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Can Vitamin E Heal Scars?

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Q. I think you have alarmed people unnecessarily with your thoughtless remarks on vitamin E. You said that applying vitamin E oil to scars did not help them heal faster. You should print a correction because pure vitamin E on incisions promotes healing.

A. When we find research demonstrating that putting vitamin E on wounds helps them heal without scarring, we will be prompt to write about it.

We found a review in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (Dec. 2006) that stated “vitamin E has complex effects on wound healing,” and concluded, “the evidence that topical vitamin E alone improves the cosmetic appearance of scars is poor. It is also associated with a high incidence of contact dermatitis. The use of vitamin E should, therefore, be discouraged.”

If a person plans to use vitamin E oil on the skin, she should test it first on the inside of the forearm to make sure she will not react badly.

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  • Currently 3.7/5
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Not Helpful ..... Very Helpful
Was this information helpful? Average rating: 3.7/5 (274 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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Some years ago I was cooking over a camp fire, when the hot grease spattered the back of my hands, and the right one literally caught on fire! I put ice on it, then began to use Vit E on it. After approx. 2 months,you could not tell it had been burned. The noticeable scarring was gone!

My experience with vitamin E: I put it on my wound from a lumpectomy on my breast. The cut was made horizontally and the weight of the breast and the softening of the skin from the vitamin E capsule caused the wound to widen and now I have a wide and long scar!

A surgeon had us rub the contents of a Vitamin E capsule on a scar on my daughter's forehead where she had surgery to remove a bony growth. What he said was to take a pin, stick it in the Vit. E capsule, squeeze the contents out on the scar, and use your index finger to massage the scar.

He said that would help break up any scar tissue, or keep it from forming. The Vit. E he said only is allowing you to massage the area easier. He told me that the Vit. E itself was not doing anything to prevent scarring. He even said to make sure to wash it off well with soap and water or else it could cause acne type break-outs, since it's oily.

Is there ANything that helps wounds heal? Fish oil? A and D from capsules? Retinol? What about wrinkle creams? I had cataract surgery and the process somehow created deep furrows on my face that won't come out. It is 2 months later. Is there anything that might help?

Spilled 1 Qt boiling water onto ankle & shoe. Took a while to get shoe off; 2nd & 3rd degree burn the size of my palm on my ankle. Changed dressing soaked in only colloidal silver once daily, no infection. Used Vit E oil once daily with dressing when new skin began to form. Healed without the least scar. "Blush" gone in a year. Vit E oil also kept thin new skin from getting dry and crackly until it thickened.

Many years ago I heard Vitamin E oil was good for dry skin. I lived in a dry climate, and my skin was always dry. I applied Vitamin E oil for several days on legs and arms, and ended up with a severe case of dermatitis. It went away as soon as I discontinued the use of the Vit E oil.

I have successfully used Vitamin E oil on acne. I do not have the break-outs like I use to do. I wash my face 1st and then cover break-out prone areas with vitamin E oil.

I've come across a site about how vitamin E doesn't help scars, and instead interferes with the process of our skin's natural healing and may even delay the process.

I have used a vitamin E oil/Cocoa butter on my acne scars, and the results are: My complexion improved and glowed overnight, however, it may be just a placebo. Who knows for sure?

Other factors can play a part of it such as change of diet or amount of sleep might have helped it.

I conclude, eating more food with high amounts of vitamins A, K, and zinc would most likely help than these "so-called fast remedies". =D

Scars do take at least 6 months to heal.

When I was in high school, I received a deep wound on my face as a result of a fight (really immature, I know). The school nurse told me to put vitamin e oil on it. So I put the oil on my open wound and covered it with a band aid. I did this every evening for a couple of weeks, and I'm proud to say that I have no scar whatsoever. I honestly can't even remember what side of my face it was on!

My son was working in a fast food restaurant at the age of 16. Because of faulty equipment, his arm was burned from his elbow to his wrist. He had 1st, 2nd & 3rd degree burns. I asked the doctor about putting vitamin E oil on his arm to keep it from scarring. He said it wouldn't work, I kept doing it anyway. We are happy to say there are no scars on my son's arm.

I have a hypotrophic scar on my arm which is about 3 years old. Would you recommened trying vitamin e oil? Do you think it would reduce it? It's ruining my life. :(

The first wart I had was on the far corner on the back of my left hand right below my pinkie. Well after that first wart others started to appear on different parts of both of my legs.

I used a couple of capsules of vitamin E (wheat germ) oil on these warts and covered them with bandaids.
Every other day I would repeat the same for about a good 3 to 5 weeks. All the warts were gone leaving no scar or any sign they were even there.

I won't use any other than the E derived from wheat germ.

Note to NB: There is no harm in trying the E on the Hypotrophic scar you have. It is worth a try at least. I have used it on old scars and so far
it has worked.

Note To Carol: Sorry to hear that the E had that effect on you, but Vitamin E has the tendency to regenerate the skin so you will find that you would be shedding the dead layers off revealing new skin(exfoiliating). Maybe that's what you were experiencing. I have had a similar thing happen to me but not severely. Maybe combining vitamin E with another carrier oil will work better for you. There is coconut oil and also jojoba (cold pressed).

I have extremely dry skin, so my legs would get ingrown hairs on them. They would cause little red bumps and leave scars. I'm not sure if vitamin e is good for me...

Just make sure that you are using the natural form of Vitamin E, not the synthetic form. You want to look for d-alpha tocopherol, not dl-alpha tocopherol. D-alpha is the natural form. Natural vitamin E is more expensive than synthetic. Many vitamin E capsules in people's cupboards are the synthetic version. I like to buy a small bottle of pure Vitamin E oil by a company such as Jason or Colonial Dames. I don't use the vitamin capsules, but you can. It should also not be mixed with other oils like safflower oil, etc. for best results. This defeats the whole purpose of pure vitamin E oil on the skin. I think it works miracles. I use at least 25,000 IU on my skin. I like to call it "liquid gold".

I think "ehc" above does it the right way. You read a lot about the positive effects of using vitamin e to heal skin, but not a lot of people mention HOW to use it. From my experience, it should not be used on open I think this interferes with the normal healing process and allows collagen to work it's way to the surface, resulting in scaring. Use a skin gel that creates a seal and keeps the wound moist and allow the wound to close first.

does vitamin e help remove stretch marks? if not what else is there?

I've had acne-prone skin since my early teens, and at 19, I have to say that I've found no better natural healer than that of vitamin E. Whenever I had peeled a scab too soon, I'd rub pure vitamin E on the skin every night, and you would never know I've had skin issues in the past. My skin appears as even and correctly pigmented as the skin of an individual who's never had acne.

does vitamin e work on stretchmarks?

Used liquid from Vitamin E capsules on neck incision to massage as instructed by surgeon. Caused severe contact dermatitis everywhere that my fingers touched. I think the ingredient in the vitamin causing the problem was Polysorbate 80. I would do a test patch on your arm before using as it was quite uncomfortable for 10 days and required three doctor visits.

I have stretch marks from working out too much. Does anyone know if vitamin e oil will make them disappear, and if not disappear get lighter

I had breast augmentation 3 years ago. I have a 3 inch vertical scar under each breast. They are both about 2-3 millimeters in height and the color is a bit darker than my natural skin tone ( a brownish/pink color ). The scar has become flatter over the years but every so often I will find that it is raised and itchy.

What methods of scar improvement are there in my case? Would Vitamin E help at this point...what type of laser treatments or dermabrasion are recommended and why?

I was losing hope in trying to improve my scars but now that I have been doing some research online it seems that there are some professionals who can actually help improve scars.

Please help, I feel insecure about these long and dark scars under my breast...

When we were kids, my brother's hands were covered. And yes i mean literally cover in warts. My mother began covering his hands in Vit E oil from the capsule. Then covering his hands in plastic and cloth hand coverings on the outside. We had tried multiple treatments prior to no avail. It probably took between 2 to 3 months to clear but he has had no problems to date as far as i know. I believe it is safe to say that although several people have an allergy, most people will show some positive results from a vita E treatment.

can VIT E help with road rash scars??

Because a hypertrophic scar (I'm assuming you meant to say hyper not hypo) is an overgrowth of your skin during the healing process, rubbing oil or anything else on it will not reduce the scar. Surgery may work but then there is a risk of it happening again. If it's very upsetting to you I'd recommend talking to a cosmetic surgeon.

After having skin cancer removed under my left breast with a 6 inch incision, the doctor suggested Vitamin E for the scar. I started using it just after the surgery stitches were removed, and within a few months of use, the scar is not visible.
After reading different results, I feel it may just depend on individual skin. It sure is something I would use again.

I had surgery on my face six days ago to remove squamous cell carcinoma.....the stitches were removed today and now I have a HUGE scar....I have heard applying Vitamin E oil will aid in minimizing scarring...How often should I apply the Vitamin E to the scar?

I have scars all over my body caused by skin allergy and i would like to know if i can apply Vitamin E Oil.

I was starting to get acne again. Something I thought I had grown out of. I was getting pimples where I had scars from prior pimples.

I read that Vitamin E gets rid of scarring, so I applied it every night after washing my face and 5 days later I noticed that I was no longer breaking out but that the previous scars from over 10 years ago were going away.

I will keep using it as it slows the aging process as well.

: )

I had an operation at the beginning of 2008 and when the scars were about 6 months old I bought some vitamin E oil as I was told it may help the scars to heal more quickly. Unfortunately all it did was give me dermatitis which I am still trying to cure. However, my doctor did not link the use of the vitamin E oil with the allergic reaction and last night before going to bed, I rubbed a small amount of the oil over my face because I have had a cold this week and my face was feeling very dry.

I have awoken this morning with a very swollen and itchy face, not only uncomfortable but also unsightly. I have now put 2 and 2 together and can only conclude that the vitamin E oil is to blame for the dermatitis around my scars and my (hopefully temporarily) swollen and itchy face.
My advice to all is please don't use vitamin E oil without doing a patch test first.

I wrecked in a Motorcycle Accident 8 Months ago I began using Vitamin E skin oil to moisturize my scars. It helped break tissue and keep it moist. It also helped scar flatten. I think Vitamin E Oil works good & it's inexpensive!!!

I had a 1 inch gash on my face right about my eyebrow 3 years ago after someone shoved me into a countertop. This was a rather deep gash that required stitches. The nurse told me to prick a vit E capsule with a needle and spread on the wound to heal. It took about 2 months, and up to this day you would never know that I had a gash there. It was deep enough that a friend thought I had been kicked by one of my horses, NO scar whatsoever or any indication of trauma.

The nurse also told me to stay out of the sun for several months while healing or to make sure to wear a hat. Some people's skin must react well to this vs. other's not. I have a recent small acne scar on my face at the present time. I just remembered using the Vitamin E previously. I hope it works again this time.

is there a certain type of vit E oil u used that you recommend? or just buy the capsules and open them? also how often to you apply?

I've recently developed some bad acne scars on my face and I am very concerned. As a 16 year old girl obviously it is a great knock to my self esteem. Is it really true that vitamin e can have a significant effect on such scaring?

Anyone know if Bio Oil or Rescue Oil (cheaper version of bio oil) work on acne scars?

They contains lots of oils but the vitamin E stood out for me as I've heard it's good on scaring.

Whenever I accidentally burn my face from curling my hair with electric curlers I would cut a vitamin E gel tablet and apply a small amount of the gel to the wound. The burn would always heal speedily . I've been using vitamin E for this purpose for at least 10 years and from my experience, it always worked for me.

I use Vitamin E oil on my skin, lips, hair and nails. You have to be careful about which brand you use. They put all sorts of chemicals is the major brands. But besides that, many people have allergies to common foods like Wheat or Soy. A reaction could indicate this kind of problem. Mineral Oil is mixed with Vitamin E oil a lot as in Johnson & Johnson. It seems like these blended oils bother me. I have a lot of sensitivities and a pure organic oil that is not one of your allergies would give the moisturizing that your looking for.

I had a breast reduction in 2004. 3 months later I had more tissue removed from one breast and the scarring upset me. I ended up purchasing a vitamin E cream ($20 for a small canister) and would massage it into the scar tissue in the evenings or after my shower. The thickness of the scar tissue was definitely reduced by this - and I started with the vitamin E cream at LEAST 1 YEAR AFTER the surgery. The scars are not gone, but I am very pleased with the difference

I got burned really bad from my curling iron (it was extremely hot!) on the top of my forehead. the burn was hideous and I accidentally scratched the skin off before it healed properly. I applied vitamin e oil on the scar for two weeks and since then the scar has been fading. you could never tell that i had been burned! highly recommend it....

I have this really dark big scar in between my two thighs...and I am really frustrated because of this. his scar is about 16 years old...please help...I am thinking of applying vit you think it would help me reduce the scar??

I have had acne since I was a kid, along with severely dry skin, so dry that I cannot shave my legs without painful bumps and the skin on my nose flakes off. Recently a friend recommended I use Vitamin E oil, just apply after washing my face, leave on over night, wash in morning and then apply a daily moisturizer.

I have been doing this for about a week now, my skin is clearer than it ever has been and all my scarring is gone from previous acne. I also apply vitamin E oil on my legs after shaving, the bumps are gone and the oil helps keep my skin looking moisture filled. I do want to mention though, that do not apply the oil before going in the sun, it may promote sunburn. =]

I was a huge fan of Vitamin E oil as a skin moisturizer and anti-aging/anti-skin imperfection treatment. I used it for a couple of years on my face - especially my lips (which frequently get very chapped) and around my eyes successfully.

A couple months ago, I had a severe allergic reaction out of the blue. It started with a very subtle rash and tiny blisters on my lips, which I thought was either fever blisters or severe chapping initially. I continued to use Vit E to treat my lips and about a week later I woke up with very swollen lips. Each morning they were worse and became so swollen they split open and I ended up in the emergency room. The rash also spread to around my mouth and to my earlobes.

The only common element that I can associate with that reaction and the few reactions I have had since is the Vitamin E oil, although my doctor has said a Vitamin E allergy is rare when I first mentioned the link.

I have heard it can be the type of oil the Vitamin is 'suspended in' and not the Vitamin itself though.

I have had this leg scar since I was an infant, I'm 32 years old now. Can vitamin e help lessen the appearance of my scars? please help I'm desperate.

I have had this leg scar since I was an infant, I'm 32 years old now. Can vitamin e help lessen the appearance of my scars? please help I'm desperate.

I had chicken pox since three (3) weeks back and now I have a lot of marks and scars all over my face, arms and body. Can you help me regarding this by recommending a particular cream or lotion to help ease the visibility of these marks and for them to disappear?

I'm not sure exactly how effective Vitamin E might be for all types of scarring, but I will say that it seems to definitely improve the appearance and healing of the skin after severe burns.

I lived overseas for many years where we had limited medical resources. One day a young girl (5 yrs) fell in the cooking fire. The backs of her legs and bottom were severely burned--2nd & 3rd degree over an area 8 in. by 8 in. at it's widest. We had very little to treat her with and could not reach medical help in the town soon enough, and so we opted to wash her carefully using warm salt water to keep the wounds clean. We applied Vitamin E oil (from the capsules which were all we had) to the wounds 3 times daily and then freshly bandaged them carefully using gauze, following the thrice daily salt baths. Within 3 months there was no evidence that she had ever been burned, much less severely so. I for one am convinced that Vitamin E does have qualities conducive to healing and the prevention of scarring--at least in regards to burns. I have used it effectively on 2nd degree burns on my hands and legs as well.

I believe that vitamin e is helpful for a few things but not everyone's skin is the same.

For those seeking a remedy for stretch marks, it has seemed to work pretty well on most women I've known that were pregnant and had stretch marks or had stretch marks for long after their pregnancies.

(I've known quite a few pregnant women).

For people with acne problems seeking help and looking into vitamin e for a miracle, I would recommend doing a patch test. (As you would with many things that are known to cause reactions or that could be considered allergens, such as hair dyes or certain cosmetics).

Considering that vitamin E oil, is in fact, an oil, I would not recommend putting it directly on a pimple, because that would corrupt your body's natural oil production and could possibly worsen the pimple. But considering the fact that acne scars are typically dry and sometimes flaky, for some people it would be a good idea to lessen the appearance of scars, or for some, rid the scars. If you have skin that tends to be oily an hour after washing your face with a mild cleanser without applying any kind of moisturizer afterward, I would not recommend putting any kind of OIL on your skin.

And be warned: Things such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or sulfur can for the time being, minimize a pimple or minimize the bacteria of such pimple, but they do leave long-term effects. A mild cleanser and exfoliant (to speed up the sloughing process of skin, because sometimes your skin's natural sloughing process is slow compared to your oil production) every couple of days should be your regimen.

If you must use benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or sulfur, I would recommend not using a cleanser containing it because it could cause dryness or sensitivity of the skin, but instead to apply it directly to a pimple.

Better to prevent than to treat. When I say this, I mean that instead of waiting until you have a skin issue to do something about it, prevent it in the first place and protect your skin. The sun's UV rays can worsen skin damage, so you should wear sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 15, and expect to re-apply it when needed if you sweat or are in water.

There are many light, non-greasy facial sunscreens available, anyway.

Once again, if you are thinking about using vitamin E for skin issues, do a patch test on the inside of your arm, where skin is just about as sensitive as the skin on your face. If you have an allergy within 48 hours, you should discontinue use. Also, avoid synthetic forms of vitamin E. Synthetic vitamin E can clog pores (spoken from my dermatologist) and that is obviously not going to help your skin problems. Although natural vitamin e may be more expensive, in my mind, it is definitely worth it. But it all depends on how important your skin is to you.

I have learned a lot about skin, through my schooling including health, my dermatologist, and quite a few of my friends' dermatologists.

I hope this information helped someone out.

Try using pure cold pressed virgin coconut oil. I have good luck with it on scars and scratches...even old ones...they soften and fade. Not to mention it is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal. I had a dog that got some type of bacterial infection in its ear, we dipped a q-tip in coconut oil and rubbed it on it once a day, it started going away within hours and was completely gone in three days. Coconut oil is somewhat greasy at first, but it absorbs quickly into the skin and you hardly know it was there. Pure coconut oil is just amazing.

I'm a 14 year old and and I just wanna know if vitamin E works for insect bites that causes scars? I have a lot on my legs and I really need help. Do you know things that can make it disappear or jut look better?

I'm just wondering. Does vitamin E oil works on mosquito bite scars? Like make them disappear or lighter/not noticeable?

I had a kidney removed in 1979 which left a 7" scar on my right side. While it was healing, I broke open caps of vitamin E and put it on the scar faithfully. When I went in to see my doctor for follow up visits he asked me what I was putting on the scar, and the reason he asked was because he was surprised at how nicely the scar was healing.

I was 23 when I had the surgery and my scar is a thin, flat scar which has never ever embarrassed me and I really don't even notice it and apparently neither do others. I attribute this to both using the vitamin E (which the doctor himself confirmed would do the trick) and the doctor's excellent skills.

I've had Chicken Pox when I was 6 I think now I'm 14 and I still have a scarring under my eye, most others around the other parts of my body have disappeared but not this one. Any advice, I'm going to be trying Vitamin E in a while.

I put vitamin E oil (from capsule) by chance on some (bad) mosquito bites. It completely stopped the itch! didn't appear to heal any quicker, but the itch completely disappeared.

My husband had a skin graft on his nose after a cancer was removed. Three years later, The graft was still dark and very noticeable. I suggested vit. E capsule (pure), since it had lightened a scar for me. Three days later, the lightening of the graft began. Now a few months later, the skin has almost blended into the color of his nose.

When I had foot surgery I was left with a scar on each side of my foot. I used Vit. E on one scar only. Today, one scar is barely noticeable and the other is dark. That little experiment tells me a lot. This needs to be investigated. thanks.

Synthetic vitamin e oil that is mixed with a carrier oil such as soybean oil does not cause the reaction you might get with the pure vitamin e oil. also I noticed a comment above about burns. I think the best for quick healing of burns is aloe vera gel.

My entire right forearm had 3rd degree burns from my wrist to my elbow and the skin bubbled so that I thought to myself that my skin would never look the same ever again.

But a NURSE told me to apply Vitamin E to it everyday....just by puncturing a Vitamin E capsule and rubbing it into the scar.

I did this for 1 month till it healed and till after it healed. I now look at my arm and can't believe that I even had a burn there because you can't even see a scar.

I really thought it would be a permanent scar. Thanks to the Nurse for that amazing tip.

When I was river guiding in south africa, I often forgot my chap stick (lip Balm). Well one day I burnt my lips so bad that they had actually cracked a deep crack in the middle, and a friend handed me vitamin E oil and told me to continuously put it on through out the night. Happy to say it actually peeled away the dry cracked skin and the new skin under was really soft, all in one night!!! Try it, it really works.

How long did it take to go away? Was your skin swollen itchy and red? I think this is what happened to me after I was using it for about a week and then went out into the sun. For the next couple days (including today) my face has been getting worse (swollen and itchy). Any tips?

My son had skin graft on his right arm (wrist to close to the elbow) after a 3rd degree burn 2 years ago. A couple of months ago he had something like a chemical peel done but it has made no difference. After reading your comments on vit E I will get my son to try it. I hope it works on him as he is very conscious of it.

I'm using Vitamin E oil on my acne scars on my face for two weeks so far and I can see that it helps.It makes the scars less noticeable. Just put some before you go to bed and then take a shower or wash off the Vitamin E oil the next day. During the day put some moisturizing lotion on your face too.

Last month I went into the woods and broke out all over my legs. They ended up getting staph and I was in the hospital for them. Now I have giant scars on my legs and I was wondering if the vitamin E would work for me. I am allergic to a lot of things, so I'm a little leery to try it, but the scars are so big and ugly, I may just take my chances. What I would like to know, is how many people had a bad reaction to the vitamin E, and if they did, did it work anyway?

I had a mole removed 2-3 months ago (small one) and ended up with a huge purpulish scar. This is actually the better part of the story because my wound has finally closed after more than 2 MONTHS.(got allergic reaction for injected "epinefrin" or whatever it is called..)

I have been seeing a wound therapist for 2 months and without his treatment, my wound would have still be opened. Now it is only cosmetic, but still it is bothering me, because it is on the visible place. I do modeling and feel like it is interfering my job. I am not so confident anymore. I was told to rub vitamin E on it, but after 2 weeks of doing so, I do not see any changes. Maybe too short for change? Will it ever change to the original skin color? Would a plastic surgeon be any help?

While I was on vacation I got 8 stitches in my leg. The doctor told me to rub vit. e oil on it after I got them removed to help break up the scar tissue and it worked!!! There is no scar!!!

I got a piercing in the cartilage of my left ear 3 years ago. As the wound healed in the weeks after, a tiny lump, similar to a small keloid began to form at the piercing area. I started using vitamin e oil at the recommendation of my friend and in less than two weeks the lump was gone...

I used vitamin E to treat a near quarter-sized curling iron burn that was right between my eyes (dang thing slipped out of my hands) and you can't even tell it was there. I can't speak for incisions, but vitamin E oil definitely works on burns. I think the key is to use PURE VITAMIN E OIL with AT LEAST 25,000 IU.

Personally, I use the Rexall Sundown brand of vitamin E oil, which I bought at Kmart for less than $20. It's 100% vitamin E and 70,000 IC. The oil is thick and lasts for a very long time.

Can vitamin e oil help with scarring and could it help with a portwine stain birthmark? I had some laser surgery some years back on the portwine stain birthmark which I have to say did a great job on the area. I still have some areas on my face which is still noticeable and would like to go the cheaper way first and then if I have to go back to to do more plastic surgery with the laser then I will.

Anyone with some advice would be very much appreciated.

Thank you & God Bless EB

I had a very large motorcycle burn on my inner leg. I was 18 when this happened. After it healed my father told me to try Vitamin E. 20 years later and I cant even tell which leg I burned.

Just had ankle surgery...and the E I bought looks different. Back when I had the burn the E I bought was white and thick....the stuff I just bought is yellow and liquid. Hope it works the same!

Sounds like people will burns have a high success rate.....hoping a surgery scar will have the same results.

Wheat germ oil helps scars. I had a bad scar from breast surgery reduction and it interfered with the fields in my body causing extreme pain and swelling in my feet and hands, if you can believe it. I went to all kinds of specialists including a reumatologist who prescribed awful drugs. Then I went to a holistic doc who told me to put wheat germ oil on my scar and within 2 months I was completely healed! The scars are still there, but they are not causing problems.

Hey can you please tell me what you did use for your lips and ears since the vitamin e did not work, I have the same symptoms and I've researched for years to try to find someone who had the same problems as I do with my chapped lips, around my lips and ears and behind my ears.

After going to dermatologists they are no help they only prescribe topical steroids which made the problem 200% times worse and the chappedness and rashes spread throughout my entire body and I've spent thousands of dollars trying to fix my skin but nothing works and I've become completely obsessed with spending all my money and time on trying to get my self esteem back. Nothing makes the rashes go away and my body just seems to get worse and worse no matter how hard I try.
I just bought vitamin e oil for the first time and I am about to use it on my face and body but I am afraid it may just make things worse, but I really have nothing else to lose my body face and skin is already destroyed...


Was the vitamin E the capsule kind??

Personally, I've been using E for about 25 years. I got in trouble with a bad back at one point, and I was taking really strong painkillers. One night, when I was feeling no pain, I decided to cook steaks and I opened the oven with one hand, reached in with the other (covered), and my arm touched the top of the oven at about 350-400F. At the time, I DID feel it, but it was just an OW then. I went on to eat and go to bed. When I woke up I had a huge blister on my arm (the real tender part just below the elbow). I thought "what is that?", then I just touched it, the blistered top skin came loose and all kinds of fluids came out. It hurt so bad then, I had to take more painkillers and then was able to wash it good with antiseptics and such. First thing after, I put E on it, then dressed it up. Continuing the E seemed to help it heal better (maybe not faster, but I guess it's possible), so I did. It took literally MONTHS to heal down to the last of the scab, then I had a BIG scar. I put more E on it, and eventually it began to go away. Now, I'm not even sure which arm it was, but I have a feeling that was at LEAST a second degree burn, and I was worried about infection but I made it!

I have acne scarring from previous pimples. Will vitamin eventually get rid of the dark spots I have?

I have numerous self inflicted injuries on my forehead from pimple popping and scrubbing it raw. It left my skin dark, and uneven in texture. I went out in the sun during the time when the scars were most likely healing. I tried everything. Then I tried vitamin E gel. At first, I was seeing a bit of a difference. Then I changed brands. I broke out REALLY REALLY BADLY. So I thought to myself "why.. what is it that I'm doing wrong?"

I realized that I was rubbing it in and then going straight to bed. So most of it was rubbing off during my sleep, while bacteria from the pillow would probably get stuck to my face and cause break outs.

So what I started to do is moisten a paper towel till it was damp. Put it over my forehead, and put that under a hat. Over the course of a few days, even the pimples minimized. The dark scarring was substantially lightened and the skin texture improved so much, I couldn't believe it.

Tip1: I suggest you keep the area where you're applying the oil covered by something moist that will stay on (like a band-aid).

Tip2: Don't scratch the area.

Tip3: Wash the area before putting the oil on it.

Tip4: Do it twice daily for incredible results.

I was hit in the head with a golf club when I was 16. Someone told me if I used Vit.E on it after it healed it would help the scar..I have had previous scars on my face that discolored from the sun and remained uneven.. So as soon as my stitches came out and my wound healed I started using it every night and I'm so glad I did! The scar is not noticeable at all, its smooth and the same color as my skin. I suppose people can have different reactions though, but for me it worked extremely well!

Obviously Vit. E is not for everyone.. but seeing the results others got (positive results) I think I may try this for dry skin.. (I'll try to be back in about a month after i get the Vit. E to let people know how it went).

I know from personal usage of Bio Oil, that it indeed does work. I have stretch marks, and although it didn't clear them up completely, it did lighten them. So I highly would recommend Bio Oil.

I had a lipoma removed from the back of my thigh. After having the stitches removed 2 weeks later, I had long dry piercings from the stitches pulling. My doctor told me to use vitamin E oil on the area. A week later I started using vitamin E from capsules. After using it for a week, I am feeling pain that I did not experience before using the vitamin E.

The pain is getting worse every day. What's weird is that the incision does not hurt at all. There is just one piercing from the stitches that is giving me the worst pain. It is the only one that still has a rough spot and feels like it is still open.

Could vitamin E help heal staph infection scars. I have 4 spots on my right arm and one under my elbow for it. Will it help?

Would Vitamin E oil really heal scars?

Everyone should take notice of which Vitamin E they are using... I use the 100% pure vitamin E and it does heal,I have not seen that much result from the vitamin skin oil moisturizier (mixed with soybean and coconut oil). I have had a breakout on my face which left scars above my eyes just at the bottom of my forehead, appearing as pimples gone wrong to the 5th power. The pure vit E healed the spots, I was only left with small dark blemishes where the breakouts were, there is no other marks to show that there was scars, scabs, raised or even open skin.

I have dark spots on my legs and I would like to no if vit e would help take them off. Anyone have or had a similar incident. plz let me no if it worked 4 u.

I have been using vitamin E oil on my scars for years and it works wonders for me! Nothing else has ever worked better!!

I burned both tops of my hand with boiling water two months ago. Because I got both negative and positive feedback on whether to use Vitamin E, I applied it every day to one of my hands, and left the other to heal on its own. Two months later, the hand that I have been using Vitamin E on has almost no scarring. However the one I did not use Vitamin E on is a big pink scar. Definitely going to use the vitamin on that hand now, too.

I had hip replacement surgery 10 weeks ago and had been applying Vitamin E oil to the scar daily until 1 week ago when I switched to Tamanu (Kamani) oil. I don't know if the Vitamin E was helping, but the results from using the Tamanu oil for just one week are remarkably noticeable. The redness of the scar has diminished, the skin is softer, the "ropey" quality of the scar has disappeared and the length of the scar appears shorter. It is truly amazing!

I used to have severe nodular acne and finally got ride of it with acutane or the generic sotret but I was still left with pinkish scars on my face, my dermatologist said these would fade over time but of course I wanted them to fade as quickly as possible. I had read that vitamin e oil is good for your skin and Ive been using for many months now with great results! I would advise for most people to take it I think it truly works.

p.s. I use the natural version (d-Alpha tocopheryl Acetate) It's a liquid form 30,000 IU and pure enough to drink, I would recommend using that or at the least an all natural form for best results.

The only reason the vitamin e oil didn't work on most of the scars is because they were below the first layer or skin, or the dermis, after a scar gets that deep basically nothing will cause it to disappear.. All the vitamin e does is add moisture to the area applied on healing the wound, or fading, a scar will most likely never fully disappear.

Believe it. I used for past 20 years I don't have any scar now and my face glows. Now I apply for my 6 years old daughter too.

Thank you vitamin e.

NEW WOUNDS: Vit E should not be used on open wounds as it interferes with the normal healing process and allows collagen to work it's way to the surface, resulting in scaring. Use a skin gel that creates a seal and keeps the wound moist and allow the wound to close first.

!!! & make sure that you are using the natural form of Vitamin E, not the synthetic form. You want to look for d-alpha tocopherol, not dl-alpha tocopherol.

My body had a big burn because of boiling water.. and I had used the vit E about 10 days and the wound had been healed... I will keep using and see the result if the vit E really effective to reduce the scar

Had a small cancer removed from face. 5 stitches removed yesterday. Nurse told me: do not apply anything to this area for 12 days. On the 12th day gently dab a small amount of Vitamin e 400 units twice daily. This is suppose to slow down the healing, which will cause the scar to become less red and hard over time. Worth a try!

The problem with the original poster's comments is that he is considering a scar a wound. In fact, a scar is post-wound. Humans heal in the form of scar tissue. The problem occurs when we over-heal... or over-scar. Vitamin E promotes healing and therefore will also promote scarring... hence over-scarring. So if your WOUND is not healing well, by all means use vitamin E. But if you are dealing with an unsightly scar, stay away from Vitamin E.

A few years back I had surgery on my leg. I used vitamin E on my scar for about a month to two months after. Following that I had the same surgery on my other leg done by the same surgeon. After this second surgery I used a 20 some dollar tube of a scar healer, for the same amount of time as I used the vitamin E on my other leg. Today, although you can tell I had surgery, the vitamin E scar looks so much better than the other. That's all the proof I need. I don't need to be spending 15 dollars more on some product that is half as efficient. I have had multiple doctors and pharmacists tell me about how great vitamin E is for healing scars especially superficial ones.

Get the capsules and break them open with a bobby pin. They're cheap and they work the best.
Within 1-2 months your scar will be unnoticeable.

It was the left hand side.

I would like to tell my story since I guess it's worth it, and you guys can help me. I'm so desperate, I am extremely depressed, I recently had chicken pox for the very first time in my life it was gone 1 month ago at age of 24, everything cleared up really fast cause I took really good care of it, however I did not put any calamine lotion on my chest just all type of products in my face because I though my face was the most important for me... NOW I don't have any marks on my chest, legs or anywhere else, just left some marks and red dots on my face that They Won't go away... believe I have tried everything in this list.

Coconut Oil, honey, sugar, SEAWATER, exfoliants, like 4 different types of creams for scaring, face whitening cream, papaya, tomato, drinking tons of Herbal Tea, Eldoquin, Mometasoune Furoate, Aloe Vera Juice from the Plant directly.. I have tried everything believe me =(

I would like to tell my story cause its really depressing and I hope this helps anybody out there..

I still have the marks on my face and they wont go away and after putting all types of products on my face they wont go away I'm just giving up. Right now my last resource is to try Vitamin E oil.

I have went to 4 dermatologists they say that they can't do anything cause its not infection or anything and believe me my skin on my face is incredibly soft just the spots wont go away... Some people say that might be that my skin is irritated from everything that I have put on my face, and some other people think that I am too stressed about because of the job and all.. I simply don't know.

The Saddest part is that I obtained a job as a Cabin Crew for an Airline which is really great, and I had to move away from my home to another country, away from family and nobody close to me and I got chicken pox as soon as I came here. My cabin crew position was only for 6 months and after that I was going to be a First Officer, in the 6 month period to finish my last pilot training.

Now I can't fly as cabin crew because of the spots on my face, and they have decided to terminate me cause the spots wont go away, losing my opportunity to become a pilot for that Airline after so much years of waiting for that chance has been really sad for me, my whole life has come to an end because of a simple disease such as chicken pox, which I have never been sick in my whole life thank God, never broken bone, never hospitalized, just normal colds and flu's.

Now I have to live with this the rest of my life and it has been such a horrible experience for me. I have 16 days until my last check up with the airline I hope the Vitamin E works cause is my last resource... if anyone has any comments I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks guys for taking the time to read this

I have a long cut on my face from when my rather spastic cat used it for a launching pad the other night when something disturbed her.

After cleaning it out well, and applying a topical antibiotic for the first 24 hours, I started just keeping it clean and putting vitamin E on it.

I'm happy to say that the wound is healing better than expected.

After reading the anecdotal evidence without any studies to confirm its efficacy, I am forced to conclude that the oily nature of E is simply helping by keeping the wound from scabbing over and thus allowing a little better cell growth.

I am using vitamin e oil 3000 IU and vitamin e cream 15,000 IU
I noticed that since I applied the oil along with the cream, the pimples and the scars getting lighter... and the new scar is easy to "peal". The pharmacist recommended these products to me and I will get back to share my experience using these product in one month!

what's your result?

Thank you, I appreciate your response. Very educated.

I'm 34 yrs old form Makati Philippines. And I would say that vitamin E oil is really effective. It heals and tightens skin. Before I was using Myra 300E it works really well, but right now I changed my brand to Kirkland...Both brands were effective for me.

Had a few scars in my lifetime. Vitamin E helped me. Might not help everyone though.

Can anyone tell me if pure vitamin E will help plantar fibroma?

I had to take out my belly button piercing, and there's a little scar, the day after I took it out I started using vitamin E capsules ( cutting them open and applying ) which I was told to do, how long will it take to heal? Will it even heal this scar ? Will scar tissue still be there?

Natural vitamin E is much better than synthetic and here is why and the proof is always in the pudding. If you rub synthetic vitamin E on one hand, and natural vitamin E on the other, you will see that the natural vitamin E gets absorbed through the skin but the synthetic vitamin E just sits on top of the skin like a pile of grease.

My cuts heal very very slowly without vitamin E. Perhaps I have a deficiency of some sort, but I've noticed this since an accident I was in in 1997. My leg was in a cast, but there was a window in it so my wounds could be easily cleaned and dressed. A couple months after the accident, I went in for a visit with my surgeon and the nurse only moved the dressing--no pressure, no pulling, nothing at all to aggravate the wounds--and blood started pouring down my leg and cast. I never put vitamin E on those wounds. They look hideous today, and I have no idea how long they ended up taking to heal. I only remember not wanting to look at them after that incident because it scared me.

When I had a laparoscopy for endometriosis in late 2003, I was supposed to have the stitches removed a week later. Six days post-surgery, there was still no scab. I could easily open the wound and saw no noticeable healing. I burst open a 400IU capsule and squirted the contents directly into the open wound then went to bed. The following morning when I went to get the stitches removed, a scab had formed. Even after the nurse roughly tugged on the stitches to remove them, they didn't bleed much. On the way home, my friend noticed bleeding and freaked out, but I simply cleaned the wound when I got home and applied more vitamin E. You can see the scar, but it's not nearly as puffy as the scars from the cuts made on my leg--not the bruises but the ones the doctor made to insert screws in my bones. It's too bad I didn't try vitamin E back then.

Every time I get a cut now, I get my vitamin E. I find that rubbing a little in then dabbing on a little extra (without rubbing it) is enough. If you overdo the saturation of the wound, it won't get enough air to heal properly.

Oh yeah, I also used it on a burn. Usually, I get a blister from burns and it hurts a lot for days. I tried vitamin E even though I didn't really think it would help. I was pleasantly surprised when, after a few hours, the burn hadn't raised and wasn't hurting anymore. It wasn't even that dark anymore. It was actually disappearing. I'll never use anything but vitamin E again.

Mauritzio, my cousins all went through chicken pox and one even scratched the spots constantly even though his parents kept telling him not to. He was young. He had several spots all over his body and they thought the spots lingered because of the scratching. That may be so, but they didn't put anything on them and they disappeared over time on their own.

I don't think it even took more than a few months. Maybe by now your own spots are cleared up. If not, well, there are creams and lotions to even out skin tone. Those might help. Your dermatologist can prescribe even prescribe one for you.

I got a second degree burn from an explosion from a gas stove about 17 days ago. I burned the back of my right hand pretty bad. I kept my hand under the cold water and ice for 7-8 hours and after that, I applied Vitamin E as often as I can. Now after 17 days, I'm proud to say that the status got improved a lot and I don't see any visible sign of scar on the back of my hand.

I have been using Vitamin E for little wounds for the past couple of hears so I knew that it works for me to heal the skin. Not all type of Vitamin E works though. I had to experiment with a couple. Some of them were just oily and didn't improve the skin condition at all. With the right one, you can see the improvement. I read that some people didn't get a good result for open wounds treatment with Vitamin E. In my experience, vitamin E isn't to be used until the skin gets closed itself. It only works well on the surface level of the skin, not directly to still open skin wounds.

I have scars all over my body I've got 1 on my forehead and 1 on my chest and arm I'm so unhappy bcoz of them whatever I wear just seems to cover me up and yes that's what I want but I feel like an old woman and I'm only 26y ears old can you plz help me plz and tell me what or which Vitamin E to use coz I'm confused.

I have insect bites and scars from bites all over my calves and ankles, and a few quite bad ones on my feet too. We took in a stray long haired cat and he periodically brought fleas into our house which, due to rickety old floor etc are seemingly impossible to get rid of, no matter what I try, and before this cat we never had them.. so frustrating!

Anyway, turns out I'm quite allergic to flea bites, they swell up massive and white and then I usually get eczema around the bite as it heals. Normally the bites on my arms and body heal fairly well, but it takes a little while and because it's my body and arms that are prone to the eczema reaction I probably wouldn't use Vitamin A on them, (but a good treatment for eczema would be helpful, hydrocortizone isn't too bad on it but I prefer not going to the doctor and also it doesn't always help) but for some reason, I've put it down to circulation, the bites I get on my lower legs take ages to heal and I'm left with unsightly purple scars.

This has been going on for two years or more, so I have layers of scars and bites and its horrible. Some of the scars are pitted as if it's been a bad bite (so very itchy) I'll often scratch it raw in the night when I'm half asleep and wake up wondering what on earth I'd done to myself. It's really damaging to my confidence, not just because of the scars but because of what they are, they're such ugly things and I hate feeling like I have to dress around them. Any ideas? My mums boyfriend said about vitamin e but because my skin can be quite sensitive I'm not sure, and I don't have a lot of money so that's the sort of thing I'm looking at really.

I put vitamin e on an incision that's about week old and I feel no pain ... feels numb and tingly. Is this good or bad?

What then will help to remove scars! I have had a coronary artery bypass performed on me now I sit with ugly scars on my chest and a long the lower part of my right leg, from the knee down to the ankle where vein harvesting was done, is there any body with some good news how to remove these marks?

When I was 3 years old I layed on a skateboard on my belly down a hill. I was unable to stop and ran my face into a curb, scraping half of the skin off my face. My mom cleaned it up and covered it in vitamin e oil everyday. 21 years later I have no ide.a which side of my face it was

I'm seeing lots of people claiming small scars that healed and are gone with the use of vitamin E. I've had my fair share of scrapes, including a 3rd degree burn now, and road rash or any type of skin-scraping has never left any noticeable scars. Applying Vitamin E directly to a wound is NOT recommended and is indeed bad for the healing process.

I've been experimenting by using Vitamin E around the scarred tissue where my 3rd degree burn is healing (its been there for 3 months now.) almost fully healed, the vitamin E appears to do exactly what the educated people here seem to say it would do, it hydrates the area and due to the fact I'm rubbing it on with my finger, it gets rid of any dead tissue left by the bandage being on for multiple days. I have never applied to vitamin E directly to the burn wound itself.

So far it has had little to no noticeable effect on the scar itself, but it does hydrate the area. I would recommend using it for this if you do not get contact dermatitis from it.


recently I was in a stupid fight that resulted in a large unsightly open bite wound on the side of my chin. Thankfully the wound was not infected possibly because the idiot had so much alcohol his mouth was disinfected! At any rate, I was quite worried about having an unsightly discolored scar on my face. I read a lot of posts on the internet and then decided that after cleaning my wound with alcohol, to rub in vitamin e oil from a vitamin e capsule.

I simply sliced open the capsule and rubbed in the oil and left it there for 3 to 4 hours then washed it off. I repeated this procedure for about 20 days. I then stopped rubbing vitamin e on my wound as it was pretty much closed but continued taking the capsule (initially I was taking one capsule and slicing open another capsule for applying directly). It's been two months now and i am happy to say that there is no discoloration, almost no scarring, it is not even visible unless you get very close to it.

I have three small bumps, slowly disappearing and only one of them (possibly the one from the canine tooth) that looks like it might stay with me. The wounds were so bad that shaving was unthinkable for 3 weeks. The growing hair in turn was making the irritation worse. It was pretty bad.

I am not a doctor, I did not talk to a doctor about vitamin e. The doctor I visited gave me antibiotics and patched up a few other bruises from that night. The doctor basically told me that I would have a nasty scar and to live with it as a reminder not to get into fights in bars!

Don't take my advice as I have read that vitamin e can cause allergic reactions. All I can say is that the procedure I described (which I got from another post) worked for me.

Maybe using pure vitamin E oil does not work for everyone. I am a 55 year old black woman, I had severe acne since age 12. I also have severe pit marks left from acne.
I used pure vitamin E oil, 70,000 IU, that comes in a bottle, at bedtime. At 55, I still have oily skin, dark sun damage patches, dark spots, a few wrinkles & large pores. I was amazed that leaving the vitamin E oil on my face overnight, did not break me out. Not only did it fade my sun damage patches & dark spots, it also made my wrinkles less noticeable, & my pores has closed. My skin looks & feels tighter, & much much better. I noticed it as well as my family & friends.

Maybe these people doing the research should have me come in, so they can get more knowledge about the use of vitamin E. MY larger acne scars, that are not so pitted, but are very dark inside the scar, has also made the slightly dented, large scar heal. The smaller, much deeper pitted acne scars have not changed, but great improvement, even fading for all the others problems with my skin.

Also, beware! Many no good doctors would be out of business if we started learning that vitamins do promote our over-all health. I saw my results in less than 3 weeks!!! However, I did notice a few times when I applied too much of the vitamin E & rubbed it in kind of hard, my skin reacted badly. Rub it in the skin gently & don't apply so much at one time.

Vitamin E oil did wonders for my skin. Now let them research THAT!!! Wish I had known about pure vitamin E oil, many many, years ago, I could have prevented so much damage! But I'm "ROCKIN" with my vitamin E NOW!!!

Well here we go..I had neck surgery 3 weeks ago... and I am using vitamin E.... Dr said to try it... (I did do a patch test first.) The scar right now is almost unnoticeable... I am a big fan of vit. E...Have used it in the past for small burns, hand, face (curling Iron OUCH!!!!!!) and small scars on my legs...IT WORKS!!!!!!

I have a burn scar on my legs and I want to use vitamin e oil! Where do I buy this product???. . thank you so much. .

When I worked as a line server, I burnt the back of my hand on a heat element. It didn't hurt much till that night I thought I was going to have to go to the emergency room. I broke open a vit. E capsule and was releived, w/no pain and no scaring.

I had an eye lift. I was very allergic to the ointment the Dr gave me after surgery. I tried vaseline which also irritated my eyes. Then i heard that vitamin e heals. My eyes were beet red and very swollen. I took a vitamin e capsule rubbed it on my eyelid and the next day the swelling had gone way down and the redness was gone. You cant tell me it doesn't work!!! Every day from then on I have been using it and my eyes feel wonderful!!!

I had a scar on both of my knees, it's 9 yrs old. do u think vit. e can remove this?

I have a skin graft on my nose after having skin cancer removed 7 months ago. It seemed to be healing nicely but then the doctor "smoothed it out" with a laser a couple months after surgery. It has been pretty red ever since. The doctor injected steroids last week and while it's not as rough, it's even more discolored than it was before. The doctor said that the steroids and massaging it would help restore it to its natural color but didn't tell me if I should be using any kind of ointment. What should I do? I'm sick of looking like Rudolph.

This seems like very reasonable advice (from the website advisers). Years ago I knew a woman that had a gas stove "blow up" in her face. She used very high I.U. Vitamin E oil with the healing process and one could never tell her facial skin was once lost in a fiery blast. On the other hand, the woman with the breast surgery scar - I can understand why she had problems. The oil softens the scar and skin around it. Weight of the breast pulls on the vulnerable tissue, resulting in a tear.

For myself, I have a month old 3" surgical scar on my right elbow, limiting how much the skin stretches when I bend the limb. (which produces a burning sensation when I try). I'm not looking to find speedy healing, but would like the skin to be more supple when I use the arm, say for Physical Therapy or to get comfortable when sleeping. I've had enough body problems over the years to understand that letting the body do it's (very intelligent) work for healing is usually the best choice.

It requires patience and getting over the fact that a piece of my body will never look terrific. One can always come to terms with "Hey! I earned that scar!" Besides the look of it depends on the good or poor job of the Doc sewing you up. It's important to express concerns to the surgeon beforehand. I'm an old country girl, time is way past to be a beauty queen. The point, as I am learning is, burn injuries respond well w/Vitamin E application... not so much with surgical scars.

Vitamin E creams seem to be a very bad idea, causing more problems than solutions. Surgical scar healing has no simple answers and one should exercise patience and horse sense. Trust the body to do what it does very well on it's own,(in this case) and don't obsess over the look. Not sure I'm understanding this correctly and please, someone point it out if I'm not. I don't think there are any MAGICAL OTC products to make surgical scars disappear. I try to keep my expectations realistic. Besides, if I do have a nasty scar I know that I paid for and earned it. Sorry this was so long. My best to all those struggling with this challenge.

I have a 2nd/ 3rd degree burn scar on my forehead that I've had for 12 years. I am very self conscious about it and I have managed to hide it for 2 years without my friends knowing. Can someone please tell me if vitamin e will work for me and about how long it would take?? I am so tired of hiding it and I DON'T want to show it so if anyone can tell me thanks...

Don't ever expect to get the whole story from the medical establishments. When it comes to Vitamin E (which ought to be named "E Complex"), you need to have eight components: d-alpha-tocopherol, d-beta-tocopherol, d-gamma-tocopherol and d-delta-tocopherol, d-alpha-tocotrienol, d-beta-tocotrienol, d-gamma-tocotrienol, and d-delta-tocotrienol. Note that d-alpha-tocotrienol is used 60 TIMES more by the body than is d-alpha-tocophreol, so it would behoove you to buy a Vitamin E that has extra d-alpha-tocotrienol, although there are very few brands out there which offer this.

The VAST majority of the time, the medical establishments will refer to synthetic Vitamin E, or an isolate (D-Alpha-Tocopherol) at best. The most impressive studies done on Vitamin E were done at the Chute Clinic in Canada, and were done BEFORE THE TECHNOLOGY TO ISOLATE THE COMPONENTS OF VITAMIN E EVER EXISTED.

You need all eight components in their natural state. This is typically referred to as "whole food" Vitamin E.

Best of luck!!

I have a very big problem I got old scars all over my legs it has been 11 years since I got these scars. I got bullied because of
this can you help me out?? Please can you emphasized it to me coz I'm only 15 yrs, old my mom told me that vitamin E is not that effective. can u help me?

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