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Is Low Vitamin D Leading To Leg Pain?

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Q. I've had extreme chronic pain in my lower back, pelvis, hips and legs for nearly four years. Lying flat was agony so I had to sleep propped up on a love seat.

I went to many doctors who said there was nothing wrong with me. Then I found a rheumatologist who checked my vitamin D and found it was extremely low.

I've been taking 1,600 IUs of vitamin D a day and have been feeling much better and happier. At this rate I think I’ll be about back to normal in six months. It's terrible that anyone should suffer for so long from this. If in doubt, get your vitamin D checked!

A. Vitamin D deficiency is common and is often underestimated as a cause of chronic pain. Low levels of this vitamin can contribute to arthritis, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and high blood pressure. In a high-tech society where most people work indoors and wear sunscreen whenever they are outside, vitamin D insufficiency may be far more common than most doctors suspect.

We discussed this topic in depth on our radio show with two of the country’s leading vitamin D experts, James Dowd, MD, and Michael Holick, PhD, MD. They provide a detailed discussion of testing and treating vitamin D deficiency.
  • Currently 4.4/5
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Not Helpful ..... Very Helpful
Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4.4/5 (224 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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Yes, leg pain is one sign of vitamin D deficiency. There is a test 25hydroxyvitamin, which will give the Dr. your Vitamin D level. Mine was 16 (half of what it should be). I was given 4 pills of 50,000 units of Vitamin D (once a week for a month) and it brought my level up to 42. Now I take 1200 mg daily. The leg pain is gone. You need Vitamin D to absorb calcium, otherwise you can develop osteopenia.



I have post polio syndrome that affects lower back and hips. I was in such misery it was hard to sleep back in November. I started taking 4000 IU of D3 daily and within DAYS I was feeling better. And now that the sun is hot and I'm out gardening with few clothes I am suddenly feeling really great.

As for fibromyalgia, definitely try D3.

A young friend had such bad Chrohn's disease he had about given up on life. I suggested he take D3. A few months later, he was engaged and he and his finace had enrolled in doctoral programs at Chico State. No more Chrohn's!

I have been having intense leg and hip pain that comes and goes, but seems to be hanging around now. A couple of months ago through a routine blood test my doctor found I am low in Vitamin D and prescribed me meds. To this day I did not purchase the meds. After reading what I found here I am out to get the meds. I will provide a follow-up after taking the meds for awhile. Thanks for everyone's input.

I get this intense leg pain while I am sleeping at night, and then I cannot find a comfortable spot to lie in, nor a position. I am on heart medication and I just thought that the diuretics would be the culprit in the cause, so, I just started taking potassium, and eating bananas again.

The pharmacist explained to me that I also need to have my bloodwork checked periodically to monitor my levels to see where the deficiency is; that is kind of difficult when one has no decent health insurance. What could be the primary cause of this issue? The waking me up at night, is so aggravating and annoying and it hurts like the dickens!


I have had 15 years of back, hip, leg and sciatic nerve pain. Last week was checked for vit. d defficency which was low. I am on 1 pill a week for 12 weeks, then 1 time a month. In less than 1 week I am almost pain free and am so thankful as I thought I would need a wheelchair soon . I just wish this could have happened 15 years ago. Has anyone out there recovered this fast??

My 16 year old son has severe spine pain and leg pain and weakness.
he has low vitamin d, he took 50,000 units one a week for 8 weeks, it dropped, then he started calcitriol, my daughter is also deficient and has back pain as well as leg pain and weakness, So I decided check my level and I'm low as well, just not as severe as my son. He has severe pain and he does not seem to get better. Even his pain Dr doubts him and this is very frustrating. He states his deficiency has nothing to do with his pain, which I do not believe. It has everything to do with his pain!! Anyone out there in this situation?

I was so glad to find these postings. I've had chronic lower back and hip pain for 3 years and this past February, began having awful upper leg pain as well. First in my left leg, then spreading to both legs. Burning, aching, bone deep pain that never goes away. Some days were worse than others, bringing me to tears and putting my stress levels thru the roof! I'm a single mom of two little girls, one with severe special needs. To say that I don't have room in my life for pain is a huge understatement. I finally went to my Dr. and demanded every test possible be run. Luckily, I have a great Dr. who spent time studying with a Dr. in Alaska who was a real proponent of Vitamin D deficiency testing. She tested and sure enough, I came back registering a 4, almost non-existant vitamin D level. I've been taking 2000 IU of D3 for several weeks now and there is real relief. After a bout with a rotten stomach virus that kept me off my D3 for a few days, I noticed the pain almost doubling. I'm a believer.

After being on a steroid inhaler for asthma, protein pump inhibitor for acid reflux and cholestrol lowering meds, I have developed a Vit D deficiency.

For several years now I have experienced leg pain, cramping in feet and extremely bothersome fatigue, which I describe as debililtating. I have developed this even with the consumption of 1,400 IU and lots of fortifed skim milk and yogurt.

You can develop a deficiency, even with adequate levels of supplementation, especially with D depleting meds. My advice to all who are experiencing major fatigue is to please have their Vit. D level checked. My GP, who is awesome, thought to do this and now I am starting on 125 mg. 2/week and am hoping this will give me back my enegy. If only I had known!!!

Wow. Dr just called me and said my level was 17! I have had two hip replacements at 41 and 42! If this taking this RX for Vit D, decreases my pain, I will be sooo very Thankful!

Update on my 16 year old son and daughter, my son's pain level is improving, his latest bloodwork is pending, one level is slightly low and I'm waiting on the vitamin d 1,25 level, my daughters still pending, and mine is normal now.

Its been a long road, but finally my son is noticing his pain is decreasing a little, I knew that this was going to take time since I believe his deficiency started a few years ago, I had notice for 2 years prior to diagnosing him that he was having weakness, aches and pains, not feeling well here and there. but hang in there you will see results some sooner that others, but hang in there.

My husband has had major problems with leg cramps since he was a teenager. He has gone to many doctors to try to get relief for this problem, or at least figure out why it happens. At the age of 64, he was prescribed 1000 mg of vitamin D per day and his leg cramp problems have disappeared. We regret that it took so many painful years to figure this out.

I had severe leg pain during the night and day for about four months. I went to my Doctor, and she did blood work. My Vitamin D level was 8, so I was prescribed 50,000 IU's/ week for twelve weeks. They leg pain is almost non-existent.

I have had constant leg and foot pain for about a year. can barely stand -even when I am not standing I have the same pain. I have just found out after blood test l have vit D deficiency I have just finished taking 2 -50,000 ea tab a wk for a month - no help yet. but Dr suggest 2 vit d eac week for at least 3 more months. During this time my Dr sent me to get diagnosis regarding possible nerve damage in legs results pinched nerves.---- BUT, due to back surgery 2 years ago possible scar tissue causing nerves to stretch?? could cause leg and foot pain? Have you ever heard of this .... SUGGEST- steriod shots in back in scar tissue to soften scar tissue......Has any one ever heard of this diagnoses?? Please respond, next step to get shot in scar tissue...........

my mother has recently been diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency and has had similar symptoms to everyone else that has posted comments. The only difference is that she is experiencing tingling in her hands like as if her hands were asleep, she describes it has a "pins & needles" feeling. Does this have anything to do with her low vitamin D??

I have leg pain when walking, hip pain at night, my hands also tingle at night. I have a vitamin D level of 14. The doctor says I have bursitis in my hips, x-rays show chondrocalcinosis in my hips and spondylosis in my neck and back. Is it too late to take Vit.D?

The tingling feeling may be related to low calcium levels. After thyroid surgery, I was warned to be on the look out for this as damage to the parathyroids which are critical to calcium, is not uncommon. Vitamin D is related to calcium absorption. Definitely worth checking on with her doctor as it may be easily fixed!

I am a 58 year old female and have had aches and pains for the past few years and thought it was old age. For the past 6 months I have been having extreme pain in my legs to the point I would be brought to tears as I climbed stairs. I have had MRIs, xrays, and a vascular workup and nothing was found. I insisted on a complete blood workup of anything we could think of and the only result was my Vitamin D was a 9.

I began taking the D2 50,000 weekly pill and trying to eat very nutritiously. After 3 months my Vit D level is up to 20. My pain level is so much less that I feel blessed. I continue to lean against a wall while waiting for an elevator and have to sit and rest my legs as I walk to the cafeteria but over time it is getting better.

I continue on the 50,000 D2 weekly and have added 1,000 D3 daily and get out in the sun for about 20 minutes at a time when I can. I live in the DC area and that is not daily for sure. I had pain in my hands and thought I had carpel tunnel, but now that pain is gone. And for the first time, feel really optimistic about being able to walk on a beach again. Tell everyone to check their Vitamin D levels!

Oh my gosh, I have had hip and knee pain for several years and seems to be getting worse. My dr thought it was bursitis, then found arthritis in my neck and back (like that of an 80 yr old) and also now they found chondrocalcinosis in several of my joints. Blood work came back and showed a def in vit d. She gave me Citrical for the calcium and vit d.

I can't believe that this may be the answer to all my severe pain. Your story sounds so much like mine. Has the vit d helped?

I wrote a comment on July 9 and it is now a month later. I no longer lean on the wall while waiting for the elevator and I can walk much further before needing a rest. I no longer have "pain" as it now feels more like a bruise. I have been taking large doses of Vitamin D for almost 6 months and I am so happy to say, it has saved my lifestyle. I will continue to check my level to make sure I don't have an absorption issue with vit d, and continue taking some vit d everyday for the rest of my life. I do not want to ever go thru this pain again!

That could be a calcium related issue. When I had my thyroid removed they specifically told me to notify them of any tingling as it is often related to parathyroids which can be damaged during thyroid surgery. The parathyroids are calcium producers if I understand it correctly. Calcium does require vit D for absorption, so both should be checked.

I went in for blood work thinking I had hypothyroidism about 2 months ago. I was depressed and had hip pain when walking after I sat for awhile. After getting up to walk from the chair, the longer I walked, the hip pain would gradually go away until the next time I sat down. It was like my joint had to get warmed up. My doctor decided to test for Vitamin D also and I was low. The level was 19. I have been taking 50,000 mg of Vitamin D once a week for 8 weeks now.

3 days ago I realized the hip pain was gone and I have been crossing my fingers that it won't come back! It is wonderful to be pain free. I thought I was going to have to have a hip replacement or end up in a wheel chair. Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience with Vit D. I now think the hip pain was caused from the deficiency.

I was having major back pain. Went to the spine institute and had a MRI done. The doctor told me that I had some bulging disc but it was not bad enough to really do anything. He agreed that I might get some relief from getting some epidurals done. After having 2 and they did not help, I was at wits end.

For one year I fought through the pain. Then my legs started hurting and my arms. I went to my regular doctor and she said she wanted to check my vit D. It came back extremely deficient (I was taking 2000IU's over the counter D3). She prescribed 50,000 IU's once monthly for 6 months. The back pain went away. I am still having problems with my legs.

I will be going to get my levels checked again in a couple of weeks. I think she will most probably have to change the frequency of taking the medication. I really feel if you have unexplained pain that seems like it is not going away, do yourself a favor and have this test done. The medication is very inexpensive, but I would have paid anything to get some relief.

My vitamin d level is less than 4, the only thing my doc put me on
is 2000iu daily D3. My legs are still hurting.


I've just recently been suffering from bedtime leg cramps which I usually have to walk off. I'm concerned because I am having foot surgery next week and will be confined to bed for 2 weeks. I am very confused by all of the solutions my docs have given me and by all of the remedies listed on this web site. I've been drinking tonic water and taking magnesium ( recommended by 2 docs). I am still getting the cramps.

Now the docs want me to triple the amount of calcium I have been taking, continue with the magnesium and tonic water, and begin taking vitamin D.

This website was recommended to me by a friend but it confuses me. The gin and golden raisins, the soap under the sheets, coconut milk.... Does any of this stuff really help? I cannot see myself in bed with a cast and getting those horrible cramps. I won't be able to walk them off.

After 3 long years of low back pain and intense leg pain (sciatica and burning feeling in the foot) my husband finally has a diagnosis of Lyme disease! Not great, but along with it a low vitamin D. I am hopeful he will have a similar response as the pain is intense.

I have rheumatoid arthritis and have been on Remicade for about 6 years now and am a Type II diabetic. About 2 years ago my GP put me on Vytorin for Cholesterol, even though my total levels were below 130. He believes in treating all his diabetic patients as if they have heart disease so he gives statins.

About 18 months ago I started having very bad leg pains in the muscles of my shin at night when I lay on either side. If I rolled onto my back the pain would almost instantly stop. Since then it has slowly gotten worse to the point that the after pain leaves me sore through most of the next day.

About 6 months ago my rhuematologist had me go on 2400mg of Caltrate with Vitamin D, because of extremely low Vitamin D levels. My last blood tests showed my Vitamin D levels still below normal. I wonder if it is the Vytorin that is causing my problems? My total Cholesterol numbers are now below 90, that's right less than 90 total. I hate to increase Vitamin D to a truly massive dose because I heard that too much is highly toxic.



Stephen, You need to see an internal medicine doctor that can manage your many illnesses. Statins can cause muscle pain and there are many cholesterol lowering drugs out there not in the class of statins that work well. I don't take statins at this point so I only know from my friends that their doctors usually change their medicine if they have muscle pain.

Vitamin D-if your level is low you need more Vit D than what is in Citracal. Hopefully the internal medicine doctor you go to won't be afraid to treat you. I went to an Endocrinologist for treatment and she put me on 50,000 units each week of the D2 type and 1000 each day of the D3 type. This was about a year ago. I now take 2,000 units of Vit D each day (and not the weekly D2.) I also take the Citracal with Vit D in it, and when the weather is good, I get some sun.

I am no longer in all the pain I was in and feel like a younger person. I am back on my treadmill. Read up on the Vit D information on health sites and you will find it is hard to overdose on D. It takes a lot of effort. A good website is the Vitamin D Council.

I am aged 38 and my vitamin level is 10.0 pg/ml and my husband's is 16.2 pg/ml. Cholesterol levles are high, thyroid levels are high. What could be the reason?

My legs have been aching and feeling weak for approx 2.5 years now, approx around the same time I started on statins to lower cholesterol. Doctor didi a vitamin d test 4 months ago and said it was 8. I'm now on something called alphacalcidol, but my legs are still aching and weak every day and night! Does it take a long time to actually work? thanks!

Craig, Go see a doctor not afraid to treat your low Vitamin D aggressively. I recommend either an internal medicine, endocrinologist, or rheumatologist. You need to be on some Vitamin D. It took me almost a year and I was taking big doses of D2 and D3 type of Vitamin D. Even after I got my level up to about 50, I continue to take 2000 units a day of over the counter D3. You must fight for yourself as not a lot of doctors understand Vitamin D as it wasn't taught in medical schools until the last few years. Read up and arm yourself with knowledge. After a year, I am pain free and am back on the treadmill. I thought I was going to end up in a wheel chair.

Thanks, started taking 2 alphacalcidol the other day and its made a massive difference already! I think i need at least 3 per day though, rang the doctor and he said don't take more than 2 (previously he said 1). Should i take more vitamin D as well? My chemist wouldn't sell my vitamin D as they said that the alphacalcidol already had enough in it?

I started to get leg pain etc. after statins. Vitamin d level was 23.

After taking 50,000, units a week for two months I started to feel better, now at third month I have been going backwards, achy and weak again. Any ideas? My Dr. not up on this matter. How long is normal recovery time?

Been having horrific back pain since the birth of my third child. 1 week prior to giving birth started having back pain with left leg and left arm pain. After baby was born (in Sept.) felt like someone literally broke my back. 2 months later my left leg started to hurt again, started in my rear and went down into my foot. Would come and go and sometimes just the upper part of the leg would hurt. Dr. said it was sciatia.

Also began experiencing mild depression, chronic tension headaches, IBS and anxiety at the same time the leg started up again. Dr. said postpardum depression but I never had this problem with my first two kids and really didn't think that's what it was. I typically have trouble functioning in the Winter and suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder so no doubt the time of year (we live in western PA) was definitely making things worse.

Now 6 months later both legs are hurting, it goes into my hips and aches with tingling into my feet. Left arm still bothers me off and on. Get muscle twitches. Pain moves around. Hard to sleep. Asked my PCP back in January about possible D deficiency and he shrugged it off. Got a new PCP and a second opinion. Should also mention that I have an abnormally low functioning gallbladder and that was only recently diagnosed by this second dr. Because of this I've experienced malabsorbtion issues and weight loss.

Long story short, even with drinking protein shakes and taking a multivitamin my D level was 20. My calcium level was also below the normal limit. My question is, aside from the gallbladder.. could the low "D" and calcium be causing all these other strange symptoms? Also, Dr. put me only on 1000 D3 daily. Is this enough? Thanks.

HI, currently having about 4000 units vitamin d3 per day plus 2 or 3 alphacalcidol from the doctor, he only advises me to take 2 alphacalcidol per day, has any one else got any experience with alphacalcidol? ps, my legs are still not perfect, but seem to be getting better slowly.

The Vitamin D will help, I was also in pain, my hip came out for no reason, I'm 54 and very healthy, until I got my Vitamin D checked and it was 10!! Been on 50,000 units twice a week for a month, still have leg pain, hoping it will get better soon.

Statins are well known to cause muscle pain because they're very hard on the liver and deplete an energy compound called coenzyme Q10. A google search will turn up a lot of information.

I am a 47 year old woman. I am having left leg pain from my thigh to calf. Lab work last week revealed that my vitamin D level was 13. My PCP started me on 50,000 UI of vitamin D weekly plus whatever supplements I already take. I have been exercising a lot every day with the pain. Do you know how long it takes the pain to go away?


I have had aching legs for approx 2.5 years now, last year the doctor told me it was vitamin d deficiency and my level was 8, walking up stairs, walking in general, and even standing up was getting difficult, I am only 26! He put me on alfacalcidol, 1 tablet a day, which made no difference until I upped it to 2, but still didn't make that much difference! I am now taking 2 alfacalcidol per day AND 7000 units D3 per day, which is finally making a difference but my doc is telling me not to take the extra 7000. For the last few weeks the pain and weakness has returned in my legs, so I will be upping the dose again!

How much vitamin d is in alfacalcidol as no one seems to know?

I am so amazed to have found this list. I'm a 59 year old woman who has had major fatigue, leg pain, foot pain, unexplained weight gain, and all the other symptoms each of you have posted. I'm a breeder and exhibitor of the American Eskimo Dog and for the past 6 to 9 months I could barely force myself to go to shows let alone get up and go to work from the extreme fatigue. My husband said a few weeks ago that he was really concerned about me... because all I did is come home and put my feet up in the recliner and sit there until it was time to go to bed. But it's all I could muster.

Thinking maybe my thyroid was off or I was low in potassium because of my blood pressure meds I finally went to see my doc for a complete blood work up. Much to my amazement I was told my sodium and potassium was fine as was my thyroid. My cholesterol was elevated to 202 from years of being at or about 150. I had gained weight without changing eating or exercise habits and I showed as being pre-diabetic type 2. While I wasn't depressed I just could care less to drag myself out anywhere... Yikes.... So when she told me I was deficient in Vitamin D, I was only at 12 and should have been 50-85... I just laughed at the notion... But boy did I learn fast.

She prescribed 50,000 IU, once a week for six weeks and then 1000 IU a day for three months to be retested at that time. I have since learned about D2 versus D3 and wish she had of put me on the 50,000 IU of D3 instead of D2 but I’ll take them and then I’ll get the daily in the D3.

I’ve only taken ONE capsule and that was four days ago and I can actually tell that my legs are not aching as much. I’m trying to keep an open mind and not just wishful thinking but I truly look forward to the next few weeks to see if this is really going to take care of these issues. I think it will….

I spoke to my 42 year old daughter the same day I saw my doctor and believe it or not she has been on 4,000 IU daily for the last three weeks because she had already seen her doctor thinking her thyroid meds needed adjusted, same issues, fatigue, depression, non specific body ache and pain… She said I will begin to feel so much better in two to three weeks, and that I will be amazed at the difference…

I’m having my husband’s levels checked too, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s low or deficient in it too.. After all, we live in Seattle and don’t get outside in the sun much, nor do we drink a lot of milk or eat a lot cheese… I’ll check back in a few weeks and let you know how I feel…

Craig, a google search will turn up a lot of information on things like alfacalcidol. If I were you, I'd get a new doctor. Alfacalcidol is a SYNTHETIC (artificial) form of vitamin D. You're probably much better off taking the REAL vitamin D3.

Wikipedia describes alfacalcidol as "an analogue of vitamin D. It is currently manufactured and marketed by Vitamin Derivatives Inc. as a poultry feed additive for the prevention of tibial dyschondroplasia as well as phytate phosphorus utilization."

The Vitamin D council has links to recommended sources of vitamin D.

Best regards,


Like so many of you I suffered with many of the above pains and Low Vit D as well. I had been misdiagnosed with many things, including Fibro. I was shocked to find out that for over 25 yrs the doctors missed a Parathyroid tumor causing my low Vit D, my calcium level in the ten (10) range (the NIH sets this level as acceptable) and a slightly elevated PTH level. (Please note, I did not say "thyroid".)

The medical profession does not seem to question why so many of use are losing bone and are in pain that cannot be pinpointed! I pray that this information about my situation may be of use to you. I wish you much luck in your continued search for answers.

I have recently too been diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency. I have been taken doctor prescribed daily doses of 10,000 IUs of Vitamin D3. I have been doing tons of research on the subject. The leg pain and particularly the pain in my knees is excruciating. I've been told to take over the counter drugs for the pain. I HATE taking pills and now I feel I'm a slave to them.

Can anyone tell me which is the best over the counter pain drug for the pain? I have been taking Motrin and I try to switch it up with Tylenol. I feel neither works. Any informed suggestions? I get some relief but not much. I am trying to be very responsible in taking these drugs but I need help with the pain. It feels a lot like nerve pain or pain deep in the bone and muscles.

I've been taking the Vitamin D3 for weeks now. I started out with a very low deficiency of 8 and I know it will take a while to feel like myself again fully. Please provide some suggestions for pain relief until the Vitamin D3 therapy works more fully. It is painful to walk and the pain can be worse at night trying to sleep. Thanks.

GC -- Even though your "d" levels are low, it might be better to start with a lower dose of vitamin d, and gradually increase it. Also, are you taking any calcium or magnesium or vitamin K? These are all important. Krispin Sullivan has written a lot about vitamin d (do a google search to find her website) -- she states that if one takes vitamin D in higher doses without taking calcium/magnesium, than calcium could be pulled from the bones -- that could possibly explain your knee pain.

Personally I would go with ibuprofen over any form of tylenol -- but avoid both if possible. Again, try cutting way back on your vitamin d supplementation to start with, and make sure you're getting enough calcium, magnesium (plus other minerals) and vitamin K.

It took me 6 months of much vit d before I could get back on the treadmill and go to the shopping mall. During that time, I took Aleve by the directions on the bottle and at night propped my knees with a pillow to keep the alignment. I had a little triangle chair that I would carry with me if I needed to walk a distance as I had to sit and take the pressure off the bone every once in a while. You have to have patience and just make sure you take your vitamin D regularly. Good luck.

I was diagnosed with 6 different types of Arthritis, in 1993,Then 6 months ago my Dr recognized some important indicators and did a Vit D blood test, and found that my level was 4. Under his instruction I take 5000 mgs of Vit D each day, and have done so for the past 3 months, but the cramp in my ankle into the shin and knee is at times unbearable. Will it gradually ease, or am I going to have to withstand this for the rest of my life? I am 62, and so very tired. I also have hypothyroidism that is treated with thyroxin. Any help would be welcome.


Hi, I've been suffering with low back, hip/pelvic pain for over 2 years now, it is not constant t though, it flares up when I'm doing normal day to day things like sorting out the ironing, making the bed, mowing the grass.... I only have to be doing these things for about 5 minutes before I experience major, deep, horrible pain and I have to stop. In the night the pain wakes me and I am unable to turn over in bed due to the pain, I am completely unable to lift my leg physically.

I have had blood tests and the Dr called me into the surgery to tell me that my vit d level was at 29 and could be the answer to my pain so has put me on some vit d for a month and will then need re testing.

I am so very tired all of the time, irritable and if I get upset I start aching all over, my wrists, fingers, arms, legs, knees... the list is endless! if my levels are still low after the month am I right in thinking that they may refer me for a bone density to check for osteo related problems?

Could someone tell me please if vit d is routinely tested as part of the basic blood tests in the UK? As far as I know mine has never been tested and I've been suffering from the symptoms of low vit d for years, I'm in so much pain with my bones and muscles.

hi jacky

NO !!!! Unfortunately Vitamin D levels are NOT routinely checked in the UK - I had mine measured purely by chance as the practice nurse picked up on it - hassle your gp until you get it checked : )

I was diagnosed with Vit D deficiency and was started on 50,000 units twice a week. It seems that my leg pain has increased since starting the Vit D supplementation. Has anyone else experienced this?

For me, the pain was exclusively in my thighs but was severe enough to keep me up nights and limit my activity. My doctor diagnosed the vit D deficiency and put me on medication for 6 months. I almost immediately felt better. When the 6 months were over, I thought I would be "cured" and didn't continue with any supplements. Pain almost immediately returned. I now realize that this might be life long. I have never taken any medication on a daily basis, but I obviously need to continue with vitamin D.

Hello, my 17 year old daughter suffers from severe hip and leg pain and has just been told she's deficient in vitamin D . The doctor said her levels are about half of what they should be, she is now taking 0.25 micrograms of vitamin D supplement a day. Does this sound like the right level to start with? Thank you.

Last November, I experienced tightness and pain in the back of both of my calves. I still have the misery in both of my calves. I have a Vit. D. deficiency in the range of 21. I have been checked by many different doctors and completed blood work. I am 53 and want to be normal again.

I was placed on Vitamin D supplements in September after my doctor had my level tested and said it was low. Don't know what#. I started taking two per day with food and became constipated so stopped them in November. Around Christmas, I noticed my legs hurting so bad, especially at night. It felt like bone pain. I thought I might have blood clots. I couldn't sleep. I then thought it may be the Vitamin D deficiency as I have been on acid reflux medication since 2000 and had read it could cause calcium deficiency. I started taking one Vitamin D supplement per day with food. The pain has eased in the past week. I will be taking at least one per day to see if it stops completely. I go back to my doctor in March so will discuss with her.

It's strange, but I too have tingling and pain and numbness in my hands. However the pain in my legs and buttocks area started last Sunday after I took my first dose of 50000 mg of vit d on that Friday. I can barely walk, stand or find a comfortable position to sleep at night. What did her Dr say? I hope she feels better, there is nothing better than your mom. goodluck.

I too was diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency. I took my first pill on a Friday and by Sunday I had a pain in the back of my left leg. I can stand for a few seconds but need to sit right away, walking is a chore. I pray that this is only temporary. Good luck. Tell me what you are going to do.

I, too, have been treated for Vitamin D deficiency. I also want to share that sometimes gluten intolerance can cause undiagnosed pain, as the incompletely digested gluten, the protein in wheat, rye, barley, courses the body in the blood stream and causes pain in tissues, muscles, joints, and bones. Try going completely without gluten.

It takes some detective work, as it is in many prepared foods under the name of "modified food starch". But there are now breads made with rice, as well as treats. But halfway measures don't suffice. One must avoid wheat completely. The difference in the way I feel is like night and day. Hope this helps.

Hi, I am from India and have been suffering from low back pain, leg pains.. both upper and lower. Feet burning and both arms in pain. Legs and Hand joints and ankle joints pain..

Have been to doctors both in India and US and still problem remains.. for the past 2 and half years.

Now recently after so many tests I found out that my Vit D level is a very low 3. and undergoing for treatment for the same. Still no improvement..

Can someone tell me if this helps and also what are the recommended foods for Vit D?

Thanks for the Help..


For me it is confirmed that VitD3 level is very low.. around 3.2

I had been given injection of 6lac units.. and from next week under medications.. which may be 500 IU per day.

Still I see pain in my legs and palms and feet are burning.. or needle sensation..

Will it take sometime for improvements?

Also now I have moved to Minneapolis for work for next 12 months.. I was here only from past 18 months.. Just went to India in March for treatment..

Can someone help me to get food resources for Vit D3.. and also any specific exercises?



Four and a half weeks ago I was diagnosed with D Deficiency (7.7). I began immediately 50,000 IU per week so I have taken 4 doses. I also have changed diet (to eat much healthier), get in the sun most days, added multi-vitamin and calcium. I have always been healthy except stage 4 endometriosis resulting in hysterectomy about 10 years ago.

All other blood work came back normal. I still have aching legs and fatigue every days. I also feel so on edge (which is not normal for me). I have had a couple good days and the pain is less. Is it normal to not have more improvement with the Vitamin D? Should I be concerned that something else is going on?

I just turned 29 in March. About that time my hip started hurting. I thought that I had over done some activity. Then the pain started to spread down my legs and eventually hip to heel was in pain. Ok during active time but after any rest I would be in pain. I also noticed I was more emotional and not motivated.

Went to the Dr. and he tested me for many things and called today and told me my Vit D is low. Going to start scrip strength tomorrow. Hope it helps. He put me on Ibuprofen right away and it has helped. Hopefully Vit D will help even more. This page has helped put my mind at ease that others have had the same pains for the same reason. Thanks all for sharing.


I have been in pain for a couple of months now, I thought that it was my mattress so I brought new ones and then the pain was in my back, legs, arms that sometimes I cannot lift my arms up even my chest hurts and when I went to my primary Dr. he first told me that I had fibromylia and then had me get blood work, I was advised that I have a vitamin D deficiency.

I was put on 2000 units of vitamin D and it has been 2 weeks and still pain. What I want to know if anyone has experienced chest pains and severe neck pain. I hope to hear from someone. I want the Dr. to let me know how long before I feel better. I have acid reflux and I am on medication. I try to eat healthy and I even quit smoking cold turkey. Any suggestions I will appreciate. Good to all of you.


MARI, I had chest pain for the first week. It felt tight like a pulled muscle and thought that I had hurt myself lifting or something. Dr. told me thought that it was all tied together with the vit D. No neck pain though. ??? I have not had chest pain again in 3 weeks, though the leg pain, back and wrist continues.

I got blood work back today with levels at normal but I still have knee pain and an ankle that is swollen and sore. I am hoping that the pain goes away but ???? Did you ever find out if the pain was to last long or anything???? Thanks so much

I had Lyme's disease for almost 30 years with constant flare ups of pain in my legs and swollen knees. Before I was diagnosed I was dealing with anxiety, depression and exhaustion. I was actually wishing I could have knee surgery. Within months of treatment, my symptoms went away. I haven't had leg issues in over 3 years. I wish your husband a lot of luck with his treatment.

I just found out that my vitamin D is low. I have been suffering from sciatica and leg pain for almost three years now. They say it might take up to nine months to get results but I am willing to try. Wish me luck.

I was diagnosed this past year with a parathyroid adenoma, and also with fibromyalgia (symptoms are diffuse back and leg pain, and muscle spasms, which may be caused by problems in the pain feedback loop in either the brain or spinal column). The pain developed after a minor car accident 11/09, and just never went away. The adenoma was picked 7/10 by high calcium levels in routine blood work.

It's not known if the two are related in any way. The doctor I've been seeing for pain management has, among other things, wanted to see my Vit. D3 level be not just in the normal range, but pushed up to between 50 and 80 within that range. I had been taking first 1000 IU, and then 2000 IU of D3 for a few years prior to both the car accident and the discovery of the adenoma. When tested this winter, my D3 level was just over the border of the normal range: 32. My doctor had me double the dose to 4000 IU, which brought my D3 level to 41.

She recently had me go up to 5000 IU, and my D3 level went up to 50. In addition, she recommended I get 10 minutes of direct sunlight every day. I have not noticed any difference in my pain, and have not yet found any effective pain medication (have tried Lyrica and Cymbalta, and now Neurontin, in addition to a muscle relaxant).

An endocrinologist I was referred to this May (2011), when the parathyroid numbers began to trend up again, thought it was ridiculous for anyone to recommend that I take so much D3; she was not concerned about where I was within the D3 range, as long as I was within it. She also thought that taking so much D3 would just cause there to be more calcium in the blood, and overtax my kidneys.

She recommended I go back down to 1000-2000 IU of D3. I was torn between the differing opinions, and decided not to lower the dose until the tests were repeated. Everything was retested in June 2011, and all the numbers had backed off again, except for the 24 hour urine calcium, which was high, and which alone still made me a candidate for parathyroid surgery.

This week, I went for a second opinion to an extremely highly respected and well-known endocrinologist (Best Doctors). Much to my surprise, while she was not familiar with the literature on D3 and pain, she too recommended that I take 5000 IU of D3 daily, because paradoxically it might lower the amount of parathyroid hormone the benign tumor is putting out, and spare me from having to have surgery. She theorized that my numbers had backed down in May because I had raised my D3 dose to 5000 IU. I'm transferring my care to her, but don't yet know if anything, including parathyroid surgery, will provide pain relief.

How long can I take 2000 units of D each day, is that too much? I am almost 65 years old,


My husband has severe pain as well, his from nerve damage caused by chronic Lyme disease and daily pain levels are in the 7-10 range. He too has tried the meds you mentioned without luck. We finally found an excellent pain management doc who uses a compounding pharmacy associated with a medical school. Has made a big difference.

He now uses hydrocodone- compounded w/o tylenol, methadone, valium for breakthrough pain, and a syrup called ketamine. It is a heck of a combo, but all that works. He is about to try low dose naltraxone which seems to work for some but not others. First he has to get off the hydrocodone and methadone though.

There is also a really interesting article on a doctor in India who is doing some amazing stem cell treatments. I know this is controversial, but if you are interested in learning more check out

And keep up the vitamin D, his doc had him on 10,000 IU for a month and now he is back to 5000 which she thinks is the right amount for chronic inflammation.
Good luck!

I am 62, almost 63 and I had open heart surgery back in 1996, everything is fine now. My arteries are open but I take a cholesterol pill every night and a high blood pressure pill too. I take an aspirin everyday also and klor-con. I have this pain in my legs. I thought it was when I threw a disc out in my back but the back Dr. says he has it back in place.

I went for a blood test the other day and my doctor checks everything by blood. She said everything looks great except I am low on vitamin d so she is putting me on vitamin d. I take 1 pill a week. do you suppose that's the reason my legs hurt the way they do? I can't stand on my feet too long at a time and I have to sit down. thanks for your time!

People's Pharmacy response: Some people have reported that low vitamin D makes their muscles ache. As your level rises, you may begin feeling better. We hope that will be the case.

I know this is an old post, but it could be a B12 deficiency as well. Hopefully the problem was already diagnosed or got better. I was having the pain in my legs, tingling in my hands and feet, and burning sensations. They checked both my D & B12 and found I was def in both.

I have been suffering from really bad hip pain that most times I was crying with the pain. Back in July 2011 I took a numb pain down my left leg it went purple and red and went really cold I was then admitted into hospital done all sort of tests and x rays it took them 3 days too tell me that I was anemic I was in the hospital for over a week I got out and was referred to a higher doctor she done more tests they came back all clear a few months later I was asked to get my vitamin d level checked my doctor and it came back low they didn't tell me how low it was I was prescribed vitamin d tabs I don't know if that is related to my hip pain I don't trust hospitals or some doctors as I think they can't be bothered with the hassle.

I have been facing Vitamin D issue since 10+ years, I am now 26. I went to so many specialist doctors, since my childhood, no use I feel severe pain in joints and other places of my hands and legs, recently a doctor found that I am lacking Vitamin D in serum test that the ideal should be 30 to 100ngms but I have -4ngms. I have been taking treatment for this and other life style changes, I used all types of medicines like Homeopathy, allopathy, ayurvedic, etc.., No use. I am a vegetarian since my child hood, I have been using he pain killers, every 4 days to handle my daily activities.

Please suggest me anyone how to come out of this issue.

Vijay, Since you are vegetarian you should get your B12 level checked also. This could be causing your problems as well.

I am a 16 year old male that has gone to a chiropractor every week-once a week for 9 months straight. I get extreme pain in my lower back , hip and leg. The chiro is unsure of what is wrong do I started going to acupuncture. There was no pain management with that. I do not have health insurance and the pain is unbearable. I have been barreling with my father to get me health insurance and we are still in the paperwork process after about a year and a half of me being in pain. I am glad to hear that you have taken a true interest in your child's health issues and you actually did research to find out what was wrong with him- thumbs up to u bud! As far as y issues, do you have any advice for pain management?


I am suffering from lower back, hip and legs pain for last few months.. I thought it was due to my profession. I am a software developer so basically a lot of sitting job..
But by end of January.. my pain became worst and made me to complete bed rest.. can’t even walk..

Contact a rheumatologist and gone through many blood test , X-ray and MRI of lower back and pelvic bone. All reports were normal.. then gone for a Vitamin D and B12 test .. and found both low.

Vit D =4 (normal 30) and B12 =111 (normal 225)..

Since then taking 60,000UI D-riser per week and 250UI tab twice a day..
Pregabalin and Mecobalamin 75M capsules twice a day..

Pain in back lowered to 90% very little pain.. pain in hips and leg is reduced to 50%.. but still can’t stand up and walk.. it hurts a lot whenever I tries to do so..

Just want to ask how much long will it take for my full recovery..?
And do I need some more Vit D suppliments.?

Yes it is so sad I am a 29 y/0 female and had gone nearly 4 years with daily nausea, severe fatigue, pain in all of my joints the one that got me the most was my hip. I was at the doctors once a week. She said I was fine go home get rest! How does a 24 y/o athlete need rest I thought? So I asked her to run my b-12 she was very rude said that's not it but ok! I needed an emergency injection. Felt better but said I'm not my normal self.

Went on a plane to Japan and my legs flared up so did my teeth and elbow and knee. I thought I was going to die. I went another year like that. I finally went to a new doctor didn't bring my records and he ran a very inexpensive vitamin d test. In a month I felt better. My hip is still recovering and it has been nearly two years.

I hope vit. D is the answer. I have been living with chronic debilitating leg pain since age 3. Has gotten worse over the last 10 years to the point I have to take pain meds to function. I've been to every type of doctor there is, and begged for help.

It wasn't until last week that an endocrinologist ordered a vitamin D level and it was 13.6. He started me on 50,000 IU for 12 weeks and then a retest. It will be fantastic if this is the answer to my pain! I've been in tears reading some of these postings, realizing that many are so similar to me and the D has worked in most cases. What a shame to think that my entire life has been ruled by my leg pain, and it is possible that all it may have taken was a vitamin D test. I will see soon I guess.
Good luck to everyone! Pain is a terrible thing to live with.

I am 59 and have been in pain for the last 10 years the long bones on my legs and arms hurt my elbows, shoulders, knees, it hurts to raise my arms and my muscles were getting weaker and weaker and headache almost every day, hair falling out. My doc kept giving me steroid and b-12 shots and that would work for a few days, then it would come back so she put me on cymbalta, all that did was make my diarrhea worse than ever, but it did help a little on the pain. Oh yea and depression and all that goes with that.

Well one day I decided to go to the doc again for my yearly exam, another doc was taking over for my normal doc, and I was telling the new doc how I was feeling and she just grinned at me and told me VITAMIN D DEF, I SAID WHAT !!!!

After all this time my old doc never picked up on it, well I got it checked and it is 20 sooooooooo I am taking about 2000- 4000 iu a day, and I am feeling better where my legs do not hurt to bad and my arms are feeling so much better more energy, all this within a couple of weeks. I can't wait for a month end, I hope I will feel on top of the world again....

I am overwhelmed after reading all of these posts. For the past three years I have suffered from body pain. They did an mri and found severe arthritis in my hips and spinal stenosis in my back. I finally broke down and they prescribed many different types of pain medications which none seem to work. Finally last month after reading about rheumatoid arthritis I went to see a doctor a few weeks ago.

After examining me she stated she did not feel I needed a hip replacement yet even though I have no cushion in my joints and felt like I had Vitamin D deficiency. Sure enough after being tested I scored a 19. According to my records I have never been tested for it by my regular physician. Isn't that something.

In fact my regular physician told me to get a bottle of 2000iu and take one daily. The other doctor prescribed 50,000 a week for 2 months followed up with a blood test. I am just happy It was not all in my mind and I found this site..Thanks

I have been taking Vitamin D-3 2,000 IU for over four years. My doctor advised me to take this after doing complete blood work and finding I was much too low in Vitamin D. I take it daily. The time I take this pill is important because I cannot sit or lay down after taking it.
I have to remain active or I get severe leg cramps. Does anyone else suffer from cramps after taking Vitamin D-3?

I read your post. I have had chronic leg pain almost all of my life and I am 46. Had to start narcotics 10 years ago just to be able to be productive. Had every test in the book, saw every specialist... never a diagnosis. Finally an Endocrinologist ordered a D test and it was 13.5. Started taking 50,000 IU a week, just took my 6 th dose. Maybe a little relief but nothing significant yet. Are you still pain free? I got so hopeful when I found this website several weeks ago. But I'm starting to get a little discouraged. Do you have any words of encouragement? Thanks, Marrie

I have had pain in both of my legs now for 2 years. I've gotten MRIs, x-rays, blood work, and have seen all different types of doctors. I recently got more blood work done and it showed that my vitamin D level was a 10. I was put on a 50,000 iu pill for once a week for 4 weeks. I'm one and a half weeks into it and still feel the pain. I know you have to give it time, but how soon should I start to feel relief?

My story is similar to those on this site. Long ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I was being treated by my regular doctor. About 6 months ago my thyroid numbers were off and I told my doctor I had been experiencing extreme fatigue. He referred me to an endocrinologist.

She told me my thyroid numbers were not causing the fatigue (they were actually too high), and said she suspected vit. D deficiency. Sure enough, my test came back at 11. She put me on 50,000 IU twice a week for 6 weeks, then retested me.

My numbers were normal, and I felt great! I hadn't realized that other problems I had were related to this deficiency. I had experienced leg cramps and deep bone pain in my lower legs. All of my pain improved! For the past 3 months I have been on 50,000 IU once a week, and some of my pain has returned. I now have hip pain and sciatica. I just had my blood work taken today, and I suspect the D may be lower again.

It was truly a miraculous feeling to have been virtually pain-free for several months. I hope I can return to that state soon (and wish the same for the rest of you!)

You need to continue with your vitamin D3... I was tested and came back at 12... I had 50,000 IU for six weeks and then 5000 IU a day for the last year and a half. I am still only at 50. Don't stop taking it... you need to take it every day...

I have had leg pain forever, but severe in the last 6 mos. I just had my level checked and it was 14. I am so glad to know that this could be the reason for my pain.

I came across your question years later (2012), and I hope you have found some relief. For others considering shots of cortisone or other steroids in the spine, please be careful about having too many. I have lots of osteoarthritis along my spine, top to bottom, and have had 3 laminectomies with fusion and instrumentation.

I also have moderate stenosis. First symptoms of what turned out to be osteo in a hip occurred about 25 years ago. Over the last decade, I had at least three spinal shots to control pain, with little success. The shots, however left debris at the bottom of my spine such that there is now no further room for a needle entry which I needed this spring for a general anaesthetic.

It may be that some of this debris is scar tissue from the spinal surgeries. But more than one doctor has told me that some people do suffer more than others from the debris that cortisole shots can leave.

I am 33 and had my first seizure seven months ago. I am taking lamotrigine to control them, but the meds deplete my vitamin d. During a routine blood test my vitamin d level came back at 5. I am currently on 5000 Iu daily. I have experienced dizziness and weakness and now leg pain. I have had painless spasms throughout my body and am going back next week for more labs. My doctor believes my levels are still low.

About 4 months ago my D was tested at 13.5. I have had chronic and severe leg pain all my life and I'm now 46. It is completely debilitating and sometimes pain meds don't even work. I was so excited when I learned my D was low and I found so many similar stories on this site. I just knew the low D must be the answer. I told everyone I think the Drs finally figured it out.

Well, no such luck. I've been on 50,000 IUs for 19 weeks with no improvement. I'm am SO completely discouraged. I don't know how I'm going to live my life like this. Does ANYONE have any more suggestions. I've had every test known to mankind, the Drs just can't figure it out. Please help. Thanks, Marrid

Hii there people.....I'm 25 years old ... And. Vitamin d deficient. I have been suffering from vitamin d deficiency for the last 4 months. I'm still in pain, my left arm seems to have swelled up ... My fingers seem to swell up. It's reached a point where I'm treated as a joke. I had to leave my job cause I couldn't cope up with the pain and work plus my mood swings seem to go crazy. I'm stressed I really don't know whether I'm in the right path. f

Greetings from Denmark. My wife is in dire straits. Type 1 diabetes, very slim, not very tall. Also, she has a fatty liver – non-alcoholic. She went through a liver biopsy in September 2012. Everything OK. She was not feeling well before the biopsy but the months after the biopsy has been a true night mare.

In September her vitamin d-levels was measured to 55 but in January it was down to 16 due to stomach problems. For about three months my wife could eat anything else than mashed potatoes and rusks.

Massive vitamin d treatment was started 3-4 weeks ago, but what is very discouraging is that things are getting worse – or at least not better. Does that make sense? Is the lesson to be learned that it has to get worse before it gets any better? Right now it is as if the pain “travels” downwards. Right now her feet hurt. Do you think we can expect things to get better after say 5 or 6 weeks?
All best

I would give it more than just 3 - 4 weeks. It may take 6 before she starts feeling better, since she was so low to begin with. It amazes me that she went from 55 to 16 in just 4 months. Mine went from 52 to 36 in 8 months after taking 12 weeks of the 50,000 IU, and not adding any more after the 12 week period besides what I had been taking before they discovered I was deficient. I have to take at least 3200 IU a day to keep my levels between 38 - 45. And I try to get sunshine everyday when it is available.

My body does not absorb or retain it well for some reason. I have pernicious anemia so I have to take B12 sublingually every day too. I think maybe that is why I have a hard time keeping my Vit D levels up. Anyway if your wife does not start to feel better in the next couple of weeks, or gets worse, I would request they check her Vit B12 levels also. Good luck to her. Hope she feels better soon!

I'm in the same boat. Just went back to the Dr today for follow up blood work. I'm praying they are able to tell me something!

I'm 37 years old had spinal surgery 2 years ago. Was feeling great then had my son now a year later my hip and lower calf hurt so bad I cannot lay down but when I stand it is bearable. I'm am now on norco 10mg and 800 ibuprofen from my pain management doctor. I was googling leg pain and found this site I remember about a year ago after my son was born I had blood work done and in very low in vitamin D so I found my pills and am beginning to take them. I'm hoping that this will work I'm tired of pain pills and pain. I was prescribed 950 calcium citrate 2x a day.

I'm 30 years old and I'm a homemaker for last 2 year I was suffering from lower back and leg pain sometimes it become so difficult that I can't even sit on the bed but last 3 weeks before I came to know that my vit d level is only 3 and I m taking vit-d 1000 iu capsule daily but still I cannot sleep due to pain in my leg I don't feel backache when ever I take a high dose of pain killers but after taking pain killers still I cannot sleep well due to pain in my legs can u suggest what to do.


Look into taurine supplementation for your wife's fatty liver. You'll be surprised to find that even though it's only a nutrient, it can treat fatty liver very effectively and it's also helpful for diabetes.

There are no recorded side effects to taurine, but ask your doctor about it just to be sure. :) For me, taurine has been a miracle supplement for my spasms and body aches.

Peoples Pharmacy response: here is an abstract with some information on this amino acid:
Re: Vitamin D deficiency

Anyone who has a hard time getting their Vitamin D levels to stay up should look into the following considerations:

- Vitamin D is integral to calcium homeostasis (balance of calcium in your bones vs. free calcium in your blood and tissues) so it has a very complicated interaction with other things.

- You need to have adequate magnesium (the vast majority of people are deficient!) so MILD supplementation of magnesium should be helpful. Speak with your doctor about this, it's not easy to gauge! Vitamin D deficiency can cause magnesium deficiency, and magnesium deficiency can cause Vitamin D deficiency.

- Magnesium deficiency is also associated with potassium deficiency. Boosting my magnesium a little bit (I take a mild dose of 200mg magnesium citrate daily, rest comes from diet) presumably helped my potassium levels even though I did not take additional potassium.

Note: Don't over-supplement magnesium! Many antacids give you a high dose of magnesium, for example. Check with your doctor!

- Calcium is needed, but nowhere near what most people think. Most people think you need 2x calcium compared to magnesium, but this is WRONG (look it up by searching for calcium-magnesium ratio). It's probably best NOT to supplement calcium, as it causes issues. It's best to get it from diet.

- Dietary magnesium should be separated from calcium - consume them at different times, as they compete for absorption in the gut!

- Vitamin K2 is also required for Vitamin D metabolism and calcium homeostasis. K2 reverses soft tissue and vascular calcification as well as its role in clotting. This is not the same as K1 (found in leafy green vegetables). K2 is found in meats like poultry and special foods like Natto. Look up food sources of K2 to find something appropriate for you!

- Vitamin D is fat soluble, so take it with a slightly fatty meal to help absorb it, like chicken or cheese.

- Taurine enhances absorption of Vitamin D, magnesium, and calcium, as well as fats. This is a simple nutrient that most people don't get enough of. Ask your doctor about supplementing!

I hope this helps!

At school, I've been hanging out in the classroom too long. That included breaks such as lunch and recess. Now I feel the pain you've been experiencing, it's not a good feeling.

I went to several doctors and the said the same thing over and over again. 1. Go outside because the sun-light strengthens your bones. 2. Drink plenty of milk to also help strengthen your bones. 3. Eat vitamin d tablets. If you realize that the doctors were actually hitting the main target. You must get more vitamin d.

I started to notice it actually helped quite a lot in a while. Hope this advice will work for you as it works for me. :)


Hi I just want to know have anyone vitamin D deficiency caused Breast pain like I have along with bone pain all over my body.

Burning and shooting pain from thigh to knee for several months. Dr. Has had me on Ibuprofen for the past few months. When pushing on side of hip area very painful. X-rays show nothing abnormal. Some nights I wake up with burning pain in my thigh area. Bloodwork shoes vitamin d level 18 so I have been put on one pill a week for a month with follow-up bloodwork when finished with pills. Strength is 1.25 mg (50,000 units). Doing my second pill today. Hoping for results to relieve the pain.

Almost for 2 years I'm having legs pain and sever burning pain in feet and pain In fingers and toes. I can't sleep at night. Going to see neurologist if there is any nerve pinched. B6 & 12 are fine. Any suggestion... after work I just sit after dinner and go to bed cause this pain is really bad and can't stand it. I'm not diabetic no cholesterol but I do have hypertension. Please help....

A bone mineral density test is necessary if you have vitamin D deficiency, since calcium could have resorbed from your bones over the years and you might be suffering from osteopenia or even osteoporosis which is causing the bone pain.

Scientifically speaking, low vitamin D > less calcium and magnesium absorption from diet > low levels in blood > parathyroid hormone (PTH) resorbs calcium stored in bones to maintain a constant level in blood. This is one hypothesis.

I think vitamin D supplementation alone without calcium and magnesium is not good because very high vitamin D levels could even cause calcium resorption from bones. It is all about homoeostasis.

I am 30/male at the edge of osteoporosis! Do a bone mineral density test to check your bone status. Ask your doctor before taking any supplementation.

Get well.

I am 28 years old, suffering severe leg pain.previously I also suffered with chickengunea but its clear now. still continuously pain my leg. plz suggest how can I reduce my pain? previously doctor said that control my weight.

Try going to an acupuncture person who does trigger point therapy. extremely small needles to break through the scar tissue to allow it to be more pliable. A Pain clinic will also offer this. Injecting with steroid may help but will be temporary and needed again. There is a limit to how many steroid injections you can get. Also look up Prolotherapy.

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