Q. You had a question from parents concerned about their son using more than three big bottles of mouthwash in a week. Shame on you for soft-pedaling the use of Listerine.

My dad dried out and then restarted on mouthwash. Alcoholics lie and deny. The son is drinking a half-bottle of 50-proof mouthwash a day and your wishy-washy response is not helping the clueless parents.

A. Thanks for your concern. The parents were convinced their son was ingesting mouthwash, since he had already gone through detox once. They wanted to know the consequences of drinking Listerine.

Original formula Listerine contains 26.9 percent alcohol. Clearly, anyone using 5 liters of Listerine in eight days needs professional help.

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  1. Abby

    I’m an alcoholic and have been for ten yrs. It’s a very scary disease. I hate myself for being so weak. My family and friends have no patience left. And I don’t have any right to be angry, but I’m pissed! Then I have another justifiable reason, in my alcoholic mind, to lose it and get trashed. What is wrong with me?

  2. Be'be

    I started dating my fiance in early March, he has been an addict and alcoholic since he was 16, he’s now 35. After about 3 weeks of him drinking a bottle of vodka a day along with drug use, I gave him the ultimatum to either stop drinking vodka or leave.
    He did stop drinking vodka but went to drinking atleast a 12 pack of beer a day. Before we met he was a heroin, meth, and pill addict. He’s been to numerous rehab facilities and would get out and go right back to it. He was hospitalized with pancreatitis and almost dead due to drinking rubbing alcohol, listerine, and vanilla extract. He was caught shoplifting vanilla extract and had charges which he just paid off last week! Here recently he has been reeking of mint (Listerine), when I confronted him, at first he denied it then 2 days later admitted to me that he had.
    He drinks beer from the time he wakes up until he passes out. We have started reading the Bible and various devotionals daily, i know that God is working in his life to help him overcome this disease. His faith is growing stronger each day and he is developing his own personal relationship with God. I pray for all of us who have addictions to let go and let God take the wheel

  3. Jan

    I have a partner (58 yrs. old) who is an alcoholic. I am new to this relationship with him, so I am just learning of his disease. His wife of 38 yrs. left him, but he can be so manipulative with his words, that he convinced me that she was the one that was the problem in the marriage. I have been divorced myself many years ago, and have full understanding that it takes two to spoil a relationship. My concerns for my partner we will call him “John” is that he is a successful business owner, very nice sober man…. but when he drinks he is verbally abusive, manipulative, jealous, and quite mean. I have convinced him to go to addiction services, and he did just start….. but he has such a battle in front of him. Over the weekend when we argued, I asked him to leave my home. He did, and found himself at his X’s house beating down the door. He was taken to jail. He is SO in denial when he speaks about his problems, and he ALWAYS manages to see a way to blame his actions on someone else. I really feel bad for him, and want to help, but a part of me tells me to run. Do I really need all of this stress, emotional abuse, and fear of the future after just being in this relationship for 8 months. I want to help him, but I know he has to want to help himself. I have always wondered how he became so angry, and appearing drunk after saying he only had 1 or 2 beer. Now I believe he too is drinking Listerine. I found an empty bottle in his truck, and from reading the above comments, he has everyone of the symptoms. Red eyes, sleeps a lot, angry, forgets things he says, and slurs his words. I am devastated at the thought of what he is living. He has a long road ahead of him, and now with legal charges against him, a legal nasty divorce to go thru with his X, and now that I have asked him to leave my home, I am worried about how he will cope. He just truly has to take responsibility for his actions, and get help, but he can’t stay here, and emotionally abuse me in the process. Please pray for him.

  4. JP

    Our 44 year old son has struggled for over 20 years with alcoholism. He has been through treatment twice. He is now drinking Listerine, and Benadryl, and cough syrups. He becomes extremely aggressive and very verbally aggressive. He denies what he is doing, and becomes very angry when we ask him what he has been drinking..
    He is very well educated in the field of addiction studies. Which is the irony in this situation. We are very very worried that the combination of these over the counter meds, along with drinking vodka, will end up to be a deadly concoction .. His marriage is in jeopardy, and he is suffering from depression also.
    It is hard to believe that he has been reduced to using Listerine as ZAN drink of choice!! Do these high content alcohol medications need to be included in the “prescription only” category?
    Alcoholism is a killer. We continue to pray for a cure, for our son, and all who suffer this affliction.

  5. RET

    I have a 26 year old sister. She is a mother of two young children. She has been a heavy drinker and an abuser of prescription drugs for many years. In 2012 she went to rehab and then a halfway house. She was asked to leave the halfway house for drinking. After she returned home she attempted to go back to work. She showed up drunk so she lost her job.
    She has been unemployed since and had to move out of her house due to not being able to pay her electric bill. She and her two children live with my mom currently. My mom and I noticed that she has been getting high or drunk on something but we couldn’t figure out how she was getting whatever it was. My mom decided to go and look in her room. My mom was shocked to find a bottle of mouthwash by her bed.
    We are scared for her life and the well being of her children. My mom works and my sister is home alone with the children. My mom has come home to her drunk and not really functional. We are stuck and don’t know what we should do next! Any advice would be appreciated!!

  6. DM

    Hi there. I am very sorry to hear of your husbands problem. People who drink alcoholically or drug addicts have an amazing gift to make the “normal” person actually question their own sanity.
    There is a wonderful place called Al-Anon for the wives, husbands of alcoholics and addicts and Al-Ateen for the children.
    These organizations will really help a lot.
    Good Luck, (It’s not You).
    This goes to all who are suffering a life with an alcoholic or addict or who may have lost a loved one to this horrible disease.
    P.S “Alcoholism is not a spectator sport. Pretty soon the entire family gets to play.”
    It eventually destroys the whole family

  7. Dwight

    I am 28 years old. My 26 year old fiance is an alcoholic/addict. She kicked heroin and coke before we ever met both cold turkey. She doesn’t drink every day. Sometimes she’ll go months at a time sober and everything is great. She had a couple binges during her pregnancy with our son. I was so scared for him but (fingers and toes crossed) he is now just over a year and has no health issues. I even went to court for custody over the summer but she got herself help, finished the program with flying colors, and I ended up giving her joint custody and moving back in with her.
    Well the past couple nights her anger has been out of control. When she drinks she gets nasty, verbally and less often physically. It was to the point where I made my mother come pick up my son and take him overnight. Getting to the point…. I removed all the alcohol from the house and when confronted she said she had taken vallium (BS). Last night she passed out and had diarrhea in the bed. Tonight all I could smell coming from her mouth was Listerine. Her eyes were beet red and she kept complaining about her stomach. After reading these posts I know without a doubt she was drinking Listerine. I’m completely at a loss right now. No idea what to do. Can’t believe it’s come to this. I really fear what kind of life my son will have if she can’t kick this. Thank you all for your testimonies /info.

  8. minn

    I used to be an everyday vodka drinker a 1.75 a day of cheap vodka if I didn’t have any left and ran out of money I would scrounge up some change and buy mouthwash. I did that for a year then I started getting really sick all the time so I finally decided to put myself into a detox center I was there for a week it was in a hospital and I went to treatment for 60 days after that and lived in a group home for a year after that to get me back on my feet it was the best decision I’ve ever made I’m 26 now 2 years sober.

  9. ADR

    I am truly sorry for your loss. I cannot fathom the pain you feel right now. I am terrified I will be in your shoes, but my husband has had many chances.
    I am married to an alcoholic who has chosen Listerine, Vodka, 8 beer a night, prescription meds (analgesics, benzodiazepines), plus a Tylenol Pm each night and 2-3 benadryl during the day while working. He was a functioning alcoholic while drinking beer, but when mixing the other liquids and prescription meds, he faces losing a job he just started 3 weeks ago after being at his former job for 7 years. Since we married, he has been in 1 detox program, and I had him involuntarily committed both of which took place at the end of last year. Today he committed himself, and is currently sitting in a hospital bed going through detox before entering yet another detox program. This will be his 4th detox and he has been in rehab twice (obviously some were prior to our marriage). He has been violent towards me, hateful, made threats in public, punched items (besides me), driven while intoxicated but not caught even after going through a check point.
    I am exhausted, I stay stressed out, I am frustrated, I have let it affect my health, and to top it all off I have 2 months until I graduate from Nursing School (ironic, eh?). I am just trying to finish school and leave, and he knows this as I have exhausted all I can to try to help him. I love him, but I can no longer live in this nightmare. As I’ve told him, he is dragging me to the grave with him, and I can’t continue to let him do that.
    I am hoping he will commit to a long term program (30 days will NOT suffice) if he TRULY wants to change, but I know that he is a good manipulator and liar, and how easy it is for me to believe he will change.
    His eyes have yellow spots and yellowing of the sclera which of course leads to signs of liver dysfunction and possible cirrhosis. He is having problems swallowing, he forgets things, and they completed a CT scan on him roughly a hour ago. I am waiting for a call to hear those results.
    I have enabled him…of this I am aware. But I am tired of being an enabler. I am tired of him being selfish, not supporting me emotionally during my nursing school education, tired of him not being the loving and sweet husband I know he can be, and I’m tired of having to leave my home to stay with someone else because he becomes violent, and I fear for my life.
    He is slowly dying. I have no doubt in my mind. The signs are there, and he knows the signs are there. Yet, that does not scare him enough.
    I have been on my knees crying and praying for the Lord to humble him and open his eyes, but his heart is hardened. I truly think he wants to change, but he doesn’t know how. I know how….cry out to the Lord, and trust in Him alone after seeking the medical help he needs to avoid DT’s.
    For all of those struggling with alcoholism, I pray for you.
    For all of those having to live or who love someone who is an alcoholic, I pray for you. It’s true….it affects the whole family, and I’m thankful we do not have children. Truly thankful for that!

  10. A.C.

    Tonight I caught my five year old daughter trying to sneak a swig of Listerine, and that’s the climax of my dilemma right now, HELP !

  11. JHR

    That is me, but I haven’t Killed myself yet!?!? I am already doing it slowly & been to 8 rehabs. 2 sober livings!! & have no License, so that what I do. I no ~ I better get my head right, because I am 37 & I’m killing my self slowly but surly. Any Advice. I’ve started back to A.A. But can’t stop. Even church…. SHAME!!!! E-mail not working right now:(

  12. A

    I found this page a day too late. I suspected my partner was drinking listerine but when I did realise and confronted him it was just too late to seek help. He was just so angry. Listerine had changed his personality. He was always tired, weak, depressed, pains in the muscles, lost a lot of weight and memory was terrible. His liver and kidneys were damaged. He died a week after we spoke about his situation. The signs were there, the bottles of listerine in all flavours. All through the day I would smell listerine on his breath but he would say he just freshened up his breath. I was blinded by this as it was too close to home having worked with people who abuse substance – I wish I could change the hands of time but it is too late.

  13. Ryan S

    I just wanted to say that, as I was scrolling through this forum, I came across your thread and it really touched me. I can relate to your husband 100 percent and the unfortunate part of that relation is due to the fact that I’m merely 26 years old. My alcoholism has progressed to a large degree over the last year and I too have resorted to drinking mouthwash.
    My “fiancee-to-be” has dealt with it for this period of time, but I don’t know how much more she can take. The strangest part about it all is living in the disease, knowing that you have it, hating every day of living like that, and yet still doing it… I just wanted to make it known that your husband is far from “alone”; I myself have attempted rehab and detox NUMEROUS times and was even blessed with two years of sobriety prior to my most recent relapse.
    Bottom line is, alcoholism seems to be a disease stronger than just about any other (at this point I’d bet it against cancer). The progression of it is something which I still cannot figure out, and very well may never be able to. I wish you and your husband the best. It takes a great deal of love to stay with someone for that period of time in the midst of such an ordeal. I can only pray that God steps into my life and helps me with this debilitating issue- not just for me, but for everyone who cares about me and my well being.

  14. ab

    I am the alcoholic drinking Listerine. I am 30 years old. I have been to too many rehabs since 18. I once heard of a girl in group who relapsed on mouth wash, then hit a pole while driving to get actual alcohol. This sickness has been with me for over half my life. I got sober for 2 babies that I miscarriaged. I lost my fiance. I can harder look in the mirror. You can be an alcoholic with cough syrup or mouth wash…and I read baby wipes that aren’t alcohol free. I most likely have pancreatic cancer. And I still won’t stop. Help those you love. Before it is too late.

  15. jan

    This seems to be a terrible problem. My huband is a recovering alcoholic with a brain injury. And will not stop driking vodka or mouth wash (listerine). He just got out of the hospital 7-days after going into cardiac arrest. He has had pancreatitis 5-times this year, and currently suffers from Dementia, Diabetes, diminished cognitive responses. He will not stop lying, or stealing. I don’t know what else to do for him. The verbal abuse when drinking the mouth wash is unbelievable!!
    lost in pa!

  16. J Mc C

    I’ve been married to an alcoholic who is still the love of my life for the past 15 years. He started drinking secretly 13 years ago.
    He used to go to AA, but eventually decided it wasn’t for him. He’s gone to therapy and has tried different therapists over the years, but he always lies to the therapists about his drinking. How can they know what really goes on at home? They only see him one hour a week and he wants them to like him, so he is always sober when he sees them.
    He doesn’t really trust anyone he admires with the truth.
    He’s been in and out of hospital ER’s repeatedly over the years; has gotten two DWI’s; spent a weekend in jail; was put on probation again and had an ignition interlock device on his car for two years; went back to drinking as soon as the device was taken off the car; ended up in ICU for two weeks; wore an ankle bracelet that read his perspiration on a 24/7 basis for six months; went back to drinking as soon as the ankle bracelet came off; went back to going in and out of the hospital for the next six months; went to a treatment program in the country for a month; went back to drinking three months later; and went back to the revolving door of hospital ER’s for a month or so.
    Finally, in Oct. 2008, just after he ended up in the county hospital ER again, he went to a psychiatrist who prescribed a drug called Naltrexone. It was basically a miracle drug that curbed his cravings. He said it made him feel “flat” after drinking. He no longer got a “buzz”, as he put it. On this drug, he stayed happily sober for almost three years. He went back to being the wonderful guy I fell in love with 15 years ago. We were very happy, or so I thought.
    Then, last August, 2011, he suddenly quit taking the miracle drug, Naltrexone. He said later that he had thought that maybe since he had been sober for so long, he just didn’t need the drug anymore. So, he quit taking it. But the cravings immediately came back and he went back to drinking secretly again. I noticed the old familiar patterns, the personality changes, the sudden cessation of productivity a few days later.
    I confronted him gently and asked him if he was drinking again. He denied it adamantly, but I finally went back to searching the kitchen cabinets and found several empty bottles. It was absolutely horrifying to find them, especially after the years of happiness we had shared. I confronted him with the empty bottles in my hands and tears in my eyes. He apologized and finally sobered up again three months later, during December 2011. He didn’t want our five adult sons to see him drinking again, so he got sober just before they came to see us for Christmas.
    He stayed sober until this past October, 2012. As soon as I detected the old patterns and confronted him with the evidence, he sobered up again, but only for a few weeks. Now, for some unknown reason, he’s gone back to secretly drinking again and lying about it.
    On Friday, Nov. 30th, he begged to be taken to the county hospital ER. I took him, but they let him come home on Monday, Dec. 3rd. They couldn’t hold him against his will. He told the hospital he was fine, and indeed, he was sober.
    For the next week, he did nothing but lay around in the bedroom. He claimed he was still too sick to do anything productive.
    This last Monday, Dec. 10th, he was supposed to have gone to see his psychiatrist. He told me he had told the Dr. the truth about his relapses and his hospitalization. But yesterday, I got a letter from the Dr., saying he had been a no show. I confronted my husband about this and he said “Oh, I told you I skipped that appt.” I reminded him about all the lies he had told me, and he said “Yeah, but I told you the truth later.” He was lying again, of course.
    Since then, he’s done nothing but lay in the bed. I had gotten him to eat a little breakfast and lunch yesterday and today. He had also begun to read an excellent book about depression by Dr. Michael Yapko. He came into the den and sat with me for short periods of time yesterday and today. He decided to try and make amends to me by going to the hardware store for some extension cords and timers for our Christmas lights. When he got back home, he said he had gotten dizzy at the store and had thrown up. So, he went back to bed and said that he must have gotten out of the house too soon. But remember, according to him, he hadn’t had anything alcoholic to drink since Monday and he seemed to be getting better.
    But tonight at 7pm, he begged to be taken back to the hospital because he was about to go onto DT’s. He admitted that when he went to the store, he had also gone to the grocery store and bought a bottle of Blue Listerine. He said he drank most of the bottle very quickly and told me he hid it behind the garbage can in our kitchen.
    Tonight, he’s back in the hospital again. He called to say he’s stable. He thinks he’ll be out again soon. And I know the hospital won’t keep him there against his will. I know he will go right back to drinking some form of alcohol as soon as he gets out.
    He wants to go see his 92-year-old mother in West Texas for Christmas. He won’t miss that if he can stay sober enough to drive all the way to get there. Then, he’ll go back to drinking as soon as he gets back here. He always promises he’ll stay sober; then he simply denies it when I begin to see the familiar signs and ask him about it.
    Except for the relatively brief times of sobriety previously described, he’s been drinking and hiding large bottles of Blue Listerine…off and on since 2007.
    He explains that he thinks he can taper off or control his urge to drink stronger forms of alcohol by drinking Listerine and he wants to avoid the discomfort of the DT’s. He never remembers all the horrible pain he’s endured during previous hospitalizations. He never remembers, or cares, about what he’s done to me. He has suffered no physical damage from all the years of drinking, which is really weird. He’s 60 years old now, as I am.
    I’m very worried about him, of course. That is why I looked up this blog tonight after I dropped him off at the hospital again. I know there’s nothing I can do about him, except try to curb my justified hurt and anger, monitor his behavior, take him to the hospital to detox, and encourage him to stay sober.
    But because of his previous experiences, he has no faith in AA, treatment programs, or therapy. Oh, and he’s an Elder in our Church, and does a lot of volunteer work, and gives generously to others, too. And he has many good friends who are ex-addicts, but are successfully sober without the help of drugs or AA. So, turning to God and religion, and helping others, and finding a sober group of friends who support him emotionally hasn’t helped him either. He’s tried all of these things, and it sounds like many of the people writing in on this blog feel the same way.
    Sadly, nothing works with some people.
    I’ve loved him dearly all these years, but he obviously doesn’t love me or anyone else who loves him. His mother is 92 years old and she doesn’t know about this most recent set of relapses. His mother and his adult sons will be heart-broken if he drinks himself to death. I don’t know how I will survive emotionally if he kills himself by drinking. I will miss him terribly!

  17. JJ

    You can get through this. Get to a local hospital, they will treat you, & send you to a rehab. Your life can change and it will get better. Nothing is worth having if you don’t work hard for it. I have faith in you, you are not alone.
    -Fellow (recovering) Alcoholic.

  18. you dont understand

    if you have a loved one that is an alcoholic try to help them, I wish I had just one person there for me. sure you cant force someone to stop but I might die tonight and just want someone to talk to, seriously reach out

  19. I really feel you

    I’ll be homeless in a week because I have no family and want you to know I’ll be thinking of you and sympathizing with you while trying to find a job and couch surfing if my “friends” will even let me. I’m about to detox and just wish I had someone there for me. You might know the feeling, I’m sure someone does. I really wish I had support.

  20. P.P

    Alcoholics’ only concern is getting that next drink be it vodka or even mouthwash. 26.9% is just shy of 53 proof and the upper-end liqueurs and cordials don’t boast proofs like that! How devastating addiction is, to turn to mouthwash. It’s cheap, readily available, and no one is the wiser. Not the cashier at the drug store who may not recall “Weren’t you in here a week ago buying a big bottle of Listerine?” And it doesn’t even have to be Listerine; it can be the store brand. Four dollars for the CVS or Walgreens brand sure beats six for name brands, and one can go to multiple stores to stock up on a cheap supply. Who needs bottom shelf vodka when there’s plentiful (and legal — no one cards you for mouthwash) ways to get high. Addiction is tricky and those who battle it will always find workarounds to that easy high.

  21. amymw

    My husband is an alcoholic…he would hide his gin and vodka bottles from me even though he promised he wasn’t drinking anymore. He would swear on our kids lives that he put that behind him. I recently had a very good friend admitted to in patient rehab for drinking mouth wash-that’s how bad it was.
    I talked to my husband about her and he swore to me he would never stoop that low… but then here tonight, as I am working-trying to support our family-he talks to me on the phone and I just know something isn’t right, and so I take a break to run home to find an entire bottle of mouthwash gone. I am angry. I am mad… I am starting to feel resentment towards him-because hes being selfish.
    Am I wrong for feeling this way? There are weeks that we struggle to make ends meet (with only one income) but he can find money for his mouthwash his gin etc. There are weeks I have worked 14 days straight… and I am to the point where I feel I am only working to feed his addiction. I’ve tried to get him to go to AA, he had started to see a Psychologist but then stopped said it wasn’t for him. Hundreds and hundreds of promises broken. I’ve always been his biggest supporter.. always right by his side.. encouraging him telling him he can overcome his demons… but here I am again. Anybody else feel this way?

  22. WWH

    I am so sad to have found this page, but almost relieved to know that I am not crazy, and that my alcoholic husband, who is “in recovery” IS DRINKING MOUTHWASH. My concern is for his health – he has several alcoholic induced problems including esophageal varacies, pulmonary hypertension and cirrhosis. Not to mention the pack of Marlboro Reds he smokes everyday. We have been separated for 4 years and has been to rehab so many times I cannot remember the exact number, including a 6 month after-care sober living facility. His parents have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars out of pocket for the care not covered under my health insurance.
    His parents still support him in a “sober” living house, pay his rent and all utilities and take him to the grocery store. They have FINALLY realized they cannot give him money to go grocery shopping on his own, as he will go straight to the liquor store. My dilemma is whether or not I should tell them – we have a strained relationship as it is. I just want them to know so that if something horrible does happen, they will not be shocked. Please advise – and know that I am praying for everyone and their families on this blog – addiction is just a horrible, horrible disease.

  23. J.C

    I’m very sorry for everyone who has lived through being an alcoholic and have now inspired me not to be like my friends and drink hand sanitizer and mouthwash but to know that I do not need alcohol in my life. Thank you all for being honest and inspiring me to not drink. (I’m 15.)

  24. JJ

    Hiding- I’m so sorry you are going through this but you know as well as any other addict out there that you have two options… To get help or die.
    I too struggled with the agoraphobia- but that’s what the end stages of alcholism does to you! It wants you alone, depressed, scared… :(
    Listerine is some shit to be on and it’ll eat you alive, literally.
    Please push your demons aside and save yourself. You deserve to be happy! Bottom line- people WILL be disappointed but that’s only because they care so much about you. Just think of how heartbroken they would be to find out something happened to you. ;(
    Hope I helped any. As to all of you- we DESERVE LIFE. We deserve happiness and love just like everyone else.

  25. Hiding

    I have NO ONE to turn to. I quit drinking in 2010, mostly because I ended up in the hospital and was nearly dead. I had neuropathy, CHF, anemia, etc. Anyway…August I should be on 2 years sober and that’s what EVERYONE thinks, but no…I started drinking Listerine again. I had done that before back in 2007, but it was short lived. Now, I am doing it because I don’t want to disappoint anyone.
    It’s really hard because I have to be careful not to go through too much. I think the reason I’m able to get away with it is because I do have bad teeth and gums, and at one point that is EXACTLY why I used it. I wasn’t drinking it until I had a bad day and just lost it. It’s only getting worse, and I’m agoraphobic so I don’t go to meetings or anything,
    I have a bunch of blogging friends that have always been supportive of me, but I just don’t want to tell this secret to anyone. I just don’t know what to do. I was doing so good. I hate myself right now. I hate being an alcoholic. I hate that when things get tough I feel that’s all I can do to feel better,.

  26. Logan T

    Listerine is a nasty route, folks. I tried it once and my stomach felt fizzy and bloated from the first drink all the way through the night. Chances are you’re only drinking it cuz you can’t get your hands on a liquor bottle. And chances are, for good reason. Don’t chase your wife away. It’s not worth it. Been there, done that. I looked for the answer to my relationship problems at the bottom of a bottle for two years before I finally realized I was only gonna find the end of my family as I know it. Don’t make the same mistake I did. After she’s gone, no amount of alcohol will make you forget about her, just make you act like the same fool she ran away from.

  27. watsup

    seriously guys if have somebody in your life struggling with an alcohol addiction serious enough to consume mouthwash get them to read these posts could make the world of difference.

  28. raj

    I just started using Listerine and was concerned as to what would happen if I were to swallow it by mistake but that problem seems very small compared to people getting drunk on mouthwash.

  29. MSXC

    I am 21. I have been an addict/alcoholic for years now. Been through all the facilities and rehab centers. I took a 30 day chip in AA not too long ago. Soon after I fell, and began drugging and drinking again. Unfortunately I don’t make enough money to buy real alcohol. Every day after work, I go to the dollar store and buy 2 bottles of listerine. I drink them rapidly in a sitting. I have broken dishes in my apartment, I sleepwalk and destroy stuff that I have no memory of.
    After a month, I’ve roughly consumed about 50 bottles of Listerine. I throw up in my sleep, and can feel my heart taking the toll. I can literally feel the chemicals burning through my organs. I’m sick on a constant basis. I still go to work everyday, and I never give up on myself. I used to drink rubbing alcohol, but switched to Listerine. Anyway, I hope anyone suffering may find answers. I’m looking desperately.
    Listerines no joke.

  30. B

    That quote you have at the end is very powerful. It really puts things in perspective.

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