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Epsom Salts Offer Unique Remedy for Rosacea

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Q. I've had rosacea for a long time, and I've tried lots of therapies. My dermatologist wanted to put me on Accutane but no way was I going there.

I started on the intensive light therapy then and did that for about a year. It's very expensive and not super effective, but better than doing nothing.

I have been using Epsom salts for the last two weeks and the results are amazing! Since the first day the redness went away, the pores got smaller and the oiliness disappeared. My skin is smooth and soft.

I just put about 1/4 cup Epsom salts in some warm water. I use a sponge to put it on my face and chest in the shower. After a couple of minutes I'm done.

A. Thanks for this interesting suggestion. Epsom salts contain magnesium sulfate. We could find no research to support this approach, but it seems inexpensive and low risk.

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Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4.4/5 (209 votes)
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Hi, I am going to get epsom salts trying to relieve my face rosacea. Thank you so much for the instructions.
It really might help and it certainly couldn't hurt.

Do you rinse the mixture off or keep it on? Can you apply make-up over it? Can you provide more details?

Does anyone out there have other home remedies that have worked for you? At this point I am open to virtually anything.

Thanks in advance.

This is very interesting. I have suffered from Rosacea all my adult life. I took antibiotics and accutane neither of them cured the problem. Recently I started taking a Magnesium supplement for a high blood pressure problem and low an behold it cured my acne/oilness/rosacea. My skin is clear and incredibly soft.

I use Metronidazole--- but before I put it on I first wipe my nose, cheeks & forehead with plain old cheap WITCH HAZEL which my doctor told me to do & it has done wonders. Hardly any redness at all--& I eat all kinds of Hot & Spicy foods.

Interesting. Would like to hear comments.

I also have rosacea which I treat using something I found on the Peoples' Pharmacy website! It recommended milk of magnesia applied at night and/or washing with antibacterial soap. I note that they also sell a milk of magnesia deodorant and that epsom salts have magnesium in them, so I deduce that magnesium is a mild antibacterial agent. It doesn't completely cure my rosacea but keeps it under control.

I would like to try these home remedies, what would be the portions for the epsom salt with water and how much magnesium should I take? I hope it works for me too.

The article expressly stated she used 1/4 cup epsom salt mixed with some warm water to dissolve. Put it on with a sponge, she did not say to rinse it off.

I also would like to try these home remedies....

Although this sounds like it could temporarily help rosacea issues, it is the cause that really concerned me. So if you are interested in discovering what foods make you flair, you may want to scrutinize if it is 'eggs'. I have discovered that eggs make me flair the most and is one of the most troubling of foods that causes the problem in many individuals. When I may flair, using epsom salts is an interesting method to try.

I was told I had rosacea years ago and prescribed a medicated wash and face cream. My "rosacea" went away when I discovered I was gluten intolerant.

Use clear antibacterial handsoap (the liquid generic type works just as well) Rub on clear soap (no dyes) to area where rosacea is and rinse. Use on rosacea twice a day. I've been without metrogel for a whole year using only this method to keep the rosacea under control. It works for me and a friend whose doctor suggested she try it. Easy and cheap! It doesn't dry out my face either. I'd been using Metrogel for 14 years prior to using the handsoap.

Portions of water to espom salt? And how long do I leave it on while in the shower??????

I am amazed at how the Epsom salt is working. I've been embarrassed for years and the redness is getting less and less with each time. I'm also taking the magnesium vitamins at night. Thanks everyone, what a great site. glad I found it. Paula

I've had decades of problem skin. There has been only the rare occasions my skin was not undergoing some problem. Nothing I knew of really worked and I have tried about everything I could think of at least once. I have been using Epsom salt per the PP column for a few weeks now, twice a day including bedtime. Mix a tablespoon of Epsom salt in a few oz of warm water. Spread dissolved solution with fingers. Allow to dry on face or rinse with warm water after a period of time as you prefer. You may notice visible salt on skin.

It works for me. Looking noticeably paler. No new outbreaks. Old rosacea scars seem to be healing.

Dermatologist has diagnosed a recent facial skin problem as rosacea. Some redness across upper cheeks, but also tiny pustules above and below eyebrows, at hairline, and here and there on cheeks, chin, etc. I'm a 69-year-old woman and I understand that is a bit old for rosacea to start up.

For the past six months I have been taking prescribed 20 mg. proton pump inhibitor (omeprazole) daily in order to take prescribed non-steroid anti inflammatories (diclofenac) daily for severe sciatic and osteo arthritis pain. On occasion when pain is less severe I take paracetamol or paracetamol-codeine tablets in place of the diclofenac.

Does anyone know if these medications (individually or in combination) could be causing the problem. Or, perhaps, could it be the result of the stress of dealing with the pain. Other than the occasional blemish I've never had skin problems/acne/anything at any time in my life.


Thank you for the info. I will try the epsom salt.

I have had problems with rosacea since I can remember (as a little girl)... now, being 31 years old it has gotten worse in the past few years. After a lot of research and trial and error I have found the following works for me and has reduced my redness to nearly nothing.

I never was a huge water drinker... In the past few months I have started to drink ten (10), 8oz glasses of water per day.

I have started to wash my face twice a day with "Kiss my Face" soap.
At night I apply "Jason's 25,000 I.U. cream".
Three times a week at night I wet my face and then just rub a tablespoon of Epsom Salts on my face. It's a wonderful exfoliate.

I use MoM in the morning as a primer for my make-up (I don't wear a lot of makeup though). MoM is amazing in the summer because I don't sweat at all on my face when I use it.

I think the biggest impact came from drinking water. I would love to know how many Rosacea sufferers are good about drinking water every day.

Not saying what I do will help everyone. But it has worked for me and I'm really happy with the results. Everything is low cost too.

Recently I have had serious skin issues - I am 59 and could not believe the way my skin was changing. I felt so sad! Makeup - even heavy concealer could not cover what I believe to be rosacea. I decided to make a mask of epsom salts. I wet my face and gently pack salt on my face and leave it on until it feels like it is really dry, then I wash it off gently with a wash cloth with very warm water. Rinse well. At night I follow this with a nice serum and then pure tea tree oil. It burns just a few minutes and doesn't smell the best, but my skin is so clear now that I just use estee lauder (perfectionist) and a light foundation.

I cannot tell you how happy and free that I feel. I also use epsom salts in the shower - after washing well, I pack my washcloth with salt and really scrub, then shower it off. Great exfoliant and a good start to my day.

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: Though we certainly wouldn't tell you to change your regimen, we alert others that applying undiluted tea tree oil to the skin might be extremely irritating. Test first, preferably on forearm, and dilute.

hi just wondering how those of you that started using the epsom salts on your rosacea are getting on with it, is it still working ...

I have had a skin irritation for years now and I was told its hormonal. After going to see my derm he confirmed it was due to my PCOS. After 2 years I went for a 2nd opinion only to find out its Rosacea and put me on Oratane, dovate cream, bio derm, epimax and epizone E.

I have tried them all done and dusted. I followed every step to the end and nothing help. I'm excited to try the epsom salts and I actually feel this is going to work after reading all this comments. Thank you sharing your experience and remedies.

Hi there,

Can anyone tell me if the epsom salts reduces the hot flushing feeling you get during flair ups? My face will flair up and be very HOT for hours before if finally goes away. All I drink is water everyday, and I have since reduced my drinking (green) tea to a couple times a week because I was told the heat and mold spores can cause flair ups.

Can anyone please offer me some advice? :( I'm new to this, and my face eyes get hot and I just don't know what to do.

Found AMAZING relief by putting slices of fresh cucumber in my drinking water. Do not put on face (it stings). Also eating lots of white button mushrooms is helpful. Within a week my face showed massive improvement. I think it is the vitamin D in the cucumbers and mushrooms but the vitamin D supplements don't seem to work as good as the real food. Also, drinking 2 cups of unsweetened non GSO soy milk daily keeps my hot flashes in check (which activates my rosacea). Doing this keeps me off ALL MEDICATION!! Not crazy about the taste but the improvement on my face is so worth it. After about 3 weeks my rosacea is almost GONE!!

I read the post about using epsom salt. For roseac the post never said if u rinse off of face. Would someone please let me know . Ty uh

yes, I believe it said scrub it on in shower and then rinse it off. Please post here and let me know if this works for you!!!! Good Luck

Was wondering if anyone using the Epsom salt on their face are still using it and if it really worked. My rosacea flares up almost the same time every day. Today It got so red scared me. I went home and remembered Epsom salts. So I washed my face then soaked a rag in warm Epsom salt water and applied to my face. It did get better after I let it air dry. But my face felt really tight which I don't mind. So what I'd like to hear from any Epsom salt users is does the redness and flare ups of redness lessen the longer you use Epsom salt??

I'm 56 yrs old and have rosacea... I too have tried everything..does anyone have any remedies that have actually worked?

I agree that any topical solution may very well be only a temporary solution and that rosacea's root cause comes from within. I have heard that the skin condition can be caused by a problem with the digestive system, usually an imbalance of the Liver or Pancreas. Foods can also be a cause and although I can't say Eggs are the cause of my inflamed skin, I am coming close to believing my problem could be with Nuts and Seeds. It will of course be different for everyone. Food tests are useful but I think elimination diet may prove more beneficial in identifying the offending foods.
Best of luck to everyone who is seeking a cure!!

Hi all,
I appreciate the advice and comments I've read here. Thanks for taking the time.
I am a healthy 47 year old woman, in good shape and with no health issues. Last spring, nearly a year ago, I developed a small red spot between my eyebrows. I had some acne as a teen and have never had perfect skin, but my skin generally looks quite decent. I assumed it was a rash or mild infection from having my eyebrows threaded. However, it gradually worsened and now I believe it is indeed rosacea.

I have small pustules and red, 'angry' skin in that spot. I am going to try a homeopathic remedy-sulfur, as well as the Epsom salts and will update.

Hi Everyone. I've had rosacea for over 10 years, I am now in my early 40's. It was first diagnosed when I thought I had pink eye. The flushing and the papulops came about 6 years ago. I have tried everything! Prescriptions, oral and topical, diet, vitamins, masks, acid peels, activated charcoal, you name it...everything short of laser because I heard too many people had laser and it worked for about a year but came back worse. As far as diet, no matter what I stopped eating, I would still flair up, especially in stress or during monthly periods.

I haven't tried the epsom salt but I did finally find something and it has been 3 months - through some very high stress and monthly periods and it has worked so well I want to cry I'm so relieved! And I want to scream it to the world because if anyone knows what emotional turmoil rosacea can cause people, it's me! Unfortunately, when you find something that works it might just be temporary so I might try rotating it with the epsom salt.

Ready? Calamine lotion! I was thinking about it one day, rosacea isn't like a zit. There is no puss (sorry don't mean to be graphic) it's more like an oil and if you pop a papulop and that oil gets on your skin, it will spread...just like poison ivy (which ironically doesn't affect me, I can roll in poison ivy and not get it) I was going through a really bad flair up that was also extremely painful, my skin was actually looking purple it was so red, and nothing was working so I figured I would give it a try. I washed my face with an all natural home made soap, patted dry and put a thick layer of Calamine on it and went to bed. The next morning I was shocked. Huge improvement!

I did the same thing twice a day for about 5 days and nothing new broke out and my face was healing quickly. I went to just nighttime and within 2 weeks my face was completely healed and free of any redness and bumps. It is very drying on your face but with rosacea, drying is much better than oily. I use a mild moisturizer for sensitive skin in the morning.

I now put it on every other night or if I start to feel the bump in my skin I put it right on and it calms it down. For the past few months I have actually been able to go out in public makeup free! When the monthly period came around, I felt the flair ups coming, I covered my face with the calamine and I was able to contain it to a couple of bumps....on my jaw line where I wasn't putting the calamine. So, if you have exhausted all remedies, try the calamine lotion. I am going to try rotating the epsom salt with it though. My biggest fear right now is the Calamine lotion will stop working so I think it will be good to rotate.

Good luck everyone! I will keep checking back and put in an update.

I have been using Ocusoft eye wipes for about two weeks for my facial rosacea. I was told to wipe the solution on your face and leave it and not rinse it off.

Like many other products I thought how is this going to help but to my amazement it has completely healed my face. I can go without makeup for the first time in two years. These eye wipes are sold in your local drug store but my daughter works for an eye doctor and she is the one who heard that these wipes were working wonders for people with roscea. Thank goodness I finally found something that really works.

Before this I found using vinegar mixed with a little water morning and night worked really well too.

Hope this helps you as much as it helped me.

I am 56 years old and I too have Rosacea. I have used MetroGel, Metroniasole, Lavender oil, Tea Tree Oil, also diet control. All to no avail. I am so going to try the Epsom Salt. I am thinking it sure can't hurt. I will post again in a few weeks to let everyone know my results with the Epsom Salt. Thanks to whom ever mentioned Epsom Salt. R.

I am so happy I found this thread. Thank you for your ideas. I'm 39 and have had redness in my face for the last few years, mostly cheeks and chin. Sometimes whole face though. I am not diagnosed with rosacia but think this may be it. I will get a check up soon to confirm and rule out other issues.

I recently started to get the little bumps that are thick and take like a month to go away. Then they peel. Little circles of peeling skin with a fresh peel every day. I have super dry skin, in spite of my epic daily water intake which is usually at least 80 ounces. I use jojoba oil, coconut oil and now sea buckthorn oil topically and I just started taking 2 pills a day of this internally also. So far so good.

About every 4-5 days I use a clarasonic with the gentle head to exfoliate. Never wear make up. Never used topical meds. Recently cut out gluten and started 2-3 green smoothies a day. Minimal minimal dairy. Like a bite of cheese only on occasion. No meat in this lifetime, I have always had a really healthy diet. I am just sure diet it the key to this though.

My body hives have greatly diminished since I cut out gluten and I do hot yoga about 4x week and the sweat detox is really great for the skin. Did the MOM on my face this morning and my face looked better. Tried the Epsom salt after shower tonight and it too had my skin looking nice.

I also am starting to drink a magnesium drink at night (calm, I think it's called-from wholefoods). I'm really hoping I can figure out the cause of my red face to treat that and not just the symptoms. I will be starting an elimination diet when school starts back up for the kids, too hard to try with summer travel and all. I will let you know how it all goes.

I feel so sure this is a diet thing.... I can feel when I get red. Weird. Oh, and I also just started to take bentonite every morning on an empty stomach soon as I get up to help flush my system. I read this has shown to be beneficial with food allergies, skin rashes and a ton of other nasty stuff we don't want. I'm only on day 3 of the bentonite but highly recommend trying it, very gentle, no tummy ache or anything. I really can't even tell I've had it. I'm trying to eliminate more to clean my gut.

My elimination is great I'm just trying to super flush I guess. Maybe a liver cleanse soon? Anyone tried that??

"NewHope's" post was borderline brilliant. I tried it the past two days its it seems to be clearing up my 'flare up'. I use the quotes for a reason, read below.

I am not fair skinned. I'm more like light skinned black. I've had acne issues since I was like, what... 12? I'm in my mid 30's and never had rosacea. Until about 6 weeks ago when I went to LA. I drank for 4 nights straight, ate spicy foods like 4 or 5 times, AND stayed out in the strong LA sun for hours.

Why am I mentioning all this? Seems like a good recipe for a trigger, but I never got it diagnosed. I'm assuming its rosecea, but I don't know for sure.

But if it is...thanks "NewHope!" Calomine is working like a charm.

I was recently diagnoised with rhinophyma roseaca. I had never heard of this before and did not know anything about it. Since researching on the web, I have discovered all sorts of information. I went to see a dermatologist who put me on oral and topical antibotics. I also had two laser treatments. None of these treatments reduced the pustules that were on my face and my doctor said I would need a chemical peel to reduce them. I am on a fixed income as I am 72 years young.

I decided to try some of the home remedies that I had researched and lo and behold I am successful. I have been using apple cider vinegar as a toner and almost all of the bumps and pustules are gone. I have also made a mask of oil of oregano, camomile tea and coconut oil. I don't know if this will work for anyone else, but it is sure working for me. I hope all roseaca sufferers will hang in there and not be afraid to try new things.

I recently went swimming in Great Salt Lake and my rosacea improved a lot. I have tried all sorts of treatments previously, but I'm going to try this topical salt(s) treatment now.

Just last year I finally put two and two together after doing some research into facial redness, that I must have rosacea. While I was pregnant three years ago, I noticed it for the first time. I had a patch on my upper cheek that was just constantly dark red. I always wrote it off as sunburn, scrubbing the face (which I then stopped doing), rubbing on pillowcase... anything. I noticed some small capillaries on the surface, too, but wrote that off. It took probably year for that red patch to go away. Since then, periodically, it has come back. Now I also sometimes get it on the other cheek, although not as often. Now, when I get a flare-up, it burns, like a bad sunburn. I don't have any bumps or pustules, but as I read on, there are two different subtypes - one that has pustules and one that doesn't.

I haven't been able to tie my flare-ups to diet - I eat "clean" and cook the same 10 or so meals all the time. I had thought it might be sun - since it looks and feels so much like a sunburn, except it's just a patch, not my whole face, but I've been staying out of the sun and I still have a flare-up. As I search for my trigger, I'm also searching for something to stop the irritation - the burning is most troubling to me. I also have constantly irritated, dry eyes. I've now read that rosacea can also cause these symptoms.

I'm going to try the eposom salts. I might try the calamine lotion idea, as I have some in the cupboard, but it sounds like that has helped the people with the pustular subtype, so it probably won't help mine.

As an update: I tried the Epsom salts, with a very interesting result. Instead of using in the shower, I lightly wet my face with cool water and lightly rub in the salts to my cheeks (it's not a rough rub at all - the salts are soft). Almost instantly, the redness is gone. So much so, that you can see the small broken capillaries that are a sign of rosacea. I leave it on for a couple of minutes (it's nice and cool), then rinse with cool water and gently pat dry. Almost instantly, the redness comes back! It's not as dark as the starting redness, but it's definitely not gone. I've done it three times now, with the same results.

Next step: trying some milk of magnesia.

Also, as an experiment, I've been using some coconut oil on my face. I keep reading about all the hundreds of uses for it, including eczema, so I thought it might help.

Great thread.

I am 49 male suffering from Rosacea for many years. The flare ups come and go. I drink, like spicy foods, have a stressful job and exercise heavily. So the "triggers" are basically my life. My dermatologist has me on oracea 40mg, and I also take the 100mg pills. that seems to best to keep it under control.

I have redness around the nose, as well as zits and pustuals that seem to migrate around my face. From left of the nose, tip of the nose and forehead. I am really over it.

As topical, I have tried: apple cider vinegar, campho phenic, metrogel, etc. I want to try calamine lotion and epsom salts now, and will post an update later.

I've had what was diagnosed as rosacea for over a year and I'm wondering now if it started with mold in the wall behind my bed. I had felt that the wall was kind of damp and had someone from my condo management to come out and inspect it. Finally a crew was hired and they found dry rot in the wall on the outside. For a while I didn't sleep in my bedroom but was finally convinced that there was no moisture or mold present so I went back to sleeping in my bedroom. From the beginning of all this I was having trouble with my nose swelling and feeling hot inside. Went to a dermatologist and he diagnosed it as rosacea and prescribed doxicycline (sp?) After weeks it cleared up (also had bumps on my nose and some red spots on my face). It stays OK for a month or two then comes back so I go back to the antibiotic.
I'm going to try the epsom salts and maybe the calomine lotion. Also am going to see if I can find someone to test my bedroom for mold. Sorry, I don't seem to be giving any solutions but am so glad I found this website.

Intrigued by Epsom salt remedy. Read in People's Pharmacy about Vicks Vaporub for toenail fungus. Works great! My dermatologist said rosacea is due to a fungus, so I thought I'd try the Vaporub on my rosacea. Worked almost immediately. If I develop a zit I apply it at night, and the blemish is gone in the morning. Vaporub - works top to bottom!

I make a salt scrub with epsom salts. It is GREAT for my rosacea but I have extremely dry skin. I put grapeseed oils in the salt scrub. Can get the recipe on Pinterest. I rinse with warm water, pat my face dry, and moisturize with coconut oil. I then put on my makeup. The makeup stays on and looks better when I do this routine. My pores are smaller, my face isn't constantly dry, and if I don't wear makeup, there isn't any redness! I've found this also helps acne.

I have had rosacea for about 10 years and it began with about 30 horrible bumps on my face like a teenager. The doctor put me on steroids and I went off a few years later since I didn't feel safe using steroids and have been using colloidal silver. I take one small sip twice daily. Now my new doctor says that Fish Oil should work and should be safer than colloidal silver. I have never had any problems with colloidal silver, but probably because I take very small amount. It totally cleared up my face. Anyway, I am gradually stopping colloidal silver and switching to Fish Oil. I am taking 8000 mg of Fish Oil daily. So far, so good. The doctor says she has had success with many people using Fish Oil for rosacea.

I found this website about 10 days ago while searching for remedies for rosacea. I am in my late 50s and developed rosacea a couple of years ago. I thought I had adult acne and started using an Olay treatment system similar to Proactive. That didn't work for me so I started going to a dermatologist.

She started me on Aczone which was $75 after my insurance coverage for a tiny tube. I went back to her after a month and she took me off of it because it made my breakouts worse. It was irritating my skin, so I started antibiotics and laser treatments. After two months on the antibiotics I stopped because they weren't working.

I went through 5 laser treatments (and much money). I couldn't tell any difference at all except I think my face was even more sensitive. After staying away from the dermatologist for a few months, I went back for one more try. I was put on a more aggressive dose of antibiotics and was given samples of a cream to use. The antibiotic gave me headaches and nausea. I gave it a try for two weeks though to try to overcome the side effects.

I finally stopped the antibiotics when the side effects didn't go away and the cream did nothing.
That's when I started searching and found this site.

I am using the Epsom salts and it has worked very well. I tried the Ocuvite wipes and found they work if I don't rinse the residue off. I haven't used them every day. I used the Vicks vaporub and it works very well too. Because of the smell I don't use it nightly. I've been very pleased with the results so far. Wish I had looked before I spent so much money on medical treatments!

I think I'm going to try the fish oil and vinegar compresses. When I had a drastic laser treatment last year, the dermatologist told me to use vinegar compresses. She said vinegar is a natural antibiotic. I should have thought of it for my rosacea. Thanks for sharing everyone.

I have rosacea and have not been able to pinpoint what causes it to flare other than cold air. I don't drink alcohol and I eat a fairly healthy (clean) diet. I take omeprazole and saw someone mentioned in a post that could be a cause. I am 43 and the redness has started to flare more often. One day in the cold winter temperatures my face burnt sooo badly it hurt; this is the first time that's ever happened to me.

I used Aveeno lotion that day because it was all I had to put on my face at the time, and it helped the burning, but not the redness. I am going to try the alternating calamine lotion and epsom salts. I hope they work for me. I'm afraid to try anything on my face, but it's worth a shot I guess.

I use SHEER COVER makeup, which covered the redness VERY WELL and doesn't look cakey like other makeups do. I will be buying Calamine and Epsom tomorrow to give this a shot. I am also going to be trying Magnesium supplements eventually too, because in the past I have been known to be magnesium deficient (a lot of people actually are and don't know it) and I will see if this combination helps me. Thanks for all of these posts. This is a great thread!

I am Irish and have always just assumed my rosy cheeks were from my heritage. About three years ago I started getting the pimple like-pustules and was diagnosed with rosacea. I have been using Metrogel for the bumps but it has done nothing for the redness which now covers my entire face below my eyes. I am always red regardless of triggers, temperature, time of day. Make-up works for a bit but tends to disappear as the day wears on, even with the green tinted primer.

So I was very excited to find this site!!! I tried the calamine lotion on half my face and epsom salt on the other side last night for a few hours. I rinsed everything off just before bed. The calamine lotion side was amazing! Then this morning, I put on both again, same sides for ten minutes before showering. This time I put calamine on my nose as the calamine seemed to offer more improvement. Worked! I ended up putting calamine on after the shower to the epsom salt side and gently wiped with damp cloth to remove excess. I am so excited! There is still a little redness on the especially red parts (cheeks mostly) but it is dramatically improved. The calamine only side also feels cooler to the touch as well.

I don't know yet how the pustules will react. If I miss just one dose of Metrogel I usually get a flare up in a day or two, so I think I will find out quickly if I can use calamine or epsom salt and stop the Metrogel.

Thank you internet and all you wonderful fellow rosacea suffers for sharing your stories. May calm, cool and clear skin be in all our futures!


I was excited to read your post and your success with the Calamine. I have been using Epsom Salt for a few days now and it has helped, but I haven't left it on long, afraid of what it might do! I am going to get some Calamine lotion this weekend and try it.

I think I will leave my Epsom Salts on longer tonight and see if that still helps, but I am going to try the Calamine now too after reading your post. I hope you continue to have luck without physician-prescribed medication. Mine isn't horrible, but it sure flared up in the cold weather here in Illinois! I looked at myself in a 10x magnifying mirror and decided it's time to try something! ICK! I had some pretty big patches of red on my cheeks and nose and I was tired of it!

Anyway, I have heard oatmeal is good too, so I may cake some on soon and see how that works too. Thanks for your post and may you continue to have luck with cheaper and easier-on-the-body remedies! Susan

why thank you irish kathleen, and yes, let's hope. I am going to try the epsom salts now...

I have had rosaeca for about 14 years. It all started when I was going through menopause. I didn't know what it was for years and finally diagnosed myself about 8 years ago, and this was just confirmed by a dermatologist. I just had a little redness and flushing the first 10 years. The last 4 years I have gotten some pimples on my forehead and on one side of my face, the other side is clear.

After some research and finding that mites can be the cause, I have tried apple cider vinegar externally and internally. It didn't seem to help. I also have been drinking food grade diatomaceous earth and have not really seen a difference. I live in VA and went to visit my daughter in AZ recently, and my rosaeca cleared up! Possibly the dry weather? I decided to use the epsom salts thinking that might do the same thing. It has been 5 days since I started using it and it seems to be better.

I exercise regularly and am a fairly healthy eater. I eat good things every day but some bad things too. I rarely eat meat and use a juicer daily to make carrot/spinach/apple juice. I try to stay away from chemically processed foods and rarely eat anything out of a can and consume fresh fruit and/or veggies daily. I have recently cut back on dairy although the only dairy I consume regularly is greek yogurt and cheese. I don't think there was any change.

I am going to stick with the epsom salts for a while and see what happens. I am also starting to wonder if this disease mutates and one thing may work for a while then it stops and you need to rotate treatments. I refuse to take any pharmaceutical drugs for this so will continue to research and hopefully find what works. I am going to try the tea tree oil next. I am a little concerned about using the calamine lotion, as I would think that contains some sort of chemicals which I am trying to avoid. If this is caused by mites, then possibly sugar would be the next step in eliminating to see if that makes a difference. If these things don't help, then I guess I am going to possibly think about doing some major dietary changes.

Oh, golly! Am 59 years old and was diagnosed with rosacea 18 years ago and pics from childhood indicate red face for a long time before that. Get the pustules, red to purple hurting, burning areas across forehead, cheeks and nose. A relief to find others sharing ideas that may help us all. Will try some of the suggestions. Thanks, everyone.

I can't believe it but the Epsom salt and calamine treatments worked. 2 weeks ago, I was ready to claw my cheeks off because they itched and hurt so much! I had to put on so much base that it looked like I was wearing stage makeup. The 'crusties' made it look even more scary... I didn't have time to do all that measuring and just put a good pinch of salts in the middle of a soft washcloth, added water to it a little at a time to dissolve it in the rag, patted my face with it and let it air dry. It stung a little, so I would cut some aloe and rip it open and rub it on my face and let it dry tight and then apply my makeup. At night, I'd do the same except I would take a cotton ball and dab regular calamine on as a mask instead of aloe and sleep with it on. Next morning, I repeated the same steps.

I have my perfect skin back. Still have a little itching under my chin and my ears, but I'm continuing the therapy. No more gooky eyes! My vision has more teary eyes. Also, I'm stepping down from my Prevacid, alternating days with a morning and evening zantac (rantadine) and eating dark chocolate and pumpkin seeds...2 foods very high in magnesium. So grateful I found this forum!!!!

Have you checked to see if you have a Vitamin D3 deficiency?

My age is 20 n I'm suffering from rosacea plz help me what I do?

I have to investigate the D3 thingie. I know I feel better when I swim in my saltwater pool and soak up a little sun. My mother would suffer from sun poisioning, which actually was found to be an inability to metabolize too much vitamin D and she would break out in hives. I know I feel really horrible when I get a very bad sunburn, more worse than others.

This is SO awesome. The pharmacy has not approved my medication yet (of course). I am using a couple ideas tonight ! I feel empowered again instead of at the mercy of the medical bureaucracy. I am so grateful for all your input! Thanks for sharing!!

Wow, epsom salts very effective for rosacea flare-up; thank you for the tip. I have redness on cheeks and nose, as well as breakouts that are quite ugly and don't heal well. Yesterday and today, tried the epsom salt remedy and redness and bumps are greatly diminished, skin feels smooth.

Method used:
I put a small scoop (1 tsp?) of salts on a warm, damp washcloth, and added a little more warm water to help mostly dissolve the salts onto the cloth. Patted the salt mixture over entire face and allowed it to air dry.
Skin felt very tight and dry, and a light salty film was visible. Uncomfortable but not painful.

I did NOT rinse off the magnesium, but rubbed in coconut oil over the whole face, which left the skin soft and smooth.

2 treatments and 24 hours later, I see about 75% reduction in redness and the bumps have reduced and started to heal.

I'll have to try the coconut oil. The salts do dry up the skin.

I have had 'breakouts' for many months and just recently self-diagnosed myself with rosacea. I never had acne as a teen and really didn't like what was happening to my face now that I'm in my 50's! I read what was written here and decided to try the epsom salt treatment. Fist of all, let me say I am a person of little patience, so I started by putting some on a wet cloth and scrubbed. After only one day of that, I just dipped a moistened finger into the Epsom salts and scrubbed. Less than a week later my skin is almost completely clear and soft. Thank you for all your submissions, this really helped!

People's Pharmacy response: While we are glad you got benefit, we don't recommend self=diagnosis of rosacea or scrubbing the face with an abrasive substance if the problem is rosacea.

I have melasma and after visiting with the esthetician about some symptoms I thought were related to the melasma, she recommended seeing the dermatologist as she thought I could possibly have rosacea. She also has melasma and rosacea. I was thinking my flushing was from the melasma as it usually followed the same path on my cheeks. Now I know that the little red vessels I have around my nose are from rosacea. I had been using a retinol creme and also a Growth Factor Neuropeptide Serum. I was very happy with those products and my skin looked so good! Then I started noticing some redness and irritation though and when visiting with the esthetician she said to stop the two products and see if it calmed down.

I am in a full blown episode right now and miserable with itching/stinging--feels like a sunburn and windburn. I also have noticed some tiny bumps around my forehead and chin. I have no idea if food triggers my flushes as for many years I thought it was melasma. It definitely is triggered by hot environment, hot shower, exercise, and nervousness or stress.

Going to try the epsom salts and calamine lotion--glad I came across this site. Anyone had success with lasers getting rid of the telangiectasias?


I have suffered from rosacea for about 10 years and you name it I have tried it. Pustules from red to purple and back again, peeling on peeling on peeling.
Some days it is too sore and flared up to even go out.

I am going to get epsom salt and/or calmine lotion everything crosses and I will update on the results.

I have been using this remedy since I read about it in May this year I have not had one new pus spot since as I am over sixty this was very upsetting. Many thanks Maureen

Hello Everyone,
What great information. I wanted to share what I have found to work for me. I'm 31 and have had rosacea my whole life. However, recently I started to get the pustule. The appearance of the pustules did come at a very high stress time in my life. The redness never really bothered me but when I got the zits I had to do something about it. My doc prescribed the metro gel but my insurance wouldn't cover it. That may have been a blessing in disguise. I've been using cetaphils anti bacterial bar soap, and then following with organic coconut oil. I know it seems counter intuitive to use oil on you face but coconut oil is anti bacterial and keeps my skin soft and supple.
I am interested to know if this works for anyone else.

I have had this pest for years and years, disappearing and then suddenly again appearing. Previously the dermatologist gave cortisone injections and wanted me to take 6 weeks of anti-biotics each time (I refused). This time with a new flare-up, I started using coconut oil regularly. It is great on the skin, it does not make the skin oily. After 2 weeks, the redness and pustules are somewhat better, but new ones keep on cropping up, and the itching does not go away completely. For me coconut oil is not enough. I feel like running to buy Epsom Salt and Calamine! Will start using it tonight and will update with the results in a few weeks' time.

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