would tell you something that irresponsible isn't someone you want to trust your health and well being to...

I think it's very important you have the support of your Dr. Is your Dr. giving you anything for the withdrawals from Tramadol? I have tapered from 300MG to 150MG and have been on 150MG for a week and a half now. I went through severe withdrawals and my body is just now starting to get regulated. I want to start tapering off the 150MG but am scared of the withdrawals and am not sure I want to put my "body" through that again. Any suggestions?

I have been taking Tramadol 50mg for the past 6 years. I have major back pain that it runs down to my legs. At this point, to me is difficult to quit taking the pill. This is the only medicine that really helps me with my pain. Other pills like Motrin 500 and many others are bad for my belly. The question is will this pill kill me from a stroke?
It has turn me into a angry old man! I'm not afraid to die but yes to hurts my family in the process. Most of time I like to be by my self! This pill have turn my from a peoples man to a cave angry man. I just 53 years old but looks in my 40s no white hair at all, but my brain is 70 yrs and angry ......why?

3 hours ago
I have tapered down from 12 pills a day to 9. The following outlines my plan to taper off without having bad withdrawals:

7/25-9 tablets
7/26-8 tablets
7/27-7 tablets
7/28-7 tablets
7/29-6 tablets
7/30-6 tablets
7/31-5 tablets
8/01-5 tablets
8/02-4 tablets
8/03-4 tablets
8/04-3 tablets
8/05-3 tablets
8/06-2 tablets
8/07-2 tablets
8/08-1 tablet
8/09-1 tablet
8/10-1/2 tablet
8/11-1/2 tablet

I have doubled up on the days so that my system can transition to a lower dose without having too many side effects. I am sure there will still be some side effects, but they wont be as bad. Anyone can do this. If you take a lower dose than I do, than just lower the tablets. Make sure you have enough tablets to do this plan. Wish me luck!

I am so glad that I looked up Tramadol withdrawal online because now I realize I am not going crazy! I have had severe back pain for many years and got sick of taking 8 to 12 ibuprofen a day to deal with my pain. Around a year ago I went to the doc looking for something non-additive but stronger than ibuprofen.

I was prescribed a few muscle relaxers and different things that did nothing and then Tramadol really seemed to do the trick...I could finally sleep at night and on top of that I actually felt more energetic and motivated and I credited this to finally being able to sleep and finally getting a good nights sleep and not dealing with constant pain. I continued taking it on a constant basis over the last year and was taking around 600 mg daily...3 in the morning and 3 around 2 or 3pm.

A couple of times over this year I had ran out of pills for a couple days for one reason or another and during those days felt severe restlessness in my legs, back and whole body and could not sleep...I also had a really strange depression and almost dreadful feeling that ate at me that I had never felt but did not put 2 and 2 together that this was Tramadol withdrawal.

Because I had never taken any types of drugs or meds really I did not realize until just last week when I ran out again and these same symptoms came back that it was not me but some sort of withdrawal symptoms from this drug!!

For whatever reason my doc was out of town earlier this week and then they lost the prescription request and then the weekend is now here and I cannot get a refill until monday. I have now accepted this as a great blessing in disguise and through the power of prayer and my relationship with God I will overcome. Where I am weak HE is strong and I cannot be hooked on some drug that makes me feel this way!

I have not slept hardly at all for the last few days and I am just hoping I can get some advice on how to sleep at night! I am sooo very tired but I just cannot rest...I feel dizzy and out of it and I cannot wait for this to end!!

Although I feel horrible right now at least I know the reason!

I know exactly how you feel. I took my last dose around May 5th of this year. I still had side effects from weaning off this drug for 2 months afterward. I took it for 8 years so it was much worse for me. I had everything from insomnia, restless legs, sneezing constantly, digestive upsets - - you name it!! I still have some sinus issues that I never had before taking Tramadol. Everything else has finally evened out. It has taken me over 2 months to get to this point. I only took 150mg a day (50mg 3 times a day) but the length of time I took the drug is what has caused such a long term withdrawal effect for me. I am thankful to be off this med! Don't always believe everything Doctors tell you about the drug they want you to take. Do your homework thoroughly and if possible talk others who have been on it or have had to come off the drug - whatever it might be. God Bless all of you going through this.

My physiology changed after an auto accident. I was impaled by a wooden stake, involving a pierced spinal cord as well as my thorax. I have been conservative with my pain management for decades. Eight months ago I was prescribed tramadol after a couple of other attempts at chemical intervention. I found the side effects increasingly uncomfortable and asked my pain management team to go off. I was told, just stop. I tried that for two days to find the side effects to be be a strong predictor of what I would now have to go through to quit. This site and others convinced me to seek a wean, so once again I asked my pain management team to assist me with a wean.

I am just over a month into the wean. I have cut my dosage 600%. Each drop brings me right back to withdrawal symptoms. I do fear what will happen when I can no longer cut the pills. The last stage suggested to me was a day with the minimal dose and then a day on and then done.

In the last 30 days I have had a couple of nights of good sleep, but usually I have a significantly altered sleep pattern. I am anxious, irritable, and depressed, cry easily and fear that I will never be done with the drug. But I know that I can soon be off the drug.

I hope that the last symptoms are brief. I will re-post when I find out what my body does and for how long, once I can no longer trick it with ever decreasing amounts.

THIS IS WHAT MY WEAN CONSISTED OF. I took the pills the same time of day my body was used to, but cut the dose by half each drop. Cut the pill literally. I dropped by half every 4 to 7 days. I am now taking a quarter of a pill, and now I am dropping a timed dose every 5 days. At this moment, I am taking only two doses each day, 12 hours apart.

Slow but steady. I am not done. (Evidenced that I am writing this at 3 in the morning instead of sleeping.) I am still experiencing, leg and back, and brain tingling and burning pain. I break into sweat, and become irritable and anxious. I have nausea and diarrhea. BUT the symptoms are improving.

I am disappointed that so little is known about a drug that is so widely prescribed. I tried chemical management because physical management is costly. Injections, physical therapy, and bio-feedback.

I hope I have encouraged others that you can reduce your dosage, there seems to be no one way to wean. Slowly is working for me. But it is excruciating. Even with the high pain tolerance I have grown.

God bless. I will re-post when I am done, and if I have lingering symptoms. Feel free to contact me if you have advice, questions, or need some encouragement.

After looking at how most Tramadol users are weaning off the drug, I will tell you how I weaned off. Now, mind you, even when you do it this way, you still may experience lingering side effects for awhile depending on how long you took the drug or the dosage you were on.

I found a website where a pharmacist showed how to wean off of this effectively. He used the 1/4 pill a week method of weaning off. In other words, you cut your daily dosage by 1/4 pill a day for a week. The next week you'd do the same thing - 1/4 pill less every day for that week and so on. You will need to chart this daily using a calendar or some sort of tracking method so that you stay on track and don't get confused. As you take less and less, your brain may become a bit fuzzy so it's good to have the weaning chart on paper.

I was fine on this until I stopped taking it altogether and then I did have some of the same symptoms everyone else is having. Eventually though within 2 months after my last dose, I am sleeping well again, my digestive system is better and my sneezing attacks are less and less. It was rough for awhile but I feel I am doing much better. Do I have pain now from Fibro, which I have had for over 25 years?? You bet I do sometimes. But I find there are other methods and means to help reduce that pain. I have heat packs, Tylenol, Advil or Aleve that I take periodically and heating muscle rubs that really help when it gets bad. But it's better than being on a drug like Tramadol where your brain is so severely affected.

The FDA and many Doctors are beginning to cut back on prescribing pain meds and I could foresee a day when I would no longer be able to get anything other than OTC meds for my pain. I wanted to get off of this horrible drug before that happened. I wish all of you the best of luck in weaning off and staying off this and other similar drugs like it!!

Today is day 2 coming off the tramadol. I thank all of you people for writing about those little pills that can make your life more misery. My stomach feels like hell and my body feels tight. I know this is the feeling I'm going to be getting until those pills get out of my system. Last night wasn't too bad because I took OTC sleeping pills, it did help me sleep. I been taking tramadol for 8 months and I decided enough is enough! My doctor should have told me that I can't be on those medication too long but what do they really know they make think they are helping you and the doctors are making commission off of selling those medicine any way. I'm sorry that I can't keep typing I got the runs today so I need to go now. Thank you for reading this comments....

Well I'm on day 3 coming off the tramadol. Last night I tried to get to sleep even after I took sleeping pills. I was getting leg shakes and muscle cramps so I couldn't get to sleep. I got up and took a hot shower and I was more relaxed but not enough to get back in bed so I had a glass of Peppermint schnapps and in a half hour I was so relaxed, I hop back in bed at 1:00 and got up at 6:00 am. my stomach still feel queasy and I know this isn't going to last forever but I need to keep moving forward and do the best I can. thank you for reading my sad story and I'm sticking to it. Will be back tomorrow. good luck for everybody else out there.

Continued from July 30. My taper was to reduce my regular timed doses every 5-7 days. After trying cold turkey on advice of my pain management team. That went well. Took a couple of weeks. I was down to 1/4 dose three times a day. The jump to 1/4 dose two times a day was tough. At 2 PM a real dose time and at 2AM which never was a dose time, I once again experienced the same withdrawal symptoms of cold turkey, but less intense. I was able to walk though it, during the day and toss and turn through it at 2 AM. I take either an over the counter Quil product or Melatonin when I go to bed which helps.

I am sure that when I drop the 6 AM dose to just the 6 PM dose I will have the symptoms all over, and again on the last. But I am getting through it. And I will take a full week on these last two last drops.

Hi Donna, My name is Gary I read your comment and I think you have done a great job going from 300mg down to 150mg. Please read my part on July 31 and Aug 1. I was taking 3- 50mg pills a day sometime more depending on the day. my lower back has some god days and bad days. Hang in there, You might have to tell yourself are these little pills going to rule my life? and take one day at a time. If your withdrawals worse at night so you can't sleep try what I do to get to sleep and stay asleep. All these withdrawals wont last forever and you yourself know you are a better person and you don't want these little pills kicking your butt anymore. Good luck

Day 4, I'm sorry I don't feel like typing today. My mind is in a fog and the muscle in my arms are very shaky. I feel like a snapping turtle.

So I have to take 50mg Tramadol for my pharyngitis infection. I take one every four hours but I smoked this once right after and now I'm twitching and freaking out like I'm high. I don't know what to do because I just looked it up and it says NOT TO SMOKE WHILE TAKING TRAMADOL so I'm kind of scared right now.

Peoples Pharmacy response: Tramadol appears to affect some of the nicotine receptors in the body. It is not clear, however, whether there would be a troublesome interaction from just one cigarette. Now that you know of the warning, were sure you will steer clear of smoking for as long as you are taking tramadol. The cigarette would probably not help your sore throat feel any better, either. We hope you recover soon.

Hey all... after reading all the comments I know now I'm not going crazy. I've been on Tramadol now for about 5 mo.. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't sleep,had horrible headaches, shakes, anxiety, leg cramps,nausea, stomach pains,etc.. When the Pain Center Dr. gave me this prescription he told me "hey, you can take this the rest of your life and it wont hurt you". (I'm 70) yeah, right.

It took me awhile after many visits to my family dr. for different sleeping pills..he also gave me the kit to check my sugar levels..(which were perfect range every time), but it wasn't until my stomach started hurting really bad that I thought.. hey could it be the Tramadol? Well...HELLO....I haven't had a good nights sleep in months..feeling sick all the time..shaking..etc.

I started taking 1/2 pill every other's not enough. I've just called to make another appt. with the Pain Center's dr. to see how they want to do this to get me off the pills. I had spinal surgery last summer and got over that ok, but the pain still existed somewhere around my hips..that's why he put me on the Tramadol...Once I get off of the Tramadol I will NEVER take another one. They have still not called me back..I will keep calling until they set up an appt. I was given this Tramadol to wean me off Fentinal, Roxicodone...I'd rather be back on that...(well, no I wouldn't, but....)

I have wasted almost 2 1/2 yrs. now of my life with pain and meds...I too want to be and feel normal once again...Life is too short..

how much were you taking?

I'm on day 4 of cutting down my tramadol use. Used it for 12 years, increasing it accordingly per doctor's advice for restless leg, arthritis and fibromyalgia. No one ever told me about the addictive part of this drug. It was supposedly safe and cheap. I am having major issues sleeping, concentrating, and feeling jittery. Taken warm baths, used heating pad, taken Tylenol.....nothing seems to be helping. Need to get down to 1 pill a day to be able to start cymbalta. I normally take 4, down to 2-3 a day. Anyone have any ideas?

Good job Sandy. I was on Tramadol for 8 years. It has taken me over 2 months and I still have residual side effects from weaning off. I have also been told by others who have been on Cymbalta that getting off that drug is not easy and you definitely would not want to go cold turkey. A friend of mine could not get Cymbalta from her Doctor and she went through a terrible time of insomnia and feeling as if she was going crazy. Be careful with any of these drugs as they all have some sort of side effects.

Adding to my comments from August 1. Taking away the early am dose went well enough, leaving me with just a late pm dose of 1/4 pill. I began by halving my original doses every 5-7 days. That eventually got me down to the 1/4 of a pill dose. Then I dropped the mid day, then I dropped the morning. And last night is the first night I did not take the pm dose. So by bedtime I would have liked to sever my spine somewhere in the lumbar region to stop the burning and restlessness. A couple of hours later the top of my head tingled itched and burned. I got up three times in the night to walk a bit. This morning my body would very much like me to take that missed 1/4 yet. And my stomach is turning all over again, unfortunately because I enjoyed enjoying eating again for about a week. BUT I HAVE GOTTEN THIS FAR. NOT GOING BACK.

Anyone know how long this constant pain, anxiety, tear-fullness, irritability and hopelessness will last. Oh I know, no body has the answer. Because there aren't any symptoms withdrawing from it. Right. So I will let you know when I have gone 78 hours with out wanting to scrape the skin off my legs and the bottom of my feet.

Close to the end of taking them. Somewhere near the end of paying for it!!!!!!

Today is day 7 of being free from this awful little pill. The only symptoms I seem to have is insomnia but that was a different story in Jan of this year when I tried to go completely cold Turkey. The depression was unreal.

@Giulie, hang in there! If you do it, you will be an inspiration to us all. I've still got about 150MG's to go and since I have a full time job, I cannot afford to miss work because of the withdrawls. So, I have not been able to taper off anymore. I went through hell tapering off the 1st 150MG's. I also had the burning and had RLS so bad it was unbearable. So, having said that, if you are only down to 1/4, pls. keep going and just know that we are ALL rooting for you. Pls. keep us posted as to how you are doing.

Hugs, Donna

I quit cold turkey from 800mg Gabapentin & 50mg Tramadol, my original dosage was 2400 / 400 so I did taper a bit.

That was 12 days ago and I still have the tired / Aching legs but most of the other symptoms have gone. I do get the itchy skin from time to time & my bowel habits are starting to become normal again.

I am not sure if the symptoms were from the gaba or tramadol or both.

Hang in there make sure you take vitamins and eat properly. I am not sure what to add as we are all going to react differently and it will take different lengths of time.



Now then, I have tried to come of tramadol many times but the fear from the "body popping, over heating, sweats, blurred vision, increased heart rate and insomnia" however this time I done it. I'm free! I was on tramadol for 3 years for chronic migraines and took 8 50mg tabs a day. I also suffered depression and the good mood feeling kept me going with them and maybe taking more than I needed to. Long story short u must mentally prepare yourself for this which I did over a few months! When I came off the tramadol I helped kick the withdrawal symptoms with gabapentin. It didn't make me high or anything but it certainly helped ward of the withdrawal symptoms. It's been 2 weeks now and yeah I still have a low mood but I'd rather that than constantly worry I have enough tabs every month or rely on this stuff. How are you guys getting on? x

For all of you suffering withdrawals, I'm sorry, and I empathize. I was prescribed this demon drug in 2006 after shoulder surgery, and had chronic pain afterwards due to arthritis (still present). My dr told me it wasn't addicting, but I soon found out it was when I ran out, and had "weird" withdrawal symptoms.

I detested the fact I was addicted to a "drug" since I've never been one to abuse drugs or alcohol, and decided to stop taking my medication in April this year. I slowly cut down my dose, which had remained the same 50mg/3x a day for 7 years. Week one, I cut everything in half, which was tolerable, week two, I attempted the same, and got the RLS, sneezing, fatigue, insomnia, and felt like crap in general - physically and emotionally.

Fortunately, I happen to be "transitioning" many things in my life to homeopathic remedies, and could call on a shop owner who helped me tremendously. She was aware of this drug, and of it's "mental" downfall while withdrawing, and gave me some supplements, which I still take since they help with chronic pain. DLPA, with L-Theanine and a B-Vitamin on an empty stomach twice a day, along with Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin C, and Multivitamin. The DLPA allowed me to continue going to work - otherwise I would have lost my job.

I continued to wean my dose weekly, until week four was 1/4 of my starting dose, and week five I stopped completely, but still had some withdrawal symptoms. I was depressed, and tired, and then began to EAT because my body was trying to adjust for the lack of serotonin. Yay (I jest)- I gained 15 pounds in three months, and went back to my shop owner for help again. She suggested 5-HTP, as it helps with appetite and carbohydrate cravings - which I had. I take it twice a day - the extended release formula, and it has helped, but the road is long, and I'm not back to a "normal" version of myself yet. Pain-wise, I'm ok, and manage with Advil and DLPA/L-Theanine, but emotionally - not the same.

Hi Scottish Gal, I am currently taking 9 50 mg pills a day for 9 years now. Last Christmas I couldn't get any pills and was off for 2-1/2 weeks and literally wanted to die. I want off this roller coaster ride but I know what kind of hell I'm in for. How did you wean? Did you have a Dr."s help?

Was on tramadol for 8 months on And off before tkr was taking 50 MSG every 6hrs. Cut down to 1 tablet twice a week for physical therapy.. Then just stopped.. Now off for 18 days and still having nausea and hot flashes... Some days all days others days not as bad.. The other withdrawals have gone pretty much of the time. Drs seem to think I should be over this by now..

I don't know how much longer this will take but I will never take this again.. I also had taken Norco last year for my first tkr and quit that drug cold turkey,.. big mistake and had the same withdrawals.. But no one told me that tramadol was just as bad as if not worst.... any one with any idea how long these symptoms may last? Please tell me. This site has saved my sanity... I thought I was going crazy..... Thanks

Day 2 - of withdrawal. After car accident with severe muscular trauma down right side was initially prescribed tramadol 50 mg to take up to 4 times daily, shortly afterwards put on delayed release Marol 200g - lasts 12 hrs - 2 to be taken daily. Wow I thought a wonder drug - initially did have some side-effects but these soon went and I was almost pain free and able within time to start back exercising though initially only core stability.

Had been on these devils for 18 months when it happened nightmare day at work meant could not get to Gp in time on Friday afternoon to get my prescription - hence weekend of cold turkey - yet an opportunity - to kick this habit. Had read about others withdrawals, but working with addictions, thought - oh it won't be that bad. Wrong wrong wrong, each joint feels swollen and stiff to point of bursting with hot like stabbing needle pains, aching rushes up and down back, shivers, feeling v sick and dizzy, mood low, hubbie not impressed by general irritability. Legs feel fuzzy - mind feels like candyfloss/cotton wool.

Am on sofa worrying about how to get through some critical meetings tomorrow and then if can afford to collapse and take rest of week of to just try and get through this.

I fully acknowledge I have been foolish in not talking this through with GP (particularly since at work one of my most repeated phrases to clients is - oh so you have a medical degree.....?) and have no real excuse other than am aware that he is likely to give me the .... it's not addictive... and that look where you can see he feels I am off the planet and where has that nice straight jacket gone. Plus its likely he'd get me to 'just try this'.... flaming GPs no better then drug dealers _ at least the dealer is honest about not giving a damm and that their motivation is your cash in their pocket...

Enough already - another bath required - should have bought shares in epsom salts.

We are all different and go through differing experiences on this wonder/devil drug.

I feel for all of you going through similar to myself and wish you well. To those of you who don't get where we are or what we 're/have gone through - I wish you well and that don't have to experience likewise. Don't diss what you don't get.

OMG this is so similar to what Im going through at he moment. Im on day 7 of no tramadol after taking 8 a day for around 7 years for hip pain. I recently had a cortisone injection for the pain which was amazing so came off tramadol with the consent of my gp who didn't tell me how bad I would feel. Ive went four solid days and nights with no sleep then one nights sleep and another two with very little.

my brain is overactive, im shakey, restless legs, buzzing in my head and total confusion at times. small tasks took me ages to do ie I made a cup of tea with cold water, forgot how to log on to my computer I have been so scared that I was losing my mind and just googled tramadol withdrawal as it was the only thing that I could think of. horrified at some of the stories people are telling.

I feel slightly better today that I have but am desperate for sleep. the only thing that hasn't happened to me is loss of appetite in fact I seem to feel constantly hungry. from what I can gather I should start feeling progressively better over the next week or so and I cant wait to get back to normal. I will never take tramadol again and will make a point of asking about any tablets described and their long term effects and withdrawal problems I suggest everyone else does the same.

I am on day 3 of withdrawal from tramadol. I withdrew from Norco years ago, after a humongous spine surgery I had. But about a year ago thought I'd try tramadol for the horrible neck & back pain I get. I wish I hadn't.

With Norco withdrawal, the third day was the worst. Hoping so for tramadol too, but I know the brain zaps and depression linger a long time. I'm so looking forward to being over the flu symptoms. Am participating on a few different forums. They tell me the fluish part lasts three or four days.

I'm taking ondansetron and severe cold formula medicine, helping a lot with the aches and pains and "heebie jeebies." Wishing everyone luck. I just had to get off this drug. ..I've never taken more than the prescribed dosage of 300 mg a day -- but I was waking up nauseated and needing this drug. Not good. I notice I'm already getting my sense of smell and able to feel the air on my skin again. I hadn't realized tramadol wasn't just blocking my pain, but all my senses.

Thank you God. After 2 1/2 yrs of being sick and tired of being sick and tired here is the answer. I look back and realize the side affects and the problems when reducing the Tramadol are the same as what is being said by others. Called dr. Today. Spoke to his nurse and she said Yes it is as bad as a narcotic. Dr is getting back with me. I pray I get most of my life back. I have been mostly ill since I started this med. two moves and three drs later some agreement on this Tramadol issue. I will hope to wean off and regain a life. As for pain, I pray the right product comes my way. I tried holistic for five years, and natural supplements. Massage deep tissue therapy the best help of anything... But the cost is too much to keep up every week... Anyone benefit from at home use of a stimulator machine?

To Cat and everyone who has had a problem with Tramadol. I've been off since May of 2013. Most of my symptoms are gone now but occasionally I will have a relapse of some of the same ones I had when weaning off. Almost 2 months of Hell before it tapered off and leveled off to the point I could deal with it. What most of the users and even Doctors don't understand is the effect Tramadol has on the brain. Not only does it relieve some of the pain we suffer, but makes us feel better mentally and emotionally. So when we come off of it, we not only have more pain but also feel depressed, unable to sleep, edgy and end up with digestive issues. It affects the serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain. When you come off of it, your brain has to figure out how to start making these "feel good" substances again. During that time, we go through Hell to put it simply. I don't take any drug of any kind now unless I do thorough research on it. You are better off changing your eating habits, sleep habits, exercise a little more when you can and taking beneficial supplements to help your body help itself. Good luck to all weaning off this difficult Drug!

This is my 3rd time trying to get off tramadol. From what I read about tramadol it is a pill that make people happy and take the pain away but the doctors and drug stores are not going to tell you what is going to happen when you need to come off this medication.m They made their money selling you these pills, We all need to go after the company that make these little bastards. The company are sleeping good while we are not sleeping at all. The company should have told or written a notice to the public, and should give us medication to get off the tramadol for free instead of us spending more money paying the doctors and buying other medication so we could get away from these pills. I'm sorry if I feel like back stabbing somebody that made these little sh#t , but we the people have rights too! IT'S ALL ABOUT MAKING MORE MONEY AND SCREW THE PEOPLE.

Hi there, this is my first time on this forum & I am dismayed to read the problems that almost everyone has in connection with taking Tramadol. I have just stopped taking this drug (3days ago) after taking it daily since 1st Aug 2013- Roughly 7.5 weeks. I felt my body was not healing & something just was not connecting plus I was beginning to feel a worsening pain developing & this pain had me reaching for even more Tramadol?! Crazy as it sounds I know- but this feeling freaked me out & I felt I had to take control of my own healing.

I have sourced a more natural remedy which I am happy with, called Jan De Vries 'Joint/Muscle Complex' which I have been taking for couple of days. Hey presto, the crazy hip pain is now non-existent but my body does feel very fragile & tender. I broke my lumbar L1 in three places due to car crash so I do expect my body to be little tender. But I have been reading through the posts this evening & I am truly horrified to realise that this drug is so addictive. I had no idea whatsoever of any withdrawal symptoms. I am slightly concerned but not so much so that I should reach for the Tramadol pack to try & redress any kind of mock balance that got going between the symptoms I am now experiencing. Listen folks, I sincerely want to extend my gratitude & thanks to you all for being right here for me & you are all now in my thought process. Respect & Love - Now there's a drug...

I have been taking tramodol for 2 years my side effects are horrible cold sweats clammy dizziness and not enough sleep what should I do?

Hi, I have been reading all your posts and am so glad I have found this site. You all are truly inspirational and I wish you the very best of luck and I know you all will succeed! I have been taking tramadol for 18yrs (before there were any generic). I have been weaning for 4 months going from 4 to 1 and it is pure *HELL* I did it by cutting the pill into quarters and cutting a quarter at a time for 3 wks. at a time. I am sick and have bad stomach pain along with every symptom you all have. I have a long way to go, but am so determined to stop this madness. It's my own fault, I should of never trusted the doctors and never will again! Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be back to my old self......Whoever that was! God Bless and Good Luck to everyone on this journey!

I have been on Tramadol for 2 1/2 years for bad knees and shoulder pain. 60 years of age 2-3 100mg tablets a day. I am having a left knee replacement and was told by my surgeon to go off the tramadol 1 week prior to surgery. The withdrawal effects have been unbearable, insomnia, anxiety beyond belief, depression (I do not care about anything) bowel issues and hungry but food sounds horrible. I would have rather suffered with the pain!

I will be honest, I have been prescribed, and abused opioid analgesics on and off for many years. I never took Tramadol, because it wasn't a "real" opioid. I would actually throw away the prescription if a doctor prescribed it for me. I do have a legitimate, chronic condition for which these meds have been prescribed, but I also wanted to feel high from them.

Anyway, I finally decided once and for all to stop taking narcotic pain killers about a year and a half ago. Then in July my PCP gave me an RX for Tramadol. I thought, okay, this is NOT a narcotic, NOT addicting, and has NO withdraw symptoms. So I started taking it. Now I'm glad I DID throw those prescriptions away in the past.

Every single time my prescription runs out, I experience the most excruciatingly painful depression of my life. I don't want to get out of bed, I don't want to eat, sleep, talk, or even breathe. I've actually contemplated suicide. The only thing that makes this stop, is taking the Tramadol again. This vicious circle has been my life for the past 4 months. I had NO idea that there was a withdraw, worse than any narcotic withdraw I've ever experienced, with TRAMADOL.

I am so glad that I googled "Tramadol Withdraw Symptoms" and found this site. I would rather feel the worst physical pain imaginable, than ever take this medication again, and I will caution everyone I know to stay away from this med. I also plan to alert my doctors about this. I think the FDA should put a Black Box Warning on this drug, and perhaps have it a "scheduled" class 4 narcotic. I just hope that like me, others will find this site and realize that they are not alone, and it will get better.

Been using tramadol on and off for three years now. Initially for back pain, but that quickly spiraled into recreational use and abuse. Have quit several times, so I consider myself an expert on tramadol withdrawal. Weaning off is essential. Best done with extended release pills. I used about 10x50mg a day an weaned off over a week. So it should be done relative quickly, otherwise one is just delaying the inevitable. Librium is very helpful for the first week, but should not be used any longer than that. Believe you me, benzo withdrawals are worse than tramadol withdrawal.

Wellbutrin takes care of the brain zaps, and is easy to quit later on. The acute withdrawals will last about 14 days. But it takes at least 3 months to be yourself again. At least. The fatigue is the worst I think, it lasts for months. No energy and no motivation. Even staying in bed is exhausting.
I am 1 month clean this time. Attending N.A. meetings, and going to an substance abuse counselor. I hope this time I will stay clean. For me tramadol is pure evil, extremely addictive and very hard to quit. The withdrawals are so scary that i hope ill never try them again. Hang in there, it will get better.

Thank you, thank you for this information!! I had been suffering chronic pain because of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (a connective tissue disorder). Last spring I was finally referred to pain management. The doc prescribed a combination of gabapentin, zanaflex muscle relaxer, and tramadol. I have used it once before for shingles pain & I told my doc that it made me feel manic.

The pain doc wanted me to try the combo & it was wonderful! For the first time in forever, I was pain free! I even went back to college finally. Then it stopped working well.

He switched me to valium, which works better for my spasms. Later, he changed the tramadol to roxycodone. I became allergic & was switched to oxycodone. When I stopped the tramadol, the brain zaps started. I recognised it because of a time I was on an antidepressant & quit. I called the doc & left a message telling them about it & should I be tapering? They never returned that call! I was started slowing the tramadol to get off of it. I am now on day two of zero tram & the brain zaps, headache, eye pain & bathroom issues have hit.

Now I know what is going on. During the time I've been tapering, I had a migraine. I used my regular meds which I found out later is very bad with tram.

My question is this, how long will the brain zaps last? That is my most troubling, difficult symptom followed by headache. It is the one thing that makes me want to take one. Will this end soon?

They can last quite long. 2 months in some of my attempts to kick the habbit. The last two time ive used Wellbutrin for brain zaps. It removed them completely in my case. Its worth a try.

Hello, again for the 3rd time. I went a whole month without tramadol and I'm happier that it all done. What I'm doing is to let the whole world know how I came off tramadol easier this time after a whole year of those pills. I didn't want anymore medication in my body so this is what I did. For the muscle spasm I took a nice long hot bath to relax the muscles before going to bed. The brain zapping is because the brain is getting rid of the chemicals from the tramadol so I took tyelnol pm to stop it from zapping. The bathroom issue was solve by taking anything that helps. Now for the last statement. In order to get to sleep, please understand this question. We are all adult and there is nothing wrong about having sex or masterbating to get our body to feel relax after it over, right? do we all sleep better after having sex? This how I got thru all those restless nights. It didn't cost me nothing and it didn't hurt anybody. Please I'm not trying to be a pervert or a sex offender. I did what right for me without anymore pills going into my system and I feel better. Sorry if I shock you people about what I writing. The next time the doctor tells me that the pain killer are safe to take, he will hear it from me.

Hi again! I am having a terrible time stopping these horrible pills. Right now I am under a 1/2 pill, and I am so ill! All the symptoms you all have. It seems the closer I get.... the worse it gets! This site really helps a lot. Some days I feel pretty good and I think I can jump off and then the sickness starts. I guess I am in such a hurry to get off, that after 18yrs of taking these, I guess it's going to take me awhile (long while!) I took 4-5 50mg. a day during that time and I've come so far but sometimes I just want to give up!I wish I had NEVER heard of Ultram (Tramadol) and I feel for each and every one of you who are trying to get off of these pills! I have been trying for two years to stop and always went back.... This time I started in May and have been shaving bits and pieces off of the tablet every 7 days or so and am hoping I can jump off in the very NEAR future. The fatigue, depression and everything else is awful and I can't get anything done! Much Good Luck and Prayers to everyone..... Remember, we are all in the same boat and must not let it sink! If we try and fail, we must pick ourselves up and keep trying!

Hello folks, I have been on tramadol, ambien, gabapentin and cyclobenzaprine since January 2010. I got hurt on the job when I fell on ice in the parking lot cross walk. This resulted in me having 2 neck fusions with a bone taken from my hip to help fuse my neck and also had a rotator cuff repair and bicep tear resulting in a chunk of muscle taken out of my bicep. Even after surgeries I am still in lots of pain, so I have been prescribed all this medicine which I take daily. Now to add to my neck, shoulder, arm and hand pain I have hip pain to boot. My doctor tells me that I might have to be on these meds for the rest of my life. So, how do I come off these meds without the suffering of withdrawals?
Thank you;

Hi Catherine

My story is the same as yours-how are you doing today? Did it take you long to get through the withdrawals? I've never posted to any type of forum before, but I am two days into this nightmare and I feel like there's not a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm a single mother who has to go to work everyday and a don't know how I'm going to make it..please let me know how you are doing.

KS.....I feel your pain. Try taking some melatonin ah night for sleep along with 800 mg Advil for restless legs. Imodium and vitamins an also B12 helped me. It took little bit but after about 2 weeks I started feeling better and I have been off this awful med for right at 6 months. I will send prayers your way and keep talking on board it will help. Good luck

Doctor here. I'm glad you're helped on tramadol, but the posters speak truth. It is painful to "move on" & if you tried to move on, you would experience the same withdrawal symptoms as others. Please don't judge especially when you don't have the full story.

I'm really glad I found this site, I'm a endometriosis stage 5, suffer from chronic pelvic pain. been on percocet for a few months on n off an decided I wanted to try something not as strong as percs so they have give me ultram 50mg, after reading all the comments and how much people are suffering coming off them, I will not be taking them n see my dr in 2 weeks!

I have been on Tramadol and oxycontin for about 2 years now suffering from MS... I took myself off of the oxy cold turkey about a week ago and now if feel I'm getting hooked on the tramadol. I am slowly trying to reduce the tramadol it's not easy:(I am going to use all of your suggested experience to get myself off of this medication.. any other suggested medication not a nordic that will help to reduce the pain in the interim?

This is a wicked drug to get off of. Do not even start on it. I have been taking it for a few years off and on. I have tried several times to get off and you would think.."ok, I've gone 2 months without. Im good now" No! Watch out here comes dark daus and extreme mood swings..not mention achey legs and screwed up sleep pattern. I hate this drug.

How long did you take Tramadol? And how old are you (if I may ask)?

how much did you take each day... and how old are you? Did you take or do anything that helped with the withdrawal

How long did you take this, and how old are you?

It's interesting to read different people's reactions to this drug. I thought I was a bit soft when I had a mild reaction to it but given the dosage I take in comparison to some listed here I think maybe I am OK. I take 200mg Slow release twice a day and have 50mg capsules to take through the day if I get break thru pain.

I also take slow release panadol oesto (paracetamol) 3 times a day. This all started when I fell and fractured some ribs and injured my foot. Originally I was taking over the counter pain meds with codeine and nurofn but I got so depressed from the ongoing pain my Dr prescribed Tramadol. The relief I got the first night gave me the best nights sleep I had had in 6 weeks. I also take Cipramil and have had to decrease the dosage of that as I did get a little sick at some point. Given the relief in pain and the anti depressant effect of Tramadol I have to say that at this point I feel better and happier than I have in about 10 years. However we are all different.

The higher dosage I am on at the moment may be having some side effects so I am off to the Dr to see if there is a problem. I would rather vary the dosage and stay on it than be back in pain like I was. I have since had major surgery on my foot and still experience some pain 6 months later so am happy to stay on Tramadol for now.

Hi Everyone, I have finally jumped off the tramadol nightmare train! It's day 7 and the withdrawal is horrible-no motivation, depression so bad it is scary, sneezing, coughing, kidneys feel like they want to fall on the floor, liver throbbing! I wonder if I did some real damage to myself by taking them for 18yrs and I wonder if I will ever feel good again and have energy every day! I cry every day and it takes everything I have to just stand up and go to the bathroom. I weaned for 6mo. and I knew this day would come, but I just wonder how long this is going to last, I have no concentration, focus, memory or anything for that matter! I pray for all of us everyday.... Much good luck and health to all!!! I have no-one to blame for this hell but myself, I could of said no to the doctor! God Bless~

Greetings, day two now on withdrawing from Tramadol. I've been taking Tramadol since a back injury in 2011 on and off and just stopped alcohol use about four months ago. Without getting into the medical terminology I've read, I understand Tram is like three drugs in one relating to the brain.

It acts like an anti-depressant, stimulant, and pain blocker. The alcohol withdrawal seems to have been a breeze using Xanax and was mostly over physically in seven days but I was also on the 150 mg. Tram during the process. I did not feel like moving until I had 50 mg. Tram in the morning, took one at about 12pm and the last about 6pm. Slept pretty well but seemed to have sleeping RLS (restless leg syndrome) during the night. (I'm 57 yrs. old, male)

I'm using 2.5 to 5 mg. of Valium for any seizure type withdrawals from this synthetic opiate. Synthetic Opiate? As I've seen it described. Where I live it's extremely cheap and had without a prescription so one would think it not too addicting..... but not the case. I did not think the tapering method will work for me so I'm trying the not so cold turkey with a little pharma help. (Valium)

My symptoms now are mainly extreme lack of motivation, no Tram kick to get going. Some depression and anxiety with forgetfulness. So, lets see how day two goes......

Hi everyone,

I am from the UK and just this morning I had to see my GP (General Practioner) to review my meds (their request). I had made up my mind I wanted to be weaned off Tramadol slowly, which I had been on for almost 1 year 100 mg slow release twice daily. To my horror, she has taken me off they completely but has given me another tablet I can take up to 4 times a day, it's another pain med. I'm so frightened as everyone knows u never just withdraw any medication, u have to come of it slowly. I know I'm going to have withdrawals because one time I missed taking one and I had all the withdrawals stated but as soon as I took it I was fine again.

I would just like to know what u guys think and advise?. Thank you so much in advance!

I also have just recently tried to get off of tramadol. The withdrawal symptoms are bad. I have been taking this drug for over 18 years for degenerative disc disease, resulting in bad sciatica. I just wish I could of had laser surgery to remedy this. I also have spinal stenosis. Although this drug has made life tolerable and allowed me to keep working, I still have a lot of pain.

My initial doctor way back when I started taking tramadol also said it was non addictive. Not sure what side effects it may have had on me while taking it were, but I can say I have had much stomach pain since I have been taking it. Not sure if this is connected. But the withdrawal symptoms are bad. First I had more headaches than normal, severe dizziness for a couple of days that made me afraid to even walk, this has since gone away. Still have terrible stomach pain. I have to drink coffee or hot chocolate to ease the pain. Being a warm drink helps the pain. But the worst part is the sensation I get at night when trying to sleep.

It's not painful, just very annoying, it feels like a crawling sensation under the skin. I feel it everywhere, but it is most annoying in the arms and legs. To reduce the annoyance a person has to keep changing positions CONSTANTLY, which results in no sleep. I want to get off it but if I do, I don't know how I will handle my sciatica. That pain is very bad, and this drug does help with the pain.

I have been suffering with this nerve pain for nearly 25 years, and the doctors never wanted to do any kind of surgery. Sometimes I wish I would go to sleep and not wake up because of the pain. A change in the weather really brings on the pain. I am going to try and get off this drug, but do not know what I can take for the pain after that point in time.

I have tried everything possible over the counter for pain, with no help. Also had many different prescriptions for the pain, to no avail, and had to settle on a pain killer drug, namely tramadol. With constant pain life is miserable. Thanks for listening.


My name is Lisa, I was put on Tramadol about 15 months ago out in Arizona for both back pain and Fibromyalgia, I did not have insurance but I did get to see a Rheumatologist at Maricopa Hosp last spring, who told me to take more of the Tramadol. I am back in Ohio now and trying to quit this drug but having hard time.

The sweating is horrible, I wake up just about every morning around 4 to 5 a.m. just drenched, I thought it was menopause or night sweats since I'm 55, but I don't think so anymore, its the Tramadol. Even I sweat sometimes during the day, my makeup running down my face, never experienced this my whole life, and I'm not overweight, 5'9" 150 lbs. I started taking more of the Tramadol because I felt better, my back pain was better, I also swim three times a week at LA Fitness which helps too, but I have been having horrible stomach pain and diarrhea and the night sweats are getting worse, so I want to stop, I am also open to taking vitamins and trying anything natural for my body.

This fibro was brought on by stress and I was taking care of my 79 year old mother who is super controlling and living with her and being her caretaker was very mentally hard day in and out, my only refuge was going to work during the day. If you have any suggestions, or vitamins to take please let me know thank you so much. God can help me get through this, but I want to get off this drug.

I sent for overnight delivery on my prescribed tramadol. I use it for degenerative disk disease in my neck and sharp nerve pain between my shoulder blades, which I've had ever since kyphoscoliosis surgery a few years ago. I did not receive my tramadol on time, although I always have before. This means I'm on my second day of unintended withdrawals. I've been taking Imodium and Pepto-Bismol for stomach symptoms, and I slept the last two nights because I had some ambien. However, this is a nightmare.

Whenever I do get the tramadol, I think I'll use this bottle to taper off of it. I never want to go through this again. I have read that mega-doses of imodium stop withdrawal symptoms, however I'm not ready to take a chance like that. I can relate to a lot of folks posting here, in that we weren't seeking a high, we just want to be functional with our pain levels. I'm really mad at the Post Office at the moment, however I suppose I should have "planned" for this considering weather and holiday season. I just thought "extremely urgent" and being given the delivery date as a promise would mean something.

To sr.

You may find you can no longer order Tramadol online without a prescription. The FDA has shut down a lot of these operations. I could not find any that were still active. One reason I stopped taking Tramadol. It's long term effects and withdrawal symptoms are terrible for one thing and the fact the FDA is cracking down on these sites is another reason. Your best bet is to get off Tramadol entirely and find other, less addictive, means to control pain. I've been off since May of 2013 and yes I do have some pain but I can control it with OTC, heat, muscle rubs, joint and muscle supplements, etc. There are other ways to reduce the pain to bearable levels.

I wish you luck in your journey.

Hey everyone - best thing for withdrawing from tramadol is "gabapentin", or "neurontin". You have to work up to higher doses, but will take away the withdrawl symptoms. Once your are through them, then you can taper off.

Has worked really well for me - I have been on tramadol and gabapentin for many years. I can stop or start tramadol without any symptoms - if I use low doses of tramadol, and not take continuously from day to day.

Hope this may help someone.

I have been reading the posts you all have made about the Tramadol, I have been taking this drug for a back injury I had, after my 2nd operation and all kinds of therapy injections and what ever else I could do besides getting on pain meds I decided or my Dr decided to try this NON ADDICTING pain med, so he told me, I have been on it for over 4 yrs. now.

It never had any side effects at all on me only if I miss a dose. I ran out one time and had to wait a couple of days before I could get my script refilled, that is when I found out that I would withdrawal with out it, I really did not experience any of the bad reactions described above, Yes I was not felling myself but nothing I new that would not pass once I got a dose back in me.

I have now been off for 2 1/2 days I just don't feel I want to take it anymore, for all of the reasons above, Yes I fell like crap mostly my head feels weird my legs are a little jumpy, And I am not real super focused on anything, I must feel bad enough to see what everybody else fells when getting off or I would not be on this sight, If anybody has any advice on how to get threw the next few days or how long this crap feeling last let me know. I am hoping it will be over in the next few days or so, Then I can move on and figure out the next way to manage the nerve pain in my leg.

Too all Good luck hope you make it.

Hi All Just wanted to make one last report of the c/t w/d. It is now day seven after taking it for 4 years. It was hard but not really that bad the first 4 days are the worst, here are a few tips don't give up, try to sleep, take vitamin B, eat bananas for the legs or RLS, do not drink any alcohol tried it that dose not work it makes it worse.

The only one I can't seem to control is the brain zaps I still have that, but not as bad, let's just say less voltage. As far as no energy or depression, you have to move don't just sit their it will drive you crazy, watch a good movie go for a brisk walk, take a shower, go on your treadmill, cut wood, paint a room. I think once you get to day seven you will feel very good about yourself and will be able to keep going with the greatest of ease.

Happy New year good luck to all.

wondering what you meant by false symptoms???

Thank you for your suggestion. I have a whole bottle of 300mg gabapentin that had been prescribed to me but did not take because it made me feel dizzy and lightheaded. BUT if it helps with the unbearable withdrawal symptoms from tramadol I will gladly take them. How did you take them? You said you worked up to a higher dosage but what is it and how many times a day did you take it? And did you take it as you were weaning from the tramadol or did you go cold turkey? Answers to my questions will be so appreciated.

Site has been very helpful. I was taking opiates for years for neck/back pain, primarily oxycontin oxycodone & dilaudid. I became badly addicted & know I'm not alone as the problems of abuse associated with these drugs is well known. In February 2012 went to a rehab facility. I tried to stop several times weaning and cold turkey and the withdrawal sickness from these drugs is horrible. The rehab facility gave me 3 days of methadone and other Drugs to offset the symptoms and it was STILL horrible. However I came out of rehab 22 days later I was free of both opiates and alcohol.

My Dr. prescribed 400 mg a day of tramadol & while not a controlled opiate, Tramadol was an opoid and worked in similar manner. I'm very satisfied with tramadol & take AS prescribed. I had to change insurance due to healthcare law. They would only approve one pill per day without authorization - a 1-3 day process NOW ON DAY 6. Drug store would fill my script if we paid cash. I'm now OUT of tramadol.

[I know this site is not about Obomacare but point is that others will end up unexpectedly in withdrawal like myself.] By day 2 suffering horrible withdrawal symptoms including "crawling skin" feeling just like opiate withdrawal. My bottom line is sites emphasis on NOT stopping tramadol w out medical guidance is on point and be proactive if your insurance changed & refill is pending. I paid for Rx, cleared for next refill & hope to be reimbursed. It took hours but you need to be your own advocate. Tramadol withdrawal is quite real as described herein & tramadol can be godsend for people with pain & abuse issues.

I had neck surgery for degenerative disc disease. I have taking 150 mg of Tramadol a day for almost 3 weeks. I decided to cut the dosage to 100 mg a day. I've had some side effects. After reading this, I am cutting it all out. I am scared, but I think that I must do this. I'll let you know how well it goes later.

Thank you for your comments about your reason for needing to be on Tramadol in the very first place. I have taken 50mg, twice a day, for almost 9 years. Multiple soft-tissue injuries, while already trying to manage Multiple Sclerosis symptoms was my reason for starting the Tramadol.

Several years ago, I accidentally ran out of the meds for more than a day, from not keeping track of how much I had left, while trying to work part-time, and raising five children alone. It quickly became obvious that I didn't want to run out of this medicine.

I began to take 25% less of it than was prescribed, to make certain I had extra pills, in case I could no longer get the prescription filled. Gradually, I became aware of all the weird mistakes I would make, unable to think as clearly as I thought I was. It also caused a strange and embarrassing habit of mixing up the order of words when I spoke - not every time I spoke, but often enough to be humiliating.

A few weeks ago, I began to try to wean off the Tramadol, after something I heard my doctor mumble, about Tramadol perhaps not being available much longer. I am down to about 10-15mg, three times per day, and I can tell you - I have never felt worse, in so many ways. I am praying to get completely off this stuff, even though I will return to the nearly debilitating pain and sleeplessness I used to have prior to taking it.

Even as I type this, it has only been 8 hours since my most recent dose, and I am afraid to try to get though it again. I have noticed that my thinking is a lot clearer than at the 75mg-per-day regimen. But the depression, fear, physical miseries, are all things that make me believe that any pharmaceutical companies, and the prescribing doctors, should have to try to wean off, before they think about prescribing it to any of their patients. Weaning off this medicine is what nightmares are made of.

Thank you for your comment, dreinca2767! Your advice to avoid starting this drug is so backed by what others are discovering about it, as well. Not a medicine to trifle with. If a doctor says it may help get through recovery from surgery, or other debilitating pain - they are often correct - but there is a price to pay for it, that can only be understood by those who try to wean off it. Don't be one of us who is trying to wean from it, if you haven't began using Tramadol.

I am on my third week with no tramadol. Who ever said this drug was non narcotic and non addictive is a moron! I had a back injury 4 years ago and was put on these little demons. They were great for a while and even helped with my depression. However this year they have been working in weird ways... no sleep, leg pains, feet burning, severe attacks of depression.

I finally began to look for reasons for all of this and turned to the Web and ran across this site. Gave me hope that I wasn't nuts! I was down to one in the morning and one at night. Finally decided to face it and stop using these. The first week was bad with flu symptoms, back pain, diarrhea, restlessness and a pain in the back of my neck like someone hit me with a bat right in the neck! I was down for five days literally in the floor.

I am still having leg fatigue and foot pain with burning of my feet. This kept me awake for another week. Finally got some gabapentin for night time and sleep finally showed up without me having to literally jump out of bed and go put my feet on the cold kitchen tiles for relief in the middle of the night. Still have this somewhat even during the day now with tingling. That's where I am right now. Threw my two full bottles of tramadol away. Hope the leg issues go away. Thanks for all your comments. I read every one!

What more could a little white pill provide? Relief from pain, energy, a good buzz and "non-addictive" ~ oops. Months later, no more energy, depression, but the pain relief part is still pretty good. But you have to keep up the dosage to not feel bad. And yes, the withdrawal is significant: heaviness (especially in the legs), depression, diarrhea, jumpiness, fluttering in the chest area, sensitivity and pain!

Gradual withdrawal seems to have the same withdrawal symptoms, like the body knows it has been cheated. I'm going to try the 1/4 pill-less-a day method next. Wish me luck!

I have been on Vicodin, Percocet, and Valium cause I suffer from chronic pain
I been off all of them for 3 years but now I have a full time manager position is very demanding labor and found my pain was affecting my performance. But when my doctor decided to put me on tamadol, oh my god, I was fine taking 50mg 4x a day but the withdrawals was like nothing I have ever experienced.

The mood swings at work the depression about things that happened years ago that I don't even remember where all flooding back I feel like I was sad than happy than angry all at the same time. I lost 10lbs in 5 days because of the flu like symptoms. I had to start taking it at work just to get through the day and if I don't it's like instant withdrawals !!! At least with the other pain killers you have a few days before you need to take it. But tramadol is habit forming.

After being in a car accident 2 years ago I had to have 3 joint surgeries in a row. My surgeon put me on Tramadol 50mg 3 times a day. I took it as prescribed because if I took it more I got severe headaches. I stayed on it for a little over 2 months. I didn't know anything about the drug and stupidly I believed my surgeon when he said it was not addictive. I also was not told not to go off of it cold turkey which is what I did. I would not wish this on my worst enemy. It was like being in the worst realm of hell. I had hallucinations, outbursts of irrational rage, cold sweats, and the worst restless legs and insomnia ever. After staying awake for 9 days straight I was put into a psych hospital for threatening to kill my ex and myself. The doctors would not believe me when I told them I had insomnia from the tramadol withdrawal. They told me Tramadol was a safe very effective non addictive med. Eventually I was able to get back to some semblance of a normal life, however I have permanent effects from this drug. Before the accident I was attending a health sciences school to be a surgical assistant with exemplary grades. I would read at least 3 books a week and write songs and poetry. Now I can no longer write effectively, it takes me months to read a book and I can't watch tv or movies without losing interest after 15 minutes. This is after nearly 2 years off the Tramadol! I am on medication for bipolar disorder which I never had before this and I'm in therapy to deal with extreme bouts of rage that I never had a problem with before either. This drug is extremely dangerous. If you have never taken it then don't start and if you are don't quit cold turkey. This drug changes the way your brains neurotransmitters work. If I had any proof I would sue but I don't have any way to prove it. And of course no doctor will believes me. They just assume I was crazy all along!

I was on Tramadol for 1 year and a 1/2. I was only taking 150 mg. I took 50 mg 3xs a day. It was unbelievably helpful with the pain from my SI joint tear. I took up swimming and yoga and realized I could probably get off of it. My doctor said it was a great drug because it was non-addictive which is a real joke. He did say to get off of it slowly.

I started reducing my dosage in early February and had what I call "jimmie legs" and sleep disturbance every night. It has been 7 weeks and I have not had a pill in 1 week. I still feel jitzy and have some "jimmie legs" at night. I don't sleep well and am awake every hour. I do fall back to sleep. I found a few things that help me most were swimming, yoga, reading before bed time, and when I would wake up and am alert I would read until I fell asleep. When I was withdrawing I would read at night 5 hours and sleep 2. I had to talk my self into not being angry because it make the legs worse.

Now I am in a more positive place. I sleep fairly well, am less ritzy, and the jimmie legs have calmed down a good bit. I expect it will be an ebb and flow pattern from now on. I am hoping more FLOW than ebb.

I thought I was losing my mind. I only took tramadol for 2-WEEKS at 300mg per day. I stopped because I started to notice something... which I couldn't put my finger on. Then I read it can cause a noticeable personality change, so I stopped taking it. Wtf? Is this deep, deep depression, crying, bad past memory recall, feeling of doom, heavy body feeling... etc, due to tramadol wd??

I think I'm losing my mind! I have nearly every symptom listed on this forum at varying degrees, and find it disturbing that so little time of use could produce what is happening to me. Can someone please tell me that I am not projecting? This is utter terror, disturbing and frightening. Thank you in advance for any feedback. 38yo Male


It is happening to me as well. If I stop cold turkey, I cry easily and am very irritable, depressed, hyper, or just feel like I have the flu. It took every ounce of energy to not take one today to wing myself off of them. I've been trying to wing off for about a year now. It ain't happening for me. I will need professional assistance. This is my own curse. I feel so good on it but feel ashamed when my body starts yearning for it. You are not alone bro. 33 year male.

I have taken tramadol for 14yrs, 12 tab x 50mg twice are day, it means I take 1.2 gram per day, I'm trying to stop but it doesn't work... I need help, I really need help...

I am so pleased to have read the comment on this site... I have been prescribed tramadol for fybromyalgia and have found I feel worse instead of better! Headaches, restless legs, rash, ibis to name just a few side effects! It is horrendous. I am now not sleeping properly and tired all the time. I have gone "cold turkey" which may or may not be the best way, but I am drinking water all day long and determined to flush it out of my system. Never again!

I am writing this at 03;45 as I am unable to sleep. I have been prescribed Tramadol for three months now at 100mg 4 x daily. My severe back pain has subsided and I have started to reduce the dose to 50mg once daily and am already starting to feel very strange. I had no idea there were side effects and my worst one is restlessness and an inability to sleep and nightmares. I only thought to see if there were any other sufferers tonight and am relieved to know I am not alone in this predicament.

I am having spinal surgery later this year and really want off these tablets as I am sure the longer I am on them the worse the withdrawal will be. My big question is how long will the symptoms last and therefore the withdrawal period? I suppose I will be told that that varies dependent on the individual.

I've been abusing opiates for over 40 years off and on. Gone though the whole spectrum. Tramadol is no exception and I can sympathize with you all. Sometimes having to detox twice a year never with any medical help. It's never easy but some are a breeze. Addiction is a mental condition so my trick is to stop cold turkey in a very physically and mentally demanding time which keeps my mind occupied so as not to dwell on the symptoms.

Sure some sleeping aids help along or you'll wear yourself out and it doesn't hurt to have some muscle relaxers handy but take it from an expert, quit dwelling on it and deal with the pain. You can always try ibuprofen, acupuncture or whatever.

I took tramadol off and on over the last few years for pain from multiple knee surgeries and then fibromyalgia. I began having strange attacks that I were told were panic attacks. I would suddenly become dizzy, sweaty, feel as though I would pass out, chest pain, etc. This happened three or four times over a couple week period and it was disconcerting
My mother had just passed away, and I thought that maybe I was having anxiety from her passing. I had never had it before but I have been told high stress and loss can cause anxiety attacks. The doctor told me to stop taking any meds that could aggravate the situation.

I stopped taking tramadol cold turkey and dumped what I had, thinking that was the cause of my new discomfort. It was about eight hours after that I started feeling flu like symptoms. They steadily got worse! It was one horrible week of hell that landed me in the hospital twice with chest pains and extreme dehydration caused by diahrea and vomiting. I had horrible symptoms including high blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, shaking, skin crawling and burning, awful muscle pain, muscle twitches, feeling of tingling and restlessness that was unrelenting, fever, headaches and stomach pains.

I had heard about withdrawal symptoms from tramadol by others, but had no idea they were so bad! I was on a fairly low dose at 6-8 mg pills in a 24 hr period. I took that for about a 4 month period. I lost almost 20 lbs and my intestinal problems lasted a month afterwards. So did some of the other symptoms. I would still have craving here and there for the drug and the muscle and body ache would return. I will never touch tramadol ever again! I have takeen Hydrocodone before for weeks or months at a time and never had such a reaction when I stopped them.

Tramadol is a good pain killer. However, it was not safer to take than hydrocodone or Percocet as I was told and thought. Please be careful to anyone considering this medication. Doctors don't seem to understand the affects it has on people. I never abused the drug and always took it as it was directed. I had no idea that me stopping it cold was going to nearly kill me. This is my story I wish you all the very best of luck. I know it works for some people and it did for me. However when it comes time to stopping it, it's not worth the hell. God bless!

I was on Tramadol for 2-weeks and the wd was brutal. My previous comment above, was on March 26 after going cold turkey two days previous. I have started feeling better, with fleeting emotional issues occurring only maybe once a day for decreasing duration. I hope this helps and stick in there; it may get worse before it gets better.

I have been taking tramadol 100mg a day for 2years and can't get off them. I tried stopping several times and I get cramping and muscle spasm in my hands and legs and cannot sleep with it, so I keep taking it I have said it to my doctor and consultant and they can't explain it I finally found this site so I know its not just me, where I go from here I don't know and time sick off eppidurals.

Man its been crazy on tramadol I have been on it for over 5 years now can't do without it. I need help.

I am in recovery from heroine/Methodone addiction. I have gone thru withdrawls from the strongest opiates. I thought taking tramadol was safe and not going to be uncomfortable to come off of. This isn't the case at all. I tried to stop without tapering and the withdrawls were comparable to heroin or hydrocodone. I have been tapering myself from about 150 mgs per day down to 25 Mgms a day. I'm actually splitting one pill in two every morning and still experiencing RLS (restless leg syndrome), diarrhea, chills and problems sleeping. When will this stop? I have one half a pill left and I'm afraid what tomorrow is going to be like.

My experiences with Tramadol are my own. Not everybody reacts to certain compounds the same. That said, I, like others in this forum, can say that I have experienced withdrawals from just about every major opiate including opium itself, minus heroin. That includes, morphine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, codeine and poppy pod tea. I have also experienced withdrawal effects from discontinuing paxil and welbutrin.

In my opinion, Tramadol is quite possibly the worst. I was on Tramadol for a shoulder injury that I could not afford to have surgery on due to the recovery time. I wanted to avoid the typical opiate pain medications due to their addicvtive nature. I was prescribed 100mg, 3x daily. I was on Tramadol for close to six months before my first experience with it's terrible effects. Not only did I experience painfully uncomfortable aches and pains, cold sweats, hot flashes, intermittent sleep and RLS, I also had bouts of a type of depression I had never experienced even after withdrawing from a 150-200mg a day oxycodone habit.

The physical of the oxy withdrawal was on par with the tramadol withdrawals, but it lacked the depression aspect. I was literally in the verge of tears due to thoughts of inadequacy in regards to being a father. Mind you I support my family well, work 60+ hours a week and have a great relationship with my wife and kids.

I believe Tramadol's effect on seratonin and norephrine(?) are the cause of those thoughts. Needless to say, I'm sure the people in this forum understand the effects this drug can cause, but many others do not.

Tell your doctor. Tell your friends. Make it known that this drug is not to be taken lightly. If I would have known then what I know now, I would have just taken the hydrocodone I was offered. At least I know the withdrawals aren't too bad off of that. It has been one year six moths since I started the Tramadol regimen. I have now completely cut it out of my life and I'm finally starting to gain my positive mental state back. The last dose was over one month ago with a tapering of about a two-three week duration, prior.

For tapering, consult your doctor. I would also suggest that if your doctor is not available, a trip to the ER for precaution isn't out of the question. Tramadol is known to cause seizures along with it's other withdrawal symptoms. That's why some of you experience tremors. It's in the same vein as seizures. The brain.

Hi there,

I'm 29yrs old, female I've been taking tramadol since October of 2013 and still taking them. I had surgery in April of 2014 for the problem that I had been prescribed tramadol for. I am now unable to work I've been very ill since the surgery.

I had food poisoning a week after surgery, the following week I had kidney infection that led to blood poisoning, I almost died. So I did some research on these pills and found that it doesn't mix well with Cymbalta another drug I was prescribed for symptoms of depression. This doctor that gave me these medications together should go back to school!

So frustrated. Got off paxil last year, went through side effects, sluggishness, brain zaps, restlessness, I said I will NEVER go back on antidepressants, I want my brain free from chemicals, and now I have hip pain so doc prescribes me tramadol, saying it was non narcotoc, non addictive. BBBBSSSSS! I have started taking more than prescribed, and got to where I felt the need to taper down.

It does help with my pain, and gives me increased energy. Well, since tapering, its the same friggan thing as the Paxil. I thought I was done with all this!! well for now, I will keep to under the prescribed dose, until doc fixes my hips, for it does help with pain, but in the meantime, I have to deal with this crap all over again. I cry all the time on this lower dose! I actually cannot wait until it's time for my pills, cuz I know it'll make me normal for most the day. sigh. here we go again. I hate prescription drugs!!

I was shocked when I read this article. I specifically told my doctor I need a NON-Narcotic pain medication because I had just recovered from 12 years of addiction to Lortab for my pain not 2 years ago. I had been taking Motrin and Celebrex for my pain but they caused my blood pressure to spike. The doctor told me Tramadol was my only option. Now I'm once again faced with months of Suboxone treatments. I am angry as hell.

I would love to hear from you to how long it took you to become normal again... I have been on tramadol for 7 years for a work injury causing nerve pain in my right hand but notice a lot of short term memory lose and I am starting a 18month course to better my life as I can't do my old profession as a job anymore. I was taking 4x50 plus 1x100 I would take the 100mg in the morning for slow release and take 2x2 during the day with like 4hrs in between them. I stopped cold turkey and it's been 4 days I got a lot of what ppl are saying I can't sleep but I am so tired I get hot with goosebumps and cold with sweats I am so depressed I cry for no reason at all. Please let me know how long it took you cause I need to know when to look forward to being normal again.

I am really suffering from tramadol withdrawals I cannot function with the severe withdrawals like much of you are having. I am out of tramadol now so I can't do anything but go cold turkey. I don't know if I should swallow my pride and tell my doctor I am addicted to tramadol. Will he be able to help me beat this addiction?

I have been on tramadol for 8 years without a break and I can't believe the effects it had on me. I had all the side effects of it:

Depression, sleepless nights, hot sweats, and crying all the time, confusion which was the worst of all. Saturday the 7th of June I decided enough was enough so I went cold turkey with terrible side effects but I am on my 4th Day now and even though I am going through hell I have decided I will carry on regardless now because I want my old self back and I want to do it for my children and partner and friends because they have all gone through bad times with me.

I have been taking Tramadol for three years and stopped three days ago. The withdrawal is worse than any high powered narcotic I have ever taken. Cold sweats, legs kicking (literally kicking in bed like a heroin addict) but it is also messing with my head. Why is this drug even legal? I would take viccodin over this drug any day.

I took tramadol as a way to get off of opiodes. This was nearly 10 years ago. Tramadol is a dangerous drug that is marketed in a way to make it seem harmless. Before I realized what had happened I was taking 18-25 50mg pills on average per day. Eventually your body even allows you to sleep. I recently made the decision to remove this drug from my life b\c in reality to me that is what it was.

Withdrawing cold turkey was and still for me is pure hell. I am on day 15 and although the drug is clear from my system my legs constantly bother me. Last night (14th day) I slept for more than 4 hours. Most nights I would literally lay in bed until 6am or 7am before I just passed out from exhaustion. The drug is very easily abused and until recently very accessible online without a doctor's prescription.

The pharmacies all along have known these drugs were addictive which also explains why this drug's price has skyrocketed in recent years. EXTREME caution should be given when taking this medication if you have ever had any past issues with substance abuse. I think I have finally turned the corner but I wish this torment on no soul if it can be avoided.

I had a past of severe substance abuse but functioned well and always managed to get away from it. Tramadol was a million times worse to me than any of the other drugs that were used in my earlier life and this one wasn't supposed to be this way!!!! At least if you view the way it has always been marketed.

It is willpower. You have to want to stop. Xanax helped with the restless leg syndrome in low doses but I was very careful with how I used it as well. nothing makes it better. The first 7 days are the worst and then it is downhill from there. The process is painful but it can be done without a Dr; however, the drug also really effects you mentally. The anxiety will lessen greatly with time. I barely slept for the first 4 days and at one point thought I could understand how someone could lose their mind. I saw shadows which I presume were hallucinations of some form. Hang in there once you get through the next couple of days you will feel so much better. I am now on day 16 and still have that lethargic feelings of no energy in my legs. Magnesium does help a little with that but the restless leg syndrome can be tough depending on the amounts you were taking per day. Hang in there it will get better and you will feel so much better once done taking them.

I couldn't have said it better. It is marketed as a safer way to treat pain and that is the furthest thing from the truth. I call tramadol the devil b\c it controls you. I have had past issues of valid substance dependency and this drug should never be given to anyone with a past of abuse. I never intended to abuse it. I actually like you requested an alternative to an opioid for a specific reason. The mental anxiety and anguish you describe is like a self imposed torture. I even had hallucinations. Everyone needs to know the dangers. I am clean now 16 days but I still have slight RLS. I just wanted to let you know that I have joined your bandwagon my friend.

I am a 30 year old male with a high tolerance to recreational drugs. I started abusing Tramadol around Christmas 2013 taking on average 1500-2000mg per day but sometimes going as high as 4000mg. About 10 days ago I decided I need to get off this drug completely so that I could start a proper fitness regime and get my life back on tack.

Over the space of a week I gradually dropped my dosage from 1000mg to 250mg and then zero. It has now been 72 hours since my last ingestion and I have suffered from many of the side effects echoing most of the previous users. Insomnia, restlessness, hot cold flushes, twitching to name a few but I expected this and prepared mentally. I have found that exercising as much as possible during the day in my case cycling and trying to take short naps straight afterwards helps.

Taking hot baths can help relieve the tingling and again try napping straight after. I don't know how much longer these side effects will last but they are manageable with a strong will. I will post an update after the first 7 full days have elapsed.

I was given Ultram for back pain about 20 yrs. ago. I detoxed at a facility. Horrible! Emotionally my life was bad. Moved back to home state ... diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Maintained with Cymbalta. Back and knee pain caused Dr. to prescribe Ultram because I cannot take Celebrex.....nearly ruined my kidneys. Had knee replacement surgery, back injection and got pain free. My rheumatologist still prescribed 400 to 600 mgs. per day. He retired.

My new rheumatologist insisted on weaning me from taking Tramadol (Ultram). I am 71....not recommended for over 60? Can someone substantiate that? I am now taking none. My body is exhausted. I have all the muscle jerks....leg, arms. A nightmare! My NP gave me a script for Trazadone..... file that under wastebasket! I do not want any more drugs! I feel the Ultram should never have been given to me again after my first was..and no one cares...just keep writing scripts. I went thru what others of you have gone thru...Dr. saying it is non-addicting...ya think so scooter? IT IS ADDICTIVE DOC! The drug co. has messed up a lot of people and the Drs. are avoiding lawsuits.

Unfortunately these are all the signs of the withdrawal process. Even switching to regular opioid pain medication will not mask the signs from personal experience. Talk to your dr. the process cold turkey can be minimal for some or over the top as from what I have experienced. Aside from dragging around dead legs the restless leg syndrome and twitching are the worst parts.

I went nearly 5 days without any sleep at all. The first 7 days are hell. I did it cold turkey after taking approx twenty 50mg pills per day. It is misery in its purist form. The withdraw from the percocets is far less intrusive and tormenting. I was put on the med as an alternative to pain medication as a safer option and instead was given what I like to call the devil. It took major willpower to quit!

I have been taking tramadol and baclofen for a couple of years rt a back pain problem. I took these meds to avoid narcotics. This past winter I had bilateral hip replacements and after the hydrocodone I started using tramadol and baclofen again. I don’t know what or why but sometimes I have this ras (restless arm syndrome) just before bed, like when I'm getting tired.

I am then unable to sleep well and have to use benadryl 25mg or even 50mg to get a good nights sleep. I'm tired of feeling like crap. I cannot work, I'm 58 and a nurse. I don’t know what to do cuz the Drs in Joplin Mo don’t really try to help they just want you out of the office asap. really sad.

I am going to try to cut down on the tramadol and baclofen for a couple of weeks to see if that helps and go back to tylenol or ibuprofen and just live with the severe back pain and... I almost forgot, bursitis at both my hips. geez.

Hi There,

I found this site in need of others enlightenment to this drug.

I have been on Tramadol now for 1year & a half now, my physician first put me on the drug for miscarrying through my second trimester & after getting an infection which kept me in hospital for a week.

I was that distraught over loosing my babies that the tramadol I had been prescribed to take would keep me high enough to not feel that pain (mentally)

Now a year later, to my own detriment and fault had become addicted. Not for the high but because I couldn't stand the withdrawal symptoms.
Even after taking the pills each day I hated it. Hated that I had let this happen. Depressed that I couldn't be strong enough to handle the withdrawal. Worried that I would never feel like my true self again.

After moving countries with my partner, accruing a new job in which I wanted to be focused in & give my all I decided to stop. Go through whatever may come & try to ride it out.

I could take up to 300mg per day (6 pills) went down to 3 and now took my last one. Am on day two, feeling the restlessness, the aches in my legs.... All while my partner is asleep next to me & has no idea.

Once I'm through the worst & feel some sort of normality again. I would NOT recommend this drug to anyone. Yes it fights pain, but the pain to stop using it goes far beyond anything else I've ever felt or seen.

I really do hopes this helps, relates to someone in the chance it may help them before it's too late to experience all this for no necessary reason.

Thanks :)

I was prescribed tramadol by my VA doctor for RA pain relief. 2 pills every 8 hrs. Never noticed any help with the pain. I some times took four at once. But never kept up with the 6 a day prescribed. And only took twice a day. When the kemp drugs started to relieve the pain I stopped taking tramadol last night. Restless everything, nausea, chills. I didn't know what was going on for the fist few hrs. Took one pill and some NyQuil, spent the night hobbling around the house. Today flue like all day with weird painful diarrhea. I hope tomorrow is better.

To ALL, I am so glad I found this site. I thought I was going crazy. I am now about two weeks into weaning off of these pills. This is the first time I have ever taken Tramadol, however I have been on other opiates for two shoulder surgeries and a triple spinal fusion surgery... For the surgeries I was given percocet, oxycontin, vicoden. When I had the back issue, I was on opiates for a few years - until 7 months after the surgery (when I voluntarily quit). Yes, I weaned down then too and eventually stopped when I was only taking 2 vicoden a day. Yes, there was uncomfortable physical effects and some mental stuff - BUT, NOTHING LIKING TRYING TO STOP TRAMADOL. This is pure hell. And, all this because I told the doc, I didn't think I needed something as strong as Vicoden. Oh, how I wish I had taken the Vicoden.

I started taking Tramadol because of hurting the shoulder that had the surgery about 6 months ago. When my shoulder stopped hurting so badly, I decided it was time to stop. Oh, Yeah, you cannot just stop this drug. Didn't know that until I tried. Even weaning off of it is VERY uncomfortable - mentally/emotionally. Crying everyday, feeling useless, gloom and doom, lost faith in the world, no motivation, jumpy legs, feeling anxiety all the time, some suicidal ideation, hot flashes - oh, until it is time for the next "measured" dose - then it subsides for a little bit. I am determined to get off this devil pill. It is horrendous.

I have even considered calling my doc and asking for vicoden to help me get off this (and just take vicoden at a low dose for a week or two). He advised just to wean off this. But, I NEVER felt this horrible stopping vicoden or percocet (and I was on them every single day several times a day for years!) It is so good to know I am not alone - I am grateful for this site and these comments. I have read every one. That others have been where I am. I thought I was losing my mind - I even called a therapist in tears and said I didn't know what was happening to me. - Now, next time I see her, I can let her know I figured it out. I will be staying with her though until this is over.

I am tapering, which means I started two weeks ago. I was taking 100mg 3times/ day. I am down to 50mg, 3 times per day. Tomorrow starts 50mg, 2 times per day and I am scared. I'm really scared. I have never been so low in my life. I'm going to take 2 pills per day for 3 days, then go down to 1.5 pills per day for 1 day, then 1 pill per day for 3 days, then .5 pill/day for 2 days.

I hope that doesn't just prolong the whole withdrawal process. I wonder if it is better to just quickly get down to one pill within 3-4 days and get the whole withdrawal process over and done with. My doc doesn't know.

I will post updates on here. I would love to hear about how some of the posters in the last couple months are doing??? Please? It sounds like 4 days of hell and then everything gets a bit better day by day, correct??

As of today I am 8 days free of Tram with virtually NO withdrawal symptoms. I have taken them daily, up to 15 50 mg tabs per day, since 2004. Last August I went to my GP and explained the situation and she put me on a year long taper. She said that because of the SSRI component she was treating it like an Effexor taper, which apparently is hell too. Every month that we dropped my dose I would go through 24-48 hours of RLS, dilated pupils, brain zaps, but mild and short lived. I finally made the jump 7/3 and I feel fine! To any of you suffering because of this drug, get yourself to a Dr., be 100% honest and follow the taper. It's the only way to rid yourself of this drug.

I was in tramodol for over a year due to a bad car wreck. I am on day 2 of taking no tramadol. I knew I wanted to get off but didn't really know the best way to do it. The nurse just said I need to use this last prescription which was 40, 50 mg pills. When I used my last pill on July 1st, I was immediately calling because of diarrhea and anxiety. She said this medicine would not do this and I probably had a virus.

I think this is a HUGE problem that health care professionals think that this drug does not have withdrawal symptoms! She reluctantly called in 40 more pills and I took my last 50 mg July 12th. July 13th, I felt very weak, depressed, stomach cramping, brain zapping, cold chills, goose bumps, sweating, restless leg and insomnia.

Today I still don't have energy, brain zapping still present, diarrhea and hoping I can sleep tonight. The best advice is keep going even when you don't want too! I have 3 children and I have to keep going. I'm so ready to feel better! My broken ankle actually is less painful without the tramadol. Was it actually making the pain worse? Good luck

Checking back in on day 9, still no sleep, last night tried liquor again. It didn't work, was my worst night yet. Today was no energy or strength- felt like I had low blood pressure. Hoped for sleep tonight but it is not going to happen, best thing is to listen to calm upbeat music and hang on. This can't last forever

I have been taking tramadol 50mg for 9 years have tried to taper and get off two times but I failed twice I was afraid to tell my Dr. afraid they might cut me off. But 2 weeks ago I tried again and it worked, I cut my pills into 1\4s and used some xanax the last four days for leg pain and twitching. good luck

Been on Tramadol for 5 years after a hip injury. Been using more and more to get relief from my pain (currently 400mg AT A TIME) of course I've used my prescription faster then I should and am now out. About 36 hours into withdrawal. Cold clamy skin, chills, sweats, creepy crawly muscles, pain in my stomach and inability to sleep. Starting to improve so I'm hoping I'm lucky and it doesn't last that long. Once I get my refill and feel normal again will begin weaning myself off. Good luck to all of you. This is horrible.

Ok, I am now down to 50mg/day. My last comment was July 11th. I am sticking to it. I want off this drug. I am feeling fairly badly and part of me just wants to stop cold turkey now and get the awfulness over with. I am dropping dosage every day by about 12.5 - 25 mg's. It is so uncomfortable. I have all the above symptoms I stated before, but nauseous now, diarrhea, can't eat very much, forgetful, can't think straight, anxiety, restless, depression. Little energy.

I just keep telling myself, it is not me, it is just the drugs and the chemicals in my brain need time to perk up and they will. And, then, I breath deeply several times and tell myself I will be ok. I will also go out for walks with my dogs. That is calming to me. To be out. But being around people is really hard. I feel like they can see I am losing it. But, they probably can't. I have gone to Pills Anonymous meetings, not because I was abusing this drug (I wasn't. I was taking it as prescribed to me.), but because I needed to be around people who understood exactly what I was going through and get names and numbers of people to call for support if I'm freaking out.

They actually know what its like and lo and behold there were lots of people who said tramadol was the worst thing that ever happened to them. Go figure. It is manageable to titrate down like this. You just must be committed to the time of discomfort because it is uncomfortable. I am committed. Hopefully in another few days I will be done. All my best to everyone.

My last post was July 18th. I am down to 1/4 of a 50mg pill once per day. I take it at night. the nights are hard. Last night I went for a 40 minute walk with one of my dogs at 3:30am. I was trying to sleep - telling myself positive thoughts. I notice I am very hypersensitive - will cry heavily if someone says something cruel - which happened yesterday.

I didn't know the person very well, and normally in that situation I would have felt angry/upset, but brushed it off - but in the chemical mindset I am in, the comment was incredibly cruel, I literally had to pull over in my car and ball my eyes out and regroup. I also have to mention, which I did not realize I had previously left this out and is very important... I am doing this with the help of tizanidine and clonapin both prescribed by my doctor. I don't take so much that the withdrawals are not felt. Oh, I definitely still feel them a lot, but they are reduced to a small degree. I take one 2mg tizanidine during the day around noon when I cannot stand the withdrawals anymore (that usually carries me to bedtime). If it doesn't, I will take another one at 8pm.

I try my hardest not to take the second dose - but do if I need to. Then at bed time I take 1mg of clonipin and 6 mg of melatonin. Last night that did not work. The restless legs were awful. I almost considered taking just a little more tramadol - but didn't - I didn't come this far just to go backward and drag out this stuff for any longer. Just going to endure at this level for another day or two - and then perhaps stop entirely. I will post again. THERE IS HOPE IN GETTING OFF THIS DRUG. I JUST WANT TO REASSURE EVERYONE OF THAT.

Hi there. Ex-heroin and meth abuser here. Just wanted to say a couple things for those who are in WD. Opiate withdrawal, even in severity, is not too dangerous (you feel like you'll die but likely won't) Tramadol may have a mild effect on the opiate mu in your brain, but since it acts on norepinephrine and serotonin as well, cold turkey is likely not as safe as a pure opiate and aligns itself more closely with antidepressant withdrawal.

I can't speak on the best tapering schedule to keep, etc. But I just wanted to mention a few things that helped me with some of the opiate-like withdrawal symptoms.
-very hot showers immediately prior to trying to sleep usually helped me get a few hours in.
-benadryl can make RLS a lot worse for some people
-as bad as you may feel, physical exercise or even regular walks will reduce the length of your withdrawal. (not only will you no longer be moping in isolation, but the activity will release endprphins)

All in all, much of it is mind over matter. Keep yourself busy and practice a healthy lifestyle. It may suck in the beginning but it will prove FAR more beneficial than sitting around letting your mind linger on how your body feels or the guilt of why you used/abused this drug.

Godspeed to those who are trying to quit.

Hello All You Beautiful People:

About two weeks ago; I came to this forum to get information and some type of support to get off of tramadol. I felt that only someone in my shoes could understand. I have been prescribed Tramadol for the past 3 years. 50mg, varying in dosage. Sometimes my prescribed amount, sometimes more. Either way, eventually I mentally and physically needed it. Over time I noticed how my body was changing negatively. Too tired and lazy most of the time, gained weight, constant migraines, etc. So I thought to myself, screw these pills.

I did my own taper schedule (Not for everyone, as I am not a doctor) but over 2 weeks I went from about 5 pills a day to none. Cutting back a little each day. The first day with no tramadol, was a little edgy, but not a killer. I didn't sit in my house and think about my issues, I went out with family to swim and picnic; etc. That night, sleep did not come easy, but again, the process did not kill me. I'm not much on drinking, but I know it makes me sleepy, so I took one shot of some dark liquor and was out like a light. Kept a few Ibuprofen 800mg in my purse just in case leg aches got too bad at work.

To wrap it up, I am two weeks in and feel a million times better than I did last night. Refreshed, skin is looking great, not being lazy and eating as much. I love having the energy back to run around with my husband and daughter. He was supportive. I was strong. I also changed my unhealthy eating habits on the same day of initial detox (no soda or fast food etc), took vitamins and supplements, took walks and purchased some detox tea. Im sure these few things helped the ease of process. Like the person above me said, It's really mind over matter, Its a HABIT. Kick it, once you cross that line, you will be so happy. At least I am. Granted its a case by case basis, but don't be discouraged by the horrifying stories above. It may just get you worked up unnecessarily. It's doable!

Two weeks clear and never letting a tramadol pass these lips again!
The symptoms of MY withdrawal below:

Slight Headache
Slight RLS
Loss of Usual Appetite ( Which was ok because I was eating too much lol )
My husband said I shook in my sleep the first night.

Alex... Do you mean you are two weeks after your last tramadol dose? Or you are just on your last day? confused bc you said you came to this site two weeks ago and then tapered for two weeks. I would love to know that two weeks AFTER my last dose (yesterday) - that I will be feeling much better. Thank you for responding!!! :)

Hello, my apologies for the confusion. I should have said that after my last dose (two weeks ago) that I came here for support to see what kind of issues I may have to deal with physically. I took my last half of a tramadol two weeks ago. :)Very happy that I finally made that choice and was strong enough to start this journey.

Thank you, Alex... Good to know and thank you for your positive comments! When you read all the above (which I did), it is daunting. I am happy I took the step to make this journey too, but I am not thru the withdrawals yet and they seem to be worse for me than they were for you. :( Last night will be my last night with any tramadol (50 mg pill broken into eighths).

I took one more dose from my last post. So, ultimately, my last five doses will have been 3 days at 12 mgs and then two days at 6 mgs (all taken before bedtime so I could attempt sleep. Maybe my w/d's are worse because I live alone and my entire family lives far away and I don't have that same support system you had. I don't know, but I think that is huge. I really wish I had that right now.

Essentially though, you are 100% right, it is mind over matter - pushing through the discomfort. It is possible. You lived and you are happier now. I will live too, I just have to go through an uncomfortable time to come out on the other side. I want to be done with this stuff so badly. Titrating was the right thing for me to do, but it has been one long drawn out w/d - I wish I could have gone cold turkey, but I couldn't.

I do know I will never take Tramadol again - no matter what. I am hoping that 6 mgs to nothing will be ok for me. I mean that is such a small dose, I can't imagine it having that much effect on anything. I will post again and let everyone know. I can't wait to post that I am feeling great again!

Well I just moved to Tennessee from Florida about 12 days ago. I was running low on Tramadol. I called a new doctor here and could not get in to a doctor till Friday. Well On Friday I skipped my appt. I was already on day 4 of withdrawals! I don't want this crap in me! Mind you I got hurt in Jan 2008 and have been on 100 Mil 4 times a day! The first day I got the flu.... hot one min freezing the next! Tummy problems. I do have Muscle relaxers so I skip the RLS. I felt so crappy! Next day same thing... day 3 a little better. Day 4 I went out to lunch. This is day 6! The flu is back! My back is hating me! My tummy issues and hot and cold flashes are back. Was getting back spasm so took my muscle relaxer again!

I feel like I am a dirty piece of crap! Even though I took a lot of hot baths! Trying to do anything to keep my mind off it! I cry so much easier! Just reading a sad post. I use 2 tissues! I will go to the doctor next week but just to get something new for my back. Hopefully I will feel better by then. I was scared going cold turkey! But it can be done!

This forum has helped me greatly over the past few weeks so thank you all for sharing your stories.

For me I was only taking Tramadol for about a month and ran out. A day later, out of nowhere, I felt like I was in the deepest darkest place I could ever imagine. I had never felt this way in my entire life. I couldn't do anything but cry for 2 days. I was also up most of the night freezing and then burning up. When I was up during the day I spent a lot of my time on the toilet.

I eventually realized that I had stopped taking Tramadol right before all of this happened so I searched for Tramadol withdrawal and came across this site.

It's been a tough couple months but I'm finally feeling back to normal. The first few days were almost unbearable. The only thing that got me through was ready others' stories and knowing that it would pass. After about the 1st week most of the physical symptoms were gone but the depression took longer. I started to exercise every day, mostly running. It felt good to know that I was taking an active roll in getting over the withdrawal.

I'm not sure why this drug affected me so much but I wish I had never taken it. I finally have my life back to where I was before taking this drug. I feel for everyone that is where I was 2 months ago. My advice is to tell someone what you're going through a parent, spouse, friend or pastor. People are more understanding than you think. Keep heart and know that it will get better.

Hello All,
I just want to report that my tramadol taper was SUCCESSFUL! :) My last 6mg dose was three nights ago - bc I tapered so much at the end (50, to 25, to 12, down to 6mg's - each for about 2-4 days) - the actual stopping of my taking it has not been bad.

The worst part was DURING the taper. I pushed through it - I was determined to not go backward no matter how awful I felt and you can see from my previous posts I felt horrendous - panicked, claustrophobic, doom and gloom world-ending depression, anxiety, a feeling like I couldn't handle it and all the bad physical side effects too - sweats, chills, nausea, no sleep, crawling skin, etc. And, I will never regret going through that - what a learning experience for me to ALWAYS, ALWAYS know what I am taking thoroughly.

You all CAN do this and it WILL be worth it. I don't feel "normal" yet during my days and nights, but they feel BETTER than they have during any time during the taper. My first "good" day was yesterday. Looking forward to see how today goes. :)

Hey guys.. So I moved state and ran put Out of Tramadol about 9 days ago! I did make a appt in three days to try to get some more! By then I was so sick. The first three days had to be the worst! Peeing every 10 mins...not sleeping...the Flu, Heart beating so fast I should be running! So by the time I was supposed to go get some more. I was like No freaking way am I going to put this vile crap in me again! I do have Flexiril a muscle relaxer so it helps with the RLS. I got hurt a work on Jan 29 2008. I have about six bad disk...not fun! So My new doctor put me on this SAFE med that day! Over the years I went up and up. I was taking 8 a day 240 a month. I came here to read that this withdrawal will stopped soon! Lucky I moved here to retire at 50 so I don't have to go to work or anything. I know they say don't quit cold turkey..but I know I can do this! I take meds for all the crap it throws at me! My hubby is able to stay home for 2 months as we planned to enjoy the mountains we move to! I do see them out my kitchen window! Will give you a update in another week!

Hello everybody, I'm a 35 year old single mother. I've been taking tramadol for 10 years. It started bc of back problems but now I take it just bc. Today is day 6 without any tramadol. I have no energy, can't sleep or eat and I'm very anxious. I'm going to get through this though and NEVER take another one. This is the worse drug I've ever been on. Please to everybody reading this and going through the same thing remember that it's temporary. It will get better. I just want my life back. God bless everybody and good luck.

Can one go through tramadol withdrawal while still taking the same dosage as always?

THANK GOD I found this website !! For the last 4 days I thought I was losing my mind ! Finally put 2 & 2 together and realized that this feeling of impending doom started 12 hours after I stopped taking Tramadol ! This drug should be OUTLAWED just because of the WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS !! I'm a recovering alcoholic and was VERY specific with my Dr. about no narcotics when I went in for neck pain in July. I have a 3-level cervical fusion from decades old whiplash injury, and it appears to be degenerating further as I age.

Anyway, the Dr. said "no problem" with the prescription, and there wasn't, until I decided to stop taking it after ONLY FOUR WEEKS !!! I was taking 50 mg/ 3 times daily and it did a good job on the pain, with none of the euphoria you get with narcotics. It seemed too easy, so I decided to stop for awhile to alleviate any of my fears about possible addiction.

Took my last one at 5:00 PM on July 5th, and by the time I woke up around 8:00 AM on July 6th, I was convinced I was going to die THAT DAY !! In all my years of alcohol abuse, withdrawal, and recovery, I have NEVER experienced ANYTHING like I'm currently going through coming off Tramadol ! It's like one big anxiety attack, borderline suicidal mood swings, hot sweats, cold chills, shivering, irritability, flu-like symptoms, upset stomach, diarrhea, no appetite, chest pain/tightness, nightmares, hallucinations !!

Today is day #4, and the side affects have lessened, if only by single digits. That, combined with finding other "victim's" feedback on this website, makes me confident I can survive this ordeal !! Monday I will confront my Dr. with this information, in hopes that NO OTHER PATIENTS are subjected to this HORROR !!! May God bless everyone dealing with this nightmare !!

It was very reassuring to read all your posts. I developed a secret habit, over the last year, of about 4 to 5 50mg tramadols over the course of a day. I think I took it mostly for the anti-depressant quality, and especially the great sleep I was getting. Anyway, this is the only confession I'll be making. I'm going to keep this to myself and stay away from this crap. Thanks for reading.

Last week I decided this drug is changing me fundamentally as a person, and needed to go. By that I mean, I was drawn to solitude, rather than being with my family (or maybe that's just getting old haha). Honestly, I felt awful for looking more forward to the next dose than anything else.

Friday night I took 4 50mg doses, then attempted cold turkey on Saturday. That lasted until late Saturday night, when I took one 50mg to quell the madness. I couldn't interact with my two kids and spouse otherwise. Still, Church on sunday SUCKED haha. I should have bowed out.

Going down to 50mg was the worst, as described by all the posts above. Just a horrible withdrawal experience. Still, I was able to restlessly sleep since I took the dose before bed. I just had to stick it out for those 24 hours.

Anyway, I took 1 50mg at night until last night, when I jumped off. God, the f%*(&$ing restless legs. I excused myself to the couch downstairs, downed several melatonin and ibuprofin, and managed to get some crummy sleep.

Today I'm feeling a hell of a lot better, but still have that tram w/d hangover. I started in on Rhodiola and that seems to be getting some energy to my system. I'm just glad to have made it through the first night.

I have loads of sympathy for everyone else going through this, especially my devious brothers and sisters who have to do it privately yet publicly, surrounded in guilt and shame.

tl;dr weaned down to 50 mg for three days, then jumped off to the usual results. The whole experience was constant suffering.

I had taken 100 milligrams of tramadol twice a day for years. I have been weaning myself off this for about two months. I took my last pill about five days ago. Twitching in the legs is much too mild a description of what goes on with the restless leg thing. The worst symptom, and there have been many (flu-like, sweats, shivering, headaches, RLS) is the lower back pain I have had in the last few days since ending the drug entirely. I have had a considerable amount of back pain in my life, but none has compared to what I have experienced in the last few days. Withdrawing from this drug has truly been the worst thing I've ever had to deal with physically. Loritab and/or percocet cessation is nothing but a little bit of grouchiness compared to Tramadol withdrawals. One thing that has helped, at least with the RLS, is Kratom. I am hoping this hell ends soon, and I will never take a doctor's word for drug effects ever again. I started taking Tramadol because I was told it was non-addictive, as an alternative to loritab, which makes me too drowsy to work effectively. Right now I am certain that Tramadol has not been a good experience.

i have taken tramadol twice a day for 1yr, then hurt back again and took a 3rd tramadol, (my bp soars from back pain). i am super senesitive to meds and do not take unless I must.

when i stopped taking 3rd tramadol (back better) i felt like i had stepped into bottomless pitt. took a few days for me to figure out, you can become
addictied to tramadol immediately. it is scary.

I was told it is not addictive too but my experience has been a little different. I have been taking them for about 10 years and just returned from the pharmacy after being denied a refill due to the DEA chaging Tramadol to a Schedule IV drug. Nice of them to cancel existing scripts for legal users.

It's going to be a long 48 waiting for my doctor to write a new prescription and on top of that, at 62, I'm raising my six year old granddaughter as a single parent so I have to suffer with a smile.

I wrote down some phone numbers for her to call if anything bad happens during the wait so I think I have covered everything. Lots of hot and cold showers to help with chills and sweats. RLS is a given and last time I was off for a few days wound up sitting with my knees pulled against my chest tight just to gain some control over it so I could sleep.

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