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New Report Compares Toprol XL to Generic

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Generic Anti-Hypertensive Differs from Original and May Raise Blood Pressure

An investigation by of generic versions of the popular anti-hypertensive Toprol XL reveals that generics sold by two companies appear to differ from the original drug in how they dissolve and in their inactive ingredients.  These differences may help explain complaints by consumers who have been switched to a generic version.  Prior to generic competition, which began in late 2006, annual sales of Toprol XL were $1.7 billion according to IMS Health, placing it among the top-selling anti-hypertensive medications.

Dramatic increases in blood pressure and increased heart rate are among the complaints reported by people switched to generic versions of Toprol XL.  Other reported side effects include nausea, dizziness, hives and headaches, including migraines – most of which do not typically occur with Toprol XL.  The reported symptoms generally subside when returned to the original drug. has received complaints through its report form at  Complaints received by The People’s Pharmacy appear at’s report compares Toprol XL to generics sold by Eon Labs (a division of Sandoz), Ethex (a division of KV Pharmaceutical), and Par Pharmaceutical.  Some of the generics contain multiple inactive ingredients not present in Toprol XL, a potential issue for people with chemical sensitivities. also found that some generics sold as “Metoprolol Succinate Extended-release Tablets USP” may not comply with the official USP dissolution test. This is of concern because the rate at which a generic dissolves may affect the rate at which it enters the blood.  If blood levels for a generic differ from that of its counterpart original, it may not perform the same way.   Use of “USP” in the name of a generic may also lead pharmacists and physicians to believe that it behaves like the original Toprol XL, when that may not be the case.

The new report is found at  In addition to product comparisons, the report provides useful strategies for obtaining a desired brand at low cost.

Have you had a problem with the generic version of Toprol XL? We want to hear about your experiences! Share your story below: 

  • Currently 4.2/5
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Not Helpful ..... Very Helpful
Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4.2/5 (118 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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I was taking Toprol XL. It did not lower my blood pressure (157/95) like the doctor wanted. He put me on Toprol, one in the morning and a half of one in the evening. Now for the month of February the average was 110/70, pulse 74. I feel great.

I was switched to Metoprolol and began to have many side effects a few months after, and never associated it with being on a generic because my pharmacist insisted it was EXACTLY like the Toprol XL.

I began to lose handfuls of hair, and it was dry, broke out in weird lesions on my body, eyes watery, decreased hearing and sight, vivid nightmares, etc.

The longer I took this generic the more things I got. I decided to wean myself off it as my Dr., who is not a cardiologist, said I had to keep taking it, and I have been off for over 3 weeks now and my hair has stopped coming out, eyes cleared up, lesions are starting to heal and dreams not so vivid and fading away.

I know it was all from the generic now. I could go on and on about all the side effects but this is enough for now. These companies should be put out of business and fined.

I began taking Toprol XL at the same time I stopped taking asthma medication since I had not had asthma symptoms for two years. Although beta blockers cause broncospasm, I had no problems while on Toprol for three years. Two months ago I was given the generic (my insurance is an HMO) and suddenly began having asthma attacks of wheezing and severe coughing. I am now back on asthma medication, but I believe if I return to taking the name brand medication the asthma symptoms will disappear and I can stop taking the asthma medication.

I took Toprol XL, 50mg daily for three years. It controlled my stage 3 hypertension perfectly (120/70). I had minimal side effects during the first month (some shortness of breath and tiredness) but nothing thereafter.

My managed care pharmeceutical provider, Caremark, switched me to generic Metoprolol four months ago. They did this without checking with my physician. I have had nothing but problems since. My BP is in the danger zone and my pulse is rapid. My physician doubled the dosage to no avail. To make matters worse, I am having all kinds of nasty side effects from the higher dosage--abdominal pain, nausea, headaches, etc.

In July 2006 I was diagnosed with a basilar tip aneurysm. Control of my blood pressure is crucial. Taking Toprol XL worked wonderfully. When the generic, Metoprolol became available I switched. Big mistake. My blood pressure shot straight and my pulse rate stayed above 100. I will never use generic again.

Curiously, I was switched to Toprol XL... and found it was not particularly effecive... I preferred actually the more regualr 2x a day dosage. I was switched again to metropolol. BUT I can' tell who makes it! and it doesn't "feel" as effecive as more as the non-generic... Apparnetly however, my experiences are rather mild compared to those with a LOT more effects and impacts.

Early today, I resolved to ask my cardiologist exactly WHY I'm taking each of these drugs. Toprol and Enalapril would seem to be redundant. I'm getting the generic Metoprolol and have never questioned it until this moment!

I developed fairly serious CHF in connection with chemotherapy for breast cancer. The docs disagree whether Adriamycin or Herceptin brought it on. I don't need a verdict now that chemo is over, but other oncology patients are similarly at risk.

I began treatment for high blood pressure last year. I was prescribed the generic version of Toprol. After about a week I had a severe episode of heart palipatations and had a rapid heart rate for about 6 weeks. My blood pressure was higher than before starting on the drug. I asked my doctor to recommend another drug and I am now on Diltiazem. Blood pressure is controlled and my heart rate is in my normal range. I was suspicious that Toprol caused these episodes and I see that may very well be the case.

If the label reads Toprol XL, could it be generic? Have been having bad rashes for about a month, and I think it's a new version of toprol. I have taken the old kind for many years.

My HMO will no longer pay for Toprol XL. I have been taking it with few side effects for 5 yrs. I started taking the generic and after only two days, I started having problems. I put a cup of coffee in my left hand and it began to shake so bad I could not hold it. That lasted most of the day, but got better as the day went on. I stopped taking it that night. Two nights in a row my whole body would jump just as I was going to sleep.

I've been having the same symptoms for months now. I had no idea what was happening to me. I even underwent a surgical procedure to check my heart because I thought I was about to have a heart attack. When all of my tests came back negative I was wondering if I was just going crazy. I'm glad I found this article. I'm going to make my doctor switch me back to Toprol.

My husband is taking metoprolol for atrial fib, which started when his TSH was very low. Since starting the metoprolol, his TSH has been elevated and continues to climb despite increasing doses of Synthroid. Could there be a correlation with the metoprolol that makes him resistant to the Synthroid?

I wish I had seen this a couple weeks earlier. My Ins. Co. mail order pharmacy switched me from TOPROL to the generic made by Sandoz. The TOPROL XL 25 had been doing a good job helping regulate my BP. Within days of the switching to the "replacement" generic made by Sandoz, I noticed two increased side effects. I begain to have vivid nightmares that would start immediately after falling asleep. The second was an increased skin sensitivity to the sun, resulting in sunburns. I had been more in and brighter sun the weeks prior to the switch to new bottle. I was able to reduce those side effects (stay out of sun and added some folic acid).
About 50 days after switching, I begain to feel bad and decided to go see the Doc soon. (Un)fortunately, I saw him sooner at the hospital coinciding with an ER/hosp stay due to a stroke. At the ER, I did not see my typically very predictable heart rythms and my BP was high near 150/100 and I expected it to fall quickly at the hospital. The hospital put me back on real TOPROL XL 25, yet it still took three days for the BP to get back near my normal. I discussed my concern that there might be something different about the generic. I came home and took the Sandoz and the BP shot up. I switched back to "real" TOPROL XL 25 again and it adjusted to my normal (115/75) after a couple days. I "Googled" +TOPROL +GENERIC +Problem and see that my concern may have been justified. Let's see if the consistant cadence comes back too.

I was taking Toprol XL for a number of years. Along with other BP drugs, it was controlling my atrial fibrillation and heart rate. About a month after switching to the genric drug (at my insurance company's insistence) my EKG showed return of A-fib, along with increased heart rate. I did not relate it to the switch to the generic until I read an article citing this website in my local paper.

The generic version of Toprol XL does not lower my blood pressure and causes headaches.

I was taking Toprol XL 50 mg a day for both blood pressure and tachycardia. Both issues were well-controlled. When the generic came out, I was excited and switched to that. One week later I was in the ER by ambulance with a pulse of 175 and bp of 200/120. Both were brought down that night. I got the name brand Toprol filled the next day and took it and my bp still would not come below 170/110. My cardio doc sent me back to the ER to be monitored, and they got it under control. It took another day back on the medicine to return my bp to normal where it has stayed since. Well worth the added expense to me to not use the generic! I just pray my insurance does not try to force me to switch!

I was on Toprol 100 mg. I was switched to the generic Metoprolol Succinate. Within days, my pressure increased and I couldn't sleep. My head was spinning and I had a constant headache. My doctor increased the generic to 200mg. and the problems did not relieve themselves until I went back on the name brand Toprol. It was one of the first times I was scared that I was having a stroke or heart attack. The generic should be taken off the market.

I've been on Toprol 25 xl for several years for heart palpitations etc. I've never had problems with high blood pressure. I was switched to an oval shaped generic and seemed Ok

A few weeks ago my generic Toprol was changed to a round white pill with 293 on the pill. I started having racing heart beat many problems especially at night. I called the pharmacy and asked if anyone had problems with the new drug and the answer was yes.

I was given the orgianal oval tablets and turned in my other pills. The pharmacist had contacted the company. At my doctors visit my blood pressure was 150over 100 I am now on 50 mg Toprol and a diuritic, no salt etc. Even though I have been off the new pills for about a week i still have blood pressure 130 over 90 and heart palpitations.

I don't know if it is all related to the new generic but it was the only thing I was doing differently at the time the problems began. Even though the oval shaped generic didn't seem to bother me before since I can't get things controlled I am going to try to get the original Toprol xl non generic if my insurance will approve.

After taking the generic versions of Toprol XL, both by Ethex and Sandoz, I have had excessive weight gain and chest pain. I have been taking it for the treatment of my Mitral Valve Prolapse and Panic Attacks, yet it seems to make things worse, where the original Toprol XL did wonders. I also get jittery and feel light-headed at times.

Par Pharmaceutical's generic is the only one approved by AstraZeneca, and is the "authorized generic" for Toprol XL. They look a lot like the original. I am going to see my doctor to request that particular generic or the original.

I too was on a generic oval 25mg shaped pill and did OK for 18 months taking 2 pills a day. I was switched to the round pill with 293 on it and within 5 days I was in the ER with a pulse 47. I was completely removed from the drug and now I am on Toprol-XL 25mg brand name. So far I seem to be getting a little bit better. It might be that the oval shaped pills were in fact not as strong as the real thing. No matter, I would say that if you are on a type of pill that works stick to it. If you are switched suddenly, DEMAND that you get the other and not play games with your meds. I almost died because of this. This drug is tricky and you need to be careful.

I was taking a generic form of Toprol and doing fine. This was a small oval pill. My pharmacy changed brands of generic which is a much larger round tablet. I have since had problems with dizziness, a slight feeling of nausea, "brain fog", lethargy, and difficulty following a conversation.

I was originally taking Toprol XL 50 mg and working fine with it until my pharmacy got the generic Toprol in stock. Since then, I had taken two of the three generic versions of Toprol XL, basically the ones by Ethex and Sandoz. The first side effect I got from both was hypersensitivity. I became hypersensitive to EVERYTHING. I thought I had depression or a serious emotional problem, but it was brought out by the generic Toprol. This was brought on by the generic Sandoz. It also caused me to get what I call a brain-stutter episode where it felt like my brain locked up and I could not even articulate what I wanted to say, and instead said the same syllable in a constant stutter until I could physically feel my brain "unlock."

Then my pharmacy swithed to the Ethex brand of generic Toprol XL, and since then things got worse: not only did my mood swings go up the roof, I have also had excessive weight gain (I am thinking it is related, yet still not sure), chest pain, and even a seizure-like episode. I also had parasthesias and tingling sensations in various parts of my body, got jittery/panicked again (basically it nulled my Lorazepam). I have been taking it for the treatment of my Mitral Valve Prolapse and Panic Attacks, yet it seems to make things worse, where the original Toprol XL did wonders. I also got jittery and feel light-headed at times, and more frequent headaches which I never got from the original Toprol XL.

Par Pharmaceutical's generic is the ONLY one approved by AstraZeneca, the creator of Toprol XL, and became known as the "authorized generic" for Toprol XL. They look a lot like the original. I am for the time being back on the name-brand Toprol, and I cannot explain enough how much it has done for me. Thank you Toprol XL for bringing me back to normal!! I SWEAR, those other generics need to be taken off the market! I am getting the generic by Par special ordered since it will be cheaper on my insurance than the name-brand Toprol.


I was switched over to the generic for Toprol-XL about a year ago and didn't really notice a difference until a few weeks ago when I switched to a new insurance plan. I now get my 90 day supply through another pharmacy and I immediately noticed problems. I'm using it for Mitral Valve Prolapse and now my palps are worse than ever. They are continuous and pronounced and now I'm having rapid heart rate, significant rise in blood pressure, problems sleeping, watery eyes, lethargy....

I contacted the mail order pharmacy to tell them I think I got a bad batch, but they were absolutely no help. I was told to contact the manufacturer, but for now I'm going right down the street to see if a new supply will yield a better result. How can we be sure about the generics, not to mention the ingredients in any of the drugs? I'm happy that I found this website. After reading this, I'm considering simply going back to the non-generic Toprol XL and paying for it myself.

Asked my internest physician about the study of metoprolol vs toprol. After his recovery from agitation at the mention of "Joe Graedon," he said, "rubbish! it's all rubbish! That's why I am going to retire."

I don't know whether the "that" referred to Graedon, me, or the study. He is, however, about to retire. Meanwhile, it is reported that "some cardiologists" are less than sanguine about beta blockers being best for hypertension. I have asked my cardiologist to recommend an alternative and await a response with trepidation and edgy anticipation.

I have noticed that my hair is starting to get thinner. After reading the article about the generic Toprol XL, I went to your website to read others comments. Fortunately, I have not had symptons as bad as some of your readers, but I am going to request that my doctor either switch me back to the name brand or recommend a different medication. Thanks.

I had been on Toprol XL 50 mg for about 4 years, and when a generic was introduced (the small oval one made by Sandoz), I tried it, and felt it worked just as well to control my blood pressure. Then my pharmacist told me the generic switched to a different manufacturer (not sure which one). It was a pill about three times larger than the previous generic and brand name, and oval shaped. Once I started on that, I felt like I do when I miss a pill. Basically, this pill did nothing, and I felt awful (and like I had very high BP, although I never checked it). I'm trying to switch back to the Sandoz generic, which seemed fine. Beware that large oval generic pill.

I too was switched to the generic toprol xl.I would fall asleep as soon as I sat down an had no ambition. I did fine on the Toprol xl so back on even if it costs a bit more

I started on the generic version on Toprol but my blood pressure remained high so my doctor doubled the dosage. No results. I read about similar experieces on The People's Pharmacy website and requested Toprol XL the next time I filled the prescription. My blood pressure went down, I was able to go back to the original low dosage and my blood pressure has been normal since.

I am so glad that I started researching this topic online. I was on Toprol XL 50 mg for 7 years and it was almost a year ago when my pharmacy switched me to a generic brand. It was by PAR and the pharmacist assured me that it was fine. Then my insurance company made me do the whole mail order thing for any maintenance drug that I was on - this is very inconvenient for me, but that's besides the point.

That company first gave me the generic by Sandoz for 2 90 day supplies and now just sent me my 3rd refil for the Ethex one. Those pills are very large and I don't want to take them. Ever since the beginning of this year (when I was switched to Sandoz) I too have had strange side effects, but didn't know what to attribute them too.

I've recently had very bad headaches - almost migraines, have lost more hair and have had a lot of trouble sleeping. I've also been more forgetful than ever and have had trouble concentrating. Now, I know they are side effects of this generic drug. I had some hair loss with Toprol XL, but it has been significantly worse over the past few months & I am female!

I'm now afraid of taking this drug period. My mail order pharmacy said my dr. must specify either which manufacturer of the generic I want or the brand name. Of course the Toprol XL brand name is more money, but I guess it's worth it until I get off this drug. I hope to God that there aren't any long term effects from taking this pill. I can't believe I've been on the generics so long.

I happened across this article when trying to look up my new perscription for Metoprolol Succinate ER. When I got home from the pharmacy I noticed that the pills were way bigger than the ones I had been taking. I thought they may have given me a wrong drug but it looks like they just switched manufacturers.

Anyway, I have been taking the drug for about two months. I have been so tired and listless that I am fighting to stay awake at work. When I come home from work I am ready to go to bed I am so tired. I keep myself awake until about nine PM and then allow myself to go to bed.

Then when I go to bed I am having trouble actually falling asleep. When I do fall asleep I am waking during the night three or four times which is something I never used to do. I have been so tired during the day that I feel like crying because I can't function properly. I am so grateful that I came across this article. Thank you!

my husband is experiencing the
difference also. He has been on Toprol XL from the Cardiologist, but was then switched over to the generic
Metoprolol ER 25 and first it was from Par, then Sandoz, now is from Ethex. I awoke last evening to find him in the living room checking his pulse
which was racing like he hadn't had the medication at all. It is # 281 25milligrams and apparently not doing what it's prescribed to.
We also have HMO and still pay 25.00 for Generic Rx.
Pharmacist says to take 2 per day instead of one, or have the Doctor up the milligrams.

Been on toprol xl for years--some hair loss-swiched to generic-hair loss worse- felt scalp was sore and scaly-changed back to name brand-because pulse was too low and the hair loss

Had been taking extended release Metoprolol (succinate)from Sandoz (you can tell from the TASAN on the prescription label TA is "tablet" and SAN is the first 3 letters of the Company.) Also had non-extend release (tartrate) from Mylan (TA-MYL). Pharmacy switched me to TAETH the large oval tablets from Ethex Corp.

Inquired about difference and told was different generic same drug effectiveness. Wrong. Result was headaches, and more importantly lack of effectiveness: Meant to block Atrial flutter rhythm from reaching ventricle via AV node. When had flutter and fainting, my doc said to double up flecainide (Tambocor)(which I found out the hard way years ago was also not same among generics!) It exacerbated the A-fib and flutter.

The Ethex formulation did not stop the transmission 1:1 to the ventricle, and I wound up in hospital with 30/20 PB and pulse of 190 getting cardioversion w/ paddles. Asked Drs if change in med could have been cause. Didn't deny but not sure. Comparison of inactive ingredients of Toprol XL from Astra-Zenica and Metoprolol succinate from Sandoz (smaller oblong) does show many differences, however, they were not significant for me (as with Marilyn B's post).

FDA apparently not require testing of generics as the innovators have already proven it. Perhaps rethinking this is wise in light of our posts-somethings clearly not right. These are not simply "side-effects" but can be life threatening.

Has anyone experienced ringing in the ears after being switched to Metoprolol ER made by ethex?

I took the generic metoprolol a long while back because the pharmacy automatically gives the patient the generic without asking. I developed horrible hives and had to go to the ER. I switched back to Toprol XL and requested that the pharmacy give me always the original Toprol XL. This week the bill was lower for my meds and I noticed they had yet again given me the metoprolol...what is going on?

I accepted it at the time because I needed the pills ASAP but now I have to pay again and request a new refill, using up one of my precious refills from the physician. This is such a Sandoz or whoever makes the metroprolol with the 293 on it buying out the world of physicians and pharmacies???? Will it be an "Idiocracy" type of conglomeration that destroys life in favor of big business?

I have been taking generic metoprolol 50mg for five years because I had a heart attack. the only side effect I noticed was cold hands and feet in the winter months. When my mail order prescription was filled the last time I received much larger pills with 369 stamped on them. I now am experiencing constant numbness in my hands and cold feet. I will call the pharmacy and try to switch back to the original smaller pills. I hate being a guinea pig for the drug companies.

I have been taking ToprolXL 50mg for almost 10 yrs. About 6 weeks ago my mail order pharmacy sent me a new suppy of Toprol. I noticed that they looked different. On my 4th day of taking the medication I started having shortness of breath, erratic heart beat, and no energy at all.

I suffer from migraines and started getting them more frequently. I told my husband that it was like I wasn't taking the medication. I plan to take this article to my heart Dr. on my visit because I believe this drug is doing more harm than good.

I have been taking Toprol for at least 5 years and have had good control of my high blood pressure. My monthly prescription was due right after the generic became available, so I was one of the first people to receive it.

The very next day, I felt so terrible, I thought I would die. I ended up in the doctor's office with a rapid heartbeat and sky high blood pressure.

The office did not believe that the switch to the generic could cause such a dramatic reaction and tried to tell me I must be stressed out. I knew that there had to be something different about the drug. They kept telling me that it was exactly the same; like all generics. My body knew the difference.

I insisted that I be switched back to the name brand. It has been a couple of months now and Blue Cross has contacted the doctor trying to push the generic on me again. I caught it in the pharmacy before I took it home last month.(This despite the no generic substitution on my record)

I had the pharmacy call the doctor to refresh his memory on my experience and had them re-indicate that I am to receive the name brand only.

The pharmacy had no official knowledge of all the problems; but lots of anecdotal evidence.

I am printing out this for them to educate them on the troubles. I would encourage everyone to bring copies to physicians and pharmacists about this problem.

Now I am stuck paying $40 per month for the name brand but it is worth it to not have a racing heartbeat and sky high blood pressure. After all, your heart health is worth just about anything.

I was on the regular Toprol XL 200 mg. since 2001. I never had side effects and it regulated my blood pressure and I felt calm and energetic on it. I was reluctant to take the generic and put it off until two months ago, knowing that the generic was considerably less expensive than regular Toprol.

The first month I noticed headaches the first few days, but that subsided, and though it wasn't as effective as regular Toprol, I could tolerate it. The second month I was switched to the Ethex pill. I took it for 19 days and noticed that I felt worse the longer I took it. My symptoms were a vague depressed feeling, being very dragged out and tired, as if everything I did was a chore, water retention and a feeling of being bloated.

The "foggy" feeling that others have reported, and arthritic pain in my knees. Last Saturday I decided to stop taking the pill, felt much better Sunday, went to my pharmacist and was immediately changed back to the non-generic brand. For the past two days I've been feeling 100% better, like my old self again. This generic stuff is pure poison.

I have been taking Toprol XL 100mg for about 2 years to control high blood pressure and a fast heartbeat. The med worked great no side effects but the pharmacist switched me to the generic one because of insurance purposes and I have never felt so sick in my life.

Depression, anxiety, very rapid pulse,elevated blood pressure,stomach pains,hair loss. So I went to the Dr. last week after having to be rushed to the ER for rapid pulse and anxiety and he prescribed the name brand Toprol XL and thank God. I feel great again with no side effects. I wonder what they're waiting for to pull those generics off the market.

I was switched to generic toprol xl and called the pharmacy to make sure they gave me the right med. The pills were so much bigger than the toprol xl I had been taking for over 5 years. After just a few days of taking the generic version of toprol xl I started having crazy symptoms.

I started with chest pain, heart racing, headaches... It took me about a week of having all these weird symptoms before I decided it must be the generic toprol. I then got on the internet and found hundreds of others with the same problems. I have since weaned myself off of toprol all together. This was a pretty tough thing to do. I slowly broke the pills smaller and smaller until after a month was completely off.

Symptoms were still bad during the time of getting off the med. Still having headaches sometimes. I finally have so much more energy than I've had in years. I'm also hoping my hair will thicken back up. I didn't know until reading on the internet that this was one of the main side effects people were noticing.

I'm now taking apple cider vinegar 2 times a day in water with stevia and it's working great. My BP is staying under 120/80. I think the generic toprol xl should be taken off the market.

I just received my new toprol xl refill. It is the large 369 oval pill. After discovering this web site and reading all the comments, I am not going to take the new script. I am going to get my med from the local pharmacy and hopefully control where the drug is coming from. Naturally it will cost me more for my health, but I have a few other health problems and I am not willing to take a risk by changing this med. I thank everyone for their comments.

After being on Toprol XL 50mg successfully for 5 years with virtually no side effects, my new prescription provider Caremark switched me first from the original to Sandor generic and most recently to the large oval generic that reads metroprolo ER tab SUC.

After 10 days of taking it very regularly, my BP has become very erratic. I have developed severe headaches, muscle aches, anxiety and vivid nightmares and insomnia. That is why I am sitting here at 4:21a.m. reading this report.

After checking this site and others similar experiences I see that much of this could be coming from the change in brand. I intend to get in touch with my doctor tomorrow and get off this poison.

Both Toprol XL 50 mg AND its generic equivalent caused disturbing dreams, heart palpitations, general weakness for a month or so after starting the RX, and muscle quivering. Recently, I have been waking in the morning with buzzing in my ears and some times a heart beat in my ears which indicates the audio nerve is being affected by the medication. To combat the muscle quivering, I break the 50 mg tab in half and take it
2X a day.

I received a Toprol XL 50 mg generic substitute for the the name brand. I have noticed that my blood pressure is higher and I have nausea and headaches daily. The pill is a large oval pill with the #369 on it.I have called my doctor to see if he will prescribe the name brand. I called my mail order pharmacy and was told that this was the only generic brand that they had. Not much help! I hope my Doc comes thru for me. I can't keep on taking this generic.

Same here! I've been on Toprol for two years with perfect bp results. I was switched to generic a few weeks ago and it spiked back up.

I had been on 25mg of Toprol XL for a couple of years. It was prescribed for what's mostly white-coat hypertension -- what my doctor calls "labile" -- and I stayed on it because it almost completely eliminated the palpitations I've sometimes felt before going to sleep since hitting perimenopause.

About a year ago, he failed to check the box for brand requested and I was automatically switched to a generic. I noticed only a slight difference at first -- my BPs, while a little higher than the 104/74 or lower that I'd had with Toprol, were still staying in a good range. But then some months, I noticed, the pills would be a different size altogether and seemed to have less effect on either my blood pressure or the palpitations. So after talking to him about the possiblity that the 15 percent allowable variation in the generics might be causing the problem, I asked him to switch me back to the brand. Haven't had a problem since (except, of course, in his office, when even my home machine gives me a sky-high reading).

I don't mind using generics if it's just a brand name I'm paying for, but I think the rules about how alike the meds are need to be tightened (especially now that we know a lot of the manufacturers are outsourcing to China).

My health has been in jeopardy for almost 2 years now. It began when I made a stupid mistake of thinking I didn't need to take high blood pressure medicine anymore (Toprol XL). I had been taking it for about 5 years. My goal was to lose weight, do yoga eat a lot healthier and my body wouldn't require it. Plus there were times when I would miss a dose for a couple of days and felt no affect. I called my doctor and she said just monitor your blood pressure. Well, let me tell you don't ever "go off" high blood pressure medicine cold turkey. At about the 7th day of not being on it, the absence of the drug in my body made me so ill. I cried every day, began having wicked hot flashes and basically couldn't function. I really though I was a goner!

At about the 10th day, I called my doctor and said I need a prescription for high blood pressure because I'm having really bad withdrawal problems. She prescribed the usual Toprol XL, but the pharmacist told me we now have it in generic form for only $5.00/30 tabs. He called the doctor and she approved it. I began taking the generic, my body was used to the XL (extended release) But this was just the regular, I continued to feel miserable and realized my body was used to getting the drug 24 hours a day. So I contacted my doctor again and got Toprol XL, very slowly started feeling better, it took months to get on track again, when my prescription ran out I had it filled and was given generic again, now Toprol XL came in generic form, and I didn't realize it until I got home and opened the bottle of pills. Though I told the pharmacist of my concerns involving generic, he assured me that it was just like the name brand.

It wasn't! I have refused generic for over a year now and am still taking Toprol XL but have been seeing a cardiologist for heart palpitations and other strange feelings that have really put a damper on my life. No one can figure out what is wrong, my heart is OK they say but it sure doesn't feel it! My goal is to go off the toprol because I really think it is not doing good things for me and my new doctor agrees. I'm trying other high blood pressure drugs but seem to have side effects from everything.

I plan to cut back very slowly on Toprol, it may take me 6 months to do it gradually but I know I have to. This drug thing is a real racket, just look around at all the new pharmacies being built! There has to be a healthier way to control blood pressure. Thanks for reading, I hope this gives insight to someone.

My Dr. prescribed Toprol XL but the pharmacy gave me generic Metoprolol 25 mg. I have been on it for about 1 month. It has not brought my blood pressure down. It stays around 150/95 and seems to go up at night. I can't sleep because every time I doze off I wake up with my heart racing. It feels like Ive been dropped out of an airplane. The first week that I took it I had a lot of pressure behind my eyes and they felt dry and very tired, I also had a terrible headache these symptoms lasted for about 3 days and went away.

I don't know if I should insist on the Toprol XL or try another type of hypertension drug. I have several of the same symptoms of others, like weird dreams, depressed feeling and I can't sleep at night between the racing heart and the crazy dreams. Wow I can't believe they give people this kind of trash to make us feel worse. It's ridiculous.. I hope this helps someone else, I know everyone else's comments sure helped me. Several people have told me that it takes a while for a drug to get in your system and start to help.... but dang this stuff could kill you. Thanks CS

just got on this in Septpember
ethex Metoprplol Er Succinate. had migranes that almost were unbearable. ER could not stop then with morphine. barely with hydrocodone. pressures went several times to stroke levels.

I thought i would die. doctor today finally took me off and on to something else

Someone needs to do something to stop this medicine.

I had been on Toprol XL 25mg twice a day for control of the symptoms of mitral valve prolapse, racing heart, shortness of breath, chest pain, which controlled everything perfectly. Felt great.

About 6 weeks ago, my pharmacy switched to the Ethex generic form and suddenly all the symptoms came back. I did not put 2 and 2 together till now. I had a million tests, checking for heart attack, pulmonary embolisms, chest xys...nothing.

I finally ordered a report, for 12 dollars, from that said that there are numerous complaints about the generic Toprol XL, because while the active ingredient is the same, the delivery system is different. The only generic exactly the same as the brand name from AstraZeneca is from PAR, the Ethex and Sandoz are different.

I went back to the pharmacy and insisted they give me the brand name and the pharmacist told me "I never would take a generic medicine". So, if you are having problems with generics, it is not in your mind. It is real and INSIST on the brand name drug. I am an RN and it took me 6 weeks to figure it out.

I have hypertension and had been taking Toporol XL, 25 mgs for approximately five years and had no problems with my blood pressure or my heart rate. Have to use mail oder and about three months ago received big round tablet
Mfg. Ethex With 293 on it. I dont' know when my heart rate started to go up as I wasn't keeping my BP monitored as well as I should as I had never had any problems with it since I had been prescribed the Toporol XL and also Lotrel. About a week ago I awoke in the middle of the night and had racing pulse of 117. Thought I was having heart attack. This was on a weekend and I couldn't get in to see my doctor so all weekend I had very rapid heart rate. On Monday I went to the doctor, he took me off both the Toporol XL and the Lotrel and he put me on another medication. Had allergic reaction to it and ended up having to to doctor's office to get shot and then take Benedryl to get rid of allergic reactions.

Now I am back on Toporol XL and Lotrel until next week, when he asked me to come to his office, take my medication there to see if it was the new BP med or a fluid pill taken at the same time that caused the reaction. I am so glad I saw this article. I have almost every symptom I have read others have posted about the generic Toporol XL. Headaches, waking up at two or three in the morning, every morning and not being able to sleep, vivid nightmares, depression, lethargic, but most of all the racing heart beat which has scared me to death as I thought I was dying. I am going to call my doctor as soon as the office opens this morning and am going to insist on him calling me in a thirty day supply of name brand Toporol XL, try it and see if this isn't the problem.

I am sitting up in the middle of the night now at 2 AM with a heart rate of 112 scared to death. I will be up for the rest of the night. Also have hair loss, numbness and tingling in other body part, chest pain, stomach pain, it seems to be interfering with my anxiety medication as my therapist had to change me from valium to Xanax and I am still having anxiety through the roof. This stuff should be taken off the market! If I hadn't read the article there is no telling how many "new" drugs I would have had to take and I am very drug sensitive and have allergic reactions very easily. I'm going to get my doctor to call in prescription today and see if this isn't the problem with the very rapid heart beat. I cannot think of anything else it could be and didn't put two and two together until I read theses post! Thank you!

I was given a sample of Toprol XL (25mg) by my cardiologist to help control episodes of irregular heartbeats along with a prescription to fill if I felt it had helped me. I filled the prescription and used it a couple of weeks, but felt that it wasn't helping with the episodes of fast heartbeats as much as the brand name drug. I now request no generic for the Toprol.

I posted on 20 May 2008 after being switched from Toprol XL 25 to A Sandoz generic. I scheduled a Dr. appt yet first ended up in ER with a stroke.

I reported the problem in May 2008 to the FDA. I am posting a link to an FDA document where the manufacturing processes and QC of the Sandoz 25 & 50 are questoned in March 2008. The document is a follow up dated Aug 2008.

In May 2008, I reported my concerns to Aetna (Mail Order Pharmacy). They helped me identify that the generics (by pill marking as well as bottle) I had been taking were Sandoz. The Generic batch that had arrived and not yet opened were PAR.

In May 2008, I provided Aetna (mail order pharmacy) with the link to the Consumer Lab report. I expressed concern about Aetna's written communication that came with the Sandoz product that said the medication was identical to the original product.

I am back on DAW Toprol XL 25 since about 17 May 2008.

I was on Toprol XL and switched to the generic. I did much better on the generic. Now I am suffering horribly because I've been forced back onto the brand name Toprol XL because my pharmacy isn't carrying the generic anymore. It's a nightmare. They are indeed two totally different drugs, yet I did MUCH better on the generic!!! In fact, I'd say for me--- the drug seemed much more "time released" than the brand name. I really wish I could get back on the generic. ---Gen

I was on Toprol 50mg. for 10 yrs. after heart attack all was well. Last fall the they switched me to Metoprolol,and all was ok for a time, then I started waking up at 2,3 am. in the morning, ready to go for no reason. I read article about the generic and asked my card. doc. to switch me back to the real thing. Now sleeping all night. Something was not right with the generic.

Have been taking Toprol, XL for 3 years. BC/BS refused to pay for the medication when Metorprolol the generic became available. Within one week of taking the generic, began having heart palpitations. Have switched back to Toprol, XL after my doctor had to contact BC/BS several times before they approved it. Insurance companies should not have the right to waste doctors time (time that could be spent with other patients) to fight for their patients rights.

I have been taking the PAR generic of Toporol xl 25mg for 2 years with wonderful success! Two weeks ago the pharmacy switched to the ethex version (big round one with 293 on them) I started experiencing palpitations, nightmares, racing heart rate and bp of 140/110. I have gone in to another pharmacy and got the PAR version to see if it helps. I realize ethex pills are slightly cheaper (like $3 less) but IT DOES NOT WORK!!!! My bp had been 100/60 and my hr was 60-70 I was feeling so well and now I am back to feeling terrible.

I feel like all my hard work with diet changes and taking medicine has been erased. There is something VERY WRONG with this Generic... it needs to be taken off the market before it kills someone... although it probably already has. DO NOT ACCEPT ANY GENERIC UNLESS IT IS PAR

After reading this entire web site, I decided to check my pill. The bottle says Metaprolol 50mg two times a day. Its a small round pink pill M 32 generic for Lopressor. How come it doesn't say generic for Toprol? I have stubbornly high BP usually around 146/70


I took regular Toprol XL 50 mg since 2002 with no problems and good control. My mail order pharmacy switched to a "approved" generic and within days my BP shot up to 180/100 and heart rate was over 100 with head aches and vivid nightmares. My Dr. changed me over to Bystolic 5mg and it works more like Toprol used to. Generics are fine for most things but not for prescription medication.

I have been on Topral XL for the last 2 years for atrial fib or SVT. I felt like we found a miracle when my symptoms got under control. Two months ago the pharmacy switched me to generic ETHEX. I thought the pills weren't working anymore because I felt horrible. Heart racing, sweating, headaches, and dizziness when I laid down (who knows??). I thought I was having panic attacks, and fought off the urge to go to ER. I'm soooo glad I found this sight. Am getting my Px. switched back asap in am. I'm going to also print this off for my Doctor and Pharmacist. Thanks.

I have been taking Toprol XL for over 2 yrs. now. I was switched to generic brand after a year with no real problems, then again to another generic after 6 months. Now I'm given a 3rd one and this one is horrible. Within an hour I had a severe stomach upset and diarrhea. I called the pharmacist and was told that it couldn't be the pill and that I have a stomach bug and there was nothing he could do since he didn't have anymore of the old generic in stock.

I insisted it was the medication and he finally put me back on the old pill which he took from another persons prescription. I'm calling the Doctor, owner of the pharmacy tomorrow, and the manufacturer to complain. I know my body best and this drug is not good for me and shouldn't be forced to take it.

has anyone experienced numbness in toes and/or that leg feeling hot from knee down? Really a hot, feeling?

The generic (Metoprolol) does not control my blood pressure. I have tried it twice - once for 2 months and again for 3 months. I have headaches along with a dangerous increase in my BP and heart rate and experienced heart palpitations.

After receiving my 90-day supply (50mg) in September 2008, I noticed the pills were quite large, oval shaped, and looked "home-made" - with an irregular surface. Many times over the next couple months, I told my husband, "Wow, I feel like I'm having a heart attack." I monitor my BP at home and it was often over 160/80. In December at my quarterly doc appt., my blood pressure was high and I was upped to 100 mg. My doc said to take two 50s until I got my new prescription. It was scary. The pills were from Ethex. My newest refill - 100mg - by Par Pharmaceuticals seem to be working fine. Normal size round pills. FYI - people can file a report on the website regarding bad or unusual reactions to prescription medicines. Hopefully, that gets someone's attention!

I had been on Toprol Xl 25mg twice a day for 8 years and doing fine with rapid heart beat and extra beats with my heart. My insurance company stopped paying for the toprol XL and switched to generic (metoprolol). I started having extra beats with my heart again and rapid pulse. I'm glad this web site is here! Pharmacy and Doc. kept telling me the toprol xl and metoprolol were the same! I'm glad I switched back to toprol XL doing much better NOW. I thought I was the only one having problems. Thanks for the web site. January 15,2009.

I was on 50mg toprol xl and all was fine. Insurance went to generic made by sandoz and I couldn't tell the difference. Insurance switched again to generic made by ETHEX. It all went to hell then. Severe depression, which I've never had in my life. First time in my life I ever wanted to jump off the roof. Luckly this trash had me so lazy I didn't get the ladder out. Skin itching all the time, blurry vision.

I had been back in the gym and had lost 50 lbs., weightlifting 45 min a day followed by 30 min of non-stop swimming. With the ETHEX version I was lucky to get out of bed by 10AM. I gained the 50lbs back. I went back on the name brand and was back to normal in about 7 days. I'm back in the gym but now I have to loose the weight all over again. All this only saved the insurance TEN DOLLARS A MONTH.

A pharmacist switched me to generic without my permission. I used it for 2 days and that's all it took for my heart to race and flutter. The regular pharmacist told me the other place had no right to give me the generic and she was great about it. I am willing to pay more to live!!

Here I am sitting with another set of heart palpitations. I was taking Toprol XL 50mgs last year before I was switched to generic. Pharmacist always insists its the same. Ever since then I have been to the doctor over 5 times trying to get my palpitations and blood pressure under control. I originally started taking the Toprol XL for High Blood Pressure but as as result of these generics I have palpitations!! I am now up to 300mg of Toprol XL and facing more. I know now that I need to tell my doctor about this and get back on that brand name medication. Also, it seems like every time I fill my prescription I get a different generic each time!! How can they mess with our lives like this???

I've taken Toprol XL 25>100 mg for 11 years. In July 2007 when my insurance company dropped the name brand for the generic Metoprolol my HEB pharmacy re-filled without advising me or asking for my permission. I "noticed" the change once my BP went through the roof along with pounding heart rate, flushing and very swollen ankles. I was very weak and dizzy.

I demanded the pharmacy give me the correct prescription; after 2 months I was back to "normal". The only problem is my insurance will not cover this drug - I have to pay the full amount. Since that time the HEB pharmacy tech re-filled with the generic again but I caught it this time and called her on it. "It's cheaper" she said, "I want to live" I replied.

There should be a law requiring insurance companies and pharmacies to advise customers of the switch to generics and for insurance companies to continue to pay for the name brand when adverse effects are caused by the generic. Doctors should oversee the transition of long time users from the name to generic brand.

I've learned to check the re-fill of any prescription especially when another Toprol XL re-fill contained an anti-seizure drug which I took for 3 days during which I was in a very heavy mental fog. Finally I examined the bottle's contents and found their error. The pills were the very same size except this one was slightly peach colored. What did the pharmacy do? Call me at home whining and actually crying that if I report this to the state board she would loose her job. I didn't report it - should have.

My wife was reading the "Oprah" magazine and came across and article about generic drugs which recommended this website.

I was switched to Metoperol ER after taking Toperol XL for 3 years. Our Mail Order Pharmacy, CareMark switched me without my approval. When I complained to them, they assured me there was no difference in the drugs. I said that it is 10x the size of the other pill so I couldn't understand their statement of it not having "any difference".

Well, after a couple months of being on this new pill, I ended up at the Emergency Room with dangerously high BP. Since I am only 3 years out from a Stroke, I have strict orders to go to a hospital when my bottom number reaches 110. It is all my doctor can do to keep it off 110 now and I am being closely monitored. The Doc has increased the Metoperol 3x now and it has lowered some but not enough.

I will demand that my doctor order the Toperol XL to see if we can get my BP and heart rate back to good numbers again. I am glad and expect my BP to go back to normal once I make this switch.

I had just figured out that my hair loss and general malaise were from this generic. went to the doc on Thursday- came home to do research and found out about the recall. Now I see that my weird swollen toes and other leg symptoms are probably from it , too! YIKES!!!

I switched from Toprol XL to Ethex ER and developed serious liver problems, palpitations, loss of energy, and muscle weakness. Am now going back on Toprol XL.

I am sooooooo angry! I have been to my dr., walk in, ER, etc. over the last 6 months because on several different occasions I thought I was having a stroke! I have had tingling/numbness in my arms, hands and legs ever since I started taking the generic version of Toprol. I even ASKED my Dr. if this could be what was going on.

I suffered from heart palpitations and my blood pressure increased. Each time I was in I mentioned this to Dr.s---they even told me they thought I was possibly having panic attacks and were thinking about increasing dosage. Today I show up at the pharmacy to re-fill my prescription I was ready to tell them after reading online that I wanted to have the label version and they informed me that the generic had been recalled.

My biggest question---a month ago I had pneumonia/virus which Dr.s told me enlarged my heart. Could this generic version caused all of this mess????

I have been on Topral XL from 50 to 150mg since 1999. After a triple bypass in 2004, I am taking 100 mg daily. I have absolutely no problems with the brand product. My cardiologist advises me not to take the generic. If I have to, it should only be the one that Astra Zenica produces. A few weeks ago, I had to take a generic due to cost (I'm one of many jobless people now). I am having a lot of problems and know instantly, this is not the one for me.

I suffer from accelerated heart beat which I know has to be from the generic. After reading the other entries, I realize I am affected in a lot of other ways also, such as headache, moodiness and unable to sleep. Of course this can also be attributed to being unemployed and having to pay too much for COBRA!
I found your site after watching a segment on Great Day Houston on KHOU TV. I'm glad I saw it.
Thank you.

my blood pressure will sometimes jump from 115/64 to 154/64. My doctor put me on Metroprol Succinate ER 100 Mg.
It has caused me to have weight gain and sometime feelings of faintness and I still have fluttering at times. I can't see that this medication has done anything except create other problems as my blood pressure still jumps at times and other problems happen.
Now they have recalled the drug. I'm wondering what he will put me on. I had a hard time convincing them that the drug had been recalled. They just had me pick it up at a pharmacy that had it and now they say they can't get it. Seems like Doctors should be informed before prescribing.

I have been taking Toprol XL 25mg for years with no problems. My insurance company has a mail in pharmacy which I thought I would try. They sent me a generic Toprol that was huge and I researched it to make sure they had given me the right thing. After finding out that it was a generic version I thought it was ok to take. After being on it for approximately three weeks I went back to my regular pharmacy today and had my "normal" prescription filled. For days now I have had terrible palpitations, increased blood pressure, and generally feeling like I am having a heart attack, but without a lot of other symptoms. I am going back to taking my "normal" Toprol tonight. The cheap stuff just isn't worth feeling like I'm dying.

I was on Toprol xl 50 mg for about five years when I got switched to generic and after about 3 months I could no longer take the rapid heart beats that would come on suddenly all day. I also had irregular heart beats, was short of breath, and at times felt as if my heart would stop for a second because I would just stop breathing. As soon as i was back on toprol xl i was fine again. I asked my doctor and pharmacist and they just advised me that there should be no problem with the generic that all medication is the same. I am glad i found the web site.

I have been taking the ETHEX generic Metoprolol 000000025 mg since last September for irregular heartbeats. I knew nothing about this recall until yesterday when I picked up my refill and saw that the pill was a small oval instead of a large round one. Once the pharmacist told me there had been a "paper recall" on the brand I was using I immediately went to the web to do my research. Now at last I have a reason for the way I have been feeling--slightly depressed, mild nausea, brain fog, inalienably to think straight. It is so reassuring to hear others say they have the same side effects from the generics. I now have the PAR brand and will give it a try to see if I can get back to my old self again.

I have been taking Toprol XL for many years to control both blood pressure and irregular heartbeats. It works very well to control the butterflies and occassional elephant I had tromping through my chest.

In Sept of 07 my insurance company changed my Rx to generic. My pharmacist assured me that it was as good as the original. Within one week I was having numerous palpitations and feeling bad. I called my Dr and he wrote Rx for name brand only.

Over the next few months my pharmacist and I discussed the generic version and he told me that Astra Zenica would soon be producing the generic and it should be as good as the original.

On April 9, 2008 I picked up a refill of my Toprol from the pharmacy. I took the first pill from the bottle on the 10th, felt strange over the next few days, and by the 14th I was wondering why my palpitations were so bad.

The next day I happened to look in the pill bottle and noticed two different pills inside. I looked them up on the internet and found that a few were the name brand Toprol and most were "100 mg metroprolol succinate extended release distributed by Par Pharmaceuticals....made in Sweden by Astra Zeneca for Par....generic for Toprol XL".

Both of these experiences confirm to me that the generic, regardless of who makes it, it not the same as the original. I surely hope that AZ never quits making the original.

I was prescribed Toporol XL to help decrease the frequency of heart palpitations. When the generic version came out the dr. switched me to them. Immediately, the heart palpitations returned. The frequency went from maybe once every 3 months to EVERY day. I'm talking the kind where you feel like your heart is skipping beats and you feel like you can't breathe. Once I got back on Toporol XL the palpitations decreased dramatically.

Felt awful on the generic & my BP was very high. HOWEVER, now that I'm back on the original, my BP remains high. I think my system has become accustomed to whatever dosage I was taking with generics (unknown to me) & my old Toprol intake is no longer high enough. Seems criminal to me for the FDA to allow this. As bad as China.

My husband was on the metoprolol succinate ER 25mg from PAR but the pharmacist changed both of us back to Toprol XL just a few weeks ago. I am on a 100mg prescription and right away I noticed I was able to sleep through the night.

The metoprolol succinate ER was originally prescribed for my husband for a slight tremor in his hands and it made a difference. However, the first time my husband took the Topral XL, he fainted. Of course, that meant all sorts of testing. He is 75 years old, health is fine, heart is good, no valve problems, no blockages, no arrhythmia - but a very scary event. We think the combination of exercise that day with the more powerful Topral XL may have been the problem.

Thank you for providing this forum for folks to find out about the very confusing drugs we take to keep on going.

Why is Astra Zenica not producing Topral XL any longer? I have been on it for several years for Blood Pressure and Arrthymia. Now my heart is jumping all over the place on the generic.

When I was switched from Toprol Xl to Motoprolo that's when the problems begin. I have experienced , elevated B/P and dizziness , pain and numbness down arms , chest pains and just spells of light headedness, and when they come on, you just have to stop everything you are doing and try to let it pass or lay down.

It's a really scary feeling. It also caused me extreme thinning of the hair and hair loss. I'm on treatment for that now as well, a lot of anxiety and insomnia on this generic form. This has all been very depressing. I have complained to my Dr''s for about a year! Now I'm getting EKG's and still need a EKCO. Also a lot of bloodwork.

I have been ending up in and out of the hospital, and Dr office's with increased heart rate and chest pain and over all weakness..This drug has really done terrible things to my body and now getting off has been awful as well. I found out about the recalls online, and I feel if I hadn't of seen it and read the FDA and patients blogs and other info online. I feel I could of had a stroke or a heart attack with the elevated B/P.

High B/P is called the slient killer. I took myself off and called my Dr. about the recalls, and then they took me off it. I'm just in line with a lot of other patients suffering from this. I pray for you all and my heart goes out to you because of the people behind Metoprolo. Shame on all of them involved.

Stay informed about this drug online and also keep up with what will be done for the patients. Research all topics on this drug and what can be done to help you! God Bless all of you who are suffering in anyway from this drug. I know how you feel. Just stay on top of whats going on with this for your own well being.
Canton Ohio

Filled my prescription at a new local. Gave generic toprol xl. About a week later, began re-experiencing heart palpitations, tachycardia..anxiety reoccured. Had my bp checked at the drug store to find it was over 160/100..Began monitoring it at home daily, and found that it stayed within a prehypertensive to hypertensive range. After about 2 weeks of worsening symptoms, spoke with a pharmacist and asked for the name brand Toprol XL...after a few days of the switch back, i began to feel better.......and now after 3 weeks, I do not have palpitations, pulse is 70-80, blood pressure has come down. I will never take a generic Toprol again. My family physician agreed....

I went on this medication a year ago due to my hyperthyroid issue. I have had many side effects, dizziness, knee pain, as if I was getting arthritis and I am only 36. Also depression, extreme tiredness, no want for much, as if I had not slept in days. I also had brain fogs, I would try to say something but it just wouldn't come out. I had a heart monitor put on because I had irregular heart beats, at times it felt like my heart was skipping a beat, and I would also lose my breath.

So many more to list, and I was thinking dang I went on this med to help with the issues my thryoid was giving me but it was helping me, but my results for my thyroid each time I would go were showing I was doing well, but dr still has me on it for the high heart rate that I had, but all these symptoms were very disturbing. Last night I received a new pill, so I called the pharmacist and he said they had been removed off the shelf. Now it all makes sense....

I have taken toprol for close to ten years and it has helped me immensely. When I was switched to a generic last fall I almost immediately experienced a return of my original symptoms... tachycardia, frequent PVCs, chest pain, breathlessness, dizziness. My doctor said it couldn't have anything to do with the new generic, ordered another echo cardiogram, and increased my dose (higher dose, same generic manufacturer).

It was better, but still not as effective. Now she changed my prescription to twice a day metoprolol tartrate instead of succinate. I'm feeling much better... but I still suspect the generic.

I was switched to the generic, and started having trouble within 30 days. Hair started falling out by the handfuls, BUT more importantly my blood pressure drops dangerously low pulse goes down to 40, I feel like I'm dying. Two ER visits and both times Docs and RN's tell me it's the beta-blocker >metoprolol. Went back to the Toprol XL and hair stopped falling out, but BP problems remain. ER doc told me to break in half and try to ween off since I never had high BP to begin with. But I had 3 heart attacks and triple by-pass at 38 yrs old and I know there must be a reason cardio doc prescribed it. Just not sure what it is.

I have taken metoprolol for a long time, but recently the generic changed in shape and color. The specifics are in a letter I wrote to my MD. I will email you a copy. My bp skyrocketed until I got the pharmacist to order the previous med.

My Senior Mom began having severe problems on the metoprolol. Severe increased high blood pressure, nausea, palpitations, increased heart rate which all began exactly after Rite-aide could not fill her 50mg prescription & she was sent to another rite-aide store whom filled a 25 mg dose. She was told to take one twice daily.

The trouble began so much that a home care agency was called in to help track this NEW occurring bouts of high blood pressure & heart rate. Senior mom tried to tell them it was the medicine. No-one would she tried to tell the doctor, the Cardiologists, She screamed at the Pharmacists & asked over & over "Has this drug been recalled??? Is there a Problem??"

The answer was no, everything is just fine..., Senior mom said no it is not...I can tell, every time I take this new dose you have given me I get sick... Now there is a monitor at mom's to check heart rate & pressure every day... finally the Cardiologist said it is the Metoprolol...and now Senior Mom is in Permanent Atrial Fibulation... What a was just fine & working in her garden etc till this mix up on medicines began...We are alerting the home care nurse whom comes once a week, the primary doctor, the rite-aide & the Cardiologist of what we have read in this article.

It is too bad rite aide could not have told senior Mom the truth. I even asked 2 different rite aide stores if there was a recall or something & was told no...
America's Senior Mom has had major problems.

I was diagnosed with SVT (rapid heart rate) and my dr. put me on Toprol XL. For years the Toprol worked very well to control my symptoms. When the generic was made available, my pharmacy did an automatic switch of my meds saying that the generic was now cheaper and provided the same results as the name brand.

BIG mistake. Within a week I was having increased palpitations, nausea, dizziness, and shortness of breath. When I saw my cardiologist, she took me off the generic right away. She said the brand name med and the generic are NOT always the same. There can be a difference in the way it is absorbed into the bloodstream.

This difference can affect how a person's symptoms are controlled. Once I switched back to the Toprol again, I felt fine. I have to pay more for it, but it is worth it.

I am on generic toprol xl and was fine for the last couple years then all of a sudden BP went up to 168/112 , I was on 25mg. Dr increased to 50 mg. I am having anxiety and loss of eyebrows, headaches. This is for the past several months. I also have very vivid nightmares that wake me sometimes several times a night. In the am I am shaky and feel panic- this is not normal for me. I am female and 55yrs old. Have had high BP for many years .

Yes, I have read your articles and I am having the same problem. I was on Metoprolol SUCC ER 25 MG TAETh it is substituted for Toprol XL. I have been on it for awhile. And last week they changed me to another pill and it is called Metoprolol TARTRATE 25 MG TMYL.

Well my BP is getting higher and instead of taking it once a day the dr. has got me on it twice a day. And my BP is still up it wont come down on this new pill and they told me at the CVS that it is the same thing I was taking but, I don't believe it because I don't feel the same. I am nervous and jumpy after taking it.

I was taking Toprol XL 50mg/day for several years and everyting was fine. Soon after my insurance required that I switch over to Metoprolol ER I noticed my BP had increased. So my doctor put me on Metoprolol ER 100mg/day. Now I am up to 150mg/day (100mg am and 50mg pm) and now I am experiencing palpitations, nightmares and occasional tachycardia. In my opinion I don't feel that the generic version of Toprol XL works very well but I can't get my doctor to prescribe something else.

I have had a similar experience of the generic being less effective. So my question is what is the FDA doing about it? What good is it to pay 1/4 of the brand name price for a drug 1/4 as effective, with additional and unexpected side effects?

I've been taking Toprol XL for several years with no problem. Then I was told by the pharmacist that the manufacturer was no longer making Toprol XR, and to take it up with your doctor or insurance carrier.

So I switched to the generic. I can't tell you which because the text on the pill is so small.

The pills at first appeared okay, but then the side effects kicked in: constant fatigue, hard to concentrate. In my job I MUST be able at any time to think fast. So the generic is being weaned down: 25mg per step and when we get to the 25mg, then keep cutting them into shards.

I just hope that I'll get out of this without a heart attack.

I had been taking the PAR brand of Toprol XL for several years with no side effects. The pharmacy switched brands and I felt nauseated and generally "loopy". I was told all generics were the same, but I now have on my pharmacy account that I want the PAR generic brand only. If they don't have PAR they fill with the actual brand on Toprol. Nice to know I wasn't imagining things.

Thanks for all the comments on this site. My mother was just switched about a week ago from Toprol XL 50mg to one of the generics. Her blood pressure soared, she felt like her heart was going to beat out of her chest, she felt dizzy and she had bad headaches. After seeing the comments on this site, I told her to stop taking the generic today. You all may have saved my mother's life - thanks for sharing your stories!


Thanks for all the comments on this site. My mother was just switched about a week ago from Toprol XL 50mg to one of the generics. Her blood pressure soared, she felt like her heart was going to beat out of her chest, she felt dizzy and she had bad headaches. After seeing the comments on this site, I told her to stop taking the generic today. You all may have saved my mother's life - thanks for sharing your stories!


I am 79 and was switched from Metoprolol suc tab (1x daily to METOPROLOL TAR tab 25 mg (2x daily) 2 weeks ago and have not gotten a real nights sleep since. Before, I slept like a baby.
I thought it might be the lisinop/hctz tab 20-25 mg but this site tells me I am on to something else. Both my doctors said nothing in the literature showed lack of sleep as a negative. AND NO...I DON'T HAVE ALTZHEIMERS. I WILL STOP TAKING ONE TAB OF Metoprolol to see if i can get a full nights sleep and then go back to educating the doctors.

I am 79 and was switched from Metoprolol suc tab (1x daily to METOPROLOL TAR tab 25 mg (2x daily) 2 weeks ago and have not gotten a real nights sleep since. Before, I slept like a baby.
I thought it might be the lisinop/hctz tab 20-25 mg but this site tells me I am on to something else. Both my doctors said nothing in the literature showed lack of sleep as a negative. AND NO...I DON'T HAVE ALTZHEIMERS. I WILL STOP TAKING ONE TAB OF Metoprolol to see if i can get a full nights sleep and then go back to educating the doctors.

I was on Toprol XL for over eight years at 50 mg. I then noticed it wasn't controlling my heart palpitations, which is why it was prescribed. It was raised to 100 mg and I still have problems with the palps. I want to get off Toprol altogether, but can't find a doctor who is willing to try it. Why is that?

Unlike most of the posters on this site, I was not prescribed Metoprolol for high blood pressure. After two visits to the ER, I was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with bradycardia/tachycardia (sick sinus syndrome) with bouts of arrhythmia, racing heart and a-fib. The next day I was implanted with a pacemaker and prescribed the Metoprolol to deal with the racing heart. After the first day on the medication, I started experiencing side effects such as depression, malaise, foggy-brain and memory loss, anxiety, skin disorder, knee pain, significant hair loss (and I'm a woman), vivid, disturbing dreams, trouble sleeping and waking up at 2:00 and 3:00 a.m.

This drug has transformed me into a completely different person. I complained about it to my cardio and he lowered my dosage, but no difference. I then asked him if I could go off this med completely. He said go ahead and just take it "as needed". So I did, and by the third day of not taking the med, I felt so bad I thought I was going to have to go back to the ER.

I have recently moved to a new state and have an appointment with a new cardio tomorrow. I will definitely ask him to prescribe Toprol XL (the real deal).

In summary, I can't believe that this drug is still out there and that physicians are still prescribing it to their patients. Maybe people like us speaking out on a site such as this one will make a difference in others' lives. I sure hope so.

I was taking TOPROL XL 25 mg(brand name) for 2 years after having pregnancy induced hypertension that did not resolve in 6 months after delivery, and I also had had several years of a slight tachycardia.
At the end of January this year, my pharmacy (CVS) told me that they had contacted my doctor and gotten me switched to the generic Metoprolol (Lopressor) 25 mg because they "could not longer get" the Toprol XL.

Within one week of taking the medication, my fiance, friends and family were asking me what was wrong with me, why I seemed down, etc. I would get angry for no reason and wanted to scream at people. I had absolutely no patience whatsoever. It was to the point that I thought I was losing it because I knew I wasn't thinking clearly. I even took a Prozac that I had not had to have in several months because I thought I was having some extreme depression exacerbation. ( Was only on Prozac due to some situational depression and PMDD).

So, after realizing it started after the change to the generic, I called my MD. They said that the pharmacy never called them to OK the change to the generic, the generic wasn't an extended release, and that what I was describing was common. So, put me back on the BRAND Toprol XL, and I returned to normal.

Then I had my physical in March. MD continued BRAND Toprol and I started using my company's mail in pharmacy which happens to be Caremark/CVS. Sent my meds, started taking them and this week I started feeling like I wanted to kill people again, labile emotions, etc. Once again I took a Prozac thinking it was the depression again. Then, I thought about my meds. Checked my bottle and guess what? It was the generic version of Toprol. Called my MD this morning, they were quite angry and said that they specified BRAND. I told them I was calling Caremark and they told me to have them call if there was any difficulty.

Finally after going thru 3 people I got to talk to a pharmacist. He stated, "Oh, I'm sorry. It says right here that this is to be filled with BRAND only for medically necessary reasons including inability to tolerate generic. We must have inadvertently filled yours as a generic by mistake". Remember, I am wanting to kill people at this point because of how I feel.....if I could have gotten through the phone I would have showed him the difference between a generic and a brand name medication!!

And one more thing....they are going to expedite my BRAND name Toprol XL to me, but they want me to send the generic back. Do they reuse these medications and give them to other consumers after they may have been in someone elses hands and home?? I do believe I will be obtaining my medications elsewhere come refill time.

If you are having problems with Toprol, please talk to your doctor about getting the brand name only, and the XL, not the Lopressor. See if your symptoms improve because prior to this, Toprol had worked wonders for my tachycardia and hypertension!

I was prescribed toperol xl for tachycardia and I was switched to the generic form. I immediately saw my tachycardia return along with a lot of palpitations. It did not work for me.

I too was switched to Ethex/KV generic Toprol XL ..Had to go through a chem.stress test ..Ultra sound..much blood work and urine study..all negative..back on Toprol xl original and all my health problems have subsided..does the FDA even care.?

I have similar experience by switching to generic. I suggest filing a complaint with health monitoring officials.

I take Toprol for premature ventricular heartbeat (PVB), and the name brand worked well. When the generic came out, my ins. co. said i had to take that one.. The generic worked well for a few months, and then gradually worked less and less well until it was as if I wasn't taking anything.

I talked to my Dr. and went back to the original, real, Brand Name Toprol. It works. Unfortunately, it costs more, and the pharmacy at Walgreen's told me the company (KV Pharmaceutical) that made the generic was forced to stop making it (by US Gov't), after investigations.

I started on Toprol 10mg twice a day 10 yrs ago. About 6yrs ago I was upped to 25mg twice a day. But when summer came that year I became more active and exercised a lot. So I weened myself completely off the medication.

That Fall and Winter came along and I wasn't eating right along with absolutely no exercise at all, save tapping a keyboard on a computer.

When I finally decided to take my blood pressure, it was an alarming 190/105. I freaked and went into the VA Hospital Emergency. They put me back on Toprol 50mg. twice a day after 25mg wasn't working. That too wasn't working, so they added 5mg twice a day of Listenpril. That did it and BP was stable.

But I had developed this nasty habit of crossing my legs at the computer and falling asleep. I developed a blood clot in my leg and it went to my lungs, for a pulmonary embolism. Months later of oxygen treatment and losing part of one lung, I decided to get on an exercise kick again. Many months later the Doc reduced me to 25mg twice a day and it was summer. But come Winter and I was back on the 50mg (switched to generic) and 5mg Listinpril (generic). It seemed to work fine. But just two weeks ago, my generic Toprol was changed to another generic.

The result was the opposite of what people are reporting here. These are the pink M32 by Innovative Pharm. After first day BP was excellent. Second day 105/68 p=62. Very low for me. Then the 3rd day it was 88/56 p=51. Followed by 84/54 p=49 the 4th day. I called my Doctor's office and the nurse told me to half the 50mg for 25mg twice a day and to call back 5days later. By then after working to exercise a lot to raise my pulse, it was still only in the low 50's and had dipped as low as p=44. But I was not getting dizzy and still didn't feel strange or anything. Now I'm still consistently running a blood pressure of 82/55 even after exercise. That's lower than my 21yo son's!

On any days my pulse was below 50 I was told to not take it. So that's what I did. So there is something to irregular potency among these Generics after all!

Hi my name is Nicole, 21 yr old female. I was taking the generic Toprol XL, metoprolol succinate,for palpitations and as of April 1st was switched to metoprolol tartrate (Lopressor), because of the pill shortage. The thing is nobody told me I was switched. The old pill bottle simply said Metoprolol ER and this one said metoprolol tartrate.

I thought they looked different because they were different manufacturers. Anyway, my MD is completely oblivious bc my cardiologist put me on 25mg in the morning and 12.5 at night. When I received the bottle, it said take one pill once daily. In what world is 25 mg of a short acting beta blocker equivalent to 37.5 of a long acting one, which was SPECIFICALLY the message I left with her secretary?!?!

Needless to say I followed my cardio's directions by taking 25 in the AM and 12.5 in the evening (which is still not equivalent), and was eventually increased to 25 am and pm.

I'm so angry because Ive been having breakthrough tachycardia and spikes in blood pressure. Yesterday I had to go to the ER because my heart rate went up to 170 out of nowhere. I want off this crud and on a beta blocker that works normally.

I switched to generic long acting several months ago and no problem. I did it due to USA shortage of Toprol XL. Later there was a shortage of generic XL also and I had to switch again to generic short acting that I took am and pm each day. After 3 weeks my blood pressure was 200/110 and I was very symptomatic- sweating, rapid heart rate. When I went to my MD he could hardly believe that my BP could have jumped so high in 3 weeks after being in good control for years on Toprol XL.

I have Caremark so I have always had the generic metoprolol. I had many complaints, but my doctor didn't think it came from the medicine. I had vivid dreams, my hair fell out, had shortness of breath, heart palpitations, dizziness, and I gained 28 pounds in 8 months. That is not normal for me. I saw a cardiologist who took me off of it because he said beta blockers are not good for hypertension for African Americans. (I also read that several times). I am now on Avapro. The palpitations are a lot less, I don't get short of breath sitting down, not as many dizzy spells and I think my hair is starting to grow back. Still hoping it had something to do with the weight gain.

I have taken 100mg Toprol XL for years. It helps control my BP and irregular heart beat.
I was switched to the generic and immediately had trouble with my heart rhythm and BP. I tried to cope with this for about 10 days and finally found this website, called my Dr. for a new prescription. Yes, my co-pay is much higher but after one day back on the
"brand" Toprol XL I can feel a difference!!! Makes me wonder about the other generics I use??!! Thanks for this site. It was very helpful to me.

I was on Toprol XL for tachycardia and was doing very well. Then my insurance company said I had to use generic or pay a higher cost. I have noticed an increase in my heart rate. It is back up to close to where it was before taking any medicine @ 90 bpm. I too am having migraines that I never had before. I am waking up during the night with rapid heart rate and sweating. I see my doctor in a couple weeks and will be discussing this with him.

I was placed on Toprol XL for rapid heartbeat (tachycardia) and daily multiple occurrences of pinching-like chest (heart) pain caused by frequent premature ventricular contractions (1) that occur between regularly spaced heartbeats. The pain causes me to freeze in place and to temporarily stop breathing - holding my breath for the duration of the pain.

I fear the increased heart rate and pain that return when I take Metoprolo er suc tabs.
The cardiologist has it noted that I receive only the brand name product (Toprol XL) because of the problems I have with the Par brand (metoprolo er tab suc).

Caremark harangues the cardiologist to change drugs every time the prescription comes up for renewal. Every time the prescription is renewed, some soul in the large cardiology clinic OKs the change and the annual battle for the luxury of living with a normal heart rate and be pain -free from PVCs begins again.

I use Toprol 50mg, 2-3x daily per doctor's orders.

(1) PVCs are supposedly painless and supposedly pass unnoticed)

I have been on Toprol XL 50 mg for 2 1/2 years. The first generic I was on seemed to do okay, or maybe I just wasn't having as many problems, but since then Walgreens has changed generics several times, and I seem to have more problems with each one, the Entex especially didn't seem to work, then I was on the brand name for 2 months because they couldn't get generic and my B/P and heart rate were well controlled.

This time when I got it filled, it was the PAR generic, and ever since my B/P has been much higher and my heart rate faster than it should be. I talked to the pharmacist but she just suggested I take my B/P twice a day and discuss it with my doctor, he might need to increase it. I'm going to discuss it with my doctor, but I think I'm just going to change back to the brand name, even if it does cost more, because this erratic response is very frustrating

Reading these comments is scaring me! I almost pass out. Haven't completely but this has been about 6 months now. I am on Toprol XL and a few months ago they went to generic. I wonder how I should wean myself off this drug.

I am not driving but hope to get back to that soon. I have been on Toprol XL for about 7 years and only recently have had problems. Usually almost pass out while reading the morning paper!
I have PAT. Paroxysmal Atrial Tachycardia.

Toprol XL Generic - Reading this article has put things in prospective for me as far as how I have been feeling for the past year. I was put on Toprol XL after my heart attack in 2003. I tolerated it very well and used the name brand until the Fall of 2007.

At that time, my drug plan switched me to the generic version of Toprol. It seemed to work OK, although my blood pressure would become high at times. Also I started experiencing hair loss, but didn't even consider that the change in medication might be the cause.

Then January of this year, my drug plan switched their mail order pharmacy to CVS Caremark. After my next reorder of Metoprolol, I noticed that the pill looked the same, but was much harder to cut in half, as I was talking 1 and 1/2 pills a day. I believe the pharmaceutical firm providing the generic changed with CVS. On the upside, my hair loss subsided a bit, but I started not "feeling well". I was extremely tired some days and felt awful. I have had a cough from time to time in the Spring and Fall, but this year it's gotten even worse. Some times I feel nauseous for no reason and seem to have a buzzing in my ears.

I'm glad I saw the reference to problems with generics in an AOL, headline, with Metoprolol specifically, which brought me to investigate further.

I'm on my way to my doctor today and will ask to go back to the brand name Toprol so I can see if there is a difference.
Thank you all!

I've taken Toprol XL for 6 years for MVP symptoms (no hypertension, but tachycardia and palpitations). When I refilled my prescription earlier this year, the pharmacy was out of Toprol XL two different times and gave me the generic (two different manufacturers) instead. My MVP symptoms immediately returned both times. I returned to the pharmacy as soon as they restocked the brand name and swapped the rest of my generics for Toprol XL and my symptoms got better the very next day.

My insurance will only pay for the generic so I have to pay for the brand name out of pocket. I hate having to spend so much every month on Toprol XL but it's worth it in the long run for my health.

I recently began taking Lamictal for depression/bipolar type 2. After using the brand-name starter pack, the new prescription was filled by the pharmacy with the generic. My symptoms have become worse and I just now realized there's probably a correlation between the generics and my symptoms. I'm going to the pharmacy tomorrow to switch back to the (even more expensive than Toprol XL!) brand name and hope my symptoms will be better controlled again.

Shortly after beginning the medication Toprol XL generic, I told my physician that I was having severe headaches and an all over body rash and heart palpitations. I was told that these symptoms would go away and to continue the toprol. Four weeks ago, 3:30 a.m. on a Sunday, my blood pressure shot up to 190/118, my heart was racing, I was having trouble hearing and I was short of breath. I also had indigestion.

Since I had been up late and had caffeine, I thought that was my problem. On Tuesday morning, things were not better and I called my physician. I was seen at 8:30 and my blood pressure was still very high and my heart rate also. Cardio test were ordered ASAP and my test showed a rapid heart rate and high B/P. Nothing else was found. My physician took me off the generic form of Toprol (I was told that the generic form had been recalled).

I have been off the generic and taking brand name Toprol XL 2 weeks. My B/P is 106/70, my heart rate is normal, no headaches and the rash is going away. What else can I say.

Thank you all for the information!!!

I was taking TOPROL XL 25mg for 3 years with relatively no problems. I just switched to the generic within the last month. I have been having fogginess, extreme tiredness, can not concentrates, weight gain, bloating, fingers and ankles swelling a bit, sore hips, hair loss, very down, not feeling well, eyes will not adjust worse than before. Some slight fast heart beat but not bad. A little rise in blood pressure but I never had high blood pressure before heart attack.

Have any of you experienced "hot flashes" or quick sweats for no reason? I had absolutely none for a year prior to this.

I thought it might be my thyroid changing or stress. I had my blood tested for the thyroid but have not heard back yet. My father passed away around the same time and I have to deal with that and my mom. I thought the depression and tiredness but inability to sleep was all part of that.

I will tell my doctors but the fight will probably begin "Ah you are mistaken, you really don't know"

I may also start writing the legislators to stop forcing people to generics. I know others with problems on other drugs.

In reply to Poc, I had many of the same reactions, hot flashes (I had a hysterectomy in '93 and was to the point that I was not having any in the last few years), not sleeping, feeling anxious, bothersome irregular heartbeats and blood pressure dropping to 90/50 with a weak pulse, very tired, some weight gain, bowel changes. I just did not feel good or have any energy to exercise, etc.

Early last spring my doctor upped my generic to 50 mg from 25 when my bp was up. After getting the generic I noticed changes. I went back for a followup checkup and told him about the reactions so I got the name brand of Toprol XL for 30 days from the local pharmacy. Then I mailed in my 90 day RX to the mail order RX that our employer wants us to use. They sent the generic even though it said name brand. So I thought well I will try it again and see.

I had the same symptoms all over again and went to a cardiologist. I had a echocardiogram and wore a heart monitor for a month. She gave me a RX for the name brand and said there are some people that do not tolerate generics sometimes. So I am going to keep going to the local pharmacy for that drug where I am present to see what I am getting.

I did not feel well at all taking the generic. They should take this Toprol XL generic off the market. I heard once on the news last winter there was some recall on the generic. What was that all about? Anyone know? I am at least glad to read others have had similar experiences. I thought for awhile it could be stress or something else.

After reading your message, I remember, I had taken the same 2 generic pills you mentioned. I seemed to do ok on the oval ones and then the round ones I got later were the ones that caused real problems. I felt terrible.

I was relieved to hear about another woman having heart palps associated with perimenapause. I also have experienced that shortness of breath that another person mentioned. I don't have asthma, but I do remember that started after getting switched to the generic version. I chocked it up to stress, but maybe it is the generic. I'm now taking the oval shaped ones again.....the big round ones I took, I never felt quite right. And if the palps are hormone related,and only happen at certain times of the month I'm wondering if it's even necessary that I need to stay on the generic Toprol at all. Time to have a talk with my Doc. I guess.

I have been on toprol xl for years. I switched to the generic when it came available and have started having vertigo, anxiety, weakness and very vivid dreams. I have been trying to figure out whats was going on in my body for a year now. After reading this I am very convinced it is the pills.

i took my bp just now after my 2nd dose of metoprolol tartrate 50 mg.
It was 170/108. It is going up after 5 days on this instead of going down. my heart feels like it is racing also.

These makers need to notify the pharmacies and doctors with warnings.

I am 42 years old and I have been taking Toprol XL 100 mg. for nine years. I had a heart ablation in 2000 which was successful. I was put on Toprol XL 100 mg afterwards because I have mitral valve proplapse syndrome and feel every palpitation (horrible)!

Since being on the Toprol XL, I immediately began to feel like a new person, however, last year I had my prescription refilled, and the pharmacist informed me I was being given the generic because cheaper for insurance company. After a few days I began to fall apart. I started feeling palpitations, rapid heartbeat, couldn't sleep, anxiety, panic attacks, and began to fear tachy was back.

I waited a couple of weeks to see if the symptoms would subside, and when they didn't, I told the pharmacist I wanted to have my Toprol XL filled, not the generic. I also asked him if there could be a difference in the meds, and told me possibly, but not likely. WHATEVER!!!! After switching back to the the brand name, I immediately felt like my old self again. Praise the Lord!!!

I called the pharmacist at Rite Aid to tell him NEVER to give me the generic brand again. I didn't care to pay the extra if my insurance wouldn't cover it, which is a total shame, because in the long run it ends up costing the insurance companies more money, which in turn makes us pay more. Let me tell you why..... Since telling the pharmacist last October not to give me generic, my prescriptions have been the brand name, however this past August my prescription ran out, so my new physician wrote another script for me.

Since then, I have been feeling horrible again. I began having dizzy spells, nausea, lightheadedness along with all the above mentioned symptoms. I went to my doctor a few weeks ago, and she sent me to my cardiologist who ran an EKG and did an echo of my heart to make sure my mitral valve was ok. Thankfully, it is. She informed me she wanted to have me wear a holter monitor for 21 days to see these palpitations and rapid heartbeats, and what my heart is doing when I have the dizziness and lightheadedness.

I have now been wearing it for 10 days, and have had all the episodes I have been feeling, and she wanted to see. So far, no calls to get to the ER!

Yesterday, I had to call my prescription information into my husband, because we now have to have my medication mailed to us for cheaper insurance reasons, and guess what I noticed while reading him the prescription bottle?????!!!!! You guessed it, the brand I had been taking for the last month has been the GENERIC!!!!! I immediately called Rite Aid and told them AGAIN I want the brand name!!!

I have only taken one of the Toprol XL since yesterday, but I can already tell you, I feel so much better. I still have some palpitations, but that is normal for me. What I feel on the generic is pure hell!!! I will never, never take the generic!!! There is a huge difference in the effects!!!!!! I have to return my heart monitor in 10 days and then follow-up with my cardiologist, which will in the end cost my insurance way more money, which will cost me more!!!

Wise up insurance companies and take this poison off of the market!!!! It may be less expensive to make, but in the end, it's cost is way more. People, sometimes a little more money pays better than the cheaper route. You know the old saying, "You get what you pay for"!

I hope and pray that I have helped someone today with my story. Lesson learned. Please make sure you always read your prescriptions.

I was switched from Toprol to the generic brand about 2 months ago. I started
to feel very tired and at times thought I had the flu. Then my blood pressure went up and my heart rate increased. Just the other day I almost
fell asleep while driving. I was apparently unaware I was weaving out of
lane but another driver pulled me over and asked if I was sick.

Today I went to check out the generic drug and found this website. I just called
my doctor and asked to go back to using Toprol. Every symptom so many
have described here has happened to me. I am actually relieved to know
it was the medication, I was convinced I had some undiagnosed disease and
I hadn't much time on this earth.

Thank you for alerting everyone to this horrible drug, no doctor or pharmacist should be dispensing it without a considerable amount of warning. In fact, I think it should be taken off the market completely. It is much too dangerous. I shudder to think what could have happened if that kind person didn't stop and ask me if I needed help.

The number of responses here says it all. This is EXACTLY why I have fussed with my pharmacy about switching me to generic... they did it once, and I had similar problems, as so many here have described. Not only that, but the cost difference (at CVS pharmacy anyway) was so minimal it wasn't even worth taking the risk. Glad to see some light being shed on this subject, thanks...

Last year I had heart palpitations, rapid heart rate and was diagnosed with anxiety as well. My doctor did a series of heart tests on me to be sure it was nothing serious. Everything came back normal. I got put on Toprol XL 25mg. It was the generic brand. It seemed like it was going all right but I kept having these pains and rapid heart rate.

My doctor finally put me on the brand name of Toprol XL and I seemed happier, the heart palpitations were decreased and I had energy again. I got switched to the generic brand again because of no insurance and my husband lost his job. I've been taking it for about a month now and just recently I noticed getting those same pains back in my joints, my muscles, chest got tight, heart palpitations seemed to have increased, etc.

This past week I have had NO energy whatsoever. The pains come and go. I stumbled upon this website when looking for the side effects to this medication. I have 2 more pills left of the generic but I just called my doctor and left a message with my symptoms and that I'd like the brand name of Toprol XL again. My husband did get a job and although we have no insurance, I'm glad to be paying more for a medication that actually works.

Hearing everyone else's issues with the generic made me feel so much better (however, I'm so sorry you have all been experiencing what I have been!) and it's not just me dealing with this or going bonkers.

My husband is on the Metoprolol Succinate but hasn't tried the Toprol XL or regular Toprol. He was put on this medication about a year ago and didn't have any problems but how would we know whether or not the Toprol XL or the Toprol would be better or safer than the Metoprolol Succinate? He is on a low dose and seems to be doing well but is this safe in the long run?

He has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy which puts him at high risk of cardiomyopathy and takes Metoprolol Succinate along with Lisinopril (which is manufactured in India so I am concerned about that too) so his heart doesn't overwork. I will bring it up next time we see the doctor.


Do you happen to know the manufacturer (spelling?) of the particular generic form of Toprol XL you were taking? You are probably one of the FIRST person I've seen (besides myself) to say they have vivid nightmares from Toprol. It seems to me that your assessment, as well as the article's, about it being the generic form might be right. It seems as if they got a lot more frequent and vivid when they originally changed me to a generic.

And now they keep changing the Manufacturer of the pills at the pharmacy I go to. I don't know what to do. I guess I'm going to have to fight them to see if I can get the name brand, and hope my insurance will still pay for it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! This is foremost in my mind this wk!


I have been taking Toprol XL 200 mg for the past couple of years and it has controlled my b/p very well. I was given generic version and after a few days began to feel fluttering in my chest. I took my b/p and it was higher than it had ever been - 180/116. I took it several times and it kept going up so I went to the E.R.

They checked me out and had me rest for an hour and sent me home. Said to continue with the generic Toprol XL 200 mg. A day later my b/p continued to rise to scary numbers that I had never had before so I again went to the E.R. and the same scenario. After resting there they reassured me that my b/p was a little higher but not terrible. I then called my Dr. and told him I thought the generic was causing this change and he put me back on the original Toprol XL 200 mg. My b/p went back to normal, my pulse went down to its normal rate of 60.

I will not take the generic Toprol XL. Only problem is that the original Toprol XL is $85.00 for 30 pills and the generic is $22.00 for 30 pills. I called medicare and they sent me a form for my physician to fill out which states that I had a bad reaction from the generic toprol XL and need to have the Regular Toprol XL dispensed as written.

I'm hoping that once he signs this and sends it in Medicare will pay something towards the Toprol XL since I have the Medicare RX Drug insurance. I am completely convinced that the generic Toprol XL caused my problem and mine was from the acceptable drug company authorized by Astra Zenaca. P.S. Those 2 visits to the ER were $2,000 each for a total of $4,000.

Oh my God! I thought I was being picky or just hallucinating. It turned out problems with generic Toprol XL are common. I have been taking TOPROL XL 25mg for palps and mild hypertension for the past 4 years. There were side effects but those were tolerable. When I switched to the generic brand (made by Sandoz) as per AETNA's directive, that is when I started feeling terrible.

The palps got worse. A few hours after taking the meds, I could feel my heart fluttering even while resting. I don't remember getting a restful sleep and I became irritable. I went back to Walmart to have the generic exchanged with the real deal. So I insist on getting the brand name every time I get a refill. I don't care if I have to pay more, because for me the quality of life is simply priceless. FDA should be watching and regulating these generics very closely. I'm so glad I found this website.

I took Toprol XL for several years and felt good. Caremark changed me to Metoprolol at times from Ethex and from Par. During the summer, 2008, I started getting 4 lesions on my legs. They kept getting larger, itched, and drained. I went to 2 Dermatologists and an Infectious Disease Doctor who performed 4 different biopsies, cultures and fungus tests. Nothing ever showed up. I kept thinking they were from a fertilizer that I put on my grass or chemicals that I was around at work.

Finally, I went to a different Dermatologist in January, 2010 who diagnosed correctly that the lesions were from Metoprolol. My legs look ugly and he said they would take a long time to go away. Plus, I spent a lot of money trying to get a proper diagnosis. Another problem I had was I was losing a lot of hair and as soon as I went back on Toprol XL, my hairdresser noticed an improvement. I will never use a generic drug ever again. It will cost me more money, but it will be worth it. Thank you for your web-site.

I was taking generic topral xl made by ethex. Now every generic I have taken since the recall has not helped me. I have would love to have the old ethex generic to take. Will it be back in the future?

I also don't like the generic. I take Toprol XL 25 mg. This may not seem like a lot, but it works for me. I was also switched, by a pharmacist, who insisted the generic was exactly the same. I have tried the generic twice, but I can feel my heart racing daily when taking it. I have to request the Toprol XL from my pharmacy now each time. I have no problems when I take it. There is indeed a difference in the two.

I have been on Toprol XL 50 mg 2 times a day for 12 years. I had a heart attack when I was only 41 years old. I had some heart damage plus a rapid heart beat, nothing seems to help until my doctor put me on Toprol XL. My GP Doctor now manages my condition, it has been a year since they have switched me to the generic, I have had rapid heart beat... a small elevation in blood pressure, and basically have been feeling bad... my Doctor has given every test but they come back normal, I think my doctor believes I'm nuts.... After reading this I now believe it's the generic drug.... have left a message for my doctor that I want to be switched back to Toprol.

I Have had A-Fib and high BP since the age of 13. From the age of 18 to 49 I drank, chased wild women, would work 48 hours without sleep, and had a very active life style. I am one of those people who do not need much sleep.

At the age of 50 the A-Fib decided it really hated me and went nuts. Got converted and the Cardio Doctor put me on Toprol 25mg along with Rythmol . Later switched to 75mg a day as my BP kept rising. Now we are up to 200mg a day and BP has risen even more. 160/100 is normal these days. BP is high now when 240/210 shows up on the BP machine.. Metoprolol is the drug being administered.

Have been cardio converted 9 times now in the past 10 years, have had 2 EP studies without any results, and now have ventrical fib., when heavy exertion is extended. Now that I have started the 200mg a day my stomach pain has soared, dry mouth is prevalent, and BP IS still rising, more rapid heart beats. (After the first EP study the Electrophysiologist took me off the Rythmol he said it was not effective).

I am like JF, feel bad and had had every test known to man kind. Have been on that table 5 times without any results and now I believe like a lot of you the generic drug is the accomplice to most of the problems encountered.

Monday morning the cardio Doc is going to tell me I am nuts also but I am thru with the toprol generic.

I have been taking Metoprolol ER Succinate 100 mg (Watson pharm). The pharmacy that I go to switched to this company and I can tell a difference in the pills. I tried to get an override through my insurance for one month but was turned down. I have nightmares, night sweats. issues with my sight. I only know that this product needs to be investigated.

If we are forced to take generic products, they should be just as good as the brand name. I have had so many health issues and side effects from different medications, but was afraid to speak out. Well now I'm angry. Please check out this product. I also thought that extended release tablets did not have score marks on them. Would be interested in knowing the truth about scoring on the pills. Thank you

Wow, it's so interesting to read everyone's comments about this. I thought I was the only one experiencing problems with this medication. I have been on Toprol XL for 6 years after a diagnosis of SVT at age 23. Last month, my pharmacy switched to the general Metoprolol ER Succinate (I take 100 mg, divided into 50mg twice a day dosing). I never gave it much thought until this past week, but I've started having terrible headaches and getting migraines about twice per week (I do have a history of migraines, but I used to get them maybe 3-4 times per year). Also noticing some generalized "not feeling well" and some slight increases in my heart rate. I don't feel the generic has been controlling my symptoms as well as the brand. My insurance refuses to cover the brand.

I remember my doctor telling me one time that generic blood pressure medications sometimes had decreased bioavailability in a person's system. Would explain why they may not work as well in some people.

I've been taking Metoprolol Succinate ER 25mg for 2 weeks. No ill effects so far. BP is still stubborn at 135-145/70-80. Pulse rate has definitely slowed from 55-60 long term "normal" to around 45. It's the generic version from a large mail order pharmacy. I've read here about the possible issues with generic versions made by Sandoz or Ethex. My bottle's label says: "MFG: Astra Zeneca". It also says "Substituted for Toprol XL".

The pills are kind of elongated oval shaped, not so large & scored in the center for splitting. The letters "A" & "B" are imprinted on the halves. Has anyone out there experienced this particular generic? I know Astra Zeneca is the brand name maker of Toprol XL. I wonder if A-Z is now making the generic??

I was on Toprol XL 25 mg two times a day and had no significant problems. I was switched by my insurance company to a generic version Metoprolol Succinate Er 25mg and began having sinus problems, coughing, and nightmares. I am so glad I found this site and will call my physician in the morning to switch back no matter what the cost. I had thought I had an allergy to my cat, but I have had the cat for ten years with no problems. I just cannot seem to stop my runny nose and cough. I think I have the solution. Will keep you posted after the change, PN

I have been on name brand Toprol XL 100 mg for over five years for heart palpitations. I have never had a problem.

I have been very concerned for over a month now that I might be suffering from panic attacks or stress...but I was really not stressed. I would have sudden heart racing and extreme fluttering and thought I was going to have a heart attack. The fluttering or palpitation was very disturbing.

I reviewed all my medicines to make sure I had not been taking something by mistake. I then realized my Toprol XL pill was different and I was not sure how long it had been like this since I take a few others in the morning. I noticed I was now taking a generic 100mg of metoprolol succinate.

I quickly called the pharmacy and they did a history and it appears I was switched to the generic in January just 2 months ago. I have been feeling these palpitations for over a month now and was in denial thinking this was stress related. I am confidant that it's not stress at all especially after finding this site.

I called the pharmacy today and they are replacing me with the name brand Toprol XL 100Mg and I will never take another one of these generics again.....this is very scary!! KS

Oh yes I have had and continue to have problems after taking the generic Toprol XL - Walgreens switched me to a generic without ever informing me or asking me. Two weeks on the generic and I started having rapid heart beat - went to the hospital overnight. Realized I was taking the incorrect medication (THANKS TO WALGREENS). And now two years later I still get rapid heart beat from time to time even though I am not on Toprol XL or generic at all - on another drug.

This same problem was repeated 3 times by Walgreens!!!

GENERIC TOPROL XL GAVE ME PERMANENT HEART PALPITATIONS!! Two cardiologists denied it could have been the generic - so I figure the drs. are in cohoots with the drug companies to try to get us to take cheaper drugs.

I had been taking Toprol XL 100 for several years when the Ins Co. switched to Metoprolol when it became available. 2 weeks later I began experiencing hives. My internist couldn't figure out why and was ready to send me to an allergist when after experiencing this for several weeks my friend who is a chemist and works for a drug co. asked me if I had recently changed to a generic drug. I had never connected the 2 events but that was it. My Dr didn't believe it, but allowed me to return to the brand name Toprol and I have not had hives since.

I haven't had time to read all comments here but I just had my doctor call my pharmacy to switch from Metoprolol to Toprol. Toprol is what her initial prescription was for but Tops Pharmacy switched it to generic version.

I intend to appeal the denial from my insurance company as to the charges.They won't pay for the Toprol.

Then again if the real Toprol is any better then the metoprolol I don't care about the cost as, although this med is supposed to extend my life what good is it if I cant do anything?

I have suffered from extreme fatigue although my BP and pulse are good.

I found on the internet that beta blockers cause fatigue because they deplete CoQ10.
The elderly like me already have a depletion of this enzyme due to age anyhow.
I bought a Coq10 supplement on line and immediately my night leg cramps from the metoprolol were gone.
Time will tell if it helps me further.

I am fed up with the metoprolol but might return here to gripe about the toprol.

There is something wrong with any med that can extend your life as a continued long term consumer but the med makes you feel like crap.

I found out yesterday that my Provider CHAMPVA will pay for MOST brand name meds.

My charge as co pay will be double what it was for the Generic Metoprolol but at about 13 bucks instead of 6 bucks I might have saved my life. My pharmacy has a 53 buck refund awaiting me.

Falls in seniors can be costly and also deadly and many of these meds make you so tired and spaced out, it can contribute to a serious fall.

There is something wrong with that picture.

I am complaining formally to TOPs Markets because they told me that CHAMPVA would not pay anything for Toprol DAW as my prescription stated and they lied to me.

I am a volunteer disabled veterans advocate as well as an advocate for their dependents.

CHAMPVA is only awarded to beneficiaries of veterans who are either totally and permanently disabled by their service or who die of service connected causes.

My husband was in both categories as well as I was successful in proving under FTCA that the VA administered inappropriate medication to him as part of my charges of wrongful death. (I settled with the USA years ago on that).

I am formally complaining to the FDA on the metopropol and taking action with Tops Markets to make sure they advise CHAMPVA recipients that they DO HAVE a choice and the real non generic meds are not that expensive with their co pay.

I feel I have been taken advantage of because I am a senior citizen and I believed what the pharmacist told me 2 years ago and now I find out he had NO basis at all to tell me CHAMPVA would not cover Toprol with a minimal co pay.

Besides I have the NY state laws here and cant see how they legally could substitute a generic for what the prescription called for. I might see my lawyer about that.

I was on toprol xl for rapid heart rate and VT and it was a big help I did have a ICD implanted for the more life treating episodes. But when I switched to metoprolol I began to have rapid heart rate again more and more PVCs and now its like I can't do nothing in fear of getting a shock from my ICD

I took Toprol for 5 years without any side effects except tiredness. About 6 months ago my insurance company changed me to generic. I started losing my hair and my IBS got considerably worse. I was under a lot of stress and thought I was losing my hair due to stress. The stress has eased but I have lost almost half my hair... I will watch TV and clumps of hair will land on my arm.

My doctor checked my thyroid and it was fine. After praying for an answer, I woke up 2 mornings ago at 4 AM thinking I had to look up the side effects to this awful drug!!!! Sure enough, HAIR LOSS! I stopped taking it, went to my doctor today and he agreed with me that the drug is the culprit and took me off it.

Have violent dreams very vivid, fluid retention.

I started taking the generic because my new insurance provider, Humana would not help pay for the Topral XL. I had been taking the brand name for several years without an issue. So after the first month I could not tell, because I got terribly sick, all of a sudden with shingles. The second month, I told my pharmacy that I was having problems keeping my balance, & was vomiting in the mornings on occasion.
I seemed to never feel good.

So I started cutting the pill in half and taking only half the amount. Because they did not care at all, so I figured I had to take care of myself. I finally gave up, I could not cut the pill to the exact half, which left me taking more, then less on given days. My last visit to the doctor I told them of my problem, & they changed my prescription back to the brand name. Granted, I have to pay a lot more now, like $170.00 verses $21.00 out of my own pocket, & I'm on Social Security. But I might live a little longer!!!

In my opinion, our system is trying to force people into taking the generic by not covering some brand names under their plan. What is happening to Humanity???

I use it and developed little black spots floating in front of my eyes. Got off of it and back on regular toprol and no problem.

My physician prescribed Toptol XL for tachycardia. It resolved my tachycardia almost immediately. Since the cost has increased significantly, my physician suggested that I try the generic. It did nothing for my tachycardia and I had to go back to the brand and pay the much higher cost. With my insurance, I have to pay $270.00 more than the generic of $8.00.

Hi glad I found this high blood pressure heart beat rapid at times labored breathing-the drug is toprol xl generic by par I think. I take tambocor for arrhythmia which works great-also head aches the generic toprol xl. I have asthma also and could not get what was going on. Finally I read from cvs the med- I usually take the blue generic metropolol. I was taking albuterol inhaler nebulizer to feel ok. Lucky me has 60 pills left from a previous script. Gonna call doc to get other meds. I have 3months supply 270 pills. For real anybody who thinks this med problems are in your head...uh oh..again glad I found your site for info.


I was prescribed toprol xl 50 mg. I get the generic metoprolol.. Gives me extreme dryness of my mouth... I have been diagnosed with xerostomia... anyone else out there have xerostomia... What do you do for it and does it get worse? Does this drug cause this?

I have been on toprol 50mg for many years. I never had a problem. About a year ago, my prescription was changed to metoprolol. I had a funny feeling when I took it -- ears ringing, it just felt different. I switched back to Toprol. BP was fine. No strange feeling. Just two days ago, my pharmacy gave me Metoprolol (now on Medicare). Since I am on losartan 50 mg at night, I am going to try metoprolol again and see if it works. I am trying to give it a chance. we will see. I will let you know.

I have been on Toprol for 8 years to treat b/p and a-fib, now my insurance will not pay so for 2 months I been taking the cheaper brand of Toprol and my a-fib is back, no one can tell me the cheaper brands are the same as brand, you get what you pay for. How dare these insurance companies do this to us?

I had been on TOPROL XL since January, 2003 after a double by-pass. I never had a complaint about any medication I took, (except LEXAPRO) I just finished reading each and every comment sent to you about TOPROL XL. Then called MEDCO to ask why I was switched to a generic. The pharmacist told me that I am really taking TOPROL XL but it is under the generic name and if I am really having all the problems I claim to have, then it must be because of some other medication.

I am having EXACTLY the same symptoms mentioned by everyone who wrote to the People's Pharmacy, soooo, is the pharmacist lying to me? I believe that he is, otherwise, why am I having all the problems on the Astrazeneca made TOPROL/GENERIC? Believe me, I do not create illnesses that I don't have, I'm too busy for game playing of that sort.

I made an appointment with my cardiologist and the fur will fly if I am not given TOPROL XL back to me! Thank you for providing the space for allowing all of us who are being cheated out of good health all for the love of GREED. Shame on the American manufacturer. There is nothing sacred anymore.

I have been taking the generic drug Metoprolol ER 50 mg made by Watson Labs for the past couple of months. My blood pressure would increase dramatically AFTER taking the drug -- the systolic rising from around 128 to 158 a few hours after taking the drug. My PVCs also returned. I monitored my blood pressure for a couple of weeks and realized that the pill was not working at all. I returned the bottle of pills to the drugest and insisted I be given Toprol XL (the non-generic drug made by Astrazeneca), which immediately worked.

I am going to make a complaint to the FDA -- it is unconscionable that a drug company would play with people's lives like this. Not everyone monitors their blood pressure closely. Mistakes like this by a drug company can cost someone their life. This drug company should be put out of business.

I'm 30 6'1 254 lbs and have been taking bp meds for many years 6-7 I was taking toprol xl 100 and benicar 20 both once a day until my bp was going into the low 110/60 I was getting headaches and feeling dizzy at work so they 86'd the benicar and kept up w the toprol xl and today I had an an ekg something w/ my t wave small variations I have an echo next week and a stress echo a week later but my cardiologist started me on bystolic amd kept me on topr xl 10) mg and after reading everything online I'm getting kinda worried causeI take all my bp meds at night what if I croak in my sleep!!!

Glad to see I wasn't the only one. I've been on Toprol XL for over 30 years by the way...since my 20's.

Two years ago I switched to the generic because I have to pay full price. I ended up with at least 4 emergency room visits in which my heart went nuts. It was great. Thousands of dollars. I switched back. Kept being told it was because I was going into menopause. right.

I was on name brand toprol xl 25 for several years. My dr wrote the refill as generic. My blood pressure shot up and my heart felt like it was going to explode. I went back to dr for another script for name brand. For some reason the pharmacists nor the dr believes it makes a difference. I have been switched three times to generic toprol.

Last time I was flat on my back for several days because of fast heart rate. I have had to increase dosage from 25 to 50 mlg. We could not get bp back to where it was before taking generic. Why don't they pull the stuff off the market? My ins company BCBS. No longer pays for name brand toprol. I sincerely believe if I take a generic toprol again it would have severe consequences.

My spouses insurance carrier (AHSS) will only cover the generic at the normal co-pay, so tried it for a few months, and I developed heart palpitations, and fainting.

For the world I couldn’t figure out what was wrong and I’m a medical professional. I began to examine my medications and discovered the “replacement”. I went back to my primary and cardiologist and after a few test they wrote to only distribute the brand name drug. You would think the carrier would comply, it took more than 2 hours to convince the insurance company that they were serious about not dispensing the generic. To sum it up I have to pay 90% of the expense for the prescription my physicians say I need and every re-fill they send the generic out.

I have had the same problem with my insurance company now requiring a doctor to justify using the brand name instead of a generic, even with brand written on the Rx. What puzzles and outrages me is that in all this time with all these complaints, the FDA has still done nothing about these generics that not only do not work but cause new problems.

Pharmacy switched me to generic at first okay then developed headaches, severe more than migraines, never had a headache in my life, my right eye was sagging headache so severe couldn't stand, store lights even with sunglasses bought window tint put in my sunglasses, husband put after shave on out on the porch wanted to die went to doctor since the sympathetic nerve was involved he felt I had a stroke or heart attack or some other major occurrence, he ran every test known to man (which my insurance company paid thousands for) sent me to a specialist who diagnosed "cluster headaches" I was put on all types of drugs one pain pill was 150 which insurance co wouldn't pay for but it helped headache lasted 6 months

The doctors nor us did not associate the generic with my headaches till the pharmacy made a mistake and changed my dosage down to the lower pill but did not say take two to make up the difference, so I googled the drug and guess what it had been taken off the market in the dosage I was taking due to Headaches (time release) I called my doctor who put me back on Toprol no generic and have been in pretty good shape ever since, course I have to pay 100 every refill it is not covered I guess they would rather pay thousands for medical tests.

By the way the lower dose of generic was also removed for a short period of time they were having quality production problems in one factory so we all got to suffer.

I feel the damage that was done is somewhat permanent since occasionally I will get a headache (small) and my eye begins to sag and my voice drops I know it is coming I had always felt very lucky not to get headaches since my mother and my grandfather both had migraines

I was taking Toprol 50mg an happy with the results. My insurance company switched me to Metroprolo an I immediately started having PVC's an had to visit the ER. I'm now on Atenolol 50mg an it seems to work plus it's on Walmarts cheap drug list.

I've taken metoprolol for years for arrhythmia. My pharmacy usually dispenses the Par generic, which works fine. A couple of times recently, they've given me the Watson generic, because "that's what our supplier sent us". The Watson is only marginally effective, and after a few days on it, I can tell that my pulse and arrhythmia have increased.

I was on toprol xl 25mg and then one day I don't know if they were out of the Brand name or not but they gave me a generic and I started having chest pains real bad I called the Drs office and told them what had happen and was advised to not take any more of that drugs it just about put me under so the Drs said I could not take the generic any more and I have been taking for a few years now and I take the brand and do not have any trouble. So when they say that it is the same I am here to tell you it is not and there are a lot more that is not also. thanks

I was a generic mfg brand of toprol xl. The pharmacy changed over to a different mfg of the same generic toprol xl within a couple of weeks my B/P started to go up and I was having headaches and vision blurring. The doctor changed my presr. back regular toprol xl non generic I hope this will resolve my problem...

I was put on Lantus about 2 months ago and I wish I would have started it long before BUT last week I went into AFIB while out in the yard working and had to be shocked to get it back normal. When I read that Toprol may cause side effect with Lantus I have been asking my doctors and they have never heard of it. I still wonder if this caused my condition?

As I read everyone's comments on generic I wonder too because I've had some of the same things like my eyes running for no reason. I think I'll go back to the expensive Toprol to see if things change.
Thanks for the info..

I was taking Toprol XL 100mg since 1999. Now since 2008 or so, I was placed on generic Metoprolol. That is when the bad side effects started. My PVC's increased, vision blurred, bouts of weakness, lethargy, hives and a feeling of uneasyness. Also, I had an increasing feeling of a rubber band around my chest.

I went for my annual visit to my doctor just 4 days ago and insisted he refill my prescription with the Brand Toprol XL by AstraZeneca. I told him to cut me down to 50MG since I had lost 30 lbs.

I am thrilled to report that I feel like a million bucks!!!!!!!!!!! None, and I mean none of the side effects I had with the generic. My PVC's have slowed way down and when I have them, I do not feel them. Oh, by the way, to help curb PVC's or PAV's, take chelated magnesium and chelated calcium. Almonds and almond milk is great for the natural calcium also. I love Toprol XL!!!!!
My heart as I write this is beating like a clock now!

I am taking the generic for Toprol XL. Can you still purchase the brand name Toprol. A pharmacy told me they no longer could purchase the brand name of Toprol. So I took the generic. I do not feel as well. It causes shortness of breath. Do you know of a store that carries the brand name Toprol in the Katy, TX area. Thank you JK

I was put on generic toprol 200 mg and my bp shot up very high. I had to go to the e.r. I was put back on regular toprol xl 200 and after a couple of days my bp was back under control. I tried the generic again about six months later and again ended up in e.r. Back on toprol xl 200 and b. P. Back under control. I will not take generic toprol again. My medicare part d was paying part of the cost and I was paying $95.00 for 30 pills filling them once a month. Now I see that for 2014 toprol xl has been taken off the blue rx prescription formulary so I will have to pay over $158.00 each month for this drug.

The e.r. Visits each cost $4,000. They also took Diovan off the 2014 formulary and there is no generic for it. I am already paying $95.00 a month for this with insurance coverage. Now I will have to pay even a larger amount.
I can probably find a different plan to cover part of the Diovan but it looks like none of the programs are covering toprol xl.

I need these two drugs to keep my b.p. Under control. It will cost me $300 or more per month for these drugs in 2014. This is unfair. I do not qualify for prescription help and still work part time but these costs are a hardship for me.
I would rather pay a little more for a prescription plan that would cover these drugs that I need.

I have noticed that taking the generic Toprol, I have a consistent, slight cough. On requesting the name brand, the cough goes away within just a fews days. Hair loss is also very limited, unlike taking the generic.

I've been taking this since having a heart attack (extremely mild) about a year ago. Since then, I've been sweating profusely. Initially I broke out in this weird rash. It was like prickly heat over my entire body, y regular Dr. said he'd never seen anything like it. Now I have weird lesions on my body, mostly my arms which have left severe scarring and seem impossible to get rid of. My blood pressure is not particularly well controlled and my cholesterol seems to have shot up - it was 145 at the time of my heart attack, now it's 195.

Is anyone else seeing these side effects? Then of course, there's the weight gain despite going to the gym 4-5 times a week. I, too have a slight cough, and have never sneezed or burped so much in my life. While none of these are life threatening of course, they are all annoying and uncomfortable.

I guess what bugs me most, is since I didn't have any warning signs or markers for a heart attack at 56, and therefore cause is unknown, I'm given all these meds that I'm not sure are actually necessary. Instead of cookie cutter protocols for patients wouldn't investigation be more prudent before prescribing all this stuff?

I was prescribed Metropolol for blood pressure issues. I experienced discomfort while I was prescribed Metropolol and my BP was not controlled by this medication. I asked to be taken off of it by a doctor who was filling in for the cardiologist who originally prescribed it. I experienced nausea and other uncomfortable symptoms. I am no longer on Metropolol. I feel there should be a way for blood pressure to be lowered naturally. I am definitely not a fan of this drug or any type of drug. What's even worse, is that when I try to explain my symptoms to a doctor when taking a drug, the doctor's response is "this drug does not cause you to feel the way you do". Then they tell me to continue to take it. That's when you, as the patient, must use your common sense and Godly wisdom to find another doctor, or learn to wean yourself off of the medication. Do not suffer if the drug you're taking makes matters worse.

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