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Getting Enough Vitamin D?

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Q. My physician recently found that my vitamin D level is very low. I find this hard to believe since I drink nearly a gallon of milk weekly and take a multivitamin and supplement of calcium plus D each day.

I also take prednisone, tramadol, gabapentin, methotrexate and leucovorin. Could one of these drugs interfere with vitamin D absorption?

A. Many Americans have low vitamin D levels, especially in winter when they don’t get regular sun exposure. A glass or two of milk daily combined with vitamin supplementation does not always correct the imbalance for healthy people.

Your medications are likely making the situation much worse. Prednisone, gabapentin and methotrexate can all interfere with vitamin D.

You may need at least 2,000 International Units daily which is much more than you are getting from your supplements and diet. Have your doctor monitor your progress. Vitamin D is crucial for immune function, muscle strength, balance and blood pressure control as well as bone density.

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Was this information helpful? Average rating: 4/5 (107 votes)
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I was told by my endocrinologist that my vitamin D level was very low. He gave me a prescription for a tablet to take monthly that consists of 50000 units of Vitamin D. I did not fill the prescription because I am afraid of a toxic reaction. He does not seem to understand my concern. I have not been able to find information about this large a dose. Can you help me?


I too was diagnosed at age 64 with a severe Vit. D deficiency. At the time I was drinking a quart of skim milk daily. I take a low dose of Synthroid, Cytomel and a .05 mg of estrogen in a patch. My endocrinologist originally prescribed 800 units of D which didn't even cause a blip. I now take 2000 units daiy and am still on the low end of the normal range. I should add that I do not use sun screen anymore and I spend a great deal of time outdoors. What a catch 22.

I too have a Vitamin D deficiency. Here is my experience with therapy so far. I have been taking 50,000 units a week for 5 months now with no side effects except the desired ones like, less bone pain and a much better sense of wellness. I have one more month to go and then another blood test to see if my levels have come up to where I can be put on a maintenance dose of 1000 mg daily. From what I understand, this will be for the rest of my life. I am 45 now. I get little sun and do not like milk, so I'm sure this is true. I can say from personal experience, that this treatment has already made a huge difference in my quality of life. Give it a try.

My sister has very low Vit. D levels and takes about 1000 units. I have asked my doctor to test me and she does not see the need. Why would she be reluctant? I am 65.
Thank You

Comment to MKC: Get a new doctor!!! Unfortunately, too many doctors are tied to the FDA contention that only drugs can cure. If this is true, why are so many people on lifetime prescriptions? This is supposed to be a cure?? If you have access to the internet, get all the info you can regarding vitamin D. The toxicity is a myth except in ridiculously high doses. For example, 1/2 hour of full body exposure is equal to about 10,000 iu of supplemental D.

My physician recently found that my vitamin D level is low. He gave me 50,000 units of Vit.D once a week for 6 weeks. Could it be taken with other vitamin supplements? Thank you.

I work in an office of Endocrinology. Prescription strength Vitamin D 50,000 Units is prescribed for Vitamin D defficency on a regular basis in our office (including MY own mother whom I love and adore!!!).

There is simply NOTHING WRONG with taking Vitamin D in this dosage so long as you continue to have your levels checked every 3-4 months by your Doctor. Do you think I would let my own mother be harmed people???? This check for Vitamin D defficincy is simply done by routine Lab testing (blood work) by your doctor.

Those that suffer from Vitamin D defficency simply CANNOT... I REPEAT... "CANNOT" ... I repeat AGAIN... "CANNOT" get enough Vitamin D by way of OVER-THE COUNTER Vitamin D ... OR by drinking MILK (dairy, etc...) or by baking yourself in the SUN as you will in PRESCRIPTION STRENGTH VITAMIN D 50,000 UNITS!!!!

Those that DO NOT UNDERSTAND what Vitamin D defficency is MUST EDUCATE yourself. If you continue on the course you are and NOT take it for lack of the education of what it is and what is does... You will start to feel VERY DEPRESSED, EXTREME EXHAUSTION, MUSCLE ACHES AND PAINS, MOODINESS, DIZZINESS, JOINT PAIN, HEADACHE, LACK OF SLEEP, ETC... ETC.... THE LIST WILL GO ON AND IN TIME, WILL MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE DYING!! Simply said.... If you are defficient, it was discovered in your Lab work by your doctor... Not getting your prescription filled, is NOT going to help you get back to normal or as you were before. In time you will be BEGGING AND DEMANDING for a Doctor to HELP YOU with your HORRIBLE symptoms of Vitamin D defficency!!!!

I have seen patients have knee pain... have a knee replaced and probably DID NOT NEED IT. Their Vitamin D level was probably ROCK BOTTOM. Most doctors don't even know to check for this defficency but a Specialist does. --- Please educate yourself and contact your Endocrynologist. I listen to your same comments with our patients on a daily basis and we have some who WILL NEVER feel the same as they once did BEFORE there Vitamin D defficency. Simply because.... they REFUSE to take a little pill to give their body what it CANNOT absorb from the sun, dairy products, or over-the-counter Vitamins. --- IT IS NOT THE SAME THING!!!!!! In time you will suffer from OSTEOPOROSIS among other ailments... MEN including WOMEN can get this disease.

Thank you Marie for posting that information. I have just picked up my prescription today and have been searching the internet for info on the 50,000 dose because I am a bit cautious myself.

I will be taking it thanks to your information. My level was 10 and I feel like *&$#. In the last year I have decided that I was dying and it was never going to get better. I ACHE all over and I am stiffer than a 90 year old although I am 58.

So I'm looking forward to feeling better - this is one of many things I am doing to improve my health.

My doctor does it for most patients now because where we live this is very very common. So thanks again Marie - here's to hoping for better health. Take your Vitamin D folks!

I was just told my vit D level is below 12. I have been through menopause for 7 years. My doctor perscribed me 50,000 vit D once a week. I am lactose intolerant and guard myself from sun. I was unsure of this dose. I will be starting it thanks to this article. Could this disguise any other problems? All blood work was excellent.

Thank you. I was just prescribed the 50,000 once a week until my level comes up and then 2000 a day to maintain. Last year it was my B12 and I have gotten shots once a month since and they worked!!! I am looking forward to less aches and pains and better bone health!! I will be filling the prescription and using it!!

After feeling horrible for a long time I finally found a hormone specialist. This is not a quick fix solution as you have to do a blood test every 3 to 4 months, but every time I go, we tweak the treatment. I feel so much better. My bones and joints have really been aching, so the specialist asked for a vitamin D test. It came back low. I took a dose of 50000 U's of vitamin D yesterday for the first time and last night was the best nights sleep I've had in many months. I was afraid to take that much dosage of vitamin D, but I read a lot on the internet and decided that I really needed to feel better. I was able to get out of bed without as much pain this morning. This dosage for me right now is once a month. I had been taking 2000 U's a day but it wasn't doing anything. Vitamin D is amazing. Who knew???? If you feel horrible and it has been prescribed, at least give it a try. I hope you are pleasantly surprised as I am.

I was recently tested for Vitamin D,25 hydroxy due to my complaints of feeling tired, weakness & dizziness. I am 52 1/2 y/o post menopausal (last menstrual pd was 01/07). Lab came back deficient in Vit D of 30.8 (nl value 32.0-100.0) I started taking Vit D3 1000 IU with my Ca++ 2x/d. Is this a safe dose? I am lactose intolerant. How much Ca++ ,vit D & magnesium should I take daily? Please help.

I've been struggling for years with chronic fatigue and feeling sick but not being able to put my finger on it. My kidneys have been chronically getting worse, I have had 2 urological surgeries to repair damage done from passing stones, I have had a parathyroidectomy and I am only 29 years old! Recently my PTH was really high and my calcium was really low. I was sent for presurgical mapping to find the parathyroid tumor but there wasn't one. I met with an endocrinologist who did a vitamin D level and I found out today that I am severely deficient.

I was prescribed 50,000 IU daily for a month and then recheck. I haven't slept a full night in about 2 months or more. I take tylenol PM to get to sleep but I always wake up with bone pain and muscle cramps. I have small children who need mommy to be able to be a mommy and not a couch ornament, so I am going to do whatever I can to feel better.

I would highly recommend that anyone who is battling a chronic illness request to have a vitamin D level done. Most Dr's won't have it done on routine and if they can't find what is wrong through common testing I have found that I have been back burnered too many times. As time has gone on I have gotten worse and worse. I walk like I am well into my geriatric years and I have the energy level of one as well! This can happen to anyone of any race at any age. I am proof. I am a 29 year old casper white girl with a farmers tan from being out in the sun every day with my kids. Don't let Dr's tell you it can't happen to you cause you aren't the textbook age or race (vitamin D is more common in dark skinned people or old people who don't get out in the sun) we aren't all textbook, we are individuals!

I was very fortunate that my Primary Care Physician has a special interest in vitamin D deficiencies. I emailed her to ask if I possibly needed workup for fibromyalgia, as I had the issues of problems sleeping, exhaustion and bone and muscle pain (as well as awakening stiff as a board each morning). First thing she ordered was blood work, with particular attention to my Vitamin D level.

Turned out that she hit it right on the head, as my level was 15 ng/ml. I am on the 50,000 IU dose for 12 weeks and we are hoping that afterwards, I can go on a 2000 IU maintenance dose.

I have to say that after two weeks, I am noticing significantly less muscle stiffness and joint pain (in particular, my ankles, knees and wrists). I encourage anyone who is hesitant about the 50,000 IU dosage to give it a try..your blood will be checked to ensure that this is a safe dosage for you and will be adjusted if need be.

Me: 48 year old female.

I am very interested in knowing as much as possible right now about VitD and VitD3.
So far, I have been taking 7,000 units per day of VitD3 for the past three weeks.
I feel better generally, have much less joint pain, do not sleep as much during the day, my hair and nails are stronger/brighter, and enough more to induce me to continue.

This is OTC stuff - haven't been back to my Primary Doctor because she argues with my requests. Testing last year said I had Osteoporosis! Why? I do everything right and have all of my life (I was raised by knowledgeable people.) Could VitD deficiency cause this!?

I just discovered I have a compressed fracture in my spine due to osteoporosis. I have been prescribed Caltrane Calcium pills that have 400 D in it as well taken daily as one pill a week of 50,000. Vitamin D. I was on a Fosamax pill once a week that gave me a great deal of pain. Would this pill be too much for me and what possible side effects are there. I am small framed. Thanks.


I've just been told that my Vit D level was extrmely low and was placed on 50000iu of vitman D. Reading what other people have told, has helped me greatly. I'm 58 years old, complained of muscle pain, feeling tired all the time, unable to drink milk. Bad headaches and lack of sleep. Been on vitamin D for two weeks now and I see some improvement. Thank you and I do intend to continue taken mine.

I will start taking 50,000U of vitamin d tomorrow. I was really enlightened by the many comments on your site. Because of the large dosage, I initially considered talking to my doctor again before beginning this therapy.

Its always reassuring to feel that ones situation may get better. Thanks for this site.

I was just diagnosed today with Vitamin D deficiency and was given a prescription for 50000 units. I am a little scared regarding the side effects and the things that people have been saying. I have been experiencing stabbing shooting pains on the right side of my head and face. Only on the right side. They think I might have trigeminal neuralgia. My husband said," JUST THINK OF IT AS A VITAMIN AND THINK POSITIVE,. It's still hard to get your mind to take it. After the positive comments, I think I will. Kind of need reassurance. Thanks.

I have changed doctors and he ordered lab tests which included a vitamin D level. I was shocked today when he told me my level was only 12.He started me on 50000 units weekly for 12 weeks. I was hesitant to take such a high dose but I am anxious to see if I start to feel any better. I have never had my levels checked before.

I have been taking 50,000 iu of vitamin d once weekly for 4 weeks now. About 2 weeks ago I started having pressure headaches daily. One of the side effects listed on the information sheet was headaches. Is this something I need to worry about or is it a non serious side effect? I don't know it it makes any difference but I do suffer from migraines.

I turned 50 this year and have been on Synthroid and Cytomel for about 2 years now after thyroid surgery. I was just told today that I am very low in Vitamin D and my doctor prescribed 50,000 IU/week for 3 months. She will do more blood work at that time and I'll likely return to 1200 IU daily. I had noticed that within the last few months I had migraine headaches (which I never had before), more muscle aches (especially my neck and knees). I had just about decided that it was just one of the "perks" of growing after learning about vitamin D deficiencies and reading all the posts on this site - well, I'm looking forward to feeling better! I'll come back in a few weeks and let you know how it is going!

I was told I have a severe vitamin D deficiency a week ago by my doctor. They prescribed me 50000 ui's 2x a week for 4 weeks and then I go back. I didn't get to talk to the doctor and with my rx there was no information on this pill or anything I should or shouldn't be doing or not doing.

I have been experiencing serious head aches this week and I am wondering if it has anything to do with the medicine? I don't normally get headaches, but my joints are starting to feel better and I did feel a bit of energy returning yesterday. But once again today I'm in the dumps, the pill seems to make it hard for me to sleep when I take it too.

Anyone else with this? I can't find a website or anything with prescription information on it like most normal prescriptions that I've had. On the bottle all that is says is "Vitamin D 50000 UI CAPS" I feel dumb because I can't find anything on it. I'm 22 and don't know why I would have this deficiency.

I play in the sun all of the time and take a 1200 mg of calcium with vit D a day. I would love to feel better but today is a full week since I started and I haven't noticed much of a difference other than these annoying headaches that NEVER go away.
If every day was like yesterday it would be worth it.
Please, anyone with information regarding side effects of the prescription would be wonderful to me.

Any ideas what causes Vitamin D deficiency? I've been sick for so long and no one in my family is or ever has had any problems like I do. It just seems so odd that no one else has bone problems, joint problems, tiredness, pain, etc. but me and then they find this and I can't find where I get it from.
Okay I'm done rambling :) Thanks for your help, reading your comments has helped me immensely. Thank you!


I've just been informed of this vitamin D deficiency and the link to migraine headaches.
My daughter is 14 years old and has had chronic headaches for over a year now. Some days are really bad, and has recently been diagnosed with migraine.
We have ruled out eyes, hormonal changes, stress, and she recently started lisinopril 5 mg daily and topamax 25 mg twice daily. Her blood pressure was running in the 140/90 range, hence, the medication. She is 5 ft and 2 in and 109 lbs. She is active in school, exercising in PE class. That is about the extent of exercise. Her cholesterol levels were low for the good chol and slightly high end of normal for the bad chol. We have changed our diets.
However, last year, my husband and I thought to lower our wt and chol we would change the milk, too. We have been drinking the 1% for quite awhile.
My daughter loves to drink milk.

In the past week, after the neurology doctor and all that, we have been keeping a dietary journal.
Today I heard about the lack of Vitamin D and headaches. She also has pale skin, circles under the eyes, bone pain( I attributed to "growing pains")all over, difficulty sleeping, lethargy on some days, but the most troubling is the headaches.
We have an appt with an alternative medicine doctor but not until December.
Chiropractor helped a little, not much, and I am at my wit's end.

I don't know what else to do. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Would the calcium level in a blood chemistry test(she had in June)tell us the same as the Vitamin D level?
Please respond soon.
Thank you, Lori and Holly

I had blood work done, got a call from the nurse saying all is good, just that my Vitamin D was quite low. Said it was at 19 and should be at 100, and that I needed to pick up the prescription. That was it. I'm 54 have ostopino, menopause. Glad I am not the only one who's afraid to take such a large dose prescribed. Feeling better for all the related info ! Guess I'll start first thing in the morning... Thanks all !!

After almost seven years of joint and muscle pain, sleep issues, debilitating issues with major fatigue my Vitamin D level was checked. It's low and I was given the 50K dose to take for 3 months and then have blood work redone. I was almost afraid of the huge dose until I read the postings here.

I have been have been feeling terrible. almost like there is no life in me. Symptoms: dizzy when standing still (like in shower), napping a lot, no energy, confusion, short-term memory problems, irritability, and bone aches that lead to stiffening body upon awakening. I have had some headaches and lots of hair loss. I find hair everywhere. I just turned 50 and attributed it to either getting older or early onset of some geriatric condition such as dementia or alzheimers or something like that because my head was fuzzy all the time...and I can't have any interruptions or I forget what I was doing or saying.

I was just diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency and was the given the course of 50k i.u. of Vitamin D. Also, I was ordered to have a parathyroid test, too. Those results should be in in a week. I am at a point where I have to try something. Because living in a tired fog is not living at all. So I am hoping to update this comment to say the 50k I.U. of Vitamin D is making a change in my lifeless life.

I was the one that posted before about the headaches and sleeplessness on the pill. Well thanks to the people's pharmacy response I talked to my doctor about the celiacs disease and they did a preliminary test and think that I have it. I go in on Monday to get a complete diagnosis. Thank you so much for the advice. I may have never gotten a diagnosis!

I am 31years of age, i have been diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency. I also have to take 50000iu of vitamin d, i am terrified, i am afraid of taking any kind of meds. I want to take the pill because i need too, but i can not get myself to do. I suffer from other medical conditions and don't take med for those because i am afraid. i have fibromyalgia, gerd, ulcers, i also suffer with anxiety and now this. It has been enough encouragement on this website so i am gonna try harder to take the vitamin D meds.

Hi, my doctor also sent me for vitamin D levels and mine are really low....i have terrible phobia of taking a ne pill, bottle says 1.25 mg once a week for 12 weeks, since i didn't get speak to my doctor I'm upset, i have an appoint in early January, so i was thinking maybe i can take pills in take one front of him, does anyone else think this way? I am looking obsessively on internet about this dose. I think it means 50,000 ....I'm exhausted with worry, i want do right thing not be scared take it, whats easy for one person isn't always easy for others. Each day i try open bottle, hearing from someone that doesn't have this fear saying "just take it," makes me feel worse. I need help with this truly ..thank you any feedback i would appreciate it.

I have fibromyalgia (diag. is 1991) am 44 and last year had VitD tested, was very low so Rx was 50K once a wk and 2000 OTC every day (for three months). Just had it tested again as I am in so much pain and it was barely on the charts so back again to 50K once a week. The doc said I will hurt a lot more if I don't take it and my body doesn't produce it so I will have to take at least 2000 a day of D3 for the rest of my life. I sure hope the pain gets less. Thought I was going to get crippled from fibro and am about to lose my job too. I sure hope it helps. Kind of forget if it helped last year.

My prescription for Vitam D is 1.25 mg. How does this compare with the I.U. dosage?

PEOPLE'S PHARMACY RESPONSE: ACCORDING TO THE WIKIPEDIA ENTRY ON VITAMIN D, one IU equals 25 ng.There are 1 million nanograms (ng) in a milligram, so 1.25 mg is 50,000 IU. That's a standard weekly dose for overcoming vitamin D deficiency.

I thought i was the only one with pill phobia, it nice to know i am not alone. I can relate to you on taking the meds, i also feel that i can take it in front of my doctor, but not at home. I pick up my meds everyday an tell myself i can do this, then i start thinking crazy so i put the meds back up. I never got up enough courage to take the meds for my deficiency. I just don't know what to do anymore.

After having a bone scan last year with lower scores than 2 years previously even though I was taking calcium and fosamax, my doctor ordered a vitamin d level. It was 17. After 2 months on 50,000 units, it "climbed" to 24. Finally at a low of 11.6 this fall, I was put on 50,000 units 2 times a week for @ 8 weeks. The results came back yesterday and I am at 49!! I have been instructed to take OTC 1000 D3 daily for 2 months to see if i can maintain the normal levels. I am hopeful, but this seems to be something that needs constant monitoring. I am frustrated that I spent years on Fosamax without knowing about the missing ingredient, thus not benefiting from that therapy at all.

this site was very helpful for me I was prescribed 50,000iu on 1-26-2009 by my doctor. I suffer with so many problems stated in these article I have read. I hope it will be beneficial for me.

i have been experiencing headaches, generalized fatigue, muscle weakness, confusion and even some vision problems during the past month. after ruling out a number of different possible issues, my dr. had my vitamin D level checked and it was revealed that my level was 16. she prescribed the 50,000iu megadose over the course of 4 weeks with subsequent testing to take place from then on. i have to say, i felt better the day after taking the first dose, but now it is 5 days later, i am starting to feel like i am relapsing to some degree. i am hopeful that the second dose i take early next week will once again provide me with some relief. this has been a really scary time.

I am 45 yrs old, went for a physical, blood tests and bone density test. Was given prescription for Vitamin D, 50,000 units, I too held on to the prescription, did lots of research, told to take one pill a week for two months then one pill a month, finally decided to take my the pill on a Saturday just in case there were any side affects like sleepiness etc. So far feels like if I took a regular vitamin, the more I read the less afraid I am and I know it's a good thing for my health. Reading the positive postings on this site has reassured even more. Thank you.

I am 43yrs old and was diagnosed with a IGA deficiency, celiac disease and have been underweight all my life. I was prescribed 50000 UI of Vit D and Nortrypiline (pain/anit-depressant). My hair is falling out and I can't gain weight. Do the side effects include hair/weight loss? Will be following up with the GI clinic for further allergy testing. Please advise..clf

I am a 32 year old african american female. Last July I started having palpitations, and I had been having dizzy spells for about a year. Of course the dr. checked my heart- no major problems. My thyroid level was almost non-existent (I had radioactive treatment 6 years ago). The endocrinologist started changing my dose because I was getting to much levothyroxine.

I was still sick about 3 months later and they switched me to synthroid. By November I had dizziness, headaches, terrible back pain, rt ankle swelling/pain,pressure in rt eye/face, extreeeeme fatigue, loss of interest in anything, short of breath at times, mood swings, memory loss, and anxiety!!! I HAVE SEEN MULTIPLE SPECIALISTS- Cardio, Gastro,ENT, Neuro, OB/GYN,Endo and a Rheumatologist. After all these docs trying to put me on meds for everything from anxiety to high blood pressure, the endocrinologist finally tested my vitamin D level.

My TSH is now high (3), and my vitamin D level is 5!! I have hypothyroidism, vitamin D deficiency, GERD, and recurrent sinus infections because of a failing immune system. YOU have to be your own advocate. I thought I WAS DYING FOR MONTHS AND HAD ACCEPTED THE FACT. Pray, research, and demand thorough treatment. The only reason I discovered these problems was because I decided they would not find out what my illness was on autopsy.

Your doctor, unfortunately, is not ALWAYS looking at you as an individual, but as a textbook case. My endocrinologist (2nd in 4 months) just prescribed 50,000 I.U. 3 times a week for 12 weeks and then it decreases to 2 times a week for 9 weeks. We will take it from there. I will be starting it tomorrow. Although it is a heavy dose, not taking it scares me more than what will happen if I do take it.

I have been living in HELL for the past 8 months and I am looking forward to heaven on earth again!!! Have a little faith. I'm sure it will work out for myself and anyone else who believes..God bless

I am female aged 73. Always worked in the yard until a year ago, moved into an apt. This last October I didn't want to go out of the house I felt so bad. Saw the t.v. show The Doctors, mentioned Vitamin D deficiency. I went to the doctor and had him test me for that and Vitamin B 12. I was low on both. Have been on the large dose for a week now. Feeling good. I too, was afraid of the large dose. So far so good. I also take 1,000 of B12 day.

MY EXPERIENCE WITH VITAMIN D AND HOPEFULLY OFFERING SOME SUPPORT --- I am med phobic, and I've noticed that many people asking questions here are med phobic as well - that's how I found this site a few weeks ago, searching for info on high does of Vitamin D. My level is at 17 and my doctor prescribed Vitamin D 50,000 UI once a week/12 weeks. I filled the rx and let it sit on my desk for TWO weeks. I finally just did it and took my first dose last Saturday a.m., knowing my husband was going to be around all day "just in case".

Well, here's the results: I took the first dose, then Saturday came around again, I took the second dose, and I have had NO SIDE EFFECTS WHATSOEVER!!! All that anxiety and stress for nothing. But because I go through this anxiety with EVERY drug I'm prescribed and end up not taking half of them, ever, I just wanted to share my experience with the Vitamin D prescription. Because I know how you feel about getting a pill, any pill, into that mouth and actually swallowing it.

I had labwork done (Vit D, 25 Hydroxy); limits are 32.0 - 100.0 and mine came back at 31.1. I wonder if this is the cause of my headaches, depression, poor memory. Is 31.1 considered low? I am taking 1K units of Vit D every day since the last level came back at 31.1 over 8 mos ago, and NO CHANGE in the labwork!? It's exactly the same 8 months later!

4 years ago, I had horrible joint pain and was so tired I could not even walk up the stairs in my house. I could not function without sugar, carbs and caffeine. My vitamin D levels were tested and came back very low. My doctor put me on 50,000 IU's daily. It took 6+ months but I finally started feeling better. 4 years later, I am doing better than ever. I take over the counter vitamin D now and keep my levels up with 2000 IU's daily. The best thing that happened to me was getting diagnosed with low vitamin D. Good luck to you all!

I have just been Rx 50k IU of vitamin D to take once a day for 6 weeks and then take 2k IU of vitamin D everyday after that. Everything I have been reading says that they only take this high amt. for 1-3x per week. I am supposed to take 50k everyday. My doctor told me that my vitamin D was dangerously low? I am very concerned about side effects. Has anyone ever taken this large amt?


I am in my 10th day of taking 50,000 IU a day of Vit D.. so far no side effects except one. I take my capsule at bed time, because about 30 minutes later I have a drunk feeling, so I just sleep it off during the night. I sleep a couple hours longer now, I hope that stays with me. The pain in my legs are lessening each day, I have a little more energy during the early afternoons. My Vitamin D level is 11.5 right now.. My cardiologist said I will have to stay on this high dose for 2 months..Then have more blood work to see where I'm at. I am reading that many only take their high doses once or twice a week. I take mine daily..

I've been struggling since the end of January with Panic attacks, anxiety, diarrhea, no concentration, headaches, and I just feel terrible. I'm 34 and I've rarely been sick in my life.

After suffering for two weeks I ended up passing out and ended up in the ER. I asked the Dr. to check my TSH (thyroid) and found out that I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis.

Started on the synthroid - still felt terrible. Felt like I was hyperthyroid versus hypothyroid - but still tired. I always say that I'm tired. I had some numbness to my fingers and my legs felt wobbly but I really don't have pain like everyone else. This mostly effected me mentally... I could never understand anxiety or depression up until now and thought that folks just had to make up their mind and get over it - wow, I was wrong. Esp being a nurse. I've learned a huge lesson.

My Vitamin D level is @ a 10 and I'm now on 50,000 IU once a wk for 12 weeks. When will I notice the difference and did any of you have mental issues with low vitamin D?


I have had severe pain and depression with anxiety for years. Was told it was fibromyalgia. I suffer migraines almost daily. Stiffness daily. Finally got into a Rheumatologist because was diagnosed with RA last Dec. Had a blood test done for Vit D def. Got a call from my docs off with very low vitamin D (level of 12). I just started on the 50,000 iu treatment. I hope it works... I want the pain gone and my life back.

Just got tested.
My vitamin D was at 5.
My OCD, anxiety and depression have been at an all time high.

Have not been able to sleep.
And hell yes my knees have been hurting.
Took my first pill (50,000 iu) last night.

Dear God in heaven- I slept well for the first time in close to a year.

Simply amazing

My mother was recently (today) prescribed the 50K weekly dosage of Vit D. My concern is that every website you see says that when taking Vit D that it is crucial that you also have adequate levels (either on you own or with supplements) of calcium and magnesium or the Vit D can be toxic. Does the RX dose also contain calcium and magnesium? that why the pamphlet states not to supplement with any other vitamins? The reason I ask this is because she has been taking the calcium chew (once a day) that contains 500 mg of calcium and 400 IU of Vit D, plus vitamin K. Should this chew be stopped?

I have been having low vit d issues for at least 2 years (that I know of!). I kind of crash every fall and feel bad and then reach an all time low in February of anxiety, gerd, weakness, fatigue, etc. This year I thought I was ready. I tested at 18 in October. Bought a UVB light an began using it daily.

Initially I began to feel better then really crashed in February. I was retested and now I'm at 12. No more dealing with the regular MD. I took myself off to the endo and I'm on 50,000 weekly until I test at a good level. She thinks I will need to take if at some dose for life and at script strength.

Problem is that I feel really good for 2 days after the dose then slip back to awful as the week goes on. I'm hoping summer will fix me up but ...??? Anyway, I get headaches with OTC d3 but the only side effect with the prescription d2 is energy and sleep, blessed sleep! I have malabsorption from a nasty cdiff infection that I had years ago.


My vitamin d level is 7, my doctor put me in 50,000iu of vitamin d three times a week and told me to also take 2,000iu of vitamin d daily for the next 3 months. He also told me to take a womens multivitamin daily. I already take 250 of magnesium to prevent my migraines. Do you think that the combo of all these vitamins could be toxic?

I am so glad to find info on this. My Vit D level is 7 and my doc has also put me on 50,000mg per week. I am a 43 yr old female who has been feeling fatigued, blurred vision, headaches, aches and pains, poor sleep (even though I am sooo tired), a bit dizzy at times & less patience with my kids. I also noticed weight gain and no sex drive. I had to push my gynecologist to run a vit D test.

My brother was diagnosed with MS and I read there might be a link to Vit D. So, I wanted to know how mine was. Surprise! It was so low. I am so looking forward to feeling better. I do not have MS symptoms, I just lucked out by wondering where my level was. I wish more people would write in and tell us about how you feel after bringing your Vit D level back up. What symptoms went away? Do you feel younger (I feel 40 years older than I am!) Thx!!

Most get prescribed Vit. D once a week. My Dr. is prescribing it twice a week? Could he be wrong on the dosage?

I'm a 37 yr old female. I've always been a healthy & active person. I started having extreme lower back pain on & off my last 2 months of my 2nd pregnancy. After the baby was born the pain stopped. Then 3 months later when I was breastfeeding the lower back pain started again by the 6th month I started to have teeth sensitivity & knee pain. I seen a orthopedic doctor he did a back xray & said my back looked good & he didn't know why I was having the teeth & knee pain.

I was frustrated & in pain off & on for the next few months. The pain just got more often & in other bones. I figured it would stop after i stopped breastfeeding. I quit breastfeeding at 13 months but the pain did not get better. I seen my primary doctor about a month later & told him of my symptoms bone pain, fatigue & anxiety. He wanted to give me a antidepressant like i was imagining my bone pain. I saw a rheumatologist doctor who did a bone scan & everything looked fine but my vitamin d was low.

I also seen a endo doc on my own & he said my vitamin D is @ 27. I did get a bone density test he said my bones were still good. Now that I been taking higher doses of vitamin D & tanning 3 times a week for the last 6 wks I've had a lot more bone pain than I was with a lot more fatigue & acid reflux but the endo said it may take 3 or 4 months until I'm feeling better & my vitamin d levels are at least @ 40. Higher levels of 50 to 100 are for optimal health.

Thank you for this site...I was just diagnosed as having a Vitamin D count of 13.5 and apparently it explains why my Jones Fracture of fifth metatarsal has not healed in 8 wks...not even begun to heal. So now I am being put on 50,000 units of Vitamin D and I certainly hope this helps as I also have Osteopenia (ct. of 20) and it seems I need this. I am also on Dilantin and Tegretol which the doc says also lowers my Vit. D levels. Thanks for this info..very helpful
sinserely kdb

I have read all of the stories here and can only say wow. I came to the doctor with pain. I didn't know why I was hurting all over but I was. The doctor prescribed me with 50k of the vitamin d. I am supposed to take it once a week a long with a daily dose of 800. I was freaked out about it, and still am freaked. I too have a pill phobia. I think it's really interesting that all of us who are vitamin D deficient have a pill phobia, I wonder if there is a connection.

Anyway after reading the stories I have decided that I will most likely live. So Monday morning I will take my first big dose. I was a good girl and did at least begin the 800 dose. I felt a little tired, but I woke an hour ago with no headache. I have been having them for quite some time, but this morning no headache. I will write back to let you know if I survive.

My vitamin D levels were at 8. For a few years I've had almost complete numbness in my lower body, muscle weakness in my legs. Pains in my legs, arms, and other muscles. I even had a surgery on my back, thinking it was a damaged disc (which I did have) but now think it was my Vit D level that was giving me these problems all along. I've been on a high dose of D for a month now. One pill a week, and I am seeing a big improvement already. I just don't know why my level was so low.

I just had my vitamin D level tested and it was extremely low at 4.1. My PCP started me on vitamin D 50000ui once a week for 3 months. I have been taking it for 2 months. I take it every Wednesday. Since I have started taking the vitamin D I feel like I have the flu with achy joints, tired all the time and my bones hurt, whereas, prior to taking the pills I felt none of this. This gets better as the Monday or Tuesday come around and then I have to take another one on Wednesday. I am going to continue as prescribed but everyone I have talked to usually feel better, why do I feel worse? Any suggestions?

Good Morning. I realize you posted your comment in April of 2008. Are you still working for an Endocrinologist and do you still see good results from people taking 50,000 IU of Vitamin D? I was diagnosed just this week with a Vitamin D level of 16. She (my Endocrinologist) said that I was very low.

Thanks for your comments listed in April 2008. I'm still a little concerned about any side effects from such a high dose. I have been searching the web and it seems the benefits far out way any side effects.

Thank you!

Hi S, Sherri, Bonnie, Jodie,LM, jik,

Since being diagnosed with a Vitamin D deficiency, are your symptoms better? I have just been diagnosed with that (level at 16), and was prescribed 50,000 IU once a week for three months, then the Endo will check my levels again.


Hi H,

Since you were diagnosed with a Vitamin D deficiency, are your symptoms better? Did you or have you had any side effects? I have just been diagnosed with that (level at 16), and was prescribed 50,000 IU once a week for three months, then the Endo will check my levels again.

Have been inquiring with other people before I start the medication. Thanks for any comments/info you have to offer.


Just got tested.
My vitamin D was at 5.
My OCD, anxiety and depression have been at an all time high.

Have not been able to sleep.
And hell yes my knees have been hurting.
Took my first pill (50,000 iu) last night.

Dear God in heaven- I slept well for the first time in close to a year.

Simply amazing

I am a 37 year old woman who has been active my entire life. I have always taken a multivitamin and eaten lots of cheese and yogurt. In February I started experiencing foot pain and swelling, so bad that I could barely walk on my feet in the morning. Two months later I made an appointment with a foot doctor who told me I had an injury from working out and needed orthotics. A month later my hands started feeling stiff and swelling as well. The feet did not improve with the orthotics. I was positive I had rheumotoid arthritis, but kept putting off going to the DR.

Finally after another 2 months I made an appointment and was given a blood test. A week later she informed me that my thyroid levels were dangerously low and my Vitamin D levels were as well (68). She told me I needed to take Synthroid immediately as well as 10000 IU of Vitamin D. Being someone who does not like to take any prescription, I drilled her with questions and then went home to research before filling my prescription.

A month later I am beginning to feel somewhat better but am still experiencing joint stiffness. I am hoping this will improve as I want to feel like myself again. I have a 3 year old son and could barely button his shirt in the morning. Very frustrating as I always have lead a healthy lifestyle.

How has the Vit D therapy been going?

After talking with my Endo, decided to not start at such a high dose (50,000 IU's). Have started over the counter Vitamin D, increasing every few days. I feel better, not 100%, but better. Will go back for lab work in a couple of months to see where levels are at.

Wishing you the best/ I have been on 50K units for 2 months, now off, will have levels ckd in 2 weeks or less. More joint pain since stopping, I suspect Vit D levels still low.

I am a very youthful 55 year old female that has been experiencing severe joint pain for some years. Orthodpedic doc finally discovered my vitamin d level extremely low - level 10. Was prescribed 50,000 units weekly 5 weeks ago, and finally got the nerve to begin taking dose 2 weeks ago. No noticeable improvement yet, but I am extremely fatigued and am therefore sleeping through the night for the first time in years. Am anxious to see how this progresses.

I would run as fast & far as I could from your doctor!
Take charge of your own health care!
Many people have found that they have been mis diagnosed with other disease's and in the end found that it is being low in Vitamin D!
Get tested! You will not regret it!
Doctors should NEVER deny your request!
If they do then they are not respecting you and not working FOR YOU!
You have the power to direct your own health care if you take it!

I hope you still read this.... I have the same symptoms as you and thought I was really dying. After reading everyone's posts I'm hoping my vitamin D therapy of 50,000iu once per week will start helping. I've only taken two doses but pray my life can get back to normal.

I too have bone and muscle aches. I really thought I was going crazy with the other symptoms such as nausea, weakness, depression and just like you my thyroid was out of whack. Good luck to you and me!

I am a 24 year old native American male. After reading all these comments I am wondering why I am not in severe pain, and feeling worse than I do, especially after reading all these comments about people taking a third of what I am for worse symptoms than what I have. I went to see my doctor about elevated liver enzymes and he ordered blood work and discovered I was vit. D def. He prescribed me 50k 3 times a week. I just took my first dose after reading all these comments. Periodically I would get a little sore muscle I thought it was low potassium because it wasn't severe. Thanks.

I just complained to my new Dr about my pain stiffness and weakness all over and had always blamed it on my weight, lack of exercise and even maybe a bad heart cause my arms and legs would get so tired and hurt I thought my heart wasn't pumping properly.

She told me about vitamin D deficiency and tested and sure enough mine was low and now starting on treatment. Now that I think back most of my symptoms started around the same time many years ago and have gotten so bad that I am in the bed most of the time I cant even sit up I am so tired and hurting.

My symptoms are swollen legs and feet, numbness in toes, arms and hands fall asleep thought this was due to carpel tunnel, digestive problems, low back pain, hip and leg joint pain and feels like my legs are coming out of socket makes it hard to walk, extreme stiffness, hands hurt so bad I can't hold a plate of food and washing my hair hurts and tires me.

My hair falls out all over the place, chronic sinus and bronchitis problems, chronic depression and anxiety, dizzy clumsy and unsteady, asthma. Ive been searching for an answer and I hope this is it so I can feel better and start living again. I feel better talking about it, thanks for this site.

Hello just wondered how your vit d was going. I am actually on the same thing just started but noticed the date on here but would love to know if you are feeling better. I am 35. Now I got like creepy feeling in my legs. Thank you very much.

My vitamin d level has always been ok. My life style has not changed. Why would my level bottom out?

I am so happy that I found this site! I am 34 years old and for the past couple of years I have not felt my best.

Tired to the point that I called it my "sleeping disease" to my doctor. I had a sleep study done and it found I had alpha delta sleep. No one has really been able to speak to that. Then all of a sudden my hair started falling out.

At first I thought it might be related to the fact that I had stopped my birth-control. I went to my doctor and again we ran a thyroid panel and this time a vit d level. My doctor left me a message that all my lab work was fine except my vit d level. She said my level was low 10.8 and said that I needed to take 1000 of vit d. I have yet been able to speak to my doctor ( I've tried for over a week). I started looking on line to research the normal levels and was surprised to find out that my level was sooo low. Does anybody know why these levels get so low? My calcium is normal. I also have IBS symptoms and have had a bx done for celiac in the past which was neg.

I'm concerned because people with higher levels than me are being treated with 50,000 iu and I was only told to take 1000iu's. I'm happy that this could be my reason for feeling so bad but that I'm not going to get enough replacement. Should I see a specialist? If so who?

She should test you and if she won't, go to another doctor. Your Vit D levels need to be 40-60ng/ml. If they are, you will not get a cold or flu. Your risk factor for certain cancers and heart disease drop as much as 75%. Pain levels and BP is reduced quickly. Hope that helps.

I am 52, have developed milk allergies over the past year and my blood test revealed my Vit D level was at 19. I took my first dose of 50,000 IU prescribed by my doc, within 16 hours of taking this I had broken capillaries in both eyes and my borderline blood pressure which has been 120/90 for a year or two jumped to 150/108 to 168/110 and it has been fluctuating on the high end for the last 3 days. The only thing different is that I took this 50,000 of Vit D. Has anyone else had these problems?

I would just like to start out by saying how happy I am that I came across this site. I seriously felt like I have been going crazy over the last 3 years. I also seriously thought I was dying! It really scared me! I am only 34 years old and could not understand what was happening to me. I started out with palpitations and chest pain and felt like I was going to pass out. I had one anxiety/panic attack after another. I also felt like if I sat down at any point I would fall asleep. I have actually fallen asleep while sitting at my desk at work.

Falling asleep like that is not good at work let alone when you have kids. My head for about a year and a half just didn't feel right. I can deal with constant pain...but walking around constantly feeling like I was going to pass out was not something I could handle. I went through a battery of tests with several specialist and 3 ER visits and they all kept telling me nothing was wrong. But I knew there was something seriously wrong!

I was so frustrated and scared! Through some of the testing I did find out that I had Hashimoto Disease. My endocrinologist put me on synthroid. I still felt the same. I felt hopeless! Everyone was telling me I was fine but I knew I wasn't. So my family doctor put put me on Prozac by my request because I seriously could not deal with the anxiety of going through my everyday life of kids, home and work while still feeling like I was dying and that something was terrible wrong.

FINALLY.... my endocrinologist... I am assuming because of my chronic complaints, tested my vitamin D level. At first I thought she was crazy! Thinking I feel soooooo bad how can it be something so simple. I cannot put into words how thankful I am that she had the sense to check this for me. My first test came back as a 6 (normal is around 40-50) She immediately called me and prescribed the 50,000 IU once a week for 3 weeks and then had me retested.

At first, when I started taking it I had a horrible headache where I felt like my head was going to explode. I kept taking it in hopes that it would help. Now... I am still tested regularly and just recently was increased to take 4000 IU a day pretty much for the rest of my life. I was afraid to take pills but I can honestly say IT IS SO WORTH it. I feel like myself again!

My symptoms have pretty much completely went away. I am my old self again. And honestly I would NEVER have thought it would have been something so simple!! I felt the need to write something on this sight in hopes of helping someone...anyone! I felt soooooo alone in my ordeal and felt like I was the only one that felt this way. Having doctor after doctor look at you like you are mental and saying they couldn't find anything wrong was agonizing! I truly hope someone will read this and it can help them. You are not alone... if you feel like I described above... Take my word for it... GET YOUR VITAMIN D TESTED!!

They even have home tests now if your doctor feels you don't need it. Take your health into your own hands. Keep talking about it until you find someone that will listen!! Low vitamin D can become very serious and has been linked to heart attacks and strokes. I am completely shocked that with such serious outcomes that more doctors are not checking this regularly! I hope this helps even one person! Best wishes!!

She checks my D levels regularly. Last time it had come up to 27. Went last week for more lab work and go to the Endo next Wednesday to get the results. I'm on 1,000 IU's a day (softgel). She may increase it if it hasn't come up more than that. Was initially diagnosed at level of 16. Feeling much better.

I told my Endocrinologist how sensitive I am to medications and was very hesitant about taking the 50,000 of Vitamin D. I started taking the 400 IU's a day. When I went back for my lab work, levels had gone up to 27. She put me on over the counter D of 1,000 IU's (softgel). I go next week to find out if levels have come up anymore. My blood pressure elevates from time to time. But, I also have Hyperthyroidism, which I'm also being treated for.

Just last night I watched a very informative interview on youtube entitled "Gabriele Stähler on Vitamin D3, with Bill Ryan: A Project Camelot Interview." Taken from youtube: "Bill Ryan from Project Camelot interviews Gabriele Stähler about Vitamin D3. This video contains the basics you need to know about how Vitamin D3 works in the body, how much to take when you want to supplement it for better health, and why it's important to know about as it is a natural antibiotic made in our bodies to protect us against viruses, bacteria and the most common illnesses (plagues?) of our time like cancer, diabetes, heart disease - etc."

My interest in Vitamin D deficiency began in January of this year. My hands became extremely sore to the point that I couldn't work at my computer; the knuckles became swollen and cracked as well. The physician's assistant at my GP's office sent me for xrays to rule out rheumatoid arthritis and ordered bloodwork to determine my Vitamin D level which came back at 8. I was immediately prescribed 50,000 IU once a week for 12 weeks. Within 3 weeks my hands were almost back to normal, but even more astounding, this is the first year in more than 24 that I have not caught a cold or developed a case of pneumonia. I never did follow up to see what my D levels were at the end of the 12 weeks - an aversion to visiting doctors' offices :(. I have, however, recommended to friends with similar symptomology to have their D levels checked, and all who have done so were found to be "severely deficient." Long-term high dose Vitamin D has alleviated the symptoms of each one.

High dose Vitamin D supplementation has been a blessing to so many I know! I am currently researching the recommendations Ms.Stähler makes for 5,000 - 6,000IU Vitamin D daily for an individual in my age group. That's what lead me to this site!

Best of health to all!

Milk is a the wrong way to be getting your vitamin D (ie, D3) as you're begging issues of cholesterol, fats, animal protein, hormones, etc.) - I take supplemental 5,000 IU D3 daily (live in Florida), w/ the objective of getting D3 into my system for calcium metabolism/absorption (re osteoporosis) as well as my treatment for 'MS'. Animal protein, from any source whatsoever, should really not be more than 12-15% of your total calorie intake.

See "The China Study" (author: Colin Campbell, Cornell Univ.) for a solid-statistical-method, evidence-based support of this animal-protein precaution. Vit D3 is receiving much current attention as to what the actual "RDI" should be.

An MD who is also an "ND" (naturopath) would go along way toward getting you properly focused on the right things to address. A good endocrinologist would also be helpful, but I recommend you find one who is (relatively) younger, or at least schooled in the newer understandings. I am 63, and was recently amazed at the ignorance (in one case) encountered w/ a like-aged endo. He is way behind the curve, and was not aware of peer-professional-sourced info available on the web.

Am currently shopping for new endo, and curiously, had a poor experience w/ just such a young Dr as I am suggesting. I guess it is like everything: It will take PERSEVERANCE and (some) LUCK!

Yes - You are soo right! Now that critical values can be measured (usually at reasonable cost), there is NO excuse for you not being allowed to know exactly what your various metabolic values are. From there, a competent professional can assess, recommend, (and prescribe as appropriate) based upon the patient's presentation/ circumstances.

You need (through your doc) to find out the origin of your pain. Is it neuropathic? Is is orthopedic? Testing can be done to test your "inflammatory levels", and from there, the pain's mechanisms-of-action MIGHT (I emphasize "might") be able to be ascertained. I have what is called a "Cox 2" pain issue, and this has to date (6 mos duration), been successfully dealt with w/ a doctor-determined-dosage of "Turmeric Curcumin". The big pharma produced pain med called "Celebrex" (likewise a "Cox 2" inhibitor like 'turmeric curcumin') was not possible for me due to my cardiac issues. To date The "turmeric-c" (in the dosage determined) has dramatically reduced/managed my "skeletal-pain" issues. Recommend you get to a competent rheumatologist (or other) to start your investigation, and an eventual diagnosis. The entire pain-resolution process can be long, tedious, and exasperating, a real "pain" (ha, ha). BUT IN THE END, PERHAPS: R-E-L-I-E-F.

Good Luck!

I too had many of your complaints, and was told I had to lose 75 lbs to get myself "right sized", and back into some semblance of good shape/health. along w/ my usual doctor Rx'd meds (NO DIET STUFF THOUGH!), I used "Omega Three" fish oil to get my baseline inflammation levels down, assist w/ my mood, help to curb my appetite cravings, assist w/ cardiac rhythm issues, and just generally get healthy "O-3" compounds inside my cell structures.

My diet was rigorous, and yet (being diabetic also) I JUST DID NOT experience the hunger pangs that I expected I would. THUS - I cannot emphasize enough the "balancing" (ie, "leveling out) effect the "Omega Three Essential Fatty Acids" (ie, fish oil) have done for my entire body's systems. It is nothing short of miraculous. Anecdotal you think?!? Well then: JUST "Omega Three Essential Fatty Acids" ("O-3 EFAs"), and prepare to "read away" on ALL the solid-researched studies "out there" that support all this. That is why I started on the fish oil (along with several other efforts), and it works!

Have a competent professional, preferably an "MD/ND" (ND = "Naturopath"), or a rheumatologist, or endocrinologist guide you on all of this. GOOD LUCK!

Yes- More and more, I read that 5000 IU is the recommended daily dose of VitD3. Of course, in good sunny weather you can get that much in just 20 mins walking in the sun. I have MS and thus moved to FLA just to get better weather for (1) walking and (2) "sunny" VitD3 intake. On cloudy days I just take a 5000 IU supplement. D3 is critical to proper calcium-absorption in the body (dealing w/ osteoporosis for one thing, if that is an issue for you).

Really glad I found this sight, for months I have been suffering severe pain in my lower back and hips, I started to think I was suffering from arthritis a bit early, I'm 38. I finally went to docs and I had x-rays and blood tests, he sent me for another blood test just to be sure, my level was below 10.

I had an injection on Dec 23 and will have another in 3 months. I have been sleeping better but bone pain is still bad, and reading about all the other symptoms explains so much, especially mood swings and depression. I have been in a much better mood the past week.

I exclusively breast fed my almost 3yr old and was never advised by anyone about vit d, once I stopped at 6 mos my daughter caught everything coming, actually stayed in hospital twice and this was probably down to a deficiency.

What I am worried about now is any long term effects, how long would it take for a persons level to get so low, will my bones heal?

Best wishes to everyone for 2010!



I read your description and I feel exactly how you did. Before I started taking the vitamin d I did not feel as bad as I feel now. I just felt as if something was off and I was tired. Now when I take it I notice that exact same cyclical symptoms. I take my pill on Sunday. I notice I feel progressively worse until about Friday and then I feel okay and have to take another pill. Like you I took my full prescription. Just TODAY (one day after taking my last 50000 IU) I started taking me 2000 IU daily.

I would love to know how you feel now? I really need to move past this debilitating pain and live my life. I'm 30.

I'd love to hear others' comments as well!


Started taking 50,000 vit d two weeks ago, once a week. vit D tests in the 20's somewhere.

The pills make me light headed, crampy and nauseous. Takes most of the day to go away. Do I continue to take? take a smaller over the counter dose or what?

(I occasionally get this reaction to meds - and also to calcium pills).

Hi Tammy and AK,

I wonder if you might have Vit D sensitivity? I've been reading about Vit D and did come across that some people are indeed more sensitive to it than others and will experience neg effects at dose levels that do not bother most people. Maybe those who are sensitive ought to start at a lower dose and work up to the 50,000? Don't know. Just a thought. Hope you are both feeling better.

My Endo started me on Vitamin D about 5 months ago. My level was at 16. It went up to 27 then down to 25. She wants me no lower than 30 and ideally between 40-60. Does anyone know how long it takes to regulate the Vitamin D levels? I have days where I feel just awful. Thanks for any comments!

Joan - I would not stop taking the vitamins. You cannot correct Vit D deficiency without these high doses. The over the counter ones will not correct it. If you are still having problems with the meds (some side effects go away) then call your doctor.


Thanks so much for taking the time to write. It means a lot! That is an interesting theory. I'm glad to be done with the large doses and I've been taking 2000 IU daily. I notice less leg pain and more energy. I'm about 10 days since my last big dose and I do feel like those cyclical symptoms are gone. I'm not 100% yet - I think it'll take some time to get to feeling good. But at least I don't feel bad!


Why won't over the counter work? 5000+ / day versus 50,000 in one dose per week. less in system at one time may not be so aggravating to stomach.

Also there are gels and pills? anyone know what the diff is? Also prescription I believe is D2 and over the counter is D3.

I have started taking 50,000 units 2x a week this is my second week. My problem seems to be when it's about time for the second dose I can hardly navigate, I am so tired. This usually comes after a terrible headache. I want to take the dose as prescribed but I cannot hardly function. Is this a mild side effect and should I just try to muster through it?

I was diagnosed with D Deficieny about 5 months ago. I was hesitant to take the 50,000 IU dose so started on an over the counter dose. My levels did come up (from 16 to 27). So the Endocrinologist had me take 1,000 IU's daily. When checked again, my level had dropped to 25. She increased me to 2,000. That was in November. I feel just awful. I'm scheduled to go and have my levels checked again at the end of the month.

Do you really believe the 50,000 IU's dose would make a difference? I know you've stated so previously, but am torn what to do. I called my Endo the other day and asked if I could go to 3,000 IU's and she said no. Not until my levels are rechecked???

I am vitamin D deficient (15 ng/ml) and started about 3 weeks ago on 50,000 IUs of vitamin weekly, and told to take an additional 3000 IUs of vitamin D daily. I also take 150 mcg of levothyroxine daily for thyroid. I also was hypothyroid on that same date.

This past week I am having diarrhea problems and I'm sure it's from the vitamin D intake. I am also extremely exhausted and feel like I have flu-like symptoms, although I do not have the flu. Feel very light-headed, foggy-brained, and red burning face.

Question: Are these symptoms side effects from the vitamin D? I feel they are but I would like some input. Thanks.


I have been feeling bad for years, I have been diabetic for 30 yrs. I am a 55yr old male, been told by multiple rhumitoligists that I have fibromylgia, got tested for vitamin d deficiency last week they said the level was less than 4%, so they prescribed vitamin d 50,000 unit capsules 1 per week.

I took one Thursday, felt better Friday, then have done nothing but sleep and hurt since, my feet and hands are ice cold, how long does it usually take to feel better, or should I do a follow up with the Dr? Thanks and have a good day.


Thank you for sharing, I was just given a RX of 50,000 IU of Vitamin D to take once a week for 3 months and I'm scared to death of this high dose and having a reaction. I'm allergic to penecillan, sulfa drugs, and who knows what else so I'm scared. Hearing a positive outcome helps.


Thank you for your comments Marie. I am 44 years old and my mother is a long time sufferer of rheumatoid arthritis, as was her father. I was convinced I had the same. Until I saw one the most respected arthritis specialists in the world. I don't have RA but was diagnosed with very low vitamin D levels. What you described is me -fatigued, moody, depressed, joint and muscle pain.

I live in the northeast and certainly don't get enough sun over the winter. I received my prescription today for 50,000 IU vitamin D and I can't wait to start taking it. I'll watch for potential side effects but I'm confident the benefits will outweigh any side effects. I wondered what was "wrong" with me for a long time, and I think I now found the answer, thanks to my Dr.

I just had a parathyroid tumor removed. When I had the tumor my calcium level was very high and my vitamin D level very low (12). After the surgery I was just put on vitamin D 50,000 IU weekly. I am feeling better after 2 weeks.

Ask your doctor to check your calcium, parathyroid hormone levels (PTH) and vitamin D levels yearly as part of a basic checkup. Ask the doctor to do a basic metabolic panel blood tests. If your calcium is above the normal range, and your PTH is high and your vitamin D is low you may have hyperparathryoidism.

A great website on this is Try reading the section on Vitamin D.

Don't be afraid of taking vitamin D at the 50,000 IU level once weekly. It's really not toxic. Work with a good endo doctor if your PCP is not helpful.

PS: I used the word tumor but technically it's an adenoma and rarely cancerous. No big deal, it just means an enlarged parathyroid. Note that only surgery will help with hyperparathyroidism. Medicine and supplements are of no use.

if you have a parathyroid adenoma you should NOT take high doses of vitamin D until it is removed. Again lots of info at

Typical symptoms of this are high calcium and high pth and sometimes low Vit. D., but it is possible to not have both numbers high and still have parathyroidism.

There is a recent tendency for endos to try to treat this with vit. D first, which can actually be dangerous according to the info on - advanced diagnosis page.

I was also diagnosed with vitamin d deficiency my levels were at 14. I was put on 50,000 iu for 8 weeks, am 24 years old and have been suffering with daily headaches for over a year. After every test under the book my doctor finally checked my blood levels. I finished the 8 week treatment and my levels are at 30. My doctor says it's normal and put me on 1,000 iu a day. Should I take more than this to be closer to 80-100? Also am I supposed to take calcium supplements along with the D?



It sounds like you are good to go now with levels of 30 - remember summer cometh - and the best source of vitamin D is the sun. Just keep taking 1000 iu - and remember you cannot get huge jumps in your vitamin D levels unless you take the 50000 IU dose.

My insomnia is why my doctor checked my D~ I was at 17..

I took my 3rd dose of 5o,000 IU (once a week) friday. I feel WORSE each Saturday, as in way DEPRESSED. COULD it be from the mega dose? I start getting better each following day~ My sleep has improved, but not more than 4 or 5 broken hours yet.

I have gone through all the comments and want to relate to everyone here on this forum. Things we all seem to have in common:

Medication phobia
other illness/side effects due to deficiency
Fear of side effects
Chronic fatigue, mental impairment, and pain

I have been spending A LOT of time researching all of this. I have been chronically tired since I was a teenager. I am lactose intolerant, have a strong family history for lupus, fibromyalgia, cancer, and obesity. I am obese. Given my family history and a recent increase in my white blood cell count I was seen by my primary doctor, referred to a hematologist, had an abnormal Anti DSDNA test, referred to a rheumatologist and this is was I was told. "You are normal, except for your vitamin D level. It is dangerously low at 10, and you need to take 50,000 unit capsules 1 a week for 12 weeks."

At first I was mad at the "normal" diagnosis. Then I thought "why?" Why be mad that I could potentially have a relatively inexpensive, easy solution to all of my aches, pains, and woes? I'm not going to bitch about this. I am usually fearful of taking medications. I even hesitate at takes when pondering whether or not to take something for a headache. I'm not going to fudge with this because TRUST ME, I've done the research, and attempting to self medicate or avoiding taking the medicine could have DIRE CONSEQUENCES.

What was I experiencing prior to this diagnosis? Irritable bowel syndrome, muscle pain, bone pain, costochondritis, abnormal EKG's, high white blood cells, EXTREME fatigue, mental/cognitive impairment. Falling asleep EVERYWHERE, even at work; mood swings, irritability, memory loss... the list goes on and on. I actually decided to give myself the nickname "Itis" because it felt like everything was "inflammation" related. After researching that a low Vitamin D is associated with nearly all of these complaints, I have decided to take the pill.

I am a skeptic, but I would MUCH rather give myself and my body the opportunity to try and get well. My prescription is for 3 months. Isn't your health worth 3 months of a vitamin replacement? The chances of toxicity are only increased if you abuse the prescription. Talk to your doctor about any things you should avoid while on it, and your pharmacist about medications you are currently taking.

It is healthy to be a skeptic, but it isn't healthy to avoid getting yourself help. Get a second opinion, see a naturopathic doctor who is willing to work along with your primary health care physician. Not all medicines and supplements are bad for you! Even naturopaths would suggest following your doctors orders given your severely low levels. I have been to the doctor enough times to know when something is given to me seriously and when it is given to me as a means to an end. I am blessed to not feel like I have turnstile health care. My doctors listen, and if you feel that yours do not, get a second opinion and do not give up on yourself.

Give yourself a chance. You are worth it. Also, if you have osteoporosis you make experience an increase in bone and muscle pain for a few weeks, but this is normal and will subside. Entertain your doctor and yourself for once by giving this a chance. Just don't forget to disclose all meds you are on.

I am open to answering any and all questions related to this and hope I can help anyone needed an outlet of support. God bless you all and I pray for your continued wellness.

@ Deb. Me and some others have noted a cyclical feeling worse and better between weekly doses. Stick with it though it improves - and get some sun as well if you can.

I was just diagnosed with low Vit. D after a few weeks of EXTREME fatigue. I think my doc thought it was in my head. She had me start 2,000 IU of vit D. At first, I felt great, then after about 5 days, I started to feel really crummy. I had flu like symptoms, exhaustion and pretty serious pain in my left leg. My doctor doesn't think it is the vit D, but said I could take it every other day but to take my multi-vitamin.

I am worried because I want to get better, but I hate these feelings I am having. Have these side-effects been reported and might they get better with time?


@ Liz 2000IU a day WILL NOT correct a vitamin d deficiency. You need to take 50000IU once a week for 10 weeks (via prescription only) and then 1000IU a day for the rest of your life.

I'm so glad that I've found this website - My regular doc found me to be vit D deficient - I'm an 11 - whats normal? 80?

Anyways - she prescribed 50,000 IU's 1x per week for a month - then I'll be rechecked. I was nervous about taking such a large amount of this - but it seems others like yourselves are taking it. I just took it with dinner and hopefully it'll help.. I'm exhausted day in and day out - I was blaming my new meds *high blood pressure, which I'm not happy about, but it's been high on and off for a few months, maybe caused by Vit D - I've read somewhere your BP can be off if your Vit D is off * - but maybe its not. I've asked her to check for celiac disease as well, but she DIDN'T, so I'm seeing a new doctor now and maybe he will listen to me :)


Wow!!!! You are sooo like me! :) I loved reading that someone else is going thru this too - well not that you are in pain - but that I'm not going crazy! I feel like I am.

I'm also anemic and take iron everyday - haven't in the past few days - just don't have the energy to get out of bed - I'm very lethargic.. I'm ready for a nap as soon as I get up!

You need to make sure you low vitamin D isn't being caused by hyperparathyroidism. you can google that to check the symptoms. Some of which are similar to low Vit D. and Vit D is often low is that is what you have.

You should ask to have your calcium and parathyroid hormone checked at the same time.

Thanks for your comments. I am just beginning this 50000 treatment & have been unable to find any info about side effects, etc. Your comments have made me rest a little easier. Thanks!

My Doctor recently checked my vitamin D levels, I was experiencing swollen joints in the morning along with joint pain in my wrists and fingers and swollen feet with pain when waking. She did a rheumatoid arthritis test and it came back negative, she checked my vitamin D levels, they were at a 23. She told me to take a over the counter vitamin D supplement 2000iu a day and then have my levels checked in three to four months. Will this amount be enough or should I request a prescription? Have been taking the vitamin D for about a week and notice a small improvement. Thank you for you help.


Hello...I was just told yesterday that my Vitamin D is low.

My family Dr. has written a prescription for this, 50,000 units one per week for six months. I was taking 1200mg of calcium with 400mg D twice a day but I have not taken them for at least three months. I have been diagnosed with monoclonal gammopathy (bone cancer) but so far the M-Spike is a six. I go back every four months for blood work at an Oncology & Hematology Dr.

Both my family Dr. & my oncologist have told me to go on & take the calcium with the D. My question is how much is too much of Vitamin D that has been prescribed
to me, along with the calcium & D. I also take: 20mg Lisinopril for B/P, Primidone 50mg, at bedtime, Vitamin B-12 shots once a month, Celexa 20mg once a day, Claritin-D for allergies.

I have been feeling so bad for about a month now, have no energy & no appetite. Started the B/P medicine two months ago.
I really need some advice!!!!!!!!
thank you so much....MS

MS -

50,000IU per week is not "too much" vitamin D. You may want to ask your physician why he has asked you to take the Vitamin D for 6 months as opposed to the standard 10-12 weeks. It may because your Vit D level was particularly low, or it may be because of your other health issues (these are just guesses - I am not a doctor).


I am a breast cancer survivor, as is my doctor. She tests all her BC patients for Vitamin D levels; mine was 13, and she prescribed 50,000 units once a week, which I've been reading is a pretty standard dose. I didn't notice on the prescription before I gave it to the pharmacist, but when I picked it up I asked if it is D3, and through the tech was told yes, just a high-strength dose (which I knew.)

They did not provide an information sheet, and the bottle did not say D3 or cholecalciferol specifically. My question is whether D2 (ergocalciferol) is equally safe and/or effective and thus I should not worry or whether I should call back tomorrow and if this is NOT D3 ask that the prescription be changed. It just says Vitamin D. Thanks for any insight. (I'll probably call anyway, but info would be appreciated!)



D3 is not available in a 50000 IU dose via prescription. I understand that it's working its way through the FDA. The prescription you are given is D2 but at the dosage you are taking is effective (and the only option right now) to get your vitamin d levels back on track.

After the injection in Dec my levels went up to 20 after 3 mos., GP suggested monthly injections then see how I am. Haven't been able to get prescription filled as there is problems from manufacturers. I've given up for the summer and am trying to get a daily dose of sun.

Due to a family history of cancer I had a colonoscopy 2 yrs ago and just had another this week only to find ulcers in my small int. (ileam) the GI doc thinks I have Crohn's disease after further discussion of symptoms and habits.

I'll be having further tests, MRI CT scans etc, waiting on results from biopsys and blood work... Seems all of these things may be inter linked and hopefully with treatment and a positive diagnosis I will begin to feel a little better. here's hoping...

My daughter was given 50,000. mg weekly for 8 weeks the vitamin D deficiency then a daily supplement. She was feeling much better without any side affects within a couple of weeks.

Have MS and am having my D-level checked tomorrow. I have been on D3-4K-IUs/
day for one year, so expect that I am fighting the good fight (also am 'osteopenic'
+ experience much neuropathy in lower extremities). Am targeting BOTH for improvement.

Will advise you on my results as get them. Anyone else been down these paths?

GPG - Good luck!!! There are some who say the only way to raise D levels is a prescription round at 50,000 IU. If that is what the doctor orders I wouldn't say no. You can go back to 1000 to 3000 IU daily after the prescription course. Stay in good health!

OMG I have ALL of these symptoms!! I do feeling like I'm dieing I am in the sun all summer I drink tons of milk and take a multi vit and I'm still low. I just got a scrip for the once a month vit D and I can't wait to take it I'm picking it up TODAY!

All those who suffer from vitamin D deficiency, please also have parathyroid checked (that is different than the thyroid). Not sure which came first the vitamin D deficiency or the parathyroid issue (although I think it was the vitamin D deficiency). The symptoms of both are very similar. If you don't find relief from increased doses of vitamin D, please have your doctor do some research on parathyroid.

Tracey, I had many of the same symptoms you describe. I was diagnosed with thyroid failure and early menopause (age 39). My thyroid was so low, my pituitary was pumping out mega hormones, and it also affected my parathyroid which caused calcium problems. My endocrinologist spotted the problems right away, prescribed HRT and Synthroid, and in weeks I was feeling better. I hope this helps. I was so very sick, I hate to see anyone else suffer. I know this post is older, but if you haven't gotten help yet, I hope this does.

I am a 55 year old woman whose doctor prescribed vitamin D3 and calcium after a bone scan indicated osteopenia. Everyone says that Vitamin d helps sleep but I am experiencing sleeplessness since taking it. I was fine before. Do other people ever have that reaction or is it just a coincidence that it started after taking d3?

I am a 21 year old woman and I have recently been diagnosed with low vitamin d. My level was a 14 when my doctor said it should be in the 50-60 range. I have had chronic nausea and stomach pains since I was 17 and I still have no diagnosis on what has causing my symptoms. When I found out about the 50000U vitamin d pill I had to take, I was worried that it would trigger my symptoms. But thanks to all the information you guys have given, I'm a little less hesitant to take it.

I just want all of you to know that vitamin d deficiency can hit anyone at any age. If you have teenagers and/or young adult children, get their vitamin d checked! Especially if you yourself or any family member have it. I mentioned in passing to my doctor that my grandmother was diagnosed with vitamin d and b12 deficiency at a very young age and he ended up checking my levels just in case.

Good thing he did! Apparently some of my chronic symptoms, like extreme fatigue and weakness, were due to a low level of vitamin d! Now my younger sister is also being monitored just in case so that she won't end up in as bad of shape as I am.

Again I want to thank everyone of this board for the great information and more making feel less hesitant on taking my large vitamin d pills!

My doctor just told me a week ago that my vit d was low and told me to start taking 1,000i.u a day. (I also take levothyroxin for hypothyroid, which he said needed the amt needed to be raised again). I went out and bought some vit d. I read up on vitamin d before taking it and was excited that it had all these health benefits. Took the vit d on the first morning and was tired all day! (I was feeling really good before this).

Second day I thought maybe this was interfering with my thyroid meds (like calcium does) so i took it at night on the second day. Was even more tired the next day and had a headache. I haven't taken it for two days and am still tired and since it's my days off have had to take naps. (it's like when my thyroid meds arent enough). Now I know vit d is actually a hormone, but why would it be making me sooooooo tired???

I am a 36 year old Asian female.

I went to the doctor, who is a specialist, because I was feeling very weak and fatigued all the time. The doctor ordered a bunch of tests on my bloodwork.

I came out low on Vitamin D. My level is 6.7ng/ml. (Normal range is 32-100ng/ml). I have been prescribed 50,000 IU to be taken once a week for 12 weeks. I go back to get tested the 13th week.

Can somebody tell me how much can I realistically expect the levels to go up in 12 weeks?

Will I bounce to being within normal range at the end of 12 weeks?


I was recently diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency. My level was 19. My Dr. told me to take 2 otc 400 mg tablets a day. This seems much lower that the Rx amounts.


It really remains to be seen. You will have to wait and see (with a new lab result), just what that dosage has done for Y-O-U. I say that because you didn't say what your doctor thought your reasons may be for the low number. BUT now that you have a 'baseline number', and a known-dosage-regimen, your doc can arrive at some conjectures, as to what perhaps is going on. Everyone is different, trite, but also very true. Your doc, through trial and error, will find an equilibrium dosage for you, as well as a satisfactory "D" number. Good luck!

You will just have to wait to see how YOU respond to this regimen. Everybody is different. There could well need to be an additional adjustment made, until your doc gets you where he/she wants you to be. Sounds like a good initial salvo. BUT equally important, of course, will be the recommendation for your ongoing, maintenance dose. Good Luck!

I took 50,000 units of Vit D as prescribed by my doctor once a week for 4 weeks. Took the first dosage on Monday, this is Thursday. I have developed some hives, nothing real major. Was wondering if this is an allergic reaction? I had many allergies as a child, not lately. Just wondering if I should continue with the pills? I believe my Vit D was 16 when tested, therefore the script.

I am age 66, with high LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol & hypertension.
3 months ago my doctor prescribed Allopurinol to lower my high uric acid and 2 months ago Bezafibrate to lower my high triglycerides - both with considerable success , although no improvement in cholesterol levels.

When I was first tested for serum Vitamin D level 9 months ago the result was 7.77 ! I then started taking 5000 D3 units daily & continue to do so.
After 2 months the level increased to 27.4, & after 2 more months 44.8.
Last week, after 5 more months I was surprised to get a result of 29.4.

What could be the reason for this drop even when taking 5000 units daily?

Could it be the medications that are causing this?

I can't comment on the "why" of your variability-issue, BUT do want to say that you need to first get an idea from your doc as to what your goal-number should be. It really depends upon your health issues, age, etc. I logged a [41 ng] recently, BUT having 'MS', it is believed that I need to be higher. That number was suggested as somewhere (depending on which specialist I listen to) between 75ng -100ng. So - perhaps you need to first get a fix on what your goal-number should be. THEN, you can react to your bouncing-around figures. Maybe you are essentially in range w/ all three, since [under 50ng] is one suggested objective I have read. This whole D3/D2 subject matter is under much discussion at this time.

After months of feeling joints & bone pain and fatigue, I decided to visit my physician who tested my blood for 25-Hydroxyvitamin-D which turned out to be 13.5, I have been prescribed with Cap D forte 50,000 IU by the Doctor. Pharmacist have given me Vit D2 tablets with this potency and I have just started taking it once in a week. Could somebody answer my following questions.

1. Is Supplementary Vit D2 equivalent to Vit D3, which is my deficiency, Have the pharmacist given me
the right supplement?

2. what is the range of right level of Vit D in the Blood for an aged 45 male like me, there seems to be confusion over it, I live in the middle east and I am south asian origin; though a region abundant of sunshine, but we somehow keep away from exposure due to warm weather year around.

thanks for the answer.


My doctor gave me 50,000 because my d level was low. But made me hyper and anxious I stopped taking it. Now what do I do?


I was hesitant to take the 50,000 IU's of Vitamin D that my Endocrinologist prescribed to me. Fortunately she listened to me. She started me on 1,000 IU's of D-3 (in the gel form), over the counter. After 2 months she increased me to 2,000 IU's. That was a year ago. My levels went from 16 to no 35. Would like to see it go a little higher. But the doctor is pleased with my results, and I'm pleased that she listened to my hesitation :o)

Phyllis A.

I too am osteopenic, and have been on 100K-IUs/wk D3 for the last 8 weeks. Sleep issues are not new to me, and if I were having an aggravation of sleep-factors from D3, 100K-IUs would likely do it. BUT -- I have not. I actually have slept BETTER during this 100K-IU period (although I am NOT making a connection w/ the two issues). What I am saying is that probably you are NOT seeing a D3-related sleep issue. HOWEVER -- the only way to find out is to ask a well-trained pharmacist (any med schools in your area?) -- I am having good experience w/ a local med school's faculty in getting some questions answered. These people ARE approachable. I know from personal experience.

This is AI again, following up on my earlier comment posted above
on Oct 24th, 2010.

In October 2010, my Vitamin D levels were checked for the first time
and I came out woefully low at 6.7ng/mL.
I was prescribed 50,000IU Vitamin D gelcaps to be taken once a week for 12 weeks.

After 12 weeks, I got tested and today I got my results.
Result is 49.5ng/mL.

I have been asked to discontinue my Vitamin D medication, and once summer comes around my body should be able to make sufficient amounts of Vitamin D as required by the body since I live in a nice sunny place like Phoenix, AZ.


Have you been living in Phoenix for some time? If so, it's not likely that you will maintain your current levels once you discontinue to D. The University of Wisconsin did a study of young people, in Hawaii, who were in the sun there for 20+ hours a week, and half of them were found to be deficient.

My sense is that many if not most need to switch to OTC D3 in some amount to maintain their levels.

Be sure to have your D3 level checked every 6-months. After all, you already know you can dip from 'optimal' all on your own. THAT you have already experienced. Don't assume that the sun WILL AUTOMATICALLY do it for you, especially if you use 'sunblock'. Sunblock will prevent a lot (if not all) of the 'solar raw material' you need for the body to then convert to the D3 that you need. Also -- stay tuned for just what an 'optimal level' of D actually is. I think we may yet see it get redefined. Ten yrs ago, my well-respected MS doc (I have it) told me that VitD had no bearing on MS, and for me to forget about it. That ten-years was just a series of 6-month intervals Take stock of your self every 6-months. Yesterday's pooh-pooh'd 'notions' are tomorrow's 'laws of physics'.

Just what is an 'optimal' number is the subject of discussion currently. It really actually depends upon Y-O-U-R own personal health story/status. Your doc (maybe 'docs'!) will know THAT scenario, or should.......make sure you keep ALL docs informed about what is happening w/ you: other docs' lab-results, other-docs' comments, etc. It all goes into making up a 'mental dossier' that YOU must have available for ALL your healthcare providers. I (NOW) just hand my docs a [ quick-stats summary sheet, plus lab-printouts ] when I walk in.

THAT then is MY input to the exam, which, plus the doc's assessment, make for a very-positive outcome. Remember: OPTIMAL? WHAT DOES "OPTIMAL" MEAN TODAY? TOMORROW?, etc........................GOOD LUCK. KEEP US ALL UPDATED.

MKC... the REAL REASON why physicians try to be passive regarding tests that they do not feel are "medically-necessary" from their current viewpoint comes down to $$$... and that's not an opinion, it's a fact. Since I work in the health care field... and much with insurance claims, I can empathize with the physician and sympathize with the patient. In order for you to have your health care needs addressed EVERY TIME, you should understand these facts that I'm about to share.. after all, who knows your body and whats normal for you better than you do?

When I say $$$.. here's how it goes. A physician might be able to order some routine blood work on a patient.. but it's always limited in how often and what items can be screened for in order for health coverage to participate.. unless whatever the Dr is screening for can be pre-justified by symptoms. And even when symptoms are present, there are usually certain protocols that a physician must first attempt that might be a cheaper means of helping to diagnose a patient.

Here are the facts: Doctors really don't have the liberty of prescribing the medications that they think are right for you anymore. Insurance/Gov Health care decides. Many would say that's a crazy accusation to make.., well, is it? Of course, doctors can write whatever they want on the Rx Pad, but they can't make your coverage pay for it. You may elect to do so.. but in most cases, we're at the insurance company's mercy.

And in the events that the doctors do write a prescription that insurance does not want to cover, insurance rejects.. requires further documentation from the doctor called a PRIOR AUTHORIZATION and on this document the health care provider often suggests an alternative to the original therapy prescribed.

If you're having pains in your lower abdomen, for example... and the doctor ends up needing a scan, why does he/she just order a CT of that part of the body, when a complete body scan would eliminate worries of complications in other parts of the body? The reason.. health care coverage. And I've heard numbers of wasted money for insurance claims on full-body scans, but what about a cross-comparison? I know of too many examples where someone originally had to get a localized scan, then when positive, had to go back to get a scan of that full area.. or to add contrast. Later, ending in a full body scan. i.e. Full body scan say it costs $10,000. If you were approved for that initially it's 10,000. But ending up going through the three scan process... $3,500, 5,000 plus 10,000 and it costs $18,500.. and a whole lot more aggravation, worry.. and in the case of disease or cancer, LOST CRITICAL TIME FOR DISEASE PROGRESSION!

My advice to you is that if your physician tip toes around your request to have protein/vitamin levels checked.. just come out and say.. If $$$ is a worry, I'll pay.. I REALLY WANT THIS DONE!

I am 43, not even pre-menopausal and have been diagnosed w/ osteoporosis. My doc checked my vit D levels and they were 19. So in addition to the over the counter 500mg Calcium w/ 400mg Vit D she had me taking daily, she has now also prescribed 50,000 IUs of Vit D to be taken TWICE per week.

I noticed that everyone else seems to be taking this dosage just once per week. Do you think she made a mistake?


Just diagnosed - For the past week I've been researching this, but after finding this site it gave me courage to my take my first dose tonight. One of the posts made me laugh, it was the one that said we were all afraid to take this mega dose and wondered if it was due to our deficiency! I'm 55, have had anxiety issues since my twenties along with on and off pain in hips, arms, and shoulder, I do get very tired but take anti anxiety meds so figured that could be the problem, but wake up several times a night. But I manage to work 8 - 10 hrs. a day, and work out three times a week.

I don't know how long I've had this vitamin deficiency, maybe I don't know what it is to feel normal anymore. Just wanted to thank everyone for sharing their stories and helping me to be brave.

I am a 22 year old boy. I had been experiencing extreme pain in my lower back and shoulders for the past year or so. I just got the result of my Vitamin D test. It is shockingly low: 8.90 . I used to go to the gym regularly and had a very strong body two years ago, now I am having extreme pain in my muscles. I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow. Please guide. And please someone post some success stories, so that we can get encouragement.


I have already posted above several times, so wont add to it other than to say: Get it in gear, say with is, get a doc who listens, move-on to a new doc when 'exisitng' stops helping, read all the above (there is pure gold here). My very-low number (now = low 60s) will be made higher if told I need to. You will-will-will be fine. You are amidst the best vit D3 patients I have found anywhere. Keep us informed, and we will continue to comment for your benefit.

Oh please don't be worried, your doctor will prescribe the 8 week course of vitamin d mega dose... believe me, I am so touchy when it comes to meds but started taking mine three and a half weeks ago... feeling improvement!

Pain in the shoulder/arm and other muscle pain is almost completely gone! I too work out and have been even though it hurt to do so, but I have seen such a great improvement! You are lucky your doctor caught it! Hang in there and let us know how you make out! Good luck

Just wondering how your appointment with the doctor turned out yesterday! We're here to support you! Give us an update when you have time!

Thanks a lot for your reply. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, The Doctor has given me Vitamin D dosage also, It has been two days since I took my first Dose, I am experiencing some improvement, I want to know , will I be able get back to Gym, and work out with same intensity as I used to do 1.5 years ago? And Rachel do you do weight training, if yes than, do you experience a lot of pain while lifting? I want to start going to the Gym as soon as I get my D levels up...


I did work with weights, but for the past year have been reluctant to do so as it was my arm and shoulder giving me the most trouble. I am almost into week four with the vitamin D and the pain seems to be almost gone. I do aerobics, jog two miles, and do about 20 miles on the recumbent bike, but combined it's a almost a three hour workout every other day.

I have been asking the experts (degreed trainers) at the gym about all this, they told me to see this treatment through, then will start me out with minimal weights to see what happens. If you don't have a trainer or professional at the gym, ask your doctor about physical therapy, at least there you could start out with a twelve week program with weights under supervision, plus this is covered by most health insurance companies.

But just remember, like anything else, you can't start out with the same intensity you stopped at. You have to begin all over again... but that goes fast! I have the feeling that by summer you will be back into your routine!!!

Haseeb, Don't worry too much. Your levels have indeed got really low. But, believe me, I was at 6.7ng/ml in October 2010. My doctor put me on 50,000 units per
week for a 12 week period. I could actually gradually feel the difference every week.
At the end of 12 weeks, I tested again, and this time my levels were at 50ng/ml. The doctor stopped my prescription medicines.

I am told, that it can drop again, so I make sure I go for walks in the sun, a little bit whenever I can and try to get it naturally.

Don't worry at all, the levels go up pretty rapidly once you start your medicines.
Please do take the full course as your doctor recommends.

I was feeling like really really weak when I was low, and was hurting and really really depressed and stuff because of weakness.

As my Vitamin D levels increased, I could see a total change in my stamina and strength. So yes, it can all change for the better in as little as 12 weeks, as long as you keep taking your medicine.

Please do let me know when your health improves.

Be sure to 'maintain' your final-VitD3, goal number. I was on 50K-IUs/wk for 8 weeks. I hit [50 ], so am now on 'maintenance' (DAILY) dose of 5K-IUs. In fact, have drifted up to [ 57 ] (which is still Ok, as I have 'MS').

You ALSO need to really, really understand the origin of your pain. It may NOT all be from a D3 deficiency. I tore a rotator cuff, and it took a year before I got imaging that showed what was really wrong. One step at time. I understand your wanting to get back to your usual workout-routine, BUT be careful! Keep us informed + good luck.

I had torn a ligament in my left wrist an year ago , but now after resting it, it seems fine, is there any link between this and vitamin d deficiency??

Hi Haseeb, how did you tear the ligament? Usually you will hear a "pop" or feel a snap if you do it while working out. You certainly could ask your doc., however, I don't think at your age a vitamin d deficiency would cause ligaments to tear! Are you feeling any better yet???

I have no personal knowledge, but a check w/ the NIH-database shows a clinical trial (#21348179-Italy), which deals directly w/ a cardiac problem, BUT INDIRECTLY addresses connective tissues, like yours. It looks at VitD3 as a inter/intra-cell signaling manager. ALL our cells.... throughout our body, are constantly chattering (24/7/365) WITH ONE ANOTHER. And VitD3 is actually a cell-signal 'manager', 'conditioner', 'processor', etc. It works tightly w/ calcium, assisting its being shuttled (into and out-of) many, many 'spots' through out your system...... WHEN its needed.....WHERE its needed (eg, YOUR connective tissues).

It is calcium's coach, tour guide, etc. BOTTOM LINE: Get a well-conceived target [VitD3 ] number from an appropriate specialty doc (rheumy?, endocrin?) addressing your problem, and start the regimen.... (magnesium will come up for discussion too). Re-test 120-days out. Have patience. Good Luck.

I injured my wrist while doing bench presses, may be I was lifting too much weight, Now the wrist is Ok. I do not feel any pain in it, but whenever I go to gym now I will wear wrist protection.

I have just taken my second dose of vitamin D, I am feeling better, the back pain is almost gone at least it does not bother me that much.

Hi All

I was diagnosed with VIt D levels at 10, 6 months ago my levels were 23. I went to see my Dr and he said that my current medication of 800 iu a day was sufficient and will take my body maybe 12 months to get to optimal level, despite being only 37yrs old and arthritis in my ankle of a 50 yr old and suffered back pain last week so much that I couldn't walk even with crutches and support.

I have argued with him that this is not acceptable and I need 50,000 iu a week as the levels have dropped. He disagrees and am now buying 5000 iu d3 tablets online myself. This is the most in a vegetarian form that I can buy in the UK, any help of how much of this a week/day for how long would help?


Farhana, for goodness sakes PLEASE FIND A NEW DOCTOR. You need a second opinion before you prescribe a dose of vitamins to treat this condition. Perhaps an endocrinologist can better help you. Don't do this on your own...find another doctor FAST...PLEASE!

All I would say to everybody is....get your Vitamin D level checked REGULARLY!! I have hypothyroidism and though my Dr said I am taking too much Thyroxine, I felt just terrible and couldn't get through a day without sleeping several times! I honestly though I couldn't have had more than a few months to live.

Then I had my Vit D levels checked. I am now on injections of 600,000 IU's each month for 6 months... yes, SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND IU'S and I feel like I'm going to live forever despite also having a brain problem which affects my balance.
All I can say to anyone out there who is afraid of Vitamin D... make it your friend. It's my BEST friend!!


Wow! Good for you! I have four more weeks of treatment with the mega dose D... some days are good, but I still get tired but that could be from xanax I take for anxiety... don't know yet if the deficiency caused the anxiety attacks... but I do not have constant pain anymore, maybe once in awhile. I'm hoping this works.

Hi Rachel. I don't want to sound like I'm bringing doom but PLEASE get your Dr to check everything out for you. My problems started about 7 years ago with tiredness. I had to manage for almost 18 months before my Dr discovered that I have Pernicious Anaemia. I started on the injections for that and a couple of years down the line I began to be terribly tired. I had my thyroid checked so many times but my Dr said the levels were ok. I got to the point where I honestly thought I would never wake up the next day when I went to bed and I was just soooo tired, I didn't even care.

Then my children insisted that I visit a private Dr.... he was a top Endocrinologist and as God is my judge, as I walked through the door of his Consulting Room, he looked up at me and said "Oh dear, you have serious hypothyroidism." That was before I'd even sat down or said a word. He said he could see it in my face and my swollen stomach and ankles. The problem is that Dr.s go by a certain scale and we all do not fit on that scale..... we are individuals! I was put on thyroxine which was gradually increased but it wasn't quick enough for me. I collapsed and ended up in hospital for a month. My myelin sheath had dried out, as it does in MS.

This has left me with very poor balance and severe vertigo. Then came the exhaustion once again and that was quickly discovered to be Vitamin D deficiency. My body was almost depleted. I had 6 months of injections of 600,000 iu's and was as okay as I'm ever going to be now and when the exhaustion started yet again, they checked my Vit D and it had gone to rock bottom again, so, I most certainly am not trying to frighten you but please remember that if you have one auto immune disease, you can develop lots.

My sister has just one, Coeliac Disease but she had to collapse at the bus stop and split her head wide open before her Dr would take any notice. I have learnt so many things through these last 7 years and I would urge you to INSIST that you are checked for everything because if not, it is just NOT fair. We deserve a quality of life.... ALL OF US!!

It's such a shame that medicine is not an exact science. You are blaming you tranquillizers for your tiredness and it may well be those causing the panic attacks but I can tell you in all honesty, that when my thyroid was low, I had panic attacks by the score. PLEASE get checked. INSIST, and please let me know how you go. I do care. These conditions can ruin a persons life.

Is bedtime the best time to take vit D? does anyone have the sweats with vit D? thanks

There are 10K-IU caps avail online too. As well, you could simply take [ TWO ] 5K-caps (each day) to get to your 10K-IU/DAY target-intake. Waiting 12-mos (the doc's suggestion), to get to a 'therapeutic level', is not acceptable. Ideally, you want to reach your therapeutic-level within 6-mos. Sometimes, it is necessary to get ANOTHER doc's opinion, or perhaps even make the decision to actually change docs. You already have to deal w/ whatever it is that is affecting you. You don't need a doc's imprecise treatment-decisions being added to your challenges. Get another opinion. Twelves mos? TOO long!

HMC, thank you so very much for your note and sharing your experience. I go back to the doctor in three weeks and will certainly have a talk with him about all the suggestions you gave me and demand that he tests me further. In the past when I had gone to other doctors they told me that my "on and off" pains in different parts of my body were psychological!

I drink coffee all day... very strong coffee (for years) in an effort to keep my energy level up in order to stay awake past 7pm, it's been a long road and very difficult... at one point they tried to diagnose me with depression and wanted me take medication for it, but i didn't because I do love life and figured if I had depression I would be crying and staying away from social activities, but that's not me...

I do volunteer work at a domestic violence center, try to exercise at least two days a week and keep the house going, work etc. But you are correct, when these tests are so easily available they should be given! I guess in a way... in my mind I am feeling better because at least my new doctor discovered this vitamin D deficiency because it scares me to think what would have happened had I taken all those anti depressants! And again, thank you so much for your advice, I will move forward with your suggestions and will post my progress and please post yours as well! Again, thank you so very much for caring enough to share your experiences.

Brenda, you failed to say how old you are, if you're not in menopause, your nights sweats have to be coming from something other than vitamin D, talk to your doctor, especially if you are taking some other types of drugs, or there could be another condition to consider! It really doesn't matter what time of day you take your vitamin D as long as you take it. Keep us updated!

I am 63 and take other meds and thanks for getting back with me.

I have read every post above this one, and finally got the answer I was looking for. How well did someone feel and how long it took before feeling normal again. I have no problem with the dose of 50,000. I felt like I was dying, increased anxiety, depression, back pain, insomnia, ringing in my ears due to a sinus infection. I felt my immune system was shutting down. I just started my first dose today. Hoping to have the same results. My vitamin d level was 12.

Hi Rachel,
how are you doing? Have you started lifting weights now, I was thinking of joining a gym now.

Hi Haseeb, gosh just wrote a whole note and must have touched the wrong key as it disappeared! Anyway will start over. I just finished my eight week treatment and started on 1000 mgs of over the counter vitamin D. I am not lifting weights yet, but have started aerobics/jogging at the gym (I took April off) I seem to have more energy, and actually went to the doc today for my blood test - will find out results in a day or two and I'm hoping this new energy is not just my imagination! But will post again when I get the results. Are you feeling better? I think we are just a few weeks shy of each other in regard to treatment! Have you had your blood test yet? Let me know how you are doing! We'll beat this thing!!!

Hi Rachel. I am feeling a lot better, feeling a lot more energetic , I am still on the vitamin d dose. Apart from vitamin d I am also taking over-the- counter vitamin c and vitamin b supplements on my own, I do push-ups chin-ups and other cardio regularly at home, I hope my vitamin levels will be fine now, will go for the blood test in a couple of weeks.

I have osteoporosis and osteopenia. Apparently, a recent test for a Vitamin D level came back low and my doctor prescribed what seems to be the norm of 50,000 units one time per week. I've taken it for 4 weeks and feel worse than ever. I honestly was thrilled that I had this deficiency because I thought it would explain my extreme fatigue, memory issues, and anxiety.

When I went to take the vitamin D for the 5th week, I couldn't take it. I have not seen any positive change and my mood is really bad. I feel like I just want to sit or lay down all of the time and I'm on the verge of tears all of the time. Fortunately, I have a full-time job and many responsibilities at home that have kept me going but that's gotten harder since beginning the vitamin D.

I've seen a few posts where people have experienced negative symptoms instead of improvement. I called my doctor today to let her know that I couldn't take it anymore because of the side effects I'm experiencing. She was okay with that. I'm worried that more is going on. I had part of my thyroid removed years ago but I don't take any supplements for that. Has anyone else experienced these same effects or have any ideas?

@ Connie -

I'm sorry you have been experiencing such severe side effects. I can tell you that I did NOT feel better until I got right about to my 10th week and all the while I felt like crap. I did notice though that the day or so after I took a dose I would be ok - feel awful for a few days and better right before I would take my next dose and the cycle would repeat. About six weeks in that cycle started to break but I didn't get overall symptom relief until after the cycle.

That said, I think correcting this deficiency was the best thing I could have done for my overall health.

If you cannot take the pills - please take advantage of the sunny season coming up and try and get some Vit D the old fashioned way.

Good luck!!

Speak to your doctor ASAP re your not feeling better. BUT remember, the only way for you to know if you have a healthy level of VitD is to have a lab done. You could still be sub-therapeutic in [D], and you're having the consequences of that "deficiency" continuing thru your continuing to feel poorly. Have you had your [FERRITIN] blood-levels checked to see if you are anemic? I thought my fatigue was due to my having 'MS'. It was only partly explained by it. I am chronically-anemic (many people are, it isn't a rarity, especially as one gets over '50'). For that matter, have you had comprehensive lab-panels done to see what might be at the bottom of this all? PERSISTENCE!

Don't let anyone tell you it is anything other than that for your answer. Seek out a good doc, and be respectfully-persistent w/ him/her....and oh yeah: read, read, read and come prepared (w/ BRIEF bullet-point notes) to doc-appts.

Hello H

are you still taking vitamin D. How much do/did you taken for how long? You take it in the morning or before bed?

Hey, I have the same symptoms as you have..
my vitamin D3 is very low..
how are you doing after the medication ??

How is everyone doing on their treatments? I'm curious to see how people have been doing from recent posts.

Here is a little back ground info on myself

After being in the best shape of my life, I suddenly became exhausted during the winter months of 2005/2006. For 6 years now, I've gone from doctor to doctor and have been told the same thing "You're in normal range" I recently went to a new doctor, who doesn't take insurance (ugh) and found everything to be in range, but Vitamin D. This is the one thing that NONE of my others doctors tested!! WTF?!

My level was 28 (30-80). This is the only thing I can think that is making sense, to me. My doctor put me on a D3 supplement that she sells in store (pretty inexpensive) @ 3,000iu's a day, plus the 800 in my multi. However, through reading various things online, I've decided to up it to 6000iu, plus the 800 in my Multi, giving me roughly just under 50,000iu's a week. I've only been on this now for 4 days, but I'm so looking forward to hopefully feeling better!

Has anyone felt better, from this? My only symptom is Fatigue and a little stiff/sore neck, some blurred vision here and there.

@ Chris, hi, I just saw your post... gosh your symptoms sound very familiar! Yes, you will feel better but it takes about a month, maybe a little more. So glad you found someone who tested you for the "D". Since my diagnosis I've shared my story with friends who have "weird" muscle pains, fatigue etc. and they were tested and found to be low as well! So make sure you get that information out there! Slowly you will start to feel better! Keep us posted my friend!

Great to hear....same diagnosis here....nurse explained that the low Vitamin D can cause muscle and bone pain....and tiredness.... I thought it was all because I was a bit overweight... can't wait to get started on the once a week regiment!

I got a message from my doctor on a Friday afternoon, but didn't get to speak to anyone... Then Saturday, I received a call from the Pharmacy saying my prescription is ready. I never have prescriptions, unless in dire need of a serious illness, which hasn't been in years... I just had my routine physical with blood work, SO, I am curious as to WHY I have a prescription. It's the weekend and I decided to call the 24hour pharmacy to ask what was ordered and I was told VITAMIN D, 50,000 units to be taken once a week.... and I thought, WHAT??? WHY???

So, I did some research and THIS BLOG was VERY VERY HELPFUL!!!!! And I am impressed with my doctor/internist... I am 44, not menapausal yet... So, I look forward to talking with my doctor on Monday... But, in the meantime, I will search for a NATURAL VITAMIN D... or alternative versus synthetic, I like WHOLE FOOD SUPPLEMENTATION... AND I REALLY LOVE the ADVICE with DOUG KAUFMAN on his show, "Know the Cause".... I will report an update after I talk with my doctor & even though I am a very healthy woman, I do have aches in my elbows and knees, and I just thought I was getting older, but this VITAMIN D may just be my answer!!!!! YAY...... =)

I chose to take over the counter D-3 instead of the prescription strength. The Endocrinologist agreed and had me take 2,000 IU's of Vitamin D-3 (gelcap form). My levels came up and that was over 3 years ago. During the winter months I have to take 3,000 IU's. But am feeling much better. Helps with the aches, pains, and sleeping is better.

By the way, the doctor said that this D deficiency is a widespread epidemic.

Here's to increased Vitamin D levels!

Theresa, many docs prefer D3 (aka cholecalciferol) to D2 (ergocalciferol) (generally the Rx kind). I take 5000iu of D3/day to keep my levels where my doc likes them - 50-70. A great site for reading up on Vitamin D is

I am 55 and was diagnosed with osteoporosis last April. This week, I find that I am deficient in Vitamin D (23) and will pick up my prescription tomorrow. I have felt fatigued and mentally foggy as long as I can remember. My question - Could it be that I have been Vitamin D deficient for years and this lead to osteoporosis?

I know you have to have adequate amounts of Vitamin D and Magnesium in order for your bones to be able to absorb the calcium and keep your bones strong and healthy. Another question - Could this prescription (getting my Vitamin D to optimum levels) along with Calcium supplements start to rebuild my bones and reverse the osteoporosis? I refused the Fosamax due to all the side effects I read about when I researched this drug, however, I will take the Vitamin D since the effects mostly seem to be positive.

Thank You so much. Your words have really helped me.

I must disagree with Marie's comment that D levels can only be raised with the use of Prescription 50,000iu D products, and not with OTC products or by sitting in the sun!

My doctor suggested I aim to raise my D levels from the 20s to the 50-70 range. I have succeeded in achieving those levels using 5,000iu/day of OTC D3 supplements.

Many researchers/experts are of the opinion that D3 is better utilized than D2, which is what most prescription products are. is an excellent resource for research about vitamin D.

OTC D3 products are available up to 50,000iu.

And depending on your location and the time of year, 15-20 minutes of sunlight on bare skin can produce 20,000iu.

I feel its important to correct the record.

Can anyone tell me what the suggested range should be on labwork for Vitamin D? Mine was at 16 when first diagnosed. Went to 34, then to 32. Will get tested again next month. I've increased the D3 from 2,000 to 3,000 IU's daily.


Your suggested range is 32-100 ng/mL or 80-250 nmoL/mL.
Anything above 32ng/mL is good

Based on what my experience has been, and my asking the identical question, I now realize that it is a different 'number' for different circumstances. I am a true believer in the benefits of VitD3 (and supplements in general). BUT I am beginning to finally 'get it' that, indeed, 'more' is NOT necessarily better. Everything in moderation.... based on relevant research.... and evidence-driven. You want a so-called therapeutic-dose appropriate to YOUR OWN medical circumstances. You are not me.

I have MS, so it appears (it is still not, yet, a done-deal number) that [ > 50ng ] is what I need to maintain in my system, this per my neurologist ( I am at [ 57 ] now). My PCP says [ > 30 ] is fine w/ her, but..... So - get an endocrin's opinion, and as well, any other specialists you see. At the worst, you will end up (perhaps, perhaps) just 'averaging' their disparate-figures in order to come up w/ a goal you can shoot for. You are your own case-manager. Read, read, read....and of course: Good luck!

My Vit. level dropped in 4 month from 30,2 to 15,6.

I wonder whether it is because of winter, or do I need supplements too?
Who can answer?

Hi Lilo, funny I should see this post today. I was at the doc today as I have a cold and I told him I stopped taking my 1,000 unit maintenance dose... he told me to start up again on the maintenance dose, as some folks can't absorb the vitamin D from Sun. So make a call to your doc and see if he/she wants to put put you on the maintenance dose as well. Good Luck

I was diagnosed with RA almost a year ago. I have been on 10 mg of prednisone and also on weekly methotrexate injections. My doctor called this morning to say my Vitamin D levels were extremely low, (didn't even think to get the numbers) and that she was calling me in a prescription of hi dose D.

From what I am reading, the symptoms of Vit D deficiency seem to be very similar to the RA symptoms. Since I don't seem to be responding to the prednisone and MTX, can't help but wonder if the vit D deficiency is causing the symptoms and not the RA.

This knowing what the right thing to do and right medicine to take is so hard and confusing. Sure helps to have these blogs to see what others are dealing with.

After picking up my prescription, the doctor has prescribed 50,000 IU twice a week for 8 weeks. Does this seem like a large amount to anyone else?

There is hope and sanity to be found by taking D3! I had been experiencing, severe bowel issues, blurred vision, fatigue, depression, muscle cramps. I seriously thought I was so stressed that I had made myself sick or that I was just mental. I went to general practice dr. and got blood work for Celiac's (it runs in my family) and had a ultrasound done on my uterus. Got a negative on anything wrong and was prescribed med.'s for gerridia (intestinal parasites without any test run for this. I knew this was wrong and would not even fill script).

After many months I went in to my gyno to get a over due annual exam and the dr. also ran blood work. Amazingly my gyno tested for Vit. D levels, I was at 10.2. I have been taking 5000 iu's of D3 daily for 2 months now and get retested in a month. I may not be as high as I should be, but what a difference. My bowels are improving, my vision not blurring, the fatigue is greatly improved, and my state of mind is much better. I have no other health issues and have never taken med.s unless I had to, so to take anything daily was not my idea of ok. The capsules are about the size of a TicTac and have no side effects. Such a simple fix for such a life consuming issue. Please don't be afraid to take the Vit. D when so much is to be gained from it. Plus it is a fairly cheap vitamin over the counter.

Hi, I'm 53 and for years have experienced the same symptoms you described and more. I was just diagnosed with low Vit D and hypothyroidism. both of these conditions produce many of the same symptoms. It's definitely would be worth have your MD check your TSH level. I've been taking 5000iu's of OTC Vit D for the last 2 years and my levels have stayed low. Just started taking Synthroid and 50,000iu's of scrip Vit D. I'm hoping I'm going to be feeling better soon, and I hope you do too!

I got tested on Wednesday, and this morning my lab results were up on the online database. I am vitamin D deficient at 10. My B12 is borderline low at 219 (last year it was 177 and I got shots for 6 months). I am annoyed that it is a long weekend, as I won't hear from my doctor about the results until at least Tuesday! I have mitochondrial disease, so I thought my symptoms were all from that, but reading your posts, I think it could be partly from the vitamin D deficiency, so I really want to start fixing it and see if it helps get rid of my symptoms!

marie, you are so correct! For about ten years I've been exhausted, told I have fibromyalgia, stopped getting my period but have hot flashes ( I'm only 43 ) and was told it's this or that. I changed doctors and the first thing she did when I said I am constantly tired, can't sleep, pain, was to take blood work for vit b and d.

Came back and my vitamin D is 5, so she prescribed the 50,000 twice a month. I have not felt so good in YEARS!!! I am able to get off of the predinose, and other horrible meds they gave me saying it was this or that, and I am sleeping again at night, my husband is grateful for that :) I'm all but 89 lbs so I was afraid of the high vit D level in this rx but this doctor knew right away what to check for, so I did NOT hesitate to take the vit D.

I would encourage you all who are prescribed it to try it, it does take a while till you feel the FULL benefits, but after two doses I can feel a difference. They wanted to do exploratory surgery on me to find out the source of my pain but now that I'm on the vit D 50,000 it's gone, so no surgery that is not needed, whew!!!!! Don't be afraid to take this, you will feel a difference.

My story matches many that have been posted. Started with a fuzzy, brain fog feeling that progressed to fatigue, hair loss, memory loss, no concentration, tendonitis,low grade headache, etc. Vitamin D came back at 12. Dr put me on 50,000IU 3 times per week for 12 weeks. I felt good about 3 weeks into taking my Vitamin D. I then felt worse......brain fog, headaches, pressure and pounding in throat and head, no energy at 9 weeks I couldn't stand it anymore so called Dr to have labs redrawn. I was over 150! You can get too much of a good thing.

Everybody reacts differently. People's medical conditions and other medications affect how your body will react so this is not a one size fits all solution. It has taken 6 weeks for my Vitamin D to come back down to normal. I will be retested and put on a new regimen as I now feel like I'm going back to low. The 50,000IU is good but track how you feel and pay attention to what your body is telling you. Get retested when YOU think you need it. High is just as bad as low.....

It has been extremely informative reading this site regarding Vitamin D. I just found out today that my Vit D level is 10. For years I've been progressively getting sicker and sicker and sicker. My internist was convinced that I had fibromyalgia (along with a dozen other diagnoses). I've been tested for Rheumatoid arthritis, but negative. I have bursitis in my hips and have for 4 years. I hurt pretty much from my neck, all the way down my spine, in both hips, in both shoulders, and frequently in my hands and feet. I do not take any kind of pains meds, so don't think I'm a drug seeker. Definitely not.

I've been to physical therapy several times. I own a TENS unit, which I can't live without when the pain gets really bad. I take 3 meds for my blood pressure. I have hypothyroidism (synthroid 200 mcg daily). I went from being a normal, extremely organized person with great coping skills who was getting a double masters degree to completely falling apart 3 years ago. I couldn't shake the anxiety and depression that came on. I can't tell you how many people I saw trying to figure out what was going on with me.

I alternated from being super sleepy all the time to not sleeping for days at a time. I finally just became a chronic insomniac and I don't sleep for days and then I'll finally crash for 16 hours, then I repeat the cycle. I had sleep studies. Nothing was wrong. My sleep specialist doctor said I just needed to take Ambien because it works and it's not addictive. It does work, but tolerance develops quickly. Last year, I felt so horrible from head to toe with no explanation that I was suicidal for the first time in my life.

I knew something bad was wrong with me! I blamed it on my age (40) and too many stressors. I saw my 3rd or 4th counselor trying to make me feel better (which never worked at all), and was referred to a psychiatrist, who then told me I had bipolar type II. Fast forward to now. I am just 40 years old. Healthy until 10 years ago with no complaints whatsoever, then simply found to have hypertension and hypothyroidism. No big deal. No pain until 3+ years ago. No anxiety or depression until the same time.

I finally asked my friend, who is a nurse practitioner, if she would mind checking my vitamin D level last week. I got it back today. It was less than 10, and I have been taking Calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D supplements for months. She put me on 50,000 units weekly with a 4 month prescription. I am hoping and praying that this answers most of this wacko stuff that I've had happen to me. I really would hate to have seen what the level was before I started taking my own OTC vitamin D months ago. Anyway, I'll let you know. I have hope!! :) :)

Don't stop with just checking the vitamin D. I have been there done that. Get more blood tests! believe it or not, have your teeth checked...I mean REALLY CHECKED! I had some similar symptoms and it was found that I had an infected root canal for four can't feel it but It can poison you whole system slowly!!! So get a new work up, a new doctor, and stop by the dentist! I hope you feel better!!!!! Hugs.

Did your symptoms get better after the vitamin d supplements?

Hi, I was just checking in to see how everyone is doing! I was treated in March of 2011 for being vitamin D deficient. Still didn't feel much difference after D therapy. However, I went to have a tooth implant due to an infected root canal and the Specialist put me on 1200 mg of D taken in doses of 600 mg at a time and 500 mgs. of calcium twice a day. Said to take it for the rest of my life... after a few months of that I started feeling much better and have energy again.

Downside, another doc diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. So I'm thinking that everyone who is D deficient that perhaps it's a sign of something else going wrong in the body. I'm not getting treatment for Fibro as my PCD believes it's a made-up condition, but staying on these vitamins has totally changed my life. Has anyone else experienced this as well? Take care everyone!

As like almost all of you, I have had anxiety issues and was afraid to take my vit d 50000u, I'm glad I saw this site, I took my first pill while reading all the positive posts. I am taking 50000 u once a week for 3 months. I also have pains in my thumbs and my arms felt weak. I thought it was arthritis or carpel tunnel, I also have pain on my left side, shoulder, and down my legs. My endo dr. said I had a low vid d deficiency.
Thank you for all the posts, I feel more confident in taking my meds. I will repost in a month to let everyone know my results, hopefully they will help others.


Keep taking your vitamin d, there is nothing to be afraid of. It will take awhile to feel the results, but you should improve! Good Luck! Let us know how you are doing.

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