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Lower Blood Pressure Without Side Effects

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Q. A few months ago, I finally yielded to my doctor’s pressure and went on a blood pressure medication, against my better judgment. I am a 63-year-old female. The medication is metoprolol succinate.

If you could tell me some of its side effects, I would be grateful. I am not feeling well and I am guessing this new med is the culprit.

A. Metoprolol, like other beta blocker blood pressure medicines, may cause fatigue, dizziness or diarrhea. Some people develop an itchy rash while taking the medicine, while others may find themselves short of breath. It slows heart rate, sometimes by quite a lot.

Many cardiologists are reassessing beta blockers, though. Such drugs are rarely considered first line treatments for hypertension these days (Lancet, Oct. 29, 2005). Blood pressure control is very important, so don’t stop your medication on your own. (It is dangerous to stop a beta blocker drug suddenly.) Discuss your symptoms with your doctor and ask about other possible treatments.

Perhaps this reader’s experience will help you: “I was told I need to be on blood pressure meds. I don't like to take pills so I tried breathing exercises and going to the gym. I didn't have high blood pressure at my last visit.”

  • Currently 3.2/5
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  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
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Not Helpful ..... Very Helpful
Was this information helpful? Average rating: 3.2/5 (51 votes)
What do you think? Click the stars to vote!
If you have more to say, post a comment below!


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I have been on a blood pressure medication called Norvasc, a calcium channel blocker, for over 8 years. I have found it to be relatively benign with no obvious side effect.

I was put on Metoprolol a few years ago & felt like a turtle, slow & life was miserable. During that time I had 3 very severe migraine attacks (never before or after). I have since discontinued the drug & have felt much better. By the way, I am of Scandanavian heritage & a journal from that area I believe said the drug caused the incidents of stroke to go up (15%??).

Good luck in what you do; if you stop be sure to do it gradually!!! Sudden noises startled me very easily when I stopped!!!

I am totally confused and concerned about the side effects of medications being so casually prescribed by physicians. Of course, we have no guarantees that we will not succumb to any serious side effects and/or possible long-term effects, but how does one intelligently weigh the options of taking a medication and suffering the side effects versus not taking a recommended prescription and gambling.

Doctors don't typically tell you the alternatives. For example, rather than automatically giving a patient a prescription for high blood pressure, shouldn't they first discuss with the patient the possibility of changing their diet and/or determine whether anxiety is the culprit? I am particularly concerned about the elderly related to this question because many times they have no one helping them to make these decisions . Thank you.

I have been taking Inderal daily for nearly twenty years, at 20 mg. It was prescribed for me by a neurologist whom I consulted because of debilitating migraine attacks. The medication worked immediately and I haven't had a migraine attack -- not even one -- since I started taking the Inderal. I suspect that other beta blockers have the same efficacy with respect to migraines, so people who decide to go off beta blockers might find migraines returning or occurring for the first time.

I am on metoprolol ER 200mgs twice a day. My BP still is 150/70 on arising and runs 170/80 at night. I am concerned about this dosage. I also take HCTH 12.5mgs daily. I am a 68yr old retired RN. Please advise me. My dr. tells me the dosage is OK. My resting pulse is 60. thank you

I was put on an ACE inhibitor at least 15 years ago (lisinipril). I asked if I could cut the pills in half and try the lowest dose that would control my blood pressure. I found 5 mg worked for me with no side effects. I do take 10 mg now but still no side effects.

I've taken Norvasc for six years, immediately having numbness in my feet. I now have no feeling in my feet at all. Foot doctors (I've gone to three), have not been able to do anything. I've taken Lyrica but don't like the side effects.

I went on Norvasc and my blood pressure went up 30%. Their web site doesn't list this as a possible side effect and shows no way to contact them.

Has anyone else had this problem? Could it be a conflict with an herbal supplement that I take?

I have been taking metoprolol succinate for over 2 years. I have been diagnosed with severe Irritable Bowel Syndrome by a gastrointeroligist. I have constant diarrhea daily. I also take verapamil and 25m of HCTH. After reading one of your articles, I am wondering if these blood pressure medicines are the contributing factor to my IBS. Both my primary and gastrointeroligist know what medicines I take. I also take cholesterymine for the IBS. Is there something you can suggest?

I have ben on bystolic for 2 - 3 weeks now. I have since become short of breath, and my heart rate has slowed down tremendously. My blood pressure is fine, but I am tired all the time. I used to walk 3 miles a day now I can't make it 1.

I have taken Metoprolol (25 mgs) for about 8 years. Teva was the generic I took, with NO side effects. However, Teva does not make Metoprolol any longer.
I have tried Mylan's version, but it gives me terrible headaches. What am I supposed to do?

I was put on Troprol xl last August. I opted for a cardiac ablation because I was having side effects from the Toprol. I have suffered from withdrawal from that stuff since then and am still dealing with it. My Dr. didn't believe that it was the Toprol and put me on three different anxiety drugs from which I am also withdrawing. Check out the web site of Toprol xl users and decide for yourself. I think it is poison.

About a year and a half ago I saw a cardiologist because I was having heart palpitations. After wearing a 24-hour heart monitor and taking a stress test, the doctor determined my heart was fine even though it was skipping beats during the ultrasound. He prescribed Metoprolol ER. I started out with 50mg, upped it to 100mg, all the way up to 250 mg.

The heart palpitations continued, so I went back and saw him. He told me it was anxiety and I should have my regular physician prescribe anti-anxiety medication. I was so sick of doctors at that point, and the palpitations started to subside a bit, so I did not follow his advice. I did well for a few months. Last August, however, I started having major light-headedness almost constantly. My energy levels are very low most of the time, I don't go for walks like I used to because I feel so unsteady on my feet. I used to work out at the gym 4 or 5 days a week and now I'm lucky to get there once a week.

I saw my regular physician, and he prescribed Xanax for the anxiety issue. I know that anxiety can cause heart palpitations, dizziness, and a number of other symptoms, but I've always wondered; Does the dizziness cause the anxiety or Does the anxiety cause the dizziness?

I am currently on 150 mg of Metoprolol ER. The palpitations are pretty much under control so far but I feel like the lightheadedness and fatigue are almost worse than when I had the palpitations. When I'm totally relaxed my blood pressure is often like 98/70 with a pulse rate of 60; when I get anxious it can fluctuate to 145/90 with a pulse rate of 72 or higher. I'm taking 1/2 a xanax almost daily just to function. It actually seems to help my lightheadedness a bit but it certainly doesn't help with the fatigue factor.

My family physician ran all sorts of blood tests on me and he says everything looks fine. My regular physician told me he has done all he can for me and that I should see a cardiologist. I am scheduled to see a different cardiologist tomorrow. I'm 59 years old and I'm feeling MUCH OLDER these days.

I first tried Lisinopril and had the constant cough as well as other bad side effects. Now, I'm on Benicar. I started out taking 10 mgs. and then went up to 20 mgs. I now feel like crap on this one. I can't take a deep breath, I have a slight cough, I'm dizzy, I feel more anxious than before I started and my pulse rate is too high. I'm seeing my Dr. in a week and will probably have to try a different BP med. However, I know that at least part of my problem is anxiety and I try deep breathing. Sometimes it helps and sometimes not. I have a family history of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke so I'm afraid to NOT take BP meds.

I'm taking ramipril for high blood pressure. I have a cough now and IBS. What can I take to keep my blood pressure down without these issues?

I have been on Metoprolol Succinate ER 50mg for over a year now and have gained over 30 lbs. I went from having tremendous energy to hardly moving from the sofa. I am scheduled to see my doctor this week and would like to change bp medication although my bp has been consistently within the normal range on Metoprolol Succinate ER. I detest the lethargic feeling but I certainly don't want to have a stroke or heart attack. Anyone else gained weight on this drug????

I have been on Vasotec, 20 mg a.m. 10 mg p.m. with 12.5 hydrochlorathizde. My BP on awakening is 165-170/80, tho drops quite low during the day. My Dr. is big on beta-blockers and wanted to add Bystolic. She says it's better than the old ones. Expensive too and my insurance wants nothing to do with it. I am on atenolol 25 mg, but feel lousy so far. How do we know Bystolic is "better" ? It just came on the market in January. I think we are being medicated too low. It's hard to know what to do.

I have had moderate/high BP since age 16. Am 48 now. I have always been thin, so weight isn't an issue. Been on and off BP meds for years,as sometimes it is borderline high and I hate to take any medicine because it usually makes me feel worse. Recently my doc put me on benzapril. (lotensin) I have had tiredness and some lightheadedness. My husband has been on lotril (beta blocker and ace inhibitor) for several years. He has a rash on his feet and ankles, coughs, and is tired all the time. I want him to change to lotensin but heard it is dangerous to get off beta blockers once you are on them. Is this true?

I was on Novo-Atenol for the pass 10 years to control my blood pressure. Recently my Dr. has instructed me to stop taking Novo-Atenol and begin taking Metoprolol. Question: Is Metoprolol safer then Novo-Atenol ?

I was quite glad to read about all of this this morning i have high blood pressure as well and the Dr put me on atenol and small dose was ok with that now she upped it a lot and i am dizzy a lot and light headed and weak and all of what everyone posted. amazing at first i had not that high and wish she left it alone now it is high with the Bp pressure medicine and i live alone and have a hard time getting around doing anything. I want to keep on sleeping, would love some replies on what is good and not as many side affects. thank you

I have been on Metoprolol and have experienced many bad side effects. I had thinning of my hair, depression, weight gain, dizziness, left arm tingling, chest discomfort. I am under a heart doctor's care, and have been to my primary doctor recently. Metroprolol I just found out has been recalled. Many bloggers I have read have the same side effects. Does anyone know of a more safer blood pressure pill?

I've been on Toprol XL for ten years at 50MG/day; former physician increased to 100MG/day six years ago because of ONE high reading (during a very stressed out day) of 170/90. I'm 62 years old and in great shape (don't look or feel much different from 15 years ago). I jog 2 miles a day six days a week, have had full cardiac workup and my heart is in A-one shape; I sometimes have stress related PVCs or PACs, totally benign, but the Toprol helped to control them.

Because of fatigue (boy was I drugged!) and insomnia (I never realized this drug could cause this!) my new Dr. reduced the Toprol to 25MG/day and just started Norvasc 2.5MG/day (actually 5MG/day but I cut it in half because BP was too low.) He actually suggested I go off BP meds altogether but on 50MG Toprol my resting BP was occasionally high (140/90) so NO WAY I'm doing that.

NOW, thanks to Norvasc the "wonder drug" (yes that's sarcasm, lol), my BP is too low and I have diarrhea and a horrible taste in my mouth. WHAT TO DO? Doing research on these meds has convinced me that they can most likely be more dangerous than high BP to begin with! Can't trust doctors, folks; use your common sense. If you're feeling as bad as some of you have posted, CALL the Dr. and TELL him/her that you do NOT WANT to continue with the medication.

If s/he won't listen, find another doctor and DO YOUR HOMEWORK, ask the pharmacist about side effects (they seem to know more than the doctors!), study on the internet, don't be a victim. Be proactive: it's YOUR life.

I am a 50 year old female, active and weight appropriate for height. Until 6 weeks ago I had been on Nadolol (20 mg/ twice a day) for 15 years. This was prescribed to treat severe arrhythmia and migraines due to Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome.

The Nadolol side effects were getting so bad the doctor finally switched the medication to Propranolol in November 2009. Within 24 hours of the switch, I noticed a severe tremor in my right hand, spreading to my arm and entire body. It would subside after taking the Propranolol, but come back about 2 hours before the next dose. The Propranolol did not work to control the WPW, so the doctor switched meds again.

Now I am on Metoprolol (25 mg twice daily,) and the tremor is all the time, especially in my right hand. It only goes away when I sleep. It gets worse as activity increases, and also when I try to do something that requires "brain" work, such as writing or any other fine motor skills. It also gets worse when I am dealing with a higher level of sensory input that requires me to filter out distractions, make decisions,and take action, such as dealing with unfamiliar places, crowds, driving, grocery shopping, etc.

I am a calm and patient person, and do not feel anxious during these activities, so I don't think this is a mental health issue. It feels more like total sensory overload that is contributing to this tremor.

It is an additional concern that this tremor is also accompanied by jerky gait, facial tremor and tongue thrusting. THIS IS NOT GOOD. What is going on?? They have run all sorts of lab work and even an EKG, and it all looks normal. The doctors have admitted they don't know, and are sending me to a neurologist. I have been coping with this for 6 weeks, and still no answers.

All the research I have done points to tardive dyskinesia due to long-term use of a dopamine receptor blocker, although that is most commonly seen in persons taking anti-psychotic medications. I have never taken any of those medications, just the Nadolol for 15 years. Please help- any information that you can provide would be appreciated. I have already lost my job because of this, and don't know what I can do.

I'm not on B/P medication and do not want to go on them unless there is no other way - but this morning upon arising my b/p was 188/88 pulse 72 which is alarming to me... I took as many different vitamins that I could think of that might help. now 1-1/2 hrs. latter it is 128/62 pulse 63. It jumps around like this all the time - is this normal? Does b/p medication stabilize b/p? I have been having a dull hurt like soreness on might left side around my heart area- I can't determine just where it is - kinda like it moves around. I don't know if this has anything to do with my b/p. Do you think vitamins taken on a regular basis could do the job? Please tell me which vitamins are best. THANKS!

I am 62 and for many years I was on Tenoretic 50mg. I had no side effects apart from a few problems in my love life!

My doctor has changed my prescription - he said it was not good to be on the same tablet for too long?

I am now on a low dose of bisoprolol 2.5mg and another tablet called Amias 4mg. Since being on Amias I have experienced awful neck pains that run up into the side of my head - it wakes me in the night and even 2 paracetamol doesn't get rid of it completely. I also experience pain in the finger joint - sometimes severe enough to stop me clenching my fist.

I thought maybe I was starting to get a bit of arthritis, but then my wife was prescribed Amias by her doctor and she is now experiencing exactly the same side effects.

I am off to the doctor tomorrow to see if there is another pill that is a bit kinder....but are there any?!!

Recently I discovered that I am suffering from high blood pressure 90/150. I'm 40 years old, my doctor prescribed a calcium blocker and HCT, I'm not comfortable at all from these medications (back pain, headache, tired...) but my blood pressure is Ok 85/125

Please I need advice to continue or stop .....

My partner was on Ramipril and also developed a persistent cough. Her doctor changed her pill to Amdopoline and the cough has now gone.

I am 51 years old and have been on bp meds for about 11 years now. I was first put on 5mg of Metoprolol, after several years my bp elevated and now i'am taking 240mg of Verapamil, 25mg Hydrochorothiazide and 6.3mg Carvedilol. I've recently started feeling very fatigued all the time. I used to run 5miles daily now I don't feel like doing anything and having bad headaches. My bp varies from 119/60 to 140/85. I can't take these headaches anymore, going to see my doctor this week. Sometimes I want to just stop taking all these meds because of how bad they make me feel. Wish someone would come up with a cure for bp so that I could feel normal again. Please help!

I am a 42 yr old female. For over a yr my doctor has told me that I have HBP and has prescribed me medication. Well finally filled it.. it's Norvasac 10mg and a water pill hydocholoridized (???). I have read the information and these meds have too many side effects. Does anyone have information about holistic remedies to relieve HBP?

There is a disconnect between patients and doctors... here is my two cents for its worth:

I am a 61 year old male that looks like a 40 year old with muscles... was lifting weights and doing cardio like step masters and treadmill running 4-5 days a week... a few months ago, my traveling intensified with traveling thousands of miles every week and more or less living out of a suitcase and eating junk food.... my blood pressure shot up starting with eye pain and headaches and head pressure... took BISOPR/HCTZ 5-6.25mgtab from MYLAN and started to still have headaches and lost interest in workouts and running... then few weeks ago my doctor changed medicine after I read the side affects were kidney and liver failures to Benicar HCT 20 -12.5 TAB from SANKO, now I cannot hit balls at the golf range or climb stairs or stand up without getting severe neck , wrists and headaches... cannot concentrate and am tired all time.

Now, I have decided to get my complete blood work and physical analysis done, should have results by next week... meanwhile have gone back to BISOPR-HCTZ and am reducing the dosage to half to keep my blood pressure down and have started to workout with light weights and have banned all genetically altered products like corn, corn starch, bread, wheat products and rice. I have lost 10 LBS in less than a month without starving myself.

So Folks, do yourself and your kins a favour, reduce your weight and after shedding off at least 10 lbs, start reducing your medicine.

I was on lisinopril for a few months and developed the cough from hell. The doctor took me off of it 3 weeks ago and put me on losartan. I am still coughing and miserable. I never know what the cough will start, I have had to leave my fitness center, the super market and I wouldn't think about going to the movies. I see no end to this and now feeling very depressed. What to do.


I know of 3 people including myself who experienced continual cough problems when taking Ramipril. You just must tell your doctor, and ask him to change your medication.

Another awful drug for BP is Amias. My partner and myself were prescribed this pill and we were up all night with terrible muscle pains. They disappeared as soon as we stopped taking them.

I have tried umpteen tablets now and the only one that works for me is Co Tenidone 50 mg. I get no side effects and my BP is good.


I have always had High Blood Pressure the last 2 weeks it is real low. I take lisinop/hctz 20-12.5 tab daily and nadolol 40 mg tab daily. A week ago the doctor told me to cut in half still low. What is the problem?

I am not taking anything right now for my blood pressure because I can't afford it. I have given the doctor a list from my insurance company of meds that are covered with a reasonable copay. Here's my problems, I am already 100lbs over weight, I get a terrible cough with most medicines and can't deal with the tired side effects. What is a good medicine for me? I have just went back to work and my legs are swelling so bad that they feel like they are going to split open, I did go buy the pressure socks which have helped. My mother has been on BP meds her whole life and I need them as mine gets as high as 202/147!! I am trying to lose weight but don't wish to die in the meantime. Any suggestions?


Lisenopril---awful cough. Was switched to Losartan 25 mg day and then cut that in half. Terrible cough and very difficult breathing. Assess if meds= off of BP meds for a week. Side effects are clearing up. Any BP meds that do not have the cough side effect?

Was on metoprolol succinate with no problems but switched to metoprolol tartrate. Soon thereafter edema of the feet and ankles started and now lymphodema of one leg. What gives?

Sounds like we are all in the same nightmare, and I don't think dr's have any answers.

I am 58 years old. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure in the fall of 2011. I have been on so many different meds, and each has had side effects. The doctor claims that I'm allergic to the meds, so the meds have changed several times per month. I always feel like my face is swelling up, and my head throbs. I am now on a Clondine patch. Still no relief. There has got to be a solution as I'm tired of feeling this way. Any suggestions?

I was on 50 mg's of Co-Tenidone for many years and it didn't have any side effects as far as I could tell. It also helped my headaches and seemed to keep me calm.

My Doctor said that it was not a good drug to be on long term and took me off them, since then he has been trying lots of different pills on me and just like you a lot of them made me feel ill.

Eventually he put me on Bisoprolol and Bendroflumethiazide (a beta blocker with a small diuretic) and so far my BP has been good with no side effects. It took around six months to find a combination that suited me - so keep trying!

I am 46 and have high blood pressure I was put on benicare and really I had no problems it was 20 mg and I cut it into fours so it was a low dose it worked good for me but then we lost our insurance and I had to go to something cheaper so I was put on lisinopril and I got the worst cough.

I could not stand it I thought I had tb or something it was that bad so I stopped taking my medicine I feel better now that the cough is gone but my blood pressure is starting to get high again so any suggestions??? Help!!

I have had high blood pressure for about 18 years. I have been given probably more than 25, most of them over the past 8 years. I have had horrible side effects that has sent me to the emergency room and had me hospitalized more times than I can tell. Just last night, I broke out in hives and my whole body was on fire. Once again, the medicine has to be changed.

The only thing I am taking is two diuretics once a day is not enough to keep my pressure down. I also go to a nephrologist, who treats hypertension, and he is baffled. I have had low heart beat, confusion mentally, coughing, itching, rashes, insomnia, and anxiety because of all these problems. I am frustrated, and I feel lost. I don't know if anyone can help me. Almost every medication mentioned on this website is a medication I have had to stop.

I too have experienced adverse effects from blood pressure medications over a number of years, I recently solved the problem over a period of eight months with the help of a doctor who listened to me. I went on a lifestyle change and reduced my weight by 13 kilos... I bought my own blood pressure monitor, the doctor gave me daily running sheets to keep track of the readings, which I religiously maintained.

I am feeling very much better and my blood pressure is now at a normal range for me. At times in the past I had readings of 206/111 it is now in the order of 131/80… I have experienced awful lasting adverse effects of crestor and micardis and lasix and mobic… I resolved to never again take medications for any symptoms which I can control myself… I have severe arthritis in hips and spine I take panadol osteo when the pain is really bad. I am considering very carefully a hip replacement, I have had both knees replaced, and I am older now and hoping that with weight reduction I might not have to resort to such extremes, I can only tell you what my experience was I realize that one size does not fit all but taking control of my own health instead of taking one medication to counteract the bad effects of another was achieving nothing but pain and suffering for me... I am grateful that I found a doctor who helped me.

I used to take 10mg lisinopril for past 2yrs, had some mild side effects, fatigue and retaining water, dizziness, sun sensitivity, I used to brand from walmart, when I changed to free prescription at publix food store pharmacy, their pharmaceutical brand was different, and I had a bad reaction to it, super tired, very dizzy/ vertigo, weak, head fog.

So I tried the natural route, and stopped taking it for over a month and a week now, took coq10, b6, magnesium, l arginine, fish oil, n multi vit, at first I felt fine, had more energy, could last at the beach in the sun, after a month, my bp started to go up, and wound up with vertigo, bp was 153/101, so got put on 5mg amlodipine and antivert for my vertigo. Started it saturday, today it has been high, ranges 149/98 to 147/101 138/94 I'm not sure if it is working or is the dose too low? I still feel tired, dizzy, and my nerves r probably keeping it up high. I have an appointment with a follow up dr on thurs morning but I'm curious if I should go back to what I used to be on and just deal with side effects, or try this new stuff.

Has anyone experienced intense itching on the scalp and around the shoulders and neck area from taking coreg? I have been on coreg for several years before the itching started. My dermatologist and allergist believe coreg could be the cause. A biopsy also suggests a medication allergic reaction. I stopped every med except coreg and doc has now stopped the coreg. He put me on benicar 40mg. It's only been one day since the change. Hopefully the itching will stop. Any comments or advice are welcome.

Like you, the side effects of the blood pressure medications I have taken have been horrible. I am a 67 year old woman. A year ago I stopped taken the blood pressure medications because of the awful side effects. I changed my diet during this period (I am diabetic) and my blood pressure has gone from 162/90 to 137/79 without medication. I made no attempt to lose weight during this period. I am now on a NO SUGAR - LOW CARB weight reduction diet. I have 75 pounds to lose. My blood sugar is already in the "normal" zone for the first time in 15 years and my blood pressure is going down too.

I will make every attempt to control blood sugar and blood pressure on my own.
If that does not work I will just have to accept having high blood pressure. I WILL NEVER WILLINGLY TAKE ANY OF THIS CRAP EVER AGAIN.

Yes, yes, yes...had a mild stroke in Jan.of 2010...was put on 100 mg. of Metopralol succ. daily in addition to 10 mg. Of Lisinopril. Have multiple side affects including 12 lbs. that I can't shake for the life of me. My Dr. said it's not the meds however, I've been eating much less and certainly not sitting around. Have also had dizziness while on these medications. Got to be other meds. available.

thanks for your response.... and Congrats to you, that's awesome you achieved great sugar levels and blood pressure lowered =) I went on losartan, so far no side effects at all, I am dieting and slowly gettin into walking so I am a work in progress =) I try to not eat as many carbs, def helps =) god bless Gale

I went on losartan 100mg. Dr said it has the lowest to no side effects, I have no issues with it =)

How are you now? Metroprolil made me so lethargic and depressed that life didn't seem worth living. Something wrong with that. Off it now, but on amlodipine and Losartan and diuretic.

I was on Lisinopril for 2 months, before side effects started showing up, low potassium, brain fog, tiredness, memory loss. The doctor has now switched me to Bystolic and the side effects are worse. I have major anxiety, irritability, and debilitating tiredness, feel like I can't even move most of the time. My blood pressure was only high at one reading, when the doctor put me on the meds, bp 148/90.

My cardiologist has prescribed Lisinopril, topril and a diuretic for my HBP. I am so tired, after taking this junk for 2 years of having diarrhea every day. I always had normal bowel movements, felt good and now have this side effects. I feel like just throwing it all in the toilet.

I was taking prophalonol w/ hzlt Diuretic and and about 6 month ago this medicine it was not working any more so my Dr. added norsvac another BP medicine which made me feel worse I ended last Monday at the ER with a horrible headache, chest pain my muscles especially my neck was so painful. My blood Pressure was not to high...... :( Now my Dr. gave Atelonol 50mg 1 at day, my bp is so low and feel lethargic... so tired, my head feels heavy.... in other words don't feel good, so I'm going to see again my Dr. I don't know if he gave me too much miligrams ...
Someone have had this experiences with these medications????

I was taking Amlodipine and my back pain was so severe I had to stop taking it; I could not get out of bed. I have found that other BP meds have just as annoying or painful side effects unfortunately. I am off meds currently and my BP runs between 145 to 155/90 most of the time. Sometimes, the "cure" is worse than the illness !!!!

Have been on Amlodipine for 10 years with very little or no side effects. Ask your doctor about it. Good luck.Best BAM

Hi. I am a Linedance instructor. Fit, eat well, know the danger foods and have had tests for heart including cardiogram etc and all is well. Never smoked, I don't eat red meat. I eat, whole oaties for breakfast, walnuts, eggs, seeded bread fruit veges, lean chicken and fish, seldom biscuits or cake... bran cereal and fruit is my dessert if I have one. 3x I have gone to hospital in the past 12 months and 3 x I had not had a heart attack. The doctor wanted to put me on Cilazapril 500mcg (MYL) last June but I didn't take them. He knew I didn't and was ok with that.

I have been fine for a year.. Had recent blood tests cholesterol is up. Doc wants to give me pills to lower it. I believe, high cholesterol is a symptom not a disease. Interestingly enough they asked me in the emergency ward, when I had a mammagram last. I have one every 2 years...

What do others think. Take what has been given, don't stop without seeing your doctor. I have chosen not to take anything for H Choles. until I find the cause. Another point. almost every night in our newspaper, the elderly are dying, 99 100 89 and 90 years of age. They never knew if they had high cholesterol I am sure. Any other views or experiences welcome Thanks

I am 63 yrs old and have had hypertension/high blood pressure for several years. High cholesterol too. I was urged by my Dr to take Lisinopril but I refused. I increased my physical activity, watched what I ate and lost 10 lbs. Unfortunately, that didn't last very long and at my last appointment my BP was 160/104 and I agreed to take Lisinopril 5mg. I know about the "cough" and I am very reluctant about taking it. That was a few weeks ago and I haven't started yet. I worked in a Family Practice Dr's office for many yrs and saw the debilitating side effects of medications. They help one way and hurt you in another. I am starting a running program tonite. Just checked my BP and it was 170/99. Not good. Hope the running helps.

I currently am on Amlodipine, smallest dose. Been on it for a good 2 years. I'm very active. I try to not let things get to me.
My ankles swell in the evening and when traveling. I think my legs look a little swollen too. I am going to try and lose 30 pounds and get off this. I'm 62.

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