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Vinegar-Mouthwash Soak Banished Nail Fungus

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Q. I have had toenail fungus for many years and have tried all the remedies you've written about without success until now. For over 21 days, at the same time of day, I soaked my toes and feet in a 1:1 ratio of white vinegar and generic Listerine.

I now have NO toenail fungus and maintain this status by using tea tree oil on my nails. I hope this formula might help others.

A. Getting rid of nail fungus often requires patience. It can take months for a toenail to grow out fungus free. What works for one person may be totally ineffective for another.
We are delighted that you have had success with the vinegar and Listerine mixture. Many readers also report success with this approach. There are other testimonials about a variety of nail fungus remedies at

You can also find more detailed descriptions of nail fungus remedies in our Guide to Hair and Nail Care. You will learn about cornmeal mush food soaks hydrogen peroxide and Vicks VapoRub.

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Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4/5 (242 votes)
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Do you have to mix up a new batch of vinegar and mouthwash each day or can the batch be reused?

what time of day?

I have had toenail fungus for 40+ years- since childhood. I got it from using the same nail clippers as my mom, who had toe nail fungus. I am very careful to not spread this scourge to my family- MY nail clippers are well labeled as "MOM ONLY". I, however, am tired of living with ugly nails, so I started with the Vick's Vaporub daily.

I was pretty amazed at the general improvement, but it was not getting the worse-off toe nails. I have added a 10 minute white vinegar soak daily and, again, more improvement, but I'm not 100% cured (I've been doing this about a month).

At this point, I am going to add Listerine to the vinegar soaks- very easy to do. I also use tea tree oil, but not as regularly as the other treatments. I'm slowly but surely ridding myself of this fungus!

I tried the Vicks and got rid of the fungus on one foot. Still trying to get rid of the fungus on the other foot. For some reason it is not working there. I will try the vinegar/Listerine.

How long is the soaking each time?

I have had nail fungus for quite a few years, and during that time I have washed my feet nearly every day with Head & Shoulders shampoo. I am still alive, thus proving that the shampoo has successfully fought off the nail fungus and prevented it from killing me. It also proves that the shampoo will not cure nail fungus --- not MY nail fungus at any rate. So now I think I will try the Listerine and white vinegar foot soak. How long do you think each soak should be? Were I to guess, I would think about fifteen minutes would do the trick, don't you?

I have a problem with toe nail fungus. I tried everything that was medically approved. I read the Vicks treatment and I laughed. I tried it and it worked!!!

And for how long did you soak your feet?

How long did it take before the fungus started to go away?

My medical doctor actually recommended vinegar and water soaks to get rid of toenail fungus! He said it would clear it up faster than the antifungal drugs that are super expensive and harmful to the liver.

Fungus free toenails in 21 days? Unbelievable!! The dermatologist that treats me says it takes a year for toenails to grow out, so how can you possibly tell you're cured in 21 days?

I started applying a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and amber Listerine twice daily in October 2010 and determined it was not working in September 2011; so I bought a bread-box type container and started soaking my feet for 35-45 minutes each day in the white vinegar/amber Listerine solution. After 6 months of soaking the fungus appears to be as healthy as it was in September 2011.

Any suggestions?

A few years ago, the dermatologist prescribed a 90-day, 90-tablet ($800) Lamisil treatment for me. It worked fine for about a year and then the fungus started coming back full force!

I am at a total loss as to how to get rid of this stuff. Help!!

About the lady who claimed healing of her toenail fungus in 21 days after soaking toes & feet in 1:1 white vinegar & generic Listerine. How long did she soak each day?

Many thanks.
We're very grateful for you & all you do -- faithfully read your articles in the N&O twice a week.

People's Pharmacy response: Some people soak their feet for 15 or 20 minutes a day. We're not sure she specified.

Does anyone know if these remedies will work on fingernails? I've had an ongoing problem for 30+ years from having sculpted nails put on ONCE. I never did anything that foolish again but now I'm stuck with this chronic and often painful problem. I've taken Lamisil also but no longer am willing to jeopardize my liver and kidneys for my fingernails.

I'm with the guy that asked about the reuse of your bath that you soak your feet in, do you have to drain it every time or can you reuse the same bath? Seems like if I were to fill up my foot tub I have every time with enough new vinegar and Listerine to cover my toes it will get real expensive real fast. So can you reuse your mix?

Also, how often do you use the Vicks Vaporub on the nails, I am thinking of coating my nails at night and wearing socks to bed, is that the way to do it?

Thanks in advance for the help/advise

I actually use a small glass dish to soak just my toes, so it does not take much liquid. Using this container to soak my toes, it's most comfortable sitting upright in a chair (i.e. at the computer). I do usually re-use the mixture twice. I'm using the vapo rub 1 x day right after I shower in the a.m. I soak my toes at night, so they're getting "treated" every 12 hours or so.

Vicks worked on my toenail fungus. What is really strange is that my dog acquired a fungus in his claw. I tried the vet's prescribed meds and did not really see an improvement so I mentioned the Vicks. She said to try it but use it before we went for a walk or some other times when he would not be apt to lick it. Amazingly it worked on my dog too!

Interesting, and thank you for answering my question. I was considering do just that, using a small bowl, if I can find one. I already have a large basin that is made to soak feet in warm water while it vibrates but it would take quite a bit of vinegar to raise the level enough to cover my toes and that could get expensive if I throw it out after every use. Can you tell me how long you have been using the vinegar and vaporub and is it working for you?

I've been at it around a month. Some nails are very slow growing, so I plan to keep doing the treatments.

I used the Vicks method after speaking with a podiatrist at my place of work. Many elderly people have that problem. I myself had injured my great toe in a storm door a couple of years before which did not make the nail fall out but a fungus developed around the area of injury. I put on the Vicks at night after abrading my nail surface with an emery metal nail file which I kept clean.

The doctor stressed the need to do this to keep the nail absorbing the Vicks. I also applied some after a bath or shower in the AM. It is indeed a slow process (about 9 months of dedication) but it has worked nicely and has not come back after a year with no additional treatment. Also I will mention that filing the nail vigorously will make the nail break up and fall out in pieces during the process. No pain at all. I put a band aid on during days when I wore sandals with Vicks underneath in summer. It's a cheap solution since I still have over half a bottle of Vicks.

I tour with a youth group (A DCI corps) almost every summer, and often pick up toenail fungus from the various high schools/gymnasiums we stay in. When we are in the various schools and gymnasiums, it has generally been quite a while since they were cleaned, and catching "toe fungus" is generally the result.

I use half & half cider vinegar and "Generic Listerine" when we return from the tour, and, generally, my nails are clearing up by Christmas/New Years.
I soak both feet for 10 minutes, and keep using the same liquid until it gets too low to soak my feet in in the container (I use a plastic "shoe box" big enough to get both feet into).

To make the liquid I use, I bring 4 cups of Cider Vinegar to a boil, then turn it off. When it is cool, I add 4 cups of "Generic Listerine (from Wal Mart)", and put the liquid into a half gallon bottle. When there isn't enough liquid in the jug to cover both feet to about 3/8" over the toes, I toss it, and make a new mix.

We have a physical trainer that travels with us, and she generally has several gallon s of vinegar and "generic Listerine" in her armamentarium!

Hope this helps!

I have been soaking in listerine and white vinegar for about four weeks.
My nails are not showing a big change although some, but my feet that I have dryness and major cracking problems with have felt great. The only problem is I have had an itchy rash for a few days, could this be a reaction. I have been soaking for an hour and plan to cut back to 30 minutes.

I have spoken with a podiatrist that claims to have an 90% success rate using the follwing steps....

-ALWAYS spray bleach in tub/shower BEFORE + AFTER each shower/bath.
-wash towels in hot water to kill any residual fungus. Do not reuse towels.
-Soak toenail clippers and emery boards in fungicide between uses.
-clip nails infected and file them down frequently so that nails are not thick, and can allow absorption of treatments.
-all shoes are infected and without treating them, you will re-infect toes. Use foot powder in shoes, then put shoes in paper sack and stick them in the freezer for 24 hours. When possible, put shoes in the sun. Never wear shoes 2 days in a row. allow 48 hours between wearing shoes. Wear (disinfected) flipflops whenever possible.

-clean toes with soap in shower in am
-dry feet with paper towels to avoid infecting towels.
-use cotton balls with hydrogen peroxide on nails and toes to kill any bacteria.
-Use second cotton ball with isopropyl alcohol on each toe to dry infected nails/skin.
-dab tea tree oil on each nail, and before it dries, apply vaseline on each nail OVER the tea tree oil. (this keeps the tea tree oil
active like vaporub)


- Mix equal parts Apple Cider Vinegar/warm water/Listerine in a ziplock gallon freezer bag, and then wrap each foot in the bags for 30 min, (you don't need to use as much solution, and it zips up nicely for next time). I am reusing solution 3 times and then throwing out, and starting again.
-follow up with alcohol, peroxide, and tea-tree/vaseline before bed.

It is labor intensive at first, but then it becomes very quick and easy. My feet are very soft, but I just started doing it a few days ago. We'll see how it works. She said if you stick to this regiment, you will see results faster and can conquer it rather than merely improving condition. She also said the fastest way is to use AJAX every day on badly infected nails, until the nail falls off, then resuming above treatment. Sounds harsh, but she said that is the most extreme and quickest way to go, but it will take months to regrow the nail and if you don't do treatment until it is fully grown out, it will re-infect. So be sure you are going to follow thru!!

Wish me luck! I'll let you know how it goes...

I started soaking my feet in straight apple cider vinegar. I soak my toes in peroxide. Every time I get home and take off my shoes I spray spray them with Lysol. Really soak them. Make sure your bathtub is clean! Bleach! At least twice a week. That will kill all the straggling fungi. Do all of this and be prepared for DRASTIC change!

", love, and inspire.".

Remy R.

What is the minimum amount of listerine and the minimum amount of vinegar to put into a container of water (that the feet will be put into) in order to get rid of the nail fungus?

Just wondering if you've seen any progress using the method your doctor suggested? Thank you

I just wanted to offer a simpler way of using the vinegar application to the toenails. I apply vinegar to a round makeup remover cotton pad (you can buy a large pack for a dollar at the Dollar Store). I fold it in half, and the part that is soaked I place on my toe and secure with tape. I let it soak for a half hour in the morning while I am getting ready for work, and in the evening for an hour during my quiet time. I clean it off and dry it. Then I apply a band-aide with Vicks vapor rub. This technique was recommended by my medical doctor. It seems to be working very well. I have been doing this for about a month and I do see a big difference. My smaller toe nails cleared up pretty quick, the large toe nail is taking longer. It takes about 6-9 months to clear up he said.

I am curious how this worked for you? I am currently about 1 month into this process. After I soak in the vinegar/Listerine mixture for 20-30 minutes, I spray with athlete foot spray and then put on Vicks VapoRub then put on socks.

Just started the soak tonight and excited to see how it works. My doctor prescribed Lamisil and I refuse to take this route after reading up on the side effects (as I like my wine). You do not have to use much, just enough to cover the infected area, which in my case are the toes. Do Not use the same bath twice!! The old bath is full of what you are trying to get rid of!!

I am using the Listerine method now. I have found an easy way soak my feet & pass the time. I have a plastic shoe type box with lid & a towel. I place the box under my computer & soak 1 foot at a time while surfing. It is easy to soak your foot for 20 minutes a foot without even realizing you are soaking it. I use Wal-Mart brand & I use 1 bottle per week. I am going to try adding vinegar & that will cut it down to 1 bottle every 2 weeks.
A coworker told me about Listerine. She only soaked her foot for 2 weeks & it disappeared, but she did not have it that long.
I tried the pills. My doctor had me do a blood test in 2 weeks to see if it is effecting your liver. If it isn't, he said it is safe to use.
The blood test was the key to being safe. I took it for 3 months & killed it back, but not completely. I think 4 months may have done the trick. If you do not get rid of it completely, it will come back.

I started soaking in white vinegar a few weeks ago and I can see some improvement. I have been using a small plastic roller paint tray big enough for one foot. It is good as it tilts your toes into the vinegar solution and you don't need to use as much. I soak while surfing on the computer.

Hello, I have the same type foot basin that you're talking about that vibrates and all that. What I do is take a bath towel, roll it up or fold it a few times and place the towel underneath the back of the foot basin. I will then place the listerine/apple cider vinegar mixture into each half of basin until I feel its enough to just cover my toes. I set my toes into the solution with the back of my feet in the upright position and get to where I can be seated comfortably enough to watch tv, sit at the computer or whatever. Take care.

Originally, I was prescribed 250 MGS of Terbinifine to be taken for a 45 day regimen and it seemed to be working – I was told by my first dermatologist that “it takes a year for your toenails to grow out – so the medication will keep working after you are finished with your prescription”

Well, the fungus soon came back with a vengeance. I am not blaming the doctor, as I was careless not to properly dry my toes (especially between them) and I was ignorant by wearing the same shoes a few times a week. So, after this recurrence, I did a lot of reading up and found a lot more information. Just for reference, I am a 6 foot man that weighs 190 lbs.

Here are a few things I have learned:

With every shower, I do a LOT of scrubbing with a “a callus stone” - I think that's what it's called - on the thick parts of my nails, so that the topical products that I use will have better access to the deep virus that lay under the nails. I also brush my nails and toes using soap - of course - and I keep my foot brush, stone and nail clippers sanitized by leaving them soaking in a bleach solution.

Also, It's VERY important to DRY your feet and toes especially between your toes making sure they are totally dry and if you are serious about getting rid of this fungus use a hair blow dryer for extra insurance. I realize this is time consuming – but I wanted my fungus GONE. Once my feet are totally dry, I apply an anti-fungal gel called Naftin – this is a prescription topical product is that is VERY expensive – if you have insurance, it is worth looking into – my Doctor gave me a coupon that enabled me to get this $300.00 product free. I apply the Naftin which is alcohol based – so it dries quickly. I then put on clean white socks – followed by my black socks that I wear to work. I do this in the morning before an 8 hour shift at work.

I also requested a note from my DR. enabling me to I wear canvas shoes to work, so my feet can “breath” - ALWAYS WEAR CLEAN FRESH SOCKS AND ROTATE YOUR SHOES EVERYDAY – as well as spraying an anti fungus in your shoes – such as odor eaters or a powder or a similar product.

At the suggestion of a different dermatologist, I use the apple cider vinegar/Listerine mixture, My new DR. did not say anything about using “natural – unpasteurized apple cider vinegar – but I broke down and bought the good natural vinegar with “the mother” in it. It is pretty expensive (well about 5 bucks a quart, but it will last a good three weeks) - that is *if* you reuse it, as I will detail in a minute. Five dollars is relatively inexpensive to have healthy toes/feet. My DR. said I only have to soak my feet for about 15 minutes every other day , if possible. But of course wanting to “cure” myself and seeing no harm - I use it daily for about an hour after work. I had HORRIBLE looking toe nails and I wanted them CURED!

You can use generic Listerine but be sure it's the original gold colored type – look on the bottle for the active ingredients – it should say:

Eucalyptol 0.092%
Menthol 0.042%
Methyl Salicylate 0.060%
Thymol 0.064%

You can use this 50/50% mixture for up to 4-5 days at about a cup of each to save money – as long as you keep it clean by making sure it is covered.

You do not need a super large tub – I have size 12 feet - but I use a tub that is about 10 inches around and put a cloth under one end of the container so that the tub is a bit angled, to make the mixture to “pool” to one end and enabling me to totally soak my toes with a pretty minimal amount of the expensive vinegar an Listerine. Regardless of the person who indicated you should use a fresh batch everyday – with all due respect – I use the same mixture long as four to five days - that is IF you keep it the mixture clean by keeping it covered between uses and if you need to get up, wear some sandals, and be sure to wipe off your feet with a very clean towel or paper towel before putting your feet back in the soak.

Personally - I am getting amazing results ( my DR. was amazed!) I have been doing this for about 6-8 months with very satisfying results. I soak for about a half hour everyday after work – sometimes as long as over an hour – only because I get engrossed in a movie or a book and and forget that I am soaking! I also supplement another mixer of a cap full of bleach and a tub of warm water – I do not do this every night – I do have a life!

Lately I have been reading about using a few tablespoons of powered alum to soak in, as well. I may try this. I have been wondering is I could simply make a mixture of all four of these active ingredients? But I am having so much success – I am reluctant to experiment at this point in the game. I can almost go in public with sandals! I forgot to mention that my new DR. has kept my on Terbinifine for about a 6-8 months – I get my liver checked every 6 weeks and all is fine – I'm glad I quit drinking : )

Good luck to everyone, and keep us posted on any thoughts or ideas!


If you research Tea tree oil & Eucalyptus, you will see why Vicks works like Tea Tree oil on toe nails. Here is an excerpt that explains why:
eucalyptus and tea tree (melaleuca) are derived from different species of trees, they are NOT both from eucalyptus trees. However, they do have very similar medicinal properties, due to the fact that both contain the active germicidal oil cineole, which acts as both an antiseptic and antifungal.

I can't believe you didn't start by telling that you have been on Terbinifine the whole time that you were soaking. Don't you think think that is why your feet and nails have improved?

My husband says he has had toenail fungus for 60 years. He also has a fungus on this thumb, not just the nail. He started soaking almost daily for 30 mins. at a time using 1/2 generic listerine and 1/2 vinegar. He said he doesn't ever remember his feet being this clear. He is not cured but is still soaking. He reuses the liquid for about a month and then starts over. We use a container with a more substantial lid for this purpose. it has plenty of room for his feet and with the lid under one end it doesn't require a great deal of liquid. He uses an empty large pimiento jar for soaking his thumb.

My husband uses a plastic storage container with a substantial locking lid and reuses the vinegar/listerine liquid until it is getting low. It is working. He said his feet are in better shape than they have been in 60 years. Still now well but much better.

Both of my "big toes" have...........sorry had a severe fungus. Yes, the Vicks does work. The toe nails are now sitting flat and the nails are now growing out. I soak daily, then cover with Vicks twice a day. At nigh I put on socks. You have to file or cut so the vicks can penetrate. I now use tea tree oil one day and vicks the will be at least another six months before my toe nails are normal...........I will use tea tree oil one a week to maintain my fungus free toe nails.

To LM - you are correct - I did not make it clear that I was using Terbinifine during the entire regimen until close to the end of my last writing on here. I should have proof-read my previous writing a bit better, and then I would have have made that fact clear.

The 45 day regimen seemed to be working – I was told by my first dermatologist that “it takes about a year for your toenails to grow out – so the medication will keep working after your nails grow out. - even though you have completed your prescription”. But - after another four months “the fungus soon came back with a vengeance”.

It was then and only then, on the suggestion of my new Doctor the advice to try soaking my feet, and I have been getting with much better results - like I said, after the first Terbinifine regimen, my feet were slowly getting better, but soon were just as bad as before. But - I figured "what have I got to lose by soaking as well?"

In hindsight – I should have used a bit more common sense, such as wearing rotating my shoes more often, so that I only wear the same pair once a week, as I do now. – but I am new to Seattle – the land of rain and moisture ( but I love Seattle!) and so being from sunny Southern California – where I could wear flip-flops almost all year long, I never had or even considered nail fungus much less reading up on it. It's SO dry there – so, perhaps it was simply the Terbinifine working – who knows?

All I know is that whatever it is that that I am doing, is working - and working better and faster then before. So perhaps it IS only the Terbinifine and maybe I am wasting my time and a few extra bucks with "overkill" - who knows - but I am getting great results. And so I am sticking with my overkill, self-prescribed regimen.

BTW, I am now off the Terbinifine.

On another note, if anyone is concerned with any of Terbinifine potential affects on the liver, my friends Doctor suggested that Terbinifine may be crushed up and applied topically. I do not not know anything about doing this, but if you're interested - I would Google it. I have only just heard of trying that course of action.

Thanks for the comment LM, and the best of health to you and everyone.

Now, I am going to overkill even more with Vicks VaporRub for my first time tonight! : )

Soak in white vinegar for 30 minutes a day

Put some selenium sulphide in a bag and stick your feet in it (easy to apply that way as it is smelly) take feet out after a while and let it dry on your feet and leave it as long as possible (remember it is smelly and so don't get into bed with it) - do this until your feet look to be cleared up 7 - 10 days or longer (1 large bottle of selsun will last you a month)

Keep feet dry and shoes clean etc.

If you are a regular swimmer, in public changing rooms and susceptible to foot rot I suggest doing this even when you think you are clear of it.

Scrape dead skin from heels.

End of problem.

I tried the soak last night. I filled a basin with half white vinegar and half crest pro health… which I am just realizing doesn't have the active ingredients listed. So this must have been vinegar all the way. I didn't realize that this was meant to help with nail fungus when I did it. I was just trying to make my feet a little softer.

I let them soak for a little bit and then scrubbed my feet and toenails with a toothbrush. I let them soak a little bit longer. Dried and applied my favorite lotion. Before doing this I had two dark toenails for years, like since 2001. I was subscribed a proscription but was breast feeding at the time and lost the pills. Anyway. The dark nail on my right foot is white again. If you were looking at it alone you wouldn't notice a thing it looks white. But when compared to the other toes on my right foot it looks a little off white. I'm happy regardless.

The toe on my left foot is a little more cloudy looking but not dark like it was before. Will try again with listerine. I have tea tree oil and will be applying it as well. Thanks for all the tips!

I want to add that I have thin nails so perhaps that why it was so easy.

The one tip I want to leave is about bleach. I make my own "bleach" alternative. For surfaces, I first spray with 3% hydrogen peroxide then layer over that with a spray of white vinegar. Let air dry. For laundry, I mix 2 cups hydrogen peroxide (3%), 2 tablespoons lemon juice and 10 drops lemon essential oil and store in an old peroxide bottle. works like a charm!

My husband had REALLY BAD toenail fungus! We found out using LISTERINE (generic or store brand, doesn't matter) is what gets rid of toenail fungus completely!!

Soak your feet in only LISTERINE for half an hour, for 31 days. That gives your toenails enough time to regrow. My husband said he could tell right from the start that it was working because his toes had a "tingling feeling." I guess if it can kill all bacteria in your mouth, it should work on foot fungus!

He hasn't had an issue since!

I hope this is helpful ;)

This is not a time to be cheap.

Generic white vinegar and generic 'Listerine' are one of the most inexpensive treatments you will ever run across, and you're complaining about costs?

How do you feel about a 90 day course of Lamisil for $800?

today I started with vicks tomorrow start soaking my feet with listerine and vinegar. I have really bad toenail fungus don't know what to do hope this really works.. those it really works on really blach toe nails is kind of weird they grow but really bad does this means something else ????please help me.

My naturopathic doctor has mentioned that it is likely you have Candida in your intestinal tract if you have a stubborn case of athletes foot, toe nail fungus, vaginal yeast infection or jock itch. So cleaning up your intestinal tract should help control your other fungal issues. There are herbal supplements for controlling yeast in the digestive tract and going on a non-alcohol diet also aids in reduction of yeast. It has worked for me.

how much vinergar and how much Listerine? and does peroxide works also?

People's Pharmacy response: Equal amounts vinegar and Listerine. Peroxide also works.

Morning and night I would spray my feet and toenails with a combo of peroxide/apple cider vinegar (with the mother) and let air dry before continuing my normal routine. This has allowed my nails on my big toes to grow out pink instead of brown at lest 1/4 inch. Even though I have not done for about a month or two the progress has not reversed itself, but I appreciate the site and will get back to work on it soon! Before it gets worse or reverses.

Thanks to all do more tips and encouragement.

Hi, Jeanette your answer to your question is yes vicks rub and apple cider vinegar both work effectively. I've had this problem for ten years not knowing how to remove it without taking meds that are harmful to my liver. I looked into the soaking after a friend told me about it and amazingly It began to work immediately.

So I was so impressed with it and I began to research it and also learned that vicks was also good and so I tried it and it also help attack the fungus during the day.
Here's the thing in order for it to work.

1 You must file the area down where the fungus is at.

2 Soaking the feet in the vinegar everyday for 45min.

3 Apply vicks during the day or while you sleep.

4 Make sure to wear clean socks daily and switching shoes will contribute to your battle.

I've had it really bad and slowly one toe nail at a time began to grow nicely, but you must be patient with this problem it took me a month to regain my toe nails but again I did have them really bad..

Hope this was helpful...

I realize that this thread is a couple of years old, but since fungus is hard to get rid of & the treatment takes awhile, I figured I'd respond just in case it is still relevant to you. Go on an anti-fungus/candida diet, which is primarily eating animal protein & low sugar vegetables. Stay away from sugars, fruit, & carbs, while doing your protocol. That should clear up your nail fungus for sure. I have fungus on my toenail & when I for pregnant I had gestational diabetes so I went on a low carb high protein diet & noticed my toenail fungus nearly went away on its own. I wasn't even trying to treat the fungus at the time. Unfortunately, when I had my baby, I went to eating lots of sweets which I was deprived of during the whole pregnancy so the toenail fungus came back. If you go on diet & treat your nail, I'm certain the nail will be cured of fungus. I am about to start the same protocol for myself along with cutting off all of the nail that has lifted off the nailbed. Good luck!

Thanks everyone great ideas even if this is an old thread

I'm currently soaking my right thumb in half apple cider vinegar and half peroxide. My questions are: After this I apply an over-the-counter ointment, how long does it take to dry out my finger since it should be dry. Also would a bandaid help at night? Also should I put on some tea tree oil?

Just started soaking. I am using an old oval crock pot, on low so the water/vinegar stays warm... I don't like it when it gets cold. Both feet fit in it just fine. Just thought I'd share.

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