Knox unflavored gelatine, strengthen your nails

Q. I had been suffering with aching joints for a little over 10 years. Doctors didn’t pay attention because I’m only 37. Yet I could not move well and was in constant pain.
My mom read about taking gelatin to ease joint pain. I didn’t listen, but then she asked me to do her the favor of printing out some info on this subject off the Internet for a friend.
She’s very wise: the friend was me! She knew I would at least try it if I found others online with similar afflictions.
So I gave unflavored gelatin a try, a little bit in a glass of water. I was skeptical but by the third night, I was able to move my toes with no pain!
It had been a decade since I’d felt this good. In about a week and a half after starting, my hands were not swollen and I was able to type, brush my hair and do other tasks I hadn’t been able to do before. To me, it is a personal miracle.

A. We heard about this remedy for joint pain a couple of years ago from a reader who stirs a packet of Knox Gelatine into juice, oatmeal or yogurt every day. You can read more stories on our website,

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  1. Justin

    I really don’t like when the gelatin makes little globs so I found a really good way to fix this. I take my Knox in tea, instead of pouring hot water over the dry powder I put the dry powder in first. Then I put a tablespoon of honey over it and mix the powder with the honey really well, then pour in the hot water, steep the teabag then stir. No more globs!

  2. Valarie
    Tomball, Texas

    I don’t care for drinking gelatin. Someone told me that Knox gelatin comes in pill form. I can’t find on the Internet. Are there any pills that are inexpensive like the Knox gelatin found in grocery stores?

    • Terry Graedon

      Have you tried stirring the powder into your food? Or possibly making gelatin and eating it? We have not seen the pills.

  3. Surjeet

    I am suffering from swear neck and shoulder pain , I am told I have Osterarthritis. I want to find out I should try Knox gelatin or certo with apple juice what will be the best choice for me . I am 74 years old and taking heart and blood pressure medicine. Please advice how much Knox gelatin I should use and how.

  4. Amisha Desai


    I have a problem of hair loss will gelatin helps me to get rid of from this heavy hair loss?

  5. Ira

    About 18 years ago I began taking gelatin by making the party jello blocks. After 2 months my knee pain was gone. Since then I have been adding one pack of unflavored gelatin to my coffee in the morning. I’m an avid tennis player and my knees have been fine ever since. I’m 66 years old. I tell everyone that I know who has arthritis about my experience.

  6. Fo

    Hi the only gelatin I can get is the regular unsweetened type which does nod disolve in cold water ..I would like to take it for my joint pain ..I put it overnight in cool water and left it out overnight in the morning it was soft grains and a bit mushy ..will this be ok take on empty stomach …please could you help me to know how I should take type of gelatin …thanks so much

    • lisa hartill

      warm tea or juice 1/2 pack twice a day it really works.

  7. Sheryl

    Please tell me if the gelatin you are referring here is the same as the common gelatin powder found in the supermarket for making sweets. Thank you

    • angela2008

      Knox gelatin that you would thicken anything you cook with, or make jello with, orange and white box. I think it has 4 packets in it.

  8. vasudha

    How much gelatine shoud be taken for arthritic and joint pain . The box of Knox has 4 packets (7 grams each).Its for my mom and she is 75 years old.

  9. Martye
    United States

    Unflavored gelatin does help with joint pain. However, what really works is Trader Joe’s Red or Green Drink after a strenuous workout along with a 325 mg aspirin and a 595 Potassium Gluconate caplet. This works wonders for joint pain and any discomfort following exercise. For long walkers and marathoners, I recommend drinking water and the Trader Joe’s drink before exercising.

    • Gail

      A friend of my just had a total knee replacement…and is taking the 325mg of aspirin as a blood thinner… so just be careful if you take that much aspirin….

    • Sochi

      Did you ever get a response to your question? The comments do not address “how much”, only the person who said she takes 2 packets in the morning. I’d like more information on dosage.

  10. Thelma
    Jacksonville Florida

    My friend gave me a writeup on Knox gelatin for arthritis when I saw it I knew it was a blessing from God ,I’ve had so many injections and pain pills for years and still was having pain so when I read this article I knew it was for me to try 2 days after taking it I felt better after 6 days I had no pain , praise God for Knox gelatin

  11. Bobbi

    I have been using the gelatin for only 12 days and no, well very little, pain in my knee. I haven’t felt this little pain for years, since it was injured in a fall about 6 years ago. I feel so blessed to have run across this. Thank you so much. Bobbi Anne

  12. Donna

    Heard it works, so will give it a try.

  13. Chrysoula
    Athens - Greece

    I toook Knox every day on an empty stomach for a month. After the seventh day I had not pain in my joints. It really worked for me.

    • Mahendra J

      Glad to hear that on the 7th day your issue disappeared. As your post was in jun2015, can you help us know if the pain has returned any time this year?

  14. Gail

    I read this post in March when I was suffering quite a bit with hip pain. I’m 43 and have severe OA in both hips (long story). I got a cortisol shot in my left hip 2 years ago and everything quieted down, and was fine till this winter when my other hip really started acting up.

    Facing surgery I decide it was a good time to start walking, running, and strength exercise so I had a quicker recovery. One day while walking my hip just kept “locking” and was in lots of pain ready to find something new and found this.

    First day first packet I noticed a difference, so I started taking (after talking with my doctor) 3 times daily. My God, what a difference. I can honestly say this works, and you ask how do I know, because I was trying to simply things and take all 3 packets in the morning, and well my hip didn’t like that. Hip pain at night was starting to keep me awake again, so went back to drinking morning, afternoon, and evening. Night pain stopped immediately.

    If you are suffering from joint pain I would give this a shot and see if it works for you; it can’t hurt you!

  15. Sarah

    I found that black gelatine works best. It is hard to find it in your local supermarket but if you see it, get it.

  16. Lori

    I was really skeptical when I was told to start taking Knox gelatin for arthritis pain. But, I am a believer now! It really does work! Since it’s unflavored I mix a packet in my morning coffee. I can definitely tell a difference! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  17. Cheryl M.

    I am a 62 yo nurse with arthritic knees working 8 hour shifts… Have old soccer injury too… Started taking two packets Knox gelatin a day in the Fall and have almost no knee pain any more!!!! My joints seem less slippery, less swollen…
    I also take Vit D and glucosamine and calcium with magnesium … I feel like I am able to exercise more without risking injury… Really looking forward to more outdoor activity!!!! Thank you Knox gelatin!!!!!! So glad to hear others are successful too!!!! Thank you for your wonderful show!!!! I have passed on info to patients and friends when I can and referred them to your website!!!! Thanks so much again!!!!!

  18. Kay

    Knox gelatin has been around for 200 years or more. It is ground up beef bone marrow. It will not hurt you or conflict with any medicine. You could suck the bone marrow out of a chicken bone and it will do the same thing.

  19. Levent

    Hi John, do you have the link showing the radio tagged gelatin?
    I was knocked off my bike and tore meniscus and articular knee cartilage. I’ve been consuming gelatin 6 months now and would just like do some more home-work regarding the benefits of gelatin.

  20. john

    interesting info on pubmed regarding radio tagged gelatin taken orally. it does accumulate in the tissue at the joint surfaces. So somehow the oral gelatin is finding its way into to the tissue that is on the surface of the bad joints… next question is what signalling systems does it affect in that area to improve the joint pain —? not sure yet. it would be nice if it caused chondrogenesis in the affected joint, and that may end up proving to be the case. time and more study will tell.

  21. EAL

    Does the knox gelatin have any effect on a daily 81mg. aspirn blood thinner? I would like to try it for the stiffness in my knees. Does it also have an effect on your stomach like the glucosomine and chrotin does?

  22. Cindy

    I have read on other sites to consume 3 teaspoons of gelatin broken up throughout the day which is the equivalent of 1 tablespoon or 1 Knox packet. Hope this helps.

  23. Dan W

    Will this work if you’ve made the gelatin into jello?

  24. mtdjan

    I would like to know how to mix the Certo-liquid jell fruit pectin with grape juice.
    Is it o.k with 1 tsp of Certo in 1 cup of juice ? 1 serving per day or more ? How long it will start to work ?

  25. Juan

    I would like to know how much Gelatine to use on a daily basis, should I use it every day and also like to know to use it in water, juice, or in food
    Tank You
    People’s Pharmacy response: One packet of unflavored gelatin daily. That is two tablespoons in water, juice, yogurt, oatmeal or other soft food.

  26. RJ

    How much Gelatin should I take on daily basis – full pack or what? Thanks!!

  27. Lainy

    I’m very interested in trying this remedy, but how much gelatin does one use? a little bit in a glass of water 3x a day? or a packet? I’d really appreciate an answer

  28. Deb

    How much, in how much water?

  29. Millie C.

    You may also want to try pectin (Certo -liquid fruit pectin) I envelope into a 64 oz bottle of Grape Juice. Take 6-8 oz day or more at first is needed. It will take a couple of weeks to kick in, but if you have been taking the gelatin, it will probably not take take long.
    This does work. My sister with 2 same hip replacement still had arthritic pain and I got her to start.
    My friend had had hip replaced and still had arthritic pain, started stopped and started again, and also had same thing recommended by the DR. column in her newspaper.
    Me, I am developing the on coming hip problems and I started and it works.. stop and you will feel the difference.
    I had a radio review with Joe & Terry.. this does work..
    My friend said in her paper you can take 2 or 3 times a day to get started and you won’t need but once after that.
    Good Luck.

  30. Grace

    This works and take it 3 times per day for one month then once a week. You will feel so much better. Thank you Jesus for the People’s Pharmacy and NPR.

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