Q. Has anyone else wet the bed while taking Chantix? I had a very vivid dream that I had gotten out of bed, gone into the bathroom, sat down and urinated. Then I woke up and discovered that I had wet the bed.

I knew to expect nausea and weird dreams when I started taking the drug a month ago. Starting the second week, my anxiety and mood swings have gotten bad. The bed-wetting was the last straw. I stopped taking Chantix entirely. I’m not happy about that, because I really want to quit smoking.

A. We could find no scientific reports of bedwetting linked to Chantix. This stop-smoking drug does cause vivid dreams and nightmares, which may contribute to this problem. Anyone who has experienced such a side effect can report it to www.peoplespharmacy.com or to the FDA at www.fda.gov/medwatch/.

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  1. Paul C

    I am on day 9, and last night (I think it was last night, perhaps the night before) I had the toilet dream. Weird thing was that I was amped for the BEST PEE IN MY LIFE, and THAT is what woke me just as it was about to happen. When I awoke, I became acutely aware that I did not in fact have a need to pee. The second night on champex I did have a rather vivid and cool dream about finding a human multiplying machine which quickly took over the world with just 5 of us (all other people disappeared), at which point the original 5 of us found ourselves running through the streets with super human strength, knocking all clones out of our way en route to destroy the machine. I woke up before it was over, and tried to fall back to see if I could destroy it in time with my 4 new friends… but I ended up dreaming something else and was 2.5 hours late for work.
    I’ve had a couple other good ones, but I believe I am somewhat allergic to the drug, as my nose is runny, eyes watering, and itchy throat – but I will not stop what I have started until the sickness gets worse (may just be a coincidence as a result of funky weather here in northern alberta).
    Since I’ve been sick I’ve been taking night time cold medication to help me sleep… I think this may block out some of the dreams. On nights that I feel good enough, I usually have a couple glasses of wine with dinner, or beers working in the yard. Tonight I’ll try sleeping normally and hopefully the vividness is better than ever. I don’t care if it’s a good or bad dream, I just long for vividness and self-awareness in dreams.

  2. Michelle D

    I love the dreams! Very vivid some very strange and/ or ghastly, but still like them. I’ve not wet the bed but I am diabetic and get up a couple of times a night to pee anyway, but what I do notice is that it seems to make me angry. Angry at first seemed like justifiable reasons— I quit smoking with chantix—-really worked well for me– was completely stopped for a year then picked it up again. But while on it I was a raging be- outch! Back on it again after 2 weeks I am angry again and instead of it being at my family this time it is my best friend —-everything she says or does, even just the thought of her makes me want to punch her —she doesn’t know this though my family does and is glad it’s her this time.

  3. JB

    glad to have found this website. last night in the middle of the night in wifes and my bed, (both of us on chantix) woke up in a huge puddle of urine directly in the middle of the bed. when I woke up we both laughed because I had to decide which one of us had peed the bed. my wife and I have dreams about going to the bathroom I had had a sexual dream. this not only makes us both feel better about it being a side effect of chantix but also pretty much narrowed it down to who peed the bed.

  4. J-Hawk

    I’m coming close to the end of my first month and I’ve got one cigarette left on my desk that’s been here for 3 days now, I still have the urge for it but I’m able to leave it alone. I want to stop smoking for my kids sake!!
    I’ve come close to wetting the bed once and that was it. But my dreams are very vivid and violent. I’ve only had 3 dreams where I was being violent to others in my dreams, but the more I dream of others being violent the more vivid and brutal they are. Anything from seeing people ripped apart by animals or people having their throats slashed open and mutilated. I’ve been trying to control my dreams by sidetracking myself and it seems to be helping most of the time. My mood swings have pretty much gone away, I still wake up at least once in the middle of the night.
    For the price $$$ I’ve paid for Chantix, I’ll continue to take them and fight my way through the dreams and restless nights and be smoke free in the end !!!!

  5. MP

    I woke up this morning to find that I had wet the bed. How embarrassing! I hoped my husband didn’t notice. At first I thought it was sweat or something for I couldn’t have possibly wet the bed at 27! I’m so glad I found this site; I now know it was the Chantix. I’m into week 3 and if this happens again, the pills are going in the garbage!

  6. lbt

    I’ve been taking Chantix for the last three weeks I am not sure of why I am having such sexual dreams that are seriously vivid

  7. Soh

    Second week. Worst nightmare ever two nights in a row. Come home to find my family massacred. Wanna quit smoking so bad but I don’t know if I can continue waking up at 4am every morning in horror…

  8. dmt623

    I’m on my second week with Chantix. Dreaming every single night. Very vivid, colorful and long dreams. Exhausted….but Chantix is working!

  9. R.H

    I started taking Chantix in JAN of ’13 I have wet the bed twice both times I had extremely lucid dreams of me getting up and going to the bathroom and both times woke up in a puddle of pee.

  10. rls

    I am just on day 4 of Chantix, and bar-none, every night I’ve had vivid dreams. Briefly, one was a dream where there was something trying to get in my house, and I was asleep on the couch, and I would get to the door just a second too late, notice it was unlocked (and it NEVER is in reality), I would keep trying to push it shut and lock it, but couldn’t, and just as the door would fly open, I would wake up, but, I wasn’t really waking up. I was still dreaming. This happened for many cycles, between my front, back and side doors.
    I did end up waking up, just to continue to a big farm and a big old red wooden barn. Inside there was a massive party going on with hundreds of people, and rooms and stairs, and no way out. I just kept moving from room to room to room, upstairs, downstairs, bar to bar. No telling how long it was before I found an exit, just to wake up before I could leave. I’ve enjoyed the dreams, so far. Waiting for tonight’s dreams, with twice the Chantix in me.

  11. SO embarassed

    42 years old. 2 of 3 nights bed wet on second week. The second of which this am. Went to Chantix site and no mention of this as side effect. SO glad I looked here too. I do not remember the dreams but I am ever taking another Chantix. They are already in the trash.

  12. rick m.

    I took chantix the first time yesterday. I got up this morning went to the bathroom about 4:30 went back to bed after taking my second morning dose woke up at 6:30 after the toilet dream but I wasn’t sitting I was standing at a urinal still peed the bed tho and my girl friend the joker she is got me laughing about it said she’s going to get me depends for x-mas.

  13. set

    I am 19 years old and wet my boyfriends bed while on chantix! How embarrassing is that? Thank goodness he was understanding. What’s up with this ridiculous side effect. I’m back to smoking!

  14. Eric G.

    I think the dreams I have every night since I started chantix have been having vivid, crazy, and effed up dreams. Feels like I worked all night when I get up. Maybe I need something more to sedate me so I don’t remember.

  15. MNA

    I have been on chantix for a month now and have had the same wetting the bed dream. I did not actually wet the bed but did start to pee and woke up realizing I wasn’t in the bathroom. Trouble sleeping has been an issue as well but nothing a 1mg melatonin hasn’t helped. I have also experienced some nightmares but not enough to make me quit the chantix as of yet. I am 4 days clean of nicotine and very proud of that. It took me a while to get used to the nauseous feeling but I have learned to eat when I take it and about an hour after taking it to eat a little something. That seems to work for me pretty well. The benefits definitely outweigh the negative affects. Good luck to all of you!!

  16. SL

    I just celebrated 4 years without a cigarette and I credit Chantix for getting me over the hump.
    Although I did have several extremely vivid and disturbing dreams while on the drug, I did not have any bed-wetting incidents. However, I do know that dreams about urinating (and subsequent accidents) are not uncommon when the dreamer really does have to urinate, and these dreams can happen to anyone regardless of whether or not they are taking the medication.
    I don’t believe “bed-wetting dreams” are a side effect of Chantix. I think the people who are having these dreams probably would have had them whether they were taking the drug or not. But because Chantix enhances the dream experience and can definitely make dreams seem like reality, some people are having accidents that they would have normally avoided simply by waking up and going to the bathroom.
    My advice to anyone who is thinking about quitting:
    1. Chantix does work. It takes away the urge to smoke.
    2. Be prepared for the vivid dreams and a little nausea. (I avoided the nausea by eating after taking a pill.)
    3. After you have stopped taking the medication, keep some on hand for emergencies even if you think you have totally kicked the habit.
    4. If you start smoking again, don’t despair. Just quit again when you’re ready. The first time I used Chantix I quit for several months and thought I was done with cigarettes forever, but one very stressful day at work was my downfall. I quit again a year later (with Chantix’s help) and made sure I did not make the same mistakes again. I’m proud to say I haven’t touched a cigarette (or even wanted one) in 4 years.
    After being a prisoner of nicotine for 35 years, I can honestly say that quitting was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.
    When you’re ready to quit, you’ll know it. And Chantix can help. (I sound like a commercial, don’t I?! lol)

  17. Mike

    Yes. I had the same bathroom dream followed by bedwetting 2 nights ago. I also wet the bed again last night – though not as severely. I have no history of this. It has to be the Chantix. Been on about three weeks.

  18. S. Hopeful

    yea I wet the bed last night too. this sucks. if it happens one more time then I’m quitting chantix.

  19. slo

    I stopped taking Chantix over a year ago and STILL am having incredible dreams. When I was actually ON the drug, I would wake up in the morning and be able to remember several dreams I had throughout the night, but now I usually only remember the one I’m having as I wake up. In the past, I never was able to really remember my dreams beyond a snippet here and there.
    I was hesitant to take Chantix for several reasons, the dreams being among them, but let me tell you, it’s ABSOLUTELY been the best part ! I almost want to start taking it again because it’s just so fabulous. Personally, I don’t think Chantix MAKES you have vivid dreams, I think it simply ALLOWS you to remember the ones you are actually having every night anyway.
    First of all, I never realized that I have such an interesting and active imagination- and MEMORY ! I’ve dreamed about people that I haven’t seen or thought about in DECADES. And the places I go !! Wow.
    Not one BAD dream though. Well, maybe a few where I was glad it was only a dream when I woke up. Actually, like the one I was dreaming only this morning and actually prompted me finally to look up this subject. I was naked, in my basement with an old best friend of mine (also a female). We were both pawing through piles of dirty laundry to throw in a load of wash… She was also running water, into an old rusty tub- a makeshift bathtub/shower. I felt the water… strangely cool… went upstairs, at which point I realized this was MY house… fridge hanging open… weird… look up the next flight of stairs to second floor and see water coming through the ceiling. Oops, now I see hubby coming downstairs towards me, not looking too happy, and realize I left the tub water running UPSTAIRS for my own bath….
    Most of the dreams I have are very pleasant. I wake up still, every morning with out fail, remembering them. I can only hope this new found pleasure doesn’t fade away completely in time.

  20. DryInTX

    Good to know I’m not alone either. I’m a 33yr old male on the 3rd week of Chantix and haven’t smoked in almost 12 days. Maybe this side effect is not listed separately as it is linked to the vivid dreams it causes. Hope this is not recurring, I still have a a week and a half to go until I’m out of pills.

  21. kd

    I am so glad I researched it. This is the second time I wet the bed. The first time I woke up right after it happened, but this time I woke up after the fact. I’m 23.. and wetting the bed. Try explaining that to your boyfriend.

  22. Adam B

    I am on my third week of Chantix now, and have been smoke free for 10 days now. (which I love and give chantix credit for). However, I am 22 years old and have now wet the bed 3 times. How come this isn’t a listed aide effect, seeing as so many people are experiencing the same thing? Glad I searched it, I feel a little less embarrassed now.

  23. MW

    I have had dreams about urinating AND defecating, but have not done either in the bed (as of yet). I just laugh them off. The first time I ever took Chantix I did have a terrifying nightmare about the devil, but this time around I have not had any scary dreams. By the way, I also did acupuncture (2 sessions) along with taking Chantix and have not smoked in 32 days now!

  24. Anonymous

    I totally wet the bed last night on Chantix. I had a dream I was urinating and woke up too late to find out that it wasn’t just a dream! I also have been experiencing nausea but I guess a wet mattress and a stomach ache are worth being a non smoker.

  25. ED

    I’ve been able to quit smoking completely about halfway thru my second week on Chantix… I just had my first dream tonight. I was served a Death Warrant from a Demon in my dream and when he handed me the paper there was a huge splash of blood. But this coming from my mind may be normal. lol… so I really didn’t consider it a nightmare because it wasn’t scary.

  26. Marjorie M

    This is so bizarre! I wet the bed this morning after being on the drug for three weeks. I woke up thinking my 3 year old had climbed in bed and had an accident, only after realizing he wasn’t their did I realize that I had in fact wet the bed at 25. I can handle all the other S.E. of this drug, waking my husband up at 4am so I could change the sheets was horrible. I feel miserable now and was afraid I was the only one this had happened to. Thank you all for sharing your stories!

  27. MV

    I’ve had some weird weird vivid dreams and wake up during the night quite a bit but it is SO worth it and a small price to pay to me for quitting smoking. I have NOT had the urge to smoke since I quit entirely 4 days ago.

  28. CJ

    I did have the sitting-on-the-toilet dream and wet the bed one time. Mostly, though, my Chantix dreams were very entertaining and fun.

  29. md

    Iam on Chantix this is my second week i dont have bad dreams just still have the urge 2 smoke

  30. KB

    I have been on Chantix for a few months now, I have had some strange dreams but nothing bad. I am so glad that I got chantix and it takes a few weeks to get use to it but after a few weeks no side effects and I am so happy. Best Thing I ever did :0)

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