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Do Cholesterol Drugs Raise Blood Sugar?

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Q. I was put on Lipitor to control cholesterol and found it shot my blood sugar through the roof. My doctor suggested switching to Crestor. Would this drug also affect blood sugar?

A. You are not the first person to note that some cholesterol-lowering medicines might raise blood sugar levels. Another reader reported that after taking Crestor, his type 2 diabetes numbers also “went through the roof.” In addition, he reported: “my hands, feet and arms tingled so much I could hardly stand it.”

The official prescribing information for both Lipitor and Crestor mention elevated blood sugar as a possible side effect. A large study of over 17,000 patients (the Jupiter Trial) reported a higher incidence of diabetes in the subjects taking Crestor (New England Journal of Medicine, Nov. 20, 2008).

Researchers are not sure whether this is a real complication of statin-type drugs or just a coincidence. In the meantime, it is still important to control cholesterol since both it and diabetes can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

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Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4.1/5 (308 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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I am a Type II diabetic, now for over 12 years. While on the "stronger" statins, I developed pains in my shoulders and my doctor-----who is an Internist/Cardiologist, changed my cholesterol drug to Pravachol-40mg. once a day, and also Zetia. It has worked fine for lowering the cholesterol and has not caused my Blood Glucose to go too high. My AIC is 7.

I am a type 2 diabetic. I have been on lipitor for over 12 years after having a heart attack and for all of those years I have fought a battle with my blood sugar. I exercise and eat right but it is still high. My doctor keeps raising my oral diabetes medicines and has now added two different kinds of insulin. Recently I was away for a few days and forgot my lipitor. I was unable to take it for a week and during that time my blood sugar returned to normal and I didn't have to take the insulin at all because I was running so low. I now feel that the lipitor is the reason for my high blood sugars but I have to take a statin drug because I have already had one heart attack and my cardiologist feels this is a life saving drug. I am so confused. I don't want to take the lipitor anymore but I know it protects my heart. If I keep having the high blood sugar levels, that can harm my heart. It's a very confusing situation.

Yes, Crestor, all those medications, will make me ache all over like I was a 100 yrs. old. I feel much better without them, my blood sugar goes way up also. I think I will live longer without them, I'm already 80.

When I was taking statins (tried 2) I had a strange reaction that I believe could relate to blood sugar levels. (I am not diabetic.) When I told him, my doctor offered me a gadget to test my levels when the reaction happened, but I decided to just stop the drugs. The experience was very unpleasant; after a little while on each statin, every night around 11 or midnight I began to shake, whether I was awake or in bed. It wouldn't stop unless I ate something with meat protein in it. I was thinking it was low blood sugar, but that would have been treatable with cookies and milk; what I describe, wasn't.

I've been taking Crestor for a week now and I notice that my sugar level is higher than normal. My doctor says it does not change your sugar level. I'm confused.

Three months ago my spouse and I changed from Lipitor to Zocor. His fasting blood glucose dropped from 102 (running around 99-102 for 3 years) to 85. Mine dropped from 85 to 92 over several years to 75. The only change in our lives was switching statins.

My doctor insists my blood sugar can not be raised by statins. Yet it goes up every time. I am trying desperately to control my diabetes with diet and exercise. What can I take to lower my cholesterol and not raise my blood sugar? My cholesterol numbers are around 240 without medication.

I am a 45 year old Type 2 Diabetic with Dawn Phenomenon (High fasting sugars). I was diagnosed 3 years ago. I had been able to control my fasting numbers pretty well (avg 140) before my doctor put me on simvastatin (crestor). After one day on the medication my sugars jumped to the 180's! He insisted that it was impossible that it was the simvastatin. Since then fasting sugars have been getting higher and higher (200+!), and my sugars all day have been running high.

I was at the highest doses of Metformin & Glyburide I could be on, and you can't do much about your fasting sugars with your diet. My doctor retired and I saw a new doctor. I told her about the jump and that my online research had shown that the simvastatin might be the cause. She said to stop taking it for a week and see what happened. 2 days after stopping, my fasting sugars were down around 125. They have stayed down since. I feel much better too. I am positive it had something to do with the simvastatin.

I have been on crestor for about a year now. Recently my doctor advised me to lower my blood sugar he said if I could not lower it I would be put on pills to help lower it. I spent three months doing blood sugar tests in the morning and before bed I was able to keep my levels at night between 6 and 8 but when I would test in the morning I was between 11 and 13.

I lost my crestor pills in my office and did not take them for 4 days and found my morning levels dropped and I was reading between 7 and 9 in the morning. I have not been back to the doctors to mention it to him yet and have found my crestor and started to take them again. I am going to ask to switch to zocor and see what happens.

Several years ago it was put on Gemfibrozil(spelling?). My blood sugar two months later was in the 180's. I was non diabetic before this. When I quit taking it my blood sugar went back into the 80's and 90's. I had a heart attack in March. One of the medications I was put on was Lipitor and again my blood sugar has soared back into the 180's and as high as 250 after eating.

I stopped it for the last six days and the blood sugar dropped into a normal range from upper 70's in the morning to 116 to 127 after a meal. With the highest reading on day six of 4 measures being 134. My LDL is 62 my HDL is 138, Triglycerides 212, and Aic was 5.9 befire lipitor. I am 61 and overweight. My cardiologist says the "trade off" for the benefits of Lipitor are worth it. I'm not so sure. How do I find out?

Hi, I've been a type1 diabetic since 1969. I am considered brittle and my cardiologist started me on a low dose of lipitor two weeks ago- my blood sugars have shot through the roof. They hit 549 tonight! I have increased my insulin and severely decreased my caloric intake. I have had diabetes long enough to know when it is the medicine and when it is me. I am so glad someone posted this question.

I was placed on Crestor about 4 months ago. A1c went from 6.7 to 8.0 in 4 months. No lifestyle change or eating habit changes. I have been able to control diabetes with diet for the most part. Before Crestor fasting and 2 hours after meals my levels were always 105-125 after they have been up to 180 2 hours after meals and in the upper 140's fasting. I don't know what to do, I want to lower my cholesterol, but also don't want to fix 1 problem and create another.

Three weeks on Crestor pushed my blood sugar from 7 to 25, and no amount of insulin would bring it down. Had to stop the Crestor completely to get things under control again.

I have had type 2 diabetes for about 5 years now and when I found out I had it my A1C was 9.2 and fasting blood sugar was 302 so my Doc put me on a 2 mg pill of Glimepiride and within 6 months my A1C was down to 5.7 and has stayed close to that number since, and in March of 2009 when I was in for my 6 month checkup my A1C was 6.3 but my cholesterol was 233 so he put me on a 10 mg pill of Simvastatin.

When I was in last week for my next checkup my cholesterol had dropped to 175 but my A1C had jumped to 7.5 in less than 6 months, so he increased my Glimepiride to 4 mg and I have been checking my blood sugar numbers closely since the dosage change which has only been a few days but as of yet I'm not really seeing any significant change in my numbers. I'm really starting to wonder if the Simvastatin is the cause for the increase in my blood sugar numbers?


I was on Lipitor about six years and was put on 80 mg. I thought that I was going to die. I had every known side effect on this drug. I could not get rid of my high blood sugar (stayed a lot of times fasting at 150) no matter what I did. I eventually took myself off of this drug and changed doctors. He put me on Crestor, which I have had no side effects at 10mg and it has bought my high cholesterol down to almost healthy. My total cholesterol was 177, Triglycerides 134, HDL - I think was 64, I know that it was almost normal.

On Lipitor my cholesterol stayed at 299, Triglycerides 499. I believe that some meds just don't work on certain people and your doctor can probably find something that will work without the side effects. Tonight my BS was 74 before dinner (I'm on Avandimet - 40 mg).

I was first diagnosed type 2 diabetes 8 years ago and had been able to manage with losing weight and diet. To see if I could get even better results I started taking glipizide 5mgs for a year which seemed to help for a while with fasting levels, generally 130 most mornings. In an effort to get even better results my Dr. upped the dosage to 10mgs and also added Crestor to address my slightly elevated triglyceride levels.

After 2 weeks on Crestor my glucose levels have been higher than ever. Fasting levels are now around 180 and post postprandial in the mid 200s. I will have a blood test for cholesterol and A1C in 3 weeks and will mention the elevation in glucose levels to my Dr. but I have serious suspicions regarding the Crestor.

Thought I'd check out Lipitor & Blood Sugar. Was very surprised to see all these comments about others with the same problem. I am from what I can see a healthy 63 yr old female.

I started taking Lipitor 8-10 yrs. ago starting at 10mg. now on 40mg. Last June (08) my Dr. told me I had diabetes and started me on some pill that upset my stomach so he put me on Actos.

Every morning I take my blood first thing right after I brush my teeth & pee. It's been between 124 - 145. I stopped taking both pills about 2 weeks ago and have been taking blood same time and its been between 104 - 116 except for 2 times it was 132 and 1 time 96.

I haven't told my Dr yet I just wanted to experiment. I'll wait another 2 weeks and add the Lipitor back to see what happens then add the Actos then eliminate Lipitor and see all results. Any comments for help?

I am an insulin-dependent diabetic and have just taken the H1N1 vaccine at my doctors request. Every since then, my blood sugars have gone out the roof. Is anyone else having this problem? Could it be the vaccine?

Am a type 2 diabetic. Was taking vytorin for several years and blood sugar was OK. In Nov. had to switch to simvastatin because of insurance and now I can't get blood sugar down. Been running 180 - 200. Can the change be the cause?

I also have been on Crestor. It lowered my cholesterol very well, but my blood was out of control. My A1c went from 6.8 to 7.3 in just a short while, and my morning numbers went from 110 -130 to 161 to 217. I stopped taking crestor a few days ago and my numbers are already starting to drop by this morning I was 144 and my mid morning was only 96 instead of in the low 200's. I think I am going to stick with Niacin instead of any of the major drugs. The niacin does not affect my bg numbers.

I am so glad I am not going nuts!

I was on Zocor and now on Lipitor for the last 3 years. I started with 40mg and my blood sugar went to 180. Dr. recently changed me to 80mg and now my blood sugar is 250.

He says I am CRAZY and it can't happen. It is nice to know even the prescribing information says it is possible.

I am due for blood tests soon and will start experimenting after. Then I will show dr. what the results are and ask him to refute them if he can. If not maybe another therapy will be in order.

Thanks again to all of you. J

Stick to you guns! Its sad that Doctors are not open to hearing what we say, we know our bodies best, and if they would listen, maybe alot of problems would be averted.
Good Luck!

Hi, maybe this will help somebody, I started taking Simvastatin about a year ago-Three months ago I took my blood (I'm a med tech) and could not believe my glucose was 107 (I was fasting).

Then a month later it was 108-and now two days ago it was 114- I have always been hypoglycemic (My glucose would go way down in the morning if I didn't eat something). So I was thinking about this tonight and thought I would inquire if this could happen (going to a new doctor tomorrow).

Why didn't the doctor who gave this to me tell me this-these levels are not bad, but have been driving me crazy with worry-my sister died of diabetes.

I too was put on Simvastatin about a year ago & my first blood check (Sept/09) my doc said I was borderline diabetic!! I hardly eat any sugars, preferring salads & we have eaten wild meat for 30 years ( my husband hunts) & I cook everything from scratch, so NO junk. My husband thought it was a mix up, so I abstained from ANY sweet things for the next 3 months, took another test & it was the same!!

Over Christmas, with time to spare I started looking on the internet & discovered I was not the only one with these symptoms after taking a 'statin'. I have consumed raw milk for the past 30 years, but 5 years ago my source retired & his wife & I had to buy our milk. Her cholesterol level went sky high within 3 years of buying homogenized/pasteurized milk (she is a strict 'no junk' eater - Dutch) a year later mine was high.

When I checked on the internet, studies have been done & raw milk actually keeps cholesterol levels low, hence our levels rising since we had to buy our milk that has been homogenised & pastuerised. Apparently the statins actually harm the liver contributing to a diabetes problem because the liver is not functioning properly.

I immediately stopped taking the statins just before Christmas & noticed 'little' side effects clearing up. I am currently looking for other ways to control my high cholesterol, including porridge (large flake) every morning. My weakness is cheese which is a big contributor to high cholesterol, BUT my mother has high cholesterol levels & is 87 (not taken any statins), her mother also had high cholesterol (no statins) & lived to 93, so do we need to control our cholesterol levels???

Several years ago My doctor put me on Cholesterol meds as a maintains reason, Now my levels were at the time slightly high and never had issues with blood sugar. I began experiencing tinkling and numbness in the hands especially the left one. I finally spoke to the doctor and several days later was told I was battling diabetes and needed to get it under control.

He indicated that I have had this issue for a long time several years, Now after going back in records 8 years there was never any signs of elevated sugar levels. I was told to stop the meds for cholesterol and started to take metphorman for Diabetes and now I am flagged as a diabetic. My sure levels continue to been extremely high.

I finally decided to stop taking the cholesterol meds and the tinkling and numbness went away the sugar levels drop to between 90 and 110. again after several weeks of not taking Simvastatin.

I was told I had to take the meds from the doctor to maintain the cholesterol levels
Mind you my recent blood work and cholesterol level was 177.
So Again began taking the simvastatin 40mg every night and I am now back to having high sugar levels, numbness and tingling in both hands and the numbness is almost all day. My last A1C test cam back reflecting a 6.7

I am not taking this drug any more as of 02/19/10

This to me is a major issue with any one taking cholesterol lowing medications and doctors need to be aware of the amount of increases in blood sugar levels.


You and other patients are right.
Lipitor is a very powerful cholesterol fighter, but it is also a silent killer.
If you are on low dosage of 20mg or less, continue and watch for any gradually developing problems.

The following is a short list of problems caused by Lipitor, experienced by myself, for which all my doctors were clueless:

Neuropathy, especially in the legs, water retention in legs.
Cold feet.
Back pain, miscellaneous muscle pain, difficulty walking fast, falling, extreme skin irritations and pain *(like shingles).

The skin pain can be so strong, that one cannot wear anything that touches the hairs on his chest. It will affect your vision and many, many other symptoms, to many to describe them all.

Now four years later, after stopping taking it, I am back to normal about 98% cured and feeling better than 5 years ago.

Last night I began taking 25mg Simvastatin for high cholesterol. This morning my fasting glucose count (type 2 diabetic) registered 37 points higher. I am going to continue monitoring.

This is very interest to read. My husband has had his sugar in control but he forgot to take his simvastatin 40mg with his meal last night and took it an hour later, his sugar was a lot higher than it has been 140. We are beginning to think that simvastain is what is raising his sugar. When he start in Feb. his A1C was 8.4 for the last 3 weeks his highest has been 99 and as low as 83 fasting in the morning. So the 140 has been really puzzling us.

He has been off all medicines (metformin) other than simvastatin since April 1. We are a strong believer in Dr. Barry Sears books like Omega Rx Zone. My husband takes fish oil twice a day (Triple strengh GNC) and he walks 20 mins. most evenings. He has lost about 30 lbs since Feb. Maybe what has been working for him will help some one else too. I think he is going to quit taking it for a while just to see what his sugar does.

We are very glad you wrote in. My husband A1C level was 8.6 in Feb. but with using Dr Barry Sear's information from his books my husband has been able to get off of all medicine (he does take 2 fish oil pills) and control his sugar. In the mornings he has tested between 83 - 99 for the last 3 weeks. Then last night he forgot to take his simvastatin with his meal and thought of it about one hour after supper and his sugar was 140. We have tried to think of everything and came up with simvastatin.

I am so glad I found this site! I started on Simvastatin two months ago and have been battling blood sugar problems ever since. I tend to have low blood sugar, but have always been able to manage it with proper diet (little caffeine, protein in the morning, etc.). If I have anything sweet now, I get the shakes so bad I can hardly walk. Usually it would take about half an hour to get my blood sugar normal by eating substantial protein, but on the statin, it takes HOURS to get rid of the shakes. Now I just read that there's a link between statins and diabetes. Here's the story from WebMD:

I guess researchers finally listened to all the complaints and did something about them. I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow to tell him I want off this drug before I get diabetes. I've also gained 10 lbs. since I started this drug because I have to eat constantly to keep my blood sugar normal.

Question for the People's Pharmacy and/or readers:

Can lowering the dose (instead of completely discontinuing the statin) eliminate or mostly-eliminate this troublesome side effect? I am currently taking 10mg Crestor, and understand that 5mg can also do a pretty good job lowering LDL.

I was on simvastatin, Niaspan, and Lopid. My blood sugar start creeping up. it was 312 in the morning and would not go below 240 during the day. I stopped taking all the medicine and my blood sugar has start to come down. It was 158 in morning and 148 before lunch. I hope it will get down to 90 to 110 in a week.

My sugar was never this high. my AIC was 7.0 after taking all the cholesterol medicine my AIC went to 11.2. I do believe the cholesterol medicine caused the jump in my blood sugar.

It's been well-documented for years that Niaspan can increase glucose in some people. Naturally, studies acknowledging this fact always seemed to conclude something to the effect of, "any potential small increase in glucose is heavily outweighed by the great risk-reduction offered by the medication." I.e., same kinds of conclusions the drug-industry-sponsored research is drawing for statins today. While it's true that patients tend to be too quick to blame "everything" on a drug they're taking, on the flip side many doctors unjustly and stubbornly refuse to acknowledge the very real possibility that a supposedly "rare" or undocumented side effect may actually be occurring in a big way in some individual patients -- who are not merely an "averages!"

I was diagnosed with diabetes II in August 09 and I have not been able to get my sugar down no matter what I eat. I am 46 years old, a vegetarian and I eat 1200 to 1400 cals a day and I watch my carbs.

This question may have helped me figure out my problem. I have been on simvastin since Aug 09. I see my doc tomorrow and I am going to bring this up and see what he says. Thanks guys!

I was diagnosed with 2 diabetes 6 years ago. I just switched doctors and she put me on lantis insulin and simvastatin..

My sugars now are 400- 450... I feel so freaking sick in the head... before simvastatin sugars were 200-300..

I'm going to stop taking simvastatin... good luck my fellow diabetics.... we can eat all the healthy foods and exercise 2 hours per day and loss 60 lbs and still have high sugars...

no money in the cure....

I have been taking Crestor for several years & my blood sugars were well controlled until recently. Recently I added Januvia to the mix * my blood sugars went out of control..... based on my research it is clear that the drug interactions are somehow involved (Starlix, Januvia, Crestor, + 3 blood pressure meds) & I am going to try changing the medicine cocktail so that my liver & pancreas can get a rest & heal
Does anyone know how Januvia & Crestor interact?


I have been a type 1 diabetic for 20 years. I am 35 years old now. I have taken Zocor for, at least, 10-15 years without any problems. Recently, my new doctor switched me to Crestor. My blood sugars are usually between 70-150, with a lot of morning lows. Since switching, my morning blood sugars are over 500. My usual dosage of insulin is 5 units of Novolog with meals and 20 units of lantus daily. I have been taking 15 units of novolog with meals (tripling my dose) and my blood sugar was still 535 this morning. What's going on?


My husband and I were JUST diagnosed with low level diabetes. We were both SHOCKED as neither of us have diabetes in the family, but we are BOTH on Statins (Lipitor). I KNEW that Lipitor was the culprit for the high readings on the blood sugars. Just so you know, Statin's also eat up all the vitamin D in your blood. I have to take high levels of Vit D supplements along with Calcium (to make the vit D work property), all because of the Lipitor. Thanks for sharing your experiences with Statins. Reading this website just confirmed my suspicions about Statins. Thanks.

I had a similar reaction when I started statins. What did you do to address such problems? Have you eventually got rid off those reactions?

Hello all, am having a statin and BG related issue here. I am not diabetic, my readings have all been great up until recently. I do have numerous family members who are Type 2 diabetics however. The only problem I have had with blood sugar was at times having hypoglycemia to the lower threshold of the monitor, sugar level would drop below 60, after which the monitor just flashes LOW at you.

I was recently diagnosed with a blockage in a coronary artery, and even though my Cholesterol levels were fine according to my cardiologist, he decided to put me on statins and other meds to treat it for now and see if we could avoid more invasive intervention. Started on simvistatin (Zocor?) and had muscle and joint pain so he switched me to Crestor.

Still having the muscle & joint pain but he wants me to remain on the statin anyway, which I am uncomfortable with but decided to go ahead, and the symptoms have faded a bit.

But, my last blood test at the VA clinic showed a fasting reading of 108, which I believe is considered borderline Type 2. This made me uncomfortable, to say the least. 2 of my brothers are Type 2, and yesterday I decided to take a fasting reading with one of my brothers' monitor. It showed 243! Unsettling is a bit mild to describe the feeling after seeing that reading, as I know something about the problems and risk of diabetes with so many Type 2's in the family. Decided to use the other brother's monitor, got 243 reading again!

This is a bit frightening to me, I do NOT want to take the statins for 'preventative' reasons and end up becoming diabetic! I am a bit torn now about the decision, keep taking the statins and risk diabetes or get off of them. Cardiologist is pretty set on me taking them. I am pretty set on NOT becoming a diabetic.

I will admit to drinking too many soft drinks (and being overweight), but was doing that before the statin use and blood sugars were fine. No other changes in eating habits or lifestyle.


Sorry to hear about your issues. You didn't say when your blood sugar readings were taken. I know that a lowish reading, say, 1-3 hours after certain meals *might* indicate that there was an unseen *high* that occurred sooner after the meal... perhaps because the body is "over-compensating" with "too much, too late" insulin release following the high. That's how it sometimes works with me, anyway.

I changing my 10mg/day of Crestor to every-other-day to see if that helped some of the spikes I was seeing. So far the answer seems to be 'no," but it's kind of fuzzy and inconclusive.

In any event, be sure to experiment taking readings at various points after eating (I'm NOT saying "go crazy with it"!), and of course work with your doctors!

Hi RL, and thanks for the reply. The 243 reading was a fasting blood sugar reading after waking up, same number on both machines - so I would say I can rule out machine malfunction/miscalibration. Before starting the statins my readings, fasting and after meals (I occasionally used my brothers machines to check out of curiosity mostly, because of the high family history of Type 2) were always excellent. Talked to the nurse for my cardiologist, she said the Cardiologist said that was impossible as a side effect of Crestor.

Nurse said Cardiologist recommended taking the Crestor with my evening meds, as they were more effective on cholesterol that way anyway. This morning my fasting reading was 183.

I wouldn't play around with your health. Take the Statins. There has been no solid proof or studies yet, to determine that Statins do raise the non diabetics blood sugar, but I'm convinced that statins, do, in fact, raise the blood sugar of a person who has no history of diabetes in the family. Of course, weight and good healthy eating habits will also help any health problem.

I think you would be better taking the statin rather than take the risk of becoming a diabetic, especially with your heart condition.

Good luck, and I hope your health conditions will improve.

I totally agree with your suspicion that Crestor (also a Statin) is increasing your blood sugar. I have the same problem. I've also read a lot of medical reports that Statins can increase the blood sugar, but no medical studies have been done yet to prove this theory. I do have a medical background and am of the same opinion as you as far as the Crestor of any of the Statins are concerned.

Thanks for the tip on the Niacin. I'll have to look into that. I have the same issues as you with the increase in blood sugar with the Statins.

I have been on 20mg Zocor for 5+ years. After being on Zocor for several years I was diagnosed as insulin resistant, but have not taken medication for it. High blood sugar is a constant battle.

I went to Korea for 12 days and on the way over I lost my pills. Upon return to US my blood sugar was 90 in the middle of the day for several days. When I restarted Zocor, my blood sugar went back up. It's either the garlic (lowering) or the Zocor (raising).

I'm confused about the interaction between diet, statins (Crestor) and blood sugar levels. I've been on Crestor for 3 years, after several years of trying unsuccessfully to lower cholesterol levels. Before Crestor, I had tried a vegetarian diet and a very low fat diet, and was generally exercising plenty (running 15 miles a week) -- but cholesterol stayed high.

I went on Crestor and the cholesterol quickly came down. But now I'm getting "prediabetic" readings on my fasting blood glucose (around 110). I also am borderline hypertensive (very sensitive to sodium). My doctor has suggested I go on a low carb diet -- just the opposite of what I've generally been trying to do for many years (i.e., a low fat diet).

I feel uncomfortable eating lots of meat and eggs and cheese after years of avoiding them! But, now that I'm on Crestor, I'm wondering if maybe my response to dietary fats really is under control, and so it makes sense now to let my fat intake go up and push my carb intake down?? I don't think I can manage to eat low-carb, low-fat, and low-sodium all at once. Are there precedents for a low-carb diet with Crestor?


OH MY GOD!!!! I am SO glad I read all of your comments! I'm a type 2 diabetic for 27 years. I started taking simvastatin about 2 months ago. At first my sugars went up into the 200s. But now... they are 300-400! And insulin?? I might as well be shooting water into me! Little effect! I was so worried that my diabetes had somehow reached a new level and I was going downhill.... and quick! I'm definitely going to stop taking the meds and see what happens. Thankfully the simvastatin was preventative and not "needed" so to speak. Glad I'm not CRAZY!!

I am a type 2 diabetic. My A1c was running around 7.0 despite being on max doses of three diabetes meds. Dr. put me on Simvistatin and insulin. Was taken off of one diabetes med. This was almost three years ago.

Blood sugar has steadily worsened until my last A1c was over 8. I can't remember the exact numbers. But blood sugar running around 300 to 400 most of the time. VERY frustrated. On increasing doses of insulin and now on four kinds!

Then I forgot to take my nighttime meds two nights in a row. On the second night and the subsequent day, my blood sugar dropped down to the 100's and stayed that way.

I thought... Could it be the Simvistatin? I googled and saw that people were saying it could be. I immediately stopped taking it. That was 5 days ago. Have had two readings over 200 but most are between 100 and 140. I feel like it's a miracle! I will never take that stuff again. My overall cholesterol wasn't high anyway.


My fiance was just diagnosed with high blood sugar, possible Type 2 diabetes and also takes Simvastatin. He keeps saying he thinks this is what is causing his high blood sugar readings. He has been running around 268 or so. He is now taking 2000mg a day of Metformin for the blood sugar. Anyone with these same type results, please respond.

Hard to try to connect the dots (even a guess) without knowing the time-line for all events/readings you mentioned. I.e., when were the diagnoses, when did he start the simvastatin, when did the readings of 268 start (and is that is a fasting reading or 1-hour post-meal or 2-hour post-meal, etc. -- and what were they like before, if known), and when was he put on the metformin?

Regardless, with the explicit OK of his doctor it seems like it might be worth going without the simvastatin for a few weeks to see if there is any significant improvement in blood sugar, which might suggest the simvastatin is affecting his glucose control.

My husbands A1C was 8.4 when he found out he was a diabetic. He is 57 years old and is now controlling his sugar without medicine. His A1C is now in the 6's without any meds. He did find that Simvastatin did raise his sugar and quit taking it. The first thing he did was to lose 40 lbs and started doing a little exercising. (He walked on the treadmill every evening for 1 mile and did toe touches) Within a few months he was off all of his medicines. He follows the zone diet pretty well by Dr Barry Sears.

He didn't really look that heavy but it was the belly fat that got him. It has been one year this February and he feels great he has so much more energy and doesn't break out in sweats like he use too. His cholesterol is good now also. He still watches his sugar every morning and evening. If he gains 5 lbs he gets it off I am very proud of the way he is taking care of himself. Good Luck!

So happy I found this site. Has anyone had a problem with Zetia raising their blood sugar? I have been on Zetia for years and now have high sugar. Was put on Januvia and recently had to stop because of stomach problems. I also stopped the Zetia because thought it might be bothering my stomach too. Now my sugar has gone down to normal and I'm not an any diabetic medicine. I am thinking the Zetia may have made my sugar go up.

I had been taking Simcor for approximately 3 months when my blood sugar levels went up. I never had any issues with my sugar levels until taking this medication. I contacted my doctor who knew nothing about this side effect so I printed him out articles concerning this that I found on the internet. He then told me to stop taking it which I did. Now he has prescribed another medication for me which is Simvistatin. He said that this one does not have niacin in it which is which the Simcor had and which he believed was the cause of the blood sugar level going up. After reading all of these articles I think I need to have another talk with my doctor. I don't want to become a diabetic because of a pill that I'm taking for something else.

I was diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes last summer. I was on Gabapentin for nerve damage pain management. Read on internet that Gabapentin could cause hyperglycemia, albeit a low chance side-effect. Mentioned it to my doctor when he prescribed Metformin (max dosage). Again mentioned it to my doctor when he prescribed insulin a month later to help control my sugar levels and again he said there was no chance of Gabapentin causing elevated blood sugars.

At a later on follow up, once my blood sugar was under control with max Metformin and 26 ml of insulin daily, I told him that I would wean myself off the Gabapentin to try the theory. Within a month of weaning off the Gabapentin, I was able to completely stop the insulin therapy and then started on the metformin. Through diet and exercise I was able to stop the metformin too. Then, at a later follow up, at which my A1C was 6.1, he informed me that my cholesterol was elevated and put me on Crestor. (He wanted to put me on Lipitor but I had been on it before and stopped because of the muscle and joint pain.)

I am now on 10mg daily of Crestor and my morning sugars are low 7's to mid 8's (we measure differently here in Canada. Under control is under 7) and creeping higher the longer I stay on Crestor, despite increasing my exercise regime and watching my diet even closer. I had heard that hyperglycemia was a possible side-effect of statins but didn't know it was so prevalent until I started looking on the internet. I will definitely be discussing this with my doctor at the next appt.

For me, after five+ years the jury's still out on whether Crestor affects my blood sugar (or at least whether it affects it by a significant amount). That's true even after cutting back to alternate-day dosing about six months ago (10mg every other day instead of daily).

But absolutely, the highest spike ever in my *fasting* blood sugar was about ten years ago when I was taking a very high dose of neurontin/gabapentin for anxiety. I ditched that med quick, especially since it didn't seem to be helping much anyway, and there were numerous more-mainstream meds for anxiety treatment.

After a couple of tries on statins I discovered that I could not tolerate the muscle pain that went with them. I was switched to Welchol and have found that not only does it lower my cholesterol but it helps to lower my blood sugar. Seems like a really helpful drug.

I agree with the majority that say these drugs raise blood sugar levels through the roof. I have had type 1 not 2. I have also had the Dr. to increase my intake of Lantus for now to offset the effects on my levels. I was 11 yoa when I was diagnosed.

Just to say those with type 2 are very lucky your pancreas works ! ! ! Eat properly and do as your Dr. says! My Dr said my levels were normal, one point over the middle of the normal range. I also was diagnosed with Thyroid Disease. This is why the Dr. has put me on the drugs. My A1C is 6.5 and always in the 6 range, now I am stressing out because of the reaction with these drugs on my blood sugar levels.

I do not have the other side effects of muscle pains. I ride a bike 10 miles or more every other day. I also have lifted weights to keep the tone for many years now. I am very active so I pray this is why I have no muscle pains and will help me from those other side effects.

I started taking simvastatin about 9 months ago. It brought my cholesterol down, but my blood sugar started climbing. I am not a diabetic. My doctor was concerned, so she sent me for a glucose tolerance test. It said I was not a diabetic, but she thought I was insulin resistant. I got on the internet and saw all the posts regarding simvastatin and blood sugar.

I was convinced that the drug is what was causing my sugar to go up. So, I stopped taking the meds. When I returned to the Dr., my cholesterol had gone back up, but not as high as it was, but my sugar had come down. Dr was still not pleased with cholesterol numbers, so she put me back on the simvastatin. Sure enough, last two blood tests show both sugar and triglycerides are climbing. She wanted to put me on either diabetes medicine or triglyceride meds.

I printed an article from the Diabetes Association website that showed that the statins lower cholesterol, but increase insulin resistance. Now, she has changed me to Pravachol, which is another statin, to see if that affects my sugar and triglycerides. I'm giving it 6 weeks before my next blood work. If my numbers are still up, I'm ditching the cholesterol meds all together. I'd rather have high cholesterol than diabetes!

I have been adult onset type 1 diabetic for over 30 years and currently on an insulin pump. Over the past 3 years I have been experiencing low blood sugars for 3 hours following my evening meal, with my last evening bs check within normal range, but will wake up between 11pm and 1am with bs at 250 - 300.

I have also noted that around 8-9pm I will experience a feeling of fullness and discomfort in my stomach on the occasions that my bs makes its increase. I have been suspicious that Crestor or Statins which are taken in the morning, could be associated with this phenomena due to the date I began taking these Rx's. When I mention this connection with my Drs, they downplay the connection.

I am 69, have to die from something but my number one function in my life has been to control my sugar and feel if the statins are causing a bs increase, then I will try something else. Would like to know if other type 1 diabetics might be experiencing similar symptoms.

I was diagnosed diabetic last year. Been controlling well with diet, Metformin and Victoza. BS usually 80-90, 110-125 after a meal. Been on Pravachol for one month. BS 110-135 begot eating. Raised my Victoza dosage. Worked for the first week but now it seems to be losing the fight. Will be speaking to the doc in the morning.

Hello, I was put on simvastatin 20mg approx 3 weeks ago. I have been having very high sugars overnight. I take my chol med at bed time. My sugars have been 400 plus. I am amazed, that these medications can be prescribed to diabetics with these kinds of side effects. When I found this site I realized what has been going on with me. I stopped my medication immediately and I am calling My DR asap.

They had me on simvastatin at first. Didn't mess with my BS but didn't work on the cholesterol either. This process has me befuddled. Get the BS under control then start a drug that blows the whole shooting match.

In reference to the wild meat being healthy, I just found out after my son's cholesterol was over 300 that all the venison he was eating was causing the high cholesterol. It's documented that venison is high in cholesterol. After he stopped eating venison, it went down to normal! All those years I thought we were eating healthy by eating so much deer and seems it was harming my children and us.

Thank you for all of your comments. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in January with an initial reading of 347. I was put on 1000 mg. of Metformin twice a day, and immediately my numbers fell to within a "normal" range, averaging 103-104, and my A1C was 6.

My doctors were so impressed that they cut my morning medication in half, and I was feeling really good about my progress. And then, I went in for my regular exam, and my doctor decided to put me on a statin (zocor). I started this, along with my Lopid (another cholesterol medication) that very day, and this also occurred within a day or two that we experienced some of our highest (hottest) temperatures.

By the second day of my new medication program, my numbers jumped to 302, and for the next day or two, I couldn't get them under 140, neither in the morning or before bed. I couldn't think of anything I had done differently except the new medicine I was taking and the heat!

This is just the second day that I stopped taking the statin. I'm even afraid to take the Lopid! And this afternoon, 2 hours after breakfast and after taking my morning Metformin, my numbers were back to 90! It's also almost 30 degrees cooler today than it was just 24 hours ago. So, at this point, I don't know if it was the statin (Zocor), the combination of the statin and Lopid, or the heat, or none of the above or all of the above! And somehow, I don't trust that my doctor will know either!!!

I thought I was going nuts. I'm so glad to read these comments concerning
statins raising blood sugar. As a type 2 diabetic with elevated cholesterol, I was put on Crestor. I was surprised to see my morning blood sugar elevated consistently. I experimented by stopping the Crestor for a period of time and my blood sugar went back to the prior acceptable levels.

I am absolutely convinced the statin caused the rise in blood sugar. It's a case of damned if you do, damned if you don't. Considering the side effects and possible damage with statins, I am thinking of doing without the statin. Bad decision? I don't know.

Ive been on Type 2 diabetes medications for years , fasting blood was 115 to 120 , never over 180 or so after eating.

In december my dr put me on simvistatin for high cholesterol , my blood sugar went to avg 130 to 145 in the mornings. I had to go back for a doctors visit to get my prescriptions renewed and asked the DR if the cholesterol medicine could raise your blood sugar. He said not that he knew of. Well i didnt tell him but I had run out of the cholesterol medicine a few days before i went in to see him. Blood sugar in consecutive mornings 125 , 120 , 116 , 115. It suddenly dawned on me it's the cholesterol medicine !!!!!

Yes, "Statins" appear to be messing with my Blood Sugar readings.

Posted on 27.July.2011 (The date is extremely important to show just how this is still going on till this date.)

3 Weeks ago, I went for an overall body checkup and blood profile.

My Fasting Blood Sugar was 131 mg/dl (7.3 mmol/L) (And this is with not watching my diet or exercising at all) - My doctor said, it is possible you are a Diabetic; but wait for 3 months and do the HBA1C test. (It just so happens I have had something similar like this happen to me before and after 3 months I was back to normal, so keep your fingers crossed as the emotional roller coaster is terrible this time)

Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels were dangerously high and I was prescribed:

1.) Gemfibrozil
2.) Ifistatin (simvastatin)

I completely forgot to take the Gemfibrozil and Ifistatin for a weeks. It just happen, I got hold of a Glucometer, and at 12 Midnight, after finishing dinner at about 9.30PM I thought to take my blood sugar reading, and it was 108 mg/dl (6 mmol/L) (BEFORE 1.) Gemfibozil and 2.) Ifistatin) Please note this is 2 1/2 hours after eating. From my understanding, Diabetics very rarely hit a 6, there was a previous reading that I dipped below this figure and this was after my body check up.

I thought nothing of it for a few days, and started taking the Gemfibozil and Ifistatin. And my Fasting Blood Sugar went from the initial 131 mg/dl (7.3 mmol/L) to 167 mg/dl (9.3 mmol/L) - 183 mg/dl (10.2 mmol/L)

To make it clearer:

BEFORE: 131 mg/dl (7.3 mmol/L)
AFTER: 167 mg/dl (9.3 mmol/L) - 183 mg/dl (10.2 mmol/L)

This is a pretty massive jump when all I have been eating is a slice of bread for breakfast with hot water, Oats and a Banana with hot water for lunch and a Salad with Tomatoes and lean chicken sausages for dinner with close to no dressing. Something is missing.

I have stopped the both for 1 day now, I am going to see if anything changes over the next few days, I will come back and update you all.

To Loopy: Just as an fyi, despite its positioning as a healthy food (and in some respects that may be true), oatmeal tends to make my blood sugar go up a lot.

I also was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. It's been 4 years. I also have a family history of heart attacks and strokes. I controlled my diabetes with diet and exercise. A1C was 6.2. My cardiologist didn't like my cholesterol at 100 so put me on Crestor 20mg. The pain was so bad he lowered the dose to 10mg and also started me on COQ10. I didn't know there was a correlation between statins and glucose levels.

My A1C slowly increased. Of course I started kicking myself. Gaining weight, but still dieting, exercising, etc. Used to weigh 120. Now 195 and climbing. Can't control it at all. The A1C has now hit 6.9 and I've been diagnosed with diabetes. They put me on Metformin now. So I'm taking Crestor to decrease my risk of heart attack or stroke and taking Metformin to control the diabetes the Crestor is causing.

I have no family history of diabetes. I'm very upset and don't know what to do. I decreased my Crestor to 1/3 5mg) last night and this morning my fasting glucose was 126. If it can decrease this fast in one day, what will happen in, say, a week?
I'm sick of dieting, exercising, and taking pills because my Dr. says so. I'm 63 and feel my life is over. I may as well stop all pills and eat what I want until I blow up. Sorry for being so negative.

Just wanted to share a little experiment I have tried to reduce my morning blood sugar levels. Have been on 5mg. Crestor meds now for about 5 yrs. Is controlling cholesterol levels just great but now my doctor says my fasting blood levels are beginning to rise and suggests testing myself at different intervals throughout the day. All my readings have been fine except that morning reading are still high.

It doesn't seem to matter what I eat, it is up and down. Been reading a lot about side-effects of Crestor and decided to change taking my meds from night time to dinner time. Within 2 days I was getting readings from 5.4 - 5.6 every morning. Almost three weeks later, I feel this may be all that is required for sugar readings but have not had my cholesterol reading done yet. If they are still keeping in safe levels, I will post again to suggest others try this simple solution.

Livalo is a great statin option for people with Diabetes! It does not raise blood sugar levels like all the other statins. I have had this problem with all the other statins I have tried and I'm so happy there is a new statin alternative.


The same thing happened to me. Lipitor gave me severe leg cramps, waking me at night. I quit that med, and that doctor. The next doctor prescribed Pravastatin, and added Zetia, then when he said I was now a diabetic 2, he prescribed one Metformin, and then doubled that.

When I complained of feeling bloated, I was sent for two $3,000 scans. I just kept feeling worse and worse, arms and leg bones had deep aches, mucus filled my lungs... so I quit all the meds and that doctor. I monitor my am glucose levels which range around -120. I am looking for a new doctor.

I have had high cholesterol for the past fifteen or so years, but have only been medicated for the past ten or so. I cannot tolerate Zocor (had balance and tripping issues while walking), Crestor (upper leg muscles tighten so severely that I could not lift my leg to go one more stair) and now I am on Lipitor.

Over the past few months my fasting blood level has gone from 92-95, 95-98 and now the last two readings have been 100 and just the other day 103. I started to weight loss program and incorporated more fruit - clementine (1 a day) and a few pieces of watermelon (cut up). The doctor ordered an A1C and that came back at a 6.0 reading. I thought that it was the fruit (but I am not overdoing it) but I am now of the belief that the Lipitor (even though I am taking 10 mg. every day or every other day as tolerated) is the cause.

My weight is down 22 lbs. since January - so I am very happy with that, but the fasting glucose level is puzzling.

As a side note - the cholesterol which you would think would be coming down because of the weight loss and change in menu is now at 243 (where it had been 238 a few months back), my HDL is 86, LDL 132 and Triglycerides for which I am on Antara is 123 where it had been in the 80s or 90s). Antara does not agree with me either - neither did Zetia at the time when I took that. My parents both had heart issues so I am doing my best to control the situation but at what cost because of the side effects. It's a double edge sword indeed.

Heart was fluttering so I went to the Cardio doctor to find out what was going on with the heart. Did the stress test, the echo, the ekg and blood test. Had just taken myself off of 5mg crestor a few weeks prior to the heart problems. All the tests came back normal except blood sugar was reading 100mg and cholesterol was high. Doctor put me back on statin (Liptor) 10mg, 30 days later did another blood test, blood sugar 105mg but cholesterol normal range.

7 months later, went to family doctor, she did another blood test. Results were blood sugar reading 100mg and cholesterol normal. She she I had pre-diabetes and needed to take meds for the high blood sugar, before I develop diabetes. I had told her my Cardio doctor had gotten the same results from the blood test he did earlier that year and said nothing about diabetes. She said must had requested a different test. I said it was the same test and the numbers were even the same, she gave me samples meds to take and told me to come back in 3 months and she will do another blood test.

Started taking the meds and blood sugar started going up and up. It went from 100mg (no meds) to 126mg on the meds. So, today I will take no meds and check blood sugar in the mornings for a month and see if numbers fall. I will start taking systemic enzymes for the cholesterol numbers and try to get them to stay normal range. I will let you know what happens to the blood sugar and cholesterol numbers at the end of 1 month.

I found that adding Januvia brought on my first gout attack about 5 weeks after starting it.

I've been on Crestor 20 mg/day for almost 8 years and am beginning to worry, thinking my blood sugar levels might be affected by statins. Have had sudden flushing, elevated BP spells a few times and strange tingling pinching sensations in my back. MD finally suggested cutting back to 10 mg Crestor /day- I seem to feel a lot less tired on this dosage.

My husband started Victoza about a month ago and is doing great ! Blood sugar levels are wnl, lost 20 lbs. and feels so much better. His doc. is also cutting his statin in half.

Both my internist/cardiologist as well as my endocrinologist are not of the opinion that the Lipitor is raising my fasting blood sugar or A1C. When I saw my internist on Monday he said that my prior A1C was 5.8 and it is currently 6.0. I am changing the selection of fruits that I am used to eating, e.g. melons or oranges. My endocrinologist's office suggested a small apple or 1/2 banana instead of a high natural sugar containing fruit. This morning my fasting blood sugar was 92 (on my husband's glucose meter), so I am pleased with that. A couple of weeks ago it was 99 overnight on the same meter.

I did see an ad in the current People Magazine issue for Crestor and on the back side of the advertisement there is a notation that elevated blood sugar levels have been known to occur by taking statins. My doctors will not concur, but the only way I will know if there is a correlation is when I have my next lab work done in mid December - if modifying my fruit intake does not change the overall glucose readings, then I will hold steadfast to my belief that the Lipitor has been the trigger for the elevation and then I may cut back on it myself. I do not wish to do my own prescribing, etc., but I do not wish to inadvertently become a diabetic due to a medication that is spiking the numbers. Time will tell.

I am so glad I found this forum. I have had the same problem. About 3 months ago my doctor (Air Force) put me on 40mg of Zocor daily. Prior to this I had decided I wanted to lose some weight. I am 49 and weighed 260. So this last year I went from 260 to 219 and feel great. I was on Zocor but was only taking it every other day (40mg). Then the doctor tells me he wants me to take the Zocor every day.

This was 3 months ago. He said he also wanted me to get an ultrasound on my liver because he thought it was fatty. So about a week ago I have labs done and a couple day ago the doctor calls me and tells me my sugars are elevated, liver a little fatty and he put in a prescription for Gluchophage (500 mg per day). He tells me to take it for 3 months and come back for more labs. He never mentions getting an A1C, checking my blood sugar or anything.

My wife (diabetic) and I couldn't believe it. My back, neck and shoulders have been hurting and also a little numbness in my feet. I also noticed I'm randomly forgetting stuff while I'm talking to people. To top it off my weight has started going back up for no apparent reason. Went from 219 to 225. This has all happened in the last 3 months. So I started doing some research.

Over the last 3 days my wife has taken my blood sugar in the morning and before bed. Night time reading about 140-145 and morning reading 100-101. I'm convinced it's the Zocor. Stopped taking it on Fri Sep 30, 2011. It is Sunday Oct 2 and my pain is starting to go away. I'm going to talk to my Doctor this week and go over all of this with him.

I can't believe he would give me a drug that would do all this and then try to give me another drug to counteract it. Are these doctors crazy, stupid or both? Sorry for venting, but thanks to everyone on here for sharing their stories and info. I feel like my eyes are now open.

At this point I'm sure my sugar levels will go down to normal levels the longer I'm off the Zocor.

I have been on Zetia for six weeks and my blood sugars are quite a bit higher. I was doing fine controlling my my blood sugar before that with Lantus and Glimeperide. I was on Crestor two different times and was in pain, listless, couldn't do much of anything but lie on the sofa and wonder what was wrong with me. I finally connected the timing of starting Crestor with my symptoms and quit taking the Crestor. It did a great job of controlling my cholesterol, but life just isn't worth living when you can't function.

I got much better after I stopped the Crestor. Can't figure out why I let the doctor talk me into trying the Crestor again, but I did and had the same results. Now I am on Zetia and the cholesterol tests were much improved a week ago. But... my blood sugars are higher and I can't seem to control them like I did before. I have been taking five to eight more units of Lantus a day but still have high readings in the afternoon and at night... haven't changed my eating habits either.

I think I am going to stop the Zetia for about a week and see if my blood sugar goes back to normal. So far the high blood sugar levels is the only side effect I have from Zetia, but it has only been six weeks. Thanks to everyone for contributing comments. It helps to know it isn't "all in my mind".

Well, here I am a month later and just as I thought, I did not take the Lipitor and blood sugar fell from readings in the 100's to 80's and 90's. So, now they have FDA approved drug for both high cholesterol/diabetes, it will only cost $215.00 for 30 day supply.

I was reading an article stating that the real bad boy here is when the A1C number is above 5% so if a person can keep that number at around 5% without meds. then, do you really need a statin to lower the cholesterol numbers. If statins increase blood sugar readings then, that means the A1C reading is also going to increase. Statins do more damage to the body than doctors want you know. I am going back to my Cardio doctor this month and I will try to get some answers about blood sugar, A1C, cholesterol and the drugs. Hopefully he will be up front with me. We will see.

This reply is to OBI. My husband was on Zocor and he developed fatty liver and the doctor took him off of the Zocor, the fatty liver is gone and the doctor put him on Lipitor, he seems to be doing good on the Lipitor. Now I am on lipitor and my blood sugar reads high and my A1C is 6%, which is also considered high. My family doctor gave me Livalo samples to take, I did take it for about a week or so and both of my arms became numb when I slept and my left leg stayed numb constantly. We need some answers about these meds. and our health. Take Care.

Thank you very much for your information!

I am a male, 57, just put on simvastatin while fighting type 2. Pre statins, I had it at 98-120 range, but was alarmed to see it hit 165 and now mid 150 for sugars. I KNEW it wasn't me: I work out and eat sensibly. Thanks, Zocor...

Good luck and thanks to all here for the 4-1-1!

That is exactly what Zocor did to me. I had the same blood sugar readings pre-statin just like you and exactly in the range you were on Zocor. Try Livalo instead. Once I switched to Livalo instead my blood sugar levels returned back to my pre-statin range. I'm on 4mg and no issues at all. I hope it can work for you. I guess all the statins impact others in different ways. Good Luck

what a relief finding this site, I will stop my cholesterol medicines. My blood sugar shoot up from 5.8 (no med) to 6.4 because of chol med for 8 months. My overall chol has reduced from 230 to 130.
again thanks lot.

About 6 months into my Zocor 80mg per day prescription I was told I had type 2 diabetes. I never heard this before nor was there any family history. However against all my health care providers objections I dropped the Zocor, mainly because the overall muscle pain and weakness was no longer bearable. The diabetes magically disappeared a few weeks after discontinuing. I wish the other problems it caused were so quick to leave. There are a number of safe ways to lower cholesterol if they have you worried about it.

I've been on insulin and Crestor. Just recently after a month or so my blood sugars have been jumping sometimes up to 300 after dinner which concerns me. I concluded that it is the Crestor because I haven't change my diet or exercise.

I've been trying to tell people this, including my own doctor, for years. Nobody would listen.

Finally, the FDA comes out with a warning. :::yawn:::

Too little too late. How many people are now diabetic thanks to Lipitor?

Oh my goodness, I've been on Crestor since Jan, I haven't always been good at checking my blood sugar, but I've been a diabetic for 8 years and my A1C have always been good until I started Crestor, now my blood sugar runs in the 200 to 300. That's it I'm off of the crestor and any other one they want to give me. My last cholesterol test was 188, but they said it was to protect my heart. Yea not with sugars like this. So glad my thoughts were confirmed.

I can echo agreement to most of the other commenters here. I have been type II for about two years. Managed to keep my a1c at about 6.4 consistently with diet alone, no meds. Have had lifelong which cholesterol. But when LDL became elevated, let my Dr talk me into 10mg Lipitor daily, which brought my cholesterol and LDL down radically.

Went along fine with only some barely noticeable side effects until.... fast forward to my most recent a1c after about 8 months on the Lipitor. Suddenly my a1c is 8.1!!! Dr wants to start me on metformin now, but I am not feeling comfortable about adding yet another medication to treat something which I think may be the result of the Lipitor.

I asked my doctor to give me 3 mos to see if I could work harder and try to get my bs levels back down without meds. Despite all my efforts, after almost two months, my bs levels are consistently WAY higher than previously, both fasting in am and post-prandial, which is often over 200 now even after two hours---this is alarming to me. Nothing I'm trying is bringing them back down, so I know the next a1c will be just as bad from current readings.

I made the decision a couple of days ago to discontinue the Lipitor for about one month, and see if anything changes. If all else is the same and bs levels decrease to prior levels, I will know it's the Lipitor. I'm a little afraid if this does turn out to be the case, because I'm afraid of walking around with high cholesterol, especially with high LDL. However, I'm much more afraid of my diabetes progressing and worsening so suddenly, and where that might go from here.

Very frustrating to say the least. My Dr was as surprised as I was my my sudden a1c increase, but when I asked her if she thought it could be the Lipitor, she said she did not think so. It was after that visit that the news story came out recently about statins and type II diabetes....

How is a person with diabetes supposed to choose between high blood sugars and high cholesterol/LDL. Both are dangerous. I feel like a person who is backed against a cliff by a hungry lion--- which way do I want to choose for my possible demise? This is all confusing and depressing to say the least, especially since we all try so hard to do the "right" things for our best health possible...

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: Please be sure to let your doctor know of this plan.

DG -

Yes, it's a conundrum! If your experience is like mine (and that's a big "if" since everyone's different), a trend toward reversal of any Lipitor-driven postprandial increases will be evident pretty soon after stopping it.

After taking Lipitor for approx 6 months about 8 years ago it appeared to be increasing my postprandials. At my request my doctor switched me to Pravachol (pravastatin) which has not been implicated in increased glucose (in fact, some researchers have suggested that unlike other statins it may actually help improve insulin sensitivity). But even 80mg of Pravachol didn't lower my LDL nearly as much as 10mg of Lipitor. So after 6 more months I switched to then-new Crestor.

The irony is that the large study of Crestor released in late 2008 is what finally started bringing some attention to possible statin-induced negative effects on glucose metabolism. I still see some likely glucose-increasing effects from the Crestor, but not as bad as what I had seen with the Lipitor. It's been mitigated even further since I switched my 10mg Crestor to every-other-day about 18 months ago. The LDL-lowering is somewhat less than when I was taking it every day, but still substantial. Since lowering the Crestor dosage I've also been taking daily Pantethine (a derivative of the B-vitamin Pantothenic Acid). After a couple months that brought it down a couple more points with no adverse effects, but it's a bit pricey for a supplement, and needs to be taken with food.


Please I find my self in the same situation please let me know if you have found alternative to these statin drug thanks

Saturday I forgot to take my Lipitor. A rare occurrence. Sunday by glucose reading was 121 down from 148. How possible is this? I will discuss with my doctor this month. May try Zocor. I am currently on 40 mg lipitor and 5 mg zetia and last cholesterol test was 114. A1C was 7.1 and doctor not concerned if not greater than 8.0.

Since my husband was switched to Crestor his blood sugar levels have raised over 100 - 150 points in one month. His doctor changed his BP med and then switched to Crestor from Simvastatin. The doctor claims it is a co-incidence but he has not changed his eating habits. His blood sugar was under such good control before Crestor.

I am and insulin dependent diabetic and within 24 hours or me starting the generic for lipitor my blood sugar numbers more than doubled and I have worked hard to get them down to about 280 (they were over 320 for over a month). Last night I decided to not take the drug and my waking sugar level was at 117. This is a very scary drug for diabetics. I really don't think I am going to continue taking this medication.

You do not need to take any drugs for Cholesterol

177 is under 200 --

just change some diet --reduce saturated fats

and eat more Garlic and walnuts --everyday

I started using Lipitor (previously another type for 15 years)a year ago and after 6 months saw elevated blood sugar levels. 6 months later higer yet blood sugar levels which caused my doctor to put me an oral meds to lower it. I'm not happy about this to say the least!! I'm 65 years old and have not changed my lifestyle, I do take meds for high blood pressure as well.

My husband has been a type 2 Diabetic since 2010, controlled with Metformin & diet. Then on 8/15/2012 he had 2 Unstable Angina episodes. Was put in hospital, test ran & went in for an Angiogram (doctors thought Stents needed to be done). Got in & found nothing they expected. His arteries are Massively dilated, with plaque & Aneurysms!

So he was put on Lipitor 80mg from the 1st day in the hospital. His blood sugars starting rising, so doctor changed him to Crestor & Tricor, blood sugars went even higher. So next he was put on Novolog Insulin before meals & Lantus at bedtime. Sugars still off the charts.

Finally went to an Endocrinologist & they raised his insulin amount + 2,000mg of Metformin a day. He is now up to 35+ sliding scale before meals & 60+ sliding of Lantus before bed (he started @ 5units of Novolog & 10mg of Lantus). Well we now have gotten a new Cardiologist @ Stanford & he told us YES the Lipitor started your sugars rising & then Crestor has kept it up. So he has cut his Crestor in half. So we are now going to see the Endocrinology dept @ Stanford.

He has had the tingling/numbness in his feet/lower legs, can't sleep at all, back & shoulders ache all the time. His blood sugars are now high & never coming down. Low for him as of right now is 250, and can be 400+ when wakes up in the morning. We are praying the new Endocrinologist @ Stanford will help us out cause he is very ill & needs someone to help him. His diet is too the tee for a Diabetic + heart patient. So even if your doctor tells you NO its not the Statins, YES IT IS!! You know your body, listen to it. Any comments, suggestions or information is very welcome.

I am a Type 2 diabetic diagnosed in 2007 when I had my aortic valve replaced. Received a bevy of new drugs following surgery - among them 40mg Lipitor. Lipitor cut to 20mg in 2009 and I was on a (500mg) minimal dose of Metformin. Diet and exercise (and a little weight loss) kept morning glucose readings bouncing around 134 - 155.

In 2010 I tore my hamstring in an accident and was unable to do a lot of exercise. A1c went from 7.1 to 8.1. Doctor took me to 2000mg Metformin and glyburide to bring down blood glucose, but hypoglycemia became an issue. Changed doctors.

A week ago my new doctor agreed to cut my Lipitor to 10mg (and watch cholesterol levels). My morning readings went from the 150s to the 130s. Yesterday, 2 hours after a meal, I got shaky and had a reading of 51. This morning, after indulging on a lot of sugar yesterday to get out of hypoglycemia, my reading was 101. Now, my Metroprolol was cut in half a day before but I can't imagine it would have caused a reaction that quickly.

I'm heading back to my doctor next week.

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