Q. I would like you to know about medical marijuana for cancer. In her late 30s, my wife was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, stage 4a. It was a 6 cm tumor that had grown around the hepatic artery and portal vein.
At first I thought marijuana was just for nausea caused by her chemo, but then I found a study in the journal Cancer Research (July 1, 2006). It showed that cannabinoids specifically fight pancreatic tumor cells.
I changed her diet and started her on a regimen and she is now cancer free. The regimen is being studied at the University of Wisconsin. I hope others can benefit from medical marijuana.

A. For years, marijuana research was suspected of being a way to rationalize people getting high. But as a recent article in Science News points out, scientists are now starting to take it seriously (June 19, 2010). The article you cite demonstrates that compounds from marijuana make pancreatic tumor cells commit suicide.
Other cancer researchers have followed up with studies on its effectiveness against a range of tumors in test tubes, including breast, colon, glioblastoma brain tumors and lymphoma, a blood cancer. None are yet in clinical trials, but this will be an interesting field to watch. We are delighted your wife got such a good response for such a difficult-to-treat cancer.

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  1. JW

    I wish I’d found this before now. I lost my fiancee to stage 4 pancreatic cancer on July 2, 2011. I suffer her loss daily.

  2. stern nurse

    @ Rx: Amen!

  3. Rx

    Thank you for this amazing and encouraging story! God bless! You will help so many people. Ignore the nay-sayers. Yes, the “average” person is closed-minded and overly sensitive to any perceived challenge to his/her assumed self-importance. Average people fill big science, government, education, etc. They’re everywhere! But wait, that’s the definition of average… I am sorry for your disheartening experiences with these people. But look at you! And those who have supported you. Congratulations on your brains and your pioneering bravery. If enough people like you step up, things will change. Many intelligent people will see the value in what you have contributed.
    Jesse– there’s nothing “bizarre” about this article. I’ve seen research on just about everything mentioned here, e.g., Tomato=lycopene; Onion=quercetin. I pulled myself out a serious health crisis using some of these exact methods. People now come up to me and say whatever I’m doing must be working because it SHOWS. You take issue with this article, but you mention that the human trials on curcumin at Anderson were prevented. Why? How can we have “proof” about natural cures if nobody can do trials? I wish you health, and I agree with much of what you said in your post.
    DCE– I believe he said he became a dealer in the acai juice because he was using so much, it made economic sense for him; I didn’t get the feeling he was pushing sales of it.
    Very interesting information about cannabis. It was a medicinal herb for many centuries. Then it got seriously criminalized. You have to wonder why. Look at the Drug Wars. Like Deep Throat said, “Follow the money.” The Opium Trade in Asia was what financed many of the movers and shakers of the early 20th century.
    If alcohol and tobacco (known poisons) are legal, it makes no sense at all that marijuana can put you in prison. Aside from the movie “Reefer Madness,” ; ) where is the valid research that cannabis rots your liver, kidneys, lungs, brain etc. – like alcohol, tobacco, pain and chemo drugs certainly do? If cannabis helps with pain and nausea, let’s use it! If it might kill cancer cells, let’s try it! Really, what do you have to lose when you are dying or in serious pain? Why shouldn’t you have the right to try whatever you want? Oh, wait, I know… you can just grow your own plant without a patent, and that means the big drug companies aren’t draining your bank account.
    Just me personally, I’d rather be treated with cannabis and curcumin than chemo. I’ve watched friends put their whole-hearted and desperate trust in the Establishment, and then die slow agonizing poverty-inducing deaths under the tender care of their medical professionals who know nothing about nutrition and supplements that can help protect from the ravages of chemo. (But their offices are stuffed with the latest drug promos, and I’ve heard they get golf vacations and stuff for being good prescribers. Can this be true?)
    As for the Cancer Cartel, it sponsors walk-a-thons and fund-raisers and pink ribbons and gosh, don’t you just feel so good that you’re doing something to help fight cancer? God forbid, we should clean up our world, our air and water and diet, and cut the cancer rates. I get really annoyed when somebody next to me lights up and forces me to breathe cigarette smoke. I don’t care if they smoke at home, but next to me, their addiction makes ME sick. I had to leave jobs I really liked because I couldn’t take the smoke. Why aren’t cigarettes illegal? We KNOW they kill people. Isn’t the whole ban on marijuana thing supposed to be “for your own good” because it’s so dangerous?? Really??
    Bazillions of dollars to cancer research and where are we? No “official” cure in sight. Oh, but we do have a cancer treatment center on every other corner and the drug companies are minting money on their new toxins. “They” aren’t going to cure cancer: it would put them out of business. It’s up to you to do it yourself.

  4. k.r.

    My grandson died at the age of 15 of lymphoma. I did tell the Dr. that I had just finished reading a book about the benefits of an alkaline diet to cure cancer and he sorta chuckled and took the book but I never saw the book again. I guess he burned it. My daughter was to scared to veer from what the Dr. recommended and Heath died after a long and exhaustive treatment of chemotherapy. Katherine

  5. PMM

    Speaking as a relative to a medical marijuana recipient in a legal state, No, it is not synthetic at all. It is the real plant.
    Marinol is a chemical version of the plant in pill form, and in my opinion very dangerous. I have witnessed what it does with just half a pill, not pretty. You can overdose on Marinol, however you cannot overdose on marijuana.
    Most of the cancer patients in Colorado recommend a few drops of a tincture. Which can be purchased for $60 from nearly all of the close to 300 dispensaries in Denver. This bottle (3 oz.s) will last up to and in some cases over a month.
    I am so excited for the future of our country if this trend continues.
    And my congratulations go out to the family who did what they had to do to reverse Pancreatic Cancer. Something I never knew could happen.

  6. cp mesquite, tx

    does anyone know if the “medical Marijuana” is the synthetic form (Marinol)

  7. BC

    The story is real – here’s the video http://www.uwhealth.org/ouruwcarbone/meet-our-patients/27369
    As for obtaining medical mj – you can take a pill form which is very expensive, buy it with a medical Rx if you live in a state with progressive medical laws, buy it on the street or grow your own, cheaply and quickly (you’ll need at least 3 months to grow your own so you’ll need some from somewhere else in the meantime).
    Search for 420 Magazine to find online resources for growing your own meds. The active ingredients in mj have a number of safe and effective uses for a wide variety of ailments. It’s not just “an excuse”.

  8. DCE

    This man lost his house and credit trying to get his wife treated for cancer, and yet when he was asked to speak against socialized medicine, he did. His barely discernible list of “treatments” sound more like, “let’s throw everything we have at it, and see what sticks.” Obviously, at least one thing in his list did work, and probably more than one.
    Some of the things in his list have a lot of research support, like curcumin and resveratol. Vitamin D3 was not on his list, but should have been. And the Acai juice? Obviously any acai juice will have a lot of antioxidants in it, but ANYTHING that is sold as multilevel marketing is a scam designed to make some people rich and others poor.

  9. CL

    This is one of the most awesome stories I have ever read. How in the world you all managed to research this and institute the changes necessary for her survival is nothing short of a miracle. I cannot for the life of me imagine how you managed this while raising 7 children at the same time. It had to be a staggering job.
    This is very long and I am going to print it out with whatever links are working, so that I can go over it more slowly. You say that you have lost your home and are heavily in debt. How about a book???
    My best to you and your family. I will remain in awe of your accomplishment and dedication,
    Carrollton, Texas

  10. Jesse

    This is the most bizarre article I have ever read. Acai juice, curcumin “untangling” DNA, tomatoes and onions to cure cancer, cancer doesn’t thrive in alkaline diet. None of it is logical or easy to believe. If marijuana can cure cancer, then prove it and let’s have legalized medical marijuana. I know it helps nausea, I am a cancer patient, and when I read “cancer cure” articles that sound ridiculous and hysterical I am very annoyed.
    I know first hand radiation and chemo are horror stories, and I would like to see better treatments and I know Big Pharma is the enemy in trying to have natural treatments. I just don’t believe there are any natural treatments that work. Dr. B. Aggrawal at MD Anderson was stopped from his curcumin trials because he had proved curcumin kills cancer cells in the lab and in animals. His research is published and on line. But the head of MD Anderson Cancer Center, Dr. John Mendelsohn, stopped the clinical trials on humans.
    There is a huge conspiracy to prevent any cure or treatment for cancer that won’t make big money for Big Pharma and doctors, but this email about the pancreatic cancer cure is very hard to believe. And a lot of it doesn’t make sense the way he wrote it, the abbreviations and vague or missing explanations or facts make it a vague story.
    Billions are squandered for useless cancer research and it is all about bringing in the money, not finding useful treatments and cures.
    Spontaneous cures are rare and I wonder if that is what A** B** experienced? Can this treatment be reproduced with other patients and verified? That will be of great interest, and having someone write more coherently about it.

  11. Woodshire

    Consuming cartons of MONA VIE acai berry juice? Sounds like a marketing scam.

  12. Penny H.

    My niece recently died of pancreatic cancer. Why oh why couldn’t they have found this earlier.

  13. MB

    To all who may read this message, this is a message of hope for all of those who are fighting cancer. This fight is the greatest fight you may ever face, and you’re not alone in it!
    Our story can be verified by any of these people:
    Sharon M. Weber, MD
    Associate Professor, Division of General Surgery, Section of Surgical Oncology
    Chief of Surgical Services, Veterans Administration HospitalK4/764 Clinical Science Center
    600 Highland Avenue
    Madison,WI 53792-7375
    Office: (608) 263-1387
    Fax: (608) 252-0912
    Noelle K LoConte, MD
    Assistant Professor
    University of Wisconsin Paul P. Carbone Comprehensive Cancer Center
    600 Highland Ave, CSC K4/548
    Madison, WI 53792
    Telephone (608) 265-5883
    Pager (608) 265-7000 #4554
    Fax 608-265-8133
    Nancy J. Francisco-Welke
    Senior Director of Development
    UW School of Medicine and Public Health
    American Family Children’s Hospital/UW Hospital & Clinics
    University of Wisconsin Foundation
    1848 University Avenue
    PO Box 8860
    Madison, WI 53708-8860
    fax: 608/263-0781
    email: nancy.francisco-welke@uwfoundation.wisc.edu
    Ming Teng, MD
    Radiation Oncologist
    Turville Bay MRI and Radiation Oncology Center
    1104 John Nolen
    Madison, WI 53713
    This message is a copy of an email I have sent to family, friends and others stricken with pancreatic cancer at the request of Dr. Teng and Dr. Weber…
    On that note, an amazing thing happened…my email is being forwarded all over the country, I got an email from a lady being treated at Stanford (where Patrick Swayze gets his treatment). She was forwarded my email by Wendi Fisher, Dr. Teng’s patient. The woman told me she has gained back 11 pounds and that her tumor is shrinking…she also said she was surprised to find out that Tomatoes and Lemons were high alkaline (a couple of the highest foods on the charts infact) and not acidic after reading the charts I sent links for. I have been getting a few emails a week…it makes me feel good to know that our journey is helping others find hope.
    Since I originally sent this email there have been a few new developments, Dr. Weber asked if they could share this email/regimen with some other patients…it’s awesome to think that others will benefit and find hope from our journey.
    My wife, A** B**, was diagnosed with non-resectable adeno carcinoma of the pancreatic head in DEC 2007, her tumor was over 5cm (5.5 X 6) and had grown around the portal vein and hepatic artery…we were told she would never be a candidate for the Whipple, we were also told these kind of tumors don’t shrink.
    We were told three months! Her first oncologist said “why don’t we just give her enough morphine to make her comfortable with the time she has left”…we never saw him again.
    Statistically…they are, and were right…but, if you know me…I don’t (or can’t) just stand in the way or face of adversity…I charge headlong into it!
    We started out with Dean Oncology and the Mayo Clinic in MN for surgery consults, A** was put on standard treatment, gemcitabine chemotherapy and concurrent radiotherapy (29 treatments) with DEAN oncology and Turville Bay. we are now at the UW’s Carbone Cancer Center.
    The night of her biopsies, was a lonely drive home. Listening to Five for Fighting, the songs just laid bear my heart, I Just Love You, If God made You, Dying, One More for Love, Maybe I, The riddle and The Counting Crows Rain King, A Long December.I just cried. A** slept. The fear and sadness were overwhelming.I had stood just outside the door listening to her scream as they did the biopsies. She was awake so she could hold her breath when told to do so…I felt so helpless and overwhelmed…she was speaking Spanish sporadically, she had spent her early years in Lima Peru and was apparently reading a sign…I couldn’t do anything, the staff tried to get me to leave and go to the waiting area…no force on earth or Heaven would have moved me from my post…knowing and fearing the worst I was determined to find answers! A** developed severe pancreatitis attack on the ride home and had to go to the ER @ RAMC. I started searching that night.
    So why does Pancreatic cancer have the worst 5 yr survival rate of all cancers…I have a few ideas, lack of funding in comparison say to breast cancer research is way up on my list, as well as the insurance companies assuming the patient isn’t going to be around very much longer and have created an environment where doctors delay or don’t even run tests to check for spread etc…so they will get more incentive pay (really wrong way to practice saving lives)… also, perhaps…because it pumps cancer fighting elements out, like chemo for instance…the pancreas cells pump out digestive enzymes along with chemo and any other cancer fighting elements that are present…I don’t think there is a good enough understanding of Pancreatic carcinoma or any cancer really, I wonder what the next 5-10 years will bring, what advances.one of the things that keeps me going…the longer I can keep A** going the longer truly inspired doctors have to find real solutions…
    In dealing with Doctors, only one of the first group of six has been passionate, engaging, hopeful etc…Dr. Teng is awesome! Then, at the UW it seemed every doctor involved with A** was passionate, engaging, knowledgeable, hopeful etc…
    I realized a few weeks into treatment that we should use a different routine on A**’s chemo days…her normal routine was to go have lunch with her Mother right before she went in, which meant her pancreas was working, pumping when they were giving her the gemzar…that thought came in the middle of the night.
    Pancreatic cancer is hard to treat is because the cells already have the ability to pump, and they are energetically unique, and that has an enormous influence on how they respond to diet, electrolytes, to chemotherapy and radiation.
    Every cell in the human body is surrounded by a membrane that lets oxygen, hormones, nutrients, waste products, and toxins in and out. The membrane admits or ejects these substances via electrostatic charge.
    A pancreatic cell has a charge of about -4mV. If your electrolytes are ot of balance the mteabolic processes become inhibited and the cells lose the ability to transfer nutirents and toxins etc….So DIET is KEY to surving any cancer I feel but especially Pancreatic cancer, nausea control is paramount to maintaining a good diet…they go hand in hand.
    I searched the web for alternatives…or complimentary treatments (to work with the radiation and chemo) and I found many claiming to help…some were bogus, and some have worked miraculously. A**’s Uncle was very helpful…he reviewed studies for me and told me which were legit and which weren’t, he reviewed the doctors, were the in good status etc…and their procedures…like the zeolite study that is complete bull that is being sold to unsuspecting individuals, just a way to make money off somebody else’s grief…really wrong…anyway he has a link too: http://www.umass.edu/molvis/martz/ I spent a lot of time searching for courses of action, diet info etc…Many long nights at the computer.
    I found answers and implemented a number of changes in A**’s life style; I created a regimen to seriously help fight this cancer…cancer in general…
    Carleen Wild of NBC news Madison Wisconsin interviewed A** in Nov 2008, I think you can still see it at http://www.nbc15.com.
    Throughout her treatments we were showing a steady reduction in tumor size of 1 – 1.5cm every four months…the doctors had no data on these kind of results with standard treatments (radiation/chemo)…only one of her doctors asked what we were doing differently…only one seemed hopeful, driven, knowledgeable etc…Dr. Ming Teng.
    Chemo and radiation were really taking a toll on A**…she was so sick, one doctor suggested using Cannabinoids.
    It was hard for her to even want to try cannabis even after one of her doctors said it in passing…it was said in a conversation about anti-nausea meds, she was having real trouble with the radiation and chemo and wasn’t tolerating the meds well…and in the middle of talking about options “Marijuana works”…was all that was said and right back into the conversation like nothing else had been said.
    A** was apprehensive about using it, I tried to illuminate the possibilities/benefits :)…for her, I think it had more to do with the stigma associated with using and not knowing what or how it makes you feel etc…, then one day when she was really sick and in the process of voiding what little she had…I had her take it, and instantly the nausea was gone…and a little later she was eating!!!
    It was later that I found the European medical study of cannabinoids…and started having her use it much more often, before and after chemo etc…Not waiting for the nausea…they showed that it increased the effectiveness of chemo treatments and it made her hungry…it was a win-win.
    Only one of her first six doctors had asked what we are doing differently, “your results aren’t normal for the treatment you are on”…just one doctor of the first 6! Where is the passion? Where is the compasion? Only Dr. Teng asked…until we got to the UW.
    If she hadn’t used cannabis then, to overcome the nausea, she would not have been around for me to find the other studies, have them reviewed by her uncle. I increased her use of Cannabinoids after reading this study.
    Oct 14, 2008, she had an MRI/MRA…it showed the tumor had shrunk down to 3.1cm X 2.3cm and we were sent to the Mayo clinic to be evaluated for the Whipple.
    We went to Mayo on Nov 4, 2008…she was found to have no discrete mass or tumor identified in the pancreatic head during her most recent MRCP (they did three separate MRCP’s…one with out any contrast, then two more with different contrasts)!!!!
    Her Dean and Mayo doctors believe there are cancer cells remaining but have said, there is no way to be certain at this point since there are no tumor markers in her blood samples and nothing big enough to biopsy…they are scratching their heads…
    I know the increase in Cannabinoids use helped destroy the cancer as well as the addition of MONA-VIE Acai juice the week of Oct 6, 2008 (this addition made the greatest difference in reduction rate.in three weeks the tumor went from 3.1cm x 2.3 cm to having no discrete mass or tumor identified in the pancreatic head in comparison to the 1-1.5 cm at four month intervals we were getting before).
    **Here is a break down of what We did, and some links**.
    Studies indicate that cutting salt, increasing potassium intake and getting your ph level between 7.2 and 7.6 by eating a more alkaline based diet will help fight cancer.
    I found studies concerning alkaline vs. acidic diets, Cancer doesn’t thrive in an alkaline environment.
    Yes, I have seen the studies by some saying the ph of your blood doesn’t change.blood isn’t the only fluid in your body, saliva, urine, lymphatic etc.their ph changes.at least the ph testing strips indicate that they do, so does my wife’s vitality!
    I feel a high alkaline diet is essential, here are some links to alkaline food charts and I would recommend getting ph testing strips.
    http://www.rense.com/1.mpicons/acidalka.htm , http://www.essense-of-life.com/info/foodchart.htm , http://www.cayce.com/acidalkalinefoods.htm
    Also, potassium rich foods http://www.essense-of-life.com/info/potassiumfoods.htm
    Increase intake of complex carbs, dark greens, dark and vibrant colors.
    Cut sugar and simple carbs (breads, rice, pasta, potatoes, corn…starch) from the diet as much as possible, use natural RAW HONEY to sweeten. Use whole grain pasta’s and breads sparingly.
    Cut salt from the diet as much as possible. Don’t eat cured meats, pickled anything! If you can, remove SALT from your diet!
    *Eat as much fruit as you can.
    **Resveratrol, BIG DOG in the anti-oxidant world…super food! Found in red grape skins and ACAI (20-30% higher concentration than red grapes) -the biggest difference I have seen in A**’s well being!!!!! **
    **Curcumin, antioxidant found in turmeric may activate gene p53 considered by some to be a “cancer watchdog”. The activation of this “watchdog” gene appears to slow down the proliferation of pancreatic cancer cells Cancer cells in general). Curcumin was the first thing I put in our regimen. ** A supplement is needed as you couldn’t eat enough tumeric i.e. curry to make a difference.
    It is believed that curcumin “untangles” DNA that may have been distorted in a precancerous cell, and helps restore a normal electrostatic charge allowing or enhancing a cells ablity to replicate and stay healthy by bringing in all the nutrients it needs.
    Quercetin is another antioxidant that has been found to help the body fight cancer. yet another anti-oxidant…kind of a theme huh!
    Onions, grapefruit, and apples have the highest concentrations of quercetin and we keep grapefruit and apples stocked…we keep four big fruit bowls always stocked with apples, oranges, bananas, grapefruit, grapes.everything! The kids eat them all day long like it’s going out of style…they often comment about other friends’ families not having fruit on hand, just chips and other junk food. I am glad we like fruit.
    A** doesn’t really like onions, but adding them to avocados, tomatoes with a squirt of lemon.aka, chunky guacamole gave her a high alkaline cancer fighting treat, add half a citrus marinated grilled chicken breast put on a bed of dark greens, baby spring mix.you have a nice meal…Kale or Bokchoy is great and both are cancer fighters as well.
    Lycopene is an Essential nutrient to help fight pancreatic cancer, cancer in general.
    Lycopene is found in tomatoes, grape tomatoes (sliced in half) sautéed in olive oil…the olive oil activates the lycopenes, (the lycopenes need to bind to the fat in the olive oil in order for your body to utilize/process them)…some whole grain penny pasta, you can wilt some Kale into it; add some skinless seared chicken strips…great meal.
    GLA (gamma-linoleic acid) is one nutrient that has been shown to have an effect on cancer (including pancreatic) once it occurs. This is the fatty acid found in: Hempseed oil, and Flaxseed oil.
    GLA is an omega-6 essential fatty acid. Omega-6’s are just as important as the better-known omega-3’s in controlling inflammation.
    **Omega-6’s slow circulation down and may stop the growth of blood vessels to tumors and thereby keep them from becoming malignant.
    ALA (alpha-linoleic acid) is an Omega 3 fatty acid found in fish oils, it is also found in Hemp seeds.
    **Omega-3’s, promote circulation.
    The body needs omega-3 fatty acids like those found in fish oil to avoid tissue loss. Although Omega-3’s don’t act as directly on cancer cells as omega-6 fatty acids they are just as essential. You have to feed your body the things it needs to build healthy tissues in order to fight cancer…the good cells in your body need to be stronger than the cancer cells in order to overwhelm them…I know there is some debate about using Omega 3’s, some feel it will allow the cancer cells (tumor) to have greater blood flow…it is my feeling that sure, if you are only increasing blood flow that might prove to be true, but if you are taking in nutients that create an environment that cancer doesn’t thrive in while feeding your body’s cells enabling them to replicte and grow strong…the increased blood flow is a win win as the waste products will be carried a way more efficiently as well…sorry I digressed so much there … Effectively, Omega 3’s help by helping keep your body healthy enough to fight the cancer. The amount of supplemental protein and omega-3 fatty acids needed is really quite small, getting just about 1 ounce (28-32 grams) of protein a day with 2 EPA from fish oil can stop both muscle wasting and loss of fat under the skin.
    The body needs carbohydrates and protein at the same time to rebuild muscle tissue, organ tissue, and immune cells.
    Eat small quantities of both at the same time…the shakes I made for Alyssa :).
    CLA’s, http://www.mercola.com/beef/cla.htm , Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a mixture of positional and geometric isomers of linoleic acid, which is found preferentially in dairy products and meat. Preliminary studies indicate that CLA is a powerful anticancer, a study done at the UW showed that grazed cows had 500% more CLA’S in their milk than silage fed.
    **Cannabinoids (canabis) are great for nausea and fight cancer at a cellular level. http://cancerres.aacrjournals.org/cgi/content/full/66/13/6748
    **Some things we use to get these nutrients:
    Use natural RAW HONEY to sweeten…get rid of sugar!
    **MONA-VIE ACAI Blend (made the greatest difference we have seen) 4-6 ounces in the morning and 4-6 ounces at night.
    It is set up to be a business oportunity. I went through 2.5 cases a month….so it was way cheaper than paying retail…that’s why I did it that way. I just don’t have the time to make it a business with taking care of A**, 7 kids, grandchild, musicals, music camps, soccer and swimming….
    **LifeExtension Super Bio-Curcumin, the very first thing I put in her regimen. http://www.lef.org
    SMART BALANCE buttery spread with FLAX Oil (add flax seed to a blue berry muffin mix and spread on the smart balance); http://www.smartbalance.com
    Silk soymilk Plus, OMEGA-3 DHA; http://www.silksoymilk.com if you have breast cancer, or a genetic risk of breast cancer you should avoid soy products due to increased levels of estrogen
    Flax Plus organic multi-bran cereal, GLA’S
    Nature’s Path Organic HEMP PLUS Granola, ALA’S
    Nature’s Path Organic FLAX PLUS Granola, ALA’S
    Regenie’s thin cut crunchy pita chips (multi grain, whole grain + Flaxseed and Linseed), GLA’s. She has them with Black olive humus, legumes have cancer fighters too.
    Sobe Life Water, Gogi Melon and Yuzu black currant are Alyssa’s favorites, 2-3 20oz bottles a day. I know, there is sugar in it…but it’s a small amount, and Alyssa will drink it :).
    Dasani strawberry kiwi essence (no sugar), Alyssa has been favoring these as of late. This is her current drink of choice.
    Tilapia-great little fish! High in the OMEGA’S…try to eat it twice a week (or Orange roughy cause Alyssa likes it best)….steamed broccoli, green beans, spinach cooked in coconut oil…nutrients need to bond to the fat to be absorbed etc…
    Chunky guacamole, high alkaline treat, Avocados, Tomatoes, Onions…eat it often :)…great on a bed of DARK GREENS, with a BOCA burger, lemon seared chicken breast or poached/baked fish.
    Grass fed beef cheese burgers, high in CLA’s…Alyssa had them for lunch after she made it through radiation and chemo…study was done at UW Madison
    High Alkaline shake (breakfast) @400 calories, 28.09 grams protein, 340% vitamin C, 100% vitamin E:
    1. 2 cups (16oz) of OJ (I use simply orange…fresh, not concentrated and no sugar)
    2. 1 medium banana
    3. 3 scoops of Genisoy soy protein powder; http://www.genisoy.com
    Moderate Alkaline shake (Lunch & dinner) @620 calories, 29.09 grams protein, 150% Vitamin E, 25% Vitamin D:
    1. 2 cups (16oz) Blue Diamond Natural Chocolate Almond Breeze; Almond milk isn’t high alkaline.although almonds themselves are? http://www.bluediamond.com
    2. 1 medium banana
    3. 2 scoops of soy dream ice cream (1/3 cup), chocolate or mocha are Alyssa’s favorite
    4. 3 scoops of Genisoy soy protein powder; http://www.genisoy.com
    During radiation and Chemo A** had three or more of these shakes a day, was trying to have her consume 2000 calories a day…some times I could only get her to take a few ounces every 1 to 2 hours…I didn’t sleep much during those times…still don’t but….
    I had to change Al**’s diet after the Whipple. It’s a work in progress…dealing with short and medium chain fatty acids vice long chain (long chain are bad if you are having trouble with chylous ascites).
    A** doesn’t eat dairy any more, and the grass fed beef had to go (the smell too)…mostly chicken, fish and Boca burgers…after the Whipple dairy and beef are just too hard on her digestive system…and she loved cottage cheese.
    Goat milk/cheese are easier to digest and we have it in the house since I am allergic to whey and casseinate, and one of our seven kids is allergic too…but only one, I have found that amazing.
    She takes pancrelipase (digestive enzymes).
    Bananas, bananas, bananas :). Almost the perfect food :).
    Oranges, Mandarin Oranges, apples, apricots (yuck, I hate the furry little devils), grapefruit, kiwis, strawberries, red grapes.
    A** eats an active yogurt 10-20 minutes before she eats, she eats 4 meals and has fruit when hungry.
    A shake, has to sip it so I make them smaller now as if they sit they get to thick :)….split it up into 5ths
    A** eats a small bowl of oatmeal, peaches.
    Fresh pineapple and a banana-snack
    Boca burger, three mushrooms, half avocado, half tomato…or she has half chicken breast instead of the Boca.
    Chicken salad, lemon seared cubed chicken, walnuts, red grapes just a little of the smart balance mayo and lemon juice.
    Poached or baked fish and as a side, sometimes has hummus with baked whole grain pita chips..legumes are a good thing!
    *Recipe added 11-16-09…Great little pizza loaded with cancer fighters…simple pizza made with FLATOUT flatbread ( http://www.flatoutbread.com ), Multi Grain with FLAX (excellent source of ALA), fresh tomato sauce from organic tomatos and spiced how you like (I start my sauce by cooking the tomatoes first in a little coconut oil so the lycopene will bond to it), tomato slices on the pizza as well, grilled chicken pieces, CAR VALLEY CHEESE CO. ( http://www.carrvalleycheese.com ) MOBAY Cheese (goat & sheep milk), organic spinach and fresh pineapple chunks.
    The reality of the fight you are in is scary (almost talking in 3rd person), I didn’t ever tell A**a that all of the doctors were telling me 3 months while they were telling her how there wasn’t anything they could really do but that she was young and strong so we could be aggressive with radiation/chemo…I refused to tell myself or accept it.
    A** almost died twice in the third week of her treatment, the radiation and chemo were beating her up, and she continued to teach! At one point after I had revived her she said she couldn’t take it any more and wanted to quit. I told her if she could tell our youngest she didn’t want to be his mommy anymore she could quit. She couldn’t tell him J, Isaac was 5 then, the youngest of our 7 children.
    The summer of ’08 was really bad, it was mostly due to pain…and the pain meds…she was beating the cancer then, although most every one else was thinking it was growing…nerve pain from the incredible shrinking tumor :)….of course I was told it wasn’t nerve pain…it took so long, having her admitted for pain management, finding bilateral pneumonia, ulcers etc…But no reason for the pain level??? Then finally Dr. Earhart said he thought I was right about it being nerve pain…A** had the celiac nerve block, ta-da…pain free!
    A** is amazing, we have seven children (the oldest 4 from my first marriage-my late wife passed away in 1998), and A** worked so hard to be their mother from day one, she loved them as her own, they are her children, that is the way she teaches too…she really connects with the children…that’s why so many would make cards, pick flowers etc..music and teaching are her true calling! A** had survvived cancer before, she had Thyroid cancer when she was 19 and her love of music helped her through that time as well.
    Music means so much to her, to us as a family… before she was diagnosed she had promised to play piano for our son Sean’s solo ensemble performances….he made state in both his Broadway and classical pieces, he sang so beautifully, he was so emotional about his mom, so worried before he sang that I wasn’t sure he would make it through…or her for that matter. She some but collapsed after and then the next day she got real sick.
    Spring break of 2008 Sean sang at a concert in Boston at the Children’s museum, he sang a solo, after the concert he was approached by Ben Affleck and told he had a wonderful voice! How awesome! That compliment, that act of humanity, of love…Ben has no way of knowing how much that lifted Sean’s spirits. I almost didn’t allow my three oldest children to take that trip for fear that A** would pass while they were gone. I was supposed to have been a chaperone, but due to our situation I couldn’t, our oldest child back from college for break took my place. Ben’s praise lifted all of our spirits, it gave Sean a bright place to dwell in within all of the darkness that engulfed him, and brought us as a family much joy…then in August after being in the hospital for 8 days A** made me take Sean to the American Idol tryout in Kansas City…that is a story for another time maybe J. If you have a way of contacting Ben, I would love to be able to thank him, look him in the eye, father to father and tell him how much he lifted my son, our family. Music is so vital, Music, the voice of the soul…music, dance are so elemental, so natural, so much a part of human expression, so much a part of our lives as a family.
    A** is amazing. She is a teacher in the River Valley School district, she teaches music and continued to teach through most of her treatment with myself as her chauffer and teachers aid :)…she is so loved by her students…fellow teachers and members of those communities, River Valley Schools is comprised of four separate towns schools…the support they have shown A** and our family is boundless. I was her chauffeur and teachers aid, keeping her connected and in her life…sharing those moments with her was such a blessing…we saw many beautiful sunrises together and many happy smiles. I am very thankful the school system let me be her aid to keep her in her life as much as possible.
    Dec 30 2008, we spent all day at University of Wisconsin Medical…the comprehensive cancer treatment center. When we left late that evening we were in the middle of another snow storm.it was the most beautiful snow fall I have seen, it was like we were in a snow globe.the most perfect and delicate snow flakes I have ever seen.
    We got sent to the UW in early DEC 2008 because our old DEAN Health oncologist didn’t know what to do. She got confused as to what the reports meant and thought A** was getting worse because she didn’t understand the MRCP findings…they couldn’t be real, so she went with an EUS report that conflicted itself…on one hand indicating that the tumor was dead because the cuff it had run along the hepatic artery was gone (its blood supply) and then another reading of an area 3.3cm by 3.6cm, this area turned out to be less than a mil thick (that’s why it didn’t show up on the MRCP) and considered to be necrotic tissue (dead tissue-radiation burned).
    None of the DEAN doctors asked what we were doing different, only one doctor outside of UW asked and that was Dr. Teng from Turville Bay, he was her radiation oncologist…he asked because the results we got aren’t normally seen…he asked on her six month check up after radiation ended….I mentioned him before, DR. Ming Teng, was the only doctor outside of the UW that inspired hope, that was engaging, intelligent, thoughtful, articulate…passionate! He gave us hope from the very beginning…when all others seemed to have already written her off and had her on a slab. A** would not have made it with out his efforts or his consults, not only did he preform his duties as dictated by her treatment plan…he treated us like there was hope, he informed us of procedures to ask about at Mayo, he talked about success, about treatment options, gave us advice…I can’t really express what he did for us…nor could I fully express what Dr. Sharon Weber and Doctors, LaConte and Gayle at the UW did for us.
    The Doctors at UW said they don’t consider A**’s condition to be progressing, getting worse, they actually think they will do the Whipple…that’s why we were there all day, doing scans and tests…the surgery scares the crap out of me, but Dr. S. Webber is the best.
    The MRCP’s done at The UW in Dec and then a PET scan on Jan 7, 2009 showed no discreet mass or any abnormalities to suggest local or metastatic spread of the pancreatic cancer. Zero cancer activity, just gone! Like the tests at The Mayo Clinic.
    Our insurance has decided not to pay for the PET scan because it’s not a scan normally done for pancreatic cancer…even though Dr. Farnell at The Mayo Clinic said it was probably the only scan that might show any activity at this point. It’s not the only scan/test that wasn’t fully paid for…we are pretty seriously in debt at this point…lost our home and our credit rating…but it’s the best cause I could ever be in debt for…Just really hard for a family of ten. I just don’t understand how people can be so consumed with making money that they fail to see that they are running their businesses so wrong (medical insurance and Drug companies)…just a battle that shouldn’t be, people die because of their greed. If they actually did everything in their power to provide the care they could, they would end up making higher profits too boot because consumers would live longer and need/want their services!
    A** wanted the surgery, I was not convinced that we couldn’t beat this with what we are doing…I know they keep telling us that the only “proven” long term solution is the whipple…but they also told us that these tumors don’t shrink ever and hers did.I wanted proof she needed it.
    Then on Jan 19, 2009; A** became jaundiced again. Her stent had become clogged with scar tissue, they couldn’t clean it out and it couldn’t be removed. Many options were discussed.
    Dr. Weber performed the Whipple on 12 Feb 2009; 11.5 hours of surgery.they couldn’t find any cancer! They checked everything 4 and 5 times.no cancer.
    They had a vascular surgery team standing by ready to take one of the jugulars to replace the occluded part of A**’s portal vein.but when they got all of the necrotic tissue removed the vein came back on it’s own. They cultured all tissues removed during the Whipple and have not been able to grow any cancer cells.
    I am so glad we got to the UW, even though we had beat the cancer Alyssa would have died were it not for Dr. Sharon Weber…amazing doctor, after being told over and over by all of the testosterone pumping, chest beating want to be gun slingers that the whipple could never be done…Dr. Weber proved them all wrong, she told us from the beginning that she had to look at A** as a unique case due to her being at the extreme side of the bell curve, unusual progression I think was a term she used. Wow, a doctor that can think, who wasn’t contained within the box so many find themselves in….awesome.
    A** came home on 19 Feb 2009 and is doing great, she is back teaching.having a little trouble with chylous ascites, lymphatic fluid accumulation.her tissues aren’t healing as quickly due to the radiation she had…
    It is so important to stay in your life, to live, to love, to seek beautiful sunrises…to share your journey, to be strong enough to be weak, to find strength in a smile.
    This fight is about one more second, one more minute, one more hour, one more day…for us it was also about The Crystal apple awards (A** had been nominated for teaching excellence and it was her first real goal or milestone to make it to), Isaac’s first day of school (our youngest), one more memory, Christmas, Anniversary, Honors choir, the holidays, solo ensemble, concerts, One more sunrise was so very important, to know we had made it through the night and were given another day…for us one more concert really seems to fit! What ever it takes to keep you putting one foot in front of the other, to embrace love and seek joy even in the darkest hours…or especially then!
    This really has been such an amazing journey, I am so grateful for the many blessings we have found a long the way.at times you really have to search those blessing out when the darkness and pain close in all around you.the fear and uncertainty.when everything seems to be going wrong.a couple of our children have had a really hard time…and searching, sharing this journey with them is rewarding and so precious even if they take days or years to sort through and process all they have lived in these past months.
    It has been a long road and will continue to be so…but A** is doing so well and how could it not be a joyous one with an awesome family, great friends and finally competent doctors who care and have great passion for their craft. It’s strange, but this journey…with all of its pitfalls, pain and insecurity has been the greatest I have known…and I have lived the best of times and suffered the worst…and during this part of the journey we have grown so much closer, have enjoyed the simple pleasures more etc…
    A recent update, 16 June 09 A** had more scans, MRI and ultra sound….she is still cancer free!
    Feel free to contact Dr. Sharon Weber at:
    University of Wisconsin Paul P. Carbone Comprehensive Cancer Center
    600 Highland Ave, CSC K4/548
    Madison, WI 53792
    Phone: 1-608-263-7502
    Or Dr. Noelle LoConte (same place)
    Phone: 1-608-265-1700
    About smoking and cannabinoids use, marijuana.you should use a vaporizer. The volcano vaporizer is great! None of the problems from smoke and it should work for tobacco as well if it is something you just can’t live with out…or think you can’t…better to quit out right, best to have never started J.
    It’s not everything. I have more diet related things that I haven’t added to any of this yet. These are things relating to A**’s needs during the various, more recent stages of the journey fighting . If you have had the whipple and are having trouble with chylous ascites you need to stay away from long chain fatty acids.
    One of our favorite recipes is a simple pizza made with FLATOUT flatbread ( http://www.flatoutbread.com ), Multi Grain with FLAX (excellent source of ALA), fresh tomato sauce from organic tomatos and spiced how you like, tomato slices on the pizza as well, grilled chicken pieces, CAR VALLEY CHEESE CO. ( http://www.carrvalleycheese.com ) MOBAY Cheese (goat & sheep milk), organic spinach and fresh pineapple chunks.
    ******************* The regimen in simple form is:
    1. Remove Salt and “REFINED SUGARS” of any kind…including corn sweeteners.
    2. Get on a High Alkaline diet and monitor ph level.
    3. Increase intake of complex carbs, eat as much fresh fruit and dark green and vibrant colored vegies…vibrant colors do wonders.
    4. Add antioxidants, RESVERATROL, ACAI, CURCUMIN, Quercetin. Resveratrol and Curcumin being the most important I feel.
    5. Cannabinoids, cannabis…not just for nausea…really important for multiple reasons, we need to work on legalizing it in WI and the rest of the country.
    6. Nutrients Lycopene and the OMEGA’S, GLA and ALA (omega 6 and omega 3’s).
    7. Stay Hydrated.
    I hope for every one, who reads this, to stay strong and have hope!
    Update 11-16-09
    Our journey continues, yes we lost our home…just haven’t figured out a way to pay all of our bills and keep fighting this cancer, so fighting cancer is the number one priority! We have moved to Spring Green, the kids are doing just great. So really, we are all doing just great.
    On Oct 20, 2009 A** was scanned again at the UW…STILL NO CANCER, the UW had a film crew there, then they went to Plain Elementary for a couple of hours and then finally they came to our house to film us…around 4.5 hours at our house…they just finished editing and it will be on the UW’s web sight this month, a story of HOPE, of living and embracing LIFE!!!
    A video produced by the UW. http://ourcancercenter.uwhealth.org/stories/entry/alyssa-brewer/
    A** is doing GREAT, she has so much energy, we just recently spent a morning and afternoon at a swim meet (sectionals) with our daughter then we went to Madison for the JAZZED for HOPE Pancan event that went late into the evening…then we went up to Brian Martz’s farewell recital (he retired from teaching at UWSP low brass dept head) and then had a swimming banquet the next morning 2.3 hour drive each way…we are so full of joy with our continuing journey. A** is doing so amazingly well!
    I was asked to speak at the State House on DEC 15th in support of the Jacki Rickert Medical Marijuana Act and against socialized medicine, I did….Rep. Leah Vukmir (R-Wauwatosa) couldn’t be more wrong, this is not a ruse or a “facade”.
    It was so very sad to see so many people with “real medical concerns”, not because they were being used but because they (we) were being treated so badly and disdainfully by the likes of Rep. Leah Vukmir…politicians who, ignore what the people not only want, but what the people truly need…the same old tired dogma, the same old hardend hearts and closed minds…
    They say there isn’t Testimony that is based on science? …The world used to be flat too…right??
    There are studies, this one that proves THC kills cancer cells, pancreatic cancer cells…same link as above :).
    Follow the money! Big drug companies and private correctional facilities lobby against this, why? Who are they paying, and whom do they represent?
    Rep. Vukmir did not come with an open mind, she came with her own agenda…not her constituents, but hers…to many have forgotten the “WE” in “WE THE PEOPLE”…She left before I had my chance to testify. I risked public exposure to testify about something that helped my wife BEAT adenocarcinoma of the pancreatic head…diagnosed in DEC ’07, given three months to live…if you have read this far, you know the story…our journey continues.
    If we don’t act for ourselves…no one else will, “WE” the people need to stand tall and be heard no matter what ill they may through our way…that’s why I risked the exposure…many from the school district saw A** on the news, some are questioning why a teacher would be there…Some know the truth, I hope the rest have open minds and also appreciated what a blessing they have with her as a teacher…What a truly gifted teacher she is.
    I hope all who read this stay strong, get active…challenge our politicians and law makers to represent the “WE” in we the people!
    UpDATE! A** was scanned on Tuesday, 23 Feb ’10…best scans ever (besides the ones that first showed no discrete mass!), clear as ever! No Cancer!. Her Blood work was awesome too! BUN=13, Creatine 1.0, Albumin 3.7, T.bili. 0.4, Alk phos 158, AST 49, ALT 42 and Ca 19-9 14!
    Annother UPDATE!! 22 JUNE 2010 A** was scanned and they were the cleanest ever…the scarring from her lung nodules in now completely gone! CA-19 was 15, her blood work was the best ever, liver function is improving (she will always have NASH, or so they say)…to go from a 6cm tumor to no discreet mass pre-whipple…now to post post whipple and gaining weight, feeling great….just AWESOME!
    I know there are people who fear believing that this could happen, many nay sayers…many who like us have chosen to have hope! If you are on this journey you have HOPE when there isn’t anything else…nothing to lose and everything to gain!
    Another note or reminder about the links, you may need to copy and paste them…and some may no longer be available.
    Embrace HOPE! Seek glorious sunrises…man is that he might have JOY! Share your joy with others!

  14. EJA

    Like others commenting – I would hope that the original writer would follow up with specific info on the regimen and diet his wife followed.

  15. MEP

    I would like information on what type of diet changes were started, and if he can describe the regimen. does the diet and regimen include the Marijuana or are they in addition to the Marijuana?

  16. B. Jean

    My husband has pancreatic cancer, stage 4, I would like to know the diet that she was on and where can people with cancer buy the drug cannabinoids.
    Thank you.

  17. MAA, Jr.

    This was a very helpful article and in the future would you please tell me about more medicinal purposes for marijuana : thank you :)

  18. marcy

    I would like to know more about what ” the regiment and diet” is that this person started his wife on when she had pancreatic cancer?

  19. Else H.

    I would like to know what changes the husband made in his wife’ diet to help
    her fight pancreatic cancer. This is good to have in case I ever get it.
    I don’t smoke but I’d smoke marijuana to help cure cancer.

  20. hendry

    I am very interested in the comments from the man whose wife had pancreatic cancer. besides the marijuana use, what type of diet and “regime” did he give his wife which was so helpful in curing her cancer?

  21. Sandy E.

    I am a chronic pain patient. I hear marijuana is good for pain, too. When can we hope to be able to get it? I’s been tested enough over the last few thousand years and I think it is safer than some medications. I can’t take steroids, Ultram, etc. and narcotics are almost impossible (I could probably get “street pot” easier, but I don’t want to do anything illegal) to get.

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    Medical Marijuana Used to Fight Cancer:
    The topic is very interesting.
    Q. What was the diet change?
    Q. What is the regiment being studied?
    The reason, I have stage 4 and am interested in other alternatives to evaluate .

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