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Are Generic Beta Blockers Less Effective?

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Q. My doctor prescribed Toprol-XL several years ago and it worked well. Last week my pharmacist refilled my prescription with generic metoprolol succinate. Two days later my blood pressure shot sky high to 190/100.

Luckily, I found some leftover pills of the brand name Toprol-XL. My blood pressure came down to 140/90--high but okay.

Is there a problem with this new generic? This has never happened to me before.

A. Toprol-XL (metoprolol) is a slow-release beta blocker prescribed to control high blood pressure and irregular heart rhythms. Many other readers have reported rapid heart rate and higher blood pressure after switching to some generic forms of metoprolol succinate.

One patient experienced pounding headaches with blood pressure of 225/125 after one week on metoprolol. Another wrote, “I have bouts of ultra-fast heart beats, atrial fibrillation, and severe PVCs (premature ventricular contractions) which have been controlled with Toprol-XL for years. On the generic, it is as if I'm not taking anything.”

We urge anyone having a problem with a generic drug to discuss the problem with the prescriber. The FDA insists that all generic drugs are equivalent, but our readers describe varied reactions.

  • Currently 4.2/5
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Not Helpful ..... Very Helpful
Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4.2/5 (37 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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I, too, was taking Toprol XL for several years. When the insurance company refilled it with a generic, I checked with the doctor and the pharmacist who both told me the medicine was exactly the same. However, I have been experiencing high blood pressure when at doctor's offices (attributed to nerves), atrial fibrillations (even at rest) and one night my pulse was racing for two hours (attributed to minor happy excitement). I have had a gut instinct all along that it's the switch to generic that has been causing this. Now I hear that others are having the same issue. What do we do now to help ourselves stay healthy on this supposedly 'safe' medication?

I took metoprolol succinate ER 25mg (generic) for HBP. I took it Dec. 19-26. The first adverse reaction was itching. On the 25th I awoke with lots of itching and a bright red rash and hives on various parts of my body. Abated for a few hours with Benedryl but worsened on 26th: Both eyes swollen and right eye so swollen shut it and looked like I had been slugged! Doctor said even the lids had hives. HBP reading that day was 163/83 with this medication. Doctor said I could have rashes pop up here and there for up to 4 weeks after Dec. 26. I don't want to try any form of this medicine again!

I have been taking Toprol XL for several years for irregular heat beats also. Never had a problem. Recently my insurance company said I had to get the generic or I would have an extremely high co-pay ($50). So I have been taking the Metropol. I thought I was crazy when I started to experience more and more frequent irregular heartbeats. Especially when lying in bed at night right after taking my Metropol. Never realizing it might be the generic brand. I was always fine on the Toprol. Now I know I am not crazy. I thought it was just a coincidence until I read this article. Is there any way insurance companies can cover the non-generic if it gives you a bad reaction and is not really helping the problem you're taking it for?

I was taking Toprol XL for 9 months prior to being switched to a generic. My blood pressure was averaging 113/70. Today at the Dr's office, it was 142/102. I take the same dosage, but it's like I'm taking nothing at all! I also find myself feeling like a zombie most of the time, I have insomnia, and terrible, lucid dreams with the generic.

I'm switching to Atenolol.

I have been taking Toprol XL 25 mg for nearly two years to control irregular heartbeat. I did very well on it, with only a few instances of an occasion PVC. Now my insurance has put me on generic Toprol XL and it's just not working. PVC's are running sometimes 8-20 per minute. I'll pay for my own medication and not take the generic, it doesn't work. Where are the quality control people?

Right after my triple bypass heart surgery 5 years ago, my cardiologist put me on metoprolol tartred 50 mg to slow down my heartbeat and reduce my high blood pressure. I have never experienced any problems with this medication, but there again you have to be carefull about which metropolol you use, and there may be also slight differences of quality among different mfg.

I have taken toprol as well as metoprolol and not found any significant difference. I have usually used generics and am satified with them. As a dentist, I have prescribed generics unless the patient specifically requested the brand-name drug. I believe FDA rules specify how much variation is allowed between the active ingredients in generic and brand-name drugs. Side effects can be caused by inactive ingredients or fillers, and all generics of the same drug don't contain the same fillers.

I was on Toprol after a heart bypass about 6 months ago. Blood pressure range 120's-70's. Changed to generic Metoprolol from Wal-Mart and blood pressure went to 170 range.

I too am having more fast or irregular heartbeats with the generic for Toprol XL. I only notice this at night before falling to sleep or if I wake up in the middle of the night. I am going back to Toprol XL. It's been a wonderful drug for me and I don't want to endanger my health with a substandard generic.

The results of having taken the Toprol XL generic (meteprolol succinate ER-mfg's PAR & SANDOZ) was a general increase in my BP into the 150 to 160 and 90 ranges, with surges in my blood pressure up to 195/109/75.

Initially I was on Toprol XL from Mar thru Aug. 2007, with heart bypass surgery in May 2007. The change in my BP occured after the change to the generic which took place in Sept 2007.

I was changed back to the Toprol XL on Jan 3 2008. Since that time my blood pressure has returned to the 120's/70's. Generics did not work for me.

I started takeing metoprolol in September at 25 mg. for optical migrains. It did not help, so the doctor increased it to 50. As of December, I am taking 100 mg. metoprolol succer, which I cut in half, taking twice a day. On all doses I have had nausea and diarrhea, still have optical migraines and my blood pressure has gone down slightly.

i developed shortness of breath. My doctor tried different things to no avail. My wife showed me your article in Newsday 1 08 08. I cut the pills in half and changed to every other day . i am going to go back on non-generic.

I have taken metoprolol and did not have the blood pressure lowering effects that I now have on the name brand. My heart rate at night was full of PVCs and now I do not have them after switching to the Toprol XL.

This past Monday night my generic prescription for Toprol XL was filled with another manufacturer's product. I woke up Tuesday morning with my heart racing as if I just ran 2 blocks. My heart rate was over 100 with an irregular heartbeat. I have had no problems for 2 years. I felt pressure on my chest and was sweating a great deal. I went to my doctor and nothing obvious was found and my blood work just came back normal. I am going back either to the other manufacturer or Toprol XL.

Thank you for your posts. I now realize why my pvcs are worse. I just started the generic toprol after doing fine on the brand. I just went to the pharmacy to have my meds changed back to brand.

I have been taking Toprol XL for an irregular heart beat for approximately 3 years. Just recently the insurance company decided to make it a Level III and charge me a $55.00 copay instead of the $10.00 copay. Go figure... What else is new with everything skyrocketing. Why should the drug companies not get in on the act of getting more money with an old brand name drug that has been around for many many years.

The doctor called me in Metoprolol ER 25 mg. I have been reading the comments about metoprolol ER and how they don't control irregular heart beats like the Toprol XL, and some people have had adverse reactions. I have not started taking this drug yet and wonder If I should just pay the co-pay and tell the doctor to call back in the Toprol XL. I also pay $55.00 per month for another BP drug, otherwise I just would have continued with the brand of Toprol for the higher co-pay.

I am a dancer and very active in sports and I am wondering if I am going to go through the same thing with this generic, and if it is even worth trying it.

I have not been in the ER for awhile. I am wondering....

I have been on Toprol XL for 1 year now, and this month the pharmacy switched to the generic on my last refil. I had assumed that I was taking the generic all along, because I only paid the generic co-pay. After calling the pharmacy and asking why they switched the medication, I was told that they did not have the generic Toprol until recently, and they just filled with the brand instead. Within 20 minutes after taking the Metroprolol Succinate ER 25, I begain having heart palitations and headaches. I took the remaining pills back to the pharmacy and switched back to Toprol xl 25 and no problems since.

With my second 90-day refill of generic Toprol XL (sandoz) started having similar experiences as others--erratic pulse, elevated bp, light sensitivity. Read comments online and went back to brand name Toprol (my expense). I was better in 1-2 days. Reported to FDA.

My insurance company switched me from Toprol XL to Metoprolol Succinate ER 50 Mg. Within the next few weeks, I started having bouts with fast heartbeat, and racing heartbeat, it was something I have never experienced before. Shortly therafter I read your article in the newspaper, and it made re realize what happened. I plan on contacting my insurance company and seeing if I can switch back to

I appreciate the dentist's remarks. I absolutely believe the various fillers either affect outcome in people sensitive to them.

I was started on Metoprolol ER due to a questionable echocardiogram. With this first refill, I was given the Toprol XL (Metoprolol Succinate T), and it will be interesting to see if there is any difference, once I adjust, mentally, to the change. But fillers are important factors.

I just wrote about the switch from Metoprolol ER (Sandoz, I now see), to Toprol SL (metoprolol succinate T).

Let me emphasize that I did not look up the fillers, and then have this effect. I took the Toprol XL, and my nasal passages cleared. I also have more 'zip' than I have had in the past month since starting the Sandoz.

I then looked up the fillers. Toprol XL, if the information is correct, contains polyethelene glycol. I am wondering if this small amount is sufficient to produce these effects.

I'm back. Just how many of these reations are psychogenic, I wonder?

Beginning approximately 5 hours after taking the Toprol, as opposed to the Sandoz, my pulse rate is rapid. I feel extremely 'buzzed'. I am having light sensitivity (which I had not read about before experiencing it). But I am concerned about this rather rapid pulse rate when it had been slowed to a relative crawl.

I called my pharmacist. No answers there.

Okay. I've got to stop posting, but must give this update. The rapid pulse persisted at least into the evening if not through the night.

Day 2 on the Toprol, I am nauseous, still having a rapid pulse.... but mostly, incredibly pissed off that I have no physician dealing with this. I decided to take a 1 mg diazepam (the HORROR DRUG... give me a break), and even THAT did not slow me down. I feel like absolute garbage. So -- it's either the fillers or the manufacturers -- it's not in my head.

Oh my gosh. After being on Toprol XL succesfully for 6 years, my insurance company switched me to the generic several months ago. I wasn't feeling well and my heart beat was not regular. Went to cardiologist, BP way up and heart in fib. Just for the heck of it, I wondered if it might be the drug switch due to timing of my problems, did a web search, and found this website. I also noticed my heart is OK in the morning, then several hours after taking the Metoprolol, my heart goes up to 120 BPM and into fib. I am demanding Toprol Monday, and will let you know what I experience. The FDA is a joke, based on experiences here, this is not an equivalent drug.

I am so glad I found this website-I thought I was either crazy or going through the "change" and having hot flashes making my palps worse!! I too was changed from Toprol XL (very successful 10 year run) to the Metoprolol ER a few months ago and have been having a lot more PVC's and runs of Tach! I just called my dr and told them about this website and asked to be changed back--I don't care about the cost--I want my confidence in my medicine back! Thanks!

I was on Toprol for at less 7 years, and for my last refill I was switched to Metoprolo ER. The first pill I took I got a headache. I tried it for 30 days and the headaches got worse, my blood pressure went up. I had to get a new 30 day refil of toprol XL. My blood pressure went down and the headaches stopped. The thing I hate the most is my pills are twice as much, because someone said Metoprolo ER is the same as Toprol XL.

I am glad to come upon this web site. I had been taking Toprol XL 100 mg for several years for HPB and atrial Fib. In late Sept of 07 my drug store switched me to the generic version. About a month later I started experiencing a feeling of being unwell, inability to sleep and headaches. The headaches have continued, I have had a Cat Scan and MRI and they were both normal. Now I read that generic toprol causes side effects in others similar to mine. I am going to get a prescription refill for Toprol XL and see if that makes a difference. I'll let you know.

My insurance company switched me from Toprol-XL to generic in September 2007. Since then my BP has been steadly climbing and the generic has been increased from 50mg to 150mg with no long-term success in controlling my BP. I also have palpations and can't convince my cardiologist to switch me back. I am now on a crusade to get my BP under control. Will let you know if going back to non-generic works.

I have used Toprol XL for several years with no problems. My last refill was switched to a generic. That was 6 weeks ago. Last Monday night I went to the hospital because I thought I was having a heart attack. High BP, rapid pulse, tightness in the chest and numbness in the palms. Stayed overnight and had nuclear stress test next day. Luckily no change in heart function. Hospital had me on lopressor. Exited hospital Tuesday; BP 123/78, by today, Friday 3/7/08, up to 153/91 after doubling the dose of generic. I ordered 10 day supply of regular Toprol XL that I paid for myself to see if there will be a difference.

For the past 2 years, I've been on Toprol XL 50mg for blood pressure and rapid heart rate. When the drug went generic, I was switched to metoprolol succinate. When a ran across this website, I had been searching for a picture of this pill as I thought the pharmacy had given me the wrong medicine. I too am experiencing a rise in my blood pressure and sudden increases in my heart rate -- at night in bed. This medication just does not work for me.

I too had been on toprol xl for several years and while the side effects were there, they were minimal. In Dec 2007, I went to my Dr after she had authorized metoprolol at of course my insurance's request, and I was having headaches, chest pain and soaring BP's for the first time in years. My Dr of course thought I was crazy, but after my INSISTENCE, she ok'd brand, and I paid the higher co-pay, and within 3 days my bp, headaches and chest pain were gone--too bad my dr has a problem reading my chart as she ok'd generic again this week--guess the drug company must be giving the docs some mighty good ?? fill in the blanks!

Guess it's going to take someone having a stroke and suing our own doctors and insurance companies to get any results. Hope you guys don't have to deal with CVS/Caremark as they are not very compassionate even tho they had a documented email from me that I couldn't take the generic, they called my doctor and got it ok'd anyway!

I'm on Metoprolol ER 25mg and have noticed when I first wake up that my heart rate is around 100 BPM (I'm normally 60 BPM). After being up a few hours it returns to normal. I usually take this med in the AM, so maybe it has to do with the extended release reaching it's 24 hour limit? I read on Consumer Labs website that the generic Toprol varies by MFR. The 3 MFR's (Sandoz, Par and Ethex/KV) are not identical, and give different results. I know the generic I have is from Sandoz (they are marked E 281). Wondering if others also have the Sandoz. I believe the Sandoz generic is the lowest cost, so it's also probably the one most pharmacies use (I think Par pharmaceuticals co-produces with AstraZenica, so this generic may be closer to the Brand version... but not sure). I'd like to hear if anyone with the Par/AZ generic is having similar troubles.

I also have had experience in switching from brand to generic for high blood pressure. My blood pressure shot up and I went back on brand.

A few years ago, my wife switched from a different brand name to generic and within six weeks her blood pressure soared resulting in a stroke in her ear causing total loss of hearing in that ear.

I think the drug companies and some doctors need a wakeup call that brand and generic are not the same. I am surprised that the government hasn't stepped into this debate. Oh that's right, the current administration believes in little government and let the industries figure it out. Of course they have also attempted to exempt those same companies from liability and frivilous law suits. Our food is in danger, airplanes are in danger, environment is in danger from relaxed regulation, etc.

I was switched from the brand Toprol XL 100 mg daily to the generic Metoprolol Succinate ER in September of 07. I noticed that my blood pressure was climbing but I paid no attention and then my heart started to pound which kept getting worse.

mentioned the switched to my doctor and asked if maybe the generic was not controlling my blood pressure and she said it was the same drug so I just continued on with the situation getting worse. The other night within 4 hours after taking the generic drug, my heart started racing and continued through the whole night. I took my blood pressure and it was 189/102 and my heart rate was 112 which is normally in the 60's to 70 range.

I was terrified. I called the pharmacist as soon as he opened and told him the situation and he sarcastically told me there was nothing wrong with the generic metoprolol and that he takes it himself. I called my doctor and she prescribeb the name brand Toprol XL. I took the name brand and within 1 hour of taking the name brand my heart stopped racing and my blood pressure started to drop and within 12 hours of taking the name brand my heart rate was at 66 and my blood pressure was at 154/88.

I filed a complaint with the FDA and everyone else needs to do this as well--someone is going to die from this generic metoprolol ER Something is terribly wrong here and no one is doing anything about it and by the way, I am switching Pharmacies as well!

I was put on a Beta blocker and had no side effects. My blood pressure was 115/70. I then went to a different pharmacy and was placed on the Generic Beta Blocker Metoprolol succer . After being placed on this drug my blood pressure went up and I have suffered from continuous premature ventricular contractions. Today I quit the drug and I plan to complain to the pharmacy.

I tried generic inderal a few times. You feel as if you are suffocating (which is how I felt before being diagnosed w/mitral valve prolapse). Other symptoms as well.

Once had a cardiologist in charlotte, nc admit to me that inderal was one of the drugs that isn't as good w/generic. Of course they no longer make the regular tab/inderal. Why? Because generic has made it less profitable. So today I'm trying sustained release.

On the metoprolol: tried the generic in 2004. Wound up in emergency. Sudden high bp, racing heart, and my hands were shaking uncontrollably like someone w/severe parkinsons. They said possibly toxic reaction.

The truth is if we use common sense, of course generic cannot be as good. It's a fraction of the cost.
I is a hoax. These companies are all about money. That's the bottom line. If they work for you, fine. Then you are lucky to be in the minority.

I can only assume all generic drugs perform less than their more expensive counterparts. They must use ingredients of lesser quality. Do they use a synthetic equivilant? Who oversees these manufacturers? If they can get away w/it, they will. It's unfortunate. Sad, but this is the world.

Inderal just suddenly pulled the plug. I think it's irresponsible, and ought to be criminal.



The insurance company insisted I switch to the generic of the Toprol XL after I have been stable on Toprol for years. I noticed I felt "bad," and then I began having problems with tremors and racing heartbeat. I had some samples of the actual toprol and switched, and all my symptoms went away. But it costs me an additional 30 a month to have the name brand instead of the generic. I have tried to fight the insurance company, but that is a joke.

What medications cause the bending and or curvature of the penis? Also, does the bending progress?

I had occasionally had this dry cough unassociated with any respiratory condition The last few days it has been quite steady. I had some codeine syrup on hand which did some to quiet it but of course the cough returns. I have been using the Metropolol quite a while
and on taking my blood pressure was a bit surprised it was up. Definite cause for concern. My history is CAD with Triple CABG 2 yrs ago. Otherwise very good health. Am just 68 and can see I may have to pay more to get the BP down! From the other messages looks like this needs further investigation and possible legal action.
Band together!

I was taking ToporolXL 100mg for two years with no problem. Part D insurance company removed Toporol from their formulary. I attempted to use Metroprol But suffered severe dizzness. I protested with the insurance company and after several heated disscussions they approved my request for an exception.

Doctor prescribed generic toprol to reduce a rapid pulse rate. Six months ago, he doubled the daily dose. About five months ago, I started gettng hives and a rash & swollen painful hands.
I did not connect this to the medication but went to an allergist, underwent all sorts of tests, including that for RA & Lymes. All negative. This week I read your column re: side effects for statins, and the light dawned... Started Chunking and Googling and I think this could be it. I cut the tablets in half and will see if this lessens....

I was prescribed Toprol XL 50 mg for HBP and PVC's about 6 years ago. It worked well controlling my issues. At some point I was switched to a generic (small oval pill) that also seemed to work OK. On August 3, I got a refill, but my pharmacy had switched generic providers and now gave me some large oval pills. Over these two weeks my PVC's increased and I had a number of bouts with racing heart beat. Also BP of 150/100. I took the generic back to the pharmacy on August 15 and asked for regular Toprol XL instead. Today the PVCs are gone and BP at last check was 126/79. I think I'll stick with the regular Toprol XL from now on.

After taking ToprolXL for several years I saw a sign in the pharmacy promoting the generic so I decided to give it a trial after being reassured that the actual medication was identical. Within a few days I began having hot flashes (first in 20 years!)and memory problems so I went to the computer and entered "Metoprolol Succ er".Thanks to this website I returned to the pharmacy the next morning to switch back to Toprol XL. Immediate change back to normal.

For many years, I've taken brand name Toprol XL 25 mg successfully for Tachycardia. Due to my health insurance restrictions, my pharmacy switched me to generic Metoprolol Succinate.

Shortly after starting the generic, I developed a chronic stuffy nose AND difficulty breathing (felt like suffocation). I wondered if I was having panic attacks, so my doctor tried various medications used for panic disorder but none of the meds that I tried worked. I was still having a major problem trying to breathe. It became quite debilitating.

I spent one year consulting with many different types of doctors to figure out the cause of my symptoms with no luck.

In total frustration, I then contacted my pharmacist and told him my symptoms (difficulty breathing and chronic stuffy nose). He suggested that my symptoms could possibly be from the generic Metoprolol Succinate.

Within ONE DAY, after being taken off of the generic Metoprolol Succinate, ALL of my symptoms went away. I now feel GREAT but I’m disappointed that it took ONE YEAR to figure out why I couldn’t breathe.

I am glad to know I am not going crazy. My pharmacist assured me that the generic was just the same as the name brand. I was switched to metoprolol succer a couple of months ago. My blood pressure is not stable anymore and my heart rate takes off like crazy.

I was on Toporol for about 10 years with no problems and great results. I will be talking to my doctor about it at my next appointment and until then I have stopped taking the metoprolol and do better with out it.

If all of you would go onto the web page for the FDA and write your comments there, where it helps, the FDA would get a better understanding of what the drug is doing. I have been on 25 mg. of it since earlier this year and it has lowered my blood pressure and stopped my PAC and VAC, so I can't complain. However, it sounds like you people must be getting a bad dose - perhaps made in China?????? Complain to the FDA. They have a complaint page regarding drugs.

All those who posted should read the warning letter issued to Sandoz regarding their generic metoprolol succinate er.

Wow -- was I glad to see that link to the FDA letter. Just confirmed my suspicions. My husband had a terrible reaction two different times to generic meds, we later figured out they were both Sandoz products. About 18 months ago, we did a written questionnaire sent by the FDA about his reaction as well as a lengthy telephone interview. The FDA person explained that my husband was probably having a reaction to the filler used by Sandoz, and that there would be further investigation. Looks like that further investigation actually did occur (of course, I realize that it wasn't just because of his complaint).

The only reason I got online this morning to check for reactions to generic meds is because our insurance has notified us that we will be paying double in 2009 for brand name meds. My husband has enough problems that the insurance company is paying for, and it sure doesn't make sense to me that they would want to cause him to have even more problems by putting brand meds out of reach financially.

I was taking toprol xl for approximately 4 years for a-fib. My cardiologists switched me from time to time but I always returned to the toprol as I found it worked best for me. I underwent two cath ablations which initially seemed to work, but proved otherwise after about a month. My insurance company switched me to the generic toprol and I seemed to have a vast aray of new symptoms including dizziness, nervousness (which I never experienced in my life).. problems driving on highways, flinching (especially when lying down).. etc. too many to list... I told my primary and my cardiologist.. both of whom blew it off. My primary just gave me a new scrip and said it may have something to do with the breaking of the pill. We'll see but I'm hoping it is related to the generic as I can't live with these symptoms any longer.

After being on Kerlone for 14 years, I was switched to Toprol. I have gotten 2 different generic forms of Metaprolol ER and have had different side effects with each. The first one, a small oval pill, I had the racing heart. The second one, a large oval pill, I have been having eye twitching. Has anyone else had the eye symptoms? I am going to try to switch to another medicine.

Last April, I had to call 911 as my heart rate was 177 BPM. When the paramedics arrived, she had me blow hard with my thumb in my mouth, (making sure to not let any air out with my nose) this brought it back to normal. It scared me. They said it was due to stress and too much caffeine. (I had been switched to the generic Toprol Metoprolol ER Succ. MFG. Ethex, earlier) Why aren't more doctors looking at the facts??????

I took Inderal from 1986 until Toprol XL came on the market - never had one single problem with either drug. Then Walgreens decided to change me to generic Toprol XL without telling me. Two weeks later I had very rapid heart beat for two hrs., then two weeks later same thing - then I realized my drug had been changed to generic.

I notified Walgreens never to do that again - but they did - one year later - and I got the generic drug again and didn't realize it - then two weeks after starting generic had several rapid heart beat and had to go to hospital. My blood pressure is now high -which it never was before and I am definitely not as strong as I was before these three incidents. I have written the FDA a letter. My drs. - I went to two cardiologists and they both say that what happened with my rapid heart beat could not have resulted from taking the generic. But I know different - the drs. need to wake up and find out the problems with this generic.

My husband has malignant hypertension he takes metropolol 300 mg daily, I have been waiting 3 weeks for his refill, now the pharmacy tells me to get the Doc to change to something else. This is due to some manufactures pulling their faulty product from the shelf! his was okay, but now I can not get it because everyone else is trying to! his heart rate has been 115 and B/p 179/145, it is a matter of days before something happens! just not fair!

I have been on the 50 MG generic Metoprolol Succ ER for about a year now. It's funny because I haven't had any skips/pvc's until my last refill of this drug (last weeks's Holter showed about 10K in a 24 hr. period. I always get bad skips about 20 min. after I ingest the drug. I have since learned that it's been recalled and I am convinced that I got a bad batch.

Needless to say I am overjoyed that I have finally figured this out bc I thought my heart was really getting worse!!! I am going to CVS tomorrow to get on Toprol XL!!! Much thanks to everyone on this blog!!!

Holy Moly! I thought it was just me,that I was imagining all the side-effects from my pharmacy changing to the generic - now I know better - thanks to this website! Monday morning I plan to call and request my non-generic prescribed medication regardless of the cost! Remind me again why we have insurance? Oh yes, for a catastrophic illness - like taking ineffective drugs? They seem ineffectual or counterproductive most of the time. The pharmacy is relying on the drug to be an equal - the doctor relies on the same information - what does the FDA do?

I to was on toprolol for years and then was switched to metoprolol, and then to many different endings like taeth and now tapar and switched from two tablets per day to one per day, I'm really confused as I don't know what is right for me. Thanks for these comments! I guess I need to go back to Dr and get back on toprolol xl.

I was taking toprol xl for 4 years and my B/P was perfect.Then I was put on metoprolol succ and my B/P went up. My doctor increased the dose and my B/P kept going up. My blood sugar has been up to 333. I always had a normal blood sugar. Never any diabetes. I have no proved that the generic make my blood sugar to go up. But it is something to think about.

I had been on Topril XL for almost 20 yrs. Had been diabetic since I was 7. Every time I went into the hospital i had to tell them that Topril xl was what I needed, NOT the other generic forms.

They told me I was crazy, so my husband would bring my home med in. Well 4 yrs ago, I had a transplant, and they switched me to the generic form. I had been sick and depression developed and didn't even think about checking. (may also had been the mail order prescriptive company).

Well prior to this 2nd transplant, I had run 3 marathons. Ever since then, besides the depression, I have gained weight, not been able to run, and though I had been classified as having mild chronic depression, it has been a major factor in my life, not being able to do hardly anything, having breathing problems when I even try to walk or run further than a block. I found this article, and also, another transplant patient had told me of her dad's experience with this drug.

And here i am thinking I am crazy since i haven't had any drug changes...???!!! I see my doc on Tuesday and will be running over to the pharmacy with the NO GENERIC Drug changes on this.
I know this is hoping allot.
And I am no longer taking the depression med, for this to be the problem could be hoping too much. But it's worth a try.

I was taking Toprol XL for almost six years for palpitations and blood pressure problems.With no problems until they switched me over to Metroprolol ER to save me money. It scared me about the change and told the pharmacy so. They said it was the same, but i could tell the the difference. The change was in 2008, and I could tell the difference right away, not sleeping, sweating, itching, a faster heart beat, irritable, no energy, headaches and in December 16th of 2008 I broke out with hives.

My waist, back, neck, face and scalp were covered. I went to the er and they told me I had hives, never had that problem before. It's been two months and I'm still suffering with hives. I'm talking to my doctor today to see if i can get back on Toprol XL. Something should be done about a company who puts peoples lives in danger. I'm thankful to know I'm not going crazy.

I just wanted to thank all of you for your postings. I started taking metoprolol ER in February and by March after my second refill, my BP was always up 140/90 or higher. Insomnia and headaches were suddenly an everyday occurrence.

I went back to the Dr yesterday, she increased the dose. I had read this website before I took my new Rx in to be filled and asked for the Toprol XL instead of the generic and proceeded to tell the pharmicist about the concerns with the generic. He looked on his computer and said "well, the generic you have been receiving has been recalled and the manufacturer has been shut down due to so many complaints." I couldn't believe it!

So much for generics being equal! I am happy to report that after my first dose with Toprol last night, my morning BP was 124/80! Hasn't been that low in months! Just had to share my experience.

I too was switched to metropol succinate and feel more tired with headaches and just kind of more blah than with the toprol xl. My son said it was all in my head but I don't think so. My eyes have also been somewhat affected. I was looking at the side effects and they were a little different than with the toprol xl side effects. I would like to get switched back to what I had.

Wow, I thought I was crazy. Toprol XL has been working for me for a long time. I even have taken some generics with no ill effects. But just last week my prescription was refilled and they looked different. My heart has been beating irregularly (a dependable indication that my BP is elevated). So I've been monitoring it and it's quite high. Whereas I could depend on my mid morning bp to be 110/75 or there about now it is 168/94. I thought the pharmacist had made a mistake. I just got them to refill with brand name topral XL. I'll report back in.

After taking Toprol XL for over 10 years I was switched to a generic and now my BP is 162/62. This doesn't make since, they also switched my Norvasc to a different generic and I feel like I am not taking anything to control my BP.

Why my lower # is so low I do not know. Guess I don't understand BP #'s. The insurance companies don't care they still charge you a fortune for the Brand Name Drug.

I will have to go back to the Brand just to have peace of mind and have normal BP.

I need to know if cutting generic Metoprolol er in half diminishes effectiveness (label says do not crush or chew) and also if cutting it in half might exacerbate side effects.

I understand how everyone is feeling because the same thing has been happening to me... I don't know about the brand name toprolol because I have always been on the generic from day one... I was put on metoprolol succ er 50mg by mylan (walgreens brand) in Jan. 2008. I switched to cvs because walgreens didn't pay for other brand name medicines that I use... I was on the 50mg by par starting Dec. 2010 and had not had a problem until recently..a year later Nov. 2011 I started feeling dizzy/lightheaded so my doctor switched me to 25mg 1x day... my cardiologists said it was probably due to my low bp... after switching to the 25mg 1x day my heart has been racing and bp up to 158/94 and I could literally feel my heart beating... so I called my heart doctor and he put me on 25mg 2x's a day... this is my 2nd day.. 12/30/2011 on this schedule... the pharmacist told me that stress could be causing this problem...but I told the pharmacist I have been stressed before and this has never happened to me... not the pounding heart and the high bp... what the heck is going on here...

All II know is that everyone with heart issues need to band together and pray for a miracle so we do not need medicine anymore... I'm seriously thinking about a heart (ablation)..look it up..I

I was prescribed Toprol XL by my cardiologist several years ago for hypertension & arrhythymia & like just about everyone else here I got switched to generic metoprolol. There are several manufacturers of the generics out there, unfortunately, some of them don't even come close to original Toprol. Sometimes it was so bad I had to return/exchange my 'left-over' pills to my pharmacist because of untoward side effects.

I have found that the 'Par' brand of the generic metoprolol works very well for me with no side effects. I have asked my pharmacist to give me only the Par brand in the future.

My pharmacy seems to alternate between the Par and Watson generics. The Par works fine for me... the Watson is noticeably less effective at controlling my pvc's. The pharmacy (a chain) says they just use what they get from their supplier. I need to find a pharmacy that can consistently supply Par, or else go back to Toprol and pay the huge co-pay.

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