Diuretics are the unsung heroes of blood pressure treatment. Such drugs have been around for decades and are among the most inexpensive pills in the pharmacy. They often don’t get much respect compared to newer and pricier anti-hypertensive medications. But a new analysis of more than 50 studies involving over 15,000 patients suggests that diuretics are highly effective, whether they are used alone or in combination with other blood pressure medicine.
The review revealed that the higher the dose of the diuretic, the stronger the effect. The investigators encourage prescribers to think of diuretics as a first line of defense for uncomplicated high blood pressure and to consider adding a diuretic to existing treatment that is not adequate for controlling hypertension.
[The Cochrane Collaboration, Oct 6, 2009]

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  1. JJ

    does anyone know whether you can just stop taking water tablets or does there have to be a weaning off process????

  2. EGR

    I take 25 MG HCHLOROTHIAZIDE every morning along with Verapamil & Losartan to keep my blood pressure down. Is that enough diuretic?

  3. RJM

    I have been taking 12.5 mg of a diuretic with 20 mg of a beta blocker now every day for two years, with great results for my hypertension. I regularly get my blood and kidney function checked every six months, and to date have had no ill effects. I would be interested to hear if anybody knows of any long term negative side effects from this combination of drugs.
    And thank you, People’s Pharmacy, for a very informative newsletter and web site!

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