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Didn't Work ..... Really Worked!
Did this drug work? Average rating: 3.1/5 (685 votes)
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Generic Name is metoprolol tartrate (ma TOE proe lol / TAR trayt) and Brand Name is Lopressor (loe PRES sor)

Generic Name for extended release is metoprolol succinate (ma TOE proe lol / SUK sin ate) and Brand Name is Toprol-XL (TOE prawl ‘X’ ‘L’)


Metoprolol is available as metoprolol tartrate (Lopressor), an immediate release tablet and metoprolol succinate (Toprol-XL), a long acting, extended release tablet. Metoprolol belongs to the group of heart/blood pressure drugs known as beta-blockers. That means they work partly by blunting the action of adrenaline, the body's natural fight-or-flight chemical. People normally respond to stressful situations with a rapid pulse, a pounding heart and an increase in blood pressure. Metoprolol (Lopressor, Toprol-XL) helps block such reactions by slowing the heart rate and relaxing the blood vessels so the heart does not have to pump as hard.

Metoprolol (Lopressor, Toprol-XL) is usually prescribed for high blood pressure, chest pain, heart attacks, and prevention of a second heart attack. The extended release metoprolol (Toprol-XL) is also used in combination with other medications to treat heart failure. Although the FDA has not specifically approved its use for other purposes, doctors sometimes prescribe metoprolol (Lopressor, Toprol-XL) to treat irregular heart rhythms or tremors, and to prevent migraine headaches.

People’s Pharmacy Perspective

Beta blockers have been around a long time and generally have low cost generics available. One word of caution, however: We have heard from a significant number of people that not all generic Toprol XL (metoprolol succinate) is created equal. Some people have seen their blood pressure skyrocket while others have developed irregular heart rhythms. See their stories.

Beta blockers such as metoprolol should probably not be considered as first-line treatments for high blood pressure (1,2). British hypertension experts reserve beta blockers almost as a last resort, when other blood pressure medicines don’t work (3). Since beta blockers have the potential to cause numerous side effects (and negatively impact blood fats), we agree that they should be used cautiously.

Beta blockers are valuable for managing chest pain and preventing another heart attack after someone has already had one. They may also be valuable when adequate blood pressure control is not achieved with other classes of drugs. You and your physician will need to decide if the benefits outweigh the risks.

Be certain to consult a physician about your health, especially with regard to any signs or symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention. Information provided is not a substitute for the medical advice or care of a physician or other health care professional.

Special Precautions

DO NOT stop taking metoprolol (Lopressor, Toprol-XL) suddenly without first talking to your doctor. Stopping abruptly may trigger potentially fatal heart problems.

Pregnancy/Breastfeeding: Consult your doctor if you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, or will be breastfeeding while taking this medication.

Metoprolol (Lopressor, Toprol-XL) is not recommended for some people: People who have had an allergic reaction to beta-blockers, metoprolol (Lopressor, Toprol-XL) or its components and people with certain serious heart problems, such as heart rates less than 45 beats per minute (for heart attack patients) or abnormal heart rhythms. The medication could occasionally lead to serious cardiac complications for these individuals. Note that only metoprolol succinate (Toprol-XL), the extended release tablet, is indicated for heart failure. Metoprolol tartrate (Lopressor) is not recommended for people with heart failure.

Some people must be very carefully monitored if they take beta-blockers such as metoprolol (Lopressor, Toprol-XL). In general, people with heart failure must be extremely cautious if prescribed beta blockers because the medicine could lead to cardiac complications. Those prescribed metoprolol succinate (Toprol-XL) are no exception; other medications they are on may need to be adjusted, and most importantly, they must be closely monitored for worsening of their heart condition.

Asthmatics and patients with other respiratory problems are especially vulnerable, as these drugs can make breathing worse. Metoprolol (Lopressor, Toprol-XL) may be a little better than other beta-blockers in this regard, but monitor your breathing carefully. Diabetics should inform their physicians if being prescribed metoprolol (Lopressor, Toprol-XL) since the medication may mask the signs of low blood sugar levels.

People with a history of depression should inform their doctors to ensure both their depression and beta-blocker therapy is well managed. Metoprolol (Lopressor, Toprol-XL) is more likely to affect the nervous system than others in its class and may contribute to depression. People with a thyroid disorder should also be carefully monitored as metoprolol (Lopressor, Toprol-XL) may mask signs of an overly active thyroid. Lastly, people with liver impairments may also need to be very carefully monitored.

Be certain to inform your doctor of any other conditions you may have. This information may affect your dose, whether you should even take this medication, or require you to take special tests during treatment.

Taking the Medicine

Metoprolol (Lopressor, Toprol-XL) is best absorbed when taken with or right after meals. Food may reduce the risk of digestive tract upset and taking the drug at roughly the same time each day allows your body to maintain a constant level of the medication in your blood stream. Metoprolol (Lopressor, Toprol-XL) should be taken with a full glass of water. Avoid alcohol while on metoprolol (Lopressor, Toprol-XL) because it increases drowsiness and dizziness, and do not take calcium supplements or antacids within two hours of metoprolol because they may reduce absorption.

If surgery is scheduled, ask your surgeon and anesthesiologist to see if your beta blocker dose will need to be adjusted. Never stop taking metoprolol (Lopressor, Toprol-XL) suddenly. Your doctor must reduce your dose gradually to prevent serious heart problems.

Common Side Effects

• anxiety, nervousness

• sleep problems (insomnia)

• tired feeling

• vomiting

• decreased sex drive, impotence, or difficulty having an orgasm

• arthritis

The medicine may also have a negative effect on cholesterol and other blood fats, so a lipid test before treatment and periodically thereafter would be prudent.

Serious Side Effects

Obtain emergency medical care if you experience these signs of a potential allergic reaction:

• breathing difficulties

• swelling in your face, lips, tongue, or throat

Call your doctor promptly if you experience any of these serious side effects:

• feeling light-headed, fainting

• worsening depression, memory loss or mood swings

• wheezing, worsening asthma

• feeling short of breath, even with mild exertion

• extra-slow or uneven heartbeats

• stomach upset, low fever, lack of appetite, dark urine, pale-colored stools, jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes)

• swelling of your ankles or feet

• cold feeling in your hands and feet

• hives, itchiness, rash

There may be other side effects not listed here. Talk to your doctor if your condition worsens and ask about any side effect that seems unusual or is especially bothersome. Never stop taking any beta blocker medication abruptly unless you are under very close medical supervision. Angina or a heart attack could occur.

Drug Interactions

• Catapres (clonidine): If you are on both blood pressure medications, do not suddenly discontinue either medicine, as the increase in blood pressure could be life threatening.

• Prazosin (Minipress) is more likely to cause fainting problems when combined with Lopressor.

• Hydralazine (Apresoline), propafenone (Rythmol), quinidine, and calcium channel blockers ([verapamil (Calan)], [diltiazem (Cardiem)]): These are also heart/blood pressure medications, which would have increased effects if given together with metoprolol (Lopressor, Toprol-XL). Taking beta-blockers with calcium channel blockers is generally not advised since the combined effects may lead to serious heart problems. If they must be taken together, the dose of one or both medications may need to be reduced and cardiac function should be carefully monitored.

• Propylthiouracil or methimazole (Tapazole), insulins: Beta-blockers may also make treatment of diabetes and thyroid disorders more complicated. Your physician will need to monitor such conditions closely.

• Antacids containing aluminum or calcium and aspirin, ibuprofen: These can reduce absorption and interfere with the effectiveness of metoprolol (Lopressor, Toprol-XL).

• NSAID arthritis drugs such as ibuprofen, naproxen, and high dose aspirin can reduce the effectiveness of metoprolol.

• Cimetidine (Tagamet) and ranitidine (Zantac): Ulcer drugs may increase the effects of metoprolol (Lopressor, Toprol-XL).

• Barbiturates (phenobarbital) and tuberculosis antibiotics (rifampin): These drugs may reduce the effect of beta-blockers.

There may be other drug interactions not listed here. Do not start any new medications or make changes to your treatment without first consulting your prescribing physician.


1. Lindholm, L. H., et al. “Should Beta-Blockers Remain First Choice in the Treatment of Primary Hypertension? A Meta-Analysis.” Lancet 2005; 366:1545-1553.

2. Kaplan, N.M., and Opie, L.H. “Controversies in Hypertension.” Lancet 2006; 367:168-176.

3. Beevers, D.G. “The End of Beta-Blockers for Uncomplicated Hypertension?” Lancet 2005; 366:1510-1512.

Be certain to consult a physician about your health, especially with regard to any signs or symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention. Information provided is not a substitute for the medical advice or care of a physician or other health care professional.

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  • Currently 3.1/5
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Didn't Work ..... Really Worked!
Did this drug work? Average rating: 3.1/5 (685 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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My insurance insists on using generic metoprobol succinate, which does not work as well, causing higher blood pressure, etc... actually ended up in the hospital, with many tests and procedures.

Am I the only one with this problem with generics... and what do you suggest I do?


Since we used Toprol and its generic made by the same company, and since it has so many cautions and side effects, couldn't it be a matter of proper dosages rather than the quality of the generics?

How do we judge the allowable risks when we use drugs that are useful and have side effects?

If you are taking Toprol and you have symptoms that are not included with the information, please consult with your Dr. IBS is just one of the problems that was a side effect for me for 7 years. Once my husband and I stopped it our problems disappeared. Thanks.

I have been taking Toprol XL in varying doses (currently 50 mg) for 10 or more years, along with a diuretic, Triam/Hctz. (I am 58 yrs. old.) Now my insurance co. is strongly suggesting that I switch to the generic, and has contacted my Dr.'s office. I am reluctant since Toprol has worked well for me. My co-pay is only $11.82 per month. I am also taking Tamoxifen and an 81mg. aspirin daily. How do I decide whether to switch to the generic? Thanks.

Have been on Toprol XL, 50 mg. for 10 years. Insurance co. has required me to switch to generic. I just do not feel as well, with acid reflux, pounding heartbeats and tiredness. I had no problem while on Toprol XL. I also had to switch from Lipitor to a generic but had to try 2 prescriptions before I found one that worked for me.

I am taking lopressor for rapid heart rate and palpitations. When the insurance insisted I take the generic, it didn't work! I have tried the generic 3 times over the past few years... doesn't work. So now I pay full price for lopressor.
Also... in response to my complaints, my cardiologist told me that in a recent study of 4 different medications, Metoprolol was the only drug that was NOT able to prevent sudden death episodes in patients! So... right from the horse's mouth!

Now I am trying Bisoprolol and having good luck!

I have taken Toprol for several years and have recently stopped. I developed very dark urine with a very strong odor and also very low heart rate. What is the cause of the dark urine? It went away within a day or two of stopping the Toprol, but I am concerned about what happened to me.


Last year my Pharmacy(CVS) gave me a generic (metoprolol succinate) in place of Toprol XL 50mg and my blood pressure went up to the 150 range after a few weeks. I stopped the generic and went back to the brand name Toprol-XL and my BP went down to the 120 range. I showed a clipping from your column in the Chapel Hill newspaper to the Pharmacist but she wasn't aware of the problem. Thank you for publishing it.

I am 35 years old and have high blood pressure and am overweight. I ran out of my bisoprolol on a friday and had no way of filling my prescription as of a sunday night my bp went sky high and went to the ER. My bloodwork and ekg all looked good I had mild chest pains. My doctor happened to be on call in the er and took me off my bisoprolol and told me to start taking 50mg Metoprolol so i took it and went to sleep I woke up with numb lips and left side of my face was numb off n on.

And my bp had went back up again. I called and they wanted me to double up on the dosage to 100 mg Metoprolol tablet a day but to take two of my 50 mg tablets till i could fill my other prescription. so i did this and had the worst day and night i have ever had. Anxiety got so bad i woke up shaking so severe heart racing and dizzyness.

I took my xanex to calm me down and it eased up a bit but I don't think that Metoprolol is for me with those kinds of side effects it has kept me from work for two days. I plan on going back to my bisoprolol since i have only taken 4 of these pills i don't think there is enough in my system to cause anything bad as i intend on starting my bisoprolol asap. Thank you I hope this helps.

I cant remember if I took my metoprolol xl or not tonight, and I'm not sure if i should take a dose and risk double dosing or if i should not take it and risk skipping a dose. It really sucks because I know I'm not going to get an answer tonight. I guess I am just going to skip it. It is most likely the safest bet. But could someone give me some insight if this is to happen again. Thank you.

I suggest that you buy one of those strips at Wal-Mart (or another store), with one small container for each day of the week. Insert your pill(s) and take them out of the container so you can later look back to see if you have taken it. Then you will never be worried about it again!

In November I went for a refill on my 25mg metroprolol succinate ER, which I've used for 4 years without incident. It turns out the distributor, Santos, had recalled the product, and I ended up with another generic. 4 days later the problems started: palpitations, chest tightness, higher heart rate, cold hands and feet, higher blood pressure, slightly swollen and throbbing throat, and mild depression.

My doctor said that the brand name is always better anyway, and put me on Toprol XL: but the problems remained. If the generic sucinate ER wasn't causing problems and the brand name is, what does that tell me? Toprol XL just doesn't seem to suit me, whereas the succinate ER did. Does anyone have any insights? Where can I get the succinate again? Or is there an alternative I can discuss with my doctor? It's not in my head. I'm a pretty rational person, and this is all wrong. I understand that many people are saying the brand name is better, but in my particular case, the opposite may be the case.

I was put on metoprolol because I attempted to get off Klonopin too fast which I learned the hard way. I ended up in ER with a heart rate of 149bpm. I had no idea that you had to get off benzo meds verrrrry slowly. I did not go cold turkey-but I also did not do it in a very slow fashion. I was given Metoprolol extended release- 100 mg a day to help get the high rate under control. Well, I did get down from the 149 bpm. But the problem is, I have always had episodic sinus tachycardia and this drug has been THE WORSE AT HELPING TACHYCARDIA !

I used generic Nadolol in the past- on a as needed basis in baby doses and got far better results for my episodes. Now I am weaning myself off this useless Metoprolol and am down to 50 mg and I feel like I did when I first took it- like I am on a sugar pill. It just does not work for me.

Yet Nadolol is a generic and it did help me and I did not need it on a daily basis either. My goal is to get off the Metoprolol completely, but a part of me almost feels like it is actually MAKING MY TACHYCARDIA WORSE. Not only is my rate faster than normal( but no where near 149bpm) the level of pounding to the palpitations is annoying at best- down right scary at worst.

I would not recommend this generic drug to anyone. One other thing: I was finally off anti-depressants when I got put on Metoprolol. DEFINITELY CAUSED DEPRESSION & ANXIETY. Think twice before you go with generic on any drug. I have always heard beta blockers are one line of medicine you should always try to buy in brand formula.
Metoprolol has been horrible for me and I have been on it since Oct 2008 :(

I have too been taking Metoprolol tartrate 50 mg 2 x daily for a couple of years, for rapid heart and palpatations and a slight arrthymia( sorry if its not spelled right ) At first I was only on 25 mg 2x a day but my rapid pulse still remained, so my doctor raised my dose to 50. At first it helped alot. But this is 3 years later and I'm having all kinds of problems.

My heart is racing again, sometimes over 160 bpm, I have spikes in my blood pressure from sitting (147/100) to standing (119/78). I also have unexplained diarrhea for 6 months straight. I have terribly anxiety and am having to see a doctor for that too. Can Metoprolol tartrate cause the diarrhea?

I've have every test you can think of done to me and they all come back normal. I need any and all info on this. Like I said I've been going through this for 6 months having to take Lorzepam 1 mg 3x a day which before my Metoprolol was raised I only took 1 mg of Lorazepam a day, I'm afraid to eat because it make my rapid heart rate faster and it starts when I get up every morning.

Taking it kinda calms it down but it always gets right back up there somehow. The diarrhea started first then all this other, can it cause the diarrhea? If so what is the best to take for rapid heart rate and arrhythmia? I've also been on Atenolol 25 mg with no stomach problems and less anxiety but it completely quit working for me. Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you so much. Also I am 28 years old and also overweight. Have had this problem for 8 years. Thanks again.

I have a question on metoprolol tartrate. I was put on metoprolol sussinate ER 12 1/2 mg per day Oct.2008. Just got switched over to metoprolol tartrate 12 1/2 mg per day. I am currently on lorazapam 1 mg per day. Both very low mg per day. I am in the process of weaning off the metoprolol tartrate 12 1/2 mg because of to many side effects..yucky!! My doctor has me taking 4 more days of 12 1/2 mgs and then cut that in half for about 5 days and then stop. My question is...Should I have a problem after I stop where my dose is so low? I am thinking not because I also have the lorazapam. Any helpful hints or suggestions? I am only doing this under doctors supervision.

I have been on metoprolo for 2 years and have lost a lot of my hair and have had dizzy spells and over all weakness in arms and legs. I did notice changes in my pill sizes. I recently researched and found out about the recalls. I wish I had been informed about this recall and the problems with the dosage''s of this pill before I lost my hair and felt this way.

It also made my B/P rise! I recently went off of it and my blood pressure went back to normal, and I'm trying to get it out of my system. I have experienced insomnia and weakness in my body and heart palpitations! It has been a nightmare for me that I'm still trying to wake up from..

I'm on Nioxin for my hair now that it is gone. I do have before and after pictures that I showed the doctor, I am now trying to figure out what I can take for heart flutters from M.V.P.

To all of you! Keep on top of the recalls and what the patients are going through and pretty much you will find yourself among them and it's not just you alone. I wish the Doctors would take these complaints more seriously and the F.D A. I do feel it is time for the patients to be heard.We need a web page with our stories with our names, for legal advice for all who have been affected by this drug and hold those responsible for not informing patients of the recall and allowing us to suffer by taking this drug.

Can you tell me if it is OK to eat grapefruit while taking Metoprolol Tartrate 50 MG/ I can not find any information to tell me not to eat it but friends tell me I should not be eating it.

Can you tell me if it is OK to eat grapefruit while on the medication Toprol XL 100 mg?


I have taken Toprol XL 50 mg for more than 3 years. The pharmacy switched me to a generic. No problem until they switched suppliers. The pill was very large and after a a few days I began to feel awful and my blood sugar was testing quite high. I switched back to Toprol XL and the problem went away. No more generic Toprol for me--ever.

I have been taking 25 mg Metoprolol Tartrate (MT) daily for several years. I'm a member of an Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and they occasionally switch pills or suppliers. I believe the original Metoprolol given to me was a white, round, and flat 50 mg pill which I had to split in half. It was later switched to a larger red 50 mg pill and then to a 25 mg small white pill. The first two pills seem to work find although I did develop some severe PVC's while using the red pill. However, the small white 25 mg pill caused me to have major breathing problems and I ended up in the emergency room. At the time I did not realize the medication was causing the problem. All sorts of tests were performed on me while I was in the emerency room but no problems were found. When I informed my doctor about this he indicated that all Metoprolol was the same and there was only one supplier. I have not taken anymore of the Metoprolol that I believed caused the breathing problems and have not had the breathing problems that sent me to the emergency room since. Luckily, I still had some of my original Metoprolol and I have resumed taking it.

After 14 years of Metoprolol Succ 10/25mg once a day the insurance company switched me to Metoprolol TAR(L) 25mg twice a day, because of the recall on the Succ. I have taken TAR for about 40 days. In the last few days I have been lethargic at best along with numerous aches (chest, leg, arm) headaches, extreme fatigue and some shortness of breath.

A visit to my doctor two days ago found nothing in an EKG or blood work. Dr. advised to cut TAR dosage in half for 4 days, then half again the next 4 and then none. After reading several post and not feeling any better after 2 days of reduced dosage, should I have concern over the Dr's suggested trial and error method?

He advised if it didn't work he would try to locate a supplier for Succ. I am to monitor blood pressure during this trial and advise him if it rises over 160/95 consistently. I am also taking amlod/benazp 10-20mg once a day and 325mg of ecotrin. Should I seek a second opinion?

since taking Metoprolol Tartrate 12.5 mgm B.I.D. for elevated B/P.. I've experienced shortness of breath, and over-all joint and muscle aches..I'm weaning off..

I have been on Metoprolol 25mg 2Xdaily for approx. 4 years now since being diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm. I have lost a lot of my hair and I am SICK about it. This was never listed as a side effect that I got from the pharmacy but after doing my research I now see it is a side effect. What is in this drug that causes the hair loss? You would think the pharmaceutical co. could figure this out?? Please can someone help me? Is there another beta that I can take that does not cause HAIR LOSS? I am so worried about this I cannot sleep.

Since my doctor switched me to Metoprolol 100mg twice a day I have rashes in my ears and nose, also my legs and feet swell so bad they feel like they are going to burst.

I've been taking extended release metoprolol, 50mg, for several months, with generally good results. Twice, however, I have woken up with rapid heart rate, etc. Both times this has been after drinking beer the night before. Is this a common reaction? Are there any BP meds that are more tolerant of beer? I don't drink a ton, but do enjoy beers once a week or so. Any suggestions??? I also take Lisonopril in the am. Never had any side affects with that, but I'm at my max dose of that.

Thanks for your suggestions.

I started taking 50 mg daily of Toprol XL in late 2000 after a second episode of atrial fibrillation. (The first episode was resolved with cardioversion.) I switched to the generic (metprolol succinate) a few years ago. I guess I'm lucky but I've never had any adverse effects from either. When I first started with the Toprol XL, I seemed a little more tired than usual so I switched from taking it first thing in the morning to taking it right before bedtime.

Ummm...there is definitely an interaction between Grapefruit and metoprolol (lopressor). In fact, there are over fifty medications, which you should not take with grapefruit. The juice causes the body to ineffectively breakdown the medication, causing toxicity... aka... dangerously high levels of medication accumulation in your body.

Toxicity is very dangerous to the kidneys and can lead to renal failure. I highly recommend discussing this matter further with your doctor. I am a registered nurse, and we provide this information to people all the time. P.S. You may also want to google it and not base your decision to mix the two, based on just one internet site. Hope this information helps


Lisa, my sister has lost over half of her hair while on metoprolol. Did your hair regrow after getting off the metoprolol?

I am also on Metoprolol E.R. and I have constant blood shot eyes and redness of inner eyelids.Dr. has ordered Prednisone eye drops but it hasn't helped at all. I feel it is caused from the metoprolol. Has anyone had problems with their eyes?

Christine, just to share with you, my sister lost over half of her hair while on metoprolol ER. It is a terrible worry to her. She told her Dr. but Dr. didn't change her medicine. She doesn't know what to do either.

Was placed on Metoprolol ER 50mg once daily. This is the worst medication I have ever been on. I suffered muscle and joint pain so severe it sent me to the Emergency Room, couple that with the other symptoms that cropped up like gastritis, constipation/diarrhea, sleeplessness, drowsiness, dizziness, and overall run down feeling which leads a normally active female directly into a depression. I am weaning off of this and all hbp meds. I will eat right and exercise.

Yes, I have the same issues with my eyes. Red, swollen, puffy, and skin around them is sensitive. I called my cardio doc and he does not believe it is the drug (go figure, it must be in my head!). I am convinced it is a reaction to the drug. I have been on antibiotic eye drops, but it doesn't help. I also have skin problems on my face recently. Saw a dermatologist without any long-lasting results. Frustrated with doctors!

After two years on metoprolol I developed Achalacia which because of its symptoms caused my doctor to recommend a cardiologist who advised my doctor to switch me to omlodipine, resulting in much better control of blood pressure and achalacia (GERD) symptoms.

Results of cardio testing indicated no outstanding heart problems for a 70 year old like myself.

I know this reply is a couple of years too late, but someone else may surf by as I did...
Everything I ever see about missed doses indicates you should not double dose. Rather wait and take your next scheduled dose on time. This information should be somewhere in the micetype provided by the manufacturer.

All in all you would probably be safer asking the prescribing physician for advice of this type and not trust anonymous internet contributors. Despite the good intentions many have, their advice could be wrong or just not appropriate for your particular circumstances. And don't ever forget, not everybody does have good intentions.

I have been on lopressor (metroprolol artrate 50mg) 1 twice a day, since 1970 for a clicking heart valve. I suffer from fatigue, cold hands and feet, cold sweats at night and swollen ankles and feet. My Dr. is reluctant to take me off. Do you have any suggestions?

I have been taking Norvasc, and have to take the brand name as the generic causes a fungus to break out on me.The brand works well. I also take Toprol XL 50 mg in generics and I have noticed my hair is thinning. I am thinking of discontinuing it. I also have Gerd. Maybe the Gerd would stop if I don't take the Toprol. I just have borderline BP problems.

I am worried about my hair and hate it being thinner. I am 73 years old and have always had thick hair.

I'm 26 years old I been taking Metoprolol Er Succinate 25 mg(1/2 tablet) for the last five days for my BP. However I've been experiencing pounding in my chest, pains in my lungs also, with high resting pulse. I decided to stop the meds so I missed a dose because I've been needing my asthma meds very often. Will this affect me if I suddenly stop taking the meds?

I have been on Metoprolol ER 50mg 1x daily for 5 months now. I can only relate my experience. I am VERY happy with this drug. Not only is my BP lower but it had an entirely unexpected (to me) side effect. My anxiety is gone. Not totally, but on a scale from 1 - 100 I went from a 90 to maybe 20. I have read that beta blockers can effect some people this way. But I tell you it really has changed my life. No waking up shaking, no heart pounding, no thinking I am dying every few days or so.

I thank GOD for this. I was surprised to see that many were effected in the opposite direction. It must be related to each individual. My one complaint is that I have a bad stomach and I believe this pill has made it worse. (Also on Warfarin 7.5 and Multaq 400mg 2x daily)

But I tell you even besides the bp thing, I haven't felt this anxiety free since I was maybe 15. (I am in my 40's) I will stay on this pill for as long as it takes with no complaints whatsoever. (The really bad upset stomach is a fine trade off by me.)

I have severe muscle and joint pains especially knee, foot, back ache, neck pain and leg cramps. Sometimes have problems walking properly. I am on metroprolol 100mg twice a day . I was wondering if you had all these symptoms being on metroprol, just trying to figure out if its the metroprol causing these issues

I have been taking Metoprolol for almost a month and my blood pressure is already much lower, and I feel more relaxed. I also have taken Synthroid for hypothyroidism for 8 years. Since beginning the Metopropol, I do feel a bit lazier and have gained a few pounds, I have occasional diarrhea and dark urine, but the most annoying side effect is that the skin on my neck (and only my neck) is frequently itchy. This drug seems to have a highly personalized reaction to each user. Overall so far, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, for me.

I had a heart attack on 6/2/10 and now am on two drugs----Lisinopril and Metoprolol ER----Recently, I have noticed terrible muscle pain/cramps and have to take a lot of NSAIDs (Ibuprofen)in addition to the Aspirin that I take every day. I see, on more than one website that both Lisinopril and Metoprolol can cause muscle pain---one was listed as a cause of Arthritis!!! This muscle pain is a lot more than an occasional "twinge" of discomfort---what do Cardiac patients do????? Risk another MI from high blood pressure and its complications or suffer through what I've been going through this past week?

Ever since my Dr changed my medication to Metoprolol ER I have had BAD lower back pain. Just a coincidence?? I don't know. I am currently in physical therapy for the pain. It helps but has not gone away and I have been suffering for the past 3 months! Had an x-ray which showed nothing. Next step will be an MRI. I have a husband with chronic back pain for many years. With his, the pain comes and goes. But with me, it is constant. And for no good apparent reason. I have this sinking feeling that it is the medicine, which stinks because after several years of finding one that works for my HBP, this one works. But I cannot live my life with this constant back pain. DOES THIS MEDICATION CAUSE BACK PAIN?? Or is this a coincidence???


I had been taking 50 mg Atenolol for many years to control tachycardia and panic attacks. I also always have had mild PVCs (skipping heartbeat)that became REALLY bad after I had severe food poisoning and became dehydrated. That sent me to the cardiologist who thought maybe the Atenolol was no longer working and prescribed 50 mg metoprolol, and he said to try 75 or 100 mg if 50 mg doesn't work. That was 6 months ago and I have just been to hell and back while on the metoprolol. Had worse palpitations than ever before (bigeminy PVCs for days on end where the heart skips every other beat, felt dizzy, panic attacks and anxiety, racing heartbeat, and higher blood pressure than ever before.)

I finally started a log of my symptoms and related them to when I took the metoprolol. The more I took the worse I felt and the longer since I had taken a pill, the better I felt. Then I found info on the Internet that there were a lot of quality problems with the generic version (Metoprolol) of Topril XL. i.e. So today I called the cardiologist's office and asked them to call the pharmacy with an Atenolol prescription.

I convinced the medical assistant that I believed the metoprolol was actually causing my irregular heart rhythms. So I picked up the Atenolol at the drug store and took 50 mg in the car. Three hours later my bigeminy is gone for the first time in 10 days, no anxiety, I feel better than I can remember in many months. I flushed the metoprolol down the toilet!

I've been on Lopressor for a few years, along with 2 other blood pressure meds. I take 100mg lopressor twice daily. Now my heart rate is 46. I am in my 50's. My practitioner found this error & said, she thinks I shouldn't be on Lopressor at all with this low heart rate!! Why didn't my regular Dr. see this???

My practitioner wants to take me completely off of this but I think I should wean off of it! Here I am 2 days later still waiting for their call!!! I am totally concerned with this lack of professionalism on my Doctors part. Needless to say I will be looking for a new Dr.!! Should I stop or should I wean??

I too have been having severe back pain since I started metoprolol about 3 weeks ago. So sore, I can't sit.
I will have to get off. I had hair loss with an earlier drug and I see that this is still going on.

Did you find a drug that didn't have these side effects?


I started getting severe back pain (when sitting, not standing or lying down) since I have taken this drug. I will have to go off. Did you find a replacement without these side effects? I may have to move to meditation instead.

The back pain pain is sharp like I am being stabbed. Movement doesn't make it worse. I have to hunt around for a better position and it will stop for a while. It is sore to the touch sometimes. This is the second drug I have tried. Linispril caused hair loss.

Ann S.

Although this medication may work very well for many others, a side effect that made it impossible for me to continue taking it was insomnia. Please let your doctor know if any side effects trouble you, and let him or her make suggestion and monitor the alternatives closely.

I had no idea how bad the insomnia could be, and even though it's listed right in the insert, I found it hard to believe it was the medication. I won't list details here, as each person is unique, but I'm doing much better now. I wish I'd mentioned the insomnia sooner to my doctor and hope everyone here has as good a doctor as I do, who can help you make the right choice for you.

I have been on Metoprolol for about 5 weeks, 25mg in the morning and 25mg in the evening which I only take 12.5mg in the evening due to the side effects. It has helped with my heart palps most of the time. My doctor switched me from Lisinopril due to severe anxiety/panic attacks, had heart palps after starting Lisinopril back in June, and several others side affects.

Initially when I started taking Metoprolol I was tired and unmotivated. I went to my doctor several times due to feeling more depressed, I have some insomnia, seems like I have more rashes, and my lips have swelled 3 different times. My doctor did not seem to be concerned, just felt I was fighting my meds and gave me more meds for the anxiety and told me to have some allergy medication ready if my lips swell. I'm going to see an allergist in the morning for the rashes that won't go away. Does anyone know how long it takes for side effects to begin when taking Metoprolol? Should I be concerned about the side effects as my doctor doesn't seem to be concerned. I have noticed my heart rate has slowed to about 48 bpm. I do run 1 1/2 miles every other day and I'm practicing good eating habits.

I want to get off of med completely, but not sure if taking the Lisinopril and Metoprolol has caused some permanent damage such as heart palps. I'm afraid to slowly take myself off cause last time I tried that with the Lisinopril my bp spiked and I ended up in the ER for severe panic/anxiety attacks. I'm a 35 year old male and have been an athlete most of my life and have never experienced anything like I have been experiencing since starting Lisinopril and Metoprolol. Maybe I will get some answers from the allergist. Any feedback would be appreciated!

My insurance company switched me to the generic and my blood pressure went up significantly. My doctor told me that the generic requires 1-1/2 times the dosage that Toprol XL requires. I did not want to have to take a higher dosage and got him to prescribe DAW (draw as written) for the brand name.

I have the same thing, big red lines, eyes are sometimes sore/itchy. Feels like somethings in my eye sometimes. Lubricant drops don't seem to help.

Has anyone experienced weight gain while on metoprolol? I have increased back pain recently, but can't tell if it's the medicine as I have other joint problems wrong with me, but the weight gain is substantial!

Just started taking it in Jan. 11'I have gained about 2 pounds nothing to bad. I think it cause your joints to hurt sometimes also my finger tips and toes feel sore sometimes, colder hands and feet. This is all new to me just trying to make the best out of it. will start to change my eating and exercise habits to help. I think the problem with a lot of us is to much stress speaking as a 39 year old (female). Good luck to all that's on any form of meds. Have help with my heart rate just have to work my way through side effects, afraid to try something else.

I am taking the medication for a rapid heart rate. It seems to have lowered my blood pressure (although my blood pressure was not high) and I feel better, yet the heart rate is still 95-109 at rest. Can't afford to go back to the doc, so I guess it will do for now, not sure any other drug would work better for the heart rate, with my asthma problems.


I had high blood pressure due to losing mobility (bad knee) and eating too much. My doc tried to get me on metropolo. I read the literature and refused. When it came time for total knee replacement surgery the surgeon blackmailed me into taking it.. The side effects have been ugly.

I had my first collision in 30+ years because I would lose contact with the world around me and not see things (like a truck) Doc said "this is a good one because it has few side effects". BS! surgery will be over soon and I am getting off this crap. I'd rather die than have to stop living so some sob can say he cured a condition that normally needs no meds but exercise and diet control.

Can Metoprolol Succinate ER 25mg BID cause a severe rash (urticaria)?


I have been on metoprolol tartrate for almost 2mths. The cardiologist put me on this due to high diastolic pressure. For about a month my stomach has swollen, some days I look like I'm about 6mths pregnant. In the last week and a half I have started having terrible stomach pains, in the last few days it has moved to include my spine and lower back. I went to the emergency room a few days ago due to the intense pain, they found nothing. I am wondering if my symptoms are due to the metoprolol tartrate. I am also completely exhausted and have no energy to do anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I have been on Toprol for about 2 years. My calves and eventually the muscles in my butt-ex have been slowly getting sore and painful, as if I had just run a mile or two. Even to the point of being uncomfortable to sit on one position for any length of time. What little hair I had (as a 66 yr old male) is all going away so I just shaved myself bald. After having read all the previous comments, I just put two and two together. I am taking my self off Toprol immediately. I have decided that the benefits of almost all drugs are way overblown, while playing down the awful side effects.

Yes, I do

Thank God For you guys. I have shortness of breathe and difficulty breathing SINCE taking this beta blocker. I going back to the C-blocker.

I am a 47 female and have been on metoprolol for almost 2 years now. I told the doctor I didn't want to be on it any longer (less stress in my life now) so he said that it was OK for me to quit and I asked him do I have to ween myself from it and he said no. I am having nausea and feeling light headed has anyone else experienced this by quitting to medicine without weening yourself from it?


I have been on Metoprolol Tartrate for about a year and a half. I have had no adverse effects from it, outside of some tiredness. I take 25mg twice a day. The one thing I don't like is that I feel it when I come down from it. I can feel my heart beating a bit harder. My doctor gave it to me to block adrenaline from getting to my heart. I have massive anxiety issues, and when I used to get them, my pulse would go up, and scare me, and the attack would last days. I have been much better since on this medicine. I take it in conjunction with Lisinopril HCTZ. My pressure is usually fine.

I am having back muscle pains between my shoulders and I am taking Lisinopril/hctz 10./12.5 and aspirin 81 mg together in the morning for high blood pressure and a blood thinner. Are these medications compatible and can they increase muscle tension?

I have been on Toprol for about 2 years. My calves and eventually the muscles in my buttocks have been slowly getting sore and painful, as if I had just run a mile or two.

I am a 40 year old female who was on Metoprolol ER 100mg for 17 years with no issues. 8 months ago I switched to Lopressor immediate release 50mg twice daily... I found myself exhausted daily, thinking my age was catching up to me I tried to ignore it. One night at work I had to leave to go to the ER with dizziness and chest pain.... turns out my heart rate was 32bpm....... they cut my dose in half and let me go... since then it has been a nightmare.

I am so dizzy and weak I cannot function. I have had four medication changes and am back on 100mg extended release and still not feeling better. This is awful... I feel like I am just dying on my couch. So dizzy and weak I cannot work or shop or do anything. I only feel ok when laying down. Any ideas?

Hi Jay
Don't feel alone; I am a 63 year old male and after hospital treatment for atrial flutter, I was put on 50mg Tartrate (twice daily); this was back in February. After 5 weeks of feeling fine, I started back to work. Two days later, I was mowing a customers lawn, when BANG; stomach pain, bloating, distention (yes, a pregnant male) breathlessness. Your symptoms exactly. Went to my GP four times in 4 weeks trying all manner of drugs for stomach upset. Am now at the point where blood test results came back as all o.k. This has resulted in IBS being thought as the cause; well, the symptoms have literally stopped my life and the pain has been terrible. I have often thought that it could be Tartrate side effects, and having seen all the experiences on this web site, I am convinced Tartrate is the cause. I will be visiting my GP and asking if some other treatment can be tried.

SusieQ, I know this is an old post, but if you see this. Yes! This medication is doing the same thing to my eyes! My eyes always look red and they are dry and burning. I wear contacts. My contacts are monthlies and I can wear them day and night for a month straight and now-a-days I'm lucky if I can wear them a couple of days because my eyes burn so much they just want to fall out. I've also noticed puffiness and redness around the lids of the eyes too. I have no many bad symptoms with these pills. I want them out of my system but I am also scared what the next pill will do to me. If you read this and you were put on a new pill, please let me know what and how it is going??? Thanks!

I'm crying right now reading your post. This is how I feel everyday and I have 3 young children. I'm dizzy, lightheaded, shortness of breath, I feel like I'm faded in and out of reality. It increases my anxiety, and I get scared which kicks in my heart palpitations. I feel sick to my stomach, I feel "hot" but no fever. Sweaty feet & shaky hands. I have migraine headaches daily. Red, sore, itchy, dry eyes. Pain in the back of the eyes. The list goes on.

I have been on metropolol for about 4 months now after a SVT attack where my heart rate was 240 BPM. I didn't realize that this medication was doing this to me. I thought I had some sort of new condition. All I can do most of the time is lay on the couch or in bed and this is not me. I am an upbeat... always moving kind of a person. I can't go anywhere because I don't want to be dizzy in the store and everyone thinks I'm turning agoraphobic... I'm not...I really feel SICK EVERYDAY.

Your hr is too low and wait to take the medication until hr is 70 and monitor severe dizziness is severe side effect call your Dr right away. Need to lower your dose never stop this medicine suddenly very dangerous can cause heart failure.

Update on reply to Jay;

Can confirm stomach cramping and bloating and breathlessness is due to drug; in my case, dosage is too high and am now titrating downwards to find correct level; - this is being done with approval of doctor. At one point I stopped taking one dose of 25mg and within four hours my BP went up to 145/90 and heart rate from 52 to 67 bpm. Amazingly, my stomach also started to work correctly, and I felt normal for the first time in months.

I hope I can come off it altogether, but will see what doctors recommendation is. Hope this helps and will keep you updated.

My Doc started me on Metropolol Succ Er and the first day I couldn't stop sweating and I was in Cold AC. Vomiting every single night I was taking this stuff, Head Ache, Dizzy, tiredness, mild depression, numbness in my fingers and toes, could not sleep at night, heartburn, and some that I might be forgetting horrible experience with this med. I stopped taking it and felt better in 2 days every problem I was having was gone.

Hi all maybe somebody out there can help me with my problem, 3 months ago I had a triple bypass operation and the doc put me on Metroprolol Tartrate 25mg twice a day, since starting the tablets I have a bad body odor that I have not been able to resolve and its driving me mad, has anybody else experienced a similar experience? thanks.

I have been on Metoprolol ER 50mg twice a day for over a year now. I did not have too many of the side effects at first. Only some fatigue. In the last few months I am experiencing the same side effects as many of you. Tingling and slight numbness in arms, hands and upper torso. Severe dizziness. A flushed feeling. A feeling of just being "out of it". Lots of fatigue. Things culminated last weekend when I fainted while playing in a softball tournament. Very scary. I went to the doctor and he said I was over medicated and cut my dosage in half.

I am still experiencing most of the same symptoms except the severe dizziness. After 24 hrs without the medicine my BP has been averaging 137/85 with a 62 HR. I am going back to my Doc this week and insisting on getting off this stuff. It's bad news. I will try every natural alternative but no more of this stuff for me.

55yrs old Female.

I was diagnosed with Ventricular Tachycardia three weeks ago in hospital and the Cardo specialist put me on Metoprolol Tartrate, 25mg, twice a day.

This medication has made my life miserable.
It has made me feel so exhausted and out of it. I can't concentrate on any task that I try to do. I dread going in to work.
I have gone from a cheerful, active, organized, person to someone I don't recognize anymore.

The side effects are awful, Headaches, bloating, vomiting, skin rash, depression, and to top it all, a weight gain of 9 pounds in 3 weeks!!!! (I look 6 months pregnant.) It has made me desperate to come off this drug.

I decided to try medication as a form of treatment instead of the alternative - a Catheter Ablation, because I have to be awake during the procedure. DESPERATE

Most of you are stating the same symptoms I was having since May of 2011. all this time I thought it was my heart condition. I called my doc and asked if I could stop the Metoprolol and said only for 1 week. Then Go from 50mg to 25mg a week later. I take it at night cause I am sleepy after I take it. I still have head pains, sweating, difficulty breathing, etc. The doc said there are other beta blockers out there. Did anyone change to a different one, if so did it help?

I have only been taking it for three days and found that I have side aches and severe back pain. I decided to take myself off it. Is it ok to go cold turkey after only a couple of days on metoprolol tartrate 25 mg twice a day?

All I need to know is a simple answer to the question --- can I take magnesium with metroprol 25 mg. a day ?

People's Pharmacy response: Yes.

I was on 25 mg once a day and my Dr. said I could have stopped taking it. I decided to cut my dose in half. I still have bad side effects but they are a little less since I cut it in half. Try talking half the dose and call the Dr. tomorrow and ask if you should discontinue.

My recurring problem is with very severe muscle and joint pain which make its hard to walk and work. I have been taking Metoprolol Tartrate for at least 5 years and was switched over to Toprol XL and felt it made no difference and made me fuzzy in the head (no better way to put it). I'm trying to find out if the beta blocker causing this, or is it Lisinprol which I take daily. By the way both meds are generic, these HMOs don't give us much choice.

I got vertigo 5 weeks ago and my blood pressure went sky high compared to the healthy low BP I enjoyed for years. I have been on Metoprolol for nearly a month varying from prescribed 2 half doses 2x a day (total 50 mg) to 2 pills twice a day (100 mg) and now am doing Rx one 50 mg AM and half (25 mg) PM. My BP readings have been good at home and still high at the doctor's office. I want to know how other people have reduced their doses safely and gradually. I work with a good PCP but am not seeing her for over a week. I am debating whether to discontinue the 25 mg on my own at night or do I wait to see the Dr. or go to 12.5 at night? I am worried my BP will be too low and definitely want to get off the medicine completely soon in the right ways as I am also into holistic health alternatives

Yes it is. But it has to be two hours before or after you take MT.

How long does it take for metoprolol to fully take effect and the run down and tired feeling does that go away with continued use I want to start feeling better please respond.

I'm trying to determine the cause of severe leg pain when walking up hill or up stairs. I've been on 50mg x 2 for nearly 10 years. I take it both for blood pressure control (bypass in 2003) and to calm my severe familial tremor. I can walk a thousand miles on flat land, but one flight of stairs leaves me in absolute agony. Anyone else experience this?


Have been prescribed Metoprolol following episode of a-fib. Have had back pain, dizziness, heart fluttering and extreme anxiety the last three weeks since taking this drug. I had no high blood pressure previous to this episode of A-fib. Not sure if my symptoms are from the lopressor drug or something else is going on which caused the a-fib. I don't see doc til end of week. I am upset to see that the side effects are things I was not warned of. Specifically I was never told not to consume alcohol, was not told not to take it with antacid and was not told it could exacerbate depression or anxiety. Anyone's thoughts on this would be very appreciated. My anxiety level is horrible.

Can Metoprolol cause severe leg pains?

People's Pharmacy response: Metoprolol can cause joint pain as well as muscle aches.

Cristi, I am still on the same pill, Metoprolol Succinate 100mg. My eyes are still red, blood shot and burning, but not as bad as it was initially. Eye Dr. gave me Prednisone eye drops,which help when my eyes are at there worse, but it does not cure the problem. I sometimes use Clear Eyes for dry eyes and redness relief. It relieves the redness for a while. I have just started using Blink Tears Lubricating Eye drops and they my eyes feel better.

My Cardiologist said he didn't want to change the med. I will ask him again ---Maybe he will decrease the dose. Try working closely with your Dr.

I developed serious knee, leg, back pain which also affected my butt and could barely walk and sit for any length of time. I had been on metoprolol for at least 5 years and no problem. Then, the Dr. changed me to the slow release meto XL and these problems arose. Also, I started receiving this med via the generic mail order method which is encouraged by the HMOs.

I think that the generics are the problem. Since I stopped taking metoprolol and replaced it with another beta blocker the pain problems are gone.

Hello Laura,

I was prescribed this 2wks ago 4 sinus tachycardia due 2 lack of sleep & stress. I too have experienced your side effects. But after about 3-4 wks it tapered off. What mg are you taking? I was taking 12.5 twice a day.

Actually I have tapered off of it slowly while closely monitoring bp and heart rate. I didn't see cardiologist when scheduled because was in the midst of switching insurances and cards hadn't arrived. See her next week. I feel 100x better of the meds which was 25mg 2x daily to answer your question. My heart rate and bp are all within normal range.

I've been taking metroprolol succ er 50mg am and PM plus benicar HCT 40/12.5c23 at noon. I've been on the metro for about 10 years and the benicar for approx. 5 years. I've been having bouts of nausea during the day but the worst is as night. About once a month, I wake up around midnight nauseated which progresses to dry heaves and then vomiting for approx. four hours at which time the problem subsides and I fall asleep. This has been going on for 1 1/2 years.

I think it may be the metro coupled with benicar and crestor (for cholesterol) which builds up and then releases. The last time it occurred at 8 PM which was early but it was over in 3 hours and the last that I vomited was the medication that I took at supper. Do you think the combination of meds is bringing on this problem?

I also noticed that I am plagued with muscle cramps-feet, legs, thighs (front and back), back and ribs.

Hi Everyone:

I take the Metoprol Tartrate 100 mg two times a day, and it controls my spiking Blood pressure, and rapid racing heartbeats, but I am gaining weight weekly, have the aches, the extreme fatigue, hair loss and hair thinning, dizziness and lack of sexual drive.

I was put on Metoprolol tartrate because of side effects from Lisinopril, which made me very susceptible to heat and I live in the desert. The Metoprolol is doing okay. I am supposed to take 1 25mg tab in the morning with food and another in the afternoon with food. I do find that I don't sleep as well when I take the afternoon one. Is this common? Also, what are the long term problems with taking metoprolol?

I have been on metoprolol ER succinate 50 mg for 2 mos. Today I visited my ENT physician because of a sinus condition that has been going on for more than a month. He asked if I took a beta blocker and I said I did. He was going to write a letter to my cardiologist to see if he would change my medication. I sent a message to my cardiologist and he said he preferred not to change the medication. I can't find anything about beta blockers causing or mimicking allergies.
Has anyone heard of this? Do you think the cardiologist dismissing this too quickly?

I was prescribed Metoprolol T. 25mg in the morning and again at night. I have fought taking any meds for HBP for the last 5 yrs. This is only day 4 taking this and my BP is still as high as it ever was but my heart rate has dropped some... I am having side effects of dizziness, stomach upset/pain every time I eat, diarrhea, low back pain, anxiety and tight throat feeling when I wake up. I called and am seeing my Dr. this afternoon. This stuff is for the birds.

Hi! I've been taking depakote ER and Toprol daily. Recently had hives that covered 80% of torso, but with steroids has went down to very little. After stopping steroids hives have decreased and increased slightly back and forth over last two weeks, but is still just a very small amount now. I stopped the depakote first to see if it was the culprit. It has been 4 days and it is decreasing overall but still slowly. How many days will it take for the hives to go away if I have taken away the culprit? Thanks!

Did you ever wean yourself off and if so what were your side effects when coming off of them and how long did they last?

I was on 50mg twice a day of the extended release. I was later told by another doc that the extended release was only supposed to be taken once a day. Anyway, I was having some terrible effects from the drug and decided to wean myself off. I cut back to 75 mg the first week then down 25 mg more each of the following weeks until I got totally off it. I have to tell you that it was a real roller coaster ride.

I felt extremely dizzy on many days with rapid heart rate off and on. Lots of anxiety too. After I got completely off it for about 2 weeks all the side effects disappeared. I saw a cardiologist and he thought I was being over medicated all along. After experiencing a few episodes of heart flutter after getting off the drug, I am now back on 12.5 mg per day and feel waaaay better. Hope this helps.

So, I saw my Dr. the same day as my last post 12/9 and by 4pm my BP was 200/104... no big surprise to me... she insisted I take one of my pills right then and wrote me a new script for Lisinopril 40mg once daily... she said to take one as soon as I got home and then again every morning. By the time I drove to the pharmacy and then home... 30 miles... my BP was back up to 200/102 so I took one of the Lisinopril. 2 hrs later my BP was back down to a close to normal (for me) of 146/80.

I felt terrible from the side effects of the drugs for the next 2 days and then Monday I was feeling almost normal again. BUT I have not taken any pills since that last one on Friday night (12/9). I've been keeping close tabs on my BP readings everyday and they are way better than while I was taking the Metoprolol. I found a study from the Veteran's Administration that was published online in March of this year that was VERY enlightening... to read it go to:

Did you ever stop your medication? If so, how did it make you feel?

I took metoprolol first time today can I stop it tomorrow?

People's Pharmacy response: Since your body has not yet adjusted, you would not risk withdrawal symptoms. But you really should be in touch with the prescriber so that the problem for which metoprolol was prescribed can be addressed.

Yes, you can. I took it for 4 days and was told, by my Dr., that I could stop without any problems. She was, of course, puzzled as to how my BP got so high while on that drug... 200+ over 104 HR was still 68... go figure...

I am 25 and have tried atenolol now toperol and bystolic... These drugs have caused my joints, back, flank ache so bad every single day. I do not work out anymore and feel as if I am 90 years old. I have 2 small children and now have problems lifting them. I want to wean off so bad. I also have had blood work, bone scan, cat scans,.. I promise, It is the medicine..

PLEASE PLEASE DOCTORS ! TELL ME WHY lisinopril and metoprolol cause such terrible muscle pain and cramping. I am not able to tolerate this one minute longer/ will have to quit my 2nd try at a BP med. I am an RN and no one including pharmacists can answer this for me. I have asked everyone. Thanks

I have been on Metoprolol SUC XL for 7 years. At first 25 mg once a day, no problems. My doctor increases the dosage to 50mg once a day 3 years ago.

For the past year I have had cold hands & feet along with numbness in one foot (on & off). More recently I have joint & muscle pain. Mostly in my legs, abdomen, and arms. I also have shortness of breath with moderate exertion. After reading the possible side affects I thinking it may be the drug.

I have been on metoprolol 25 mg extended release for a month now due to elevated blood pressure. I am only 29 in a very stressful time of my life and had several high blood pressure readings. My doctor put me on the metoprolol and I have been miserable every day this month. Severe headaches, muscle pain, depression and anxiety, hair loss and dizziness has kept me house bound and made a zombie out of me. Yea my BP is fine now but at what cost??!!

I quit smoking and started excersizing regularly so I will be talking to my doctor about stopping this nightmare. And it seems like many people have had the same effects. This is horrible, I wish I was never put on it. Seems like doctors are so quick to prescribe instead of preventing. Now I'm worried about what this pill has done to me, anyone have any feedback??? It's only been a month and it has been a low dose. Thank you for anything comments!!

I took it for only 4 -5 days and was able to just quit but after a month I would think you should taper off... like take 1/2 for a week or two and then stop. So many HBP meds have a rebound affect that can send you BP over what it was to begin with when you stop or even reduce them. Hopefully, you have at least a wrist cuff at home to check your pressure yourself so you can monitor your own BP and see how taking less is affecting your readings. If you don't GET ONE! FYI: Omron makes some really good ones.

Thank you! I did talk to my doctor and he wants me to taper off this. I will be taking a pill every other day for a week and then stopping. Wish me luck! I do have a BP cuff at home, but find myself obsessively checking it so I have to try my hardest to control that.

55 yr old male-I've been on Metoprolol succ. 12.5 mg /day-not much, I know-for high BP-for one year. I look like I'm pregnant. I've read online Met. can cause rapid weight gain and congestive heart failure- I've gained 25-28 lbs since last year. I can barely breathe. I'm going to see my Dr.this Monday to get me off this stuff.

People's Pharmacy response: It's good you are checking with your doctor. Shortness of breath and so much weight gain might hint at congestive heart failure.

After reading your column this morning about Metoprolol's effects, I have read on your site and elsewhere about the side effects and find that I have at least some of these side effects that I had never associated with this medication.

I have taken this medication for 8-9 years. I have had cold hands and feet for a good number of years. Memory loss has become more and more evident, which I had attributed to old age (77) Swelling of ankles and hands. One red flag that I see on your website is the kidney disease.

I don't know if really low kidney function numbers (on the verge of being in the kidney failure range) would qualify as a red flag, too. Do I have enough symptoms to bring this up with my doctor before my annual appointment in about 6 months?

DOES metopolol or beta blockers in general cause or exacerbate psoriasis?

I have been on Toprol Xl and switched to Metoprolol for about nine years. I take 100 mgs. I have recently decided to come off of the med. I will see my doc in two weeks to start weening off. I hope it goes OK. I decided to take natural meds instead. Looking forward to the day I'm off of this stuff.

I have been on metoprolol 25mg er and now pharmacy changed companies and they give me metoprolol xl 25mg and said its same but has caused my heart rate to be higher and I feel more tension. Has anyone had this trouble?

I have been taking the pink Metoprol for several years. However, they switched me to another generic which is white. Since then I have noticed my blood pressure is going up and I am very lethargic. So much so I just don't even want to get up or do anything because I am so tired.

The bottles used to say which company the pills were from but now they don't. Is it possible this is from the change? I mentioned it to my Doc but he said no, highly unlikely but that is not what I have been reading on line.

Sandy~ I had been on metoprolol for at least 9 years without major issues. Then the HMO encouraged me to start on the mail order cheaper generics. These vendors are not identified and renewals appear to be a different vendor due to different color of tablets. It is important to know that many generic medications come from foreign countries, India, China, etc. We don't know if these meds are safe.

I became very ill when I switched over to the cheaper generics and bp went up. I'm better with a change to a different beta blocker, but feel there was some damage done.

I have been on metoprolol 1/2 tab 12.5 mg for about a month now...about three weeks ago I woke up with severe back pain. Now I have severe leg pain and even laying down ob the bed does not help...I never thought it would be this medicine but I'm definitely getting off of it. I can't even stand up and urinate for a minute without this pain...

Thank you for reply. I have been searching and found out the same info about generics. Funny that suddenly they stopped marking the bottles of who makes what we take, this is probably why. I also have been short of breath and want to get off this white generic. I am copying some of these reports and taking them to my Doc next week.

I wonder why some questions are answered on here and some aren't? Will report back what my Doc says.

Tim - what natural "medications" are you looking at in terms of a replacement for Metoprolol?

I was put on 25 mg Metoprol twice daily while in the hospital without my consent. I've only been on it 3 days and want to get off it right away as it has a negative effect on my asthma. I would rather reduce bp by losing a few pounds (in progress). I'm wondering how long I would have to be cutting it back before I can safely go off it?

People's Pharmacy response: The best approach is to work with your primary care physician to get off it. Your reason--that it exacerbates your asthma--is entirely appropriate.

Recently started taking Norvasc (5 mg) because my blood pressure was rising to 200/104 - pulse rate reduced to 45 - Also taking metropol for about 10 years. Blocked out and had to be taken to ER pulse rate could have been about 30-35 - hospital Drs reduced my Toprol to 100 (I was actually taking 200 mg) and increased Norvasc to 10 mg - my cousin (a nurse) explained to me that the Toprol had stopped working on my BP and was now reducing my pulse rate - now have synpoce (as diagnosed by the hospital).

Trying to get rid of this uncomfortable feeling of seeing the ceiling spinning every time I get up from a lying position. Will this cause problems with my liver and even my heart - wants to ask the Dr to take me off Tropol wish there was natural medicine out there instead of these chemicals which sometimes make you medical condition even worst that you were before taking them.

My name is Michael, I am 32 years old and an active duty Sergeant in the United States army... I just recently returned home from a long year in Afghanistan... Six months into my deployment I was seen by a medic for high blood pressure... 173/116 and a resting heart rate of 126... I had everything from a EKG to an ultrasound of my heart... The cardiologist I was referred to put me on METOPROLOL TART... I have been taking this medication now for 6 months and have not noticed any side effects... My blood pressure has gone down significantly along with my heart rate...

I was just recently put on PROZAC for my anxiety... I was hoping for something more fast-acting and not an anti-depressant as I am not depressed, just very anxious... The military health providers are very skeptical on using any medications with a high risk of dependency such as XANAX or KLONOPIN and said the PROZAC should help...

Has anyone taking these two medications before? and if so... Were there any negative interactions between them?? Also, has anyone's providers informed them to stay away from any certain activities while taking METOPROLOL?? any help would be great... Thanks

I have been taking Metoprolol , 50 mg succ time release. for almost a year now, I ran out and had to have mine refilled at another pharmacy because mine was closed, they ended up giving me some from another pharmaceutical company, I had so many side effects, and I ended up in the hospital, we found out that, the fillers they use I was allergic too, so I can only use Par Pharmaceuticals with my Metoprolol. Not all PHARMACEUTICAL companies use the same fillers in their meds.

Hello, I have been taking Metoprolol ER Succinate 50 MG now since my triple bypass on April 1st (April Fools Day LOL) and my Cardiologist has suggested to me that I stop taking it after now about 10 months and after tests on heart pumping rate. Pumping rate is normal and I do have depression I must deal with likely because of this medication and also ed. When in the hospital I had the pleasure to have a Arterial Fibrillation which was terrible and they then prescribed this medication for me. I am afraid to stop since I do not want that again and my Cardiologist is not concerned the least about any problems stopping.

Are my fears unwarranted? Is there some drug I can be given if I have a A fib in case it comes up after stopping? My heart muscles were not damaged very much at all of which I am blessed.

I have lost weight and have tried my best to follow Dean Ornishe's diet to the largest percentage possible. I am a smoker of which I have not been able to stop but for two months and one half. I am ashamed that I have not been able to stop for good. I am 54. Will anyone give me some helpful feedback on my issue? I will be forever in your debt. God Bless everyone with heart disease and has survived it to see my post. Thank you.

How long did it take for the muscle and joint pain to subside once you were off the drug?

Did you go off the drug? If so, how long did it take for the muscle and joint pain to subside?

How long did it take for your back pain to subside after you went off the drug. I went off yesterday and so far no relief.

Did you get off the generic form and find that the pain went away? How long does it take for the pain to subside?

I have been trying to find the cause of my severe muscle and joint pain and found all these posts on metoprolol tartrate. I went off yesterday (was taking 12.5 mg twice per day). How long does it take to get rid of the pain once you go off the drug? I see one post that says it was the generic form that caused the pain. What was your case?

You were taking the same dose I am. Did you go off the drug (I went off yesterday)? How long did it take for the pain to subside?

How long for aches and pain to subside were not a big problem to start. It was depression and cold hands. Of course it does really seem the less I take the more these pains become more apparent like back pains. I think it has nothing to do with the medication yet I may find I am wrong.

Have had all the usual side effects: cold feet, lethargy, tiredness, stomach pain. However, have had some severe bouts of diarrhea and two of urinary tract infection with blood in urine. Is anyone out there experiencing such a problem on Metopropol Succinate ER (100 mg. once a day)?

Jean; When I stopped taking metoprolol and went on a different beta blocker (bisoprolol the pain ended within 2-3 days. My blood work was really wacky and feel it was the result of the new "generic" metoprolol that I had ingested. Before this episode I had been on this med for a long time without problems then suddenly something went wrong.

doc put me on metoprolol 50 mg after triple bypass and I had nose running for 5 hours a day for 5 mo and breathing very bad he said its not the pills I say it is.

Thanks for the information. I was taking the generic form also. I just went off lisinopril today also, seems it can cause the same problem. I have had so much muscle and joint pain that my life has been severely limited.

I started taking metoprolol tartrate 25 mg 2x a day on 2-3-12, I then cut down to only lx a day, for I was not feeling right, but blood pressure was in normal ranges. BUT I came down with a really bad cold I caught and was vacationing in Alabama, and trees were lettin out pollens. I could not breathe correctly, like getting a deep breath, so I went to a chiropractor he thought my rib heads were out. I got a little relief, but it came back.

We returned back to Ohio and I went to local chiropractor and he adjusted me. I also look like I am pregnant, but know at 60 I am not. The bloating and problematic breathing are horrible, not to mention lack of sleep at nite. I just asked myself if the metoprolol is causing it. I tapered myself down to 1/2 of tablet one time a day, symptoms were lessened. But I decided to not take one yesterday, and I got the most restful sleep since before I started taking the medication. My blood pressure at walmart machine today was 130/81. I would like to think that metoprolol has caused the problem.

I took lisinopril last summer before taking it I was feeling fine with elevated bp, after 10 days on lisinopril, my left side went out on me, they could find no problems with in emergency room. I continued on lisinopril for a while with 4 more numbing incidents. The last er found me in a local mental place. I even had one of numbing incidents at mental place that traveled all the way to my face, all on same side of body. I decided after all that happen --- could it be the blood pressure medicine. So I quit cold turkey, also quit cold turkey cigarette smoking a same time. Srangely I had a come back and felt better--that was all in august 2011, started metoprolol in 2-5-12 due to elevated blood pressure....140/90....all the side effects of metoprolol, leads me to believe it is the medicine again. Sure I agree that 5'2" at 152 pounds is heavy, I have been trying to loose 20# and do not want to quit trying to loose weight and increase activity.

I have taken metoprolol er succinate for 2 years. It worked well and I felt fine up until about 3 weeks ago. I started getting pains in my side and back- pretty much felt like a pulled muscle. That's exactly what I thought it was. Then one week went by and I wondered. Then 2 weeks. Then I ran out of medication and it was time to refill my prescription. I wondered if maybe this was the reason why- so I decided to test out not taking it for a couple of days and see what happened.

My back/side pain stopped after a day. I felt wonderful. Unfortunately I got a massive headache and my face started tingling. I went to the ER fearing the worst... took a cat scan and everything... the doc told me it was just because I stopped taking my medication. So I got home and took it. The headache went away within an hour. I was happy, because I really thought something was wrong.

Here it is the next night though and the back/side pains are back. Going to the Dr. in the morning to get off this. Its unfortunate because it worked really well for 2 years.

can you eat grapefruit with metroprolol?

I've taken a beta blocker for almost 30 years, for migraine prophylaxis. I've only gone off it twice--during my last pregnancy and when I had lasix eye surgery. Both times, I tapered off the BB gradually, but later resumed it because the migraines returned. For several reasons, I recently decided to go completely off the BB, partly to see whether it has been masking any other issues. I'm 62, in good health, but have unexpectedly gained about 15 pounds over the winter; I'm vegetarian, and haven't changed my eating habits.

I was taking 80 mg of Propranolol, twice a day (160mg total), so I tapered off very slowly. I dropped back to 80 mg a day for a few months, then 40 mg a day for about two months, then 20 mg a day for several weeks, then stopped it altogether.

After being off it completely for two weeks, I went to the doctor and my blood pressure was 132/84, but my pulse was around 90. Everything checked out fine, but he ordered a couple of blood tests. He said I would probably continue to have some withdrawal symptoms for another six weeks or so. My withdrawal symptoms are mostly a general feeling of mild anxiety, a sensation that my heart is beating extra hard (even if my pulse is normal) especially when I lie on my left side, a little shortness of breath, and mild headaches. No migraines, so far, though!

I neglected to tell the doctor that I'm experiencing a lot of muscle and joint pain, too. At first, I thought it was just that spring had come and I had been working in the garden and going on hikes. But I haven't done anything strenuous for the past few days and my legs and feet and hands are really painful today.

Is this a known side effect of discontinuing a beta blocker? I've searched all over the web and can only find that these are potential symptoms of being ON a beta blocker; I can't find anything that says they are associated with discontinuing a beta blocker.


I've been taking metoprolol (12.5 mg 2x/day, generic) for about 2 years for rapid heart rate that very occasionally, especially if I was dehydrated, lead to palpitations and arrhythmia. Works fine, but I gained about 10 pounds, and ugh mostly around my waist. Now I have to lose this because I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the hips and knees (which I do not think has anything to do with the meds.)

However, even with a very low calorie and carb diet, and exercising to a moderate degree (I am 71) I absolutely cannot get the weight off. Tomorrow I see the MD to discuss changing to some newer form of beta blocker that does theoretically not have the weight gain side effect... am anxious now about what other side effects to worry about!!

I was on the exact same dosage 12.5 x 2 per day

After a few days crippling lower back pain that is intense.
I cannot walk more than 10 steps before I need to squat down.

Never even thought it was the drug....But doctor stopped my for 2 days before ablation. I noticed my back was getting better
Then the ablation didn't work & he had me back on Metoprolol & sure enough PAIN. So I took myself off.
Today is 3rd day & I am feeling much better already

I will see if it makes the back go away completely

Kind of scary a drug could do this! I mean PAIN & even my tail bone hurts.

I have been taking Metoprolol 50 mgs once in the evening for about 3 yrs. and have gained weight. Is that normal?

If you take it at night will it alleviate weakness and tiredness somewhat or does it matter when you take it? I know someone who takes it during the day and it makes them tired.

I take metoprolo succinate er 25 mg twice daily, pravastatin 25mg and levothyroxin 75mcg 1x daily for about little more than a year. I am experiencing blood in my urine. Has anyone had this type of side effect with any of these meds?

I was put on metoprolo 50mg January this year after angina attack aged 53. Since then I have gradually gone down hill, lack of concentration, suffering extreme muscle and bone pain, bluish puffy lumps on my hands and feet, frozen hands and feet, fatigue to the point I cant walk far and rarely leave the house, shocking feeling of sickness and shortness of breath. I have had to leave my job, I went back and back to doctor who didn't do anything. I was so ill last time I went to see him he finally changed my medication to Noten which made me worse and after 4 days I thought I was wanting to curl up and die.

I went back and had a different doctor who took me off them and put me on new tablet that's not a beta blocker 2 days ago. Today I have really bad pain still and everything, so what my question is, how long does it take to not feel the beta blockers side effects, I now take diltiazem.

I have been experiencing the same intense back pain, as well as acute nausea. Felt so bad last night that I wanted to go to the ER but was too tired (too tired after sleeping all day). Since taking this medicine I am so depressed that I want to curl up in a ball and die. After reading the side effects experienced by others I finally realized that I am not going crazy. As soon as I finished writing this I am calling my doctor. Hope you are feeling better.

I was taking Metoprolol.
I had a horrible rash from my knees down, even on my feet. The rash was starting up my arms. I went to my MD and he said he didn't think it was caused by the metoprolol. He said it was not actually a rash, but vasculitis. Vasculitis is blood under your skin, your small blood vessels burst. He gave me steroid didn't do any good.

The vasulitis got so bad I went to the ER. They ran every blood test they could think of, found nothing. The ER doctor said he thought it was caused by the Metoprolol.

I called my MD the next day and ask him to take me off the Metoprolol. Within 3 days the vasculitis was clearing up, in a week it was gone. I wonder now, if my blood vessels were bursting on my outter body, what was happening inside my body???

I also had a runny nose and cough while taking Metoprolol. That has not gone away.

Isn't it criminal that Doctors can leave people to suffer until they cannot take it anymore and are desperate for help. It is now a week since I stopped metoprolol and the side affects are going away. I can now get through the day without strong pain killers and I have been out quite a few times. Went for a check up with new Doctor and he agrees that I was having a very serious reaction. Thank god for him. So don't give up any one who is suffering make them listen and change medication.

I'm having some reactions to Metoptolol succ er 50 mg.
shortness of breath, (I also am in the beginning of treatment of sleep apnea ).
I'm very tired/drowsy during the day. My hands and feet tingle and somewhat numb.

I'm 70 and have taken HCL water pills for many years. Before Metoprolol 155/90 pulse 78, and now 138/82 pulse 62.

I am in similar situation. I am only 33 and have high BP , I had to go to a doctor because I had 185/123. I really don’t want to get on all these medication. I eat healthy not so much of exercise but starting to go to gym everyday now.
Since, this post is 2 year old so let me ask you this, did you ever got off the Med if Yes, please do let me know

I just took my first Tarta 50mg this morning and already feel strange. My ears feel like they are stopped up and my vision is cloudy and I am seeing floaters. I have taken Metoprolol Succ ER 25 mg twice daily for a few years and did not experience side effects; however it was not lowering my blood pressure enough to satisfy my doctor. Also I am a 72 year old diabetic and believe it is affecting my blood sugar already as I feel a little weak and hungry and just finished breakfast a couple of hours ago.

I'm thinking about not taking another Tarta 50 mg (x 2 daily) but all warnings say don't stop it suddenly. My doctor office is closed today and I am stuck. Any suggestions, anyone??


I have been taking Metoprolol Tar for over 2 years. I was put on 50 mg a day but it made me really tired. It was eventually reduced to 25 mg. A side effect for me was color issues.

Sometimes at night I would look at the ceiling fan and curtains which were brown and they looked green. I went to a new cardiologist and he took me off of the drug two weeks ago. When I close my right eye I see either a green, pink or grey splotch. I believe this is from the medicine. How long does the medicine stay in your system???

My mom went into the hospital for headaches and came out with a bigger problem. Her heart rate was low at the hospital (52), so they took away her metoprolol 100mg all of a sudden. (she had been taking for 10 years) Her blood pressure went crazy etc. The Dr says she has heart block or something and they want to put in a pacemaker ASAP. they are doing an electrocardiogram this morning. This has happened so fast that I am wondering what is going on.

She is fatigued, short of breath, very dizzy... her blood pressure varies. It goes down to 34 at night according to heart monitor. They left her on her other med which is lisinipril 20mg. Now I am wondering, can't she get back on track with medication or has this perm. messed up so that she actually needs this pacemaker. She saw the Dr on Friday, they want to do it later today.

That is quick! I wouldn't want to cancel and something would happen tomorrow. It seems I should have a second cardiac group give an opinion.
Has anyone any knowledge about these things??

Yes after being put on Metoprolol 12mg daily my eyes became very dry. The pharmacist said this was a potential side effect. I have noticed some hair falling out and weight gain. I have gained 10 lbs within 3 weeks and am diabetic and having a lot of problems with blood sugars being high. I notice some depression since starting on the metoprolol suc. er.

I was started on this after having a terrible attack of racing heart and blood pressure spike. I was in hospital overnight and had all the heart tests. I was DX with left valve damage. I still have some of the spikes and pulse increase and palpitations. I noticed it hits me hard after the dosage of meds is past the 14 hour mark so my dr said to split the pill and take 1/2 in a.m and 1/2 in p.m. This is working ok. I'm able to sleep better but the blood sugar thing is not good! Will be monitoring this site for information!

I was on labetalol for hbp during pregnancy. I had no side effects. After pregnancy my doctor switched me to the extended release metoprolol. I was on it for a total of 5 days. I felt awful. I was dizzy, lightheaded, I had tight chest AND throat. So tired. And then I developed the Sharp stabbing back pain. I calling my doc and she had me go back to labetalol. I'm on day 2 off metoprolol and still feel bad. Hoping to feel better soon.

After taking Metoprolol Tab 50 MG ER for 2 1/2 yrs. I developed pain in my left shoulder and in my left bicep muscle. I was diagnosed with rotator cuff tendinitis and bicep tendinitis. I am right handed and mainly use my right hand for everything. X-rays were negative. I am a tennis/racquetball player who is physically pretty fit and I eat a healthy diet. I am in PT twice a week for six weeks now and have seen little improvement.

My concern is that this is a side effect. I was told that Metoprolol could not be causing this. I took Aleve for several weeks and had a stomach reaction. Do I go for an MRI? Do I get cortisone shots? I hope that I do not have to live with this problem for the rest of my life. I am 64 yrs. old. Is it a drug reaction?

I took Metoprolol 100mg once a day for about 5 years. I started suffering from nightmares and night terrors soon after starting the medication but though I told my doctor about it, he said nothing about this being a possible side effect of the medication. It got progressively worse and my wife would be woken up by me every night 5 or 6 times a night. I was hallucinating and having horrible nightmares nightly but when I started hurting my wife while acting out these terrors we realized we had to do something.

We talked to my doctor together and he prescribed Elavil to help me sleep through the night. That helped some for about a week and then not at all. I decided to investigate what might be causing my problem on my own, and after reviewing the side effects of a couple medications I'm on I found out that nightmares and hallucinations are a "rare" side effect of Metoprolol. I quit taking the drug.

My doctor at my request put me on half a dose for 3 days to wean me off the drug though he said there would be no withdrawal. Wrong. I experienced bad withdrawal symptoms for 3 days but by the third day my nightmares, hallucinations, and night terrors completely stopped. It's been a month now without taking the drug and I've been completely side effect free.

My advice to anyone wondering about side effects of medication they're taking is don't take the word of a doctor, do your own research. Take charge of your own health and make your own informed decisions. I will never take another drug without first doing my own research on it. Never.

My cardiologist prescribed Metoprolol following aortic valve replacement (tissue valve) surgery several years ago. This drug was a disaster for me, leading to any number of emergency room trips occasioned by heartbeat issues. For the past few years I have taken Toprol XL 50 with none of the problems associated with the generic metoprolol.

In reading the numerous posts above, it seems quite clear that this drug can (and does) lead to a variety of problems which will, I believe, be eliminated by a change to the brand name, Toprol XL. A letter from your physician to your health insurance provider or drug card program provider stating that you must be on Toprol might solve insurance issues.

A layman's summation--I don't believe that anyone should be on metoprolol! Before changing over to Toprol XL I was even advised by a pharmacist that the generic metoprolol was causing problems for customers. I made the decision that regardless of insurance coverage, I would take only Toprol XL. Ask your physician if Toprol XL might be a good choice.

Dr. just prescribed Metoprolol Succ 25 mg. for heart palpatations. After reading all the negative side effects I am afraid to take. Has anyone had any good results with this medication?

I am taking Metropolol 25 Succ for two months. I am rapidly losing my hair, I can't sleep more than 4 hours and I am depressed. Should I ask to be changed from this medication. Does anyone know whether my hair loss is permanent?

I've read all of these posts. I am taking 50mg twice daily of Metoprolol Tarta. I've been taking this medication for several years with no apparent problems, or so I thought. I started out with 200mg twice daily for very irregular heartbeats. I had aortic valve replacement 3 yrs ago. Mono cuspid valve. After surgery, the dosage was cut to 50mg twice daily and Amlodipine Besylate 5mg 1 daily.

Since June, I have been experiencing joint/muscle pain in my knees. Yes, I am overweight and thought it was because of that. After talking to a friend who was on the same thing, she told me to google symptoms I've been having, as she was having same symptoms in her knees. The pain is constant and there is no relief. Now I find out that it causes weight gain, muscle/joint pain, arthritis, and various other symptoms that I don't need. What I'm thinking is why now? Does it stop working after you've taken a long time?

I have been on Tartrate 12.5mg 2x daily for a year & at first my hair did come out but that was when I wad on a full 25mg 2x daily. Since the dosage cut, my side effects eased up.

I also have been taking metoprolol succ er for a little over 2 wks. I have had hair loss and already gained 4lbs became depressed had freezing hands and feet as well as many other side effects. I have read that the hair loss is reversible. I am in the process of weaning myself off of this drug. You have to wean off this medication since it can be dangerous to just stop. See your doctor. Best of luck.

I understand how upset you are, I also have had hair loss and weight gain from this drug, after two weeks it is failing out from the follicles and I have gained 4lbs already along with other side effects. I am weaning off of it. I understand that when the drug is stopped your hair should eventually grow back. If your doctor won't listen to your concerns get another doctor! Also, I understand that you have to wean yourself off of this drug, esp. if you have been on it a long time, it can be dangerous to just stop it cold. Best of luck.

A year after an AFib ablation I had tried various combinations of medication to no avail, still experiencing daily afib. Finally the combination that works (no events in 2 yrs since starting) includes Diovan, Toprol XL, Multaq and Lipitor with an 81mg Aspirin. It took many trial combinations and 2nd and third opinions to reach this point.

These comments I believe have saved me!!! I thought I was the only one whose back pain was so severe that I had xrays MRI and so forth and it all showed nothing. I was in a car accident and thought for sure it was the cause of my lower back pain. I went back and realized that I started this terrible back pain/ spasms once I was put on METOPROLOL TARTA 50 mg twice daily for mild high blood pressure. I was surprised how fast My Doctor's Assistant put me on it in the first place but I just went with it.

My heart now races, sex drive horrible, back pain --- so severe I can't sleep, my mouth is dry and life just sucks, so I'm going to try to taper off and I hope and pray this nightmare goes away and I can resume a normal life. I'm dropping to 25mg for 5 days then to 12.5 for 5 then I'm done with or without dr. approval. I'm so mad they put me on this--- wish me luck

I've only taken two of these damn pills and I wish never heard of them. I had a coronary slice cat scan. I took one 50mg tab the Night before the procedure and one two hours before. Its been almost 3 days now and I'm still fighting the skin rash allergic reaction. I took 2s Benadryl and slept for 12 hours straight. I feel better now, but I am raw from the itching and scratching. All this from two tablets and for several days as well. Going to call my DR's nurse tomorrow.

I also noticed the anxiety had diminished. I feel like a new person. I have had anxiety and chest pains since age 10. I have been on anti depressants before, nothing has made me feel so anxiety free as metoprolol 50 mg once a day for high blood pressure. What a very pleasant surprise!

I've used metropolol for a few yrs. I've developed a lot of side effects (impotence, swelling of feet and legs, depression, and shortness of breath). Is there an alternative med that I can talk to my doc a about?

I was prescribed Bisoprolol in place of Metoprolol when I developed severe back and leg muscle pain. The muscle pain did stop when I switched. Talk to your doc about this med. These meds do cause a wide spectrum of side effects in different people. Also, the non-generic metoprolol may be better.

Has anyone experienced swollen lips when taking this medicine? I was prescribed 50 mg to be taken twice a day and about every 10 days my lips swell up something awful and is very painful. I have never had food allergies and have been watching what I eat and have not added anything new so I am thinking it may be this medicine. I was prescribed Norvasc 10 mg yesterday 1/2 tablet once a day. Dr did not say whether or not to continue with the metoprolol as well as I take Hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg once a day. So I asked the nurse and her response was if he didn't tell you to stop taking them then take them all. This seems a little excessive to me and I have not intentions of taking all 3. Advice please and really want to know if anyone else suffered swollen lips

Are there any other drugs without these awful reactions that can be taken for Afib? I have lost half my hair, have skin issues in mouth and other tender places, a dry cough, runny nose, nightmares and muscle aches. Doc still wants me on drugs. Help!

I have always been healthy and active (golf, cardio, etc.) with only allergy problems causing nasal stuffiness, excessive mucous so you feel like choking. I decided to start having a yearly physical 3 yrs. ago and all stats have been perfect; however, I do get white coat syndrome and when my Dr. decided my pulse was a little too high, she, at my displeasure put me on Metropol 12.5(just a little in her words to bring pulse to constant 80 or below) about 6-8 months ago. Well my allergies (so I thought) started getting worse and worse and I went to Allergy Doctor to start treatment and she told me I had to be off Metropolol six weeks before she could test me and to call my Dr. who told me to go off cold turkey which I did not do as I know you are supposed to wean (1 week at 1/2 and a couple of days every other day.)

My doctor got upset with allergy Dr. telling me to never go back on Met. All of the symptoms I thought were allergy turn out to be all of the worst side effects of the Met. (sleepy to point head will drop, shortness of breath, itching swelling of feet, clay colored stools, hallucinations during the only 4 hrs. I get of sleep, terrible anxiety to point of have to get out of bed minute I awake and try to ward off panic attack. I have no life!!!

Also, had flat stomach and like others very bloated now, lost hair, etc. Some of the swelling, clay colored, etc. have disappeared, but I want to know how long or if the shortness of breath and anxiety problems will disappear and how long does it take? I have never been a RX taker so I know I probably medicate easily.

I have been on Toprol25mg for about a year and a half. I had been having heart palpitations that progressively worsened over years. Had an EKG, stress test and cardio work up. It was fine. I have extreme anxiety that has also worsened over time. I started on 12.5 mg and it was great. My heart stopped racing, had fewer palpitations, no more migraines and my BPwas good. Then things at my job got stressful and my anxiety and BP got a bit worse. Now that I have been on the25mg dose, I have shortness of breath, my neck and back hurt all the time, I am very depressed and cry a lot (never did much of that before).

My migraines are more frequent and I have frequent episodes of dizziness. I decided to cut back my dose to1/2. I had less dizziness and shortness of breath, but the first night I cut back I had severe pain in my chest and thought I was having a heart attack. My Dr associates all of my symptoms with anxiety and not with any side effects. I am determined to get off of this since my BP isn't awful. I also need to lose weight because I have gained at least 10-15 pounds in the last year and a half. I do not think this med is a good solution for me.

Amanda, I totally agree with you; there have to be better alternatives to a RX that totally takes your life as you know it away and is hard to regain. I have been off Metoprolol approximately two weeks tomorrow and had a couple of good nights before last night where I actually slept and additional two hours and did not have to fight off a panic attack, and then this AM I slept one hour shorter until around 5:30 and was very anxious when I got up and later in day after trying to exercise on elliptical for 20 minutes had to resort to a Xanax which I try desperately not to do.

I hope it was just a minor step backward and that the withdrawal will not last forever and I can start trying to get my life in order again. I have been taking my pulse every day like the doctor asked, and it has ranged from 72 to 104 one day. I want to try to find a natural way to keep this fairly stable if I can. Good luck with your withdrawal.

On Metoprolol for several years. First, Succinate ER 25mg, 2x daily, then Tartrate Lopressor 50 mg, 2x daily after ER visit. About 1-1/2 years ago, also took Digoxin with the Lopressor. Started having symptoms thought to be dehydration cause, but milder form of the now existent severe nausea attacks. Got off Digoxin in hospital stay. Nausea continued for several days, then stopped some, but still returns, some days with vengeance like today. After reading these comments, I am now convinced that I have gone through year and better of nausea linked to medication. Ruled out many other causes with lab tests. Cardiologist said Digoxin would not cause, even though others I knew were experiencing same. GI doc suspected the Digoxin for cause.

From these posts appears beta blockers in general can cause persistent nausea, shortness of breath, neuropathy of extremities, constipation, insomnia, anxiety, jitteriness, bloat, runny nose and dry, itchy eyes, which I've suffered all. Again, thought G. I. problems were separate issue. For several weeks, also have had right shoulder blade pain and stiffness - now it appears others have had this too and I blamed something else, ready to go to PT. What next?

Doc will have a persistent patient here soon at upcoming visit. Now, what is next alternate solution? They keep pushing Ablation, or Pacemaker, but they are not the ultimate solution either. Have many of you gone to Calcium Channel Blockers in similar situation, and if so, which one?

I did fine on this for 8 months then hives bug bite like whelts itching then eyelids started to peel psoriasis on head forehead eyes back hip. Cold hands feet numb lips occasional vertigo a rump a dump thump in chest every so often. I am weaning my self off this also severe edema in feet I am going to try breathing exercises.

I am still searching for people who have quit taking Metoprolol, how long they weaned off and how long before all symptoms were gone and did all symptoms disappear such as shortness of breath, anxiety? Also, how long were they on it. I was on for about 6-8 months or more and stopped two weeks ago this Wednesday after taking 1/2 of 12.5 for five days and then 1/2 every other day for five days. I was told to quit cold turkey by my Dr. ,but did not think that best and my sister said her Dr said you should wean off over a period of six weeks. My ?-IS ANYBODY OUT THERE BACK TO NORMAL LIFE AND HOW LONG DID IT TAKE?

Have you had any anxiety or breathing problems? I note that you are going to try breathing exercises while coming off-is this because you have experienced either anxiety or breathing difficulty or is it just a precautionary measure?

I have been taking 50mg metoprolol succ(toprolol)er since nov 12. Have had allergic reactions to diovan (broken veins on face), lisynopril (severe swelling of the tongue), tetanus shot(redness, swelling, fever of arm), and pneumonia shots (same as tetanus). The right side of my neck is very stiff and the left shoulder, elbow and wrist (previously injured) have been painful.

The oddest thing is pricking feeling (like veins breaking) that is happening at different times all over my body. This could be on a finger, a cheek, a toe, my stomach, my back, my privates, etc. I have checked and there are no broken veins. This feels almost like an electrical shock and like it is about 1/2 inch long. These are very quick and sporadic. I think it is allergy to the medicine, but cannot take any of the previous classes of bp medications. I also take amlodipin. Is it safe to half the dosage or should I try to get the brand in place of the generic?

I never had high BP, but was prescribed metoprolol for what was thought to be fast heartbeat - but last week I had a horrible time with Pulmonary Embolism. After ultrasound of legs, the clots did not come from legs. The doctor took me off metoprolol - and I have been searching for an answer, "could the Pulmonary Embolism been caused by being on metoprolol too long? Please answer, on this site or eMail. Thanks.

This drug has not been good for my Mom. She has passed out three times since she has been on it. Two times taken by ambulance to the hospital where each time they lessened the mg. Yesterday was another episode. Passed out in church and taken by ambulance again. Finally they are taking her off of this drug. She has many of the other symptoms like shortness of breath with minimal exertion. She had a stress test which came out very well. Please monitor carefully when taking this med. It isn't for everyone.

Can you eat grapefruit while taking metoprol Tar 25mg?

I have not seen any posts since March 1st 2013 so I don't know if this thread is still active. However, I agree with most of the comments on side effects of metoprolol. Some of the ones I have experienced are, Foggy sensation from time to time or memory loss, cold hands, feeling anxious. I also have a few questions that others on this blog might of had also. Sorry for repeating some of the same questions but maybe there are some people who have different responses that have not answered.

1. Do the majority of those who have had both metoprolol generic and the Brand Toprol XL, found that Toprol XL is the better one with less side effects?
2. Has anyone come of either one with no effects?
3. What is the best or better replacement alternative for Toprol or Meto?
4. Has anyone been on this drug longer than 10 years and if so what if any side effects do they think they have.

Thanks for any questions you may answer and good health to all.

I have been on Metoprolol tartrate since the middle 1980's when I was in my 40's. I have gotten used to the side-effects, i.e., feeling of having to urinate all the time, tired, etc. I am on 25mg twice a day. Last year, my doctor put me on 5mg Norvasc because my BP would go up every time I went into the doctor (white coat), and these 2 medications have kept my BP under control except when I go to the doctor. I have been running good at home. They raised my Norvasc to 10mg in January this year 2013 because it was still going up in the office, but I myself went back to 5mg because my BP went too low 98/58.

On Metoprolol, my pulse goes into the high 50's to low 60's and then starts going up before that second Metoprolol dose of 25mg is due. What bothers me, and this has been going on for many years, about 2 hours before my evening dose of Metoprolol is due, I start feeling anxious, nervous,flushed and a bit out of breath. This stops about an hour after I take the 25mg evening pill. Is being on this medication for over 30 years bad? I had had anxiety/panic disorder way before I was put on Metoprolol and technically had been over this before being put on Metoprolol.

Is there another good alternative medication I could suggest to my doctor instead of Metoprolol?. I have been tried on Toprol XL, Lotensin, Lisinopril, all of which had terrible consequences for me, only to go back to Metoprolol, which side-effects are tolerable. Can this medicine hurt my heart after so many years? Norvasc and Metoprolol seem to get along well for me, but again, when this Metoprolol wears off, I get those symptoms as above. The Norvasc does make my hands a bit puffy, but not my ankles, so I do not worry. My blood work is good. I feel my anxiety causes my elevated BP, but getting off Metoprolol does not seem to be an option. If you have any information, I would appreciate it.


I am recovering from PE - blood clots in both lungs {over the years had no major health problems to run back and forth to doctors just yearly physicals} During those yearly visits I was given two medications that cause blood clots. Evista was prescribed,by my regular family practice doctor, MD - as what I thought to be a hormone replacement. It is a medication for osteoporosis.

A heart doctor prescribed in 2009 (because I had what was thought to be "heart problems" - (NO high blood pressure, actually always ran low) Metoprolol. I have no doubt I was given Metoprolol for a condition I did not have (NO high blood pressure) and Evista for a problem I never had (my bones were never "weak' with the results of two bone density test I have had) ... And now, Feb 2013, I almost died with blood clots in both lungs, Misdiagnosed in the emergency room, on the evening I was taken by ambulance to our local hospital as a heart attack. My failure to breath, talk, or walk more than 4 steps, looked like a heart attack, waited till the next day to do a heart cauterization.

Heart had no blockage - so I was sent back to my room, with the good news my heart was fine. I was so struggling for oxygen to get to my lungs. Thank God, my daughter could read the monitors and see something was wrong, besides an old woman struggling in her bed that could not even think sensible to make a statement that sounded intelligent .... she insisted an ultrasound - low and behold, they FINALLY saw the clots.

The medications caused my PE (pulmonary embolism) blood clots in my lungs. (Leg ultra sound show NO clots in my legs)
Terrible condition!! And it's damaged my heart and has left me weak as a kitten. A cardiologist that is now treating me only said "I should have never been left on these drugs that long."

There is a site on internet for drug interactions - should take you there - or just Google drug interactions and several sites will appear. I recommend using your computer to be your best doctor. My family doctor changed three times, over the years - same practice, and it is VERY hard - next to impossible to see her without being half dead - well, actually I was and her office was too full to work me in - so I came home and 911 had to be called, the evening I went into our local hospital - for a 5 day stay - that was a nightmare straight out of hell!! I should have never been left on either/neither of the medications since 2009. Be your best doctor!!

I have been on Metoprolol Succ Er 25mg for about 3years. I live and work on a farm. I spend almost 8/10 hours a day in the garden in full sun. Yesterday I broke out in a bad rash everywhere I got a little sun burned. It itches very bad and is very painful. What should I do?

As we all know, we're taking this medicine for a condition. Whether it be a hearth arrhythmia or hypertension. Our bodies are unwell in some way and there are side effects for every medicine. This is a Metroprolol Tartrate thread and you are unnecessarily scaring people off of the fast acting tartrate version by being reactionary. I am not saying you are not having side effects. But please post these concerns in a pertinent forum. I have atrial fibrillation and my dosage of 50 mg a day spread out over the day is working well. Yes, I am tired somewhat. Yes I am itchy. But I don't have a pounding heart and my BP is as stable as it has been in years.

Chris, So sorry you feel I'm unnecessarily scaring people off the fast acting Metroprolo by being reactionary. Mt post on this site, was made because I have blood clots in my lungs, because I was left on two medications, and I wanted to hear from others to help myself understand. Knowledge is gold - take it or leave it. No two people are alike. If the meds work for you, fine and dandy - I'm happy for you.

Since I only knew my experience with the drugs, I'm just a wee bit sad that you feel I unnecessarily scared people. My comment states what happened to me because two medications prescribed, for a heart problem I did not have, nor brittle bones, which I do not have, has totally stopped me in my tracks. My energy level is back to about 75% of what I use to be - hope over a years time - without any other health problems, I will return to a full days of strength. My suggestion to each and every one that has contacted me is to Google a site for medications interactions, type in all the medications prescribed to you + over the counter drugs,and read the results. Print it out and take it with you to your doctor.

I repeat, I am sorry I unnecessarily scared people. I have received enormous help/suggestions & advice, thru my eMail, that my heart/lung and Internal Medicine Doctors have used, & I'm alive & on my way to returned health. I'll try and remove my above post, so there will be no further harm done to others.
Linda P. C.

Ok. So I'm seeing lots of the same problems I started experiencing around the same time as others which apparently had to do with a recall. The symptoms I experienced were a really fast heart rate, shortness of breath, and dizziness. I thought I was having a heart attack one night but didn't go to the ER and after a hour and a half the pain subsided. I'm 28 and have been on metoprolol for 5months after sudden high blood pressure and raised heart rate. The medicine worked great for months and then like I said recently started causing complications.

I was diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia about a month ago. After the new complications I abruptly stopped taking it 4 days ago and now my feet, legs, and hands are swollen, I keep feeling faint, blurred vision extreme fatigue, and shortness of breath. I called my Dr but am unable to reach them. I am wondering if I should go to the ER or a clinic?! Any opinions?

Linda; wish someone had scared me! I have commented a couple of times about my predicament, going from perfectly normal to an upside down no-life with all the major side effects; had perfect stats before, now all are out of whack and was sent to hematologist-oncologist for a bone marrow because of spike in one of my blood tests.

They say I now have very Low Risk MDS-has anyone else on this RX been diagnosed with this? I know Metopolol can sometimes cause RX induced Lupus, but what about MDS-if someone has had this diagnosis, please let me know. My breathlessness and shortness of breath is still terrible also. Just want it all to go away so I can be a normal person again.

J B P - So sorry you feel "exactly as I". Hope you are getting better - and good health will return.
The advice I wish I had know, before my Pulmonary Embolism (PE) /many blood clots in both lungs caused by prescribed medications (and don't get too focused on any one medication - although this site is about metoprolol) go to this site and check for yourself.

Use their drug-drug interaction checker. It is available to registered users only. It's FREE to register and you'll get instant access. My Doctors know my blood clots did not come from my legs because there are none in my legs. They (3 doctors) took me off the two medications I had been on, for years - put me on Coumadin and sent me home from the hospital after 5 days, to recover. When and if you have other illnesses, take that into consideration, because most people are on a page full of medications and drugs do interact ... some in a bad way.

I tell everyone about checking for drug-drug interaction. Google it and you will find many sites, on-line. I use this one because a doctor friend recommended it and helped me understand that we must be our best doctor. The site I post calls for a fee - but you can use the drug interaction for Free. Good health to all. Get well soon.

My husband had a heart attack in October 2012 and they placed a stent. He is on Metoprolol ER 25 mg a day. He has started having chest pains again and in the last 2 months has been extremely fatigued. EXTREMELY!! I mean this man used to be the energizer bunny. Granted he is 54 but he can hardly function at work, comes home totally spent and most days has to sleep for an hour or two before he can do anything else.

He just discussed this with his cardio at his appointment and she gave him samples of another medication. He decided to just cut his Metoprolol in half and try but isn't feeling any better. After reading these posts I am feeling strongly that the Metoprolol ER is the cause of his problems. Did anyone else feel OK when they first started Metoprolol and then developed extreme fatigue after several months?

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: The metoprolol could certainly be responsible for his fatigue, although it is possible there is something else going on with his health that is contributing. His cardiologist needs to work with him to get to the bottom of this. It's no way for him to live, and we know plenty of 54-year-old people who don't need a nap after work!

Metoprolol made me really tired. The Dr changed it to night time and it seemed to help. I stopped taking it as I think it caused some issues with my eyes and it seems to have a lot of side effects.

I can't understand why the cardiologists still prescribe this unless they want repeat business. I weaned myself off it my daughter who works at a internists office and others warned me not taking it could cause a ht attack. I was just on it to lower heart rate. It caused me to gain weight 40 lbs. I swelled up worse in legs. So tired couldn't move. Had severe itching and psoriasis in the last weeks I took it.

I went to natural stuff and breathing.. my blood pressure has gotten a little high this week since I have had a tooth abscess and a major family problem that wont resolve. But I will be drinking plenty of water and raw undistilled apple cider vinegar along with coenzyme 1000 mg and vit e hawthorn berries and horse tail I will take this 5 days on 2 off and it will help. I slacked off with all the antibiotics I have had to take. I am 62 and don't smoke or drink but live with a chain smoker who smokes in the house. My stress from having too many kids and too many problems owning too many businesses and a couple of horrid ex husbands has been worse on me than being a roaring drunk. I think if it weren't for all the years of supplements I would be dead.

I am a US Veteran and get all my health care from the VA. all of the side effects I have read on this site have been made known to me by my VA doctor. If ANY of you are vets, I suggest you go to your nearest VA hospital. I am on metoprplol tartrate 25mg for high bp and arrhythmia. I am doing well and having NO side effects. I will be having heart surgery later this month to replace a faulty heart valve which my doctors have determined is the initial cause of my high bp and arrhythmia.

As far as your insurance companies wanting you to switch to generic meds, its because they want to make more MONEY and spend less on your health care. Find a doctor with some guts to stand up to the insurance companies.

Metoprolol aka Lopressor, keeps me fatigued, headache everyday, etc., I stopped taking it several years ago after maintaining regular exercise and weight loss I was able to keep my BP in check without BP drugs and felt great. Now my BP has risen along with my weight and I'm back on Lopressor. I'm completely fatigued by 3PM and have a headaches everyday. This isn't the drug for me. What else is available? I've tried Bistolis for 6 weeks as a sample from my Doc, but it's 3x the $ of Metoprolol, however the side effects seem less severe.

Does anyone know if you can still have a heart attack while on metoprolol 100? Or will taking it, daily, as prescribed, will prevent a heart attack?

Linda, I started experiencing every single serious side effect with no exceptions last fall after being put on a very low dose of 12.5 mg. for a slightly fast pulse against my better judgment. Then early this year in February I was sent to a Hematologist-Oncologist who was very astute and kept running tests from the bone marrow because my test showed very-low risk Multiple Myeloma, but everyone has some of these cells and he thought it too low. He diagnosed me with Primary AMyloidosis and Four weeks ago I went to Mayo Clinic for confirmation of this diagnosis which was right and started treatment locally three weeks ago with CYBORD which is a predisnone, Cy(chemo) and Velcade (chemo)right under the skin.

This is a very rare disease and there is an AMblydosis Support Group on the internet which helps to learn about this. Mayo and Boston are the two centers which specialize in this with about three hundred doctors at Mayo studying just this. It is rough and affects different organs. I was so convinced that all of my problems were caused by the Metoprolol that I was ready to file a class action suit with some others. I am still not convinced that it did not have something to do with it. I wish you well and hope you have a better result than I did.

Sincerely, Judy P.

The first day I took Metoprolol tarta 50mg I found I couldn't stand up getting out of my car. It wasn't painful just an odd feeling across the back of my knees. This has continued- having difficulty standing. Now that I've been on it a year I can barely get around, I have shortness of breath, weakness, joint pain, back ache & can barely walk my dog, it takes my bp down, but I'm wondering if it's worth it.

I am on an anti-depressant, but I barely find it's working. I have taken an anti-anxiety since on this drug as I've found less and less wanting to go out of house to parties and mingle.

Check with your doctor to see if the brand name would be a better choice for you. He may want you to wean yourself off of the Metoprolol and switch over gradually to the Toprol XL (Mfg. by AstraZeneca). Try to do it over a two week period. For instance take one half of the metoprolol and one half of the Toprol for two weeks. But it is important to see your doctor because some people have different medical situations. Depression or nervousness is a symptom of metoprolol also.

God bless and best of luck to you.

I was put on Metoprolol Tarta 50mg in Feb '13 for heart rate was way up before doing a stress test....121/147 .....I did not feel bad and had no chest discomfort. I was given an intravenous injection and my heart settled down in 24 hospitalization....I was started on the tablet immediately.....but
The 1st month I gained 15 - 20 pounds...mostly blotted gut....I use to be able to get up and go and do all I want to do is sleep and lay get up and go.....

My heart doctor will not discuss my dosage or this medication....

Are the Docs getting extra pay for this evil drug?

Seeems my eye sight is beginning to be affected now,,,,,I want to cut back to 25mg then get off this mess.....I would prefer taking my "healthy chances" with out this med.

Has anyone stopped taking this med on your own with no problem?

I've been on Metoprolol ER suc 25 mg 1x per day for a month now for pvc's. It seemed to be working fine until the last couple days, and now I am feeling the pvc's again. It has lowered my BP and slowed my heart rate, neither of which was really high. I do notice my hair falling out, and I am afraid once I am off my very strict wt-loss diet, I am going to gain a lot of weight like so many on her have complained of.

My question is whether calcium supplements interfere with Metoprolol absorption. I see conflicting statements about it online. I started feeling the pvc's again when I started taking calcium late at night, right before taking my Met. I thought the calcium would help me fall asleep. Unlike most of you, I have insomnia with this drug.

Has anyone had luck with Cardizem (Diltiazem). I've been on Metaprolol for years for atrial fib. Each episode they double my dosage and I'm now up to 200 mgs time-release pills. My panic attacks are horrible, arrhythmias and palpitations and my blood pressure is still above 130. I was put on Diltiazem during one episode and felt wonderful. I was full of energy and my blood pressure was stellar although I was still in a-fib for a week afterward. The VA doctor put me back on metaprolol and I've been having panic attacks ever since and my blood pressure is back up again.

I want to quit the metaprolol and go back to the Cardizem. Two nurses told me to just do it and stop the metaprolol. My doctor won't comment but says I shouldn't stop abruptly. I'm at a loss at what to do. Does anyone has any experience with this?

To Judy Montanna, I to have had the same problem. My lopressor was changed to metropolol, and I had problems also and ended up in the hospital. I can't take anything generic without problems. Hopefully I can get back on lopressor soon. I hear another company took over the rights so they will be resuming making it again around oct 2013. Meanwhile I am dealing with lousey generic metropolol which has side effects. like swelling in feet and fatigue. good luck jr

dp yes calcium does effect metropolol you musnt take it close together. 2 hrs apart is good. it interferes with the absorption of the metropolol and effectiveness of the drug.

I am on metoprolol tart 100mg only 2 weeks but that is why I am checking the Internet fatigue is terrible I am a very fit person usually but since having a heart attack in march and having a defibrillator implanted trying the correct formula in drugs makes me feel worse than before I had the attack so any help and advice maybe a different diet could help I'm not sure but I hope someone has advice. I am 62 years old but seem to feel a lot older now.

OMG. I have been on toprol for years after a car accident caused a problem in my heart which caused arrhythmia that eventually would not stop unless I called an ambulance and had my heart reset with another drug. I'm supposed to have ablation surgery, but like most people, am nervous about having the surgery since if they don't get it just right I might have to have a...there...just forgot the word for it completely...the thing they insert into your body to regulate your heart...see, and that's the first memory for words and for things that I've misplaced is crazy bad, and getting worse.

I'm not a big eater, and I eat organically mostly and don't eat sugars or white breads, and yet the less I eat the more weight I put on. That's how I got here...I just wanted to check and see if one of the side effects of the toprol is weight gain...and sure enough, there it is, damn it. Now, for me, that's a good reason to get the surgery done. Then I read the other side effects, and lo and behold, I'm feeling faint every now and again, I feel depressed all the time, which is definitely not me.

I'm feeling anxious all the time, and that's not me. I'm itchy in the last couple of months especially, swelling in my feet, the sex thing, and now shortness of breath with any exertion and I'm tired all the time and have insomnia. Wow...I thought I was just getting older and now find out it is this drug...I have to call my heart doctor and discuss the ablation surgery again.

I have been on (50 mg. daily) Metoprolol Er for almost six months. The side effects have gotten worse each month. I have severe vision problems, muscle and joint pain, and severe fatigue.I have SLE and end-stage renal disease, but not on dialysis yet. It has become painful to walk and stand for longer than 10 minutes. I think it is the Metoprolol. My doctor never told me about these side effects. I plan on weaning off this medication. I 'm worried that weaning off will cause my blood pressure to rise again. I can't afford this because of my renal problem. Has anyone weaned off and kept their blood pressure under control at the same time?

I have been on Toprol XL 100 cut in half (50 mg per day) for about ten years. Before that I tried many other blood pressure drugs. All of these I could not tolerate the side effects mainly feeling drowsy. The side effects I have is feeling colder than normal. Winter months are hard to adjust to living in Michigan.

I have gained about ten pounds while taking this drug. I have tried the generic version of this drug and it caused me to have a bad headache, drowsy and was not as effective in lowering my blood pressure. so I`am back on the brand name drug and have my energy back. The problem is my insurance will not cover this drug. I just purchased a ninety day supply at costco for $199.00. The generic is $48.00.

My doctor said he has other patients with the same complaints and if the brand name drug works that's what you are going to have to keep taking. So I would tell everybody that the generic metoprolol can cause a lot of side effects that do not exist when taking the brand named drug. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Three months taking metorpolol succinate 12.5 mg once a day for some apical sluggishness, possible, but not confirmed, intermittent hypertension, and chest discomfort that was called angina, and noticeable arrhythmia that was non-pathological.

Early severe effects were dizziness, increased arrhythmias, the dramatic dreams, imbalance. Blood pressure was consistently higher.

I began experiencing lower back pain for two weeks, then, almost to the 3-month start date, severe, crippling femur and leg pain, with continued lower back pain. This is the only medication I am taking, and, I've stopped it as of tonight, but not without anxiety in doing so, but it is the only way I can rule out correlation between the pain and the medication.

To DCK: Many people will agree that the Metopropol brand name is a "safer" and better way to go. There are documented issues with generic brands. I was seriously affected by a generic Metoprolol, as soon as I got off this med I improved greatly and quickly. My issue is that I don't believe that generic brands are safe. There is no oversight on the labs that make these drugs.

JR You should not stop it abruptly. Read the black box warning regarding Metoprolol and Toprol Xl You should taper off gradually. See your doctor regarding this. You can then move on to a different type of prescription.

My Doc just ordered generic Toprol-XL for me, but my mail order pharmacy, Express Scripts, supplied the brand-name drug, anyway, saying that it was competitively priced. Perhaps you don't have to pay for it yourself after all.

On the Mayo Clinic website, it is advised to not drink large amounts of grapefruit juice (>/= 1 liter) while on Metoprolol.

Has anyone experienced mouth sores from metoprolol or a combo of it and lisinopril?

can I take aspirin with metoprolol?

My doctor put me on generic Toprol-XL 25mg last month. I was on it 3 weeks before I decided to stop taking it. It made me super tired, gave me body aches, & my bp became higher than when I was first prescribed it. My bp still hasn't gone down, even though I've been using a different medication for a week now. Pre generic Toprol-XL bp was: 150/98, after my bp has been consistently around 200/119 with exercise and healthy eating habits. That stuff should be recalled.

It's a bit scary reading some of the side effects you can get with taking metoprolol Tarta 50 mg (I've only been taking it for a week for a prescribed 2 week period.) I've been going through some episodes of rapid heart beats followed by dizziness. These episodes would happen at work more often than not, and I put in a demanding 10-12 hour day in a stressful environment... same occupation for over 30 years, and more physical than mental.

I've always been a bit hyper and anxious my entire life, and for me, I only feel a little lightheaded after taking it. It doesn't slow down my physical activity throughout the day, and I feel a lot less anxious and irritated. I'm also sleeping great at night. Sometimes my heart felt like it would pound through my chest when I would get irritated, but I have since felt totally relaxed in the same environment. So far so good, but I wonder if it will last...?

I am no a doctor but sounds to me like you are having Panic attacks. I would seek another doctor opinion. ASAP

I am inquiring about metoprolol. My 85 year old mother is on this medication. It is 25mg daily. She went off this and was put on bisoprolol. Didn't make much difference. The Dr. took her off both and monitored her heart rate. Her heart rate was a little ll4-117. Dr. put her back on metoprolol. She is feeling ill.

Symptoms include: nausea, spitting up after she eats, pains in stomach, wants to sleep most of the time, having trouble sleeping at night, numbness in feet, no energy. She is also taking benazepril for BP, warfarin, furosemide, potassium, and 25 mg of metoprolol. She also has been prescribed Xanax to help her sleep.

Do you have any suggestions? She can't go on like this. My heart is aching for her. She also has copd and congestive heart failure. She had a set back and went to hospital for heart failure, that's when they put her on the metoprolol. She says that she never felt the same since she's been taking it. Any answers would be greatly appreciated. She is also on oxygen 24/7.

Some people get a reaction to Metoprolol which is the generic form of Toprol XL. Toprol XL is the brand name and costs a little more but it may be worth it. AstraZeneca is the mfg. of Toprol XL. See if he will switch her and try it for a few weeks. You may see some improvement. It's great that you are taking care of your mom. She is fortunate to have someone like you.


Metoprolol should generally not be given to people with asthma or COPD. While metoprolol may dilate the blood vessels and lower blood pressure, it causes the bronchial tubes to constrict, leading to shortness of breath and aggravation of asthma and COPD.

I got serious troubled breathing, anxiety, fast heart beat, throbbing, insomnia, crying only 4 days after starting for palpitations at 12.5mg 2x/day. I quit cold turkey after day 6. Did not have any worse effects after stopping than I did while taking it.

I've been on metoprolol 25mg 1x daily for a little over a week now. The only side effects I'm having is itchy skin and short of breath sometimes. On the plus side though, my BP is 130/80-85 and it has helped with my anxiety. My question to Peoples Pharmacy is, are itchy skin and short of breath a common side effect? I went and seen the Doc after taking it 5 days and told him about the shortness of breath, but he didn't seem to worried about it, so should I be?

you should not take any medications with grapefruit.

People's Pharmacy response: There are a number of medications that can interact with grapefruit, but in most cases there are alternatives that do not interact.

can you develop an allergic reaction in the form of raised swollen bumps ranging in size clusters to size of a quarter on your body and can include your face, such as lower eye lid, lips, cheek, torso from metoprol er succinate 50mg tabs after taking it successfully for a couple of years? WHAT should you do?

I am a 22 year old female, been taking Metoprolol (25mg, 2x/day) for about a month. My doctor prescribed this because I have a very fast heart rate. My blood pressure is normal (sometimes even low) and I am not overweight. Since taking the medication I have been noticing a lot of random side effects- my left arm feels weaker, often goes numb at night, more muscle pains, lethargy, still get a lot of chest pains and irregular heartbeats. It seems that the medication is not helping anything other than the fast heart rate, although I feel "better" (due to slower heart) at the same time I feel worse because of all the other new symptoms. I don't want to be stuck on this medication, I would be so happy if I could find something that could control my heart rate without the other side effects that often make me feel miserable.

Yes, I do know what causes your hair loss. This drug directly interferes with thyroid hormones. Low thyroid hormones make you lose hair. Free-T4 thyroid hormone does not convert correctly into free-T3 thyroid hormone with this drug. Your doctor may say you are in the range for TSH test. Tell your doctor you want to be in the top 1/3 of the range on the Free-T4 and Free-T3 tests. Most doctors are clueless about these tests. So maybe an easier way would be to tell your doctor "Get me another heart drug that is not in the beta-blocker category. Beta-blockers commonly cause these problems.

What a horror story to try and lower my Blood Pressure!
Had really high BP last November 2013. Dr. immediately put me on three BP drugs and thank goodness Lorazepam of which I am not sure I would have survived without
Metaprolol, Benazepril, Amlodapine and I was a zombie for the last 6 months. Couldn't work and ate our savings up as I had no insurance and because of this we have lost out kids and my wife's Insurance as well as we can no longer afford it along with our business insurance amongst other things.

A little over a month ago I decided to get off the amlodapine fist as it seemed to have the worst side effects. Found a site in UK that confirmed this with over 800 patient comments, some saying it was the devil's drug. I took two weeks to wean off of it and had some minor heart palpitations.

Part of my thinking came back. So a week later I decided to get off Benazapril over two weeks. No issues here... but a month later I was having severe anxiety. A kind I have never had before and boy was it scary. numb face...eyes burning...internal shakes bad but rarely manifested externally. I couldn't believe as bad as I shake inside it wasn't showing outside..weird. I would feel frozen and like I couldn't move or speak. I would take a lorazepam and in an hour or so I would smooth out and usually be ok for the rest of the day. But I was constantly worried as I never knew when these attacks would hit ...and hit hard they did.

I was doing some research on something and saw a article attached that said something about ACE inhibitors(Benazipril) helping with the anxiety from metaprolol. Reading that was like a holy grail. It said something to the effect that when Metaprolol slows things down the adrenals then send a signal to adrenals to pump it way up... and it can cause overwhelming anxiety...and the ACE inhibitor sends a signal to the adrenals not to pump it up.

So now I know why when I was weaning off of metaprolol (2x50mg)to (2x37.5mg) ( yes I cut the pill into a half and 1/4)the anxiety got worse after metaprolol started to wear off
So I started Benazapril again at half a dose first thing in the morning (as the night metaprolol pill had worn off) and before the morning metaprolol pill two hours later. It seemed to help. Also taking the Lorazepam with it in AM seems to be getting me through the day for now until I can get off these horrible pills. This morning the heart would startle me awake several times and I would feel the internal shaking on my right side and it would go across my body to my left side like it was passing through me from side to side. When I was at the dentist's office in February getting a filling done...the numbing agent wore off really fast. The dentist couldn't believe it so he put really strong stuff all over in my mouth (big needle) it too wore off fast and I could feel the drill on the nerve as I wasn't numb at all. My body started shaking horribly from my feet to my shoulders and then back to my feet. He was really worried and so was I.

Funny thing was my head was fairly level but my body was trembling unbelievably. My rear end hurt for days after from the trembling. I wonder if that was from the meds as I didn't take the morning pill and was still going on the pill the night before. I wonder if it screwed something up with the meds after that experience because the anxiety got worse with other symptoms. The visual disturbances are particularly frightening.

Wondering if anyone has any ideas on how quick I CAN get off the 2x 37.5 at a safe rate. I figured a quarter a pill a week???

I want my life back...a.any help is well appreciated

PS I have had most of these symptoms by other posters. The anxiety and zombie brain fog are the worst. I am 54 years old

I recently was diagnosed with Hasimoto's after 5 months on this drug. Just crossed over the line. Not sure if this drug caused it but it has been hell since I have been on it.
I asked my NEW Dr. if I should get off the BP meds to determine what I am like without them since I have so many side effects. I want to know the difference between what is side effect and what is really wrong with me. He said stay on it while I get off of gluten as he thought it might be gluten causing symptoms.

Been off of gluten for 3 weeks now and anxiety is worse. I think most of my issues beside high BP is from side effects from Metoprolol.

My Dr took me off of 50 mg of metroplol ER to 25mg twice a day tart rate and i feel bad. Is it safe to half the night dose of tart rate ? Has anyone successfully stopped this medication? I was doing good for years on the succinate until i had parathyroid surgery in March and now my meds stopped working. i am also on 10 mg lisonopril and recently hydrochlrothiazide was added because of spikes in my bp.

Ask your doctor about the brand name Toprol XL. You may get less side effects.

The Mfg is AstraZeneca. Good Luck

I have been on Metoprolol-l25 mg x2 daily for two years always have had some diarrhea, lately it has gotten bad has any one else had this problem.

I feel better taking half (25 mg once a day)--but asked my doctor first. Also, taking it at night when I'm home. I don't know how that will feel when I go out somewhere at night. I also take .250 mg digoxin for heart failure and systolic atrial fibrillation.

My mother went to her Primary Care Physician back in January and he discovered her pulse was skipping, so he sent her to a cardiologist, who then did a stress test (came back normal), tests for CHF (also came back normal), but he put her on Metoprolol anyway to get her heart rhythm back to normal.

Since then, her legs and feet have swollen to 3-4 times their size, to the point where she can barely walk or get her shoes on, and is in pain from the tissues in her legs being so swollen. She also developed a mucus-producing, constant cough (her PCP has ruled out every respiratory condition and has no answer), and also has wheezing and shortness of breath. About a month and a half after starting Metoprolol, she ended up in the ER with a rash on her swollen legs, and on her back - the ER had no answers for that, either. When she brought up all of this to her PCP, and the cardiologist, both of them refused to believe it was the Metoprolol, despite it being her only new/different medication, and will not let her stop taking it or switch it to something else.

Two weeks ago, she stopped taking it (without my knowledge - I know it's dangerous), and told me that after a week, all of her symptoms started to go away. She started taking it again when I told her how dangerous it was to stop, and the side effects all returned. Now we're convinced it's the Metoprolol, but don't know what to do since her doctors refused to let her stop taking it. She's exhausted and depressed from the pain, swelling, constant coughing and shortness of breath and has basically just given up.

I was prescribed metoprolol succinate for irregular heart rhythm (pvc's every 30 seconds or so for the past 6 months). Only 25mg extended release. Took two weeks to work, but then pvcs reduced by more than 90%. Worked great for me! I'm back to normal with no side effects. What a relief!

After 5 years of taking metoprolol for HP I didn't have any problems, then suddenly I was had severe leg and back pain and other serious issues, this all took place after I had changed over to mail order after my HMO suggested I do that. Not all generic brands are good, and some are dangerous. I stopped the mail order pharmaceuticals and stopped metorprolol, and I recovered. It may be safer to take the brand name and stay away from generic brands. There is no government oversight for labs that produce these generic products. The brand names are expensive, however may be the better method. Your doctors could prescribe a different type of med. There are others.

After one year taking 12.5mg of Toprol XL once a day as a preventive medication, there are other factors, but I'm going to be one of the people who stop it cold because none of my doctors will address the problems. Not when first taking it, and not now. Wish me luck, and better doctors for all who need them.

Hey JR !

I will say it is funny how Dr. will NOT talk about this. That includes the two Dr.s I presently have and two personal friends that are Dr.s. One is one of the best Dr.s in the country in his area... but I have one heck of a time getting him to talk about getting off these meds.... and trust me we talk about much deeper stuff that I would be more worried about with no issue. So there is something they are afraid of.
I have gone.

Next I have gone from 100 mg (50mg x2) down to 12.5 mg once a day in the AM. It has been a scary trip with lots of anxiety and panic..mainly based on the palpitations. They seem to trigger all kinds of other worries in me.

I would recommend you read about palpitations... it did ease my mind a bit.
I notice a lorazepam can settle them down... but watch on taking too many of these or for too long as you can become dependent quickly. Talk to your Dr. about it if you can.

Breathing and meditation can for sure help if you can settle down enough to do it.

And keep your nutrition clean!!! I noticed the side effects and palpitations became much worse when I ate junk foods with lots of bad oil fats. Try to juice and eat veggies as much as possible over your withdrawal time. Your heart will appreciate it especially in withdrawals.

At 12.5 I am feeling comfortable enough to jump off completely soon. I may try 6mg for a few days then get off it. It has taken me 6 weeks+ to get to this point. So those on a higher dose please take it slow even though you may want to go fast. The fast way is very unpleasant ...and from what I have read under certain circumstances it can kill. So please be careful and good luck.

The biggest reward for me so far is that recently I have got my thinking back to a level I can produce again. I do creative work and the whole 7 months I have been on these drugs I have been a zombie when it comes to creating and work. Time to build our savings up again as I have no insurance...nor my wife and kids anymore since Obama-care had tripled our rates in a time of need and we had to give it up to pay the bills.
Good luck!

I have been reading with interest all the comments on side effects from generics. My personal experience has been with generics of LOPRESSOR. The generic of Lopressor is metoprolol tartrate. My insurance company also pushed me into generics. Some worked, some did not. The big problem is that when you run out of your prescription (one that worked) and go to refill it, you most likely will get a different generic by another company. Every time you refill your prescription, you worry if you are going to have bad side effects. After a few years of generics of Lopressor and many trips to the doctor and hospital, my physician put me on LOPRESSOR (no substitutions). Since that time I have not had any problems with side effects. I take this medication mainly for atrial fibrillation and blood pressure. I, like many others, tried other medications (since 1995)e.g. calcium channel blockers, anti-arrhythmia drugs, etc. The only one that has worked and improved my condition is LOPRESSOR (name brand).

The Company that used to manufacture LOPRESSOR was Novartis. They sold off the rights to LOPRESSOR a couple of years ago. The Company that bought the rights is Validus Pharmaceutical located in Parsippany, New Jersey. They are ready to release LOPRESSOR again after a much delayed start-up of production because of strict regulations in manufacturing. I personally have had a very difficult time in filling my prescriptions in the last year because there is so little, if any, remaining inventory of LOPRESSOR. I am counting the days when I will be able to have my prescription filled with no worries. I will not take a generic for LOPRESSOR because of past history of ineffective or even dangerous substitutions. I can buy a 90 day supply of the generic for about $10. However, I gladly pay $120 with my prescription plan for the NAME BRAND LOPRESSOR.

When you have a medication like LOPRESSOR that treats a myriad of serious conditions, generic drugs should NOT be substituted. If quality control is so important with a name brand medicine, why are companies allowed to make the generic drug without the strict guidelines? The heart and lungs are nothing to fool around with. Insurance companies pressure you to take the generics and make it difficult to take a name brand (Doctor must fill out a form and answer questions as to why you should take the name brand. The doctor must fill out this form every year or you will not be ALLOWED to get your name brand medicine. Then the form goes to someone at the insurance company for review.) This is outrageous! Who are they to tell your doctor what medicine is best for your treatment?

By the way, Toprol XL, is the same medicine as LOPRESSOR but it is a time released version. Anyone having problems with Toprol XL may be having an issue with the ingredients that make it an extended release product.

@FDK you made some excellent points about generics!!!
We know generics can be very different from the main drug in how they react in out body...mostly from experience.
But one little molecule difference can make all the difference and that can make it literally a DIFFERENT drug that should be tested as well.
Why are Generics ANY different from the original? What standards do they use to get it exactly like the original?

I had this experience years ago getting some dental work done and got prescribed Lortab for pain. It was expensive so they switched me to a generic and the difference was substantial. I have experienced it with BP meds and with Lorazepam generics...several that all worked different. All from different drug stores.

To me it would seem that any change needs to be tested as the effects could be life threatening.

UPDATE. I finally finished getting off Metpoprolol last week and am finally starting to feel bits of my old self come back. What a two month journey of hell getting off of them. Anxiety and panic...and lots of heart Palpitations!!! Now a week later they are almost gone...Thanks God!
I went to my Dr. a few days ago and told him and he almost let me go as a patient....he said in 25 years he never had anyone have side effects or withdrawals besides being tired. He basically said it was all in my head and supplements cause heavy metal poisoning. Amazing that he can discount my experience and others here who are having almost identical symptoms.

Metprolol Tartrate 50mg [Generic} prescribed for abdominal aortic aneurism in April, 2014 dosing is one 50mg tablet BID [twice per day]. This medication causes various side effects but most concerning was the scalp itching and hair loss never before experienced with any other medications though none for High Blood Pressure. Hair loss or medical term is "ALOPECIA".

Hair loss became evident about one week of being on the medication and leaving short hair strands everywhere and major loss upon combing with wide tooth comb. Although this is considered as less severe, to those who have fine hair this can be catastrophic for a woman. Beware always of medications prescribed and always look up the side effects so you are aware of what to look for in you medications and how to address the problem you are experiencing.

My Doc started me on Metoprolol Succinate ER to treat premature ventricular contractions. I've had these for 20-30 years and he said that if they became troublesome then we would do something. Well, in Feb. of this year I started experiencing 10-12 episodes a day and he put a Holter Monitor on me which showed in 24 hrs. that I had 12 episodes.

He started me @ 25 mg a day. After a few days I was having about 30 episodes a day so he increased the dose to 50 mg a day. After a couple of days I had to go see him as I was now getting about 60-80 episodes a day and while he was taking my pulse he felt three episodes in a matter of a few minutes. So he then said to continue the 50 mg in the AM and take another 25 mg in the PM.

After a few days I began having continuous episodes a day and when I called him he seemed to either not believe me or thought this was impossible. Today I saw a cardiologist and he seemed to not believe this was possible, yet while I was there I had over a dozen episodes. The unbelievable part was that he suggested I increase the dose!!

I told him I was going to decrease the dose and he said OK and see what happens. If I had known about the possibility of sudden death from quitting this med I would never had started on it, but there was nothing with the med and the doc said nothing. The last few months have been pure misery.

I was given metoprolol when I went into the ER 3 weeks ago with heart rate bouncing between 130-190, arrythmia, etc. due to thyroiditis. The drug seemed to do next to nothing as they pumped it into me for six hours. They changed to some other beta blocker after that and it went right down to 105, very steady, then 84 by the next morning. I'm now taking carvedilol but don't like ANY drugs so I'm taking it less often and in half-tablets rather than what they have prescribed. I feel better when I take less.

People's Pharmacy response: Make sure your doctor knows exactly what you are doing and why.

I was on 25mg of Metoprolol twice a day for about 2 months. My doctor told me to stop them cold turkey, as I wasn't on them for very long in the first place. I decided to do a short wean process (about five days) and have been off them mostly for about two weeks now. I have been incredibly anxious since then, and have had at least two episodes of tachycardia (once at about 120 bpm, another nearing 140). I am curious how long these effects will last, and if I should just go back on the pill? I've been reading that getting off of these pills can be dangerous, and I don't know if I have passed that window of danger or not.

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