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Cipro, Floxin and Levaquin Cause Chaos

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Our first concern about fluoroquinolone antibiotics occurred in July of 1994 when we received the following question from a reader of our newspaper column:

"I often have side effects from medicines, but have never experienced anything like Floxin. I took it for a severe sinus infection followed by pneumonia last winter. After three days of utter misery and a rash on my back, I started hallucinating. Are there other people who have had a bad reaction to this antibiotic?"

After some checking we learned that this kind of antibiotic (a fluoroquinolone) could indeed cause "hallucinations, visual disturbances confusion, dizziness and seizures."

One month later we heard from another reader:

"My heart went out to the woman who suffered hallucinations while taking the antibiotic Floxin. I too suffered a violent reaction to this drug. I took it for two days and became very nauseated. By the third day I not only felt listless, nervous and sick, but when I went to bed I couldn't sleep and began having violent multi-colored hallucinations.

"After two nights of almost no sleep, accompanied by hallucinations, I asked my physician for something else. At first she was reluctant, but when she understood there was no way I'd take any more Floxin, she gave me a different prescription. I think Floxin is a frightening drug and I hope you will warn your readers that the side effects of Floxin may be more common than previously thought."

Not long after we heard about these problems we talked with the journalist Stephen Fried about his wife's experience with Floxin. She took one Floxin pill to treat a urinary tract infections and suffered severe neurological symptoms that lasted years. The incredible story is documented in the book Bitter Pills. They called their experience being "Floxed."

Fast forward to Feb. 14, 2010, and the comment from J & G posted on this Web site. Quinolone-type antibiotics are still causing serious complications. We don't know why some people are so susceptible to these drugs, but there is clearly a problem, and to this day many physicians seem unaware of the psychological and neurological complications of drugs such as Cipro (ciprofloxacin), Floxin (ofloxacin) and Levaquin (levofloxacin).


My husband and I were very healthy marathon-running 35-year-olds. Two months previous to this we had both just qualified for the cheapest life insurance for the healthiest groups.

My husband and I were prescribed Cipro (for him) and Levaquin (for me) for a stomach bug they couldn't diagnose. My MD said to me when I questioned whether or not I had to take it "well, if it's a virus, nothing bad will happen."

Within half an hour after talking the antibiotics we both had severe anxiety, insomnia (to the point where we were only sleeping 2 or 3 hours a night), nightmares, diarrhea (we had episodes of it every few days and I am still having diarrhea six months later even though I have tested negative for C. diff four times), strange thoughts, muscle pain, tingling, and shooting pains in our arms and legs.

I have never experienced anything like it in my life. Neither of us had ever had any reaction to a drug before.

We were off work for about 11 weeks. Six months later the symptoms are starting to subside although my husband still has tingling and weird nightmares and I have problems occasionally. We have seen nine doctors and they either outright deny or have not admitted that the Cipro or Levaquin could have anything to do with our symptoms.

We finally saw an infectious disease doctor at a major hospital who said he had had three other patients who felt they had the same long lasting effects from either Cipro or Levaquin, but he couldn't find any evidence to support it.

Two other infectious disease doctors suggested that we had ciguatoxin poisoning, but we had not eaten the types of fish that can cause it. When we pointed out that we both had started these symptoms within about half an hour of taking the medicine (even though my husband and I took the antibiotics two weeks apart from each other) they flat out discounted that it could be the cause.

We finally just decided we just had to help ourselves to get better and we started to eat a lot of live sauerkraut (which seems to have helped get our digestion somewhat back) and eat very healthfully (lots of greens and brown rice) and get a lot of rest. That seems to be the only thing that has helped. We will not take a fluoroquinolone antibiotic ever again.

J & G

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Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4.5/5 (204 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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I used Cipro for 4 days for an infection and got a rash on my lower arm. Thinking that I might be allergic to it, I have told doctors ever since that I am allergic to it, and I have never taken it or similar drugs since.

I remember having to take Cipro twice for two different oral infections. It seemed a bit overkill to me. My doctor even told me to take probiotics with it because it would completely wipe out everything--not good.

Back in 1997, my father who was 82, had a terrible reaction to Cipro. He was presc. it for urinary tract infections and he would almost go out of his mind. We told his doctor, any caregivers, etc., NOT to give him Cipro. Even after these instructions, we had to watch carefully to make sure they didn't prescribe it.

My husband took Levaquin for a sinus infection and within hours the tendons in his legs tightened and he could not walk. We stopped it. MD prescribed Cipro (we did not know it is in the same family) and same reaction. Stopped both. Took months for him to walk better. Leg pain persists to this day. Did it damage the muscles? Who knows.

Currently taking Levaquin for an URI and am having severe insomnia and am much more tired than usual. I think this Rx may have been over kill. I had a "Z-pack" the week before and had no adverse effects from it.

I was prescribed CIPRO post surgically by a doctor at OHSU....It caused immense stomach cramps and clutching.

My hair fell out by the handfuls on a flight to New York with my spouse frantically trying to pick it off my jacket as fast as it fell. I quit taking it and began to slowly feel better. When we got home it was clear that I still did need an antibiotic so called and got a prescription form my GP for something less strong.

I asked the pharmacist what the problem was. She indicated that in some people the CIPRO attacks the healthy tissue instead of the bacteria infection. That she said is why I felt I had an animal inside of me clawing to get out. I will NEVER take that pill again. I tell everyone I am allergic....I guess that is the only way I can explain it to them so it works.
No more CIPRO.

I took Cipro a few years ago. After a couple of days my arms and legs felt funny, like they were attached by loose rubber bands. Eventually I started shaking all over and couldn't stop. I called the doctor and he said the medicine couldn't have caused the symptoms. I stopped taking Cipro and gradually the shaking and jelly legs/arms went away. I wrote on my driver's license that I'm allergic to Cipro in spite of the doctor's denials.

I took Levaquin before having nasal surgery. I had to get off of it because of severe itching and nervousness. The doctor "forgot" I was probably allergic to it and gave it to me just before I was going into surgery. When the severe itching started on my stomach where they put the needle, the operating room nurse immediately took it out. I won't take any kind of antibiotic unless I have to because they all seem to cause severe itching and nervousness... I'm allergic to penicillin also. Frankly, I have almost quit all prescription drugs other than my thyroid, hormone and blood pressure meds and I feel a heck of a lot better. The only time I take an antibiotic is when I go to the dentist because I've had both knees replaced.

I have taken Cipro a number of times over the years and wondered why my tendions, especially the Achilles tendion were so inflamed. Finally read the side effects and saw it can be a Serious side effect to the point of bursting the Achilles tendon. I carry a note with my insurance card in my wallet warning not to give any of this family of antibiotics.

Over 10 yrs ago I was administered Ancef by interns and residents (Drs.) at a county hospital even though I stated an allergy to penicillin. I got very ill and broke out in blisters all over my face, turning bloody and crusty. Looked like I'd been in a catfight. I took myself off and refused any more Ancef IV's. Cipro did not have that effect. I have not taken an antibiotics since.

Read up on natural remedies after a diagnosis from Dr., sometimes antibiotics are not necessary, sometimes they are. I have read up on nutrition and remedies since my first holistic MD 1975 and keep reading. The People's Pharmacy is now a great resource.

I was prescribed CIPRO for a urinary tract infection when I was about 20 years old. This was totally unnecessary- I now realize that this kind of antibiotic was OVERKILL. (In fact, I didn't even need an antibiotic. All I needed was 100 % cranberry juice to cure a UTI, which I have used since then and it worked wonderfully, and faster, than any antibiotic..)

Ever since that time in my life, I have suffered with symptoms that doctors always dismiss- I have symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Hypoglycemia, digestive problems...

Who knows, maybe this stupid, immune system destroying antibiotic could have been what tipped me over the edge into ill health. I am 23 years old now and I still have not recovered.

I was put on it several years ago and within a month my knees ached . Dr. said that Levaquin can cause the cartilage to weaken. Was put on last winter by May pulled a tendon in groin but a different Dr. ordered a scan for ovarys or appendx which was negative. Put on again in June for upper respiratory infection. With in a week was dizzy , had no sense of balance, tripped slightly but couldn't stop the fall and suffered a full face shiner and broken glasses. Balance was off for a couple of weeks. It may be the med of choice for some infections but never again.

My 27yo daughter who has spina bifida, was given Levaquin by Urologist when I told him she could not take Cipro, because of a seizures, he said he said he wasn't aware of this problem and this was a chemical cousin and shouldn't cause the same problem. Then day 4 she had a seizure. This brings the total to 4 times and it still took us the parents to make the connection. The Dr.'s aren't aware of the problem.

I have made copies of these articles and sent it to them. Why is it not noted on the bottle not to ingest caffeine? It is the caffeine that contributes to the seizures!

I took Levaquin in 2005 for about 6 days and noticed that I felt worse and worse with every passing day. My body felt like I'd been in a horrific car accident. I did some reading of the side effects and learned that severe tendonitis is associated with Levaquin. AFter I stopped taking it, most of the pain subsided, but my right elbow gave me problems for about 2 years after. IT WAS AWFUL. So now I tell every single doctor that I'm allergic to it. I'll NEVER take it again!!

I am very allergic to most drugs and I fear them all, especially after reading these comments. I think that most of our drugs are generic now and they are not the quality that our brand name drugs used to be, which could be causing us all some of these severe reactions. Most generics are not made in the USA and I doubt if there is much quality control!

I go to an alternative/complementary M.D. as much as I can, because they seem to use drugs and surgery as a last resort. And they have many natural remedies that help me.

I just read on the New York site that the diabetes drug Avandia can be dangerous to the heart and that Actos is safer. I am not a diabetic but I am mad as hell that the FDA allows these drugs to remain on the market.

I believe that big corporations have too much influence on the FDA and it is literally killing some people.

I get so tired of lobbbying Washington D.C. to protect us from these sort of things. It should be their responsibility to protect us first from things like this. I encourage all of you to contact your senators and representatives and call their attention to these type of drugs and the effect that they have on a lot of us.

I, too, had a bad reaction to Floxin. I was in a daze and couldn't sleep due to a semi-dream state and cranial pressure. The entire next day I experienced ringing n the ears aand a sort slow motion world with an echo effect. I purchased the "PILL BOOK" and now research any medication for side effects and drug interaction.

What really upsets me is that this medication Ciproflaxen is the one given to chickena and turkeys every day until two days before being dispatched. These birds are still full of the antibiotics when they reach the marketplace, and for those of us who have had a bad reaction to this group of medications, it causes havoc. I cannot eat chicken in a restaurant now, or buy regular chicken - just makes me so ill. Now I buy antibiotic-free chicken (but don't buy turkey any more) and it's nothing for me to pay $15 to $20 for a chicken to make soup. They taste more like the chicken I remember as a kid though, which is a good thing.

I, too, had a tendonitis reaction to Levaquin. Not long after, I saw an ad from a lawyer's office soliciting patients to join a class action suit. I still have doctors express doubts that the Levaquin was the culprit. No, I didn't join the suit because I realized very quickly that the drug was the problem and quit taking it.

1993 or 1994 I was put on Floxin for and ear infection that total blocked my hearing in one ear and had been resistive to two other antibiotics. After taking the Floxin for 2 to 4 days I was sitting at my kitchen table. My hands were on the table and the shadows on my hands created by the sunlight coming through my kitchen window were a bright turquoise. My thoughts were holly cow I’m hallucinating. I called my pharmacist and my doctor. Both thought I was nuts.

Ten years ago, I took Cipro for a misdiagnosed, very severe kidney infection for over one month with no problems. When I was prescribed Levaquin 4 few years ago for another kidney infection (again, not properly diagnosed) I had the most horrible side effects.

Because I never had a reaction to medications in the past (I was 44 at the time) it took me a few days to realize that these problems were most likely the Levaquin. The outer portion of both thighs were totally numb and tingly, I couldn't sleep, I was falling constantly, had such a loud drone-like sound in my ears that I couldn't here the phone ringing or the garage door opening and worst of all, had slurred speech.

When I phoned my physician about these problems and asked to be put on another medication, he said it sounded like I was having a stroke, and sort of suggested that I could to go to the ER if I wanted to. He insisted the Levaquin had nothing to do with it. When I called the pharmacist, she stated that all of the symptoms were most likely due to Levaquin and to discontinue it immediately.

It took months for the feeling in my thighs to return and the other symptoms disappeared within a few days of stopping the Levaquin. Needless to say, I never went back to the original physician and now list Levaquin as a medication allergy but feel other doctors are skeptical that it causes any side effects at all. This is a frightening thought.

I was recently prescribed Cipro for pain in my lower left abdomen, thought to be diverticulitis. After taking 2 pills I read the warnings (especially those regarding breakage of tendons, which would have been very serious for me as I'm a woman 70 years old, with many responsibilities and an active life) and immediately stopped taking the med and called my doctor for a consultation.

My doctor made light of it and prescribed amoxicillin, after I refused to take the Cipro. There were several warnings and side effects on the pharmacist's sheet that should have definitely prevented my physician from ever prescribing Cipro for me. I now question whether or not I'm with the right physician after 14 years of trusting her.

First time Cipro was prescribed, I began very soon to feel shaky, a rash appeared. I stopped taking it. About 4 years later a physician recommended a shot of Cipro, I said 'No,' explained my reason for this. He told me no one is allergic to Cipro... left the room, sent a nurse back in who actually walked in with a hidden syringe and shot into the upper arm without asking and left.

The Doctor reappeared and reported that was a Cipro injection. Before I could even stop sputtering and get my words out, I began having trouble breathing, I turned a very bright red, face swollen... The doctor got a crash team together, administered massive amounts of benedryl and I cannot remember what else, stayed with me, repeating his apologies endlessly, looking quite chagrined...rightfully so.

What a horrible experience. I saw the comments above saying this information is kept with his insurance card. Excellent idea. I will do that momentarily.

Back in late 90's I was prescribed Floxin for a sinus infection. The next evening I woke up from sleep and began hallucinating that HUGE bats were flying around the room. The experience absolutely terrified me. I thought I was losing my mind. The interesting thing was my sister who was a pharmacy representative had warned me not to take this antibotic. I dismissed her warning as empirical hogwash. Needless to say I had to learn the hard way. The older I become, the more cautious I get regarding prescription medications. I literally perform "due diligence" upon each medication I take before using it. Sadly, it has become "caveat emptor;" buyer beware.


I just read this from the American Heart Association Online. It suggest you might not need to take antibiotics before your dental appointment:

Patients at the greatest danger of bad outcomes from IE and for whom preventive antibiotics are worth the risks include those with:

-- artificial heart valves
-- a history of having had IE
certain specific, serious congenital (present from birth) heart conditions, including:
-- unrepaired or incompletely repaired cyanotic congenital heart disease, including those with palliative shunts and conduits
-- a completely repaired congenital heart defect with prosthetic material or device, whether placed by surgery or by catheter interventions, during the first six months after the procedure
-- any repaired congenital heart defect with residual defect at the site or adjacent to the site of a prosthetic patch or prosthetic device
a cardiac transplant which develops a problem in a heart valve.

I took this antibiotic for UR infection, 10 minutes later I had a severe allergic reaction, anaphylaxis, I just knew I was leaving this world. I did get emergency care in time. This was devastating to even think about even now. I also had a severe reaction to floxin in 1992. I am now terrified of medicines.

In the fall of 2009 was hospitalized for appendix. Was given IV antibiotics for 3 days twice daily for the inflammation.... Flagyl and Cipro. Had to take 500mg twice daily pill of each for 10 days when I came home. It cleared up the appendix problem and an infection in my lung but I ended up in emergency in such terrible pain in my back, in tears could hardly stand and since have been having problems with a lot of back pain and pressure... also digestion problems. After checking me out thoroughly when asked the doctor in emerg said yes it could cause this and I would have to wait till it all got out of my system. I'll never take it again.

It's been eight months and I've been to two specialists trying to determine if I have arthritis. They say I do not. I took Cipro and Levaquin within a one month period and it has been eight months since then, and I have pain and stiffness EVERYDAY. What started out as plantar fasciitis and wrist tendinitis then moved into my hips, elbows, and is now in my upper back and shoulders.

I ran a low grade fever for 6 months for weeks at a time. The symptoms started within two days of taking the last dose of Levaquin. I have not even addressed the fatigue, irritability, and mood changes I experienced during the first three months after taking the drug. I was healthy, active, and exercised regularly. Now I don't know what to do--stretching generally aggravates my pain. How can the FDA allow this drug to be prescribed?

I had a bacterial infection in my UT that didn't show up in Urinalysis. Doc prescribed Cipro 500mg 2 times daily for 1 week. During the course my burning after urination seemed to clear up, but not completely leaving me with weak legs/arms mostly when sitting or lying down. Burning sensations in my Arms and mosquito like bumps that itched. I experienced back pain which was resolved by lots of massaging and muscle sprays. I've become really stressed and when I spoke to my doc about it... he said it's all anxiety related. But it all started after taking Cipro... and this is ongoing 1 week after usage still.

I was given Levaquin for a sinus infection. My life has been hell ever since. I broke out in a rash after the 2nd pill. Just a few of the major problems I have had since then include; body aches all over, hair loss, vision loss, dry skin and feelings of heat; like burning skin, uti's, chronic fatigue, arthritis (neck, shoulders, knees and back), panic attacks, hallucinations, short term memory loss. In my opinion this drug is poison.

That was 5 years ago, and I am still having joint problems, hair loss, and chronic fatigue. I was only 46 when I took the drug and in very good physical shape. I worked out all the time, and always busy doing something. Now, it is an effort to get off the couch even to do dishes.

I too, talked to many doctors about this drug, and most of them say the drug couldn't do these things. I hope people keep speaking out about these floxins, something needs to be done. I also make sure I tell all my son's doctors, do not ever give him any floxins either. They actually look at me like I am crazy.

Hi, Just got prescribed Cipro. Well, generic version for a sore throat over the phone. Haven't even been tested. I'm not sleeping so I got online to see what side effects are. OMG. I'm not taking this anymore, printed out copies of reviews to take to Dr. tomorrow. This is awful. I only took two pills, hope nothing else happens. I'm so sorry all of you went through what you did.

I took Levaquin and Cipro in last 2 years. They are pure poisons. Now I can not walk without pain. Running is completely impossible. My arms are in pain all the time. I often burst into tears when my little daughter asks me to play outside with her but I can not. My life and my family are totally ruined by these poisons. Now I have doc phobia and drug phobia. I think even a bird is happier than since they can fly in the air without being disabled by docs with those poisons.

Like I've always said "It's all about the money" and GREED.

PRK and PM,

Yes it is all about the money, but for everyone. For the drug company and for the consumer. In the USA we have the choice to buy expensive name brand medications of generics. We can buy Avandia or Actos. All medication side-effects are not known before they are on the market. What medications you should take is based on risks and benefits. Sometimes there is clearly a more beneficial alternative drug, sometimes we must more literally pick if we wish to die of the disease or the side-effects.

The great thing is we have that choice and some government agency can't say what we can, can't or have to take.

Also lobby against the insurance companies and the lawyers who make it difficult for your doctor to provide you quality health care.

I was put on Cipro and Flagyl for diverticulitis. While I was taking it, my arms and legs tingled and my hips hurt terribly. My left hip continued to hurt after I took the Cipro and then my back started hurting too. It's been 4 or 5 years since then and I am in almost constant pain in my neck, middle back, knees and lower back. The pain all started with Cipro. I was healthy and working, now I'm retired and it's an effort to get out of bed in the morning. I can't work in my garden or do much of anything I formerly enjoyed. Every time I go to a new doctor, I put down that I am allergic to Cipro. I refuse to ever take another fluoroquinolone. I also don't trust doctors anymore. I tell my kids to never take Cipro.

I had my gallbladder removed. I am only 20 years old. My doctor put me on Cipro and I took it my first night home. I woke up the next morning stating to feel itchy and there was a rash that was spreading. I went back to the ER and they prescribed me predisone and told me if that didn't work to take benedryl with it. Its now been over a week.

I am covered almost head to toe in hives and I itch like crazy. I don't know what to do because nothing is working anymore at all. Its really bad and I'm scared I'm going to have this for the rest of my life. Does anyone know if I can get a shot of benedryl or something to make this go away cause it is so bad. I really cannot deal with this anymore its even all over my face and my incisions.

Amanda, See a dermatologist right away for the hives and make sure your Dr. sees them so they will believe you. Mine would not believe me that it made me dizzy and lose my balance. Had terrible back pain for six months and 3 months of PT after taking Levaquin. Finally easing up =I will never take that class of drugs again.

Very glad I found this site and viewed all the comments. As a patient with severe COPD, I often have been placed on fluoroquinolones, since I am allergic to penicillin [anaphylactic reacion] and sulfa drugs. I've had reactions (hives) to levofloxacin (Levaquin) and moxifloxacin (Avelox) but for some strange reason do not have huge problems with Cipro. I have, however, always attributed the muscle weakness experienced to being on Prednisone during those times; ditto the insomnia.

What brought me to the site was how shaky I feel and through your comments am realizing that the nausea I am experiencing as well as the insomnia (since I'm not currently on Prednisone) could well be from the Cipro. Damn. With only 15% lung function, I am often beholden to go with whichever particular antibiotic is found to not be resistant to whichever particular bug I may have. It's a gamble, to be sure, but I'm at the point where not taking it could prove fatal.

Am also one of those people who cannot nebulize albuterol or other solutions given asthmatics and emphysematics, apparently my airways are so hypersensitive they react to the chemicals added to those drugs to serve as preservatives. Rather than opening up my airways, those close them - called paradoxical bronchospasm. Ain't pretty.... similar to how a goldfish looks on the counter after he's jumped out of the bowl.

Has the itching stopped? How much time did it take for itching to stop? I took Ofloxacin (same class of medicine) 400mg daily for 8 days and I am having itching all over my body since then. Thanks.

After taking Ofloxacin (same class of medicine as Cipro) 200mg twice daily for 8 days I started having pain in my one knee cap and itching all over my body (with no eruption). I have stopped the medicine 3 days back but the itching is only getting worse. The knee cap pain is still there although slightly reduced.

I do not know how the itching thing will go and what will happen to the knee pain. Has anyone experienced it?

I took Levaquin for a prostate infection. About 2 weeks after I started taking it I began to suffer from extreme anxiety and horrific nightmares. I thought I was loosing my mind. It never occurred to me that the medication could have been the culprit; my Doctor even said that it wasn't the Levaquin.

So I decided to search the internet for myself and found that I was not alone. My time in hell lasted for 6 months but there was an end to this and I did come out.

I was prescribed Cipro 500mg twice daily for UTI infection, within a day I felt weak muscles in legs and arms, knees felt tight there was swelling in the calve muscles and twitching, as well as chronic fatigue. I stopped taking it, (2 days now), yet the symptoms persist. When I confronted the doctor, he had the nerve to question my symptoms as being due to something else. I just hope that these things clear away. It has taken days out of my life. I am determined to spread the word about this poison, so more people don't have to suffer.

Amanda, how are you now? I was prescribed Cipro for a UTI for 10 days. Four days after finishing it, I broke out in an itchy rash/hives from head to toe. I've had prednisone and Benadryl, and then hydroxyzine HCL in place of the Benadryl. The rash is a little better but now I've developed a slightly wheezy, dry cough. I certainly hope you are better by now. How did you resolve the problem?

I had an acute uti infection last week that took me to Urgent Care. I was in severe pain. I told the Dr. that I rarely even took an aspirin and that I was prone to reaction. I also mentioned that a week earlier I had bloodwork done that showed an inflamed liver. Because there was a great deal of blood and protein in my urine, he prescribed Ciprofloxacin, 500 mg for 5 days.

I now am suffering from tendon pain, extreme fatigue, sore throat, headache. I called the Urgent care for the result of my urinalysis, (they said they lost my number) and it was indeed positive for UTI. I mentioned that I was having some disturbing side effects to the Cipro and before I had a chance to describe them, they said ,"It doesn't sound related to the antibiotic."

It was weird because I hadn't even mentioned the symptoms. I made a big mistake by taking this drug. I am using water to flush and taking calcium. Is there anything else I can do to lessen the long term effects? I was also running many miles a week and I am concerned that I will rupture something. When is a good time to begin exercise? Is there a silver lining with this?


Most people are not aware of the how common drug side effects are.

PLEASE HELP by reporting your side effects to this FDA website:

Unfortunately your doctor is not paid enough and it is not his or her job to collect data on medication side effects nor is it the pharmacist.

You can have the greatest impact, by telling others on this website, but the people in charge want you to report using the FDA website.

I took 4 courses of cipro back in 2006 until 2007 for a kidney infection. its now 2010 and my symptoms are very severe.

I have cervical dystonia where my neck pulls to the left, shoulder damage,vertigo, pains in my calf muscles, twitching muscles, pains in my thumbs, and difficulty walking it as if everything is tight and very painful. For the last 3 years I have undergone every possible test going including mri of the brain body and neck, countless blood tests hearing test etc etc. all of which have come back clear.

Everyone has been stumped to find the cause of all my symptoms. Last week I checked cipro out for long term effects and I have been amazed to find that this is the only answer to all my problems and I had mentioned this to my doctors all along because before I took this antibiotic I was very fit and healthy, attended the gym 3 to 4 times a week and never had any problems.

I feel that the kidney infection was mistreated and I should never been exposed to as many of these antibiotics that I have been in a short space of time. I'm waiting to see my neurologist to see what his opinion on this is. I'm trying magnesium and glucosamine to see if it helps but looks like I have quite a bit of damage done. I guess I'm wondering if i will ever have my health back.

My mom was started on Cipro for UTI on the 3rd day she began having uncontrollable shaking . We were scared, and she was crying a lot.Doctors should alert their patients regarding the side effect of this drug.

Rebecca, I was also diagnosed with cervical dystonia in Aug. 2009. My dystonia, however, has also affected my shoulders, face, jaw, back and arms. I took Levaquin for 2 weeks in 2005, and this has been the result (along with a laundry list of other chronic conditions). My heart goes out to you because dystonia is a painful, disabling (in my case) condition that most doctors know little about.

I did have an abnormal brain MRI though, so I have also had a stroke. Some of the natural supplements have helped me. I DO NOT suggest Botox injections. They damage your liver and do more damage to the brain and nerves, and the relief (if you get any) only lasts for a few weeks. God bless you, and I wish you the best.

I'm 18 and a sophmore in college. I've always had urinary tract infections, but I've always been a healthy kid, I went in to my doctor a month and a half ago about July 9th for a kidney infection and he prescribed levaquin, 3 hours after taking the drug I had a seizure on my living room couch, terrified my mother half to death, but I don't remember a thing. Prior to my seizure my hand started to have a tremor and that's it.

I went to the ER 3 times in one weekend with my whole body seizing but I was awake and conscience. They prescribed me benzodyazapans and told me it could never be the levaquin and I must of had some traumatic event happen in my life. So I went to see a neurologist who diagnosed me with non epileptic seizures. And have not had one since 3 weeks ago.

Since then I've had severe pain in my back, which my GP has told me is like fibromyalgia pain. It's everywhere, I've been nauseated, have had a horrible time sleeping and I can no longer walk throughout a super market without having massive pain in my back and legs. I've just recently started getting rashes. My GP believes that I might have had some type of reaction to it but he has taken my blood to test for everything under the sun. He doesn't want me to return to my college that's 10 hours away and my parents are deciding to send me.

Although it seems like everyone has had bits and pieces of my symptoms I'm wondering if anyone else has a story more like mine and what I can maybe expect a little more. I only took 1 pill of levaquin and 7 weeks later I'm still not myself. I've had almost every side effect that it says that levaquin can cause yet I'm seeing my 6th doctor who partially doesn't believe it.

I used to have such a busy social life and now I'm trapped and I'm hoping like so many others I'm still not having symptoms years later. I wish you all the best and hope that you can find some kind of cure for the pain your medicines have caused. For I too know what it's like and hope it's not too much longer.

I have tried Cipro for four days and maybe a slight rash, other than that nothing else.

I am Latino, so it that could be a reason why is my body dealing it that way.

I am very sad to hear all these comments of people who wanted to be feel better and they end up worse.

So I will try to keep my progress with this, since I am taking it for three weeks only.
Twice a day 500mg.
Peace to all!.

I took Levaquin for two weeks two years ago for a bartholin cyst. I first had a tendon problem, went to the ER and it went away in a few days, wearing a cast. Then my feet started burning, then my hands, then my thighs were aching terribly. I could not sleep more than 3 or 4 hours due to burning pain in legs. My hair began falling out and still is. I have hardly any left! This began two years ago and the symptoms have not abated they are getting worse and worse.

Nothing is the same. I stay in my house most of the time because I so exhausted from not sleeping. My muscles move out of place, causing me great pain.

I have not taken my dog for a walk for about one year now, nor can he be near me as the weight of his 13 pound body hurts my legs. I gave away all my beautiful high heeled shoes as I can only walk in Easy Spirit sneakers as they are the lightest, softest ones I can find. I do feel sometimes that it would be better if God would take me home.

I called the drug company that makes Levaquin and the woman I spoke to said to me, I am keeping a record of everyone's symptoms. I said, "if you know it causes such horrific illness and loss of one's total life, why would you continue to give this drug out? Her answer was, it helps some people. I said, do you mean all you are doing is taking our tragic stories down on paper, noting these "symptoms" and not doing anything to stop this? She did not answer me and I concluded the conversation by saying, well, if you are not doing anything about this, then what are we, YOUR GUINEA PIGS TO BE TESTED ON? She was so cold and indifferent to my too familiar story and of what thousands, maybe millions are experiencing.

She also said it can't be the Levaquin that is still causing you pain because it leaves the body when you stop taking it. This must be lie as my pain, my torture, my limitations increase daily now for two years.

Why can't we do something collectively about this "holocaust". God help us! I also filled out the form for the FDA and that, I am sure, was just filed away as they chuckled about the monies they are getting for giving us poison.


last Dec. I was prescribed Cipro for a urinary tract infection.

Within 4 days I started a painful tendonitis in my left arm. A week later I got a painful swelling, itch, and lump in my right hand, and then in another week, My right rotator cuff tore.

After several x-rays, and an MRI, many pain relievers and five months of physical therapy, both arms are now 95% back to normal but some residual pain.

I was prescribed 250 mg. four times a day for 10 days The pkg. insert says the most common side effect is ruptured tendons, esp. in patients over 60. I am 71 but my Dr. "thought it was safe & now says all my problems are due to age & wear & tear."!?!?!.

Since my Dr., a geriatrician, refuses to believe that the prescribed Cipro caused all my three occurrences of tendon damage I have had four physical therapists say that they have seen many similar problems from Cipro, the most common being rupture of the Achilles tendon.

Thank God my Achilles weren't affected or I would have been completely helpless as both arms were affected.

I ache from my low back down into my hips and legs. I started taking Ofloxacin last night. I took one pill last night and two prednisone this morning. These were both prescribed after 7 weeks of severe coughing and 2 weeks of congestion. A z-pac initially made me better after a cough diagnosis, but I got sicker again after a couple of weeks. I had a breathing treatment yesterday in the doctor's office that helped the wheezing and he gave me an inhaler, which I started using twice a day. I'm waiting for the doctor to call me back and tell me what to do, but after reading about the related pains people have had, I'm not taking any more Ofloxacin. I pray this clears up.

I was given cipro for a bad uti witch I get a lot and on the 2nd day I am feeling like my body is just shaking inside and out and a strange weak feeling in my arms and legs my hands are trembling. I am not gonna take anymore this is a very bad feeling!!! I am going to my doctor in a couple of days so I will be asking for a different medication!!!!

I had a chest infection and was prescribed Levaquin. I never had it before. Before I started it I had the typical symptoms of a chest infection. After I started Levaquin and within a few days I starts to feel awful. The pain in my legs and back was severe. I felt light headed and dizzy and almost fainted at work. I started itching, especially on my scalp. My hair started to fall out.

I did not think about the Levaquin because I had never had an allergic reaction to medication. I just thought that the chest infection was now something worse. It was awful. I didn't sleep for days. I actually thought I was dying slowly. I had finished the whole prescription by then. I decided to look up the side effects of Levaquin because I didn't know what was happening to me and there it was in black and white. I had no idea how strong and synical this drug could be. NEVER AGAIN.

I am a 39 year old woman who lives a healthy lifestyle. I eat good organic food, I get restful sleep, I walk regularly as a form of exercise, I care for my home and my two young children, and I own my own business. My husband grows a large edible garden and we raise chickens for their eggs.

Between the two of us, we are practitioners of Chinese Energetic Medicine, Reiki, Ayurveda, Herbalism, Yoga, Meditation, and other forms of healthy living. We have an active family lifestyle and in July 2010 we were working with a real estate agent in Costa Rica where we were planning to buy property in a beach community. During a particularly stressful time in my life, and against all of my usual protocols, on July 29, 2010 I decided to take an antibiotic for a UTI and possible kidney infection.

I took Cipro 500mg 2x per day for 6.5 days before I realized that my body wasn’t appreciating it. Three days after I discontinued use, I made another unusual and desperate decision, and took one dose of Advil for pain. Four hours later, my life was hanging on by a thread. Over the course of the next week I would lose my ability to walk, my ability to drive, my ability to see, think, and communicate clearly, my ability to rationalize, my ability to care for my family and myself, and my ability to feel okay about ANYTHING.

Over the course of the next couple of months my family would endure a living nightmare while my body and my mind degenerated before their eyes. I was physically, mentally, and emotionally incapacitated. These are some of the symptoms I have experienced to date: peripheral neuropathy, numbness, dizziness, convulsions, seeing things out of the corner of my eye that are not there, acute tendinopathy (in both ankles, both Achilles, both knees, right bicep, both shoulders, both wrists, neck, right hip, both thumbs and 8 fingers) torn rotator cuff, tremors, anxiety, fear, fright, nightmares, headaches, ringing in my ears, ear pain, confusion, depression, paranoia, hives, rash, irregular heart beat, irregular breathing, chills, fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, pain, burning, tingling, tremors, weakness, a brain spasm/squeeze (wait, did I already say that?), difficult speech, brain fog, blank spots in my thinking, creaking joints, popping sounds when I move, loss of smell, vibration throughout my body, persistent twitching, loss of words, momentary blindness, short term memory loss, inability to walk, fatigue, extreme sensitivity to light, sound and movement, nausea, inability to raise my arms above my head, inability to grasp things with my hands, terrible body odor, loss of appetite, muscular atrophy, loss of control over my bodily movements, weight gain, blurry vision, irregular eye movements, and among other things that my messed up brain can’t think of right now a condition I can only describe as “the crazies”.

None of the symptoms I mentioned have been mild. They have all been profound in their incapacitating, annoying, painful or frightening character. And of these symptoms, I had only ever experienced headaches, ear pain, nausea and rash prior to taking Cipro. Currently, I am still suffering from about a dozen of these items, but generally speaking I am more stable mentally and physically.

During this acute phase, I have experienced drastic improvements followed by slightly less drastic setbacks, but overall I’m slowly improving. You can get the rest of my story at my blog

Pharmacists should be verbally warning patients of the extreme danger of using Levaquin instead of passively filling the prescription. The warning on the info sheet is not good enough as every medication has warning signs. The FDA should also be more aggressive. This maybe a good medication for some things, but it does real harm and sometimes lasting damage for many.

Around 2006, I was prescribed levaquin and ultimately developed a case of severe tibial tendonitis which caused me pain with every single step for about a year. I didn't trip, stumble, twist my leg or anything else. It just started after a day when I did a lot of walking at work and persisted until my podiatrist gave me a shot of cortizone. Immediately, I felt some relief though the shot itself was painful.

The next day at work I noticed that something was different but I wasn't sure what. Then all of a sudden I realized that I was walking around and had absolutely no pain! I had a total of 3 cortizone shots over 3 months and had a pair of custom orthotics made for my shoes. A month later I walked around downtown Seattle for over 5 hours without sitting down and experienced no pain other than just tired feet. It was WONDERFUL as I like to walk when I'm in new cities!!!

A few weeks ago I heard about the alleged connection between Levaquin and tendonitis, I will never take that medication ever again. I don't know if there truly is a connection but I'm not taking any chances! Thank you to the People's Pharmacy for the information on the possible dangers of this and other medications.

I was in the hospital for kidney stones that turned into a kidney infection well I also have MRSA so my body rejects almost all antibiotics so the Dr hooked some cipro up to the I.V. for 3 days I got about 9 bags my face kept swelling up the nurses told me it wasn't that bad of an allergic reaction and kept giving me benadryl.

I felt like fluid was building up behind my right eye, well when I went home he gave me cipro 500mg tabs I took 1 pill went to lay down and the living hell really started my head hurt more then ever before in my life and whenever I would move the pain would roll around in my head like fluid well next my throat stared to get really dry felt like it was closing up I ran to the bathroom and threw up I looked in the mirror and I had blood coming out of my nose I was shaking so bad I got to sleep around 5am woke up at 7am I been shaking all day having panic attacks, my lower back is killing me I am pissed.

I just kicked a 6yr drug habit and was feeling good then ended up in the hospital 2 days later and got put on this BS now I feel like I am going through withdrawals all over again. I am a 28yr old man and I feel like I'm about to break down crying this really has my head messed up my body too. I will NEVER take this drug again.

I am taking cipro for a possible uti or bacterial infection. This is my second time on cipro my first time was 7 days (well a little longer because I have missed some doses) This time I only have to take it for 3 days (waiting on some lab results from my doctor this coming week). Since being on cipro second time around I have felt very weak and shaky I have drunk plenty of water and gotten nutrients in me from food but I still feel like I am weak. I have not had any lack of sleep and have kept it easy this whole weekend. Could this be the drugs doing this to me?

Ii have chronic achilles tendonitis. I have been on Levaquin many times for sinusitis. When I was prescribed it recently for diverticulitis and had finally learned it can cause this problem I asked that i been given a different medication. They gave me Cipro! It's in the same class. I was told this was the only effective med. for diverticulitis. what can you do???

On 1/12/2011 I had an endoscopic ultrasound of the pancreas. Prior to the procedure I was given a dose of levaquin. The procedure was fine. However, I returned home, and then had a severe diarrhea attack, after which I started getting shaky, hyperventilated, was nauseous, got lightheaded, had rapid heartbeat, and fell on the floor thinking that this was the end. Unfortunately no one was home with me at the time, but a managed to crawl to the sofa, laid on my back with pillows under my legs.

After about 10 minutes the symptoms appeared to subside. But then, I started getting severe abdominal cramps and the urge to defecate. When I defecated, it was like a faucet spewing red blood. This kept up for several hours and I finally went to the emergency room. The final diagnosis was colitis and I was put on a low fiber diet. However, the discharging doctor prescribed levaquin for me to take twice a day.

Well, needless to say, I was hallucinating, shaky, rapid heartbeat, and overall a feeling of malaise. I contacted my GI doctor and he told me to stop taking the levaquin immediately.

I have read many of the postings regarding the horrible side effects of levaquin, and I would like to know why this med is still be prescribed.

Dear Alie - YES! These symptoms could be caused by Cipro. Now that you are most likely off the medication I would suggest a few things: 1) reconsider ever taking a fluoroquinolone again; if it was the Cipro, it could cause much more serious damage next time 2) don't take fluoroquinolones for UTI or sinus infections, it isn't necessary, just convenient 3) as you get treatment, question EVERYTHING and consider alternative remedies (check out my website for info on detoxing from fluoroquinolones: ) 4) spread the word, and use extreme caution with ANY medication, read your labels 5)only work with doctors who are willing to consider that you've been floxed, otherwise you may find yourself taking a lot of drugs that will prolong your condition. Best of luck to you, and if you get this message, please reply so we all know how you are doing. Nikki

Next time tell them not to give you a "Fluoroquinolone" rather than a brand name. Your experience just goes to show how very little the prescribing physicians really know about these drugs and their side effects. I would recommend a NMD for the diverticulitis. Best of luck.

Let me just say, I am going on my third month of NOT being able to walk. I took only 4 doses of Cipro 500mg and that was all it took to really mess me up. I was prescribed it for a supposed UTI (which I never ended up having) and now I am working really hard to try and get my life back. I can't even begin to describe the pain in my tendons and the muscles in my calves. I am doing everything in my power (including a positive attitude) to learn to walk again.

I have heard protein, Vit D, and Vit C. Also, gave up the caffeine and NO alcohol. These are the things that I have been hearing about and following. Everything is so tight in my lower legs, and my feet don't seem to want to work, it's like they won't lay on the floor correctly, but I'm sure that is because I am in pain and I have compensated for it. The pain travels around in different areas, just depending on the day. It has just been over two months now, and today is the first day that I can officially say that I can now 'shuffle' along the floor without always having to use my crutches...yeah! Bless you all that are suffering and I hope for a complete recovery for all of us!

I took Cipro for a week 11 months ago. At the end of the week I woke up w/sore ankles. Over the next week this spread to my calves, hamstrings, hips and shoulders and hands. I now have tendonitis in all these places and peripheral neuropathy. My symptoms have not improved at all. I used to be an athlete, now I'm virtually crippled. Do not take unless you have tried another antibiotic and it's not working AND you're in danger of sepsis.

Work with a natural medicine/integrative medicine MD or DO, or a legitimate (four year grad degree) naturopathic physician to heal your digestive tract... they will probably have you get off wheat, dairy, sugar and all things which irritate and inflame your gut ... and take probiotics and L-glutamine powder which help heal your gut. You must find a qualified practitioner to work with you - it may help calm down your issues and lessen your need for meds.

On Dec 10th, 2005 at about approximately 10:00 PM...I was given two levaquin pills at our local ER after being brought there for electrolyte imbalance from a 3 day bout with a body flu. I had fainted at home while standing and going to the bathroom and crushed my face on a hard wood floor and was knocked out with a smashed nose, loose teeth and broken septum. Lots of bleeding.

After being rushed by ambulance to our local ER I was diagnosed with a "slight" concussion with broken septum and found to have a fever and electrolyte imbalance from dehydration.

I was kept at this ER for just 2+ hours and told around midnight I was being sent home!

Through bloody swollen lips, bloody and 90% turned nose and black eyes I pleaded to be kept at the hospital as I was so traumatized feeling I felt like I had just been in a serious head injury car accident in the middle of a flu! But incredibly, the ER doc refused to keep me and sent me on my way.

As I was getting dressed to go a nurse came in and told me to take these two pills which turned out to be Levaquin. I learned later I was prescribed these for a "beginning case of bronchitis" which I didn't even know I had.

I didn't know anything about Levaquin or that it was created to be a "last line" antibiotic and not a first line one as it is so potent.

I was wheeled out to my wife's car and sent on my way. Within 3 minutes onto the ride home I fainted again and my frantic wife rushed me back and I was placed in a "recovery room" where they place patients when a hospital is full and their beds are only separated by curtains.

The fainting was passed off as a "vagal response."

I was monitored and the next late morning I was given TWO MORE Levaquin tablets ( that's 4 in 12 hours! ) and a prescription for another 4 to 5 days worth!

I was again sent on my way later that day. Again against my desperate pleas to be kept in the hospital as I felt so susceptible and bad.

Starting that night at home in a bed by myself, my body exploded into symptoms so nightmarish it's hard to go back and re-feel them.

Itching scalp and body, uncomfortable tingling, prickly feelings all over.

My arms felt like they were being ripped out of their sockets and my arms and hands would get burning hot and then go ice cold and numb!

I would feel hot and then freezing cold.

My GI tract went completely crazy, rumblings, painful odd and sick feelings - like I had drank bleach!

My bladder went bananas. One second it felt like I had to urinate so bad I was going to wet the bed...then nothing!

I was getting these electric ZAP type feelings like I was being jolted by an electric wire! My whole body would jerk when I got these. And the ZAP feelings would go through my head!

I could not sleep at all but I did have these "mini-nightmares" that were so diabolically horrible it was like I had been dropped into Hell itself!

These were so horrible and frightening they were beyond my imagination! I was so scared, anxiety ridden and frightened out of my mind. What was happening to me?

I was also so weak I could barely lift my arms and even breathing seemed forced.

With a lot of desperate prayers, I somehow fought through this nightmare ( I also did so to give my poor wife a break ) but by the next morning I was so weak. I asked my daughter to give me half a piece of toast and ate this and within 5 to ten minutes my GI tract went into so much pain I screamed out. I started seeing spots soon there after ( I think I was going into shock ) and I cried out for my daughter to call 9-11 again and off I raced in another ambulance back to this local ER.

I didn't have a family doctor at this time. So I was completely dependent on this ER.

At the ER they did their basic tests of heart, blood, urine and body temp etc. but they said they couldn't see anything and wrote down that I was suffering from "anxiety!"

They loaded me up with Atavan and sent me home. They didn't even follow up on my complaints of my arm and hand and shoulder pain and other weird symptoms or even consider that I was having an adverse reaction to their prescribed Levaquin.

I swear...I truly believe they didn't even know what to look for...and they should have. They should have known the basic adverse reactions and signs of this regarding this drug Levaquin.

Instead of their professional position responsibility, they simply wrote me off as an anxiety ridden psyche case!

I raced back up to our ER so many times in that first week or two they started calling the psyche ward before they'd look at me and I was really treated like a psyche case as I kept telling them of my horrific symptoms.

I was even committed once over-night! First time in my local 54 year history here at this same hospital!

I was an employed family man ( concierge/bellman at a high end hotel ) with two college grad kids, a good job, a 25 year long good marriage, no drug or alcohol or smoking history and no criminal history. I was a solid citizen.

But now, I was just instantly a hypochondriac psych case over-night!

Later as I gradually got appointments with specialists ( I was in tears going to them I was so weak, hurting and damaged feeling) I was diagnosed with tendinitis, torn rotator cuff, bronchial asthma ( first time ) brady cardia into the thirties, scarring and ulceration of my small intestines.

I now had ringing in my ears, my eyes couldn't take the sun and my vision got worse over-night, I was off balance on my feet, I started getting fungal rashes immediately ( my whole right hand turned white and peeled like a snake the first week or two ( doctors just shrugged when they saw this.)

My heart seemed so weak I was tested and eventually I developed afib.

I fainted a few months later at this same hospital after going there so weak. Later that night I had a 3 and 1/2 second pause in my heart beat...all this...but I was still being treated like a psyche case.

I was "exaggerating" my symptoms. I was too frantic.

It's been five years since this Levaquin nightmare all started.

I am sorry to tell you that most of the symptoms I described are still with me.

And, even more tragically, I can't tell you how many doctors not only refuse to believe that Levaquin triggered or caused this...they get angry if I suggest it.

I can't sue anyone at the hospital for medical malpractice because of that criminal "one year" long statute of limitations (heck it almost always takes longer than that to know what happened to you and be strong enough to do anything about it!)

I lost my beloved job and career. I lost my health. I barely hung on to my family.

I have been through 5 years of nightmarish physical problems and even worse my local medical patient reputation. I've had doctors see my hospital records and see the psyche notes and stop their first consult and tell me they aren't the doctor for me.

My wife and I lost our credit and are broke after having to use credit to pay medical bills into the thousands and we've lost everything. I didn't get a penny in income for 2 years until a state official finally told me I should apply for Social Security Disability which I finally got and is $800 a month versus my making almost four times that before this Levaquin nightmare.

My wife is completely exhausted in every way and has to see a therapist herself after living through this nightmare for the last 5 years and having to carry us and me. She breaks down and cries often at how our lives have been devastated and we are always struggling.

This is all the truth. I do not need attention by exaggerating. This all started with a 5 day dose of Levaquin in late December, 2005.

At one point I called the Ortho-McNeil corporation ( Levaquin sellers ) product safety line and told the lady there my story.

She said " the doctors shouldn't have given you Levaquin with a diagnosis of electrolyte imbalance." That this condition shows your internal system is already in a weakened and precarious state and the drug is potent.

Even though I had an IV for one hour before I was given my first two Levaquin tablets...I do think this might be a reason this drug hit me so hard.

I have lost hope of ever being anything close to what I was before Levaquin. I am ruined forever I believe.

I have so many scary and depressing issues and symptoms.

But, the public must know about this drug and what it may do to those who are prescribed it.

Levaquin tragically and dangerously is now used as a "first line" antibiotic when it was designed to be a last "line one" because of it's potency.

Levaquin is the most widely used antibiotic in the country now and maybe even the world. 431 million prescriptions have been prescribed. It also is the most profitable antibiotic, making well over 1 billion a year for it's makers and sellers.

Please, if you develop any bad symptoms and problems like tendon issues or any others that you've never before experienced and this happens while or just after you take Levaquin...give a lot of thought of the possibility that the Levaquin may be causing or have caused these.

Hi, how long did you take the cipro? are all your symptoms gone ?

hi Carol.... curious about your back pain you suffered. I am almost four month out and although I am finally walking without crutches, I am having terrible back pain. I dread going to bed at night as I wake up many times only to be such pain that I feel like I have a mac truck on top of me. I can't even move. The pain is up each side of my spine, but more like the muscles up and down the back?? Once I get up and move around a bit it seems to feel a bit better ..during the day. This is new this past month. I am hoping it won't last forever. Does any of this sound familiar? thx

To tj Took physical therapy (back school) with deep massage for three months and was given a set of stretches to do every morning which helped me get over the pain. My hair which started to thin to the point I saw a dermatologist over it, had thyroid tests etc. which all came out clear finally grew back in after 8 months from the last dose of levaquin.

I hope all the people posting on this are informing the FDA about their reactions as they need to warn doctors.

On February 2,2011 I took a trip to the emergency room. I'm 18yrs old and described the sharp pains in my back my abdominal and stomach as well as the pain in my back. I was urinating more frequently and the doctor said it sounded like a possible uti and that's what I was treated for. I had an iv for about 2 hours with a dose of pain killers.

The pain still occurred so I was give cipro for the uti and a pain killer. Everything was fine on my way home. At night I took the second pill of cipro 500mg for 3 days. When I took it last night I was very drowsy and slurring my words. Half sleep I felt a tingling around my bottom lip and the tingling haven't stopped at all. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow.

I immediately stopped taking the medicine and only had 3 pills of cipro total. I'm just going to drink plenty of cranberry juice. This is a very scary feeling. All I can do is pray about it
God bless you all!

Ma Please report it to the FDA as the more they get the more they might take notice as well as the doctors who seem ignorant of it. Be sure to have your pharmacist and all Doctors note on your chart the you are allergic to Cipro family of drugs. Carry a note on your insurance card to the effect also. And tell all your family and others. Good luck

My story is probably similar to many others. After 2 days of Levaquin for pneumonia/sinus infection, I reported to the doctor that I was hallucinating, dehydrated, having panic attacks, couldn't sleep but couldn't get out of bed, hurting all over. He insisted that it was from the fever and that it could not be the meds. The next day, I tried to nap but sat up in bed hyperventilating and purple, and I was rushed to the ER. I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder (that turns your skin purple??).

Rewind to 2005, pre-flox. I really had no health problems to speak of. I trusted the doctors, and even the ER doctor told me to stay on the meds. I was also advised to take ibuprofen, albuterol, and prednisone. After my 2 week floxing, I was assured that any side effects from the meds would subside quickly.

Fast forward to 2009, I became completely disabled. My migraine pain became unmanageable, I was diagnosed with fibromyaligia, chronic fatigue syndrome, thyroid disease, dystonia, PCOS, neuropathy... I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Oh, Cushing's disease. I also had a stroke in 2007.

I am only 38 years old. I have given up the teaching career that I loved and worked so hard for. I am finally able to move around some after being off work for over a year, but my young daughter lost about 2 years of my time when I spent most of it sleeping or laying on the couch.

This drug should have been banned long ago. I pray that someday we will all be compensated for our injuries, but one thing that I do know for sure, "...And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away." Rev. 21:4

I took one 500 mg dose of Levaquin in Nov 2010. I immediately felt nervous, so I discontinued use. 3 days later I was at ER with chest pains and fast heartbeat of 120 bpm and had numbness in my lower back and legs. They told me it was anxiety and gave me ativan. By the end of Nov I had a stiff neck, one week after that I had muscle spasms, tremors, in my head, back, and shoulders. I couldn't lift my arm or leg on left side.

I already had problems with my left arm tendonitis and bursitis in left hip. This drug just added fuel to my fire. I have been off of work with depression & insomnia that I never had before EVER. I have seen a neurologist and primary doc who could care less and state I have fibromyalgia. They put me on antidepressants, xanax, muscle relaxers etc. I have also taken Cipro and Flagyl in the past. My back is stiff with arthritic symptoms, I have loss of appetite and stomach pains. I have a 6 year old who needs her mom can and all I can do is cry for hours.

I feel hopeless in the fact that my symptoms have not improved much. The doctors could care less nor would they admit this drug could possibly have this effect after one dose. They treat you like you are crazy. I have always been a strong person, went to work, raised a family like a normal person. Except now I am the furthest thing from normal. To all those suffering, MAY GOD SHOW HIS GRACE ON YOU. I continue to pray for myself and all of you for a recovery from this drug.

Took Cipro for 4 months for an urological infection without issue. Was put on it again and took it for 3 days. A day after I had stopped the medication, I felt flu like symptoms without fever or any other issues. Two weeks later I still have weakness throughout my body and often feel like I am shivering internally. I have a bizarre feeling of "butterflies" within my legs, arms and torso. Hopefully these will disappear with time. I am taking magnesium, methylcobalamin B12, vitamin C and apple cider vinegar to try to rebuild my central nervous system...

Please people educate others I took this for 2 days and I broke out with hives all over i'am still in pain

Please, does anyone know how to get Leviquin out of your system. I am drinking a lot of fluid and eating a lot of vegetables. My physician prescribed it to me even though he knew I was allergic to Cipro/same family.

The first day I took pill my throat went hoarse and I kept coughing. I felt it was because I took it with milk. After that I took it with water. Day 7 the wheels came off. I woke up 4:55 AM running a fever, body aches like flu, massive headache, feeling lethargic. Couldn't stop sleeping. I went to clinic to be tested for flu and test negative but she asked for the name of the antibiotic.

I told her and she said throw it out you have an allergy. Now, here I am with the same cough, stuff didn't do anything but make me feel awful. I am on day 6 with no more Leviquin and still running fever 100.4+ in the afternoons, eyes hurt like h*** but no more aches. Soak the bed at night with night sweats. I want this drug out of my system.

I have been living with what I KNOW is being floxed for almost 2 years. 3 times my doctor prescribed this med to me along with steroids...I made no connection until I received an email from a law firm "have you or someone you love taken the prescription antibiotic levaquin?" Finally, I was able to put a "name" to what was going on when I started researching...since my first dose of levaquin to my last 2 pill dose of avelox that I stopped when my ankles flared up again, I have been to the doctor and the ER at least 15 times, maybe more..lost count... and still going.

I used to NEVER have to go to the doctor but now...everything hurts...from the physical to the mental, hallucinations, nightmares that I dare not mention to the same doctors that shrug their shoulders and say there is nothing wrong with you...I need not list the wide array of the problems, it would almost be endless because it seems like there is a new symptom appearing every day. Lets just say it has effected me from top to bottom...from my head to my toes literally.

I fight anger every day, I fight depression every day, I cry every day... I can only describe this drug as chemical warfare, the battles that rage within me as my body struggles for survival, are some days too much to take. That is my life now, daily survival, no enjoyment. I have to be careful how I walk, turn, go down a step, get out of the car, so as to not pull or pop anything. I wake up stiff and in pain every day. I have to wrap ace bandages around my ankles then put on ankle supports just to be able to walk and try to not have a tendon rupture. I cannot see at night to drive anymore.

I have been diagnosed with possible rheumatoid arthritis (ruled out with blood work), fibromyalgia, MRSA, chronic fatigue syndrome, IBS, muscuoskeletal pain but not once have they specified tendons...several times I have tried to discuss with doctors, one got angry when I tried to show him the FDA report. The rest of them quickly dismissed my claims because they believe once it is out of your system you no longer suffer any affects. They ALL say it is rare..ok well RARE doesn't mean NEVER!!

Why won't you listen to me?? Why won't you take time to read at least or research a little more since I am paying you almost a 100 bux each time I am here!!! $1000's have been paid to the hospital for visits, tests, 3 times I have went to doctor and ER because my lymph nodes were very swollen, my thyroid also, one doctor now has me on thyroid med, helps VERY little, another doctor put me on adderol which is nothing but prescription SPEED!!! so I can get out of the bed every day...a slew of pain meds, muscle relaxers, steroids...

It seems to me I am the ONLY one who (it sounds to me) HAS a logical explanation yet M.D. who is a HEALTHCARE PROVIDER you shake your head at me, you slam your pen down on the counter, you smirk and ask, "is there ANYTHING that DOESN'T hurt?" You grin wide and say "there is no way this could be related to levaquin because you aren't taking it anymore", I hear "don't believe everything you read on the internet"...yada yada yada... You constantly prescribe me meds to treat all these symptoms, something for vertigo, I do not have vertigo, pain meds I HATE the way they make me feel and which ones are safe??? Up the dosage of blood pressure medicine, give me a script for IBS, give a script for hypothyroidism altho my blood work was fine!!!! Run numerous tests, xrays, cat scans, blood work because of my lymph nodes ALL over my body are enlarged....Yet you do not
even show the slightest interest in finding out the CAUSE of all these symptoms that did NOT occur until AFTER I disgested levaquin!!!!!!

I told the last doc you need to READ more about the quinolone issues before you ASSUME just because I am not taking it anymore I am not having related scary it have to wonder every single day what this toxin is going to leave you with in the aftermath....will I recover? Will I get worse? Will I EVER sleep know all night, it takes the body at least 7 hrs and so much sleep for our bodies to be able to heal themselves. I am so tired all the time.

It ANGERS me that I WAS NOT GIVEN A CHOICE!! I was not given a chance to make an educated decision as to take this or not to take this...I had faith in my doctor, I had trust in my doctor to KNOW everything he needed to before he prescribed medicine to me...boy did I get I am paying dearly for it. UNNECESSARY LEVAQUIN VICTIM!

You definitely have it worse than me, but I took it about a month ago and I didn't even have an infection they found out. So I was given this for no reason.

I have weakness in my right arm all the time. And now the bottom of my feet hurt so much a month later. I worry that something is going to break off.

All of my doctors have also said it's impossible, and one even got mad also. They don't even know about the FDA warnings, and all the issues. They just don't to listen. They said I was overreacting. I don't know anyone that wants to go to the doctors office, if they don't need to.

Good Luck, if you find any help be sure to send info my way. I'll do the same.

What is this FDA warning and can someone post a link to the site or give info how to find it? Would love to have it to take to Doctor. I know that Cipro is the drug of choice for bladder infections and diverticulitis so having the info with me would be a backup. Thanks.

If I have taken Cipro in the past with no side effects, can I take Levaquin with no side effects?


To JR I took it a couple of times earlier and didn't notice any bad side effects then was given it twice within four months and had a full reaction - lost my sense of balance, dizzy, strange day dreams and muscle pain in back and legs for six months. Take it with extreme caution.

I am a Rheumatoid Arthritis patient on Plaquenil and Prednisone who was given Levaquin by an E.R. doctor for a severe sinus infection. I had never take it before and my full medical history/meds etc were clearly documented. After 2 doses I began with cramping in my left calf and felt tightness in my right Achilles tendon that was not present ever. After 3 doses I was having trouble walking and on day 4 before I took the 4th dose, the pain settled in my calf muscles, both legs, and I stopped taking the Levaquin.

I was prescribed Augumentin in its place but now, at day 8 since the E.R. visit I am still having serious trouble walking. Calf muscle pain continues and I can move/walk but it hurts and I walk at about the speed of a 90 year old. I am 61 years old. I am parking close to Handicap spots because it is a significant issue.

I have been told it could be Reactive Arthritis but it appears to affect the muscle rather than any joints. I have also been told it could be an allergic reaction to the Levaquin but allergies usually cause swelling, rash, itch etc, none of which are present.

Any similar experiences?

MMF, I still have the meds. Haven't taken any yet. My doc prescribed it for a sinus infection that won't go away (cough & drainage). I took 2 rounds of Augmentin last year and still have the symptoms which is why my doc gave me the Levaquin.

I have talked to several people who have taken it and had no problems whatsoever. But one of the side effects is sun sensitivity and it's summer and I have a pool and am out in it a lot. Am afraid that sunscreen won't be enough, so I just haven't taken it yet.

I have taken Cipro for pneumonia but that was 13 yrs. ago. Had no problems with it so I'm hoping if I take the Levaquin I'll continue to be lucky. I thought if you had RA you should not take Levaquin. Sorry to hear about your problems with it.

I had an infection and went to a new doctor. She prescribed prednisone and Cipro. The pharmacist asked if the doctor had told me about the risk of tendonitis. I told him no, and elected to take both meds anyway.

I have nightmares and pain all over my body. Sometimes it even seems as if I am in a half asleep/half awake stage. I did not tell anyone because it sounds so crazy. It just came to me to check the possible side effects of the medications. I'm glad that I did. I feel much better knowing that it is probably the medication and not that I'm losing my mind.

did the prostate problems go away?

I used Leva while in the hospital. The Drs. prescribed the meds to me to keep me from getting pneumonia.. half the ER Drs. told me I had pneumonia and others told me they had no idea why I was taking the meds for it as my x-rays were clear.. Drs seem to just throw this medication at you without proper diagnosis or explaining the side effects at all.. I took it before I heard that my x-rays were clear.

- I hallucinated a few hours after the injection in my iv. I have never hallucinated or had such a reaction in my life and it was absolutely terrifying. It is almost unexplainable to explain the images I was seeing. I literally thought I was in a "predator" type movie being chased and it seemed more real than anything I had ever experienced. I sat up in my hospital bed and stared at the clock after this "episode" until I could regain my composure - thinking it had been 30 minutes since I sat up, husband told me it had actually only been 30 seconds. I was shaking but I couldn't figure out why. Was I cold? Was I scared? Was I just feeling ill?

It was also very difficult to understand what was going on and I was very dizzy and disoriented. I was not dreaming/sleeping before this episode, but cannot remember what was happening before this "thing" happened to me or how long the hallucinations were going on for. Time and reality weren't comprehendible to me for a while after though I remember every detail of the events. We told the nurse a little while later when I had calmed down and was back to "normal". She never did anything nor called the Dr right away about my episode. I was released from the hospital the next morning with no explanation as to what happened to me. I was extremely tired as I only slept about an hour in the hospital even though I was there from a thursday night until saturday morning. After having this bought of hallucinating, I could not fall back asleep.

I did some research and found that Leva has done this to others. I also think I not only hallucinated but might have had an "aura seizure" as the description others have described are very much like my own experience.

I have never been the same since, its hard to describe, I just have never felt like my old self. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia prior and Rheumatoid Arthritis though blood test could not be confirmed before I was ever prescribed Levaquin so I already suffered with a lot of pain beforehand because of these diseases. But I honestly feel that the levaquin has increased these pains and added to the problems I was having.

I was still very active and not on any meds for fibro or RA during the levaquin injections since I had treatments for both and the medications did not work. I am still not on any meds for the ra/fibro as my next step was chemo and I chose not to do such a harsh medication for the rest of my life and I was not going to take meds that weren't working.

I was still "okay" with fibro/ra before the Leva but after it was a completely different story.. it took weeks to even be able to drive my car again or to walk downstairs.. fixing dinner was too much work and I would get extremely dizzy just upon standing.

I really think the Leva did something to my "brain" and body that is unexplainable. I will tell Drs. that I hallucinated on this medication and I will refuse to take it if I ever become ill.

I am taking levofloxcin for my prostate, the first time it worked. I'm taking it again 6 months later for the same thing which is enlarged prostate. It's a 14 day supply I developed anxiety attacks after 10 days of taking it along with joint pain, some abdominal pain, light headedness, tingling in hands and feet, some burning in the chest wall, hard to breathe, slight cough, am going to call my doctor today.

Hi Jamie,

Do you still have digestive problems from taking Cipro? I just finished the antibiotic and had to stop early because it gave me major D. Still having it over 48 hours later, and just wanted to know what kind of digestive problems you had when taking it and how long it lasted for.

I am 17 months out from being treated with Leva 750 mg, Prednisone, NSAIDs for lung infection in a hospital. Was not consulted, wanted to go home, not sick enough to stay - ER doc ignored me. I walked into the hospital, no crippling. Well, my reaction was severe and immediate. 7 days later I was released, crippled, 16 pounds lighter - in extreme pain. They said "bad infection - rest".

It got much worse at home - every organ in my body was visited with electrical like pains. I can't take care of myself, walk, open a window - invalid. by the third week, I want my medical records from the stay, the "bad infection - rest" bit is pissing me off and I am scared. Long hassle but I got them - I had never heard of Leva - my ADR was severe and recorded - they never told me. They did stop it after five days but I had already had burning inflamed hand from IV, thumbs had stopped working, legs crumbled under me - think like mad cow disease. Every doctor denied Leva could do this, everyone of them said they used it all the time and no problems. The first doctor who stated this - turned white when I told him I suspected leva....... strange doctor visit he never examined me at all. I went through series of tests - all negative.

Folks, I contacted every medical health care watch dog agency. Of course, I contacted FDA, Medwatch. I contacted DHHS, CMS, the QIO for my area, the CEO of the hospital because the The Joint Commission (who accredited hospitals) suggested I do so. Hospital blew it off rather crudely. No surprise. But the rest of these agencies - they all have in their mission statements - they want to hear from you about any in appropriate drugs being prescribed. Well, they are all bogus. They all deny the existence of the Black box warning and further, state the use of mega doses of Prednisone, NSAIDs is just fine. This is pretty shocking - they made these statements in writing on their pretty stationary. ........ kinda crazy that they put in black and white the black box warnings do not exist, except if all agencies say this, maybe there are hundreds of thousands victims (all these agcenies refused to do report - could that be the reason it is under-reported?), being sent to gawd knows how many specialist after their primary doctor gets his battery of tests run and charged to you and tells you, 'they don't have a clue' even after you tell them these are leva floxing symptoms........ don't even think of all the people who have died from these drugs and it is not listed correctly. Think of permanent patients spending thousands of dollars and in extreme pain. There are other drugs that do not carry these risks - it is absurd they are being allowed to do this to an uninformed public.

I have a full thickness torn rotator cuff(MRI), plus various other ailments. I, who was on no meds at all, rarely took a IBF - nothing, am now on opiate pain meds daily. When I find a real educated, lucid Ortho - I will have surgery. If your new doc does not pay any attention to what "really happened" - they can make it worse by giving you steroids, NSAIDs - that has already happened to me.

There is a new organization that has just been formed to take positive actions. I know the people from over a year now. There are two who have made the news with their stories - one was a professor in another state(local) and another was on PBS, a young mother who is now invalid. Please join one of these groups. Please let's petition the government and get these horrid drugs under some control. It breaks my heart to read of the newbies who have been harmed - it is appalling that this is happening a so called power nation - we have third world medical care.

I hope this reaches those who have been damaged - I hate to tell you but once you are floxed - you really are floxed forever. Get this information out. People may have taken one of these drugs in the past and not noticed - their second or third time may be deadly.

Wish you all good luck - let us work to get these drugs exposed and under control.

Quinolone drugs are a hazard and should be taken off the market. I had a reaction to levaquin in 2005, it gave me severe anxiety and since then I have had panic attacks. My sister had a physical reaction just this year, 2011, to levaquin where she lost control of her muscles and started to stutter after just one dose. Thankfully this was not permanent.

Another friend of mine just this week took levaquin for a sinus infection, three doses and had such severe tendon pain he could not stand. This is still ongoing even though he stopped taking it.

I took Cipro as a completely healthy 29 year old male and it almost killed me.
It began on my 6th day on Cipro for a stomach bug with a tight pain in my side and then progressed over several days to heart palpitations, vomiting, low potassium, high serum calcium, TSH fluctuations, hallucinations, nightmares, insomnia, suicidal thoughts, memory loss, depersonalization, nerve pain, parastesia in my hands and feet, tendonitis, myalga, dieriea, loss of taste, chronic dehydration, and anorexia.

I lost 19 lbs in 2 weeks and was very lean to begin. This occurred 11 months ago. I am still not completely recovered, but am doing much better and expect a full recovery. I am one of the lucky victims that has recovered quickly.

I was prescribed 500mg Cipro 2x a day for ten days for what I believed was a minor uti. My doctor wasn't in, but the PA found traces of blood and protein in my urine and prescribed the Cipro. She also told me that I might have kidney stones, which could explain the blood. I'm a 40yr old male, always kept myself in decent shape, slim and active.

Mind you, the uti i had wasn't severe in my mind...I barely decided to go see the doc, since I never had one before. My only symptom was a very slight discomfort in my urethra when urinating, and a sometimes slight tingle in the same area. Within a day of starting the Cipro, I began to feel a dull discomfort/pain, nothing severe, on my right flank behind my lower ribcage (behind the ribs, not below-as many others have). Within another day, the dull discomfort spread to more of the right flank, and now the kidney area also.

I was drinking more water than ever in my life, urinating every 20 minutes or so (clear). I was feeling bloated, which didn't make sense to me, as my understanding through years of exercise was that drinking more water helps to clear bloat. Fearing that my internal organs, mainly the liver and kidneys might be becoming inflamed, I returned to my doctor (after day 4 on Cipro) and expressed that I thought I was not reacting well to the Cipro. He tested my urine again and told me that if I was having an allergic reaction, I'd have rashes or other skin discoloration. My urine was also showing less blood at this point.

I trusted him, went home and continued taking the Cipro. By day seven, the dull pain/discomfort continued and got worse. I now had this feeling of 'something's not right' in my entire torso. My lower ribs on both sides felt sore. I was completely bloated in the torso area. I also had noticed a very slight tinge of yellow (very slight, but there) change to my face. I returned to google/the internet and read enough to convince me that the Cipro was at the very least partially-if not full responsible for this feeling.

I was (am) scared that I might have caused liver or kidney damage, etc.... I decided to stop taking the Cipro last night, and went to bed. This morning I woke up, and the majority of the rib cage and flank pain seems to have subsided thus far. I'm feeling weak and a little feverish, but not running a temperature. My stomach feels as though something's wrong, but I have no diarrhea. It's as if there's a rock sitting in my stomach. My stool is the right color (not lighter), and my face seems to have it's normal pinkish white color again.

It's been about 28hrs since my last dose of Cipro right now. I do feel better in a way, but am thoroughly convinced that if not of the Cipro, I would NOT be feeling any of this right now. I'm going for a sonogram of my right side, back, kidneys, liver tomorrow. Obviously hoping all's clear. I've never had an allergic reaction to any medication in my life. I've never been sickly or frequently sick. This is all very alarming to me. Had I known about all of this beforehand, I would NEVER have taken this drug. I hope to feel normal again soon, but am worried I might have done some damage to my innards, at least temporarily.

Jamie, I took Floxin for tonsillitis 19 yrs. ago and I am still having problems. I eat broccoli all the time, one of my favorite foods, all of a sudden couldn't eat it and got violently ill if I did. Told I might have fibromyalgia 3 yrs later, then 3 yrs later confirmed had fibromyalgia and now I have diarrhea about two days a week can't leave the house and have wheat intolerance. Up to this point I was a healthy energetic young mother. I never dreamed that a antibiotic could do this to anyone.

My son was given Levaquin on Jan. 17 2011. On Jan. 22 2011 I took him off life support. Christopher was allergic to Cipro; they gave him the Levaqin and sent us home. On Jan. 20th he died in my arms. They brought him back after 25 mins. Jan. 22 I kissed my angel good bye.

Christopher was 30 yrs old. he had Down syndrome, we trusted a doctor and now I have a big empty hole in my heart. I don't want to see the next child suffer like my son did, or the next parent have to re-live what I re-live every day.

I was prescribed levaquin for lyme disease and subsequently cipro for upper resp infection during 2010 and 2011.

The damage these drugs cause includes new peripheral neuropathy, new tendonitis, new insomnia, new vision disturbances, new panic attacks, new muscle pain and new damage to every organ system; digestive, brain, skin, liver, gall bladder, etc. The adverse drug reaction happened while on the drug, but other symptoms presented after I stopped them. Many adverse drug reactions can appear weeks to months after you discontinue.

Please avoid all antibiotics which are in the quinolone category (including cipro, levaquin and avelox) unless you consider the risks and know your genetic impairements which might cause these drugs to poison you.

One thing to check is your methylization cycle.

If you have been "floxed," find support online and do your own research. Find a Fluoroquinolone drug reaction dr that will support your recovery

Sherry W., I am so sorry for your loss. I know how wonderful children with Down syndrome are as I have a wonderful daughter with DS. I too also know how dangerous these drugs are having been disabled by taking Levaquin over fours years ago. Your story is such a poigniant one as to why society must be made aware of the dangers of these drugs. Again, I am sorry for the loss of your wonderful angel.

Everyone should always eat yogurt or pro-biotics with any antibiotics. Over the years I have had soooo many ear infections common antibiotics don't work for me ie amoxicillin. This should be used first before any major antibiotics. That's common sense. Z-pack was developed for bronchitis.

If you break out in a rash or have pain stop meds immediately. Common sense says know your body. If it is a virus don't take antibiotics, wait it out. More antibiotics you take the less effective they will be. I have NEVER had any symptoms with these drugs.

If you are having hallucinations and such you might want to see a neurologist, even if it is a side effect might be something going on.

Use common sense before taking meds. If you feel it might go away on its own wait to take meds. Unless heart, lung, diabetes any major disease. Also be careful what you read, your mind is a powerful organ, you might make it up and believe you have.

People's Pharmacy response: While it is a good idea to use probiotic supplements and live culture yogurt while taking antibiotics, they should not be taken at the same time, but separated by several hours. Yogurt and other dairy foods can prevent absorption of ciprofloxacin and some other fluoroquinolones.

Exact thing happened to me. After Cipro (levaquin), I've had a terrible set of symptoms which mimic Fibro or CFS. No official diagnosis. Visited Dr. 20+ times including a rheumatologist. Has anything helped you? - Cutting gluten has helped me some. My symptoms persist today.

Omg thank you all for your post Sherry reading your post brought tears to my eyes I'm sorry for your lost ;( I have bladder infection I've been on cip for 2 days . Bladder seems to be better but omg my poor back and my stomach I almost thought I'd die in my boyfriend's bathroom floor, with hot and cold chills, my stomach was in pain. After reading all this I will not be taking these pills.

I have good news for everyone who has taken cipro or levaquin. You will get better. Two years ago I was floxed, and now I am 100 percent better. At that time I could barely walk, I was nauseated, and miserable. I felt trapped in my house but I finally went back to college and about 8 months later I started to feel myself again. Slowly but surely I am not back to being almost perfect. It is a million times better then where I was. And I wanted to let you all know that it was okay for me and I hope it will all turn out better for you. I wish you all luck, and try your best and work to getting better.

I have been taking cipro for going on 5 or 6 days for a UT infection. My back was hurting pretty bad before I took the meds. I have felt I have had parasites of some kind for years.. Now my back is starting to feel better. I was dizzy waking up one morning but that is gone. I used to wake up with this wad of something in my throat but that is gone. I feel less swelling in my body and my breath doesn't taste metallic as much anymore. Whatever is that lived in me sure does not like cipro.

You say that it feels like something is crawling out of your anus? You may have pinworms. See: http:/

How long did it take for the shaking to stop?

I had surgery Dec 28 to remove a faulty bladder sling (had mesh erosion etc) Doctor put me on an antibiotic after surgery which is standard. He gave me Levaquin 500mg once a day for ten days. Day 3 after surgery I was feeling pretty good and getting up and around, on my way to recovery, yay. Then about day 5, my hips were hurting really bad and thought it was from surgery and the part of the sling (that is attached in your pelvic girdle) that was not removed. They assured me it had nothing to do with my surgery.

About day 8 I was feeling terrible, hurting all over, especially my hips. But by this time my shoulders and ankles were hurting too. I felt like an 80 year old crippled woman and had no idea what was wrong with me. Looked all over internet at my symptoms and just happened to stumble on something about Levaquin. Soon as I read it, I was like Yep that is me!!!!!

I took the whole ten day course. No one warned me of anything!!!! As soon as I started hurting, I would have known and stopped taking it. I am now on anti-inflammatory and pain med. For how long, who knows, but I plan on suing for this as well. The bladder sling is the first lawsuit.

So sorry to hear this has happened to you. I know from experience being given 750 mg IV along with Prednisone, NSAID's, antacids in mega doses - having severe toxic shock event in hospital and no one told me - I was crippled by the 7th day. Please consult an online blog regarding Floxing by Levaquin (FQ's in general), what you are going to be told by professional board certified health care givers may not be the whole story (cough, cough).

Find what is safe for your new floxed body and what is not. Wish you luck for full recovery and any legal satisfaction you may find. In case you do not know, the problems with Leva - FQ's in general have been known for decades. After Public Citizen sued FDA (2008) to get the black box warning - the physicians increased - INCREASED - prescribing them. Ask your self why this odd reaction to a risky drug, and why they profess total ignorance of the risks... and they do not consult, let alone tell what they used on you until legal action is threatened.

I am a registered nurse and have given Cipro and Flagyl many times----when I had to take it myself for a diverticulitis attack, I realized what my patients were going thru... the side effects are horrendous... the worst was the severe depression I had for a week.... as soon as I stopped the medication, I was back to my old self. I told my physician, "I will never take these meds again... you will have to find something else if I get a reoccurance."

She put a note in my file to use Vancomycin and another antibiotic of some sort... It was TERRIBLE.... If you have that problem, don't worry, it is not you, it is the medicine you are taking !!!!!!!!

Had both a diverticulitis and a bladder infection while out of town at same time and the Dr. I got in to see saw that I had written allergic to Cipro, Levaquin and all floxins and believed me.

Put me on Flagyl and an old fashioned sulfa medication. Flagyl made me nauseated so after 24 hours told me to stop it and just take the sulfa plus liquid diet and lots of water. The old standby worked and was so much cheaper than the Cipro etc.

I was put on Levaquin (750mg for 14 days) for a sinus infection back in October of 2011. On the 31st I had severe attacks of vertigo that sent me to the hospital. Since then, I have been sicker than ever. I have about 25 symptoms. My balance is way off and I am dizzy 24/7. My life has stopped and I am only 29 yrs old. I might lose my job and I am suppose to get married soon. I am looking for some kind of hope for a better future.

I have been sick for 14 years. I took floxin for a urinary tract infection. I only took one pill and I was in a comma for 30 days after taking it. When I woke up I forgot a lot. I forgot I had baby 6 weeks before. I have a long story. Too much to type. But floxin hurt me bad very bad. They should have it on the market for people to take.

I'm a 23 year old female who has been prescribed cipro numerous times. The last two times were like living in a nightmare. I felt like I was going crazy. All the sudden everything around me felt terrifying. I was sure I was losing my sanity. The doctors swear it was my general anxiety. But even my "normal panic" attacks where nothing like this. Looking back though I wonder if the sudden development of anxiety I had in high school wasn't a result of repeated cipro. Even in an anxiety state I'm very rational. But not the last time I was on cipro. It was like my thoughts were not normal. It was terrible. It took weeks to feel like myself. I just claim I'm allergic now.

How long did it last for you? I only had one pill two days ago and still feel so weird an can't sleep for anythinggggg. :(

Cipro, avelox and levaquin are the devil. I took ONE avelox 400 mg on Wednesday around noon-ish and literally 3 hours later think I was having mini seizures. Arms and legs went numb, or heavy (can't explain it) and my head felt so funny like I was gonna faint.

Immediately stopped the drug and started forcing fluids and eating Benadryl like m&ms. Yesterday was a total blur with my arms still feeling pretty weird and today gradually felt better until it was time for bed ( which I haven't slept more than a few hours in the past almost 3 days).

Tonight I started to doze off for maybe a half hour and was woken up by trembling in my arms and legs and feeling like I was panicking. I just wanna feel better and SLEEP. Can this really STILL be a side effect from ONE freakin pill two days ago?! Help!!! Do u ever get better from this poison drug??? :(

My 70 year old mother was put on Cipro by a doctor due to bladder issues. Then her primary physician kept prescribing it. My mother was on it for 18 months and started thinking she was raped, hearing voices and ended up in the hospital for 9 days this month. Her primary physician could only tell me that the continued re-fills for the cipro slipped through the cracks.

We hope she returns to her old self but now she is on Depakote and Zyprexa due to the hallucinations. Any help is appreciated where we can turn to help her. So sad seeing a parent go through this. :(

I am not sure if that will be permanent. I've heard of this from some people online but haven't heard of it being permanent. You might want to research some more.

I too had a very severe reaction to Levaquin. I was helped only by changing my diet. I only eat organic meat and dairy and drink only spring water. My doctor told me that the antibiotics are in the tendons of animals we eat and cause us to flair up. If you drink faucet water there are antibiotics there too and cause flair ups. I don't know if this will work for everyone, but it works for me. Just read the labels, because not all natural foods are antibiotic free. Good luck to all, I hope this helps.

I have been on Cipro for 5 weeks (two weeks intravenous) and 3 weels 750 mg x 2 per day. I have suffered from extreme tiredness and insomnia. I have been taking 3.75 mg of Zipiclone to enable me to sleep for the past 9 days.

Occasion heart flips, depression, great anxiety restless days nausea and now loose stools have led me to stop taking CIPRO... I was on CIPRO because of osteomylites caused by an infection after a prostate was removed due to Cancer (localized).., the infection went into the pelvic bone... very great pain but bone specialist assures me that it was mild not serious!

I am seeing the Infections specialist doctor tomorrow. I can't stay on this drug any longer, its affecting me mentally.

I did try Ertepenam but the side effects of that AFTER one dose were horrendous!!

Lets hope all will be ok... be warned CIPRO can be dangerous... only take it after speaking to an Infections specialist!!

Walk in Clinic doctor prescribes Cipro for "what looks to be some sort of infection" in a urine analysis...

The day after I finish my 2 times a day/3 day prescription - I am sitting in the ER, because the pains haven't diminished from the original cause, yet, now my hips and thighs and hurts... sharp pains shooting up and down my legs, knees, thighs, hips, arms, wrists... weird, electric, painless feeling throughout legs and arms... anxious...cloudy thoughts, weird dreams.

Could this be a reaction?! I've noticed a few people noting the same things... I'm really scared!
Talked to a pharmacist today, he shrugged his shoulders and said it was really quite rare that these things happen...


When I called my pharmacist to ask if anything I was on would cause me to lose my balance she told me to stop taking the levaquin right away so all pharmacists are not so non caring. Yes your symptoms sound like a lot of the others. Pains in legs with shooting electric shocks lasted 5 months.

I would agree, most pharmacists are caring. Not all are knowledgeable that Levaquin can cause such serious side effects. As pointed out even few experts have any proven treatment for adverse effects of Levaquin.

So sad to hear all these stories. I tried to report my sons reaction to Cipro to the FDA site as was suggested here but was disturbed to find that the form would not register my response unless I checked the boxes that said someone had died and also that the drug was used incorrectly and was an off brand. Could be an error on the form, but it is quite disturbing considering all the responses here and the damage I have seen to my son and my husband.

I wish I had known this sooner. Many lives have been needlessly filled with suffering and by the use of these drugs. Perhaps there are some life and death situations where they might be appropriate enough to risk these kind of side effects, but doctors really need to be educated about the severity and widespread reactions.

Please list any other sites that people can join to find support for having taken this class of antibiotic, word needs to spread to protect people and to help share what has helped to detox. Has anyone tried activated charcoal for this? Epsom salt baths?Any other ideas? reading adults descriptions has helped me to understand what my son has been going through but was too frustrated to try to explain. Poor little guy, as a kid he has even less chance of having all these feelings validated and understood.

I was give Cipro for a chest cold.
At the same time I was prescribed the incorrect dose of Thyroid medication 25mcg instead of 200 mcg - 90 days.
When I took the Cipro it caused severe shaking and confusion.
And later stiff hands and lower right leg and neck.
I now take a beta blocker for shaking that has continued for months.

The experiences listed out by various people affected by the reaction of the anti-biotic drug has helped me to understand the problems I am having for the last one month, gives lot of solace, since I was not knowing before the strange and weird feelings. I can now prepare myself for a remedy to come out of my problems. Shall discuss with my doctor too.

I took Levaquin for recurring tonsillitis six weeks ago, and it was a horrible experience. I had taken Augmentin many times without a problem, so I never thought to take the warnings seriously.

I took Levaquin for seven days, and I felt worse with every passing day. It gave me a horrendous body ache and joint pain that I had never experienced with flu, sinusitis, or tonsillitis. It felt as if I was run over by a truck. By Day 6 and 7, I could not get up from the bed or even turn over without making a cry.

It made me worse than the disease it was trying to cure. Also, it did not get rid of my tonsillitis. I had to call in for another med and got ceftin, which ended up making me feel a lot better within 8 hours of the first dosage.

However, the unexplainable body ache and joint pain come back now and then. The ache moves around from torso to jaw to legs to etc. Sometimes it shoots up from a spot, and I would be sure that there is something wrong with a nearby organ or a muscle. But then within a day, the pain is elsewhere.

Doctors need to get more training in side effect of the medicines that they prescribe. Otherwise, they are handing out disease not cure.

I will never, ever take Levaquin in the future.

Hi Toni,

I just took ciprofloxacin for a UTI and my hair started falling out in clumps. I have decided to stop taking it today just to see if it is to do with the cipro or something else. Can you please help me by sharing with me how long it took for your hair loss to stop?


I was given a 7 day round of Levaquin after eye lid surgery, to prevent infection. I am allergic to penicillin and its counterparts.

Well, it has been over 2 weeks and I am still going through hell. I am full of anxiety, I am shaking on the inside, to the point of terror. I cannot sleep. I wake up in a drenching sweat, hot one minute, cold the next. I am nauseous, and have this strange ache around my rib cage. I am very angry and hostile one minute, and weepy the nest. The ringing in my ears gets so loud, that I cannot use the telephone.
I just hope that this goes away soon.

kaye, my wife was allergic to levaquin, while in the hospital, suffering with a stroke and wrongfully diagnosis with UTI, took 2 pills, at home after it was ordered, back to hospital where she died. I can't prove it but I think levaquin was the cause of her death.

Hello all,
My heart goes out to all of you. It is 2 1/2 years out from being floxed by cipro. While most of the original systemic symptoms have subsided, I don't know that my legs will ever function normally. I cannot do aerobic activity. I can't walk far without symptoms that include heaviness, weakness, numbness and sensation of heat in my lower legs, and sometimes calf pain mixed in. How far I can walk depends on how active or not I've been. Past few weeks if I walk more than about 6 blocks slowly, the symptoms come on quite severely.

Thankfully I found a medical person who knew what damage the fluoroquinolones can cause. He immediately ordered large amounts of magnesium, methyl-B12 and co-Q10 (at first weekly injections then pills). There were other things he had me do early on (first saw him about 2 months after being floxed). I think these things helped, though 2 1/2 years out I still cycle back to poor leg function more often than not.

To those of you experiencing sleeplessness, shaking, anxiety and sensory overload symptoms: these drugs knock out one's ability to process caffeine (the p450 pathway). Stop all caffeine, even decaf, chocolate and tea until you know your body can handle. It took over a year before I could again process caffeine, and this is one of the things that thankfully was restored.

I only took 3 pills of cipro and wished I'd stopped at 1. After the first pill, my legs grew extremely weak and heavy, as if in concrete, when I walked. Even though I stopped at 3 pills, my symptoms got worse and worse over several weeks--some symptoms over months. To Jesse who just posted: I'm guessing it was the flouroquinolone you originally took, not the Bactrim that your doctor replaced it with, that is causing all the leg symptoms that are so similar to mine.

I've been assuming that, even though I get setbacks, my legs will ultimately heal. More recently I'm really angry and discouraged and wondering if my damage is permanent. Even if I could sue the drug company over this (anyone know of lawsuits on the FQs?) they won't be able to restore my leg function... but forcing them to do proper research and find an antidote would be great.

In addition to the leg problem, the tinnitus I developed from the cipro hasn't gone away.

I'm in my 50's and the inability to do any sort of aerobic exercise is more and more a concern--certainly not healthy for my cardiovascular system.

fyi, spinal MRIs, PVR, and that neurological test using electrical impulses on spine and legs (can't recall name) were all negative. A recent MRI of one leg shows fluid in front of the bone (shin area)--but we don't know why. Seems to be an inability for cells in leg area to take in nutrients and eliminate wastes properly--and FQs are known to cause damage to cell nuclei. This means that even if bloodwork shows you have enough Magnesium in body, some of your cells may not be able to take in the magnesium or other necessary nutrients. That is the part no one knows how to heal. Soaking in hot epsom salt bath helps when my legs are painful--those are a form of magnesium so perhaps I'm absorbing some amount through my skin.

Best of luck for healing to all,

Hi Bri,

Sorry to hear about your story although it is good that you have made some progress. Did you ever experience extreme hair loss?


I also had hair loss to the point that my husband was picking it off my clothes all day long and the shower drain always had a bunch. Even went to a dermatologist to find out why, but they couldn't figure it out . I could send a sample off to a lab but it was Christmas time. By January it started coming back. Almost a year after the cipro.

Never connected it to the medicine till a few years later. Took Bactrim this fall and no side effects. Cheaper also.

Hi Lynne,
no, never had hair loss.

Hi Caw,

Your experience sounds very similar to mine. I was prescribed cipro for a UTI and within a day of taking it my hair was falling out in clumps. I went back to the doctor who poohed poohed the idea of the cipro making my hair fall out and said it had to be my thyroid although my thyroid was fine before this! I still don't believe her suggestion that my sudden hair loss is due to my thyroid. I still believe it is due to the cipro. It has been 1 month since I stopped taking cipro. My hair loss is still a lot. It is very depressing.

Did your hair loss completely stopped after a year i.e. your hair now back to normal? I am glad that you shared your story. It gives me hope.

What is bactrim for?


Most recently my medical person started me on activated charcoal, but more for high mercury (along with gentle chelators) than for the floxing. I have taken epsom salt baths for the cipro floxing and my leg pains feel better. As mentioned in my recent post, severe magnesium depletion (and inability for cells to process magnesium and other nutrients) seems to be part of the damage caused by the FQ antibiotics.

Not sure if enough magnesium is absorbed through my skin in a salt bath to make a difference with that, but still helps with the pain. My med person also recommended far infrared saunas which I did do early on after the floxing (about 3-4 months out). Not sure it made a difference and I didn't do these for more than a few weeks.

Had a tooth infection given Cipro 500mg 2 x a day for 7 days. 2 weeks later I'm having terrible pain in my left knee w/ pain radiating up and down my leg. Went to my doctor and after explaining the pain asked me if I had taken any antibiotic recently and I told him Cipro about a week ago. He told me that was my problem. He says the reports claim only 1% have a reaction but he says the numbers are much higher than reported. I'm now having severe cramps in both my calfs. My legs feel like I'm 100 years old. I will never take Cipro again. I also told all my children not to take it. I'm not sure how long this will last.

My son took Cipro in February of this year. It is now July and he still cannot stand for more than a few minutes at a time. To make matters worse, after sitting in a wheelchair for 5 hours waiting for a doctor's appt.,he developed ischial tuberosity pain and cannot sit for more than 20 minutes tops. He is losing the love of his life because of all the care he needs and cannot be touched since he is in terrible pain.

There seems to be minimal improvement which is very discouraging for them both. I found your story very uplifting. Is there anything that you took or did to bring about your recovery that we could try? He is on vitamin therapy, soaks in epsom salts 2x a day and ices his feet, knees and wrists.


If I could say anything at all to your son's significant other....please be conquers all!

It took me a good 6-9 months before I could even drive again, but I did. I was bed bound for 3-4 months and then walked like I was 100 years old. My greatest help was my husband... he was patient and his love got me through. He massaged my legs and feet for a good year, every day! I was wheel chair bound too, but no more. It really is time, rest, and good diet. I gave up all junk, soy, dairy, gluten and most supplements (I think I was overdosing on them I was so desperate to heal)... I do green smoothies daily which helped with my digestive issues greatly.

Every day I find something to be positive about. Anyone going through this needs positive people around them to heal. I am now 20 months out. I still have issues, but most people that haven't a clue what I've been through, really wouldn't think I have any issues unless I share it with them. I walk a bit funny and can't be super active, but I am living my life again! I have other issues from it too, but I try not to let them overtake my life.

I pray for you son's will come!

Lets start from the top. On Wednesday I peed a little blood and went to my family doctor and he had me pee in a cup. He said that urinating blood was nothing to worry about and said that I would be fine. 2 days later I had enough of the rather dull, pain on my right back and on my right flank. I went to the ER where they were very thorough. They did blood work for everything, they did a urine test, and even a CT scan. The doctor looked at everything from my appendix to kidneys, to intestines, to every organ.

My white cell count was high, and there was bacteria in my urine. He came in and put me on antibiotics right away via a iv, and wrote me out a prescription for ciprofloxacin 500 mg twice a day for week. I am currently on my third day and I feel reasonably well, although sometimes my eyes are weird and some abdominal cramps and pain. But nothing like a kidney infection. May god bless everyone who has this problem and may the lord heal all those who are dealing with this type of problem.

I was prescribed Ciprolet ear drops (has 3mg of ciprofloxacin per ml), two drops thrice a day. I slowly started getting lower back-pain and right knee pain. The internet does not mention about this side effect for these ear drops. Both (back and knee pain) of this had before so I thought it was not to do any thing with the medicine. The pain as too much on the fifth day, so I informed the doctor told me to stop. Now it is second day since I stopped and there is some improvement, but I don't know whether all the pain will go or how long it will take to get completely well. Will be thankful if anybody could provide some useful suggestions.

Tommy, how have you been since this incident? Any long term effects from the Cipro?

A couple of weeks ago I was prescribed Cipro along with Prednisone to treat a severe respiratory illness with associated asthma. I feel much better, however I have noticed this past week that I am waking up just about every night with really painful leg and foot cramps. I wonder if taking this drug has anything to do with it.

I was relieved to find this site as I have just been on levafloxacin for pneumonia. It worked wonders for my very high fever and lung infection, but have been beside myself with dizziness, rapid heart beat, and nausea. My doctor explained about the tendonitis possibility which hasn't happened - but not the nightmares, dizziness, major insomnia, and hallucinations. The last time I felt this reaction to a drug was taking malaria pills - which I stopped for the same reason.

I am now two days out of the medication - nausea is subsiding. Mental disturbance is still here.

I was prescribed Cipro last week for a UTI. This was my first time taking it. On night one I had a terrible headache. The pounding was on the very top of my head and it actually felt like there was fluid surrounding the pounding. I don't suffer from headaches so it knocked me on my butt and I went to sleep. I couldn't sleep though. I was so nervous, anxious, and thinking crazy/deep/dark thoughts. I thought that was strange but thought maybe my infection was worse than I thought and maybe I just needed another day to feel better. Nope. The following day I started to hallucinate. I saw things moving that weren't moving! Now I was irritable, anxious, had a headache, tired, and still having UTI symptoms! I finished the medicine (convincing myself that it was my illness causing the symptoms and not the medicine because I've never had a reaction to medication before) and now I have a cough! I read on another website that Cipro can cause a cough in about 4% of people? This medicine is a NIGHTMARE!

Had mild symptoms of a UTI and during my 2-day wait to see doctor I drank gallons of fluid and at doctors office submitted urine sample. Did not know that they actually had to send it off for testing. Doctor however, prescribed Cipro 500/2daily for 5 days.

By the eighth tablet I had broken out in hives all over my body, feeling extremely flushed and shaky. Went back to doctor telling him that I apparently was having an allergic reaction to the Cipro. He told me that the test showed I had NOT had a UTI and to start taking Benedryl.

After two days of that, I started having unrelenting pin-prick itching all over my body and the hives worsened. It was driving me insane. I stopped taking the Benedryl and understand that some people simply cannot take it. Now, the hives are clearing up, the itching mostly gone, but still feeling a strange sort of "flush" in my leg and arm muscles when I stand up. Sort of a feeling of weakness in the muscles and continue to feel nervous/shaky.

Cipro & Flagyl were prescribed for diverticulitis. I took the doses for a day & a half. On the second day I had a seizure. Was rushed to the hospital and tested for everything possible. Drs decided it was unexplained so prescribed levaquin & clindamycin. Within a day I had a reaction to the Levaquin. Looked up on Webmd and found that seizures are possible with both Cipro & flagyl.

I will not take any of these drugs again. The risks are too great. I also found that I now have very sensitive joints and tendons. I was a speed walker and now have to limit my walks because of joint pain.

I am also allergic to penicillin, Zithromax, Bactrim and sulfa drugs. My experiences have been life changing so will be limited to what i can take for antibiotics.

I was put on cipro a few days ago for a badder infection and I was rushed to the er last night for a sever allergic reaction from it and now I am home and my hands have went numb they feel like they are asleep ! Is this normal ?

I was prescribed Levofloxacin 10 months ago for a viral infection. 4 days later I woke up with severe double vision, uneven pupil dilation, and a drooping eyelid. I Immediately suspected the Levofloxacin and had someone take me to the CVS. They strongly recommended I go to the ER. After six days in the hospital for MRIs and a barrage of other tests, followed by three months of spinal taps and more tests, there was no identified cause.

I raised the Levofloxacin with every doctor I saw. Only the neuro ophthalmologist took the time to look it up in the PDR, and he saw only that tendon damage was a possible side effect. He referred me to Johns Hopkins and at the six month point they did surgery to repair damaged muscles in both eyes.

I have almost all of my vision back, thankfully, but the cause was still noted as idiopathic and maybe caused by a severe viral infection. I have since learned that there have been other cases of double vision and even retina detachment. Sadly, I have seen only a few websites or articles that include this as a possible, if rare, side effect. The Mayo clinic is one of them. I encourage anyone with known or suspected side effects from this or any drug in this family to report it to the FDA. Maybe they will eventually do something about it.

@Kate - Levaquin or any FQ drugs, are for treating bacterial infections - not viral. Thank you for reporting your experience to the FDA - they will not do anything but, there will be some record.

I had a board certified research physician paid for by Federal funds say - levaquin is not black is since July 2008.

I hope you continue to have your vision back - your reaction is not rare. Floxies know all about eye damages

I was prescribed cipro in December 2012 for a suspected stomach bacteria; After two days I was suffering from severe insomnia and the stomach burning was terrible. After half the course I stopped taking it because I had some pain in my wrist. About one week later I had my first bout of diarrhea after a glass of alcohol, I can no longer touch the stuff. Ten days later diarrhea began that latest six weeks, I lost 4 kilos.

I suffer from periods of extreme fatigue. In January I had an attack like rheumatoid arthritis in my knees, it was incredibly painful to walk upstairs, the pain subsided leaving me with extremely weak knees and stiff muscles in my calves and upper legs. The muscular pain is also present in my left arm. I have peripheral neuropathy with dizziness, tingling in my face and pain in my back. I'm afraid I will lose my job, all tests have come back negative.

Kerry, I took 4 scripts of levaquin with prednisone. I am two years out and worse.. I have hornets over my entire body 247 with itching. I have large and small nerve damage.. plus a million other issues.
Did your pins and needles (hornet stings EVER go away..

I did get through 14 scripts of cipro in my life but was very tired all the time. The last 4 scripts of levaquin have finished me off. I am in 247 hornets nest over my entire body with itching.. I am about out of my mind.. I have gotten through the pain, tendons but this is the WORST and is so intense. I would just rather die soon.

I have been battling fibromyalgia for the past 10 years. I have tried everything but nothing seems to help. I never let it stop me from living but it drains you so much just to keep up with the pain. I finally had enough courage to ask my pharmacist to give me a list of antibiotics that I took in the past. He went as far back as 10 years ago and to my shock amazement I took Avelox 400mg for 10 days exactly around the time that all my pain started. Could this be a coincidence ? I don't think so. Now that I have this information I will try to find someone that can finally help me. Wish me luck.

Sounds like allergies to me. It can happen with any drug. I am very allergic to penicillin and whenever some dr gives it to me without reading my chart, I have terrible hallucinations nightmares nausea muscle pain and weakness etc. No one knows why I react so badly to penicillin based drugs I just do.

Does this make it the drug's fault? No it is simple biology. Doctors should be more attentive when prescribing of course - patients don't know what drugs are in what family so the prescribing physician is responsible. Yes I do indeed have permanent damage from doctors giving me the wrong antibiotics. It is still not the drugs fault.

All meds are poison of some sort. The idea is if you are not allergic they should do more good than harm. There is simply no such thing as a completely safe drug. All meds have side effects and yes they can be nasty. If you have a very bad reaction to a drug it is your responsibility to update your allergy record. Most of these situations of permanent damage being done could be avoided if medical staff would learn to read patient charts and take patient complaints seriously.

As a student nurse I pray I never see the day when my negligence causes a patient any harm. However as a person allergic to penicillin what am I supposed to take when I get sick if everyone who is allergic to cipro and family, sulfa drugs, and all the others succeed in getting them taken off the market? I am presently taking cipro for a uti and have have no ill effects. I have been on cipro a few times before also. Nothing then either. Perhaps I should make people dependent on penicillin suffer for my allergies by petitioning for that to be taken off the market? Just update your allergy notes and be extra vigilant, seriously.

The reason docs don't take people seriously when they report these side effects is twofold. One - no one updates their darn charts they just complain online. Two - these kinds of reactions are rare. They happen about as often as surviving a lightening strike. Yes please do raise awareness that these allergic reactions happen, but don't do it in a way that ruins things for the 95% of people who don't get sick from these antibiotics. Especially since some people have no choice in what they are able to take when they get sick.

My Gastroenterologist perscribed me Ciprofloxacin (Cipro, Xipro named here in The Philippines) 14 500mg tabs 2 times a day for a week with Metronidazole (Flagyl, Dazomet here in the Philippines) 32 500mg tabs to be taken 1 and 1/2 3x a day for a week because of some lower left abdominal pain and started last July 18 (night).

I stopped taking Ciprofloxacin today (I took 3 all in all) because last night was the worst night of my life as if I thought I was dying. I couldn't sleep, twitching muscles would wake me up, anxiety attacks, abdominal pains, back pains, fatigue, weakened arms, painful part around left shoulder (right in between the bicep and tricep), painful tendons everywhere.

Mid day of July 19 (the day before I stopped taking Ciprofloxacin), I woke up feeling weak and have to get to an appointment with a Nephrologist then while waiting for my appointment, the tendon in my left knee started to feel restless and painful. I didn't know yet what was causing it until I got home and researched about these drugs that were prescribed to me by my Gastroenterologist. I did not know what was prescribed to me is a very dangerous antibiotic.

So, earlier today I went back to the doctor to tell him that I had an allergic reaction to Cipro. I did not get to talk to him because his secretary was receiving all the patients' appointment sched. She then asked what was my concern, I told her about my allergic reaction which she wrote on a paper then she told me to wait for her to call me when its was my turn. A few minutes later, she got inside the office with an account of my allergic reaction to Cipro then got out a few seconds later with a new prescription REPLACING CIPRO WITH LEVOFLOXACIN (Levaquin).

I got home, researched about the antibiotic and found out that its the same line of antibiotic as Cipro. Now I'm scared of taking the doctor's advice because I might have the same reaction to Levaquin. Now I'm wondering when my allergic reactions to Cipro will stop (it's been a day since the last pill). I still feel like crap but not as worse as last night. I still continue taking Flagyl.

I just want to get better and hope that these side effects won't be permanent. I'm 28 years old by the way.

Pancho, You are right both Cipro and Levaquin are in the floxon family and you shouldn't take any of that family. Doctors just don't want to acknowledge that people are allergic to them and have these reactions. Look up the names of the entire family and have your pharmacist note never to fill them for you.

For me a sulfa class one will work for bladder and intestinal problems just as well.

Hello! I was recently prescribed Cipro, 500 mg twice a day for 5 days on Saturday, July 13th due to the UTI that I had. On day 1, was ok. On day 2, my entire body hurt and I didn't feel right, but I ignored this and thought that it was because of the UTI and the flu that I had. By day 3, all of my muscles were hurting, but I still pressed on. By day 5, I was having severe abdominal pains, and by that evening, I was experiencing irregular bleeding, and muscle spasms that traveled from my neck to my back to my arm, and then finally my hand. I couldn't hold anything in my left hand. I was sweating, and experiencing insomnia all 5 days of treatment. Whenever I did fall asleep, I would awaken with my heart pounding, and feeling like I had been dropped from a higher level of elevation.

I chose to not take the last dose of the Cipro because I felt so horrible. The day after the spasms, my entire left side of my body was numb. I almost preferred the numbness, because when the feeling returned, I was in pain all over my legs, back,a rm and neck. I could barely walk up and down the stairs. My whole body felt stiff and sore.

Two days after stopping the medication, I still felt horrible. I called my regular doctor, as well as Urgent Care and was told to go to the ER. I went to the ER, and although they acknowledged that my side effects were CIPRO related, there was nothing they could do for me. They told me to wait for it to get out of my system. They told me to cleanse by drinking water and eating "ruffage." They verbally acknowledged CIPRO as the cause, but when they discharged me, they did not make mention of it at all in writing.

Life After Cipro ?

Well, I immediately began cleansing/detoxing as soon as I left the hospital. I started taking ibuprofen (3 at a time) every few hours for the inflammation and muscle/joint pain that I was in. I started taking a magnesium/calcium/zinc supplement and went in the pool every day after work to relax the muscles. Then, I took a bath in Epsom Salts (the Eucalyptus kind) and applied icy hot before bed.

My muscles have definitely gotten better. It has been 16 days since I first took the medicine, 12 days since I last took a dose. I am hoping that I am almost out of the woods, and that I will return back to normal soon. I am slowly getting there, although I still have trouble sleeping, have sporadic blurred vision and stiffness.

Hang in there everyone!

Went to doctor for UTI... gave me Cipro, Tylenol 3, & Ibuprofen... started feeling funny about an hour after the initial dose of Levoquin (?) at the doctors office but wanted to get better so I took the next 2 doses of Cipro. Started feeling worse. All over body itching along with muscle weakness, burning & fatigue. I stopped all the meds and went to the drug store to get a homeopathic remedy for UTI. I started feeling relief for the UTI within 24 hours. Remember, I only took a total of 3- 500mg tablets...its 5 weeks after taking these pills and I'm still having a lot of muscle weakness, pain, & fatigue along with occasional bouts of all over body itching spells. This antibiotic is a serious drug that needs to be researched a little more. I'm patiently waiting for these side effects to subside but so far it's a daily issue with work and activities... can't get around like before.

I have been given Cipro about 5 times in the last decade. First time I took it when I was about 30 for a routine infection. I was an athletic person and used to be superior to 90% of my friends in physical strength and agility, and education- having masters' degrees in several fields.

For the last 6 years, I have all my joints and muscles crippled- feet, heels, ankles, knees, hips, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers; brain gets some kind of wave every few minutes, brain fog, increased forgetfulness, high sweat condition ending with no sweat condition, dry eyes, dry mouth, dry skin, nose infections, hair loss, muscle replaced by fat, with cartilage loss all over the body, peripheral neuropathy with loss of sensation and involuntary twitching and jerking of muscles, nerve damage, loss of physical balance and tendency to fall, emotional ups and downs, not able to remember correct words during speech, loosing temper/control and the list goes, Very low Blood pressure, heart rate going down to as low as 40.

I am so crippled that, when I enter the car, I need to help my left leg with my hands to lift it into the car. Sleeplessness is another major issue- I stopped yawning for the most part and if you can’t sleep your recent memory/experiences will not imprint on your brain. And my biggest fear is if I have lost all the immunity and susceptible to all kinds of deadly infections. I already look and feel like 90 year old. Another fear is getting blind soon- because of the dry eyes, my vision is severely impaired- it used to be much better than 20/20.

Saddest thing is doctors never listen to me and do not buy into Ciprofloxacin cause. By giving you a fluoroquinolone, they have created a brand new patient for life, who feeds the entire ill-health industry for reminder of his/her life.

Now they call these conditions as fibromyalgia/psoriasis/arthritis/tendonitis/neuropathy and several other names, which are not, and then several specialists start treating these conditions with more drugs, more testing, more patients, fueling ill-health industry.

Recently, I tried Magnesium supplement for a month- never know if it helps but may not harm in trying.

I was prescribed cipro 500mg twice a day for 10 days. I took 4 doses and has to quit. I broke out in a rash all over my torso and face, the rash is fading some on torso but getting worse on my face and it's been a few days since I have stopped the meds. Also I can not sleep at night, and my mind is a blur, I keep spacing out and feel like I am out of it.

I was prescribed this for a possible UTI or kidney infection, which I guess I had neither (tests were inconclusive) my fever of 5 days went away on its own. I would never take Cipro again! It does have a black box warning but it should be pulled off the market.

I was prescribed cipro after a tummy tuck that got very badly infected. It's cleared up the infection, but I cannot sleep. My insomnia is destroying me from the inside out, I'm spaced out, unable to function properly and my hair is falling out. I'm paranoid, anxious, and a mess.

I went to 2 different doctors about the insomnia - neither said it was anything to do with the antibiotics, and one told me it was all in my mind.

I have stopped taking the cipro now, but I am terrified after investigating a little bit that my symptoms will not disappear when the drug leaves my system.

I started out with what they thought was a bladder infection.. I was prescribed Bactrim, and it seemed to help. Two days after taking the Bactrim, I was still having burning when I urinated. I went back to my doctor and he prescribed Cipro, 500mg 2 x's a day. I had taken Cipro about 10 months prior and had felt yukky on it, but didn't have any serious side effects (or so I didn't think). I started taking the Cipro. By day 3 I started feeling like I had the flu. By day 4 I felt even worse, so I stopped taking it. After about a week after I stopped the Cipro, I started feeling an intense ache in my lower back on the right hand side, that went down into my right buttock and my right hip, and I had a fluctuating low grade temperature. It would fluctuate from 97.9 to 98.4 back to 97.9 all day long.

I wound up in the hospital that evening, because it had gotten so intense and painful that I couldn't even walk. They ran some tests and said they couldn't find anything. I didn't really know at the time to try to attribute it to the Cipro. Within a few days after my hospital visit, I started feeling pain in the arch of my right foot and down the tibia bone of my right leg. Now, today, I feel pain in my left Achilles tendon, the back of both of my knees, the skin on my face is burning and pain in my right knee, and I still have the fluctuating temperature. I am scared that this is only going to get worse. Is there anything that I can do right now to stop the progression of what might be to come?

I am a 59 year old male with a strange history of connective tissue weakness which my doctors only know too well about. I have always referred to it as Ned's syndrome. Now I'm wondering if it was not somehow related to Cipro or Levaquin poisoning from a prescription long ago.

Anyway, I went to the doctor in late December last year for prostate pain and was given Levaquin 500 mg for 14 days. After two days I developed bad pain in my hamstrings for no reason, hard and painful to walk. Called my doctor and he said it couldn't be the antibiotic. Kept taking the stuff for another 6 days with pain getting worse, walking with severe limp.

Stopped taking Levaquin and did some research and was horrified to find the horror stories about this drug. It is 6 weeks since I stopped taking the drug and my hamstrings still hurt although not limping as much. I have also had periodic blurred vision reading the scrolling news on espn or cnbc in the morning which I never did before. My eyes feel kind of dry. I also have some skin dryness around my ankles and back. I also have some back pain that can keep me up at night.

I have just started taking magnesium and l-glutamine, vitamin b12 and flora for digestion. I'm praying that I don't develop more severe symptoms as time passes and get better. I know all drugs have their side effects, but if there are enough patients with such life altering ones as with this class of antibiotic, I would think it should only be prescribed as a last resort! For me this has been terrible. Nausea or a passing headache is an acceptable side affect, not what I'm finding out about Cipro and Levaquin. Why hasn't the FDA forced the drug companies that make these drugs do research into treating the horrible side affects so they could at least recommend things affected people could do, that's the least they could do for whatever percent have our issues. Good luck everyone and keep the information coming. Thanks. Regards. Ned.

It's one thing to have a side effect like a passing rash or passing nausea or passing indigestion in a few percent of patients. But what if even 0.1% of patients have life altering or near life altering side effects? We all know that all drugs have side effects but you need to multiply the severity of side effects by the frequency of those side effects to determine whether the drug stays on the market. The large pharma companies have billions of dollars at stake on these drugs and often don't do enough follow-up to determine the safety of their drugs. You don't know just how many people have been damaged by these drugs, most don't connect the dots. The people on this website are no doubt a small fraction of the damage. Thanks. Regards. Ned.

Read that the Indian firm Raxby was cited for making a bad generic Cipro and wonder if many of those who suffer from such side effects could have come from the generic and not the real thing. I have sworn off Generic and will pay out of my pocket for the real thing. But I will never take Cipro or levaquin or any of that family again.

I was prescribed Cipro for a sinus infection and I will never take it again. This stuff is nothing to play with. Yes, it helped with the sinus infection, but after three days on it I went back to my doctor and told them what was going on, and the nurse immediately began arguing with me saying that Cipro couldn't be, and wasn't causing the symptoms. I explained that I wasn't getting more than a couple of hours of sleep every night and I felt short of breath. I told her that the first night my heart was racing. She finally agreed to put me on Azithromycin which I just started today. Cipro? Never again for me.

I was prescribed Cipro for a sinus infection and I will never take it again. This stuff is nothing to play with. Yes, it helped with the sinus infection, but after three days on it I went back to my doctor and told them what was going on, and the nurse immediately began arguing with me saying that Cipro couldn't be, and wasn't causing the symptoms. I explained that I wasn't getting more than a couple of hours of sleep every night and I felt short of breath. I told her that the first night my heart was racing. She finally agreed to put me on Azithromycin which I just started today. Cipro? Never again for me.

You said that you DID have a tendonitis reaction. Did your symptoms eventually diminish and did you return to normal? If so, what kind of timeline did you improve? So hard to find anything anywhere on the internet where people actually say they had some reaction but it went away. Almost all are horrible life long debilitating results. To me, there has to have been some cases where people had reactions at first, but then improved over the next few weeks to couple of months and made full recovery. Please respond if any like this are out there.

Thank you.

Recently, I was prescribed Levofloxacin (500mg) once daily for an what was thought to be bladder infection or stones. The next day my blood and urine test were normal/no signs of infection but I wasn't told until I inquired another two days later. When I questioned my doctor's nurse about continuting to take rest of the meds (and she talked with the doc) the response was to "continue to take or I may be resistant in the future". This did not make sense. I have heard and understand "continue to take or may not fully clear the infection" but not that the drug not work in the future. I continued as there also was not a resolution to what else the source of my side pain could be. Prior to taking I was also concerned about my use of steroids for an eye inflammation problem and its interactions with this drug (increased risk of tendonitis up to six months post). Since I seem to always read too much of the drug facts and have too many questions, I decided to trust my doctors benefit/cost analysis which I assumed was taken into consideration. Thankfully, I have not had any severe side effects.

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