Endocet is a powerful pain reliever. 

Check out Wikipedia for more information on it:



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  1. crp

    A lot of drugs hype me up and keep me awake at night… just had LS Spine fusion and found out in hospital that Soma seemed to do this and also percocet… one pharmacist did not believe me…. I am now am on hydrocodone/apap and I am up every 2-3 hours every night… maybe it is just because of the mod. pain, I am only 2 weeks post-op and am doing very well, otherwise

  2. Jim B.

    Are saying you were switched from Percocet to endocet ?
    Why? Didn’t the Percocet work to relieve the pain ?

  3. mj

    I have been on percocet and then the pharmacy switched me to endocet. It is horrible. Does not work at all – it’s like drinking water and expecting it to work. Has anyone else had a problem with endocet?

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