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Cornstarch Cravings

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Q. I have been eating Argo cornstarch since I was 19. It started when I was in my first pregnancy and I've been eating it ever since. I used to eat a box a day and I think it is making me gain weight. I’m trying to cut back but it's hard. I also have a very low blood count. I have tried everything possible to stop but nothing is helping. I'm 33.

A. Your low blood count may provide the explanation. Ask your doctor about correcting the anemia. Low iron or zinc levels can sometimes trigger pica, a craving for non-food substances. Cornstarch and laundry starch are common objects of cravings, but we have also heard from readers who crave ice chips or even foods such as popcorn, carrots or radishes. Usually these cravings disappear once the deficiency is eliminated.
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Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4.1/5 (83 votes)
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I also used to crave crushed ice,eating it daily, summer and winter, many pounds of it on a weekly basis, I was scheduled for surgery and during the pre testing for the surgery,it was discovered that my blood count was so low that I was going to need a transfusion before I could have the surgery. I checked into the hospital and constantly ate crushed ice all during the 1st day, that night I was given a blood transfusion and immediatley I stopped craving ice and have not eaten it since,and that was more than 20 years ago.

i read your comment on raw garlic i have been feeding my dogs raw garlic for years to keep fleas off them. am hurting my pets.


I have been eating cornstarch for almost 1-year now. Nov 08 will be one year. I buy Hilltop for .79/box. I was up to 1-box a day. I would mix small amounts with distilled water until it became lumpy. When consuming it I am so content. I had some blood work done. I was told I was anemic and was suggested that I have a colon test and given prescription for iron pills.

Just two months ago, I have been having trouble with hemorrhoids. Does eating cornstarch cause you to have hemorrhoids?

I have been eating dirt and starch for 15 years. I have low iron. It got bad when I got the gastric bypass surgery. I have calm down a lot. I use to eat 1 box every other day.

I am 26 years old as of today. I started to eat cornstarch when i was 16. At first it was a box every three weeks,but now I'm eating it through a straw and I'm up to a box a day. I know that this is abnormal and hurting me because i do not use the restroom as often as i should. I eat it even when i don't want it, yet, i cant stop. My mom eats it as well. Can you please help me and tell me what it is that i can do in order to stop because its messing up my teeth and I'm gaining weight.


I had a craving for cornstarch even from being told that I am low in iron. I also notice that having fibroids and eating cornstarch has a detrimental affect. Cornstarch causes weight gain and an increase in the growth of the fibroids and increase menstrual flow which was highly irritating to deal with but that is what happens when consuming cornstarch became a part of life before becoming educated about the detrimental effects of eating cornstarch. Not anymore. Wean off the cornstarch please.

I to have struggled with eating cornstarch off and on for 19 years. the cravings started when I was pregnant with my oldest son and I've been struggling ever since. the longest I've been off it is 9 months when i had started to take iron and b12 tablets.

But I always fell off the wagon at some point. I recently started chewing and spitting out the starch. a box used to last me a month but now it only last about 3 days. I to suffer from fibroids and even though i spit the starch out some of it is still being absorbed and I can actually feel the fibroid getting larger. My mother in law also told me the cornstarch will dry up your blood. I've started back on my supplements hoping it will curve the cravings because I'm tired of being a slave to it.

I've had many brands from generic to name brand but I want control over this. every woman in my family had been addicted to starch but I want it to end here.

well i have been eating cornstarch since i was 15. it was nasty at first but then it became addictive. when i became pregnant with my daughter, i only ate a box every 2 months but after i had her and became slightly depressed i ate about a box a week.

then it became a box every 2 days. i literally became so addicted that my boyfriend would hide my boxes or pour it in the sink n wash it down. i would get upset and secretly buy more. then i would hide them in my daughter's closet and sneak out of the room to go take a couple of bites.

i started to gain a lot of weight and lose my figure. i was afraid i wouldn't be attractive any more. so i got the will power to throw my own box away one day. it has been 2 months since i ate a box of cornstarch and it gets harder and harder for me not to buy a box when i go to the store. i go right to the aisle and stare at it thinking that after 1more box i would quit, but i never bought it.

instead of eating cornstarch i eat pretzels and ice. i know ice isn't better but it keeps my mind off of eating cornstarch. ladies its not hard to stop eating it. i stopped and I'm only 20. yeah its hard, but i didn't take pills or anything, i just got tired of gaining weight and having a low self esteem. but now, i feel great..

I eat argo cornstarch by the day. I cant seem to let it go its like a addiction. but it also makes me gain unwanted fat, my teeth are eaten up, I feel low at times. I feel its a mind thing so I'm sayin bye to argo, hello new life.

My husband eats cornstarch and I don’t understand why. It upsets me and if I find the box hidden I will pour it out. I won’t even buy the stuff to cook with because I know he will eat it. In 2002 he was put in the hospital because he was blacking out and the doctor said he needed a blood transfusion. He need 5 pints of blood and almost died!

They said he could have had a heart attack or fell into coma for lack of blood. He left the hospital and kept eating the cornstarch. Now he is trying to find the stuff he use to eat when he was a kid. He said it was laundry soap shaped in pebbles and they were crunchy. He has been surfing the net trying to find this stuff and has been ordering it too.

I asked him why he would order something he had no idea what it contained and then consume it?! He won’t stop! I never in my life heard of this before and I don’t know who to talk to about it. I am a little embarrassed to bring it up to people. I think he would choose the cornstarch over the kids and me. I asked and begged and flat out told him to stop but he will just hide it and lie to me. Now that's just crazy! It's killing him and causing a strain on our family but he doesn’t care. Any advice for me?

I have been eating corn starch ever since the age of 15 I am now 25 and I am more addicted to argo cornstarch than ever before. I know that I am anemic but a box a day is now what I crave. What can I eat replace my corn starch craving?

I have eaten cornstarch and flour my whole life. About a year ago I stopped eating flour and I eat cornstarch. It's so had hard to stop it's like a drug. I really need "HELP" with this. I have trouble using the bathroom I'm gaining weight and my teeth are eaten up and I'm only 32. "HELP"

I have been starch since I was about 12. My mother used to eat it and I got hooked. I start and stop. I am trying to quit but it is hard. I even tried buying the knock off brand since it tasted different to turn me against it, but I am acquiring the taste for that one now.

I am gaining weight like crazy, bad headaches and a lot of chest pains. I found out that I am anemic. I just worry that its clogging up my arteries and messing up my heart. But I can't seem to put a halt to it. Does it really affect your heart and chest area?

I'm from the south and when I was young I would eat clay dirt. Then we moved to the north were I could not eat it any more, so I did not eat any thing. We ended up moving back to the south, where it would rain and I would smell the dirt and want it. An older lady told me about Argo. I did not like it at first but I could not stop after eating it. I also needed blood and then also had heavy periods. I was put on iron and b6 and it helped but when I had a period I would want to eat it.

So I was addicted to cornstarch for like a year and I gained a TON of weight from it and like n.g. I had very bad chest pains. So I did some research and found that Arrowroot is better for you since it is organic and it has not been chemically altered. The texture is very similar and will help kill your cravings. It can help you ween yourself off of starch because its not as addictive and it is 6 times the price of cornstarch. The price alone will help you quit. LOL I'm not saying it is a cure all but it did work for me. Let me know and Good Luck :)!

I've been eating argo cornstarch since I was 10 yrs old. I actually picked up the bad habit from my aunt! And yeah eating cornstarch is a addiction and I'm trying to stop. I've gained a lot of unwanted weight and was prescribed to take some iron pills called REPLIVA. The pills are real huge so I barely take them. My folks don't like me eating starch! I'm really trying to stop. It is a mind thing! Don't let it take over you!

My mother introduced me to eating Argo cornstarch from the box when I was a baby. I didn't eat it as a child but when I grew up, I found a box in a friend's pantry and began eating a spoonful or two during each visit until I had eventually eaten the entire box. I started buying boxes and between 1995 and 2009 went from eating a box within 3 months, to a box a day. My friends, and family would buy starch for me during my pregnancies but now chastise me for my habit calling starch my "crack" because I seem to be addicted to it.

My mother is a nurse and has told me that if I continue eating a box a day, it may one day be my fate to have sugery to remove part of my intestine due to a cornstarch blockage. I want to stop this craving before such predictions become my reality.

I spent the last 3 years craving corncakes (a bit like ricecakes but made from pressed popcorn). I was eating at least 1 pack a day and I LOVED eating them. The feel and taste of them was comforting and completely satisfying and I would sit devouring one after another in a mechanical, obsessional way. However after a binge I always felt bloated, dehydrated and annoyed with myself for not being able to control the obsessional eating.

About a year ago I was diagnosed with anaemia and looked up symptoms on the web. Was amazed to find that craving corn is a well known symptom. After taking strong iron tablets regularly for about 3 months, I am now completely free from cravings. Despite having 3 packs sitting there waiting for me in the cupboard, I have not eaten, or even thought about eating, any corncakes for about a month now. It really worked for me and I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to stop eating corn to stop beating yourself up about it and go get a blood test for anaemia.

Hello, I must say that I relate to your husband and the fact that he would choose you over the starch is so true... It is like a drug habit. I was eating starch for 20 years. I have had 3 blood transfusions and was near death on one occasion. It is important to keep a level of stress to a minimum because that is when I would most crave it. Honestly it is no different than crack... He will probably have withdrawals of moodiness, up in the middle of the night going to the store to buy some, taking it out of the trash if the kids have tossed it..

I know because I use to do the same thing. I have been clean for 8 months.. but have fell off twice with just a mere sip from a straw, but realized it didn't taste the same. The craving would drive me insane to the point I would take a box to work and go to my car for a starch fix.. crazy. He may want to talk to others about it. That really helped me. I was so embarrassed at first, then I realized what I was doing to my kids, then to myself... I get nauseated just thinking about it now..

He needs some form of counseling to help get over the craving, eat lots of green vegetables and iron.... it is a one day at time process...

Reading the comments made about individuals addicted to cornstarch, gave me a sense of relief. I know it sounds crazy, but I've been going through the same exact experiences. I've been eating cornstarch since 2005 and I tell you I thought something was seriously wrong with me. I was so afraid to tell my doctor when I went for a doctor's visit. I felt embarrassed and ashamed for eating cornstarch. I would hide it when people come to my house. If the company stayed over too long and I just had to have it, then I would put it in a cup and pretend I was drinking something.

I know that I've gained weight from eating cornstarch. I eat it by the box and one box can last me one day. My husband tells me it's my "CRACK" all the time. I have attempted to stop time after time. But something always draws me back to it. Every once and a while I can go a week or two without eating, but by the third week I have to have it.

Part of me feels the reason why I eat by the third week is due to my menstrual cycle. (Sorry if that's too much information) And part of me know it's psychological.

When I addressed the issue to my doctor she said "Oh you're craving something called "pica" and you need to take iron pills." Well I've done that and I still crave it. So I'm really desperate for other options. I do eat veggies.. but it seems it's not enough as well. I'm ready to have control over my life, because this starch has overtaken it in more ways then one.

When I was a little girl I watched my mom eat Argo Laundry Gloss Starch. And as the old saying goes, "monkey see, monkey do." Soon I was consuming a new box of starch every two days. I ate starch from junior high school through college. I was so addicted to the crap, it was always the first thing I ran to when I made it home from class and work.

Nothing pleased me more than eating spoonfuls of starch after a good meal. I guess you could say that it was my dessert, because nothing to me was sweeter. Driving and eating starch with a spoon was difficult, so like most of you, I too turned to sucking the white stuff from the box with a straw. I often caught other drivers looking at me funny while sitting at red lights sucking starch from the box, but I didn't care. Flexible straws were my favorite because I could bend the straw and leave it in the box for quick and easy access later.

As the years passed, I went from eating Argo Laundry Gloss Starch to eating Walmart Store brand cornstarch. Tired of the weight gain and constant constipation, I eventually gave the starch up for two years. I lost so much weight people would often ask me, "what's your secret?" How could I tell them that I had kicked a 1300 calorie habit. While completing my college degree, my aunt passed from Leukemia. Once again, I turned to starch. I don't smoke or drink. I guess you could say that starch was my alcohol, my cigarettes.

As the years passed I was constantly kicking and picking back up my habit. In November of 2008, I once again turned to starch when I was informed that my job was in danger. I lost the job and picked up the habit I had abandoned a year ago. I ate the stuff from that November until August 2009.

I have been starch free for one full month now. The job I lost was with a terrible employer whose employees were unhappy. I realized that losing the job was a blessing in disguise and turning back to starch was only hurting me. Just as I have, you can also kick your addition. It's going to be hard, but if I can do it, so can you.

I too was turned onto Argo Corn Starch by someone, my mom. It used to be crunchy and tasted so go and that was over 25 years ago, I am now 36. I have tried off and on over this time to quit with no luck. I have gained weight, problems with my teeth, bad headaches, low iron and b12 and more. The more I try to get off the more I want it.

The longest I went was one year without it and then I saw it in the store and bought three boxes and started up again. I have been without insurance for the past two years so cannot go to the doctor. I am supposed be taking weekly b12 shots but can't afford it. I have tried buying scratch offs and even chocolate to substitute but still no luck. Don't know what I am going to do.

TJ congrats on the one month of being starch free. I have been free from eating starch for 3 wks going on 4. I decided to try weight watchers and try to kick the habit of eating the starch. I've done good, but I still have my cravings like crazy. I've been faithfully taken iron pills and b12, but the itch is still present. So continue to hang in there...


I fully understand what your husband is going through and what's scary is I know the exact crunchy laundry starch he ate as a kid. I looked for that before settling for Argo. Please let him know this is a very dangerous addiction. I had no sign of what I was in for on the day I went to the doctor for a routine check up.

I ended up being admitted to the hospital immediately. They wouldn't even let me drive home my iron count was so low. I had become severely anemic. One day out of the blue I had a craving for the starch I hadn't eaten in 12yrs. Once found, I continued to eat a box a day going some days w/o eating food. The doctor wasn't sure if it was anemia that caused the cornstarch craving, or me eating the starch for a year that caused the anemia. I was given "nutrients" for a wk while I laid in the hospital.

They ruled out the transfusion he had told me earlier I might need. After a wk I was released and prescribed iron pills to take twice daily. The pills caused a great deal of constipation. My grandmother suggested I drink a half glass of Mogan David wine every night before I went to bed until my next follow up visit to the doctor which was about a week.

I stopped taking the iron pill during this time. My iron went up 5 counts in a week. My desire for the cornstarch disappeared. It was about 3yrs before the desire returned. I have to monitor my iron count, but I'd much rather do that than continue to battle the desire for cornstarch. I would have never imagined how harmful cornstarch could be. The cornstarch becomes sugar once broken down in your system and can also contribute to diabetes as well.

I'm sixteen years old and I am a cornstarch eater... I know what it feels like. Cornstarch is very addictive..

I am so glad i found this site. I have been eating cornstarch for 3 yrs steady now since I had my last baby. I started 13 yrs ago when I was pregnant at that time. This is really scary! I have to stop this, I know my iron level is extremely low, and I take iron pills off and on. I think I will try the mogan david if it will increase my iron level and hopefully decrease the starch craving. I am buying it everyday and gaining weight too. My teeth are being ruined !

I need help. Please tell me someone if the Mogan David helps with Iron. I really need to stop this, I know it is affecting my health. I need to be here for my kids, I have no energy. Thank you for this site. I now don't feel so alone, I can relate to everything, especially eating the starch in the car and taking the box out of the garbage! I need help!

I used to use argo starch when I saw my mom use it. She turned me on o it, but it was the laundry one from the corner store. I started using it again at the age of 30 and now I am 33 I want to quit because I know it will bring on problems later. My doctor told me I was anemic and I used to eat ice chips. But now all I want is starch.

After reading all these posts I am going to quit and start on my iron pills. I don't want to have a blood transfusions or a heart attack or any other issue associated with argo starch. I am giving it up for good thanks to all the positive posts of people who have quit, thank you.

I started eating cornstarch (Argo) in 2007, I was up too a box a day, like 7 boxes a week!!! One day 2-28-09 I passed out at work, I was rushed to the ER and the doc told me my hemoglobin dropped from a 13 to 3!! I could have died, I was bleeding internally.

The cornstarch ruined my large intestines and it turned into Chron's Disease. They gave me a blood transfusion and I had to change my diet. I use to weigh 208 lbs now I am 148 lbs. If you eat cornstarch I URGE YOU TO STOP!!! I know it is addictive because I ate a box a day for 2 years straight!!!

Please get help because it can kill you...I almost died and I will never eat that stuff again...I still crave it from time to time but that tells me that I need to get my iron checked again...

I know what you all mean. I eat white dirt, like all the time. I order 2 bags and it's gone in like a week.. It tastes so good, it melts in your mouth.

I too am very hooked on cornstarch and laundry starch. I have been eating it for 20 years and I am only 32. I used to eat cornstarch baby powder but now it just starch. I used to mix it with water but now I prefer to just eat it plain.

I have gained weight and I have had a blood transfusion but I can't stop eating it. I am loosing my mind because I really want to stop eating it but it just taste so good.

Oh my God! I finally found people in the world that can relate to this addiction I have had for years! CORNSTARCH! And like most of you, you got it from ya mama, like me, who is now one of the most argo user haters. remember when it used to be the red box with hard pebbles, now yellow powdered box that you sift from a straw or a spoon, Especially when you stressed, oh ain't nothing like a hit of that Argo cornstarch! It's for sure addictive! Looking on this website I'm finding out why I have problems with my teeth! Wow! we better get some Argo Starch Anyonymous help! this is truly like a drug addiction! It taste good (don't have no taste) make you feel good when u stressed (so you think) BUT it ain't good! everything that's good to ya, ain't always good for ya!

I leave all my argo posses' with this! we better leave this alone! And we know its not good for us like drug addicts know drugs ain't good for them. we've experienced most or all of the the effects this stuff causes! I been clean again for a few months! don't know when I can't take it no more and go back to it. It sure is good to know that I ain't the only one going thru this by myself! BUT REAL TALK!!! We better leave it alone! GOOD LUCK MY FELLOW ARGO USERS!

Started using Argo in 2007 to kick a baking soda habit. I never have EATEN it. Just chew it and spit it out... making sure I rinsed thoroughly. I think that being the case I never had the symptoms most others had. Got the idea from a sight like this because I really needed to stop chewing and spitting baking soda... which I had a habit of for about a year off and on... Once I started doing the cornstarch the same way I kicked both habits within about 3 months. (Thanks to God)... got pregnant had a healthy baby got pregnant and due in 30 days...

Problem started doing it again 2 days ago. First one heaping teaspoon then today 3 more... still chewing and thoroughly rinsing and brushing my teeth... after reading these posts. I went into the kitchen...Taped the container shut, wrote a prayer on the tape. And God willing I will never relapse again... I am anemic always have been... so I grabbed iron rich foods instead..

Thanks to all that posted... although I would recommend chewing and spitting as a way to wean off it...

I still struggle with eating cornstarch. I don't eat as much of it as I used to, but I still fight with it. I can't even remember how I started eating it, or even how long it's been. I found out I was anemic, so my doc prescribed iron pills. I took the pills, and still ate cornstarch. My new thing was putting juice in it and letting it form pebbles, then eating it.

The first of the year, I decided to taper off. I went three weeks without it, but just bought a box in the last week. It's terrible I know. I exercise everyday, I take a multivitamin with iron, and I eat more veggies than I probably ever have. I still have the craving. I hide it from my kids and my husband. They have no clue that I do this..... I didn't know it caused so many issues until I read these other posts from other "users"... I'm getting rid of it and I won't buy any more.

I also eat ice, but I wouldn't think craving ice would be that bad because it's water. I have cut down on my ice eating... one large cup will last several days. At one time, I used to send my kids to the Quiktrip or Kwikshop for several cups of ice, plus a bag of Sonic ice. It's madness, but if I have to pick one, I will stay with the ice, cuz ice has no calories, and it's water.


Went to the doctor today for an annual check up. Just turned 46. Iron, dangerously low. A few months ago I passed out over a friend's house, suffer with bad migraines.

Like most of you, I got the crave as a kid, I have been heavy on the Argo Gloss Cornstarch for about 5 years now. I am scared. Doc said, if I lose another point on blood count, its transfusion time. I did not tell him of the starch deal, but I had a hunch this was a connection.

My fibroids have increased in numbers, my cycle is very heavy. Pray for me, I want to stop, I desire to stop, I must stop or it will kill me. KILL ME. I just laid eyes on my first grandbaby! I will stop! I have to stop. I hate the day I ever desired starch.

I ate a lot of the starch and also clay dirt at a child. Was anemic at age 10 yrs. Had a lot of problem with my stools as a child. Was able to stop for many yrs but at age 34 when I was carrying my last child, I had the taste for it, but after eating it I had to go to the hospital for my bowels and it had to be picked from me. This was my last taste for it and it will be 32 yrs in July. I am so glad that my body has been built back up to stop the craving for the starch and the clay dirt.

You can buy iron pills from the store and build you system back up. Go for it. It is healthier.

Wow! Finally found some info. Its the craziest thing. My grandmother used to eat cornstarch when I was a kid and we would take a few bites every now and then but nothing serious. Fast forward almost 10 years and I started eating it in college. I did not have a car and I did not want a ride. Partly because I was not buying anything but starch and was too poor to perpetrate by buying other items and partially because I enjoyed "walking with the craving" and the anticipation of that 1st bite.

Eating starch made me feel so good. Like a "spirit massage". I would miss classes and not go out on weekends just to finally be alone to eat starch. Crazy right?! Then I just stopped... No reason, I just stopped. Now, in the last six months cravings have been unbearable. I am eating a box a day! This really means I'm eating a box in about 4 hours! I knew I had a problem when I started putting a box in my car! I never knew of any medical side effects until checking for info on google.

I personally did not like the idea of "having" to have something because then it "has" you! Funny thing is I don't drink, smoke or do any type of drugs for that same reason.. And I'm battling a corn starch addiction! LOL! Anyway, I just wanted to break the habit and make sure my son does not pick it up. Now I'm seeing all of this info and it is making sense.

I have perfect teeth but they began to rot. I have gained tons of weight, have migraines and have painful fibroid issues! Eventually I can see it becoming a requirement for there to be a disclaimer on starch like there is on cigarettes! For real, argo has to know somethings up- there is not that much damn baking in the world to support there sales! LOL

I don't do drugs or dink, but I eat this cornstarch all the time, my hemoglobin is very low. I was toldthat I have something called thallesemia. Anyway, I'm black and love the stuff. This ice helps, but the cornstarch is far better. I have my husband buying me some too, talk about funny. poor guy. He calls it that powder stuff. ROFL!

I have started back eating ice and argo starch. Checked with my Dr, did not find anything. Can you gain weight from the starch? I have tried chromium picolinate. Is there something wrong with me?


Thank you so much for your honesty! I have been off of cornstarch for six weeks now. I find myself doing the same thing that you did: Going down the baking aisle and staring at it but NOT buying it. It's been so hard not to eat it. Finding this website and reading your comments helped. I thought I was the only one. Nice to know that I'm not alone. :-)

I too have been eating argo cornstarch. I've been eating it now for 16 yrs. Two[2] weeks ago I was adamant about letting it go. I have not been successful yet but, I know with Praying and having a wonderful Praying partner, I will be free. The changes I've gone through is really scary: Blood Transfusion {the scariest}, weight gain {aint sexy} mood swings {not good at all}. The cravings are really scary.

My two[2] oldest daughters had gotten on it, I scared the crap out of them and they left it alone [too bad I couldn't do the same thing for myself]. My mother was on it for some years she had to have several large gallstones removed she did leave the starch alone. So as I sit here and respond to some of the other letters, I'm patiently waiting and constantly Praying because I know I'm a conqueror. So the next time I enter onto this site it will be nothing but good news.

I will be giving God all the Glory because I know without him and my determination it will not happen. So let's lift each other up in Prayer that we all overcome the demon that's in the box.

I suffer with the same problem, how long did it take to lose the weight once you stop eating it?

I am so very glad to find this site! I am SO addicted to Argo cornstarch! I am 41 and started eating it when I was 14 and pregnant with my oldest son. I started out slowly also, but over the last year or so, I can eat 2 or 3 boxes a week. I get so upset with myself when I think about how badly I am a slave to this starch! I have quit for a little over a month now, and the cravings are getting worse and worse! When I inhale I smell it, and my mouth begins to water when I think of taking just 1 spoonful of it!

I have been praying greatly to let it go. I have been diagnosed with Diabetes and anemia. Starch is so very calming! I have the extremely heavy cycles also, the migraines and the weight gain! I also do not use the bathroom regularly as I should. Some of the comments of transfusions have scared me, but the craving is still there! I have even found myself over the past couple of days or so trying to bargain with God and ask Him to just let me eat it 1 week of each month!

THAT is INSANELY ADDICTED!! I don't know what Arrowroot is, but maybe I can try that. I just don't believe that the iron pills will help, because the taste and sound of having the starch in your mouth and chewing it, is part of the desire. Just swallowing a pill can't replace that for me! LOL! My heart is beating fast just thinking of it! I pray that we ALL get over this terrible addiction!

There really does need to be some Starch Anonymous groups set up in every city, especially in the south where I live! Thank you all for your comments, and letting me know that I am TRULY NOT alone!

I have been eating cornstarch off and on for a few years. Lately it has gotten out of hand, I am up to eating about 400 grams a day. I know that there is something wrong with it, but I can't stop and that is what is worrying me. I told my husband that it was not an "addiction" and that I could stop anytime I wanted to, and I did for three days. I was an absolute mess. I went to the store, purchased 3 boxes and sat in my truck and finished one. I felt so bad because even after I didn't want to eat any more I kept shoveling it in.

I cannot say that I have any problems with my teeth or BM. In actual fact I am better when I eat cornstarch. I recently had a blood test and my doctor informed me that I was very anemic, that is not something new to me. I have had Iron pills, Iron injections and beefed up my iron rich food intake and none of it has improved my condition. I have been scheduled to see a specialist in a couple of days and I will mention the cornstarch eating issue.

I never connected the two and eating cornstarch is not something that you want to run around telling people that you do. Thanks to some of the comments on here I now know the problem that I do have (eating cornstarch) is connected to a condition that is not of my creating (Anemia). I honestly do not think that it is a chicken and egg issue. I am not a doctor but I know that in my case the eating of cornstarch did not cause the anemia it was the other way around.

It lets me off of the hook but only slightly, I know I have a problem and I know that the problem can be fix. I am willing to do whatever it takes, because eating cornstarch is a little loopy, but the medical reasons that a person may eat it are dangerous. Get yourselves checked out. Just thought that I would share that.

Its called PICA , and it's very real. Seek help.

I have been eating cornstarch since I was 6, my mom used to eat it. I am now 25 and I can't seem to stop eating it. I was so in love with the argo kind which is in the box, but they have switched to this little container which I think is nasty now. I am addicted to the kroger box brand. I am also anemic I haven't gained any weight and it is hard to use the bathroom. I really would like to stop but I can't, it's like a cigarette to me. I just have to have it. I carry my box every where I go. I have boxes in my trunk, in my cabinets. I mean I am really addicted. I feel like I should go to an AA meeting. and admit that I am addicted to eating cornstarch.

Hi... I am totally addicted to cornstarch. My favorite is Argo....convenient in its new non box packaging. Everyone thinks I'm crazy and that it's nasty but I love it. I however, do not have low iron levels or blood. So why am I addicted to Corn Starch? I'm at work now but I have to get some starch or I'm going to die!

I've been "clean" for 3months almost 4. No pills, just decided it was time to stop. Can't let this $1.18 powder have power over me and kill me. I don't crave it all the time just randomly. Right now my anxiety level of wanting to give in is at about a 9 out of ten. Every time I crave it I get somewhere and close my eyes and pray. I ask God to remove my want of cornstarch because I feel like I am actually going to give in and go buy some.

I tell Him I want it, but I don't want to want it. It takes a while with a lot of debating, but I get through it. Today as I was driving I just wanted a spoonful so bad, my mouth instantly watered up.

It's crazy because its the wanting it that drives me crazy. In the past when I tried to quit but gave in I felt so guilty, like I was cheating myself. That spoonful of surrendering wasn't even what I thought it would be... but I kept eating it. Its an obsession...that I don't understand but I am trying so hard to quit for good.

I feel the same way. I have been trying to stop for the longest. but I keep giving into it. It just seems to satisfy at times. I am going thru a lot now on my job, church and home life. I feel like the cornstarch makes me feel safe. I know that is wrong becuz, I know GOD is suppose to do that for me, and he does.... but this cornstarch is sooo addicting and it ain't funny. I like that bland taste it carries. I like how it feels in my mouth. I love the way it smells. I like when i suck it thru a straw. I eat it all day long. I think I can eat a box in 2days. I know that isn't good. But maybe one day I will be able to stop.

Cornstarch was my addiction of choice. I ate it for several years and seemed to have little or no self control when it came to purchasing it in quantities and eating it daily. I've gained a significant amount of weight from eating cornstarch. It wasn't until recently I was able to stop eating cornstarch. I had surgery several months ago and my blood count was low which caused me to have a blood transfusion. After getting out of the hospital I noticed that my craving and desire for cornstarch was not so intense. I honestly had no desire to eat it.

I addressed my concerns with my doctor and she said probably the reason why I wasn't craving it was due to the blood transfusion. Even though my body wasn't craving the starch, the psychological side wanted me to eat it. But I didn't give in. I just learn how to focus and distract myself with something else that was going on. It has been 4 MONTHS AND I HAVE NOT HAD ANY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every time I pass by Kroger's I think about stopping to get some, but I've learned to avoid the situation by taken a different route home.

I'm proud of myself even though it took a blood transfusion to help fix the problem. I still have major concerns and fears if I ever get back to that point in my life where I allow cornstarch to take over...! I do believe I'm stronger, but still have some weakness. I avoid the baking/flour aisle in the store. I don't allow cornstarch in my house either because it would just start the vicious cycle all over again!!! ...

For those who are still battling with the addiction, try to seek help as soon as possible. I do believe it's a serious problem that has been overlooked and ignored. Too many people are suffering from PICA and are thrown a prescription for iron pills to solve the problem. The pills just take the edge off, but doesn't really seek a cure.


uhmm. I eat at least 20-25 boxes of cornstarch a month its an addiction truly! I don't know truly what life would be without it.

I have been eating cornstarch every since I was 15 also and I started when I seen my mom eating it that was 8 years ago but I don't blame her GOD rest her soul. My mom passed away from cancer not from cornstarch, but anyways I'm now 23 and pregnant and I just can't seem to knock this habit, but the thing is my 6 year old son went in my cornstarch and I was just devastated and it made me want to stop eating this stuff but every time I see it in a store or see a white substance such as flour or sugar I just start craving it.

And that's not the only thing I have a sister that is 20 and she has been eating cornstarch ever since she was 12 and she now eats a box a day she's got it really bad she's worse then me I only get a box once a week but that's still not good but anyways that's my story.

I've been eating argo corn starch for 20 years. I started eating the starch, after a kidney transplant rejection. The craving started, I went into the store and bought it but it was the argo laundry starch. I ate the argo laundry for about a year, until my sister mother in-law told me about argo corn starch.

I've being on kidney dialysis for 22 years, I'm anemic, and have had several blood transfusions, had to have 2 pints of blood last year after a complete hip replacement surgery. I became a diabetic and started taking insulin last year.

I am eating 3 or 4 boxes a week, I don't know what to do. I've tried to stop eating the starch can do without it for about a week or two. But the craving will start again and I will buy 3 or 4 boxes at one time. I turned 49 yesterday, and I want to stop for my grandson.

I've eaten Argo cornstarch since I was a kid because my mother used to eat it. I found out I was anemic when I was 17 years old. I ate it for many years and stopped. I started back eating it like 6 years ago. I used to eat 5 boxes a week. I also have heavy menstruals that contribute to my low blood count. I was hospitalized 3 years ago for my low blood count. I received 2 pints of blood and didn't crave cornstarch for a year and a half, but I've since relapsed and can't kick the habit! Ug!! Help!! I haven't eaten any in 2 days and it's killing me! I get the shakes and my mouth waters when I don't eat it. I'm truly addicted! Sad but true.

Today is day 7 without cornstarch. Cornstarch has been my secret for many years and no one in my life is aware that I have been eating it almost everyday. I've quit many times, sometimes for as long as 6 months. I've had anemia for sometime.

I have large fibroids which cause too much blood loss. I was put on a hormone by my OB-GYN to stop my cycle (my last cycle was 15 days long with no end in sight). Anyway, I am building my blood supply by taking iron twice a day and planning a hysterectomy in May 2011. So far the craving is still there but it is not as intense.

My husband is a recovery alcoholic and if he can give up alcohol for life I should be able to give up cornstarch. One day at a time is what they say. I've also ballooned from 135 lbs to 187 lbs--that in itself is a good reason to stop eating this stuff. I was eating at least 2 canisters of argo cornstarch a week. I figured I should lose at least a pound a week from not eating starch. We'll see what happens. Good luck to all of you.

Wouldn't it be in the best interest of the public for the corn starch industry to stop manufacturing this product? This will force pica eaters to stop eating corn starch. Why not substitute corn starch recipes with other thickeners such as tapioca, arrow root or flour? Or would the corn starch makers lose proceeds?

I concur with most ppl. on the comment page. However it's not like Crack, that's an insult to poor crack users.
However it's bad and causes problems and it's just simply stupid to eat it.

I must say that I have lose weight on CS because back in 2004 I lost weight due to stress and decided to run with it. 7yrs later I'm 100lbs smaller and wear a size 6 ST. John Knit. What I did was I cut out Soda, F.Fries, F.Food all carbonated drinks, chips, candy and replaced it with salads vegetables, and the like. I amazingly lost weight still eating the CS because it's not just the CS it's a lot of other foods that cause weight gain too.

I actually stopped for a year and picked it up again, and gained weight because of not exercising in 09 I resumed exercise and I've lost that weight again, So I think it we exercise eat right and limit the CS, until we kick it for good, I think that will help.

I wished we had some support groups or something. We all need it badly. what I usually do is take the first taste and some more bites, I like the Plastic spoon I don't know why, then I empty the box until it gets about 2 inches or less from the bottom and go from there. Then I just try to be strong until 6 - 10 days go by. I think I will kick it soon because I get heartburn from it not. I think all of us is not only addicted to it, we like it, which is beyond addiction.

Also never run out of Iron the way I have and Chromium Picolinate, which I have to go get before my exercise class tonight. So try to limit the amount and exercise and the weight won't be an issue.

Love you all


I can relate to all you guys I just started eating corn starch about 3 weeks ago and it feel as if I'm addicted to it. I started with putting my wet fingers in it about 3 or 4 times and I'm a happy camper with it dripping on my shirt trying to sneak it without my family noticing it now I’m sneaking in the kitchen late at night just to get a fix before I go to bed. I have always had border line anemic but since I started dialysis back in February 2011 I have develop this craving to corn starch. I used to see people who have habits and I was glad I was one who didn’t fall in that situation... I can’t say that now… now I’m saying corn starch take me away LOL

Hey don't be so hard on yourselves. Clay, Chalk, Dirt and Starch eating traces back to our ancestors in Africa. People are also known to eat clay in India. Africans crave corn starch and dirt because they are not eating enough breads, fruits, vegetables, liver and other foods rich in iron. Take a look at the video clips below. Clay dirt is sold on the street as a supplement and snack in Africa.

VIDEO: Tribes Ghana Africa supplement diet with eating clay?


I never thought that eating cornstarch was a problem until I started eating whole boxes myself within just 2 or 3 days, I originally began eating it at 16 pregnant with my first child, and family members would also eat it often which made it hard for me to stop. I'm 23 years old about to be 24 and I feel like this has become an issue and I need help. My weight is up and down and I know my iron is low. My mate doesn't like it, he thinks I should be able to stop easily, I find myself lying to my family about quitting. I don't have a favorite brand any will do just to take the craving away. Often I will eat ice to take the place of starch, but lately I've been eating both together. I dip my fingers pour mounds in my hands and lick it, and even eating it through a straw. I've tried chalk as a replacement but it's not as good at the starch. Help me please and thank you.

Glad I am not alone. I hate going to the grocery store because I would buy lots of groceries when the only reason I went there was for cornstarch.

OMG!! Did you really lose a lot of weight when you stopped? And how fast and how much? At this point that will be my only motivation to stop eating because I am truly addicted. I love it so much it's crazy but I feel guilty every time. Our stories are so similar it's scary!

Ladies, let me just say I have been to this forum several times because I too eat cornstarch. And to hear testimonials of others is somewhat comforting to me because I do not know of anyone in my personal life who has the same problem. I would be too embarrassed to even ask.

I have been eating cornstarch on and off for about 2 years. I recently had a really bad health scare. I kept getting really dizzy and it seemed like I was seeing flashing lights every 40minutes. I was really short of breath. I couldn't even take a shower without having to lean over the sink to catch my breath when I stepped out... and I'm only 22. Not to mention I started craving more things on top of my cornstarch addiction, ie. chalk, baking powder, paper, basically anything dry.

Come to find out my iron was extremely low. So I bought some iron supplements and started taking them daily. Within about two weeks my cravings were very minimal. The flashing lights stopped and I can move without losing my breath.

I don't feel like I need it anymore. I do occasionally give it a little taste but I don't swallow it and its a very small amount. I actually don't enjoy it as much as I used to. I understand that its a process.

I plan to keep taking the iron pills so that I don't ever want it at all. I also have lost 17 lbs so far and its been about 4months (I have been exercising a little also). So the weight I packed on is slowly coming off.

I pray that we all have the courage to take care of ourselves. It seems like you just can't quit, I know. But you just have to make a decision to do it and don't procrastinate. Take baby steps. Move the cornstarch out of your hiding spot and put it in the cabinet, you don't even have to throw it away. It seems like when I was battling myself to stop and I would throw away my box I felt like I needed it more. Then I stopped thinking about it. I wasn't hiding anything, wasn't worrying about anyone finding it and being disappointed in me or grossed out. We all deserve better for ourselves.

I wish you all the best. This just takes time and effort. Its something that no one is really talking about and should be because obviously its a problem. But don't let it get the best of you!

I have been eating cornstarch (argo) for months now... and after reading all these comments it scares me :( but I can't kick the habit. It gets to the point to were if I'm at the bottom of the box I will lick around it.. smh I'm up to a box a day. I've tried doing other things to get my mind off it but nothing I do or eat satisfy my craving for cornstarch, and if I run out and can't make it to the store, I'm very moody and almost feel like bursting out in tears. I cant sleep until I have it, I skip meals just to eat cornstarch.

Wow, it amazes me how many other people have the same addiction in which I possess.
I am a woman of 41 years and I know that I am not suppose to ear corn starch yet I eat 2 boxes of Argo corn starch on a daily basis. I crave it I have to have it and I will flip out if I can not get it in a box . I will start to become very moody as well as feel really down and out. I'm not sure what to do. I'm extra large now and need to loose this weight as soon as possible. I'm going to see a shrink. LOL but seriously I Need HEEEEELLppppp ASAP...

Iron taken in high doses can cause constipation, that combined with your already decreased motility (intestinal activity or movements) from eating cornstarch is most likely the cause of your hemorrhoids when you actually do have to use the restroom. I would suggest an herbal laxative tea to drink at night to help get you system moving again. This one called smooth move is my favorite. lol, smooth move. It really works for the next day seriously. But don't stop the iron you need it. You might wanna add some fiber to your diet too because you can't drink the tea forever.



It is a hard thing I started eating dirt at a young age we moved to the north an I still wanted to eat dirt an would go outside in my back yard to dig it up an older lady told me this is not the dirt you eat. I was so happy when we move back to the south.

How I got to eat starch was my grand mother who I told I was have having a strong taste for dirt she told me to get some argo like most when I taste it I did not like it but the feel of it in my mouth an I got a box that was 10 years ago or more I stop an the start back. Like most of the people on here it hear my story in all that I have read.

But I see it is hurtful more then anything. It can blow you stomach up an cause poison in your body the weight gain is real bad for your health. I still want it but I make sure I take my b-6 an b-12 iron is needed as well. Let us for each other because with something strong like this because it is strong we need God.

Wow I really thought I was crazy and alone with this corn starch issue. But after reading all these comments I feel so much better (Still fill a lil. crazy) but better. Lolol. I'm 42yrs. old and I thank everyone for sharing their story because I was really starting to think something was very wrong with me. I share in a lot of the moods, feelings, from craving for corn starch. But I started eating it to get off the urge for craving Clabber Girl Baking Powder. I ate that like crazy. When my Daughter was born the doc. was amazed to find my child alive.

My bags she was carried in was so messed up and polluted they sent it to the lab to be taken apart and reviewed. So thank god my baby was fine. So I started eating starch instead my daughter is 20 now through the years I stopped every now and again for a month or two but something always made me start back. I've went without my cig. and food because I didn't have enough money to do all of them and corn starch usually wins. I remember when corn starch was .67 cent a can and now I'm paying $2.89 or more a can. Pray for me and I'll pray for you that nothing bad happens to any of us from eating corn starch cause the lord knows we need him, good luck everyone and once again thank for letting me know I'm not alone. P.S yes I would attend a corn starch anonymous class.... lololol

WoW!!!I didn't realize that there were so many people that have this addiction. I thought it was just me. For me, I saw my father eating starch and I picked up from there. I don't know if it's the way the dus smells or what, but I will crave it. ALL THE one time I was eating 2 boxes a day....I have slowed from that, but never the less I still eat it. No one other than one of my best friends and my close fam knows that I eat. I keep it hidden. Maybe one day we will find out what causes our cravings and the people that want to stop will.....still glad to know I'm not alone.

I truly believe it's an addiction like any other addiction. I suffer that same problem. I have quit and started over. I looked online to order crunchy stuff, because when I was little my mom used to buy it by boxes at that time they used to have cornstach/ argo in tablets and it tasted umh umh very good.

This is the feeling I'm missing and I will pay lot of money if I could find those tablets again, although my blood counts are not excellent but no that bad either. My question is why cornstarch????, why crunchy???. If you find a cure for your husband please let me know I can't help myself. I don't smoke, drink, or do illegal substances, I don't even drink coffee but got to have my CORNSTARCH they need to do a research on that product. Be patient with your husband if you haven't find a cure for him yet. He's addicted.

Just like everyone else on here I have been eating corn/laundry starch from a little girl and till this very day I can't stop it. I keep a box in my car just to hide it from my mother and my kids. My mother used to eat it when I was young. And, she has not touched that box in over Ten years. I eat starch when I am stressed out and it sometimes relieves it. But, most times when we crave it because we are probably under a lot of stress. And, it becomes our therapeutic way of relieving our stress. Instead, of taking a drive.

As I sit here I'm eating some now lol, it is good and real talk it is bad. I may buy it about 3 times a year but that's about it. My mouth waters when I think about it. YES it is like a drug and YES we need some kind of help. I can eat one box in a week, but like I said I buy it about 2 or 3 times a year. Best of luck y'all we need it!

I was addicted to corn starch for most of my life. My mother introduced me to it at a young age. She never encouraged me to eat it, but I would sneak into it when she wasn't looking. And just as most others that have posted comments here on this board, I became anemic. The doctor would place me on iron supplements, and it would get a little better. But it would never completely cure the cravings.

But around 6 months ago, I was reading about B6, Folic Acid, and B12 deficiencies. Taking the iron without these supplements was the problems. All of these things work together. It may not be ONLY iron that your body needs in order to stop craving corn starch. So, I bought a bottle of sublingual B-6/Folic Acid/B-12 tablets and started using them with the iron that my doctor prescribed me, and within 2 months of regular use, my corn starch cravings disappeared. And this is after 30 years of corn starch addiction. Please try the sublingual B-6/Folic Acid/B-12 supplement. You can buy it at any pharmacy. It's worth a try.

Thank you SO very much Teri! I am honestly going to try this and pray it works. I HATE being addicted to cornstarch this way. I have picked up too much weight and the cravings are so intense. I thank you for shining some kind of hope!

I been eating cornstarch for a year now and I try to stop but I just can't I love and hate being addicted to it its just so damn good.!!!!!! I HAVE TOOOOOOOOO STOP.

No... not unless the cornstarch is causing you to push out hard stools. Cornstarch can cause constipation -- especially if you don't get enough water and/or fiber in your diet.

But hems could cause bleeding, which could cause anemia, which can in turn, c cause the craving for cornstarch or dirt. Anemia can cause cravings for dirt and/or cornstarch.

I started eating corn starch about 2 years ago, how I got started was I saw a box of it in my brothers fridge and remembered several people I knew who had enjoyed eating it so i decided to give it a try, at first I used a spoon and thought not bad, then iI would pack it in a straw and suck it out, now I am a argo fan I eat about 1 box every two weeks, it has cut back on my cigarette consumption and has been known to settle my nerves when I am upset. I know starch is not that good for you the way I use it, but it sure beats the price of Newport cigarettes, maybe one day I can let it all go.

Early this year May 2011 I have been craving for Quaker oats cornmeal. I don't know why but its like I have to have it. I don't have constipation problems. I need to stop but I can't.

Quaker oats cornmeal? I never heard tell of anyone eating corn meal.

I love the squeaky-clean texture of cornstarch in my mouth! I eat about 1-3 Table Spoons everyday! The Argo Laundry Starch is my favorite. It has an extra clean taste. But I bought Argo's regular baking/cooking kind in the plastic container because it's just pure cornstarch which is probably better for my body because it contains no other ingredients. But I'm still tempted to go out and buy an extra box of Argo Laundry starch. Yummm!

My name is Lisa an I'm 29yrs old an I'm addicted to Argo cornstarch... I've been eating it for 10yrs now, I use to eat a jar every 2-3days but now its gotten so bad to were I eat a jar a day. I've gained a lot of weight from it an lord knows what else... I've tried to stop but its very hard, I'll try to go a day without it and my mouth would water I have to have it everywhere I go I don't run out or leave home without it I really wanna stop.

I too was introduced to cornstarch by seeing my mom eat it. I started using it myself maybe 6 years ago. I've used the kind by Argo in the little yellow containers & now I'm hooked on the walmart brand. I buy 2 boxes about every 2 weeks. I am trying to stop because it makes me feel good while I'm eating it and I do crave it but it makes my stomach hurt when I finish. Lets help each other.

I am actually quite different, I've been addicted to Argo cornstarch for about 10 years gradually moving from a box every two to three weeks to downing a box in 18 hours. When I don't have I eat any and everything to replace the comforting feeling of starch. So the starch doesn't make me gain weight because when I eat it i feel content and don't hunger for food. But when I crave it I go on a rampage. I know I need serious help but its like crack, that taste sooo good... Sigh

I to am glad to know that I am not in this by myself. I suffer everyday with this problem, I try hard sometimes to stop and sometimes I just say that I am not hurting myself or anyone else. But I and my family do not like the fact because they say it is hurting me, I spit it out after I chew it up although sometimes I do crave the swallowing of it.. I know it is a problem with my iron but after using it for so long I am scared to get checked out. Nothing I do seem to replace this craving, I never thought ice was an issue, but after reading these stories I now think ice too may be harmful.. NEVERTHELESS, I JUST WANT TO STOP EATING THE STUFF.

I was introduced to corn starch by my mom like the most of you. The only one she liked was Argo Corn Starch. She struggled to stop and her best friend begged her to stop. Well, now my mom is the first and only member of our family to have diabetes. When I was younger and she would have me go to the pantry to get it for her, once a blue moon I would try it. I didn't understand why she craved it so much. When my grandma suffered from a stroke in 2008, I became very stressed. I was a freshmen in high school who would have to go straight home to relieve the home aid nurse. I clean her & change her diaper. It was so hard and stressful. I was constantly scared that my best friend (grandmother) wouldn't get better. That is when I began eating corn starch.

I quickly got addicted to it and my mom began to notice. She would hide or throw away the box but that didn't stop me. I went to the store and bought me another Argo jar & hid it under my bed. They're so cheap so it was so easy to get my hands on it again (I ate 2-4 spoons a day. My mom had actually got off of it for at least 2yrs (after she was diagnosed). At that time my mother had also got a hysterectomy because she had thyroid glands (something we both believe the corn starch helped contribute to).

She has so many health problems now and I believe her past addiction caused most of it. When my grandma left our house for the last time & sent to the hospital, my habit got worse. She was on a constant cycle between hospital, 2nd hospital care facility, and nursing home so starch became my drug. I'm actually crying and wanting to go get some starch right now just thinking about it. I became my heaviest during that stressful roller coaster ride and eventually the death of my grandmother (DEC. 2009).

I've gotten better as time passed (on & off for two years now). My mom bought Folic acid to help cure my cravings but I would always stop and end up eating it again. I want to stop because I'm scared of becoming like my mother and I'm so afraid it may be too late. I'm worried that I have diabetes now but I'm just unaware of it (I show symptoms). I usually do fine for weeks or some months without it but something would make me want to go back and eat it again.

Now I notice whenever my period is coming or I'm on it, I would want corn starch. Also, whenever I'm stressed I would go eat then too... I had lost 20 pounds in 2 months when I finally said enough is enough! Now it's January, I'm going through things you can't imagine. Each day it's a new thing and it has caused me to crave again. I've gained 4 pounds in just 3 days. I hate that I'm letting this control me because I know I have the will power to STOP, but it's so hard listening to your inner voice.

My teeth have a little damage, I have pains in my pelvic region, I'm getting headaches, can't use the restroom, I get dizzy sometimes, and sometimes I feel out of breath. I'm so afraid that I may have already permanently damaged my body but I'm going to start walking & running again regardless of what's going on right now in hopes of moving it through my body to get it out (yes, that helps). I refuse to let this take over my life no matter how hard the battle. If there is any possibility that it isn't too late and I haven't caused permanent damage to my body, I'm going to fight this addiction, win, and never go back.

It is an they have CSA? I had kicked the habit of eating this vile powder for years; my husband got deployed to Afghanistan and now I cannot do without it. I was nursing my first baby when I determined the stuff was not good for either of us. Having three children kept me busy but now my baby is fifteen and I am back on the stuff.

I am fighting hard to get rid of the compulsion to eat cornstarch. I have been without eating it for two days but my mind if fuzzy with the need to put a spoonful in my mouth. I pray every day I did not decide to smoke, or worst.

I'm a 37 year old female that have been eating starch since I was 14 and started having problems with my kidneys when I turned 18 I was on dialysis and had made argo my number one snack. After I received a kidney transplant I stopped eating cornstarch for the 10 years my kidney lasted sadly my transplanted kidney failed 3 years ago and I have been back on that starch thing for those 3 years now.

I talked to my doctor and he really does not seem to have a problem with it because I'm not a diabetic and it really don't have any thing in it. I eat a box every 2-3 days I spit most of it out too! I was so glad to know somebody else does that. My family thinks I'm crazy and everybody wants to taste it even my 8 year old son and all the neighbors that see me walking out side in my yard with a box and a spoon or straw making white spots.

Argo needs to add us some iron to the ingredients lol. Eating on some now I wish I could quit but when I wake up, after a meal just all day long and before I go to bed I gotta have that texture of soft melt in your mouth argo starch some one should let argo no how much we spending a month on starch I save my boxes to see how many I eat in a month (16 boxes) we deserve discounts.

after reading most of the comments i found a govt. website that gives good advice on iron deficiency....symptoms, causes, remedies., etc.
they mention the eating of dirt, clay, etc. as a symptom of iron deficiency.
Also is included are tables of foods rich in animal and plant sources of iron.
cautionary information and dosage guidelines are also included. Hope this helps!

Ask your doctor for advice. And get help quick because you need your teeth. Come on... Rotten decayed teeth at the age 32. Wouldn't. Look good with the ladies.

OMG... Thank God I knew there was other Starch eaters This is a realy bad thing to do but I can't stop I need argo AA Like fo rreal Help... I hate when a smoker or drinker don't understand this a real addition and they as a stupid question like how u eat that stuff and I say the say way u smoke that nasty stuff then they get mad...But I know I need to stop I just can't... I really wish it was easy as ppl say they just say stop eating it not that easy Buddy....

I really wish ppl understand... I hate when ppl say it dont taste like nothing cus it do u r not alone I really with I could stop but I cant just happy to see im not alone

Well I L O V E ARGO CORN STARCH ! I seriously eat a whole thing in two days counting at the most three never a whole week unless I'm gone somewhere for the weekend. I have low iron that's for sure.

After a 10 year addiction to cornstarch, I was hospitalized and had a blood trans. I'm on iron and potassium and have no cravings. It's been 6 mos. now and I haven't had it or craved it. As long as he craves it, his iron is still low. If he can believe me, the cravings and all disappear when he regulates his blood. I dont want it or even think of it now. Never thought that would happen.

I have fibroids, did surgery in 2009 now they are back. I wish I could just grab them and crush them so they don't reside in my womb. I have no kids, I used to eat clay in rural area because of poverty. Now I'm in the city I eat crush ice snow on the fridge side smell is good, hot or cold.

This is so true. I started getting bad teeth. I have been eating corn starch since 2005... I try to get off of it. It's really hard. It has mad me gain stomach fat. It makes my chest hurt and I have really bad headaches. I went and bought some iron pills. so I hope this truly does help me....

I'm curious about my granddaughter's addiction to lip balm (Chap Stick) even when her lips look moist. It seems I have read something about this. Is it an indication of a deficiency of some sort?

I want to thank everyone for posting their comments about eating cornstarch..and I have come to a conclusion that I am done done done...again thanks

I've been addicted to eating cornstarch now for months as child I remember my mother giving us a teaspoon of it now I eat it, sneak it lie about it and knowing that it isn't good for me I still will eat it.
After reading up I these stories I pray to have the will power to stop I have to much to live for and that's my 3 sons n grandchildren.
As well I already suffer from other illnesses and they are enough to deal with to all whom are going through the same struggle get help if you can't stop.

I too eat Cornstarch everyday. I am so happy I'm not alone, I always thought it was a family issue, because as everyone else, I got it from my mom. My boys eat it too. I am always cold my period are very heavy, and my teeth are eating away too. I never thought the cornstarch was doing this to me. Now that I do know cornstarch causes so many problems maybe that will help me to kick the habit. Good luck to you all, and pray for me to stop. Cornstarch is a drug, and I am addicited.

I eat too much argo corn starch what I do is heat mine up so it become really dry and crunchy and I do not swallow I spit it out this stuff is so addictive and hard to stop eating. My skin is always dry especially my feet. I have been eating it for 25 years. It is just impossible for me to stop I eat it when I wake up, during the day, and before I go to sleep. It also causes me to have discharge more now. I am a black female and I know I am anemic. I just love the texture I really eat a lot when I am stressed I can chew about 4 boxes a week. My teeth are cracking I am always tired and have mood swings like no other. I have to make myself eat food I think about it constantly when it's not in my reach. I just love this stuff I hope one day I will stop eating it. I have family members that eat it just the same I guess it is a cultural thing amount black women. I really don't know of men eating it at least not in my family. I pray the Argo company will stop making it in the box because I hate the container. Also my muscles twitch a lot now. I have to let this starch eating go.

I love cornstarch in baby powder form. I just have to have it. I crave it after I eat and/or when I am depressed. I use to love the Johnson and Johnson's kind but they changed something about it so now it tastes of plastic. I switched to walmarts brand which is cheaper and I am hooked. I wish I could get it in bulk and have it shipped to my home. I to have a low blood count. At the moment, the only side effect is that I have gone from a size 4 to a 12 and my stomach is extra big. People always ask if I am pregnant. I am starting to exercise in an effort to lose my stomach and if I do lose the stomach.....I AM NEVER GOING TO QUIT EATING BABY POWDER!!!!!!

I'm 18 I've been eating cornstarch for a while now and I can't stop I know its hurting me because my iron level is low but I cant stop eating it! I've even tried chalk and it didn't give me the taste I was looking for I have also tried this baby powder that had corn starch in it but now I can't find it in the stores my grandma thinks I'm eating cornstarch too much n she wont buy me anymore! I can't fight my craving but I need to is there anything I can substitute it for that will give me the same pleasure as eating cornstarch does! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME

Reading all these comments give me chills. I've been eating cornstarch since I was 15, I'm 19. My mom ate it for over 20 years & I tried it many times when I was young and always liked it but never was compelled to eat it at all. Then out of nowhere I started noticing myself reaching for it more and more. Then I started buying it for myself but I told myself there was no way I would become addicted to it like my mom but it just happened. I needed it. I wanted it all the time. I never ate more than 2 boxes a week however cause I always was hiding my addiction so I didn’t have enough time to eat it in private.

I started to get severe headaches, heartburn, dizziness and blacking out when I stand, shortness of breath, super dry skin, constipation, yeast infections that would come back again and again, tooth decay, depression& finally my cycles became longer and heavier. All because of cornstarch. I never gained weight however I've always been tall and skinny.

I recently started taking iron and multivitamins. I'm praying that this helps. But I'm confident that I wont go back. Its not worth it. Tell yourselves that ladies. Its not worth it. And if you don’t buy it you cant eat it. Don go down the cornstarch aisle at the store. Don't buy it. It's much harder to fight the craving if you have it. Good luck, god bless. Your stories helped me. I hope I help someone.

I have been eating starch since I was 11 New I'm 23 when my mom would go and buy groceries I would get cornstarch while my sister would get snacks. Starch was mine. I crave it so bad that even on a full stomach I can eat about 4 heaping soup spoons of it. I've never been to the doctor or got my iron tested but I can relate to a lot of symptoms that I've read from other reviews heavy menstrual chest pains body aches sensitive teeth and plus more. I even think the cyst on my ovaries are the effect of eating it but I just can't stop. My mom ate it and I just taken over my current boyfriend fuses about it but tries to be understanding while my ex would go outside to the garbage can pen it and dump it all out I would try hide it but he would find it ALWAYS.

I've got it bad and I really need help. I could finish a box in a day I've gotten better over the years but not that much I tried taken calcium cause my bones hurt and I start child but even than I always go back to the God got saken box I

You or tell my story this happened to me I'm fighting to kick this habit it starts today

I'm trying to lay off the cornstarch for good I'm 34 an I been eating cornstarch for about 15yrs it's more that I chew it and spit it out just consuming small amounts I love the texture and the way it feels in my mouth. I know that I'm having problems with my iron. I'm so ready to give it up its hard the more you think about are talk about it you want your mouth begins to water just the though of that first bite drives me crazy like a lot of my fellow cornstarch eaters we have so much in common some of these stories was as if alot of you all was ready my mind knowing my thoughts that's just how I feel I went from Argo to the wal-mart brand (great value) love it more then Argo unless they or sold out I like eating it with a a plastic spoon or if I'm in my car a straw i put a straw straight in the box an I thought I was the only one to do that (lol) wale it's day3 for me without it I'm going cold turkey on this one. I don't know how I'm going to do it normally I buy 6 boxes @ a time that only last for maybe 3days.Y'all wish me good luck.
Thanks YR

I'm trying to lay off the cornstarch for good I'm 34 an I been eating cornstarch for about 15yrs it's more that I chew it and spit it out just consuming small amounts I love the texture and the way it feels in my mouth. I know that I'm having problems with my iron. I'm so ready to give it up its hard the more you think about are talk about it you want your mouth begins to water just the though of that first bite drives me crazy like a lot of my fellow cornstarch eaters we have so much in common some of these stories was as if alot of you all was ready my mind knowing my thoughts that's just how I feel I went from Argo to the wal-mart brand (great value) love it more then Argo unless they or sold out I like eating it with a a plastic spoon or if I'm in my car a straw i put a straw straight in the box an I thought I was the only one to do that (lol) wale it's day3 for me without it I'm going cold turkey on this one. I don't know how I'm going to do it normally I buy 6 boxes @ a time that only last for maybe 3days.Y'all wish me good luck.
Thanks YR

I was a cornstarch eater I went cold turkey it's been 2months since I had any yes I get craving but I don't give in to it. Am determined to kick the habit and I been eating it since I was 35 and and am now 45. But a box would last me for a 2 weeks and I don't take any iron pills I just exercise and try to eat healthy.

I have been eating cornstarch since for about 13 years. I just recently started drinking 135oz of water and it has cut my craving for cornstarch all together. I no longer have cravings for it.

I have been eating cornstarch for about 4 years, at first I was just addicted to baby powder when I was a child then cornstarch. I eat a box a day and it is harming me physically. I have low iron bad teeth and now there is something wrong with my kidneys.

I don't know what to do. My family would try to help and dump hidden boxes and what not but all that did was made me angry and sneak and buy it.

I sip it through a straw and in a foam cup so I can take it places w me. It's gotten a lot worse I really want to stop.
I am now the age 22

Omg The same exact things are happening to me. I'm no sexually active so I always wondered why I'd get yeast infections.

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