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Q. I have suffered with insomnia for years. My doctor prescribed Ambien, which gives me eight hours of restful sleep. Then the pharmacist switched me to generic zolpidem for under $15. He said it was identical to Ambien.

It wasn’t! I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep since switching. If I do fall asleep I have horrible nightmares. I cannot afford $130 for regular Ambien. What else can I do? I need my sleep to be alert at work.

A. Dozens of other readers have also reported problems with generic Ambien (zolpidem). If your insurance company won’t cover the brand name medicine, you may wish to consider some non-drug options. They include a small high-carb bedtime snack such as milk and graham crackers, dietary supplements such as magnesium, melatonin, passionflower or valerian, a hot bath an hour before retiring and acupressure wristbands.

We describe these approaches and others in greater detail in our newly revised Guide to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep. We also discuss OTC sleeping pills and prescription drugs such as Lunesta, Sonata and Rozerem.

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  1. dale

    I too have been on zolpidem for several years. qualitest works well maylan is almost useless and an oblong orange pill i got once from Walmart was also no good. I remember many years ago when I 1st tried the the real Ambien how wonderful I slept and I felt so refreshed and rested the next morning. right now Ambien cot around $470 for 30 doses of 10 mg. if I could afford it I would buy it!! I read somewhere that the law only requires generic drugs to be no less than 80% effective. that’s unacceptable. I just got my latest refill today and its Teva. wish me luck.

  2. davephx

    I guess I have been lucky after reading all this.

    Been on Zolpidem Tartrate ER 12.5mg from Walgreens for like 10 years. Previously on others and medicare (I’ve over 65) forced me to try alternatives non of which worked as well. Had tried for years all the non Rx herb etc stuff which was no help.

    Fortunately by Dr is very supportive and have to keep getting his authorization every six-months or so for Medicare to approve. However, co-pay varies from $44 -$98 but if delay and I run out I have to pay full almost $200 retail (for the “generic”.)

    Have had no side effects for years. Early on a bit of writing misspelled e-mails and dont remember if tried to do anything after about 30 min of taking. Now for years no side effects and its the only option that works. Do not actually feel tired but if I lay down or slump on davenport at more than 45 degrees I’m asleep. Once someone called after I took it and I fell asleep on the phone. It is odd since I do not feel tired at all- just fall asleep.

    All kinds of drugs effect different people differently – amazing how complex our bodies and chemistry is. Have never tried the non generic Ambian.

    While Zolpidem ER has had bad results for some, I believe there are many of us (per my Dr) where it works extremely well

  3. Diane

    The first generic worked fine, now they switched to a different one and it does nothing.

  4. Nancy
    North Carolina

    Why does the FDA not know about this…..the name brand Ambien is all that works for me….generics make me sick..

    • Jackie

      I have been taking name brand Ambian for 10 years. When I began, my co-pay was $50 now it is $110 and my physician has to get prior approval for me to have the name brand. I have mistakenly been given generic twice and had a horrible experience. Could not sleep, hallucinations, anxiety. Both times I called the pharmacy and found it had been filled with generic and I was charged for name brand. I do not understand why the cost of name brand continues to rise. I would NEVER knowingly take a generic again.

  5. Karin
    Orange County California

    I had wonderful results with the Brand Ambien. Now all Pharmacies I have tried so far switched to different generic forms, they told me that they have to give me what their supplier gives them, which is pure garbage. I was ill for 14 days after taking the generic form from Mylan, Qualitest made me ill as well and so did Teva. The side effects from the different generics varied and are too many to even mention, some of them horrible.

    After the last generic Mylan experience, my legs ached and I could not walk any more, had to use a walker, also ended up in the Emergency room with a severe anxiety attack, my blood pressure went up to 187 over 120. Now I am taking Temazepam (Restoryl) 30 mg and I am getting slowly better.

    The problem with this medication is that it causes a GABA effect on the brain, it can also cause dementia over time. When I was in Switzerland last year, my sister, a MD there prescribed Zolpidem by Sonofi for me. It worked wonderful for me. Only in this country here, the United States, the pharmacies are allowed to poison patients with the generic medications. Why is it so impossible to get the brand Ambien? And why is the brand Ambien so expensive? I was quoted $424 for 30 pills, the insurance will not pay. It seems like a conspiracy. The pharmacies buy from the cheapest sources and pass this poison on to their customers. Complaints need to be sent to the FDA. Very sincerely, Karin

  6. jay
    No Ca.

    All the part D insurance providers are getting very strict on Ambien/Zolpidem etc due to our dear friends at the American Geriactrics Assoc and their “Beers criteria” for various meds in the elderly. I emailed them several times to find out who funds them without a reply. The source of their criteria seems quite vague with not a single specific study cited to back their Ambien/Zolpidem “criteria”. Much of it applies to frail elderly but the insurance companies jumped on it, I suspect to save money, and if you die from not sleeping for several daysthen “Oh well, S*it happens” right ? There are true insomniacs, it goes back at least 3 generations in my family and affects all my current siblings. Any drug can be dangerous, even aspirin, or abused but this is mainly for insurance companies to save money. What is needed is a class action lawsuit filed by family members of seniors who die from lack of sleep. If they can save money by paying they will change their policy. You are of little con sequence other then that.

  7. Chris

    I have been taking Zolpidem (from Target-Qualitest) for a numberof years. I did not realize that there was a difference in the generics and I had prescription refilled at Walgreens.

    The first night I took the Walgreens zolpidem (Teva) I walked in my sleep and fell in the bathtub severely injuring myself. I now have serious injuries to my neck and back (bulging discs) and have had numerous treatments with no relief.

    I have since gone back to taking the Target brand (Qualitest) and have not had any problems such as I had on the Teva brand. When Ambien CR first came out I tried it and I had a similar sleepwalking experience (although I did not injure myself). After that episode I was told not to take the time release.

    Is there anyway that the Walgreens Teva Zolpidem Tartrate could have been contaminated with the time release formula?

  8. cynthia w.
    United States

    I used the Lunesta and the generics TEVA & ROXANE. The Roxane works and the TEVA was of such poor quality that it just didn’t work. I’m trying to find a pharmacy that does NOT use TEVA. I’m with CVS now and they use TEVA exclusively for their Lunesta generic. Just saying, if you have bad insomnia. The FDA site has an online complaint form:

  9. Marty_E

    I’ve returned from hospital with a diagnosis of Congestive Heart Failure and pneumonia which infected one of my heart valves. While I was in the hospital I was given brand name Ambiem 10mg and it worked fantastically. I’ve been forced to buy the generic version(s) and found them to be equally useless. Recently, my doctor gave me a script for generic Sonata that I’ll try tonight. (I’ll let you know how it did. )
    I’ve always had very anxious mind and tend to be a night owl suffering from long term insomnia.
    The lack of sleep is a primary factor in developing heart disease and depression. You would think that insurance companies would look at the cost of dispensing a name brand sleep aid vs. the cost of very expensive cardiac care. What about my new heart meds? Do they have a wide variance as well? Many patients lives depend on this answer.

  10. will a.
    rocky river, ohio

    I have taking lunesta for many years. I was switched to the generic, first one by Dr. Reddy and than by Teva. Neither one is working. When I called DR. Reddy’s office they were very good about having my meds switched, which I found interesting because it seemed like they were trying to go to the extreme in their assistance, “wouldn’t want to get it out that their product was crap”. So, I was switched to Teva and the problem continues. I sent Teva a letter and will expect an answer by Monday.

    If not, I will call the FDA on Tuesday to start an investigation into these products.

  11. Steve N.
    Dallas, tx

    Kroger has been giving me generic ambien made by qualitest for 10 years now and 10mg works fine. I switched to walmart generic made by Northstar and I needed to double up on the mg dosage to feel it’s effects.

    In other words, in my experience 10mg of qualities = 20mg of Northstar. So, here I was thinking that I’d save money by changing over to walmart only to find due to having to double the Walmart dosage to make it work, I ended up losing money. What is darn confusing is that the most praised effecive brand of ambien according to these posts is Northstar but Northstar didn’t work for me. My pharmacist said different people have different chemistries so one brand of generic that worked for one may fail for another. Who knows, all I know is that I’m thoroughly confused now.

  12. SickNtired

    I have terrible insomnia and have had it for years due to multiple medical issues. I have taken Ambien for over 10 years. Before everyone freaks out, I have no bad side effects, no weird dreams. If I can sleep without I do. About 3 years ago they switched to generic…poof…away went that feeling of complete relaxation 20 minutes before I fell asleep. I thought it was me being silly.

    Then my daughters husband was deployed and she couldn’t sleep. They put her on ambien..the real thing. It was a god send. She was like a new person. Then 4 months into his deployment insurance required a …you guessed it a generic. She called me a week later frazzled. I can’t sleep mom! I asked her why. I don’t know. Then she told me they changed to a generic. Bingo. I knew right then I wasn’t nuts. It was the freaking generic.

    They just keep telling you it has to be made exactly the same but I say it’s not. While it’s nice to know I’m not nuts it’s a shame to know we are all going through the same thing and nobody listens. Yes if I had the money I would tell them to flush this generic crap and buy the real thing because I should know after taking it for years the week after I went to generic it stopped working.

  13. Von
    Newport News, VA

    The generic for Ambien is the worst. It causes dry mouth, less sleeping time, have to take more MGs, it is absolutely useless. So why is Ambien so expensive? Do we have a problem with drug companies shoving generic drugs down our throat when actually very few work and this comes from doctors themselves.

  14. BR

    I’ve been on Lunesta for several years with complete satisfaction. I’ve just fallen in Doughnut Hole with Medicare Part D, only taking 2regular Rx. I started on Eszopiclone, generic for Lunesta, haven’t had restful sleep for days at a time. Sometime do not sleep thru the night, several nites feel itchy. Tried to go back on Lunesta, cost is now’$450.50, comepaired to $27.60 with mail in pharmacy. What r my options, has this happened to anyone else?

    • SW
      United States

      I have taken Lunesta only a few days a week for years – 7 years. I have had no problems and was able to sleep just fine when I didn’t use it during the week, so I felt that I wasn’t addicted or anything – just able to use it when I needed it.

      Then, back in July of this year, I was switched to the generic brand made by Teva – 2 mg. I had been using it for 4 months and on the 5th month I noticed not only was it starting to not work, but I was unable to sleep when I was not using it. I have been getting about 3 or 4 – 5 hours sleep a night for the last 4 weeks. I thought I was going crazy.

      Then last night I felt like I was having some sort of drug withdrawals – fell asleep and woke up with an upset stomach and headache. I really felt terrible. I am going off the generic and I called Teva pharmaceuticals to discuss this problem.

      They filled out a report, but I think we are all being used as guinea pigs. I am going to try to get the real Lunesta from my doctor and yes, I’m aware of the cost. But I have never felt so bad in my life the last month. I think people need to know that generics are not the exact same thing as the brand.

      I also think that unless they get the “time” release correct, that is the main problem. I think the generics sometimes dump the whole drug into your system so fast that you end up awake after only a few hours.

  15. M. Harvey

    I have used the regular Ambien for only 3 months now despite years of insomnia. Before that I just put up with not sleeping.
    My last prescription my Dr let me try the Teva generic brand of Ambien…Zolpidem. I got absolutely zero sleep, and wont use it again.
    I really cant afford the Ambien price, and the pharmacist suggested Sonata, but it will also be a generic filled by Teva. I have never had a problem with generic meds before, but apparently from what I am seeing on line, their generic Ambien is useless. Im afraid the Teva Sonata generic will not work as well.
    This obvious issue needs to be immediately addressed, as a lot of insurance carriers only cover generics. This may not seem like a huge deal, but if you have ever had true insomnia, and never sleep well, it becomes understandable how frustrating this situation is.

  16. jw

    I’ve been taking Ambien for about 2 years, it worked well, no side effects, on the 5 mg dose. They switched me to zolpidem made by Northstar, a few months ago. I still sleep fine, but I am now experiencing a horrible taste in my mouth, lasts all day, along with a very unpleasant smell. Everything I eat tastes horrible. Kind of metallic. It seems as if everything around me has this awful smell, but I’ve figured out it is coming from me. Urine is darker and exudes this smell as well. Has anyone else experienced this?

  17. cd

    I get 6 hrs of good sleep with only 4 mg of Teva. But North star get maybe 2 hrs restless sleep thrashing around and weird dreams. Now calling around to find Teva for next refill but meanwhile I’m stuck for a month using Northstar! So wrong!

  18. VN

    Same situation. Was prescribed Ambien CR about 10 years ago. Very, very effective. Recently prescribed it again and they gave me a generic by North Star. Very ineffective. Their quality control must be lower than Ambien as their product is ridiculously lacking in results. Since starting it, I’ve been averaging 4 to 5.5 hours a sleep per night, which doesn’t meet promises made in the literature.
    Wake up tired as expected from missing so much sleep. Have tried many alternatives (natural and pharmacological) but Ambien CR worked where all others failed.

  19. Ruth

    After reading all these comments I am convinced that it is not “all in my head” which is a relief. I took the real Ambien for years and my insurance covered most of it BUT then the generic came out, my insurance won’t cover real Ambien now, only the Generic version and it does not work for me at all. In fact with this stuff I started sleeping walking when I did sleep – not dangerous stuff but still scary. Maybe their Generic is made in China!! I stopped taking it but I miss the REAL Ambien. It is not the same, I don’t care what they say. The price for real Ambien has not come down, in fact I think it has gone up. The Fix is In.

    • SickNtired

      It is not in your head….I thought it was in my head too! Until it happened to my daughter too!

      • WitsEnd

        Terrified to complain about any controlled substances, I have learned by finding old pills in my luggage, My generics are useless. Found OLD Watson 5/500 hydrocodone workds for me. Everything they have replaced it with, even Watson generic has minimal effect. Same with Generic Ambien. Teva 5 mg worked for years. Then part D stopped covering it. Aurobindo 10mg were crap. Scared to complain, I shut up and took it. Just asked to go back to Teva …but it isn’t the same. They will only give me 10mg, and it is less effective than the old Teva 5mg. Suffering is sucking away my will to live. This is unfair to my family, but the untreated pain is ruining my life. I don’t go out, but now I often don’t even speak to people on the phone, because it hurts so much that talking makes it worse. Suffering is what makes patients want to die.

    • lloydski
      mt pleasant mi

      Out of my last four experiences with generic ambien (zolpidem tartrate) only one worked but I had to do doubles, some times 2 and a half. So I Called the doctor to do a DAW (dispense as written) after the pharmacist told me to try that. finally after three days of going up and down the ladder with the insurance companies meds provider, I was able to get an override. I saved all the old pill bottles to put small screws in. Lo and behold, not one of the drug manufactures were the same. Who knows what stuff they put in the generics, maybe floor sweepings. I wonder if quality control comes into it if you are on heart meds.

  20. mpj

    Marion, I too found Qualitest completely useless. I don’t think it contains any active ingredient at all. I request that the pharmacy I use fill my script with Sandoz brand. These seem to work best for me.
    Re the quality control – I think lack of efficacy should be reported as an “adverse” reaction. Qualitest is owned by Endo Pharmaceuticals. There is a phone number on their website to report adverse reactions. Here’s the link to the page: (the number they say to call is: (800) 462-ENDO (3636).
    It says to call to report an adverse reaction and I think we should all start calling, because apparently neither our docs nor the pharmacists are calling. I am going to call the number on Monday.

  21. Marion

    Glad we found this website. My husband and I both take Zolpidem. We both ordered refills from Rite Aid and both found the new batch useless. No sleep at all. The new batch came from Qualitest. Rite Aid changed from Northstar–which were effective, to this completely ineffective generic. Yes we complained to Rite Aid pharmacy but got the same stupid answers others have reported.
    Where is the quality control? For that matter, how do I know if my generic Synthroid (thyroid) pills fluctuate in quality? This is serious stuff.Has anyone complained to FDA, CDC? I’m desperate for a solution.

    • lloydski

      Rite-Aid says oh we have no control what the warehouse sends us!!!

  22. Bob

    These comments are all very interesting and glad I stumbled on to it. I have been taking various forms of Zolpidem over 5 years now as the original Ambien became too expensive for me. Most of the times they have been 10mg. and scored so I could break them in half. A lot of times 5mg. would work, but if I did not sleep through the night, I always had the option to take the second half of the pill.
    Sometimes the pharmacy would give me the round ones and they did not split to well, so my pharmacy would take the effort to order the oval ones if I called ahead, so cudo’s for WG!
    Lately I just got a new scrip and now am not staying awake as well and have some weird dreams?? I wondered if the supplier company had been changed, so I checked the date sheet that came with the script to see if it was from a different lab, but it appears not. So I’m confused as to why I’m seeing different effects from the last batch I was receiving?
    Also, I do not remember having so many weird vivid dreams before with the old medicine. I mean, I do not remember dreaming much at all back then anymore than an occasional one here and there. I’m sure that people will have dream experiences that can be influenced on whatever may be going on in one’s life like dealing with illness, pain and stress from whatever stimuli.
    So checking on this supplier list, I see WG has been using Teva and lately Qualtest.
    Rite Aid has given me Teva (round)and Dr. Reddy’s oval.
    I’m just wondering if the supply is different from the same company but different factories from different countries now?

  23. Judith

    I had used Ambien CR 12.5 since 2006. I have chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and other problems. I thought it was a miracle when the REAL Ambien was given to me. Now my plan says that I must take a generic or pay for the generic, real and a “penalty”. Not one representative explained it quite the same way, or clearly.
    I now, having tried three different generics, have gone back to paying for the REAL stuff. Over the last year and a half it has gone from about $200 for every 90 days to $1,018 for 90 days. I live on as limited pension, as I contracted CFS at 47 years of age and a small amount of $ from SS as I reported tutoring, etc.
    Fortunately, I paid for a small disability policy or I would be on welfare. Clearly, I try to think ahead and be responsible, but that doesn’t”t seem to matter. All the generics of Ambien made me ill, unable to sleep, dizzy, clumsy and unrested. The letters from my Dr., who says many of his patients suffer the same problems, are rejected by the drug company that my plan insists that I have. As I understand it, the Mass. plan is the template for parts of Obmacare. I DO want everyone to have health care coverage but if it insists only on generics there are going to be a lot of very ill people in the USA.
    I worry that the medical companies and insurance companies are taking over good health care. It may come down to food or sleep. I’m scared. Especially as this may be swept up into all the other mega data.

  24. Stephanie

    I am currently on the generic made by Sandoz. Frankly it does nothing for me. When I was on Ambien I fell asleep within half a hour or less and slept 8 hours. I woke up refreshed and not at all drowsy. This generic crap doesn’t help me. I can take it and still be up all night long. I’ve went two days without any sleep at all. I have issues with generic Wellbutrin as well. I take a lot of meds because I have a chronic major illness. Most of them are generics and work fine. But the Wellbutrin and the ambien majorly suck.!
    If I had to go back to brand name Wellbutrin. It’s costing me $350 a month. I can’t remember what the cost of the ambien was. The FDA has admitted that some generic forms of Wellbutrin are not up to par. Something patients had been telling them for years. I wonder how long it will take them to get the hint about the ambien/ zolpiedem issue. I’m tired of meds that don’t work. I have Lupus, fibromyalgia , asthma, a blood disorder as well as complex PTSD. I can’t afford to waste money on crap that doesn’t work.

  25. Rebecca

    I have been on 20 mg of Ambien for almost 5 years with not much problem except the occasional tolerance build up and I end up short on my meds for the month.
    My doctor will usually up my dose and now it is at 20mg. After a year of that I just picked up my Walmart RX and took the 2 pills as prescribed and its been 2 hours I lay in my bed wondering if they gave me the right medicine. I looked it up on identifier and it all matches it just seems like I got a bottle of placebos. Absolutely NO EFFECT.
    This worries me because it’s not like they let you bring them back and complain about it. I depend on the sound sleep mainly for my career so that I can have natural energy during the day to lead 100’s of people and fly out to meetings and be prepared. It all falls on my Ambien and I am not sure if this was just a bad batch or something has changed in the compound of what is in it.
    If anyone knows please let me know. I have to get switched somehow before my next trip overseas next week. Please let me know if you have had a really weak RX this time around. Or an advise of something equivalent to switch to. My doctor has me on what’s powerful because I guess I don’t react to small does at all. I am slender lb., 30 female and generally healthy.

  26. Kathryn D

    I’ve been an Ambien/Zolpidem user for 14 years… and yes there is a huge difference in the “fillers” each manufacturer uses.
    I won’t go into my long medical history here-but will say that all my doctors agree that I’m medically addicted-and interestingly only one has tried to wean me off. Sadly he was suggesting something more addictive than ambien. I myself have tried to wean off at the 9,11 and 12 year mark… I was not successful.
    I’d journal the symptoms-which continued WELL past the point the body is “supposed” to be physically weaned…and was still not sleeping, having hot flashes, headaches, panic attacks etc. The longest I’ve been able to make it was 59 days.
    From what I’ve read-Ambien changes the brain chemistry. I suspect that this change is permanent-and that’s why the medical industry is “putting the brakes” on dispensing. Makes NO sense for an insurance company to say “30 pills is over your limit” (Medco does this)and your doctor will have to persuade us otherwise. You need to sleep, generally, every night.
    I have allergic reactions to the yellow/red dye that Torrent uses-so they’re out. Teva-didn’t work. Aurobindo-worked well… but nobody seems to carry anymore near me. Dr. Reddy- no ill effects, but would have to double dosage. Mylan-actually was ok for me… they’ve discontinued carrying it in my area.
    Northstar-If this was the same brand Target carried years back, it didn’t work for me.
    I’ve tried Lunesta, Sonata, all the “different category” sleep aids… Nothing.
    I think we Ambien users are in a world of hurt.

  27. Steve w

    I’ve been taking name brand Sonata, 10mg, for years, now Rite Aid gave me Zaleplon manufactured by Teva, this stuff is worthless. I cannot believe the quality differences between the generics. I’m going to have my doctor call in and have to say no substitutions with the Sonata order and pay the money. Btw, my girlfriend had her doctor send in a write up saying she cannot take the generics, and her insurance HAD to pay for name brand. It’s worth a shot if your doctor is willing.

  28. Cindee

    I had the same exact problem with TEVA zaleplon. I’ve been taking 10mg for years now; no problems with Northstar. Pharmacy switched to TEVA and the pills are completely worthless. I had a couple of the Northstars left and compared the contents with the TEVA caps. TEVA capsules contained less than half of what the northstars contained. Don’t know if that’s the only issue, though, because taking two TEVAs doesn’t help insomnia and leaves me with a splitting headache the next day.
    I think the only option is to shop around for pharmacies that carry Northstar and hope that others do the same. Since the FDA is essentially a non-agency, consumers need to speak with their $.

  29. c mckone

    About 2 years ago, I had a complete hysterectomy. I woke up from surgery in a forced menopause. I can’t take hormones and prob would not, from what I have read about them, as I was told 4 years ago I had a stage 1 breast cancer and had it removed, now info has come out that too many were diagnosed and cut on for the same thing that one year. So not sure if I was one that got lied to about the breast cancer or not.
    Any way, I was expecting hot flashes, and sure enough I got those, but I also got night sweats and insomnia from hell. So I was started on ambian. It worked fine. Then cvs caremark insurance said it only covered zolpidam. Now 2 years ago, when this started, I got 90 pills at a time. I took one a day. It cost me co pay about 5 bucks. Then it changed, and was only 30 pills at a time, and cost me about 75 cents in copay.
    Then I got a letter, stating that, I had to have a doctors note, to continue on the sleeping pill. Once a year the doctor had to write and or answer questions to cvs caremark as to why I needed this medication. Then this year cvs caremark sent a letter stating that it now required the doctor to do this special paper work 2x a year. I had 1 pill left. The manufacturers instructions on coming off these pills is exact, and says patient to be slowly weened off this pill. They did not give a darn.
    They denied my claim, and said I could not have the generic ambian. They would not cover it. Nor will they cover any other sleeping pills. I take just 2 pills one hb and one sleeping pill per day, it’s not like I’m some kinda pill popper. They made me feel like a crack head over a sleeping pill. On generic, I slept 2 hours and would wake up, and then another 2 hrs and wake up. It worked ok I guess, better then nothing. The latest letter from cvs caremark, is that I go see a psychiatrist. As I’m bound to be crazy, if I can’t sleep and have some underlying medical problem.
    I figure, they never read my medical history anyway. So, they can burn in hells fires. I take melatonin 10 mg every night. It takes me about 4 hrs after taking pill to fall asleep. Generic with out insurance last year was 27 dollar copay. This year it was 60 for 30 days. like I said, they can burn in hell.

  30. GAF

    It’s a shame that after all available evidence that Zolpidem ER 12.5mg does not function as well as Ambien CR 12.5mg, that the insurance companies continue to deny coverage on the basis that a generic version is available. I am just sick of it and think that it’s about time that people start voting out their state representatives, releasing the bond between lobbyists and law makers.

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