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Breast Fungus Secrets Exposed

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Fungi love damp dark places, so they often thrive in the crevices between toes and in folds of skin. The groin is especially susceptible. That's why men often complain of jock itch.

Women can have jock itch too. But they may also suffer from fungal infections under the breast. Judging from our mail bag, this is far more common than many people realize.

Several weeks ago we heard from a woman who asked for help: "For years I have had a yeast infection under my breasts, under my arms and in the groin. Nothing works. I know other women have this problem. I would be grateful for any remedies that might help."

Our answer was fairly lame. We suggested old-fashioned amber Listerine. This mouthwash contains herbal oils with antifungal activity, plus a substantial dose of alcohol. Some men have found it can conquer jock itch.

We were unprepared for the outpouring of suggestions from other women who also suffer from this problem. Not surprisingly, many have found that antifungal medicines are especially helpful: "I had a similar problem. My doctor prescribed Nystatin cream. It works wonderfully and I haven't had a problem since."

Over-the-counter antifungal creams also have enthusiastic boosters: "I too had a yeast infection under my breasts. Even my doctor did not know exactly what to do. So I bought Monistat vaginal cream and applied it. The infection cleared right up!"

Another woman prefers a different Monistat product: "I found wonderful relief for my yeast infection. In the feminine product aisle of stores is something called 'Soothing Care Medicated Powder' made by Monistat Intimate Care.

"I bought it and tried it, applying it right after my bath. I was amazed because after using it for several weeks my yeast infection was gone from under my breast, under my arms and my groin."

Soothing Care Medicated Powder does not contain antifungal medication . Instead, the active ingredient is zinc oxide (often found in diaper rash cream), with inactive ingredients of cornstarch, aloe extract and vitamin E.

Cornstarch is an old-fashioned favorite, as we heard from this woman: "I used every expensive cream formula, both prescription and OTC, without success. In desperation due to itching one night, I tried my Grandma's cornstarch cure.

"Be sure areas are clean and dry. Then dust the affected areas with a thin coating of cornstarch. (Use a flat powder puff to apply.) Do this at least twice daily.

"After months of creams, it took only a few weeks for the underarm area to dry. The itching stopped. The dead skin peeled off and it has never returned. My dermatologist couldn't believe it worked so well. The groin and areas under the breasts took a bit longer, but they've also healed. Grandmas do know best."

Cornstarch and zinc oxide are both working on the principle that drying the skin will deprive the fungus (yeast, in this case) of the moisture it needs to thrive.

Who knew that so many women suffer from fungal infections under the breasts? With various possible remedies, however, we hope this troublesome problem is no longer a deep, dark secret.

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  • Currently 4.4/5
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Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4.4/5 (816 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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I have a tendency toward systemic yeast infections, and I have found -- based on the advice of my wonderful former OB/GYN (he's since retired) -- that avoiding yeast products and sweets really helps to prevent yeast infections. Should something local crop up -- for me, this usually follows periods of self-indulgence (like the holidays!) and begins between my toes -- I use essential oil of lavender. Pure lavender oil is a most effective fungicide, and is gentle enough to apply directly to the skin anywhere. I do not mean lavender "fragrance", but the real essential oil.

I had no idea this was so common. It didn't happen until my breasts sagged enough so that no air circulated under them. I finally found tinactin, which helps, and I also bought comfort bras so that I could wear them when lounging and sleeping.

In the breast area, I use 1 tsp. apple cider vinegar in 1 C. of water, and apply it with tissue or a cotton ball twice daily. For my feet I use a water vinegar solution 1:1 and soak my feet for half an hour a day or so. Both of these tricks work great.

I occasionally have this problem, especially during warm weather. A cousin of mine recommended Ammens powder. It is great! I put it on after drying off from my shower. It sticks to your skins so well you have to wash it off your hands with soap and water. Rash usually disappears in a couple of days. It is available at drug stores or the health and beauty section of department stores.

I am happy to have found this site with home remedies included, we live in the boonies and I have an unbearable rash that popped up under my breast. I am going to try the cornstarch immediately, I also have a problem with very large almost boil like pimples? they keep returning in the same 3 places on the under part of my breast near the edge......any ideas on what may be causing them and the constant return in the same place?

Keeping skin dry will prevent yeast from starting. Use ordinary stick anti-perspirant (make sure it's not just a "deodorant") in those areas where you perspire. Use it not only under arms, but also between/under the breast area, around the waist, under sagging folds, and where upper thighs rub together. Most people do not think of using their anti-perspirant besides under their arms, but it works the same elsewhere (externally).

I thought I had heat rash under my breasts, so I tried hydrocortisone cream, it helped as long as I used it. Then I read in your newsletter about the large number of women with yeast infections under their breasts-it was like a light went off! I got an OTC anti-fungal cream, have only been using it a week, but it seems to be the right answer.

I think I had even spread the yeast infection to some places on my face as well as behind my ear lobes, these were bothering me more than what was under my breasts, I have been using the cream more often on my face & ear lobes, the results are even better. I am so glad to have found this info from your web site, I would never have thought of it myself, even though I'm a Cert. Medical Asst. Thanks for being there!


I started with soap and water, dried, then an apple cider vinegar "paint", dried, then zinc ointment. Only minor relief. So then I went to a benzocaine cream, pain relief for a couple hours, but rash stayed; then I went to Nystatin, made the rash worse and welt up, used benzocaine on top, that helped, came back. Boiled underwear (very expensive bras ruined); then I tried cornstarch. Overnight, it is barely there. I'll continue with the cornstarch.

I think the creams didn't work because they do have water in them. Also, you have to get the fungal cream that treats the fungus you have, and you won't know what that is without an expensive test.

Three weeks of testing remedies, to no avail. Cornstarch applied on red, raw, itchy welts: overnight success.

Pure TEA TREE OIL, applied underneath the breast twice in one day then dusted with pure cornstarch after oil dried completely, eradicated the rash in one day and provided immediate relief for the itchiness. I've tried nearly all the other home remedies in the past and this was far and beyond the best!

I have had a problem with fungal infections under my breasts and in the groin area for many years. Clotrimazole sold OTC for athlete's foot works well when I have a break-out, usually in hot humid weather, but if I use Mexana powder daily after showering I don't usually have a problem.

The problem is that I can't find Mexana any more in the local drug or grocery stores and have to order it online. I get panicky when I run low, so I try to have a good supply on hand. My current problem is fungal infections in my mouth between gums and my partial. Obviously, I can't use any of the creams or powders and have been trying to experiment with diet.

I will try some of the ideas I saw in other comments and cut out foods with yeast and sweets and add more vinegar to my diet. I hope this helps. If anyone has any other ideas, please post them!

Another powder that has produced great results for me is Zeasorb AF. I use it in any skin folds daily and have not had a recurrence of the fungus in two years. Be sure to get the AF type, not just the plain Zeasorb.

SELSUN BLUE has been my life saver for years...Off and on since I was a young girl I have had some type of fungal infection. I haven't had any problems in years, until my breasts grew after I had a baby a few years back. When I saw this rash under my breasts, I automatically thought it was a heat rash of some kind. I was using everything, but nothing was working. I went to the doctor and the first thing she says to me is "get some Selsun Blue." Problem solved...

The rash did not look like the ones I used to get, but now I will keep a bottle of Selsun in my medicine cabinet.

I have gained weight over the past couple years, and my breast are bigger. Lately I noticed this rash under my breast. Your website was very helpful, knowing that I am not alone. I have been prescribed Nystatin and I have been taking it for two weeks now. If this does not work I think I will try cornstarch, which has been recommended by many on your website.

I will try some of these things. I have had a rash in my groin area for over a year and another rash under my breasts for a couple of months now and honestly I was embarrassed to go see my doctor which is the reason that I haven't had my pap for over 2 years now but I hope this works and I am so relieved to know this website exists and now I know I am not the only one with this problem.

I have had the problem under breasts and so glad to know remedies. Another problem that is getting worse has no evidence of rash, irritation on outside but started with itching in small place on outer thigh. As time has gone by it's grown and turned into itching and intense burning. Not only that it has spread involving the entire outer thigh and seems to sometimes "jumps" to other places. I haven't found any description. As said, there I have never been able to see anything. Skin looks normal.

I have had this problem on and off for years. The best thing I have found is Mycota cream for athletes foot. It really works. Clears up within a day or two.

I have had this rash under my breasts for years and did not know what it was until I went for my first breast exam last year. My doctor prescribed a pill that worked but not completely. The pill required me to drink a soda to lower the pH of my stomach acid then vigorously exercise for 30 minutes and break a sweat I assume to activate the yeast.

Then I needed to wait 6 more weeks to take the second pill. The first round made the rash smaller but the second pill did not clear it completely. My rash does not itch or burn it's just unsightly. I will definitely try some of the remedies recommended here. I am glad to know I am not the only woman out there with this similar problem. You all have been lifesavers!!

Anyone have a rash under breast that oozes?

Does anyone know whether baking soda can be substituted for cornstarch? I use baking soda as an antiperspirant and it works really well. However, I have tried using it to combat the rash under my breasts, and it no longer seems to be working. In fact, while the rash once seemed better, it now seems worse! I have also had the rash described above off and on for several months. Creams haven't worked for me either.

I have never had this problem until recently, I have heard, sugar and a weak immune system can cause the breakout under the breasts and feminine area, I have tried just about everything, betadine works well, as does tea tree oil, but I will continue trying
the other remedies mentioned on this website, I still have a problem, especially in the hot humid weather here in Tx.

Help please nothing is working this is ruining my life does anyone know how weight affects this?


I have had a rash under my breast for over a year now... started as little red bump then got larger and spread, it's very itchy and very red, I keep it dry and clean, but it never goes away. I also have it under my stomach area. I am a big lady with big breasts and stomach. I am embarrassed to go to the doctor, I will get the Nystatin cream soon and try it.. I will keep you ladies updated to let you know if it worked or not. I have tried many things but they all seemed to make the rash worse, it's very uncomfortable and I can relate to your suffering, hopefully we'll all find a solution!

I have had this problem under my breasts also for over a year. I have tried Zinc, Anti-fungal creams regular powder, and nothing worked. I am heavy and I also have the problem in the creases of my legs/groin. I was embarrassed to go to the Doctor.

My daughter- in- law said she had had the problem. CORNSTARCH was the key. (definitely not baking soda, it is good to brush teeth tho') Keep it clean & dry well before dusting with a Cornstarch with Aloe. Unfortunately when you've had it this long, it takes time!!!

Everyday 3x if possible wash the areas, dry really well or it will just cake on it. And dust it lightly. I use a Generic brand from one of the major drug store chains. They had the exact same product as the big name brands. I actually carry a small shaker in my purse, and I dust even at bathroom breaks. It does take time & patience but worth it. (I even found it in a dollar store) Good luck Ladies!

I've had this problems for Years! Both under my breasts and in the groin area. I have tried almost every single topical remedy listed here. The best luck was with Zeasorb AF several times a day. But, more importantly, had better luck watching my diet. Avoiding breads, sugar, alcohol and yeasty treats.

We really need to look at what we are eating! Fixing the outside is great, but let's look at the inside...mainly what we are eating and medications we are taking.

Antibiotics will make the yeast in my body EXPLODE! Antibiotics are great at what they do... Get rid of Bacteria. Unfortunately, they are indiscriminate. They kill off BAD and GOOD bacteria both! Our bodies need these "good" bacteria to combat parasites (Fungus) from taking up residence in the first place!

What can we do? In a word... Probiotics! Help your body's natural defenses by arming them with "Good" bacteria. I don't have all the answers, just know that fighting the fungus gets old. I wanted to know WHY it was happening to begin with. Just read and ask your doctor about the benefits of probiotics. Hope this helps!

I am so grateful for finding this page. I have been having this problem for years, both in the groin and breast. Because I lost a lot of weight I had the "apron" hanging down to my knees removed and it completely stopped the groin problem. However, the breast problems are horrible. Mine start out and are open sores instantly. I am so sick of it. I take everything that I can find at the drug store for athletes' feet, vaginitis, etc. I put them ALL on at the same time.

They always heal within a week, but come right back. I am ready to make a list and try ALL of these suggestions. I am especially interested in the comments about the food that we eat. I would REALLY appreciates some more discussion about this food thing. HELP!

I too have suffered the under breast yeast rash. The Dr. prescribed cream is very expensive and kind of toxic, the OTC foot cream/sprays work moderately well if used as a preventative. I will not use anti-perspirant because I believe sweating removes toxins and due to a strong family history with breast cancer I don't want to take any chances.

I tried the cornstarch once and the rash got sooooo much worse overnight, the Dr. said the starch "fed" the yeast, and other powders just ended up making a paste under there by the end of the day. So far, a combo of pure tea tree oil and aloe gel worked well for 2 rounds of the rash, but it did not work for the third round, so I began a cold pressed coconut oil regiment I saw online.

I eat a teaspoon per day and apply a thin film under my breasts after showering. The coconut kills the fungus cell walls and it dies immediately, it is non-toxic and I smell really yummy. It has made my life sooooo much better. I love the oil so much I use it as an all over body moisturizer too. Also, adding probiotics and reducing the amount of refined sugar in my diet has helped a lot because sugar also "feeds" yeast (bonus weight loss helps too).

I want to know what kind of bras can help? I have not been able to find an all cotton, wire free bra that is supportive enough to keep the "girls" up and out of the way AND comfortable. The bra liner I bought is really yukky and am still waiting for the Wick'em I ordered to arrive.

I too have had this problem, and the Dr. put me on Nystop cream. It burned then was put on Nystop powder, it clears up, but it does come back, so you will start all over again. I told my Dr. I was using "cornstarch" and was told to not use it because she said you are feeding it, and guess what, she was certainly right.

Also have rash under breast , will try some if the remedies.

Hey Ladies...
You might want to try something other than cornstarch. Stick with the little tubes of monistat or lotrimin and a talcum powder (unscented).

Most studies show that yeast can and will feed on cornstarch (think about it, it is a sugar).

I've had this problem before... keep it dry, try to get some sun on it (I know it's funny and possibly difficult, but it really helps dry it out), use an anti fungal medication, and stay away from sprinkling scented sugar onto the infection.

Selsun Blue will work as well; whenever you take a shower, let the shampoo sit for 5 minutes and rinse. (must contain selenium sulfide)

Also, watch your diet. Too many refined carbs and sugars can definitely give you a systemic yeast problem.

Hello Everyone!

Reading all of these comments has suddenly opened me up to the realization that SO many women experience the same problem I am having!! I have honestly NEVER even heard of a yeast infection under the breast(s), and do not have an issue with developing these types of infections, even in the 'classical' sense, despite taking antibiotics, eating sweets, etc. However, after giving birth to my son a year ago, I put on about 70 pounds so it's safe to say I am a bit chubby right now - because of this my boobs have also grown MUCH larger than their normal state, and they do "gravitate" a little more towards the floor than they used to also. Still, I never developed an issue with this until now.

About a week ago, I noticed a very unpleasant smell emanating from underneath my left breast, almost an unclean smell. I make sure to clean my skin and takes showers daily, dry off completely including underneath in the area now affected, and up until this magical week have never dealt with this before. It began (following the smell) as slightly red, wet or "slick" feeling to the skin, and had tiny little bumps which I believed were pimples. When I "picked" at them, my skin became dry and irritated to the point of cracking and began to bleed. That subsided within a day, and a few days later (which would be today), I woke up with this horrible burning and yes, as another lady put it... very unsightly rash under my left breast!

The smell had also returned and it is NAUSEATING... I feel extremely dirty and gross, and I still do not know, aside from the "risk factors" mentioned above, what could have possibly caused this to develop out of no where.

In any case, I was extremely embarrassed to go to the doctor today, but I'm in a lot of pain and I was also concerned as to what was happening to my body, so I went. The doctor told me it looked exactly like a yeast infection (from the "candida" bacteria), and prescribed me Nystatin POWDER, not cream, as she stated this would more effectively clear up the infection without it coming back. I drilled her for about 20 minutes about this condition since I was so shocked this actually occurs, and also received a handout she printed for me.

A few of the noted mentionables: Make sure you keep the affected area clean and dry. If you have breasts that tend to "sag", or are otherwise of a larger size, apply a talc-type powder such as Goldbond, baby powder, etc. to areas at risk for developing an overabundant growth of the yeast bacteria. Since yeast naturally are present on the surface of the skin, any opportunity presented by a moist, dark area will only provide a welcome sign to bacteria and a horrible infection.

If you should develop one, go see your doctor! If you are embarrassed about your primary care, then go to an urgent care clinic! It really is necessary to get it treated... and to not attempt diagnosing yourself with various remedies.

I was told that my infection did not seem serious, but because it was both very red and inflamed, as well as itching, burning, and stinging, my physician also prescribed me an antibiotic to take along side use of the powder, but instructed me that I could hold off on the medication for a few days to see if the powder takes care of it sufficiently or not.

Since my skin was peeling in the area, she also advised I clean lightly with a soft cotton washcloth or even just my finger tips with a mild soap. Pat dry thorough (don't scrub or cause any abrasion), and to apply the Nystatin 3 times daily for a full month. She also said the infection should begin to improve within a few days, with almost complete results in a week.

I was so surprised when she also informed me that this is extremely common. And, according to sites like this, it definitely IS. I hope my experience and what I have learned will help others, this is a nasty and disgusting ailment and I hope others consider it seriously enough to ensure that you receive a proper diagnosis and treatment.

I am very hopeful that the powder will help, and if and when it does and my infection has cleared up, I plan to use baby powder dusted lightly following taking a shower and drying off in order to prevent future recurrences. According to the physician I spoke with, this infection could be persistent, or I may never deal with it again. The only thing I can say so far, is that on day 1, first use of the Nystatin powder, I am itching more than ever but feel that it will work to clear up the yeast problem within no time!!
Cross your fingers for me :)

I did not know this was so common. Because of my DD size, there was no air circulation underneath. And with the mixture of sweat and dust, I guess this happens. Thanks for all the info, now I leave them free whenever I get opportunity - and that helps.

Hi there! I feel so fortunate to have found this site! I too, have had a severe red 'rash/fungus/whatever-you-want-to-call-it' that at times itches, is odorous, and sometimes hurts so badly, it makes me cry until I wash with soap, dry COMPLETELY!, and either slather those areas under my breasts, in the creases of my legs (and personal area), and even my buttocks, with antibiotic creams w/pain relief, or cortisone cream or whatever I may have on hand.

It seems that those remedies work to 'calm the flames' for a little while, but the minute I am nowhere where I can apply more, I end up with a worse flare-up. I thought of cornstarch, but turned timid when I heard it makes it worse. I have tried Nystatin, etc., and did get a bit of help, but not much.

Powders sometimes work, but NOT the fragrant ones -- they tend to burn like fire! It is so embarrassing to mention to hubby-honey that I have a "problem", and can't "have fun" most nights, not to mention not being able to sleep because of the itching (and subsequent burning after I can no longer stand it and scratch until I bleed!!!) I saw a dermatologist (who looked to be about 15 years old), and she said, (WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING AT THE RASHES), "Oh, that's psoriasis--a different kind in each place." (The groin, breasts, and personal area).

And she proceeded to give me 3 different kinds of medicines!!! My Endocrinologist said, "That's not psoriasis, that's a fungus! Buy some lotrimin or any other otc fungal medicine, and it'll go away."

I guess I'm going to try the Tea Tree Oil with aloe or the coconut oil with aloe, or go back to the Zeasorb. Doctors are all full of grass seed, and need to go back to medical school! I am so disgusted! JB

I have experienced severely itchy nipples, which have even become slightly crisp, as if the sun is drying them out, despite clothing; severe itching under the breasts which are large being 44EE, and in the armpits, and an itch in the feminine area which is excessive.

This has gone on for easily four to five years!

I have been to a dermatologist as well as my house doctor. I was advised to use a lubricating cream by the dermatologist, and my doctor said to use Quadriderm, which is very expensive and a tiny tube of cortizone ointment to cope with all these areas. I would easily use a whole tube in one session if I used it as liberally as I want to.

Can you picture me pinching my nipples discretely to try to stop the itch, while aggressively lifting my arms to scratch like a demented ape; lying in bed scratching under my breasts, and rubbing every available cream on myself. I now find my scalp itching, and no apparent rash exists anywhere. My hips now also itch, and I can at times tear my skin to pieces.

Nothing has helped permanently , although the cortizone ointment does actually stop the itching for about a day or two, but at that price I can't use it freely, and I don't like using it because it thins the skin.

I work in a car all day, in a very hot climate. I have been advised to avoid man-made fibres, so I order cotton bras from Figleaves in England. They post them and they are very good, but still have elastic underneath which aggravates the itch terribly. I wear cotton panties only, and as much cotton as possible. I wear them inside out so that no seams irritate me.

Excema has been mentioned by doctors. When my baby son was born his excema was cured overnight by a particular cream a doctor prescribed, so I believe it is possible, but I have not yet found a cure. I will try some of your suggestions too because this is extremely irritating and embarrassing. I make sure everything I wear is clean, and washed in Woolite with Sta-soft to stop the static electricity, and I shower with sensitive Dettol antiseptic shower soap.

I have also been diagnosed as insulin-resistant, but have recently lost 8Kg and am on the Dukan diet which is largely protein-based. I seem to have more affected areas than everybody else!

Me too. I am not over weight however I have large breasts and I have these dark spots between and under my breast for a year now and I try many things but it seems not work at all. Mine does not itch however it seems to get darker and spreading.

I have tried lemon for few day, used baby powder, and I even got a bigger bra size. None of these thing help and now I am using selsun blue and it's only been for two days.

The first day I use selsun blue I didn't feel anything but on the second day it turned darker, burned, itched and swollen on the dark spots. I don't know if I should keep on using it or not because I don't want it to get worse. PLEASE HELP! I think of not using the selsun blue anymore and try the tea tree oil since there people that said it cure however I don't know if it will help or not. Any suggestion...

I enjoyed this site & as far all the comments was very helpful!!!! I struggle with the same problem with the yeast infection under the breast! which is very frustrating.... so thank you for all the info!!!!
best regards to everyone!!!

I am surprised so many women have this issue. I tried the tea tree oil twice today - and it worked as mentioned above - after using monistat and lotrimin for 2 days without success. I say without success because I had tried lotrimin under my arms after having intense itching and burning and a disgusting odor, and it worked.

However, the symptoms came back after I stopped using for a day or 2 after using for 2 weeks and believing the issue had cleared up. After researching the subject, I learned it was the same fungus as a vaginal yeast infection, so I switched to monistat for a week - especially since I developed the problem under the other arm.

Monistat relieved the symptoms in one day, but I continued for a week to prevent recurrence, and it worked wonderfully. I used the tea tree oil because after using the creams, the itching was worse. The tea tree oil burned as it dried for about 2 hours, but the fungus is noticeably going away.

I had 2 huge red, itchy patches before use, and now they are almost my natural skin tone, but I have very dark skin. I went out and bought a big container of pure cornstarch with aloe baby powder and applied before reading that it feeds the fungus, so I will see in the morning if this helps or agitates the issue. I hope it helps.

The tea tree oil I purchased smells really strong, so it must dry completely to be undetectable throughout the day. I will continue to use until infection clears completely, then I will make sure to apply powder to keep dry and fungus free. I have found success with Gold Bond (smells medicated so apply sparingly) and Zeasorb AF, so if cornstarch is no good, I will use one of those.

May use talc baby powder because it smells good and fresh. For vaginal yeast, I began using Always ultra absorbent panty liners, and my yeast infection was gone after one day without the use of cream. There is no irritation whatsoever any more. It really keeps me dry and comfortable. Hope this helps.

I too have suffered from painful stinging, etc under my breasts for about 2 years. Dermatologist called it a type of yeast infection. Told me to use cornstarch, which does make it feel a little better, but it will not go away. My family Dr said do NOT use cornstarch as yeast feeds on it. Have tried many, many things. One thing that does seem to help is Foot powder made by Desenex.

As I said before, I tried the cornstarch, and although the infection didn't appear worse, it began to smell. I used monistat on it and it improved, but the tea tree oil is really effective. I let it dry, and the smell is in undetectable. I used some spray powder antifungal, and that also helped, but I don't like it, it's so powdery. As I was in a rush this morning, I blow dried the tea tree oil, and the smell is undetected. I will use only this until it clears up. It works so good. No itching or burning at all, and I can actually see improvement.

I am really happy to see this site. I have had my infection between my breasts for the longest time. It went away when I was leaking breast milk when I had my baby. It was gone for a whole month but then it came back. I hope to try a few remedies and hope that it goes away for good.
Thank you so much

I also had the fungal infection under my breast and used the anti-fungal cream successfully a couple of times but the last time I let the infection go longer and it is still clearing up slowly but surely. I will try the diaper rash and cornstarch powder remedies as well because they seem to have a better effectiveness.

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one out there suffering from this uncomfortable and embarrassing affliction.

I've tried the home remedies that I read on here..the cornstarch didn't help much and the tea tree oil just didn't work out for me. It burns when I apply it and it just made the site irritated and more sensitive.

I will try the tea tree oil again and try to give it enough time to dry. I've found the following has helped the problem the most BUT ITS NOT A CURE just relieved some of the burning and irritation:

Mix a pea size of clotrimazole cream (lotrimin) and a pea size of hydrocortisone 1% anti-itch cream (both can be found at supermarket or drug store. I purchase both at Target and the store brand worked just as well as the name brand) and apply to area.

I only apply it at bedtime since its the only time when I don't wear a bra. In the morning it looks better and the area is not irritated.

What has helped me the most is something I had purchased a long time ago and forgot I had it. I started applying "AVON- Simply Delicate Soothing Anti-Chafing Gel" followed by some baby power after taking a shower and getting dressed each morning. It's been a week now and it's definitely helped me a lot. When I get home from work and change I can see that I'm not as sweaty and the area is not as irritated as I used to be.

I'm definitely going to look for an AVON rep in my area and purchase another tube of the soothing gel.

Thanks for sharing ladies!

I've had a fungal infection for about 6 months now, but I also have psoriasis...
my doctor prescribed me a cream, and it works but only to a point, and then the infection comes back worse than before, the skin under my breast is red raw and bleeds sometimes, when I'm cleaning it, I find a thick, yellow discharge which smells really bad!! It's absolutely destroying my sex life!! I won't let my boyfriend touch me! It is so embarrassing!!! :( is there anything tips? or advice

Was surprised to find out that I was not the only one with this problem of the yeast infection under my breasts. Have been using Nystatin powder, which does help some; however, I will use some of the other hints that have been offered. Thank you for this site. Very informative. "Keep them high and Dry"

I also have this issue. I've tried diaper rash cream to help with healing the rash and for pain but that doesn't seem to get rid of the fungus. Also for relief and help in avoiding excess moisture, I use Anti-Monkey Butt Powder which contains talc and CALAMINE powder. It goes on silky, feels good and helps tremendously with moisture. That being said, both these items are more for relief than healing the fungus. I will try the Monostat cream and maybe the oils. Thanks for such an informative site!
P.S. You can find the powder at RiteAid, probably Walgreens or CVS as well as the anti monkey butt website. They have a ladies version as well as baby version and regular version. Good luck!

I used to have Reoccurring problems with the rash under my breast. What works incredibly well is the natural salt deodorants. I buy the roll on kind. I believe it works so well because it creates a hostile environment on the skin for the fungus to survive. It has proven to be 100 percent effective for me. Also inexpensive and easy to use.

I went to a dermatologist last week with this complaint after trying to cure this myself. She told me to buy cotton sports bras (2 for $9 in K Mart) as they wick the perspiration and they are so comfortable too. I tried them on and got a larger size so they would not be tight. She also said it is a yeast infection (the same as men get in the groin-jock itch.)

She said to keep the area clean and dry and not to use soap if possible. Also to use gold bond powder keeps it dry. Basically it is skin on skin and it cannot breathe. She prescribed Ertaczo to be used twice daily for 14 days, and it should clear up. I had a reaction to the medication (it flared up very red) and she advised to wait 2 weeks then try again.

In the meantime I keep the area as dry as possible and use hydrocortisone which is very good but not curing it. I will keep you posted on the Ertaczo cream.

Good old fashioned Witch Hazel!! I have the under breast yeast infection and witch hazel clears it almost completely overnight. It is as gentle as your grandma's hand on your fevered brow. I wash under my breasts after applying a generous amount of w.h. onto a cotton round (flat round cotton makeup remover pads).

Don't use baking soda there!! Talk about salt on a wound....

I have had yeast infections under my breast and in my groin areas for YEARS! My dermatologist prescribes a cortisone cream and has me mix it with Lotromin AF and then apply Nystop powder on top of it all. He will only prescribe that process when it's at its worse because he says the creams thin the skin. It helps, but it literally is always there - sometime it's hell, other times I'm between hopeful I won't get it back terribly and desperately trying to not get a bad flair up.

He has prescribed Nystop powder to be used twice a day and said I will probably have this problem for the rest of my life and will continue to have to use Nystop everyday. Nystop makes it so I can live my life, but doesn't cure it. Also, my HMO only lets me get the prescription once a month which isn't long enough and when I run out I get a worse flare up.

The dermatologist also encouraged me to lose some wait (10 to 20 pounds) because these infections (in his opinion) are signs of being a pre-diabetic.

I do know that when I go overboard with sugar in my diet I am at my worst and can barely stand the itching. I have never (thank goodness) had a discharge or odor, but the itching and burning are RUINING my life. I can't stand to get hot and sweaty because I immediately think about how the infection will flare. I live in the northeast where it's hot and humid in the summer and I'm trying to stay dry. It's ridiculous.

I change my bra in the summer a couple times a day, always carry powder and dry in front of a fan or with the cold option of my hair dryer before I dress. Which do sooth my skin for a short time.

The itching and burning is only part of it. The SHAME is worse than anything. I never tell anyone I have a yeast infection. It makes me feel dirty and nasty when I know I am probably more conscious than most and keep very clean.

I obviously don't have a remedy that works (but will try lavender and Tea Tree Oil - if it weren't 11:00 PM I'd go right now and buy some) but I am so grateful to be able to express my distress and discomfort when most of my life I am trying to hide this awful infection from the world.

I have larger breasts but never had this before until this summer, maybe it's because I am sixty. After a week of unbearable itching and bumpy rash and trying everything I could think of... tinactin, gold bond powder, desitin fungal powder, olive oil... selsun blue (which made it burn).. a solution of 50/50 apple cider vinegar and rubbing alcohol.. and ice packs some of which helped but only temporarily......

In desperation and in order to avoid having to visit my doctor and a hefty bill (no health insurance)I finally tried yogurt... I applied it directly on the rash and also ate a cupful... I noticed a change almost immediately... but thought it might be temporary like all the other stuff, until I saw that the bumps were going away and also the redness... the itch was also subsiding.

The next day rash and itching were completely gone away, but I continued the yogurt treatment.. it remained gone for a week.. until the yogurt ran out... then it seemed to return tho not as bad.. so I started back on the yogurt and it vanished again almost immediately... I'm going to keep using it, as long as I have to, I think this will end it tho it may take time..hope this helps someone.

The problem with the yeast infection under the breasts can be solved very simply with Baby Balm diaper rash cream, after it clears up (usually overnight) after you shower apply your deodarant there. Once you clear it up the first time if you continue to apply deodarant daily you wont have that problem again.

I too have had to deal with this for a long time. My primary doc ordered Nystatin cream, my dermatologist said to not use it because it's too strong and thins the skin. This last flare up in the groin area is bad, so the derm ordered the generic of Lamisil tablets (could have serious side effects and I'm not sure I will continue with them) for two weeks -- too soon to tell if they help. He also ordered Ecanzolone nitrate 1% cream --- OMG, it made it so much worse it's unbearable.

I got up in the middle of the night to wash it off and apply Gold Bond powder, which gave enough relief to sleep. I got an herbal remedy at the health food store that contains herbs, aloe and lavender and tea tree oils but it dries sticky. I may try it again with a thinner coat. It looked like it helped a little when I got up this morning. I am testing tea tree oil on my arm -- the bottle said some people are sensitive to it so I didn't want to put it on the rash until I know it won't cause a reaction.

I am on a diet similar to the one for candida, so dropping a few more foods will not be a problem for me. Apparently it's the sugars and carbs that are really bad, and especially artificial sweeteners. I've been chewing gum sweetened w/xylitol and wonder if that is the issue. I bought THE COMPLETE CANDIDA YEAST GUIDEBOOK at the health food store, and it focuses on diet, and has info on treatments but I found I will have to go back and read it some more.

They definitely recommend probiotics, yogurt, and a diet that may be difficult to follow if you're into sweets and white foods including potatoes, grains, etc. I simply made a choice of health vs momentary pleasure, and health won. Apparently a recent trip with lack of some of my normal foods being available and that chewing gum caused the flareup.

Grapefruit seed extract and water in spray bottle. Spray or paint on dry area. There is instruction for this either on the bottle or on the web. Can't remember. Selsum blue in shower before hand when possible seems like a nice combo. Also I just read something about bitter orange oil for types of fungus matters.

Google these to find more info please. It's been a while since I had to do this stuff. I will say though that unless you're unfortunate enough that your body won't like it... Grapefruit seed extract is awesome stuff in oh so many ways!! It has fought off strep for me back as a teenager and I've sworn by it ever since for the common cold and flu! Terrible taste but it works and it works for skin application too! Good luck all victims of fungus! Oh and you can find grapefruit seed extract usually in the natural remedies part of stores, you may have to dig deeper and find a whole natural herbal type store though.

Goldbond medicated baby powder.... immediate relief...

When my daughter was a baby 37 years ago she suffered terrible diaper rash. After many trips to the doctor and trying everything possible. My mother in law suggested cornstarch. It worked wonders.

After months of trying prescriptions and OTC products the diaper rash cleared up in a matter of days. I had not thought about using cornstarch for under my breasts until reading this article. I know it is going to work and I am off to apply some right now. Thanks for the article.

I've had a yeast infection under my breasts since my early 30s with no luck of it completely going away and I'm 48 now. I had a flare up due to some thyroid meds being adjusted. I'm glad I found this site and others as well. Cause I've been miserable today.

I went and got Lotrimin ultra which is a different medicine that I used before and some gold bond medicated powder. I washed the area off the best I could since I'm at work and applied the cream, and then the gold bond. Right now my breasts are in heaven with a cool dry feeling from the powder. We will continue to use this and see what happens. Its got to be better than being miserable with flare ups. If the gold bond continues to feel so good, I'm going to continue using it after the infection is gone.

I have a fungal infection under my left breast. I am 64 and never had this before. I feel so badly for those of you who have had this going on for years. I hope that won't be my fate. I take methotrexate and prednisone which is probably the cause of this problem. My blood sugar is fine 87 in the am and 106 at bedtime. This started almost a week ago and so far the Monistat (tioconazole) seems to be working though slowly.

The area is large though. It is healing from the center out. I am also using dommeboro washes. This stuff is great to clean the area of the dead crud and calm it down. My problem is that there are several bloody spots. The doctor gave me Keflex and Diflucan for 10 days. The itching and most of the pain have stopped as long as I am not too active. I am exhausted from not sleeping from the pain and itching. Anyone else have bloody areas where the crud has peeled off?

I am so very thankful to have found this site speaking out about a rash under the breast. I have had this for many yrs and didn't know what it was but as long as I kept dry and powder on under my breast well all over I could keep it under control. And summer it worsens because of the heat. Well a light bulb went off when I found this site, it was maybe 3 yrs ago my DR said my rash on my arms was from yeast infection, I couldn't hardly believe it because I'd never heard of it but he gave me some cream and I used it.

I have always been to embarrassed to show the under part of my breast so I never have but then about four days ago my rash got bad under my left breast and I had a red welt kinda like a blister and all red around it this has never happened before so I thought it must be a spider bite although it didn't look like one I couldn't think of anything else so I went to ER, where a DR there said it was a "fungus" and he gave me a horse-pill called "SULFAMETHOXAZOLE-TMP DS"

I'm suppose to take twice a day then follow up with my DR on Monday next wk, so then I thought what is a fungus infection? And I was looking it up when I came upon this site and the light bulb went off "YEAST" infection! Then I remembered my DR I had for 15 yrs said the rash on my arm was yeast. They are doing a culture at the ER then they will send it to my DR to see what kind of infection it was but I know now it's yeast infection.

Can a fallen bladder bring yeast infection on? But I have had it long before my fallen bladder. Then I read a little bit ago that yeast infections can be caused by yeast and sweets. I just wondered does anyone or has anyone ever experienced the red blister like welt besides the rash? And have they been given this medicine I'm taking. Thank you all so much!

Thankful to all who have written in, and more grateful than I can ever say to the Graedons for this site and for all they have done over many years to educate, encourage, and empower us to participate in our own health affairs.
Yeast infection underneath the breast! Who knew? And the sweets connection--this rash appeared after several overdoses of leftover Hallowe'en candy. But Listerine (original formula) is NOT lame! After anxiously puzzling over increasing itching and redness I remembered how Listerine completely cured severely itching scalp in 2 hour-long wet-towel soaks. So I splashed Listerine on under breast, itching gone in a couple of minutes. 6-8 hours later, itchiness growing, repeated, itching gone again. Tried alcohol, not as good. Salt spray, ditto. Back to Listerine--no itching currently--I wonder will this cure it? Only two days so far, and of course area is difficult to keep dry. I'll try salt deodorant for days away from home, or baby diaper powder.
Also back to no sweets, plain Greek yoghurt daily, & healthy eating. Thank you all! I no longer feel anxious and alone.

This is my first time to discover this site. I am 66 and this past summer I started with the bumpy rash under my breasts. Now (November) it looks as if I had laid a curling iron under one of my breasts. It is like a bad burn. It never gets better for more then a few days.

I have not seen a doc; figured out it might be a yeast infection. It has a peculiar smell and at times I also have an irritation under my stomach lap. Always much worse on my right side. I am unwilling to change my eating habits for this. I have tried a lot of the OTC cures: miconazol. ointments (Gold Bond, A&D, Benadryl, aloe vera, etc.). I found out that wearing a sock between my breast and skin works as well as the more expensive bamboo bra liner.

I don't want to wear a bra while I sleep. I think that everybody just has to keep experimenting to see what works. Everyone has their own PH balance, but it makes sense that yogurt in the diet should help. Vinegar may also make sense, as this problem is evidently something out of balance in our system.
Whatever works, I am impressed to find out that I am not alone! Thank you to everyone and good luck in finding relief from this miserable problem.

Woke up one day with an itchy red bumpy rash accompanied by a small cut. I started using neosporin & Benadryl anti itching Creme extra strength .. I rolled a single piece of paper towel under my breast to keep it dry after I let the cremes soak in a lil. Decided to add apple cider vinegar into this mix because while the symptoms were slightly subsided the rash was not going away ..

It burned the first time .. Now I'm on my second day of using apple cider vinegar & the rash is almost gone .. Instead of cupping my hand & throwing it on in shower I washed the area with soap & cool water .. Applied cremes.. & then soaked a paper towel in apple cider vinegar & dabbed it over the area... I kept my breast lifted & fanned the area so it could somewhat dry.

The area looks like it is now healing & is darker & dry skin seems to want to peel off! The itching is not as bad & I have only needed to apply the itching creme once ( which also burned when using at first) & the more I use the vinegar the less it burned when applied. I stopped wearing a bra these last few days & stopped eating breads & sweets which I think also helped. I kept the paper towel under my boob overnight because I sweat under there while I sleep profusely. Will update later with more experiments if rash doesn't leave or if this method was completely successful

I have had this problem for years now. I shower with tea tree oil soap. It kills bacteria on skin. I then dry off well. I then use athletes or jock itch spray from can not the powder kind. Fungicure spray works well too. After spray dries I then use cornstarch. If you start itching again use cornstarch again. I sometimes use the spray up to 4 times daily. But don't spray on top of the cornstarch. It could cause it to cake.

I have found that the elastic in the bras or underwear can make the problem worse. So when I put my bra on I put a soft cushiony sock inside bra and under the breast,it helps absorb the sweat and helps keep the cornstarch in place better. I know that it sounds silly to put socks in bras. Remember, just because the rash is cleared up they recommend you keep putting the medicine on at least twice daily, even if you see nothing for 3 weeks. I have trouble remembering when I am not bothered. But if are raw under your breast really should wear a bra to bed because of sweating when you are sleeping.

After using my apple cider vinegar method above things got better than they got worse .. I started to ooze some type of puss .. The rash became even more inflamed & it started to spread .. it itched more was developing an odor & no longer responded to the apple cider vinegar finally went to the doctor & was prescribed Nystatin & Triamcinolone Acetonide Ointment & the very next day I saw results.

Hello, I have had the same problem under the breast itchy red and burning problems, it is a fungi and the best thing I found that does work is called ACTAVIS ANTI-FUNGAL CREAM FOR ATHLETES FEET, JOCK ITCH, AND RINGWORM..It works well.. also another thing I do is use dial antibacterial body wash with a wash sponge then dry off and use the cream once it is gone I keep using my medicated gold bond power. Please let me know how this works for you.

This is a greaat site for this issue. But like one of the ladies said, everyone's PH balance is different and what works for one may not work for the other.

I have the same problem with the rash under the breast and armpits. I consulted a doctor and she told me to use Lotramin cream--did not work. Told me not to use Hydrocortisone cream because it is more for help moisten skin. Do no apply yogurt directly to the skin but eating yogurt was good.

Without a long story, in looking through all your comments, I realized I had just changed artificial sweetners from Splenda to Costco's Kirkland brand which contains "sucralose" and realized that was about the time my problem started. So I stoppped using Costco's artificial sweetner and my rash started to clear up within a a day or two.

Also, prior to this "light bulb" moment about the sweetner,one thing I found that was very helpful, for the itch, was Vagisil wipes. It burns just a little just stopped the itching right away. By the way Sweet and Lo does not contain "sucralose". All the ingredients might be the same or similar, all I know is that my rash has subsided since I stopped using Costco's sweetner. In trying to completely clear up this rash, I also found using "fragrance free" body wash is extremely useful. I use Aveeno--does not burn--in fact soothing to the skin.

Just make sure your product is "fragrance free". Perfumes will irriate your skin. I also put tissues in my bra under my breast so there is no skin on skin contact. I have been using Nexsana powder after showering and making sure the area is completely dry, but it still burns a little, but is effective. I hope you all find your own cure and live a long healty life, rash free, and have a great 2012.


Try any ointment for athletes foot. Works almost overnight.

I am curious about the Pure tree oil and the comments you made about the coconut -- can you explain how to use and where. Lately the itch under my breast is driving me nuts... I have a brown stain now and need to get something for this soon.

Please let me know!!!

If I ever develop a yeast infection between or under my breasts or in my groin area, I immediately begin cleaning the area with Witchhazel, followed by monistat anti-fungal cream. I also dust over the cream with baby powder with cornstarch. This helps to clear up the infection completely within a few days. The key is to nip it in the bud.

Don't wait until the itching and flaking is unbearable. If this doesn't work, a trip to doctor should be considered. I've seen some nasty yeast infections under the breast. My Grandmother has a tendency to keep these things to herself until they're extremely painful, and the area involved is always raw and oozing before anything is done about it. If self remedies don't seem to be working, get help from a professional. Any doctor worth his/her salt would be able to help you and would know exactly what to prescribe and recommend for a yeast infection on any part of the body. Fungal infections respond to anti-fungal medication. It's pretty straight forward.

Tea tree oil is supposed to be a good anti-fungal, as well as grapefruit seed oil. I use Witchhazel and over the counter anti-fungal creams because it's cheaper and more readily available in my area. I'd assume you'd apply both with a cotton swab directly to the areas involved.

My mom has suffered for years with nasty rashes under her breasts, and in the folds between her legs and under her belly. She tries the Monostat and even takes the prescription Dyflucan, and nothing works. It never goes away. What can she do? He doctor is clueless. Should she see a dermatologist or is there something out there that can help her. Her rashes it, they are gooey and puss filled sometimes. She is extremely uncomfortable. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

People's Pharmacy response: Keeping those skin folds dry (possibly with an antiperspirant) might be quite helpful. Some people find that following a low-glycemic index diet discourages the yeast that is causing trouble. A dermatologist probably would be able to prescribe an antifungal cream that would work.

wow... google came up with this site that I never knew was here. I have been suffering from what I am guessing is a type of fungus under my breasts. I use every morning deodorant under my breast and although it does seem to help... itching and discomfort has never gone away. Underwire bras have been debatable with me... and lace is out of the question. I do not have oozing or pimples, but I itch like crazy and I have red marks. I can't wait to unleash the twins and get my bra off.

I am going to try cornstarch tonite and I really hope this gives me some relief. I have been using a athletes foot powder and it does seem to help.. but does not make it go away permanently.. just temporary relief.. very temporary.. I am so glad I found this and am able to read what other home remedies are out there and I am not the only one having this problem. I have no insurance so anything I can try and get off the shelves is what I have to work with. Thank you all for the ideas and hopefully this will work for me.. good luck to us all.

I cannot use regular bath soap because it irritates the rash under my breast. I use an anti-bacterial soap that I get at walgreens. That is the only thing I can bathe with. It is really good stops the itching. I just wash good, rinse good and dry good and I'm good to go. Seems creams, etc just irritate it more. I think the less you can put on the rash the better it is.

I used 100% tree tea oil and got immediate relief. I apply to the area 2 times a day. The itching went away and the area cleared up. I use a clean long white sock under my breast to the absorb the moisture. I was surprised about how wet the sock is after 4 or 5 hours. This combination really works for me.

I've had this problem for several months and tried everything; apple cider vinegar, Listerine, lotrimin, gold bond, hydrocordizone, cornstarch, etc. Very frustrating for me, and then I tried Zeabsorb. I cannot believe the difference! It took a little over a week, but it's finally dried everything up, and the itching stopped, and so far no new outbreaks. It took a minute to get used to the smell of the zeabsorb, because it's a little medicinal, and also the powder isn't as fine as I'm used to. I know that it's made for athletes foot, & it's an anti-fungal treatment (miconazole nitrate). I hope that it will help others too.

HI! If you have a dollar store or a 99cent store near you.You can buy medicated body powder for $1.00 it's just like mexana, ammens, or gold bond medicated powder. I use it all the time, and it helps control the red bumps and pain from the yeast under my breast. good luck, aleida

An update: I have found the following routine to be very helpful. After bathing, I dry all fold areas well with paper towels, then dry them until completely dry with a hair dryer set on warm, and then apply Gold Bond powder extra strength in the green cannister. If I see the beginning of a rash in any area, before using the hair dryer I apply a thin layer of a product called FungEx that I bought at the health food store, and then dry that completely with the hair dryer and then apply the powder. That will clear it up in a day or two. I also have started eating Paleo, meaning I don't eat carbs, (no grains/dairy and limit fruit to 1 - 2 servings a day,) and my total carb intake is less than 100 g a day. I haven't had a severe outbreak since I've gone to this regime.

Don't go without the PAP. Wear headphones with nice music or "book on tape" or tell jokes or find a different doctor. Try a nurse practitioner. I like them better. Home remedies, yes, but don't skip prevention. I'd hate to think that a great person like yourself would find a surprise too late down the road that could have been caught early. Treat yourself as precious as you are. We all deserve the best of care.

I too, like so many of these ladies am overly pleased with finding this site! I apologize in advance for this being so long--BUT THIS HAS BEEN A LIFE LONG ISSUE FOR ME.


I am a 24 year old African American woman and overweight and have had this problem since I was a little, little girl at least 8 or 9 (I have always been fat/unhealthy). I thought however what is really fungi was burns that I had gotten after being popped by stove grease. My flare up appears in between my breast and are just little patches (which are darker than my skin color and look ashey and pilling when freshly bathed and dried) that spread only between the breast in the cleavage area-no where above that and now where under that. This "rash" does not itch or burn. In fact, I wouldn't know it was there if I didn't look in a mirror or look down at my chest.

****I never thought this to be a serious issue because I'd been to doctors for check-ups and things and they always looked at my chest-never said anything or questioned the area-so I figured this must be normal. Andddd, I'd always seen African American women with large breast with dark areas and spots or something like this between their chest and just accepted this is what it must be like.


Again, this has been like that for years. In my younger years I just always thought I was dirty and would scrub relentlessly with soap and alcohol-it would never clear up though and I never told adults because I was embarrassed. So I instead just always wore shirts that went to my neck. In addition, I started growing breast at a very young age and always-I mean ALWAYS ONLY WORE SPORTS BRAS...looking back I know this could really be an issue too due to the sweat and moisture held in. During my pre-teen years, and teen years I never really allowed my chest to be out like that (in v neck shirts or swim suits), and when it was I was highly embarrassed and would try to cover it up with make-up.


Let's fast forward to my early twenties, I can't say that I remember seeing it or worrying about it so much--the fungus had to have cleared up because I can't remember it being an issue--however I also know that at this age is the time I have been trying on and off to get healthier and eat healthier. Looking back at a couple of photos the "rash" was still there but extremely faint (very very close to my normal skin completion)!


I ended up coming across this site because just recently in the last week or so I realized that the spots were back-DARKER THAN EVER in the past couple of years. Its like they just appeared over night or something. Starting to panic I came across this site, which has put MANY THINGS IN PERSPECTIVE! I know that this flare up is due to the DRASTIC AMOUNT OF SUGAR that I have had within the last couple of months. A few things have been going on with me- to get my high blood pressure down I started eliminating salt...and in turn created a craving for sugar that I HAVE NEVER HAD BEFORE. I mean, just eating large chocolate frostys for no reason, eating cheesecake for no reason, drinking coffee with tons of sugar and cream, and making southern sweet tea with drastic amount of sugar. Typically I am not a sweets person at all, and never have been--again, this is how I know this is due to bad eating. With that being said, it cleared up once before by itself, I'm hoping it will due the same again with eating right.

I am scared to try an ointment or anything else because I don't want the rash to be irritated and I don't want to have to use a cream or anything else on a daily basis to subside possible flaring. If I were to use something, I want to use something that knocks it out completely-by just using it until it fights the fungus off (and me never having to turn to it again).

I hope this helps someone...those ladies above that really explained things really helped me. I will be sure to update and follow up with what happens!

I often get yeast infections under my breasts. It is very painful after awhile. I happened to be in the hospital one time when I had it and they gave me Nyastop. Which is a powder form of nystatin. It works very well.

I'm a big girl and I get this all the time, under my breast and also my panty lines, it hurts so bad and gets to the point to where it's so bad its bleeding I can never wear a bra or anything because of it and I have been to the Dr and nothing is there a way to get rid of it completely? I'm so sick of having them and also the nasty brown stain they leave behind :(

I have your problem. Nothing I tried works. I have big breasts and a bigger then normal belly.

Wow isnt it great to be a woman!! When I was a teen I cried because I had large breasts and did not look like twiggy in my sweaters.... now I must endure night sweats, itchy under boob rash along with sagging mammaries.

My good news is spray TINACTIN works pretty well but as my daughter says the key is keeping dry...

Good luck

I have read on almost every Google info about the rash under breasts to NOT USE ANY POWDER OR ANYTHING WITH CORNSTARCH IN IT. Apparently cornstarch is a type of food for yeast to feed on and it will only aggravate the situation.

The only thing that worked for itching under my breasts is original Listerine. I put it on a cotton ball and apply after a shower. This really worked for me.

I found that clean, cotton, no underwire bras worked great to let your breasts breath during the day. Cool showers and wash with baby wash (no perfumes, very mild) under your breasts, dry them real well and apply a mix of equal parts Monistat and Desitin will work wonders.

Thanks for all the postings and the helpful info! I'm waiting right now for some prescription cream that my derm doc ordered for me this morning. This is the second "bad" infection I've had under my breasts in the last couple years.

After reading some of the posts, I'm beginning to think I know what has caused this last one. I've been going bra-less for most of the summer when I'm at home. I wear cotton loungers to stay cool. I also used to always use antiperspirant deodorant under my breasts and other skin folds to keep the moisture in check. I stopped doing that a few weeks ago as I've been going into the pool regularly and figured why apply the deodorant when it would come off in the pool. I think I solved at least part of the problem... I now need to get the cream applied and hopefully get this nasty red itchy thing gone!

Hi Ladies, this happened to me about 2 yrs ago too for the first time. I didn't get the itching but had this circular red painful welt under one breast. I tried all kinds of different ointments like baby diaper rash,cortisone creams etc. Nothing did work until I went to the doctor and he explained it was a fungal rash like "jock itch" or "athlete's foot" and prescribed an expensive cream that did take care of it. But it did come back again the summer after the first time. So I started reading up on this and also watching what I was doing, like getting an anti fungal cream (generic Clotrimazole) which worked as good as the expensive prescription cream, and washing and keeping the area dry with antiperspirant after the shower and didn't have a breakout again for all most another year (which is now).

So after reading these posts I realized that I slowed down on my diet of Greek yogurt the last 2 months and hugely increased my sugar intake in that time due to stress, and here comes a super hot summer (I'm in Midwest) that's humid, and zap it's back. So went and got the anti fungal Clotrimazole worked over night for the pain, and definitely will get back on more Greek yogurt pro-biotic daily. I'm 58 and since menopause my body's system has changed quiet a bit then before. I've had to change a few things like diet, lose some weight 20lbs and pay attention to my weak spots (sweets and bread) that aggravate my system. I never had to do this before but I've accepted that after menopause it's like puberty in reverse, and my body decided to become a stranger and I have to figure it out all over again :)

I do know that cornstarch is a sugar and feeds yeast and fungus infections both. Gold Bond Talc is not made of cornstarch, read your labels and you'll be fine. I did like the idea of the apple cider vinegar idea as that does work with fungus and would do it in a pinch if no anti fungal cream available. Generic tube is pretty inexpensive and so is talcum powder to help keep dry.

After reading all these though I do realize that people can have different types of rashes in these areas like psoriasis or even heat rash or other types of bacteria, and it is important to know what you exactly have as a cure for one can be harmful to the other. Like cornstarch is fine on heat rash but killer on fungal rash and nothing much at all for psoriasis or eczema. I know for me when something is right it works pretty fast a day or two at most showing improvement, and if not it stays the same or gets worse (stop doing and try something else)right away. It is trial and error sometimes but hang in there we're all out there trying to help each other!! I'm so glad for this sight and there's nothing to be shameful for, the only shame is when we don't try to fix or take care of ourselves. Good luck to you all!!

In response to the lady with the skin rash under her breast, I went to the dermatologist about this problem after my doctor had prescribed several prescription creams that did not good. They told me to use Cetaphil Body Wash and Cetaphil Dry Skin Lotion twice a day. The rash was gone within a week.

I am also a very large lady who has all the same problems. I go to my Dr and get cortisone cream and within a day its good. I have this problem in warm temps and when I am psm ing

hi there,
I have had my rash for a few months now but it is dark brown, do you think this could be a fungal infection I am too embarrassed to see gp. thanks

for what it's worth. I've had yeast infections under my breast for the last 4 years. May sound weird, but I've tried the monostate, and the lotrimen, nystatin and other Rx stuff. the best thing I've found that clears it up in a few days is Secret Ph balance deodorant. I think the Ph balance has something to do with clearing it up. Wash really well, pat dry, use the deodorant and then dust lightly with Johnson and Johnson original baby powder. this seems to work the best for me.

Hi everyone:
Thanks for sharing your stories and allowing me to glance on each unique experiences of a problem that is common to many accross the globe.
I recently discovered this red rash (raw) under my breast and small red pimples in the center of my chest. I went to by dermatologist who has been treating me for eczema. She advised me that I also have eczema under my breast, which I found strange since I thought it was yeast fungus. She prescribed the following oral tablets for me: Doxycline and Ketoconazole. After a week the my skin cleared up.

The rash returned four months after. I became frustrated and went on the net searching for home remedies. The highly popular result was cornstarch. I applied the cornstarch which did not abate my condition. It actually made it worse; the rash became very painful-burning and extremely red. I then rushed to my doctor whom I advised what I had applied to my skin. She told me that cornstarch is actually a food that the fungus requires to live and affect your skin.

I was given my regularly tablets, however I was cautioned that much of the resistant work will depend on me. I needed to apply a holistic approach to my health. I will now pay keen attention to what I eat, continue to exercise and drink plenty of water and eat yogurt and eat less sugar. Additionally, since I live in the tropics I will be required to wear only cotton bras. Also during the nights just sleep without a top on for cooling and properly ventilated area.

When the itch is making me crazy I use this for some immediate relief:
Monistat Soothing Care Itch Relief Cream

To keep the yeast infection under control I wash with dandruff shampoo... just the plain kind that has Pyrithione Zinc 1% in it. Be sure to dry the areas well and do what you can to keep as dry as possible.

The above keeps it under control but it never goes away for good. Haven't found anything to do that ...yet.

I had a yeast infection under my breasts (44 DD) for two years before I found out what is was! I scrubbed and scrubbed, just made it worse, Finally tried generic yeast infection cream one dot spread around everywhere skin touches skin under there. The next morning it had stop hurting, The next day is was gone and my skin color was normal after months of dark or raw skin under there, it was history! Now I wash dry and keep an eye out for the darkening of the skin under there, when I see it I just put a dot under each breast an never let it get as bad as it was.

Oh and I also use antiperspirant under there. When skin touches skin the sweat cannot evaporate and the yeast grows, got to stop the sweat. hope this helps somebody.

I have had this problem for years and the best thing I have found is to use an antiperspirant without perfumes, and keeping the area clean. For flareups, no cornstarch but triple antibiotic cream and zinc oxide, the baby type with applicators is great.

I have this problem under my breasts on and off in the summer remedy works pretty quickly. I buy a yeast infection like monistat...generic and its used for the outside.. family dollar has a good one for only like 3 bucks. After showering daily I would put the creme on then apply baby powder over top of it...mine is usually gone with in 3 to 5 days. hope it helps you out.

My doctor diagnosed yeast infection and prescribed nystatin pills. cleared up for a week then came back. Next doctor prescribed another round of nystatin plus nystop powder. same result.

I tried the path which sounded most logical from this forum, from Sherry on August 29,2011: natural deodorant salts, which I applied twice daily at first. I let it dry by keeping the area exposed to the air, they dusted with talc. Not cornstarch. Because although we call it "yeast" it is not a yeast like bread yeast, but rather a bacteria. Cornstarch is a refined sugar, and feeds bacteria if it is wet. Worked wonderfully. After two days, the extreme itching was gone. After a week the redness started to die down. Now, after 2 weeks, all itching is gone, and it looks pinkish, as if the skin itself is healing. I am applying once a day still, until all pink or red color is gone. Thanks, Sherry!! I was ready to scratch my chest off.

also, I see that YLA says, on September 20,2012, that she uses antiperspirant, and sometimes antibiotic cream and zinc oxide. So I wonder if the deodorant I use would work. It is a calendula preparation in zinc oxide, which is applied only every two or three weeks. It works by killing the bacteria that cause odor. I have used it for a couple of decades on my underarms, even when I worked as a horticulturist outdoors all day. I am going to try that after the infection clears completely.

thanks, all.

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions! I've been suffering with this condition for about 6 years - post menopause. I'm medium breasted, but sagging and "heavy". Oral Pro-biotics help, as does Greek Yogurt with the Nystatin/Triamcinolone Cream always on hand. My dermatologist said the key is to "keep the area dry..." This last summer I discovered Johnson & Johnson (or a generic of same) medium size (3x3in) sterile gauze pads. These are "wick-away", meaning they pull the moisture away from the skin. They are a perfect size for unfolding lengthwise, and laying under the breast while wearing a bra. They stay in place, and are not visible.

On really hot days, I would change every 4-6 hours. A roll of gauze would suffice, and allow for cutting larger lengths for those who might need more coverage - but be sure the package says "fast wicking, absorbent" For the vaginal area, I use a "wick away" panty liner. Hope this idea relieves some itching!

Wash with selsun blue twice daily. Dry the skin with a blow dryer, and apply an antifungal powder to the skin immediately afterwards. The powder can be used up to 3 times daily. Do this religiously and take probiotics and cut sugar and bread out of your diet and your skin will clear up quickly. Sugar and carbs will feed the yeast.

I tried the Listerine advice posted at the very beginning of this article, but I modified it just a bit. I just put a little Listerine on a cotton pad and cleaned the area underneath my breasts with it. After that was dry, I wet a cotton pad with water and a few drops of DETTOL. Yes, the British First Aid Antibiotic DETTOL. After letting that dry, I applied some Lady Anti-Monkey Butt powder and oh, what a relief it was! I followed this regimen for about three days and the yeast infection cleared up. The DETTOL has a piney scent, but it is not too strong if you first wet the cotton pads with water.

I have a massive dark red rash underneath my left breast it smells bad and when I clean it yellow stuff is coming out it is painful sore itchy and getting bigger and worse. I have an upcoming appointment with my doctor. What should I do in the meantime?? thanks.

I have had this for a year, I could scratch my skin off. I had a spot under my arm, which dried up after using the non-aluminum roll on deodorant I found at Walmart. But under my breast, I have used everything, from vinegar to listerine. An old Vietnam vet told me to use witch hazel. I use cotton pads and clean under my breast 3-4 x a day and it is clearing up. I also cut out sugar and bread. And drink 1/2 my weight in ounces of water. At least now I can get a full nights sleep. I also clean my vagina with the witch hazel. My sister says I have to detox my body, because the yeast infection on your skin is coming from the inside of your body. So starting it by doing the water detox. Good luck everyone.

When the weather changes under my breasts get dry and start itching. It's not red or anything, just itchy and dry. What could that be? And I'm only 23 and I'm not pregnant or do o have any children. Any advice will be helpful :)

Ok ladies, I have been dealing with the issue of rash between and under my breast for about 2 1/2 years now. I went to a doctor and all they did was prescribe me some cream but didn't really tell me what was going on. The cream worked... The first time :/ but then it came back and when I used the cream again it seemed to make it worse. So I found this site and decided to try some of what was suggested.. I have tried gold bond, vagisil, lotramin, and tee tree oil. All of witch worked for a little bit but only to have the rash come back. I have also found that using any thing with corn starch makes it worse.

Ok so with the vagisil and lotramin it seemed to make the red rash turn into a brown rash and stop the growth, but never seemed to go away. When the rash started to grow larger and onto my chest I really started to freak out. I went and got the teatree oil. Now this made the rash stop in its tracks and stopped it from growing but it burned my skin and left it brown (I'm mixed with African American and white and fairly light skinned). So I was happy that it stopped it but not so happy with the scar.

I felt kind of defeated after this and I just hope that in time it would fade. I continued to use the lotramin and it seemed to work for about 2 weeks. Then a about a month ago I was at the gym and noticed that I was itching and burning between and under my breasts. When I got home and took a shower it was completely red and raw. Freaked me out!

So at this point I'm wondering what the heck am I going to do. So I went to Walgreens and looked around. I found NEOSPORIN ECZEMA ESSENTIALS. I thought what the heck if this doesn't work ill just go to the doctor (not insured). I seriously noticed a huge difference the next morning. Redness was gone and itchiness subsided.

I have been using this product for about a month now and I am completely clear. Now the redness turned to brown in the beginning but slowly started to fade. Then the dead skin pealed off (this will be a little itchy) and my regular skin tone was back!

I am sorry for the long story. I just wanted to see if any one could relate but I do recommend trying the NEOSPRIN ECZEMA ESSENTIALS (they have a little trial pack at Walgreens). I also recommend maybe changing your laundry detergent to a free and clear no dye no scent detergent (ALL is good) because contact dermatitis might be an issue.

Please feel free to respond with any questions. This may not work for everyone but its worth a try! Good luck!!!!!

I just started getting this rash under my arm's and between the thighs, I went to the Doctor she said it was a fungi infection Yeast infection, But I only started getting it after I joined a gym due to sweat I guess but what I don't understand is I used to workout at home and sweat a lot and never got anything like this, But she gave me a cream called Lamisil and I bought Dettol to put in my bath hope it work's cause this is my first time getting this...

This info has been great, but I woke up the other day and get getting a odd smell and could not figure out what it was and low and behold it was under my breast. I put desitin on the area and it was gone with in two days. I pray this does not happen again.

The exact same thing happened to me! the tree oil totally stopped it but now I have a brown scar or something. how long did it take for it to fade?

I am so happy I found this site! I share your affliction. As I read through many comments, it becomes evident that the medical community knows absolutely NOTHING about this condition. Apparently it's a crap shoot on what works or doesn't for each of us.

It sounds like most of us have had little success at eliminating this scourge and doctors don't seem interested. I am going to try the various suggestions I have read. Thank you, Thank you! I hope something helps long term. I made it my mission last week (after a long dose of antibiotics) to find a physician who is knowledgeable about yeast infections. There has to be someone! Will share if I find someone.

The advice of "M" on Jan. 4, 2013 sounds especially promising. She says it worked and it is in some literature I have read. But giving up sugar and carbs for the rest of my life seems unlikely.

Thanks for making me feel less alone with this embarrassing condition.

I am so glad I found this site! It offers so many possible solutions to a problem I have had for so long. It's too bad that the medical community only guesses at a solution. My doctors, too, can only say "keep it dry", "here's a cream (or powder)", "we are not sure why" blah, blah. Success is temporary, at best. At worst, I'm itchy, sweaty, frustrated and uncomfortable.

I was pretty much on my own for a solution. Now I found you all! I am not alone in my quest for victory over this affliction. I have done alot of reading on the subject and it is often attributed to "sugar and carbs". At least one comment here mentions she was successful in curing yeast by eliminating these products.

Has anyone else tried it for a while? With or without success? Thanks for your input and sharing your trials with me.

Yes. When my breasts get a certain kind of rash under them they weep like crazy. Its really painful.

Thanks everyone for the many recommendations for this nuisance of a problem. I am however, horrified some suggestions are to use creams/deodorants that contain aluminum on breast tissue :0

I would recommend talking to your doctor about Hidradenitis Suppurativa my co worker has it. Are they painful??

Friend of mine told me to use straight week later and the rash is gone!

TEA TREE OIL...GREAT for this, itching stops almost immediately and make sure if you sweat a lot to get a shower...TEA TREE OIL IS inexpensive and it is also, great for dry scalp, just need to do this at night to let it soak into your scalp...and wash out before u leave the house for greasy!:)

I've tried everything ! I don't even have big boobs I have a 32b finally after trying everything I tried sodium fluoride toothpaste and it completely went away and never came back.

I've found my way, accidentally, to relief by trying the various methods noted above - even the sock! - but the absolutely worst experience I've had with this rash is when I went for a mammogram and the technician was as insensitive as anyone I've ever come across in the health profession.

It was agony. I asked for bacitracin after, and she grudgingly found a tiny packet for me, but her attitude made me feel like a wimpy little school girl who bawled over a hangnail.

I recommend avoiding SPANX and other body-shaping underwear. I've been jumping up and down about this on other threads. Spanx and other body shaping underwear is so tight, it creates a moist environment for bacteria. I am convinced that wearing that type of underwear....just once....brought on a yeast infection that was hella painful and itchy, both at the same time. Finally gone away after taking Diflucan. So do yourself a favor...let your little tummy bulge just hang out and stay away from those body shapers!

I have seen a number of posts about using vinegar for rash. I definitely recommend you dilute it! I applied full-strength apple cider vinegar to the labia area, where I had a yeast infection, and wow! I thought I'd jump out of my skin with pain. (It didn't work, unfortunately.)

One pill of Diflucan cleared it up. But the best advice came from my doc., who said to cut out sweets and bread. (My two favorite things, they are a definite comfort to me when feeling a little peckish.) I haven't had that infection since.

I had an underarm fungus and mystatin (sp?) made it worse. It finally went away with an OTC nail fungus cream and it diminished considerably.... until I applied baby powder with cornstarch and back it came!

Too late I learned that powder with cornstarch just feeds a fungus or yeast infection.

I sincerely hope this is of help to someone, because I tell you---finding this site was like finding a roomful of friends, when I was suffering with that yeast infection. (It's not exactly something you can talk about at work!)

Oh wow! didn't know that breasts could also be attacked by fungus. How would you know if you have one? I guess it will be very itchy. If the main reason is fungal infection, then I believed normal otc drugs would work as a cure, like Clotrimazole perhaps.

Have had this problem under the breasts and abdomen from time to time. I can't make it not come back but I can control it. When the outbreak is first noticed, redness, itch, pimple type eruptions or odor, slime, etc., dab hydrogen peroxide (3%) on with a cotton ball. Wipe the entire area with it. Do this several times a day. It will take away the itch and ultimately the redness.

You can do this while in the full throws of the infection but it will sting for a few minutes. Then, blessed relief. To keep this all from happening in the first place get a powder puff and apply body powder daily to the affected areas.

If you forget the body powder and experience the problem again. H2O2 will again come to the rescue. No prescriptions needed. I would not use corn starch, creams or anti-fungus drugs. Hydrogen peroxide will also take care of any cuts or bites you may get. Also for use as a mouth wash, diluted.

Ann, if your breasts, underarm, crotch area are filled with tiny red bumps, that may be a fungus. Clotrmazole works, but it takes a long time. If it doesn't clear up in four weeks, definitely see your doctor. Actually, wouldn't hurt to consult your doctor if you have any concerns about it at all. Because if it's not a fungus, using a cream like Cotrimazole won't help it.

And I'm sorry to yell in all-caps, but: FOLKS! DON'T USE CORNSTARCH! IT FEEDS A YEAST INFECTION.

I have had these rashes for years. The doctor prescribed Nyatin CR + 1%HC powder. The heat and itching is gone within hours. I used to be able to prevent the rash by spraying an aloe mist from Shopper's Drugmart in Canada, but I haven't been able to find it in years.

Does this really work? .. I don't even know how long I had this but I'm scared that I'm to live with this forever it's embarrassing.

Don't listen to the person saying to use antiperspirants; they'll clog pores. Use vinegar or cornstarch and zinc oxide powders

I would just like to note, for a lot of people here, if this and thrush in other areas is a constant re-occurring problem, you may want to be checked out for type 2 diabetes. Constant thrush can be a very common first indication of diabetes, due to the fact that an abnormal presence of sugar in your system will also give a constant food source to fungal infections. That may be why they keep coming back no matter how much treatment you give them.

Wow, I have read all these posts, and need to re-iterate. Anyone with constant re-occurring fungal infection, ask your doctor about type 2 diabetes symptoms! After going over this forum, I am so surprised no one has mentioned it. A lot of you mention that you are bigger ladies, (as am I), and that is also a helpful clue, and if your getting treatments for it and it's still coming back every couple of months I urge you to get a blood glucose test.

Abnormally high sugar levels in your blood will provide a constant food source for any type of fungal infection. Even if you aren't prone to sugary foods, the amount you can consume with just a regular to higher carb diet is unbelievable. Someone even mentioned that it happens after bouts of indulgence! I really think the medical profession needs to step up, because you seem to be getting band-aid solutions for a deeper problem. Of course this won't be the case with everyone, but like I said, it should definitely be something to look into of your problem is re-occurring.

Also, do NOT use corn starch as, yes, this will feed the fungus. Oh, and my experience is that I have had gestational diabetes with both of my pregnancies, and have seen nutritionists and diabetes educators.

Antiperspirants do work for some people - including me. Using my underarm deodorant under my breasts is the only way I have been able to prevent chronic rashes, itching and infections.

I have always been large chested- since I was 14. I've never had yeast under my breasts, until now at 41!

I took a new antibiotic a few months ago and this rash keeps coming with a vengeance! My gyn put me on a 5 day course of diflucan and it seemed to work for about 2 weeks- I kept putting desitin on after it healed. It came back 5 days ago and is worse than last time!

Tonight I tried my moms old remedy for after she had babies to help stitches heal and reduce itching in vagina. I tried this once for yeast infection and immediately felt relief. Take a small lamp and using a regular bulb that produces heat- 40-60 watt, hold close to area with yeast for about 20 min- do twice a day- I tried this tonight by holding my husbands drop light and holding it over the rash for 20 minutes- amazing how quickly it stopped the itching- I have wanted to scratch my skin off for days- I then followed up w a little aloe Vera gel so skin doesn't dry out-

After getting an awful red rash under my breasts that was going pimply I had no idea how to clear it up. I did know it had ti be kept dry. So not knowing much I showered, dried under breasts well then put some good old fashioned savlon cream on rash and then plain talcum powder. I repeated this before and after work and left my bra off as much as possible. Within 36 hours it had totally cleared up. It might have been luck but I will try it again if it ever comes back.

I have had this problem for years especially in summer I use Johnson baby powder with cornstarch always works, I am going to try the antiperspirant, sounds good.

I'm in tears right now because after reading some of the comments, I'm sure I have diabetes. It runs in my family. I'm probably 40-50 pounds overweight and have a terrible addiction to sugar. I first had this fungus show up in between the top part of my buttocks. I was at my dermatologist for something else and she prescribed a cream that the pharmacy had to make. Well, it's been back but, when I started having the same slimy itchy feeling under my right breast which has been driving me crazy.

I'm in my late 50's and haven't had my blood sugar checked for years. My dad died from diabetes and it was something I never wanted to have. I also have neuropathy in my feet and that's also a sign of diabetes but, neither my podiatrist nor my pain doctor mentioned diabetes as being a possibility.

So, tomorrow, I'll call my regular doctor and ask to schedule a blood test asap. Thank you to Tigerthorn and to everyone else who shared their personal information. I'll post back after I get the results. I think I've known it was diabetes but, just didn't want to know. If you have similar symptoms, including being overweight, please call your doctor and get a blood glucose test. My dad got Type 2 diabetes when he was in his 40's.

Good luck to all. It helps knowing I'm not alone.

Like so many others, I have had recurring yeast problems under my breasts and in my groin area for years. I've used prescription creams or ointments which help for a while, then they don't. I've dried with a hair dryer, used Gold Bond powder in the green can, and most all of the other remedies mentioned here. Then I got to thinking: coconut oil really helped my face clear up from eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin, I wonder if it would help with this? So I tried it, and so far (about 10 days) it has kept my skin clean and clear without using the hair dryer or any powders. I don't know how well it will work long term, but so far I'm happy with the results.

I started with a rash on the back of my left knee during the summer. I thought I had got bitten by a spider and it was itchy. Two weeks ago I asked my husband to look at the back of my knee and he said it was a mess. I used bleach and water to clean it and put medicated powder on it and it seemed to clear up. It now has broken out again and I now have the same thing under my breast and stomach flap. I have used bleach and water, apple cider vinegar, benadryl cream for itching, cortisone cream etc. and nothing is working. I am on my way to buy some monistat vaginal cream. I am red and sore. Using ice packs to soothe. I will let you know if it works.

This is so true!! when I was in the hospital having my first child, part of the nurses daily routine was to put the heat lamp on the stiches for - as you say - 20 minutes or so. They had wooden boxes with a hole cut in it the size of the bulb and then the heat lamp was attached inside the box. They'd set the box in the bed with the lamp aimed at the sore area, and it felt wonderful!!

also use a vinegar wash 3 times a day this really helps

I have had this same problem and have found lemongrass oil to be highly effective. I found a store that mixed it with Shea butter and it is amazing!!!

A & D Ointment!!!! LOVE IT :) Absolute relief like magic. 3 days it will be better!! Been to doctors and no relief. Then a guy, yes a guy, told me this is what they use in the South for rashes. It worked first time like magic. Keep a jar on hand always now, it's like a miracle in a jar with a multitude of uses. Try it ladies, and cross off Booby rash off your list and start enjoying your DDs again!!! YAY!!!

I've had the same problems under my left breast. I tried prescription Nystatin, but the area continues to be moist and it really hasn't changed much. For a few weeks, I've been applying a powder for atheletes foot I found at Walgreens. It really seems to be helping a lot. I live in a very hot and humid climate, so I have a horrible problem with sweating under my breasts. I cut up a 100% cotton washcloth into several strips a couple inches long and put that in my bra! directly on top of the rash after applying the powder. I've also tried putting a cotton sock inside out in my bra. Something that is very absorbent that keeps the area very dry. The rash has dried out a lot, but isn't gone yet. My doctor said that I needed to continue using the powder for at least 2 weeks after the rash is completely gone. I think that is why so many people have reoccurrences. There is still yeast on the skin after the symptoms are gone. Try the washcloth or cotton socks too. They really keep you dry. Just make sure it's 100% cotton. Polyester or nylon will trap moisture.

I started with itchiness and raised pimple like spots a few months ago in my groin and under my bust. It drives me crazy. My doctor prescribed a cream called canestan. I have never had this problem before. But over the last few years my joints have worn away through arthritis, I've had 4 replacements up to now but last op I ended up on life support in a coma. I'm now in a wheelchair on lots of medication. Put lots of weight on.

Could my medication be a cause? I just don't know but so many things have and are still going wrong. I have carers 3 times daily they put creams on me could I have picked up something from them or vice versa. They never wear gloves. Anybody have advice on this please?

I get this a lot but I get it on my hips, the odd time I've had it in the creases of my elbow and behind my knees but its worse when I get it on my hips.

It starts off like a tiny red rash and then gets bigger and itchy and then I feel quite warm and sweaty. It looks like nappy rash I thought it was due to my intolerances as I do have some. I found the only thing that helped it was athletes foot powder as it keeps it dry and it soon starts to dry out, any other type of cream like fungal cream makes it worse as its moist then. Tonight I've tried the cornflour (corn starch) as above so will see if this helps.

I have had this issue for about 4 years now. I noticed it when I got pregnant with my 2nd baby. I gained some extra weight with this pregnancy and therefore, the boobs got larger. The rash began in between my breasts and it eventually went under my breasts. It was itchy and smelly. It got worse during hot summer months. (I live in Texas).

After trying prescription creams, and showering 2-3x a day, nothing helped it go away completely. very frustrating! about 2 weeks ago I came to this website and I am coming back wanting to THANK everyone who mentioned the athletes foot anti-fungus creams!!! omg!! I happened to have some in the medicine cabinet and right away applied to the affected area. The next morning the itching was gone. The smell and the rash were still there but I continued to use it everyday, I would wash the area twice a day and apply the athletes foot cream to the affected area.

After about a week, it stopped smelling and the rash was getting smaller. Today is 2 weeks since I started using the cream, and the brown rash is about 80% gone. My skin is soft and smells clean. Even after an entire day out in the sun. I am so happy this thing is almost gone! Hopefully in one week's time, this thing is completely gone!

I had dark brown spots in my cleavage where sweat would sit, and after figuring it was some sort of fungal infection I applied lavender essential oil with a cotton ball once in the morning and once at night and it's GONE. I'm going to continue doing this at night before bed. It helps me sleep too.

I have it from time to time, last time I have seen it 3 years ago, and again came back, Nizoral will deal with it quick, just rub it in your body for 5-7 days, go to sleep, in the morning wash it off, and you should be ok :)
Always works for me.

I've used just the juice from a lemon to clear the fungus from under my breast, it worked great for me plus it was free because I have a lemon tree in my back yard. You can mix the juice with a little water if it's to harsh for you.

Hidradentits, look it up!

I've had reoccurring blackheads under my breast and between my thighs for years now, its getting me worried, I've tried different creams and oral antibiotics some worked but d effects were temporal. I saw that some people suggested selsun, I bought and started u using it yesterday, I noticed between my thighs is peeling, is that how its supposed to work? Pls help.

I had this 3 years ago and only had an Aloe after Sun lotion handy, so I tried it and I haven't had it back unless I don't use it about every 3 days and it is very mild. My sister also had the problem and it has ended hers too. Cheap as the bottle lasts for over a year and costs around $6.00.

I have very large breasts and always have, I get rashes, bumps, skin cracking etc..
The one thing I've always used is maximum strength balmex (yes the baby diaper ointment)... it is very thick so it wont easily come off but the only drawback is getting off your hands and don't wear any GOOD/ Pretty bras!!!
Use it daily, I started using a q-tip to apply and it works!!!

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