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Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4.1/5 (22 votes)
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We are interested in your experience with home remedies. Have you had success with a remedy you learned about from The People's Pharmacy? We would love to learn about your story.

People with the top 10 best home remedy stories will be invited to share them on our syndicated radio show, The People's Pharmacy. In addition, we will send a free copy of our book, Favorite Foods From The People's Pharmacy to these winners. We will contact the winners by email to get their phone numbers and addresses within three weeks.

So, whether it is soy sauce or mustard for burns, vinegar for heartburn, turmeric for arthritis, something to cure warts or another type of remedy, enter your comment below.

  • Currently 4.1/5
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Not Helpful ..... Very Helpful
Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4.1/5 (22 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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Excellent information.

1. After multiple attempts to remove a recurring, deep, painful planters wart on the bottom of my child's foot (including 2 professional liquid nitrogen treatments which removed the wart, but they reappeared over time) I read about the use of garlic.
For several weeks, I placed a piece of garlic, sliced from a fresh clove, directly over the concave mark of the wart faithfully every evening, covered it with a bandage and had her leave it on over night. After a few days, the skin began to turn black and within a few weeks the wart came out once and for all.
It has been well over ten years and the wart has NEVER returned.

2 I have been able to prevent painful Rheumatoid arthritis flare ups by severely limiting/eliminating my intake of 'nightshade plants'~ including white potato, tomato, eggplant, red and green bell peppers, chili peppers. After experimenting a bit, I found that green peppers affect me the most so I avoid them all together, I can enjoy fresh tomatoes as long as I don't overindulge and I have substituted sweet potatoes for white potatoes. Flareups are under much better control.

3. Local honey is very helpful in alleviating the symptoms of seasonal pollen allergies. It must be local honey made from local trees and local beehives in order to be effective. One tsp faithfully twice a day has helped my body develop a better tolerance for the triggers and less of an allergic response during the pollen season. Has worked very well for me and best of all I'm allergy drug free!

For years I had urinary tract infections. My friend told me to drink a tablespoon of Cream of Tartar in a small amount of warm water 3x a day for 2 days. Worked like a charm. If I feel one coming on I can take that and it never fully develops. I passed that info on to my Father-in-law when he was have prostrate trouble and had several infections. Saved him money and days off work! (BTW he has had surgery and now is fine).

I have recently developed two boils on my leg. I have never had one in the past. I put a turmeric poultice on them for 20 minutes a day for 3 days and they have drained and healed perfectly.

Grape juice & certo-
I am an avid knitter & after the birth of my 4th child, the joints in my hands started to hurt very badly. I could not grip anything, including holding my children's hands. So I decided to give the grape juice & certo a try. After one week the pain was gone & I was cranking out the baby sweaters again. If I stopped drinking it for a week, the pain came back. I kept drinking it for 6 months. The pain has since passed, but I recommend this remedy to everyone who complains of ongoing joint pain.

ABSOLUTLY.1. COCONUT for diarrhea. When I was in N.Y. City a few years ago and there was a blackout, that day I got a very bad case of diarrhea and ended in a hospital with an IV. The antibiotics and medicine they gave me didn't work. When I got back at home the medicine my Dr. gave me didn't work either. I told my husband to get me anything with coconut.

One hour later my diarrhea was gone.

2. cinnamon for diabetes. It really works for me. I take 1/4 tsp with a tea. THANK YOU.

What are nightshade plants? Are they bad? or... I never head of this.

2. Talking about row local honey, a few weeks ago, I began to take BEE PROPOLIS and it really helps my asthma and... possible my diabetes -since I began to take it my diabetes has been lower {110,120 instead 180,160etc}, I am not sure if it is related or not yet-.

When I was a little girl, my mother's cure all for little ailments was "Creme de Menthe" liquor. If I had a stomach ache, toothache, could not sleep at night, or even a stuffy nose, out would come the bottle of green, minty medicine and a little shot glass. I would slowly sip it, and pretty soon I would be feeling better, or asleep. For toothaches, it was dabbed onto the painful tooth with a Q-tip also.

Thinning hair: I had thinning hair at the temples and started on Evening Primrose Oil. My hair is growing back in nicely. Also, it helps with PMS.

A Neti Pot is wonderful. I have found it most helpful with sinus problems. After being outside I use it to clean the pollen from my nose too... MOM--Yes, Milk of Magnesia has help my Rocesia more than several doctors and treatments ever helped. I have had the problem several years and tried many meds and treatments. None seemed to do much for my condition. After I started using MOM I noticed a great improvement. It has helped more than any creams, lotions, pills, etc. (and I did try several from three different doctors)and laser treatments. Thanks

I have a question regarding the "grape juice and certo" for pain in the hands. How much of each do you use? I see it is daily - is it once a day? Would appreciate further info. Thanks.

I take two blood thinners and recently scraped my leg on a ladder rung and removed a dime sized piece of skin. It bled profusely and I emailed my cousin and happened to mention the problem of getting the blood to stop. She said, elevate it, put a wet tea bag on it, and a paper towel under the leg in case the tea bag drips. Wasn't too long until I removed the scab and it bled like crazy. I immediately elevated my leg on a foot stool. Put a wet tea bag on the site and the blood stopped immediately.

I read about the benefits of Fish oil on your site, in 2002. My triglycerides were up around 250 to 300 at the time. As soon as I started taking 2 fish oil per day (nothing else different), triglycerides dropped to an average of about 120, and have stayed down ever since. Thanks so much!

Like many of your followers, after many fruitless years of trying everything on my persistent toenail fungus, I went with Vick's Vaporub. I slathered it on copiously and frequently. After about four months, the fungus disappeared completely and hasn't been seen since. I still give myself a maintenance treatment three times a week just in case it's thinking about coming back.

I was told to take a tablespoon of mustard directly in my mouth for painful leg cramps that happen during the night. It works every time in just a few minutes. When I am in a fast food restaurant, I will ask for a few "packets" of mustard, and have them handy when I get those awful leg cramps in my legs at night.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia three years ago. I've tried all the drugs that the rheumatologist had to offer, but the side effects were disastrous. I changed my diet to fresh vegetables, fruits, some dairy, fish and chicken, and whole grain pasta/bread. I felt a little more energetic, but still was in a lot of pain.

I had been on Remeron for depression for several years, then, a few months ago, my psychiatrist added Cymbalta. My fibro symptoms got noticeably better, but I still had to take prescription painkillers almost daily. I read about ginger and cinnamon being good for inflammation, so I added 1/2 teaspoon of each in the morning and evening (in my smoothie in the morning, and capsules at night) and the muscle pain is so much better that I don't even take OTC painkillers more than 5 or 6 times a week now.

I also have had occasional migraines for 30 years. Since menopause, they had become frequent (1 or more a week). I was a Diet Coke junkie, drinking 1 to 2 liters a day. I switched to regular, sugared soda, and because I am very aware of my sugar intake, I think twice now before having a soda. I drink less than 12 ounces a week now. In the three months since eliminating aspartame from my diet, I have had only 1 migraine.

When my children were young, I used to have them with salt & soda at the mere start of a sore throat. They hated it, but it worked. Now they use the same cure for sore throat with their children.

/2 teasp. salt & 1 teasp. soda in about 6 oz. warm water. Gargle to get the mixture way in the back of the throat.

TO EGR what kind of SODA? baking soda? club soda? or...? Thank you.

A while ago I (laughingly)put Ivory soap under my fitted sheet to help leg and foot cramps. I'm not laughing anymore!! It really works...even take soap with me travelling and use it in hotel beds . The best advice I have ever had!!! Where did this suggestion originate? Many thanks!!

My collie dog had a small wart-like growth above his eye...the vet wanted to remove it, and made an appointment for the procedure...meanwhile at home, I held a small piece of banana peeling over the growth several times a day for a few minutes each time...the dog was always very still and calm when I was doing this and seem to know it was helping

A few weeks later, on the day of the appointment, my vet was astonished since there was no longer a growth visible and was even more astonished at the "procedure" I used to remove it.

The banana peel remedy also "cured" a ringworm like fungal infection I had....after trying various drugstore creams suggested by my doctor, I saw no improvement, so I taped a piece of banana peeling over the problem spot for several nights while asleep and after a few days the spot cleared up and never returned.

I have had warts off and on all my life - when I was a child I had one on a knuckle that would frequently crack open and cause issues. That one went away of its own accord, but recently I have developed two new ones. One is on my elbow and one was on the palm of my hand.

I went through chemotherapy last year, which knocked them back for a while, but they came back full force after I was off the drugs. I heard something on your show about turmeric and thought it couldn't hurt to try.

Within a week the one on the palm of my hand was gone and shows no signs of recurring - I can't even see where it was. No pain or chipping away dead skin like the freezing remedies or salycylic acid things. Partway through removing the one on my elbow now, just in time for short sleeves for summer!

For a cough try putting Vicks Vaporub on the soles of your feet, wear cotton socks and sleep. No coughing all night long!

For a cut liberally sprinkle black pepper, bleeding will stop instantly and cut will heal without any scars. You can also use turmeric-be careful of stains.

Tea tree oil is a lifesaver always keep some in the medicine cabinet for multitude of uses. Use diluted on eyelashes for dry eyes, on cuts, pimples.

Arnica gel is absolutely a must for sprains, muscle pain and bruises.

For sore throat or upset stomach boil 32 oz of water with a 2 inch piece of ginger sliced, a stick of cinnamon, a pinch of cloves, black pepper, and cardammon. Simmer till the aroma of spices fills the air. Enjoy a cup of hot tea with local honey.

The mustard cure for leg cramps works. I wonder how much is necessary. I usually swallow about 4tablespsoons which can be difficult, but effective. What is the recommended dose? I also placed a bar of soap under my sheet. ANY THING TO HELP THOSE TERRIBLE PAINS !!!!

Years ago, my father had an "Onion Tea" cure for laryngitis and upper respiratory problems. He would slice or dice a fresh onion and add a pint of water which would then be placed into a sauce pan and slowly be reduced to a pulpy liquid which he would drink. He tried hard to convince me to drink it on several occasions, and being in misery at one instance, I consented. It was not as bad as it smelled (it did create quite an odor through out the entire house, to which Dad claimed also aided the "cure"). I also experimented by adding various teas (herbal and regular) that did not affect the curing powers of the onion brew. I did realize that old Dad was right, the smelly Onion Tea did soothe and hasten recovery from the previously stated problems. I believe his mother had used this "cure" in Europe.

Your mustard remedy for leg cramps has saved us. My wife and I are in our 60's and learned the remedy from you about 10 years ago. I was helpless when my lady would wake in the middle of the night with cramps so severe they would bring her to tears. My attemps of treatment with hot towel compresses were futile. However, a teaspoon of mustard brings relief in seconds.

We've passed your remedy on to many a woeful friend and relative. They're always thankful to enjoy relief from the episodes.

We keep packets of mustard on the nightstand and are sure to take them along in travel.

Terry and Joe, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

I began having painful leg cramps a few years ago and found the remedy at the People's Pharmacy. I put a bar of bath soap under my bottom sheet and VIOLA! Almost all the leg cramps went away. I did find out, however, that a daily dose of B complex took care of the rest.

Secondly, I was interested in Listerine for killing germs and other nasty things. I tried it on a toenail fungus and that went away very quickly. So I tried it on a bacterial skin infection and it worked like magic. Now I keep a bottle of regular Listerine handy all the time.

Thanks to the People's Pharmacy!

I have been bothered by lower back pain when I get out of bed in the morning. This persists for about an hour and being a person who is very active physically I have found this very annoying. Last week, a friend suggested I put a pillow between my legs when sleeping on my side or under my knees when sleeping on my back and never sleep on my tummy. This "pillow" solution worked like a charm. I know jump out of bed and don't feel a thing. My lower back is no longer complaining. It was magic!

I have several cysts and have found that Castor Oil works like a charm as long as you are willing to thickly apply it, cover it with a bandage, apply a heat pack for 30 minutes, and then sleep with the bandage still on. When I do this I notice a considerable difference in the size of the Cysts. I had a friend who did this every night on a Cyst that was coming back after being removed and she was quite shocked when it went away after about a week. It is quite gooey so getting something to stick over it is a bit of a task. I strongly believe that if I did this for a week or so straight my Cysts would be gone.

Recently I read this one-liner in a local newspaper: "Some people with reflux also suffer optic migraines." I have suffered both for years but never connected them. An opthomologist diagnosed the optic migraine, but said there's no known cure. The MD called it 'visual disturbance' with the same prognosis.

Regarding the reflux, over-the-counter meds (expensive!!) were suggested but it is only after seeing a chiropractor for other issues that I have found relief - vegetarian enzymes taken with meals. It is, indeed, a digestive problem! Debilitating upper back pain that could not be connected to the spine is no longer a problem. Burning mouth syndrome (thrush?) is seldom a problem.

If anyone has experienced a UTI they know it can be painful. Years ago a nurse practitioner told me to put a tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink it down. It relieved the pain within an hour. I have never forgotten it and am amazed that no one seems to know this. Believe me it is a life saver for those of us who sometimes have repeated UTI's.

My husband was diagnosed with Hemochromatosis which is excess iron in your blood which falls under the "rare diseases" category. My husband has been having his blood removed for the past 12+ years. You can only imagine how excited I got to see an article written about this disease in one of your emails. This person stated that by eating cabbage everyday he no longer had excess-iron in his blood and no longer was having his blood taken out. So, my husband started eating sour kraut and/or japanese cabbage almost every night with dinner. One and one-half years later, he still has not needed his blood removed. When I told the doctor this, she said that "cabbage was for stuffing".

I have been diagnosed with polymysotis, inflammation of my muscles and I only wish that you had such a simple remedy for my issues. Please advise if you have any suggestions.

I enjoy your newsletters and look forward to receiving them via email twice weekly. Thanks!!

I've found that one pouch of Certo per 64 ounces of grape juice works well & is the easiest to mix.

My husband and I are so happy to have learned about grape juice and pectin from your site. He has recurring pain in his hip resulting from a traffic accident a few years ago, and often has a very sore shoulder. I get knee pain, and recently my hands started to ache badly most of the time. On a Friday morning, we drank our first drink. When we got up on Saturday, John said, "You know, my hips don't feel as sore today." And I said, "You know, strange as it seems, my hands don't seem to ache as much as they have been."

So we drank the juice again that morning. And the next morning. By that time there was no question about it - my hands were definitely NOT achy and stiff anymore, and John's hip and shoulders felt FINE. We are definitely converts!

Over years, I've tried several remedies from People's Pharmacy. The one I have most appreciated is re. regular Listerine. After reading about Listerine and shingles, I told a friend and he said it helped with the pain. When my Mom developed shingles, she tried it and said it helped stop itching. Frequently, I was breaking out in hives, sometimes all over the body, and the itching was maddening. I decided to try Listerine for that and it has helped so much. Sometimes the itching stops immediately. I have the Listerine in a spray bottle and also in a dropper bottle to carry with me. Sometimes after a bath I would start to itch also and I've put anywhere from a glug to a couple capfuls in bath water and I no longer have itching after the bath. Also, the hives haven't come as often.
I am now using any number of store brands of the mouthwash. Compare the ingredients.

Following my sister's hysterectomy she could NOT urinate. Her physician said she could NOT be discharged till she could urinate. Her hospital stay was going on so long that she desperately told my mother to bring some mulva. She never used it but heard about Italians using it. (Italians use this for everything.) The following day she was discharged since she was able to urinate on her own.

The mulva (green leaves) were boiled in water and she drank the water.

For painful leg cramps, just rub on some Vicks Vapor Rub, and just as fast as you rub it in, the pain is gone...........

My fingernails were falling apart, shredding, splitting and breaking . I asked my doctor what I could do, but he just stared at me. Later, I remembered that I used to take Certa, I already drink purple grape juice every morning so I just mixed the Certa with the Juice. I am on my second bottle of grape juice and my nails are long and strong.

Nightshade plants are: potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant. If you must eat them, use one at a time with 3 days in between to give the body at rest. My first holistic MD
recommended this rotation diet after first staying clear of all allergen foods, including wheat, corn, chocolate (for me), yeast and dairy. It was rough in the 70's
since there were no prepared gluten free, wheat free foods. You lose weight!

A good swig of dill pickle juice also helps night time cramps. The effect is almost instantaneous! The bad side? I've got two jars of very dry pickles in the fridge! I wish they'd just sell the juice without the pickles.

Decolorized iodine for nail fungus is a miracle. My toe nails on one foot had been infected for years. I was so embarrassed when wearing open toed shoes. About 4 months swabbing them with decolorized iodine once or twice daily and they are all healthy.

Hiccups -- A tablespoon or two of Angostura Bitters taken all at once always cures my hiccups. A bartender told me about this many years ago!

Dear Erin,

I came across your article on grape juice... What ratio of grape juice and certo do you mix...

I also wonder if this would work on restless leg syndrome / rls

Greatly appreciate your reply.


Joint pain.....

I have been using fish oil 1000mg cap. After a month my joint pains completely disappeared from my body. I notified my military pharmacy dept. on my results. So he said that he would tell this to his father on my remark since his father had great pains in his joints.

A few months later I call to reorder my prescription on my fish oil and I ask him about his father and he said that the fish oil had completely eliminated the joint pains. I said great for him. I said now you know how effective this fish oil works...

I use 2 caps in the morning and 2 in the evening. Hope this will help some of you or more. It's a great product, even my aunt helps her with her legs...

It really works great for me.

I am 59 years old and 18 months ago I had an accident involving a ladder (really stupid of me) and ended up with a crushed right heel - the doctor said it looked like cornflakes. It has taken me a long since I also had two spiral fractures in my left leg. I now have a stiff right foot but am able to exercise - I try to take two vigorous walks (several miles) a week. This surprises my orthopod because my right heel should be too painful to do this.

I do not like using NSAIDs and have only taken ibuprofen once in the last five months. What has allowed me to do this is the use of Vitamin D. I ordinarily take 2,000 units per day but when I walk I take an additional 2,000 before I walk and another 4,000 before I go to bed. If my heel is hurting the next day I take more vitamin D. I have done research which shows that it is safe to take up to 10,000 units a day of Vitamin D and I stay well under that limit.

The following article from Science Daily shows the dangers of having too little Vitamin D even if you are currently healthy.

My home remedy is avoidance of food allergens - it can clear up a lot of problems! Another good remedy is seeking out opinions from multiple sources & doing your own research...(read below)

Years ago, I developed eczema and so did my children at about the same time. I was told mine was caused by a soap allergy. (I later found out differently - see below.) For my children's eczema, their dermatologist simply said there was no cure, no particular cause, nothing I could do other than use the medicated lotion she had prescribed. This was difficult to accept. The children had severe eczema & the lotion was only a limited success. They could not even bathe more than 1-2x a week, as the bath or shower would irritate their widespread eczema. We had to stick socks on their hands to keep them from scratching in their sleep. My toddler learned to pull the socks off using his teeth, so we put long tube socks on his arms.

Meanwhile, my rash had become worse despite my soap avoidance and use of hypoallergenic soap for when hand washing could not be avoided. I wore gloves constantly either to protect my hands while cleaning/washing/etc or to hold in the moisturizing or medicated lotion I would apply to my blotchey eczema hands.

A chiropractor diagnosed food allergies (gluten for all of us & dairy for my son) & recommended we avoid the offending foods. She also tested me & said it was likely I had the food allergies and passed the allergies to my children through my genes.

We began to avoid the offending foods & the children's rashes and mine began to clear up. They did not completely clear up, however, until *all* the offending foods were removed. This took some time to pinpoint. A food diary was extremely helpful, as was the discovery that my son also had contact reactions to many of the foods that gave him problems. I began to gently smear samples of the foods on his arm to see if he reacted. (I washed them off afterward, of course!)

Once all the offenders were identified, my children recovered in about 4 weeks. The first two weeks were really hard because the eczema was even worse initially - it was a withdrawal reaction to the removal of the foods. Luckily a good friend had already been through this and warned me about it so that I knew to continue. My daughter periodically relapsed, though. It took 4 years before we realized dairy products (which we rarely ate because my son was allergic) were causing her eczema (i.e. she was mildly allergic initially, which is why it went undiagnosed for so long).

We also found out how important it is to rotate foods lest you develop additional allergies. Many gluten-free bread products contain corn. My children developed a corn allergy & that is harder to avoid than gluten. We rotated foods after that, but my eczema became worse and consumed my hands - red, raw, oozing, bleeding, constantly flaking, constantly itching. It was hard not to scratch, especially during the night when I tried to sleep & was desperate to stop the itch. I continued to rotate my foods & remove additional possible offenders under the guidance and encouragement of the owner of the local health food store. (He was convinced by the spread of the eczema & its timing that food was the culprit.)

First to go were the top 8 allergens (dairy, gluten, egg, nuts, & others), and then less common but still frequent offenders - sesame, nightshades plants (potatoes, tomatoes, etc), food dyes and additives. My diet became *very* limited, but I was determined. Since pesticides & chemicals can cause reactions, I switched to natural & organic foods wherever possible & began removing chemical cleaners & detergents from my home. I racked my brain for possibilities while the eczema continued to spread past my wrists and began to appear as blotches on my forearms. I now wore elbow length gloves & slathered my hands and arms with medicated lotion 2-3x a day. I feared the eczema would eventually consume not only my arms but my entire body.

Desperate, I continued to search my diet for possible offenders - just *what* was I missing? Finally, I realized the one unnatural thing in my diet was cured ham. It was neither naturally cured, nor organic, so I stopped eating it. (I had been rotating foods & eating it about 1-2 days a week.)

It took several days, but the itching stopped, making me very grateful. As the weeks went on, the eczema began to heal - first the blotches on my forearms grew smaller and then they disappeared. I switched from elbow length gloves back to regular length moisturizing gloves. My hands became less red and raw, and my skin improved daily.

After two months or so, I was able to stop wearing gloves, but there was still a distinct line on my arms just above my wrists where the faint pigmentation of my skin stopped. Below that line, my hands were completely white with no age spots or freckles. Finally, the pigmentation of my hands returned several months later.

During this time, I also added back many of the other foods that I had avoided without any flareups. It was definitely the cured ham. Professional allergy testing (Ig G blood testing, *not* IgE!) also identified other allergens. (They didn't test for cured ham - not sure there is a test for that.) If I eat more than a serving of cured ham or one of my other allergens, the eczema breaks out again. It always starts in the same spot, which makes it my 'canary in the coal mine'. If it feels itchy or breaks out, I become extra vigilant about what I eat and it prevents the spread of the eczema. Recovery still takes a few weeks, so I'm careful to avoid my allergens and I rarely (if ever) eat them.

Since then, my children and I have been eczema free... except when my daughter cheats on her diet! (It's hard to be a tween & not eat what your friends are eating.) I can only hope she will comply better when she's older. As it is, she is careful not to eat large doses of her allergens as she does not want any major breakouts. (She apparently doesn't mind the small ones...)

I recently read the article about turmeric being used for joint pain and having a benefit of reducing neuropathy of the hands and feet. I decided to have my husband try this after neuropathy developed as a side effect of taking Lipitor.

Nothing was working including neurotinin and the neuropathy was getting worse. So I told him about turmeric and he went to the natural food store and got himself a bottle. After three weeks of taking the turmeric capsules twice a day he cautiously told me that he was starting to notice a difference in how his hands and feet felt.

The improvement has been steady and he now is getting his next bottle since he knows that it has dramatically improved his quality of life. He had been afraid of the neuropathy becoming so bad he might never walk well or use his hands again. Thank you for having this site (and the columns in the Sunday paper where I first read about turmeric). I am even using certo and grape juice for my own aches and boy does it work.

Tiger Balm Cream relieves the arthritis in my 88 year old father's knees. It is fast relief for arthritis, strained muscle, back aches, sore shoulders etc. I bought one for my father so that he can experience the positive difference in his life.

I read about eating almonds for heartburn on this website and am totally amazed that they work almost immediately!! Have not taken any medication since I tried them, for the last 4 months. I take 3 of them, usually at bedtime, total relief within minutes!! Thank u!!!

Hi everyone - I have been suffering from a very painful shoulder. I happened to find information about DMSO online, so I ordered some and tried it. It must say I can tell a difference! When I use it, in a few minutes the pain is better so that I can at least move my arm around and do some gentle exercise. It is contraindicated for those with kidney problems. And it has a strong smell.

It is a solvent, and penetrates the skin quickly, so you will taste it when you use it - but I've gotten used to it and it isn't bothersome. Of course, read up on it before you try it - just wanted to let you know it works well for me!

Turmeric is what makes mustard yellow.
A strong anti-inflammatory, turmeric is considered equal to ibuprofen -without the side effects.

In an emergency, if we don't have anything else, when we have an (eye) allergy and our eyes are red and 'wet', boil hot water, make a camomile tea, let it cold a little bit (so is not hot anymore) it should be warm. Wash the eyes with the tea several times and several times a day. They will get better, (a pharmacist gave me this tip).

I have found that most fungal infections can be cured with anti-dandruff shampoos like Nizoral (stronger) or Selsun Blue (less expensive) I no longer have itchy scalp after first use and had ringworm on my hand, rubbed the shampoo directly on the spot twice daily and the ringworm disappeared in a few days!

Hi Joe and Terry. This may be too serious for a home remedy column, but here is my story. About 14 months ago, I had an anal fistula. Boy, it was painful. I didn't go to the doctor because I figured it was a hemorrhoid. When I finally did go after about a week, it burst in the waiting room - relieving about 95% of the pain. (Happy day!) My doctor thought it was a fistula and sent me to a surgeon.

The surgeon said it probably was - although they can't be 100% sure until they go in. He (and everyone else) said it absolutely would not heal without surgery. I was not inclined to do the surgery unless absolutely necessary. My doctor said, eat a lot of fiber and keep the area clean - which I did. After a bowel movement, I would wipe with witch hazel on toilet paper and then apply a dab of organic, unrefined coconut oil on the outside and inside. Being very careful to wash my hands both before and after and not contaminate or cross contaminate anything.

After no other problems for over a year, I went to my doctor yesterday and she could not find any evidence of what happened on the outside and only a small, non-painful dent on the inside. She was very surprised and said the old "well, keep doing what you are doing."

Perhaps I did not actually have a fistula. Though I'm not thrilled with the logic that "we can't always tell a fistula", but "know they won't heal on their own". How do they know they can't heal on their own?

Anyway, that is what happened to me. Perhaps it may help someone else if you decide to post it. Eat a ton of fiber, keep the area clean, and maybe use some coconut oil. Thanks for all you do.

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