a child getting a dental checkup

For decades Finnish researchers have been studying the effect of a natural sugar derived from birch trees. The sweetener called xylitol can be used as a sugar substitute. It has been used in chewing gum and Finnish children have been encouraged to chew it to prevent cavities. There is also some data to suggest it may be helpful in reducing the risk of ear infections. Now a study in the Marshall Islands shows that toddlers too young to chew gum safely can benefit from xylitol syrup. The kids who got the syrup had much less decay in their baby teeth.

[Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, July 2009]

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  1. tka

    Xylitol = diarrhea.

    • Erica
      United States

      Mannitol and sorbitol are more likely to cause osmotic diarrhea than xylitol. In the quantities recommended for dental purposes, my patients have never been troubled by diarrhea.

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