Q. Several months ago I discovered that OFF insect repellent wipes remove temporary tattoos. Yesterday I discovered they also dissolve Super Glue when the tube is stuck to your finger. Just squeeze the liquid onto the 'stuck' area and gently pull.

A. The best way to unstick fingers that have been inadvertently glued together is with the solvent acetone, found in nail polish remover. If you don’t have acetone available, however, the trick you have discovered seems quite handy.

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  1. rp

    Deet/Off worked great for getting canvas off a wooden frame, that was stuck to it via super glue. Just had to let it soak in a bit.

  2. jiggs

    My husband got superglue on his glasses. (Don’t ask!) We’d tried everything, ’til I found this & sprayed Off out of the can on them. One big glob is still soaking in a puddle in a saucer, but most is off, already. Thank You!

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