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Fungi love damp dark places, so they often thrive in the crevices between toes and in folds of skin. The groin is especially susceptible. That’s why men often complain of jock itch.

Women can have jock itch too. But they may also suffer from fungal infections under the breast. Judging from our mail bag, this is far more common than many people realize.

Several weeks ago we heard from a woman who asked for help: “For years I have had a yeast infection under my breasts, under my arms and in the groin. Nothing works. I know other women have this problem. I would be grateful for any remedies that might help.”

Our answer was fairly lame. We suggested old-fashioned amber Listerine. This mouthwash contains herbal oils with antifungal activity, plus a substantial dose of alcohol. Some men have found it can conquer jock itch.

We were unprepared for the outpouring of suggestions from other women who also suffer from this problem. Not surprisingly, many have found that antifungal medicines are especially helpful:

“I had a similar problem. My doctor prescribed Nystatin cream. It works wonderfully and I haven’t had a problem since.”

Over-the-counter antifungal creams also have enthusiastic boosters:

“I too had a yeast infection under my breasts. Even my doctor did not know exactly what to do. So I bought Monistat vaginal cream and applied it. The infection cleared right up!”

Another woman prefers a different Monistat product:

“I found wonderful relief for my yeast infection. In the feminine product aisle of stores is something called ‘Soothing Care Medicated Powder’ made by Monistat Intimate Care.

“I bought it and tried it, applying it right after my bath. I was amazed because after using it for several weeks my yeast infection was gone from under my breast, under my arms and my groin.”

Soothing Care Medicated Powder does not contain antifungal medication. Instead, the active ingredient is zinc oxide (often found in diaper rash cream), with inactive ingredients of cornstarch, aloe extract and vitamin E.

Cornstarch is an old-fashioned favorite, as we heard from this woman:

“I used every expensive cream formula, both prescription and OTC, without success. In desperation due to itching one night, I tried my Grandma’s cornstarch cure.

“Be sure areas are clean and dry. Then dust the affected areas with a thin coating of cornstarch. (Use a flat powder puff to apply.) Do this at least twice daily.

“After months of creams, it took only a few weeks for the underarm area to dry. The itching stopped. The dead skin peeled off and it has never returned. My dermatologist couldn’t believe it worked so well. The groin and areas under the breasts took a bit longer, but they’ve also healed. Grandmas do know best.”

Cornstarch and zinc oxide are both working on the principle that drying the skin will deprive the fungus (yeast, in this case) of the moisture it needs to thrive.

Who knew that so many women suffer from fungal infections under the breasts? With various possible remedies, however, we hope this troublesome problem is no longer a deep, dark secret.

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  1. Mindy
    Mansfield, Ohio

    I have been struggling with this for about 8 months. 3 doctors later and I still have it. Diflucan for 15 days in a row and nystatin. Nothing. I read all the comments and ended up buying vagisil and the green bottle of gold bond. Within 5 days my rash is almost completely gone. Very dry but I think that is the key. Have a dermatologist appt in 2 weeks but I am keeping up this regimen till then. Good kuck girls, I feel your pain!

  2. Antonia
    SF bay area

    I thought of trying this the other day, but fear stopped me thinking it could get worse , now I may try it and the cornstarch and the cream for baby rash. I have been suffering with this for over 2 years now. The anti fungal cream the doctor ordered only worked for a few months and no longer has lasting effect.
    Thank you all for your helpful tips and taking the time to help other women.

    • Mindy

      I tried cornstarch and it made it worse. Try gold bond in the green bottle. I put vagisil ointment on first then the powder.

  3. renee

    need a cure for yeast under the breast

  4. Linda Isaacs
    Rhinebeck, NY

    I had this problem for years. Saw three different doctors/dermatologists for help. They ordered all kinds of creams and powders. Nothing worked completely. Out of the blue, one day, I had a thought as I was putting my deodorant on after a shower. I spread some of it (which was also an antiperspirant) under my breasts. By the third day of doing this, my fungus was GONE and it hasn’t come back! It makes perfect sense. We apply it to under our arms to achieve the same results! So it is now my mission to spread the word everywhere I can, to help those who suffer like I used to. I use Secret antiperspirant/deoderant but I suspect any brand would work. I so hope this helps someone else~

  5. Theresea

    Strangely, under my breasts I get some sort of very painful ‘rashy type redness’ that has a bad odor and sometimes is unbearable. It even seeps liquid sometimes from the rash! MY solution, not ‘cure’ is to wash, pat dry and then apply zincofax (for diaper rashes) and within 10 min all the stinging or burning feeling is gone and in a few hours everything has dried up and the skin is back to normal. I am almost 60 yrs now and get this at least once a month around the time I would have my period. I haven’t had my period for about 10 years now. The relief of zincofax is sooooooooooo effective soooooooooo quickly.

    • judy
      Frankfort ky

      To you think vaginal cream will work as well? Been having this close to a year now.I’m 56 last period was when I was 52 I believe.

  6. claudia

    I had a rash that started between my breast then went underneath my breast as well. I used a 1% hydrocortisone from the Target brand and I saw no results I then started using the brand Cortisone 10 intense healing and in about a week the entire rash went away.

    I applied it twice a day, I would wash the affected area with mild soap and water and would apply the ointment. It’s worth spending the two extra dollars for the name brand because the ointment isn’t oily, so it absorbs quickly and you see rapid results.

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