Coffee continues to get high marks for health benefits. Drinking coffee was once considered a vice, but researchers have reported that coffee drinkers have a lower risk of developing depression, type 2 diabetes and prostate cancer. A new study suggests that regular coffee drinkers may also be less likely to develop a skin cancer called basal cell carcinoma.
[10th AACR International Conference on Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research, Oct. 22-25, 2011]

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  1. Lynne

    I don’t know about this. I have had basil cell carsinoma and had to have it removed. I have friends that love coffee and have diabetes and prostrate cancer. We all love coffee and drink about 3 cups a day some with milk and no sugar.
    Who were the data givers? How can I look at this research?
    People’s Pharmacy Response: We need to wait for it to be published. So far, it has only been presented at a conference.

  2. MAW

    I also would like to know if drinking decaf is just as effective. Many articles about coffee do not clarify this and most people are interested as we all don’t consume the same kind.

  3. cb

    Let’s at the very least see a link to the full published article, not a brief and obviously unclear little squib!

  4. eg

    Does coffee info include decaf as well as regular coffee?

  5. Dolores

    Does decaffeinated coffee have the same benefits?

  6. sam

    I like coffee and would like to think it’s healthful, but I have to wonder who funded this research.

  7. Leah O.

    In your article about coffee… does it not depend on what you put into your coffee that also matters? A person who put lots and lots of sugar… just could not have the same benefits as those who drink coffee black..? Please clarify. Thanks

  8. CHS

    Does the study/studies apply to decaff coffee as well as regular coffee?

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