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Chantix Success Story

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Q. I used Chantix to quit smoking on May 30. I don't recall any psychological side effects and have been recommending it to everyone.

After using it successfully, I figured all smokers should try it and wondered why they weren’t. Reading about the depression and rage some people report on your Web site ( answered that question.

A. Chantix is a unique medication that seems quite effective in helping people quit smoking. But there are potential side effects that can be terrible for some people. They include weird dreams, insomnia, depression, suicidal thoughts, irritability, aggression, nausea and headache.

  • Currently 3.3/5
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Was this information helpful? Average rating: 3.3/5 (11 votes)
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Here in Dallas we had a musician shot and killed because of an incident that occurred while he was taking Chantix. He was pounding on a neighbor's door and the neighbor became frightened and shot him. It was completely unlike the musician to have done something like that.
I quit smoking by taking rimonibant, but that drug is not getting approval in the United States. For me, it was a wonder drug. It took away all cravings and 5 years later, I still have no cravings.

I quit smoking with Chantix January 1st, 2008 after being a smoker for over 22 years. It worked great for me! I was warned of the possible side effects by my pharmacist and promised I would stop taking the drug and call her if I noticed any of them. I was well informed and responsible enough to recognize a problem and get advice right away.

I had absolutely no cravings on the Chantix. Terrible withdrawals and irritability so bad I couldn't stand myself had prevented me from quitting before. I had none of these problems with Chantix. I did the whole program (phone support, daily emails, prevention tasks and more) which without I wouldn't have been successful. Chantix works very well and I had none of the side effects at all. I recommend it to all smokers I meet.

I successfully took Chantix back in January and it was very effective. However a full pill would make me feel light nausea for about 10 minutes and I hated that so I cut it in half and that seemed to work. I experienced no mental side effects.

I did have a friend of a highly sensitive nature who tried taking Chantix and ended up in the mental ward for three days. So it is important to be very aware of the any side effects your experiencing, different for each personality.

I started Chantix early on in 2007. I was fortunate to have it covered by insurance. I recall stopping June 2007 and I do not know why, but I did have to use the full 12 weeks of the drug and by December 2007 I stopped smoking. I do recall when I started the drug I still smoked and would feel nauseated but it went away. I brought a pack of cigarettes January 2008, took 2 pulls (almost died to inhale the smoked). So I have not smoked a cigarette since. I am thankful and blessed. Some people I know could not tolerate the drug.

I have tried to quit smoking probably 8 to 10 times. This time I am taking Chantix and it has worked wonderfully for me. Usually the first three days are completely miserable. It wasn't that bad at all with the Chantix. I rarely have cravings and when I do I just try to think of something else until it goes away. I know different people have had differing results with this medication but it has been a God send for me. No nausea or any mood altering side effects. I do have some vivid dreams but I don't mind that so much. I would recommend this medication to anyone.

I just happened to come across this website and I read all the comments and it made me glad to hear that there is something out there for people who have tried other methods to quit smoking and failed until they tried chantix. I myself am on chantix now. This is my second time and Im highly addicted to smoking. My first time on chantix I failed because I got brave and quit taking it to soon.

This time I will stay on it the full 12 weeks and I have to admit its easier this time. Ive been on it 2 months now, I haven't smoked in almost six weeks. Ive experienced some side affects like the dreams, which I like, I tell my coworkers about them and they get a kick out of them. I get sick for about 10 minutes with the morning pill. The weirdest was I lost my memory during the first week of taking chantix. Did anybody else? I know of one person who had to call her mom from her cell because she forgot where she lived. I don't have any recollection of anything I did that first week of taking chantix.

People were telling me things that happened and I truly do not remember. I didn't bug out or anything just my normal duties at work, but I don't remember. It's all fine now..I'm just tired and gained some weight. What I wanna know is has anyone heard of anyone having thyroid problems since taking the chantix. This was actually what I was researching when I happened on this web site. Well good luck to all.

I have been a very avid smoker, at least a pack a day, if drinking could be 2 up to 2 packs, but then I developed throat polyps and had to have surgery. My wife of 9 years had quit 8 months prior to my surgery, but I knew I had to have help to quit, so I turned to my doctor and he prescribed chantix. After 3 weeks I had successfully quit without any cravings for cigarettes, however my issues were more visual: i.e on the way to wal-mart I would have a landmark that I knew if I lit up I could finish that smoke before I walked in the store.

The only side effect I had was nausea
if I did not eat when I took the pill.

The whole key to this is:

I just finished my first full week of not smoking using chantix, I do have some weird dreams but I don't mind, I still think about cig, but don't have what I call cravings. I have smoked for 45 years and this is the first time I have ever felt like I'll be able to stay off the cigs, I go on line everyday to the website and the emails they send do help. I tried to quit with support from different web sites, but found they were too negative, I want to stay positive and not just hear about how miserable people are trying to quit, that's why I did the search looking for success stories. Good luck to all of you.

I am on my 8th day with chantix. I have not touched a cigarette in 4 days. I can honestly say my all around mood since I started chantix is great. I feel happy. I am so proud of myself. I have been smoking for over 10 years, a pack a day. I have tried at least 5 times to quit, failing each time. The difference is that chantix completely makes you forget about smoking.

The cravings stop. It's great. I have not had any side effects while on chantix, not even an upset stomach, and I don't eat when I take it. I strongly urge every smoker reading this to at least try it. I am starting my higher dosage today ( week 2 ) and I am very excited. I love chantix.

I am on my first day of Chantix. It wasn't covered by my insurance but I feel it will be worth it if it works. The side effects are kind of scary but it seems like they aren't very common. Wow, you quit 4 days in, I don't know you and I am proud of you and hope I can do the same. I have smoked for about 20 yrs and about half a pack a day at the least, and I have quit many times but failed. I will try to remember to come back and update my progress.

Hi all, great posts. I just purchased Chantix and will start the my starter pack next week. Question, I have trouble sleeping and I have anxiety. I take xanax for that. I also take Simply Sleep made by Tylonol. Here are my questions. Keep in mind I spoke a pack a day for 15 years. Questions:

How are the cravings when drinking?
Will Chantix increase my stress and anxiety?
Can I still take my xanax?
Does Chantix make you feel good after the nausea is over? (i.e.nice and relaxed?)
I have trouble sleeping can I still take Tylenol pm or simply sleep?

Thanks for the help and positive feedback, wish me luck!

Jan 20, 2010, will be 2 years smoke free from taking chantix. I told my wife we're going to turn 50, and I wanted to be able to dance when my grandkids get married in 20 years, not sit around with an oxygen tube watching them get married. I've smoked for 32 years a pack a day. I quit on the 9th week, and I have 3 co-workers who have quit as well from my story. Thank you chantix for giving me a life I might not have seen.

I'm starting tomorrow Jan. 21, 2010, the only thing that worries me is gaining weight, I'm already struggling with weight, but I know I need to stop smoking. Anyone dealing with that? And have some suggestions for not gaining a zillion pounds?

Chantix is as close as anyone is going to get to A Miracle Stop Smoking PILL we have all been searching for. Yes, you must want to quit to be a success... if you take Chantix and don't want to quit you will still see a major decrease in the amount of cigs you smoke. HOW DO I KNOW?..... Experience.

Last year, I started taking chantex... I thought I wanted to quit... but not really. Oddly, while still smoking I realized one day that my 8-12 cups of coffee a day had decreased to zero. No withdrawals were felt from the caffeine.

Anyway, After a few weeks of taking the chantix and a tremendous decrease in the amount of cigs smoked, I quit taking the medication. I even tried to make up excuses that the medication was keeping me up and making me crazy. (OUCH EGO). I wasn't ready and was fully aware of it.

January 2010. The desire to feel better and have a healthier lifestyle was eating at my core. After researching smoking cessation programs in my area, I found a free one!!! My decision to attend the groups sparked my decision to get another Rx of Chantix. Although, the program offered free nicotine replacement I chose to use Chantix as my stop smoking method. I believed in Chantix... It worked the first time when I wasn't ready. I failed that time, not the medication.

Now I have been smoke free for 6 days.

I've never had a craving and this sparks another fear of what happens when you quit taking the Chantix? Maybe some of you can answer this.

I've experienced crazy dreams and an upset stomach when I don't eat with the pills.
Nothing I've experienced is worse than smoking has already done to me. In my opinion the medication side effects are worth the outcome.

==Took Chantix for 3 weeks and still smoked--- seen a major decrease
==Attended smoking cessation 1x a week during this time--- assigned a quit date with classmates
==Quit on quit date, taking Chantix--- no desire to smoke, no withdrawl, can be around smokers with no problem (dont choose to be, but I tested this out)
==Continuing smoking cessation class 1x weekly
+++ Feeling great and loving life @ smoke free day 6.

I'm not a Physician, but in my opinion Chantix works best if you are a positive person wanting a positive outcome. Skeptics beware, you may have an undesirable outcome, because that's what you want or what you went into it thinking.

A healthy mind can handle the side effects, if you don't have a healthy mind (these people know who you are) I suggest trying Zyban/wellbuterin if you have a strong will to quit smoking. My unhealthy minded friend was taking this to loose weight (side effect) and accidentally quit smoking. She wasn't trying, it just happened.

And for all you people out there afraid of gaining some pounds!!! GET ACTIVE. Join the GYM. (You can afford it now) I find myself having tons of EXTRA TIME now that I'm a non smoker. Sometimes that's the hardest part, Figuring out what to do with the time!

Meditate, hug your kids, exercise, cook a new healthy meal or get a massage. You definitely deserve it!!!

Dee, thanks for your honesty. Yesterday was my birthday and my quit date. I went to the doctor Friday and had only gained one pound, could have been anything. LOL I do experience some side effects that bother me (blurriness and staying sleepy) I did speak with my doctor. But I don't see this interfering with my life. I did join a gym and have a personal trainer, my birthday gift to myself. Little at a time I'm figuring out what to do with my time. I still have cravings, but I know soon this will pass.

I quit right after i started 3rd week. Great dreams! you HAVE to eat
before you take these pills or you will feel terrible.

Unexpected positive results... quit drinking and coffee without even
a thought. Lost all interest in bad habits. No bad side effects for me.

I took chantix in 2007 and it worked well but after 4 months smoke free I went out drinking and lost my will power. I am taking it again. It's working really well. I have a baby and live with my non smoker boyfriend now so it should be easier this time to stay off. I agree with feeling like I don't crave as much junk food or caffeine. Don't have many side effects but I remember my dreams more and they seem real. I had a lil queasiness the first week. As long as u have a will to stay off cigs this is the best jump start for me anyway.

Started Chantix in Feb 2008 was a successful non smoker after 16 years for two months then I too got overconfident and decided I didn't need Chantix anymore (the constipation was awful).. picked up smoking again for 2 more years. ugh! Just started again and am on my 2nd week and after reading some of the posts I realize that all my side affects are normal.

The nausea lasts about 10 min after taking the pill, the vivid dreams are fun, I have zero desire to drink anymore (which is so odd!), yes I still have constipation but my Dr. told me to combat that with a stool softener (which is working) and I have no cravings, just the mental cravings which I have to continually fight. I hope to become a long term success story because being a smelly, coughing, "excuse me while I leave the party for a smoke" kind of person is becoming embarrassing and disgusting.

Good luck to all of you!!

June 15, 2010 - Started Chantix 6 days ago and am planning my last cigarette today. I haven't had any side effects except for the vivid dreams and a little bloating. Also get really sleepy in the early evening so I just go to bed early. I have been a heavy smoker (2 pks a day) for over 30 years. The cravings are definitely subsiding and I've smoked less than 1/2 pack a day since the 2nd day. Tomorrow is graduation day 1mg twice a day an hopefully I can celebrate. Good luck to all of us trying!

I have been a non-smoker for 21 days now and I am so proud of myself. The side effects of Champix (same ingredient as Chantix) have been minimal for me. A bit of nausea. Eating helps to alleviate and lots of water. And yes I do have the vivid dreams which I will not miss once I stop taking the drug. I did experience some aggression and depression for the first 3 days after I actually stopped smoking. This can be expected as you are actually going through a withdrawal. You will have this whether you are taking a drug or go cold turkey.

I have done a 14 day cleanse which has helped. We will all experience "Junkie feelings" in that you try to imagine your life without cigarettes. Your habit cigarettes are the hardest to break. But stay postive. Visualize yourself not smoking and how much easier it is to breathe. How much better everything tastes and smells. How your clothes, your car and your house does not stink of old smelly cigarettes. How much money you will save. My husband and I will save $7000 in one year (in Canada smokes are expensive, all tax). But most of all remember you made a committment to yourself.

When the temptation is there, think long and hard as to why you are a non-smoker. We also use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which I have been practising for the past 2 years for many other things. But a caution to everyone. If you have very serious side effects please seek medical attention immediately. Everyone is different. You will probably have to stop taking the drug. But never give up!!

My husband smoked for over 35 years and I smoked for 20. We went on Chantix in November of 2008 a week apart. We have just passed our two year anniversary of being quit. I traveled up to 10 hours in a car a day and my husband was able to smoke freely in his job as well. Chantix helped us both maintain our commitment to quit and we would not have been able to do it without Chantix. We had a few dreams and trouble sleeping for awhile but it is temporary and if you push through you will be done! Done! Can you imagine??? We are non-smokers and I never thought I would ever say this!

I was a smoker for 25 years when I started using Chantix. I quit in about 2 weeks and I haven't smoked since. The best part of my story is that my 2 sons who smoke also took Chantix and quit. My niece and her husband were impressed with the results and quit with it. I can't tell you how it has changed my life. I always saw myself smoking and it scared me but I never thought I could quit. thank you

I started smoking at age 12. At age 62 my COPD was getting worse. My lung capacity was at 49%. I could hardly breathe. I had to stop smoking but couldn't do it. Smoking was one of the few things that I did well.

I started taking Chantix last January. I had to pay full price because my insurance did not cover it. I couldn't wait for four months to be insurance eligible. I had to do it NOW.

I stopped smoking on Jan. 31, 2010. It is been over one year and I am still NOT SMOKING!!! After 50 years of smoking 2 - 3 packs of cigarettes a day I am now smoke free. I can breathe better and I feet great.

I read all about the side effects but I figured since I am Bipolar and on medication, I couldn't experience anything worse than what I already go through every day.

Thank you Chantix.

I started smoking very early like grammar school! Terrible, I know. I was usually a pack a day guy, sometimes less, but with drinking always more!! (typical). At age 47, I really wanted to quit mainly to the outrageous prices here in NJ.... nearly 9 dollars a pack! I simply could not afford it anymore. My friend told me about Chantix and said "Even on a Cruise, he did not smoke".

My ears perked up. I figured I'd try it. It was NOT covered by insurance and I paid nearly 200 dollars for the starter pack (I nearly fell over at CVS). Anyway, it did work. There WERE side effects in my case: Night terrors galore... intense, vivid and horrible dreams... BAD!. I was warned and ready for it. When you wake up, you just gotta say "I'm here in my bed, it was a bad dream" Don't focus on it. Also, I was getting a rash all over my upper chest. Very itchy. At first I thought it was my fabric softener, but not so..... same brand for years.

Well, my last cigarette was on Feb 20th. I've been doing well. I miss it but try not to think about it. The worst is parties and get togethers! I still hang w/ lots of smokers.... not giving up my friends, just the smokes. I don't think I could have done it without the Chantix. I tried before and always went back (stress, not caring, alcohol, etc). I'm now on week 12.

I've stopped taking the medicine after getting 1/2 way thru the second pack. I went done to one a day, then none a day. So far, so good. To be honest, I never thought I could live with my "old buddy" right there for me all the time.... guess what? You can. My 34 year old "love affair" is finally over! Everyone who really wants to quit should at least try it. I smoked Menthols, those are the toughest to quit!!! More crappy ingredients to get hooked on!!! The best thing is you're allowed to smoke at the beginning... that made it easier for me at least. Good luck to all! Mikey

I quit using Chantix back on March 23, 2009. I smoked for 9 years prior. I never had any suicidal thoughts or depression or anything like that. The only side effect I had was really bad gas, which I think I can handle to be able to quit smoking. My doctor prescribed Chantix and it was the best thing to happen to me. I never thought quitting would be as simple as taking a pill. I quit and haven't even had a craving since. Thank you makers of Chantix, you have added important years back to my life.

I picked up my prescription today for Chantix. I am nervous and excited! I will start taking it next week, which is after my last follow up Dr apt. (Also when I being Alli for weight loss to combat weight gain after quitting..) I have become a Christian and feel that smoking is not right for me anymore and it holds me back from a lot of things I would like to be doing in and for the church as well as any other daily activity! I don't want smoking to control another moment of my life! I wish everyone on here much luck and cant wait to read more success stories!

Day one on Chantix. My quit date is 12-04-2011 been a smoker for 34 years. I have never really be so determined to quit so every time I have tried I have failed. Many of my friends/family members have quit smoking and I find I am the "only smoker" in the group anymore. I want to quit to see my grand kids grow up, want to quit so my clothes, car and house does not reek of cigarettes !

In a short few days, on 2/27, I will be celebrating the 5th anniversary of being smoke-free. Thank you Chantix! My quit date was 2/27/07. As a smoker for many years, I was determined to quit. With the help of Chantix, I did. I followed the program as recommended and it worked. I even picked a memorable date I would remember and guess what, I will never forget that date! I also did the on-line support which was a huge help. I have never picked up a cigarette since nor have the desire to ever do so. Quitting smoking was one of the best things I ever did and along with my strong desire and the help of modern medicine, I was able to quit and stay quit successfully!

On my second day of Chantix. Had trouble falling asleep last night but other than that no side effects. I'm using it with Zyban. Mayo clinic says the combo has 75% success rate. Anyway, I'm bipolar so I hope I don't have any of the mental side effects.

I was a smoker for over 40 years and quit with Chantix. Didn't want to or think I could but did pretty easily taking the pills. I have been off nicotine for seven weeks now and off the pills for a month. I did have some side effects (the dreams were great!) and had to taper off the pills but it was so worth it. Mostly I had trouble sleeping and had a few rage episodes. I am normally a super mellow person. But again, it was worth it for me.

My husband smoked for 45 years and I smoked for 20. We quit on November 1 and November 8, 2009 respectively using Chantix. I experienced the nausea and he experienced the dreams. Both of us are now smoke free and enjoying a healthy (cough less) life!!! Using Chantix was the best thing we ever did for ourselves, our marriage, and our family!!

This is my 8th day on Chantix and I must say the cravings urges are pretty much gone ! Reading all these fantastic results I hope I have the same !

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