Learn prevention tips and ideas on how to void the common cold from this People’s Pharmacy Video.

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  1. ELB(Betsy)

    I have had bad asthma for 20 years and just this year I thought that I could stop taking my Singular at night. Withn 2 weeks I developed a bad head cold. Luckily I have kept it out of my chest. Could I have developed this cold because I stopped my Singular?? I also have to take Advair 500 twice a day.

  2. Malcolm

    At the first sign of a cold, I start to take zinc tablets. These knock the cold out in one or two days.

  3. CAB

    Marie, I too have had good results with a similar regimen. The only supplement I take that you didn’t mention is L-Lysine (an amino acid). Since I started taking two 500mg tablets twice a day (total of 2 grams a day), I virtually never get colds or flu, even when exposed by sick coworkers or housemates.

  4. ka

    Speaking of becoming dependent on nasal sprays, what do you recommend to those who have already become dependent?

  5. Marie Flowers

    I think the key is to build your immune system so that you will be more able to avoid the common cold. Then you won’t need these cold remedies to feel better.
    Since 2001 when I suffered a terrific health challenge, I started taking a high potency, good quality multi-vitamin/mineral with 200 mcg of selenium in it that was recommended by a nutritional doctor. I also take several grams of vitamin C a day along with 2000 IU of vitamin D3, since I tested low for vitamin D levels. I take probiotics to help absorb nutrients from food and supplements, as well as a clean cod liver oil to help my heart and brain and immune system.
    So for several years I didn’t even have a cold, or if I contacted a slight case, it would clear up within one day. I bragged that I was taking so many vitamins I didn’t take a cold. At the first sign of a cold I would gargle with salt water and take zinc lozenges that the Graedon’s mentioned, along with more vitamin C.
    However, this past winter, I have had two colds. I am still taking my supplements, but I am probably eating too much sugar, which lowered my immune system.
    So I need to eat right as well as take my supplements to boost my immune system.

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