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Clindamycin Can Cause Disastrous Diarrhea

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In June of 2009 we answered the following question about the antibiotic clindamycin:

"Q. For an abscessed tooth, I was given a prescription antibiotic called clindamycin. Ever since I took it, I have had unremitting diarrhea. Now my dentist wants me to see a gastroenterologist. Is there anything else I can do before going to a specialist?"

We recommended that this person see a gastroenterologist immediately since clindamycin can trigger dangerous diarrhea. It allows bad bacteria called Clostridium difficile (C. diff.) to get the upper hand in the digestive tract. Left untreated, this infection can be extremely serious, even fatal.

In November of 2009 the FDA published its most stringent caution, a boxed warning:

• Clostridium difficile associated diarrhea (CDAD) has been reported with use of nearly all antibacterial agents, including Cleocin HCL and may range in severity from mild diarrhea to fatal colitis. Treatment with antibacterial agents alters the normal flora of the colon leading to overgrowth of C.difficle

• C.difficile produces toxins A and B which contribute to the development of CDAD. Hypertoxin producing strains of C. difficile cause increased morbidity and mortality, as these infections can be refractory to antimicrobial therapy and may require colectomy. CDAD must be considered in all patients who present with diarrhea following antibiotic use. Careful medical history is necessary since CDAD has been reported to occur over two months after the administration of antibacterial agents.

Since then, many visitors to this site have reported serious digestive tract complications following their use of clindamycin. Here are just a few. Please report your own experience below in the comment section so that we can alert the FDA to ongoing problems associated with clindamycin.

I was prescribed clindamycin for an infected tooth that required a root canal. The clindamycin worked for the infection, but 10 days later I had diarrhea. I went to my doctor, who said that this was a side effect of this antibiotic. He thinks it is the worst antibiotic to take. Who knew? I was tested for C diff colitis and was positive, so I was put on a different antibiotic.

I am now trying to recover. If you have any symptoms after taking this med, please get tested. It is crazy that this happens.

Nov. 9, 2010

I had a wisdom tooth extraction in mid-November 2010. There was really nothing wrong with the tooth itself, but it created a cavity in the tooth next to it. So my dentist took it out to be able to fill that cavity.

She was concerned that the extraction area might become infected and prescribed clindamycin (56 pills). It took me just about a week (6 or 7 days) to finish the specified course. I had no side effects during the course.

A couple days after finishing the last dose, however, I developed a rash all over my upper body. After a couple days I developed intense diarrhea. This diarrhea was unlike anything I've experienced before in my entire life and lasted for 6 days.

I went to the ER and told them that I took this anti-biotic. They said that that's what caused the diarrhea. I went on a diet of dry foods, yogurt, and probiotics. After the diarrhea stopped, I still didn't feel quite like I did before taking clindamycin. I had bloating and my colon was still feeling as if I was having diarrhea, although there was no actual diarrhea.

Now, over a month after the diarrhea finished, I'm still not completely well. When I go to the bathroom, the stool is not normal. Has anyone else experienced similar side effects? How long did they last?

Jan. 3, 2011

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Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4.5/5 (235 votes)
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If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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I, too, had a molar which abscessed 2 months ago, and I was in terrible pain. The Dr. Rx'ed a high dose of amoxicillin. I hadn't taken an antibiotic for 30 years and was trepidacious; I especially feared the GI problems --diarrhea, etc.

I went to my local healthfood store prior to starting the antibiotic and asked for advice. "NO PROBLEM," I was told; "this'll work." They sold me this: "Saccharomyces Boulardii+MOS" -- (MannanOligoSaccharides) -- by Jarrow.

I took it per pkg directions and by golly, I had no GI upset, no diarrhea and no yeast infection -- all of which had occurred when I last took antibiotics. The abscess resolved, and I was a happy camper!

Always read the package insert or get a summary print-out from your pharmacy on a new medicine!

In fact, there is a very serious warning about intestinal symptoms from clindamycin in the FDA information.

When I took this drug and got symptoms, I immediately discontinued use, as is recommended.

I also went to dentist who was going to do a root canal, but ended up extracting tooth instead. He prescribed clindamyacin and I took it for the 7 or 8 days or whatever was the limit. Shortly after I developed a horrible rash on my chest and then the diarrhea, which became bloody and frequent set in. I went to a GI doc and found out I now have ulcerative colitis. He was abhored that they prescribed clindamyacin also. I have a penicillin allegy so I think patients with that allergy get the clindamyacin. I will NEVER take that antibiotic again.

Four years ago I went to the dentist for a root canal(Moday). She asked me to take Clyndamicin 2 days before proceeding on the root canal (Wednesday).

The day after the root canal I started wih diarrhea. Friday morning I had severe stomac cramps, plus pain all over my body - the pain moved from from shoulder to arms, to the back, chest, like somebody was hitting me with a baseball bat.

I went to see my Doctor and she ordered a stool culture and aske me to discontinue Clyndamicin and prescribed a different antibiotic. Before noon the culure was brought to the clinic. Monday late afternoon I got a call from a nurse, I should go immediately to the Pharmacy and pick up a prescription "You have C-diff and it can be fatal", I have been told.

Why did it take so long to give me this information? Within a half an hour I took the new RX. I asked the pharmacist what C diff was and she could not tell me. It took quite a while for the diarrhea to go away. I also took probiotics and ate plenty of yogurt. This was a very frightening experience for me and I am warning eveybody about this antibiotic.

I was prescribed prescribed the antibiotic clindamycin for a bicuspid tooth that got infected after having a small surface filling which did not even numbing. First my dentist prescribed amoxicillian and then clindamycin which led to a root canal. Apparently something happened with that filling.

I got a severe bladder infection with bladder spasms when trying to urinate which was difficult, extremely painful and only able to urinate a tiny amount. I was then given a cipro antibiotic and a med for the spasms which turned the urine orange. Never had a bladder infection before and had to call the oncall doctor on a Saturday night. There was blood in my urine sample. I did not get diarrhea, thankfully.

Would not take clindamycin ever again. I drank lots of water with pure cranberry liquid extract and lots of yogurt.

I, too was prescribed clindamycin (because I may be allergic to penicillin) prior to having a root canal. My symptoms were tolerable (small amount of soft stool EVERY time I urinated) during 7 days I took this med and to a lesser degree since I finished the prescription 7 days ago. My greatest concern is a delayed further reaction or a more severe reaction if it is prescribed in the future. I will definitely talk to my MD re an alternative med for an infection.

Warning to other readers: post gets graphic

I had a very dangerous reaction to clindamycin December 1 that landed me in the ER. I had to take it or vancomycin for an ingrown nail that just wouldn't clear up before surgery with other antibiotics. I started it on a Tuesday--when I took it on Friday, I felt like I was having a heart attack from the angina. I persevered on despite the pain because I had few other options because of drug allergies. Each dose brought on further symptoms. I also developed very severe pain in my bile duct/pancreas area (my gallbladder has been removed).

My internist had me discontinue the medicine 3 days before I was due to finish; although normally this isn't a good idea, I was fine and immediately felt better.

I had some slightly loose stools but took acidophilus and thought I was fine. A few weeks later I developed sudden violent completely bloody red diarrhea that was unremitting and ended up in the ER with that and severe pain. While levaquin and flagyl cleared up the resulting c. diff. infection, I still have occasional problems. Meanwhile, my heart pain and tachycardia continued and took several weeks more to begin to resolve.

I do recommend that anyone who uses this antibiotic take Florastor before, during, and for a month after, as my GI specialist has now told me to do. It's very helpful--I still have pain when I forget.

Truly it should be a drug of last resort and people like me (wheelchair user) need to be vigilant about infections as soon as they start.

In Dec. of 2010 my dentist prescribed Clindamycin for a possibly infected tooth that needs a crown, but I wanted to wait til Jan. when my insurance would be in effect again. I took two pills a day for two days when the diarrhea started. I have had 10 inches of my colon removed, so I'm perhaps more susceptible to the side effects of this drug. I stopped taking it right away. The pharmacist said I could either take the expensive probiotics or else eat lots of yogurt.

So I ate yogurt twice a day for about 2 weeks and the symptoms gradually went away. But if I slacked off on the yogurt the diarrhea would come back. So I kept eating yogurt twice a day for two more weeks before I tapered off to once a day, which I normally eat anyway. I will never take this drug again!!

My husband, with really severe heart disease, has taken clindamycin several times prior to dental work and, thank goodness has never had any kind of adverse reaction. NONE.

I'm so thankful but wonder why he was excepted. Is there an MD reading this who might know why he was spared? Regardless, I hope I remember that he will not take that drug again.

He has a history - 45 years ago - of allergic reaction to penicillin.
Can that have a relationship to LACK of adverse reaction to the clindamycin?

Am I ever glad I read this. I am allergic to penicillin. I have 2 hip implants and back implants. Whenever I have any invasive work done on my teeth, cleaning, etc., I must take an antibiotic. I am prescribed clindamycin. I have been taking it for years. I have never had the reaction as described in any of the above observations. I only take four capsules, all at once, an hour before the procedure. That's it. I never have had diarrhea or an upset stomach at any time.

I do eat Activia and drink pure cranberry concentrate almost every day. I don't know if the way I am prescribed the antibiotic and the Activia and cranberry juice could account for why I have had no problem. But I'm really glad I have the information.

Cindy... I have terrible allergic drug rashes at this point from all antibiotics. Previously, my dentist had me take a the high dose of amoxicillin prior to any dental work since my immune system is compromised, but now I have developed an allergic reaction to amoxicillin.

The dentist now wanted me to take clindamycin, but I had taken it previously and suffered unrelenting diarrhea, so I refused. Would like to try the Saccharomyces Boulardii+MOS. Will it work like an antibiotic to prevent infection?

I was prescribed clindamycin about four and a half years ago for a persistent tooth abscess. I had diarrhea and ate active yogurt for 2 weeks. The diarrhea was apparently cured. About six months later, diarrhea struck again and yogurt was no help. I went to my doctor, then a gastrointerologist. Neither doctor was any help. I had diarrhea off and on for about 4 years. I tried Culturelle and Digestive Advantage in vain. Then I tried probiotics made by Natures Finest. That has finally brought me some relief.

Clindomycin is an antibiotic alternative to penicillin with somewhat improved spectrum of bacterial coverage, especially staph and strep. There are multiple bacteria of these two species that normally live in the colon and are considered normal flora. Unfortunately clostridium is not covered by clindomycin or it's brand name Cleocin.

If you happen to have a dominance of this or some other bacteria not covered, killing off of the others will allow it to over grow by removing competition. It does produce a nasty toxin that both stimulates and paralyzes the colon, causes a secretory or watery diarrhea. The neuro toxin can can cause paralysis and subsequent dilation of the colon with resultant gangrene and rupture.

Be aware this is not the antibiotics, it is the endogenous bacteria in your bowel that gets set free to grow by the obliteration of other balancing bacteria. Many antibiotics do this, especially those taken orally. We actually see it more often with some of those used more commonly. Mouth bacteria which are among the nastiest in the body, are especially well treated by Cleocin.

C.Difficile when diagnosed should probably be treated with another antibiotic given orally as it must get to the inside of the colon. IV therapy is indicated with systemic symptoms and dehydration. Cleocin remains one of our best treatments for MRSA and other penicillin resistant organisms. NO it is not adequately treated by more yogurt or probiotics and the continuation of symptoms implies that you still have an over growth of c.diff or some other inappropriate bacteria.

Usually a short course of Flagyl or metronidazole will relieve symptoms and possibly present a recurrence with your next antibiotic treatment.

My 82 year old mother died of this when the doctor in the rehab facility ignored her c.diff colitis resulting from empiric treatment with an oral penicillin derivative after hip fracture. RGCMD

I received amoxicillin and then clindamycin while waiting for the extraction of a tooth with a root canal that gradually had gone bad. I developed irritable bowel syndrome-like symptoms that lasted for about a year. I treated these symptoms with probiotics, but seemed to require increasing doses in order to keep my symptoms at bay.

I started off with a commonly available probiotic that comes in a fairly large disk-shaped pill that can be chewed. These are usually flavored and quite tasty. This seemed less effective over time and I switched to a house brand from the Vitamin Shoppe, Ultimate '10' Probiotic. This is supposed to have 10 different organisms. I was taking up to nine of these a day. I have also tried other probiotics. Nothing seemed to really take care of the problem, however.

Ultimately I went to a gastroenterologist. He thought I should have a colonoscopy, perhaps mostly just because it had been too long since my last one. I did have some symptoms after the colonoscopy but not many. I also added uncooked miso to my diet on a daily basis. The GI symptoms are now not a problem.

Of course there is no way to determine what happened, but I tend to think that the miso was a big factor. I occasionally take a probiotic tablet but I would be more inclined to think that the miso was the more influential agent. I will never submit to another prescription for clindamycin if I can help it.

Thanks for the suggestion as I have an appointment this Monday for the removal of a molar. I will try your suggestion.

I had a huge number of very invasive dental surgeries for almost 5 years. Each surgery, I got Clindamycin, Flagyl (to prevent C.Diff, but I was not told this; also this is carcinogenic and I was not told), steroids, and pain meds. The dental surgeon (very prestigious) told me to call if I got diarrhea - I didn't (or maybe it was masked by the other drugs).

I did, however, have a hard time recovering from these surgeries - I was weak and ill for 3-6 weeks, sometimes more. As soon as I got a little better, another surgery was recommended. I went downhill a bit more each time. I fell (ataxia is a side effect of Flagyl); I was too weak to get out of bed for days at a time; I developed repeated cases of shingles; I developed cachexia. I passed out for an extended period of time. My electrolytes were off, especially potassium.

Sometimes after surgery I was drinking 4 liters of water a night and couldn't retain water in my body (diabetes insipidus? no one believed me - I treated myself by eating salt). I had days when I literally thought I was dying, I felt so bad, but then I'd get comparatively better. My FMS got worse. My allergies got worse. My blood work showed high cholesterol and triglycerides, high CRP, high glucose.

I went to my regular doctor, as well as several other highly recommended doctors, but no one could figure out what was wrong with me, nor would they believe me about my strange up and down symptoms. One month I'd look like death; the next month I'd be able to get up and do things. I told them all I was having a lot of dental surgery and I thought that was why I was so sick - but not one doctor followed up on this or asked any questions.

I also complained repeatedly to the dental surgeon that I was feeling terrible and not recovering normally. He just told me to see a doctor. I felt like a hot potato, back and forth, no one could help me, just getting worse.

I finally helped myself by quitting the surgeries, stopping all the drugs I could, going on a strict allergen free diet, and taking supplements that I carefully researched. Two years later, all my blood work had normalized.

I am now left with a serious case of medical PTSD. I have anxiety. I avoid the dentist. I avoid medical treatments and doctors like the plague. I'm afraid to ever take another antibiotic, afraid I will die from it. I am left with serious back problems from falls, and an extremely delicate GI system, which I never had before the surgeries.

I have very painful joints (hips, shoulders, knees) that are getting worse. I cannot take NSAIDs because I get severe stomach pain - which I never had before. I sometimes wake up at night with stomach pain and don't know why. I believe I have celiac disease. To maintain my health, such as I have left, I must maintain a strict gluten and wheat free diet. This means I can't go out to eat anywhere - not at anyone's house and not at restaurants.

If I do, I risk getting sick. I can't travel because I can't be assured of gluten free foods. (This has dampened my social life considerably!) I can't take generic drugs or many OTC drugs because they have starch. That's how sensitive my system has become. I don't know if I had celiac disease before I took Clindamycin, but I am sure I have it now.

My teeth? After all this, the dentist suggested I might want to think about pulling some.

My guardian angel must have ensured I read all the comments posted. This Monday I will have a molar extracted with a good chance of the recommendation of an antibiotic. I just spoke to a pharmacist and expressed my concerns re clindamycin. She informed of a number of antibiotics available. Now I have other options from which to choose.

In 1994 I had a very serious operation and was given demerol for pain. After the operation I was extremely ill and became more ill day-by-day - which continued for weeks. The sicker I became the more demerol I was prescribed. The only benefit was my total inability to smoke cigarettes or even tolerate the smell - which was the most horrendous smell I had ever experienced. For three days after the operation and the consumption of the demerol, I could actually smell the nicotine in my own flesh.

For over three weeks this continued until I took the last medication and didn't take anymore demerol afterwards. I immediately began to feel better and better. I spoke to a friendly pharmacist who suggested I more than likely was allergic to the demerol. I will never take that drug again for whatever reason.

The absolutely greatest side-effect was that, after the three weeks of being deathly ill and not able to smoke, I had lost the need to smoke. EUREKA!!! I have not smoked since. Great side benefit, but I would not recommend demerol as a means to stop smoking. What is really hilarious is that while describing the demerol episode, my stomach could actually feel that nausea from the demerol. Yucko.

I too had a allergic reaction while taking Clindamycin. The various Doctors told me to discontinue it. I experienced hives all over from face to feet. They were aggressive and would move from one area to another. The itch was really intense. I also experience swelling in my hands, lips, ear, face, legs, ankles, feet and toes. I ended up taking water pills and I still have to take a medication to control the hives and swelling.

Also, I passed out twice and could not digest food properly. My blood pressure was up and down and the Doctor had to put me on high blood pressure medicine. This was all due to a abscessed tooth. I was prescribed twice with the antibiotic Clindamycin. The second time on it I experienced a reaction that has lasted for over 4 weeks and beyond. I still have not been able to remove the tooth and is experiencing swelling in the tooth. Frightened to take any other antibiotic. Still trying to find a resolution to my problem.

I am 45 female and had a recurrence of pimples that had been gone for a few years. In November 2010 I went to my dermatologist and had a long conversation with his assistant, and then with him. We discussed that I had been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis since my last visit, and I listed the medications I take for UC. The dermatologist gave me three prescriptions for topical face treatments, including one for Ziana external gel 1.2% He also gave me a handful of free sample tubes of Ziana. It contains clindamycin. The other prescriptions did not contain clindamycin.

Within a week my ulcerative colitis flared up - it had been dormant for months. I did not make any connection with the topical face cream and continued to use it. My pimples cleared up before I finished the free sample tubes, so I looked up Ziana online to see if I should continue to use it to maintain clear skin. That is when I discovered its connection to ulcerative colitis. The manufacturer's warning explicitly says that this acne cream should never be prescribed to people with UC, and that any user of Ziana should be instructed to inform her doctor immediately if diarrhea begins.

This flare up of UC has been terrible. I lost a full week of work and have dragged myself through work and life with minimal effectiveness for the past month. The UC is more extensive through my body than ever before, and I am on stronger medication to control it.

Looking back at my tax receipts, I discovered that three years ago the same dermatologist had prescribed Benzaclin, another acne medication containing clindamycin. I started that prescription exactly 2 months after a "clean as a whistle" colonoscopy, and exactly 2 months before I began a constant trek to doctors to solve growing bowel problems, which were ultimately diagnosed as UC. (But my pimples cleared up - not worth the price!) At the time, no doctor ever asked if I were using topical clindamycin.

The worst part is that I very nicely informed the dermatologist and he denied any responsibility! He talked about low absorption rates, not having any other complaints, etc. If the manufacturer is so clear, I just don't understand how the doctor can be so flippant. I was advised to complain to my insurance company because they are most likely to get a doctor's attention and change his behavior.

I am currently taking Clindamycin for a strep throat infection, which usually I take the Z-Pak since I am allergic to penicillin. The last few days I have suffered mild diarrhea but this morning I had sever stomach pains and broke out into a cold sweat, I have been on the medication since last Thursday (today is Wed.) and I feel a slight burning sensation in my abdominal area along with nausea.

I was suppose to take my 4th dose of the day today (was prescribed to take 2 pills 4 times a day for 10 days) but I refuse to take it now that I looked up here what it can cause. My anxiety is through the roof and I plan to see the Doctor immediately tomorrow morning.

Within 24 hours after starting Clindamycin, I started experiencing abdominal pain and cramping. I was told that diarrhea was common with some antibiotics, but I had never experienced that. The next morning I asked my pharmacist if I could take Immodium, and he said that it shouldn't interact with it -- However, you should never take that kind of medication with antibiotic-induced diarrhea because it could make your problems worse.

I only took it in the morning that day and the morning of the following day before I learned that information. I struggled through five days of a seven-day course when I begged my doctor to take me off of it. I then went on a 10-day probiotic. I felt better, but not long after stopping the probiotic I was having abdominal cramping again in the mornings and my system has never been the same since pre-Clindamycin. I am back on a probiotic and hope it helps.

I heard that antibiotics are normally out of your system within a certain time frame, so I am frustrated that I am still dealing with side effects. Physicians should alert their patients that if they start experiencing some of these symptoms to call their office immediately.

I think it should be illegal for any doctor to prescribe any medication for which he receives a kick-back commission from the medication-producing Pharma Company which produces that medication.

I would go to your nearest drugstore and buy a probiotic called Florastor, which comes in packs of 20 (a 10-day course). I wish I had taken it for a month longer, like my Mom suggested. It helped, but it won't fix things overnight. It should help your GI system recover. I was off of it for about a week, and started having abdominal cramping again in the mornings before I had anything to eat or drink. I've bought another 20-day supply and will probably keep taking it indefinitely.

I, too, experienced a severe case of c-diff, which was caused by CYPRO prescribed for UTI. I was put on Flagyl and thought it was cured. A week later it returned. only more severe. I was put on VANCOMYCIN for 6 weeks, which seemed to stop the c-diff, however I continued to have a flair-up of diarrhea and was extremely weakened.

Then I found out about "Align", a probioic which is now in leading drug stores. After some research it was found to be helpful in controlling flair ups of the intestine. I am also taking another probioic, called "Multidophilus 12", 20 Billion and Twelve Strain formula, found in health food stores.

My condition was very grave and by taking the 2 probioics I began to get better over a 7 month period. I believe I can truthfully say that these saved my life. I continue to take them and my gut is now healthy. I'm sending this in hopes it will benefit others with the same condition.

12/15/10 I was prescribed clindamycin for swelling of my gums on the bottom half of my jaw. I was suppose to take two capsules by mouth three times a day with a total of 60 pills until they are gone. 1/22/11 up until this day I felt fine, nothing out the ordinary around 11:30 pm I was in the bathroom with diarrhea that I have never experienced before in my life!!

This was diarrhea from hell!! I was in and out of the bathroom every 5 mins going back and forth from my room to the bathroom. And when I thought I was over.. it wasn't it just kept coming out there was no stopping it. When I laid in my bed and looked at my clock it was 8:30am and I had finally fell asleep.

11:30am my stomach is bubbling and I was in the bathroom and the diarrhea was back! After I was done going to the bathroom I would just sit on the toilet and make sure it was over, honestly felt comfortable while I was sitting down, but as soon as I got back up and walked to my room and tried to lay down I would be back up and in the bathroom with in 30 seconds. The first night I remember going to the bathroom around 20-27 times and that went on for about 3 WEEKS!!

I went to urgent care 3-4 times in one week and have been out of work for about a month now. When I went to the doc the first time he thought it was just a stomach virus and it would pass. WRONG!!! 1 week later the symptoms were still there, so I went in a second time and ended up taking a urine and blood test which both came back negative.

So I took another week off hoping that it would pass. WRONG AGAIN!!! I still was experienced diarrhea but the amount of time I was going to the bathroom slowly decreased. Week 3.. enough was enough that's when I went in for a stool sample and come to find out I tested positive for Clostridium difficile also known as C Diff, which while taking clindamycin caused the problems that occurred in my stomach.

In the mean time while I was trying to figure out what was going with me I looked up the "stomach flu" and found the "BRAT" diet which is eating bland foods bananas rice apple sauce and toast. I have found that diet worked well for me, and I also ate some of this special yogurt that my mom bought for me its called "STONYFIELD" I highly recommend this!

2/18/11 i was prescribed METRONIDAZOLE 500 MG 1 pill by mouth 3 times a day QTY 42 pills, and at this moment I feel a lot better. I am going back to work in the next couple days so lets hope these pills do the trick.

In the whole process I ended up loosing some weight but I'm not sure how much exactly. I was severely dehydrated and turned white as a ghost and had a loss of my appetite. Before I go I would like to say give you guys some information, if you have taken CLINDAMYCIN and have these symptoms do not wait for the doctor to figure out whats wrong with you demand further tests ASAP!

And the best thing I can tell you is to stay on the BRAT diet and eat Stonyfield yogurt and drink LOTS I mean LOTS of water and buy Gatorade which has electrolytes in it poweraid has the same. Take care guys and remember to wash your hands!

After reading the commentary, I noticed a few mentioned yogurt. The problem with commercial yogurt is the cost for the 'greek' and the aspartame used in 'lite' to replace sugar. I"ll spare you the drama of why I consume so much yogurt, but I decided to make my own and save beaucoup $$$.

I searched online and found a most simple, EASIEST, elegant slow cooker method of homemade. You first need to purchase two (2) different types of NON-FAT YOGURT (keep in mind THIS WILL BE THE LAST TIME YOU BUY YOGURT) and a pack of unflavored gelatin.

1. 1/2 gallon non-fat milk into slow cooker for 2&1/2 hours
2. At end of 2&1/2 hours, UNPLUG the slow cooker and let sit for 3 hours and just minutes before the end of the 3-hour-sit, mix about 1&1/2 cup yogurt with the pack of gelatin
3. Lift lid, dump yogurt into milk and use non-metal utensil to stir, then replace lid
4. Cover slow cooker completely with 5-6 towels and anything else you have to bundle
5. Let sit 8-10 hours and PRESTO: yogurt that is never-ending
I scoop the yogurt into non-metal containers containers, refrigerate and allow the yogurt to sit for a couple of days while those little bacteria continue to amp-up. When you start to run low, just repeat the process and you will never-ever buy another commercial yogurt in you life. For 'sweet&fruity' dessert yogurt, I mix real fruit, a tad of stevia and puree.
The amusing aspect of this comment is that I now have to get to the kitchen to get last night's new batch of yogurt out of the slow cooker and into the fridge.
I hope you try this recipe. Once you do, you will be surprised at its ease and simplicity. Yum.

I too was prescribed clindamycin by a dentist for a botched root canal which became infected over time. After two weeks of diarrhea, something VERY unusual for me, I went to my MD and just happened to mention that I took clindamycin as prescribed by a dentist. My MD immediately suspected c diff which was confirmed by a culture.

My MD explained that strong dental antibiotics destroyed good bacteria in the colon giving the bad bacteria a chance to grow. I was given a prescription for another antibiotic and was advised to eat yogurt. After two years, although much less less severe, I still suffer c diff.

I am not allergic to penicillin and don't recall being asked that question by the dentist. I didn't realize that this condition could be so devastating until reading the comments as posted on this site. Dentists should be warned/aware that clindamycin could have lasting effects and inform their patients of the risks.

I was prescribed massive amounts of Clindamycin for MRSA for a prolonged period of time. My physician never said a word about digestive problems etc. although I had a long history of digestive issues already. The pharmacist looked so concerned and asked if I knew what i was taking. I said, I guess.. .she said this can be very hard on the gut... yes, My colon became paralytic, developed severe back pain and ultimately c-diif.... almost two years later still dealing with it.

I've done all the pharmaceutical grade probiotics and other things... I am seeing a practitioner who has done wonderful work with me in restoring my health, but it has been a long road. One of the products he had me use restores the mucosal lining of the intestines and then we used probiotic. Prior to rebuilding that lining the probiotics were just making it worse.

I will never take clindamycin again.

I am waiting for word from my dr regarding my daughter's diarrhea. She had oral surgery last Monday. This is the 3rd day of diarrhea. I told her to follow the BRAT diet with yogurt. This is the only symptom she has so far. No cramping. Diarrhea is more really soft stool than watery.

I never realized how fortunate I am to be allergic or hyper-reactive or mal- reactive to 90% 0f the drugs in the PDR. Pity my primary physician who keeps trying to prescribe modern drugs for cholesterol, osteoporosis, gastric ulcer, and other apparent ailments, when I refuse to accept the side effects.

As of now I tolerate aspirin, phenobarbital, sulfa, Demerol, and Chlortrimeton. Since no MD will prescribe Demerol due to my age - ignoring 30 years of trouble-free use - I have added alcohol to my pain control diet.

I've learned that Clindamycin and Flagyl are two of many drugs that can bring on an attack of porphyria. This is considered a "rare" disease, however most doctors don't know about it, and people aren't checked for it, so it may be more common than anyone realizes. One glaring symptom of porphyria is a reddish or reddish brown pigment in the urine. If you have this symptom request a urinalysis for PBG asap! Porphyria can be serious.

I wanted to post this information because I now realize I had symptoms that may have indicated porphyria during my repeated surgeries and treatments with Clindamycin and Flagyl. Other symptoms were severe body pains, constipation, disorientation, extreme weakness, insomnia and severe dehydration despite an enormous fluid intake. The dehydration caused electrolyte problems. Some types of porphyria are acute - and that is what happened with me, I believe. The pattern was that I was very ill for a while, then I recovered; then I got more surgery and drugs and got sick again. However, porphyria can put you into a coma and can kill you.

Not the Emergency Room, not my dentist, not my surgeon, and not one doctor I went to ever followed up with questions about my dental surgeries and my use of these drugs being related to my symptoms, although I was quite sure they were related. I don't think any of them knew about porphyria. I was dismissed. A simple urinalysis would have revealed the problem. My health has still not recovered.

Please google porphyria awareness and educate yourself - and be aware that if you are taking Clindamycin (or a number of other drugs) - and become severely ill, YOU may need to educate your doctor about this. There is a list online of "porphyrogenic drugs" - and amazingly, I've had bad reactions to many drugs on the list - reactions like severe vomiting or strange neurological reactions. If you begin taking any of these drugs you should be warned about the symptoms of porphyria!

Regards to all and I hope this post will educate someone else with "weird symptoms." Might even save a life!

On March 26, 2011, I went to UNC Hospital Emergency Department for an abscessed tooth. The Doctor put me on a medication called Clindamycin for a few days things were ok but now I am having constant diarrhea. HELP!


Dentists are a trip!

Since mine of 20 years retired I have found the worst time getting a good dentist:
a) Before retiring due to an injury, my dentist referred me to a periodontist who referred me to his dentist and orthodontist so they could "work together as a team."

b) Went to that dentist - he drilled and gave me a new crown that hurt for months - he kept filing teeth "to adjust" my bite. One time I was out of state and asked my Periodontist to refer me to a friend he mentioned who worked where I was - he said he'd call me back and never did.

Took a local referral and went to a dentist who gave me another "adjustment" and Clyndamycin which produced c.diff. - 2 bouts! Finally, pain required he give the tooth a root canal - still some pain so I went to an endodontist who had to finish this dentists sloppy root canal. I returned to the dentist to remove the crown and that ended my pain as it was apparently too large for the space where it went. Too bad the dentist didn't think of that at the beginning.

c) Went to orthodontist to close a gap after a year in braces he began to upright a lateral tooth which ended my bite as it now was too high and no other bottom teeth could touch the top teeth. He filed and adjusted till my front teeth began contact so now I have trouble talking and eating.

d) Next dentist - told me about the referral fee system with dentists and periodontists and nearly took my jaw out drilling a tooth for a crown. I felt like a piece of cement and he was the jackhammer! He also made comments about the local Oral Surgeon. Too rough to return to - thankfully I knew to keep looking.

e) Tried a holistic dentist who said I had good gums and cleaned my teeth 1st week then 2nd week she said I had bad gum disease and need an immediate 2nd cleaning - end of that one.

f) Next dentist I made sure was only a consult. He said he couldn't work on me till I saw his periodontist who would be in the office in 2 weeks and a prosthnodontist (Prosthnodontics is the dental specialty pertaining to the diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation and maintenance of the oral function, comfort, appearance and health of patients with clinical conditions associated with missing or deficient teeth and/or oral and maxillofacial tissues using biocompatible substitutes.)

No more referrals to dentists' friends but really was helped by learning of the prosthnodontal specialty. How do regular people learn what's really going on in dentistry?

g) Another dental consult - said perio, prosthnodonal consult and possible opening of my jaw to correct bite. Went to his prosthnodontist who said probably a tooth removal and another $500 would get me molds and a computer diagnosis to plan with dentist.

h) Went to NYU Dental clinic for a free consult and learned so much. The dentists in the Implant/Periodontal Clinic are closely supervised by Prosthodontists and are eager to be the best. Everything is studied and explained. I'm finally able to get the previous errors corrected. No periodontal, jaw opening, orthodontic or tooth extraction needed!

i) I think if your dentist is still using film x-rays instead of digital you should seek a new dentist.

Very thankful for this site for providing a place to learn what's really going on with these dental "professionals". People need to be educated on how to obtain dental services. I read that since the '80's dentistry has moved into cosmetic areas to take up the slack from fluoride's decrease in cavities. Too bad the public never got the memo or instruction with how to deal with this change that pumps up implants (fees) instead of restoration.

For diarrhea: BRAT diet -Banana Rice Apple Tea
probiotics:Yogurt (thx for recipe on Feb. 24) & Florajen (see their website)- sold refrigerated at your local pharmacy.

Has anyone had success with raw food diet?

I have taken amoxicillian for a sore throat... the mega dose caused non stop diarrhea ... I was admitted to the hospital. It is the antibiotics that causes CDIF a condition where the antibiotic destroys all the good bacteria in your system...This is a very serious condition that causes dehydration and potassium levels to drop. After returning home I developed a kidney infection, was treated with more antibiotics and in 3 days back in the hospital with CDIF again. I am 5'7" and now I weigh 105#.

I have lost all of my muscle tone and my skin sags. I have always been very fit and eat a fresh diet and fish and chicken. There are only a couple of colon specific drugs to treat this disease. The drugs are very expensive and if your do not have an insurance company that will approve non generic drugs you will be in for a fight. The Doctors finally took all food and water away for 4 days to get it stopped and inserted a nutrition tube which is another horror in itself...

This has been a 10 week nightmare. The moral of the story... Eat the best yogurt you can find and try not to take any antibiotics... the one day I was admitted to the hospital there were 5 people with the same thing.... imagine how out of control the usage of antibiotics is. I am now off meds so this week I will know if i have beat the diarrhea for now. I am told it can come back. yippee!

I had a failed root canal and was prescribed clindamycin by my dentist. I have (had) a very strong digestive system and wasn't too worried when I suffered some mild watery stools with associated discomfort. I would go through the stomach problems to get rid of the tooth pain.

Little did I know that the stomach problems would not be short termed, but would last for months. After lots of yogurt and somewhat of an altered diet (one of the worst foods was oranges, too much acid). Now I am "close" to normal. What other damage did clindamycin cause? Only time will tell. I don't remember my dentist telling me how dangerous clindamycin could be. Take charge of your health doctors and dentists are too busy to do the job for you.

I am a 45 year old women, I went to the dentist to get a tooth extracted and they had prescribed Clindamycin, (Allergic to Penicillin) I had taken it for about a week, 1-2 weeks later the Diarrhea started still did not think anything of it, day by day went by then turned to weeks I finally went to the Dr. She prescribed Flagyl the antibiotic, had a stool culture had a bacteria infection in my colon, she gave me enough for 7 days took it was feeling great, 2 weeks after stopping it the diarrhea started up, I woke up one morning the blood started, freaked me out back again to the doctor but decided to see another one so I switched. Went to go see the new one, had all blood work, and tests sent to him, immediately he says to me did you have any dental work done on your mouth and they prescribed you Clindamyacin, I said yes immediately he told me I had C.diff so he prescribed me Flagyl again for 2 weeks, here we go again took it for the first week, started my 8th day yesterday. Boom Hives everywhere on my body looked like I was hit with cat and nine tails, back to the Dr. today walk in clinic gave me a shot of Pedisone in my butt, stopped the Flagyl now wondering what they are going to give me for my C.diff... will find out on Monday (yes back to the Dr. again).

I have CDIF. I did not go to the dentist but to the doctor for a sore throat and was given amoxicillan. I have been to the hospital 3 times in 4 months. I am 5'7'' and now weigh 106 #s. I can dehydrate so fast as a result of this disease that I wind up back in the hospital... someone wrote in who is on Flagyl and now has a rash... so did I.

The best medicine and the only one left for me now is Vancomyicin liquid mixed by the druggist. It is very expensive, and you may have to have your doctor work with the insurance company to pay for it. I nearly died... I must stay on this medicine for months... I also take a very powerful probiotic, saccharomyces, boulardii+mos, this is specific for this colon problem. I have lost all of my muscle tone and I eat constantly but very good food.

I still cannot not keep any weight on. I also eat the miso and brown rice and fresh veggies and cider vinegar and honey. I am always afraid that my medicine won't work and because it is the only one left, what will happen to me. Anyone taking antibiotics can get this disease. The spores can live in the colon and be dormant, then show up again. You must sterilize your bathroom and kitchen or you may reinfect yourself. This has been the most debilitating thing that has ever happened to me.

I was prescribed Clindamycin for a tooth abscess. After four days I though I had a case of stomach flu, two days in bed with temp and sweating and also unrelenting diarrhea. Still dealing with the diarrhea which is apparently common with this antibiotic. Kicking myself in the butt for not investigating this drug before mindlessly using it as prescribed.

I have been taking a topical clindamycin gel for acne for eight years. I don't have any of the side effects such as diarrhea or colitis but is it safe to continue taking this drug?

You probably know by now but the best drug for c.diff is vancomycin. also it helps to do the tapering method this gets the spores. It took my daughter almost 6 months to get over it.

A week before August 9th, 2011 (the day I had tooth extraction) I was given Clindamycin by dentist for healing of my paining tooth, after taking Clindamycin 3rd or 4th day I got watery diarrhea, I thought it stop once I stopped the Clindamycin, it didn't, then I went to a general physician who wrote me flagyl 500mg twice a day, which stopped my diarrhea in just two tablets.

I completed course of 14 tablets for 7 days, now I feel discomfort, warmness and little burning sensation in my intestines, since I am very sensitive person I feel little swelling inside my intestines. I know a best GI doc, (who treated my gastroparesis (lazy stomach) earlier with Miralax, laxative powder), but I got an appointment with him, 15 days from today, and I am suffering miserably and I don't feel good at all and don't have energy in my body. Please let me know, if someone knows or have experience like mine, and what is the solution for this situation.

Sorry you got caught up in that terrible antibiotic which seems to be the favorite of dentists. Maybe this column should be printed and distributed to people at the Pharmacy counter!

I suggest you begin a regimen of Stoneyfield yogurt and probiotics (Florastor and Culturelle)- and tell your Dr. it's an emergency - 15 days is ridiculous. Get a new Dr. and dentist.
Best of luck

I have been on Clindamycin since January, at least, for a dental infection. I have been using kefir to help my GI tract. I am not 100 percent that it is working, but for now, it has worked. Kefir can be found at the health food store and supposedly, the probiotics in kefir do not "die off" as easily as the probiotics in yogurt. Also, kefir restores mucus in your GI tract, a comment from an earlier post said they lost their intestinal mucus. Thanks for all the good advice and warnings for everyone who has shared their experiences. I have taken this to heart. I hope to finally quit this wretched antibiotic tomorrow!

Isn't it dangerous to be taking an antibiotic for such a prolonged period of time? Doesn't an antibiotic also kill-off good bacteria also, and doesn't prolonged usage interfere with the absorption of nutrients?

I'm 20 yrs old and I had c diff 3 months ago. In April I had to go to the dentist for a root canal because I had a broken tooth bottom right near the wisdom tooth. I was prescribed clindamycin. I didn't want to take it but I had to, I took 6 pills and stopped because I had severe chest pains, and stomach pains and septic shock, fever, cannot breathe.

Woke up and everything was fine except I went to school with green diarrhea. Went to the doctor and he gave me flagyl. I tested positive for c diff and no one told me I had to go back to the doctor because of another allergic reaction to flagyl.

Vancomycin for 14 days helped until I got the flu after that and went to the ER twice from dehydration and diarrhea again. Doc prescribed me liquid vancomycin however I had to go back from a reaction to that and dehydration again. Stayed for 4 days in the hospital during the summer. On the 3rd of July I was released. c diff was gone but my nerves have been acting weird since the flagyl. Heart races, run a fever. It feels like a panic attack. I lost a lot of muscle and my skin color because of the c diff and I regret going to the dentist. I wish my nerves can go back the way they were before I saw dentist.

What in the hell is wrong with these dentists, same story, tooth extraction. Clindamycin for infection, now almost a month later massive explosive diarrhea. I went to my doctor, she prescribed flajil , another antibiotic, and a pro biotic. Last night I had a fever of 103, although I tested negative for c diff, I think I need to get tested again.

I was prescribed 300mg/4x a day of clindamycin for a tooth infection that spread to facial cellulitis. I had stomach issues, but then my doctor said to take 100 Billion (yes, billion) CFU probiotics, since I started that I am back to normal.

3 days on med crap and went to ER with heartburn, pain in chest.. etc, though no diarrhea. Now 2 days later... diarrhea. I did some research on this page and others... got myself some coconut water kefir and will inundate my system with it. Better not have c-diff or I will be mightily pissed off! This kefir is better than yogurt... cause no dairy (not good w/antibiotics) and billions more probiotics! Oh yeah..on amoxycillin now..wish me luck

People's Pharmacy response: Kefir is usually made from milk. We hope the coconut water version will be helpful!

I wish i had found this site when i was going thro HELL, and it was hell. I had a tooth infection and went to my dentist. He prescribed me Clindamycin, but he didnt warn me of the symtoms and i was in too much pain to read the leaflet. I couldnt wait to get hold of them and start taking them.

Biggest mistake of my life. I was supposed to take 6 a day the first day as it was late i only took 4 but the following day i took the full amount. The next morning i woke with severe watery diarrhea lost count the amount of times i ran, and i mean ran to the toilet.

After a few days i went to my local chemist (pharmacist for those in the U.S.); she was lovely and explained to me that these tablets can cause severe diarrhea. She gave me the support and help i needed.

After a cpl of weeks i went to see my Dr who said in a blunt voice that the tablets would not cause this. By the 4th week i had given up on life, i was so depressed, i hadnt smoked for 8 months and Clindamycin broke me, i started again. 6 months on i am still smoking and i am angry. The diarrahea lasted 8 weeks. I was dehydrated and depressed and thought it would never stop, but gradually it did.

In the 3rd week i went to see my dentist again and told him that what the tablets did to me and he laughed. He actually thought it was funny. It has taken taken me a long time to get over this. I am back to my dentist this morning; i am stronger now, so this time i will tell him what he did to me and i dont care if i get kicked off his surgery list. These tablets should be banned as a health hazzard.

10/26/11- I am 70 and I needed to have tooth extracted and the periodontist insisted on doing bone augmentation as well - to keep bone from shinkring and provide better foundation for a denture - I refuse to do an implant on that side of my face for other fears.

He prescribed amoxicillin and on the 10th day a severe diarrehea started (like the prep for a colonoscopy). I had been eating yogart as precaution. 30 hours later I didn't have the strength to drive.

It started on Frday night and I could only get through to my Doctor on Monday morning - she sent me immediately to the ER. I had C-diff. My potassium was 2.2 which is life threatening.

I spent 7 days and nights hooked to an IV. I am not out of the woods yet. So far I did not damage my colon, but there is a 20/25% chance of recurring which means I will need to take vancomycin for an additional month. Dentists do not warn you.

I was prescribed clyndamiacin for my infected tattoo. I took one every six hours for a week. The infected tattoo cleared up. After I stopped taking the medicine, severe diarrhea began. It's been about a month and my bowel movements are still loose.

Debbie - tell your dentist he is irresponsible and ignorant and never go back. By now you should know that these antibiotics can cause life threatening diarrhea. Anyone taking antibiotics and then experiencing severe diarrhea should go immediately to the Emergency Room and have their stool tested - they need to be under the care of a Gastroenterologist.

No self medication here! Even if your diarrhea is not severe you still may have c-diff and you can spread it to others if you do not have excellent bathroom hygiene (wash your hands thoroughly !)
It is time that Dentists are held accountable. They do not warn you of the possible side effects of the antibiotics.

I agree with the post about a good dentist being hard to find...even harder than finding a good Dr. I feel lucky that I knew this info. going to a dentist for an emergency visit once. He prescribed clindamycin, and I told him I didn't wish to take it b/c of the associated risks. He didn't care and insisted that I take it!

He said he's given to all his patients with no problem. Not sure how he is so certain about his own self-proclaimed stats. He was TOO PROUD (egotistical) to offer me any other option, and I told him I know there are other antibiotics that he can offer me, and he staunchly REFUSED! What nerve!

He actually did me a favor though, because having that interaction made me leave his office as quick as lightning. These irresponsible dentists need to be held accountable for the damage they are causing and at least offer other options to patients. Although no antibiotic is without side effect, it appears that clindamycin is one of the WORST for C. difficile.

I too have not had antibiotics for over 20 years and feared taking this for an abscess tooth, but did because rest of my gums were slightly infected.

Sure enough developed diaherra over the course and after, two weeks after my guts have not returned to normal, I have white plaque patches on my gums which after research indicates bowel disturbance, and still problems with bloating and bowels. Now taking acidopholus, slippery elm which is great for diaherra and lots of yogurt.............14 days after completion of antibiotics I am starting to get my intestinal and all back in order, but still long way to go, can feel it......but a start back to normality and I am watching what I eat and will until all is well again :-(

Yes this can disturb the bowels and gastro for sure!

I had a gum graft done back in March 2011 and was prescribed clindamycin for an antibiotic. I developed diarrhea to the point where at work I was running back and forth. I immediately called my doctors office, of course he was out. I told the nurse and she said to keep taking it. So I did, but my bowel movements have never been the same. I developed IBS like symptoms. We are talking months down the road and I still get loose stools. In fact, it's rare to have hard stool anymore for me. I told my family doctor about this and they just said these things are normal.

Whatever, I'm never taking again!!

I was treated for tooth infection in late August. I was taking clyndomycin. For 5 days and on 5th day started having problems. I was about to travel for 14 days so I did not want to have bathroom issues. I got back from vacation and my stomach was still not right. I traveled again both in Oct and early Nov and was still having terrible diarrhea. While in NY I had to run to a hotel to use bathroom. When I had to go I had to go immediately. I was placed on Flagyl off and on that seemed to work. It is now early December and I am just getting back to normal. I had full lower gi tests and colonoscopy and every test came up negative.

I can't believe all of the negative comments about Clindamycin. I thought I was alone.

I had oral surgery 10 days ago, and was prescribed Clindamycin preventively. I don't like to take medications unnecessarily because I'm allergic to Penicillin and most antibiotics. I checked with the pharmacist, and she said that I should be fine on the Clindamycin, so I took it for 7 days. I was excited and relieved, and I "knocked on wood" that I didn't have any reaction to it.

Until today when, lo and behold, the dreaded rash appeared all over my body So far I have not had stomach problems (again, knock on wood), but my greatest fear is that doctors will run out of safe medications for me, and that I will literally become "untreatable."

I started taking Keflex for strep throat. Finishes the 10 day course and within 3 days my symptoms returned. Headed back to the clinic and was told that keflex is not generally used to treat strep so was then prescribed clindamycin.

I managed 4 days of treatment at 4pills per day until I woke up in the middle of the night with severe diarrhea and cramping. Waited until the next morning to go to emergency as my symptoms were so severe.

I was admitted and put on IV fluids, flagyl and metro via IV and Vanko in a drink

Doctor performed numerous blood tests and a stool sample that came back negative for c.diff. They continues to treat me for c.diff with the aforementioned meds

A second stool sample came back negative for c. Diff as well, however a stool sample is sensitive and can useless if not delivered within a 2 hour window. Based on the numerous mistakes collecting and sending to the lab ('and the fact that one sample was rejected because it was in the wrong specimen jar) I don't feel confident that my condition is not c-diff.

I had severe watery diarrhea for 4 days while on the meds. I have just been able to eat solids again and now they have taken me off the c. Diff meds

I have little confidence that the diagnosis is correct.

Also, Many of the nurses I encountered did not even gown up or even wear gloves when handling me!

I suppose this is how an outbreak starts and I feel sad for the many elderly and infirm that may be exposed to this.

I will never take clindamycin again!

I have found another dentist and the whole family are with him now, he's lovely. On my very first visit I told him about my experience with the antibiotics and he said that he would never give them to me. I advice anyone and every one I know NOT to take these tablets. I still have loose stools and was worried about it but after reading the other posts on this site and knowing others are still going thro it, it really helps. Thank you to the person who set this up, so we can help each other get over it xxx

I was also placed on Clindamycin for dental surgery. My records show that I have Crohns. Diarrhea and cramping have been so bad. I have given up on food so I can work. Going to the GI Dr Monday - week after stopping Clindamycin to see if I can get some help.

Thank you for all your comments. I know I am not alone and there is a long road to recovery.

I will decline Clindamycin if it is every recommend again.

Please recommend that Crohns patients no be given Clindamycin

I was given Clindamycin in Oct. 2011 for a tooth infection. While I was on the medication I noticed that I was going to the bathroom several times a day and I had loose stools. Figured it was from the antibiotic and when I finished it things would return to normal. Well, that didn't happen.

Two weeks after finishing the medication I started with symptoms of a UTI, plus fever, dia, vomiting. Went to Immediate Care was diagnosed with a UTI and was given Cipro. I told the doctor that I had been having bathroom issues ever since I took Clindamycin. He never said anything about C-Diff. I kept getting worse, fever 103, dia was awful. Called doctor back and he said Cipro can be hard on your stomach and switched me to Bactrum. I was so sick and weak, fever did finally go away. Tried to go to work but was so dizzy and weak I had to leave. Went to my family doctor and told her I have never felt so bad. She gave me Phenergan and Lomotil. After a couple of days I felt a little better even though I had to take the Lomotil regularly. Finally managed to work three days and all hell broke loose.

The worse dia and pain that I have ever experienced. Ended up in the ER and was diagnosis with C-Diff. They said taking the Lomotil was the worse thing I could have taken. Was given 10 days of Flagel and was told about relapse. Two days after finishing the medication it all came back. Back to the Immediate Care I go, again tested positive, was given 14 days of Flagel and told to go to gastro doctor. Saw him while I was still on medicine. He said if I relapse again to call. Well two days off the medicine it comes right back and of course this was Christmas. Called the service and am now on Vancamycin and Cholesterpol.

I have two more days of the Vanco and I am worried that I will be sick again in two days. I do feel better than I have in 2 1/2 months. I think the Cholesterpol is helping to "bind" things and I am finally getting much needed nutrients from my food. I am also taking Floristor twice a day and Culturelle once a day.

I can honestly say that I have never been so sick. I hope and pray that this last round wipes it out. This is costing me an arm and a leg between all the Immediate Care, doctor, er visits, and all the medication and probiotics. I do not know how this medication can stay on the market. If nothing else the prescription should come with big red flashing lights warning you that this can happen. The only thing my RX said was may cause loose or watery stools. Talk about understating a problem.

I too contracted clostridium difficle from taking clindamycin for a tooth infection.
After having diarrhea for two weeks I went to my doctor. He assumed I had a gall bladder problem because my stools were yellow. OK- So he sends me to a surgeon who decides I need to have my gall bladder removed. OK- So I have my gall bladder removed.

By this time I have suffered for three weeks with the symptoms. A few days after returning home from surgery, I was back in the hospital with terrific abdominal pains. The diarrhea continued while I was in the hospital. Was kept in the hospital for one week, never got an answer as to what had caused the terrible pain after surgery or the diarrhea.

On the 7th day my doctor happened to ask if I had had a stool culture done. I said no. He did one and within a half hour discovered I had C. Dif. Was give a medication for C. dif. and sent home. Diarrhea continued for another week. I called the doctor and told him the meds weren't working. He then prescribed another stronger drug ($100.00 per pill.) This one worked within a week.

For the longest time no one seemed to know what the problem was and I was so weak I thought at times I was dying. Missed a month and a half from work, went back to work after symptoms stopped but was so weak I had to stay home for another two weeks. Lost 30 pounds and lost faith in doctors. It seems to me the first thing to be done if a patient complains of persistent diarrhea is to perform a stool culture. C. dif. is not rare. I've always wondered why neither doctor thought to do one.

I was prescribed clindamycin on the 4th, and since I woke up today (it is currently 12:30pm, I got up at 9:00am.), my stomach has been bubbling and gurgling like crazy. At first I thought maybe I was just hungry. . . But I've had something to eat, and its still doing it. And now I'm getting pretty bad gas. Not to mention my throat has felt very strange since I started taking it. I'm stopping it now, so hopefully matters wont get any worse. I'm going to head back to the hospital to see if they can prescribe amoxicillin. I've never had a problem with that one. I was only given clindamycin, because the tooth infection I've been dealing with, was pretty bad. But I'd think after five days on this med, it should be down enough to where amoxicillin will take care of the rest. So I'm hoping anyways. :/

I had a tooth pulled a week ago and was prescribed clindamycin to prevent infection. I have Celiac Disease which I told the nurses and staff before hand so I'm hoping my issues are simply so bad because of that, or that they prescribed it to me and didn't take into account my condition. Has anyone been told this is not a goof Antibiotic for someone with Celiac?

I finished the last of this stuff 2 days ago. I've been so ready because I have had such such severe diarrhea and stomach pain, even worse than the stomach issues I've experienced with Celiac Disease. I've had to run to the bathroom and nearly make a mess. I now have a rash all over my body, anything that touches my skin irritates it and the only thing that could have caused this is the antibiotics.

I am still having horrible cramping and diarrhea and now itchy red bumps. this medicine is just AWFUL! I'm shocked at how many people have had adverse reactions. Just to be safe DO NOT TAKE THIS STUFF!

I have stonyfield farms yogurt everyday and it has been no help so far...I just hope this improves soon or its a trip to the er...which I can't afford.

Please get to a Dr or ER for a stool culture - if you do have C.Diff. it must be treated asap as there are serious side effects.

In hospital right now. Took Clindamycin for tooth infection. Developed what I thought was thrush. Called dentist, she refused to change antibiotic, told me to keep taking it and prescribed nystatin. I stopped anyway because I trusted my body, which was clearly telling me it was bad news. I then ended up with diflucan, tramadol, and amoxicillin. 2 weeks after stopping all meds I suddenly stopped being able to have bowel movements, and when I tried it hurt like hell - sharp stabbing pains - almost burning. Went to primary care dr, and was given suppositories.

Needless to say the suppositories did nothing...went through the weekend with continuous pain when trying to go. Finally tried to get things "moving" with a big bowl of raisin bran before going to bed one night and woke in complete agony. Tried giving myself an enema, and to no avail, nothing happened. Went back to my PC dr, and she sent me to ER, where I ended up getting a CT scan, finding out my entire bowel from the bottom all the way to my esophagus is inflamed. After a short colonoscopy (sigmoidoscopy), incuding an agonizing prep I'd like to forget, I found out I have pretty severe ulcerative colitis. After a stool sample we find it is a result of C diff. :(

I'm now on liquid Vancomycin, and will be on it for 14 days. Been in the hospital for 3 days now, 2 of which were spent having to take fentanyl for the immense belly pain.

At this point, I am so scared of going through with dental procedures I need, and am fairly scared about what the Vanco is going to do to me...just wish I NEVER took the Clindamycin!!!

I got my tooth pulled on Monday the 10th and the dentist prescribed me some Clindamycin (28 pills to take, 4times a day). My stomach is bubbling and gurgling. I have pretty bad gaz at least every 15minutes. I had a bloody stool last night that scared me. After I've read all this comments i automatically stopped taking this antibiotic.

I'm praying that I don't experience something awful.

If you continue to have bloody stool, or start to get diarrhea please see your doc immediately! Being that you had a bloody stool already you might want to contact the doc anyway.

C-Diff is nothing you want to mess with or let go unchecked. Also, and this is really important - if you do start to get diarrhea do NOT take meds to slow it like Pepto or Immodium - that is detrimental to C-Diff and will help the infection flourish. I happened to be on a pain killer at the time I contracted the C-Diff for something unrelated(an opiate called tramadol) and that was one of the biggest reasons I got such a bad infection because it slowed my digestion way down.

Even though diarrhea can be unpleasant it is your body's way of purging the infection. You did the right thing listening to your body. So continue to listen to it, and keep yourself well hydrated!!! C-Diff has a knack for dehydrating you even when you're drinking a lot. Also eating some yogurt a few times a day isn't a bad idea to help you reload your body's natural flora. Good luck!

You have the same symptoms as my daughter, (she is 12) she has had c diff three times. It totally damages your gi tract she still has issues almost 6 months later, she does take florastor everyday(4 tabs) and is on a pain med for her stomach, do your homework on some natural ways to rebuild your gi tract, it's so tough, feel free to email me.

Wow! You can't just take yogurt, get a probiotic called florastor and eat cabbage and stay away from dairy, unfortunately u have to rebuild your gi tract, my daughter had c-diff 3 times and has nerve damage to the gi tract because of it, any questions email me.... Feel better

Get some florastor in you and lots of yogurt, eat cabbage and raw miso I'm researching this now because my 12 year old daughter has had cruft 3 times! We could not get rid of it, we ended up going to infectious disease doc and doing a pulse treatment with flagyl and vanco it is hell but I do have some tips if u want.

Nik, if the pain meds your daughter are on are prescription this could be the cause of her continued bouts with it! It is very important to avoid not only meds that will stop diarrhea like Imodium and Pepto but also to avoid prescription pain meds because they also have a knack for slowing down the digestive system, which helps the bacteria to flourish. If she absolutely can't deal with the pain then obviously you do what you have to do but I would suggest using those meds as sparingly as possible, so they don't slow the healing process for her.

As for the Florastor, I just got myself some the other day and have been taking 250mg in the morning and at night. I'm also eating yogurt with every meal. :)

I hope your daughter feels better soon - it truly is hell. A friend of mine who has gone through health issues shared a great poem with me the other day to try and get me to stay optimistic... I'll share it with you in hopes it helps you and your daughter to remain brave in the face of this monster:


Out of the night that covers me, Black as the Pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears Looms but the Horror of the shade, And yet the menace of the years Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll. I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.

~William Ernest Henley

The girl who shared this with me had a mini-stroke last summer though she is only 33 years old. The day she got out of the hospital she went surfing because as she put it: Sometimes ya just gotta let life know who's running sh*t around here.

Good luck to you!!!

I was put on Clindamycin Jan. 2 for an infected tooth for 7 days. I'm allergic to penicillin and most other antibiotics. By the sixth day, I had a horrible burning pain in my chest and a metallic taste in my mouth. The chest pain passed in about 3 days after I was done with the clinda. On Jan 27, I started to develop a very itchy rash on my lower back which has progressed to cover most of my body in the ensuing 2 days.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of delayed rash?

I took doxcycline and I developed celiac disease!!

A couple days ago I was diagnosed with Tonsillitis (which I get fairly often) and I have always been prescribed Penicillin. I am not allergic to it so I always ask for it as it usually works. I went to a new walk-in clinic and this doctor gave me Clindamycin. After 1 1/2 days, I got a metallic taste in my mouth and severe stomach cramps along with Diarrhea all night long. I believe it is starting to get a bit bloody now but I stopped taking the meds and am on Apo-Cefuroxime which has made my stomach aches go away for the most part but every now and then I will still get the pains but I still have Diarrhea. I talked to my doctor about all this as he gave me the new drugs but didn't seem phased by any of it. Is this serious and should I be concerned??

Hi there. You should probably contact your primary care and request a stool sample be taken of your diarrhea to be on the safe side. C-diff is not something you want to let go. The earlier you catch it the easier it is to treat.

I am on day 5 of vancomycin for c. diff (Flagyl did not work by day 5). I have improved in that I am only going a few times a day now versus 15+ times, and that it is no longer pure liquid. My concern however is that my stool is still very soft (mild diarrhea). I also have a mild burning sensation in my lower intestinal area. Is this normal or should I expect to have firm stools by now? Should they be totally firm by completion of antibiotics?

Hi Susan,

I was on Vancomycin for about 14 days and my stools never fully firmed up. I have tested negative for the C-diff twice since getting off the meds (about a week and a half ago), but if you're having concerns you should definitely talk to your doctor about them - especially the burning sensation in your belly. You may have ended up getting c-diff associated colitis, which can cause burning as well as soft stools.

Make sure you're eating plain foods with little to no spices. Try to stay away from things like too much fresh garlic and dairy as these can aggravate an already inflamed bowel system. Staying away from veggies for a little while, which can be a tad rough on digestion might help too. Lastly, if you can tolerate dairy try eating a probiotic rich yogurt like Stonyfield brand to help you restore good flora in your gut and promote healing. Florastor is also a good purchase that can be found for around $16 at Walmart that contains the S. boulardii probiotic known for helping to rid the gut of infectious diarrhea. Good luck!!

I did not seem to have a problem the first time I took Clindamycin when I had a molar extracted, but about 3-4 months after stopping the antibiotic I got severe diarrhea that lasted 6 months. The second time I had tooth extraction, the Dr. again gave me Clindamycin and the diarrhea started within a couple weeks. It was then I became suspicious that it was the antibiotic. The diarrhea cleared up in 6 weeks.

This week I had a third tooth pulled and again Clindamycin was the prescribed drug. Within the first day that I began the med the diarrhea started again. I immediately stopped the antibiotic, told the Dr. and he also said to stop it. I guess I was a slow learner, but I'm definitely NOT taking Clindamycin again.

I am so frustrated. My 9 yr old was prescribed Clindomycin after a pulmonologist saw a spot on her lungs, she said it was pneumonia that wasn't cleared up after twenty days on amox. She took it for ten days, all seemed ok, now three weeks later my daughter has had diarrhea and horrible stomach cramps. I took her to her pediatrician who assumed it was the flu even though we had a shot, then took her to the ER because of bloody mucousy stools and the pain. Finally the pediatrician saw that she was on that stupid Clindomycin and we are doing a stool sample tomorrow! My little girl hasn't been able to keep ANY food in for six days! I am so mad at myself for not looking into this medicine before polluting my daughter with it!

In May of 2011 my 90 year old Mother was given Clindamycin by her dentist for a tooth extraction. Six weeks after finishing the antibiotic she developed severe diarrhea. Her primary care doctor chalked it up to old age giving her Lotomotil, which made it worse.

A nurse in my family suggested she may have C-diff from the Clindamycin. Long story short, she got a stool sample, tested postive for C-diff and was given Flagyl, which made her sick. After completing the Flagyl the symptoms persisted. Her doctor was unfamiliar with this disease and was no help.

She ended up in the hospital and was given Vancomycin. It did the trick, but 3 months later when she developed bronchitis her ENT gave her Amoxicilan. I asked if she could get C-diff again and he said, "she might." Well, she did. We changed to a geriatric doctor and after 9 weeks of Flagyl/Vancommycin she is experiencing back pain and explosive gas.

Before my Mother got C-diff I never heard of it. Now it is everywhere. I think this drug should be banned. I also think that dentists who prescribe Clyndamycin should advise their patients to take a probiotic with it.

I was prescribed Clindamycin earlier this month and never again will I take it. I was prescribed 150 mg 4x's a day for ten days. I could not even finish the prescription. After two days I got diarrhea. I was expecting this how long is this suppose to last. I stopped taking the pills and it's been two weeks and I still do not feel better. I still have diarrhea and my stomach is bloated. I feel like any cough or sneeze and I may have an accident.

On 2/17/12 my dentist gave me clindamycin 150mg for 7dys. On the third day I got diarrhea and my food seemed to stick in my throat when I swallowed. So I discontinued use after 5dys. Now today is 2/26/12 and my poop is flowing like water from me. I'm drinking clear fluids, toast, pedialyte, yogurt, rice but nothing works. I called the hospital and was told to monitor as long as I don't have cramps its fine. I'm taking excess breaks at work to use bathroom. Today I left early. Can someone help me I'm scared......


You should ask your primary care doctor to do a stool sample to test for C-Diff, and explain you want the test because you were on Clyndamycin, which is notorious for causing this problem (so much so there is a warning for it on the printout for the prescription). In the meantime if you have a Walmart nearby you should look for Florastor, which is the S. Boullardii probiotic. They sell it for $16 a box, and it's great for combating antibiotic associated diarrhea. Eat as much yogurt as you can, and drink tons of fluids. Don't be too nervous because if it is C-Diff you'll be catching it really early - life threatening problems don't usually occur until it goes untreated for a long time, like months.

Good luck!!

Hi Gilbert,

If you are having bloating, and the runs aren't going away you should request a stool sample be done by your primary care doctor to check for C-Diff. If that's what it is they can treat it with either Flagyl or Vancomycin. In the meantime drink tons of fluids and eat as much yogurt as you can as that will help restore the good flora in your gut.

Good luck!

I've taking the antibiotic clindamycin my Dr. told me to take acidolpholis vitamin with it and eat a lot of yogurt to prevent from getting c-diff and it worked I didn't get it.

I was prescribed clindamycin for 10 days for an infected tooth that required a root canal. Just around day 7, I have started most horrible diarrhea. It was so intense and I was going to the bathroom more than 50 times a day. This is my day 2 of diarrhea and it is better than yesterday. I was told not to stop taking clindamycin until totally finished but I just stopped taking it yesterday due to serious diarrhea. I have read about there was a side effect, so I was expecting it but I didn't think it would be this intense! After I have read everybody's comments, I should see the doctor to check for C diff colitis.... I wish I had a different kind of antibiotic...

In the meantime make sure you drink TONS of liquid. C-Diff will dehydrate you and zap you of your potassium, so make sure some of what you're drinking is something like Gatorade that has electrolytes in it. They say drinking over 2 liters of liquid a day is good when you have C-Diff. Make sure your Dr. does a stool sample, and eat as much yogurt as you can to try and help restore the healthy flora in your gut.

As for colitis - don't be too scared about that because if you've only been having the diarrhea for the last 2 days chances are the infection (if you even have it) hasn't had time to morph into colitis - that usually happens after it goes untreated for some time. Lucky for you, you will catch it really early if you have it. And think positive, you might just have the diarrhea because the antibiotic wiped out your good flora - doesn't mean for certain you have C-Diff. A great probiotic to take to combat antibiotic associated diarrhea is S. boulardii, which you can find under the brand name Florastor at Walmart for less than $20 a box.

Good luck!!

I had a wisdom tooth extracted about six or seven years ago and was prescribed clindamycin. I, too, I had no reaction while ingesting it, but after the pills ran out, I started getting diarrhea and intense cramping. I started a daily regimen of heavy probiotics, and eating yogurt daily along with digestive enzymes. Although these supplements helped a little, my bowels continued to be loose and were not normal for almost a year. Since then, when I am asked if I am allergic to any medicine, I always list clindamycin as I do not want to experience the side effects of this powerful antibiotic anymore.

My son had wisdom teeth pulled in January. He had 2 infections over the course of 6 weeks and they put him on two rounds of clindamycin. He finished the meds March 12 with no problems. Then March 30 started the most intense diarrhea I have ever seen. After 3 days on the couch he seemed to be better but then complained of cramping. Doc said it was the flu and let it run its course.

After another week of this I suspected it might have to do with the antibiotic and I researched it online. I am a Mom not a doctor. I feel bad it has been 3 weeks of this misery for my son for no reason. Why weren't we warned about later side effects?

How was I supposed to know you can have an intense reaction almost 3 weeks after finishing this wretched med. Why wouldn't the Oral surgeon warn me? Why wouldn't the oral surgeon send a note to the pediatrician that he prescribed it? This is horrible and senseless. My son is still having watery diarrhea and I am waiting 3 more days to get the results of c-diff and other tests the pediatrician ordered. I am so worried about the long term effects of this and a recurrence like many have posted above.

This is an update to my Feb. 26th, 2012 posting regarding my 91 year old Mother who had C-diff for 8 months after a dentist gave her clyndamycin. She was hospitalized on Feb. 25th for an unrelated illness. While in the hosptial she saw an infectious disease doctor. This doctor told her the key to getting rid of her C-diff was to slowly get off the medicine, rather than to finish an antibiotic all at once.

Mother was given an additional round of Vancomycin in weekly diminishing doses: once a week, once every other day, once every 3 days, etc. She continued to take a daily probiotic. In addition, she was given Prevalite, a powder she had to drink every 12 hours. This powder made her stools hard. Within days she was much better. She has been off the Vancomycin and Prevalite for a month and has no C-diff symptoms.

Happy to hear this - congratulations and continued good health to your mother!

I had an abcessed tooth. The dentist gave me amoxicillin. After taking it for 7 days, the gum was still red and inflamed, and biting down was still painful. Then the dentist prescribed clindamycin, and told me to take yogurt for my intestinal tract's health. The first day I took the medication, I had an awful pain in my stomach (felt like an ulcer). I called the pharmacist and was told to take Emetrol liquid and always eat something and drink plenty of water when taking the pill. The bad gas and diarrhea continues, with bouts of cramping. But no bloody stool and no fever. My abscess seems to have cleared up and I have one more pill to take. If my diarrhea and gas does not clear up, I will see my internal medicine physician.

This is really freaking me out, I notice almost everyone having this issue, started from teeth problems, I recently had 7 teeth removed I was given clindamycin even before the procedure, I developed diarrhea and thrush in my mouth, it's disgusting, I am really nervous, I still have the diarrhea the doctor gave me 2 more antibiotics flagyl for the diarrhea and doxycycline for a urinary tract infection.

Is the diarrhea going to stop, it's not as much as it was maybe 1 or 2 times a day but it is still there. I've lost 8 pounds (I guess that's the good part), why hasn't the doctor sent me to the gastro for that test? I am allergic to penicillin and this is why they gave clindamycin, however I don't maybe it was better taking the chance on the penicillin versus the agony of the clindamycin.

Hi Laura,

I'm sorry to hear about your issues with this drug. Firstly I'd like to say that if you have an allergy to penicillin then it's good your Dr didn't give it to you because an allergy like that can kill you. I'd also like to ease your mind in letting you know that your Dr was proactive in giving you the Flagyl - that is what they use as 1st line treatment for C-Diff, so even if you haven't yet been tested you're already being treated for it. Of course, I assume you'd like to know one way or the other, so ask your Dr to order a stool sample for you. Make sure you get the sample back within an hour because the test is time sensitive.

As for helping to lessen the symptoms of the C-Diff and to help with the thrush, which I suffered from as well, eat PLENTY of yogurt and try some probiotics like Florastor! I don't know why Dr's don't automatically tell people to eat yogurt & take probiotics when they're on antibiotics but they should because it helps restore the good gut flora that's knocked out from taking the meds. Also Google good diets for thrush to help with the discomfort of that - usually a diet that helps lessen thrush issues is a raw diet - lots of veggies, and little to no starch and sugars because yeast thrives off them.

Oh and last but not least, please be sure to drink tons and tons of liquids and try to add something like Gatorade in there because C-Diff dehydrates your organs and can zap your potassium levels. Gatorade will help keep you hydrated as well as help balance the electrolytes that are disrupted.

Stay positive - it can be scary but if you are proactive about treatment, and clearly your Dr has been it is something you can conquer. I did!

I went to the dentist two days ago (on a Friday) with a toothache. He took an x-ray and suspected their was an infection beneath a tooth that had already been root canaled and crowned. The dentist prescribed me amoxicillin. I took two amoxicillin right away and then started in on the 3 capsules per day, one at a time evenly spaced.

The next day my face started swelling, my tooth over the infection got looser, my nearest lymph node was swelling. I wasn't sleeping well at all because of the pain, and I had developed a fever just over 100 (I usually run in the low 98 range). Last night I got up to pee in the night and I collapsed at the toilet hitting my head on it (fortunately I hit a plastic seat and not a piece of porcelain). I didn't fully pass out, but was pretty dazed and worried.

I made it a few yards to the freezer and got out an icepack for my tooth/jaw and laid down in the hallway. I didn't want to go back to sleep until I had some sense that I okay after collapsing and hitting my head.

When I woke up this morning the left side of my face looked like it had several nuts packed in my cheek, my lower left jaw was seriously swollen. The side of my gum was bulging out with a puss pocket (getting ready to drain itself a little, thankfully) The amoxicillin seemed to have ZERO effect on my abscess, which seemed to be getting rapidly worse.

Fearing sepsis or some other major complication if I didn't do something soon, I went to Urgent Care today (Sunday) and asked for Climdamycin by name after doing some research into efficacy on dental infections. Am I concerned about c diff? Well, yes, now I am a little after reading these horror stories. But I don't think I have many good options here after the amoxicillin failed miserably. I've been on a liquid diet of fruit and yogurt smoothies for the last 2.5 days anyway, so I hope that helps me avoid GI complications. I am content to cross my fingers and take my chances with Climdamycin and c diff to keep this abscess from spreading to my heart or brain or blood. If I develop c diff problems, I will return here and share that experience. But I'm hoping for the best and accepting that there are no perfect options sometimes.

The flagyle did a number on me and I wound up severely dehydrated even though I was drinking plenty of fluids. In doing my own research one name kept coming up, Saccharomyces Boulardii, a yeast based probiotic. Within 2 days of starting the probiotic I was feeling better and now after 3 weeks my stool is almost completely normal showing significant improvement throughout these past 3 weeks.

I was put on clindamycin when I had an abcess in my throat. First by IV then pills 4times a day. The very night in the hospital I began having diarrhea, kinda greenish color. I reported it, but I chalked it up to the antibiotic and was not concerned as usually have some type of diarrhea when I take antibiotics. Told the ENT doctor each time I saw him that I had diarrhea. No concern. I also developed oral thrush at this time. Never had it before. No doctor I have seen since April of 2011 ever seemed concerned about diarrhea or even told me I had thrush.

Finally in Oct.2011 I asked a nurse practitioner at the health clinic if I had thrush. She said yes and put me on nysstatin. This did nothing. Meanwhile I went on probiotics, doused my tongue with gentian violet. When I went back in March 2012 nothing was said even though I still had thrush.

Had to have a root canal and the dentist put me on Clotrimazole lozenges for the thrush. It seems to be working, but still have thrush and have been on them for 20 days so far.

The diarrhea is still with me too. The worse thing about it is no warning. If I'm not in the bathroom I will go in my pants. Thankfully this has happened only 3 times. I do get stomach cramps once in awhile.

All in all this has taken a toll on me. I have not felt right since the surgery. I can't make plans cause I never know how I will feel. This is not my first experience with the medical profession blowing symptoms off, but I was never even warned. I read the symptoms in the flier, but as I, so far, have not developed bloody diarrhea was not too concerned. Doctors are educated and you go to them for help, but no more. I have had enough of them and will take my chances.

Hi there,

I too developed oral thrush from this antibiotic - you ought to ask your Dr to prescribe Diflucan. Nystatin is only good for preventing it - it does not seem to be effective at treating it once it's fully developed. I was prescribed the Diflucan and it worked almost immediately!

Good luck!

I was on clindamycin hcl last summer for tooth infection. No side effects while taking it. About a month later however I started having diarrhea and cramps. And if I didn't have diarrhea after eating I'd have intense bloating and gas pain. Passing large amounts of gas every 15 to 20 minutes for hours a night. This lasted off and on for almost 2 months. I switched from food to beer most of last summer. Did not go to doctor because I never thought it was from the antibiotic.

This year, 3 weeks ago, I was put in clindamycin 150mg 4 times daily for tooth infection. And I then thought maybe last years issues were from it. Side effects are stated to appear 2 to 3 months after ending medication. Well its 3 weeks later and after I eat any meal I either have a really full bloated constipated feeling usually along with gas and then diarrhea, or just immediate diarrhea. I already eat yogurt daily. I am 20 weeks pregnant. Trying to gain wait since I haven't already. Am taking a probiotic supplement approved by my doctor, but will be calling him this week if this continues. Can't use last years tactic to fix it. Any suggestions for a pregnant woman who shouldn't lose weight and who was told high fiber due to constipation just last week????

I was prescribed clindamycin 2 months ago. I started taking it due to a root canal that failed. The diarrhea come on shortly after starting it. Since then it hasn't stopped and it's what I would disscribe as severe. It's even explosive at times, so I'm absolutely miserable.

well I took clindamycin before. A little of good advice my Dr. told me to take acidolfolis vitamin every day once a day with the clindamycin so I wouldn't get c diff. I heard it's painful but I didn't get it.

I have been told I have c diff. I checked and saw that I was given 6 pills of cipro following a bladder operation in April. At first the doctor said it was my age (63) or IBS. Found c diff after a stool sample. I will be going to a different doctor in a week. Still working but it has been very hard.

I was prescribed this after getting my wisdom teeth extraction. I thought the diarrhea would stop once I stopped taking it but it it went on for weeks. It was making me miserable and interfering with everything. The doctor tested me for c. Difficile and parasites; negative. All she could suggest was eat bland food and drink liquids.

I played around with my diet but it didn't really help. I went to a health food store and they said my condition is serious and I would need to take Probiotics for months. Probiotics helped a little bit but not enough.... A friend who suffered from the same problem years ago recommended I go gluten-free. Wow!!! It's now been 4 days and I feel great! My bowel movements are back to normal. I'm sticking with the gluten free diet and daily Probiotocs. It has been working great and I don't want to break my progress.

Because of an allergic reaction to amoxicillin, I was prescribed Clindamycin after a molar extraction. I was careful to take probiotics and yogurt between doses of clindamycin. I still developed diarrhea and had the worst episode the day after I finished the prescription. I suspect it would have been much worse without the probiotics. I will definitely seek an alternative antibiotic if there is a next time.

I was prescribed Clyndamiacin after having urethral sling surgery on September 13, 2012. I have had diarrhea about 6 times a day since then. (Now going on 3 weeks). It has been the worst experience ever. None of my other medications have made me feel this way. I am pretty sure the Clyndamiacin is the cause. I am meeting with my gastroenterologist today to discuss. Along with diarrhea, I have had a lot of cramping and uneasiness in my stomach. I can't seem to keep anything down. It goes right through me. I am starting to lose weight and feel dehydrated and exhausted.

I was prescribed Clindamycin to tackle a penicillin-resistant strain of strep in early November of 2010. They also gave me a shot of what I assume was also Clindamycin. This was after giving me a shot of penicillin a few days earlier. I was in the worst pain I had every felt, so I did not pay much attention to the side effects. I figured if there were such serious contraindications associated with this antibiotic, they would have warned me. I guess I was just young (22 years old) and naive.

The antibiotics did a fantastic job at relieving the strep throat, and for that I was thankful. However, I did not know the horror that was to come. Slowly over the course of a month, I started getting diarrhea. Eventually, it got so bad that I became severely dehydrated. I felt embarrassed at work because I was in the bathroom everything 30 minutes, and it was the worst smelling stuff I've ever come across, not to mention tarry and black. I decided to go to the doctor, and after a culture was taken, I was diagnosed with C Diff. He said if I had waited any longer, they might have needed to pump IV fluids through me.

The doctor prescribed me Flagyl to treat the C Diff. Over the course of another month, the diarrhea slowly subsided. However, my digestion was not back to normal. Most of my food was not digesting and was painful to push out. I tried taking probiotics and eating my mom's homemade yogurt, but that did not help. Feeling totally helpless, I decided to try a natural doctor. She said (and my R.N. mother corroborated) that I likely had a fungal infection as a result of all the antibiotics. I followed a special diet to treat Candida and took a daily regimen of clay, garlic capsules, and lactic acid yeast. Over the course of about 2 months, things started getting much better. However, things have never gone completely back to normal. I still find that my food is not digesting all of the way. Over the course of a year, however, it got back to a very manageable level.

Over the course of 3 months, I probably lost 10 pounds or more. The take home message here is to always ask your doctor about side effects because he or she may not be proactive about telling you. This whole situation was even more frustrating when I found out that chewing on a clove of garlic is a simple, natural cure for strep throat. Thankfully, I haven't had it since, but my husband recently developed the tell-tale white spots as well as other common symptoms of strep throat. I had him chew on a clove of garlic for 30 seconds followed by gargling apple cider vinegar for 30 seconds. The next day, he started feeling much better. After 2 days, his symptoms were completely gone! Always look for a natural cure first.

My 10 year old son was given vermectin (sp?) for a parasite on his foot which turned into an infection and then given clindamycin. This antibiotic use caused him to get c-diff so horribly painful with severe cramping, violent diarrhea and vomiting and dehydration, that he was hospitalized over 3 times and could not seem to get rid of the c-diff.

Doctors at U.F. treated him with flagel (sp??) for the c-diff which didn't work, then Vancomyacin (sp??) in which would get the symptoms of the c-diff under control, but could not seem to get off the vancomyacin (sp?) even 3 days before coming down with the c-diff again. Each time his dosing was complete and off the vancomyacin (sp?) for only 3 days, boom!, The c-diff would come back on him full force.

After going thru this, like I said over 3 or 4 times being hospitalized for severe c-diff I finally got wise and read up on it online and found that in severe cases of the c or rare strain c-diff are able to get off the vancomyacin only after weening off the dosage and taking probiotics in between daily for the full coarse of the weening, in which I talked with one of his doctors at the uf hospital about these studies at the university of Indiana, but they did not agree to go this route and wanted me to keep him on the antibiotic to keep him comfortable until they could get him scheduled for an upper GI and a colonoscopy, but after reading what it does to a persons body to be on any antibiotic that long, and how this vancomyacin (sp?) is the only thing that seems to be working on him, I decided to go against her and follow the guides online at the indiana studies where there were 9 patients I believe that were weaned this way and all 9 never had any problems again thereafter.

He had been well and off the vancomyacin (sp) for a little over a month and a half after I weaned him, until he came home from school sick and tested positive with strep throat and his pediatrician decided to give him a shot of Rosefrin (sp?)

...I'm sorry I'm killing these antibiotic names but please read on....

and motrin for his strep throat...a few days after his shot of rosefrin (sp?) and motrin he came down with c-diff symptoms once again and vomiting blood this time having to be rushed back into Gainsville's e.r. by ambulance.

At Gainsville UF, They then told me that his pediatrician had given him the wrong antibiotic for strep infection and gave him another shot of what they called pennisulin this time... another antibiotic!!! The vomiting and diarrhea continued with severe stomach pain vomiting until they decided to put a tube into his stomach and pump some to see if it was in fact bleeding, it in fact was so they were going to leave the tube in to get the blood out and hospitalized him again while they kept a pump in his stomach until doctors decided what to do with him next.

After putting him into a room running fluids and this pump, in the middle of the night he was coughing so hard that the tube came out and they then just let it stay out.
The next morning another doctor from the gastro clinic came to see him and I told him I had administered the probiotics and weaned my son off the vancomyacin (sp) the last time and that my son had been fine until this rosefrin shot, his doctor gave him for the strep throat incident and now this, that g.i. doctor then treated him with probiotics and fluids the next morning to follow along with prevacid. His symptoms decreased by day two and was sent home by day three as they said his c-diff was negative and symptoms improved and sent him home.

My son was good for about a week, then all of a sudden woke in the middle of the night with c-diff symptoms once again and am now having to contact his pediatricians office to see what they are going to do with him this time!

I will never again allow anyone to administer this clindamycin to any of my children EVER again! What this little boy has had to endure and all the weight loss he has had with these bouts, he looks just horrible! He has major depression now and mood swings like you would not believe from being so scared each time he runs to the bathroom just crying out in pain! I am continuing the proboitics once a day and his prilosec along with yogurt and bananas to keep his potassium levels and good bacteria in place, but gosh I sure wish someone knew what to do for him.
Desperately seeking help in Florida,

Wow. What an awful thing to have to go through!! I hope things get better quick! If it helps I found Gatorade tremendously useful in keeping me hydrated while I fought the c diff off. It helped me maintain my potassium too.

I know it might sound yucky but have you considered fecal transplant? It is over 90% effective in eradicating the c diff for good. You should Google it. I did and what I found left me with lots of hope. If I hadn't been able to fight it off with Vancomyacin I'd have gone that route to get rid of it once and for all.

I am really sorry for you and your son. I posted a comment regarding my 90 year old Mother on 2/25/12 and 4/24/12 who suffered with C-diff for 8 months and 3 hospital stays. She also developed atrial fibrilation they think was brought on from the C-diff. In any event, an Infectious Disease doctor weaned her off the Vancomyacin over 5 weeks, gave her a probiotic and Prevalite every 12 hours.

It was adding the Prevatlite that did the trick. After a week she got her appetite back and her symptoms subsided. It has never returned. Have you considered an Infectious Disease Doctor? Her primary care doctor really wasn't qualified for this type of serious disease. Keep us posted.

I've read every comment here and can't find an event similar to my own. I did take Clindamycin, however in April of this year for a root canal. In September of this year I became symptomatic and saw a doctor. I was misdiagnosed the first time, went back 3 days later and was sent to the ER by my primary care doctor. I had pain and tenderness in my abdomen, which was extremely bloated, fever, and a white count of 44,000. The diarrhea didn't start until several days later. I was admitted to the hospital and put in isolation. The doctor told me I had clostridium difficile (a bacterial infection) and pseudomembranous colitis (which I'd never heard of). After doing some research I've found there are at least 3 types of colitis, pseudomembranous is most often associated with c.diff infection.

I was treated with Flagyl, fluids to rehydrate me, probiotics and was put on a liquid diet for about 4 days. On the 5th day I returned home with about 10 days supply of Flagyl. The diarrhea slowly subsided but it took over a month to began feeling better. I think an epidural steroid injection in my spine in Aug. lowered my immune system, which has been compromised already by chemotherapy, but where I got the bacterial infection I have no idea.

I have since learned how contagious this bacterium really is. Alcohol will not kill it so forget the antibacterial gels. I am very skeptical that whenever my immune system gets low it will raise it's ugly head again.

The first time I took this antibiotic, my tounge turned black. I went to the doctor and he said, sometimes that happens, it takes a while to clear up. It has never completely gone away. Medically, they don't give a damn.

I tried to avoid going to the dentist, tried to get away from this antibiotic before I go (mitral valve prolapse) and the md keeps on with the same antibiotic. so...... I stay away from the dentist.

My husband underwent surgery for his eleventh hip replacement and we discovered two weeks later that he had contracted e-coli in the operating room. He immediately underwent surgery to replace the replacement--making that his twelfth hip replacement. He was given several different high-powered antibiotics to combat the infection, one of which was clindamycin; another one was vancomycin. He then developed C.difficile.

His condition deteriorated rapidly and he was admitted to the hospital to undergo gastrointestinal surgery, his kidneys shut down and he had nephrostomies in both kidneys. Ultimately a feeding tube and a GJ tube were inserted. He died after several agonizing weeks; I believe that it was the medicine that took his life.

Your son has been through so much trauma and needs real help. I, too, got C. Diff in July 2012 from my dentist giving me clindamycin for what he presumed was a sinus, rather than a tooth, infection. I was as sick as I've ever been in my long life (age 77), saw a gastroenterologist who put me on Flagyl, then Refaximine, and one course of Vancomycin 250 mg pills ($1600 not covered by Medicare for a 10-day supply) without getting rid of the C. Diff.

During that 6-week period I had two false-negative stool test results. I next went to an Infectious Disease Specialist and am strongly encouraging you to take your son to such a specialist, one who has experience with C.Diff. Mine said, "Never let anyone tell you test results are accurate for C. Diff. They aren't. You have to go by SYMPTOMS. She then prescribed liquid oral Vancomycin 125 mg 3x daily, which has to be compounded but was $79 for a 14-day supply; I was to take it until I had no symptoms... that took over a month. Once that happened, she had me slowly withdraw from the Vanco by taking it 3 days in a row/week and staying off it 4 days/week for 8 weeks. The dreaded C.Diff returned.

In early December my specialist did a fecal transplant. My husband was the ultimate donor, and finally I am over this horrendous disease, keeping everything crossed it does not recur. It is important not to have any further antibiotics and to stay out of hospitals! Hand washing with soap and water rather than alcohol gels (which are ineffective) is crucial, along with using bleach on all possible surfaces, phones, keyboards, toys, etc. that your son and your household members use as the spores of this bacteria live for months and can reinfect your son and other household members.

I know, the idea is yukky, but the success rate of fecal transplant runs about 90%, so it's worth it. The alternative is to keep taking antibiotics to fight C.Diff and to feel really sick until something better comes along.

With very best wishes for restored health for your son,
Jan M.

With all these pages of testimonials about Clindamycin causing C.Diff and the many cases of dentists prescribing this drug, I want to know who has contacted the CDC (Center for Disease Control), the AMA (American Medical Assn.), and ADA (American Dental Assn.) to inquire why this drug continues to be on the market when C.Diff is now epidemic in the U.S. and more particularly why dentists and doctors would prescribe it. Why has there not been a class action law suit?
Jan M.

I contacted the FDA to get this drug off the market. They have yet to get back to me but my niece works for the FDA and her response was it's not easy to get a drug pulled. Although Clindamycin has a high rate of C-Diff you can get it from any antibiotic. Another reason they won't take it is because it's a "very good antibiotic" for severe infection is what I was told. When I was given Clindamycin by my dentist I told him I never heard of it and usually I took Penn. His response to me was Clindamycin was a great antibiotic and would clear up my infection so quickly that I would think that I didn't need any further treatment for the tooth.

I don't know why they do not at least warn you of the possibility of getting this.

You might try the BRAT diet for your diarrhea (Google BRAT). During what I now think was my first event of C. difficile besides the diarrhea I had nausea,weight loss and was at the point where I was afraid to eat. A neighbor, familiar with this diet, made it for me and it got the diarrhea in check.

Since you are giving your son Prilosec it would be a good idea for you to read this article from the FDA Prilosec and other drugs in the class of Proton Pump Inhibitors can destroy the good bacteria in the GI tract.

Clindamicyn is only one in the long list of antibiotics that can trigger c. difficle. If you go to the FDA website there are warnings it just seems that we never hear about it until you or someone you know contracts c.diff. More people now should also be paying attention to warnings concerning proton pump inhibitors for acid reflux or GERD. The information is out there you have to do your own homework because the doctors are not telling us!

I took this drug. Got a rash all over my body on the last day of a 7 day course. Got severe diarrhea after the second day. I still have it and it's been two months. Lost my job. Very angry! Do not take this drug without being aware of the potential consequences.

I suffer from severe IBS and take 40mg of Nortriptyline HCL nightly for the spastic colon. I have been prescribed Clindamycin for an infection from a root canal. After reading all of the posts about the severe diarrhea should I ask for a different antibiotic?

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: Be sure to tell your oral surgeon why you are concerned and ask if another antibiotic might be equally effective.

JL if you suffer with bouts of diarrhea I would ask the dentist to prescribe another antibiotic. I asked mine to substitute Penicillin but that could also trigger the symptoms of C. difficile if you have the bacteria in your GI tract or come in contact with it. Whatever you decide, it would be a good idea to take a good probiotic while you're on the antibiotic and for a few weeks thereafter to improve the good flora in your colon.

I'm 19 and I had to get a root canal redone, it's been infected for a long time and my amoxicillin was not strong enough to fight the infection so my dentist made me take clindamycin. After about a week I started feeling sick in the mornings and stopped taking it. Then I got a rash, tiny red bumps around my hand and arms and I also have diarrhea which hasn't gone away. I was scared because my friend told me it was aids lol then I found this and I'm a little relieved but I still get these bubbly sounds in my stomach and I'm wondering when this diarrhea will go away it's not good cus I always feel sick in the morning and been missing like 3-4 periods of school every day cus of it.

I went to the See a Root Canal specialist beginning of this month she gave me a prescription for Clindamycin, 6 days after taking the medicine I started to show signs of Diarrhea, by the next day it got worse 3rd day in I started eating bland food, yogurt and toast and water or even sprite at times and I can tell my stool was getting a little normal but it just didn't feel the same after that.

I stopped taking the pills on the 7th day my stomach has not been the same. I tried talking to the Drs assistant which she just told me that's normal with any antibiotic and after doing my research of this drug its got me more worried, I read that once u stop taking the pill it takes about almost 2 weeks for your system to get back to normal.

I read that it's common with this drug to get diarrhea, and knowing me impatient as I am its just annoying cos I feel fine but my whole insides don't feel right after taking this drug. So I called my local pharmacist and she recommended me to try a Probiotic so I'll try that and see how it goes, I hope it doesn't go the point where it takes me to the ER or anything of that but I've stopped taking the pills for 12 days now, I'm gonna try these probiotics and eat my yogurt and toast and I'm not gonna let this bother me lol. I have to stay optimistic! I'll update soon! xx

So sorry to hear of another C. victim. I still take probiotics 3 years later because now I understand how important and helpful they are. It's important to keep them up for awhile.
Wish you good health for the future.

I had 2 molars extracted instead of going through a root canal for both teeth and was given a prescription for penicillin. Two months later Had a severe bout with diarrhea that lasted two weeks, it cleared up on it's own. Than a solid rash covered my lower legs and upper chest with scattered spots over the rest of my body. I treated the rash with Neem oil and as that is clearing up a month latter the diarrhea comes back. I am on my way to the health food store now to get some probiotics after eating a cup of Greek yogurt.

In March 2013 I had an attack of diverticulitis with severe pain in my left lower abdomen. I went to the ER where I was given flagyl and levaquin by IV. After I was discharged, I was put on flagyl, which caused nausea and dizziness. Then I was given amoxicillin, and I soon developed a rash. I was then prescribed clindamycin. I took this for about a week.

I was having stomach cramps, so I called my doctor who advised taking a stool sample for C-Diff. He also recommended I see a gastroenterologist. I scheduled an appointment. While there I was told that I didn’t have C-Diff, although no tests were run to determine this. It seems that they were more concerned about scheduling a colonoscopy than performing a simple lab test that would have confirmed the C-Diff.

After a few days, I developed severe diarrhea. I had to rush to the bathroom. I soon started noticing a lot of mucus in my stool. It was so bad that it looked like mushroom clouds appearing in the toilet. I had stomach cramping and pain. I called the gastroenterologist who said it was probably IBS. She prescribed a pain pill, which I didn’t bother to fill.

My doctor was appalled that the GI had told me that I didn’t have C-Diff without any lab results to back this up. When I finally had a stool sample analyzed, it turns out it was C-Diff.

I was put on oral vancomycin for 10 days and thought I was improving. After the 3rd day off the medicine, I had severe pains in my left side. I was put on vancomycin again. I am now on my 6th day and still do not feel well.

I have always been healthy, have watched my diet and my weight, exercise almost daily, and have never smoked. I am on no prescription drugs which always amazes doctors as I am a senior citizen. It is particularly infuriating to me that my health has been compromised by this terrible drug. At this point, I am discouraged about ever feeling totally healthy again.

Not only is this a terrible personal tragedy, but it adds a tremendous financial burden to individuals and our overall national health care costs.

And how is it determined that it only affects 10%? If all incidents are not reported, which is most likely the case, couldn’t this number be much higher?

People should read Dr. Marcia Angell’s book “The Truth About Drug Companies”. They are not our friends! Also, it is worth the annual $15 subscription fee for the online “Worst Pills, Best Pills” newsletter. It is published by Public Citizen, a consumer advocacy group. It provides information about prescription and over-the-counter drugs. They evaluate drugs and label some of them as “Do Not Use”, even thought they have been given FDA approval. Here is what they say about antibiotics in general:
“Antibiotics (drugs used to treat bacterial infections) are overwhelmingly misprescribed in the United States. Despite congressional hearings and numerous academic studies on this issue, it has become the general consensus that 40 to 60% of all antibiotics in this country are misprescribed. New studies continue to confirm the fact that a large proportion of antibiotic prescribing for both children and adults continues to be inappropriate.”

Doctors should be aware of these problems, but many don’t seem to know, care, or give in to their patients’ requests for these drugs. You must take charge and control your own health. You have the greatest incention, not your doctor!

Hi all,

I had a bug bite on my thigh that got staph. Had to go to the ER because it was in the evening when it "bloomed" all over my upper thigh and my neighbor (who is an ER doc) said I should go ASAP. He took me to St. Lukes in Manhattan. There I was given an IV of clindamycin and given a script for it (7 days, 4x day -- I think it was 400mg). This was on 6/5/13. When I had my follow up appt w/ my regular doc 3 weeks later, he said that there are at least 2-3 other antibiotics that would have been better -- both in terms of dealing with the soft tissue infection and with the side effects.


I'm 44, in great shape, eat right, drink plenty of kefir, kombucha, and eat yogurt (probiotics)...and yet I've had diarrhea for a month now after taking clindimycin. I've resorted to using Pepto-Bismol a few times to give myself a break. Anyway, the important thing is what my doc said: that there are better drugs to treat what I had. Just wanted to offer that up.

As far as the diarrhea, I'm now taking a capsule containing 34 different probiotic bacteria from the health food store. Hoping it'll re-stock whatever bacteria I'm missing in my gut to settle my tummy. I'm thinking about going to Korea-town for some kim-chee, which may offer more variety of pro-gut bacteria. Please read the NY Times article about "stool transplants" which may be helpful to some of you!


I am the person who wrote the comment directly above yours. Have you been tested for c-diff? I have been cleared of my c-diff but am still suffering digestive problems because of the clindamycin - which should be banned!

I started eating Bubbies sauerkraut and kimchee. Within two days my loose stools firmed up. I am also drinking kefir and taking Florastor, a probiotic recommended for c-diff. I am convinced that the sauerkraut made the difference. I found it and the kimchee at my local health food store, a co-op that also carried groceries.

I actually was doing much better and had regained a lot of energy until I ate something bad, which has caused a set-back. I'm sure that it was something I ate as my husband also had some problems at the same time.

It is also important to be eating pre-biotics (which I had never heard of before). These are fibers that serve as fuel for probiotics as well as our native microbes. Most plants are pre-biotics but these are especially good: Jerusalem artichokes, chicory root, onions, garlic, leeks, asparagus, legumes, oats, bananas, and yams.

Good luck! I can totally understand what you are going through.

5 weeks ago I ran over my ankle with my car. Don't ask. The ankle was not broken but 2 small gravel in the tire tread punctured the skin and became infected.

I went to the ER 5 days after the accident and was given Clindamycin, 4 X a day for 10 days. I do not take antibiotics very often. This was only the third time in 9 years. I completed the RX and everything seemed fine. 6 days later I woke up at 3 a.m.and it has been hell now for 2 weeks. Constant and unrelentless diarrhea, watery, full of stomach acid, bloody and lots of mucous. Went back to the ER on the 5th day and saw the same doctor. Reminded him about the Cindamycin but he did not seem concerned. Said I had a bad stomach bug and sent me home. He did blood work but no stool sample.

It has not let up. I have missed work and have lost 14 pounds. I could not take anymore so I started doing my own research and found this site. I am going to my primary care doctor tomorrow and taking everything I have found out. Hopefully, no permanent damage has been done.

I was prescribed Clindamycin by my dentist because of a wisdom tooth and molar pain. I took two pills for my first course and then 1 every six hours as prescribed. I previously have taken antibiotics including penicillin without gastro problems.

I woke up early in the AM as if to normally take a #2. The onset of the diarrhea was very quick shortly after I sat down. I have some lactose intolerance issues so I'm familiar with cramping. This cramping was on a whole different level. I first felt the immediate urge to relieve myself of the diarrhea urge but couldn't because I was feeling constipation at the same time. I felt as if I was going to throw up, have massive diarrhea or die. All seemed very possible.

A cold sweat came over me, I tried to stand up but felt light headed. I started to feel tingling in my fingers. I then had hot flashes (still no bowel movement, I was certainly trying) and felt weak in the knees. I then stripped myself of all clothing and starting throwing things because the cramping and pain was so intense. This was unlike any episode of diarrhea I've ever experienced. Finally had a bowl movement (solid followed by liquid) but still did not feel like everything was "out". I looked at the warning and it stated this med can cause a "severe (rarely fatal) intestinal condition Clostridium difficile (C Diff)." To see "rarely fatal" after I felt I was going to leave this earth on the porcelain god was not reassuring. I called the pharmacist and he said, "oh yes, Clindamycin, we get a lot of calls on that drug. It's a pretty aggressive antibiotic and it cleanses the stomach of the bacterial flora (good and bad) residing there."

I asked him if a probiotic would work, he said it may, but in the first 24 to 72 hours it is typically moderate to severe diarrhea. I asked him if I should continue it (after I told him my Doctor was unavailable (weekend) and he said if it gets any worse to stop taking it. Well it sure as heck is not getting better.

I just finished my third day on this drug and I still am having diarrhea in small episodes at a time. I have not had a solid bowel movement. The diarrhea is now red (blood??) in color and I took a few pictures for my follow up to the ER. This is the worst drug I've ever had this type of reaction with and wish I never started taking it. It seems many have similar symptoms and FDA should take notice with all these complaints! Anyone have any ideas if what I’m describing is C DIFF??

Did you follow up with your doctor? I took CLinda for 3 days, and it took 2 weeks for the nasty diarrhea to start. Once it did, I knew it wasn't right. I've seen my PCP who got a stool sample tested for C-diff and it was positive. He put me on flagyl for 10 days. Once I came off of it for a few days, it came back. I'm now on flagyl for 14 days. In all, I've seen my PCP, a GI doctor, and an Infectious Disease doctor. I've been tested twice and both times it came back positive for C-diff. I go to see another GI doctor this week for a second opinion on my treatment plan.

Cipro. For uti. I had no problems during the 3 days that I took cipro, but two days after using it, the bloody diarrhea and horrible stomach pain. Gas. I have proctitis and now I'm taking 100 billion probiotics daily to combat this. Missing my mlt classes at school. A week of painful cramps and living in the bathroom. Scared of doctors because they so often first do harm.

I urge everyone who has had problems with clindamycin (or any other drug) to report their side effects to the FDA. I just sent in a fax to let them know how clindamycin has caused me serious and lingering problems. A form can be found at You can download the form after filling it out online. You can also mail it in, but I used the fax number on the form. A word of warning, however, if you fax. Apparently there are numerous people reporting problems, and I had a difficult time getting through. I finally sent my fax late at night and had no problem. I doubt that many doctors take the time to report side effects, so it is a good thing that consumers are able to do so.

I was prescribed with Clindamycin 300mg twice a day for 10 days. On the first day of my treatment, i felt that my bowels had become more active. At first i thought it was just due to my menstruation. However as the days passed while I was taking the antibiotic, the diarrhea still persisted even though my menstruation had ended.

I was having a bowel movement of atleast 3x aday and it is usually triggered after eating. I am not sure if it is still due to Clindamycin. I was also thinking that maybe i have eaten something dirty. I have taken Clindamycin before but there were no side effect like this one. But now I have read the incidents with clindamycin, i conclude that maybe i have the same experience with others.

I had a root canal 2 days ago and was prescribed clindamycin and motrin 600 mg. for the pain. This morning, I felt my stomach is very jumpy and lot of gas. When I went to restroom, I saw blood in the stool and got panicked. I called my Dentist and asked him what should I do. He mentioned that Motrin can cause bleeding and asked me to stop. Since the pain was already gone, I stopped using Motrin a day earlier anyway. He did not think Clindamycin would cause bloody stool. He also mentioned that to check with Primary Care Doctor. However, when I checked online and saw this comment on that specific prescription, I called my dentist office again. They asked me to stop the medicine right away this time and prescribed another antibiotic which is penicillin.

As far as I know I don't have penicillin allergy however, I don't feel like starting another antibiotic all over again. I will pick up the new one and make another visit to Primary Care Physician tomorrow. I am hoping nothing serious happened.

I was prescribed Clindamycin for acne flair ups. I haven't use it much, but I have a big acne flare up earlier this week and decided to use it.

I put a thin layer of the topical solution on the affected area, as prescribed, before I went to bed. The next morning, I had cramps and serious diarrhea. Very watery and black in color.

At first I thought it was related to the dinner I had the night before, but after I thought about it, I wondered if something else causing it. That's when I searched online and realized that the antibiotic could be the culprit because it kills good bacteria as well as bad in your intestines and elsewhere.

It's been 48 hours and I'm still ill. I stopped taking the Clindamycin, which did wonders for the acne breakout, but this cramping and yucky feeling I have is not worth it.

Also, I'm concerned that it is partially synthetic. We're just starting to discover the problems associated with synthetic pharmaceuticals.

Due to severe sore throat my ENT advise me to took clindamycin for about 7 days. My doctor told me that its ok to have diarrhea while on the course. But after medication I still have my diarrhea for about 10 days. I go back to my doctor and explain everything, he prescribed Zegacid since I lose bicarbonate due to diarrhea. I have no sign of cramps etc. Just some loose or watery diarrhea in the morning and evening (2/3 times a day). Can anyone have a suggestions about what's going on with me? I am really frustrated :((( Thank you and God Bless!

So I recently have an infectious tooth and I have an ingrown hair that can no longer be drained again, so I'm prescribed this clindamycin stuff... well, I have almost pooped my pants quite a few times, and when I make it to the bathroom it is so severe that I can't even believe how much diarrhea just keeps flowing ....I suffered from Crohn's disease and my insurance just ran out and I need it switched....

If you're experiencing extreme amounts of diarrhea and don't have a regular doctor you can go to because insurance issues, you ought to go to the ER. Tell them you've been taking the anti-biotic and that you need a stool sample taken to be tested for C-Diff. If you let them know you don't have a doctor you can presently go to they should be willing to do that. That's an infection you don't want to mess with...

I too, same basic story. prescribed clindamycin by my dentist after a tooth extraction. everything was fine until two weeks after completing the 10 day course of clindamycin. then - POW! - ferocious diarrhea, several days, blood, mucous, the whole thing. I dragged myself between bouts to my general practitioner and turned in stool samples. It was C. Diff.

My doctor said clindamycin is notorious for causing C Diff overgrowth. She prescribed Metronidazole, 14 days. It worked while I was taking it, although it made me feel generally gross. Plus, it's a suspected carcinogen! Three days after finishing the prescription the diarrhea was back almost as bad as the first time. She had me take Metronidazole another 10 days followed by a potent lactobacillus probiotic and Cholestyramine powder, which is actually used to combat high cholesterol but she said it 'pulls toxins from your digestive tract". The antibiotic worked again while I was taking it, but the C. Diff was clearly still there after I stopped taking it.

So I decided to tough it out with the probiotic and Cholestyramine. It's been almost 3 weeks ant things are FINALLY beginning to get back to normal, although not completely. I added another probiotic with a yeast, Saccharomyces Boulardii and some enterically coated peppermint plus oregano oil. I may still have a little C Diff in there but the rest of the flora is back. My doctor says once you have this, every time you take antibiotics it could come back, so pound those probiotics and only take antibiotics if you really need them. for me the whole experience took about 2 months.

I had diarrhea for 3 months from taking clindamycin, then someone told me to take one tablespoon of charcoal four times a day. It cleared the diarrhea with three days.

People's Pharmacy response: Activated charcoal is available in capsules. Don't take it when you are taking medication, though, as it may soak up the medicine and keep it from getting into your system.

I went to an endodontist for retreatment of a root canal. The tooth was infected and two days before my general dentist had made a small incision in the gum above the tooth to drain fluid. During the retreatment, the endodontist determined that the tooth could not be saved, and said it should be extracted.

He prescribed clindamycin, which I started that evening. Within a couple of days, I started having severe, dehydrating diarrhea. However, I was on a critical business trip, so I just "toughed it out", thinking each episode was the last. It went on for two weeks, all the time I'm thinking today will be the last day. Only a month after the conclusion of the antibiotic course did my symptoms improve. I should have contacted my physician right away.

When I mentioned this later to the endodontist and my dentist, both seemed surprised that clindamycin could have such strong side effects. The endodontist said he prescribed it "all the time." I got the impression that it was his routine default antibiotic. When I did a literature search for clindamycin in endodontic treatment, I found no mention of caution regarding CDAD, despite the fact that the FDA has a black box warning on clindamycin for CDAD. I believe that the dentist community needs better warnings about cavalier prescription of antibiotics.

My husband had diarrhea for three months even after he stopped taking the Clindamycin for an infection on his knee. I read in a magazine that Stonyfield yogurt had certain proprietary cultures that were effective for diarrhea. He began eating it and within a couple weeks it stopped.

My C Difficile caused by Clindamycin was cured by taking 500 mgs of metronidazole 3x a day.

What is the product that your doctor prescribed which you said helps to re-build your intestinal lining? I was also prescribed the dreadful clindamycin for removal of an abscessed wisdom tooth. I now have terrible unrelenting nausea and I am really concerned about ultimately developing colitis. My dentist did not warn me at all. Not a word.

I have finished clindamycin about a week ago due to an absessed tooth. I finally got the teeth pulled 3 days ago. The dentist put me on amoxicillen in case there is still some infection. I developed diarrhea a few days after taking clindamycin and it is still going. Today I had such cramps and almost didn't make it to the bathroom. That has never happened before. I also feel sick in my stomach. I am worried now, especially reading about what these antibiotics can do. I am glad I found this site. I will call my doctor in the morning. Thank you all! I just hope I am not too late.

Niki, if you've not seen a doctor and you are running a fever, go to the ER! It could get very serious. You might try the BRAT diet to control the diarrhea (Google BRAT) and it would be helpful to begin taking probiotics if not already. Good luck.

Hey everyone - I just started taking clindamycin on Wednesday and I'm prescribed to take it for ten days - I haven't been taking it on a set schedule I just take it twice daily 6 hours apart and lately I've been using the bathroom quite a bit maybe 3-4 stools in a day and they're not diarrhea but it is loose stools I'm scared to death reading all these things.. Will I be okay?? I'm taking this medication 75 mg 2 times daily and it's liquid form..

If I were you I would stop taking this drug. Why was it prescribed? There are other less dangerous antibiotics. Dr. Sidney Wolfe from Public Citizen has been trying to get stronger warning labels on clindamycin since 1975. I developed clostridium difficile after my doctor prescribed this for me. I wish I had never taken it.

Last summer I was prescribed Clindamycin for an infected tooth and after taking it for a couple of days I ended up with diarrhea. Now 8-9 months later I STILL have diarrhea. Every time I eat it's almost instant that I have to run to the bathroom. This is embarrassing to say but now I'm afraid to even pass gas most of the time in fear that I might mess myself, I say that from experience, that's why I'm afraid now. I just thought maybe I had developed IBS but from reading all the comments, I don't think that now.

Heather, having read all the comments, did you note my reply to Niki above. I also had diarrhea resulting in pseudomembranous colitis. Please try the suggestions.

I just wanted to mention my personal experience with Clindamycin and C-diff. In the mid 1980's I had an infection on my cervix. I took a 10 day supply of Clindamycin and I experienced diarrhea for over 6 weeks. In the course of the 6 weeks my health deteriorated so mucht o the point I was hospitalized and was given the last ditch antibiotic Vancomycin, which at that time I was told if the medicine did not work for me there was nothing else that could be done. Thankfully it worked. I was in my 20's at that time.

I avoided clindamycin on just a few occasions it was offered over the next 25 years. However I did have an experience with a staphylococcus infection introduced at the time of surgery while giving a bone marrow donation in the early 1990's. The result was a deep infection at the sites of incision, that was coupled with the use of the "wrong bandaid" literally. I was not given a pressure bandage and the site of incision quickly made a scab, but the internal bleeding was undetected and I left the hospital and returned home, as I lived in a different city. I ended up bleeding half of my blood into my lower back. It took over two years to get completely better from all of that.

Until recently I had not really thought much about that history in terms of my health. I am 52 years old. Last year I had two root canals and the dentist prescribed Cleocin. I did not know it was clindamycin. I took three pills and instantly recognized how I was feeling and that prompted me to look up the drug. To my horror, I realized the drug and the symptoms I had in the 1980's.

I immediately told the dentist, who told me to call my doctor about the diarrhea. I asked for a different antibiotic as the tooth was infected already which was why I went to the dentist in the first place. I hate the dentist and have an abnormal fear of going. So when I had a toothache I couldn't handle I went in. The endodontist said I didn't need anything else. I was uncomfortable with that thought, however I certainly didn't want to make things worse. The diarrhea did not go away.

It went on over two weeks and my doctor became concerned about the dehydration effects, combined with the extreme heat of the Mojave desert area I live in, and my constant sweating and general ill feeling and inability to even eat, and prescribed Lomotil to stop the effect and to prevent further problems from diarrhea.

Right about the same time I got what I thought was a pimple on my butt cheek. It was very sore and wouldn't go away. It felt very painful and soon there were three or four of them, each would drain and scab over, but the scab would always come off when bathing, and I tried to figure out what I had, at one point the pain of the general area of the one butt cheek caused a fever and I thought it was shingles, though it didn't resemble any photographs. My doctors office is 70 miles away, I called and was told to go to the ER. The ER doctor looked at the sores and immediately identified it as a MRSA skin infection. He also gave me some pain pills but felt I should not have any antibiotics, given the recent history with the dentist.

I felt like I had infection in my body. I also tried various things to treat the sores to cover the wounds that made them worse, I tried Muprocin that made the sores worse, and the small sore would finally disappear and immediately after another would appear. It went on for the past year, and seldom have I had any period over a week without reoccurring sore. It then spread to the other butt cheek, in the exact same area.

The irony was when ever I got in to see my doctor the sores never looked that bad. So it was difficult to show her how bad it looked and felt. (I started to take pictures in between visits) But I also noticed every single pimple or hangnail or cut or scratch would always get infected. Very infected.

My doctor and I had many discussions and my doctor feels the dental surgery brought the MRSA out of dormancy, the clindamycin was probably the ultimate cause, as I had staphylococcus prior and the actual term MRSA was never used way back when I had the two previous staphylococcus related conditions. I have noticed a specific correlation to when a new sore appears I get pain in the corresponding lymph node immediately prior.

I have been slightly weakened in my immune system since I was a teen with Mononucleosis, and while I didn't get sick often, when I did I was very sick. As I grew older towards the present time in my life I also have noticed the airborne viruses I seem to get very easy. I also in the past have problems with flu vaccines, and was advised years ago I am among the small percentage of people who should not get flu vaccines (in the PAST).

In 2009 I had the Swine Flu, which was introduced to my husbands company at a mandatory "all hands" meeting. One person infected 80 others. I still was apprehensive to get vaccines, and my husband has indeed gotten vaccinated every year. In Nov. 2013 we both had the Influenza A (I think was the name) and he had been vaccinated I had not.

My doctor and I both feel that I should indeed get vaccinated, and I will. I don't think I could live through another bad flu.

Ultimately I feel that the clindamycin has added to my weakened immune system years ago, but I was not aware that the condition the clindamycin caused and the surgical MRSA I had was in a dormant state. I thought I had it and it was gone. Since I have now learned it can remain dormant, and its taken a year, but the infections have finally slowed down enough, to not cause me constant pain on a daily basis.

However, I am in need of more dental work, root canals and a deep gum cleaning, which I am very concerned will cause me more infection. I would have gladly just done all the dental work at one time, but I was forced to wait until this year for the dental coverage to start again in Jan and have put off until I can save enough to pay the additional amounts that are anticipated.

I am now quite worried about the whole MRSA and C-diff situation. I am confident in my doctor's ability to treat any infections, however, when a dentist does work, they are the ones who have to prescribe the antibiotics, which I was advised by my doctor, in other words until I have an infection she cannot just arbitrarily prescribe any antibiotic. A sort of catch 22 based upon malpractice insurance requirements. My doctor can in essence clean up the mess so to speak, but the problem is that any antibiotic at this point is a potential problem. This is why the MRSA skin sores haven't yet been treated with stronger antibiotics.

Anyway, sorry for the lengthy comments, but I had not noticed any one else's comments regarding the condition of staphylococcus, C-diff, or MRSA problems being dormant and then resurfacing. I would like to add, last year PRIOR to the dental work, I had normal pap smear, and a small mass near my breast for over 10 years unchanged, have just recently been diagnosed as larger and is now painful, and my pap smear has abnormal "A typical" Cells, but not HPV. So what ever the cause, it seems that ever since the dentist and the clindamycin, my health is starting to go downhill.

I honestly was quite embarrassed about having a sore on my butt cheek, I felt like somehow I was not being clean enough, and began an exaggerated cleanliness mode, which helps to try not to spread it, but the constant bathing, did not help, because the flat scabs would just come off when drying or washing with a cloth. So I started to air dry and use alcohol to try to dry it out. I have a scar in the shape of a large 0 on my cheek, from the continual sores, so even though my doctor didn't see each and every sore she can see that there is scarring.

I am unsure if all of the above information is even relevant, but I figured I would share on the outside chance it might help someone else grasp some of the symptoms and to alert others that the condition can remain dormant for 20+ years and make a nasty return.

Also for anyone having to take Vancomycin, when I had to take it for weeks, at that time it was in liquid form only and was the most foul tasting thing I have ever tasted. In 1982 it cost $350 per prescription, that was how much my rent was. I had to get it three times. I am hoping I don't have to repeat that, but I am also trying to find some sort of pro active measures to sort of boost my general health in anticipation of the expected dental work and infection I am quite sure I already have in the teeth.


I also have been taking clindamyacin for my teeth I'm now in horrible pain in the b room allay with diarrhea time to see a doc again for their treatment was unacceptable

I was given this drug on Friday (May 23, 2014) for bacterial vaginosis. I went to Patient First and the doctor gave me something stronger because I just had the same issues a couple months ago. It is now 10:13 pm on May 28, 2014 and I have been experiencing watery diarrhea since 5 pm this evening. This is my forth time on the toilet. Luckily there's a hospital across the street from me. I am thinking about heading over there to be examined.

I forgot to mention I am taking 300 mg twice a day for 7 days.

Hi to all those still a little undecided about taking Clindamycin. I was hospitalised from January to end of March 2014, for Septicaemia. I was in an induced coma as my vital organs were shutting down. I had lines in my arms, down my neck up my name it. They had me on 3 different antibiotics intravenously (IVI).

The one that ultimately saved my life was Clinamycin. I was on the IVI for over 2 months & on the capsules to take home. I have been taking the capsules since March & am still taking them now in June. Yes, they are miserably uncomfortable if you don't take enough fluids with them, because they cause burning in your gullet like you'll probably never experience again.........excruciating!!! I now chew some bread after each one & no longer have the burning.

When people complain about side effects, yes, most antibiotics have side effects, and yes, this one more so than others. I had a nasty red rash on the tops of both feet, my appetite is poor & my taste buds don't allow me to enjoy the full flavour of my food. The people who whinge & decide to stop taking them, need to get a grip & get on with it. This drug saved my life, & much as I hate taking them, I know that until my blood tests reveal that the bacteria is finally killed off, I will go on taking them.

Happy for you and hope your progress towards health stays on course!

People have to make decisions using all experiences mentioned and need to read the side effects particularly the one that mentions "rarely fatal", before deciding for themselves. Do you want responsibility for the side effects others must endure

"Winging and getting a grip on" is derogatory, bullying, and unnecessary language towards people sharing and seeking help with adverse side effects. There doesn't appear to be any entry that ridicules people who choose antibiotics, just people sharing their ill effects and kindly warning others to decide with all the facts. Clearly that is the best way.

Unpasteurized & Organic Miso: in a cup with 1 teaspoon miso dissolved in hot water. You can add a bit of leftover rice to make it more palatable. If on the go, mix the 1-tsp miso with peanut butter and eat from the spoon or on a cracker.

Never boil or simmer miso, and it must be unpasteurized. Organic is up to you, but I prefer it. The sodium content may prohibit some from using it. The brand I use has 9% of daily intake in One Teaspoon -- but 2 teaspoons a day works surprisingly well for me (sometimes 3).

After adding miso to my diet, I am "normal" 99% of the time. Miso & probiotics works for me. That said, I am not a big fan of the taste straight from the container, but it can be added to any food, sauce, dressing, soup, stew, etc. I use the red miso, or darker miso.

Clindamycin prescribed in 2009 was the problem for me -- it took care of the infection from a root canal (the last of six root canals) -- but left my gut in a mess.

Well what can I tell you about this drug because everyone basically says what I've been through!
Given this preop for removal of inverted infected wisdom tooth on the 31st march 2014 op was 8th April. All went well however 4 days later I had to call dentist who yet again decided to use this stuff. On the 16th April, boy was I ill and came off them [advice given by pharmacist]. From then to to-day I've had severe cramps in stomach and all food seems to be lying higher up that's when of course I can feel like eating.

I took a course of high potency pro biotics bad must say I found no benefit in doing so and they were very costly. Last week I visited pharmacy and spent yet another fortune. I was given anti fungul treatments because flagyl caused thrush in mouth have tried to get app with doctor for this Monday come and can only hope that I get one and soon.

Like other people's comments this drug should not be given by dentists as they are unaware of your medical conditions and if you use a national health g.p and a private dentist both don't know whats what---dangerous do you not think?

My advice to anyone ask do I really need this?
is there no other milder antibiotic that can be given? Does your dentist know if it interacts with other medication that you are taking?

Good luck if you do take it but I think this is a very big issue and needs investigating.

I was prescribed Clindamycin for an abscessed tooth. 3 days into the meds, the diarrhea started~I had been eating yogurt along side the drug, as the dentist suggested. Kept up with the antibiotic until I could stand it no longer and after much reading the effects of this drug, I weaned myself off it. However the diarrhea and abdominal pain were with me for 14 days. My doctor now has me on Flagyl and the symptoms have subsided. Not out of the woods yet as I understand c-diff. is very difficult to treat. This drug needs to be BANNED.

3 Months later and I am still not normal from the same antibiotic. Had stool checked for C-dif. Checked out negative gratefully, though don't know where this is headed. Next stop will be a colonoscopy.

As a post-extraction precaution my dentist prescribed Clindamycin 300mg 4xs per day. I took it for two days and noticed stomach issues. I discontinued the med but my stomach is still not in order after 4 days of not using it. I'm trying to use BRAT diet, probiotic drinks (Kevita, Kombucha) as well as Kefir and yogurt. I'm so bummed out that my dentist prescribed this med and wonder what the correct next steps to take are. I think more people need to be informed about this horrible drug and I wonder how long this terror could go on!

I read this forum often and occasionally post if I think there is something I can contribute. I've just recently had my second recurrence of C.diff. Don't know if I picked up the bacteria somewhere or if I am colonized and tested positive as a result. I've not taken antibiotics in two years, my last recurrence. I recently read a publication on the Cleveland Clinic website concerning extracolonic manifestations. This is of particular interest because when I had an infection in 2012 I was treated thereafter for "gout". This July, when I was again treated for a recurrence again I have been treated for gout. I now wonder if what I have is reactive arthritis, as described in the Cleveland Clinic publication as an "extracolonic manifestation".

I was put on Clindamycin in June 2014, 300mg 4xs a day. Dentist prescribed, got infection in tooth under bridge &she did root canal. I am extremely healthy &exercise, never sick. Early August the diarrhea & stomach pain began. Just did stool sample 8/6/14. I went to Health food store, started on Probiotic 10 & somewhat BRAT diet. In such pain today internal med doctor prescribed Metronidazole (?Flagyl) so I would not be deathly sick over weekend. I am leery to take but read to keep up the probiotic 2 hours after.

I want to keep the the good bacteria as much as I can. Time will tell but this is very bad. Any other suggestions? Also getting headaches. I am drinking fluids & believe Coconut water is better than the Gatorade with so much junk in it. I weigh very little as it is, cannot loose any weight (7 lbs to date).

Get unpasteurized miso, any brand, the darker the better. I put leftover rice in a cup, add 1 serving of miso, mush it up into the rice, then add hot water to the cup and stir. Heat the water in a tea kettle until it whistles. Do not boil or simmer miso, it kills the probiotic organisms.

The serving sizes differ by brand. However, it must be unpasteurized. The salt content is what I don't like, but it sure works! I am normal when eating miso once or twice a day as above. However, probiotics are still part of my diet.

Good Luck KC!

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