Q. My boyfriend was recently released from prison and believes there was saltpeter put in the food. How do you remove the effects after numerous years?

A. Saltpeter (potassium nitrate) is falsely believed to lower libido. Youngsters in boarding schools and summer camps as well as men in the military or in prison have perpetuated the myth that they are being fed saltpeter.
If time and support don’t overcome your boyfriend’s sexual difficulties, counseling may help. Hormonal assessment may also be needed.

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    Your boyfriend has just endured a very traumatic period of his life. Where he was sex in any form was forbidden. It is no surprise that he is having a problem being intimate. Your assurance that you love him whether he can perform in the bedroom or not will be a help. Use this period to build your relationship out of the bedroom. Be supportive and patient. And no matter what his personality type, he would benefit from some counseling.

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