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Home Remedies Help Feet Look Fabulous

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Q. I've been suffering from nail fungus for years. My doctor prescribed pills, which worked for a while but the fungus came back. My feet look atrocious and I am embarrassed to wear sandals. Do you have any natural approaches that won't damage my liver like the pills could?

A. One of our favorites involves soaking your toes in Listerine and vinegar. Here is a recent success story: "I was desperate to cure toenail fungus that I acquired five years ago. It was getting painful even to walk because the nail was curling inward, not to mention it was ugly!

"After two months using the remedy from The People's Pharmacy, my nail is growing in a beautiful whitish pink. The ugly yellow/blue/black thick nail is only at the very tip of the nail now (when it was all the way to the cuticle before).

"I soaked my toes every night in vinegar and Listerine. I also rubbed Vicks into the nail bed and underneath the nail about twice a week. It's exciting to see the progress!"

We are sending you our Guide to Hair and Nail Care, with more details on many home remedies to treat nail fungus.

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Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4.7/5 (123 votes)
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It would be nice to know if one is supposed to soak your toes first in Listerine and then vinegar, or does one mix the Listerine and vinegar together and in what quantities?

Very interested in how to use the Listerine and vinegar home remedy. How much Listerine and how much vinegar? How long do I soak my feet?

We, too, want to try the Vinegar and Listerine method on our toes. My foot doctor says removing nails helps. He removed 1/2 of my large toenail five or six years ago. After it healed, the nail grew back and looked great, still does! BUT, removal is a bit drastic for more than one nail---takes a long time to heal & for nail to grow back. SO, we are going to soak in vinegar & Listerine. How much of each and can you mix them together for soaking?

Hopefully someone will reply!

I've been using this remedy with success. I use equal parts amber Listerine and white vinegar. I suggest you purchase these items in bulk if you can. Also, I use the mixture for a month daily before I throw it away and make a new batch.

I would like to know if the vinegar and Listerine are supposed to be added to water, and also if the water needs to be warm or not? Do I need to do this everyday and for how long do I need to soak my feet?

Does this also work on fingernails? My fingernail is separating from the nail bed under it and I was prescribed ciclopirox that I have been using for 3 months now and do not see any improvement. I am to use this for 6 months total, would I be better off with the listerine & vinegar mixture then also using vicks?

I have had horrible toenail fungus on one foot for years. The other foot is fine. When my big toenail just fell off one morning I resorted to the pills. I took them for 2 weeks and then ran on information about painting on colorless iodine. So I stopped the pills and started using the iodine. It has been about a month and a half so far and they appear to be growing out healthy.

The yucky stuff is still on the end so I will not be completely sure until that is gone. I paint the toenails and actually the bottom of my foot every morning with colorless iodine (rite aid). I noticed this week that that foot did not have plantar fascia pain in the mornings but the other foot does. So now I am painting both feet. The morning pain is gone in both. If I wear my hard toe shoes at work I can still get a bit of pain in the bottom of my feet during the day. But I think this is greatly improved. Also the texture of the bottom of my bad foot has improved greatly. It used to be papery and shiny. Now it appears normal and pliable. I am cautiously hopeful.

Do you add any water to the mixture? and... amber color? Are you talking about the 'original' L.? Or the new 'orange' color? Thanks. I also read that Vicks vapor rub also helps with fungus (but I think probably this mixture it's better.) Thanks for the information.

What acid strength should the vinegar be -- 5%, 10% or 20% distilled vinegar? How long does one soak their feet in the Listerine/white vinegar solution?

Mine cleared up this past winter and has remained clear just by wearing socks to bed every night. I first noticed it about 2 or 3 months after I started wearing them to bed.

How long should one soak the feet?

I have had some success with Vicks but it is not "gone" and my sister used the Listerine and vinegar and has not had much success. It is frustrating but there is supposedly a new laser treatment but it is far too expensive to do.

I've been soaking in this remedy for months, to no avail. Have tried all the other natural remedies, including salt water, to no avail. Tried the drug Nizoral once, and had severe allergic reactions. For me anyway, nothing works. So sad; too bad! Dad!

Thank you for the info, as I too was wondering - white vinegar or apple? And how much of each. But one thing did not get answered.... how long to soak at a time? Any minimum, any maximum? Thank you!

I had fungus on big toes, both feet, due to keeping nail polish on my feet NON-STOP, for several years. I think this came from having pedicures. I tried the Listerine treatment, made a mistake and bought the blue colored Listerine, ended up with blue toenails, so then bought the regular Listerine. I found all of this was a bother to do. I went to a podiatrist, and he told me to rub vicks vaporub onto my toenail and push some under the nail, and do this twice a day. This has taken care of my problem within about 6 weeks. I think this is the best method to use.

As a gardener, I use horticultural corn meal for fungus problems. I use it for athlete's foot but I do not have a toe nail fungus but I have heard that it does work for that. I simply rub it on but soaking in a corn meal and water also works.

I wish that someone would answer the questions above. It would be helpful. Like how much, how long, what proportions? I think that a lot of people suffer from this problem and answers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks I will hope for replies.

I have an 86 year old mother who just got out of the hospital a couple of weeks ago. She had bypass surgery to get the blood flowing back to her feet, and all ten toes have some type of fungus. The nails are so thick on her large toes that her shoes no longer fit very well. The doctor said that it was a good thing that the foot doctor hadn't taken the nails off, because there was no blood supply to help heal the nail bed. She is a diabetic (she is to control it with her diet only), on lasix, blood pressure medication, I think they stopped the Cumadin and there some that I don't know the names of.

What I'd like to know is would the Listerine and vinegar mix help her condition, or would either of the two ingredients be harmful to her? I know that we would have to make sure that her feet are dried very well after soaking due to her being a diabetic.
Thank you,


I developed really disgusting fungus on both big toe nails and on the ring finger of my left hand. I used oral and topical medications to no avail. While researching on the net I discovered several comments from users who claimed success using a 50/50 mixture of apple cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. I applied the mixture with cotton balls to the nails daily and once a week did a pedicure and manicure after thoroughly soaking them in warm water mixed with the vinegar, peroxide and dish washing liquid. It took a few months to get it under control, but IT WORKS!

The Listerine I use is the original one. The vinegar I use is the plain white vinegar. I do not add water. Just mix equal parts vinegar and Listerine. I soak my feet 4-5 times a week for about 20 minutes. Use this mixture for a month and then make a new batch. I do use vicks vapo rub on my toe nails after. I try to put some under my nail as well as on top. I'm having success. It's a long process as it takes a while for the nail to grow out. Have patience. It works.

Where can you find the answers to the questions asked re foot fungus?


I've had fungus on both feet since world war 2. I'll try this remedy and let you know if it works for me. A.S.

I have had athlete's foot terrible case as a child. Thorough cleansing and vinegar did the trick then. But after heart surgery and blood sugar problems I have had a severe case with hard shiny soles and constant pain. Tried the vinegar and Listerine. Also turmeric and duct tape. I think we're forgetting that this is probably systemic, in which case acidophilous tablets for about two weeks is the best remedy of all.

regarding athlete's foot. I spray pinesol (actually a cheaper version from dollar general) on my bathtub immediately after every shower. when I step into the next shower I spray with a little water and then allow the pinesol and water to soak my feet and toes for about 2 minutes. been doing this now for the past 18 months with not a single breakout of the fungus between or under my toes. my history of athlete's foot fungus was approximately 25 years of pretty constant and very painful breakouts. H2o

I, too, have had quite a problem over the last few years with nail fungus. I believe the cause was a combination of things. My husband has been battling for way longer than I, (so I was exposed to his bad toes,) plus I think a spa I was using for about a year for pedicures and manicures had a problem unbeknownst to me, and difficulties with my digestive system, all combined to take me down. (And, yes, nail polish or anything else that will not let your feet/nails breathe makes it worse).

Went to a podiatrist and was told there was an expensive oral remedy that he knew up front my insurance wouldn't cover, and he gave me the disheartening news that I might could save my left toenail but he didn't think it would happen with the right, which was my worse nail. So, I went to the 'net. I am a person who does extensive research for whatever it is I am after. And then checked all my books.

Here are my deductions and my personal experience from various remedies:

1. Absolutely take acidophilus at least twice daily with food/milk. As a result of what happened to my toes, fingernails had become infected. This was major, (son's wedding), but just acidophilus by itself brought them back along with a weekly cleaning (home manicure) and using a fungal over the counter product recommended by my pharmacist. (More on that down the blog).

2. I have a # of books on whole healing, natural remedies, foods that nurture, homeopathic, you name it. Mark Bricklin's books on home remedies has often proved invaluable, the Peoples Pharmacy,, Earl Mindell's Vitamin Bible, etc - just search.

3. Soaking your feet/nails in warm apple cider vinegar is great - softens skin as well as heals - only drawbacks are that it does have a strong smell, and your nails after a bit look yellow, however, the day after you do this, soaking toenails in hydrogen peroxide will take care of that and also nurture your nails.

4. Home pedicure - using a good cuticle remover - and gently cleaning all accumulated dead skin and material under the nail is good. At least once a week. With my worst nail, because it was so thick and yellowed, I also lightly filed the overall surface to ensure the remedies I applied could be absorbed well.

5. Using plastic gloves, I rubbed tea tree oil all over my feet and rubbed it well into the nails, then I applied Fungicure - an over the counter med suggested by my pharmacist - you paint it on like a clear nail polish.

6. Whenever you can expose your feet to the sun - have also found the sea to be beneficial - perhaps sea salts are a help?, do it.

7. And don't forget to check out the organic essential oils - they have helped me enormously, (hence tea tree oil which is an antibacterial).

Hope this info helps - from a fellow sufferer, my fingernails are cured, and my toenails much better. They are healing slower than my fingernails - and another fellow sufferer told me that I needed to throw out my old socks, and another posted, make sure your bathtub/bathmat is disinfected regularly. (Also, just so you know, you have to be patient - often takes a year for the toenail to grow past this affliction.

Concerning using white iodine for nail fungus, it does work, but must be used for a while. However, the two pharmacies I checked in the St. Louis area are not carrying it anymore due to using it in the making of methamphetamine. They couldn't even order it for me.

I used Listerine after cutting all of the infected nail from my toes and filing the remaining nail surface with a very abrasive nail file for better absorption. It worked beautifully. However, after growing back healthy nails the fungus returned and the Listerine treatment hasn't worked the second time around. It must be systemic so will try the acidophilus and the vinegar peroxide treatment. Patience is the keyword here--it takes a long time and yes it does become tiresome, but the results can be very gratifying.

I actually liked what the Listerine did as far as softening my feet. What I did do for less than a month was to file the two infected big toes a little and then started applying iodine. Guess what, it cleared up in no time. I still apply it, and wish I could find the clear iodine as I am sure that it would be a lot less messy. The Listerine does a great job at making my feet soft though.

BENZOYL PEROXIDE 10% OXY 10 Walgreens brands works. It must be 10%
Apply twice a day.

I'll have to add the Listerine and Vinegar remedy to my arsenal. I use apple cider vinegar for a lot of things but never heard of adding Listerine - interesting!

Listerine soaked cotton balls. rub on toes. toe fungus gone within a week.

I found the white/clear iodine at Amazon.

Have found the white iodine recently at CVS It's working, though slowly.

You mix the regular listerine and distilled white vinegar together and soak feet for 15 minutes a day. I use it cold. I did this for a month and it worked. I also used lamisil after soaking feet, but I wore sandals during the day for air. I use enough listerine to cover both feet which is probably about 1 cup or so. I use about 1/4 cup of distilled vinegar. If you do not continue to do this until it is gone, it will come back. I am now trying vicks on my toes before I go to bed. Don't know if this works yet since I just started. I hope this helps.

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