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How Much Magnesium Is Enough?

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Q. I have read that magnesium is an important supplement but I have no idea how much to take. Can one overdose on this element? Is it really as important as calcium?

A. Magnesium is crucial for heart and bone health and is frequently in short supply in the diet. A safe dose ranges from 300 mg to 500 mg. Too much magnesium can lead to loose stools or diarrhea.
  • Currently 4.3/5
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Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4.3/5 (490 votes)
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Taking Magnesium Oxide 400 mg daily has corrected an irregular heart beat for me.

I have noticed for over 40 years that magnesium supplements helps greatly for depression and bad moods!

Is there any problem with the absorption of Vit D if taking magnesium? I have taken 500 mg. or more of magnesium daily for several years to help with constipation.

My dr. said my Vit D level was low and prescribed some that included directions not to take it with any antacid containing magnesium. Was it due to the magnesium or something else in the antacid? Am wondering if my low level of Vit D was related to all that magnesium I took despite having Vit D in my calcium supplelment.

I take medication for colestrol and triglycerides. I finally told the doctor that I could not have a bowel movement and what would he prescribe. He told me to take magnesium. I can not believe that this worked. Everyday and no problem. My daughter had an operation and she could not go. I told her about magnesium (she usually had a bowel movement only once a week.
She now goes everyday. This is the best medication on the market today.

After having a pace maker implanted I also had an irregular heart beat. 400 mg of Magnesium Oxide per day solved the problem. I also found all magnesium oxide is not the same. Only Blaine's MagOx did the job.

I was so depressed and seriously looking into medications which I try so hard to avoid. The same week, it was discovered that my body was extremely low in magnesium.

I immediately started taking 4oo mg of magnesium 3 times a day, and literally within 2-4 days I was feeling better. I haven't had the depression again. I only take 1 400mg tablet 1 or twice a day now.

I have fibromyalgia and neuropathy. I'm obviously taking pain meds, I've had a horrible constipation problem and I have elephant legs from swelling. Drs. have me on Rx Miralax 2-3x daily and I STILL have to camp in the bathroom before anything happens.

Also, I am taking 60mg Lasix 2xdaily, hydrochlorathiazide 50mg per day, and sometimes another one that zaps potassium so I can take it only every few months, these are all for swelling. I found out today that my vit D is low as well as my thiamine (B1). An uncle by marriage told me to take B6 three times daily for swelling and magnesium for constipation even though NOTHING WORKS. Can you help?? I think the last time I tried magnesium I got severely sick to my stomach.

I have fibromyalgia and neuropathy. I'm obviously taking pain meds, I've had a horrible constipation problem and I have elephant legs from swelling. Drs. have me on Rx Miralax 2-3x daily and I STILL have to camp in the bathroom before anything happens.

Also, I am taking 60mg Lasix 2xdaily, hydrochlorathiazide 50mg per day, and sometimes another one that zaps potassium so I can take it only every few months, these are all for swelling. I found out today that my vit D is low as well as my thiamine (B1). An uncle by marriage told me to take B6 three times daily for swelling and magnesium for constipation even though NOTHING WORKS. Can you help?? I think the last time I tried magnesium I got severely sick to my stomach.

I have had horrible cramping on both feet and calfs since March 2009.
4 months prior I was drinking nothing but distiledl water since Dec 2008 after I had surgery Hystorectemic. I stopped because I realized that distilled water has no minerals which we need. The cramping began in March in my feet and my calfs get really tight to the point of cramping.

When not fully cramping the sensation of cramping is always there on both feet, all day long. I can no longer wear normal shoes only running shoes and have much trouble walking. I was only taking 100mg of Mag. per day but as off today I will be talking up to 500mg per day. could use any advice you have. I am under medical attention and do have some issues in my back that could be the cause of why my feet are doing what there doing.


You indicated that 400 MG of Magnesium Oxide eliminated your irregular heartbeat. I have recently been diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat (Premature ventricular Contractions) that is a benign condition. However, each time I have these PVS's it scares the heck out of me.

My Cardiologist recently suggested that I consider taking a Magnesium supplement since Blood test showed a Magnesium level of border line 1.5. He also increased my BP medicine as well. I would love to hear more about your symptoms and why Magnesium was advised to improve you condition.

Thank you so much for your consideration of my request,

I had been plagued with Wolfe Parkinson White Syndrome for years and had a cardiac ablation 10 years ago which cured the problem for a long time. But eventually I developed some Supra Ventricular Tachycardia which didn't respond well to medication... side effects of the meds were terrible. So I've just been "dealing with it" for quite awhile... which means I wake up at night with this rapid heartbeat and I feel like I'm having a panic attack.

Recently I started taking 500 Mg Magnesium Oxide along with my regular calcium supplement. Within a week I realized I wasn't waking up at night with the rapid heartbeat problem. Can anyone confirm that there is a relationship between the magnesium supplement and the cessation of the irregular, fast heartbeat issue?

I have had arrhythmia for over a year, including scary episodes at night. I recently started taking 250 mg Magnesium twice per day and I haven't had significant arrhythmia or palpitations in 8 days. I would also like to know the relation between magnesium supplement and the near cessation of irregular, fast heartbeat.

Is it all right to take 500 mg of magnesium twice a day for depression until I feel better? Can I take too much of the mineral?

I take Cal/Mag/Zinc, three tablets a day, comes from your local Wal-Mart in the Vit. dept. For years my heart would seem to skip a beat, scary. Thinking one day I am not going to wake up after skipping a beat. I discovered by taking the above mention, it resolved the issue, but if you take too many, you could have loose stools.

By using Epsom salt, melted down over low heat (turns to a liquid) and mixing in your favorite hand or body lotion and bottling this, when you have a hard day or just can't go to sleep, rub a little of the mixture on the thin parts of your body (shins, inside of your legs, back of your hands)you will enjoy a restful sleep. The best part, no medical side effect.

Hi there, your case touched me very much. I would suggest you start going on the Zone Diet, this is by Dr. Barry Sears, plenty of books out there. Also I would probably take it more extreme, avoiding all grains and cereals and replacing with favorable carbohydrates that are green vegetables and green leafy vegetables, and favorable fruits like the more purple local organic for you like all berries, and include the others but mainly the berries, and good organic protein (animals that besides no chemical have been fed out of grains and cereals), avoid all diary please, and you´ll see when you take out the poisons how you´ll feel!!!!

I really wish for you to get much better if you follow this that you might call paleolithic diet (vegetables, fruits, good quality protein) plenty of rest, water, avoid stress at all costs. A hug from Mexico.

500mg of mg oxide per day for me throughout the last 5 days had the following affects:
Occasional heart beat skips (previously diagnosed with loan afib)-cured
Possible coronary spasms while yawning-cured
Muscle twitches, vibrations,and tics throughout the body-cured
Depression, fear, apathy, anxiety-cured
Premature ejaculation and unreliable erections-cured

I might be able to go on, but as you can see, I was obviously mg deficient and I feel like I have a new lease on life (I'm 31.) Mg requirements and evaluation of it in our modern diets and lifestyles is not being taken seriously by doctors. Of course, I stopped taking most doctors seriously long ago. They are paid to prescribe and run tests. It's difficult for doctors, pharmaceutical, and drug companies to get rich if docs are handing out mg supplements or actually investigating individual diets and lifestyles and their affects on vitamin and mineral status in the body. On the other hand, they study and practice medicine. They didn't go to school to be a nutritionist, I suppose.

I have started to take magnesium 250mg for shaking and found that it has almost stopped now, so would like to know if I could take a higher dose to help me with palpitations as well, would like some advice please from other users of magnesium thank you.

I had palpitations and searched for an answer as they were getting harder. I read about the benefits of magnesium. I take 1800 mg. of Calcium per day and 250 mg. of magnesium with each calcium tablet. So far I haven`t had any palpitations. I was taking Actonil and had to have dental surgery and because of an ingredient in Actonil the oral surgeon told me of the danger of complications after tooth extraction, I stopped taking the Actonil and am now taking more calcium and magnesium and pray I`m doing the right thing.

try the 250 mg magnesium twice a day, with meals (one with breakfast/lunch, the other with supper). It's helped me too.


Magnesium helped me several times during asthma episodes - it was given to me in the Emergency Room, and saved me a couples of times from being intubated - it is a muscle relaxant, at least for me.

When you speak of correct dosage for minerals is it the compound dosage or the ionic dosage. Older people do not not digestively split off the electrolyte in compounds which is the only way I know a mineral can be absorbed.

Ionic minerals are found in vegetables but in that case Biology teaches us that plants that form our vegies have done the work for us.

What of do you speak?

Richard Woods

I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism disease in 1999 at the age of 41. I had fibromylgia which in my case resulted from using steroidal nasal medications. After reading about magnesium and talking with many nutritionists, I started taking magnesium, along with other supplements like zinc and B complex. I also stopped using prescription allergy meds like the nasal spray. I take 500 mg of magnesium, which can give me loose stools, but no fibromyalgia and no constipation, which often occurs with Hypothyroidism.

My advice to all the posters with questions about magnesium or other supplements is to learn human physiology and to become well-read in terms of scientifically reviewed literature. Anecdotal stories alone, even mine, cannot be completely trusted. Every one of us is slightly different and what works for one may not work for others.

Having said that, don't give up. Many medications do more damage than good but some are life-saving. If your docs don't help you feel 100% better or don't listen to your issues, find one who will. Perhaps try an alternative practitioner, like a naturopath.

After 30 years of Afib, at 67, I take 600mg Magnesium daily along with fish oil and Vit D (5000 IU). I think the Mg keeps my Afib spells down to once every few months, usually triggered by caffeine, but your mileage may vary.


Atrial fibrillation (A-fib) really requires medical management from a physician. We do NOT want anyone experiencing a stroke because of home treatment. A-fib is not always detectable. Please discuss all alternative options with your MD.

Magnesium as well as Potassium is great for the irregular heartbeat. I also take 300 MG of CoQ10 and Fishoil (3 grams twice a day). All of these have helped.

Take Black Walnut from the health food store. It will help you to not be constipated.

I just started taking Mag 250 mg 2 x a day for Restless leg Syndrome. I have not had it since I started the mag! Its been about a week and a half. Nothing else ever worked so I'm so grateful!

I frequently get eye twitches. They will last anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months and they drive me crazy. After ruling out stress, caffeine, and sleep, a friend (also an EMT) suggested I take magnesium. I took 500 mg the following day, and NO EYE TWITCH!!!

Hey guys I suffer from premature ventricular contractions (its not that severe) however I get bad bouts sometimes and I have been told to take magnesium citrate however I take multivitamins 1 tab a day which contains 100mg of magnesium carbonate which is a small amount I really would like to try some more magnesium but I am worried about the different forms of the magnesium in the vitamins and the magnesium supplement is it safe to have different forms of it?

I plan to take no more than 250mg-300mg for a trial period in fact I will only take the supplement when I have irregular heartbeats so overdose will not be possible in my case and I am aware of tolerable intake levels just nervous about the types of magnesium interacting and forming some toxic metallic goo in the body and put me in a coma. Any advice is much appreciated :)

Nobody mentioned a proper PH Balance, yes, we are not so different than other living organs! Try drinking lemon juice (green out of the bottle is best) with water a couple of times a day, this will give you a lot of grace for not eating enough vegetables and fruits. This is a good source for alkaline (after it's absorbed) You will feel and look healthier, and will absorb nutrients better. Keep up the Mag. And Zinc supplements, they are greatly lacking within our (American) diets. At 62 I have no symptoms, of which I say Thank God! But I intend to always take necessary supplements, occasional colon cleansing, and keeping a proper PH. And yes exercise, I can still drop and do 50!
To your good health.

Doc said I was low on Mag. So about a week ago I started taking 400mg 2-3 times a day and Fish oil 2 a day, Vit D 2 a day, and B complex! I have never felt better!!!

Doctors know nothing about prevention and healing. I have always been offered anti-biotics for everything. This ruins the immune system which we rely on for our whole lives. I will no longer take them or any drug. Mag has stopped my restless leg syndrome and tingling in the hands. I used to get them when I ate sugar but magnesium stops it now that I take Mag every day. Strangely... my sugar craving went away after taking Mag.

400 mgs magnesium once a day......still have constipation so will try 400 2X daily.
I always take fish oil, D, 2000 mgs C, CoQ, (and Lysene if I eat nuts because I break out.) less thyroid because a Doctor was trying to get me off it. Better have him re-check.

I am grateful for a forum like this. Wish the doctors would read it. We the People can also help. Get this info to the States so they can lower the cost of Medicare and Medicaid. We must take the power we have to educate all citizens that there are OTHER WAYS TO HEAL.....especially at this time of great financial crisis for our country.

I am 63, have bi-polar type 2 with PTSD, take Effexor XR 150mg. Lately I tried adding magnesium to my meds and noticed an increase in my depression. This increase ended when I stopped the magnesium. I waited and then tried the magnesium again with the same increase in depression. Has anyone had this happen? I have read all the articles stating that magnesium has helped many depressives, and I can't find anything about magnesium increasing a person's depression.

Try taking Omega 3 and see if it helps with depression. Just take less magnesium and add Omega 3.

I have been on Xanax for years for anxiety. I started taking magnesium & it is actually better. I found that all magnesium hurts my stomach except for Chelated Magnesium. I get it at the national chain store...Vitamin Shoppe. Solgar & Country Pride both make Chelated magnesium. Both are good, country pride is cheaper. I found magnesium to help my whole body & mind

I have been told that magnesium and vitamin d taken in the proper quantity can do wonders for a person's well being. What I would like to know is are there any supplements available that can be taken daily and what would the dosage be. Any feedback would be appreciated, thank you.

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: We think that wintertime vitamin D supplementation should range between 1,000 and 4,000 IU daily, which could be guided by a test your doctor could conduct of 25-hydroxy-vitamin D. That should be at least 30 ng/ml.

Magnesium supplementation between 200 and 500 mg/day should be safe except for those with impaired kidney function. (They should avoid magnesium supplements altogether.) Diarrhea is a signal that the dose of magnesium is too high. The dose can be adjusted downward.

having used the epsom salt in a bath never realized the dose or how it helped me, I only used it for pain, until a few weeks not using it my anxiety was back and awful. I never measured it just poured it in. Well went I went back on it i felt better, stopped using it then I was very sick for about 2 months and well from problems with low heart rate, bad panic attacks and such.

I ran off to the doctors for test nothing was found. My other doctor thought it was withdrawal from caffeine and nicotine but I had been drinking caffeine and still using cigarettes. I even thought it was pre menopause but gyno said he did not think so. I had episodes of uncontrollable shaking one day lasting 3 hours and other days small amount of time 20 minutes a hour. My blood pressure also through the roof heart rate was low.

I almost had to go to the hospital, it scared me to death, still had the shakes for days till I recalled in my head I have not bathed with epsom salt in a long time. I used only a little bit I scared myself reading the label high magnesium at least 435 mg in a teaspoon here a few months ago I put in a cup full. So I used a little bit and the shakes were less, is this a problem did my doctor test this probably not, I sit and wonder.

There is a reason and solution, to my problem epsom salt may be helping will consult doctors soon. I do not want to over do it or cause myself harm. I post this because maybe someone else has this problem too. Maybe this can help you, The comments seem to help me know that i am not crazy,

I was on blood pressure meds for 8mos now I'm having heart problems SVT never had heart problems until I started taking blood pressure meds, The doctor put me on a 24hr holter monitor the monitor showed my heart was pausing now I have a pacemaker inside me, but I still have pvc's & rapid heart beats so I started taking magnesium & I don't have the pvc's & rapid heart beats any more....

yes I take that for the irr. heart beat and also trying for restless legs that drive me insane especially in the summer heat at nite.

I would call magnesium supplements the miracle I was looking for, having open heart surgery triple bypass at 40 yrs of age, I needed all the help I could get. I am a 13 yrs survivor, my heart is healthier now because of magnesium, no palpitations, no irregular heart beat, great blood pressure, I guess I've said enough it truly has been my miracle mineral... you have nothing to lose but a whole lot to gain, trust me... it also helps my mood in a huge way.... making stress easier to handle in my daily life.

I recently found out I have rapid a rapid heart beat and it scared the *#$%@! Out of me I have always been active and happy. But for 6 to 8 months I have been laid off and depressed over some life issues. I have read some of the comments. And it sounds like magnesium is what I need to start to get things pointed in the right direction.

Can some please plan and clearly suggest what type pill or powder the name on the bottle and how much to take to start of 250 300 400mg.... I'm real cautious because I never really got sick and now I have this... I do eat anything I want I smoke and now that I stopped smoking and am on a diet I just was wondering if someone could suggest for me what kind and how much to take ...I am 31 yr. Old

how much do you take to be effective?

I was always having problems with constipation no matter how much water I drank every day.. i was told "oh drink more water" I did and I was STILL constipated...I heard/read that magnesium works wonders with constipation and I thought what do I have to lose.

I started taking 500mg every evening with my meal and come morning, lets say, I no longer have that problem. I also always had lots of headaches... taking magnesium has helped that as well along with heart palpitations... magnesium is all I take and it seems like it has helped me immensely with everything...

My husband has high blood pressure and no matter what "pill" the doctors gave him it isn't working... his blood pressure is still high... after ready some of these posts I am strongly going to suggest he maybe try magnesium to help get it under control...


I've been suffering with horrible PVC's for about three years now. beta blockers doesn't seem to help much, so I'm trying other things. Question for all of you who have experience with magnesium and PVC's: what kind of magnesium do you think is the best and how much to take daily? I've read that magnesium glyconate is well absorbed and easier on the stomach than citrate and oxide... Thank you all, I'm desperate to feel better, these skipped beats are literally driving me crazy every day :(

I started to use Magnesium Oxide 500 mg. in hopes it would help with constipation especially taken every day... no luck so far.

Perhaps S.Jones could help me with this as I noticed they had written that the 500 mg. helped with their constipation problem.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


I see this post is several years old. However, I felt this person's pain and need for help. I suffer from the same symptoms and elephant leg swelling. I also take the water pills hydrchlorothizide. MY Dr. Has yet to help this ongoing problem along with others like the irregular heartbeat. I was very curious if you have found relief or help? And if magnesium has helped? How much if so?

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