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Q. I am 70 years old and have been taking lecithin for over 35 years. When the doctor viewed images of my arteries, he was amazed to find no plaque or calcification deposits of any kind. He said I had the arteries of a 20 year old. My heart doctor gave 100 percent credit to the lecithin for keeping my arteries clear.
Not being a smoker helped too, I’m sure. Lecithin has been recently credited with helping to prevent Alzheimer’s, according to my regular doctor. I recommend it to everyone.

A. Lecithin is a fatty acid found in egg yolks and soybeans. It is part of an enzyme critical to the production of beneficial HDL cholesterol, which might explain how it could have helped keep your arteries clear of plaque. One study found it may help lower bad LDL cholesterol (Cholesterol, 2010).
Lecithin is also a building block for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which may become low in Alzheimer’s disease. There are few placebo-controlled studies of lecithin supplements, but it appears to be generally safe.

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  1. Sheila

    I have just been told that I have calcification of the aorta and the doctor told me that everybody get calcification and it is nothing to worry about. I am diabetic & have high cholesterol . I am taking 40 mg of statin and 1000 mg of metformin. Can I also take lecithin. Please help

  2. maria

    I discovered about lecithin effect to plugged arteries about 2 years ago and ordered it for my husband who has a blocked arteries and after 1.5 years of taking this supplement one of two cholesterol plaques disappeared and another one decreased in size twice. He continues to take 1 tablespoon of lecithin granules a day. I chose granules but if you cannot bear taste of lecithin, take better capsules.

    • John

      If lecithin could really clear arteries, I should have the cleanest arteries in the country. Instead, after years of taking lecithin, I have had two heart attacks and have nine stents in my three major coronary arteries. I am six ft tall, weigh 172 and have exercised all my life. So, the old saying ‘your results may vary’ applies here.

      • Garry

        I’m curious about how much lecithin you are taking? I am experimenting with 2 heaping tablespoons a day and hoping for great results. I started less than 2 weeks ago.

      • jon

        could i ask what your profession is? i know alot of trolls go on these sites purposely putting down herbs

  3. SF

    Very interesting reading….thank you to all that are sharing!

  4. George

    I told the doctor the other day that I read that lecithin could clear arteries. And they said, “What’s that?” lol… I’ve been taking lecithin off an on for 20+ years.. might be why my blood pressure is normal and I don’t get winded so easy..

  5. George

    I’m 52 yrs old and recently had a friend my age die from a heart attack. He had been on a statin drug probably half his life. He probably had half a dozen stents in his arteries. He wasn’t overweight and actually ran quite a bit and exercised regularly yet his arteries clogged up anyway.
    I think diet has a lot to do with that. A recent study showed that soft drinks (sodas) caused heart disease and diabetes. He drank a lot of sodas. I told him he shouldn’t drink those because its poison. I was recently diagnosed with elevated cholesterol even though I’ve been on Weight Watchers now for 6 years. I’ve lost about 50 lbs and have been keeping it off. I exercise a couple times a week for about an hour each time. I get my heart rate up to about 75-80% max for my age and can sustain it there the whole time.
    Anyway, the doctor wanted to put me on a statin drug but I found out that the side effects can be more damaging to your liver than the risk was worth so I told them no. In fact, I told the doctor that my cholesterol numbers have never been right since they yanked out my appendix in my mid 20’s anyway. Other than that, everything else was great… blood pressure was normal.. no signs of heart disease.. Liver function was perfect, no sugar problems.. I asked the doctor, do you have anything that will treat the problem and not the symptoms? I got the answer “Uh, it doesn’t work that way… blah blah blah” lol..
    They wanted me to get on the statin anyway because they said at my age, changing my diet wouldn’t matter now.. lol.. quacks… the medical professions mantra of one size fits all is akin to modern day blood letting… I use herbs for healing like my Grandmother who lived to be 97 doing the same thing… and she cooked with lard all her life! Its the crap in our food that’s killing everyone and making them sick! Any FDA approved medications should come with the warning on the label “Approved FDA drug – Use at your own risk”.

    • irene
      south africa

      What herbs did you use?

  6. Sheri

    I totally agree with everything you have commented on. This should be heard more often. My dad just died, I believe that the drugs decreased his lifespan. Especially near the end, in which we thought, was a new beginning.

  7. William

    I am 65 and have noticed that products on the market are good for you only to find that years later they are not. Then the reverse of that is proclaimed. I believe that the FDA is the biggest drug dealer around. I just received an array of medicare brochures (I will be signing up soon) from various healthcare companys and the area that is covered more than anything else is drugs. What you can take, generic, brand name, etc etc.
    Chiropractic services is the closest to organic, holistic, natural cures that I can find. FDA won’t allow herbs, organics etc. Why is that? I believe that God has a cure for everything in the plants he created. Drugs can be helpful in some cases. I think they (drugs) should be used as a last resort and herbal treatments as a primary. Drugs make you sick, nauseous, headaches, sleep. Listen to the disclaimers on tv, or from the pharmacist–they are a joke!

  8. PH

    Has anyone heard of lecithin raising their TSH (hormone produced by the pituitary gland) level? I had a recent test that came back high and wonder about the lecithin.

  9. granolamaker

    I am sure that any amount (up to a point!) would be helpful. I bake with lecithin – the granulated and get it from Europe where it is non-gmso. It is very tasty and I take also personally take it stirred in V-8 juice or in cottage cheese. In fact, you can add it to almost any food!

  10. Paul43

    To Judy D
    a company by the name of —NOW — sells 2 # cannisters of the GRANULES.
    Here is — NOW’S– website—
    they have a “STORE FINDER” on the top of the first page.
    Good Luck


    Lactation Consultants recommend 1200 mg capsules 2-3 times/day to keep milk ducts open. If the woman is having an issue with a clog, we have her take up to 6 capsules (2 caps 3 times/day) for 2 days, then back off to 2-3 caps/day.

  12. GRD

    To Judy D:
    You suggested that granules are better than capsules. Would you explain why they are better. I just purchased lecithin capsules but will chuck them if granules are much better. Granules were not available at the stores I went to. I am 76 and just started taking them after stopping statins nine months ago. I am still trying to recover from statin poisoning.
    Thank you

  13. Joseph R. H.

    Please tell me your thoughts on the form of lecithin to take and how much daily. One person mentioned granules at 2 tablespoons twice a day. Another just 1 tablespoon lecithin granules in his oatmeal daily. Advice please.
    Joseph R. H.

  14. judy

    Jeanne, I have taken 1 tab. lecithin granules in my oatmeal or cereal for 40+ yrs. I have better than good cholesterol and am 74. Take no meds.

  15. Judy D.

    I have used Lecithin granules in my cereal or oatmeal for 40 yrs. I am 78 and still work outside the home and am healthy; no meds.
    Years ago I studied everything I could find on Lecithin and learned to take the granules and NOT the capsules as it was much more beneficial. Also, I feel that when people were told eggs caused problems and nearly everyone cut out eating them, this is when Alzheimer’s began to worsen. The Lecithin is naturally in eggs and I feel helps block the bad effects of the egg.
    Eggs are good for us. Just do not overdo any food.

  16. Peppy

    Are we sure the lecithin kept the arteries clean? I have tried to find further information. There is not much scientific info or studies out there as the Graedons pointed out.
    Could it also have been your dietary habits/exercise or good heredity? I want to believe this supplement would work so wonderfully. It would help so many of us but wouldn’t it have been discovered by now and have been prescribed for all of us heart patients already? It has been around a long, long time.
    You are to be congratulated for your great arteries at your age. Truly wonderful!

  17. Lois L.

    I loved that note about lecithin. Funny how we’ve been fed info from the pharmaceuticals and thought it was a sure thing.

    • jon

      Read the reviews, and use common sense. What have you got to lose?

  18. LG

    I’m 53 and had a heart attack at 49. I’ve never been overweight & eat organic vege’s, no red meat. Still I have very high cholesterol. I started taking lecithin granules 2x a day 2 tbs each time. My cholesterol dropped 70 points. No statin worked for me as well as lecithin. I buy Vitamin World 30oz container.

    • ARTHUR

      I just found your posts from 2012 about Lecithin. I am so glad your wrote them. I have suffered two heart attacks, and have several clogged arteries. Then the doctors tell me just to cut down fat and take statins. I suffer horrible side effects with statins. I am going to try some of that Lecithin. Ever heard of L arginine?

  19. dp

    Please write back what strength/mg to take.

  20. CB

    I have started eating more eggs, too. Eggs make me feel more energetic than eating lots of carbohydrates does.

  21. CB

    You have a delightful attitude about aging. I think I will adopt a similar philosophy!

  22. JMH

    My husband also believes it is brain food. He puts it in our oatmeal every time he makes it and he also adds it to muffins before baking.
    We are in our retirement years but hardly know it and I truly don’t think much about it because I believe counting the number of years behind one would be an awful distraction from having fun, don’t you?

  23. Paul43

    Please give the Brand name of the Lecithin & the dosage you are taken.

  24. jeanne f.

    what strength and do you take granules or gels? Very interested

  25. LSG

    I’m curious about whether it’s necessary to take supplements to get enough lecithin to have these positive effects. If so, how much is recommended?

  26. Mary D

    It would help in articles if dosage was discussed when appropriate. Thank you.

  27. ECC

    For years we heard about the health risk that eating eggs would raise our cholesterol, etc. — especially eating the yolks. So if we did eat eggs, we only ate the egg whites. So now there’s evidence that seems to show that eating the yolk has all the benefits as it contains lecithin which is vital to not only keeping our arteries clear but helping keep our minds clear as well.
    So much for listening to the FDA.
    I allowed the whole egg back into my diet a few years ago and am certainly glad I did. I’m a 67+ years old female, 5’2″ tall and weigh 110#, my last test showed my HDL was 96 and I do not take a statin. Yes, I exercise at the gym and walk daily, but I can’t help believe all those nasty egg yolks have helped and not hindered.

  28. B.C.

    Very interesting! Years ago we were told Lecithin was good for us but were not told why it was so. This is a very enlightening letter but I wonder what the medical profession would say inasmuch as they stress a few eggs weekly and seem to push egg whites only for patients who have had heart surgery of one kind or another. I understand them to say yolks cause LDL cholesterol… now what?? Why are we, the public, more aware of the effects of some medications, in particular statin drugs, than our General Practitioners – and – Specialists – ??
    I have said, for many years, one must be their own Dr. – meaning to research and check all medications before ingesting same. It has worked well for my husband and I who are 85 and 84 yrs. of age. Moderation in all things seem to be the key… even whole eggs.

  29. S. G.

    Is lecithin a prescription drug or can it be bought OTC? If OTC, what brand do you recommend?


    Lactation Consultants suggest lecithin for women who have clogged milk ducts. Taking lecithin daily keeps the milk ducts flowing, and women who have a history of mastitis and clogged ducts are able to prevent them by taking this supplement. I hadn’t thought about it for arteries, but will certainly start taking this myself, now.

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