Q. I'm wondering if you have any suggestions for removing skin tags. The dermatologist has lopped off some of them, but I’m hoping for a less expensive solution.

A. Several readers have reported success in making their skin tags shrivel up and disappear by keeping them bandaged. This is difficult to do with adhesive bandages, but liquid bandage makes it easier and seems to work better.

One reader wrote: “After reading your column about skin tags and the use of New-Skin Liquid Bandage, I decided to try it. I had dozens of tags, some large but mostly small in my underarm area. I used New-Skin consistently for six months or better and now all of them are gone. Most of them fell off on their own and I saved hundreds of dollars in doctor bills. It takes patience but it worked for me.” Other brands of liquid bandage may be equally useful.

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  1. netdragon

    The people who went on diets probably didn’t have skin tags but some other growth brought on by how they were eating and probably some predisposition to those growths.

  2. Pat B.

    I am not clear on the technique for liquid bandage. Do you remove the bandage and then reapply or do you just keep adding layers? Thanks

  3. mike

    I used dental floss and double-tied the knot..REALLY TIGHT…after 5 days …ya tug on the floss…sometimes hard and they come off…no blood…!!!

  4. AG

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I used to get my skin tags removed by my Dr. until insurance no longer covered it, as they stated it was noted as cosmetic, Even tho mine were being irritated due to collared shirts I am required to wear to work and they irritated the tags. …Gotta love the good old insurance policies! Oh well, that’s on them. Liquid bandage is on me!!!! Lets see if this does the trick! Will keep you all posted!
    Thanks again for this info!

  5. R. Porto

    Make a paste of baking soda and castor oil ……apply the paste to your tags once a day……they will soon dry up and fall off. The smaller tags will dry up within a week…the bigger ones a longer time. But…this does work !!!

  6. E. Naka

    I was skeptical but when I found out my doc’s office would charge me $95 to have a skin tag removed on my arm, I decided to try the liquid bandage. The only brand at my store was New Skin. I started treating the skin tag yesterday, applying it twice a day. The top half of the skin tag is shriveled up. This is working no doubt. I am going to keep at it until it is gone! The New Skin stinks like nail polish but stronger. Smell does go away after 15 minutes. Thumbs Up!

  7. trolapixie

    For skin tags on my husband I used COMPOUND W FREEZE OFF and it worked perfectly. In less than a week the tags were gone.

  8. lady b

    Like JRS, I went on a strict diet and all of my skin tags fell off/disappeared. I was vegetarian for 14 months and ate an all natural/organic diet … then life got a hold of me again and they came back … now I use compound w. A thin layer and like 15 minutes later you can just rub the spot and it comes right off. Be careful – too much can burn your skin …

  9. Envy

    Another trick i use is Wart stick. it is a product made to remove warts that comes in a chapstick like tube. it causes you skin to peel it will looks kinda weird for a few days but removes the skin tags painlessly. tying thread works pretty fast but is pretty painful and just looks nasty for awhile.

  10. PDF

    I used the liquid bandage religiously as specified in your column, but the tags did not come off. I had to go to a dermatologist who froze them off with liquid nitrogen. It is a shame that the only alternative is an expensive doctor’s visit — didn’t barbers used to do things like this?

  11. Carol

    A longtime acquaintance swears by using super glue on pesky skin tags. It seems to work.

  12. jC

    I have used tea tree oil applied directly to the tag. To protect clothes use a small circular bandage. Apply as often as once a day. I’ve used it on 2 (armpit and neck) with excellent results! It seems to cause a localized allergic reaction that I’ve seen when I’ve used “Apinoil” on a wound.

  13. JRS

    For diabetes I went on a diet almost devoid of sugar, processed foods of any kind and only whole grain flour, cereal, etc. My skin tags almost all disappeard.

  14. Linda

    Vitamin A helps my skin tags to go away. I’ve also simply cut off small ones with a nail clipper and used Neosporin to keep from infection.

  15. tmf

    I tied elastic thread around my skin tags. I did not find this painful at all. I put a small bandage over this (they were in areas that “showed”) and the tags fell off on their own in a few days.

  16. Janice

    Years ago, my doctor told me to tie thread as tight as possible around skin tags and they would fall off in a couple of days. A little painful at first, but it worked for me.

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