Q. When my kids came home with lice, I spent a lot of money buying lice shampoos. We tried the mayonnaise treatment too. I scrubbed the house, cleaned the carpets, boiled the combs and hairbrushes and put pillows and stuffed toys in bags.

I took my kids outside on the deck, swathed them in sheets and combed their hair and eyebrows out with that tiny nit comb. They didn’t have their friends over because I was afraid of passing the lice on.

After all that, I read in your column about using original amber Listerine. We drenched our hair, covered our scalps with shower caps and left the Listerine on for two hours. That was the END of the LICE! Not only did Listerine bring relief; we didn’t have any nit problems after treatment.

A. Others also report success with Listerine for lice. Some people may find this too irritating if left on for two hours.

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  1. kk

    Would you please tell me the ratio of Listerine/vinegar/H20 for foot bath for lovely bare feet? Thank you.

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